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An Excellent Family and
Pricf I per annum.
WAI.T.AC1I St HOPE. Proprietors of the Wa<h
ingt- n City Erettin; St,:r, will is.?ue the first number
of their WEEKLY STAR on tin* first Thurwlaj in
Sfptembcr. 1853.
TirRM?:?cents per single copy. To Clubs,
fivp copies for .???"?.00: t?"ii copies lor twentj
copies, ?15.00; cash. inrnriuUy in mtrnnre.
Til* WEEKI.Y >?TAR will he printed on a double
sheet. and will contain more information concerning
what may be going on in Wa>hington than any other
ten newspapers in the country; also, interesting fam
ily miscellaneous reading, &c., lie. The pn>
prietori aim toinnke it a journal which shall be abs?>
lufely neces-ary t? every one who desires to know
what the tJovernment is doing, or contemplating, in
all its branches. Ii will be rich, racy, and rare,
without forfeiting if- character as a newspa|n*r which
will b<* acceptable in every family circle.
The unprecedented -uccess of their Daily Krening
Star wai-anls them in >ayin?r that their Weekly will
he the best, ui>st inter 'sting, and cheapest journal of
the kind in the country.
All orders, portage pcirf, accompanied by the money,
will be promptly attended to. Fractions of a dollar
can be sent in po.-tage -tamps.
Address. WALLACH ?t HOPE,
Proprietors of the t?tar,
Washington city. I). C.
ijf- I'.iatm i.-ter throughout the country are author
ized to act Agents.
(g^-Country editors giving the almve three inser
tion*. and ??ailing attention to it editorially, will be
entitled to twelve utoutirs exchange with the Daily
Ecenins St.nr. ang S?tf
IIT The large circulation of the Star makes
it the most desirable advertising medium in
the District. It has more readers in the cities
of Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria,
than all the other Washington dailies com
The Meeting this Afternoon.
It must not he forgotten that the Mayor
has called the citizens of Washington to
meet at the City Ilall this afternoon at
04 o'clock, to dev se a plan for raising
money for the relief of our sister city New
Orleans, just now suffering as no Ameri
can city ever before suffered from the rav
ages of the yellow fever. We trust that
the gathering will be large, and that the
action of those present will demonstrate
that the people of Washington are neither
unmindful of their own remarkable henltli
and general business prosperity, nor that
they rest under obligations to that mcrci
lul Providence through whose favor they
enjoy these blessings, to extend the hand
of help to their bretheren who are now
suffering, afar off though it be, such ca
lamities. under this terrible scourge.
i irc iW'.Hfiyfl'aiia >nt' in mc
midst of a terrible quarrel with their
colonial government, reminding us in
many of its details of what we read of
the early troubles between the royal
governors and councils, and the people
of the (then) British Colonies of North
America. In this case, however, the
colonists possess advantages vastly supe
rior to those which surrounded our fore
fathers. The marked difference in the
ideas of the respective ages concerning
government, is to them an advantage in
calculably greater than any enjoyed on
this continent, amid the circumstances
leading to the times that "tried men's
souls." Britain, too, is tired of colonies,
however much her commercial interests
may keep her wedded to the policy ol
holding possessions wherein, ns in India,
the mass of the people are virtually slaves.
The discovery of gold in Australia is
causing her ports to swarm with emi
grants better fitted than any other class
to work out her independence, from their
qualities of" mind as well as character:
shrewd, desperate and uncontrolable men.
as a large portion of them are. Australia
already possesses an immense amount of
shipping to be owned in a colony, and
the mass of her people resemble those
of the United States in their enterprise,
far more than the present inhabitants of
Canada, our next door neighbors. The
existing condition of the Chinese empire,
too, is a very tempting bait, alluring
them to break with the mother country ;
ft r they see that it must come under the
virtual control of some European nation
or of the United States in the next half
century, if not under theirs. Indeed, it
strikes us that, in the distance, we have
more to dread in the probable commercial
rivalry of the Australians in the East,
than in that of the mother country.
Horrible Steamship Accidents Ahead.
We have heard it stated that hundreds
of thousands of dollars have been bet on
both sides of the Atlantic upon the com
parative speed of the Cunard steamer Ara
bia, and the Collins line's Aictic, which
are to leave New York together on the
*20th inst. The Arabia was built, doubt
less, expressly to beat any vessel of the
Collins line. It is very certain that the
people in New York expect such a con
test in this coming next trip. It strikes
us that it will l?e strange under such cir
cumstances if either of these steamships
carry out more than a very l>eggarly ac
count of empty passenger berths.
Hot.?The Baltimore Sroi of this morn
ing says that the thermometer in the Sun
office yesterday reached 92 degrees in the
shade, and that in other places it reached
98 and 100 degrees.
So They Oo!
The railroad murders occurring yester
day, may be written down to be a fair
comment upon the verdict of th* New
Jersey Coroner's jury, in the case of the
Camden and Am boy Railroad Company's
murders, perpetrated a day or two since.
This jury found that the company were
blameless, because they had issued orders
which their employees would not obey.
