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IjCf'Tke large circulation of the Star
makes it the most desirable advertising me
dium in the District. It has more readers
in the cities of Washington, Georgetown,
and Alexandria, than all the other Wash
ington dailies combined.
V3TT* la?ure thr insertion of Ad vrr
li?fmKnl? they mad be brought to oar
ronntina-rooin before 13 o'clock IT!.,
olhrririar the? inny not appear nntil
the next dny.
The announcement that Madame Son
tag: is to give a concert at Risley'smag
niliccnt and tasty " Yaricte" to-morrow
evening, assisted by Paul Jnlien and Al
fred Jaell, who rank among the most cele
brated instrumentalists now in the United
States, and Signor Rocco, a distinguished
vocalist, has created a creat sensation in
Washington. A perfect furore to hear
this talented troupe exists already, ren
dering it certain that n very fashiona
ble audience will completely fill the mag
nificent hall. TVe advise those who have
not yet supplied themselves with tickets
to lose no time in applying for them, a.?
the prospect now is that many must lx
disappointed: the hall not being calcula
ted to seat more than ten or twelve hun
drcd persons. As a place of entertain
ment, this establishment (for which th<
"Washington public is indebted to the cn
terprise of Professor Risley.) the "Vane
tev will rank in all respects with nn\
other of its si7.e in the United States
neither money, skill, nor taste beinj.
spared in fitting it up. It is destine*
greatly to surprise our theatre and con
cert goers, who cannot entertain tin
slightest conception of what has been ac
complished in so short a time by the bu
sy artists and artizans who have had Iroi
Hall in hand night and day for som<
weeks past.
Madame Sontag's manager has causec
a handsome l>ook of her music (transla
tions, score, kc.,) to be published, whicl
can be obtained in the concert room or
the evening of the performances. Thej
will greatly heighten the pleasure of th<
The Intelligencer seizes the occasion o
the approach of the session to speak of th<
highly flattering condition of our nationa
domestic affairs; adding that the wile
spirit of foreign aggression prevailing
among some of the faithful, throw*
a cloud over the brightness of our nation
al prospect. Our neighl>ors favor th<
world with another Major Jack Downinj
letter, filched by his devil from our mai
bag, the Unions, or the Sentinel's, t<
judge by the superscription. The Majoi
discusses everything in general?Demo
cratic harmony?organships?Amencai
interference to regulate the affairs of th<
Old World, the Japan expedition, Ac., ir
his owu iuimitable style. The following
paragraph of his letter was aptly illus
trated. last night in little Tamany?C'oppV
saloon, by the by:
?'And then the different "sections" of the
party needs different organs too. I never be
lieved the same tune would satisfy the ; Hard'"'
?tnd the ? Softs' of New Ifork ; and from what
>- *!e Joshua tells me it's jest so. He says
the irgan has been pouring out delightful
^trains of harmony all summer, but the more
it poured 'em out the greater was the discord
between the Ilards and Soft-s, till finally it
worked 'em to a pitch of phrensy, and he says
they are now fightin and pullin caps like mad.
That shows clearly to my mind that the differ
ent "sections" ought to all have their own
organs, and I don't think there'll he anj
peace till they have And that's why I'm
glad to find that organs is growing "more
The Union defends the Inaugural of
Governor Johnson, of Tennessee, from the
unfavorable criticism in the Intelligencer
of yesterday. The Union also approaches
the Sandwich Island annexation question
in a lew remarks. In view of the nation
al importance of that journal's position
its relation to the Administration?we
transfer its article on this subjcct to our
columns, as embracing something of the
President's ideas on the subject:
"The As.iexatiom of the Sandwich Is
lands The beauty of the federative system
of government is soon to be illustrated in the
question of the annexation of the Sandwich
* Islands. The importance to our commerce,
and the advantages of having them attached
to our government, have not been overlooked
by oar people The Legislature of Arkansas,
at its session of lSo2-'53, expressed a decided
opinion in favor of the acquisition of those is
lands, and the same sentiment ha* been gen
erally entertained wherever the question has
been considered But our government has not
departed from its established policy in regnrd
to this matter. The question of the annexa
tion of the Sandwich islands has not origina
ted with our government. The influeuce of
??ur example has been operative, and citizens
of the United States, in the prosecution of their
lawful scheme? of enterprise as individuals
may have exerted an influence upon the ques
tion. But our government has taken no step
?o bring about the result which now seems to
ne nearly ripe for consummation If the i*
I tinders make up their minds to seek the pro
jection of our Hag. our governmeut will not
hesitate then to take the subject under consid
eration this is the natural .ourso of things
and it shows that we need no fillibusterisiu to
b, ng about those expansions of territory
which all intelligent men see must, sooner o:
later, be accomplished
Our mission is to extend the area of republi
can liberty by giving to the K.)r,(i pr^.,iea,
an I demonstrative proof of its excellence
\Uien applications are made for annexation
it bccomes us then to look toourown interest*
in deciding the question. Although our gov
ernmeut has had noihing to d . in t,ri
about the state of things whi.-h seem 1 kelv
soon to result in an application from the Sand
wich Islands for annexation, we are assured
by the doctrines of President J'ierce's !? augu
ral. a* well as by the American sentiment oi
the administration, that the application wil
receive prompt consideration. Wecannotfoi
a moment suppo.-e that the measure will bi
seriously embarrassed by the outrageous pre
tensions set up in the protest of the Frenct
and British consuls The answer of the Am
erican commissioner. Mr Severance, is a full
and conclusive reply to those pretensions, and
wc have no reason to doubt that his senti
ments will be cordially approved by the ad
The Sen/in-1 discusser the Pacific Rail
road question, and also defends the inau
gural of fitf. Johnson. ofTenness<p,Jfona
the critiTOm of the National Intelligencer.
The same paper contains an account of the
meeting last night which is exceedingly
amusing, inasmuch as it conceals the
real occurrences in the Hall. Not a word
does it breathe of the free fight. It an
nounces the resolutions as adopted, when
the question upon their adoption was not
even put. On being voted down by the
triumph of the motion to lay them on the
table " the fight began*' which ended the
entertainment. The two twelve passen
ger omnibtisseK which held all the friends
of the resolutions, officers of the meeting,
Ac., moved off, following the omnibus
containing the band, to serenade the Pres
ident and the publisher of the Sentinel,
I soon after the claret flowed : leaving the
> darkened ball in possession of the "uuterri
fied." As for the resolution complimentary
to our neighl?ors of the Sentinel, it was not
even offered, though that journal announ
ces its adoption. Not a word eonrerning;
the Sentinel was read or uttered in the
hall in the course of the evening.
