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r< r*?Li*n*D trs?T 4nrww?5, (cxccrr smoAT.)
.f 'kt *a Off*, on D ttrrrt, vrnr 12fA, nt>rrl\ cjmo
siie the frrwg Hotel,
To mttocnb-m in the cine. of W*s>inttnn.Grone
t.,wa. sn.l .Alnandna. at .5.1 12 prr annum ,JV
rtr-SIX ("ENTrl?weekly ?? .Arent*.' ' fo
siu! -Mit-orber* tht *?lb?er>mjni, price ii TUBrr
? x,:s AVI) riFTVrfcK rs ,
nv<> !m?i.l.\rs for six months ",!d??vr
.|.L4R fur THREE MOXTfld. cop?f
nir. cr.%T.
VOL. 11.
NO. 248.
Thi?exerl'ent Family and New? Journal?contain
tamr a preater variety of intere?tinf?Tarfmf than ean
he found in any other?i* published on Saturday,
Oxr D?li ak atp T? rsrv Fire ?rtfTi p?r ptnptc
TnflnK-?Fir* e?pi?w 'or >?V00; Tti eopj?? fot
: Twenty r?|?r?, Va?li, mruriaWv m
I'(i?tki#tkrk who aet ?? ^peni* wttl he allowed ?
ooiiituisfiou of twenty |m>t eei?t.
hedicinfs which never fail to
nl. J- S. R"SE is in honorary mombfr of the
Philadelphia Medical .So.-j-1?-. r.i^d tfradunf-d
from the Cniwsity of ('? cnsyWania, under
? .?dsn'* of the trulv en-.iiient Professor* Pbys
." iipm*n. Coxe. ?'nine! and 1'a-e. names
H me'ical science. Being milcitH hv
thousands <?f hi-* patients to pot up his Preparation*,
i ? n?* offrr* t-> th? public. as the result* of h ? ?.*
?v-'j- nc for thf pa?t thirty ye rs. tli? following val
Fuudy Mnlidnw, vch one tuitul to a t/*
t f< riant* :
Pt. J ' Boss's XCRTOi .- \ri? iTTIOORATtTO Coa
P?a Th? ideate** di^'TtfT in mcdical science
7'.;; vt ii <hnsrr"'P--ration tor raising up a wnik
cor* Hntwn 1 . biliated by c*rr. labor. study or dis
.m?c. acts liVc n rbsrm. It ^*Tr* strength and app.
j>:,?j pn*>-e?s?'s er?mt inri-<?r.itin? properties.
* i''-r II n't l>:?'??..!?<?. all Xcrv .?? .MTf'i'ons. F!atu
l??ce. Il-art Bum, l!estle?*ne-s. Numbness, Neural
g:n. rai-ini; lh<> spirits, ami power to the
w t.Mr *r?P-ai. it is almost Kinv-uious in it." eff<>ct.
iti cents a h-dtle.
po Y ?r srrFE* with ant pain? it 7^n
A \ tou will find immediate relief by r?;ijr Dr. J. 8.
Hoti's Pa:x Ct i?*h. It is the only preparation whirh
?ires nloiost in* nntly Sor? Threat. Rheumatism,
j >m (V?'d?. Pains in the side. Iiacfc or limns, Pare.
r;.,r or Toothache; Stomach or Bowels. Si te or Hack.
SiifTNeck, Brui*. ?, Corps and Chiihlnins. Where- .
ever too hare pain. u?e the Pain Carer. safe to all I
????*. Pre* 12) X, 25 n'l t ;.fl cis.
ri'R covens, colds, croup, and wiioop
I\<i COUOil.
Th* fUsl Cnxif'i i'yrup in thr Wr,,ld.
I>r R -*3VCcuef.atk?Cpccii Stri p (t.ti * immr.li
a!? relief to to th-worst Consli, whether ConsuTp
tiTf cr pncr-?!in< fr*>tn a r-dii. It nJistv* any irri
U?< <n of ?h>- l.u;>?r*. .-.nil f >rtifi*s t!ie sj.st'm n^niust
!-t-T? n't.-ir*/! In hi)!t -? al u() rents an<i jl.
Chi! Ir-n .-r? also liable to Croup, whirh dingwous
cjmpUiM3 uti?U inun^JiHtely to Dr. J. Rosa's suTsr
r?nrsr. Ctnrp iiutp. I'rir- 25 rents
Wh?>p;nc Coush. ."^nothT complaint, nltravs
*o'-c i c>:-l nnd dump ?t?"?llier. The afflicte<l find
irr?t ri-tinf in th? u-s* of Dr. J. Ro.<e'.i Whoopi.no
C ?;?< Stm r. whirh alw.ivs leliprcs and prevents
th* di.????<?> from running ii:to <diiMr dii'^iis^s. sorh i
M ia(!?niatinn rf Ue I>uii)C'. Oropqr ia th<? Chrst, ;
ind Consumption, frier .50 rent*.
r;n all diska^ls of tiif kidneys a\d !
!>r. J S. Ijosr's Compockd Flpip Extract or 1
BlCHl".?This is d#\*i bnlly ;in*? of thr in'st
^r?-r iif-J f-r j:-ra-??s of the kidnevs. l.l td.lrr. Ac
s:i'l also f ?r i^outy aff* ?**.ions: sIwhvs iii^hly re<*;>in
tBi-nd.-l by th? !?t?- Dr. Physic, and nisnv ?f tbf
most dist ujfuisfced mcdicnl men abroad. Price at)
Da. J. Itosr's C..ur>r.\ i*n.u for Fallinc of the
W.miK Fem?'e Weakness. Dability. nnd Heiatntion.
Prirs cents.
I>r J. S. K isi's Kvv?is Spmrio.?A remedv f^r
P*:nful M?n?truation. l .-urorrhrru or Whirr-, ivir
cn? dollar.
The Liver being: the larpest eland in the ltumsn
h?!y, it is more fmju-n ly demnped han t.nr othrr.
