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Washington cityT
""" lf ?? ?..
l?tM of Advertising
1 ?;uarr 1 day, - *0 H?,l .qusrv 2 wcrk?, ijfi 75
1 square 3 days, 0 Zi.l square 3 weeks, 3 50
1 *qnare 3 day*, - I N I square 1 month, 4 00
1 square 4 i1ar?, - 1 j$;l squarr 3 month*. 10 00
1 square 5 days, 1 20 1 square 6 imnlhf,. Ifi 00
1 ?qaar? S ddy?, - 1 18/1 ?f|u?rc I yei?r. 30 00
For edTwrtisencata iusertrdouee a wrek, 50 cent*
V (quant wili Ue eU.-ujM tor die rirM, an?l 37#
cumuper square for each ?ubrfeqnent insertion.
'^S.N IjInES or low ronafitute a yqtinre.
II aa advertiseMent exceed* a square, the price
wiU be ia exact proportion.
j -AH letters addressed to the editors
of the Star most be postpaid, or they
will not He taken from the Postoffioe.
>* ?.? '' ?'? ??> ? ?
?fjr The Earning Star having double
the circulation of any other daily paper
published in Washington, is consequently
by far the beat advertising medium in
the District. Business men should bear
this fact in mind.
I a mmm>* ? ? ? ?
Persons desiring tho Star in Alex
andria can be accommodated by leaving
tb?ir names with J. 0. Cooper, at the
Fancy Store of W. B. Richards, No. 3
Bxehange Block, King street.
? i>u iii . ?.?
"Traods on the Federal Treasury.
"Tn* ft armn ksi The following ar
ticle frflta the Democratir Monthly Kxritic,
pare 79. exhibits tho sir*** rtardiner case in a
light of much interest and local curiosity.
I he author u no friend of Gardiner, and
merely writes what he regards as his duty as
an American citiled. Hisviews are, there
fore entitled to peculiar consideration as a
disinterested observer of this case."
. The above is the introduction given by
the New York National Democrat, on
Thursday last, to its republication of the
article therein alluded to. Having a few
words to say about that article, aud the
nany similar ones which have been pub
lished over the country, we, perhaps, had
better take this opportunity to say them,
as follows, viz:
It is an ingenious attempt to paliate the
Gardiner fraud, written, not by a "disin
terested observer," but by a party on
whom we can place our finger, who now
seems only to breathe by and through
connection with the accused. It is filled
with misrepresentations of the testimony
on the part of the prosecution, slanders
upon the witnesses, and palliations of
Irauds on thetrovernmcnt generally. This
Gardiner case is in a nut-shell. A man
obtein? more than four hundred thousand
dollars from the Government of the
United States, upon papers alleging that
very recently he was so extensively en
gaged in working silver mines, (employ
ing so many hands therein, dealing with
so many parties in the course of his busi
mag. Ac.,) as that on being driven from
the works, his loss was a half million of
dollars. After being paid nearly that
amount, it is discovered that some of the
papers on which his claim is based are
forgeries. He is prosecuted for the crimes
of perjury and forgery, and some $200,000
of the money paid to him is so attached
as that it will probably find its teay back
into the National Treasury, unless Gardi
ner is acquitted of the criminal charges ,
hanging over him. i
Does any man, with an ounce of brains, *
believe, that if it were possible for the ac
cused to place in the witness box any of
the hundreds of persons who are alleged j <
to have worked for hi'ii so recently at 1.
mining, he would have (ailed to have some ,
of them there ? Can any one believe that; i
if it were possible for hiin to have pro
duced in tkmrt a single man of the hun
dreds with whom lie must have traded in
carrying on the business, he, too, would
not have been brought on the stand ?
No?common sense teaches that, when by
so doing he could at once have saved him
self from further molestation by the Gov
ernment. and have forever secured himself
and the other parties to whom portions of 1
the attaciied $200,000 nominally belong,
in the possession of this money, he would
hove produced such witnesses, if any such
exist. Does any man in his senses be
lieve that he could have worked such
mints, in such manner, so recently, as al- i
leged, without its being jtossille to find <
some such witnesses of the fact ?
We take it that no man lives who has
attentively read or heard the testimony j
in the case, without having come to the J
conclusion that the abstraction of tho ;
large sum from the Treasury paid on this I
claim, involves bold and shameless fraud, j
Bow happens it that the jury failed to
orivict at the recent trial? We
point, i? the first place, to just such pub
lications as that noticed at the head of
this article. We are satisfied that per
sons in Washington connected with the
press, are paid by the accused to represent
the case as this infamous article presents
it to the public. We know, too, that the
potion in society of those who stand in
the background in this atfair, is having
undue weight; there being not a few j
around us who conceive that in aiding j
anJ abetting this transaction, they deserve
#mlit for adroitness, rathor than to be j
kept (at the cost of the Government) from |
doing more harm, which we at least con-i
ceire to be the reward to which more
than one of them is fairly entitled. Un
fortunately* we are without space in
which to point out in detail the infamous
points of the *rtlole, the publication of
which induces us to write on this suty#ct. I
We may, however, idd that the J
point which p reventafacoriri ction|kt the\|
late trial, was fff Wtf*underftand w cor
rectly) the Government's failure to pro
d\?? testimony proving that a certain
mine claimed by Gardiner as his, (only
after the trial commenced,) was not his.
