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Groat Haul of Baseals?940,000 Counterfeit
Money Discovered.
We compile the following account of
the breaking up a den of scoundrels near
Cincinnati from the Gazette:
"Information having been given the po
lice of Cincinnati of the existence of a
counterfeiter's den, a few miles down the
ritep, eighteen officers, on Tuesday, went
to tnake arrests. The approach of the
police being known, six or the occupants
of the suspected house made their escape,
but the police, as previously planned, in
vested the place, and arrested five of the
fugitives, named Samuel D. Towner and
Milton Parker, of Cincinnati: Lewis Dol
man, of Indiana, an escaped convict; Jo
seph Bean, of Indiana: Wm. McGcary, of
Cleaveland, and Quincev Hurschey, a
large contractor on the Ohio and Missis
sippi Railroad. Parker is a notorious
counterfeiter, and was pardoned out of
our penitentiary by Gov. Wood, six weeks
since; he very nearly made good his es
cape under the fire of the officers, but for
tunately stumbled and was captured; a
large amount of bills on the Ohio State
Stock, Miami Valley and Bank of Day
ton, unsigned, was taken from him.
After the arrests had been made, the
premises were carefidly searched. In the
dwelling was found a box containing live
gold watches, and from twenty to thirty
gold rings. In the chicken-coop, some
thine; like forty thousand dollars in coun
terfeit notes of the Ohio State Stock,
Miami Valley, Bank of Dayton and the
Fairfield County Bank were discovered,
nearly all signed, cut and done up in
thousand dollar packages, ready for dis
tribution. The money was concealed in
a bag, half tilled with charcoal.
A mail-bag padlock of tfce post-office
department was also discovered in the
dwelling. The stables attached to the
premises was found to have been convert
ed into a workshop for these counterfeit
ers, and dies, tools, a galvanic battery,
stamps, moulds, metal, end pieces, vig
nettes, figures, letters, engraving tools,
and all the other apparatus needed for the
business of counterfeiting, were also dis
covered and taken possession of by the
police. A composition for the manufac
ture of base money, together with a
quantity of crucibles, was also discovered
and seized by the officers. The prisoners
are in prison in Cincinnati.
The Black Snake of the House
In almost every house in Syria there is
a peculiar black serpent, large but very
harmless, which takes up its abode in the
cellar of the house, and will never after
wards quit its nook or corner till killed,
or till the house falls, or the snake dies.
No Syrian would ever intentionally kill
one of these snakes, for, besides keeping
mice and rats away, they are held in
such deep veneration that endless are the
absord superstititions and tales told
about them, all of which I myself ouce
firmly believed in. Amongst the other
things, it is said, that if you destroy one
of these, the mate is sure to seek for and
Obtain vengeance. They pretend, fur
ther, that these snakes are doatingly
fond of milk, and that the smell of it will
immediately attract them. It is com
monly believed that a young mother,
may be sure, if she is on the watch, that
the black snake will come in the night
and feed off her breasts, till it has drained
them so dry that there is nothing left for
the infant: and, again, with regard to
the child, should the snake be disappoint
ed in getting its supply of milk from the
fountain-head, that it will resort to the
artifice of inserting its tail into the in
fant's mouth, and so tickling its throat as
to cause it to be sick, and thus supply
itself with food. But the most ludicrous
story is told about the conscientiousness
of one of these snakes, a story which is
firmly believed by most Orientals. It
runs thus:
44 In Syria, it is the custom of every
family to lay up a year's provisions of all
the necessaries of life, in store-rooms at
tached to the house; these provisions
consist of melted butter in jars for cook
ing wheat, rice, burhal, &c. Now, as
the story goes, one of these black snakes
once deposited her eggs in one of these
store-rooms, a hole in the corner of which
led to the serpent's nest. The young
ones had been hatched, and all were as
sembled together gamboling about, when
some of the children happening to sur
prise the young snakes in their frolics,
seeing that they were very small, whipped
them up in their handkerchief, and ran
off with them to the other end of the
house. Now mark what might have
been the serious results of this frolic.
Mother snake coming home could not
find her young ones, and made a pretty to
do about it At last she discovered that
the children had stolen them, and in her
rage and vexation, determined to be re
venged on the whole family. According
ly, with the assistance of her tail, she
removed the cover of the butter jar, and
inserting her fangs into the butter, suc
ceeded in poisoning the whole mass. By
and-by, home came the lady of the house
from the bath, and no sooner did she sec
what the children had been about, than
with many screams and exclamations,
she insisted on the young snakes being
carried back again. No sooner said than
* done; and now mother suake began
deeply to regret what she liad done.
How to remedy the evil was the question
?speak she could not, nor had she any
other method of warning the family not
to use the butter. Well, what do you
think she did ? She called the male
snake to her assistance, and these two,
ooiling themselves around the thiu jar,
broke it into a hundred pieces, the melted
butter ran out on the ground, and was
lost and the family were saved from being
(?7" The venerable John Sinclair, Arch
deacon of Middlesex, has been appointed
by the English Bishops to return the re
cent visit of the American Episcopalian
Clergymen to England. Archdeacon S.
is the brother of Miss Catherine Sinclair,
the authoress, the Dowager Countess of
Glasgow, and Sir George Sinclair, of
Thurso. Scotland. lie sails for America
on the 5th of August.
0*From all sections of the country
we have accounts of the extreme heat of
the weather.
SALE AND RETAIL.?The Subscriber has
leased for a term of years tlie well known Grocery
Stand at the corner of 7th and E streets, formerly oc
cupied by Mr. John H. Johnson; aud having remod
eled and fitted it up hand?ouiely, is prepared to offer
an extensive and well-selected stock of choice Fam
ily Groceries, embracing every article of necessity
and luxury, which he is determined to sell, either
wholesale or retail, upon as good terms a.- any house
in the city. In his stock will always be found?
Welch's premium Family and other choice brands
of Family and Extra Flour; Shay's sup. sugar cured
Hams; best country and Baltimore cured Bacon;
Brown, Loaf, < 'rushed, Pulverised, Granulated, and
Brazil Sugars; Rio, Java, Laguyra, and other Cof
fees; Roasted and Ground Coffee, Sii|>erior I*. R. &.
N. O. Molasses; superior Table Syrups; superior
strained Honey, in small cans.
TEAS.?Black and Green Teas, of every grade.
Especial attention paid to the selection of Teas?
