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1 aqtiair 1 dav, - J|0 50 1 Mjiiurf 9 week*. fS 7S
IWPMiiHnn, . IV
1 square 3 day*. - 1 00 1 nqtiare 1 month. 4 W
1 4 d*y!., . I 25 1 M,u.,re 3 ???oth?. 10 to
J.?*ianpft<Uym . i jn \ M,nart 6 Month*, It 00
1 square 6 day*, - 1 75,1 ?,Uare 1 >e*r, 30 00
For arivprtMMiieiit* uv^rfd once a week, AO cents
per square will he rhar*ed fhr the Hm. and 37*
cent* |*>r square fur each subsequent insertion.
TEN LINKS or Ito* rtMiMr a square.
Ft an advertisement exceed* * aquare. the air*
will be in elaet proportion.
n fc?u*hfp kvkry *fternoon, (ejckpt si-xpay,)
JttSr 51 * OJii <*. on D ftrect, war 1 Hit, nearly ovpo
4UtheTf>?ttW* "
Ti? ?whscni* r<infhecitiPs of W;i<!?wi.'t.>ii.Gi'or||e
town, anil Alfxitmlriii, :i? A3 I'J per aniniiu. |*av
alitf?SIX CENTS?weekly to the Agent*. To
nit 1! tl?>' subscription prire is THRKE
00M< AVI) Kl FTV CENT!' a vearin tul ranee,
l'VV?? !???!,LARS lor SIX MONTHS, and ONE
I**1.1.\R i??r THREE MoXTlIS. Sixsi.b copies
; t~ ?
Spinl ? Tiirpcnyirie
Kit liiiiiwr.* (>ln*R W?rk?,
l.llkKK &. BKOTIIRB. No. :? a?d ;m South
J Cli.trie.-strci t. Baltimore. Md., and 138 WMrt
.licet. above Mall. Xpw York. Manufacturers, fin
I,<ur~. and Agents lor the sal# of Hnltnuoci, French,
ri;j V e. Jersey Window lila-s. Urnggisls' <;ia-.
s >re. Il iiil'"-'. ''"? Ah <1. dealers in I 'hcmicals
V:.>nf?. oils. t^lue. Varnishes. &<?., a* follow*:
Aliu i Spanish Brown
nr?b?l Kncii'h Ven. Red
^n^.iu Salt* Whiting
?;i'iilx-i AdH Chalk
???>>.,? r.i- Paris Whit*
Hh'.'til*. >?xla K< d I,tail
S..1 Smia
S< ila \-l) '""mac Mineral
>..t|a Sakmtw Indian Red
Salip ir*-. .-mile \ amlyk*- Crown
jo n-fiii- ?! I'm her, raw
B'ira.1, d>? do burnt and powil.
i; i.r-uwri- I'ow-y do do dto|w
I:,u VinoJ Tt-rre de Sienna
i< lwiii< -tone do hurntaiiil powd.
Fl-m;* ^ al|Anr do do dMjis
sngsrfc L'.id Vcrdieris in nil
ri-s.U-s.Kip I'iniiinp
H'li.n dry- P?rt* Purple Brown
do do ? xtra Rfri'-lf head
?lo d'? No. ] ltriti-h l.iistre
rf.. in nil. purs* Wake's Fire proof Paint
U'uil I.. mJ in ? \tra R.e** Pink
,|n do No. I Pumice Stone
Ai -i?l~ K* Tivgo, l*:*lt. do Poxvd'.r
i hri'iix Yellow. b**-t Koiti'ii finm-, Inmn
i! > chemical Piim >|j|h
i!-> Baltimore (>!a/.M r.-' lhnnioiids
ill) V'. I ll<> Points
.4yi-nN f?r Tn'auiuV ?Patent Hrx-r
?#* I'u'ly Knives
\.i I I'limm. Hi.*, ii. dry Pali It.- Knives
oi iii oil lla< k Knives
X d'? do do Put;; in hulk
Yemiilmn. extra do MaiMt-rv
?!?> V". I Linseed t?il
'.ViMki - CIiioiii.- llrccn, l.aril ??d
' (iii
Pm-im Blue, dry or in Sand Paper
?>il Spirits 1
?'f-.in-' r tin ill Mm-, \merieaii
I fir.i marine Bill.- do Irish
Ai.n in :iu tii?-.-n, Woods' F"in;rli?. t"ooper'-j
I'.ui- l.r.vti. drv \amish, \o. I, t-'urint
.! ? in oil d<> \o.?, do
La.iip Black. a-sorted ilo Furniture
do r.-iiiwd il<> do I Vil li
do ell* iiii?*ai ito do Japan
Ivory Black do Hlack
<!-? refined Chip Logwood
Ifc.ip Black (?'round l.ogw.iod
Buck Paint in k?p Chip and ground rustic
do oi cans Madder
r.Hii..'. Ydh.vr Ochre Extract Logwood
friliiiHtifi- do Twine. jy 7 ;jIr|
Law School of Cumberland University,
AT TJ-:x.Vfc\S>7iii.
J^\rl*I.TV. Hon. AHK Ml \ VI i "AKI'TI1KRS, J.-iti
? ->f ill.- i-ircuii Juds -s oi Tmn^f-f.
II 1 V\ I MAN i.KKHV l.itf on?-oi thf .lud?<-s o:
l!i -'lnr.-nii .'.iiHt 01 'IVniii'SM i'.
Hoi,' KRitMl IKI.IM,. KlULKY, tmc oftlu> ('han
r> !lora ><1 Sh?- Slalr.
