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IT?* The Evening Star having double
the circulation of any other daily paper
published in Mi1 ashington, is consequently
by far the best advertising medium in
the District. Business men should bear
this fact in mind.
How to got the Star.
Those of our citizens living at a dis
tance from our office who desire to take
the Star or send us communications, will
find boxes at the following named places
which are opened every day:
At John 0. Warner's Silversmith. Navy
" McPnKitsox'8 Drag Store, Capitol Hill;
" Job Shillijigtoh'm Periodical Depot,
Pennsylvania avenue;
W. Adams s Grocery Store, on Seventh
street, between 11 and t, Northern
" J. E. Dakkr'h Periodical Depot, Island:
OxLEy*8 Grocery Store, 1st Ward; and
" I>r Listhicum's Drug Store,Georgetown.
The Turco-Rauian Question
?continues to occupy elaborate space in
most of the newspapers. It, however, ap
pears to be "in a nut shell" as follows:
Russia assumes the right to be the pro
tector of the Greek Church in the domin
ions of the Sultan, and claims that the
latter shall grant privileges to that Church
greater than those enjoyed by any other
Christian church in his dominions, pro
claiming, the while, that she seeks only to
compel the Sultan to deal by the Greeks
(religionists) as he deals by the Latins.
Turkey denies Russia's right to meddle
in her domestic concerns ; and moreover,
protests that the Latins are not favored
by her over the Greeks, and of coursc re
fuses to make the regulations which Rus
sia demands. Whereupon Russia has sent
her armies to occupy certain portions of
the Sultan's dominions, which she pro
claims her intention of holding until Tur
key complies with her requirements.
Russia still declares that she docs not
conceive the armed occupation of a por
tion of Turkey after this fashion, to be
war upon her.
England and France, both of which
Governments arc under treaty obligations
to Turkey to protect her from Russia in
the event of any such occurrence as we
describe above, have fleets at hand to
enter the Dardanelles for her defence,
whenever they shall be formally notified
that Russia has crossed the Rubicon. So
the case stands at last dates from the
other side of the Atlantic. No man in
his senses believes that Russia would
permit any Power on earth to assume to
^ *? -?-?*? ?? <'
what she holds to be her right in the
matter of the Greek church in Turkey.
Nevertheless, we judge from the advices
by the last steamer that there will be no
war; at least nntil the spring opens. On
the arrival of the French and English
fleets at Constantinople ncgoitations will
again be opened, which will afford Russia
the desired pretext for delaying actual
war, nutil she can enter upon it to most
History of ins Baltimoub and Ohio
Railroad.?1We are indebted to Mr.
Smith, Superintendent of Transportation
u{)on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, for
"A History and Description" of that
work, "with an appendix," published by
John Murphy & Co., Baltimore. This
book is exceedingly valuable, inasmuch
as it embraces a very carefully-prepared
statistical and chronological account of
the road, with admirable descriptions of
everything of importance connected with
its construction; embracing proper expo
sitions of the connection which many dis
tinguished gentlemen have had with it
from first to last; The book is very cred
itable to the author, and should be in the
library of all who desire to obtain a
knowledge of the heretofore almost total
ly unwritten portiou of the business of
railroad making in the United States.
??? *Op A
Blackwood.? Taylor & Maury have
sent us the July number of Leonard &
Scott's reprint of Blackwood, which begins
the new (32d) volume. We have no space
in which to indite a critique of this book.
Yet we may not hesitate to remark that
the reading man who foils to seek " Black
wood," deprives himself of far more pleas
ant and improving reading than he is
aware of. The postage upon this period
ical, by the by, is now but twenty-four
cents per annum, mailed to any point in
the Crated States cast of the Rocky Moun
The Philadelphia papers of yester
day mention the hopeless illness of John
Price Wethenll, an eminent and distill
guished merchant of that city, and who is
well known to many of our citizens. He
death was hourly looked fo r.
OCT"Miss Julia Dean took her farewell
benefit at the People's Theatre, St. Louis,
on the ICth inst.
H?n N. P. Tallmadge of Fond du
oC ? lecturing upon the subject of
"Spiritual Manifestations." He is a firm
Spirit of the Morning PreM.
The Sun discusses the extreme folly
and futility of political organizations to
effect the distribution of the patronage of
Government, incidently arguing to show
the Itoinogenuity of the people of the
United States, and, consequently, the
fact that it will be utterly impossible for
any foreign born citizens to perpetuate
their mother tongue, customs or early
associations in this country, for more than
a half a century at most. The views of the
editor on this subject are replete with
sound sense and proper public spirit.
The Intelligence)- qu>tes with expres
sions of great gratification, an article from
the Charleston Mercury, in favor of the
construction of the Pacific Railroad by the
Government. Those sympathising with
that journal having heretofore been most
straight laced in their views of the pow
er ot the General Government in ettch
connection. We have before remarked
that we place little confidence in the
idea that the Administration have de
termined to throw their influence in favor
of the construction of the work by means
taken from the National Treasury. Nous
verrons. The samo paper also contains
elaborate and interesting articles (not ed
itorial) upon new books, Japan, spiritual
rappings, &c., &c.
The Union republishes the recent
speeches delivered by Messrs. Guthrie,
Davis, and Cushing, at Newark, N. J.,
and editorially defends the " expansion"
views of General C., which have been so
extensively assailed in the journals of the
other party. In this article the editor
lays down what we presume to be the
views of the Administration upon the sub
ject of territorial acquisition, which we
quote as follows, viz:
" That general policy is to maintain pacific
and amicablc relations with all foreign na
tions?to cnltivatc fraternal relation? between
our own States?to adopt all constitutional
means for the development of their resources,
and for strengthening the bonds of their
union?to guard sedulously against any in
fringement on their rights, and thus to secure
the full enjoyment of all their energies, and
by this general policy to hasten on in the
inarch of national greatness, and consequently
to hasten, by the forco of our example, the
diffusion of republican sentiments and insti
tution. This is our only legitimate mode of
propagating republicanism and extending our
territorial border*, except when forced, in
self-preservation or in defence of our national
honor, to anticipate the gradual but sure pro
gress of our destiny."