We can warrant them very superior.
CHEESE.?Best English Dairy, old Enlgish, Pino
Apple, sup. Sago, and other choice brands of N. E.
ami Goshen. Water, Soda, Sugar, Wine, and other
FISH, kc. - Shad, Mackerel, in barrels, half do.,
and kits; Herring, in barrels, half do.; Smoked and
Scotch Herrings; Smoked Beef, very superior; Reef
and Buffalo Tongues; Seltzer's sup. Bologna Sau
CANDLES.?Sperm, Adamantine, and other Can
dles; su|ierior Lard, in pails, for family use; su[>eri
or Lard, in barrels, by the pound, or otherwise.
SUNDRIES?Pickles, Preserves, Brandied Fruits,
Olives, Sardines, Pepper Sauces, French Mustard,
Prepared Horse Radish, Catsups, slip. Salad Oil,
Preserved Giimer, Macaroni, Vermacella, Corn
Starch, Spices, English and American Mustard. Cho
colate, Broiua, Farina, Gro. Spires, Saleratus, Soda,
Yeast Powders, fancv and plain Soaps, &.c., See.
CHOICE BRANDIES, WINES, &c?1 cask sup.
London Dock Dark Brandy, warranted pure, or no
sale. Pale, Champagne, and other brands sup. Bran
dy, Old Rye Whisky, 1838; Champagne, Madeira,
Lisbon, Old Port, Sicily, Muscatel, and other sii|>er
ior Wines; Cordials, Blackberry, Raspberry, and
Ginger Brandies; Superior Loudon Brown Siout,
4c.; White Brandy, White Wine, and Cider Vine
enumerating brands, I will only say that the lovers of
the weed can alwavs find the choicest varieties.
Pails, Tubs, Sieves, Sugar and Flour boxes. Butter
Prints, Rolling Pins, Brooms. Scrubbing, Sweeping,
W. Wash, Dusting, and Shoe Brushes.
FRCITS, NUTS, kc.?Almonds, Raisuis. Figs,
Dried Currants, Prunes, Citron, Filberts, English
Walnuts, Dates, kc.
A further enumeration is deemed unnecessary, as
I intend to be supplied with every article usually
found in a first class Family Grocery.
I respectfully ask an examination of my stock, and
pledge myself that nothing shall be wanting to give
entire satisfaction to .ill who may favor me with their
{j^-Goods sent promptly, and free of charge, to
any part of the city. E.P.MILLER,
july23-eolni Cor. 7th and E st?.
Select, Classical, & Mathematical School for
CHAS. B. YOUNG, A. M., Principal.
THIS institute, situated near the corner of H and
l*2th streets, and formerly known as Woodbury's
Academy, will re-open on the first Monday in Sejn
tenibcr. Parents who wish to give their sons a th??rj
otigh clasMcal and mathematical training arc re
I spectfully advised that the terms are comparatively
high since tin* number of pupils is limited. A high
grade of scholarship is aimed at by the Principal.?
He wishes to turn out yearly a few scholars, who,
while they will reflect credit on him, will be an hon
or to themselves and those who send them. He
would therefore give them individual attention. The
school room has been handsomely fitted up with
| Boston desks, neat matting, &<-.
Terms per quarter, for the full course, *15; for
the EnctiMi branches, $10. Payment in advance.
For further particulars apply (by note) to the Prin
cipal, or to the following
d irvpDrvrvff
Wm. II. Allen. LL. D., Rev. F. S. Evans,
Pres. Giraril College. Rev. J. II. Brown.
| Prof. Baird, Smithsonian Rev. T. T. Wysong,
Institute. J. C. Harkness.csq.,
Rev. 11. Slicer, T. P. Morgan, esq.,
Rev. R. L. Dashiel, T. Pursell. esq.,
Rev. J. G. Butler, /. W. McKncw, esq.
Rev. C. A. Davis, jy *21 -eotf
CJIDNEY S. BAXTER, late Attorney General of
0 Virginia, has removed to Washington to prac
tice law.
He will practice in the Supreme Court of the Uni
ted States, the courts of the District of Columbia,
and attend to any professional business confided to
{%?? Office in Morrison's new building, on 414 ?<.,
between Pennsylvania avenue and C street.
Reformers: lion. J. J. Allen, Hon. Wm. Daniel,
Hon. Richard Moncure, Hon. G. B. Samuels, Hon.
George H. Lea, of the court of appeals of Virginr;:
to the judges of the circuit courts of Virginia, and
to the Senators and members of Congress from Vir
ginia. jy 19-eoly
R HUNTER, M. P.; M R. C. S., England.
? late pupil of the Hospital for Consump
tion and Diseases of tlic Chest. Brompton ol
the Ro_val Infirmary for Asthma and Consump
tion, City Road, and of the Regent Street Dis
pensary for Asthma. Consumption, and Dis
eases of the Heart, London, England, Ac., hat
returned to Washington, and taken rooms at
the corner of 4} and C streets, one block from
Pennsylvania avenue, where he may be ;on.
sulted'during the ensuing summer in diseases
of the Throat, Lungs, and Heart, to which
speciality Dr. H. has for several years devo!?d
his exclusive attention.
After the 16th inst., Dr. James HrsTBK, jr.
of London, will bo associated with Dr. It.
HU5TEB, as Partner, and Dr. Weli.esly as
Office hours from 9 a. m to 6 p. m.
june 10-eo tf
Market Street, near the Canal. Georgetown.
WM. HENRY THECKER. Proprietor,
Offers to the public every delica
cy of the season, as Hard and Soft
'CRABS. Devilled Crabs. CLAMS,
Fresh and Spiced OYSTERS. TUR
ENS, SQUABS. HAM and EGGS, Ac. Ac. His
BAR is supplied with the best LIQUORS and
WINES this market affords. Superior HA
Prices to suit the times.
Families can be supplied by sending
their orders as abovo.
Georgetown, D. C.. June 22?3m
The Suliseribcr receives regularly
every Tuesday, and Friday, by the
Steamer Osceola, direct from Norfolk,
a supply ofthe celebrated LYNN HA
licious articb;.
His BAR is well supplied with the best Liquors.
All kinds of GAME hi season.
II. KUHL, I'erra. avenue,
jy 9<l-?-<i?in \. side, bet. l-ith and Kttli st~.
Architect and Builder.