Then follows dy*p? psia, ron?t)pation, c"M r'-rt. and !
l?isi f app.*ti'e?the shin bcccnie* yt llow, the sp irits <
droop. :?od th? re is a jr-at arersion to sf?-ii-tv ' Ho
S'lUte the liv^r. and you correct ail ih-?? evils ?
The s)ir?-?t prrpara?;ou? to take are I>b. H'^k .h <'"k
smisd Rmlr mi>or ANTi-Pii jot s Pills. TI.ev r (. f?
eff the bile, and soon jtTr ap^-tit- and strength
His DtjPEr?T\ C>Mp .! ->D should be taken wber- r
per*"n hw been tronhled with dispepsia f^r a hncr
time ?Price .10 ce-its. Itut f r ro'ds. bilioU* h?i i's
j?un.iice. Ac., take Dr.. K -s s Ax^-Biu ? s ox II -,il*
*?*!> Pllij". 12' j and 2.) -en:? |-er b-ii.
All or th< ahore preparations, with Dr. TJo-^",
Me.ii.Ri A driver to persons in Sickness and in H.-.vth
W be hsH r.f D. (idman, Chr.rl?? clott Co W
II. tii!ri?n. John W. Nairn, rntterv.a A Nn'irni '
W. Morripon. William T Krens. Kidwell A |?,w*
renee, J. B. Moore, Washington; J. L. Kidw 11
flwrgetown; sr. ! by all dealem in Alexandria. Vir
^ .ep 24
The CWreal Pnrlflrr of the Blood!
y?( a Particle of Mercury in it.
Av Isrii.nDi.g Hemedi for Serofula. KinK>Evil. Rheu
mnti-m. Ut>.<iinatr Cutaneous Eruptions. Pimpleeor
Pustule on the Fare. Bl..tche< B..i!h. Chnmir Sore
Km? W.mi or Tetter. Scald Hr*d, Enlarge
ment and Pain ot the Bones and Joints. Stubborn
t'-nrs. Syphilitie l>i.sordrrs. Lumbago. Spinal Com
plaint*, and all Diseases arising from an injud eious
use of Mercury. Imprudence in Life, or Impuriir of
tnr bifNid. v
1'UIS valuable Me.ii, ine. whirh hss become cl^
brat.il for the number of oxtraordiuarv ctlr^s
"T.vte.1 thp.u^h its aL'en<-r. has indured the nropri.*
tors at the urgent request ?.f th^ir frien.ls, to offer it ?
the puUir. Which th.-v do Wirh the utmo-trorfi
-lenoe m it. Tirtucs an! won,itrf ,l curatire pror?r.
, Th" Mh'Wing rerUficates. selectcl from a larire
n?n -r, are.bow. ver. stronger t?stinionv than the
|aere word of the proprietors: and are ali'from iren
' lemon well known in their localities, and of the hi h
XKTvi*-"n; ",,h'?
}. BolDEX. E-.j. of the Exchange Hotel. Rich
' id. known everywhere, sr.y.- he has seen the M-|i
inee-.,.M Cart::r% Sp\M.vn MisTm*, adminietni>n|
T'*ra.h?,ndrcdra?es. in neariv all therii*oa?e* f..r
whirh it is rreommcitded. with the m-.st astonish -ulr
mlrf r 'il 'i. 11 '* the most cxtraordinarr
nifai' inf ho fTor
ev^lfi II D .rEVK':-OUKAT CURE.?T h. rel.v
certify that f'-r three yei.rs I had A-Ue and Fever of
,Z?r\rWnt de*r'Pt*"I>- I fcreral Phvi
l ^ '-??IJ.'1* 'pianliti-s of Quinine. Men-urv, and
ail the ronics ?dirrtistsl. but all wi'li'.ot
S-r , At Un 1 tri-? Carter's Speni.h
tixture tw , U.ttle.of whirh eff,. tu.llv cur.sl ,n-.
Md I,1? happy to say I have had ?-i her ( hills or
wortJ hk 1 r il the best Tonic in the
f'J. and the only medicine thut ever reachcl mv 1
?. ? . T, , JOIIN LONGDKN.
? I an'. Dear Birbmond. Ya.
K, l - ,.1"w in the city of Richmond.
WrTn ' ?'',,r*K,,,1'l'1'0,,,Mnr?'h:'" "Uch "?>?'?
H xtnr " y.t",,,' hl,v- Rm^O of Carter's Spanish
th h h '** b0nRllt ?!'? Hrd? of 68 1,^'tlos.
t.., . twha.-iven away thr affliete.1. Mr. Lu-k I
sn'""1 u u> faii wi,,a ,?k-" ???>"*
'/th. U.v'irVV^r"^ ''hysicinn, and f-rmerlv
, , L 'n th? ?Hi?"nd.w.h,f
??? ?.t-'ev^nna "im^rof- i,.Man. es the effe "ts of
r--n'- * iiL"1 ! I,*tu,v-Wh'. h were most truly-ur- j
(?nthe~i Iver M ? \*7'^' '?,,,,ul?P,">?.depend.-nt
"'r"rl> w"n- """ '-rful i?de?l.
-StSf * |
"il'.K Af Cl'BK f?K SCROFL'I \ _tv,q v n.
;be K,?r R,r;tJ h^VO-rea^r, 2
r-om-ciredof violent Scrofula. Aw'Unnl
h whe h mrirelv di-ab .sl h m .Ul
, r..? Vn f T'7 * sr?ni'h Mixture m : !e
, (-..eer...lIy recommend it to all who .ire
-n,, ' ' dl-esse of the M.^v| "
? L \.\<>TI1KK Cil'E t m'Ki iFt'L \ ?I f ?.l
^r4TM"f" '7 r,,r~' ?r !irrr>f:'l' hv Carter's
m :i,n, (,n"l valuable,
"? * r. B. R-Co.. Riclmiii: Y.C?ndUrt0r ?n U"
bSJE in the city of1
h, - Wrhni"r-1' X a ' aUd
* JTIIKWS. of Richmond, had a ?er
v . 2f .V rhlJ'"' ,n Ml" wor!" f ,rm- bv Car
- Iixtnre. Me say* h- cheerfully r?
r;n? ^ ccnsi ler? it an inra'uable meOi
^ " ?>T, ef Richmond, vras rure I of
?'JtaM?^n"K1.1 P'?Vf'!rian* cinBrmed CoR
t ,?r - h> ?I Carter'.- Spanish Mix- 1
-st. v Bl roTnm'.??ion?r of the revenue,
M*,,' hv" of Carter s Sp r.i-h
i- VZ rZ " nU? "f '^rhiMM- eascv and saT? it
W w ^Pt.c"r' f ,r th"< horr hie d'.-ease.