"Who is responsible for the employment of
such agents ? the company or their killed
and wounded? If there is any soundness
in the doctrine that what one does by an
agent, he does by himself, then this plea
of the jury, in behalf of their owner's
pockets, is sheer balderdash. Their find
ing amounts to the simple subterfuge that
the company could not control their own
servants, and are, therefore, blameless.
The State of New Jersey is notoriously
practically owned by this railroad corpo
ration. Though we did not know before
that they had a bill of sale of the con
sciences and oaths of her (New .Jersey's)
juries, to l>e prostituted whenever it may
Ik; necessary to screen their perpetration
of wholesale murders after this fasluon,
from proper scrutiny and the action ol
a healthy public opinion. The great mis
fortune in this case is, that the killed and
maimed were not this same twelve ex
tenuating direct or indirect pensioners of
J the Camden and Amboy mil road mo
Western journals report that in spite of
the efforts of the United States authori
ties in that quarter, emigrants are pour
ing over the line into Nebraska Territory,
under the assurance of Col. Benton, the
Hon. Mr. Hall and others, that they can
not be legally removed by the troops.?
Much of the territory is very desirable,
and its proximity to very thickly settled
portions of Missouri lias, up to very re
cently, made the taskofguarding it against
unlicensed settlement exceedingly diffi
cult. The authorities, however, did man
age to accomplish this object until men
in distinguished positions came forward
to dispute, thus, the legality of the system
of managing Indian territory and United
States territory which the Government
has pursued unquestioned, we believe, to
this time. We have no idea that the De
partments of the Interior and War can
submit to have their jurisdiction in this
case set at nought, without virtually
abandoning all pretence of authority for
the Government in the far West. Yet it
strikes us that if left unchecked for a
?o ?' -- x .
than twice as many troops as are now in
the service of the United States, to turn
out of Nebraska all who have thus gone
into it. On the whole, this bids fair tc
prove one of the most difficult and embar
rassing questions with which the new
Administration is to Ik? confionted.
The Recent Fatal Duel in South Carol'na.
Our comments on this affair, so far.
have been the means of getting us reliable
information concerning its particulars.
We have been thus favored with a sight
of reliable letters from Charleston, from
which we gather that Mr. Legarc was en
gaged to a young lady in Columbia. Her
friends inquired of Dunovant what was
the character and habits of L. ? This
coming to his cars, he inquired of I).
what he had answered: and found that he
had spoken favorably of him. liut not
satisfied with a verbal statement, he de
manded it in writing, which was refused.
Legare challenged on this refusal. The
distance was twelve paces. Le'gare
fired at the word "one," and missed:
Dunovant fired at the word "two," and
killed his antagonist. The survivor was
wholly uaskillcd in the use of the pistol,
having never before had anything to do
with a duel. Legare, on the contrary,
was, notoriously, a crack shot, having, a
few days before the affair came off, (in
practising,) placed forty-eight out of fifty
balls in a card at the word. He became
very nervous on starting for the ground,
and remarked that he felt a presentiment
that he would fall, notwithstanding his
skill with the pistol. He was formerly in
the Navy as a Midshipman, from which
he was dismissed, it is said, for running
a sword through a marine.
[?7"We publish on the first page of to
day's paper, some beautiful lines from
the polished pen ofG. W. Ci ttkr, Esq.
fC7" A number of persons died yesterday
in New Vork from coup dc solid.
It is said here that Col. J. W. Forney
never did propose to purchase the New York
National Democrat.
Lord ltuthvcn, a Scottish nobleman, is
(Jen. Quitman of Mississippi, and Gov. I
Heed of North Carolina, are sojourning at.
Crown's Hotel.
Mr. (J. G. Foster, known as ' Gas Light
Foster,'* has opened a literary office in New
York, for the purpose of doing all kinds of ;
writing, etc.
Lola Montei, it i* said, is going to buy j
a ranchc in one of the California valleys, and ,
settle down to agricultural and domestic pur- '
??In Kentucky, James 8. G'hrisman. (dom.) j
is elected to Congress over T. E. Branilette. j
(whig,) by a very close vote.
Spirit of the Morning Press.
The Ur.ivn reviews the political mani
festations apparent in the late elections,
and very sensibly comes to the conclusion
that the people have not been gammoned
j by the efforts of disappointed locofocos
to create the impression that the Admin
| tration is leaning to freesoilism. The
| .editor again explains in this article that
the President, in awarding his patronage,
looks to no man's antecedents; treating
all as Democrats, who, having aided to
secure the triumph of the Democratic
party in the last election, continue to
stand on the Baltimore platform. The
| same paper again discusses the Kossta
j atfair, saying that Mr. Brown claimed
I the right to protect K., first, on the
! ground that having taken the prelimi
nary oath in this country, he had vir
tually got beyond Austria's right or
power to control hijn as a citizen; and
next, that under Turkish laws, we had a
right to protect him there. The editor
also urges the pressing necessity for in
creasing the Navy of the United States.
The Intelligencer's columns this morn
! ing treat, for the most part, of the con
dition of Europe, embracing letters from
its Ixuidon and Paris correspondents, and
a leader on the Turco-Russian question.