The court, or at least the jury, gave him
the benefit of the possibility that it might
be his. So no verdict was obtained. The
Government subsequently sent out a com
mission to ascertain whether Gardiner's
witnesses are not mistaken in their loca
tion of the mine in question; and, if they
arenotmistaken, then to ascertain whetht r
Gardiner has, or ever had, any connection
with or title to it. This commission will
soon return, when the case will be again
tried, with what result no man can fore
tell. )
Tub Grammar of Tire Nbw York
Collector for tub Washington' Nation
al Movtmbnt.?"W.," in the Intelligen
cer of this morning, makes a fling at the
Star for copying the New York Commer
cial Advertiser's joke over the grammar of
the Collector aforesaid. We have only to
say, that we trust, hereafter, that in se
lecting agents to make such advertise
ments, our great National Monument As
sociation will not aid and abet the diffu
sion of a taste for bad English. By-the
bye; writing of this little affair, reminds
us that years ago there was much said
about the way in which some of the funds
collected for the monument had been
used. Can any one enable us to en
lighten the public on this head ?
Complimentary.?We have thus far
failed to notice the thousand and one flat
ter ing notices of our journal, appearing
in every section of the Union, but the
following from the Duy Book, the liveliest
of all the New York journals, is so well
written and bo heartily expressed that,
with all our modesty, we are induced to
republish it:
" The Washington Star is just such a
paper as has been long- needed in that
city, and we are right gl id that the vacu
um made by the old heavy political
papers, is now filled, an d the want of the
people of Washington, for a sparkling,
lively, gay, rich, and itkcv daily paper,
fully supplied. We wis h the Star all the
patronage it merits?and. it certainly will
never need more."
Sad Cask of Drown ixg.?The Balti
more American of to-day says:
On Saturday morning last the coinposi- ,
tors of the Sun office, to the number of
twelve or fifteen, repaired in an omnibus
to Whitehall, on Back river, aborat seven
miles from the city, to xpend the day in i
fishing, bathing, ac. The early part of
the day passed off very pleasantly, the
company separating in parties, amusing |
themselves in various ways, until about 1
o'clock, when Mr. James Walker was
missed, and search immediately made for (
him. His clothes were finally found on .
the beach, and on wading out his body '
was discovered in quite shallow water, <
perfectly dead, having probably been in j
the water a half hour. it is supposed .
that he was taken with a fit or the cramp,
and was unable to reach the shore. He 1
was about 30 years old, a native of < Jreen- -
castle, Pa., where his widowed mother <
resides, and was universally respected and .
esteemed by all who knew him. His
remains were brought to thi - city by his
sorrowing friendx, and an inquest held, 1
the ooroner returning a verdict in accor- i
dance with the facts. He was buried (
yesterday afternoon, and followed to the
grave by the mei nbers of the Typographi
cal Society and of the Iris Lodge of I. o. ]
o. f. together with a large number of ]
personal friends^ I
(?7*The Rev. John Chambers, the Phil- ^
adelpia temperance "war horse," is out 1
in the Philadelphia Sun of Saturday last,
in one of his own peculiarly intemperate ^
articles denouncing all who op pose the i ^
Maine Law.
Be gentle, friend John ; a graj"n of su- (
gar will draw more flies than a gallon
of vinegar.
c7*the Westminster Review,, for July, 5
1853, republished by Leonard Sc ott & Co., <
New York, is on our table, bein 5 sent by <
Taylor & Maury. Its leading article is <
upon John Knox. The number is a good 1
one. 1
The attention of the readier# of the
s/ar is called to the card of Mr. She riff, in
another column of to-day's pap?r, in \ vhicli (
lie proposes to give an entertainmei it a
Carusi's Saloon, on Thursday evei ung
next. Mr. Sheriff is said hy his friends' to
be an excellent reader, and will no dou bt
delight those who may pay him a visit.
Strike of Women Laborkrs.?a late
English paper says that " the women t?f<
Stokesley, Yorkshire, who go out to field
work, (weeding, spreading manure, pull- '
ing turnips, <fcc..) recently struck for an
increase of wages. They sent a crier f.
round to announce that instead of receiv- V
ing Kd. a day, they should receive lOd." ,
And we trust that they will get it. Then*
would be some sense in getting up a Con
tention of the Women of England in bo
half of " Woman's Rights."
(h7"Mr. Hoiceman, of Wheeling, Vs..,
has received authentic information fro m
England, that he is one of two hundr ed
heirs to an estate valued at $3,000,0( >0.
oct'the total number of de&tlis whi ch
occurred in New Orleans last week from
yellow fever is one hundred.
oct'Gov. Bigler has granted a respite to
Capie and Emos, who have for some tii oe
been under sentence of death in Philad el
' - ?? "
I ipirit of the Homing Frost.
The Unton offic^Ry announces an ap
pointment of Dan. E. Sickles, Esq., At
torney lit Law, of Ne# York city, to be
Secretary of Legation at London, of which
we notified our readers on Saturday last.