Sor., ,?'i . , *KV%'^,r)- nf Richmond, c .red of old 1
^ r. ,?,u wb ,, ,llMbv<1 him fr,>rn ;
n, ?v . i ,rt<*r'" SP*ni,l> Mixture, .nl J
,* ^S'-1 w*J?out a erutcb, in a ihort
-?'? prriaseotly cured.
I'rn.- pal ,t ?T WARD. CLOiC k CO. No
_ Npw York.
IM' vvSlJTrlS0'5' N? I32Sorth?nrondntr<s*!y
QaV\irr * BKER3- Sa-125 M\in street. Rich-;
?? C^lifiNK* PEEL^ A^LtSTOrrr\ Waahlngton,
"-Tywhew. Alexandria, and by Lraggistg
Pnre $1 per or fix bottles for J.1..
A Plain tind Unvarnished Statement.
T K commend the pcru'al of ?ie extract b?low
\ V to our rentier!". Mr. Cull is a merchant of
high character.
August 29th. IfM. )
Messrs. Mortimer A M- wbray?Gents: You tnay
think it ."trance that I have taken the lihrrty to
write you tbitt letter. tut t do so under circumstances
th8t justify it. As you are the Agents f?r HAMP
ent to address you this note, hoping it may be a part
?t" the honor ?ble meww of giving tuis medicine no
toriety which its merits deserve.
Being in the habit of vending medicines which re
late to the Patent and regular fystem. T consider
myself, to some extent, a judge of the reel merit of
many of them My experience tcachc* me that
? Hrmpton's Tincture" is a me limine of ror.l merit
<>f intrinsic value. When I say thi", I (to not say
that it i? an infallible cure, in ail casets. hut i mean
to spy that "Hampton's Tincture"' will favorably op
erate in nil dis?*n?"6 originating from n want ?>f prop
er secretions of the gastric juices, bad digestion, and
consequently bed depositee of animal matter from
that source. I believe that many diseases located in
various parts of the system, such ?s Inrt?mat.i n.
Ulcers, Scrofula, Ac., Ac., originally have their be
inx in th" stomach. from had food, had tlicestioti,
ai d consequently hail depositions ot' the eireulation
to those par's: and 1 will believe Hampton's *ege
tr.b'c Tincture will even renct in these eases.
Having found out, niy?e!f what it is. I recommend
:t to others in such ra?es a? T have described, and 1
have done it upon tha "no cure no pay" syst-. m,
?rd 1 have jet to have the Cut bottle returned, or
the first objection alniut the pay. It is a greyt pity
it cannot bs more extensively circulated among the
people. * * * * I warrant
it in the following cases; Gout, Rheumatbm, Inflj.
m ti"n?, which proceeds from the stomach, Sores.
Srrofula. Pyspeps'a. long standing cases of Ag?i< end
Kevc.*; first stop the chill, and then give the Tinc
ture?the difficulty in this case is not in stopping
the chill, hut the "return of it. this the Tincture will
rertainly do. In general debilitations. 1 warrant it,
\rd as 1 sa'd before 1 luve procured r. trial of it in
this way, which otherwise I could not; the people
linv been humbugged by patent medicines so lone,
that they ar?* afraid of all. This is clearly a stomach
medicine, it works nil its wonders there, and in nil
u~h cases it is a .-pcciflc, if anything in the world is.
Having jpveu the Tincture a fair trial with my
?elf, in ray family and neighborhood, I think I am
rvatranted in what ! say about it, and which I do
nrithout any other interest, tlii?c the wish to see it
n g<?nerrl circulation, and in every man's family,
where it ouuht to be.
If vh it 1 say be doubted by any of the afflicted.
>n 1 thev wiii write to me. at Sardy Bottom Post Of
!7oe. Middlesex county, Vi'gir.i.i, ststing the nature
if the disease. and I re ommend it for such a cos? I
*<11 warrant it, and if it don't do good I will pay for
'ha medicine. TUOS. R. DULL.
Mr. ffm. Oldham, of Baltimore custom house, snf
'ered these complaints f ir IS months, with both body
mri mind s rious'.y a (Tooted lie wai our d hv Hamp
ton's Vegetable TinrUi'e. af cr ether t.h.ngs i dled.
Mr. Henry C. Winn had a coiuh fir 5 yean: great
Tr*?r.kr.ess. Ac... had. in nil 5 or f> phyiinars; tried all
thuir remedies, but was cured only by
C.V1 and get pamphlets gratis, wi'h history of dis
covery of this wonderful Blood Puri'"f r, and see ccr
t.tlcates of our own citizens, ot Bhcumatis-m, 1 *y ?pep
?ia. Njrofula, Liter Complaint, General Weakness.
Nervon.-iies , Ac., Ac.