Jn.i." ?? AHrrilRRss and niJEKX .]. vote thrir
U11 I. t;!ir* I \r!ii>iv.'lv to thf st-lMMd.
in ?o Inttnutioii. I. l?ailv examinations ot
. 1.1.. la- on tli#- t.'\t h.hir.\ 11 n-LHI.-ir rouKf ot
I .mr. hin . \,>laiiatiou~ of tin- daily h-?son- in t!1(
pfosr 4- *!?-? t-xaniiiiation-'.
U .-t kh lii.Mif courts frt roniinon Ian- and i'ipiitv
111 rtlu.-ii >iiid>'in-coiouif'iu-p.-uit.- on a statiMii.-n: iii'
ta.-t !{:? n ??v thf Pmieisors and pr.k-i-< uti- sinm
itir .ui'h all 111** j.rih*i*-?>.'- known in a.-iual jwarTi.-i*. j
I art- >0 tram.-d as to ri-ipiiri- tli.-io to pre j
: '?<l-'. Ms,iK-Mb, and all -oit* 01 dwuimib
M ha mi nMnm ia tin- uiala. Bamr of the i
<.?.?- an taki-ii bj appt-al toil -upn'iui- nnM>t court: I
V. Inch I- h. Id uuMiiliU 01 (hri-la-r-. and 111 puldic ai I
t!?.-1 ml 01 i vi*ry ?>>-i<in. Thf <tinlrnl.- act as clt-rkf. .
-l.'-fidW. jilr.#i, cnvuit judsc.-, and .'lia.M-t-llors. i,.i?l |
in oth?r oiin-ial c.ip ii'ilio c nin.-ct.'d Willi Un-irsuits.
I hf lir-t si'nMoii t'oiiian-iii-fs tin- ihird
W01..I..V in S, pt.-mlM-r. and i-n.ls third Thursila> 1.1 1
r. hru.in. 1 iif Sfi-oiid couiiu. tic. ~ tin->uc. ??. ,||l|? '
M011,lay 111 F. hru.iry. and . nil--?????ond Thurs?ia\ m i
Kepth'?-> ><tr Sims/oh.?Tniiinn fee.^l,i)iadvance; I
coiilniL'. iit |.V -J-J; Ifoarhn;; alioul *.M. SlHd. lit
larn.-h then own Uwks. ulucli ran "iie had in tin- |
t'oui .w-.-10.1- r. ipnr.-d to roiuplHfth* cour-e. 11 n i
Mad ntsfMin aaadvaarcd <-lx-.-. \opre I
vi..;-, -tu.l\ 1.-.pin -| |or a?lnii?ion. J'hi re are lour
icfinar cU-.-;Siud. ui> may enter at an> tun. :
?liuil.!! the Collejial.- year.
I'ii- r.- is a i:i-?^ lfgi-lature coun?rt^<| uidi the !
sK*h??;?!. |
I n ? nnnii.fr 01" student- the |(1-t co*|eeiate v.-ar i
w.i*. ijnty -i\. ~ ? |
|V Presid'-nt Board Trustees. !
hki.m: kii.lv
I MR - .. -cril.. r- niaiiuicaliire and keep cou-iant
? Iv on !. 01.1 all sizes ol I 'hurcli. Faetiiry, Steam
It > ii. F? rr> l.oettinotive, ScIiihiI house, anil Planui
lioa BKi I.-. These bell- ar?- liunv with Ihe patent
ir?n \ok ? w ith uiovfuhlc arms. 'I'hey can lie turn
ed .trownd -<i that tin- eUpfK-r will stn^H in a ne\y
|4:ice. wli .-h is de<iraWe alier a I.. II has be? ii nintf
a lew yi-.ii>. Springs an-alt) ?ed in a new way to
l*<-v.-[ii tii,- clapper troui re-'lin? on le.'i hell, llii-rel.y
j*o!i.n"in? the sound. Tlie-e l?-l|s are nianut'aeain d
I: ?::! He- !m-i stiM-k. and are ea-t in iron easiin_'s.
\i l-:i- l.-in.dry tile-.* were lir?t used, anil are toiin.l
1- U . fr.-at iinprovfiiifnt. NY.- ?ive a written war
raii'v ti:a? it church l? lis l-feak \\1U1iu on. vearlroin
.la:. . i" ;..-:ri-liawith fair n-ajrc, we uill reca-t
Wiiiiout 1 , irt'.'. f In- tone o: all l? lls is warranted.
K.t5 I I- lj.- have lieen e;ist and *old trofn tins
loiinth .. which i- the hest evidence of tli,Mr sii|>.-ri
?nl>. IVe have lift.-en void and -ilver medals,
a*\ i.'ded from the various fair*, ?? tor the he*t h.-ll
tor -onoriHi -n?- -s and purity of tone." HV pay jar
tt -iilsr an. ntion to getting up peals or ehiniiv. and j
< 11: r.*ti, o tiio-e furnished by us. i?nr fonmln is
w ithin a few rial- of the llud-on river, Krie canal.
:.i?l r iili.hid- runnins in every direction. As tlii- is
:h> largest 1-uhli-luaent of the kind in the I'mted
M ite-, am| In- tin- lar?e-| assortment of hells, or
<;? 1- van he lllled with iyeat de-pateh. IN'e can re
lei lo U-It- III any oi ihe States. Old bells taken in
eti'lfiii.ic tor new ones. 1.evils, com pa-sen, Vt-..
< ?u.-tantl> 011 hand. Address
_J> West Tr*y, V. V.
