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Striding Wanted in \V<fk"'?f9H.
I"h*ra are man? things wanted in fcttr eiti!n
Mve city, and none more thdn Jt splendid totrfa'
Clock, and a loud striking one too, or else let
there be four good clocks in the four sections
of the city Tho.c ure certainly gtnlunf
things that are wanted, independent of the
/>/.?/. which is involuntary. Surely a mag
nificent city, the Metropolis of the United 1
Stale*, ought, should, nod must have this or
these useful as well sis ornamental, y??, indis- ,
fO|Mkhi ffcirta. a gr^at eit^. There is '
bottling more calculated to iuakc a stranger ,
feel that he is but in a village, to see lots of
house*, fine though they be, and hear not the ,
yound of th# ever warning, business and plea
sure rtgulattng. time and money ?a\ing clock.
Its many advantage?> may of coursc more truly
be said to be '? too numerous to mention,"
ib?:n enh be said by either McOuire Or ?lrat
l<in, no niattfcr to v^iiat cxteut of enumeration j
tke-e popular aur ioncers, vendibles may !
ffarh itn?i then stnnd *p. tho'u proiid city of
Washington before the bar of the world, (for
all the world iTo congregate thereat) and look j
upon thy little sis'cr. Georgetown ! She has
?if r town clock ( Behold thy departed brother, j
Alexandria, he lias hi? to\in clerk ' Go tb?n. [
and hang thy he.??!, thou noble city, and let the :
brand of shame rest upon thee, until thy clock
it clocks resp >nd to thy neighbors, and the
stranger who is in thy midst can know the ,
Hole cf di*<r '<r t*?? timo of right, otherwise *
. than by the ringing of a cow-Bell.
Then there are wanted, to conititute a city,
other iinportan' thing.-; and, secondly.# chimt
cj hrlh. Many say. ? What's a house without
a woman ? and -Items ' can say, with as
much truth, what's a great city without snch
a merry, chccring, chr.rii:!n* rnd heavenly
essential as a chime of bells? All the cities
of the Old World have them in abundance,
and also the cities of the Union?New York.
Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Ac. Then
let ns have a chime of bells, too, Mr. Corpora
tion; and if you cannot do it yourself, call
upon Uncle Sam Hercules, his pockets arc fall,
an-l he has as much interest, lo-ally, and more
nationally, than you have, sir! "Items" has
more to say on this interesting subject, Mr
Header, but he is done for to-day.
b'l/it, Unat Built ami Launched hy Hous?
The bridge at 11 street yesterday afternoon
being crowded with people, attracted the at
tention of "Items," who, on approaching,
found two boys with some assistance, prepar
ing to launch a boat about sixteen or eighteen
feet in length, and five feet in width. On in
quiry we ascertained thu' the two youths, who
are named respectively George Flctcher and
Benjamin F Throop. agcl fifteen years, were
tho builders. They had built it in a back
yard on the avenue, and conveyed it to the I
canal on whttlbnrrourt. She is built in modern !
ftyle, sloop-rigged, painted, caulked, with I
oars, rudder, Ac., and is as complete a little '
craft as many of those that win the almira- :
tion of observers on the Potomac. All this !
wi>rk was done by the two boys ! Presently i
however, the launch came, the word was given,
che was propelled from the walls of the canal. I
named "The Yankoy Notion," and away she
went into the water, amidst the shouts of the
crowd, music, the tiring . f guns, and as lively
a demonstration, in mihiu-in, as there might
be at the launch of a frigate. She sets the
water handsomely, and doubtless will be ad
mired by all who visit her as she lays made
fast under the 41 street bridge. Such i3 a
specimen of the youthful ingenuity of two
boys of Washington. They are sons, it is un
derstood, ot J. \ . N. Throop, ?er|., engraver,
and Captain Fletcher, lately a clcrk in one of
the Departments.
" ?
A Son of Erin tu tkr ?A good old
?ong says something about "Paddy on the
eajiawl, but there ha* none been written j'et,
a.- we wot of, about his getting into the canal. I
^ esterdny, however, it w:;sverified in truth if j
not in poetry, which difference between truth
and jwietry reminds us of a test once made be- ;
tween an Irishman and a German. Tho bet I
was which could make the best rhyme.
iJtrui.111.?"I, Miles Fister.
Kiss d yoyrstetcr."'
Our Irish friend looked a little angry at !
this, hut gathering up his wit, he exclaimed ; ;
J>is/tHi-ui.??' I. Mick Mahoney.
Kis;'d your wife. "
'? t?h, ' says Mynheer, - dash is notboetry!"
To be Mire not." says Mick,-but be dad its
tJirnr though, in} boy!"
Such was tho case with our friend, who truly
tell in the ea-.al and no mistake or poety about
it. He had just returned from a pleasure ex
cursion. and attempting to land, his foot slip
j el, the water was U>o strong for the whiskey,
and down he went, coming up however, pretty
II pooled off, but like a good hearted Hiber
nian, a- wo -appose he is, laughed as heartily
a* Any of (he lookers on. when he found him
self -ate on turn ft> tun. Father Matthew,
though, never beheld a better looking eold
water man than was, wo must now say, our
Sou of x\t'rj>inue.
I'ofirk Justier, Thompson.? This officer rc
jue-ts us to publish the following explanation
of the circumstances com ccted with a certain
police report appearing recently in the Star.
We do so with pleasure, adding, however, a
-hort extract from the Chief's books, which
shows that our reporter simply presented the
ta-e as it appeared there officially :
-?Wo are requested by Justice Thompson to
state that although it w;ts published in the !
IZcnti"r Sirtr of the 1 *> h instant, under the j
head of Poli o l?v;M.ris," that a prisoner had I
l?r?*n discharged l% >ui the Eastern Watch i
llou e the day before, becau-c Justice Thoiftp- |
.-?.n was not there to try the c ise He (Justice 1
Thouip.-on) went to tho watch hou?e that morn- 1
ing ahoii? eight o'clock, and fin.ling there was
neither watchmtii nor police ofli er in atten
dance l?-ft the premises soon afterwards."