Our neighbor goes into ecstacfes over his
selection. The same paper continues
its manipulations of the affair of the
party in New York, trying as it were to
whistle the N. York National Democrat and
Albany Argus back into the party ranks.
It seemsthatthe clique? the Democrat and
Argus clique?in the Legislature repu
diate the recent Legislative Democratic
address, not because it fails to go in for
the platform, &c., but because it endorses
the Administration. as well as the inaug
ural and the platform. The organs of
the clique above mentioned, assuming to
speak for half a dozen legislators whose
names are appended to the address, de
clare that they did not authorise their
signatures to be put to it. The Uniim
praises the address, and contends in
soothing tones that it is not fair for the
Democrat to take the grounds that it is re.
pudiated by the gentlemen in question, un
less they are willing to do so over their own
signatures, which they have not done.
For the life of us, we cannot see that the
Union has made the slightest impression,
so far, upon their factious in N.York by so
industriously tickling them with a straw.
The Union further quotes a recent book
on Turkish law, by Francis Davaise, late
American consul at Constantinople, to
show that Austria perpetrated an illegal
and atrocious act in recently arresting
Costa, the Hungarian refugee, in Smyrna.
The Union also contains an interesting
Paris letter.
The Republic's leader discusses the pro
posed Norfolk and Louisville Railroad j
scheme, upon the theory that railroads
are Union-preservers. The article is as
interesting as the subject, ^hich is saying
much for it. At present the whole of the
line between the points named, east of the
Kentucky line, is under construction or
already finished. It is not to cost more
than an average of $20,000 per mile, is
to have no grade against the current of
the trade of more than sixty feet to the
mile, and its whole length?from the
ocean at Norfolk to the falls of the Ohio?
is to be but seven hundred and nineteen
miles. In Scott county, Virginia, the en
gineer has located the road through a
natural tunnel in which a creek courses
under a little mountain for five hundred
feet. This mountain must be passed, and
this tunnel, with trifling cost, is to fur
nish the means of passing it. The same
paper quotes the Boston Transcript, to
prove that T. Butler King cannot possibly
be a defaulter.
The Intelligcncer contains a letter from
Colonel Benton, transmitting one from
Mr. Harris Heap, companiou of Superin
tendent Beale in his central route expedi
tion to California, in both of which the
peculiar virtues of the Fremont route for
the Pacific railroad are set forth. The
Intelligencer's London correspondent dis
courses foreign affairs gent Tally, and the
ittitude of the British Mini.tftry upon the
Turco-Russian question particularly,
ivhich he conceives to be ominous of an
ndisposition to stand by Turkey, we
Lake it.
The Sun deprecates the practice of ap
pending the names of gentlemen to the
proceedings of public meetings without
their knowledge or consent. The singu
ar doings of the "Blind Johnny" gather
ings form the editor's text.
According to a vote of the South
ft-ark (Philadelphia) Commissioners, the
Philadelphia Sun is no longer the organ
if the Native American party. This is
jomewhat surprising to the uninitiated,
is the Sun has always advocated the
principles of Nativism with ability and
seal seldom equalled. We trust, liowev
?r, that our contemporary will not be
iiscouraged: organs do not always dis
course the most eloquent music, as many
nrho have turned the crank have tested to
? i
their heart's content.
Among the Whigs named as suita
ble candidates for the office of Governor
of Massachusetts are Geo. Ashmun, Ab
bott Lawrence, and Samuel H. Walley.
The Whig Convention will decide the
matter in September.
Smuggling.?A dealer in New York,
the Mirror says, has lost diamonds to the
amount of 20,000 francs, by somebody
on the "other side" attempting to smug
gle them in free of duty. Uncle Sam
"pockets the loss."
QricK Traveling.?Arrangements have
been made by the Hudson River Railroad,
by which persons leaving New York at G
iu in., reach Niagara Falls before4.) o'clock
lite same evening.
Jitdicial Resignation.?The Cam
bridge (Md.) Chronicle learns that the
Hon. Asa Spence, Judge of the Circuit
Court for that District, contemplates re
signing his office.
A But.?Over ?1,000 was bet at Jer
sey City on Thursday, on the comparative
speed of the Pacific and Arabia on the
present trip. The Pacific left, on Satur
day, (25th,) at 12.38 P. M.
A clergyman being complained of
byanotlier, for drawing away his par
ishioners on Sunday, made this rpply :
" Feed your flock better, and they won't
?V *
WaaUagton N?wi.
\* IUHjIjTAsr to TSt Ar**??The following j
| upoa llie subject of1 the pay of soldier? While
r confrfed
against th? law, ?Boers'' transpertatlen
by Ibe cifjl authorities for ?ffenc?f
th? law, rfBoers"' transportation a
counts, and the rights of the accused before
martiaj will be everywhere read wi^h
t:' U . / . r | /
v., oi > Adjitant GkneRal's Orrrrt,
*"? J'- J WmMmrlon July 37,1*53.
I. The following regulations have been re
ceived from the "War Department and are pub
lished to the Anuy.