Haiti more street, oyjiosite lloUiiluy street, UuUimoi l,
WILL superintend the erection and alteriny of
Buildings in Washington City ami its virility.
, jv 11 ei?l
?UST received this morning-?
tl Lament of the Blind Orphan Girl; Annie Lowe;
1 Ida May; Thou art gone from my gaze; The Old
1 church yard; O'er the blue Wave; Flow on thou
i shiuiig river; Home again; Do tli?-y miss me at
' home; Yes, we miss thee; Aunt Harriet Beech*
I Stowe. Moment dream Polka; Napoleon I'olka;
: Paris Polka; Affection Schottisehe; Home do; Em
pire Polka; Bnuker Hill tluickstep; Gothi'.niite do;
? Atlantic Schottisehe; in addition to a large assort
' uient of the newest and mo-t select publications.
; We receive music only on<e a week, and then froin
I the publishers in Boston, New York, and Baltimore.
I Any piece nut lo be found in our assortment will he
produced tlie following Tuesday morning.
jy 19 Pa. avenue. Int. 5>th k loth sis.
J. Trusta, with a memorial of the author; by Au?
! tin Phelps.
A Hundred Short Tales, for Children, from the
Geriuaji of C. Von Schmidt; cents.
Three Months under the Snow; the Journal of a
Young Inhabitant ofthe Juna. from the French of J.
I J. Porchatt; 30 cent.
! The Lamp and the LnntPm; or. Lisht for tin1
i Tent and the Traveller; by James Hamilton, D. D.
' J list published; 40 cents.
History ol Rhode Island and Newport in the Past;
by the Rev. Edward Peterson; <-J.
Shop and residence, next to comcr of 13th and G ate.
I jy 14?tf
Copy of a Letter from Mr. John Lloyd, oj
Erw-wcn, Harlech, Meriontlshire.
To Frofessor Holloway.
Sir.?I avail myself of the first- opportuni
ty of informing you, that for a very long pe
riod I was afflicted with a dangerous giddi
ness nnd frequent swimmings in the head, at
tended hy loss of appetite, disordered stom
ach, and generally impaired health. Every
means had failed to givo me any permanent
relief, and at length it became so alarming
that I was really afraid of going about with
out an attendant. In this melancholy condi
tion I waited personally upon Mr. Hughes.
Chemist, Harlech, for the purpose of consult
ing him as to what I had better do; he kind
ly recommended your Pills, I tried them with
out delay, and after taking them for a short
time I ain happy to bear tcstsmony to their
wonderful efficacy. I am now restored to
perfect health, and enabled to resume my
usual duties. You aro at liberty to ? ubli&n
this letter in any way you may think proper.
I am. sir, your obedient servant.
June 6, 1852. (Signed) JNO. LLOYD.
Extract of a loiter from Edward Rowley,
Esq., of India Walk, Tobago, dated Ajnil
8th, 1852.
To Professor Holloway,
Dear Sir?I deem it a duty I owe to you
and the public at large to inform you of a
most miraculous recovery from that dreadful
disease. Dropsy, and which, under God, was
affected by your invaluable Pills. I was tap
ped five times within eight months, and skil
fully treated by two medical practitioners,
but couW not get cured until Iliad recourse
to yotjfceuicdy, and notwithstanding all I
had urfaergone, this miraculous medicine
cured me in the course of six weeks.
(Signed) EDWARD liOWLEY.
These celebrated Pills are wonderfully ejjica
rtons in the following '?on/Haintsi.
Ague, Inflammation,
Asthma. Jaundice,
Bilious Complaints. Liver Complaint*,
Blotches on the Skin, Lumbago,
Bowel Complaints, Piles,
Colics, Rheumatism.
Constipation of the Retention of Urine,
Bowels, Scrofula, or King's*
Consumption, Evil,
Debility, Sore Throats,
Dropsy, Stone and Gravel.
Dysentery, Secondary Symptoms,
Erysipelas. Tic Douloureux,
Female Irregularities, Tumours,
Fevers of all kinds, Ulcers,
Fits. Veneral Affections,
Gout, "Worms of all kinds,
Head-ache, Weakness from what
Indigcstion, ever cause, Ac., Ac.
Sold at the establishment of Professor Hol
loway. 244, Strand, (near Temple Bar) Lon
don. and by all Vendors of Mcdicines through
out the United States, in Boxes at 37J c., 87i
c.. and$l 50c. each. Wholesale by the prin
cipal Drug houses in the Union; and by
Messrs. A. B. AD. Sands, New York.
There is a considerable saving by tak
ing the larger sizes.
N. B.?Directions for the guidance of pa
tients in every disorder are affixed to each
Bo*- je 20-eo
( I DA It TAR.
TIIE most successful remedy now in
use for the curt1 of
Prepared and refined by
Mrs. B. II. IVorrin, No. 343, Unit, si.,
Baltimore, March 17, 1851.
Mrs. B. B. Norris?Dear Madam: It give* me
gre;u pleasure in recommending to public favor vour
valuable medicine, (Cedar Tar,) as an excellent pre
ventative or curative in the first stages of bronchial
a flections, or diseases of the lungs, and also as a
very valuable tonic. Yours, very respectfully,
T. II. Wrkiiit, M. I>.
Baltimore. March 27,1851.
Mrs. B. IS. Norris?Madam : It gives me pleasure
to recomme nd to the favorable notice of the public
your valuable medicine, (Cedar Tar,) in bronchial
affections and diseases of the lungs.
Thomas Owinos, M. D.
We invite the attention of the public to the follow
ing certificate from the Rev. Augustus Webster. D.D..
one nf the Pastors of St. John's Church. Libcrtv st.,
Baltimore, October 28,1851.
Mr.'. B. II. Norris?Dear Madam: Having used
your Cedar Tar with benefit to niy throat, I very
cheerfully give my testimony to its excellence.
V\ itli respect, A. Webster.
Baltimore, May 27,1851.
Mrs. Norris?Dear Madam: Permit me to say to
you, for the benefit of others similarly afflicted, that I
was taken last November with a severe cough and a
general weakness that completely prostrated me.
l-or several months I was so far reduced that 1 could
not attend to my business. 1 liecumc so weak Uiat
I was not able to sit up for more than a half hour at
a time, when I would be compelled to lie down to
gain strength. I tried a dozen different articles, re
cominended to me as cures, but received no relief
from any of them. My cough and weakness increas
ed, and. in fact, I was so far gone that I seriously
thought I should die, when I heard of vour valuable
medicine, the Cedar Tar. I tried if. and I had taken
it but a few days before I found great relief. My ap
petite became so good that 1 could eat anything that
was placed before me. I would recommend it to
all aftlicied like myself, as a certain cure, for I con
sider myself now perfectly well.