In the latter, the editors intimate from
? the facts before them, that Russia has the
j game, for the present, altogether in her
own hands; demonstrating the truth of
this position too, it strikes us, with irre
sistible force. On the whole, the foreign
I matter appearing in the Intelligencer's
j columns is, as a general thing, much
more reliable than disquisitions on foreign
affairs appearing in any other American
The Republic discusses the present atti
tude of France and England with refer
ence to the Turco-Russian question, and
the probable fate of Turkey.
The Clipper continues its long drawn
battle against the Roman Catholic Church,
an anti-Catholic German coming to the
editor's assistance on this occasion.
The Boston and Worcester Bailroad Disaster.
Yesterday, as we were about going to
press, we received a telegraphic dispatch
announcing the occurrence of the terrible
1 disaster which proved so destructive ol
? life on the Boston and Worcester Railroad,
i Since which, we have received the follow
' ing particulars:
The accident o*?urrcd about K o'clock
? this (12th inst.) morning. The train
from \\ hitinsville, with a verv large ex
cursion party of ladies and gentlemen on
1 board, on its way to Providence, came in
i 1 rovidencc. 1 he crash was fearful. Both
i trains were going at full speed. The lo
eomotives were completely driven into
each other, and a large number of car?
1 thrown ofl the track and smashed intc
'J he passengers, ladies and gentlemen
i aud children, were thrown violently out
I some crushed under the wheels, and oth
j ers literally jammed up among the shat
i tered ruins. '1 he scene was appalling ir
, the extreme?the shrieks of the wounded
'; an<l dying made the blood run cold. As
far as can be ascertained, about twenty
! men, women, and children were killed
J instantly, and some twelve or fifteen sc
; dreadfully mangled that no hope is en
I tertained for their lives. Many other?
slightly and some dangerously injured,
Most of the killed and wounded are from
' * bridge and Whitinsville.
<>n the Uxbridge train the third pas
senger car leaped over the second, killing
three persons who were escaping from
| the windows.
'J he collision occurred near Pawtucket.
! and it is now ascertained that twelve
lives are lost, and about twenty-five mort
or less in jured.
The following are the names of the
killed :
Rev. Mr. Penny, Episcopal Clergyman,
officiating at Grace Church, Providence ;
Mr. W ood, of Xorthbridge ; John R. Per
kins, fireman, do: Mrs. Plant, wife, and
Peter Plant, son of Geo. Plant, of Whit
insville; A. Charlesworth, do; Thomas
Brown, do; Win. Fullerbone, do; Mrs.
Caroline Richmond, wife of John Itich
I mond: Peter Rogers, of North Uxbridge,
and two others unknown.
i AV <)( xdkd. -? I- rancis Reed, George
, I lant, liosea Ballou, of Whitinsville; Ed
ward Green, engineer of the up-train?
| badly ? soveral ribs broken: Stewart
I V\ inslow, of Whitinsville--badly: Daniel
I Ganty, do?slightly; Martin C. Jeffer
I son, brakeman?leg and arm broken;
j John Brown, of Whitinsville,?four ribs
broken; Moses Bolton, badly; Mrs. Glad
; Wing, wife ot Charles Gladding, of Paw
! tucket, slightly; John Marshall, of North
f leg broken; George Bolton, of
j W hitinsville, leg broken; John Crane, do.
! badly bruised; Schuyler White, do. and
, others?names not ascertained yet.
j The accident i* attributed to the Ux
| bridge train l>eing out of time?and it is
said the Conductor's watch was out of
: order. The collision was terrible.
On the I abridge train the third pas
j sengcr ear leaped over the second and
i killed three persons who were attempting
i to escape by the windows.
Mr. Southwick, Superintendent of the
| Providence and Worcester Road, was in
jured on the head.
One poor boy had his arm torn out
I from the socket.
The dead were horribly mangled. Nine
?f ,t1heirL ^;ere deposited side by side at
V alley Falls, and presented a melancholy
spectacle. J
The wounded were taken to Pawtucket
and \ alley tails on straw.
The spectacle was a most horrid one ?
the broken cars?the crushed engine the
dead and dying is said to have furnished
a scenc never before witnessed in these ;
A Coroner's Jury lias been summoned
to hold an-, nqucst over the dead,
Washington Hew*.
Mr W*. C. Zantmngfr'* AccorsTs.?We
have refrained from alluding to ibis subject
for some time past. in order to avoid doing in
justice to Mr. Zantiinger. it being very diffi
cult to treat such a subject properly until the
accounts in question had been finally audited.
In this case, this has at length been done, and
the Auditor shows a balance due from Mr. Z.
of a little over $10,200. This balance is due
on account of the balance due on the amount
placed in his hands by the State Depart
ment, on account of the Portugal indemnity
fund. The Secretary of State, we learn, has
demanded the instant payment of this balance.
Mr. Zantzinger, through his agent, is un
derstood to allege that tho Government
should look to Corcoran & Riggsforit, having,
some nine since, received his check on their
house for that amount, after thry had certified
that there was that sum due Z. ui>on his ac
count with them for this Portugal indemnity
money. It seems that C. A R. refuse to pay
the check, because Mr. Z. has overdrawn on
another account. The Secretary of State re
fuses to look to Mr. Zantzinger* bankers for
this balance, and has probably made up his
mind to direct the District Attorney to take
the case in hand, under the Sub-treasury law,
on Monday, unless the balance is liquidated
according to his own view of the manner in
which it should be iettled. ere 3 p. m. of that
' It seem? that this indemnity money has not
j yet been in the treasury. Mr. Webster drew
j it through Corcoran k Riggs, and directed
j them, on receiving it, to place it to the credit
j of Mr. Zantzinger, on whom tho duty of pav
ing it over to the distributees was devolved.