Dygpepgia, it* Causes, Effects, and Remedy.
IT 1- iifc-.-arv imply lo explain toUieuninitiated
? in 1I1. moie-al jo.ifpruilf ucf. that the ?l\idalion of
lie HI.KMl.a11d it-distribution into the organ* ol ah
-.fptioii. circulation. re-|ur;?Uo.i. and secretion, con
-Htute ibe ;>le mmiena oi loic. These orintur arc im
bued wul> tin- iwmI wonderful syiii|iatlietiu affinilia-i
I' II1\ one |>: ihein liecoiue* ill!prop -rly atTected, llcv
t?'conie irritated and intlamed, the stomach is iks
ranged, (niusot'all kinds come on, especially .u tin
'"?ad and luiiiw. accompanied with a burm.'?itheat,
i;.p -;iie. evtreiiic ucrv.HU deluUy, oaii-ea"
ni("'f t it,\iei\,d. (M-es-ion of spirits, dtstiirltc.l file. p.
">.n ? Hill, imli-p tsitioii lo make Ihe slightest phy-u il
' >ert:on, a co-el,iuation of st>Vfn?l 1* all of'thot*
-\ nip!o|?,, .>IWilu.,.;l WhichalfccLs til. whole
s>-i 111. and is called Hy-f? p-ia. N'um.-rnu.-- have
been Hi,* Itfcscripiions ?f ii?. Faculty for till- Ifvdra
h.'.? l"d ?suiijJauit. but with >0 little sitcces -. that ii i
u contUKUi ui.pury?4'an lK-p. p-i:i |? . ured? \\'.
answer it. an! iHycenati-d Ititt.-rs is lln* real Spc. i
tic. I ill.- iiiv aluable Toiiie sjh-.-,1iIv allavs all intlaiii
->i.ipioui>. and, streiiiflheuinx the Pari ii.-. ??
ihf Mi.ina.-h. enables it toyerfmni it- natural fune
l.olis. "ltd lir-allh and Strength are the result.
AI STIN 4i CO, IVholesidc Drug.'i-ts V?v.
Merchants* Ht.w, Hosi.m, General A?. uts. '''
Price i| p?r Untie; si\ bottl<*>i for
0111 ti>r mutations and counterfeit*
K. II. S |- \HI.KR i. CO., No. 1-J<? Pratt st. wliarf
ai,.! < ANHV X Ci ?.t corner ot l.i-ht amll.ombarj
! . Whole- tie Agent -, n.iltimor.-. and on retail '.v
:UI re-p. ct il.le Pru^n is in tills cilv and thrnii"liotft
the colllllrt. jv.V-tf
I, III V.f.W HIi.ll ! J*. >|| IMiK, wholesale deal
er 01 PAPKR of alldescriprio.is. N,,. 14 ||y\\.
o\ RR STRR.KT. corner of Ceniiau >tre.-t, |{alti
liior. . Mil., now otf. rs in lots to -nit pureba-i rs. a
larj. and desirable sti?*k of PAPRK. Ill.f Arili\c
POWliRRS. HINIiRKH" LKATIIKt. Stc? fc,. ai
inanufaeturers' prices. * *'
Anions onr stock may be found the following .le
??"rijij.ou- ot l*ap.-r :
Prm u*g. IVritni/. Colored, Envelop. Tissue Plate
K ink Vote, Han?itirf. Copying. Rbdtiug, Music. Silk'
Pillcrni;'. Marble. Halter-'. Cloili. Sampling, llard'
. Tip, Manilla. Sand. Wrapping. Sheathing.
Mitch Ro\, Sho?*, Tea, Tobacco, Carpet, Log Pa
lvr- kf*.,
\RliS Binders'. Trunk. Bonnet. Straw, Card
fci l Pre-.- Board*.
Rl.*achilip Pov.der?. Alum Cards. Card Sheets,
Pruning and Writing INK, Russia Skins, kc.
PAPER of any size made in order at short no
?M. jy7-if
Co jut 'if a Lfttrr from Mr. John I Jo yd, of
l-.rtr-wen, Harlech, Mt rionstsUirr.
To P,
'?f-ssor HOLLOWAY,
Mi!.- i avail myself of tlie first opportuni
ty ot tri.rming you, that for a very long pe
riod I ., is aliiicted with a dangerous giddi
ness :n..( frequent swimmings in the head, at
tended v loss of appetite, disordered stom
ach, ai> I generally impaired health. Every
means had failed to give me any permanent
, reliet. and at length it bccame so alarming
that F w is really afraid of going about with
out an .rtendant. In this melancholy condi
tion i .\ tited personally upon Mr. Hughes,
, Cheiui.-f. Harlech, for the purpose of consult
I i:ig him is to what I had better do; hefcind
j ly reo ii..mended your Pills. I tried them with
| ?lit del.-;y. and after taking ihem for a short
| time I uii happy to bear testimony to their
j wondei.nl efficacy. I am now restored to
? perfec! .icalth. and enabled to resume my
I usual fluries. You are at liberAvto publish
this letter in any way you m:^Bnk proper.
I am. ?ir, your obedi^^Hervant.
June o, 1852. (Signed) J^T LLOYD.
ht'.rtrar; of a Lett?r from Kilirard Uow/ty, I
of hullo Walk, Tobago, dated April
8///. 1852.
