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?rim ' I- ? :
In addition to its Tales. Poetry, For
eign and Domestic News, and the pro
ceeding of Congress, the Weekly Star,
for to-day, contains a larger amount of
reliable Washington Local and Govern
inenment news, than all the other papers
in the Union. We are aware that this is
a broad assertion, but it is nevertheless
true, as will be seen by an examination
of the paper of to-day.
As every American takes an interest
in what is going on at the Capital of the
nation, every American out of Washing
ton who can read, should at once sub
scribe for this journal, especially as its
news items are done up in the best read
able form.
Price, only one dollar and a quarter a
The Washington morning papers are
occupied almost exclusively to-day with
reports of Heads of Departments and kind
red matter, including the comments of
these journals. The Sentinel alone seems
inclined to wander from such subjects?
in view of the fact, we take if, that the
Senate have not yet elected their printer.
Thus, the Sentinel this morning essays to
create the impression that those for whom
it (the Sentinel) has been denouncing all
as traitors who were not original com
promise men. are " >>one of one bone and
tlesh of one flesh" with the oyginal anti
compromise men of the South. We pre
sumo that the Southern Rights men will
continue to be " plastered" in the Senti
nel, at least until the Senate's printing
question shall be decided. IIow much
longer?who can tell ?
Perhaps, if the Sentinel remains to grace
the city throughout the session, the South
ern Rights men will get more plastering
from it. when questions of "Shanghai
lines," "Ebony lines"?and all sorts ol
lines (with big hooks at end 011 em) come
to be dangled over and into the trap doors
and crevices of the Treasury, this winter.
"Tjtk Drunkard."?Mr. Goodam. as
Edward Middi.kton.?<>11 Monday even
ing next. Mr. Goodall, the accomplished
young American actor, will appear as the
leading character in the celebrated play
of "The Drunkard," at Risley's Variete.
Mr. Goodall is said, bv severe Theatrical
critics, to be the best Edward Middleton
that has yet appeared upon anv staire.
His personation of this difficult character
is beyond doubt the result of laborious
study, ant] a deep knowledge of human
frailty. \\ e have seen him in this charac
ter" and closely watched the faithfulness
inebriate, from the first stages of the fear
ful disease to its dreadful termination in
delirium tremens. Mr. G.'s description i>
second only to the horrible reality. The
play itself is admirably written, and cal
culated to do as much good in reclaiming
the fallen and causing others to shun th<
rock 011 which many a noble bark ha
split, as a thousand temperance lectures.
ZT A day or two since we published
an account of the Grande Ijgne Mission,
taken down by our reporter, delivered
by the Rev. Mr. Williams, at the loth
street Baptist Church, since which we
have received a well written response bv
an adherent of the Catholic Church. I t
is our determination, from week to week,
to give a sketch of the discourses deliv
ered at the churches of the different de
nominations of our city, Ijelicving thev
will be interesting to our readers. Thus,
we have given sketches of the discourses
of both Catholic and Protestant divines,
without note or comment; exhibitin" a
disposition to remain neutral, while we
dispense to our readers religious informa
tion from the mouths of those who arc
teachers in Israel. Having concluded to
act impartially by all creeds, and Immiiit
indisposed to open our columns to a re
ligious controversy, we shall most respect
fully decline publishing replies from cor
respondents to the sketches that appear
in the Star : but will with pleasure give
place to the discourses of Catholic Priests
as well as Protestant Ministers.
? *?
Tbb Richmond Examiner.?This jour
nal still maintains its Ishmaelitish repu
tation, pitching into Democrats as well as
^Vhigs as its conductors feel in the hu
mor. With this distinction, however, it
lacks the power and genius of a Daniil.
while it retains all his malignity.
The Herald in advance of all Contemporaries
Wonderful ExploitUnparalleled Enter
prise !!!
e copy the following from the New
\ork Herald of yesterday, which has
been secured exclusively for that journal
at an enormous expense, so as to place it
ahead of all contemporaries. It comes to
us Washingtonians as a bombshell
thrown into a powder magazine. It
has created an awful sensation. Read,
Rbad :
Washixuto.n, Dec 7. ISC..?.
Aito i'n ft in# .Xeir from I Vuxhiugtun-At- :
11 hi pi * in F r o-jre < t tj I'n.srut the lion.'
Mike I*', on the (irouvcl that he 1* an
Alien jn J not a j\utiv
I have been aware, for some days past,
that an effort will l>e made to unseat the
Hon. Mike Walsh from his place in the
House of Representatives, by parties in I
?our city, who are personally opposed to
nun, and who hare been here seeking the
aid and comtort ' of members who may
be willing and ready to move in the mat
ter Knowing, therefore, that this bomb
shell will burst upon Congress and tlu
community at large, in a short time from
this, i Teel no delicacy in forwarding you
. tlie facts 1,1 the case, with a copy 1
of the proofs which are relied upon by !
of thlfr / ?PponenU for the success
The^iL-T^mES against him.?
lire* consist of the following certki
Of Cork TrVptism at, V"u-hul- County
Ot Cork Ireland ; and of an entry upon
the public records at Albany. it",s
issertetl. upon what authority I know
not, that he had, on a former occasion,
asserted his birth place to be near Patter
son, New Jersey. With the merits of
this extraordinary development, I, of
course, have nothing to say : but, as one
connected with the public press, I deem
it proper, as well for Mr. AN alsh's sake,
as for the public good, that an early op
|>ortunity may Ik.1 afforded him of justify
ing himself before the country, and of
proving his right to a seat in Congress,
on the ground that he is a native of the
United States, as he has always asserted
that he is, and not an alien.
copy of tiik baptismal iiecord or the pari?h of
YoroiiAl.. ror sty cork, irkmkd.
On the 5th day of October, in the year of
Lord 1814. was baptised. Michael Walsh, son
of Michael Walsh and Ellen Flavin; the
spot sari being David JJayes and Mary Con
I certify V e a'?ove to he a tru<* copy.
YouGHAL, dated this llth day of July. 387."
Cii.vni,ES Fiei.-ino, C. C.
The other document, taken from the
records at Albany, is as follows: ?
Michael Walsh, representative 12th district,
city and county of New York; place ot birth,
New York City; married: a<;e. J9 ; weight,
13-'5 lbs. Taken from Assembly document 128.
April 7. 1852.
Some portions of the foregoing baptis
mal certificate are, in the original, print
ed in Roman characters, but it has no
certificate or seal of a court or Justice of
Peace attached to it, which would give it
the character of a genuine document. 1
have been told, however, by the parties
in possession of it, that lit- had sent for
it, and obtained it from the llev. Father
Fielding, of Youghal.
3^7" We have just received from Came
ron's General Agency, corner of Louisiana
avenue and 7th street, the sccond and
third numbers of the Musical Repository.
? ?
The liscent Removal < f the ?'JIorsE Li
isRARiAX."?Finding in tho Baltimore 'inn
and other journals, flagrant misstatements ii
connection with this a flair, all of them evi
dently written to create the erroneous impres.
sion that he was removed under sinister infln
enoes; and, beside?, villainously abusive o
Mr. Forney, wo have made farther inoui
ries iufo the matter, and have to say that Mr
Parker had been absent for several month
without leave, the Library having been lef
by him in great disorder. Expecting hin
back daily, time passed on till the 2<uh o
October, when, thinking it time to have th
the Library in order for the meeting of Con
gress, the Clerk's note of that date was writ
ten, and sent to him through Mr. Me^smer
his assistant. Mr. Parker made no rejdy t
that- note; hut some time nfterwards nppearct
for a few day* He made no explanation o
the cau?e of his absence And he again nh
sensed himself without leave, an 1 vvtthnu
doing any thing towards redeeming the Li
hrary from the confusion into whu-ii it hai
fallen through his inefficiency and neglect
At this time hi* dismissal wi ?? decided on. hu
was withheld for a few weeks because of tin
death of his son in Texas, of which event in
formation had reached Washington.