Hi- Hold by MORTIMER A MOWBRAY, 110 Bal
timore street, Baltimore: nu ' 304 Broadway, New
VorUj CHAS. STOT!' A < o. WIMER. B. M0-)UK,
LIO'TT, an ! II. McPIIERSOX, Washington : also by
it. S. F. ClScKLL,G?orgetown; and C. C. BERRY,
Alexandria sen 'J9
TONIC MIXTURE.?TU U*\r*r*ity of Fr,"
MfHcin* w*ti Iy>ptt'ar Knnw'fdfltj chartered by the
State of Pennsylvania, at it* last session, (vii. 2#th
Aprii, 1S"3. :n?inly f >r the purpo-eof arre-^'inj; the
evils resulting from the sale of spurious and dan
;er?us nostrums; also for the purpose of supplying
the public with reliab'c reme-jies. in ca.es wherein
the pa'icut cannot obtain or will not employ tf.eliest
rue iral aii'isers: having jiurcbased that invaluab'e
remedy. Rowand's Tonic .Mixture, on account of its
just celebrity and krow n efficacy in the treatment of
Fi ver and Ague, and its k!ndr>il n'Taction-,?has no
iiesiia ion In recommending it in the highest terms
to the patronage of the nfHr-ted.
BLACKBERRY ROOT.?The above Institution
extends it? sanction, in !i\e in-inner, to the remedy
for Bowel Ccmplpiut. so w-.ll known p? Rowand's
Compound Syrup of Jllackherry Ilc.-t, and eai i c-tly
recommends it to the confideuc ? of patients hffi'c cd
wi?li these ci mple.in's?Isdicvinr ii lo tc iuTsluab e
in ths treatment of such cases.
Hon. Henry K. Strong,
Hon J. It. Flani -'in.
John R. Rownnd. M. D.
I'. R. Ashton. Efq.
| Hector Orr. E?q.
t&TAll communications to be addressed: John R.
Ito'vand. M. I>.. Hea?l of the Pharmaceutical Depart
ment. and President of the University.
Home Dispensary and Office, No. 47 Sou'h Frcc.nd
street. Philmlolphia.
Brv ch Dispensary at tliH Store of.I. I' C ALLAN.
Washington. D C , and 0. M. LIXTIIICU.V. fle- ry.
*i wn. P. C. (Ge irucfown Advocutel oc 11 -eoWt
Ry order of the Trustees.
^ vania avenue arid 14th street. Washington, and
JOHN L. KIDWELL, High street, Georgetown. D.
C- comjri?irg ill part:
Dr. Javnes Family M?dicin?<? Dr. Ross's Family
Meiieines?Wistar's Balsim of \\ ild Cherry?Avers'
Cherry P r oral?J-'ands' and low.-and's Sarssparil
lu ? a" H. and John Bull's do?Rose's and Schwartze's
l i?Milh?u Klixer C>disa}a Bark ?Wolfs Aromatic
!?cheid?m Schnapps?Kidweii's Extr-ct Beech Drops
?Watt's Nervous Antidote?Osgood's India Ch'do
Uojh*.?Bowar d's Tonic Mixture?Hampton's Vegeta
ble Tincture?Green's Origi' ated Bitters?Hoofland's
lierman do?B'.ake's and Cannon's do?Rusht-'m's
nn-l Sim ?> Crsl Liver Oil. together with all the most
upproveil me licincs ? f the time.
Agents for the sa'e of Seymour' * Galvanic Abd-iJiii
n -l Sjpporter. Seyaiour'sOhst.-"'"' ?1 Supporters, and
Mr*. Belt's Ablominal l.'lcro m* otrters.
A fresh supply of Saratoga ?l.u Bedford Water.
s?-p 30
The Most Wontlrrful Medicine
F.'vrdis&'riTtd f>r thr crrtwn ru>f nf^Agw'tin i Pntr,
Intermittent owl Hiiio Frrrrt.
Ohcr & f'u.'s VfjetHble Siecilic.
ryUE proprietors of this valuable Medicine have
never raade any efforts to imroducc it lefore
ti e public, yet it has found g eat f ivor f ir and niMr
Certificate* without kumber have lieen furnished <>f
it? virtues, without any solic.tation. and many cures
perform''' whe i ail oth. r m - lieines h ive f*il?d. .4 /
that m "<>?'</ if " trial. It has stoed the t??t for sev
eral years, and we say. wi'hout fear, that no better
preparation for the cure of Ague nnd Kerer can lie
produced. As ail<vid- ncc we publish a certificate
of a gentleman well known ;
'?1 t-tke great pleasure in recommending the Spe
cific prepared bv Obe' A MeConkey. for the cure of
Aiue and Kever. a? the l>est article for the accom
plishment o? that object 1 ha?e ever met with. In
my family it has succeede i hevond my most san
guine <*pecUt?ons, an 1 therefore. I consider it a
privi'ege as well as a doty to recommend its use to
ail who may be puff-ring un er the influence of that
distressing afiliction. (Sign-d.)
D. Evaxs Refse.
Minister of the Method'st Protectant Church.
Ft sale by the proprietors, OBER ic CO., Balti
more ; ?
By DANIEL B. CLARKE, Apothecary. Potomac
Hall, corner of Maryland avenue and 11th street.
It 'and;
By CLARKE A BOWLING, 7th street, between
south D and E sticets. island;
A?id by J AMES II SI'OXE. corner of 7th and L
street", Xorthern Liherties. Washington, D. C.
sep lf^-Sin
c. H. MY KKS, Gas.Kilter. '
N'lXTH street, one door from Pennsylvania ave
nue, beiag a practical ga.* fitter is prepared to
LIX?>, STOKES, Ac . at the shortest notice, i? the
best m ir.ner, and on reasonable terms.
?M-p "it?lm
VFIKST cla'a daily morning Newspaper, con
t >iniec the latest and mut reliable P liticnl,
Com in trial, and general American nnd European
news, with Army and Nrvy intelligence. Pubibhed
by Baylor, biple'y A Brush. Baltimore. Terms $6 ;
year, or 12 cents a week. Single copies two cents.
W. W. IXGMAN, Agent,
or 5. D street, 3 doors e?et of 7 th street.
N. B.?Mr. I. also receives subscriptions (or all the
Reviews, Magazines, and Newspapers.
At E. Cammack's Clot.hinj Establishment,
'IMIE nut-.5cril.fr having just rot' siP'vi from the
1 North with a largo r.nd eiegr.r.t assortment of
Cassini"res. rioths. Yctings, A"o? of the l*t<?st. pat
terns. rot'fi'-s ni* nM customers and the public gen
erally that, ho is now prepare^ to ti!l all orders for
Clothinr at the.shortest ncic*-.