Yours respectfully, J. F. M \rtiv,
No. 1*28, Franklin street.
For sal.! by Druggists throughout the City and Dis
trict of Columbia.
(XJ" Price ,<l per bottle, or six bottles for .*5.
jy 5-tf
I'ntent Rights for sale.?MICHAEL NOI'RSE 4c
; CO.. of this city, have been appointed the exclusive
i agents for the Lnited States for the sale of rights in
i the above machine. It has been thoroughly tested
and pronounced by practical brickinakers through
out the country to lie the best machine for the pitr
pose that has yet been produced. It is successfully
worked by the application of any motive power,
steam, water of horse. With two light horses the
clay is tempered, and at the same time six bricks are
mnulded iu five seconds in the very best manner,
thus excelling in rapidity of operation any other ma
chine tor that purpose now known.
The issue of the American patent is only delayed
until the machine can be protected abroad. Mean
while. M. N. & Co. are prepared to negotiate for the
sale of any amount of territory, and to give a good
title to the same.
Apply bv letter, (|nist paid.) or at their ofliee, cor
ner of 8th and E streets, near the Po?t Office Depart
ment. jy 6
"i/c that hath an car to hear let him hear."
Baltimore, Nov. 10, 1845.
Dear Madam,?The duties ol my business have ex
posed me to coughs, cold, asthma, and puhuoniiry af
fections. I have been deprived of the power of at
tending to the duties of my profession, and should
have been, had it not have been for the benign effects
of your MEDICATED CANDY. I tried itbutafew
hours le-fore I began to reap the advantage of its
effects. Mv cough and hoarseness left nie.
and my appetite greatly improved. |, therefore, have
no hesitation iu adding my testimony to that of the
manv who have experienced the benefits of your valu
able Cough Candy. WILLIAM MERCER.
For sale by Druggists throughout tlie city, Stale and
District of Columbia, cenerallv. ivft-tf
Hoiiw Furnishing <;0od*>.
^JUCII as American and English Knives and Forks.
^ (which took tin- premium at the late Fair.) fine
Plated Dining and Dish Forks, Tabic and Tea
Spoons, (premium,) Albatta Tea and Table Spoons,
Carvers and Forks, Steels, Butter Knives, &e.;
Brass ami Plated Candlesticks, Family Grindstones,
Tea Travs. Hand Waiters, Tea and" Dinner Bells.
Coffee Mills, Shovel* and Tongs. Irons, Flat Iron*;
Fenders. Curtain Bands and Pins, Dusting Brushes,
Sweeping Brushes, Sieves, Pots, Ovens and Lids.
Tea Kettles, &??., &c., such as are to be found in a
well regulated Hardware, Store, at
)jr 9-lmeo Opposite Brown's Hotel.
Corner of 6th and H street*,
MAY now be seen in full play from 8*a. m.
to 11 p. m.. and as the Ladies come up
in crowds exclaiming, -Oh! how delightfully
cool aud refreshing!" its pure bright and
sparkling waters are reflected from their
brighter eyes like sinlight from a diamond.
No flaming advertisement, with striking cap
tions in stirring capitals, have heralded forth
in grandiloquent phrase this modest establish
raent, but the public may rest assured that
here only in this city can be found the gen
uine carbonated patent atmospheric Soda
Fountain, improved, by which alone pure
SODA WATER can be obtained fresh at every
draught. S, R. SYLVESTER, j
Druggist and Pharmaceutist,
m 2.'??eo ,1m Corner fith and 1! street. I
rIE undersigned most respectfully calls I
the attention o! the Citizens of Wa*hing
i ton. and others visiting the City, to the fact
I that he has recently procured a set of FOUNTS <
; from the North, lox manufacturing Soda
' Water.
These Soda Water Founts have a Jecided
I advantage over those which are now used j
I generally, as they ar? not made of copper, i
i but of a composition that is as pure as glass;
consequently the water cannot become iin- |
pregnated from the metal. j
There are in use now in New York over
three hundred.
The public is respectfully solicited to call)
and test the quality of this delicious bever- .
age at
GEO. NORBECK'S, Pcnn. avenue,
between 9th and 10th streets,
july 1-eotf ?
To Builders, Carpenters, and Contractors.
HAVING taken great pains to lay in a good ami '
general assortment of BUILDING II All I'
i WARE. I am now prepared to ofi'er to those want- |
j ing such kmIs sueh inducements as I am convinced ;
will suit. I am determined not to be undersold ftv |
any house in Washington. All my goods come di
reel from the manufactories, which enables int: to !
offer them at New York and Philadelphia prices;
and making the building material my principal tiaricq
I think I can conic a litllc under others in tills !tui* j
of business.
I enumerate in part Mor. Villa, Mor. Hotel, Rah. |
Mor., Sliding-Door. Locks and Latches, Mor. Night .
Latches, Plated Furniture, Horizontal, Upright. Ru i
rel, Cottage, lintel, Western, and Novelty Itini ;
Locks and hatches. Rim Latches, all kinds; White ?
Porcelain Knobs with Porcelain Rose or Plate Fui
tiiture; Hark Min'l, Grey Mini, Variegated Mini 1
and all kinds ot' Hose and Fancy color Knobs fm'|
Front or Parlor Knobs, with the patent Silver glass
Knobs, an article that needs only to be brushed oil ,
to dean it. and always showing a fine plate ; the old
plated knobs, when they are cleaned, leaves a dirty \
s|xu on the door. Also, Sash Fastenings, all the dif
ferent patterns; Window-Blind Fastenings, Inside
Shutter fastenings, Cupboard Catclies, Hooks and
Eyes, Loose and Fast Joint Butts, lltnges, Parlia
nient Hinges, Plant & Parlour's patent Shuttri
Hinges,; Bolts of all kinds, Nails, Screws, Flat am!
Coat Hooks. Pulleys, Sash Weights, Sash Cord, .??!?? I
many other things too numerous to mention, which
will be sold low. K. WHEELER,
Sign of the Gun and Padlock,
jy 9-1 ineo < )p|H>site Brown's Hotel.