Mr. Zantzingers agent, we hear, demand?
that the Comptroller of the Treasury shall
certify to Mr. Z's indebtedness on this ac
count in the sum struck as the balance by the
Auditor, while the Secretary of State con
tends that the Comptrollor has nothing to di
with the matter, the indemnity money nevei
having yet been in the treasury ; and. further
that a failure to pay it on demand, whether it
has ever beeu in the treasury or not, is a vir
tual infraction of the sub-treasury law, tobc
so treated by him immediately. The differ
ence seems to be one of form, it not being
alleged that the money is not due to the De
partment If we understand it properly, th?
Secretary holds Z. responsible for it, whiU
Zantzinger insists that the Government inusi
now look to his bankers for the money. W?
presume that the money will certainly b(
paid. '
An Important Qiestion Settled,?Recently
application was made from Watertown,N. J.
to the Government, to demand tho extraditior
of an individual named Anson Wing, who hat
fled from that quarter to Canada with acbargi
of larceny hanging over him. The Attorney
General has had the questions involved undei
consideration ; and, we have reason to believe
i decides that larceny is not a crime undei
i which we can demand extradition under th<
treaty of 1841. He has probably further ad
vised against making an application in anj
case for the body of our fugitives from justice
i who may not be charged with some crime es
] pecially enumerated in the list of the offence;
, found in the treaty ; this government having
( heretofore refused to return fugitives de
' uianded on other charges. There is a na
i tional poli:ioal necessity for a strict adherens
to this ruling, which must forcibly strike al
who realize how much trouble a governmen
of the Old World may give us, if we once bcgii
to strech the number of pretences under whicl
they may arrest their refugees and fugitives
j who have reached our shore.
Nr.w Naval Storekeeper at Washing
j ton.?This appointment was this morning
! conferred on F. MeNerhany, Esq., of: his city
There were more than a dozen applicants foi
it. among them being many gentlemen wht
, would havo graced the position in all ro*pocts
! We are sorry to say that the contest for th<
place, however, gave rise to much " slinging
' of slush upon the character and standing ol
j more or less of the aspirants and their respec
I tivo backers. However, in the selection o
Mr. MeNerhany. wo feel assured lhat the Sec
I rotary of the Navy has, emphatically, met th<
1 wish of a large majority of the citizens ol
Washington without distinction of party. H<
is a young man of tine talents and attainments
wholly self-made and exceedingly populai
even among his political opj^nents, thougl
! always a very active political partlzan. I(i.<
| competency is admitted to be equal to that o]
1 any gentleman who sought the portion.
; An Officer Dear.?Second Lieut. Joseph
; T. Haile. second infantry, died at Thompson
; Conn., not long since, according to official in
formation received at the War Department.
A Candidate Acts" the World !?From
letters received hare this morning from St.
Louis, it appears that Colonel Benton's friend?
in Missouri, are already preparing to bring
him outTor the Presidency in 1856 against all
parties and all conventions.
Commodore SnrimicK's Despatches bv
Mr. Paulding, of the Fi lton, represent the
condition of the fishing ground's squadron,
and the apparent aspect of affairs in that
quarter, in a very favorable light, we appre
Officers ordehed ?Lieutenant Fox, 1*. R.
N., now attached to the Princeton, is to be de
tached from that vessel on her return to Ports
mouth. N. II., and transferred for duty in con
nection with Law's line r.f IT. 8. Mail Steam
ships. Lieutenant Newcombc will take the
place of Lieutenant F. in the Princeton.
A IT. S. Marshal Appointed.?Thomas S.
Bryant has been appointed United States Mai -
| shal for the district of Missouri.
New Post Office Route Agent.?Patrick
McGowan, of Raleigh, North Carolina, vice
II. II. Potter, removed on railroad route be
tween Raleigh, N. C., and Ilicksford, Va.
Tub President.?We copy the follow
ing from the Baltimore Clipper of this
this morning:
President Pierce sits on a horse hand
somely. He rides much about Washington
on a fine black animal. He appears to take
remarkably good care of his health, and
is very social among the citizens. Both
he and Mrs. Pierce usually go to church
twice every Sabbath, alternating between
the and the 9th street Presbyterian
churches. When he goes alone he gene
rally walks. It is surprising how soon
the people of Washington forget on which
side of politics a public man stands, if
they happen to like him personally. j
Alexandria CoiWfpondenc#.
AtRximu, V?.. Augn?t IS. 18i3
Mi*.* Retinoid's Br/mfit?Sudden Death?
Tem pera n ee Meeting? Ei ert?im??St en mrr
Maryland?Excursion. &-r.
The complimentary benefit to Miss Kato
Rcignolds from tbe firemen and citiiens of
1 Alexandria, came off on Thursday n?ght Sa
| repta llall was filled with the frend. of this
talented lady; and during the performance
1 she delivered a beautiful address to the fire
i men.