AI<S<>, ft well feicctcii stock "f Ready-made Cloth
ing, H&ndkcrch'ef*, Cravats. r li rts, Ac.. /:?*.. of the
l:i'"''.t styles. Cr.'.l nnd examine for yourselves.
Two first rate Coat hacds wan ed.
sep 'Jti?lni K. CAMMACF.
Grnrgriown Frmsli- Siinliisry,
(Sronr.KTows, D. C.
THIS institution is open nnd in fill! operation.
The course of study ir. very thorough *;;d prac
tised. The principal superintends ril tl:<? d-p-rt
ment? of study, and is r**is'.-d bv the be*t and mo>t
efficient te*<hcrs. The seminary pren-nts the ve;y
finest advantages to p. >routs who wish t-> place their
daughters under watchful o to and attention.
B'srdingsnd tuition in nil English hrauohes ?300
per session of ten months, French, music, drawing,
Jtc., extra.
Day pupils from >.r> to ?10 per quarter of 11 weeVs.
Circulars and catalogue.* to lie had on application
to the principal. WILLIAM J. CI.AHK,
sep IS?cotf- Principal.
The "Xornlng Slsr," Cooking Stove.
?*"|MIE undersigned liav- the s-!?? a'."iicy in tiiis
1 place for th" ?>.';? of tht" c l-bra'ed STOVE?
nnd have on hand a s-ork of th<5 different fines,
which thev of)er to t~o public at very low prioo<\
As one opinlcn of the pr ? s in Philadelphia. we suV
j dn lis- fit!o? irj^ from the Evening Bulletin:
??Tuc >Joaxis? Star Cooki>"? :-tovr.?Having onr
FelVe* te.-ted th" vs.lue ( f this Stove, wo ieol prompt
od every now and then to say something abonf it,
f:?r eacli day? ".vperien'-e siienglhen* our conviction
that its pr ?o^irnl ut lity will b-nr out r.U that, we
can say in itj praise. It rcrju'res hut a moderate
? luantity of fuel; is 60 fonftrrcted as not to be lia
ble to ;?*?t cut. of order; h .s two fine largo ovens:
roast", hikes, and boils rapidly and thori-ushly: and
is in every rc- jx-ct a model cooking apparaius. We
recommend hous.koop? rs who are shout to pur
< hwc o'oves. to "all and look ht the '"Morung Stai"'
before th y make their selection "
Tlv al'OV:: Stove will he fou^d at the Hardware
Store of I). ENGLISH & SON.
Georgetown, OctoVr 4. 18.>3.
oet 4? oiflt
1MIB G AS WOUKS beinc about completed in
Georgetown. Hotels. Storekeepers and others,
desirous to avail themselves of its advantages, \vuid
do well to m ike immediate arrangements for it in
troduction into their re'pocti re dwellings, > eforo the
winter sets in. 15 so clr.:;?p they will avoid much in
convenioncc ?nd safe money.
The subscriber, n practical Grs Fitter nnd Pli!mh?r,
brprs to announcet >the inhabitants of Georgetown,
that he has always on Ii&ikI a large etock of HAS
PIPES and FIXTURES, for fifing ui> Dwellings,
Churches, Stores. Hotels. Work hops and Factories,
ail of which will be put t?p in the neatest manner by
experienced workmen. nr.d wjih promptitude. His
terms will be found liters;!, and his prices as low as
any other house.
Aline addfesfl?d t-"> the nndersigned. or any orders
left at hi." store, will meet wi:h immediate atteiition.
KDW. M. BOTE!.Kit,
South-west comer of Oth and Dft.ri*et^.
cot .1?tf
W It. KIClIARDd, Jr.,
I.ARJK3' FKI5.WX.M 't IS B 'S IIBJ\f2.U.
English. Frcnch & German Fancy Goods,
A'o. 3 Enhance Plurc,
nuj lS?if AI.EXANDIHA, Va.
Kxrhnnje CHorU, rliangrH liniids.
IJ. 11A A S havin? bought
out the entire (uteres! of K.
I>. BiOck' tt in thealMive Gal
lory. and repleni.'he?ll!is-<tO',k
iwiili a beautitul variety of
*nc'.v Plain l Fancy Cases,
LOCKKTS. P.l\<;s. IMNS ?ir:iautei lal FRAMES,
i- prepared !?> tak : PICTL'RES with every improve
mrnl ni the Jirt.
I'lCTURES takes in any we*tiier and war
ranted to ^ve entire satisfaction. 11c will not permit
<1111/ Pii tuicx lenLC the Gallery thc.l <iic tint ii<'ije< t.
Ml MATCHES for Lock' ts, Ring-*, and otlier ()r
nanu:."ts taken in the be ; po-sih!e manner and or.
the most roas:mal>|e terms.
The Public are requested to caH anil examine lor
IX?-Remember the phoe?the oidr Diquerroan
G.iii. ry ni Alexundria, No. 3 Exchange Block. Kine
street, Alexandria, Va. aug 18?If
I. O. O. F. and Masonic Tepot.
E. a . GIERS,
No. 73 Haiti mob k -'tue t-r, JUi.timobe. >1r..
MASOX1C, and all o'ln-r Jocidies" UEGA
LIAS. IIA.NNKUS. FLAGS, and .IKWF.I.S, eonsistiug
of every variety of st^le f'r Ofl il t"'el I o\v?, ;llr
? oiiic,Rrit Men, Sun# of Temper a rice,
etc . U-ini a mor.!ext nriw amhcompieli! bssortinont
than ean be found in .h? CxiruD Staies.
Member? and UrFio ts of th" various Ord rs c; n
he snpplietl with any style or design from the com
plete assortment always rn hand, without b<-ing oc
casioned th" iS 'lny necessary to execute th"ir ord- rs.
