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*?t?I Accident?Calamity to tit* Pre
?Ident Elect.
The lamentable intelligence has reached
the capital of an accident which occurred
on Thursday in a train of cars on the
Maine railroad, in whieh General Pierce,
the President elect, and his family were
passengers. The despatch states that the
only son of General Pierce, a boy of ten
years of age, and of the fairest promise,
was -instantly killed! Mrs. Pierce, too,
was very seriously injured, and is said to
have narrowly escaped death. General
Pierce was himself much stunned, but for
tunately sustained no further or dangerous
injury. Ten or twelve other passengers
were also more or less wounded at the
same time. The sad accident is said to
have been caused by the breaking of the
axletree of one of the cars. The sympathy
of the nation will be promptly extended
to the afflicted circle.
It is to be hoped, also, that this sore
calamity will call the attention of the peo
ple and of Congress, in such a way as to
lead to the adoption of efficient measures
to lesson the rapidly inoreasing accidents
on railroads. It is high time something
was done on the subject.
low Fares on Railroads.
The following article on the advantages
to railroads of low fare for passengers, ap
peared in the Baltimore American on the
21st of October, 1850, and as this is the be
ginning of a new year, we re-publish it with
a view of awakening the attentions of those
concerned to the subject:
" The London correspondent of the Phila
delphia North American, states in his last
letter that the principal railroad companies
in Great Britain are reaping rich harvests
by running cheap excursion trains. The
Great Western Company take passengers
from London to Bristol and back, at eight,
ten, and fourteen shillings each, according
to the class of cars occupied by the travel
ler. The South Eastern Company issue
tickets to Paris and back at thirty shillings
each, and great numbers of the inhabitants
of London were visiting the French capital.
In one day no less than one thousand per
sons were conveyed from London to Brighton
and back at the low rate of three shillings
and sixpence. On all the railroads in Great
Britain where cheap rates of fare have been
introduced, the business of transporting
passengers has increased in an astonishing
degree, and we opine that similar results
would quickly follow like reductions in the
various railroads in the United States."
We have often wondered, adds the Balti
more Argus, why cheap travelling at stated
periods at least, was not afforded to the mul
titude by the railroads in this direction. If
excursion trains, at very low rates, pay so
well in England, we see no reason why they
should not be adopted here, if the old excuse,
want of accommodation, be no longer raised.
During the milder seasons of the year, it
would prove a great relief to our toil-worn
people to take a cheap trip, occasionally,
some distance in the country on our rail
roads, and the health of our city would
doubtless be materially improved by it.
The experiment of reducing the regular
fare on the Washington Railroad has result
ed in a great increase of revenue from that
branch of the great western highway, and
from this it is to be inferred that a sound
policy dictates a reduction in the fare on
?very road leading to the city.
Tli? Pennsylvania Legislature was
organized at Harrisburg on the 5 th instfc&t,
Mr. Carson, whig, was chosen Speaker of
the Senate, by one majority, and the mes
sage of Governor Bigler was communicated
to the two Houses.
The organization of the House of
Representatives of Massachusetts was com
pleted on the 5th instant, by the choice of
Wm. Schouler, editor of the Boston Atlasas
The Senate was organized by the choice
of Charles H. Warren, of East on, as presi
dent, and Charles Calhoun, as clerk, both
In the House 283 votes were cast for
Speaker. George Bliss, of Springfield, whig
was eliected?receiving 146 votes, to 80 for
J. M. Usher, democrat, and 51 for Samuel
Clark, free-soil, and 6 scattering.
Another outrage was perpetrated in
Baltimore on Wednesday night. A hackman
named John Judge, whilst coming out of
the Virginia House, in South Calvert street,
was knocked down and shot, two balls en
tering his body. He is said to have died
yesterday morning. The parties who per
petrated the deed have not been discovered.
An old fend had existed between Judge
and some persona to whom he is said to
have given offenoe.
The Senate was not in session to-day.
House of Representatives.
At the suggestion ef Mr. Orb it was
agreed that when the House adjourn to-day
it will adjourn oyer until Monday next, for
the purpose of attending, informally, the
ceremonies of the Inauguration of the Jack*
son Statue, agreeably to the courteous invi
tation of the Committe of Arrangements.
Mr. Houston asked, but did nt>t obtain,
consent to report one of the general appro
priation bills?all of which the rules of the
House require shall be reported within
thirty days after the appointment of the
On motion of Mr. Bowie ,the Private
Calendar was then taken up in Committee
of the Whole, and most of the bills upon
the Calendar acted upon.