Letter from Mi: J. W. FoRskv ?The fol
lowing letter has been addressed to the Edi
tors of the Richmond ICmjni m . by Mr. Forney
Clerk of tho House of Representative-. I
cannot fail to be read with interest by hi
numerous friends
zii/itur\ liichmini! ICii/inifi- -
A letter signed ?? Fairfax, in the Ihi j'ii, e
j >f the Sth of December, contains a m..-t ur.
[ fair allusion to my went removal of Mi .)
A. Parker, from the t.ffi.-e of Librarian of *hi
\ '-/-HE'i4rik*1preventatives. and 1 respictfu ;P
i 3SK inti1 nppf*nitnt*j t4>o?riw>?. lw. M
Mr Parker for repeated absence wi'hoa! Icav
from hi? post, and for leaving the l.:h.:.rv i;
a state of such utter confusion and regb ?> a
must have brought down upon nie rt,ji!
eeusurc of the lloii?e of Representatives ii.i.
1 not employed o(nr> to put it into pr->- ??
?' >ndi'ion for the meeting i t Congre.-* I i.<. I
the step of whi-h ?? Fairfax" complain.*, m-.s
reluctantly, inasmuch as 1 had appointed Mr
Parker against the wishc of nearly ever1
iiiemher of ti.e Democratic dclegaii :i f,(>ii
Virginia in 1851. and I w as most ? lha
he should vindicate mv choice. He has no
I done so. and J have removed him. Th? Li
5 hrary being under my Control. 1 am ofc-atx
respon.-ible t -r the tnaiit . r in >vhi -it i: ?- ,-;tr?
for. and i!i" lion e looks t ? to -c ?* 'i .
duties of Lioraria.i a p.* Ii. li.-.gc l with i, i,-i
?? Fairfax announces th: t Mr. Parker's r?
ii.oval was bcJausc lie w.is no! in i;t\oj- of ;nv
re-election. This is the first. time 1 ever I
of it. He always proies-ed to ho ioy aider,!
friend ; and it bo was my f c he certair.lv -ii.
not a -t out the Virginia character by . io11 v
oppo.-ing a man who had otlended *:earlv eve.
ry member from \ irgiiii:i in the last Coiign.-s
by giving him an office. .Nine men oiu of ken
would have discharged him for this .ih.iie h i
events disclose! it. and tin*.* woubl have d*?.it:
it at once. Put enough utioii this point
? Fairfax,' however, refers to another -ub
In other days. I should have addressed the
Virginia Democracy with defiant confident-*
against all my enemies Let me hope that >!h.
memory of the Past will n.low n.u to .av :i
won! of the Present.
For seventeen long yea rs, and a? times v. hen
nearly every State in the North was mcrtiii,
t>r overwhelmed by the embittered eneniii-* i t
the South, the hand that writes these ha-tv
lines, without a thought of self, or a care for
ofli'-e. held up the beleaguered baniiei til
State- Rights, aod heginniiig in a minoiity.
aided to swell ?he ranks of the import;; ma
joritv that demolished sectionalism in I1
do not appeal to Virginia to repudiate the
slanders of my personal character; but I :?.sk
that she should hear me for my can e 'i he
letter for which I have been a- ailed by a
combination of personal foes. w:u the r^:i!t
of an ardent attachment to a friend? noil.
more 1 wrote it as 1 would write to my
brother, ii I hail one. 1 never for one mo
ment regretted it till I saw malignant in
genuity torture it into a meaning from which
uiv whole nature revolted. This is my only
defence on that point. My own State of Penn
sylvania (and Virginia knows her faith ami
her iidelityj spontaneously put this construc
tion upon it. an i sustained nit; by an expres
sion of public opinion that amounteI a!mo.-t
to^ acclamation. North, South. East arid
\\cst. the same view was taken of it by fair
and unprejudiced men Rut 1 never printed
a line to eflect this ,-ta'e i>f opinion; and hen
the broail i.-sue was made upon me in the
House of Representatives, at tbe commence
ment of the present session. 1 resolutely re
fused to publish a word of explanation oil ti.e
subject. My own heart made me proud in tin
belief that I had never done a human being
intentional injury Cor.-cious of this, and
assured ot the purity of my motives and the
justice of my intenti-ns. iti'the letter referred
to. 1 would not have gone into the newspapers
to justify myself for all the offices in the Line
Book ihe House of Reprcseniativessustaiu
ed me largely, de idediy. and. let me add as a
teeble tribute to my friends, e ii * h it?i u_ t i ?-?:?I i v.
lhe office to which 1 have been re-elected
never had any peculiar charms to me. ami I
jould go back to my old editorial chair in
Pennsylvania without a sigh I sought it the
second time because my name had been
toupled with slander, and 1 have pa.-scd
hrougli a torrent of calumny without losing a
paiticle of my self-respect, or compromising I
? principle or a t rieud. I am -till a young
nan; buf 1 hope to live long enough to sho.v
o my friends that they have not mistaken j
heir man. and to convince mv enciuie that j
n their eager anxiety to crush one who never j
ujured them by word or deed, they oulv
lerved him .lie more heartily to the work to
vhieh his life is dedicated?the work of de
ending the Democratic party, at whatever
isk and at whatever sacrifice.
I am your.-, y.>ry truly.
John W. Forme tr.
Wa5JHx?to.n, Dec. y, ISj:{.
The RitiUTs ok St ld hit's CREniTOK.'.?A
reditor of certain vo un ters (for advances in
<iuipi,ing the cornpan es, ic.) arranged with
he clerks of the paymaa.era, by assent of the
udebted men. to withhold the moneys due
romtbe pay of the latter Theclerkg charged
mil retuine.l a commission for performing this
ervioe. and the creditor claimed to be reiui
jursed the commission by tho United btates
It was held that the United State? had paid the
men in full, and that the transfer was a pri
vate one between the other parties with which
the United State? had no concern.
llotsE Committees.?The run upon the
Speaker to influence the complexion of tha
i committees still continues unabated, we be
lieve. Gentlemen outside as well a? inside
1 the Ilouse seem to us to be giving themselves
I any quantity of unnecessary trouble upon
this matter Speaker Boyd if wc know him
j correctly, will make his selections wholly with
the view to the public interest, without stop
1 pir.g to grind the axe of any fine, lie new
knows thoroughly the fortes and capacities of
I all the old members, as well aa the sentiments
: of the House with reference to the committees
' of the last session. Under these circum
! stances, with his experience and proverbial in
tb xibility in discharging public duties. there
| can be no doubt that the programme which he
will report on Monday morning will be as sat
| isfactovy to the House an I to the National
i Administration, whose future is ?o identified
with the manner in which he discharges this
delicate trust, as it will doubtless be well for
the public interest at large.
An I'xiteu States Ska van's Wakes.?A
seaman enlisted in the Cnited States .-cr\iee
was transferred to a merchant ship in dis
tress, and was paid by the owners of the lat
ter. He applied to the Government also lor
pay during that time; but it was held that as
| the United States were deprived of his services
\ for the time being, and as the seaman had re
| ceived pay from the parties to whom services
were rendered, he had no claim on the I nited
; States for wages during that time. His extra
i pay, however, for serving on tho coast of Cal
' ifornia, Ac., was allowed during that period.