?? Jr.l v U? ? John Siuionds. Police oiTi -er for
the Fifth I'is'ricl. reported M iry Ann Murphy
I I the Fastern Watch House, and discharged
therefrom on a-iount of Justice Thompson not
heing present to tiy the same, and the pri
,-oaer released twenty minutes after 9 o'clock.
;/? jMi/ihtry Coi/iji iny.?We learn that a
new company, the *? National Guard." has
been organized in tho southern section of the
city At their last meeting they elected Adju
tant James A Tait to command the corps,
ihe projeet has been started but a few days,
and tho prospect of success is very flattering.
Last night forty-two members were reported
horticultural Exhibition ?The following
is the catafc.guo of flowers, Ac., on exhibition
at the rooms tif the Horticultural AfJWclation
over Clagget & Dodson's store, on lliursday
Large rase of gpTend'd flowers.
MHWs, bf W. ft. Braokenridze.
.. len varieties of gl(jicau6.i^. Cy W D Braok
1 lowers, by Professor Foreman
K'yVCOfIr^{tn ?f r'?rl,ctUal hloomiDg rosfcs,
Ecarlate sans pariel. by A. ./artfiri.
Bcune of Paris, bv A. Jardin
Beune Blanc (white.) by A. Jar-lin.
A dish of very large and beautiful lnnons
which yield a large quantity of fine acid, by
Mr. "in. Kobinson of Georgetown.
. , A basket of seedling apricots, with the fol
lowing frpfh Mr. ^Tirt ?
fne seed that produce! this fruit was
planted by Johu L. Wirt, in 1840, and three
year after produced fruit; which it continued
to do every succeeding year, though the tree
'? lri.an cxP?"Pd condition from the aetion of
the frost. Capitol Hill. July 21. 1853."
A collection of splendid vegetables by Mr.
Watts, from the President's garden?eggplant,
okra, potatoes, beets, carrots, onions, liuia and
other beans, thyme
Finft cahtclopo, by Mr. -,4ri;lu Mr. Thos,
Blagden s garden.
pish of very largo ripo figs, grown by Mr.
Botflflnger; said by some cultivators to be the
best iii this s?ictfofi.
Small early white figs, hardy: small Italian
reintroduced by the late Thomas L.1W j last
of first crop.
Specimens of a large variety, first to ripen
of first crop, by Jos. L. Smith; also, scions of
six vaSttic* Messrs Prince & Co., of Flush
ing, in their catalogue tnu*\erate forty-two
varieties, and say, '-The culture of thi? deli
cious fruit has recently become an object "of
particular attention, and the trees require jio
more earo aa to Coveriug iu winter than the
delicate kinds of grapes."
i pj&xp.cf ? rare variety, unripe,
by Mr. Joshua Fcarec ,
Very small plums, by Master Joseph fVJson.
Beau'itnl specimens of Dearborn's seedling
pear, by Mr. Thomas Anderson.
l ^rimCnf Deai horn's seedling pear
r <uble worked on quince?fine specimens of
1 earporn s seedling pear engrnf'cd on an ex
P n^nbtl trw, ,on the plan of the London
Horticultural Society lit putting.? .number of
kinds on a tree,?thus the Baitlett. L? uise,
Bonn de Zcrscy. Tcrbanc3t. (Joreo Heatlicote
have been fine-the Tlion Winter Netis and
other varieties fruit this year, so that the ex
periment will be more fully tested.
Specimens of Jargonelle (on guina) which
has been headed down ami bettor varieties
Fine specimens of green gage (the old stan
dard ol highest excellence)?rarely ever fails
tq give a crop.
Prince imperial gage, do.
Purple gage and red gage, which fruited a
few last year for .the first tiiuc-hung well on
the tree after ripening.
Specimens of the. Diamond plumb?the tree
a rapid grower and an enormous bearer but
the fruit rots before it ripens. This character
is g!yen by distinguished cultivators in the
District as valueless. Of the very Tew which
ripened they do not compare with the Kmr
Sinith t0n Ooluulbia ],y Joseph L.
Premium grafting wax from the World's
*air. London, brought over by a citizen of
this place.
l'ich1Ca<Ud t>ramah 1>w?'ra by K. Wal
Beautiful silk fowls, by Dr. C (1. Page.
- ^"Thc following inscription was written in
a neatly bound volume of poems.recently hand
ed to President Pierce for his wife, and appro
priately accepted by him :
- Iu Uu; Lady of President Pierce, with tlx- hum
blc ami sincere r?-jM.it of the author. C. rf."
" Washington, Mcy'J, 1*.>3."
May, the merry month of May,
Reigiicth now, a holiday,
Sweet* the fSpruig born llowers yield,
Fragrance scent* the enierali] fici<t,
Rolleth by tile Joyous river,
A-.tli. ins singing to the <Jiver,
'Neath Uie sky ami all aliove,
Kindly beam the signs of love
Love which thrill* Uie ton. |y heart,
Inward lilt'sxin^ to imparl
Nature thus her ks^ou frames,
Peace mil the brc;ist proclaims.
In thy bosom may her win:;
Ever cheering music hrins,
Round thee yoothing angel* sin?.
Cheer thee, then, and liappy be,
Even as Nature t<achcUi thee.
Centre Murict ? Our market this morning
was plentifully supplied, and the prices wc
think very moderate, considering the condi
tion of things. We would not blame the far
mer for demanding a very ki%k price for his
produce, if he was unfortunate enough to be in
our principal market on such a day as this.