The same paper declares the reason
why the New York Evening Post receives
none of the patronage of the Administra
tion to be, because it is not a Democratic,
bift an abolition sheet. That is, that it
fails to stand upon the Baltimore Demo
cratic platform. The Union also repub
lishes an article from the Lancaster In
telligencer and Journal, Mr. Buchanan's
immediate organ, in which it is denied
that there has been any misunderstanding
between that gentleman and Secretary
Marcy, or that the failure of the Admin
istration to suspend the pending negoti
ations at Washington with reference to
the Fisheries dispute, operated to increase
his disinclination to go to London, which
arose (as we stated some time since) from
his desire to remain at home on various
The Republic severely reprehends the
policy of removing California Indian i
tribes to New Mexico, and argues at
length to show that it is destined to prove
as unfortunate for the whites and Indians
of that Territory, as for the removed sav
ages themselves.
The Clipjricr argues against the election
of the judiciary by the people, contending
that they can be better and more safely
selected by any other mode in vogue.
The same paper draws from the last ac
tion of the Legislature of Pennsylvania
and New York on the Maine liquor law,
the opinion that ere long that measure
must triumph iu those States, and sighs
for the day when Maryland shall follow
their example.
Books from Siiillixuton. ? " Joe "
Shillington, corner 4i st. and the Avenue,
has sent U3 "Ilealy Effingham," by Hen
ry Cockton, which is said to be by those
who have read it, to be Cockton'sjbcst
work. It is only necessary to remind
our readers that Cockton is the author of
" Volentinc Vox," to make his last work
generally read by the citizens of this Dis
The same book vendor has laid upon
our table Graham's Magazine for August.
This number of Graham is better than
any that has appeared lately. It is
beautifully embellished and well tilled
with choice reading.
[?/*? It is said that Madame Sontag has
acquired a fortune of ?100,000 in her mu
sical tour through the country.
Attache ok Lkgatiox at London.?
The Boston lice says: "It is understood
that Col. T. Bigelow Lawrence, of Boston,
will continue attache of the U. S. Legation
at London, under the ministration of Mr.
Tiib Coal Frauds.?We observe by
! the Pottsville (Pa.) papers, that all the
property of the persons implicated in the
coal frauds at Pottsville, has been seized
upon by the sheriff.
rr?' Halifax papers received by the
Europa, announce that the conservatives
have carried Prince Edward Island by
three majority, with one member in dis
Washington New#.
The New Charge to Sardinia.?Tbe ap
pointment of Mr J?hnM. Daniel, of the Rich
mond (Va.) Exmvu'ner, which was detorrointd
on yesterday in Cabinet couiioil after the Star
was " made up'' for the press, has not been
amiably received by the partisans of the
various ancient leaders of the Democracy now
in Washington. These gentlemen and their
friends elsewhere will make a great hubbub
over it doubtless. Mr. D., in almost all things,
has been a "Young American" after the
fashion of Mr. George Saunders of the late
Democratic Review. That is, pen in hand ho
has cut and slashed among the " Old Fogies"
of'the party," opening gaping wounds semi
weekly in their self-love, and knocking into
'?pi" the hopes of obtaining minor offices
through their elevation, entertained by their
respective dtt*Hees. lie is undoubtedly a
man of fine literary attainment ah(j bright
talonts. though it stji'rtl Tis, unfitcd. fr*v> the
want of s\ oftlancc-wheel t?? tiie machinery of
his mind, for tiie proper discharge of diplo
matic duties. That is, if our relations with
Sardinia are to be suih as require the exercise
of the qualities which must form the basis of
the character of a successful diplomatist
evenness of temper and discretion. Yet,
for the lifo of ui, wo cannot see how
the Administration, acting in good faith,
could have refused to provide for Mr. D. Hi*
friends formed a wing of ' the party'' in the
last Presidontial oleotion which did quite as
much to bring about the overwhelming tri
umph of Pierce, as any other. They present
ed many candidates for many places of im
portance, and have been refueed, perhaps in
ninety-five of thair applications out of every
hundred, finally, it is said around Wash
ington, they concentrated their efforts in favor
of Mr. Daniel*, who, in their behalf, had earn
ed anything but the love of ail thtt rest of the
party. To refuse them his appointment, un
der such circumstaboos, would have beeu to
have Violated grossly the principle of treating
all the wings alike,?of knowing no distinc
tion among them in the distribution of their
patronage, which tho present Administration
have so often proclaimed to bo thiir policy.
These arc plain views, which have suggested
themselves to us on scanning what seems ti be
going on here; yet wo havo every confidence
in their correctness.
Departure of tub Fishing Grounds
SyuADRos.- Letters from the Portsmouth N.
H.; Navy Yard designate to morrow, the 21th
inst., as the day for tho departure of Commo
dore Shubrick's squadron, the Princeton's
boilers having been sufficiently repaired to
permit her to sail on that day. Conmiodoro
S., who has been quite an invalid since reach
ing Portsmouth, has recovered.
Li kit. IIarrolo, U. S. N. has bcon dctachod
at his own request, from the receiving ship
Pennsylvania, at Norfolk.
The Navy Agent's Officb at this point
has been supplied with additional clerical
force by the (Navy) Department, to enable its
Chief to projiorly attend to the mass of Extra
Pay claims being showered upon him, as we
have bofore explained.