It is sickening to the feelings of the
readers of our city papers, to read the fre
quent reports of the destruction of life on
our railroads.
tfQS* The steamboat Fusileer, for Attaka
pas from New Orleans when near Ship Is
land, on Monday, exploded both of her
boilers, killing the first mate, second engi
neer, and five or six hands. The captain
was also terribly wounded, and will probably
not recover. The steamer Texas, from Gal
veston, brought the survivors to this city.
? *%+
jggp*A temporary injunction has been
issued by Judge Roosevelt, of the Supreme
Court of New York, against Jacob Sharp
and his associates, enjoining them to desist
from entering upon Broadway for the pur
pose of laying or establishing a railroad
George D. Prentice, the facetious
editor of the Louisville Journal, is forty
eight years of age, was born in Jewett City,
Ct., educated at Brown University, and re
moved to Louisville in 1831. His cele
brated paper attained the twenty-second
year of its existence a few days since.
We have received No. 3 of Minifie's
Mechanical Drawing Book. It is an excel
lent medium of self-instruction, and well
worth the price of subscription. It can be
had at James Wimer's store on 6th street,
north of Pennsylvania avenue.
Baf A man in Boston has erected a
building six stories high, for a market and
stores. The cost ef the land and building
was $160,000. The two lower stories fit
ted up in market stalls have already been
rented for $18,000, leaving the other four
stories to be rented.
The African Repository for Janu
ary, '53, has been laid upon our table. The
contents of this number embrace some
twenty different articles, on subjects inte
resting to the friends of the truly benevolent
enterprise to which it is devoted. We wish
the work increased success.
China.?The insurgents have had some
success. They now threaten the line of
communication with the province of Canton
by the Meiling Pass, said to be held by a
strong government force. After one engage*
ment the insurgents put 30 military and civil
officers and 1,330 people to the sword. An
alarming fire broke out, Oct. 27, near Can
ton. Silk goods and foreign manufactures
to the value of $150,000 were destroyed.
JJ&" It is said that a large number of
pickpockets have left the Northern cities
and gone on to Washington to be present at
the Jackson monument ceremonies on the
8th of January. Visitors to the seat of
Government should be on the lookout for
?? *
fg^The construction of the Crystal Pal
ace, in New York, is prosecuted with energy,
and its completion is assured in season for
the opening of the exhibition on the 2d of
May next. Meantime, arrangements are in
progress to secure a brilliant representation
of the choicest productions of the world's
industry in both hemi spheres.
The Philadelphia. Fighting Rat.?This
celebrated animal brings yet another an
tagonist to the field, as the following eard
from the Columbus (Ohio) Fact will show:
To the Editor of the Fact:
Dear Sir,?Having seen several notices
in your paper of the celebrated fighting rat
of a Mr. Donlan, of Philadelphia?one in
particular, in which Mr. D. gives a chal
lenge to all the dogs in the Buckeye State,
I have delayed this long in hopes to see
this banter taken up, not having dared to
accept. I now take leave to inform Mr.
Donlan that I have a small dog of the
terrier and spaniel breed, that I am willing
shall fight his rat for $100, or any further
amount he may please. I am not a sport
ing character, but I cannot allow the great
State of Ohio to be backed out by a Phila
delphia rat. I am, sir, yours,
Daniel Shead.
. Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 29, '52.
Yes, the only way is to tell your wife
just how you stand. Show her your bal
ance sheet. Let her look over the items.
You think it will hurt her feelings. No, it
won't do any such thing. She has been
taught that money is with you, just as
little boys think it is with their fathers,
hard to be reached, yet inexhaustible. She
has had her suspicions already. She has
guessed you were not so prosperous as you
talked. But you have so befogged your
money affairs that she, poor thing, knows
nothing about them. Tell it right out to
her, that you are living outside of your in
come. Take her into partnership, and I'll
warrant you'll never regret it. There may
be a slight shower at first, but that's natu
ral. Let her see your estimate, and when you
come home again she will show you that you
have put her bills too high. True, she had
an eight-dollar bonnet last winter, but "it
is just as good as ever ; a few shillings will
provide it with new strings, and refit it a
little;?the shape," she says, "is almost
exactly as they wear them now."
And you will be surprised to see how
much less expensive she can make your 1
own wardrobe. She will surprise you with
a new vest?not exactly unfamiliar some
how, looking as if in another shape you had
seen it before?yet as a new vest, and scarce
ly costing a dollar where you had allowed
five. Old cravats will experience a resur
rection in her hands, coming but so rejuve
nated that nobody but those that are let
into the secret, would suspect that they are
old friends in new shapes. The gown you
were going to buy?out of what forgotten
chest she has gathered the materials you
cannot immagine?but there it is, comforta
ble and warm, and just the thing you wanted
for the long winter evenings that are com
ing on as fast as the almanac will let them.