- Cass ox UeoeieM).?The New York I If rah J
according to its latter day custom, is leaving
no stone unturned in the work of trying tc
. i stultify General Cass, t-> accommodate its uwt
j ends. As tho editor himself misrepresent:
' the private conversations of Mr. liuehanar
1 anil others, so some n! his Washington corr- s
, pendents are playing the same game with
i refurence to Genoral Cuss, One ot them, for
i instance, asserts that the General has ex
. pressed his determination to vote again t the
eonliinatiiin of Heman J. itedlield. 'Jliis i.
sheer stu 11. Mr. It., as General C. weii knows
1 was ///<? fast friend from first to Ins!, not onl>
- in lSl.s. but long before that period,.'* </-.//
u v iti Ino'l. lie stood iiianlully hy the Gen
t-ral. when tho>e of New \.?rk. Messrs Dick
? iusiui. Birdsall A Co.) tor whom tlie llsrohl
f would have Ca?s strike the man who never
. ' desertc 1 him. wero trjing to drive a bargain
j iu the National Convention f>>r his i*'a-s s;
destruction ami Dickinson's elevation. V> hci
~ the lion Daniel S. Dickinson was ostcn^ills
t putting back the vote of the Virginia Del?gn
j ti'in with the Pickwickian parade of mori
f | thau Roman virtue which brought down oi
him tho shower of bouquet- (bought and pao;
p for by his own immediate little clique lor tin
" arranged ?><?? //.??.) Birds-iM was running bad
nod forth between Dickinson and the \ ir
? ginia debg uion to arrange when the State
vote should he given to him so as to have i'
1 done at such time and in such manner a.- ? ?u5i
' voii'-cul froin the world that Mr D . his h<",i e
hold and friend-*. amid all their profe-.-ions o
| readiness to die for Cass, wen; merely ?? ?
J turn in order to diive the be t possil le bar
gain lor the real candidate of Law. t'roswcl
.V in?Mr. Dickinson himself
>. w. if any man doubts the truth of wha
L> we here write, the question can be settled ii
:i I? ioft. The Hon. .John S. Harbour, Sr.. is a
present in Wellington Let some devo > ?
Mr Dickinson go to hini tor a contradiction <?
tiii-" statement, which we make upon i-.o an
" 1 tkority from, nor consultation with hiin W<
were present and saw all the working of thi
j wheel within awheel; knowing of our owi
knowledge of the e 'uimuiii 'atioiis j?'?- -ii?;
bu-*k aud forth Wc call on those w!; ? hi u
e-tlv believe tli.it t'tie jM,li;ical positi- n uo\
oecupi.-d by tli.iM' who profess to worship \.r
, Dickinson above all others, isr.ot to plunder
to interrogate Mr Larbour, the chairman o
the Virginia delegation He i- here, we n
e peat. ai;>l we dare any '?! thosp identitic 1 wit!
the new party of plunder to approach hiuioi
? , ii..-. ..tiyx. i i: 1 not some Bennett .- >r
4 1* 4 * - ] t!! '1 *" i I * oTlTaTH 7? ?*r
: ! Mr. lJ.ii hour's hand '
Tiie V;?u.: via Kkvmi.i twnar ? Boi n r
I.ami Ct.Anis.?Wc apprehend that the At
r t'jrney General has duly made u;' his opinion
' or decisions npr-n the law points involved it
these claim.', and that in the course< f ?? day o
i two he will b<? ready to send the pa- i rs
1 to the Secretary of tlir* le'.-rior his tina
: a ?(! in upon them. .** ?. within a wk. we ],re
? ; 'i11i? ?. the largv* number of per-'ons here am
elseithiro interested in these ct?-as n y ;??>!
' f -r .heir final adiudl-M'.i ?n
! J
iiii: -l -iifts Pari v Pakty. ii -ecms tiia
heaven and earth is hei;.^ move i anion;/; iIn
Senators, to i-o-ix up a l>em?" ratio <^ipo-ition t<
? t!#c Administration. Kvery gentleman of thi
i party there who has ha l grievances in the \va_\
of i:ot getting everything he a-ktd for his ini
' mediate followers, i- being solicited I > join tin
combination. The ]>lnn is to support fron,
the national treasury a pa] erat this point se
I cretly and persistently de\.?ted to the se!n ine
| of Me--rs. haw. Croswell and others, decjilv
! cor^erned in special 1.. \>>r ?> mid rri\i!c_-'.
in eo-.iiHelii'ii with the public pur--'!. v.'ln -!i
while jirolV--sing identilicat ion with tlie D ? :w
craey. shall make ceaseless war on those ii!
the Government who evince a disjiosilion in
. cut tiieir charge ioose from such aflilia'ii
iii i. Bkai i-'Ot'.T 1)ar.?As the town oi Leau
i r>rt i- about to he made the denot for guauo
? tor the i.c.th. at Jiie reijiie-t of the town coitn
; ?*il. the Secretary of the Treasury has directed
? Captain UiiT.diilph, of the revenue euth r Jiam
j ill..ti. stationed at t harle-Jton. to inaki.* n ? ire
| lul survey of Beaufort b ir. in order to obtain
j ail information likely to facilitate the entrj
! of larger vessels than heretofore, into p >rt
there We understand that a cargo .f guano
? ?'irc-.-t from the Chineha Islands, may n be
i e.rpcctcd there.
h i it r. ox rni: Sati.t Sr. Marii:.?Wc under
; stand that the Commissioner of the Ceneral
Land Office having again revised the Saidt "t
Marie reservations question. 1 i-1 ?":?in decided
in favor of the State's selectio'.s : *hu> istuor.
ing all right to these reservations, set up i v
the parties who took the trouble to re-locate
the seleioions made by the State authorities
or th< ir agents. unJcr the set of !
'ini: Si.ooe-or-Wai: Ai.uaxv. Cianmandci
tierry, is expected to sail on Monday next
from New York, for tho Island of St. Thomas.
1 where she is to join the home squadron.
i Navai. Ot rn KRs Ori?f::ep, llitsmxEP. Ac
j Midshipman Wm. H Toon, resigned; Mid
. -hij'inan J. <>. Maxwell, dismissed ; Lieut. <>
; II. Berryman. ordered to commai.tl a hydro
i graphic parly employed on the Coa.-t Survey.
A Nkw Li(.iii-Horsi: Kicu'KR.?Manus
j Kelly, of New York, has been appointed Keep
er of the light-house at Throng's Neck, vice
Simeon M Tompkins, who. having been ap
pointed hy She present Secretary of the Trea
sury, di i not take charge of the light. All
the New York political world know ? M mny"
ai one of the cleverest of ail the clever "Boys
in the Bowery. "
Tiie Late Srperivtevhent oi* Prm.u
Pi:iNTi:.t: ?We understand, an 1 are < ; ??e-1
ingly gratified to hear, that tiie prin-.i-i s oi
Washington contemplate ?ome testimonial ti
John T. Towers, Hsq., iatc supcriuleudent ot
public printing, whose thorough, yet coo>id
erat?: and courteous discharge of his rocont
pitbiic duties, has added much to his |na \ i -a.?
liigh reputation as a business man and ( iii
?/.en of Washington. May the ofii -e always he
so well filled.
To be Lxamixep roil Promoyiov, Assistant
Surgeons (U. S. A.) Barnes, Murray, t. .1
Bailey, and Perin, have been ordered to re
port to the President of the Army Medical
Board, now iu session for examination foi
An Important Treasury Decision?It is
held ut the Treasury Dej>artiuent. ihnt an ex
penditure duly chargeable to a certain appi*o?
priation can be liquidated out of funds origin
ally belonging to that appropriation, in the
hands of a disbursing offioer. though the bal
ance on the books of the Treasury had been
curried to the surplus fund.
