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DAILY evening stab.
Tke C'ty of Trr*?.-Most every city has its
vom,le guerre. our own great town being gen
ial!, named the " City of Magnificent Dis
tance".We think a truer name and more
complimentary one would be to call it the
(->tv of Tree*. Certainly Washington city is
peculiarly distinguished for this emeraldine
feature, every street of it being nearly lined
0? each side with those eye ami heart glad
dening objects. One can scarcely take any
ruute in these broiling sunny times without
feeling grateful for the refreshing shade of
tbr-e'uuibft'oou^ coverings. The Public
Grounds contain he finest specimens and
cutest varieties in the new world, and it
ihonld be remembered that these grounds cover
uiany acres. forming what is called ?' the lungs
f ,he eity," ami our greatest exterior promo
ters of health. We entirely surpass any city of
the I nion with these grand forc?t-. as we may
call them. Look at our cross streets, our many
broad and beautiful avenues, and especially
behold the noble Pennsylvania avenue, the
?r.andest probably on the f:ice of the globe.
At least many travelers so pronounce it. Think
t,H> .t the yonth of tho*e trees, nearly all of
them having been planted by a person now
Usinz and yet some of them look tolerably
venerable All of them have. however, a full
,rren. glowing. and luxurious appearance, the
diver leaf?d ?// // shinii.g among them like
light. ur.d the vnrigMed bacs of all
(,?' th-.ni mingled in many places with eharm
inif flowers, making our city even glorious in
*,t< bright arrrtr of heaven's rich est gift of
earth-producing beauty. Although there can
?,e no name to equal that it legally po.-e-scs,
for nobleness of sound, patriotic effect, or sub
litnitv of association?the name of the < ir\
ofW vsnist.TON. standing first in that respect
in every American heart, yet if we must have
a we must gratify the poetic
feeling, if we must have a designation which
preeminently distinguishes our lo.-al habita
i..tn?let the old nick-name* be abolished, and
let ?'i?r shady, cool, breezy, magnificent Me
ti..( nli-.'1.<- called hereafter by the appropri
ate name of the - City of Trees."
l)fjb->rl ure of thr A etc I ori Cof innhia .d*
lori'ition.?To-morrow afternoon this gallant
corps leave this ?ity, for New York, to visit
taeir brother firemen, and look at the curiosi
ties ..f the Crystal Palace, Ac., in that great
city. Several companies in Baltimore have
volunteered to rece ve them, and no doubt
they will be handsomely escorted through that
city to the cars, as they go on immediately to
Philadelphia, and will put up while there at
ihe Arcade Hotel. In Philadelphia they will
be received by the Weeacoe Kngine Company,
and on arriving in New York, will be the
guest* of the Columbia Company. No. 14, and
will stop at Patton's Hotel. They number
forty-six fine fellows, in full dress, take their
beautiful new suction along, built by Rogers
of Baltimore, and are to be accompanied by
Prosper! s excellent brass band. The beauti
ful b.inner presented to taeru by Mrs. Pendle
ton will al*o be taken ; and F. McXcrhany,
texp. has been selected to accompany them as
chief marshal and orator. We wish a pleas
ant time to them, and happy return.
.4 Kr pelting Remedy for Mosjitiloea.?We
acknowledge tho receipt from I>r. Thomas P.
Hereford, of this city, of a note, in which he
gives a remedy, or preventitive, of mosquito
bites or anroyauces. The preparation is - a
-trong or saturated solution of gum camphor
in aleohoi." to be washed on the face, hands,
or other parts < f the body exposed to the in
sect. and repeated, from time to time, during
the night. Two years ago. the dostor pre
scribed this simple decoction to a young lady,
who was violently attacked by the venomous
pe*t; so much so. as to deprive her of sleep for
many nights, and made her delicate and fair
?kin exhibit the appearance of a person labor
ing under the small-pox, or some other
cutaneous eruption, and it proved a perfect
remedy. Dr Hereford has tried it himself,
anil many others at his instance, and it never
tailed Should this prove, as stated to be.
such ;t remedy, the doctor is entitled to the
name of ynblir ftenefortor. and we have no
doubt but that his prescription will perform
all it undertakes I; i< well worthy trying,
Cum ?' ?! Court?ifardiner Cu*e<.?After
we e'l-.-e I yesterday the grand jury brought in
an indictment against John Charles Gardiner
t ?r committing perjury as a witness on the
trial of his brother. After a protracted argu
ment hail was fixed in the sum ot 5>1.00u.
Mr. Bradley renewed his motion for a con
tinuance of the former Gardiner case, which
wa5 objected to by the District Attorney, who
stated that intelligence had been received from
the Government Commissioner in Mexico,
dated .Inly oth. saying that Ihe exploration
was partly completed, and would probably be
finished ?oon. As their return was daily ex
pe;tei. the motion f<rr a continuance was de
ferred till next Tuesday, until which time the
court adjourned
The name of the counsel for Thomas, who
made such a brilliant eflort in hi? behalf, was
Michael Thompson. Ks?j.. not -*M A. 1 homp
s'>n. as we erroneously stated yesterday
L reunion of the Montgomery Guard.*.?
