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An exchange paper truly siys the
weather has been amusing itself lately by
playing a variety of " fantastic tricks." We
were favored by it, in twelve hours' time,
with alternate clonds and sunshine, soft
airs and blustering gales, the mild warmth
of Spring days and the chill temperature of
mid-winter. Rain, though it fell at inter
Tali to add another feature to the capri
ciousness of the Heavens, was no novelty,
for we have been deluged with torrents of it
for the last seven or eight weeks, with very
brief intermissions.
Indeed, December has, thus far, appa
rently forgot its nature, and been assuming
the delicate pleasantness of May at one
moment, and the lachrymose humor of a
cold April at another. We have seen even
beautiful fresh roses, that grew and bios*
somed under the unwonted gentleness of its
smile* and showers, and have heard cana
ries, whose cages were hung in its light,
sing as if they thought the vernal sun had
come again. Now, the northern blast is
howling with fierce fury at our doors and
windows, and the stars above us shine with
a sharp, frosty brilliancy. Spring and
winter have, within a few hours, met and
contended together, realizing, in part, at
least, the following exquisite description of
the poet:
44 The Seasons alter?hoary-headed frosts
Vail in the fresh lap of the crimson rose;
And on old Hyem's ohin, and icy crown,
An odorous chaplet of sweet summer buds
Is, aa in mockery, set; the Spring, the Summer,
The chilling Autumn, angry Winter, change
Their wonted lireries; and the mazed world,
By their increase, now knows not which is which."
A few days since a telegraphic de
spatch was sent to several New York papers
stating that a despatch had just been re
ceived in this city from Concord, giving the
names of General Pierce's cabinet, complete,
as decided upon by himself. This report,
we understand, was started by two honora
ble members of Congress, who wishod to
have a little fun at the expense of the tele
graphic correspondents. We hope the pub
lio will be favored with the names of all
such original geniuses hereafter.
tfST To-morrow is the commencement of
a New Y ear, as we all know, and it becomes
us as rational creatures to commence the
year with new resolves for the better, and a
determination to adhere to them. Look
back upon the past year, and review your
conduct, and see whether your good acts
will out-weigh your bad ones, or vice versa
sufficient for the year are the evils thereof.
Let us all try and be better men and wo
men during the next year, and with this
admonition, we will wish you all a "happy
new year
The Harper's have published "Lanman's
Memoirs of the Private Life of Daniel Web
ster." Lanman was the great statesman's
Private Secretary. The greatest curiosity
which the New York Post has met in the
book if a couple of stanzas of verse, the on
ly specimen of Webster's poetry so, far as
wt know, that ever found its way into
print Our readers will, doubtless, be cu
rioua to see them:
" If stores of dry and learned lore we gain,
We keep them in the memory of the brain ;
Names, things and facts?whaterer we knowledge,
There is the common ledger for them all;
And images on this oold surface traced,
Make slight impressions, and sre soon effaced.
" But wefve a page more glowing and more bright
On which our friendship and oar love to write;
That these may never from the soul depart,
We trust them to m ksmokv or tec vsakt.
There is no dimming?no efiaeement here;
Bach dew pulsation keeps the record clear;
Warm, golden letters, all the tablet fill,
Nor loee the lustre till the heart stands still.
Lokdoit, November19,1888."
Ma. Hehry Trescott.?This gentleman,
a young South Carolinian of high literary
attainments, was confirmed yesterday as
Secretary of Legation to the court of St.
James, vioe Davis, resigned.
0/^I? -
Geo. E. Dox, special agent of the
Post*offioe Department, who was announced
this morning as having been removed, we
understand will probably be reinstated.
?9* The Philadelphia Ledger says that
in ooneequence of the high prices of every
article of consumption, the directors of the
Philadelphia and Commercial Banks, have
presented to each clerk a gratuity ef fifteen
per cent on their respective salaries. This
is aa instance of liberality which deserves
to be recorded.
We would suggest to milk dealers
the propriety of using a little less water at
this season of the year, as the milk in its
natural state now is not quite '< as rich as
The New Tm.
Santa Claui has left us, bat Saint Nicho
as will have full sway to-morrow. We; and
all connected with the Star, wish to eryoy
the beginning of tkt new year, and! oar sheet
will not appear to-morrow.