Sloo's Thabntkpsc Exterprisk.?Wo learn
that Mr A. tJ. Hloo left Washington this
morning for Mexico, to join the corps of En
gineers (who have preceded him) in commen
cing the work on his proposed great enter
Tub CrRRr.xr Operations oPTHETREHrRY
Department ?On yesterday, the 9th of De
cember, there were of Treasury Warrants en
tered on the books of the Department?
For the redemption of stocks $$,381 01
For Treasury Department, exclu
sive of stocks .r>S.200 1"
For the Customs. 13.04;} 10
Covered into *!ie Treasury from
miscellaneous -ources 1.745 9H
For the War Department .... 3Sil 0C
For the Navy Department 44.22<i ti
For the Interior Department 4,443 9'
.... Mr. Oiddings administered the oath t<
Speaker Boyd. Senator Petitt aftorward
asked (lidding? if he swore Boyd strong
(iiddings replied : ? " Yes. 1 swore him ii
well aud on the 1 higher law.'
.... lion. J W. Williams, of New Hump
shire, is in the city. -
.... Senator Toucy is detained at homo b;
sickncss. So is lion. R. Jones of Louisiana.
.... Hon. Zeno Scudder's physician declare
tli.it his ca.?e is progressing favorably, and i
nothing unforseen occurs he will probably b
about in a few weeks.
.... I". S. Marshal W'ynkoop. of 1'iiiladel
phia. and the Hon. Alexander II. 11. Stuurl
late Secretary of the Interior, are in Wash
ingtou. t!ic latter at the National.
The Washington Ilnll. crertul by tli
Masonic fiatmiity at Wheeling. is coin
pleted, and is said to be one of the mo
splendid buildings in tlie western rouiirrx
jit cost over ?50,000.
That sprightly sheet, the Philadelphi
Sun, appears in a new and bean lift
i .
i ' PC Ml
Tj thr hUMorx oj thr Hrrning Slur:
I"IIK TKlTtf of J.ime* ftoferUon rinin/w- f
(' rt. ol the tlmisr. arid the ruv.e uf hi* tl.ftal
trh.i ?*?!</ tincfvure he ?.*??/> not nominate.! i.. II
/.' 111 !' ul /?< jll'CM'l I JllCt.
I. ! li t.I not any arianepiiM-itl* ><>r a noniinritic:
??.??ii ?-the prii.tcr delayed getting out in\ \l a.
?ii> !<> h.i!i'pact 1"? o'clock <>n tin* -it11 m l nT. v -t
should lr>\v haifi'. a- l:<- agreed. hy I0oY!<k'I-. Ai
ii" the ?W in t,f the IVnthiiistyi .Win" tiad in
'?ji/oi : c.i xvilli ii it/ /ii//Vr," a- S imp-on .-an! of I
oil nilcs. I ran -a>, ??ll:iftrl\on'? \? .-"sage ai
'!'i l.< Willi ;? ii rxnii'.nnti.ci. would havi- ! ie;i i'i
cnlii'. il by -1 o\ lock, I- m . It. r.'iiilii r I"'."i3. gi\i!
two days to think ami a.-t mi tli.* -uiij-.-t Rat wl::
ran \\ * expert win ti we j>iit r.i'itidcncf in in. ii ;li
originated in Yorkshire, Kiigtaud. a plan: ihat
noted ; ir coveting {? i<;uin^l' ? ???imnniiot (io<!) ft'li.
Inirx s. a ail to pat t oi-iiiictive in an unlaid
fill messenger in titif* t;i M'li- and ex'-itfnn lit.
j-ki* calling .-piriu from the deep. So w:;h thru!
?.>rn ii* tin" \\ i 11111-ji? 111 Vm>, iSh-v <!h! no* t omp
1 '.villi that which was n .i. onaMe ami ii;ti*. ai.il
I oiii! tii ? jiiiro i Jitoi \\ I r!i lie got another ari.-le 1
i Ki.i-i- 11:.it r i>M control. I.is Iiair would In* grey, at
ji 1-- won;,I grow 1 iv r tn- gr.i\ ? . Such was tin \ ii
i ll.li! o' tht'is 1 I I? r.iii.-o / III III.' ill'III-.;l|.?-IIOI1. Wi
can *??!! l!ii- i' iii-c of >1 Wii.it evil I. 11I I io tli*
1 iloni- or win it,it t!ii \ ai t ;i- they iii>l to Co.!".- -??
! \ int. 1 />,) It" iii?- friend* will call to mil
| an arlii-li' in tln< in.- it column of that Ntale \nt -. ?
liie -Jntli ni Jiir..-. l.-.M, ilii-y nia> infer tli?* caiiMr 1
tto-ii i!mappoiiitii:g iui-, a:'t< i ki-' pin^ my tii-k?t
tlieir l aait- ov 1 tl'irty l:cnr-, ?o ;? !?> pr>-v, 11'. n
1'i-ttiiig it 1 l.ti-liri! ft-i-wlii if. \!l riiat kn >u an
tiling aboat ??!.-? c-;- -. an1 r.*--p- .'li'iillv a-k''.l to ai
ill ?? 111" tl.ro-.i/li ?? II .tshlr j! ,,1 I'll... O r." at
I will np:i\ mv rt- i.c< 1 !.. ti:( siilijci t a.ani.
\ 1 nr frii'iiil in !l'?* {mil .
?I A.MKS III>1*tlil'l'?"* iS, of V.'w N'o.k.
| I '..t:h r of the T1111I1.
\V ? >HI?:iiT?i>'. I>?'?* l't. tKVt. |l
\ Mt.itw!.- iiinu'iii f;iti, a
| N:iti"'ii.ii I.hI-/ -. \o. I"_', vti'l Ik* l.et .' it
-?iii.t II.il!. ?:< rn-*r oi" K iii-l loili str?-<-:-. THIS
1 1 1 t 7 ??'<?! K. >!? in) .-? - kit 1
I * f ? <? 1 8WlO*i m ?? " w. M ?i
i .- i-. :: ?' . In- f: i-> i.n?- oti, mi ! liu Int.- ,
I ..l.ri*:.< tn In- t'aiiH:?rfi-<l.
j h:?-.i 1 t"c iln-r I. !ir ? aii* fralcv-aally invi'.. -I.
liy i.iv'.-r 11I I!:<.? K tt . M.
s. ?:it.i?\v i::;u iv.
(!(>.? 10 ?It f.'-n-tarv.
C/ Tl??* tUv. A I vail Suit in. <il" V?-r
ii. k I!: i n-ii. ii in ' Ir. I'm ? ? ll:i| *ist ll.Cfiii. '
-t to-n: 1 .0:1 11". .?!. 1! ? '??!? .
l| ':j :r. PtTi.ii's C'lirnrw, rirtTiii IIm.l VI
K1*v. I .11 In 1 11 'I ,M?Ii \\ ;|| pr* io-Ii 1 i ta.ih -i-iti.i'!
1 i lor tin- Inn**t?! of tin- \ oiiii" ?'alli.'lii'V Kn.-i it S,
i i-i?-ty. 011 !?? urn .-???.*?. ii-'miiiav 1 at 11 uVhx k.in s
v ' II "litl . I.I: (":i! Iliit Hilt. ir
Hi.t ? Tw it PubI Ic litcliirrr, Ii ji v I ?i< 1
S|.ili!n:.l i^iu, will 1.- i, i- vi-1 r.I mi >?. i:n | -..-v, -II
J iy ii.om;aiL'. at 1?:' o ? ? >-k. Ha l at . in ll.t* *.1,1
n<...ii 111 iVripfram-i* I! 'Ii. in I. ?t I* ii.li. 1 ?. .