Interesting and Rbmabi.e frov Mexipo.
We extract the following very interesting ac
count of matters an.I things in Mexico and on
the border, from a letter written by a gentle
man whose mean* of obtaining correct infor
mation are much better than those of most
correspondent* in that quarter :
"Fort Knows. Texas, Nov. 19th.
"Don't be alarmed for the safety of your
brethren in arms, who aro holding forth down
along the Rio Grande. We are not half a?
much afraid for ourselres a* you appear to hi
for us. This stampede, as far as there is or
has been any cause for it, from the action of
our Mevic.vn friends, is a grand humbug
Not a solitary Mexican soldier has crossed the
Sierra Mad re in this direction this year. A
gentleman, an acquaintance of mine, arrived
this morning from Monterey, and says that
Ampudia, who i3 in that city", has not a single
bayonet at his command, and that Santa
Anna's grand army is just where it was sis
months ago. vis : on paper All along thi.
trontior. the honibcra took rofugeon our si<ie
the moment the conscription commenced. It
has been abandoned. General itobles. the
former Minister of War. has just escaped to
our side, having ran away from bis guards,
who were taking him to Mondova to be shot.
I Senior Rosas, late Minister to the United
, States, and General Iloblcs were both or
dered to that town under a strong escort, the
officer in command having scaled order?.
, which were not to be opened until arrival'
Roblcs suspected something, or had some in
? formation of what was in store for him. an.]
! he therefore took the first opportunity to breafc
and run. Kosas, not so fortunate, has beer
: shot, so it is currently reported in Matanuros.
I.obles is now at ltomo. some 150 miles above
here. General Smith is there also, and I pre
sume it he(R.) declares his intention to bo
, come a ciiizcn that theGeneral will In?rahait
him. 0
1 '-Ilurry up the big guns, paixhans. forty
1 two 3 and Columbians. The Mexicans have
two nine's 011 wheels in Matamoros, and three
or four tbirty-two^s lying in the mud, and un
, Ie.-'S we are expeditious in throwing up oui
Fort and getting inside of it. we might "-el
hurt. It's true they can't mount their thirTv
two s. and their nine a are hauled about b\
four mules each, but still we must be in dan
1 Y^r'/Vr C,SC suc}, a rusJl of troops for tb?
, Grande, and such great haste evinced tt
shut them all vp m bort.v. To have a fe^
[ more troops here to protect the Mexicans fron
, the filibusters is well enough, but to mak<
them burrow, is beyond the comprehension ol
r the most advanced. Some will have it thai
we are to pounce down on Cuba, but as tin
? troops sent here are soattered for a thousand
. , miles along the river. I don't believe a wort
j of it.
''There is ne new? here of any importance
r J From Mexico we get nothing, except there i;
a growing discontent towards their wooden
1 legged President. lie is certain to be <dio
> within six months.'' * # * #
The 'Hardest" Meeting or the Season.
. See our local columns for a full report of tin
( extraordinary meeting of last nigkt. Then
, were hardly more than twenty-five presen
who went in'' for the purposes of the gath
ering, almost all ol whom have been ven
, -indignant against the administration evei
.; sinje the offices were given out. An inspec
, | tion of list of officers, Ac., will suggest te
the minds of those knowing who applied un
successfully for office in Washington, the par
ticular grievance sitting hard upon the stom
ach of each. The anti-hungry crowd were
headed by half a dor.en -well fed" individuals;
though, with the exception of that number
the office holders had the discretion to imitate
the Whigs in keeping out of the muss. The
Navy \ ard boys, who are prone to bo ready
for a bit of sport in the way of a friendly
smash all round, without breaking bones or
doing serious damage, were, for the most part,
those whose disrelish for the " independent
support of the Democratic Administration,
made the affair look so serioiu for a few min
The purpose of those concerned in getting
up all this " union and harmony,"' was evi
dently to get the report in the newspaper
which appear in this morning's Sentinel,
which is laughable indeed, it its bold and
bali misrepresentations of the occurrences
on the occasion. However, as it was for the
most part in print, we presume, before the
affair came *ff, its inaccuracies probably could
not be helped.
Acting Assistant Commissaries of Si b
sistenoe.?On the recommendation of the
Secretary of War, which has been concurred
in by the 2d Comptroller, in consideration of
the necessities of the service and the former
practice, Acting Assistant Commissaries of
Subsistence in the Army, are allowed the
additional pay of $20 per month (but not, at
the same time, the additional ration granted
to Captains and subalterns by the act of
March 2, 1827) while actually in the perform
ance of staff duty. The legislation upon this
subjeet is iu a state of singular confusion,
which ought to be remedied by an additional
A Resignation asd Re -appointment ami
Phomotions in the Revenue Marine Skk.
\ i' ?. 2d Lieut. R. J. H. Handy resigned.
3d Lieut. Thomas Moffat to be a 2d Lieu
tenant, vice llandy, re-signed.
John M Nones, dropped at the reduction ol
the service in April last, to be a Lieu
tenant; vice Moffat, promoted.
-d Lieut. Thomas Moffat detached from the
?James C. Dobbin" and ordered to the ?Ta
ney/' at East port, Main*
?Id Lieut. John M Nones ordered to the
James ( Dobbin, at Wilmington. N. C.
Koszta Coming. Advice* have been re
ceived in Washington, rendering it certain
that Koszta embarked at Smyrna, on the 17tli
ult for the t'nited States.
No War iN^r rope.?Confidential advice:
received here from Kurope, (in the Rultic'i
mails) have satisfied all the statesmen of al
nations, now in this city, that all danger ol
immediate war on the continent has hlowr
Clerical Chance* in the Treasury De
1 A"r * est. In the Third Auditor's office, If
Ray Bowie (#1200 per annum) resigned, am
Abial Allen, of New York, promoted to th<
position re-dgned t>y Mr. B
Lackland F Pillow is also appointed to t
clerkship ($1000 per annum) in the same office
Most? Kaymond. ^hanncn and Peters re
cently exai/iine I for clerkships in the Secre
tary of the Treasury's office, having been re
ported on favorably, have been duly afsigneo
to 3d, id and 1st elass clerkships therein.
List of Patents issued from tb? United
States Patent Office, for the week ending Nov.
15, 1353?each hearing that date :
Erastus B. Bigelow, of Boston, Mass.?For
improvement in looms for weaving fine fab
Jno. Gledhill, of New York, X. Y.?Im
provement in power looms.
Henry P. M. Birkinbine. of Philadelphia,
Pa.?For supplemental valve to the equili
brium pipe of the Ornish engine. ^
James Brown, ef New York. N. Y. For im
provement in daguerreotype apparatus^
Chad. >S. Bulkley, of New York, N. \.?For
improvement iu electro-magnetic annuncia
Joseph P. Elliot, of Leicester, Mass.?For
machine fur dressing stave*.