The Congress Library?That is, the refit
ing and repairing of tho groat library hall
which has been going on for soino months
since, is at length entirely comploted, and the
books arc being rapidly arrange! in their
places, it is cmi.haUf.Ally the most eorzeous
and yet graceful chamber in tho style of its
ornaments in the United Statoa, we take it.
An impression that it is not yet properly ven
tilated prevails. This arises from the fact that
tho heat is well nigh suffocating upon those
who go up into the highest range of its alcoves.
Wo presume that tho architect will speedily
remedy this temporary defect.
The I KESiDENT. we have learned in a quar
ter in which we have confidence, docs not at
present propose to leavo Washington again
this season. Nor has he any idea of vicatin"
his quarters at the White House to sojourn
temporarily elsewhere in tho fneighborhood
of Washington, until the repairs being put
on the Executive mansion shall bo completed,
as repeated over and over again in distant
newspapers. Captain Lee, of the Engineer
corps, who is superintending tho work upon
tlie building, js pushing it with great spirit
and energy.
Tub Overflow ok the Treasury.?There
is now a surplus of within a fraction of
?522,000,000 in the Treasury, notwithstanding
tho Secretary is redeeming Unitod ]States
stocks and other*isa paying tho public debt
as fast as the law to that ond will allow him.
liius, it appears that the Government s rev
enues are increasing so rapidly as that the
public d'^bt is being fast extinguished without
materially decreasing the amount of cash on
What will Congress do with this surplus 1?
Will it not be a very banc to tho real interests
of the States ? Tho fear is that it will be re
garded merely as so much plunder, to be
squabbled for by a horde of sharp mon, each
of whom will keep a freo doggery here next
winter,to aid their operations on the members.
Messrs. Isaac V Fowi,eh, Postmaster, and
John Corcorano, Surveyor of the Port of New
York, are in Washington, at the National.
Lieutenant Maury, U. S. N.?We hear
with great pleasure that shortly before this
distinguished gentleman left us for Washiii"
toil, he received a package from certain lead
ing gentlemen of New York ship owners for
the most part, which on being oxamincd was
found to contain live thousand gold dollars
and a handsome servico of plate, prcsojjted as
ajtestinionial of their sense of the value of his
scientific researched to the shipping interest
of tho United States. This compliment was
delicately paid, and well deserved, indeed
Mr. A. M. Clayton, of Mississippi, the
newly appointed Consul to Havanna, is in
Tub Attorney General.?Wo understand
that since his return from who North, Attorney
General Cushing has disposed of many ques
tions of title to property recently purchased
for tho purposes ..f the Government. In ad
dition to those before-mentioned in tho Star,
we may add| those relating to thccharacter of
tho Government's titles to the sites for the I
California Mine, the Light House at New
Haven, Conn . and the Marine Hospital at
Vioksburg, Miss., all of which have passed
muster. Gen. C. is, by long odds, the most in
defatigable man who ever held the office of
Attorney General, wo take it.
[Reported lor the Evening Star ]
Trial Of jaraeii W. Schaumbcrg.
Friday, July 22, 1S53.
The close of the proceedings ye-terday were
as folio Ws:
Mr. Key said that Dr. Spenco. an importAht
witness for the defence, who was ?<?t in the
city, Aey were advised by Icifcgraph from the
maf.-hal 6f Maryland, had been summoned;
if the defence could he allowed to examine
him whenever he camc; they would now close
their caso.
Mr. Fkkd.vll said he could not agree to
that, lie would consent to admit that l>r.
Spence would prove the same things stated hy
Mr. John Berrct, if the defence would allow
the United States to call witnesses to prV)vc
that he did say to seVtrAl iw'rsWhfe tnit which
in his .testimony ho eaid ho had no recollection
of saylrtg.
Mr. Baxter, for the defence, dccli'-vl
such agreement. 3
ThcLoV|{f SaM It would, wait till te-merrow
filming fyr rtp^eS N
Lj At1 h:..t tiie United States recalled
Li. ll? Fuller, who explained that the draft
given in 1841 by Sehnuinberg for $100 was
sent down to New Orleans, aud was not paid
at the time it became due. Subsequently $199
was received on it, which sum was placed to
the credit of Schaunibcrg, and balanced his
account. On the 1st of January. 1 ^ 15, Miaum?
berg's present account Cohilndnced, and after
a portion of it had Arcrued, the balance of the
draft on New Orleans?say ijiOl?was collect
ed. and plaecJ to his credit. He had received
full credit for the whole $400, as it was paid
The ccJuit then adjourned.
tk n SATL',tDAv> Jvt v 23, 1853.
lbe Court opened about hair past 10 o'clock
: Mr-CAXTEB stated to the Coilrt tliat since
its; adjournment last evening, the counsel for
the defencc ha I ascertained that Dr. Spence
was in the neighborhood of Winchester, six
miles from the town, at Jordan Springs; that
he had been telegraphed to. aud the answer
wa.- that a special messenger had ijono from
Winchester to carry the despatch. It wa*
probable that Dr. Spence would be here to
ytho c?r?i h"t if he was not, the defence
would not ask-the Court to delay longer than
Monday. 11 d'cldck b
The Court said that more care ought to have
been taken in securing the attendance of the
witness here; that he ought to have been sum
moned at least ten days before the trial" that
^ "^out of the question to wait till Monday,
but that they might delay till If o'clock to
tha!r J?AXTER he agreed with the Court
that witnesses ought to be summoned earlier
and that the illness of Mr. Cox, who was en
gaged at tho commencement, was the reason
th.K l VT ir"l'rc"si',n ,vn?' fiM yesterday,
. ho ,ha/l j*06" summoned, but it turned out
on inquiry that ho had been sent lor to Bed
ford Springs instead of Jordan.
The Court requested that an officer be sent
to await his arrival.