I*. Pieri-e. M?*.li|.ui, o; I i.ilj.l.i'j l.i.i.
! ?!?-*" ill ?11
ii >i Attention, hti.n pilionO rut \
r'; a.' .fi.iil tin ?' i 1 iij? nf t...? I'oiiifiaiiv villi
| ( Ij '1--V1 .1! tln-ir \r:n'irv.-vi V ':.-l.n u . ? inn :. ?i.
?j ! Mill-'., .it half past T ?i"i|o.-\. \ 1. ? ??' ?ii
| in- rr.p.i -l it t.. I.f pllli.'lual in tl.i n atti'.n: i.-f.
i.i:ri..ii' ?:t"gr"'at inipoilanri' ti-tin Coinpa:. . \\ Ii
.1 1 tu'iori- t!if l.i |{> oiilt-r.
I diicld?It" A. P. FOR BEST, Ser. pio. tmi.
-y Crai-f Cliiircli Fair?Tii' l:?*li
- ' V ?.f <?:--?? 1 liuii'li. I.i'au'l, lUv. A. lifin.fiii
1 !i ? ,,r. *v i'i h i'air f.,r tli'-Hule of ns< inl an
.1- v n.i.' - i- on MONDAY Tii .xI. Ilni-Hlt?-r li.li, i
tI-?? fail' ?? ill i ?; I nil: J tnii'-linif ti ii-nlly i-ri-i-ti-l ?
'!.?? r-i.T of IN im.-y!\:ii.i.'i uvi-nii.' uiiil Illli ftivi-'
t in' Fair ill >?? ro'iii: i during tin- w> i-k. Ka--!
ni: ill l; r! -nil ?? it.<! i Otn.'ifn ? -Uj.J uT V. ill l.i- p:i
v.'! i Th - li-ri<-'. > if' . i:.t >'!.ri-'iau ??uteri*! ise ? ii
1.1M1, n-l .'I'-'lt to our !? 1' :?!?!.i ral'y u I it-11 ii i
t -till ll.-st till- |.ri - ..ft ?? l:or ;.ti* to l.i appn
? 1 la'.- i i -v...t.l* tin- j i^'iuei.t 1 i" the iii ).t il;:f ci
'ir-.i-i' Chin? li.
l>oniitr,.n-?"?? ri 1 ii-t'v v.|..-'t?<l. r.l!J nmy '
<i nt ? 11) 1 ii-g t It ir v..-.-!; 11 1 i:onii?. i-f tli- Hi-rtor, < 1
II. tiotwi-i-i Si'.li 11 * 1 -1 to'l. ftn. >outli. in ,1 lo the I'ai
ri^/tn aft. r Moii.1?v nest. s?
l>a-Mi-triipi)ll(a)i Mteliiiiilrn' limt!
t iite ?Tli? j'rlirifi! "t l'i'-ii ii of t'if Mi-:r poiitai
M-r'haniff' In.-tiiiit.' will I. o,. u.- I ali-.i't tli - 12!l
".?It in tnl.t. in ii.e tii'i'il .^ti-ry , f I'arki-r'.i I'.ullit
i"r ? a IVnn.-yIva'.iri av^ui;.', t . tv,.?ii i".:!i and Vtl
?I r?'fl ' .
'i'i .- ?.-1<.i>i1 Icin;; *snilt--.t * > ? ae liiiu-Irt-l Mid
lu, 1 ty .-i-I.- !:i!> tlin.j ? ,tr .irjiisof l.ii- taii ^ ..tlr.ili. i
l.t*i.-to wiil j Iir inl in thi-ir niiu.u- tn 1 i.y n
tint oflleiTH of th - I >t:;t!*:->n. >"i-u- ui.- iil i-ri ov.-i
I?!?? ty om; yi-ar-i r.f ai ? w ill t. :Ve to f.av tlni'i' <t I
hi--:: ti.?>-??' Ktil-r t'vi ty -i; i not it s than 1 nr
t<--t: \ >"ir? | ny twoilollnrs. I'r?? ? 11; wnior tn.-n-l .11
? .11 |.,ty twi- iloihir- and junior iu?-ui'?-i -< one dollar
I'j.i 11 [ iiyit L 'f abov 1. vtliif'i 11111 t l;e done I-'for
?!.t* 1 intr 11.- si'l.o.il. tl-.-y will i-.-.?-ivf a t'cki to
nn lulmri-liip in tin- 1 n -tit uti?. ei'tilling th??ui to al
?',? ?. ri-.iI i'i r of iiii- s.-lii-Mil of l?i-s:rin. I.i-cturcs, act
K\hilii:i. 11. if any -lrili V,- !?> 1.1.
11 v orJi rot" lio.nd of ManrgfDimt.
I'. M. P!;AK."0X, H.C. Fei'y.
lire li.'O.
i^ATl!i:U OAVAXZl wiil d.linr li'n tir^t h-.-tur,
at <'ari'-iS.iloon, 011 Tuesday I'vcuiii'-, l'.c
Tirl;?:ts To ccRtr, will b?* for sale at the u*ual ; In
<??-? mnl at th.* il..or.
Ferther particulars in futuru ajv.-riis. int-nts.
d c 10?ti
i OST. On VVi-ili!i*s<!:?y vvi-ninij, a small whiti
S x 1)?m5, |.i tii- ;i iuii-,pf I'reil. Any per.-on l.avu.j
itn* -a.J dog will Ii ? kn.il <'iioug!i to t.'111111 him to in--.
- lit-1- no uiatiii.-r oi'ii-.'to any oiii-lint mysell", l<criit?
1 I'lic from a d>'cca>i'il inenihtT of tin* l'ami|\ . A
lil>?'ra! rt'W.ir.l u:!i !?'; gi\eu. J< IS. I'Ki'k,
dee 10 ?It- |l sf.. Imivi 111 l.tli unit ?tli si.
j CRAPE SilAWI..-5, ail qualities
?/' ' Aiuoii^.?t v.hirli n;ay be touml very rich em
Also, our stock of Cloth aud Velvet Cloak?, at
<i">. t.
Willi our tulire flock of
l?hV tiOfibS.
Kial racing all tin uio.st iveent stylt-ii of
nuKsa <iooiH.
Wi h every article fiiiiu i in h wel! selef:ted f tork.
1 i.ii 11>!|*biting a ehangf* in i.ur liiui ni-\t m .t.'h
I i-ile-ir^tde that the s'ne\ he i lvi.Oy r.-dueuii bv
ilii. lime. He villi ti|.-|i ioie m- I our "lock uilhwUl
in- re.-iervatioii of uny article fir one u.or.lti, ioi
ii only, nt cu t.
?\ rar-? chance is ihns otfe>ed for Ihe time uieuti' n
?d ot s-'le.-'ing frotn our htoi k of Itie choicest good!
II tliif seciii u ot tii.* country, at puces lower. than
iilMuy articles can he L.nl at win l??ale pricen in Nt-w
York city. M VkliS A Co.,
Iron llall l>rv Good* r'ti re,
Pa. 1.venue, bi tiv . 11 nth uiai loth .sts.
d.'p hi-?1m
VT ?i:YM0llK'8, IN (iKohOK'lOWN.?A mo^t
l.i hutifu! af.vjrtinei t of ladies' Fancy Furs
III be exhiletnd for sale thii day. a* follows:
tstonc iiartin i'lat Boas, aud Cuiii to match
Fitch do do do
Hock Marti a do do - do
(iermnii Fitcli do do d >
Tim nbove kin are elcyant in their niatiufHCture,
mid the l*?t tlmi hue been oj-eue.1 thin aer?un.?