P* s. SIIjK. AM) Bl'NT-Urt
5- :'i I X G , FI.AGS, BE It
V E E S, I> V. > > A S T S ^ t
""'STREAMERS, &c.,
frcin 5 to 41) feet, suitabl.' f.r MlhlTAltV COMPA
than thev o?n b>.i had in the United States.
Addr ss?E. A. GIBBS,
No. 73 Baltimore street, ISnHimore. .Md.
srp 10?3m
Select Sclinnl for Young I.?;lles,
Hamilton Terrace. 2 '3. Eiitair %trect, Baltimore.
THESE ladies, who have iiad so much experienee
in teaching, both in t!>e East-'rn and Middle
States, will open a Select Boardurc and Day
School for Youue Ladies, on the FIRST MO\ltA\
IN SEPTEMBER. The success which has invari
ably attended their past efforts, gives them assurance
that parents who may entrust i!ie education of ?heir
children to their care, will find the duties nnd re
sponsibilities of this important and sacred trmt faith
fully and ably discharged.
The Eiiifli.-ii Department will be under the exclu
sive direoiion of the Principals of the School; and
well qualified Teachers will bv employed to give in
struction in the Ancient and .Modern Langir.g- s,
Music, Drawing, &.c.
F.'r t'Tins, Stc., apply to principals. Circulars
??an be obtained at Cushings ?t Bailey's, Baliiinore
street, opporite Hanover. aus?*2f>-2in
T j J W,SE * BBC ITU BR Manufsc
J M *\| ? turers of Grand Squarv and Boudoir
ITAffOS, request special attention of Fema'e Pian
ists to aneat, fimi'le. and convenient ciethrd of ad
justing the ??me Piano to any d?^r- e of touch ( heavy
or light) the performer n quires. Touch being th -
pr ncipal means of playing the Piano, it should be
agreeable and equnl the elasticity of the fingers.
Call*nd see it. J. J. WISE A BKO.
oe 8? 3m
DRS. R. &. J. HUNTER, ir.cinber* of the RovaI
College of Surgeons, late of Islington, London,
have taken up their rosnienee in Washington, for
the treatment of
comprising affections of the Throat, Bronc hitis,
Asthma, Cosscmptio.n, and diseases of the Heart,
to which branch of their profesMon they have for
many years given their exclusive attention. The pe
culiarity of the treatment employed by Drs. II., is
that the remedies employed arc administered by In
u % i.ation iii the form of vapor.
Residence and office, liWi ?trei t, botwee* T; and
H streets. gep 6?tf
Prepare for fall ?t winter.
Just received, a splendid assortment of Fall
and Winter GOODS, which will he made to order
in the best style and on reasonable terms, bv
Penn. avenuo. next to corner 6th street.
?ep 14?lni
Tub Cholera.?The New York Courier
fears the cholera may reach this country
and city, as it is now so prevalent in l*u
rope. The disease has spread most in
England, in filthy locations, as in New
I Castle, where there arc many more cases
in 1853 than 1849. It says :
44 At Copenhagen, where the disease has
been raging, oat of a thousand persons who
were removed from a crowded local itj' to au
encampment outside the town, only ten died.
At Hamburgh, where the epidemic has been
prevailing upwards of six weeks, only six
easss of cholera have occurrcd. in the im
proved part.* of the town, and in London, iu
the ravage? of 1819. not a single ea?c of chol
era occurred in any of the model dwellings
1'or the poor, though the pestilence racked
around them among the same class of popula
tion. It i? s^id that the Hospital Surgeon? of
London, can map down with ?!mo?t unerring
certainty the districts where the cholera will
first appearand ravage most malignantly, ??id
can "predict almost the percentage of case.
and the relative mortality"
CC7~Mr. Wood, late Governor of Ohio,
oil his way to Valparaiso, touched at
Jamaica, and formed rather an unfavora
ble opinion of the effects of the abolition
of slavery on that island. He says :
" We saw many plantations, the buildings
dilapidated; fields of sugar-cane half-worked,
and Lapparently poor, and nothing l?nt that
v.'uich will prow.without the labor of man
appeared luxuriant and flourishing The
island itself is of great fertility, and one of
the best of the Antilles, but all the large and
best estates are fast going to ruin. In the
harbor were not a dozen ships f*f all nations;
no business was doing, ami everything you
heard spoken was in the language of com
plaint. Since the blacks have been liberated
they have become indolent, in?oleiit. degraded,
and dishonest. They are a rude, beastly so*
of vagabonds, lying naked about the streets,
as flHhy as the Ilottenots. and. I believe.
C^'We call attention to an advertise
ment, in another column, of two reme
dies; one for "Fever and Ague," and the
other for "Bowel Complaint,'' prepared
under the direction of the University of
Free Medicine and Popular Knowledge,
and issued by order of the Board of Trus
tees, from its Laboratory in Philadelphia.
As everything originating from this in
stitution will emanate from Medical Grad
nates of enlarged experience, and high
scientific attainments, we have every rea
son to believe that all remedies prepared
under its sanction will be worthy of im
plicit confidence with the public as well
r.s the medical profession.
Mails?Election?Salrt of the Reserves?
Pacific Railroad?Mrs. Sinclair.
The San Francisco correspondent of the
New York Tribune, under date of the
j 15thSeptember, writes:
The Sierra Nevada arrived to-day, as
usual, in advance of the mail, and the
Tribune will be read all over California
before the mail steamer arrives. These
things arc intolerable, ami we must have
a mail by the Nicaragua Route. It is
right in itself, and the best interests of
California require it. ^ ou will see by
the election returns that Bigler is n
elcctcd, and the entire Democratic licket
throughout. It might have Ijcen expect
ed, and Bigler is atai better man than lie
is represented to be. The gale cf the
public reserves has been enjoined, but the
injunction will be deferred, and the sale
will go on. Money enough will be raised
to pay a very considerable portion of the
Slate debt. The property is worth, and
will probably bring when all sold, over
a million of dollars.