To Professor Holloway,
Dkak Sir?I deem it a duty I owe to you
and the public at large to inform you oV a
most miraculous recover}' from that dreadful
disease. Droi*sy, and which, under (Jod. was
by your invalunble Pills. T tyji? tap- '
ped five times within eight months, and skil
fully treated by two medical practitioners,
but could not get cured until I had recourse
to your remedy, and notwithstanding all I
had undergone, this miraculous medicine |
cured me in the course of six weeks.
These re/ehrated Pill* are wonderfully efjira
rioit* nr the following rum plaint a.
Ague, Inflammation,
Asthma. Jaundice.
Lilious Complaints. Liver Complaints.
Blotches on the Skin. Lumbago,
Bowel Complaints. Piles.
^'dics, Rheumatism.
Constipation of the Retention of Trine,
B iwels. Scrofula, or King's'
Consumption, Evil.
? Debility, Sore Throats,
I Dropsy, Stone and (iravel.
Dysentery, Secondary Symptom*.
Erysipelas. Tic Douloureux,
| female Irregularities, Tumours,
Fevers of all kinds, Ulcers,
i ^ cneral Affections,
('?"V , Worms of all kinds,
lead-ache. \\ eakness front what- |
Indigestion, ever cause. Ac.. Ac. i
Sold at rhe establishment of Professor Hol
I loway. 244. Strand, (near Temple Bar) Lon
| <lon. andbyall Vendors of Medicines through
out the T iiited State-', in Boxes at :;7i c.. S7J
c.. and SI ;">(!<? each. Wholesale by the prin
cipal Drug houses in the Union; and bv
Messrs. A. B. .11). Sands. Xew York.
. ^^'ere *s -1 considerable savins? by tak
ing the larger sizes.
' . ?; Directions for the guidance of pa- I
tients iu every disorder are affixed to each I
x; je 20?eo |
Ik* .V.'.v : ,;KS SK'TIJEll IV l*4?Z
1 . , ?! :KMAr,M',:>' l'ATKNT i
.1.1.1 IKh,' VOLTAIC < l!AI\S. constructed to:
m wor.i .:nii.:i the garments, are the most wonder 1
ill. discovery in medicine and electricity of tlie pre- I
sentilav. They relieve, without pain or sliock. in i
I -uuiluii<*>u.,|v, ueutc m mm* pains?sucli as l?e:ul, I
ear and Umtache. rheumatic pains; tic doloreunx.
ate.; ami by tljeir mild but continuous and iiei-ccpti
[ bl? action on the I"uly, diseases ol" years' standing? I
| "MC'' ?}" local paralysis, iicrvou? complaints, I
"*'1 ?hsciu*?, &.<?., disappear a.- il h\ a miracle; tliev '
j have be.-n applied Willi till' greatest success in all !
j those ?lr? ;;,:tul di-cases in children, .-oiiii.-ioiily callcil
j Co.iy (llaloiis, as also III ease-, ol teething lllliler (lrti
cullies and disorders of the bowels. Ttie> preeipitalc
iner.il> iroin tiieir solution.-; decom;>o?c water; de
ect lite magnetic needle; in short show all tile plic
j noiaenoii <>| a powerful voltaic pile. 'I lie iiislruinenis
producing these effects weigh about two ounces ; ran
lie toldcd up in a pocket liook; are always r. a.i? l.ir
iiislama. icons ii -e, and will last a man his iite-tuue?
litiardiii^' IiiiiiscIi'. J'arnily ami friends, &.c., against
that iiumlier ol ilist-ases complaints iu wliich
in !.l -treamin-eiei-tri. u\ is a pi rteetiv -a!i-, certain,
unit woudcrlul ;|,..-e.iy remedy. The price of a com
IM.'ic chain i- irum .stl to.w."i; l.atteries.^ lo to .?->-J.*?o.
I liicredilil,' as may seem the above f.i.-ts, any per
I sou can C.u-> convince tiimscif beforehand, at the
| depot. o| tin ir truth. Tiic iu:|iortaiice of tlie inven
lio!i h as l*-cn ackiion-ledi'ed in America by the \ca
.li my ol Medici w Vork. and the ciiains have
.?een apptic I with ?rcai snce? ? in tlie ni.'dical col
ejes. the! iiv. lU'llevnc. and Ward'- Island llo-pi
I-iN, 1'riMiklyii i ,iy l|o-pir:i|. jlc.; hi |jir<?]M>, by the
j 1. iv al I ell.*!!**- or f'hy-ii-ia.i- and Si:r*;i ?mi< in l.oii
ilon. by the Academies Vat ion n I c de Medicine at
fjiris; by the Imperial Kaculty al Vienna; bv the
Koyal l'acu'tv at IL rliu, and other scicntilic instiiu
.ions ol'the?!>f hest order, iiieliiding the pi ineipal hos
pitaN in Kwr.|M',
1 he |rfi^ir?'iur>iire in posses-ion of te.<timonials to
lie erteel from ;.ll tin- above liistitillivns in
I Aiuvrica and Kiirope. a- well as of tlie most eminent
Ultai lil.-lliit;.II-licit uieiilliers ol' the priilcs-ion in both
i lu inisplier?>. and invite the p.iblic to examine them.
Full arid illustrated descriptions, one lor |wr.-onal
use, anil one for scientific men, with copies ol'tcsti
?liouials, an.i .i iiiliul.er of cast"* cured in \. n \ ork
an-' Knnipe, ina\ b<* oliiaiued oralis at the office.
' 'l'liey wil, I'orward, tree ?if |Kistace. to any |Kirt of the
Ifiiiird Slates, ?n answer to pre-paid iiii|iiirii>s, con
' tiiiitit.K ihree cents |iosta?e siiuups.