1. Soldiers confined by civil authority.^are
not entitled to pay during such confinement,
unless discharged therefrom without trial or
by trial and acquittal, and commanders of
. companies and detachments are required to
state explicitly upon the muster rolls of their
companies or detachmenta the periods of such
confinements, and whether the soldiers so
confined were discharged without trial, and if
tried, whether they were acquitted or con
2. The transportation of an officer engaged
upon any service for which there is a regular
appropriation or other fund, must he chargcd
to such appropriation or fund, and not to the
appropriations for the current military ser
II. The following remarks in relation to the
proceedings of the General Court Martial con
vened at Fort Leavenworth, pursuant to Or
ders No. 2, dated Febiuary 1, 1K53. from the
Head Quarters of the Western Division, have
been received from the War Department, and
are published to the Army.
At a (General Court Martial hold at Fort
Leavenworth for the trial of Major Howe. 2d
Dragoons, an erroneous decision was made, to
which the attention of the service should be
directed, in order that alike error may be, in
future, avoided.
The accused challenged a member for "bias,
prejudice, and malice. ' The member " then
stated that he had no prejudice or bias against
the accused which could in the remotest de
gree interfere with his doing justice in the
case;" but "?being challenged, he requested
to be relieved from sitting on the court;"
which the court refused, and overruled the
challenge. The accused then requested that
the member might be " put on his voir dire in
order that he might examine hiiuas to the ex
tent of any prejudice he might entertain
which ftpplicntion the court refused.
The ground of thedecision is not expressed.
Whether it waa that the court considered that
the member ought not to be examined, and
that the cause of challenge must be shown by
other proof; or whether, thev thought the ex
planation already made by him sufficient.
It was never doubted that a juror moy be
examined as to his bias or prejudice, or his
opinions in the matter for trial; except that it
was at one time held that opinions formed and
expressed, as they may be proved by extrinsic
evidence, ought to be so proved.
Lut that distinction is not now maintained
in the courts of this country ; and an accused
is now allowed in all cases, for the better se
curity of an impartial trial, to show the mind
of the juror hy examining him before the
court; and the only exception is, where the
cause of challenge goes to the disgrace or dis
credit of the juror.
In regard to the sufficiency of the explana
tion made by the member, the court ought to
have considered that it was not a denial, hut
in some degree nn admission of bias and pre
judice. qualified by the member's opinion that
it could not influence his judgment in the
trial. This, however, was the matter of which
the court were to judge after enquiring into
the nature and grounds of his feelings to
wards the accused. And as to the proof in
this regard, the law allows the accused the
testimony of the member in the mode he de
The refusal of the court to allow the accused
the benefit of (he netressnry legal evidence to
prove his cause of challenge would have set
a^ide the trial, had the verdict been of con
L'vonnnit: S. COOPER.
Adjutant General.
Commodore Newton, the Commander of
the Home Squadron, did not die on the lt>th
ult., at Pensacola as alleged by the newspa
pers. The Navy Department are in posses
sion of letters from his Secretory, dated on
the 21d ult., showing that though very ill at
that date, he was able to dictate dispatches.
A New Naval Professor ok Mathematics
?Alex. W. Lawrence. Esq., of .North Caroli
na. has been appointed professor of mathema
tics in the Navy. His commission bears date
July 20tb. He has been ordered to duty at
the Washington Observatory.
A New Paper.?Mr. Beverley Tucker's pro
posed Washington Sentinel is more talked
over in Washington just now than heretofore.
Speculations as to its probable character. af
finities, Ac., are very various. If Mr. Tucker
will have the nerve to stand straight up
against all prospective Galphinisms, he may
do much good. Mr. Ovid F. Johnson and Mr.
Pryor, both formerly associate editors of the
Union, are most sjtoktm of as the probable
editors of the proposed journal, to which we
wish all success, if it is to be so conducted as
really to protect the public interest.
Difficpltt op Obtaining Kkcrtits for
tub Army.?Perhaps there never was a time
before when so great difficulty existed in in
ducing men to enlist in the Army of the United
States. This is attributable wholly to the
gratifying condition of things in the way of
the plenty of work for every body who will
work, and at excellent prices, too.
Post Office Roptr Agbnts Appointed.
On tho railroad from Columbia to Belton,
South Carolina, N. K. Sullivan, of Anderson,
and James W. Singleton, of Greenville.
Ciiaxgh in tub Post Office Department.
Pliny Miles, Esq., of Now York, has been pro
mote! to be a corresponding clerk in the Post
Office Department, (third class.) vice John
R. MoMahon, who takes his (third class) place
in the Appointment Office.
Promotions and Appointments in the
Thkasitrv Department.?Wythe Denby ap
pointed to a $1000 clerkship in the Third Au
ditor's Office, vice J. J C. Cantine, promoted
to Mr. Hawk's place.
Nicholas Clinch appointed for examination
to a first class clerkship, in place of Denby. in
the Third Auditor's Office, as above.
Charles Stewart appointed Messenger in the
Register's Office.
Bathing in the Canal.
Washington, August 1, 1S53.