We think it a most pitiable sight to sec poor
women standing shoe deep in mud and water
with the rain pouring down, offering a few
chickens, a lew lumps of butter, or a few
vegetables topcrsons who are disposed to jew
them down to a penny. It is shameful that
men and women are obliged to stand on the
side-walk, under a burning sun or pouring
rain, without shelter of any sort, to furnish
provisions to the citizens of this ?? ^reat me
Holes m the Avenue.?Some months ago a
portion of the carriage way of the avenue?was
taken up for the purpose of facilitating cer
tain improvements. Since there is no neces
sity for the holes and breaks, it would add
greatly to the safety of persons riding or dri
ving along this our principal thoroughfare to
have them filled up. Wo have heard many
complaints from various persons, about the
danger of crippling, men and horses, and break
ing carriages in those gaps. Will the worthy
Commission oblige the public
The Condition of the City Hall?Though
exceedingly fair to look upon from the street,
our City Ilall is really internally in a .state of
woful dilapidation. Its brick pavements
(within) are worn away, and in many places
dangerously loose; while its walls show plain
ly a great need of the services of painters,
plasterers and carpenters Would it not be
well for the Levy Court or the City Councils
to have the necessary repairs put upon it,
looking to Congress to re imburse them for the
expenditures necessary to put in order the
portion of the building used for the Courts of
the United States and their various offices ?
Auuthrr Stone for the. JacA.son JNonttvu nt.
?This morning the cars from Baltimore
brought on an immense stone for the base of
the Jackson Equestrian Statue. It measures
17 feet long by 7; is 27 in hes thick in (he
largest part, and 13j in the smallest, making
the average thickness 20 j inches. The weight
is 17 tons and was drawn on wheels by eight
fine horses to its destination in Lafayette
.."quare. It is intended as aside piece for the
base of the Monument. It is fr?m Syming
ton s quari>, Baltimore county, according to
our information. Clark Mills, Esq. superin
tended its transportation.
Excursion of the WiUktr Shar/>*/toot?rs.'?
We give a fair week's notice of this delight
fully prospective trip, which i3 to take place
n?*t Friday, trhder the au?pice* of one of the
most gallant milltaty cdiiiprfhice In th^M'trlct.
With the order always preserved by tiie mil
itary pa their excursions, and the thorough
manner in which they are gotten <ip, the pub
lic in?7 generally rest assured of '?? good
time'' when the opportunity offers to fall in
with them. Sic ad*ertisc<ncut for particulars.
Wise Move.?On Thursday night a colored
woman went to the watch house and demanded
to bo committed by Captain Birch. She
charged herself with having been fighting,
and being otherwise disorderly ; and said she
wanted to be cifnfln*d In the cells for fear ,
that, meeting with her opponent, she might
be forced to do murder. The Captain thought
sho was sensible, and gratified her. Yester
day morning she was sent to the " Farm-' for
safe keeping.
At Work.?The bricklayers employed upon
private buildings went to work this morning
at the advanced wages. Those engaged for
the Capitol have not been at work, and. we
hoar, do not intend to work under existing
- Concert.?On Thursday night a concert of j
vocal music was given ift the libcnezcr Metho
dist church. at the Navy Yard. The musical
selections were excellent, and performed
greatly to the satisfaction of the company
preseilt, .
Francis M. Ormc, formerly ft incrchant of
this city, and who was reported to have died
in the harbor of San Francisco, has arrived
safrly ?t Sydney, New South Wales.
Polite Ilcpr>rl.?Hugh Sttiil Philip Mallen,
riot, sent to jail; John Simms, profanity, Arte ami
co. ts Win. Bladen, Elizabeth Bladen, Martha Bla
ilen, George Bladen, and Win. Bladen, jr., threats,
security lor pence; Tracey Burgess, stealing, sccttr
ity tor court: Km!!)' Gray, disorderly house, do ; U.
Worthlngton, throwing ?tonw. tine and i ikIs ; Ahel
Johiirc"i. as^u'lt, .dismissed; Thomas Fitzpatrick,
assault and I'hib-i ', sM-firitv for (tcaee.
Catharine Smith, stealing) d'si'V'ssed. J. L. Mad
do*, drunk and disorderly ; workll!MM* 00 /lays. J.
T. Barnes, assault and battery; dismissed. James
Patter.-on, selling liquor to apprentices; ruled tor
trial. Archibald Hutton and Maria Green, profanity;
ruled. George P;ige. running omnibus without license;
ruled, Sophia Nugent, assault and battery; seeuri
ty tor court. Jiio. iMc<'cites, profanity; di'Uli&Vtl
Alexandria Correspondence
Alkxakdria, Va., July 23, 1853.
Messrs. Editors:?The rapidly increasing
circulation of your paper in Alexandria proves
clearly that a discerning public will most as
suredly bdstow their patronage on that paper
which has the most merit. The columns of
theStor, ??editorials," Ac., since its appear
ance among Tts, have evinced a determination
to outstrip all competition, and must honestly
do we wish you succcss in your endeavors to
promote the interests of cheap journalism.
Allow uie to suggest to the good people of
Alexandria the propriety of doing away with
that discordant noise, produced with the
?'horns'' by the 'corporation musicians" eve
ry night at 10 o'clock. If it s an air they
try to perform, it seems to bo an unpopular
one with the darkies. A stranger, who had
never been here before, and who was iguorant
of our ancient practice, hearing those strange
nasal sounds the other nighr, ran for dear life,
ok though a thousand furies were after him;
bolting, with remarkable flcetness, :n a store
loroe off. Ill3 Teaia were quiutcl by
the kind proprietor thereof, who assured him
that it was only the '-Gabriels*' of the watch
liis Honor John Muir, Mayor, is are;1! veri
table, temperance Mayor, as will be seen by
his letter against that growing evil to the
Christian Era. During his experience as
Mayor of our city, ho has had many cases be
fore him growing out of tho evil effects of
??Hum." In his letter, he portrays skilfully
the pernicious infiuences which it has had on
those who unfortunately have become victims
to the bottle. We esteem him for such sonti
inonts, and hope that, while in his present ca
pacity, he may be tho mc:?u of doing infinite
good for the poor drunkard's family. T. S.
List of Arrivals at the principal Hotels up to
11 a. in. tnis day.