TI1E Undersigned would respectfully inform
his friends, acquaintances, and the public
generally that he still continues to executo ?/?
orders in his lino of business in the best man
ner and at the shortest noticc.
neatly and promptly executed.
, Attended to at the shortest no
*? "^tice and in the best manner.?
Bnrlifs preserved in the most perJcct manner,
even in the wannest weather.
Thankful for past favors, he would most re
spectfully solicit and will endeavor to merit a
continuance of the same.
Pennsylvania avenue, south side.
between 9th and 10th streets.
Residence: Mr. Martin's, D street, third
house east of 7th street. je 30
Pennsylvania avenue,betiveen 'Jth ami IWA reefs,
Next uoortoGai.t it Brothers"Jewelry Store,
Goods as LOW, wholesale or retail, as in any
city in the Union.
Particular atuiitwn given to this department in
procuring aud keeping constantly on hand a great
variety of the latest and most approved style of
Goods required by Carpenters and Builders.
The only complete assortment in the District, con
sisting of everythmg required in the business.
Looking Glass Plates, Hair Cloth. Curled Hair,
Moss, Gimp, and Gimp Tacks, Webbing. Springs,
Castors, Walnut, Mahogany, and Kosc Wood
Moulding, Sic.
Guns. Kiflcs, Pistols, Ammunition of all kinds,
Bowie Knives, Gun Fixings, Fishing Tackle, tic.
Very superior Table Cutlery, Kitchcn Utensils,
Silver Plated Spoous anil Forks, German Silver and
Britannia, Ditto.
Rird Cages, llai Balls, Marbles, India Rubber
Goods, Percussion Cap.', Fishing Lines, Penknives,
Tacks, Pistols, lite., very low at wholesale.
jy 14-eo3m H. I.INDSLEY.
lVrw York .llarblrd Iron Work*.
Office utiil Safes /loom, No. 113, Ihoaitrmj, opposite .
AYt Haven Railroad Dri>ot, Manufiutory corner j
of 6tli uremic mi J 47th street, near the Crrptal Pal !
are, Xew York.
rpiIE original and most extensive Manufacturers '
r \SES,COUNTERS, & c. Also, all kinds of CAST
INGS, for Buildings, such as WINDOW LINTELS. |
The above Company, having just completed a new
aud most extensive Foundry and Manufactory, beg
leave to call the attention of Architects, Builders,
and the public generally to their assortment of Mar
blcized Iron Mantels, and other Articles, which they
are now producing oil an enlarged scale; the beauty
and desigus of which, and their exquisite finish, have
never been equalled and cannot be excelled.
The exact imitations of the finest varieties of Mar
hie, such as Egyptian, Sienna. Brocatelle, Verd An
tique, Agate, Prince Albert, Jaspar, Pyreuesc, Light
Spar. White Statuary. Stc.. have elicited the un
qualified commendation ot" connoisseurs in Marbles,
and fully established their jiopulanty with the pub
Some of the advantages in this discovery consist
in its capability of withstanding a high degree of
heat, of resisting oils and acids, which stain and de
face Marble, and their cheapness, (being about one- j
third the cost,) in comparison ?ith all other kinds ot
Mantels; also, of being packed and sent Willi safety
to any part of the country.
The Marbling department is under the direction of
Mr. E. Shoemaker, who first introduced this inval
uable discovery to the public, and demonstrated its
practical utility and application to in<'t:ils aud other
substances. Circulars, with plates, exhibiting the
varieties of pattern, will be furnished when desired.
Address orders aud communications to
jy ?co CHARLES CROSBY. Sec"y.
? Corner oe Cihri.es street, Baltimore, Mn., i
i ,4 RE daily adding to their rich and elegant stuck of ?
; 1\- GOODS, aud invite citizens aud strangers to j
call and cxamiue their assortment, consisting in |?art .
' of English GOLD LEVERS, of the best makers, ,
j with Hunting, Magic, and open cases; fine Swiss ;
Levers and Lepines, ami silver watches of?very va j
, riety and style.
Rich Diamonds, Pearls,and other Precious Stones,
set in the most approved styles.
Bracelets, Ivir Kings. Pins, Chatlains, gold Fob,
Vest, and Guard Chains, Keys. Pencils, Studs,
Sleeve aud Vest Buttons, with every variety ot Jew
Rich silver Tea. and < 'offec sets. Pitchers, G<?bleis,
Cups, Waiters, Baskets, Spoons, Pie, Desert, Cake, j
ami Ice Cream Knives.
Fine plated Tea and Coffee sets, plated Rackets, j
Castors, Egg Stands. Epergnes, Vegetable pishes, |
plated and alhatta. Also, albatta Forks and Spoons, i
together with a great variety ot Fancy Good*, such
as rich Vases, Card Baskets," Perfume Bottles. Fans,
Port in on naii*s, Jewelry Cases, Caskets, and \\ ork
Boxes. Also, ladies' and geiitlemnii's Wruing Desks,
and Dressing Cas*s.
{ttj- Clocks, Broit7.es, Parion and Dresden Goods,
in every variety. All of which can be had cm the
most reasonable terms.
Leave daily, except Sunday, at 6 and 8 a. in.,
3# and 5 p. in. |
On Sunday at 6 a. in., and 5 p. oi.
Tlie Train at 5 p. m. is Express. and stops only at '
Annapolis Junction and Relay; the others at all way <
Trains at 8 a. ni. and 3\ p. in., connect with An
Trains at fi a. in. and 5 p. in., connect \\ est.
Trains at 6 mid 8 a. in. and 5 p. in., connect East.
Fare from Washington to Baltimore ?1 2.">
Tin do do and return 1 SO
IK) do Annapolis 12.% j
I)o do do and return 1 .VI
The roond trip tickets tnti-t in all cases In- pro j
cured at the office, and are good tor llie day ?|?>n i
which they arc issued. T. II. PARSONS,
jy 16-tf A pent.
for harprr k VRRK V
, , The splendid Steam Packet CON- i
?? GRESS, Captain Yolkky Pi-hseix,
ffgrjuiiiiiM having Im-<.|, thoroughly repaired and
nut in complete order, will commence her regular
trips between IIARI'ER'H FERRY and GEORGE- i
TOWN, on Monday, July, lltli, leaving Rittcr's
wharf, Market street Bridge, west of the Market
House, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at j
6 o'clock, a. in., arriving at Harper's Ferry in tune j
for the cars join; west. Returning, leave Harper's
Ferry every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdiu, nt
fi o'clock, a. in., arriving in Georgetown tlie same
Way pas.-engcrs will Ik: landed at any point on the
Canal, at reasonable rates. j
Parties of pleasure can obtain passage at hall ,
price. j
All packages intended for the Gangrcst to Ik- left j
at W. H. Ritter's warehouse, where all information
concerning the N?at may be obtained.