After waiting till the arrival of the cars, the
Court was informed that Dr. Spence had not
iirrn oil.
dofenc?hcVrcaid ^ Le Wi"lns t0 rcstthe
Mr. Baxter said that if 11C folt as certain
as he did when up first this morning th.it Dr
^'C"CC ^ at Jordan's Spring, he would ask
a delay of the Court till Monday; but infor
mation which ho had received made it, unccr
tain where Dr. S. was. and he would, there
fore, ask no further delay.
?7he defence asked that Mr. K. Walworth,
? a , i"1, messenger boy in ?|!0 telegraph
office had deposited the pistol found by him.
ahoiild be sent for, which was done
? ^ |'r i? n'"/"'t",//'-,| hc boy that found the
P fu 1 ""charged about a month ago Hi*
father said that he was going to Ohio. He had
been requested to find the boy, but had been
unable to do so.
Cross examined?The boy brought the pis
tol to me. 1
Mr. (roodrnow was j>worn
Mr Fespall?State whether you was pre
sent the evening of the shooting of Fuller bv
Schaumborg? J
Witness?I was present.
M?'sT2ta,e ,whct.hcr J?" 8aw the position of
took^>lacc" *toiy b"f'irn th* """C
A.?I did.
Objected to as evidence in chief
The Court decided that as evidence had
bien given on both sides, the prosecution
could only adduce evidence to rebut the testi
mony of the defence given l.vd
t,^r:.?K'NT-\7V?U saw Mr Schaumberg re
!; hi, L" is,a,? "!'at K k?a
;tfe"C0 th.c? I'r?P?*cJ to submit the
case to the jury without argument.
?he prosceution agreed to it. but wished the
Court to instruct the jury.
[The following prisoner's, convicted sometime
oince, were then sentenced:?.Tames Burk
Arthur Bradley, Theodore Chislcy. Georcc
Bi'Igeley and John Butler werosentenced each
to ten days imprisonment and to pay the line
of one dollar for being cn?-a<*ed in \ ri,V !
the llh c.f March la,." jl? Chart,,,'
\icted on t.irco ease, was mitcncH u, ?,ilc
week s imp isonment on the first; three dav =
on the sccond, and one mouth on the last, and
to pay the fine of one dollar on each Wm
that ho ^"v.,'-'tC'l f',r^sau,t- in CoI,sideration
that he had been in jail two months already
and having received his punishment in antiei
dollar. l^^ Se,ltcuce<1 on,y to pay a fine of one
The Court then took a recess to give an op
portunity to pre,w-c instructions. r
A Cure for Dyaentery.
A correspondent sends us the following cure
lor Dysentery or Bloody Flux, viz.: "Let the
patient take a Scdleitz powder, and afterward
a tea spoonful of Peruvian bark, with two
or three drops of laudanum, in a wine glass of
water every hour until the disease abates,
which it will do in two or three hours; after
which the bark may be taken occasionally
only, for a day or two. This is the remedy of
an old physician who stated that in thustre'at
ing several thousand patients he had never
lost one. Let the afllicted try it."'
I wTl/K|CrrSTAL Pal???*?The New York
I Herald of yesterday says that the crowd
i of visiters to the exhibition has experi
enced no diminution since their last visits
and the display becomes more attractive
everyday. There were yesterday 2,810
admissions on single tickets. About 1,000
on season tickets: $1389,50 was taken at
the ?oors. Amount of contributions fur
the \\ ashmgton Monument, 5t52ol* to
tal S'533 91. - -1 > to
, C^The Penanylvauia Democratic State
Thursday." '"CCt llarrisl""'S ""t
Coxvicr Immigration*. ?The petty Ger
man principalities are again sending their
t con;',ct5 to the United States, as a cheap
mode of getting rid of them. This outraKe
npon international right and comity ealls
for the interference of the general Govern
O^Ihe democratic congressmen elect
lrom California are James A. McDou-al
and Marcus C. Latham.
? T Two glovemakers of Greenoble have
invented a machine which sews uloves
perfectly, and the demand can now be
suppl led.
O^The workmen on the Snrint'tield
Republican will give $23 towards alnoai
aloae^ ^ ^ran^n't0 hy printers
In this city, on ?!?** 17tli instant by |tw K?v. J?h?c
B. I??>??. tan. Mr. lll'.Mi V TRINE, to LOUISA M.
UlBEltsuN. only daughter of Gilbert L. Gibereon,
of tin' Washington Itar.
$7'To StrvnmiKs A>n Th
!>i>Zitfn^}t<yic\ at4, tWismV-isM-d bv liw boid??r*5
of execution ami tH-auty bt art I- tic finish.
Ili? <t^Nluoii? r|Tnit< lo i r|:?!ilisli ? first cla-> Gal
liry in this city, nml hi- continued end rami* to
please visiters ami iMtrou. have not lie* n u lire ward
i'(l- An examination of hi* Pictures recently made
is |>articuli:ily solicit* i!. lie i.- prcpar-d Jo take Pic
tures of ever* size ami style, at rca -onablc pi ice*.
Gallery, north -nlc of Pcunsylv.uda avenue, be
tween 4j5 and ti'.h streets, Lane k TifclW^V I'V'HI
ing. iii.ty JO
CC R'?*>r> \Vt?iM+rri, DAorrrrroTvrrs.
(Jo to RootV : No matter whether .
-It be rlrar or cloudy weather.
?H. \\ :lli i <|iial lr?lh,.lie trace?,
Mnltiiii'l I 4
t?n-r|y fnOC? !