Franklin Fruit, of Jefferson City. Mo.?For
improved chnck for cntting barrel heads.
Banford Gilbert, of Pittsburg, Pa.?For im
provements in propellers
Leonard (Silson, of Brighton. Mass.? For
machine for dressing circular s?nsh. Ac.
Daniel II. Hovey, of Kilborn, Ohio?For
improvement in machines for creating straps
of leather.
Jos. Leo.!?, of Philadelphia. Pa.?For im
provements in ventilators.
Wm. Jr Wm. II Lewis, of New York, N. Y.
?For improved coating-box for daguerreotype
Sergius P. Lyon, of Farmington, Mich.?
Fur improvement in self-acting dampers for
air-tisht stoves.
Wm. Ilonry Muntz, of Norton. Mass.? For
improved paddle-wheel.
<Jeo. Phillips, of Philadelphia. Pa?For im
provement in seed-planting cultivators
Timothy Kandlett, of Enfield, N H.?For
improvement in im>p heads.
Kobt. Sinclair, jr., and Uichnrd F. Maynard.
of Baltimore, Md.?For improvement in feed
rollers of straw cutters.
Jno. St. Jas. M. and Kosea Q. Thompson,
of Holderness. N. H.?For improved machine
, for trimming soles of boots and shoe?.
Wiu. II. Tower3, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For
, hot air registers.
Wm. Townahend. of Hinsdale. Mass.?For
. improvement in looms.
Jonathan 1'. Warner, of Boston, Mass.?For
machine f?r finishing the ends of staves.
llenry Waterman, of Hudson, N. Y.?For
improvement in safety-valves for locomotive
i engines.
Jonathan White, of Antrim, N II.?For
, improvement in uniting shovel blades to han
' tile straps.
Hosea H. ftrover, of North Cohocton, N. Y.
, For improvement in rotary churns.
Evan II. Branson, of Fredericksburg. Va.,
assignor to Franklin Slaughter, of same place.
, For machine for dressing crooked tirnbor.
( R< issue.?Aretus A. Wilder, of Detroit,
Mich.?For improvement inplaning machines.
Patented Dec. 21, 1852: ante-dated July 17,
1852; reissued Nov. 1:?, 1853.
The Current Operations of the Treasury
Department.?On yesterday, the 14th of No
vember, there wore of Treasury Warrants en
tered on the books of the Department?
j For the redemption of stocks $162,699 22
" For Treasury Department, exclu
sive of stocks
? For the Customs
For the War Department
, For the Navy Department
For re-paying for the Navy De
j For the Interior Department
. For repay in the Interior Depart
1 Covered into the Treasury from
r Customs 221,902 01
Covered into the Treasury from
1 J miscellaneous sources 109 89
; .... T. W. Barthy, chief justice of the Su
f preme Court of Ohio, Gov. J. H. Steele, of N.
t Hampshire, and Chancellor Walworth, of New
j York, are at Browns' Hotel in this^city.
1 Mrs. Mowat, the actress, has recovered
from her late illness, and will shortly resume
her professional engagements.
.... Park Benjamin. Esq., has been invited
t by the regents to give a enrobe of lectures he
fore the Smithsonian Institute, at Washing
- ton
b ???? Bishop Bvder. of Germantown, was
a among the passengers by tho steamer Frank
t lin. from Southampton and Havre.
The Baroness de Berg gave a concert
7 at Detroit on the 7th inst.
r .... Mr. E. L. Davenport, an American tra
- gedian, has become an immense favorite in
) London He is at present playing an engage
? ment at the City of London Theatra. reoeiv
? ing ?160 a week.
HIT"C'nptain Krncson is alxmt to give
his caloric ongine another trial, several
alterations and improvements have been
made in the engine which are now nearly
completed, and the experiment will be
made in a few weeks. The engine is to
he worked under a condensed pressure,
which is a modification of another im
provemeut of the original plan.
[T7* Wm. W. Brunstcr, weighmaster.it
Syracuse, has received his conge from the
Canal Board ; but refuses to give up his
office at their bidding. The Attorney
General of the State, Chatfield, has been
ordered to commence legal proceedings
against the refactory hard .shell in the
return of a quo warranto.
liADiES Faiit at Norfolk.?The Ports
mouth (ilobe says : " The ladios of Nor
folk open a fair in that city on Monday,
(to-day,) for the benefit of the Church at
Princess Anne. Thoy are making exten
sive preparations, we are told, for the oc
casion. Among other curiosities which
will be ottered for sale by our " Norfolk
Sisters," may be mentioned a "daily
paper," called the Evening Slur, and
edited l?y the young authoress, Miss II.
M. Butt. Jt. is a small delicate sheet,
printed on commercial paper, and will
doubtless be replete with bright sparks
of wit and sentiment. We hope the la
dies may meet a good reward in their
laudable enterprise.
? -*
Trottivg and Pacixo Match.?The
$tj(H)U match between Prince, trotter, and
Hero, pacer, came tfl' over the Union
Course, N. Y., on Friday. The terms
were ten miles in harness?play or pay?
Prince kept the lead throughout, and "lie
ro was withdrawn at the close of the
ninth mile. Prince's time for the whole
ten miles was 2Sm. 8J sees., the quick
est ten miles on record. Fanny Jenks,
on the Union Course, was 2Uin. 50s.
The time of the Pacer is also very extra
ordinary. as she was only a second or two
behind in the first eight miles.
Workmen are now engaged in re
laying the rails along Prime Street, Phil
adelphia, from the Deleware to Broad
street, so as to connect the travel between
Baltimore and New York. At the loot of
Prime street, on the Delaware, prepara
tions are now in progress for the erection
of a railroad depot to accomodate these
new arrangements. Between this point
and Camden a large and powerful steam
ferry l>oat will ply, by means of which,
it is expected that freight cars may be
transported from the Jersey to the Phila
delphia road without a necessity for the
break of bulk. This will enable the
whole chain of railways from New York
through Philadelphia and Baltimore to
Wheeling-. to l>e worked as one through
line to the West.
*? ? ?#
[CT3 Hudson, the British "Railway
King." after the changes of fortune to
which lie has been subjected, is said to be
worth $1,250,000.
10.280 42
7,912 28
706 37
33,869 00
4,489 IS
630 00
550 35
As stated in cur telegraphic column
yesterday, the steamer Baltic arrived at
New York with dates from Liverj>ool to
the 2nd inst. She brings 174 passengers,
among whom are Gov. Jones, of Tennes
see, and Col. Powell and family, of Phila
delphia. The Arabia arrived oat on Sat
urday evening.