1'roirr.is' ll'jtcl.?S Morrison, NY: J Forrest. Md;
V Goll* M Fowler, NY; ]> It Bill and lady, H S Bill
and lady, three ehidren, and servant, Va; W Larkm
Mrs Cas^-ly, c hild and servant, La; E M Fisher and
daughter, Mis- Williams, SC; J 1) Nayton, Ky; E
llu-seil, Mass; A C Sompwyra and lady, Mr- Minor,
I,a;S L McCo'inell and lady, SC; Mrs P Hunt, Phil;
J I) Hunt, Va; J ?' Cooper and lady, III; II C Scott
and -on, Md, G W Gannawav, Ga; C Moore, NY; G
Bliss, \V 1, Kolston, Ohio; T K Ileal, Ga; C VV Mac
mtiads, Va; James Robinson. NY; C K Sherman, 1>
C; F Blodgct,ji., T E Rhodes, Ga; J llcti.-Jiall, Ky,
S McCall, Ga; VV Porterstield, Ohio; E II Hall; NY;
1. II Sewcll and lady, Miss Scwell, J J Sewel|. Ala;
.1 Bowes, llalto; VV II Glasgow, lady and servant,
Mr.-> Schatimbcrg, child and servant, St Louis; L
Sims, Miss.
Xat'onal Hotel.?Col James, Wis; A O Harris and
lady, Miss Mae key, Mr Taleoti, Teim; J Mayo, jr.,
Va; 'J' Sineryii, J T In-tus. Phil; S C MeCorkle, Pa;
N S Brown.'Tcnn; VV N Stark, La; Com L Moore,
Texas; S Buries;, Va; F F C Triglett, Ky; Isaac 1'
Fowler, J Cochrane,.! E Dveliu, NY; J It Wheeler,
Phil: S Jenkins, l'a; II Ad.ims, Ohio; SlJ B L Skin
uer, NY; Mrs Wingate. Miss Knight, M M Forsyth,
Ky: J A Kennedy, A K Bedell and lady, NY; J Dow
deli. Mo; Ernistc Samson, Prtl>na.
Kiiijiire lljtcl.? B Burroiigh, Ta; S P Parkniau, N
J; J V iardella, Wash, J 11 Trot!, Phil; T Murpli, S? '
T J Gi illin, do, VV M<??re, With; L Mard, Mas.-; F.
P Kim;. P C Flaury; A Fle-h, Bali; .1 MeFlierson, P
Harvey and lady, Va; J Donatio, .Aid; J J Crammer,
NY; J l)uross, Phil; M Durosp, Baltimore.
United Htiitc\ llot' t.?E Grove, Va; Mrs Critehell;
Miss C Bennett, Phil; Mi.-s Li/.zie Read, Bali; VV II
Read, do; VV D Aiken and niece. Phil: J Bellser, La:
II II Stanley and lady, do; John Stanley, England; G
VV Knox, Little Rock; Arthur N Bangs, Baltimore.
K.? KIC *0 X I11 11 K,
Select, Classical, & Mathematical School for
CM AS. B. YOUNG, A. M., Principal.
THIS in.-titutc, situated near the corner of II and
1'ith streets, ami formerly known as Woodbury's
Academy, w ill re open on the first Monday ill Sep
ti-inlier. Parents Wlio wish l<> sive their a tliorj
I ough classical and inatliematical training are re
spcctfully advised that the terms are comparatively
higli ?ince the number of pupils is limited. A high
grade of scholarship is aimed at by the Principal.?
He wi-hes to turn out yearly a few scholars, who,
while they will reflect credit on him, will lie an lion
or to thcuisi Ives and those w ho ?md them. He
would therefore give them individual attention. The
school room has been handsomely fitted up with
Boston de.-ks, neat matting, &c.
Terms per quarter, for the full course, $15; for
tin' English iirauches, %10. Payment Jn advance.
For further particulars apply (by note) to tiic Prin
cipal, or to the following
R B F E R E K P* K .
Win. 11. Allen. LL. L)., Rev. F. S. Evans,
t Pres. Giraril CoMegfj. Rev. J. II. Brown,
Pro!'. Baird, Smitlisouian Rev. T. T. Wysong,
institute. J. C. Harkness, esq.,
Rev. II. Slicer, T, p. ]V|organ, esq.,
Rev. R. L. Da>hiel, T. Purwll, e?j.,
Rev. J. G. Butler, '/. VV. McKneiv, esq.
Rev. C. A. Davis, jv "il-eotf
T. F. Kirby, of Missouri, and 12. Bell, of Ohio,
| - ( Lute Clerks in the Pension Office,)
HAVE established in the City of Washington an
Agency for the prosecution of Claims against
, the Government. They will pay s|>ecial attention
j to Revolutionary Pension and Bounty Land Claims,
I under the various acts of Congress. jy 13-lui
Exprrulr for the Dnily ^trnin^ Mlnr.
| The Fugitive Slavo Ca?e?Col. Wyncoop, U
8. Marebal of Pennsylvania Arre ted for
Contempt of Courf
Philadelphia, July 23?1 [, r. w.
George Smith, the fugitive slave, has
been remanded to his master.
A w rit of habeas corpus was sued out
and the V. S. Marshal refused on legal
grounds to surrender the fugitive under
it. The Marshal was then t&keft into
custody for contempt of court.
New York Markets, 4c.
JCeWYorr, Jnly 23?H r. m.
Flour unchanged- Sales of 6000 bbls.
standard brands of Hour, at $5 12 !. per
bbl. Sales of wheat to-day of all kinds,
12,500 bushels, lied wheat, $1 18.
White wheat, $1 30.
Sales of corn to day were 12,500 bush
els at prices unchanged the quotations
being the same as on yesterday.
Government stocks ftdvaucing.
The steamer Pacific has sailed for
Europe taking out 110 passengers, among
whom are the Hon. Henry Bedinger,
charge de Atlairs arid Lieut. Maury.
She took out but $10,000 in specie.
The Black Warrior sailed for New Or
leans to-day. Col. llolbrook, of the New
Orleans Picayunc, was among her passen
The Princeton.
Portsmouth, N. II., July 53.
The steamer rricetou is undergoing re
pairs, but it will be impossible to get her
ready to start for the fishing grounds
before next week.
Baltimore Markets.
Baltimore, July 23?1 J, p. m.
Market dull. Howard-street and City
Mills flour at $5 25 per bbl. Wheat
firm. Saico pf 0,000 bushels at prices
ruling yesterday. Corn 70 a 71 cents.