You will find a wonderful change in her
tastes and appetites. Whereas, she fancied
what was a little out of season or just com
ing into market?now if beef is dear, she
thinks "boiled mutton is delightful,?a9
tender as chicken." If lamb rises, and fish !
are plenty, she thinks "a striped bass is so
good, occasionally," and always insists on :
haviifg it Fridays. Whereas, before she |
must hear all the musical celebrities?now,
she is "out of all patience" with these for
eign singers. If Jenny Lind were to return
and sing some of our own sweet airs, she'd
like to hear her; but she has had enough
of Italian extraegances, all written on the
leger lines below or above, as if it were a
sin to tarry long on the common staff.
Before you have thought much about it
you will find yourself spending most of your
evenings at home, and such evenings too !
so full of domestic enjoyment, and fireside
pleasures, that you will look with wonder
on the record of last year's expenses and
marvel that you found time or relish for the
costly entertainments that so seriously taxed
your port-monnaie.
My dear friend, if like Spaia, your out
goes threaten to exceed your income, be
sure and tell your wife of it. Not in a tone
and manner that will lead her to think you
don't want her to buy furs this winter, but
just as if you wanted a ceunseller in the
day of your trouble. And if she does not
come up, heart and soul, and most success
fully to your relief, put me down for no
prophet, and her for no specimen of a Yan
kee lass.?N. Y. Times.
It has been discovered that where a
lot of boarders are fed for some time on
sausages exclusively, they begin to growl.
On Thursday, the 6th instant, by the Rev. Smith
Pyne, C. G. BAYLOR, esq., U. 8. Consul at Amster
dam, to LOUISA D., eldest daughter of the late Com
mander Wa is worth.
On the 6th instant, by the Bev. C. M. Butler, Mr.
GEORGE W. BAMBERGER, of Washington, to Miss
ANN ELIZABETH INGERSOLL, of Somerset county,
On the morning of the 6th instant, after a long and
protracted ilness, which she bore with christion forti
tude, Mrs. SARAH CLEMENTS, in the 66th year of
her age.
Her friends and acquaintances and those of
the family are respectfully invited to attend her fu
neral, from the residence of her son-in-law, Thomas
Bayne, esq., on 8th street, Navy Yard, near the Gar
rison, on Sunday, the 9th instant, at 2 o'clock p. m.
On Wednesday, 5th instant, SIDNEY TRAYER3
aged 73 years, long a resident of this city.
In Prince George's county, Maryland, on the 29th
of December, OLIVIA E., wife of Dr. T. Jones, late of
Montgomery county, Maryland, and daughter of the
late Dr. Alexander Edmonston, in the 57th year of
her age.
On the 23d of October last, Mrs. ELIZABETH ANN
HILLEARY, wife of John M. Hilleary, esq., and
daughter of the late James Waring, all of Prince
George's county, Maryland.
19* PoitpoBemeatfThe Ball of the
Washington Light Infantry, owing to the occupation
of Jackson Hall by the Washington Assemblies, is ne
cessarily postponed until Wednesday, the 12th instant
Those having purchased tickets will please take no
tice. (Jan 7] JOS. B. TATE, Captain.
Inauguration of the Statue of
General Jackao*.?The Aids and Assistant
Marshals are requested to repot t to the Chief Mar.-hal
for duty at the City Hall, at 9)^ o'clock on the morn
ng of the 8th of January.
jan 7 Chief Marshal.
?s2T* The San Luis and Potosl (Mexican)
papers contain an advertisement signed by
Henry May, of Baltimore, offering a reward
of $500 to any one that will give exact in
formation as to the whereabouts of a silver
mine in Rio Verde, owned by Dr. Gardiner,
and $500 more to any one that will show in
the same district a quicksilver mine pre
tended to be owned by Dr. Mears.
? Over 22,000 children are attending
the public schools in Boston, where they
have a law to punish truants.
JBA State Teacher's Association was
in session in Columbus, Ohio, during the
past week. A large number of ladies and
gentlemen were in attendance, not only from
Ohio, but from several other States.
J8ST" A man named Archibald Hamilton,
was fined in Providence, on Friday, $7.04
for stealing one copy of the Providence
Journal. Served him right. Bather a dear
paper that!