Neither France nor England have lost
all Iwpes of a peaceable settlement of the
Eastern question. Both governments an
nounce that the Cabinets of Vienna and
Berlin aro equally eager in their negotia
tions. Nothing definite was known with
respcrt to the movements of the hostile
armies. The funds on the English Ex
change and Paris Bourse rising and falling
according to the reports that were put
into circulation as to whether hostilities
: had actually l?egun.
On the day that the Baltic sailed, a tel
| egraphic despatch had been received at
Liverpool from the Danube, of October
| 27th, stating that 0,000 Turkish infantry
j and cavalry had crosscn the Danube and
taken possession of Kalefat, without op
j position. More troops were still crossing
| the men being in barges, and swimming
j their horses. The Russians were concen
trating a large force around Kalefat to
! attack them.
Tho London Times has a despatch from
: Constantinople < >ctol>er 22d, stating that
! the Austrian Envoy had submitted to the
Sultan the draft of a new note from the
! Four Powers, which had been accepted
| bv Russia. The Timrs still thinks nego
1 y . o
tiations may prevent a general war.
The Russian merchants had been doing
a large business in cotton, which was
considered indicative of peace.
I There had been no official announce
; in rut of the combined tleets having pass
, cd the Darndanclles.
| Jn England, great riots had broken out
at Wogan.in Lancashire, caused by a
turn-out of the operatives in Collcries.?
Much property had been destroyed, and
the troops called out.
W. luron, had been offered by the
Spanish Government, the office of Minis
ter to the United States.
The news from China is not authentic.
On one hand it is reported that Pckin had
fallen into the hands of the insurgents,
but of this there is no certain information.
On the other hand, the Pekin Gazelle is
filled with accounts of victories gained
over the insurgents, but these official
statements arc not believed.
The American ship Challenge had been
beaten on the homeward passage from
China by the Stoma way, which left Wham
pao on the 14th of July, and Maeoo on
the 15th, and arrived at Liverpool on the
1st inst. The Challenge which sailed
from Whampoa for here on the 13th ol
July had not arrived when the Baltic
On the 13th instant, hv Rev. Dr. Cole. JOHN J AS.
CLARKE to MARIA JANE MOL.IN, all of this city
Oil the lOtli instant, bv the Rev. John C. Smith
JOHN W. CLARK E to KATE, daughter of Col. W
1'. Young, all of tin? city.
D I K D .
i In this city, on Mnndav night, at 9 o'clock, Mr.
I CHARLES FRANCIS KING. m the J 9th v. ar of tin
j age, irom injuries received hy the bursting of tiie
i boiler of a steam engine in the Navy Yard, om Sat
j urday la^t.
The deceased was a most worthy voung man, ami
| from his education ami studious hahits, promised fait
i to be an ornament to the profession of Engineer,
j which he had selected and wasstudyins theoretically
I and practically the past ihrr-e years ; he was piously
I upright iiifatl his ways, and his amiability of manner,
I and senile kindness of disposition made him a favo
j nte of all who knew him. Truly might it l>e said,
None knew him hut to love him,
\oiie named t.tm but to praise.
{47-11 is funeral will take place from the residence
| of hi* father, Mr. Martin Umg,on to-morrow (Wed
| nesday) afternoon at o'clock, to which the friend
i of the family ar ; invited without further notice.
In this city, on the !2th insthnt. of chronic croup,
j DWIEl., aged 2 years. It months and 12 ''ay-,
1 v?uinge>i child of John M. and Rebecca Wdboii.
Sutler little children to < nine nnlo me and Ibrhid
i them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.
In Georgetown, on the .".lb infant, of consumption.
MARY, wife of Charier- Wilson, and daughter of the
tale Jnd?e Shriver. of Frederick, Maryland.
lit I'awtiixet, (R. I ) on the 11th instant. EM/.A
ALLEN BARTI.ETT, wife of John R. Itartlctt. ami
daughter of Christopher Rhodes.
In I'ortsmouth. Va., on the Till instant. M Mt\
AW, wife of Daniel K. Fraetas, in the o;?th year oi
her age.
At Newport, Florida, of yellow fever. J. PR ATT,
eldest son of the late Capt. John 1". Ilungcrforil, oj
thin city.
? in the 1-Jth instan'. of bilious fever, MARY
CI,ARE, daughter of Smith ami Mary C. Thompson,
a?ed 6 years and 1ft months.
Fnmilliti* UlHcnursrs on I, n i?
glingr,?The third of the (???Tie* will If deliV
e-i d thio evening at -S o'clock, at Carusi's Salron.
The subjects w ill he an examination <'f the opin
ion- of Gilchrist, Latham, and other--, and a few ex
am pies to show the rises of Etymo oiry.
VTii-kcts of admission will ho found at the Book
stores of Mrs. Anderson. Taylor /t Maury, at the
l>rii? Store of Valentine Haihaugh, and at the door,
nov 15?ir
ryi=? t'lllon Ktllldtn^ AfcHnc Inlloil.?
j I [. < An adjourne 1 meeting of the new Huilding
' Association will l o held in the Council Chamber, on
THURSDAY KVEMNO, Ihe 17lh instant, at 7 o'c'.k.
All interest'.*! are invited to attend.
By order.
Georgetown, Nov? mber 17,185.1.
nov 12?td
Attention! President'* Mount
cd (?UAi d.?A meeting 'of tbe Compa
ny w'" ' ? held THIS (Ti'cstlax) KVEN
i" (?, at. 7 o'clock. Business of sjicnt itr,
portar.ee will be on hand, and it is necessary thct
every member attend.
By order of the Captain: II. LINDSLEY,
nov 15?1". Secretary.
ultitm In Parvo.?.I I'rocUtnui
']-3 to Journeymen Tailors.?The undersigned
wi-hesto employ fur first rate COAT MAKKHS,
anil the established prices of journeymi n will lie
paid. None but sober men r.u< d apply. The under
signed w!.-hes to address journeymen in th<j inland
towns to conic to the city ot Washington, as from 2.*<
to .'10 can obtain steady work and good
I'. ri'RDIN,
E street, ldt door east ofSth street.
nor lft?2w
TUB 1 <lie? are resp' cffuMy solieited to call and
examine a new article for winter GOITERS,
which I hare jes* received, for neatness an I dura
bility il cannot bo surpassed Also. French Kid, Mo
rocco, Sc., which I am prepared to make up at short
On band, a large supilv of Shoes ef every kind.?
Call and examine for your elves
Cheap Cn-dr flio-: Store.