Konrr'n Gallery, Pct.m) Ivnni t avenue, m-nr BcV
cnth street. niari/ii 2*
CC~ S.iilmnutoji receives all the new Book!1
| and Nc?'?|Bi(K,r> a-< fast as puhlihcl. He is a.ent
for Harper's and all the oilier Magazines', and our
| readers will always rind a lanje and goo-l assortment
1 of Blank Rooks and StaPoncry at Ins Bookstore,
i Odeon Building, corner of 4% street and Penusylva
I nia avenue. feb 7
I ft?" At a MEF.rtNft of the Board of Director.* of
! the MettopoHiau Met-hattlf^' Institute, held .it their
j rrttillis OU Till sllccl, iile IMlnWIng restitution w*?
j passed:
j fcrfo/t-rrf, Thai the rooms of the Iti tilUte lioop-n
! ed daily tluoitgli the week, (Sundays exeepp d) !i?'in
?! i? 10 o'clock, |?. ai., an^ that the public gen rally,
be invited to vi-tt tlii same... . .
CM Mtl.au cALYF.feT,
jttne 16 tf Rec. See.
Washington. D. C . July 22, 1S53.
MESSRS. EDITORS: Our former employer?
having circulated the report that they
will force the journeymen bricklayers to re
sume their tfork at foriiter rates by '?'?.stun-in<z
its out," wc wish Id enlighten tlichi in regard
to the character.* with whom they liavatodcal.
The " bosses'" may consider us a perfect unit;
that wo believe the email advance asked by
us no more than a fair recompense for our
labors?that we art fully determined to main
tain the stand wc have taken, and in doing so.
wc apprehend no danger of "starvation" or
j even waht Wo think the city f.f Washington
J wiil afford us ample employment without scek
: ing it at the hands of those who have heretofore
been builders. But should experience pr >ve
1 tho contrary, those of us who are unable to
remain here longer, will most cheerfully be
supplied with the means of taking advantage
1 of the liberal offers made for our services in
j other cities. J. W. REYNOLDS,
j jy 23?It C?rrc*/>ou/fin" Src/elc ry.
! rY~lr" Sixth Pkekuvtkkian Cm ki h.- Tuk Ri.v.
i lk_3 Mason Nodi.k will preach at II a. in., and ?
! p. in-, to morrow. In the evening he will address
the Young on the in-<ailahteness ofliuman passifws,
bom the word-: "The eve is not satj.-ti''il u ih sec
ing, nor the year tilled w all hearing."
Attkstios, Contixkntai. Gcards!? Von
arc hereby notified to attend a special meet
ing of the ? oiupanv. at the armory on WED
NKSDAY EVENING. July 27th, ai* o'clock,
ruiictual attendance is requested, as business of vt
tal importance is lo be trailsaetcd.
By order: W. P. VENABLE,
jy 23- Si -ercta rv.
nf ^r-? At \ MFF.TINO OK the I'.NITKD Jill KMY
?.jo? 'Mk;s Brh'klavkr's Assoj iatios, the follow
ing Preamldc aa < Resolution were uiianimou-ly
Whereas tho rn'e- and re^ti! itiops introduced by
Captain Mcig-, and now in force on the I'mt-'d States
Capitol Kxtensioti, are obnoxious to us as mechan
ics and civilians, therefore
Resolved. That no member of this Association will
work on said ? apitol Kxtension while said rules and
regtdalions remain in loree, or each Bricklayer be
funiirlted by the General Government with a Cniicu
States uniform.
Bv order of the iiiceting: A. FL'RTN i:R,
Jy^Mt Rec. Rec.
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company of
Capital $400,000
4GFAT lor Washington. I>. C.. JAMKS J. MIL
- * I.KB, Oflioc over Baiikni" liou-c of Seidell,
! Withers, Si Co.
Medical Examiner: Or. J. 51. At stin, F street,
near IOttl street. jy -*;)-ltii ?
A Trusta, with a memonal oi the author: by Aus
tin Phi'lp*.
A Hundred Short Tale:--, tor Children, from the
German of C. Von Schmidt; .V) cents.
I hrcc Months uinb-r tlir> Snow; the Joiinril ot a
Vonng Inhabitant of tin- Juna, Irom tin. Frcucli of J.
J. I'orchatt; 3D cent-.
The Lamp and the Lantern*, or. Liflit for the
Tent and the Traveller; by Jatno Hamilton, I). I).
Ju~t pulitirhed; M cents.
IliMoryol tthnrle I land ami \.'ujior' in the Pa-t;
by the Rev. Edward Peter.-on: >
For.-a!-at GIIA\ k BAI.L.WTVM'.'S
Bo??k?t'ire. 7th -trect, ir-ar
jv 43-S&.W 11,id-Fellow.-- Hill.
national eating iiolve.
n i: ri.r. sth p.? ii.iving(* . x f 0 j
,li: I'll rei|Ueste,| |1V a IHIIIiIm r^^J/ -Jr
ot our eu-tomer- and o!h**rs
to serve them again with <HtEE\ TI.'HTLE Sid'P,
&e., in our own peculiar st>le, we have taken con
siderable pains to obtain several extra tine Turtle,
which will be served up to day mi roup and st"al.s
hi a maimer thai will chathiig'- fonip tition; and
lest the army of hyv riiiirt< slioul'l Iwi-oim' |o<? mi
|?ati'-nt for tin- att-ieS., \\?? letve |tf(?vii|t*{| a j?*?|iii t
guard of ex?t"i-iie pickled OVSTt'lSS, fn- li Vo|{
Ft>LK OYSTERS, hard and deviled I'RABS,
We have als??, a tine Mip|>lv ?T WtHIIN'lH'K.
fresh Norfolk FISH. SHKEPSIIEAO, TIKit T.
SPOTS, &.c., all ol h Inch were bionslit lo the city
through our agem-v. ti.r the particular U&e of the
patrons of our estaMisliineiit.