An Irishman named McXarama. was sun
struck while at his work on Thursday after
: noon, and notwithstanding the medical skill
of Dr Powell, who was speedily at his post,
died in a few hours.
Mt. Vernon Division, No. 68. Sons of Tem
perance, held a public temperance meeting at
the Methodist Protestant Church.on the even
ing of Thursday. Mr. Smith, of Indiana, ad
i dressed an attentive audience.
The steamer Maryland is now lying at the
: ship-yard of R. Hunter A Son, awaiting re
j pairs. She will be hauled up in a few days,
and immediately upon her completion, a fine
large schooner for the coal trade, will be com
An election for an alderman from the First
Ward, to supply the seat made vacant by tbr
! resignation of J. L Smith, will take place or
; the 21th instant. Mr. James l>etnp.-ey is- pro
i posed as a candidate. For Magistrates: In
| the second district. Peter lie wit; and in tbt
fourth. Isaac Buckingham and William D.
j Massey have been presented.
i Potomac Lodge. Xo. 3*, I O. O. F., proposi
' an excursion to the White House pavilion oe
Tuesday next, in the steamer George Washing
! ton. A large number of our citizens will par
I ticipate. The Young Catholic's Friend So
, ciety decline further pie-nics this season.
Fairfax Camp meeting is attracting multi
tudes of our eitir.ens. business is improving
The money market is tight. Am
(C7' The f est iirtirlc erer ias hundreds eai
teMt:\ in tins city and tin- Mjr.omidin- counirx
j ne.,ti*ly changes tin- liair to a hnlliaiit j?-t liLuk m
j glossy Bron u, which is permanent; due.- not -tail
i or in any way injure tin- skin. \o article ever ye
invented which wi.l compare with it. We wnuh
advise nil who have gray iiairs lo buy it, lor it ttrm
fails. Prepared by 7.. I). Gilmnii, Chemist. of tt;i
In Washington, <?n the 1 Itli instant, bx the Rex
Mr. Hodge*, Mr. LUTHER S. R? ?BY I.. Mi-.- AW '
BI.OYES, lM<th of Georgetown, I). C.
On the loth instant, bv tin- Rev. JoIih Smith
JOHN K. LATHAM. Es.p. to Mi-s VIRGI \ l.<
WITHERS, all ol liiis cify.
On the 9th instant, by the Key. Stephen P. Hill
both of this city.
In Rcnieia, California. July 5th. lp.'ut. by tiie Rex
Mr. Gallagln r, Bit. Chi it. C'HAIJ! i'S p. STONE
Ordnan.-e Corps C. S. Armv, to \iiss MARIA 1.
CLARY. daughter ofCapt. It. E. Clary. I". S. Arm)
On the Tth instant. Pannier eoiinty, Virginia, Mi*
MARGARET M. HUME, aged sixty three ve.irs.
In Georgetown, on the llih ifctaut. JCLIAC.
wife of Mr. Janjes A- Simpson.
On the 4th instant, alter a few days illness, at tin
Recturv, Anne Arundel county. Marx land. nithetni
insurance of christian faith. Vlrs. FRANCES COR
LIS VOUXG. wife of the Rev. James Voting, of tin
parish of All Hallows.
On the 15th instant, J WE. only daughter of ling!
and Jane Lochrey, aged months.
V# Tlie Funeral ULcounr occa
sioned by the death of Mrs. J acob (Jilii ov. will h
delivered to morrow, (Sahaaih; afternoon. at
o'el-.K-k. in the Fomth Presbyterian Church. iHh st.
by the Rev. Jons. C. Smith.
4jT "Wine I* a mocker, ?t ronj; dun)
is raging, whom is deceived thereby is not ?\ise."
? Bible. Temperance meeting will he held in fron
of Island llall <>u Sunday at ?! o'clock, and at Tem
perance llall, at ,'3 o'clock, p. m. Come all.
Tios !? \ meeting of ill** f uited Joiinieymei
House Painters and Glaziers' Society of the Distrie
of Columbia, will he I,eld at ihe Franklin Eugiin
House, on TUESDAV EVENING next, at i
o'clock. The in mbcrsa.c requested lobe puiictua
in attendance. Bv order:
W. H. FANNING, President.
W. J. I'ROeSFIELD, Si emaiy. aitg t.'t-^tt
Attention, Continental (<uard>
Von are heiehy ord -red to meet at your anno
j ry on MONHAV EVENING, August lath, a
.? o'clock, in lull uniform lor parade.
By order: j. it. rORD, O. S.
aug ISLH
rY~==m Slxtli Ward.?SeKi t*i. Ei e< tios?
j j Thursilati. Jivziixt Is, 1 s.V<.?The tollowm:
ticket is res|iecUully submitted to the voters of th<
: Sixth Ward, at the Election, to Im- holden as above
For Aldermen? WILLIAM MdRtiAN,
For Common Council?LEM. J. GAI>DIS.
aug 11-te
r-^ IIEEBE'S STAN'DAHI) Fall Fashion
/ jf for <?cnt|. iii. n's II ATS. lM.Vt.jnstr? eeiv
d. and will be introduced this day, Au
gust Id, at LANE'S Fashionable llat,
Cap, and Gent's Furnishing Establishment,
aug 13-nt2w -?