Vo. .r>(is Itroailway, <-or. i'rincc st.
Agents in Baltimore, Messrs. i '"has. &. \Ym. I'.is
pari. No. ,i! \. fiay st.: in Wa?iii(iuton, Dr. Si htck
I iso, corner K and I itli st-., near i'l.mi. avenue.
I jy ?>-?'
J1* ? ni rn.i.\ a- ro.,
->? BALTIMORE, Maryland,
Having, at a very great expense, creeteil an Fsfili
j iishnieii* for the manufacture of AfiltlCPL'rFKAl..
| extensive scale, expressly to meet the w;uits of the
Fuiners and Maulers of tin South and West, would
tueret.ire r. -* ?-ctluIly s>dieit tla-ir patronage.
ith our present hicilitics, ami tin- evocrienceof
; Lie |tst?t t?*i years, we feel . onli.j.-nt of being able to
supply the demand lor r'arui Implements. Machinery
and Tools. We therefore oiler our goods %\ itli con
lidence, of their superiority and prices, that <-au not
! tail to secure to Hall iiuorc this branch of trade.
| As evidence of flit! superiority ot' our goods, we
pi.hliah the following list of I'rcinuinis, showing the
1 standtng of orr Implements and Machinery, when in
competition with others and examined by competent
III 1SIf*, 1849, 1R-.1 and 1ST.2, the Marvlan.l Stale
Ajriculliinil Society, awarded toK. WlflTMAV &
the iii';iikst Premium for the largest anil best
display of i,i,* strongest and most useful Farm Imple
ments and Machinery.
In I85i and lf.'i:J, the Mechanics'Institute of Ma
i viand awarded I..K. WIISTMA\ St t 'o. hisiv y (joi n
Mekals, lor the largest and best display of useful Im
|Jeiiicnt-. And in addition to the above we have re
ceived Special i'rcniiumsoii Implement loo numer
ous t" mention in detail, hut in all amounting to more
'I-in j?I(MI0, which is three limes the amount received
hyanv other.?\hibitor of Agricultural Implement^).? '
, A; the abownamed Exhibitions, liupleiuents were
exlriniteil l>. learly every iiianiifaeturi r in the coun
trv. and liie decision nf those Sm-ieties inav well be
cousii|cre<'.as the highest authority that can be given
ot ihesu|i*'riority of our Impleiiicnis.
We pariicuiarly rupie-tihe attention of Farmers,
I'lanters ami llealers, to our stock, before making
t'urcb.iseii, as w e are determined to sell on tileasiiic
For particulars see Catalogue, which may lie had
{talis, by application, either bv mail, or in person.
1 Baltimore, Md.
A MEDICINE must haw merit, and ?reat merit,
to stand the t?sl ol public opinion. No art ot
man can galvanise a worthless article ?o fts to keep
it up as a good medicine, it'it he not really so.
A good medicine will live, become popular, anil
extend its sales vcar alter year, in spite oi opposition.
The people readily find oiit its virtues, and I lie fame
of them passes from month to mouth with more ra
pidity than new.-papcrs can spread it. A uviNti
witness, testifying to the cure a medicine lias made
for hint, is of far more service than any newspaper
In proof uf what we sav altove. we reter you to
effects. Its praise is in the mouths of multitudes.?
The lu st men in our country {live their testimony to
its wonderful cures. Anions them we name Hon.
H. ('lav, Hon. Richard M. Johnson, Vice President
of the i'nited State*, with hundreds of others. Capt.
Thomas Canot?lirotlier to the celebrated paysician
of the Emperor of France?was cured by it ot a dis
ease of seven vears' standing, after the skill ol all
the Doctors of Europe anil America had failed to
cure. .
Intact, the rich and the poor, young and old, in
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same success attends its use.
Cure of the venerable Doctor DunanV son, ot tie
city of Baltimore, a man well known, and whose
te-timonv adds to the triumph of HAMPTON S \ E
lUt timork. Feliuary SI, 18.V2.
Messrs. Mortimkr & Mi.wiiraV-G.ntleim11 : It
is with real pleasure that I hiii able lo attest to the
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ton's Vegetable Tincture. Some time during la.-t
November I was taken with a very had and serious
cough. I was advised to take Cod Liver Oil, and
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vour Tincture?I srot one bottle,and before I had ta
ken it all. my cough lei! toe. Permit me aj otostate
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ing me at times to my bed. I am fully convinced
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Tincture, ami a kind Providence.
You are. my friends, at liberty to u-e tln? as you
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Vours, very resjiectfully, G. Dl NAN.
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Mr. J. E. Borstt?Dear Sir: While I am in gen
i ral opposed t<< patent medicines, candor compels
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tends, tlierotore. I lake pleasure in rccomim lnhng
it to tlie afflicted as a -ate and efficient remedy. I
aw, very rc-pretfiilly. yours. r , T
Vi- rnon Eskkiook. Chaplain of the P. S. X.
terv. and all diseases of the Stomach and Rowels are
\- ? ciii'e and preventive, it has been wonderfully
>ueeessful. It will be found, on inquiry, that those
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Delieatc f? males and children will find this a great
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IUmcton's Vkoktahi k Tim n r.. ? Call and get
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Liver Complaint, General Weakness. Nervousness,
'? Sold by MORTIMER i MoV.'BRAY. 010
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MOORE. l?- P- CLAIM. E. WALL A< T. ELl.K 'if.
II. MePIlEKSo.N', Washington; ami hi l.'rni".isls
generally. "I,u -?? 11
Worthy a flare in nil I'd mi! if*. Leinr pre
pared by a Regular Graduate and J l/yi
rtati o/ thirty years experience.