Oteat bargains will be given. Call earlv.
\V. F. SfeYMoLK,
Fur mauufacturer, U.ldga street, b doors
dec 10?dot * east of iligb street, Georgetown.
corporation laws.
TI1K Corporation I-aw* of th^ City of Wasblnct >n
to the end of the fiftieth Council, (to June 31,
1 Sfi.\ Inclurivc.) to w hfc-h are a Ided the Law* enact
ed helwtei that ilty and Od"Vr 1". liW, with an
Ap|>rn4b; containing r9# lar;;e octavo page*. Ju*?
piilili.?h(4 hgr onlt-r uf the Corporation c f Washing
ton. I'V Kols- * A. W?tcrj, ?n l tor sale at In* office,
D street, be'ween ''thand 10tli. and by ail the Book
sellers. Al?o for *:.le. the Builder's Guile, or Me
ohanic'l Price Ixs.K. with a great variety of Blank*,
?>iu-h *3?
| toiKofCrnvpyuicii, TVc on Note.
" Trust, " Aceount,
>iuif claim Deed?. Blank I?raft?.
! Nar. on Note. Blank Chirk* ami Check
" .Want, Hook<1 on all the bank*.
*$-Rook. Job, and I/ it r I'r^n PRINTING, iu
? every Twii'ty i f type and cAlor,n>cutM w.fh Uia'.
ness iiiji! iir*)inti')i,ai<JoD the most reasonable tt-rui*.
| Business Card? very cheap. dn* lo?SJkW lin
"OTICF. -The public are hereby eiutn ? >1 n >t
to r< . i v v Jc in John 1'. Day ton note- lor one
? j hundred dollar* each, draw n to the order of said Pay
' I am detcrminid not t? puy the to, aa they were
1 ' fr luduVntly obtained from me in part payment for
1 i lot which llav ??''! t-i in**. The lot since my pur
I j chase Is-in^r advertised for Fahi under au order of
I cou-'.
{I decl0-.1t* ROREBT KAINEY.
W VV invite the attention of purchaser*, and
I particular!) judges of Wine* ?n l I i juors. to our old
end -njieri <r $U>> k. which consists of the follow ine
' brand*, viz:
, In Uottleo.
' Nev. t in. Gordon, Siur- Chateau Mar^aux
, ' di ch A Co. Cha'ean I'.a K<>s?
| Reserve, vintage of 1816 Ilant Tttlenr*
Aid London Particular M. L*t?'phe Medoc
. j Howard. March. A Co. St. Fulien Sfedoc
Superior Serrial Margaux Medoc
Old South Si !e Piiianac Table.
Y | Pore Madeira Grape HOCK MINE'.
Juice Marcobrnnner, 1946
FllERRY M INES. Johanniabrrger Cabinet
4 | Pounir's Bicwn, very del- IliwVliwmet
. ) icate Rudeiheimcr
' | Atiioniil'ado. pale sn l Stein weiu
q very delicate LIQCORS.
Golden >berry, imported Tale e.nd llarl:. ijtanl.
| in cases Hupuy A: Co'? Brandy
. ; Mutiznnili.i very suj-eri- Pale and Ii-irk Hcr.u'S
or. *ev II nndv
N ! PORT MINKS OM i?)Rdou i>"<k Brandy
i OPl?y'* Flip- r*i.r * l.l Pa'e Kin?-(*ld Matbl* !*??.i><ly
; i'lirnitld M?-?Iicin:il < Id A<*couiac Peach do
I Mar fchino-!i Y..ra lloliart! Win, tUrapn
! Cornroa. l:.-? a:<<l Whit*! brilti)
(l CHAMPAGNE. Pure .lainp-ea nnd Ft.
I Hei biek. imported by Cr ix Rr.tn
'* ? K-nnuld A Krar.^oiF, Fii;e<lid S^-ctt h W liu?
t I ?i?iart? ai'd pin'" key
He: t?i k. t? d by C. Old (Ini'liowi-ii'i Ir.t-l
l.n.l r. ijuart.< and W hi-k<-y
pin'ji Od vi^n^neibe!* Jo
Gi.aler & Co.. in qt-~ l?'d 15- iir' <-n do
" : Siiii-rv Moii?s-au. iin|K-.rt- Pure V. heat do
il e l hy S T. Mcoll A Co Brown Stout aud Foot h
ijts and pt? Ale
L. mbry's Grape L af. in IlibU rt's Pr.'.wu Stout
? qts .|t? and j.t<
.1. F. lVntii<* a Chd'.t.tu, Ilit.l?*itV lJ.-st India Pa'?
in <{t? Alw
Bollinger, in poiied ly Minr'* Sparkliu/ Euin
llil.'t r &. Co. |.ur;'h Ale
Vj\ileir-i. f-li. rrv, IV rt. ainl a T:iri<t?* of othe
M'ines: a! o, an e*'ei.-ive -is^irtnii nt i f the y^r
la-st l.--i'ic.r?. SAM'L HAMILTON A Ct?.
tin- 10?in 'J* 1'^. ir_ it) p. J... I ^.a h r.
? ? 1*1:1 A. \ v.- A I j ?-r?4 ns re<iJiii ' in the D;
triet of Oliiiubift, v bo n re d er-taU- in tl.? c-it
i: I c/'liUty or A!ev.::'i':.ri? ale I.er-I y lio!il':e<I to i :i!
'bllliediately aid p.:v the ssiiie. olIlfiaiA- tin V wi
Is' r<*tun?il ib-iilMjiK-nt, Uf i thereby cait.-e th' I
inui'li irkitibitf atid ? xj.eiisc. -A word lo t! ?? wi*c
Mjflieier.t." K. SAMit'l'tiN. U J4.,
tff. | Alexandria coui.ty, Va.
Alex anuria. N<_.v Di'xr-Mh,
ilir il)?e??::t
K I / |() i |( W I '-ft'll't II H V R II R U III
IUWJMJW CmiigiiVrpn.-Mcil.
1 CrriiiH'.i Sr'MI I.-Mi
I ^
:?r sale our a.-s'rtiie lit o! .-??.?ais of the foil.* H
i \? hi*h ^i;?are in t^uabtv ui'.h aiiV *-'h*
' ->> ek in tlii-- ??!!,) a' | riiis raivill,: irL.iu j i t-. S
; per iImmi-pihI
KI< r Ce.hai.it- (I-?nilre i II C> uie:?-io I.i' ru
u*> i !<e :al a) PI I-*i?n
L:ts Min.-.a , I.i'iidrt - p 1!'.Indie l.r:;:it?
: Coli^Ollieir tl do tieOI'jfe Vlu?ii<>j,'tliU
K! >.'?e*ar Cuohiio (S<ra- I ? J .<'? r-ta
Cues) Ties AlU'lttM
i:i Salva lc.r Jn-te S .iii
d< C 10?eC#?V7 I'-|. av , o|.j.i>-it' .laeV^c-n 'I >11.
\kare rn a nci; for making munkv -
|r r'lu Ltiiug a tioe pMir ?d llm.*-" aud H i,
j on roaip'ete, v. i li.'s to join motl er w ho < ali lo
nt h f > la *i:.0 t>? s-Jmi ii, ri.fli. n>)d nl o un< mi i
i ?i a at-b n-fen-i : e- a- lo > li<>rM l?i hm! i u-ine-s bat
' ii-'. Mid uh'ii? :i Cli-I lilefi ??> lite n?e of lii |?.?: i
av-iv s J'e and !.i?r:iliic ?itsii.c s th:.l wiii \ iei>l
n tt pn-tit id lr .i.i Je.' t-. I <t j>.-i month. A>l?ii."
lo '? A It >' l?.'" at 11:.- ortl ( -.I lbe r \eiiin; ?>ar, u it
t> al ii i>:e. si;'! W lieSe JU IliteH |. ~ > an l? li.tif.