No. 3, Washington I'lace, 7lU ft., near K.
nov If?3t
I Compountl Eilrart of Sarsaparllln,
j "V17 H RN o'her Sarsnpnrillas and quackeries have
T ? l?ad their day. and liar* mink into insig
j nitLranco, Dr. Schwartrc's Sarsaparil'a is still per
fo ming whr.t others only p?ofe scd, and have failed
Try Fie above for rln umntism. scrofula, bronch't
is 11. ti- no tion of :he eyes, impurities of the blood
p< ncral debility. A.-.
To I* h v.! at Si nWARTZK S Drug Store, next to
1'. 8. Hotel, and I'd door fioiu 3d street. I'a. ave.
dot 16?tf
MP. KDITOR: Having seen in lb* Star at Friday
last an artb-le beaded A Charge of Stealing, *1
trust you w.H be kin.I citoujb to iiin-rt the following
rt'itement. On the morning of Thursday. loth ini't..
two men, mined Mahouv at'd Bessy, were employed
hv a colored wom.it) Ihing in '.he bouse of Madame
Hunter, to put in .some coal; when they had perform
e<l a portion of the work a "entleiiuin r.init* to the
door and told them to leave off, au order with which
tliey complied, with th?ol,?ervalien that they should
b.-ca:d f.,r w hat they had done. The nnswor being
in tl.j I'egaiire, th.? man Lieasy ti^ik tbe coal bu? het
and shavel. at the same tiia# ob^erTlng tloiy were
good ei.ough for h'-i pay for the peivices which be
hnd perf-amed. lie took tbi m to his home, the innii
Mnhdny had n^eonncell.in with the miiMcr, nor ha.
he any house or hi me.
n< via?It.
fl'lIK nuder-l^ii'd has on hand ?n<l e?n nraniil'ar
J tureSl'N DIALS, either for the Ui?trict of Co
lumbia or imy ether latitude through ut tl>e l'i<B?d
States mad- er^et or b<>riio> tal, with or wiihout
l-e>le*tal, plaiu or elaborate. Vrice varying a> cor.!
iug to labor and material. He would particularly
cull the attetiiirn ef tlioce having residences in the
rniir.try. at they are tint f.n'j usetV.l but highly orta
j jn ntr.i to a rnrden or forr*gro?nd. Hv cr.u give s?t
isfnett rv cvilefe cf ibe mathematical ecTrwtncfg c!
th"?o K-.lf. -TA3. SVTORD.
Dialist, Stone Cutter Ac.,
Fa evesup. c. side, betvroen 3d r.nd 4% sts.
I?. B.?A note addrewd to the undersigned wili
ensure a call. nov 1ft?3t
?9>Tfa? inimitable TnOMrHON I* dailv ergaeed
in taking these wonderful STKRKOSCnPF. POR
TRAITS, wl i' h an- winning for lilm such ??i envia
)?!* repoUtion. THOMPSON h-f many i-Bl;*tf>r?,
but his pVtures are aheal of all rivalry. If the
public wish for P? r'raitspo-seastng all the uttillintrr
of perfec'ion, brtllUnt but unf .ding, 1.1 them try
TlIOMP>o\. Hiii |<k1arrs, I'rjif said of IiU
frienda, " Will bloom in their color* lor * thou and
rrif'il" His flailerr 1* ?n P*-nnsvlvania av-nue.
between 4'4 ?nd tjth streets. Try him.
novll? *.f.
t for II ATs* or CAFS r?ll at IIKNPI.FY'S. ad
joining I ? Hotel. whcr* ran I* f?> ,nd r Is r ire
assortment of !!nt?. C?p?, and Gentlemen's Furnish
hie G<?*1?. For gracefulness. durability, mi l rheap
ne.-s. llcndley's ilats matinl !*? surpassed.
dot 2?tf
? i'.lof Mlillllnfrton receives all tli?* \rn
Books and Nrwjuppm a* fast a? published. lie
is agent f.r Harper'* ard alt the other Maiann^.
anil our iMi|rr< will always liniln Isry and go.*! a
aortmem of Blank Hooks ami Stationery at hi* Book
store, < Menu Budding, corner til 1 S street anil Penn
sj Ivanin avenue. ang li
Th? Mcr>tht hr) I nut it nl,. h>Tr awarded IVniT!.
nrn?T nD'-ttiiT Mclal f-rhis suj.eri< r D*iruiTiH'tyi>?,
: aiakint; tin- Fourth Annual Kihitiitinn at which !>?>
j he ha* rwetved tin h!ghe*t ?v*r.l given by this In
Ptltute. It" yon want your likenc** taVen. ro to
WNiTtliir^V. 11# leak** likenesses. not characters.
. st lii?:f?!li'rr lvtwe. n Four-ami a ball and uihstreet.
Pennsylvania avenue.
Tli'sre i? no lnt'*r time than tin' prc-.ent to
purchase your supplier of Fall and V. iuter clothing.
To tlu~o ia ?jki of ruperiur or low-priced appnei I.
we tr.tiilil u tlip prudence i.f ti-itin* tli? pof u!ar
c..ttthiiahm< nt known a* NOAII U M.KKR'S MAIt
j RIA I! A1.1,01.1> Til ING KM I'OUillM. Brown's bmM
' itist. where they can be suited wiffi every vanetv and
J 'tyie of rluhint. Th.-ir U'tiitii'nl an.I well selected
| stoctc.consist* ill part, of fiue bla* k ami f incvco'ore-t
cloth frock, sack and drees coats; superior plain an<l
fancy i'nr?iin?r? business frorfcs and aaiks: rich
: ta!n;a>. J.ah-UL* an.l n\c.k OTcrCrta**: with th* 1m- t
!iel?>rtion of fin* black <lofAin an<l f:;ncy in-*imiTi>
j paotK, cut Tflvct ^ilk?. aatin. cacsiracrc an<l plii.-b
ve<t*. Ali<o. shirts, collar#, ilrawnrn, ao? k?. c^va*-.
haniUcrchiafi", ?uspcn<l?-r<. gtorcs, un<lrr?hirt?, 4c.
; All of which they will ??<?!) lower than any other
house in thia or ar.y oth"?r <it f. We wouhl aI?o i-ail
the attention of la<ties to llieir ?x.inp'.ete a^eortmcnt
of Boya' Clothing. A lar;;e supply of -crrants' woar
always on han
9 Paihtatkin of tiik IktitT, Njbm t s Di-iw-.
! Liver Complaint, \eural|cia. Dys|>ep-.la. Co?ti*ene>?
| and Piles, arc all relievi-l at?l cureii in nu incriilible
' short ?pacc> of ti i e by farter"? SptitiiJi Mixture. th?