DR. J. S. ROSE is an honorary ne-iuber of the phi
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1*20, from ilie Cniversitvoi Pennsylvania, under flic
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Cliapinan.Gibsr.il. Cose, lames and Hare.?natrn s
ce.'ebrated for medical science,?and having had
daily intercourse ami consultation with tho.-e dis
tinguished Physicians, respecting diseases >.t all
kinds, ami the proper remedies inert fore; pud being
-oil'.-iu'tl by thousand-of his patients to put up I::
Pre|ia rat ions, lie n ?w ohers to tin public, as the re
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The Greatest Ifi.-covery in Medical Science!?i'or
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The Liver being fhe largest eland in the human
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All of tiie above preparations, w ith Dr. Rose's
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Va. iv?-lv
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\ jy 9-lmeo Opposite Browii'? Hot'd.
Wriuen tor the Evening Star.
To Mi??
How beautiful, fair girl, art thou.
All rol>?d in innocence and truth;
thy calm and snowy hmw,
Bi-.wns like a crow n, the smiles ofyouth;
Hcuvn's sunshine falls and lights tiiy way.
As one too pure ami bright lor sorrow?
Aii;l virtue's soft and seraph ray,
lustre on thy dawning morrow?
(Jiving a promise that thy lit'".
Shall ever ho with pleasure riff!
T'pon those clear, bright eyes of thine.
That soft, like moonlit waters beam,
I love to gaze, and as they shine,
' ?l tlio.-it; etherial living's dream.
That oft. on us, have smiled in sleep.
Then quickly llown and made us weep?
That e'er tfi man, so much of Heaven.
Hhould jnst he shown?ah! never given !
How -oft the rn.-e upon ihv cheek,
ISient v .lis the lillyV paler line.
Wlio.-e mingling tints of beauty . peak,
A iiil.'ss epirit?calm and trn?-!
Tite smile that wreathes thy rosy lip,
Is young affection's radiant token?
Beauty atul Trnlh tit fellowship.
The symbols of a heuit unbroken;
Within tin bosom holy thought.
As in a temple, liatli its shrine.
Ifeiiilgetil with a glory caught,
From the pure presence ot tliy mind.
Whose lustre flings a hallowing ray
Around thee, calm as orient day !
Oh. may thy life be i vor bright,
As aught thine early dreams have framed,
And not a shadow dim its light,
'Till Heaven in mercy shall have claiui'd
Thee, as a !>? iir* tit for nought
That eatih can boast, till sorrow fraught,
As are its brightest vis-ions. May
Thy life tie one long dream of love,
I'nbroken 'till the final day.
When Heaven shall wait thy ,-oul above.
And emu u thee a.s au angel there,
Who wast indeed au angel here.
Washington, July, 18.V2. Mississippi.
i ^ t Q i ?a O ' , M i t ? I
?? -*? ? ?? m, ka??* w % t |
chapter X.
It will be remembered that on the
evening of. and a few hours previously to
the nuptials, Maximin had desired to have
another interview with the old Thracian
limned us. 1 he meeting, however, did not
take {.lace on the day following the nup- '
tials, as Maximin had suggest*!, for many
da\s wi re devoted to the reception of the
thousands who thronged the ancient
palace of Ormerous: all emulous, not
only of doing honor to the hero of their
country, Maximin; but they had come
from remote regions to look upon the
beautiful bride of the centurian, whose
fame for excellence was equal to that of |
her surpassing loveliness.
Within the halls of that Thracian
palace, then, for many daws, were the
crowds going to and fro:* t he master t hereof
fueling too weighty a senseof the reflected
honor bestowed upon his children, to
desire for a single moment to stav'the!
human torrent that ebbed and flowed, 1
seeminglv with a force as strong as that i
which raises the ocean's face upward to I
the sky.
At le.igth, Maximin ln.gau to grow
impatient of the wearisome attentions of
the pilgrims to the shrine of his bridal,
and determined to avail himself of the
long desired interview with the white
headed old I hracian in whose divinations
he did, it must l>e confessed, have not a
little faith. It is the nature of man now
?it was in the daysjof the Casars,?to
? tiieve those things to be true, which we
hope, and deem it all but impossible,
when our schemes are well laid, that we
shall not succeed. What man desires to
win, he always expects to gain.
< >ne evening, while Maximin and Yol
untina were enjoying a quiet hour in the
extensive gardens of < Imierous, each
drinking in the gentle sweetness of con
genial conversation?the frail, thoucrh
happy bride leaning upon the stalwart
arm of her more than happy lord, like the
tender ivy that cling to the rugged oak
of the mountain, the topic of discourse
rested upon the return of Maximin to
'Na^, nay, dearest Maximin," sighed
the young bride, " thou canst not leave
me here, and go thyself to the capitol,
canst thou f'
"It suits me ill, Yoluntina," replied
Maximin, ?to go hence, and part with
thee again : but I have lal?ors yonder,'"
said he, pointing towards Rome, " which
it were well for me to do."
" Then why shall not I attend on thee,"
"Rome, sweet creature, is one fell pest
house, now. Carracalla, that infamous
prim e, \\ ho would his father have mur
dered, and who did his brother assassi
nate. rides sorely over even the Senate's
heads, and grinds down in the dust, not
only proud patrician families, but stalks
among the plebean crowd like one des
tructive. howling beast.