To the Editors of the Evening Star,
Gentlemen : Is there no law prohibiting
the practice of bathing in the canal?at least
during those hours of the day when ladies and
gentlemen so frequently cross and rocross the
several bridges ? The locality of 10th street
bridge has of late (and particularly on the
Sabbath) presented a scene not at all in ac
cordance with the refinement of Metropolitan
society. If this exposure of person, so near a
prominent thorougfare of our city, is not in
violation of law, it is certainly opposed to
every rule of decency, and as such deserves the
severe censure of the community.
A Subscriber
be a temperance meel
,'hapcl, Inland, on TUES
tant, at 8 o'clock. IT*
_ public generally are in
vited to pit end. '
Rev. <A W. Dcifiivon a?d other*, will address Uie
meeting J nut I-lt
Notice.?JoranKYMCN I'limai, Attsji
tiok !?A meeting of th?' ITnited Journeymen
j*e Fainter!) and Gla7.1T*' S?xjetv ot' Uh! Diitnct
m Coliunliia. will be held ai fit Franklin Bnrinc
House, on TUESDAY EVENING next, at f
o'clock. The member* are requested to be punctual
in attendance. Bv order:
. W. H. FANNING, President.
G. R. CROSSFIELD, tUerrtwy. jy 30-3t
WANTED to purchase three or four NEGRO
WOMEJif.?Person* having servant* to dis
pose of will please call at the nfice of Brow n's Ho
it.-l, where all necessary information will be given ;
or a note addressed to A. Lukhi.ey, through the
Post otlice. will receive immediate attention,
aug 1 ??lt?t
A FAMILY, wishing to leave the city, desire to
I\ sell out immediately. The location is in the
best part of tlie city for renting moms. Addre** >4R.
P." post paid, with real name. aug l-lt*
IME, LIME, LIME.?Pure wood-burnt LIME.
, J fur sale at the comer of Virginia avenue aud
the Canal, in any quantity. aug 1 -3t*
A Grand Festival
Will l?e riven by the Pastors of Trinity Church.
OnTIIURSDAY, the 4th of August,
in the College Grounds,
Priee of admission: For grown persons, St'i cent*;
children lsijjf.
A line band of Music will be in attendance; aud
Refr<4liiiieiits in abundance.
tV strictest pains will l>e taken by the managers,
appointed by the reverend gentlemen, to five all who
are present satisfaction in every respect.
aug 1?yt*
ESPECTFCLLY solicit- the patronage of tlie
/ public generally to the
Tendered him by his friends, hi Odd-Fellow*'Hall.
Cards of admission?TWENTY FIN E CENT? ?
can be had at Mr. J. F. Ellis' Mn-ic Store. Pennsyl
vania avenue, between 9th and 10th streets. and at
all the |iriii<'ipal Hotels in the city. ana l-3t
Dramatic Entertainment, Thursday Evening,
August 4th.
By the ursent renuest of many of his young friends
and intelligent ilt?eus will have tlie honor of
giving an ev libiuon at tlie above Hall, on
which occasion he will be assisted bv
From the Southern and Western Theatres. He will
also, have the honor of introducing to the citi
zens of Washington, a Vouug Lady of tins
Being her first appearance in |?uhlic.
For particular* see small lulls of the day.
Doors open at 7 o'clock, to commence at K.
aug l-4t
[respectfully announce that their tirst
AN.N'I'At. EXCURSION will take place on TI'F.S
DAY, the IGtli instant. 011 l??;ird tin- superior and
splendid steamer COLUMBIA, Icavinu Georgetown
at l.'i o'clock, p. bj.. Reilly's wharf at *2. Navy Yard
at 2??, and Alexandria at 3; theuce proceed down
the Kiver.
A Military and Cotillon Baud has been engaged
for the purpose.
Sup|?er aud Refreshments at city price*.
Tickets, ONE DOLLAR--admit ting a gentleman
ami two ladies.
The Boat will lie amply provided with Life
preservers. aug 1?eo 3t
Washington Hall Restaurant.
THE Subscriber respectfully informs hi.- numerous
friends aud tin- public that lie lias mud*- arrange
inents whereby he is euahled to afford more |m rtcct
satisfaction than ev?*r in the di-charge ot Ins duty ti>
his customer-. Ue will regularly have a : np|>l> of
genuine GREEN' TURTLE from Nashua, which
will he served up in the l?est stvles known, tnsli
and all delicacies tin- season will produce. His at
tention will lie pajticularly directed to tbcacconmio
dation aud entertainment of all who favor tinii with
their patronage. The liar Will, as heretofore. !??
supplied with the most choice WINE and LIU' < 'RS
to lie had iu the market.
Thankful tor past patronage, he will use his en
deavors to merits its continuance.
?ouili side Penn. avenue, corner of 6th ^tn-et.
ails I?.'It
Boarding and Day School for Young Men.
(Co rner of 1 41 A and A* streets.)
T(IE seventh Annual Session of this Institution
will commence on MONDAY, September 4th
The number of pupils thing limited, early apfilica
tiou for admission to the Academy Is requested. The
system of rewards being reduced,to a uniform rule,
prompt attendance 011 the day of opening isdesiiable
fur those who wish to distinguish themselves.
Circulars cau In had at tin- Bookstore- or Acade
aug I-Co* Principal.
PUFF SIDE COMBS, fcc.? LAMMOMD, 7th si..