Tuesday afternoon this grand atfair comes
off on board the steamer Columbia, whose ac
commodation* arc the most commodious, and
well calculated to make all comfortable who
participate, and they are most all the friends
of the gallant Guards, and a few of the ' rest of
mankind As to the preparations and atten
tions of the company and the efficient commit
tee of arrangements. they are an fait. Nothing
has been left undone to give full satisfaction.
By the way. when the boat returns from the
interesting trip, many will desire to get to their
homes immediately, and we would therefore
suggest that Mr Vanderwerken will give his
attention to having omnibuses in readiness to
convey passengers from the Washington land
ing to Georgetown. Ac. It will be a great ac
Sentence of Voting The father ot
the young man, Benjamin Ashby. called at
this office this morning to state that hi., son
tra< not sentenced to the penitentiary, but to
th? county jail for nine months, whence he
was yesterday pardoned by the President.
Our information was obtained at the court
House, which *e thought, of course, reliable.
Pleasantries of the Bar.?The other day in
the Criminal Court, Mr. Radcliffe, as counsel
for a client, tried to hare a case continued,
and ninong other things remarked, that he had
been here long enongb. and did not want to
stay much longer this hot weather. The Judge
replied that Mr. R. had not been here longer
than he was?like the man going to be hung,
there was no fun without him, (laughter] and
he bad to stay. Mr. Fcndall said he did not
want to stay here either, but he wished the
case in question tried. Mr. Radcliffe instant
ly responded?t; I am surprised to hear the
District Attorney say that he did not wish to
stay here. I thought, sir. he mo uld like to re
main here. Jour year* longer! Immoderate
laughter followed this hit, but Mr. V. did not
seem to altogether relish the joke.
Centre. Ijlarfcet.?This morning the number
of farmers and gardeners in market, from the
adjoining States, was larger than we have seen
for weeks past. The prices of provisions were
moderate and purchasers numerous. It is a
faet that persons coming to this market have
very little protection from the gangs of petty
thieve? that hang about the market place,
stealing poultry, fruit, and at times money,
from the marketers, who imagine themselves !
safe at their stands. Would it not be well for j
the Mayor to order the police to attend at the !
different markets during the market hours? !
We don't mean for the officers to go and sit in
the guard house or upon an empty stall all the
time; but to move about the square, and try '
to detect the thieves at their work. We think
it would be as well, as to let themsit in a police '
office, waiting to hear of chances for I'nited
States caves j
Watch Return.In the central guard ;
house tl.:-- morning but two persons were con
fined: 01.c of them, a man named Maccabee.
was discisargeik this morning, bo one appear
ing against him The other, a young man 1
named S. Hubbard, was arrested for stealing
a horse and carryall, the property of Mr. Mil- ;
ler, contectioner. He was committed for a
further examination by Capt. Birch. This
ease is undoubtedly the effect of gross intem
perance. The young man has been in the
i habit of getting drunk whenever he had an
opportunity, and when in that condition was ,
very much inclined to mischief. When ar- '
rested last night he was very drunk, and those
who know him think that he took the horse
and carriage merely to drive round to the va- j
rious grog-shops where he could obtain whis- :
key to drink. If the case is prosecuted it will
be no joke, but a warning to young men
Omnibus Drivers.?The disposition of some j
of the drivers upon the route between the ;
Capitol and Georgetown, to be stubborn and
careless of the comfort of their passengers loses
for the proprietors the price of many trips, i
Accommodating drivers could make the line 1
valuable ; but a crusty driver with a gang of
(swaggering bullies upon the top of a coach, '
swearing and making use of indecent lan- i
guage. will drive respectable persons to the"
hacks; for quiet people are willing to pay more ?
to keep quiet and be comfortable, than the
cheap fare when obliged to endure the oaths
and indecent language of ignorant and dis- \
reputable persons.
j The Monument Benefit Excursion.?The '
excursion of the Arlington Club for the bene- ;
lit of the National Washington Monument As
sociation, is to take place next Friday, and
already a large number of tickets have been
disposed of, and we are gratified to hear that i
much interest is taken in the praiseworthy i
affair. The young gentlemen engaged in the
movement are entitled to much credit, and it
, is but for a patriotic public to second their
exertions and something hi?dsome will be
done tor the great object.
?Sun Struck.?A gentleman engaged in the
i Navy Yard, but whose name we have not 1
learned, was so sickened by the heat of tho
sun yesterday that he fell, and for a time his j
j recovery was considered doubtful. The ex
ertions of the workmen in theyard, who went ;
j t? his assistance enabled him to be taken to
' his home on Capitol Hill, and receive the at
tention of a physician.
? I
Accident.?Between eight and nine o'clock '
this morning, whilst Archibald (Jreen was
hauling some flooring to a three story brick
on 1? street, between fitb and 7th. the sling
slipped, aud the entire boards came down, and
struck him on the forehead and hack, cutting
the scalp in two or three places, and otherwise
injuring hi in A doctor |was called in to
uress his wounds, who informed us that he was I
likely to recover. <?&
Burglary.?On Wednesday night, a back !
window in the house of Mr .J. C. Lewis, was j
forced by some night-robber, who entered his 1
room, found some peaches, helped himself,
and carried off a coat and hat, the property of
Mr lieasdnle, clerk to Mr Lewis. The rogue ?
tried the adjoining room of Mr Gardener, and
took therefrom some books, which will be
known by the owner if seen again. If the 1
rascal's object was money, he missed his aim, .
and will hereafter, as none is kept there.