VlTEliave just received another immense assort
ff' inent ot' Boy's Ready Made Clotliiug, amonii
which will lie found all kinds, colors, and iptalitie-.
made and finished in the most elegant manner, sudi
Boys' fine Cpith Jackets
Cashmeret do
Summer Cloth do
Boys* Linen Coats
Gingham do
Alpaca do
Summer Cloth do
Cloth Frock do
Tweed do
Cassmiere Pant?
Linen do
Twee.l do
Alpaca ili
Craton Cloth do
Linen & Gingham do
Satinet d"
j White & colored Shirts
i Roots and Shoes
j Hats and Caps. I
We wou'd respectfully invite purchasers to the
i present assortment, winch w|il l?e found \er\ com
j [iletc. and at low pi ices.
Penn. avenue, between 8th and Iflth street-,
aug l.'J?:<t next doortolron Hall.
DEPOSITORY of the Kvangelnal Knowledge So
ciety of the Protestant Episcopal Church, ill
1 Washington, at the Itookstorc of
"tli street, near Odd-Fellows' llali.
I On hand a full assortment of the |?nhlications of
1 the above-naiiied ,s>oit l ?, consisting of The t'hris
j tian Visiter; Life of Rev. Charles Simeon; The Two
; Young Communicant-', or the difference between
Salvation by Works and Salvation by Grace; Con
' versatiou on the Catechism, by Bishop Meade; Two
1 Little Brothers; Leighton's Coiiinumlngs with tiod;
i Letters t<! a Mother on the lleath of a Child; Rome
j and Geneva, or false Protestantism Exposed, by
I Bishop Mclllvaine; Rcv.J.C. RyleV Tracts?Little
| and Wise: Call to Prayer; Be Zealous, Living or
j Head; The Cross, &c., &c. aug 13
War! War!! War!!!
Our Army on the Rio Grande!?Russia
and Turkey".?Austria, Mexico, and the
rest of mankind!!!
I RESPECTFULLY hasten to inform my custom
ers and tl.e public generally that I am remix to
supply them with GROCERIES of ex*ery descri|Kion.
?icu\ fresh, and sootf. for Family use. I would call
your attention to my BLACKBFRItY WINE, which
is recommended as a wholesome and agreeable bev
erage for the fall campaign. Perrons troubled with
Diarrluea will find this \nne a palatable and infalli
ble remedy.
Please give me a call, at the corner of 10th street
and New York avenue, south side.
aug 13? 1m JOSEPH T. FENWICK.
Melcct, ClaM?ical, mid JVlnthrmatirul
Nchoul, for Boy>.
P. A. BOVVEN. Principal, Georgetown, D. C.
THE exerciaetof this Institution xvdl l??- r? suuied
on MONDAY, September ath.
To prevent disappointment, early application?
from tiie former patrons of the school ure requested,
as the number of scholar* is limited.
aug U-cod3t*
Wa?ui!m?tow. Ave. 19. lxja x
A iiH't'lutf ?>( the citizen* of W ntlnncKtii i>
at the Council Cluwtwf. in the Citv Mall. nt, - k
I RHVV AFTFJNOO*. ik< i:ttli imtant. ?t I
past six o'clock, for the purpo*. ot MofMm; |,?^
to obtain contribution- lor the relict ot ti? -nt|.T.|,
inhabitant* of New Orleans. under the iffii.-t,,,,
lamity which v now desolating their city.
mif 19?* JoHN W MAI'KV.Ma)?.
"grand moonlight excursion
Vashinston National lon?int.
The ARLINGTON . I ' Rr,. .
Hn,,vfllllv alHIOIUK'i lotlli-u i<m In. t p
| and the nablic pwrill) ",*1 > have, :,ar;n,
I large nn?i enmmodious rt< amei I't IIAT.V\
tlie puriMisc of pvinj a
t;KAM> SdOKI.UiHT F.\? I'RSK i\
on FRIDAY EVEMMi. August 1??U. \>:a, j?,Wa
' THK IHITOMAC as tar as Aqiiia <>? .*. nn,> ,
at aseasonaldc hour. The ixtat will -top at ti? i
' for a short time puns down.
The Club pledge lln'iitfrtm that no painc i
] s|u?red to make tin- the benefit excursion n? t
! son. All person.- favorable to the earh c<H?j,
i of tlie Monument to the everlasting iu. m r\ .
i who was ?? first in w ar, first in peace. and t?.j
hearts of his countrymen." art uidiv i.tuallv *;,
to To add their patronage tor the abov< pur;?.
I C..<ifcciioiicr> and Refr?liu>< nt> will t* ,Utn< t
at city priecs. ' Supper. ?.*? cents.
A sU|ierior t ot,11..,. Imi.u I.a- In-, u .'ina?.
Time ot departure. as toJIow-: l..-av? t;.,4
town at 1 J* o'clock. \\":?-InHirT.>?? .it . \ u y
at 3. and Alexandria at 4.