' ill C 10 ?t*
f.^SGLlSH i'U ivlUI.S. Suture, |?rc
I j k?r i'r?, A ??.
!*!? Ivi;i .w Ch.'W. (itiioii7. M'uliiUt*. IV<
| f aHiii h'xI Cau:ile.wer.
SAI-'JES.- \V'? , ??.'Icr-Iitr.', BirJ P ?[ j^r, MiLei-'
ICi'i.-urean and oti er f:n:e -
.I!"' LV.- Tou.:.'* eand M'.ilmif f-dsiif* : 4'rriani
*.ii uee. I )m? vi', I i la- il. IV: e!i. ui.d I. >i..?a J
N~ii:.i.J ir-sirvi I Piiiv *;?;>?, and Canton 1
?iin: --r.
I i??? t ?i.-r i S jir.r n i;i > ;?e pi? r d ?.iii'
?iirilXn sin 'i!. Lon.lvii Ai?L vy Pi-.-t.: L-seme t
\ ll> l ovies >'.??
1 or f.-ilt '?/
* FAMULI. S. H A 'ILT.iV 4 Co.
?!.?'? 1"?"i"". P i :iv. ??(?.; o- fe .l::i I ?.>u Hall.
r.ilttlLY FLOUR.
i ?,'>!' lh ; :?>>? !.:ir !- !'e h ^iouli>L f >r Pjle .?>
^ / lb lill;b:.l Mil S. t't.iV. |-. 11y
?!' e lo-:. - !;'>\?'r: .V TA VL< -IL
j[ >UHT, (H.IVK OIL, iv i )
i ' f. h.i!-. i\ III.Tiiei
?M l UIII? I'r '-11 Pi:'.!
>'KI 1.1.till i-'t ?!i. II All' ol.d?
, ") ? boV. l-.ilf. at.il ijn .rter I.-oii RkisinA
S'J ( uiraiitJ
b :e I -.'li'ira Citriin
1 :"i -h Prunes in .lur
- ) 'i-i-ker- M .r- ii'i-- ;?>: 1 Bordeaux O'.iv* Oil
In "n .'.>?>. Kre-h M te.-aroni
l > <i liw. eaeli Venaaeelli.
.'i;-t |- >? ived ;?nd i' r '."!e b/
de? 10?e,,'2>r. Pi. aT. cp;,fi?ii... J;,rk*:on II il.
1 : h.tnl \\ liiiacr^. the PaL^t'titan Mis'io.iarv
l,_v the Rev .la*. II iiuilion. |i|i.
.'-I?l 'el 11 ? Pasi.it!. or A ?.l lnj ?3- ?f Convent Lift al
Port Ii* \ al.
l !>?? f o... r?t" the Family?a !?*.k for^hl*
I'he ItelLi 'It- of tl e V> olid. :.nd the.I lUl tiou.J tf
i Chrisiiai.itv, ! v r. II. Maiirii-e
lien id - - fhris'iuu Moid lotii skul, l>y Lev T
' Gnthi ii . I<;?.
P?ile, s I ri-seiit U r all Seasonh
1 Le Kdin!.uri*h I?.i|| and otl ? r Tiili * for < hiii!r> n
I iDu I-utlis Ii l-'ii'ii n- i.l ti.e lo.l.rii ili_' J.Hi UiU s
1 Gui/.ot'a Moral Tale
Eveuin^s at Home
Thu^wi-s family Pol.in* n
'I he Little F.i\a. by <'n(>t Mi.rr; a*
Ct lebrateii ildHli, by M \iusou
ban ford A Meiion
For sale by OR AY * Is A LLANTYNE,
j d'-e ly? , ill st. near l?dd Fallows" Hail.
J )l"TT ICIl, t'li.-rsc, .">1 ii( It c rt I. ?t t.
j .i ? .<0 K.-Mrs prime Goshen and (iiad-.s Lu'.ler
! U/JiHI II pliuie tiosllell rl.e.'se
3.*. bbls. No. 1.aud 1 Ma< ki(el
4't I ? Xe-Sealed lierrin^n
!b?. Orund Bank Curs; h
?r,<J baea Buckwheat
j loo Beef Tongues
I ? 0 | ieces Dried Beef
. iu store and for sale by
j SAML. 11 AM 11 TON 1 CO.
?Ii'.- lo 'o"2vv 'Penii. nv.. ? ?{?:?. .lacks u litil
^ ' I (HM, Cidlrr and 'I'r:??.
t O df? bills. Ketii'Cil. Cri'S'-ed and |iulveri.-ej Su.hi
j ?o lib's- White Clarified S>u;^ar
l.r. lil ils. and .'.i Id Is. Brow ? do
i il-) PoeketV Prime Java t'oll'.-e
' "Jo ba^s V* hite Maracaib? do
; "ii lv.i. s lirt-iind <!??
i Oil Half Chi?1< hl> h Green and B aek T< a
? IT. Small Ii >:e-; very hue Black Tea
For sale bv
ibv 10?eo2w IVun. nv.. opp. .laeksoti 11:111.
1 xilitil S'tulea Patent Utfiir, i
\\ a.-'IiI.\i r<.'\, lieetmler Is...' j
iN the pet'it'on of Li CH s gitl'i l.Ns. or liarltord.
f CbBMcUrat, prayui|j tor I bo fitcatioa ? i a
p. tent s.ali'ed t> l.r.n on the '2th i.ay <d Vartll.
1S10, I .i- all ii:lproVi.iueiit in untie fi r i* luiiu:, mi;|.&
f r seven j ears t'l cm ihe exj.iialii u i f said patt-m,
which takes J laee i ii the twelfth day of Ma.ch.
e.jihteili hui.dled and fUj-four 1.1i;
It is ordered, tint the Said petition be heard at
the 1'ati nt Ufl'.ivon Monday, the 13th day or Icb u
ary uett, at 12 o'cloilc,ta :and all pei -on> :,r?- not Ii. d
to appear and fhow eaose, if any they have, * hy
said petition ? lb'lit i:?t to lie trantial.
Person* op|H>sini{ the extension are r?nnir. J to tde
in the Patent Office their clijections. specially -^t
forth in writiii'/, at least twenty days' lietoro the day
. f he.uir.if: all testimony tdeil by ei'her par'.* to le
u-i.l et t'.ie siiid hearing must lie taken and iraos
n.i*t< 1 in i.iViT'1 i.i' - * isli the rules ?>t this Otic*,
which will lie furnished on application.
ordered, al o, lh.lt tiii- notice Im' plll'l-idm! Ill the
I oil.ii. 1 nteiiii-em-er aial Km nin^ Mar. V\ a: hiu> ton.
I?. C.. PeiiusyIvaliLtli, Philadelphia. Pa. Kv? idng
P. si. New York, Bo-1 u Post. Boston. M is -., and lo
ijiiiri-r. Cincinnati, <>hio. oucca wi-ek tor tliri--' mic
cec'siye a i-e s prey ion lo the thirteenth day ol Febru
ary u. xt, tlie day of hearing.
Couiuiisd' ncr of I'ateuls.
P. ?.?Editors of the above | a|ieis ?ill pi. ase copy
and send llteir bills lo the Patent Ofiiee, wish a pa
per conta:uin^ this lio'i.i' dec 10?JO'*
Brooms, bickkts.&c.