Mrs. Sinclair has become a permanent
citizen of California, and taken the new
theatre in this city. She has been emi
nentlv successful as an actress, and has
secured the warm friendship of all Cali
f.irnians. Meetings are held weekly of
our citizens on the subject of the Pacific
Railway. We shall furnish a map of
statistics in regard to the commerce of
the Pacific that will astonish all Eastern
people. A company will be organized
and ready to build the road from San
Francisco to the State line. California
will be no laggard in this matter. The
road must be built and that without
Panama Fkvkr.?Four hundred and
fifty laborers, says the Baltimore Sun,
have (lied on the Panama Railroad during
the effort to build it. Nearly every white
person going there to work is a'tacked
with the fever, generally within a few
weeks after arrival. In consequence of
the sickness and mortality, the contrac
tors have been obliged to give up their
contracts in an unfinished condition, and
the Company have resumed the work and
are carrying it on by means of their own
| The above paragraph is credited to the
Baltimore Sun, but is circulated by a
number cf papers, and among them, the
! New Orleans Picayune, which has every
(.opportunity of knowing part of it to In
false. The sickness and mortality have
not compelled "the contractors to give
up their contracts." At the time thp
contractors commenced their labors, the
i Isthmus was as unhealthy as it ever has
! been, since the commencement of the
emigration?at the present time, it is
i healthier than ever before.?Aspinwall
j Courier. _
I We have received bv the arrival of the
i clipper brig Yoe, dates of the Polynesian
i complete up to August Kith.
The small pox was raging on the Island
without abatement, and had been made a
' matter of a good deal of excitement. On
I the 20th of July last, the citizens of Hon
I olulu held a spiritual meeting, and pre
pared a petition to the King for thr dis
missal from office of l)r. Judd and Mr.
Armstrong, the Ministers of Finance^-and
Public Instruction. The petition. among |
othrr criminations, allege.-: tha* these gen
tlemen of the Ministry are responsible for
the prevalence of the small pox. and that
it was through their influence that the
Government rejected the proposal > made
by the Hoard of Physicians on the first
appcarance of the cpidcmic, to arrest its
progress by vaccinating the entire popu
lation of the islands. Counter petitions
and statements had been made in a very
excited spirit.
The Royal (Commissioners of Public
Health had. in favor of the petitions of
the foreign residents, made some arrange- i
mints in the nature of hospitals and vac
cine establishments and health districts,
rr.d had provided f>r burials at the pub
lic expense. The Inst Health Report
shows a most desperate fatality on the j
island of Oahu, whilst only a tew cases
are reported to remain at Honolulu. The
to'al number of cases reported on the
islands is : deaths 1,276. The
deaths at Ilawaihae were -8 out of a pop
ulation of 50.
A saw mill was al?out to be crectcd
mar Ililo, where good timber abounds.
The Polynesian says:
'? For many years all the luml?er made
upon the Islands has been saw n by hand,
an expensive and laboi ous process. There
is much koa and ohia timber on Hawaii, .
which, if sawn into boards, plank, scant
ing, timber, &c., would find a market I
here f->r the various purposes of building, I
furniture and export, and could be sold at
a rate below the cost of importing the
same from a foreign country/'
? -*>
Tho Wifi "Whipping Affair at Newport.
The Newport M-rctiry of Friday pro- j
nonnces "untrue'* the declaration of Col.
Cranston that the story cf Morgan hav- j
iiig flogged his wife "was false." As we
have copied the allegation of Col. C., it is
but just that the other side should l>c
heard: though we had hoped that the pub
lic had heard the last of this unpleasant j
affair. The Mcrotry says:
"Morgan did beat his wife, and not
only beat her, but the beating was a se
vere one. Three bruises, (two of which, i
were each as large as a dollar, one, on the
temple above the eye. and a third was on
the frontal, and was so severe as to break
the skin,) were made by the flogging upon
her face, and these wounds were visible
for several days after they were inflicted.
Two ladies distinctly heard the blows,
and a third entered the room immediately
aft. r they were inflicted, and then noticed
the condition of Mrs. Morgan, while she
was suffering from the immediate conse
quence of the wounds which were then
upon her. and another lad}-, five minutes
before Morgan entered the room, noticed
Mrs. Morgan's face, and knew that there
were then no wounds upon it, and she dis
tinctly heard the fracas.
It ha.-i been proved that Morgan came
to Newport with his wife and took lodg
ings at the Touro House, on the 15th
July; that his wife was a s'ranger in
Newport?that he left Newport on the
ITthof July without making any prepara
tion for the accouchnient of Mrs. M.,
which took place on the 20th, when Mor
gan was still absent: that for all the at- ;
tentions she received upon that occasion,
she was indebted to some of the lady j
guests of the Touro House, and that
Morgan, when he returned from New !
York, did not speak to his wife or show |
any a<*t ot tenderness during her confine- !
Among the great number of impudent
impostors who have given themselves out
for other persons in consequence of some I
resemblance, none have so much embar
rassed the judges as Arnold Dutille, in
the case of Martin Ciuerre, adjudged by
tin; parliament of Toulon, in France, in I
1500. This iast was absent only eight
years. An adventurer named Arnold;
Dutille, who somewhat resembled him,
succeeded so far as to obtain possession of
the property and wife of the real Martin j
Guerre, and lived more than three years
in the family under his assumed name,
with four sisters and two brothers-in-law
of Martin Guerre, who had no suspicion
of their errors. At the trial 300 witnesses '
were i xsmincd. Thirty or forty affirmed 1
the arraigned person was really Martin
Guerre, with whom they had from infancy
hern in the strictest intimacy; others, in
neatly equal number, certified that this
man was called Arnold Dutille: and others j
found so striking a resemblance heiween j
them, that they dared not affirm whether ;
the person presented to them was the one ?
or the other. The reporter of this ce'.e- i
brated cause relates that the perplexity j
of the judges was extreme, and that, in
spite of very strong realms against the
prisoner, they were on ihe j oint of ad
judging in hi> favor, because of the mar
riaue and legitimacy of his children: but ;
the arrival of the real Martin Guerre
prevented the success of the imposture.?