' ?reat tunic and pnritiur of the i>!.'<od. It con!:<4n
1 not a partirle <it" Mercury. Opintn, or any t>oxi<>u
?Iru-;: is pirf.et'y harmless, and has rured tttir.r
than f.?e l.un'lred cases of disease.
We c?n only refer the render to th? certiflcttes, a
few of which may be found in aucther column, and
all of which are "detailed in full around the boUtl*
11 is the greatest of all Sj.rini: and Fall Medicine.*,
ar.d pos.?e?scs an iniluenre orcr the b!ood truly r?
: aiatkaMe.
a Ircrli'cment.
CaJ-Wyman is doinc wonders, hut hi> ciian<re? an
, not as sudden as those produced on th" sr>'y head
i and grcv heard-. Throughout the country hv Gil.
*? ? ~ -----
IOST.?S(>ine time last wi-ek, five notes of hand.
j lour ?f them for JoT..r>??, payable ? -rerally at .J.
tt, and 12 months, and one for $50, pnvabtt- l.'i
| month* after date. Brawn ?th of Oct., 1V>3, by
John Ti adi r in favor of J. W. Fitzhuch an-' by him
endoned. All person/: are cautioncd not to trade for
t Slid Inst notes. norlj?Ut *
\UARR CIIAXCK ?The atoik, fixiurea,
aed jtot>d will of a htore on Pennsylvania utc
I nne f ir i?l?. Price $1I!iO. Tlie ptore is on the north
! side i f the av*?nne, and is an excellent location foi
| the ensuing s-'ason, and is for salo a* the proprietor
| contemplates leaTing the city. Address "0 It K," at
! this office., stating when and where an interview may
I be had. nov 15?3t*
j(successor to Mrs. Ann II. Clark) w ill o^en
Velret Hat? on Tiiursday, November 17th.
'wi ll a beautiful asstirtinent of filk HATS
spotted end plain do , in variety, at the new stvle
j Millinery Saloon, three doors *ast of th? Post I'fttee,
| Bridge street, Georgetown. Urdars attended to.
nor 15?-It
11 J E ar< ttis dey in t?ei|it of a large consign
f V ment of Portmonnaii.-. of various sty les and
i superior ijuality.
Also, a few handsome papier midie inlaid Port
i folios, which, together with a larjfe a-sortment ot
I Fancy (ioods. Jewelry. Perfumery, Cigar-, ic., we
i are determined to sell ?t the lowest N. V. pticeg.
Atheneum Building.
Pa. avenue, b<dween and 6th stri-eta.
nov 15??c.5t
\\TR IIAVK on hand thn prettiest and mo6*
complete asiortment ot Fancy articles in thi
! city, congh-tinti in part of Fiowr Va.-ca, Work Box
es. Ladies'Companions. Mantel Ornaments, Perfume
| Bottles. Iloly Water Fonts, Medalioiia, Kngrarir.-iv
: T>a Bells, all kinds Perfumery, aud llair <H!s, 3iu
i sic. Musical Instruments, ^tatiouery. Poi-ket Cu^
: lery. Ac. J. K. BlXlf,
Pa. avrnue. between ''th and 'JOth ttrei-ts.
! nov 15?
JI'ST received, a Ur;.T supply Of the nl-ov superi
or ui'-dic;'te,l cordial, 'lhis prepar.it'on is admi
rably adapted to all disc i^esarisios from au imperfect
I distribution of the b!ie>d. Indigestion, genera! de
bility. and such disease* which are confeijuen* upon
sluggish habits and a sidentary lite, it promotes the
si-cratnesa and cstablirlies a heaithy e-.iiilihrium in
the whole arterial system.
To h.- had wholesale or retail, at SCHWARTZ'S
drug store, nevt to U. S. Hotel, and 3d door east fn in
:il stree', l>. avenilu.
nov 16? tt.
f I I1 received a sr.pply of ivory, satin, and ?nam
?I ei'.ed Cnrils for printing pur|>oses. Al?n. an hs
Hirtnicnt of colored d->.
l.arjre ivory, colored, and enammelled card boar?ls.
! -2 by US inches. Patent blottine paper. Kuthean
j holders.
An assortment of the ci lebrated P-rr^an Pens, firt
' spring, side spring, raven black; elastic fountain;
mnguuui l?> <um, on cards and in kirn. And a ?? n
eral assortment of Stationery, and fancy artieb*. .-t
WI MKR'S, Mli str et
i Where all the popular MCS1C is regularly receiveil
nov 15
NKW Hooka nt Taylor <k Manry'*.
I.ady Lee's Widow IiockI. tVom Blackw otnl's Maj;
I atine.
Harper's New Monthlj Magazine, vol 7.
Western Characters; or. Types of Border Life in
; the West- rn States, by .1. L. McConnel.
tlleanings from the Poets, for Heme and School.
Lectureg to Young Men. by Win. G. Kiliott. jr.
Ocd with Men : or, Footprints of Providential Lea
deif. by Samuel Osgood.
For sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S
nov 15- Bisik^tore. near ?lh street
Kn^lii-h do
California do
llibirnia do
News f'om home do
Piinia iK.nna Waltz* s
Paul and Yirgr.iia Jj
Maul' iina do
Kftafette O&llop
Atlantic do
Together wiih all the most popular Music of the
' day can he had at the ?\Mu:ic Depot."
Sou'li a'de Pa. avenue, near 10:h ftr-et.
P. S?Just n-ceived, U?e celebrated Prim* Donna
? Song, by Jullien. II. k II.
I nov le?
J BUicUwomI's Magazine.
Live# of the Oueeus ?rf Knglan*'. by !lie author ol
i Amy l.a wience and Stanfield Hall.
(Vunress of Arnheim ; or. Master Timothy*# Book
C se, by K^v nobis.
Kc|i etic Magazine of Foreign Literature for No
The Illustrated Record of the Crystal Palace P.*.
The Naval <iffiixT. by Li^ut. Murray.
F'.ai of the Uuion, Ned Buntline's Own, and Uncle
Sam for this week.
Kverj ti.iug in the Biki!;, Stationery, and Chaaj
Publicatiou line for sale at
Bookstore, cor. 2 st- "'el I'a aveuue,
nov 15> Odeon Budding.
rl,riK ^riiR(ur'< Son I or, the >la:ne Uw, ?
X last refuge: a story d<-Jicatcd to law makers;
by M. V. Fuller.
Genius and Faitb; or. Poo'rv and Religion i.i their
mutual relMiotis, l#y Wta. C. Scott.
The I'er-ian Flower; a memoir of J. G. I'ukins.
of Aroomaih, Persia.