Other things are unchanged
(1QX & KEESK, fiuifjitoulM Polirc Qflircrs <n?i
J Collectors, will attend Iff ;'ny Inisiness < n
misted to them?in serving United Slalt's trid Civil
Warrants; ('"Meeting and Distraining lor Rcnls; ar
resting Fugitives, dart Agency bii-in?fss generally.
Rrfnnua?J*. II FemiUil. Wallack. \V. L.'-n
ox, W. W. Scaton, and C. S. VV'allaCfc, esq.**, and
to tile citizens genera'ly.
C. & K. will attend the offieMs of 15. K. Morsel. T.
Donn, J. II. flrtlrfard. J. L. Smith, and the Jus
lice.-' ollices generally, to tet'c:*e bitsincss, and will
attend to all business entrusted to WieiiJ With promj?t
QQ- They may be found daily at the offices of T.
C. Hoiiii and J. II. Goddarii, Justices of tli** Peace,
on Lout-iana avenue, adjoining the Rank of Wa?h
ingtou, w ho will receive ;iny business left lor them.
jyll-tf A. K. I.. KEESE.
Breast and Cupping ??'lass, a new instrument
for Cervix Uteri: Eye Caps; Eye and Ear Class; Ex
halting AtmosjJlii'fk* Pumps for the Ear; The new
Dental Leech, &?**?, &e.
We respectfully invite the attention of th?* inedi
cal profession to the new and invaluable arrange
j inent indicated in the above caption. *?
For sale bv
D. R. OfiARKE. IMto,..ae TT:dl, ami
CLARKE &. BOWLING, Tib rt., bet.
jy 19-.1t 1! and E >ts.. Island.
LAND WARRANTS wanted, bv
jy 15~lnl ifih stfecf, t"pp. Treasury.
OI.'LD announce to the cnizen- of Washing
ton. an 1 more esp"ciallv the Island, that tb< ii
FANCY ARTICLES, &c.,is now full and eomplete.
Their Drugs and Medicine.- maybe relied on a-i'resh
and genuine?among which may be found the follow
ing, via:
ll"nry's Calcined Magnesia, Husband"* do.
Hunt's Liuini* it, R id way's Ready Relief,
Holloway's (hutment. do. Pills,
Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, Cannon's Bitters,
Kidwell's Extract Beach Drop,
Wolfe's Aromatic Scheidam Selmapp?,
Townsend's Sar.-anarilla, Bull's do.
(Isg'M)d's Indian Cholagogue,
R. & C.'s Cod Liver Oil.
Frey's, FahiiestockV, ayd MeLane's Vermifuge,
Me Lane's, Lee's, Wright's, Brandrcth's, Gi rod's.
Hooper5!1, and Scott's Pills,
Besides a general assortment til all other articles
pertaining to their bu-iness.
BOSWELL fs. CO.. Druggis!-",
Corner Mary land avenue and Teh street. Island.
Wanted?A Youth or Young Man who has some
knowledge of'th? business. Apply as above,
jy 1"'?eo 3 *
SIDNEY S. BAXTER, late Attorney General of
?3 Virginia, has removed to Washington to prac
tice law. .
IJe will practice mi the Supreme f'ourt of the I'ni
I' d Slates, the courfs of the District of Columbia,
and attend to any professional business confided to
{fff~ Office it: Morrison's new building, on -Ist.,
between Pi niisyIvauia avenue ami I' street.
l'ff.~irn<rs: Hon. J. J. Allen, Hon. Win. Daniel,
Hon. Richard Mom-tire, Hon. G. IS. Samuels. Hon.
George II- Lea, of the court of appeals of Virginia ;
to tin; judges of the circuit courts of Virginia, and
to the Senators and members of Congress i'muii Vir
ginia. jv 19-eoly
Itimoluiion ?t ('o|>artsirri?tiip.
Till'. Copartnership heretofore cvi.-ting under the
firm of CO<il'ER &MtGII\N is tbi* day dis
solved by mutual consent. All pcrxms indcht< d to
the late linn will please make payuicul t?? II. D.
CoortK, wl.o will settle all biils against lln> late
firm. II. D. CiMiPER,
F. McGiian will .Mill continue the Pl.lfMBING
AND GAS-FITTING, at the old stand, adjoining
the Bank of Washington, where he solicits a call
from all persons doirmg work m hi* line, as he is
now working at prices Uial cannot lad to please,
jy Hi Iw
Hon***. I'urnidiiii u Uoo?l?,
SUCH ;u> American and English Knives ami Forks,
(which took the premium a! the late Fair.) line
Plated Dining ami Dish Forks. Tanw and Tea
Spoons, (preminin,) Alitalia Tea'and Tablo S|mx>iis,
Carvers and Forks, Steels, Butter Knives, &c.;
Brass ami Plated Camlleslicks, Family iJriud-I<mcs,
Tea Trays, Hand Waiters, Tea and Dinner l!il!<,
CotTec Mills. Shovels and Tongs, Irons, Mat Irons,
Fenders, Curtain Bands and Pius, Dusling ''?rushes,
Sweeping Brushes, Sieves, Pols, Oveiii. and Lids,
Tea Kettles, &c.. kc., such as are to be found in a
well regulated Hardware, Store, nt
jy 0-!meo Opposite Bromi's Hotel.
We have this Wi ek o|?'ueil three of the
it r f (I above instruments, from tin: cei-biaied
estaliliblunent of Knabe, Gaehle, & Co., winoii we
guarantee to sell *t the same price as the mann'ae
turers, saving Ireijht and other expenses. Also, j,*I?
ANOS, of other make, constantly on hand. Al-o,
one o<"the most ln antiful assortments of (.UITARS,
VIOLINS, FLUTES, and other Instruments ever
offered to the public. A call isrefpectfuUvreinicsied.
J\o. F. ELLIS,
jy 15 Penn. ave. bet. 9th and 10th sts.