Governor Ross's annual message to
i the legislature of Delaware appears in the
Wilmington Gazette of Tuesday. The Gov
ernor in this document notices the demise
of Clay and Webster in appropriate terms;
rejoices over the prosperity of the nation;
notices the completion of the labors of the
commision to revise and digest the civil
and criminal code of the State; also, the
opening of the Newcastle and Wilmington
railroad ; and speaks in favor of projected
railroad from New York to Norfolk, from
which he thinks there should be a branch
to Lewes, passing through Milford and
Milton. Upon this subject the Governor
enlarges, and recommeds that the means
and credit of the State be applied to the
The steamer Martha Washington
conspiracy case is progaessiug at Columbus.
The testimo ny is very strong against the
rpiCKETS for the banquet are deposited for Bale at
J- the National Hotel, Brown's Hotel, the United
States Hotel, the Irving House, Willard's Hotel,
Flint's, and S. Parker's Fancy store. A limited num
ber will be sold. Ladies tickets $2. Gentleman's
tickets $3. The banquet will commence at 7 o'clock
P. B. KEY,
Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements,
jan 5?
Congregational Church, 5 th street.
Riv. George Clauk, of Connecticut, is expected to
presch in this chnrch, to-morrow morning at 11
o'clock, and again in the evening at 7 o'clock. Sub
ject for the evening's discourse: The Book of Life
Mr. Clark is an Evangelist, and as such has been in
vited to hold a series of meetings with a view of a re
vival of religion. These meetings will be continued
at 7 o'clock on every evening through the week. Not
only the congregation now worshiping in that house,
but all others are cordially invited to attend.
jan 7?
Great Temperance Meeting at Tem
perance Hail. Mr. James Burns, of England, and
others, will address the meeting on Sunday night,
at 7 o'clock. All persons having petitions will hand
them in. Come all.
jan 7? Prs. F. V. T. A. S.
Flank Com pant, First Regiment.
^-Washington Light Infantry.?
You are hereby ordered to meet at your Armory on
Saturday, January 8th, at 8 o'clock, a. m., in full win
ter uniform for parade. By order :
SION.?The Regalia for the Aids and Assistant
Marshals will be ready for delivery by Friday evening,
7th instant, at PARKER'S
Fancy and Perfumery Store, Pa av.,
jan 7?It under National Hotel.
SUITABLE for the Jackson Procession, a good
article, and only 12\4 cents, for sale at
7th street Fancy Store, second door below E.
jan 7?It
A REWARD OF FIVE DOLLARS will be given to
J\. the finder of a CAMEO BREASTPIN, which was
lost at the President's House on New Year's Day, by
leaving it at Col. J. G. Berrett's on 13th street between
E and F streets. jan 5?3t
JUST RECEIVED, a large assortment of
Tucking, Side, Dressing, Riding, Fine Ivor}' and
other COMBS. Also,an abundance of Porte Monaies
of every grade and for sale, very low, at
7th street Fancy Store, second door below E.
4?=* A liberal discount to those who buy to sell
again. jan 6?3teod
in announcing to the citixens of Washington
and vicinity that they will give their
Fifth Annual Ball, at Jackion Hall,
and will spare neither pains nor expense to make it
one of the best Balls of the season.
John H. Sessford, Wm. H. Fanning,
Joseph L. Reere, T. Edmonston,
E. C. Eckloff. George V> alker,
C. J. Can field, A. Sioussa,
Rob E. Dovle, Wm. Fisher.
Good Cotillion music has teen engaged.
Tickets $1, admitting one gentleman and ladies.
They can be had ?t the following places: First
Ward, J. L. Savage ; Second Ward, Butt s Drug Store,
Rich. Downer's, Horace Bitter's, and M. Coomb's;
Third Ward, Patterson s Drug Store ; Fourth Ward,
J. Powers and F. Renter's; Fifdi Ward, J. Casparis;
Sixth Ward, J. Kelly; Seventh Ward, Clark's Drag
Just received from the manufactory of Wm. L.
McCauley, of Baltimore?
One case of Patent Cork-Sole Boots
One cass of Double-dole Boots
One case Dress Boots
For sale at the Fashtohable Boot Store of
dec 4 J. MILLS.
?9?The*e extraordinary little creature*, scarce two
feet high, are giving three entertainment* daily at
Iron Hall, to wit: from 10 to 12, 3 to 5, and 7 to 9.
Tickets 25 cents, Children 12%. They are assisted
every night toy Madame Rosalie Durand, Signor An
tonio -No re Ilia, Mr. Goodall, and Le Petite Ole Bull.
A better entertainment cannot be well got up at any
A lecture descriptive of the history and origin of
the AZTECS will be given every exhibition.
jan 3?dlw
And Thunder, Storm, aad Deluge !