Slight Change of Weather.?This morning
the melting citizen was somewhat relieved of
the terrible heat that has afflicted the city for
a few days past?a slight breeze having sprung
up to '-cool the fevered brain,"1 and give new
lite to the suffering body, and wearied mind.
A good rain to-night would be a welcome vis
iter indeed, and secure for the peopla another
delightful Sabbath to-morrow.
Wort: on the Capitol Extension.?This
work is going on vigorously. We learn that. !
notwithstanding the heat,42.000 brick have re
cently been laid.and 92 barrels of cement used, I
daily. The men work with all* their energy,
and the Superintendents leave nothing undone j
on their part to push on the completion of the !
Sroltie. TriumpiuiiU Again.?The l'hiladel- I
phia horse, Scottie, appears to be taking the
wind out of the fast nags in this quarter.
Yesterday on the Columbia, '"Sorrel Hiram''
was withdrawn, and Charlie, a Washington
animal, was put on tho course, but he was
beaten by Scottie, easily.
rr We would call attention to the adver
tisement, in another column, of Mr. J. T. Fen
wick. The Blackberry Wine, which he men- j
tions. is all that he declares it to be. and is
recommended to those afflicted with diarrhoea
as a very palatable remedy.
Aid for the New Orleans Sufferers.?Th# |
benevolent citizens of Washington -will remem
ber the meeting called by the Mayor of the !
city, at the Connoil Chamber this evening,
for the purpose of taking steps to obtain relief j
for the sufferers by yellow fever in New Or
leans. The condition of the poor creatures is
represented to "be dreadful in the extreme, and
there appearing to be an increase of the hor
rible epidemic, those able to aid, will see the
necessity of doing so promptly. Will nol some
wealthy citizen step forward and make an ad
vance to be sent on immediately to the dis
tressed. the amount to bo refunded after the
collection ?
Baltimore Correspondence.
Baltimore, August 12,185.1?10 p. m.
It's intensely hot;?thermometer now up to
90 by moonlight. The very elements appear I
to be smoking. I lea. n that some three or four j
deaths (of laborers) occurred this afternoon
from the injudicious use of cold water. It is
astonishing, after the'many fatal warnings in
regard to this practice, that people will per
sist in it.
Our citizens have come forward nobly in aid
of the New Orleans sufferers. Already about
$7,000 have been subscribed, aud will be for
warded immediately to the Mayor of New
Orleans. It is helieved $10,000 will be raised
I am glad to see that Washington city is also
coming to the rescue. j
The recent unlooked-for decline in the stock
of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad is now
the subject of much conversation. Very large
sales were made to day at 60 cash to 602 or.
time, being a depression of S10 per share
within the past week, and ?10 per share -ince
last January. The truth is. after all that has
been said about the road, and the enormous
business which it has done, the company at
present is making but little over the actual
running expenses. It is also understood that
no dividend will be paid at the next annual
meeting. All the money that is being made
is required to pay the interest on tke bonds,
the necessary repairs and improvements, and
the expense of working the road. The capital
stock of the company is enormous. Porno
shrewd operators are of opinion that the stock
will possibly recede to 50 before it touches
bottom?then there may be a reaction. It is
conceded, on all hands, that the work is ad
mirably managed by Mr. Harrison, its present
President. No man could do better, and but
few so well. He came into office, however, at
an inauspicious time. Many embarrassing
circumstances were in his way. It is, never
theless. a fact, that tho road is doing an un
usually large business, which promises great
ly to increase. Another track is absolutely
necessary to put this great work on a substan
tial basis. I do not think the stock can pos
sibly drop below 50 per share, if even it touch
that point. It is useless to disguise matters,
the company will not he prepared to pay a
dividend, and its true policy is to avoid so
doing for the present.
Our city is again quite deserted?very many
having gone to rusticate in the country I
admire their wisdom, and envy their ability
and privilege?
Breadstuff's arc on the declining scale. Flour
will probably not bring over $5.25 to-morrow
for fresh brands. Grain has also declined?
sales to-day of red wheat at 106 a 110 cts.;
white do. 109 a 113 cts.; white corn 59 a 62
cts.: yellow 54 a 65 cts.
Farmers, now, since they have less hope of
difficulty in Europe, arc more disposed to
bring their produce to market, and accept the
current prices upon the principle that a "bird '?
in the hand is worth two in the bush.'5
Money continues easy, and the banks dis- j
count freely. Roderick. |
Georgetown Correspondence.
4 "
Georgetows, Aug. 13, 1853.
There is but little news of interest stirring i
in our city this morning. The weather eon- t
tinues extremely warm.
The supply of beef cattle at Drover's Rest j
for the week ending to-day. has been light, j
amounting in all to over 200 head, most of |
which was sold to District butchers at $3 a #4
for 100 lbs., gross. The supply of old sheep j
and lambs was large, fully equal to the de- i
mand. Old sheep. $2 50 a $3 50 per head, and \
lambs $2 00 a $2 50.
Mr. E. B. Powell has purchased of Mr. Chat- j
ham. his farm lying in Alexandria county,
country 220 acres at $68 per acre This is at
least one hundred per cent., more than it cost
Mr. Chatham some few years ago. Mr. Powell
has been offered $80 per acre for the whole of
his purchase, or $100 per acre for one half.