"All's not gold tl.at glitter-;" or. the Yoang Cali
fi.rniart, by 4'onsin Alice.
Tip top; or. a N?Lle Aim. by Mr*. Tuthiil.
Sevcn'h : tr?'ct. ue.ir Od< Fillo??' Iiall.
line l.'> -:;t
nAVEdi sf' Iv.il the rn-pitrti'cr.-hip existing la
tweeu then by mutual consent.
The undersigned wiil carry cn the Cr>nf?ti(>n?r?
ut lb- ir old stnnd of t-u-.ineSf. ai.d l.e hop.-* t?y c'?\'?
attention to it t?? k<e;i his' former tiuitajner. '..id gain
a -share of tbf nublic patronage,
no* 14- ' W. !? ItY/ANilM'Shl.
! ^TOLRM fr?.m the suhocrilar, on \Ve?lne day
^ Nov. lUb, a light BA V HoRSK,cropped tr.il. about
14 hands high The sweeney in the left shoulder,
j lame in the rieht should, r. and a small blaze in the
Ve und niv-e, a white spot on one of bis feet. A
suitable reward will be given by Icav theh"rseat
J T. Fenwicks store on N. Y. av and 10th street,
novll? ,*lt.* ALBKRT NLLSON.
ll Ocnil*?i?n.?p. .1. r KB. No. 4 W shing
ton Place. Jin meet, r.-ep-ctiie'y invib-s his cus
tomers ar.d the public to caH ai.d ?ce hir #t.-ck of
tu-vr Oiii?ls. ii?- c<>ntiilcntly lielievca that for th'"
dcirr.ble quaiitb > of e'eganc ? and ehenpne s ic eun
not be eTc%lied. A Stock of R^aily-elade Ovw
cQrJs. Business Coats, and Vest*. sn<-h ?? gen'l-rr-n
cancot alvays fi? d. wj;i be rcrJy for ?xcmleatloo
this mornii'g.
Also, a lot Of Gentlemen's Superior Winter moves
and fine Dress 8hirt*.
nov 12?ao2w.
WtdBful*}*! IVavtntbrr IK . . .'
' ? ? ? ?'ij,
The public ar. reapeotfatlv in*oTa??i ,1 . ,
Will take fl?r? on ? ?r>M?sn*t. Novemberl- ^
at rihi.kt's VAuicnn,
Wliirh will he open to tlw pub ir f,.r t
Madsnie fONTAG * II U wi>t<] u p.r,
I.1FN. Al.FRF.D JAflUw.! M;n i kooA ^
The Frojrrani me c n ts of I * el v.- bhdiant ?i '
M?4?ni' PONT ttl ?lll mn( m* ''
1. I'n* V?o. from "The Barter of a _
fwlsa Son*', (in English ) 3 The pnik, ?-. w,
lime. 4. VbM*. an.l j-jj '
You, My l.ad. ??. fhr cclrbratod Mu*tr '
TAI L JCL1EN will play two ri,o^
The Fantasia. ?? IV Dauebter of the l'?-w
and *-Ma Oalme.'*
????er IUKX*<? will ring I wo pt*m
i r.itltw, froia " U SiNArmhu!* *u<l 1* t
ALFRED JAr.l.l. will |>Uv two
Fantasia on ** Mtwi" ai.d *!??? Carnival ,,f
Admis-io*. with ? certificate for * 1)tW|
hIIkIM. (to If had daily ?t l>*t|. ,
Muck1 Stor^ i
Adr.iiasion Ticket. without iIh> ??rtif).-?te, (i? "
h?'1 at tlx d<x>r on the evanirg, {
C<?1: rrf ' .
m ^ A Hi
All tha M??t* cf -lit* Iwantifu! place are ewfct
and carefully ft n ml-end with metallic i?Wi? v
diagram lias b?-n prepnnd. and quit* ? nnwi*. ,
I'ihftii enj-ag'd to cwure iii?|>strh in ?it'.inj; tb? t
, dlonce.
Thf Mmiwfl TV ket hns to ho left ?t the^..
thet'ert licate ho'-t" l?< ulilUtrtl u the I ?l?.r ?f
wlivn to whi<h the ?<*at tiolorg*.
TIm1 writ if most positively linulM t? not b>*
than two Con'ett*. The second and U?t ?fll t*k?
pla<*e r.n Frida*', Noveinter IS wbb an e?tir?\
[ new Programme.
A^".lnrt published, the now AMKW1CAN' TWVuj ^
i OK Till' CIXt'KRT. oont^inirj; foil trati^otioo* ,.f
all tho iM'rforni?-<l at tM< or anj other of y,-<
am? Santas'* Coitrort*. M ith otlook w)il >'?
' jiTfii h copy of tli?* SONTMI '? I'.M.H, Mnuinmi tl.
^w:?i Sor>r, th? Polka Aria. th<- Itiori Wfltx,?nJ ih?
l.lu'1% Ari*. arrnn.v-d f..r th-> l*iano Fort?. m*klBt
ton pajr?'B of Mu4c.
l'ri?o tor tlio Oonc-rt IV?oV. inrliiriir; tli# Font*,
"i'l cent* t'. Ho liaJ at t?*e Ticket i ?fB o ar.d tb?
| Hall.
Doota f?y^n at aevpc: to n^imenoo at olfht o'clorl
nov I t?*t
Comprkiri; nine t?i!eut? J porf'-ruior*, n.nmelj;
r. II. cp.osr.Y.
W. * lll'NTFR.
w. p.i.<H?vi:r..
j ci LSKKV,
IlrTO tlio honor to annour.ee to tha laJio* ?r<
?^ontlomen ot Y\^hi??rton that th?-y will gi*? ? ??
riw of FTHTOriAN f-'XCKRT?. ooinwenctng o?
TUE^DAV EVKMXO. X?t?wber 1Mb. <A.S3,
Anil rontinue until f rthrr notioo. Their *^??*rt??tt~
Ailev<i, Ovrrtuics, Ar^ will bo iuter*pen*:
with a rr?n<l
And pnnluflr.(f for tho firrt tic?e in tlilf city, a Bor
ki^iw, I'Dtlllrd the CHINESE tiAMES.
For full particular# wo circular* of tho day.
Ticket* mn l?e purchased <iuriDR the ?l?y, nt tb?
Ir*ias House, ?nd al.^o at the principal Ilotel? of
the city.
Card* of adiui*-ion 25 cent*?no half price.
Poors open at ('4 o'clock, to o'lauience at 7'...
nnT 14?tf Conductor
Has the honor to announoe that be will ((!??
*?si ted by bi?