?Jd door below E, has just received a supply ot
Puff side Coiuhs; also. Tin-king and other Combs.
Coral Beads. Jett and other Bracelets. Boys' Patent
Leather Belts. Stc., and for sale very cheap for cash,
aug 1 -eo3t a
WE beg leave to call the attention ol" our friends
and the public to our very select assortment
ot PERFUMERY, consisting in jiart of Barry's fc
Cruiuhies Trieophcrous ; I'baloii's Hair lnvi?orator :
Jules lluiilcs '-Luslral;" Ulunoccros, Bears. Rose,
Antique, Amber and Violet Hair Oil; Farina's Ger
man Cologne, warrant-d genuine; Poinalum for the
Hair, in every shape aud style, guarantied to lie first
rate. Also, Luton's & Harrison's Extracts tor the
Haiulkerchief, varying from 2."? cents to ."iO cents |mt
bottle; Soap, Shaving Cream, Brushes, Combs, See.
J. F. ELLIS, Peun. avenue,
au<! 1 between i#rli and I (lib streets.
THE UNDERSIGNED have just completed the
most perfect arrangements with Northern and
Eastern Publishers of Music, enabling them to
promptly siipjily the public with all tin- newest
We have constantly on hand PIANO
FORTES of the eclcbrni<-d ROSEN
} KRANZ manufactory, and beine agent* lor the sale
| of Boston, New York. Philadelphia, and Balluitore
1 pianos, we flatter ourselves from our practical ei
I |terience iu this dep-ii tiuent to warrant satisfaction
| to the most fastidious purchaser.
We have for sale also MELODRONS from the
manufactory of BISHOP 8c CHILD, Cleveland,
i Ohio, acknow ledged by judges to be superior instru
! nients to any of Eastern mnnufneture.
We are also sole agent* for the uuci|tialh-d Church
and Parlor ORGANS of POMPLITZ aud RODE
WALD. The organ* from tlii* manufactory aresaid
to excel all others manufactured 111 this country for
Iteauiy aud power of tone.
We have also the sole agency for M ARTIN'S un
rivalled GUITARS, an assortment of which, direct
from the manufacturer, we shall constantly keep 011
We arc likewise agents for Keller's AMERICAN
CREMONA VIOLINS, liadeer's RtEHM and Dia
tonic FLUTES, the Keyed Violin,and spirited advo
cate of music, the " Musical H'orU and 7Vmct."
We constantly keep 011 hand STRI\GS for all in
struiiieuts, beaides every thing appertaining to the
musical line.
Musical iust nunc tits of e very deseri ption tuned and
Music D<'|iot, Pennsylvania avenue,
south side, four doors wvst of 10th street,
aug 1?dlw
Ft >R RENT, a desirable < '< ITTAGE R ESI DENCE,
on H street, between 9th ami 10th. Possession
can be had on the 1st of August, bv apidicatiou to
Mr. WM.ORME, Pennsylvania avenue.
jy 30?iHj.1t
YOUNG Ladies Wishin? to learn to cut and fit
DRESSES perfect in Ml lesso ?, will have ail
opportunity now by calling on Mr. WILL1AN, (La
dies' Drew Maker,*) on 11th street, a few doors above
tlie Avenue.
Terms: Six lemons for in advance, even- eve
ning from five to siv o'clock^ j> ^6-dlw*
ROOMS TO RENT.?Two or tliree comfortable
ROOMS in one ol tlie most pleasant and desi
rable locations on the Island will lie rented on rea
sonable terms to good tenants. Ap|ily at
BAKER'S Periodical Depot,
jy 13 Near cor. 7U) st. and Md. eve.
To 8T?AfiaKM **? frrniM.-7Vmw,<,
naiypm arr na*urpa*ae<l N m>, tor ?"Ufa,, u
of rieruttnii al beauty ot arti*ir fini?h.
Hie ***tdoou? efon* to e?abh?h a Am rim fc*i.
lery in thm city, and ki? conutiMed cudc*vnr? u>
pi raw n?iter? and patron*. havr m
ed. An examination of hi* Picture* n-eemw maoe
i* pamculi.rty rattcM*. He n pwpar. <1 tn uk* p*
llllf* tMerrry nwr aad mte. at rramaiMr ptire*
Gallerv. north mda af PeaMytvama nrrmmr, W
twe?a4# ?nd 6th rtiarU, Lane k Tucker'* Ihm^
nig. wv %
0>?Root'? Wohdwiti. Da?t KUrartPK*.
? flotnKnoT**! W*? mutter whether
It he clear or cloudy weather.
Still, with etjaal tniti, he trace*.
Multitude* of lovely face> :
Root'* Gallrry. PenneylvauH averuie. ne*r S,-*
enth *treet. march n
(*?? Jot 8 Ml tx J kotow receiv.** all Ki. new R(t0k,
andNcwapaper* a? fa?t an published. He ? a*, tit
for Harper** and all the oilier Magazine*, tnd nm
reader* will always find a large and g*?*j a<Hirt?eiii
of Blank Boole* and Stat oaery at hi* Rook*,,.