Tickets OXF. DOLLAR: to We had -it ?!? (;
and of the Committee ?.| A; rang. meo;.
p. J. Colli-cn. J \L F llougl
K. F. Alexander. VV . Iluftou.
C. funnineliam* J. II. Sullivan.
aug 4-3tawTuThfc.Sat.tilll#ili
rfc IIKKUK'S HATS J- Tin- v.?
I Vyork H F:i-hion" t t. nil.r If
^H.its. will be m?r??dn<-?-*{ tin-<l:.v.
tancon- with it* appear tie ia V w \ i:
STE\ HXS" Sal. - I;..
aug I- -It under P.n.ni,' |
fl'iiion. R"|i. \ lnti-1]
1).?VS- PATENT I. LATUM: lil.l.T.v ? ,
an; 12-3teo
1AI5PET B.UiS lor sale at ,,n ,.
*? ? I.\M".|.iK|?V
au? l-2-eo.1t
. |>VI(KVS TRICOPIIEROl?s.r.-.-.-,v.,j M
I) Kale at I.AM M' >\ft
? | aug 19-CoSl
milKKE \t)TKS. of Jjl.lMt ? acli. I., ar.nc
X c.'tit. int<'r?'st, and |?ayalil?- iw. lv. Mont!,, n
, i dale, seciiri-d b\ a deed ??! t.M-t oh r. .,1. H ;i
! t.hir time- tb<- amount, will <lis|?..>cd ai i <ii.
" \ count of si* per cent. Aildr?-ss i. r. ??.*" t, lHlri,
r the I'o.-t t iflicc. I . |la
? L^OIl SA1?K.?t ?in- Ioni l: ?r-. | .u. r >'I I".\\i
' I KV<;i\K. in woikii,? ?-i;.,. w,..
' now*.-r n|?ri?hl ai;d tubular IVoi!?t fan .,,
'? c^jic "i i- H- * *? ?' H ii\F.inr.Rs !,v.
' Foiui.lrj-. I'cniisy'vaiiia av. i.ti>-, I..tw ..i, | .?
11th str<-?'t. >iiite I j It*
i 1 AriiolnV i?fiice and st?i-l-|?-i, . .in.o Ink
Arnold's I in |?ei i:i I Him' writiiiu Itil.
MorisonV Sn|M nor Bine ??
1 ? Black '? "
IKMigliu-s".-Mapc u;j{ ?? \. itln.ni tlx a
, of a |irt'M
^ i Also, larai- siae enameled, lvoi\ ?i,rr:?c<\ s'.ul .-.i)
ored boards. lor printi. c sl.< vi e-.rd-. i?.<
Tlii' latest MlrSIC n cci\ci| nnuiarlt even ivi.i
* i and ord' rs tilled pr<unt:!l>. at
\V1 MI.R'S StMiAhi ri.
\fusic.aad F~ncy St'?r?-. ?'?tl. -tr-.t, l <,i.ai.
au II north of I'.'i.i, *ivama uu
l'RI>S, in erceiU-ut order, for -nlv lm\. u; it
Sfcr < Itfice. aus 4-?
CflBVIKG |H?: !,S, Trav< liui: lint oilu r I'.. ket
J Ohil<i?vJiM India ltnbl?-r l."ng c<.iuli*'. lUn.'
' Tricoplieroiis, for the lair, riaxtue . ?
-ale low, for cash, at LAMM' M'">. <:l, -i; -.t
* j door below E. ans - -nCt
SHIRT ><! mule to orilt r and cuanoiVed to t.t >
?iijHTHir Partem, at lltil'KlN'."- \ew
Fitrni-liins Store, I'etinsylvi.i.ia avenue.
i National and Brown's lioiei. mi;'' .'tj
Northern Liberties Female Scmiu<ay
.?f corner cf |,W/i atui I. Il'u?i ?.
" . A. K. IIELL, Principal PrrreptrcM.
I ' T^IIK escrcis?'s of tins veiuiiiar > will comui.n.' f w
. : 1. the tirst Mondny of S-pten !wr. in a n>? an.i
<'oininodioiis liuituui:, r.o\\ nearlj c.>m;i|eted. vvh. r.
the a try n..d ain|Ue rooms will ?'i.abte the m tmitio.
? ! jrreatly lo enlarec the ? pli.-re ot its o|ieratini.- um
llsel'llllie>-. aild, in addithtn to tlie pre-, lit 1:1111.>t
1 . oflioarding -cludar-, frtll.-rs c;.n l? aec< iuhkk'.:...
- I with evt?ty essential requisite n?r the iih|it"iim<ui
t ot nn'iital ami mom! traniitie- The ?? verwnitit
i .el..mi| and family will lie cl.araotenr.iil It l>
every care will he itsi d to render -tndy jiin-rirtui!
j a< well a- Useiiil.
('ompeteril and efficient t -ivlnrs are eiteap-il i
t ev?-ry department.
1'iinted circijlats will be issued in a fiw4sy?