High taxes and muddy streets here
in Washington. Cannot some one make a
suggestion how the taxes and mud may be
equalized? Our councils think the only
way to replenish an empty treasury is to in
crease salaries. Thus we go!
JA slayer called the "Advance " has
been captured by the sloop of war " Ger
mantown," Captain Nicholson, and carried
into the port of Norfolk. She is a Baltimore
built vessel, of about eighty tons, and had
on board when captured, what is generally
termed a slave cargo; which consists of all
the implements uBed in the tr affic.
The Gorernor and t\is Bed-Fellows.
Among the many ludicrous mistakes and
occurrences which have been related us
growing out of the extreme plainness and
simplicity of the dress, appearance, habits
and tastes of Thomas Chittenden, the first
Governor of Vermont, the following was
told us by one of the Governor's cotempo
raries many years ago, and subsequently
by another, with so much minuteness as to
remove at once all doubts of its authenti
city :
One fall, when the legislature were to meet
at Norwich, we think it was, the Governor,
who lived in Williston, took it into his head
to go on foot to his post of official duty, a
distance of about eighty miles. According
ly making up his pack, he started off on
foot and alone, on his destination, and
brought up at night, at the log-house of a
new settler, into which he entered and
craved lodgings for the night.
" Well, stranger," said the settler in re
ply, after eying the new comer an instant,
44 we haven't much to eat, and but one bed
for myself and wife ; but you look as if you
might put up with a dish of bread and milk,
and could sleep on the floor without hurt
ing you."
44 No, certainly," said the Governor, 44 as
hungry and tired as I am, with a night so
dark as this without, I shall be thankful to
stay even at that."
In pursuance of this arrangement, the
Governor, without making himself known,
partook of the proposed meal, camped down
on the floor with his pack for a pillow, and
was soon buried in slumber.
During the night there was a driving
shower, which though it did not awaken
any of the hard sleepers within, was jet so
severe as to rout an old sow, with a litter
of pigs, from her nest in the yard; when
the restless animal, in search of dryer
quarters, began rooting at the doer, which
she at length forced open wide enough for
an entrance, and coming in, lay down, with
her well washed brood, by the side of the
still unawakened Governor, who snored on
till daylight, when he awoke, and for the
first time became aware of the presence of
his bed-fellows. He did not disturb them,
however, or his humane entertainers, but
silently strapping on his pack, and leaving
a half-crown for his lodging on the table,
proceeded on his journey.
The settler was considerably mortified
when ha arose and saw how matters had
been, but thought not much of it, till two
days after, when, having concluded to go
himself to " Leo don," and having reaehed
the place just as the ceremonies were com
mencing, who should he see at the head ef
the procession, but the plain looking foot
pad who had fared so oddly at his house.
44 Who?what is th*t man, walking there
with the big bags in front?" he eagerly
asked of an acquaintance.
44Why, don't you know? That is the
44 The Governor! Gov. Chittenden !"
44 Yes; but what is there about him that
disturbs you so much ?"
44 Oh, nothing?only a strange circum
stance?and by the hokey ! what will my
wife say ?"
44 What was it?"
44 Well, considering, I guess, if the Gov
ernor don't tell on't, I wont."
And he did not, said our informer, but
the Governor did, and had many a hearty
laugh abeut it.?Baton Bee.
' ?
Soen after the late Presidential
election, Mr. Healy, the artist, waited upon
General Seott, and solioited him to sit for
his portrait He was not chary of his ex
pressions of his own admiration for the
fame and talents ef the old veteran, and
complimented him highly. The General
heard him out quietly, then turned to him
and said, 4<Sir, I have had my portrait paint
ed many times, and have even submitted
two or three times to the very unpleasant
process of having my bust taken; but," said
he, "sir, I have made up my mind that the
American people don't care one for
me, and 1'U not have my face duplicated
any more."?Pott.
? Do not, for one repulse, forego the purpose
That you resolved to effect."?ShaketpMtr*.
A weak spirit will be crashed by the
same misfortunes which would rouse a
strong one to exertion. The same storm
which fixes more firmly the giant oak, roots
up the tender saplings.
Stroke after stroke fells that
" Unwedgeable and gnarled oak."
Effort after effort overcomes a gnarled, un
gracious fortune.