" lint, doth he not bear thee more hate,
dear Maximin, than well accords with
thy safety, in his corrupt and dangerous
court, ' suggested Yoluntina.
" Iruly and deeply Carracalla hates '
me, but wiule he fears me, he knows full
well my hate lor him is also deep and j
abiding, and that 1 possess no fearin"" I
thought ot him. The army, tho' bought
by him, is as true to me as my own right
arm. And then, the Senate, too,?my
friends are the Patricians?Senators all."
At this point in the conversation, the
noble couple wandered tar from the palace,/"
and turned to retrace their steps, but
through another path than that by which
they came. Passing au angle of the high
walls ot the enclosure, Maximin was at
first surprised to hear a voice, or voices,
as if in earnest argument upon some very
important question.
Hark,?Yoluntina: hear'st thou not
the low and earnest murmuring from yon
crumbling arch/"
" Oh, yes; 'tis old Homedus:?you re
collect him, do you not, my gentle lord.
He was once your favorite among; all our
father's old men."
"1 recollect him well, Yoluntina; but
let us step within yon shady bower, and
hear, which we may then, what thus en
grosses this ancient child of Thrace."
And both Maximin and Voluntina at
the suggestion of the former, glided softly
into the deep shadow of some almost im
penetrable foliage overhanging a bower
in which old Homedus had many a time
beguiled away the long and anxious days
of Voluntina. in rehearsing to her the no
ble deeds of the absent Maximin. and his
growing honors in the Roman army and
his Emperor's service.
The moon shone brightly, but still
there were many stars visible. Indeed,
at this day. there exists the pleasing phe
nomenon. still well known loall who un
derstand the peculiarities of the sky and
country of ancient Thrace, of bright
moonlight, and yet an almost distinct
view of the entire starry myriads of the
heavens. A little beyond the spot occu
pied by Maximin and Voluntina stood
old Ilomedus, attentively reading the
Occasionally he was silent and then he
would burst forth again almost frantically,
at times enthusiastically, constantly in a
language to both his unseen visiters
wholly unknown.
Homedus had once, in his young years,
attended a detachment of Roman soldiers
into Syria, where, having been taken a
prisoner and detained for several years,
he had lierome skilled in the art of astrol
ogy. It was in divination that he was
now engaged, and no doubt could exist as
to the object of his labors, as he was
often heard to intersperse the names of
" Maximin,"?" Rome,*'?" Senate, "?
and many others familiar to the tars of
the centurian.
'?He speak* of the, Maximin,'' said
Voluntina. with some alarm.
"He doth, indeed," replied the husband,
"but fear nothing love; naught in the stars
will read ill of thv lord. Coinc, let us
leave this place, for 1 would not that the
old man were disturbed to-night."
They left their place of concealment
with great caution, and pursued their way
toward the palace. But often as they
turned to look, could lw? seen the long
white hair of the old star-reader floating
away from his shoulders over the soft
breeze, his h<ad making a faint shadow
upon the rough dark wall beside him.
Early on the morning following the
events mentioned in the preceding chap
ter, Maximin despatched a young barba
rian messenger to find old Ilomedus, and
bring him hither.
It was late in the afternoon l*efore the
aged Homedus made his appearance at
the palace, and it may well be imagiued
that one possessing the impetuous temper
of Maximin. had been exceedingly anx
ious for the interview with the old astrol
oger. Suspense had hung about his
thoughts the entire day. for well he knew
that Ilomedus had l>een reading of his
fate in the stars the previous evening.
At the first interview between Maximin
and Homedus, the latter had sufficiently
whetted the keen and sensitive, as well
as ambitious mind of the soldier, to cre
ate an almost insurmountable anxiety
within his bosom.
The sun was rapidly falling from meri
dian into the deep vales of the western
waters, and lighting up the sable hills of
the region round about, as Maximin dis
covered Homedus creeping along one of
the steep mountain paths, at a consider
able distance away, picking his way as
well as he might, while his trembling and
feeble limbs were supported by two stalls,
one in either hand. Maximin went out
to meet him, and as he approached near,
thus accosted the aged man:
' Methinks, good Homedus, thou art not
so deeply interested in the affairs of Max
imin as thou hast seemed."
" Nay. nay. noble youth." returned the
old man falteringly, "thy star is up, and
1 have not forgotten thee."
" Where then, hast thou been the long
day ? 1 sent for thee this morning; ere the
second hour."
" l'ut by thy idle thoughts now, Max
imin, and sit you here by me upon this
turftof earth, and 1 shall tell the why I
have not more quickly answered to thy
When both were seated old 'Homedus
"Maximin, brave youth, thy star is up.
See yonder," eried he, pointing to a bright
star just al>ove the horizon in the eastern
sky, for it was now almost dark. "See
yonder star, 'tis the larger dog, and lies
near the scorpion. Dost look, 'tis now
like an eye, and now 'tis as a blazing dag
ger : yonder lieth the scorpion, which in
the burning summer tells of plagues and
wars. Maximin, in Rome, upon the
throne, is a worse than scorpion, and
beside him there is a worse than all the
precursors of yon raving star. I know
not, of myself, who is Emperor now, may
be, nor who his mistress be. but there
they are in yonder sky, and they would
sting and gnash thee, too, as would yon
dog'd star and that scorpion constellate,"
" 11a ! say'st thou so old man," cried
the warrior " who told thee of Carraealla
and Julia? Ha, ha, thou hast been
biting on some pebbles to sharpen thy
teeth, hast thou not ? Who told thee of
Carraealla and Julia?"