A number of workmen are engaged laying
the foundations of Messrs. Jos. L. <t Wm.
Semmes extensive planing mill and sash and
blind manufactory upon the site of their old
Those in want of a tip top articlo of flour,
either in sucks or barrels, would do well to
call on Paul i Brown. Water street. T1 esc
gentlemen do business upon the quick pay
principle. Their motto is, ' Quick sales, (and
a great many of them) and small profits."
But little doing this morning in the flour
market. No change in prices. Wheat and
corn drooping. Spectator.
List of Arrivals at the principal Hotels up to
11 a. m. this day.
Brown's Hotel.?W J Hutchinson, Ga;T Graham;
J Callender, do; A Weill, do: S Reynolds and lady
do; Miss Dillard. Va; J Gomps, Ga: Miss Hill, do;
It F Jordan, do; L Putney, La; T Bardoua, Havana;
<; Cardona. do; G Wellington, Vt; J S Kennedy.
Ga; J Unitarian, Miss; J Lear, Va; E Hart on, C W
Brown, Va, 11 A Reynolds, <;?; T Jones, do; J B
Brooke, Ind; E Rogers, Ala; B Glover, do; M Stti
art, Md.
National Hotel.?VV Welsh, Fa; T Bell, Va; I)r
Crossland and family, SO; P Clark, Va; J New
Comer, do; VV Mitchell, Md; R Conway, Bait: B S
Sterns, SC; S Chamber, do; R Bailey, do; Miss J C
Whitney, do, J Whitney, do; C Coleman, do; R W
Welton, Va; H D Chite, do; VV Buffman, NY; J M
McCullough, Va; J St abrook, SC; C Seabrook, do:
B Hagner, Ky; J Ryan, Ky; W M Gibson, NY; P J
Minor, DC; J < 'anialier, Md.
Giuiihq't Hotel.?11 Parsons and 2 ladies, NO; S R
Smith, do; VV Washburn, do; Mi-s Teal, Bait; T H
Lake, Ga; Col Merrick, Md; B Hill, Va; S Ewin,
8C; Mm Ewin, do; T Ewin, do; T Jones, do; P M
Nelson. Va; P Nelson, do; N Eater, NO; W Seigli,
Va; VV Butler, Ba; T Miss Clement, do; VV Wiser,
R Clement, Texas; M Emerson, NY; T Lanpiier,
F Febige, CSN; I> Saltinash, Ts; L. M. Coleman,
Hanover; Miss Coleman, do; Mr and Mrs Thomas,
Irrin; Hotel.?C. Finch and. lady, Va; F Oailey,
Fa- J Canmchael; Va; B Hinds, NO; J Walker,
Fa; D Blossom, NO; L Heyleizer, do; S Rebb, lady
and servant,- SC; C Everett, Va; N Everett, do; H
Kennedy, NO; B MetciM Phil.
United States Hotel.?Van Dohler, 8C; G Mann,
do; Col Bowman, Miss.
The Heat at Baltimore
Baltimore, August 13th, 14 p. m.?
The thermometer here to-day is 92 in
the shade. It is higher in other northern
The Philadelphia market is dull and
The Massachusetts Democracy.
Boston*, August 13.?11 a. m.?The
National Democrats of Massachusetts
have called a Convention to meet on the
sameday as the Regular Democrats. There
is much bitter feeling on account of it.
Baltimore Markets.
Baltimore, August 13.?li p. m.?
Moderate sales of flour at previous prices.
White wheat SI 09 a ?1 13. Red wheat
$1 10 a SI 1G. 10,000 bushels sold.?
White corn 59 a GO cts. Yellow corn
G3 a Go cts. 20,000 bushels sold. Stock
market dull, with a downward tendency.
New York Markets.
New York, August 13th, 1 p. m.?
The stock market is dull, with a down
ward tendency. Flour Western and
State brands, $5 G J a $5 12i cts.
Howard street flour, $5 56J?5000 bbls.
sold. White Wheat, SI 25 a 1 27 cts.
Red wheat, $1 17?20,000 bushels sold.
White corn, 72 a 74 cts. Yellow corn,
7G cts.?20 O00 bushels sold. No change
in other articles.
Supposed Murder of a Wife.
Philadelphia, August 12th.?A young
woman, Abe wife of an old and deformed
man, died suddenly last night at her res
idence in Lombard street, under circum
stance which have excited suspicion of
foul play. The Coroner is now investiga
ting the affair. Both parties were addic
ted to liquor, and the husband was in the
habit of beating his wife.
Railroad Firemen''s Strike.?The Bal
timore American of this morning says :
* The firemen employed on the burden
trains of the Baltimore andOhio Railroad,
struck, on Thursday evening, for an ad
vance of wages. They have been employ
ed at a salary of #33 per month, with
extra allowances for any trips additional
to their regular employment, and a de
duction when circumstances occasioned
any omission of their trips. Such is the
statement of the firemen. Officers of the
Company state that many firemen have
averaged 840 per month. They demand
SI. 50 per da}r, without deductions. The
strike was simultaneous, no coal trains
having arrived from the West yesterday,
and but one burden train, the way train;
having left Mount Clare depot. The
strike does not extend to firemen employ
ed on the locomotives of passenger trains.