Odcon Building, corner of 4 eireei and MunH).
nia avenue. fek;
{fe>. At a uetti** of the Board m |lireetnr> <*
theMetropolitaa Meehauic*' In-iitM*. held M f^lr
room* on 7th street, tl?e tollowitig resolution wa,
Resolved. That the r?oni* of the Intitule he ipr,,
od daily through the week, (Sundays except ir,?n
4 to 10 o'clock p. 111 . and that the public general
l>e invited to vwt the name
june 16-tf Rec. Sm>.
the highest |<nee*. m cihb. i<*
NEGRI ?KH. With food title*. -lav.-, lor liie ..r lor a
' term of year*. 111 large or Miiall lamilie*. i* ?h?*1. n>
groes. I a ill also purchase \<?r<?'* restricn-d t<i r.
main 111 the 8iatr that ?ti-taui food charactrt*. Pan,
ilics never separated. FrfMBo having ?lave* for ?*U
a ill |deai?c call ami see nie, a* I aui always m t>,
market with 'be cash. Communication* |>n>n>piu
attend to. and liberal roMiiuimtoiis paul b> Ji?ll\ \
DENNING, No. 18, S. Frederick *tn ct. between
j Baltimore and Second stre?-t*. Baltimore. Md. IV
1 in front of the door. ^ jy *?-tt
[jtNol'GH FOB Al.l..?ill?t received a l:?rf. mij.
J ply of the |*i|Htlar TAl.l.V-ll" K A/' >-?
after itriaw, of a fcirti have heca retailed by tin- cub
H-ribrr, (from uhoui you will alw ay* |(ei the
artirle) in a *boct nu?e. Ev<tryImmIv can -ha\< ai *
Iritliiif expt ili?'. and with the truth <>l It* <4d ailift
'?a hnt i* worth dome at all 1* worth d<une a ell.
Al-o. :? *u|>|iljr ot Shav ine Crwun*. Soap. Rtu?l? ?
Slro|>*. Toolh and Hair Bru*he?. and f:uiey arti. ir-.
Kciierallx. at WIMKR'S Stationers. .Mii-M1, a l'?i,
cv Store, Sutb *treel. one square iioui l'?im?\l\:i
ma avtiiue. lv
i'hartrr Oak Lire limiruiirr (oui|Hii),
II MlTKt>KI?. l.t "I'M I T
Capital, $m.m
AvikI i??r Waidiinitton, D. I' , M. I' \VoRr|>
TKK. over WhilehurrtV Gallery. I?uvall'? buiidn i;
Medical Examiner, l?r. J. t". II \I.L. j\ ?*
ros SALE.
A VERY Miperow l<M <M' Bale or Hniidle MAY. hi
I\ excellent nrder, warnuned pure, w Ineh I win
dnpo?v of nt a small advance for cash 01 t<< ??uii'-tuai
cMflUKti1. I have also. 111 ?tore, alxail l.'dm ba>l>
el? of ?uperior <dd AATl*. tofrtbei ?itti n eon>taiit
swody of CORN, (NiRNME.VL. RVE 1 Hi.l', .1,1
MlUi OFFAL, of all grade*. 1 iil*)lie?l H.ol'K
for IK*|M'|itie bread, alway* on hand, and delu<re?t
proinptly to order.
The above can be had at tut <tore, on 1 -*tli -licet,
lietween B and I' street*, also, at my lei d ?-i.,Hi-l.
merit 111 Bridge *tre? t. Geiir/dinvn. .?|>pn ite i iit?ii
Hotel. The ptiblicN oln dirni wrvatii.
j> m Tj.t.* AI.KREIt I FF.
BV ADA Ml* k C'A'S. EXPKESS w? are if,,
mornint in recei| 1 o?'a seleri asrorti.ieni ?? V 1
negated, Caroline, Trwue, ami I'liauiarim I'AHil:,
for workine artificial tlower*, RtWE^TES ai
bo, a tew ni'H* ot those niagnifuvnt t'nstil 1'iiin
and Pa|?er Mache PtlRTFrtl.KW; Kidmv Wlnp.,
Canes, kc., at JN'? K. El.LIS,
jy Felin. ave.. I.et. Ihli and 10th -1
Now tluit tlie sun slime* iumI. aeam.
And heat oppressu?- till* carli Irauie,
A (date of Ice t^reaui ui Htm?\ '* rtal<*?n.
Will luaae von cool and |di'a*ani mkim.
The Proprh'tor ill reiimiinc thanks f<x the p
V7 tronage hitherto eili-MH to I11M, t.dic ii- .1 eon
Y tinnaiH*e of the same, and ile*ire? tn infmm
tain ili'-s and other*, that lie i? pre|iare<l at mIi
httiim to furnish hi- eelei.rnii-d l<"K f'ltEAM. fnmi ?
(|uart upward*, aliich will Im- forwarded to tlieir rt
speciive r<-*idence* by In- l'.jpre?- Wagon.