" Tis the first I have yet heard of these."
simply replied the old man to the impetu
ous sally of Maximin. " But it these be
their names, I read of them there last
night," he continued, pointing with all
the fingers of his right hand toward
Canais Major and Scorpio. " I there read
of things, many and strange, last night,
but all I saw t need not now tell thee.
But this, again, thy star is up; and it
rides higher than even those yonder,
which do but portray the Emperor and
his mistress. Thy star is up, Maximin!
pursue it in its course, ana thou a goal
shalt find more noble than yet has ever
fallen on Tliracian head."
"And is this all, old man?1' asked
Maximin, as if disappointed with the ap
parently unsatisfactory interview with hia
old friend.
"It is enough, Maximin," TTomedw
replied. " Pursuethy even forward oovne,
and thou shalt have no cause to murmur
that I did not forestall the future in thy
mind. And now lis well that I leave
thee, Maximin, for the dews of yester
night fell heavily upon my nearly worn
out frame, and I must to my hut.
"Stay a moment," said the soldier. "T
am soon to return to Rome. Uow woulds't
like to bear me company?"
" Cioest thy beautiful bride with thee,
too ?" inquired Homedus.
"It hath not come to decision yet: *tis
like not." ^
"Then I cannot go with thee !"
"How, old man, by what web art thou
linked to Voluntina?
" 'Tis in the stars there written, that I
must not go hence from thy wife. I
know not why. If she may go with thee
to Rome, then will I bear thee feeble
"Then shall she go. and thou too in
our train."
"Doth \ oluntina desire to accompany
thee ( asked Homc<ius.
"Ay, and much."
'Tis well, then: 'twill hasten on events
that now do hidden lie. like the clear sky
behind the unbroken clouds."
And after exchanging the salutations of
parting, Maximin returned to the palace,
and Homedus to his home.
{To he Continued.)
'? Mkx"W anted !'?^ jneii are always
wanted. '1 he supply seldom meets the
demand. And yet many complain that
there is no place for them?they can find
nothing to do?they are not wanted in
the world. Inefficient, lazy, uuskilful
men are not wanted: but men"of capacity
and industry,?men who have made them
selves masters of their business?be it
sawing wood or preaching sermons?are
always wanted. A skilful mechanic sel
dom need seek long for employment. An
energetic, upright merchant'has always
plenty of business.
An able lawyer never waits long for
clients. The eountrv has need of all its
industrious and skilful citizens. Itsman
utacturing and mechanical establishments,
its banks aud railroads, its mercantile and
marine interests, all demand intelligent
and active men to conduct, or assist in
conducting them. And the supply of
such men is not equal to the demand.?
Many promising projects fail for the want
| of capable and experienced men to take
I charge of them.
I Let the rising prnrrotinn jmnHnr
| this truth. If they would take an active
part in the world's bussuess, and receive
a due share of its honor's, they have oulv
to prepare themselves by giving diligent
attention to their business. Let the voud<*
mechanic, instead of spending his eVen
ings in loaling at the corner, improve them
in acquiring a knowledge of the history
and principles of his trade. Let him not
be content w ith a slight knowledge of
business?let him study its theory and
master its practice. Lei him follow the
example set by the great men which every
trade can furninh, and success is certain.
He will not have to wait for an "opening"
lie holds in his hands the opening key.
He need not seek for employment?em
ployment will seek him. Men are want
ed?let our youth see that they make
men of themselves.?Portland Transcript.
Abolished.?Imprisonment for debt
has l>een abolished in Massachusetts by
the Constitutional Convention now sitting
to reform the organic law* of the State.
Who-teal* my imno- etealstrarti; the first r??d cent
Aim in it. ami 1 don't know when it will be:
Hut li?- wlio roll- me ot my cavendish,
Particularly it' lie doe^nt i-hew.
Roll* mi' ot' what he don't know what to do with
AinJ h aves uie in a fix!
A Venezuelan- Fleet.? It is said that
the Government of Venezuela is organ
izing a fleet, and has purchased a vessel
in Baltimore for a man-of-war.
] j Two dollars per day, it is said, are
offered to stone-cutters, about fifteen miles
north of Wheeling, on the Hempfield
tCT'Grisi and Marie are reported to have
said that they will not start for America
until ?4000 ($20,000) is paid them in
advance. Mr. Hackett has gone to Eu
rope?perhaps he will smooth the troubled
Tite President's Sox.?A marble mon
ument, in the obelisk form, has recently
been erected in the ancient burial place in
Concord, over the remains of the son of
President Pierce, killed in January last,
bearing this inscription:
Born April 13, 1K41;
Died January 6, 1853.
" Go thy way, thy son liveth."
R ailroad Debts.?The railroad debts of
certain cities give the following amount to
each inhabitant :?-Philadelphia, $20
Pittsburg. $34: Wheeling, $55, Baltimore
$43: St. liouis and county, $30; Cincin
nati, $7; Louisville, $25; New Orleans
$28: Covington, $17; Chillicothe, $7
Marietta, $20; Milwaukie, $20. This
gives a pretty good idea of the extent to
which subscriptions to railroads have
been carried. There must be a day of
settlement before long.
Marriage op Albonl?The Paris cor
respondent of the Boston Atlas says:?
''f? ^ave tw? raaniages to announce.
A1 lie. Mane Alboni lias returned to Paris
and is living in her newly purchased
house, Cours la Rdae, No. 22 in the
Ch*?P *pysees, and her bans have been
published. She is to marry Count Pepo
h. M lie. Miolau, of the Opera Comique
Mabout to marry M. Camlho, thepi.

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