A general opinion exists that, though the
malcontents might have hail some claims
for an increase of wages, their action in
suddenly quitting work without due pre
vious notification to the Company, is
Filth a Preventive of Yellow Fever.
Dr. McFarland, a New Orleans physician
of thirty years' standing, thus boldly as
serts that filth is a preventitive of yellow
fever. It would require more than the
dicta of thirty doctors, all of thirty years1
standing, to convince us of such an utter
ly absurd theory:
"So far from believing that the filth
and impurities in our streets, yards, and
suburbs, have anything to do with the
creation of a yellow fever atmosphere, I
believe that to a certain extent they are
calculated to retard its formation. * * *
All the filth in and around New Orleans
has never created one siugle case of yel- j
low fever, and cannot create one, but, on
the contrary, that the local malaria aris
ing from these and other causes, is calcu
lated to retard the existence of that dis
ease?and that it has done so and held it
in abeyance to such extent as to have ex
empted us from yellow fever, as an epi
demic for five or six years past.1'
Yellow Fever and Hom<eopathv.? ;
The French editor of the Orlcanian says j
he has seen several cases of yellow fever
in which the curative powers of homoeo
path}' were eminently displayed, and the
results of the treatment are of a nature to
demand the early attention of the Board
of Health. The homoeopathic physicians
ask of the Board to afford them beds and '
attendants to put in a house which is
gratuitously offered for the reception of j
the indigent sick. Messrs. Delcroix and
B'Hemecourt oiler the gratuitous use of j
their honueopathic apothecary establish
ment for his infirmary.
Jind Insurance Office, 2/J floor, Todd'* building, Hcnn
sylcaiuu areuue, Washington. D. C.
C^LAlMS In-fore Congress, Claims for Bounty
J Land anil Pensions, Applications for Insurance
on Life and Property, and all business bclcuuing to
the General Agency which may be entrusted to
Cameron's care will receive prompt and satisfactory
Mr.C hasquitea variety of Fine Engravings, Books, j
Periodicals, Pamphlets, Sic., Sic., at the General ?
Agency, and is prepared to till orders on short no- ,
ticc and reasonable terms.
All the Daily and Weekly Papers are to be had as j
early as issued, at the General Agency. Subscri- j
ber* supplied by carriers. aug 11?ly
Gcorgelown Dyeing EMabliMhuirnl. ,
Bridge street, south ai-lc, near the Bridge.
HCUDLIPP respectfully informs his friends and '
? the public generally, that he intends carrying i
on the above business at "the above place, whire all j
kinds of Cloths, Cassi meres, Silks, Satins, Velvets. ,
Merinos, are dved and finished in the most approved '
style. Ladies Dresses. Cloaks, and Shawls cleaned I
or dyed, the borders preserved anil the fringes curled '
in the best manner. Moreen Curtains dyed ami I
N. B?Merchants can have their goods dyed and ?
put up in the best manner, lie also, solicits a call 1
I'roin his old patrons, who -have patronized him for
the last twenty years in the city of Washington,
aug 11-eoliu
Bank of Washington &. bank of me
tropolis Blank Checks on the above Banks !
either bound or by the quire < r sheet. Also, ten
dozen Blank Books, Memorai dum Books, Pass
Books, Sic. Cap, Letter, Drawing, Tracing, Tissue,
Wrapping, and other Paper, always on hand at the
cheap Stationery. Music, and Fancy Store of
JNO. F. ELLDj, Penn. avenue,
jy 21- bet. 'th and 10th streets.
TWO GENTLEMEN can h? accommodated with
hoard. in a privaw family fitwi the North, on G
street. north side, between 13th and 14th street, tonr
doors from the church of Epiphany.^Gentlemen from
the north would Ik' preferred. * anf 11?3*
BOARDING.?Mr*. BEALL would he pleased to
accommodate nix or eight gentlemen with board
and lodging*. Residence 4th street, between I and
K streets. aug 9
LOST?On Pennsylvania avenue, between the
Washington Citv Saving-' Bank and the Bank
of Washington. FIFTY-FIVE DOLLARS?a $50
note of the Bank of Waslnrgton, and $5 on the Bank
of the Metropolis. A suitable reward will lie given
to the finder by leaving it with the subscriber, next
door to the IT. S. Hotel. J. FITZGERALD,
aug 12-2t*
IOST?A Silver Lcpuic WATCH, on Wednes
-i day, the 10th inst .nt. It has a fob with a pearl
buckle and gold key; on the hack there is a scratch
or dent which can be easily identified bv its owner.
The tinder will lie liberal!* rewarded by leaving it at
Mr. BAKFR'S l'otomac House. Penn. aven-ie.
aug I2-3C
r ANTED?Several smart, active business M FN.
to canvass New Publications. Those having
eneigyaiul perseverance can realize from .*3 to $6
per day. Apply to R. W. FERGCSON,
Fowler's Building; 7th st.. near E,
aug 13 4t* Room 9, 3d floor.
?TANTED.?A SERVANT BOY wanted, from
11 13 to 15 years of age. GcnI wages for one
that can come well recommended as .-uitahle for
waiting on a family. Enquire at this office.
aug 13-3t
l!OY, from 12 to 15 yoars of age. One who is
ho.'gp t, cleanly, and intelligent may find a good
home. V. ELLIS, Petui. avenue,
a. g !2-2t* above 12th street.