Bonaparte once said: "I hate no idea of
a merchant acquiring a fortune as a general
wins a battle?at a single blow."
This slap-dash way ef acquiring a fortune
has been ruinous to very many young mer
chants. They covet Aladdin's lamp; with
4>ne smart rub they would summon the
genii, and obtain countless treasures.
Disappointed in their sanguinary expec
tations, and perhaps utterly ruined and
bankrupt, instead of beginning in a mode
rate w&y, with experience for their guide,
they have either entirely forsaken mercan
tile affairs, or struck another "blow," so
violent that the rebound has crushed them
to the earth.
To know how to wait is the great means
of success, says a modern French writer ; to
know how to persevere is the surest means
of success in my undertaking, and this in
volves patient waiting.
Perseverance is like a taste for olives
when they are not indigenous ; it is not a
natural gift like genius, it is an acquire
ment. True, some persons more easily con
tinue steadfast in a career than others, but
after all, anybody can persevere if they
only will.
When the boy takes his gun, and goes
out in the morning to shoot birds, he re
solves not to go homo with his game-bag
empty. Miles and "mileses," as Hood says,
he tramps over field and ford, mud and mire,
through the bushes, over hedges and stone
walls, tearing his trousers and his shins,
bruising his hand and blistering his feet?
and all for what purpose ? Success.
"All things that are,
Arc with more spirit chissd than enjoy."
' "Men prize the thing ungaln'd more than it is."
Ah ? but there are more dragons in the
way to mercantile success, and fiercer ones,
than guarded the golden apples of the Hes
<lFight them, and the cravens flee, thy boldness is
their panic;
Fear them, and thy treacherous heart hath lent their
rank a legion."
Stephen Girard, at the age of forty, com
manded his own sloep, engaged in the coast
ing-trade between New York, Philadelphia,
and New Orleans. He had taken many
steps on the ladder of Fortune since he was
a cabin boy not worth a shilling?but think
of his perseverance in mounting that ladder,
step by step, till he was worth seven or eight
millions of dollars!
The following anecdote of an oriental
sovereign is given by Malcolm, in his His
tory of Persia:
"There was no feature more remarkable
in the character of Timour, than his extra
ordinary perseverance. No difficulties ever
led him to recede from what he had under- j
taken, and he often persisted in his efforts,
under circumstances that led all around him
to despair. He used, on such occasions, to
relate to his friends an anecdote of his early
" I onee," said he, " was forced to take
shelter from my enemies in a ruined build
ing, where I sat alone many hours. Desir
ing to divert my mind from its hopeless con
dition, I fixed my observation on an ant that
was osrrying a grain of corn larger than it
self up a high wall. I numbered the efforts
it made to accomplish this object. The
grain fell sixty-nine times to the ground,
but the insect persevered, and the seventieth
time it reached the top of the wall. This
sight gave me courage at the moment, and
shall never forget the lesson it conveyed."
This reminds us of Bruce's spider, whose
efforts were nearly as numerous before the
object was accomplished.
It was a common notion among young
people, that everything must be struck out
at the heat; that is the way genius works.
Genius is suggestive, but oommon sense
" Alas I" said a poor widow, the mother
of a bright but reckless son, "alas he has
not the gift of continuance."
This is an attribute of the best order of
minds. Every school boy knows 44 Perese*
verentia vincitomnia!" At least he has
fixed it indelibly upon the pages of his
copy-book. Despise perseverance ! ' As
well might one despise the act of breathing,
because it has to be repeated and continued
at every moment. But this is an uncon
scious act. True, and so may perseverance
become, when the habit of accomplishing
what is undertaken is once established.
Perseverance is a linked chain which grap
ples to the goal of Success with hooks of
A fine bill is offered to the admirers
of the drama at the National to-night. Go
and see Falstcff outwitted.
Ail Thunder, SUnn, and Deluge !
IN ODD fellows; HALL.
T"\R. t|,SjBfPMWTOM and Diorama of Crea.
-1/ lion and Deluge vuopenedIn Odd Fellows* Hall
on Wednesday evening, December 22d, at 7^ o'clock.