Yet the assurance and effrontery of Dutille
seemed to disconce rt Guerre, when con-!
f.onted with him. The judges were still
more uncertain than before, until at length
Martin was recognised by his sisitrs and
wife, to the <mar, satisfaction of the mag
Last winter, a man named Schlatter,
attached to the Geological Survey, was
frozen to death in the wild and inhospita
ble regions north of Lake Superior. He
was one of the best draughtsmen in the
United States. A recent number of the
Lake Suj>erior Jonrnul gives an account
of his sad and melancholy de ath, derived
from one of the number who went in pur
suit of him itfier he had strayed from the
route: " About sundown they discovered
the place where he left the track, and fol
lowing his trail entered a thick cedar
I swamp. It was evident he had been in
the swamp the night previous, ami that
he was lost. He crawled under lop* an J
tree tops to find shelter from the snow,
and wandered about, crossinp ami re
crossing his own track as j eople do when
tliov sre bewildeml, hut did not po to
sleep or remain lone in a place. It is
suppebed that in tlie morning he left the
swamp, hut did not take the proper
couise for the mine, and did not use his
compass to determine the direction. Al
though the night was a cold one, even
for this region, and the snow was deep,
it d?ws not appear that his feet or body
were frozen. When it Ik came dark, the
party lighted torches, and pur-ued tho
steps of the lost man hv the blaze < f par
cels of birch bark. His strength was ev
idently failing : his paces w? re slow and
short, with frequent rests?he was no
doubt aware that he was in a bewilder* d
state, for hi- followed not a straight course,
but the valley of r. brook. About nine
o'clock in the evening. tl e party came
upon the h?Mlv. lying a' full hnglh under
the shelter of a stout Cedrr. The tops
and drooping limbs of this tree arc so thick
as frequently to keep the snow fmm falling
for a space around the roots. Mr. Schlat
ter, conscious thai hi' ffte was stab*!,
had crawled under this shelter, and
calmly laid down to die?hi.; compass
laid on one side, and his hat remained on
the other : and he was found?the vital
warmth r.oi all pone*?with his hands
folded serf ss his breast, his body perfect
ly straight, ar.d tl.f fa<*e upward.
" What a scene ! The vencrabTe cedar
crested with snow: the winter wind
m janing a sad dirge through its braneh
es ; the torches illuminating for the first
time its black limbs, and the dreary ex
panse of snow that lav on the surfacc of
? ?
the ground. In the midst of the circle,
a dead beidy, not frozen or disfigured, the
countenance not even distui lied by agony,
the eves closed; but no doubt remained
that it was the repcrc of death. By the
glare of the lights the face of the living
contrasted vividly with that of the dead,
expressing the elecp emotion of the human
heart?pity, wonder, and sympathy.
The body was taken on a litter to tfic
Quincy mine, and is buried there."
This Advertisement Pity in Eng
land.?The net for repealing the adver
tisement duty received the royal assent
on the 4th ef August, and went into op
eration on the .r>th. Trade advertise ments
not exceeding live lilies are inserted for
'2s. Gd.? 1 ring one half the lowest charge
made on this class of advertisements
during the existence of the duty. The
cosf to the advertiser increases according
to the length of the advertisement, tho
charge for e-levcn lines being 4s. After
the first eleven lines, Gd will Ik? charged
for each additional line. Servant's " want
ing places," are allowed four lines foi
ls. The Ivondon Titncs and some other
papers charge much higher rates?their
large circulation giving a greatly increas
ed value to their spaee, yet making tho
advertisement actually cheaper to the ad
vertiser than if in a paper of small circu
Sixgcl.w. Statement for a REi.reiors
Paper.?The New York LidcprwUnt, a
Congregai ional i aper, of which Henry
Ward Bccchcr is a stated contributor,
holds the following remarkable language
on scepticism and reform :
Among all ihe earnest-minded young
men who are at ti is moment leading in
thought and action in America, we ven
ture to say that four fifths are sceptical
even of the- great historical facts of Chris
What is told as Christian doe'rine by
the churches is not even considered by
them. And furthermore, flit re is among
them a general ill-concealed distrust of
the clerical body as a class, and utter dis
trust with the very aspect of modern
Christianity and of tho church worship.
This sce-ptieism is not flippant : little is
said al>out it. It is not a peculiarity
alone of the radicals and fanatics: many
of them are men of calm and even balance
of mind, and lie-long to no class of ultra
ists. It is not worldly and selfish. The
doubters lend in the bravest and most
se-lf deriving enterprises of the day.
IT" Rev. J. O'Honrell. a Ca ho!i~
priest at Portland, an active temperance
man, and formerly a strong supporter of
the Maine law. is out in a letter upon
that finest ion, in which ho sta'es that
drunkenness, misery and crime, among
his people, have increased rather than
diminished, by means of this statute.
There is more sold and used among the
Irish population there now than before.
It is a singular fact that in this city,
where there are fifteen hundred Catholics,
and no temperance agitation has been
hr.d among them, none of tlrm have g'mc
into liquor selling. We do ro' know of
an Irishman in town who sells rum.?
Sctc&tiryvort Uu toil.
SticiDK from Excess of Modesty.?A
voung man committed suicide in London
recently, from excess of modesty. Mr.
(George Stanley Smythe, a yourg man
nearly thirty," was to be marrifd to a
young lady,'but he had a strong impres
sion that he was unworthy of her. This
feeling drove him mad. He went into
the Cathedral Hotel, St. Paul's, called
f>r half a pint of sherry, and drank it. In
ten minutes he fell on the fioeir, and died
in a few hoiiTS. He had put esstnee of
bitter almond in the bottle. In his pock
et book were found lines bewailing his
want of merit.
The Louisville Times tells of a
newly married couple who wont to Niag
ara in August, on a visit, and while tliere,
the gentleman, in order to convince his
iU .tr that he was brave n* well as gallant,
resolved to go down into the "cave of the
winds." She, of course, objected, but
finding that he was resolved upon the
eked, she very affectionately requested
1 him to Irnvrhis fo'krt'hcok nnd trrfcA be

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