Through passage#!. _ .
Georgetowk, July 1853. jy 5-eoltn*
For Piney Point, Old Point, and Norfolk. I
Ifc, The steamer OSCKOLA having
been tlioronshly repaired, coiiiiikiic
cd running regularly to the above places on the fitli
in?tanl; leaving Washington every Wednesday and
Saturday at 9o'clock, a. in.; returning, leave Nor
folk every Monday and Thursday, at 4 o'clock, p.
in. She touches regularly at Piiier Point. < Hd i
Point, Cone River, and the intermediate landings on ]
the Potomac, for signals or to land, and arrives at i
Norfolk in lime for the James River boats, and for
the Southern cars.
Pgssage and fare to Norfolk - - - - - - ??"> 00
? '? Old Point 'I 00
" " Finer l'<??i>i - -----200
jy 7_dtf Captain.
lialtimore and Ohio Railroad. from Haiti- !
more to Wheeling, and connecting there |
with the targe, new, and .splendid istcanurs j
of the Union Line on the Ohio, and the 1
stage* to Zaneirifte, \r.
1MIIS EXPEDITIOUS LINE being now thorough- j
. ly completed, by Uie late finishing of the Great
Board Tree Tunnel, and the road being in excellent
order, the earnest attention of travellers is confident- i
ly directed to its Mi|>erior advantages and low fare-.
The scenery upon this road is of the most stupend
ous and attractive character.
The Express Mail Tram leaves Baltimore daily at
7 p. m., and runs directly through to Wheeling. (380
miles) in 18 or 19 lumrs, including all stoppages, ar
riving there at 2 or 3 p. in., next day ; or. passengers ;
leaving Baltimore at 8 a. in. may lay over for lodg
jug in Cumtieriand, (179 miles,) and proceed thence
to Wheeling in the morning.
To connect with these train*, the cars leave
Washington at fi a. in., and 5 p. in., daily, meeting
the cars from Baltimore at the Washington Junc
tion, (better known as the Relay House,) 9 miles
from Baltimore.
At Wheeling, the seven unrivalled steamers of the
I'nion Line, which have just been completed for
this route, form a daily connection with the cars,
and convey passengers down the Ohio to I 'meinnati
and Louisville, where the stages for Nashville, fce..
or the St. Louis and New Orleans packets may lie >
takeu by those going further oil.
Passengers for Columbus (or who prefer the land
route to Cincinnati) and other parts of Ohio, and the J
West may also proceed direct from Wheeling ill the
Ohio Stage Company's excellent coaches over the
best part of the National Road to Zancsville, Ate., 1
and thence by railroad.
Passengers for WeUsville and Cleveland by steam
boat and railroad will also find this a most agreeable I
route, there being a regular and speedy connexion
at Wheeling to and from those places.
{by- Baggage cheeked through from Washington
to Wheeling, and no charge of transfer of jiasseii
gers or baggage.
Fare by through ticket (with the right to lie over
anywhere on the route) from Washington to Wheel
ing .>"9 ?W; to Cincinnati $11; to Louisville ?12
Tickets to b-had of Mr. Parsons, Agent, nt the
Railroad Station, Washington, and of the other
agents of the Company. WM. PARK KR,
jy 8 General Superintendent.
The Nrw York and LirrrpMl United
Ml at en .11 a i I ttteauiera.
The ships comprising this line are:
The Atlantic - Captain West.
The Pacific - - - Captain Nye.
The. Arctic - Captain Luce.
The Baltic - - - Captain Comstoek.
The Adriatic - Captain Grafton.
These ships having l>cen built by con
_ tract cxpre?ly for Government service,
every care has been taken in their construction, as
also in their engines, to insure strength ami speed;
and their accommodation-for passengers are unequal
ed for elegance and comfort.
Price of passage Irom New York to Liverpool in
first cabin. $1*20; in second catnu, *70. Exclusive
use of extra -size state-rooms, .?*??300. From Liverpool
to New York. JE3U and ?20.
An experienced surgeon attached to each ship.
No berths can be secured until paid for.
DATES OK sailing.
From Heir York. From fjrcrpool.
S;iUirday - - -July 9 Wednesday - - July 131
Saturday - - - July 23 Wednesday - July 27
Saturday - - - Aug. fi Wednesday - - Aug. 10
Saturday - - - Aug.20 Wednesday - - Aug. 24
Saturday - - - Sept. 3 Wednesday - Sept. 7
Saturday - - - Sept.17 Wednesday - - Sc|*.21
Saturday - - - Oct. I Wednesday - - lh:t. ;
Saturday - - - Oct. l-i Wednesday - - 'let. 19
Saturday - - - ' H*t. 29 Wednesday - - Nov. 2
Saturday - - - Nov. 12 Wednesday - - Nov. 16
Saturday - - - Nov.'JO Wednesday - - Nov. 30
Saturday - - - Dec. 10 Wednesday - - Dec. 11
Saturday - - - Dec.24 Wednesday - - Dec. 2ft ^
For freight or passage applv to
No. .t6 Wall street, N. Y. !
13 King's Arms Yajd, London.
26 Rue Notre Hatne des Victoires, Paris. \
The owners of these ships will not be accountable
for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry. prc<-iou>
stones, or metal*, unless bills of lading an; signed
therefor, and the value thereof therein expressed.
The ships comprising this line are the \V ASHJNG
>N, Captain E. M. Fitch; HERMANN, Captain
E. Higgins.
These steamers stop at Southampton both going
and returning.
From New York. From Hrcmm.
Washington - - Saturday, June 1^. July 1"?.
Hermann - - - Saturday. July lfi. Aug. 12.
Washington - - Saturday, Aug. 13. Sept. 9.
Hermann - - - Saturday, S'-pt. 10. Oct. 7.
Washington - - Saturday, Oct. K Nov. 4.
Hermann - - - Saturday, Nov. Dee. 2.
Washington- Saturday, D-c. 3. Dec. 30.
Hermann - - - Saturday, Dec. 31.