? ? < 'AIIPENTERS. none other tlian good work
men need applv. Call at Building. one door above
WillardV Hotel. JAS. W. PHILIPS,
aug 12-3t
immediately TF.N RRICKI. VYERS at the Hos
pital for the in.>ane. erecting in this District. Wa
ges will vary I'roin A1 50 to 92 50 per day, accord
ing to ??kill and efficiency.
a-tg9-dlw Superintendent.
BRICKLAYERS.?Wanted immediately on Ex
tension of United States Capitol. Washington,
fifty Bricklayers. To good workmen steady em
plovinent wiil be given. Wages depending upon
skill and attention?the average being *ci -25.
Captain of Engineers,
In charge of Extension I". S. Capitol.
jy 25-dtf
the highest prices, in cash, for 5,000
NEGROES. with good titles, slaves tor life or tor a
term of years, in large or small families, or single ne
groes. 1 will also purchase Negroes restricted to re
main ill the State that sustain good characters. Fam
ilies never separated. Persons having slaves for sale
will please call and s"e me, as I am always in the
market with 'lie cash. Communications promptly
attend to. and lilwral commissions paid by JOHN N.
DEWIVG, No. 18, S. Frederick street, between
Baltimore and Second streets, Baltimore, Md. Trees
n front of the door. jy 30-tf
FOR RENT?Two comfortable and conveniently
arranged ROOMS, 30 by 20 feet, with gas fix
ture: and water in each, located on B street, in ar
Sixth, within fifty yards of Pennsylvania avenue.
Rent moderate, ami possession given inimediatelv.
Apply to JOHN W.BADEN,
Hardware dealer, Penn. avenue, near 6th st.
aug 13-3t _
IjiARM FOR SALE?A FARM, containing 9St
acres is offered for sale. It is on the old Cross
Road, b tween Fairfax Court-house and Oceaquon
Mills. The soil is healthy and easy of cultivation,
and one third is cleared, one third good timber land,
and the other third in good fcncihb- timber. For any
particulars in relation to it,enquire of WM. W ASH
INGTON, Barber, Capitol Hill. aug 13-3t*
ROOMS to RENT.?Two or three comfortable
Rf M IMS in one of the most pleasant and desi
rable locations on the Island will be rented on rea
sonable terms to good tenant*. Apply at
BAKER'S Periodical Depot,
jy 12 Near cor. 7th st. and Md. ave.
Now that the sun shines forth again,
And heat oppressive tills each frame,
A plate of Ice Cream at Hakvey's Saloon,
Will make you cool and pleasant soon.
Vgj The Proprietor in returning tliank> for the pa
v7tronage hitherto extended to him. solicits a con
V tinuanee of the same, and desires to inform
Jv, families and others, that lie is prepared at all
liottrs to furnish his celebrated ICE CREAM, from a
quart upwards, which will be forwaided to their re
spective residences by his Express Wagon.
(a'J- Pic \ics, parties, and retailers supplied as
Usual. T. M. HARVEY. Agent tor
J. FUSSELL, C street,
between 6th and 7th streets, re.ar of
jy 2S-lm Brown's Hotel.
LAND WARRANTS wanted, by
jy 15-1 m 15tli auwwl oip. Treasury.
fTlALLY-HO RAZORS, warranted genuine, for
I sale at LAMMOND'S, 7th street near E.
aug fi--eo3t
Ju?t Received,
&. LAMP STORE, on 7tli street, opposite Hall
&. Brothers Dry Goods Store?
3 tons ptire WHITE LEAD
300 gallons raw LINSEED OIL
200 " boiled do.
200 " pure SPERM OIL
200 " LARD OIL
Also, Tanners', NeatfoM, and Rosin OILS
Copal. Coach. Japan, Asphaltum, Daman, and Shoe
300 boxes WINDOW GL vSS, single and double
thickness, including French Plate, all sizes
Together with a complete assortment of PAINTS,
all colors, dry and ground in oil
entirely new patterns, gotten up expressly to my
BRUSHES of all descriptions
Adamantine and sperm CANDLES
In fact I have everything usually kept in a Paint, j
Oil, and Lamp Store, all of which were purchased 1
entirely for cash, and will be sold to suit the times ?
and the emergency of the case.
On all sums of .^25 and over, five per cent, will be
deducted for cash. Don't mistake the place,
WHITTLESEY'S, 7th street.
Nearly op|?osite the Avenue House,
jy 99-Ffc.Tlm _ J
/ LA.MMOND, 7th street. 2 doors below E, has j
received a supply of cheap Willow Carriages. Al
so, Hobby Horses, Boys' Wheelbarrow's, Hoops, I
Transparent Soap, in bars, the best and cheapest ;
Toilet Soap ever used. aug 4-eo3t
Collector'" Office, July 13, IS5S
_ . FOR PROMPT PAYMENT.?Notice is here
bv given that the Taxes for the year 1853 are now
due, and payable at this office; and that a deduc
tion often per cent, is allowed by law for the cur
rent vear, if paid on or before the 31st of August en
suing. K.J. ROCHE,
jy 14-eotd Collector.