Pie Nie*. uariien. and reiaib-rs >upfilied *?
usual. T. M. HARN EY, Agent for
J. FCHSEI.1..C stre.i,
between 6th and Till streets, reat <?(
jjr 9Mn BrowaV Had
A l.iehi Glasn d<M?r RiM'K WVAY,
nearly new, lor oim-or two Imr-.-*, Mali
|*>te aiul *liaft<, and a uli dm-mu iriiit
1 with two large window* ia it: (the fmnt eau be n
i moved at pleasure: it in a firsi quality i 'amafe. l>mit
' Ity one of the lie<t ;uak<-r< in l'hila.ie||dna. Tin
I owner liaviag an turtlier use f<>r it will *<11 it at a
! bargain. It can In- se?-n at TllnMAS VilI'Mr*
; t'oacli Factory, comer of Pennsylvania a\<nu? . k
j 4>) street. j>
j Watches, Jewelry, Silver Ware, kc , kc
, S9 M. W. IiALT k ItKO,. uupurters ut anc
W'ATt'HES. maiiutai'tiirer* 01 HMl Mm
tAjLin e\en descnpiion ot KK'H JK\\'K1.K\
I ?"?and pure SILYF.K WAKE. Also
Gold, Silver, and light Sieel SI'Et'TAt'LES aid
Po*scs.-in? every advantage for getting up the it
Mock on the l?e*| posxilaie terms, they oiler Iiniu<'<
mcnt* to purchaser* not *urpas*ed by any esialiluli
incut iu lAii ivuntrx/.
M. W.GALT ?w HRu.,
Sign of the ti?d(lcu Eigle, Pa. avenue, I* tween Stb
j> As-dl w ami loth strei t
THE *ubseril>er having riinitli removed to Wa-li
iiiKtou. has ofietted a cheap ll< 1 \R1?1\<. II* il>l.
| on U street, i dooi? east ot Mr. Gla&sfow. timu T1I1
I street. Pnce. for Boardint: and Lodgins. p-;
week. Eisrlitorten can l??- accoiuinodaied.
j> 37-dlw* HENRY BATE?
{Seventh itrcet. Ltiuecn Hand F*trects, hlunJ I
THE SUBSCRIBERS having commenced tin' Gr?
eery busim us at the above place, in the hon~
formerly occupied by Mr. Heed, take ilic ui< tliod
inlonoiug the citizen* of the Island, and the |?Ui
generally, that they have ou hand, and will continii'
to keep every variety ol GK< M'EKIES.?'huia. Fartti
?u, Stone, and Hardware, all of wlii<:h tin > are
terniincd to sell at unusually low price
They respectfully solicit a share of public paU-'U
age. Call and examine our stock.
jv97-dim CRI MP & YOI'NGE*
THK *ub?crib?-r, having 1 Ugaged in bii-nn>-.ofl' "
to hi^ friends and the patrons ot Mi. J. T. Radclir
the former occu|iant of tlic ?tore m ??dd Fell"*
HaH, Seventh stre? t, GROCERIES <d' tin be-t qml
ity, and at the lmv<i*t market price. 1 'all ai..l
Just received. Shay's HAMS. Refined Leaf I. AM1
Porto Rico SI'GAK and MOLASSES. Snaan
and other'SIRl'P, Patent Sp?rin t'AMlLEf.
Family Flour. JO. RAIK'LIFF.
jy 27-m8vv
At facquiek white sulphur spkin*.^
This exciting anuinemeat will come od ot
THURSDAY next, July 'Vth. and on the -?mk d??
every two weeks for Hie balance of the asoii.
Fire ann? and Cur ?h?!:s not adiuin< d in the cha^
nor any cornfields to lie invaded on horseback *
large nuiulier of hounds arc promised.
jy 26-e?vlw
D<? tliev mis* me at h<>im", Yes, mi** Ui*''
Swe?'l Lucy May: Home of my youth; Swe.-i h?n?
receive me; Ida May; Linda's gone to Hainan*'
My old Kentucky home; Aunt Harriet Beeelia
A \01ce I'roMl the waves, a dwell ; h-aHi Hi own ?
lor BalluiMire; Oil boy* carry me "long: Italy. T'T
ular duetts tor piano,y Saratoga Selnatisebe ; K<"
ker Hill (Quickstep ; Vamialia Walt/.; Norfolk I'
male 111stitut< |*i|ka ; Yillanovu Varcli; Baud"''"
Schottisclie; (?olden pippin Polkn: Fly-away I'nlk*
Variation* on Lilly Dale; Love not; Would I aei*
a l?oy again, kc., kc,. kc.
Bertiin'* Instructor lor the Piano; ("?rcas*i'* <,ul
tar Instructor, kc., 161 sale at WIMER'S Ststi-i.
ery, Music, and Fancy Store. 6th' ftrect, 1 *M"arr
from Pennsylvania avenue. jy ^
BRICKLAYERS.?Wanted iuiinedintelv '>11 I'
ten noil of Umt<il States Capital, Wwdiinfi'"1
fifty Bncklaver*. To ipsid workmen *ie*dy eni
ploymeni will In* given. Wagi-s depniding u|?a
skill and atteatMta?the average lH-ing ??- ~'
Captain ot Kngineeu.
In charge of Extension U. S. t'ai?itol
t. Jy 16-dtf
VIRGINIA SCRIP bouglit ai highest casbjm '
Jy UhIoi loth rtreet, opji. Tre?sur)

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