From SoiUhiimptin to Wir Fort".
Washington Wednesday. Jidy 20.
Hermann ------- Wednesday, Aug. 17.
Washington - ----- Wednesday. Sept. 14.
Hermann ------- Wednesday, < *ct. ly.
Washington Wednesday, Nov. 9.
Hermann - - - ... Wednesday, I ice. 7.
Washington ------ Wednesday, Jan. 4.
Price of passage from New York to douihainpion or
First Cabin, main saloon ------ ?l-lft
" lower saloon ------ 100
Second cabin - -- -- -- -- - fiO
All letters and new*.papers must pass through the
post otfice.
No bill* ol lading will be signed on the day of nail
An experienced sur*eon is attached toeaeh steamer.
For freight or passage applv to
26 South street. New York.
jy 6 WILLIAM ISEL1N, Havre.
THIS agreeable bathing place, and quel r.treai
for those in -carch of health and rational .^*7
ure, hnvins kw? leased by the undersigned with
view to the purchnee of it, if successful m hiK.ff,.,.
to accommodate the public, Vw opened for the
sonon Wednesday, 15tli June.
Many and varied improvements have been r-r.,,1
ly made calculated to promote the comtbrt ot ti
ters. and nothing shall be omni.il by the i'r.
and bis family which can afford ib-iea-t v.,?x1,c.
to his guests. Parents and their . hildt.n w in hrrv
find all the comforts of home in ample ptovtam,
whilst the devotee of fishing mi) come aasvn .1 that
every necessary arrangement for hi* ircnnimmininii
in the way of fishing boats and tackle, wtm r
person* to wan on him whilst engaged u,
vating sport, has been ftilly made. In addmo,, \
seme will be daily drawn h* the accommodate
the place and the aiuuMOKnlof v isitei>, w bit* j
rate band of music will be in readiness, ,i?, ?r(t
night, lor the amnseinetit ami rccreatmn 14 oh>t
who may call it intu service.
Visiters from Washington, f>?rrctnwti. and m,,
andria, ran reach the I'oiat on Monday. lVedii<v.
day, and Saturday of each week by mean* .4 t|?
steamers Powhatan, t?sce?da. and Cotmnlit*. and
can return on Tuesday, Thursday, Fn4.i v, an.! >oa
day of each week by the same Itoats.
The terms of board at the Point will ,
siiicle day. .?1 50 per day for three days an.|l>>*th:,n
a week, .?'10 per week, and w;r month. Chd
dren and servants half price.
WIU..IAM W l?(X.
Formerly Proprietor ol tin Fountain
jv 7?-im Inn. Light street, Baltimore.
Fanqnirr While Mnlphar KprU|?,
Hfly mile* 1rr*f if DiUrirt nj Columbia.
rpillS establishment i< nowopen for me rep?.|^lor,
A of visiters. The h< aling qualities of A* Water
are well established, and bj many are rit*t4nl ??
inferior to none in the State. The buildings ?r,
ii|w?n a large scale. ta*tcfull\ arranged, mth -|<aeii?M
porticoes, ballroom* ami pallets, cxt>iiH\<
walks, and covered ways shaded by Irf-autiftil tree*.
A lirst-rale band of music lias lie?-u Nccnre.l. and a
most ample supply of the \< r> liest winns. Inpmn.
and stores which the conntry could afford, w ithout
re?rd to price. Rflietcnt. p.?hte. account* slating
agents will endeavor to make the time of the guc-u
as agreeable as fiossihle.
Terms ot b>*rri as follows: $r*n f.irtlie seawtn end
ing 1-t October; lor diree mouths. .??5; t.?r two
month'', for one month. (tTK;'fr?r two weeks
*1?; one week. flu; per day. $1.75; meals an<t
lodging*, each 50 cents. Children luirier twelve
years, and servants, half price. \o charge tor
children under two >ears. Horses, .ViccMs |*r d*\,
or *10 |H-r mouth. The very be?t w mr< ami lii|uors
havurr lieen obtained, eor^nce ??f ftl a ootit#-. and M.
|ir.ipt>rtioii for lareer quautitn-s, will Im- . liarje.! on
all that -hall lw bnui^ht to the place by other*. Bills
ptn-nlile weekly.
The Alexandna and Oratije Railroad is ihiw .
(ileted to Warretiton. ami the car? b-ave Ali \an.lru
at eight o'cloek evety m.?rnin? e*eept Ktiuday, n,d
g? t to Warrenton ui ahont two-and-? halt lH.ur-.
when* a first rate line of stages w ill lake the ;a-.? 1, '
g?rs immediately tothe Springs, six-and a half miles
over a MeAdamiu d nwd: returning, thr .-ar- b .ivc
Warrenton at I oVIock, and pa-M>nr?T- 1-1 1,,
Ale*amlna and Washington 111 time lor the ev.-nwn
train to Kultimore. Another train ot car- i?av.-?
Alexandria at .*< p. 111., and get- to Reali ton m alsiut
two and-a half hours, when a first rare ||tl>. ?f
coa.*h<-s will take the pa?euger- about mm mil. >? to
the Springs, over a good >ummer road. Fare by
either i*Mtte from Alexandria to the .-sprurg , *0. si
Tranllers who ?^p<te by Qordn?\-|||e a ill "have
equally g'sal coaches to i'ul|M |H'r t'ourt liou-r,
whieli place thev leix-e at 7 a. in. m the car*, ami get
to He.ileton III ;<(? millllte.-. Where lite < .la.'hi - ? ill
take them llniucdiately to the S|?ring-. thus makiii<
two dailv line* from Realeton. and <m? from War
renton to the S|*ring?. Persons may ImkfM at the
Sftrings. dine and ^-peiid abmit lour 111 Alexandria,
and return to the Springs by siuiM t of the -aim day!
Passencr- bv the evening train tr?n?i Ki.-limond g*'t
to the S|mngs by noon the ne\t day. By the <;.?r
donsvijle route, they sleep at f'ul;ieppert'..urt hoiis?
and r't to the Springs about nine next ui'^ning. A
g?s?d line of e?taclie? w ill go from thu Spring- to New
Market three times a week, ting at fames'*
Cro*? Roads wiUi the Winetwrter line.
j>*92ni Sii|e'rint<-iif|eiit.
Hew York, May 31, 1852 -The Director!
of the Association lor the Fxlubition ot the luda-trv
of all Nations, give notice that iheKxhitMtion will bo
o|N iied <?n tlie 15th of July.