X WOULD regpectfully call the attention of tlie
public to an examination of the choicest assort
ment of genuine HAVANA CIO \1'S ever otVered in
this market. 113p00 of which I have received with
in the last ten days direct from 'lavann. They will
be sold wholesak' or retail, at mmlerate prices.
I would also ask attention to mv tine sto<-k of
WINES, B15AKDIES, TEAS, &e.,'which will be
foiuid to compare favorably with any to be found in
Uie city as to qiclitv ami price.
K. C. DYER, Pciui. avenue,
jy 21-lOtild bet. 12Ui and 13Ui succls.
?? E. tr. 8TRATTON. Auctioneer,
(i',*nv. fimwc, toulh -i'lc. ncar IWA ?trrr< )
I. IN ROW.-i?A PVlTKlMV, at 5*
nVliH'k P. M., on the preibfsWi ' shall sell Lot N\>.
IT, in square No. 247, located on e?w?cr <W 13th
street we?! ami MaMM*lnMtt!> Avciiih*. and contain
iiijJ -4,61 I \ square feet, being dccidmfi&tlie most
desirable irtnfttiiroved lot in thai part of th.' city.
or immediately after (he stf?* nf the above, I ?hall
sell Lot* 5,6 and 7. in subdivision fits"yiwirr No.
situated on (h?- corner of north M and 1 ^ h street
west; cach Lot being 25 bv 116 feci?containing m
all tf,730 square feet.
The Terms, which arc literal, w ill be made known
at salo.
jy20-4l* (Intelligencer Sc I nion)
By E. N. STRATTON, Auctioneer
(Pennsyt renin arc., south side, he*. 9th ar<i 10/4 ?/<..)
On THURSDAY, July l?, at fi\ o'clock, p.
hi., on the premise*. I shall sell the west halt" of Lot
No. in, in.square No. 447, tittiatrd on North O ft.,
between 6th ait'l ?th streets, west, improved by two
substantial and neatly finished new Frame IIihimv,
each l."? feet 3 inches by 48 ferLcfftitiminf rix room*.
The Lot is 100 feet deep, with an alley between the
two bouses.
Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue in equal in
stalments at sit. twelve, and eighteen months, with
interest, secured by a deed of trust.
Title indisputable. Conveyancing ;:t the expense
of purchaser. jy ?-??- nits
By E. N. STRATTON, Auctioneer,
( Pcnn. aremie, south ride, iicrrr lWh street.)
TUESDAY. July j6th. at 6 o'clock p. in., on tl??*
premises. I shall pell at public auction, the following
described valuable pro|?erty, viz: Lot No. 1. in
Mpiare No. 7j7, with all the improvements, consi- t
mgofa large Brick fitrrllin;, containing twelve
apartments, with a large traffic? PtffMe, and other
conveniences, for a genteel family residence. Also,
a new two story Brick Building, calculated for a
< ouitfry Produce and Grocery bti-iuess. I? ing upon
the mam road leading to Bladensbur;*. The whole
premises contain square fvet, fronting l'JO feet
more or less on Man laud avenue, (south trout) by
100 feet on 3d street cast.
The north part of Lot 10, fronting feet on 3il st.,
east, Willi a depth of 100 feet; and th? south part of
same iut, firming 23 feet o inchcs by 1G4 feet fc> inc's
The sale oftbe projiertjr Will be absolute, and af
fords a rare opportunity for Capitalists or persons de
sirous of securing a valuable private residence and
bu-ine.-s gland.
Terms: One fourth cash; llic residue iu c<|ual in
stiiln*fi?is at six, twelve anu' eighteen months, with
interest, set-tired by deed of tiust.
Conveyancing at the expense of purchaser.
jy'JO-dts (Intel 8t Union)
Library of Congress, Jit* 7,1853.
\T<)TI('E is hereby given thai the Li^rai1* l?f Con
1 * gress will be closed on Thursday, the 2L"' Ui
tai'i. and will not again !?? opened until Thursday,
tli" O'l-.l o( August. JOHN a. MEEII AN,
jy 7 'Jaw .'w ^ Librarian.
?> EGUIjAR Packet Brig ANN ?! IZARETII,
IV ('apt. Baker, will have dispatch for firs'ou.
I'm rr?-"'ght or passage apply to Captain on 1mmrd or
Commercial Wharf, Water st.,
jy lfi -!5t Georgetown.
sur g f.oy ni:a tist,
'Pcnn. avenue, between 6th and 7tli rts..
next to Todd's Hat Store.
jy Hr-tf
> Shed Lead, Bar Lead, and Tin /me; Amer;
can and Englisih Sheet Iron, Bellows, Anvils, I'p
right. Parallel and Cham vices, and otiier Goods ii?
Uiis description, which will be .-old cheap.
Corner 7iii and 11 streets,
jy 9-1 in near tin. t'anaL
W. W. NEW.nAN,
Architoct and Builder.
linUimorc street. ojij>o*itc Holtiday street* JSnlinnou.
iTILii sJipcriiitcnd the erection and alletinc of
r Buildings in ?Ya>hingtoii Cit} and iUvicintjr.
jv II ?????!
| Massachusetts avc.. between 4th ntid oth sts.
Marble mantels and monuments,
TOMB and HEAD-HTONEs. kept con
! slamlypn hand. All building worl;furnished
| at the shortest iiptice and at moderate |>rlccs.
I je -24-tf
\riRGINl\ SCRIP boitglil nt liijlie-t ensli price,
jy u> !in L?th street, opp. Treasury.
( ARPEKTER AND Bl ii.tlPn,
Shop and resilience, next to corner of 13th and li -Is.
jy 14?if
l'oilrrtoi-*M Wtfirr. Jnl) LI. IM.Vt.
ll FOR PROMPT PA*. ME5T. X -ti. in here
by given that llic Taxes for the year 1K?3 .Ire now'
du.', and payable at this office; and that a deduc
tion often per cent. i> allowed by law for the cur
rent year, if paid on or be lore the 31st of August en
suing. R. J. ROCHE,
jy 14-eotd Collector.