Soup ready at 1! o'clock; families served a~
jy it--'o! w
/^ODBYMLA|tY*S ihmT?c f<?U AI WJST. AT
WJLI) OATS SOWN ABRtlAH, bv a Gentleman
o? Lei-ure
MENTS, bv Mr-. Sroithworth
BRAPI'H WAITE'S l!ETK< tsPEt.'T, tor July
, B.l.At KWtioU'S MAt; A/.lNE, for July
i ihKSII LEAVES trom FatuivV Portfolio.
Everything in the Cln ap I'liMn- mon ami Station
I eryliu. at JOE SIIILLIJCt.'TON'S,
jy 22 ttilit HdiiHi Buildlutr.
Washington Dyeing Establishment.
I'cnntiiUimi'iurtnnr. M-veii "th aiul HtfA >tieet\, o,,
I'Kite Sh. ni't Iron Urtt.
'I^HE subscriber ev. r grateful lor the liberal iia
trouage with winch In* has been lav<>red. h<'iie?
by punctual, personal alt'-utioa to btt-iness to merit
au im-resme. ?Pariicula: -ill. niiou i? ??.-? i?| to the (|v.>
ill!.* of tine Dre.? (.'ihkN, t'miain- . &<> Also,* to
dyeing ami t'leau-iug tientb'iir'ii's wearim* apparel.
I i r.-ou- having itama-^-'il or ile!;ie?'i| ^o^hI- i'an have
them re eolored m i!j-- piece, lu tin" brain It lie
| ^'"'Is assuri-il that his iii-kIh cannot Im> riirpa<*><'d.
I I lie subscriber has an improveil ui"ihnd ot colonic
! and cleaning Crape Shawl--. which will b- tound to
i tsiilirc l'i r?oiiN ui^lmit;
I el 'aned c:m have them i|om<* i ? the li.-st manner In
rending tin in before the lai-v sea.-oii coimucucc
jy 22 .'It
H A MS! II4 M > a H 1 MS!!!
1^0(1 PRIMP. 1IAMS of*u|icrior (jualitv and tia
vorot various B amis, \ w.:
Bo ;1i?ts and Wil.?on"s ' irjiui i Haiti
Seooley's (iueeu Cit \ <'
Shrew, bu y & Puce"- I' llnietto "
200 lbs. Prime Shoutdei s for family u-e.
Jd j' ehe-ts ol <*reeii ami Black Teas, of-uperior
flavor and (pi.diiy, lioni )c. up to >I iV
With a large and cvt- a-ne a-.-oiini.nt of all kinds
and ?|unln\ ot Grm-eiies evpr-^dy selected lor lam
il> u <?\ lor ?ilc low at titv old '?i.tiitl .ii Uic north wc-t
rontrr <?! IJtll Hlid F <Xn rl>.
jy^i-cikSt Jo||N J. JOYCE.
1 ROPOLIS Blahk ?'heck-- mi the above Bauk
eiUi'T l-miul or by H.e .pure ,,r -licet. Al?i ten
dor.en Blank Books. Memorandum l?ook?. Pa?
Books, fee. t ap. Leio r. Drawing, Tracing. 'J j^u
W rapping, and other Pa,ht, always on hand th.
cheap Stationery, Mu-ic. ami Fancy .store of
JNo. F. ELLIS, Penn. avenue,
-1' ' " bet. :*Tii ami 10th streets.
."?! KTAlililf BI'RIAI. C'AMKM.
A '-eJ.-'eli/ VLK ,,V M WHITE. I LDER
I .\KKR, south - ide Peiinsylv mia avenue, near
iT r Wa. hiuirton, where t'ase* of ,
all sizes can 1?* obtained, and funerals attended ?o i
with economy and disp .(< h.
?'1k'c'iui a-: low as good Wooden
Lothiis, ami can b?- furui-li'-d ready for Use in thirtv
minutes trom the time the order ii given.
jy 21-lm*
HALE AM) RETAIL Tin Pttlwcrtfcri |u>
| lea e?l Ibr a tcrui ol" years Ihr ??'II kmm n Gim i-rV
Stand *1 th* corner of 7th and Krtmt . torm-rH.?
? cupted by Mr. John II. John-on; and having i< it?,r|
; ? b'd mid tilted il up hand oniclv, i? pn par. d in i.fl.,
;in ?W liM>?' and Wi ll rrhclnl -lock w ?.ho)(<; I i
1 llv i.nxi'rirf. ?fnhrntjng fety atii-le of nnt..?
! and luxury, tvluch be In deteriiilind to m?|. cube,
, wholesale or ntail. upon an good t.iei- w mix |M>i, ,
i hi tin- city. In hi* "lock will always Irhviid
j " Welch's premium Family and iilter ctaMti
j ?il Fa in J > and Extra Fbair; Slia> V hiAiil.i) <uri<t
I Hants k*>t CJ'Ulftrv and Baltimore <%. ,|
! ltn?WH, L?*f. <'ril-h?.?l, rnU^iynd. ?iii?j,'iliii?.|. i
j Rnili( IIn, Jvi, X ? e >?.?. ami oOh-i i
: tin: K-*is1cd and Ground Cafff*. MpiHir P. |: \
N. O. Mola*scs; superior TaWc Syiup-; mi|? ,
r trained lloncy. in miuII caw.
TRAA-Blirk rnd Gnfn Trn?, of everv n
Especial attention jia.il 10 tUv s?:bctj^i vi (,
warrant ttlM ffIT
CHEIWE.- Be?t Etiplhh Hahy. <4.1 E*l*vb.
' mji. Sasr>. i'nd'iiUfr cl??'U '-Wa--r 01 v 1
1 a* d. ?when. M'tti-*, "(Mi, l igar, ?? uirt and "tla r
1 Crackeiw.
I FISII, fco.-Sh.nl. Mackerel. in ham*-, halt ,
and kit-; Htrriif, in barrel-. hair do ; Smok<*l ;*im1
1 s?-ot?*h Herring*; Smoked vm fuprrmi , ft,. 1
, and Buffalo Tungwe*; Seltzer's .up. L-dogu* Saa
I ?agc. . .