DR. BEALE'S new Panorama and Diorama of Crea
tion and Deluge was opened in Odd Fellows' Hal'
on Wednesday evening, Deoember 22d, at 7% o'clock.
Exhibitions every evening, and on Wednesday and
Saturday afternoons at three 3 o'clock. Extra exhi
bitions for select parties and excursion parties.
The painting is fresh from the hands of the master
of American artists, Geo. Hielgk, esq., of Philadelphia,
and is considered to be his masterpiece. In these
days of Panoramas Dr. Bcsix could not expect to suc
ceed in the nation's capital with a mere oommon-plaee
painting; but of the perfections of tiiis work?the
beauty of Eden, the purity of the sky and the water
scenery, the msjestic God like form of Adam, the
fascinating charms of Eve. the enchanting wiles of
the temptation, the stern resistance, the final Call,
and the terrible expulsion?let a Washington audience
be the judges.
Admission twenty-five cents, children half price.
Liberal arrangements for schools. dec 30?
Ma. E. A. MARSHALL Sou Lrssu.
Benefit and last appearance of the
Will be presented the fifth act of
Richard Third Miss ELLEN BATEMAN.
Richmond Miss KATE BATEMAN.
After which, the first act of
To be followed by the popular Comedy of the
Charles de Blonville Miss ELLEN BATEMAN.
Henrietta de Ligny Miss KATE BATEMAN.
To conclude with the farce of
THE Committee of Arrangements take pleasure in
announcing that the Annual Ball of the WASH
INGTON LIGHT INFANTRY will take place on
Monday night, the 10th of January, at Jackton Hall.
As it is the intention of the company to oonduct this
Ball similar to those given in former years, the com
mittee deem it proper to state that a supper will bt
furnished by a competent caterer, and every eflort
will be made to make it equal to any ball ever given
by the company.
Tickets $2, to be had at the usual places.
Committee of Arrangements.
W*. W. 8. Kirr, Treasurer. dec 21
Attorney and Conntcller-at-Law.
PRACTICES in the Courts of the District, and
prosecutes claims of every description before the
several Executive Departments and before Congres*.
tfjf" Office on Louisiana avenue near Sixth street,
dec 30?
Embroideries.?i wish to can the at
tention of the ladies to my stock ef the above
good*, which will compare with any in the city in
style and price?
Lace ana Muslin Chemisette**
Do do Collars
Do do Slee.tw
Muslin Caps and Cuff.
Cambric Chemisettes a d Sleeves
?Do Collars and C ?s
A. TATE, Agent.
A new and splendid assort jent of Mourning Good?
JOHN B. WARD, keeps constantly on hand a (rood
assortment of lumber, which Will be sold on ac
comodating terms.
dec 30?lm 12th street and canal.
IIME t LIME !?1,600 bushels fresh wood
J burned, just received irom the kiln.
Also, wood and Coal of all kinds.
For sale by WM. WARDER,
dec 30?6t corner of 12th and C sts.
THE celebrated Dauphin coal, and a full supply of
oak, pine, and hickory wo?d.
For sale by W. STONE, on the
dec 30?6t canal south of 7th st. bridge.
Dealer In Lumber und Coal.
TILL have the accounts cf his customers ready
for presentation on the 1st of January, 1853.
dec 30?6t
Honte and Sign Fainter and Glazier,
RESPECTFULLY informs his f iends and the pub
lic generally, that he is prepared to execute
work in his profession as punctually ani at as jva
sonable rates as it can be don?* in Washington.
Orders left at his room on Louisiana avenue, be
tween 6th and 7th sts., or at his residence on C
street, rear of his room, will reoeive prompt atten
tion. dee 14
A positive cure for Coughs, Colds, Ashthm*.
and all diseases of the chest and lung*. A single bot
tle will prove its efficacy- Prepared by Dr. G. Hast
ings, Loudon. Price $1 j>er bottle. Sold by
Chemist and Druggist, our. fcth and H sts.
dee 16?eo2w _
WRITING Desks, Ladies Work Boxes (
Gentlemen's Shaving Cases
Eitfbt-day Clocks, a superior article
Porte Mooaies. Bird Cages. Ac. received and for
sale low at the 7th street Fancy Store, 2d below E.
dec 23?3t A. LAMMOND.
One case of Madame Son tag Button Gaiters for
Also, Ladies' Half Gaiters
And for sale by HARRIS k GRIFFIN,
Puon. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th streeu.
dec 16 next deor to W. Osrper ft Co

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