\jGOOD mechanical DENTIST wishes to ob
'tain employment, and will v\o.k either by the
moth or piece for a moderate compensation. Ad
dri <s '?Dentist," Washington City.
jy t?-eo2wi
J<UllllSli< >?s. Pennsylvania avenue, south
side, between I3ili and 13^' streets, t:cxl door to
Lamb's pieture-fraine factory. llouiek< i jH t> and
others having urnitUrc out of repair, can.hy leaving
their orders or calling at tlx- alxive place, have it (Hit
hi first rate order at such prices that will please all
favor ng the undersigned with their work. With
prompt attention and moderate charges,jbc ^u!i < ri
lier coMtidcnth anticipates a share of public patron
age. < i d chairs p-eaned and painted iu imitation of
various woods. Grateful tor past favors, the under
sign>*fl respecilullv solicits a ?*oiitinua!iee of the
jy 18-eolm
3Iarket Street, near the Canal, Georgetown.
WM. HENRY THECKPR. Propriotor,
Offers to the public every dclica
Icy of the season, as Hard nnd Soft
CRAIiS, Devilled Crahs. CLAMS,
Fresh and Spiced OYSTER,?. TUR
BAR is supplied with the best LIQUORS and ,
WINES this market affords. Sujierior HA
Prices to suit the limes.
PT* Families can be supplied by tending
their orders as above.
Georgetown, I). C., June 22?Sm
PJMIE Subscriber rerjK-etluUy announces to thu
-1- public that he has opened a lli>u*e on the CO
lew miles ftoin the eities of Wasiusuton, Ai.k.xas
itRix and (j'r.oKiiK iow.s. where he is prepared lo fur
nish i very thing appertaining to ag'iod Public House.
His Rar and Table w ill lie furmslied with the best of
every tliui; the market ail'ord-.
The pu'.dic will iiiul a a <iuict and pleasant retreat
iu hot u eat!let.
The TROTTING TRACK, iu the rear of the pre
mises, is always ojicii lo the patrons id the IlmiM'.
jyo-t>t3tw CYRUS .MARTIN.
I'mlrr thf Nsiiiomil llolcl,
Imp orter of the Fiuot Brands of
1IA VAN A CldAtiii,
I > ESPECTFULLY invites tlie citizens trf Wa-h
lugtoii to an examination of Ins stock, among
which will lie found She tollowing celebrated iiiunu- ,
REGALIAS, of the choicest kind, at ?200 per
CHEWING TOBACCO, of the be.-t quality, from
the most celebrated manufactories. jl4?ltn.
BRICKLAY ERS.?Wanted immediately on Ex
tension oi United States Capitol. Washington,
thirty Bricklayers?wages .??? 2j. To good work
men steady employment will be given.
Captain of Engineers,
In charge of Extension U. S. Capitol
jy 16-dlf and Waainngtou Aqucduct.
By J. C KcGUIRE. Auctioneer.
On MONDAY n??>onu|t. l.m 10 oYloek,
by viri?t> oi'i dcrd of tru?t. I shall sell. m the jmiI>
Ii-Iiiiij nfftre ofdie *" American Telcjrra|?h," <m the
??.?*>1 side nf ftrxtli street, sooth o< Pcnurrlvma at<
iwf. the Mtttrtef Printing MaMhl, rix :
1 Hoi* & c?l'h Double CylnwJcr Napier Pre**,
?illi Tavlur air spring*. hi d 31 by
6 Double StjwKt., ?Kh r?Ckl
I Stand
*2 Standing Galley*
t> lni|xit-]iig Stick*
1 Imposing Stone, kjr 7t?
1 do do 41 by 37
7 Brass G alley*
.Vifl lu. - Nonpareil
700 lbs. h\~< vi. r
Head Tvj*\ 1-raiis. Baler, Cui*,t
Slow, fslihii. I and Otter Pinmr.
Tcnns: and mid#;- east; over that twin, a
credit nfiwn, f?>ur. ??d ?* h.ooths, for note* satis
factorilv endorsed. bcaitiig interest.
J. V. iiJcGUlRE,
jy KM Auctioneer.
By JAMESclfcGUIRE, Auctioneer.
Superior cabinet fuknituke.magnifi
he.?On WEDNESDAY morning, Anpirl Ai, ?i lt>
o'clock, al tlie residence of his EXceil iicjr Scuor IV n
A. Cai-hfhoji ni: u Ra*ca. Miniver "from Kpani,
comer of C st;ei?t north and <M street ?'*>4. I shall
cell all Ins elegant Furniture and Household Lift cts,,
Magnificent rnecwood 7-octave Onckcrtng Piano,
style Louis XIV.
Superior double action "Erard" Harp, in perfect
Suit of none wood rich rreen and gold Brocatell* eev
ered Pallor Furniture, comprising French Sofa,
Arm. Parlor, ami Reception Chairs, Ottoman-.
Curtains, Fire Screen.*, and Chimney Pieces to
Elegantly carved n**'Hood Centre and 8><a TaWe*
Swt of mahogany blue Satin Damask covered Fur
iiiture, consisting of Lounge, tatty Chairs. Par
lor Chairs, Foot Stools, kc.
Curtains, Fire Screen*, and Chimney Piece* to
Su-t of walnut marooii plush covered Fumttnre,
Comprising two Lounges, two Aim Chairs, 1ft
Parlor Chair*. I.adim' Chairs. Rock* re
Rustic Japiitiere, Mush- Standi". Etegrrcs
Elegant tortoise shell Cabinet, inlaid with pit orua
South American Gold and Silver Card B.'nkcta
French plate Mirrors, Chandeliers
China Tea Poy?. walnut and mahogany Rout Tables
Handsome Marble and giit French Mantel Clock
Elegant Sevres China Roquet Carsscll Lamp*
Bohemian <;ia** an.I French China Mann I Orna
Beautiful gilt Mantel Clock and Shade
Embroidered lace Window Curtains and Cornice
Linen Window Shades, Venetian Blind*
M;i|?le and painted cam* s? at Chair*. Rockers
Malm?aiiy and walnut Dressing Bureau.-. W*rd
Iron ?*c.Meads, with arched canopies
Walnut ,"7''Mt>etfiian Bedstead, Wardrobe
i (range-wood "'"dstcad. made to order in Havana
Dressing Tables. handsomely d< coiatcd witli La< e
Secretary. B?v>kcase, A."1'1 ^'hairs
Psyehe Glaw. East India i"',|?,'rs
lltiffj ifstral, side, ami u adini; ?' aiu(w. Kia? kett>
Mahugonjr liwHrli, extension, and ." 'dc Tables
Marble top Su!e{i"?rd, mahogany Pla*? Stand
Mat Rack, hall Table-. Mh?s
Bert curled hair and husk Mitt tresses
Bolsters' and Pillows, Wa?li,4an/??, Toilet Sets.