On Tni'RSKAY and FRIDAY, Nov. 114th and i'-th
Admiv'on?To the I>r*<s Circle aul I'ar?}uette fl.
Family Circle cent*.
Full pnrticuiars will I* duly announced,
nov 14? | I nion. lut, Sontinel)
! The Great Wonder of the World hn
Arrived !
' OF KKNTL'CKY. end the worll r-oiwutii
CATARACT OFNIA<?ARA. in Summer and Winder
Having nuuie a moat ra'iewful ti>ur through lu
rope, during which the uph ndid and c etlv Fan>
rnliia of the World's Fair of l^ondon, w?e added, wi'.l
op'n at FOI!KF.?T MAI,I., ?io<.r(rctown, on TCEf1
l)AY , Novemlwr l."ith, and retnnis for a f?-w dty*or
ly. In connection with the above a prand CONCERT
will bo jrivi-n by Miw.< Jenny and Rosa Av"udal?\
Admir^iou 2") conts.
I?oor* opon at (.j-j o'clo< k?C< mnience at 71 ...
nov 14?Ct Troprietor and Delineate*.
TY^II.L cive their Annual BALL on MONDAY.
yy the 2?ith of Deeonile-r, at CAFUSI'SSALOOK
Particular!! in future advortisetnout.
nov 14?::i
or Tin:
'IMIK F\erutive t'oniniitlce of the L'GI.Y' CL'K
A t.ike sroat pleasure in announcing to the*r
friends and the public in general that thev will have
tl?e honcr oiViving tlioir tir?t BALL on 1IKDMS
IlAY". Navombor 2%l, ISful, at Island Hall, when
tb-y pb dpe tlieni5olvo? ibat iiothu f will I* left
done which tend* to i-ivc pleasure to Utoso wlo
shall attend t>e Bail.
The r<'fro>bmenta will be lurnishod by nn e*pen
eno'Hj hi>nd (Mr. llamnier-ly )
The Ball will he opened at 9 o'chu k pre?-i?*lv, by
the " lj?;ly Chth quickstep." er,mp?.?e t>?r Pr"fc?r r
Scott, dedicated to Pn^itb*nt Dwj er of the I'fly Clu)>
Tho.- Dwyor. M'ru t? Dre-r,
RoU-rt Orahani.
y tNUtM.
.1 no H Bird. S*nine) Pnuiphrey.
1 hos >\ heeler. F Mciihan,
Maldwin Drino. ES Allen,
F L Harvey, John Brnxfor.
(>n >ht prirf of t',f I.-'"ud Frirnrlshrp Cilf'.
John G Dudley. Alex T?te.
On thr {'lit "J lh.~ I'nitii
James Ilu'p-r, ?ieo F ?inallwo>d.
On thr part ?f th? Arlington Clfh.
R G Kckloff, " K Harrison.
On f.'i' part nf the nrrft" ' fvh.
Daniel Davis. J Keilholtc.
On tl,f i>art ?f thr I. Uzn-l Smial Ch'b.
John W IVgg, C II Deniar.
On I'nt. p<'rt of thr f j/' V Club, Sr
Win. Tu?Wer, ?r.
?* Wc would respectfully inform the public that
they w ill ha'e no no-a^on to leave the Hall to pro
co.ro Supper, as it will bo lurnish?d there by Mr.
Haramer?ly at -5 ccute for e^cli person.
nov l'J?tb
( rI,H r. oo-partner-liip ben'tofon-e*|?tin? under fli*
1 firm o| Kvaxs Jt fUitOfv ia tl.U ?lay di?eol?-^J
1 by mutual cunseiit. D. D. Darden retirii i; (r n the
concern. YY.T KYANS.
Washington. li C., Crtob?-r 10th, is.5.
nov 12?3t*
JSew f>re?a M?kln< Kal ahllali iiient.
^j,ll'*Si'. ?i>liin^ the nx?t port'-ct fitting ur?>s s
1. mu.tc*lion M1W. U. CAI?Y. at whi-li
dresaes are l>eirg in?de by Mrs. GethenV new iuven
t on.
L<tdiec wi'l, no doubt, think it marvellous alien
she -a'-'I'liat >he m-itlier h.-<it to piu ??? linings, uor
alter dr-eses?her fit* ere all w?rrauu>d prftct
The ayet'm t.u^ht, including apparatus, for Fit*
Mr*. C. inriu* all t?? five her * call and *e? for
th' m*olvss. Dree*.-* i r Pattern* cut for .171 ? cente.
Thr most fathiomihlc lmport<d patieri.* tor anle
oa wMc r te term*. < ? n. l.-tinj; ol ('b ?ks, Mantilla1,
Dre N'?, >l.i Ves. Ac.
Mantun Makers citn I ? ?upp!?od wi;h th< uioet re
c.-?it patterns ou the nu>! rea*ri>i;b'.? forms.
11th itr'-et uear E. YYa.-hlr.gl?<u City.
nov 12?tf
? > KF.W A R D.?Strayed or
stolen from the commons, in the Nor
thern Liliortio*. at?.ut tbe 1st of Au
i rust la.-t, tne wLi'e and re I lluff lo
t'tlW. * th a white slri|.o <|n?n b?r b-i?k, r-acKin/
iroiu ln'k'1 to tail, ear msik*. tl-e >i^ht >wr a crop *
r und hole, left ear cp'p and nn<irr bit. and sln?rt
And al<oul lite l*t of Octeler lai-t, om -mull red
COW. a I'h wbite faci-and four white le*s to tb?
klKHS. n round red ?j?t on the right oyc. and a mark
on the right side. cau?ed by a Fcald, long tmi*. the
point* of her I torn* inclining h>< !?w*r>l*. 1 will ?lr*
the ?l?<\e reward for the return of eedi or ei ber of
Wild Cows, or any infoimatioa by which 1 can r?-cov
nov 12?-It*
]OST, on the ;.th inst.. a SI LY KK WAU II. To
4 bi.e- ii Co. makers ; *h?n loot, bad a black gue.rl
and key attwhed. The tinder will I*, suitably re
warded by leaving it at C. EVANS'S. ?th stie't.
diieellv opposite Celltre Market.
IM-rl 4? :p.*
?lot.* loan | r.'frred A good fdHtat'-oa anO ro,r
uur p-t. Appiv ImincdUtily at ibe UMi?|iolra R?*
to-I^ry. fa. avenue, between Jackson Hall artd U.
flptwl. ?C'\14?Ct.
FOR SALE?A ?oo<i spring WAGON, made la*t
April, nearly new, with hatrees poaipletc. can
ho bought choap. J C. BRASAKAR.
In joire or Radon A Brother or Levi Putnbhrev
no* 14 t

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