, wliK'h eh? be obtained at the prmei|ial Stun
throughout tlie city. au? l?Mi<Sej.l
I>K ACO, would rcspectlulU iminm tl.. L
. : 1 of Wasliit'^ton ami it- vieunty, that lie i- no*
prepared to cl.?-e out at rednoi d prices, jla,;
I STtM 'K OF liOODS. pn vioii- to tnakins hi- t
! |iurcliases. (ireat imlucem<1lls ?ill !>?' otl- n-il t"
all who v\ ill favor us w ith a call. au* s-^ 'l
i ?
iHE Ladies of \Vashiii<?t"ii and it- \ieii.ili >'? ??
j?lea>e call on Mi-. I'., t'. taRIKFI V. mi lid'
striH-t. between I and K -tr ? i-. w heie tin y can
accommodated wiili I'ATTKIINS ..i tin tau t
st\ les.
fiie will also give lesson- in cutting an.I
DRCSSKS by tin; simplest m.d ? :i-\ liMtli'"! " t
lessons ot'one hour eji. li. lbr -?') ."?!? in advance.
UK 9-(a8|'
C. H MYERS Gas-Fitter,
VIVTII rtrret.nni' door Irian IS*nti?\l\ai.ia ?vr
i * tine, lieiue a prnctieal *a- fitter. i> pr< |>. n J P
lit up Churches, lintels. Private |l\v<-ilii.?-. N '?
&.c.. a' i',if shortest notice, in the be-t manner, ani
on rcH-<aiable terms. ant '.' lw
rno LAR<;C UENTLKMEN.?IVe have ju t I
i- ei-j\i ,t from New \V?rk a lot of S-Hlii'l >. ?'!<?
or witlmui nillar-, rnni.ini! from -iMi-cn t?> ?,i?l.t?"??
inch, neck measure. The make and lit "t tb? -
?hirt.- ut> not to b. ncdM; ,.|?.. foliar- la ?
i the alnive arin-les at Xew Yoik pnee-.
XtlAH V\ VI.KIT. As ? ?
ails 9-3l lTnder Brown's Hotel
\T JOHN F. ELLIS' STA'I l< i\ MI\ '
FAXt'V STdRK may he I'etind an a>.-?>rtust
j oi Dominoes, t'hess, Ba. kcamiit'.ii. t'l?iMreii
(?allies, Purtc Mot.uaies, Kepir I'a-cs. l'ur-?Tra>
elutP, Fishins, Work. I'aril. and Fancy Bask'"!*
! Fly I lusters. Vases, Ra/oi-. Strop-. Sei?ois. P'sk.
Knives, Tea Bell? and liiall kiinl- of lvnuiiK
r\, in addition to a \v< II ??ortcd si?n-k of Siaiwnrn
^lusic, and Musical In-truun nts.
i aiig 9 I'enn. ave. Iict. 9th and I'd sis.
to -uit purcb*!-?-f>?
NKI btull. VV lute and Yellow Corn, jn?t rei-? i"tl
! :.U0 " I'riiue Old Oats
'iotl bids. Choice Family I'l?.ur. I'o*. Letter. K.' "
" F.xtri Sii|M-r fr?*sh mound, of hest lirai"'*
for Bakers* and Faunlv u-e,at lowest pi*"'
i Also, a constant sini|ily ol siipi-rior Famili :u?<l
tra Super, put tin in Baj*.? quarter I am i each, h*
PAI L k BRt'iWX. Water stre i
(?eorgetow ii. Aliullst !)
Mother. I leave ths dwelling:
[mine; Tin- Woli: The old iv??
I Sweet Lucy May; Katy Darlin;'-!:"'
well; Home of my youth; Do they no? iu< *< i"1""
\ es, w e miss thee; My heart is breaking: ^
from the waves; My old Kentucky home: Aiuit H-1
riet*^BeeoLa Stowc; Mountain MaidV in.itn"
. Ocean wave Quick-tep; Camerrniiaia's t^iiaJ"]1 _
Si;nrise Schottische ; 'llie l'o|i>ii tirlV dream:
Darling Polk.-; Fly-away Polka: V'andalia
Midnight Waltz; Rauitx.w Schottische; r:??in?r
Waltz; Lone. Star Schottische; I'luine Polk
, Bords du Rhine; Make me n.i giiu.lv . liaplet: ? !i:i'
National des Olioabv; The Smile; Italy; Vnnu i"1
on Lilly Dale. Katy Darling. Love not, The io|"l ?
wild chant, Rom Lee. Slc., Sic., at
WIMER'S Stationer)', Music,
aug 9 mil] Fancy Store, f.lli -ue?t
A TO KXt; vf.l IX A I'B*d
.7, , SIXESS.?i ?ii? oftlif Im-m
i.'! ,v-,,,?"s ot a Bakery and Confectionary Kst?!
snnjent. now m successful and iirolitalilenpenuiou
for sale on easy terms, cr exchange Wr
> prop.-yy, iiK'ludiua market stands. lmr-e-, ?n<i
carriages js?*(| m the liii-iues-.
J a . ? a I'and.soine House and Furniture foi re*'
?' >oung gentle family Horse and fannlt Carriai:' M"1
liametMj for sale. Several first class Ltnldmc LOT*
'or sale. Inquire of J. L- SMITH,
i .... a ??.. AtWraty-at-Uw, 8th ?trr*t.
i auj C-Ji ,jcar Penn. avenue.

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