CANDLE?.?H|wri?, Adamknttne, andntl?< r('aM
I i-iij?-rior Lard, 111 pad-, for family w; -upMi
! or I.aril, in barrels. Iiy tin pound. or oih't* i .
St"MtR IES.*^P'ckles, Pte^er***. R?an'ii>-d Ft <ni.
(Ww, PartJlHesj J'chjtef French Ve "ml
Prepared I low kadi-'i; )'.il>li|a, ?hp. Saint ' <t'
PrrMTVod Ginger. Macaroni. Yciii;accll:i, r *?i
St.V'h, Spii iv. Enilii-h mid Aln< m an Mu taH < (? .
colate. Bftna. Farina. Gro. Spn-.>. Snlejatii .. u.
Yciw9 Poftiri*. fancv, and. plaio Soap.. fce..
Umriim lVifk Park Branny, wagtail ???????. <| >
t^ib*. Pale,Chahi|?a|{?e.aiid??ilicr lipoids -!j4i Bia-i
I dy, Old Kyi' Whi.-ky, 1S3N; Champagne. Mad<ii.-.
I l.i.-l??n, t Hd P? ? Sicily. Mil < atrl. ntid otli< r ->ip r
1 k>r Wine*; Ondiali*. BlackU rry. Ra-j>hfrn. .m<|
Mlingof Bramli^; Siiprrior l.>?tid?m Bionn Smi1,
, Kr.; White Brandy, White Wmr. and I kW \ hh
1 car. i ? 1
I TOBAO'M, S.M FF AM) Sj>:.\j:s. \Y:i!i. Ill
I'liuiiciatiiip hraiid-. I ?* ill only -.n tliat iln t"wi-i.|
the weed rail alwav? find ih<- clioi?-i \arl??"< -
WOOIlKN W.M'F.. BIMK'MS, k? ?<??. k.-. .
I'ails, Tul?, Hic\o*. Si'igar ao.l Floni N.v.-, lii.ti, ,
; Print-. Rollinc l*iiH. Bnioan. S.-triWim;, Sr. f. pi 11 ,
i W. IVat-h. liiM.nc. and SIhh Bru-ln .-.
FRI'ITS. NI'TS. fc< ? \linondn, Kai?ii>?. |'i- .
1 Dried Cuwanls. 4'nimv, Citron, Fi!!? ri-, la.fli-li
| Walnota, Dale-, to.
A further enumeration ?* dei m* d itw. r*,:!} . .>?
? I intend to lie Hipjilnil with evi-ry aitn li M-nally
j found in a first Faliiily (iio?-ery.
I re:pectiillly a-k am \ainui;ifio>i ot my -t<n V.aiid
plrdje niyvelf tliat nntliiaf -hall Im> ? latin: to ci\??
i entire aatiafactioii to all ? In. may lavor iht w itli tin ir
J p-itnmaee.
i {jra-Goodx nut |>rotli|Al>, and fr*-e of <'liai;< . in
any jiart of the vi'y. K. P. MII.I.Ek.
july 23-colui t'01. <tli and F t-.
Meeting of the Master Fiicklaycrc
\T a called meeting of the Ma.lir Bin Mayer,
(July 'JHh,) lor the purpo i o? tak.ii*
j ,>tderat ion tin' pre:* lit demand* ot the Jouiii* im< n
I Ihe meetlug wan organized |?\ eallinj: >lr 7. Ji>m
i to tin* chair, and appointing W'm. J. MM'min
j Secretary. A comniiltre wa> a pjwunted to emiier
J with a contmitte** from th?- Journeymen. The < 1*11
1 inittee met; alt< r consulting tin- ehairman ?j the
j eomimttee i?n the part ot the Fni|4oyer-. r? |K>o..|
! I?i?-k tliat they had proposi-d to ela mI> th? hand- a.
! follows: First i liM, S*- ?">*'; s< >i:?! ela- , v_? ?<,,,
j third class, $-2 (10; lourth class. .??I T.'i; ti lit e|.?. .
' .^1 50; which was not accrtl'-d t<i It, the Jotine-i
men, hut agreed to nievt again tomorrow e\i inn;,
21st instant.
thi motion, the niocthig adjourm d to meet agaui
to morrow, -1st lus-tant.
'/.? Josi.s, Chairin.iii
\V. J. MtCvtLr*, t*?entary.
Jut* 21.-1.?The ine' tiiis a-^inhli d piir-iiant toad
joiiriiniciit, and the IuIIomiii^ ri>oluti<iait were
passed :
llrj-olrc1, Tliat tlicn a Cotiiuiiitee appoint. H in
notify tlie journey men that a ?'tmimitt.-e mi p ot <?t
the Employers wen- ready to confer with a <1411111 it
tee on tlieir part. The Committee met. wln n tin
chairman of the Committee on part ol tie jouinev
men stated that the only pro|?osituai tliat tliei had to
j offer or could po-siWy entertain, was the' hdlow ing
n'-olutious, and withdrew :
Roo/rcd. That we. the Joiirtn\iim 11 Bn* kl:mt".
Association of Washington ''??>, l?. t'., do demand
! 1 went) live cents per day alliance u|w?ii the pre a m
' p;iy that we now receive.
iiaolccd, That we are determined to stand nut
until we receive the increased nil?-, wliitiiri
j couihiiiation may he hrought to !w ar aganot u
During the di-ctir?ion? on the r?-s??l'iinms the < >.111
i luittee on |?art of tlie Journeymen returned, v.ie n
: both Committees retired.