In making this announcement, the |iir< .*tors avail
themselves of tin- ofifxmumty t>> state tliat tin build
ing which they have erected, and the I'xhil.itioii
which they have prepared. ill. tln v lielieve. tally
tm-et the just ex;H*etaiimi- of the public.
It i? pr..|? r llial it rhotild Im' known thai, in order
to aftord ample scope for the inventive talent and
skill of our country men in iWK'hiuery and agrn-ultural
iniplcinents, we have increased the .-i/.t- of iht build
tng by adding ncarlv one fourth to its an a. bevond
what wae onsmally contemplated. si? that w?- iuvi:
now for the pur|iose> ofexhihiti.m two hundred duar
sand square feet. ?>r m-arlv five a? rcs.
Not liimtingtlicir plans to a di-|ila> inen ly ruri.m<
or attractive, ilie I lire.-tors liavs orgamxed a .b|<art
inent of mineralogy and geology, hi which -on."
the best scientific talent of the country ha- Iven
employed; and the foundation is'thu* laid of a mrvt
valuable national collection of the mineral r< source*
of the .ountry.
The Directors had Imped to open the (Exhibition at
an earliei period, but the novelty and intricacy ..I the
?tvle of construction, and the hitrh standard oi archi
tectum I beauty which it has been the otij. ct ol the
AMoeiation to attain, have produced delay, and it
has been impracticable for the Directors, notwith
standing tli.-ir utmost vigilance and tln-ir most earned
di'sire, to announce the opening at an earlier day.
In reganl tn the general eharaefrofthe F\lul.it|.?i,
the re*ult promises to be most gratitvuig, ami not uu
worthy ol the confidence inaiiiteMed toward- it by
the <!?irernment ol the I'mle.1 Slates, a confid' nee
which has elicited a cordial response tn.m tli<- ii?r
emmcnts of foreign countries. It will, unquestion
ably. be the most attractive and interesting eollerttun
of the works of art, tlw results ol science, and ih?
production-of industry, that has ever vet been mitb:
m tills coiintrv'. ami wdl tend to in.-rea-c tli?' actn?
emulation of die age in every branch of intcJIectui!
The sole charge of the interior of the buil.lfeig. its
division, arrangements, classification, and |M>lice.lias
been confided to two officers <>t'the Navv of the
I liited Suites. Captain- S. F. lhi|iont and t'. H.
Davis; and the sanctum ol tin Government given la
the appointment of tlie-e geiitb'iiieu. who have >n
much distingm-he<| themselves hi tin -pecial service
in which diey have Uc< u euiploved, aflord- (*<?of ol
the confidence reposed and the mter< -t felt bv the high
est autlioritiHs of tin- countrx , in the general ol>ie<-t?
of the enterprise.
These gi'iitlemcu have organized their depattmeut
as follows:
J. M. Bacln'Mer ?Se?-retan of the Siipenntetidenl.
Samuel Webber?Arrangement ol Space and C'la?
Prof. B. Sqliman. ir?Mmeralogv and t'hemi-try,
B. P. Johnson Agricultural Implcim nt?,
Joseph E. Holmes?Maeliim rv ;
Fdward Vincent?Textile Fabrics;
Feii* Piatti?Scnlpnue.
The Official Catalogue* ami the lliusfat. d W.e^v
Record of the Ktbibiti.in arc to l? publi-lnd. in the
Building, by Messrs. ti. p. Putnam &. Co., under the
supervision of the Association.
The Directors haxe s?'tisihly felt the coiifid* n ?? re
[Kised in tliem by their fellow citixeu- in all part- ol
the conntrx'. and they will continue to make every
effort to satisfy their just ex|?ecta!toiis.
Mortimer Living-ton, Philip Burrow <??..
Alfred Pell. Johnstoa l?ivmgstoe,
August Beliuont, Charles W. Forfer.
Alex. Hamilton.jr., Theodore Sivtgwn-k,
fle*?rge L. i4ehux1er, William W. Siom ,
Klbert J.Aodrson, William Wlettoii,
Henry R. Diinliam. John Dunlrim,
W.C. H. Waddell. William Kent,
Jacoli A. West. *rvHt, Walts Sli'-rinaii,
James A. Hauiiltou. F. W. Rdinond-,
Samuel Nietiotsoii.
THF.ODORK skim; WICK. Pre^idMi'.
? WIIETTKK, Vice-President, Treasurer. K s.- y.
I'- f - Sti xrt. A<si-tant Secretary. j?.*. tt
FredrrirU White Mnlphur Nprins-.
'T'HIS long-established watering place bann; pa*
A s?d into the hand - of the sub-bribers, thev l?gl"
anuouiice tothe public that th?-v are now p> pa *.'
for the reception an^ entertnimiient ot i isi?cr?. %n
extended panegyric of the remedial virtu. ? .?! tii<-e
waters they deem lisim-ec-sary. |iopiilar ? ?jmiii.<ri. d it
i!ig hack eighty vears. having approved th.-m.
The*e Springs are beautifully -iluai.fi m 1'r. der
iek county, \"a.. five miles from Wim*hestor, and
one mile and a half from ^tejiheiisoii"- l?.|?ot I'.
on the Wmeliester and Harper's Fern Railroad.ae.l
are therefore ot easy accc*- from N.trdi and l'.a?t
\ l-ilers leaving Baltim.ire. Wa-bnirtoti, ki., in lie
morning train arriv m due time t-> dine.
Facilities for die accommodation of gut-I* ;,te
more ample than ever lieforc, a larg. m w budthnt
having been recently erected
lor the following diseases the e water- arc t?i|"d
to he higlily c|fieaetou?: D\spep-ia. lic-r disea?ee,
erii|rtive aff. etious. kc.; and as a diuretic and alter
ative they are unsurpassed.
R. M. h K. JORDAN,
if 8-tlatSep ProprictoM.
WW. CAMPHELL has jm# received
? ke?n* eonstanllr on bind, a full ?ur
ply of BUILDING MATERIALS *' hia place
on 7th street, south sideof the Canal, via * ?>
tnent. Planter, Lime. Hair, and Snnd. ?vbieh
will'be sold low for eai?h or to pnnetunl ??m'
lomer*. Alio, a large lot of SCAFFOLI
POLES, dome of then ol extra length,
m 11?tf

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