Exhibitions every evening, and on Wednesday and
Saturday afternoons at three 3 o'clock. Extra exhi
bitions for select parties and excursion parties.
the painting is fresh from the hands of the mt.-'er
of American artists,Geo. IIielgx,esq., of Philadelphia,
and is considered to be his masterpiece. In these
days of Panoramas Dr. Beale could not expect to suc
ceed hi the nation's capital with a mere cotnm< n-pl?-ce
painting; but of the perfections of this work?the
beauty of Eden, the purity of ihj ?ky and the water
scenery, the majestic God like form of Adam, the
fascinating charms of Ere, the enchanting wiles of
the temptation, the stern resistance, the final fall,
and the terrible expulsion?let a Washington audience
be the judges.
Admission twenty-fire cents, children half price.
Liberal arrangements for school. dec 3l)?
Is published by Wm. II. Hops, at 78 South Third
street, Philadelphia,at the low priccof ONE DOLLAR
This Journal will contain each week, Twenty
eight long columns of choicc reading matter, compris
ing gems of original and selected Poetry, Tales, Politi
cal and Literary articles, Sews both Foreign and
Domestic, the proceedings of Congress and our State
Legislature, and a full and complete Weekly Summa
ry of the state of the Philadelphia Markets. In fact,
the Weeeit Pehnstlvanian will contain everything
calculate d to make it an acceptable Fa Mai Visiter.
To ttose who have been in the habit of reading
the Pejcnstlvaxian, it is unnecessary to sav thi>
Journal will maintain the reputation it has hitherte
borne as a National paper, freely and boldly defend
ing the Constitution and the Union against the attacks
of the fanatics of the North and the dUunionists of
the South. The cardinal principles of the Democratic
Par'y will be maintainod in all their freshness, vigor,
and purity; and no departure from our cherished
doctrines, winked at, or innovation tolerated.
It has been our continued effort to make the Demo
cratic masses a reading people, and we are pleased to
find that they are becoming more and more to every
day. But our desire is to make them slill more stu*
Our Democratic friends throughout the Union, are
called upon to aid in increasing the already wide
circulation of the Weiklt Peskstlvamaw ; by so do
ing, they will not only be helping us, but also aiding
in circulating Democratic truths that will produce a
glorious result. That our readers may be persuaded
to help us, we offer the following inducement;:
We will send to one address,
Six Copies for Five Dollars.
Twelve Copies tor Nina Dollars. ,
Twenty-four Copies for Sixteen Dollars.
Fifty Copies for Thirty Dollars.
Single Copies One Dollar.
SET* Ao Order t will bt attended to unless accompa
nied by the Money.
Address Wm. H. Hofe, Publisher of the Weeklei
Pexkitlvamak, No. 78 South Third street, Philad?l*
Attorney and Connseller>at-Law>
PRACTICES in the Courts of the District, and
prosecutes claims of every description before the
several Executive Departments and before Cong res?.
4^ Office on Louisiana avenue near Sixth street,
dec 30?
A SUPPLY of all kinds of feed of the best quality,
kept constantly on hand at
dec 30?6t corner of B and 10th streets.
JOHN B. WARD, keeps constantly on hand a good
assortment of lumber, which will be sold on ac
comodating terms.
dec30?lm 12th street and canal.
IIME ! LIME I?1,500 bushels fresh wood
-4 burned, ju*t received irom the kiln.
Also, wood and Coal of all kinds.
For sals by WM. WARDER,
dec 30?5t corner of 12th and C ets.
THE celebrated Dauphin ooal, and a full supply of
oak, pine, and hickery wood.
For sale by W. BTONE, on the
dee 30?6t canal south of 7 th st. bridge.
Dealer In Lumber und Coal.
WILL have the accounts of his customers ready
tor presentation on the 1st of January, 1S63.
dec SO?6t
House mud Sign Painter and Glazier,
RESPECTFULLYintorms his friends and the pub
lie generally, that he it* prepared to execute
work in his profession as punctually *nl at as n a.
sonable rates as it can be done in Washington.
Orders left at his room on Louisiana avenue, be
tween 6th and 7th sts.,or at his residence cn C
street, rear of his room, will receive prompt atten
tion. deo 14
A positive cure tor Coughs, Colds, Ashthm*,
and all diseases of the chest and lungs. A single bot
tle will prove its efficacy. Prepared by Dr. G. Hast
ings, London. Price $1 per bottle. Sold by
Chemist and Druggist, cor. 6th and H its.
das 16?eo2w
WRITING Desks, Ladies Work Boxes
(tablemen's Shaving Cases
Eight-day Clocks, a superior article
P^rte Monaies, Bird Cages, tc received and tor
sale low at the 7 th street Fancy Store, 2d below L
dec 23?3t A. LAMMOND.