Set of rich and heavy plated ?|i?-fli<-ld T?Me i< i
comprising elegant < 'en?r< pircc, (Wlffc Ivr lij{b?
branches.) Branch Candlestick
Xv'it'" Coolers. I.ufiinr stands. Castor*. Coasters
Salvers, Bread Trays, large Meal DisIm's
Stands and Covers, Dull Covers, Vegetable Dislic.-,
Rich flowered and ?_-olri French China Dinner. Dc
.sert. and Tea Services
Plain white and gold banded Wares' *
Crystal cut Decanters, Tumblers. Wines
Water Bottles, Champagnes, Cordials.
Beautiful copy of Raphael's "Virgin of the Fish," by
Two original Heads, attributed to Rembrandt and
The "Annunciation," by an old master
Together with a large collection of rare and bcauti
iui Engravings, handsomely trained.
WINES, $lc.
Superior old Amontillado Sherry, in ca.-k? and liot
lies /
Small .'-Ut select lot of Champagne, Catalouinu. Ktd,
Su*>ut. and itiljer n imh
Currant Jelly, i'wrvpa, kc,
Splendid Family Carnage. Uc??iU new, built ?o Of
?lcr by Lawrence ft Collins
Small Barouche ami Chariotee.
Tapestry . P.riu.- Is, ami three p!y Carp tings
Panned Floorelotb. Matting-'. Rugs
Battling Tub, File Iron.-, Stov. >
Kitchen l.'tens-ils, Jic.
Terms: i*.VJ and under, cash ; over that sum a
credit ot sixty and ninety days, lor notes satela. to
rily endowed, bearing interest.
jy 2l)-il Auctioneer.
fUts'F RECEIV ED, and fvr S.ile, at B.UvliKS
pr.RioniCAL KRPOT. l land.
LOMBARD^", ,0 bv coinph ted in Twelve Monthly
Parts. Bv Rcx.Chas. Wiluams.
THE Mt>NK. a new aim "Wdg' d edition. By
M. G. Lkwis. M. P.
PAUL, tlie SMUGGLER, a Tale o. Djring Ad
ISAAC LAQl'EDEM. By A. Dim as. With Il
Also, the Julv Numbers ot KNICKERROCh F.R,
iy S-tf
rjOOMS T(1 RI'.NT?Two or three comfortaMe
i V Ken IMS in one of the most plciisaut ami <I'M
rable locations on the l.-land w ill be rented on rcit
tollable terms to tenants. Apply at
BAKER'fl Periodieal Depot,
jy 12 V< or. 7th st. and Mil. a\e
STOCK ORDERS executed <ni Commission, by
j> IVIn 1.1th -ti' . f. "pp. Treasury.
JUST received tin - morning?
?" Lament of the Blind < ?t frtinii IJirl: Annie I<owe .
Ida May; Thou art gone front tr;y gnse; Tin- Old
chureh yard; O'er the blue Wave: Flow on thoir
slrniug river; Home again; Do they miss me ai
borne; Yes. we miss thee; Aunt Harriet Beeelia
St owe. >lometit dream Polka; Napolcrm Polka,
Paris Polka; All'i ctton Scbotti-chc; Home do; Fin
|iire Polka; Bunker Hill Quickstep; Gotham itc do ,
Atlantic Schnttisehe; in addition to a large ass<ni
inent of the newest and most select publications.
We receive music ovly owe a week, and then trom
the publishers in Boston, New York, and Baltimore.
Any piece not to lie (ound in our yfswrtrrH iU will be
produced the following Tuetdav morning.
j.V 19 Pa. avenue. Int. 9ih k 10th sts.
III NTER. M D ; M R C. S., England,
? late pupil of tlie Hospital for Consutnp
^on and Diseases of the ChcRt. Brcuipton ot
:hc Royal infirmary for Asthma and Consump
tion, City Road, an?l of the Regent Street Dis
pensary for Asthma. Consumption, and Dis*
eases of the Heart. London, England, Ac., has
returned to Washington, and taken rooms at
the corner of 4i and C ftTects. one block from
Pennsylvania avenue, where he maybe ?rt? ?
suited during the ensuing summer in diseases
of the Throat, Lungs, and Heart, to which
speciality Dr. II. has for several years de\oted
his exclusive attention.
After the 16th inst., Dr James Hphtek. jr.
of London, will be associated with Dr. R.
IIu.ntkk, as Partner, and Dr. Wklleslv &a
office hours froxn 9 a. in. to 6 p. m.
junc 10-eo tf
HAVE ou ham! a lull supply of PORCELAIN
GOODS, from the ceb brated factory of Ci.rt
lidge & Co., such as plutn white, gilt edge. gia|>c
vine, am) fancy Door and Finger Plates, NumU r
Plates, Moutlipi'-ce.-, D"or Knockers, Fancy E?
?ittelieon, D<xir Km>lis, Shutt<7 aud Orawer Knol*
of all the ditferent la*<y pettern^ Porcetain Si^'U
L< tiers, several sir.es. an article su|>cnor tar to tlw
mlt sign letters, both in appearan< c aud durability .
I am prepared to fit up <lnor-plates at short notice,
of any patterns persons may seleet. winch aro lur
neater tiian any artiele yet introduced.
jy 9-Imeo Optwvite Brown's Hotel.
R. SYLVESTER, corner of 6th and 11
6treet8, sole Agent for this District, has
just received two grvbs of the above article.

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