LIFE INSURANCE, "the only sure prop
the dying husband may leave to support the wife
of his bosom and their tender offspring.'' The un
dersigned as the duly appointed agent of "The How
ard Life Insurance Company of New York," is pre
pared to grant Life Assurances, and to grant or pur
chase or dispose of annuities upon the mutual and
joint stock principle or otherwise. The Howard has
a guarantied capital of one hundred and ten thousand |
dollars. All persons feeling an interest in the object
proposed will be furnished with a book gratis, detail
ing in brief the mode of effecting insurance. All are
invited to examine the advantages proposed, wheth
er desiring to insure or not.
Office on D street, one door east ol 10th *t.
aug 6-eoltn _ _ _
on 7th street near E, has received fn?m New
York, another supply of those Collars.
aug 6-3teo
Y ADAMS &. CO'S. EXPRESS we are this
morning in receipt of a select assortment of Va
riegated, Carmine, Tissue, and Ultamarine PAPER,
tnr working artificial flowers. ROSEATES, 8tc. Al
60, a few more of those magnificent Crystal Palace
and Papier Mache PORTFOLIOS; Riding Whips,
Canes, kc., at JNO. F. ELLIS,
jy 28 Tenn. ave., bet. 9th and 10th su.
Boarding and Oar School for Toun* Ken
T? (C*r?er of 14/A ami K ttrttt,.)
HE seventh Annua) Session of this Institution
will rnmiwnrr on M? ?M?AY, September 4th
ine nlimber of pupils being limited. early applies
11 J* admission to the Academvi* requested Thr
i of reward* twin* n-.ioc.-d .to a uniform rule,
^HiLPlfnew dan<*''<>n ,ile d*> ?f opening i? desirable
, ? t! W ?"'l' to d'?t'nrnish th.-niwlvfn
mv **' had at the Bookstore* or Acade
T. F. Kir by, of Kinouri. and E. Boll, of Ohio,
TT1?? rnsu>n Office)
H r',y <* "'"MlHW ?"?
Afenry for thr prosecution of i **--? ?
the Government They will }my nrwciT
to Rcvoiutiniiary Ptnwn urf kunt) Land Claim*
under the various acts ofCongre*.. "" IS-1 in
CLF.S, FANCY GOODS. kc.-w," "di?,,
selected assortment. sUch a> Lutein'*, Meakimv
MeClainV. and Harrison V Extract* for the handker
chief; Met lain> Oil; Oriental Oil Rose*; Barry*
Tricoph.-mu# ; Lyon's K.nhairon ; Well*- Christ*
line Ox marrow and Pomatum, for the hair; Float
in* Soap: Sand, Honey. Military , and Chine* Soap
Shaving Cream; Christ aline Bails; (German. French
and American Colcgre; Dale'*, Swan'*, and I bar
?r*! 'V'n,l,no,>; Mouth Cochou* ; Hair. Tooth, and
Nail, Shaving, Hat, Clock.*, and Infant'* Brush.*
Kidder * sn.l Paysna'a Indelible Ink: Fowder Full
India Bat Halt*; Volatile Pungent* ; Buffalo, Ivory.
Horn, and \\ ood (ouibe: Playing and visiting Card*;
and many other article* too numerous to mention,
all oi which will lie ?old at r-du< ed price*, for cash
j> ^ Cor. V and 13th ntrm*.
WE lieg leave to eill tin attention of our friend
and tbe puttie In .? - *.-r> n-l.-cl assortment
?? PERFI'MERV, .-?? ? in j?,t of B?nT*
< rumble* I rienpl . ;.?i. Fbal ??'- Unit In vigor* tor
Jnle* Hanlee **Ln*ir*':" liluno.. 10*. Bear*. Rose'
Antique, Amber a, i \ . .t Farina's Get'
man Cologne, wat' int.-d i.uui>, P.-matum for the
Hair, in every -haj* and style, guarantied to be first
rate. Also. LubinY H Harrison's Extract* tot the
Handkerchief, van 1112 from 25 cent* to .VInts j>f-i
I Kittle; Soap, Shading < 'ream. Brushes. Cntnb*. fcc
J. F. El,I,IS. Feitii. avenue,
j *'W 1 Im t ween 9th and Ifltb street*.
^|AHE undersigned most respectfulh calls the at
tention ot the Citizens ot Washington. and otli
er* visiting Uie City, to the tact that lie ha* recentlv
procured a set of Foi 'NTS from the North, tor an
? iifacturing Soda Water.
These Soda Water Fount- have a decided ad van
tage over those which n.e now us-d eetM-mlly. a,
they are not made ot' cop,nr. but n, a composition
, that i*as pure as glass; consequently the water can
1 not become im;>r<mated front the m tal.
, There are iu use now in New Vork over thn -
S hundred.
The public .*>re re?|*-ct!"iillv soliei ed to call and
test the quality ot this .Hiciotis l everage nt
t?LO, NORBEt K 'S,? omeetKmer,
Penu. avenue, between Jnh & Knli ?t* ,
aug Xcdlui vt to |r,,,, |{;,||.
THE ?ub*rnber, having engajf.-d im bu>in.-**, offers
to his friend* and tbe patrons ofMr. J. T. Rad. liff
! the former occupant of the store )n Odd Fe||on "
j Hall. Seventh Mie. t. (iRt K FRIES ol tie U-*t qual
lty, and at die lowest market price. Ca|f ^u<t .