One case of Madame Sontsg Button Gaiters for
Also, Ladies' Half Gaiters
And for sale by HARRIS A GRIFFIN,
Penn- avenue, bet. 0th and 10th streets,
dee 16 next door to W. Harper & Co
upon the Ladies of Washington and vicinity.
Her BONNETS are equal tq any in tbis city. The
Ladles would do well to call. dec 16
OON. The character of the above is now fully 1
established as being able to cure nine-tenths of all,
Uterine Diseases. Price $2 per bottle. For sale by
dec 16 C&K&ist M)d Pncgfet, cer. of 6th asd st* H
jso. n Km bey 4 Co.,
No. 5. ojpot-ite Centre >1: vl'.c;
IMPORTERS AXI) DCALEK3 in the al ove gtoi
fit tn famiJle>, Cltl"b?, ?n1 the trade a:. un-ar; .
varictv of?
iTiees?rUedsitW. Cl*ret?, Cbemi>*gn a, P??ri
ries. HoeV r. <fcr.? n dr.-u :ht. in dnniinhn? si. 1 V
Liqcoms?Brandies, l>uui. \\ hwk?}. Gin. a ?.
LiQCEfcs?Curacao, Maia.-chmo. An:-<.tii. N era. u '
ters. &<*.
Malt LiaiEr.s?London Brown Stout, 5cot :L and I ?
lish A'es.
Cigar-?A variety of brands.
PICKLS5?Best quality tf English ai, J Trine j.
Saccfj?For Fish, Cnrrie. G::in?\ .?
Teas?Bn-.kfa.-t Teas Soucliorg, Pou bor<r. p?N.
Oolong, IIn ?on. Young 11} son. ax. in cheats,;
and boxes.
Sugars?Brown, Loal. Crushed, Pulverized. Giv.n
lal'-d. &c.
Coffee?Mocha. Java. Mara'c.ito. Kip. &
CnEr.s;:?Stilton, Chedder. Sapsac j. Frtrtaesan. L...
and American.
Uaus?best Amoricn r.?d W? stpbaiia.
Lea & Periin's W r.c; ? ?u- i::ke Saui'v +
dec 16?12t
JUST KECEIYEPf orn \Vr n ir.tr -C ry oi W. Wb
nej. New?rk, New Jersey. . u-rly vi this ci.y.
1 c:e='* ot'OperM
1 c..? Oon;_re#-> Ga:t??rs
1 ej.se Uni.?.i Sho-?>. now uriicie; aud
One cn-e l>. f< rl Sli <-.s
A*?o. 1 ca-e of boys coiicrej-s daiter* and Union "sh.
For sale by JOHN" >iILl.?,
dec 88 PtaiMBaaMe B*<it Maker. BttNm'i Hotel.
1MIE SUBSCRI Ft El I b*<s or.s in'ly or. hrm'. nt '
Farnishi?.: Ware ifawn u large tad vdl teltc
assortment of Furniture.China, ? a c r
Rosewood, V alnut, mi ,3ahog/iny :'o!as
Arm Chair?, and Pai i"rChairs hnit-hvdlu Free: *
Flash, and llair i oui
El*>gaut !h.? v.?. J, \\; !r. a J X.ih ?a??v
Slab DresMn. Bur?-?;i?-. V. ?'- :: V .-.Wash
Bedsteads, Feat lit." bid > Id.*.! . nu .-iiiuk j.j::
e.', A*.,
Gold iiand Dinner r.nd B ?s ri Set . rfr'.dr J
French China Teiwnr?\ v . "\';v . C r?
Silve.r P.au-d C.u>l'?r>. bpoon.?. J.:i ];? .
Ill short. Li> stock *.::i' iALL j. . . ,v>;
n8mental in the 1VU*51.-! i'KV> .
pritvs that cannot fad <o , .e? ?.
A liberalcrcdit \..?1 L?. c.MtD J i r , . I l
dec 10? JAMES MoGl :?