! The following t? the ri j??rt ol the cliairiiian
t part ot the lanployers:
fic?oli-.*'. Tlwt the Committee from the Joiuiiey
! men have been in-trtieted l?y a resolution of tin
| Journeymen V Ass?niatioii that (lie; ha v. del 'imind
j not to work for les- than ?-.2 .">? per day, nor vi dl tie \
^ work 011 any building with any journeymen wIhi are
illini: t?i work for.orar?Tee? iviiigle?than s-.'..Vi j* r
day. wliereup'Mi the Fui|doyers n-solvi-d -u-is-nd
all work 011. and after Saturday morning, the m
Adjourned to m?*et on Saturday iiirlit.
J< i\LS. Chairman.
WM. J. M< COM,CM. Si. rel.irx.
jy *>2?tf S. J. DKtJCF^ Jt-?nmitt?i
Th?' National liite|lig"iiecr and Baltinnm' S?n
w ill please copy as marked, and rend hill to this ot
1/1 >1! SAI.K?The good will and future* <?: .1
1 LISIIMEN'T, with a largi: Bm).i iimii aii.n Ii? ?
thereto, in a go.*! ncglihorlioid, and dome 1 c "d
i cash bu im>s. The : tore i- neatly titled up ni'ti
1 an Ice Cream Saloon. A! ?. two >lalls in tie- M 1
. ki t.-. The proprietor'^ inieutton of goui? ei nth 1
the only imliK-eiiieiit to sell. For tiirtln 1 partii ?i! u
j enquire al the "Star'' otliec. .11 J"
Plumbing and Gas-Fitting Fttablithnicnt,
( l) *1. \011th '??/r. between '.Ik rrti I'W %t> )
7IHVARII Al. BOTEI.EK r-iHttiully mt.nu
' the citizeun of Wa.-hincti"i and rtsvi- init;. iliat
lie i< piu|Kired to undertake Ii--ry description "t
! work 111 In- line. 11 ?? ha- latetx a.Med to hi- ? -1 ??
' li l-ineet s?-veml rti|?'ri'>r woikmcu. turn t!?> ?????
1 hiated ?-stahli-hmeiil of the Stralton- BhhImt--. I'IiiI
adelphia. All persons liavinz C AS FITTfN'i. <<? 0 ? .
! may relv on having it e.veented in the be-t ot - ty I *.
ami on the most moderate term*.
K. M. B. would r?*eomm<-i?d p< r-niis atn ni I n:M
i ing to have their PL I MBIN'tl ?h-ne at an early 1
riinl. pr.-paRitory to the pn>i?-et: d w"iicr ??? ?i k - ???in
ing into operation. By this mean- th? y ui!l ? tin 1 a
| savinn of cost, and also, many nicimvenn m*i>.
jy 30-1 w
JI'ST received
Songs for the Piano: Wlm' are tl'e w ihl w .
-aying; A voice from the wa%er<; E- v W.vy: N.01 >'
Till; V fairy I would In; Linda'- none to P.alliu.") .
My heart i- breaking; Will no Maiden main ??*
1 i*|.?(???- for piaiHi; Lieder ohm wo?le \on I w'.
Wltchei. Dance, by Wallace; Sehulicrt- Stmia-h.
j SchiimaiiV Album; Polka* and S. hoi 1-1 la . Did'1
cuia?Wallace?Pride Flower garden Cradh
llollid.iv?Daisx?Naiad Ituiin; M' vnan N.iiimi.d
M arch; Cannadian grand tiunk r nlw.n g4li"i>. I't
ctls f?:r I'lano; Home Scbotl' < b? ; -'w I. - Cotlag* ?'
I'licb- Ne-i ; etc. liuitai . My I?inc ley bap,'
! home; i'!i'., etc., etc.
Ali-o. ?u dor.cn rnpcrmr Violim*. \?i otd'nn-.
all to l?- had at the clicap Mn-n al l?< |??t of
S?mth side Pcnii. ave., I i!oor> wi t ot bull -t.
jy Is*
JCr?T received with a I'rc-li lot <>t liKI U*- \M'
2!) dozen Folate's Cordial: tl"- be t ?? 11 ?
now in u.-c for Chohi-*, Choi, in Mortu I'm
rho a, and the Summer Cou plaiitl.- p in lallj
t.'i doacu HairyV Trieophcroi;
?!l " llainpton's %'cg-tabb Tnain.'1'
12 ?' WrightV Indian VcgctaM- I'iII
Jayue't, Carminative Bal-. IU
Cannon's Buti rs.
For sale by
D. II. CLARKE. I'ot'imae llall. a" '
jy IK-- 1 w . Im Iw.'Iii |) and E. I toe'
A tine, commodious two.-lory am! l?a.*ni?nt
y-!?? llKICIv DWEI.I.I N<I. corner oi I'*-! n-yli
avenue and 25th Mre.-t, neai Ce.*^ !' v.11. ?' ?'
fnint. with a tine yard cvtcpding back to th
in the rear, thus liaving the a/!\ .mtag- ot iw ??
and also a |Mimp 111 the yard; 1- now oR? 1? i
rent ii|m>h reasonable t"ilie . The lum i-?\a- ??"" ,v;
?n en|tie?| by Sei'ictary Forsyth. Apjily t" II'
\K.\V>IA\. on the prenn-i-. n ! '
fVa Mr? L. ALLEN ba> 111-1 opined ? laii;'
sortm-nt of li'iWKTS. RIBHnNS. c\l>.
sylvauta avenue, between 9th and loth s*- . -"iith
si?|e. j* 19-eolM
A Mt?ND, Till i-rreet. 2d ibi<?t lutrni F. ha- ? '
ccived a su|i|dy of three ply Shirt Collars, ol IN 1
test New York style*. Also. Mohan slocks ; a (If
sirablo article, and for sale low. for *.a.-U.
jy 2i-co3t

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