Jnst received. Sha- 's HAMS. Refine.! Le-fL \!,P
! Porto Rico StlGAK and MOLAfSLS. Stewart
, and other SIRCP, I'ah-nt Spenu CAMILES, -i,.;
Fannlv Flour. JO. RaFCLIFF
jy 27-?o2w
J- * It is better to laugh than lie sighing; Wonmn'
Rights; llmicst hearts and willing hand*; I'll pm
lor thee; |'es?al. or, til.- die Is ca-i; Ida Mav; Sweer
Mississippi; Maggi. dear; Ji ney :,t the -rat.-; Ifapii'
Birdling; Sister"* Wedding: Willie mv brave; Flack
smith Polka; Very Best I'olka; Tip Top Polka; Na
polcon Polka; ll.illnlat S.,liottn;ch.*; tr.'ramuni il'j
Thoughtless do; Snov liropdo; 1'nitedState* g.and
Walts; West Point dreain Waltz; Silver Enke
Waltz; lain B<||s Wait/; and other numerous r.-u
pieces, ia addition to a Hue a-sofment of liu.-ti- v
Guitar Pieces, &c. JOHN F. ELLIS,
j j> 25- Penn. ave. bet. ifth and ]<Hh s't?
1J Sheet Lead, Bar Lead, and Tin Zinc ; Amei -
can a ltd English Sheet-Iron. Bellows, Anvils, f.'i,
right. Parallel and Chain vices, and other (>oo<U
this description, which will In- sold cheap.
Corner 7th and It streets,
jyS-lm near the Canal.
Building Lota for Sale
-a. LOTS i<?r sale in various parts of the city
Prices moderate and liberal credit uill be given. A*l
so, will effect Insurance upon lives and property 111
res|Miiisible Companies. Inquire of
ang2-d3m Penn. a*-e. lM-t. 4 4^ and 6th sts.
Intends shortly to visit the Metropolis
Jfle treats exclusively all IHSEASES (i|
Fl'IIE EYE and EAR. and flatters himseli
j . that be will be able to give patients the
? fullest satisfaction.
Or. Von M has jnst received from Paris the largest
and most beautiful selection of ARTIFICIAL EVES
ever uiqiortcd to this country. In the meantime,
address to No. .14, Hanover street, Baltimore
aug 2-9t
*TMIE subscriber is prepared to at'end. at tbe ebon
X est notice, to any calls in this hue, and will
spare no pains to render entire satisfaction to all who
may desire his assistance in performing the last tnb
ute of respect to the dead.
Hearse always iu readiness. Mourning Cai?s and
1 Shrouds furnished when desired.
The subscriber begs leave to call the attention ot
j the public to his PATENT CORPSE PRESERVER
j which lias been alread) tested in the families of sex
; eral iu this city, to whom In* can refer as to
its efficacy in preserving the body from decomposi
! tion for any length of jwriod.
J. W. PLANT. I) rtreet,
aug 8-eoly bet. 9th and 10th streets.
Strayed or stolen from the subscrilier. a
Gray HORSE, blind in left eye, and one
portion of his mane cropped." The above
_ J / ] reward will be paid on delivering said
Corner 7th street and New Vork avenue
aug !i-co3t
rOULI? respectfully announce to his friends and
the public of Washington, that he is perma
nentlv located on Pennsylvania avenue, between Na
tional Hotel and 4 \ street.;.two doors trotn ('ampbcll
Building, where lie ?tiil continues to perfonn all op
craiions iu the H. ntal Art, and trusts to his rcputa
tion and skill tor a continuance of patronage.
lie has made arrangement* with one ot the best
workmen to assist him in the n-anufactiire of ARTI
FM.IAL TEETH, single, or in blocks with gums,
which are .superior and more solid than any in use
iv thiii city. They are inserted by the atniosphenc
presfiue, mounted on the hues! go'ld plates, are of in
comparable lightness, and not easily distinguished
trom the natural?they are sufficient for ever}- pur
pose of mastication, imparting to age the freshness
and intelligence of youth, and are worn without the
least uneasiness. For his great improvement he ha*
received many testimonials from Ins iiauentsand the
With an experience of seven years he will eive
perfect satisfaction, and all his operations will be
\\ arranted. ang5-eolm
TAKER, south side Pennsylvania avenue, near
the corner of 3d street. W. ungtii. where Cases of
all sixes can be obtain. <?, n<iu f uneral* attended to
with economy and dis;>alch.
These Cases can !?? sold as low as good Wooden
Coffins, and can be furnished ready for uie in thirty
minutes from the time the order is giv n.
jy 21-lm*
?rn 1 ui'iT* vXCIl,,'L' """?anient will come off 01,
IHLRSH.W next, July *)th, and on the wme day
every two weeks for the balance 01 the season.
rire-arins and Cur dog. not admitted in the cha?e,
nor any cornfields to be invaded on horseliack. A
large number of hounds are promised.
_Jy 26-eo4w
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company of
Capital $400,000
AGENT lor Washington. D. C., JAMES J. MIL
LER, Office over Banking-house of Selden
Withers, & Co.
Medical Examiner: Dr. J. M. Austiw, F street
near 10th street. jy 2JMm
VIRGINIA SCRIP liought at highest ea?h ic
jy 15-1111 15th street, opp. Treasury .

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