ALL TAs>i? j Sv.
manufacture. ?l.-o ir- ri ;???? . . * . ? i
of New YorK., N?'.v.?r ;. i illa i L.
consisting ?*f "L'lJt" d hvtt ? ^ .,j
Uoots lor winter wea.: ;;!so O < i ? aaj 1 >? i ' . '?
toued Gaitoi*. paifir.r-?: ' -
Glaze Shoeflb French Walk ng !k 1 ?? rig . u
otfillpBtn.rilfiM1*r?1 0 ua
servant's Boots and > . l. i
To my old caBtcm-*rs J w .... i". .t I . _
pr?^pared to :n-ik?' work i <"? v. v
shortest uoli'*e of tii>' very L< l ;/ i"? lli
U?tt workmen :n a s*;- '??? ?? ?? h . . . . > ^
any Kiuxiltr eaiuhbsiiutT.'. i'i ft
in tho Union. A i .. i i .
Please call and *>::xtRsm f r yv.ut !v< ;
ablo Boot and fchin- Store, Brrwn". *<! tl
J tMi \ ' 1 : ' ?
dec 16 : ..ghin-d > *'< ? v
MBJMUldRS OF lOAdUL: , i:u.
gerbf alid Oliii'Ts vi.l f .
subfrcriLer< havt re-iuv-'d J - tb
the MoUba I'-sglluw r? the
formerly oe**uj'le'i. .?u?l i. ^ ...
puperijr G^id N\" itcli-f. Bi u- . ..1
ry. Silver ?Va!-.-, &c., v.hi. -.:
and cheapm i< not tur; ?
Watches, ChronomeU r^, Ac i epan 1 w n i v- ut:.
pjrp, .<i. ??. 'iALj L ti-O.
Sign?f the G"i 1. P? :vs. . .
dec lfi between ? ? ,;l '?
tali cbeit> f til<j
80 b*^xec ra' i:
I ba!ealm' ndti
1 u-.i v.'aiaUli
? beiet, ^ iu ciii./
4 ca .^s finger
?J frc.ilf dau.
4 ba^?grouriliia''i
100 b:-x?is i?arulii?-r
?Jo Le, fotzl'.j Luiltr
1 biii'cl jdcL.i,^
3 boxes do
- uj .i i.. i ];eri.:
li*.^u^lr Cui< ? iiurn*
.'.Obasjs bark wheat rtou;
2udc-en brooxar
it (*k v his,
'J du Maiu.ia J3a'.<i
Id Uv> flour Lac.%.*it
d-j v-aoti boards
4 i*c L uCi.i'
2 ) barrel crusii<jd su^ar
?Ju box-'S kUtivii
dec 1 *>?3t 1L bi AM 0 .'
Mackerel, sajl^ic:.,t 3*.. a
White FUU, Ac.
oO bbis. small No. b .<..^1 r^l
10 bbi*. No. 1
10 ^ bbls. No. 1 do
20 kltte No. 1 Macktr. \ it:.. . ... ?
1 do fine ftr::> .Imuu
2.W0 lbs Gr.i?d h nk C*.L-k
60 boxej Nu. 1 ?' al^d f4. irl^^s
8 bbia. VihiLL.- .ifcU
8 U-M i. do
26 bob. Connect a* I:
Just rectirel and fur
dec ;0 SA *dI"? BAC
TTTE have tlii.? day ro -l-.vdUir^. .
TT Call Liic altcBwonci C ar liit u'
and th? public g?;i?ir*
19 pieueo .eBar .???: r.l! ,
60 OOI8U JL?b:e ..apkiti., a:..h. -
1 do . its up
' J pit-crf tii. u.ut!^ , .u ; , j fj-.f aJ
60 dc pblow-ci<; C
a'/D do Bieacl. v L^i.c .. t.. sr. iaif-. *
60J do iaUcy i Mat.- _.t.i
ItO d.? .... to t .. > : I'.vi-.f.
20 da L-.^ck i iuL>,t ? -'.'.i
76 do heavy fail< u . t "^TkL *
76 do plxad country Liuftj ?
260 do II lUx.Ji; ??
300 do Uc i..i L.c, ii **j a>. J >6 'i^
100 do P^ntj, i'tAid Coll a.>
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