50 dozen Broom*
30 do Painted Buckets
20 Nt?ts M i:low Baskets
10 do Paiuttd and Cedar Tubs
6 Bales Alicant Mats
diiozeu Jute and Faucy do
loO j;io?h Matches
d?c 10?co'-'w. Pa. av. opposite Jackson ?
bisley's YABinv.
wAuk tV 'V,. o/ s?murm_ Win. -
ON' MOSI'iY, Ptt EVHKK 1: lv.J.
will w -?*** Ucr- ^ ^
O It I S K A R D .
?n.w lntenw-lv tetarr*i?Z .trauia ?? on? of tk ^,
f ubfui rtartlln* |*?rtr?IUir?-? of r.-al l.fc L
?ddrvf#e'* UseH to the ca|*cUy of e?ery UdnUu.t,
I ?whW>-u? * ra*Frn"1** ihord in ^rrr ?.
mlib W no' entire1. > destitute of c??1 afc-rtiUI . it
/I hrilHwrt efl. rt loeuiUvty IU a .lrwuntu t, r.? U..
^rJrf mM degradation wbMi mim* ion HaU j ,
ia f* ,n riio III** til?
.ulttt-1" omlc.tin* Cu,,.
tni|,oS better can 'hUU vlou? ttian ty * Jr*.
ntath n of H.-OI where not . aty ,1,
n? but the 0*b*T UrU-i? kl~. *Tl ?* i ?.) ?
i ivtuff Porir?t?ui* of a Drunkard'*
ti... f Vn xl? of?" mperaree if tli-y are tta t th.-*
,,?) will show by tW.r |t,m?v tl .-,r ?| |.r? ri?
1 n OpoM'H fill Mt??? ?f llrfortn.
TW brilH^l ycunt Tra^l?. V: * U
4t,_ wi>l nu-taiu h* trulj artec.iu,: ai.d - ul biuxiti,
v'arlt,f ICdward XlddUtos
t..rf,?ni<"d hy bl? wit'i imaien^ ?i isv? ?.
?UruuuiV Mnwuni*. New York an.l
t .V* n'a Vu rum. ?*:''? ?" "I *?'>!' I
>".J^?Kowr || niidrnt
\o word* can Aojustiee t ? th- v~n.iii*?t tr. ?
prrpoimtl v TV ?.-?i- g -V ? of U.?
I .r n". and ? tl"'~ wl" kr* "" ? '? I
?*erB?r >ti.fl ?tteat th- tr.?id,di Mil, y. u i.i?; j.
.* t r lit t\k* lis Kl1 * ^?^r'?
lm?atur lMt?*u?ilon
??. I,WW and 111" 1,lirk thn1, wf l1, ?-?
hn uwh the T..M ?! ??? ""<' ? .1 s.
^U .w.y^eh. tr,^. Au ^ut? .u.r. r L.
**lJ ^Vl!^h?te?er brr. t it t^.r. iv V 11M.
I jke Turkihb tyrant*. Koin u.u>.t iul. ?' n.
But thin il?-!?* ?*"?>" ''' o,n'l"' r -'- ?? ' *?? >h tin
? lit-ful v\n>. t'J ll1" r thr ( ? r ?'
nroth'.'v hinlu. KWiiilum-u ?'W lv U..
ble>rt(>^ of He**' n
U.iX bi?ok li"? ol?-n at tl... x ? ,
uiay !# wcurod without an\ ;J.?i ]rv * ' r
fTlergj men, of til Jem m . atiou-, w
pimi'iitiii tirl* ??, m.il ;,^v *r- in, .> j, ' . U
and ear' est") inviteJi. utl.-u l.auJkiJ I . ' i-'1"'
en<e. Ih'ni ' ?r'
Great Moi*l lt?fona.
<leo 10-2?
CillNKSK HUM U'l!t?u.
rIMlK IK**., ai.d I. Ii ... | ;, , t,| , .
1 KDt. Mw Mui u4 - ? i' r - ?, > . , ,
m?y b* Ml a- I.- ? aa Bay .? ? t. ? ;i . . ui ?
*.il The muff ,i..w 1 J? ... ... ,
? liar. HtiJ.J^i -? nuhj j, . ? ij.i, ?M.l \j. ,
111*atMeitedmraarr-ot , ,. ,;
eurv all t.V.1 ?."< it I d lllJI'SMi 1( v
rate the uj |>? til< n:d j. n r . xt:, .
liiliv. llj in l > ?? i 'v-I. ; .? I x i :
I b? v ?re .>!?<? h ?? n Irrf'u! I n a,,;. I?i ? t I,,
injr a ?ingretii .l and ,le i..? a.rti.itr i ,t >. u tJ''.
tocieMe |?'Wrlfi of tljo Luillau
1 lie ( kiueaehon hi. I t' r
I'nil rt til* I.nut* froui >?: J n.i ?. .11,^,.
And I v tin- nid of fumon? r
\till |.|int a tick uian in lii* I. >, ?.
Tl.i" deli^htfld <'i-tnu'"^!it Hi ?t 1. I T -riri ' r
priu< ij.ni fcllHWl mi t>| i? , ;? (a it,. |. y
nblf viiri.-t> 01 Uucv in U 1.1 .
dw *?\l*
IOVT \ 1 n? ? m w x i< ti k?:>
J OIK I." ?l't. CMl.t i>;:| ( ?, , ninim
I'krl'W (1 n h.'y. atiil -I, t if n I't r .1 r ?! ?
Pit. avt-iiuc. Ieia??>.(; ?Hl; <?>. i l .:Ji ?a -Ju..
iav iii/lit 'a.-!. A litn-r.il r. ? .1 I <wll u- ri, L ,. .
id l?ft at the ot'i- of the ???';.r."'
dec ??:;t*
VOTUK At.v mm Hi 11111 ? v . .. 1
i-* wotu.- n. wi:h ; 11 it.t ?... 11 . fh. i^i.*
? ash r. and ir<.:i.-r. Will u.-;| 1 v ?.*'?11,. :
ly a|?p1iralioii to \\ x;. !,. ||.#VI I
At %i:' . I i TI*. i? tt'r l*ry lii. nV
de.- ? ? 3l?
N. rtKKoi 1. *1*.>'i\.
Attorney' r.uj C">iiiftHelloi-a(-l.a\?,
*. < iit\. i,p.<. t, ??
Vi * I !.l. ntt" !; ' t 1 r.il ! 111 ? i... t ! . '
f |.r>-f.* ; :i. ai.d tlm la Ifar |t m .11:,,
ei^ini' *. ^11 .i l|.? . t rii Ij .*? . in ? >
?>frt< f in 1 iir- w ;i?~ -/ :lio i ii} ||
do' y?lin
% 1 T L, til ' ntl.l. I -? _ I:?*.! I,M . 4li*? .1 ?? . . .. ? 1 I I
yy t?o 1 ativ rc? t r 1 iii? j . , 1.11, ?.
?tijj lh" ? ho!.-.a!e 1 ir> ei-iy ?i, l 1 1 ? . I .-u,. ... 1,<.
lor the uaiPe :iiiJ rftieul W* it K? a Si .ii-kit ?
u^Vk taki u tbe U ui< lo'ti .. ti<>a in ?? m-i- |.
oil W ati;l f'lfi t, ki-d it! II, 'Ii. lii? ?*' "?.|i. |i 1
.l.tllx II u *1! l...
1 I I* I.. Sll if.?lAKt.!;
r I t't^.r-.-^f.-wo, b C.I'"* ?'J 1
di e ??- ot
>L?(iA*.'i KICH t
IOI>:> iV . I'r.w'f !. I'm ?7. tiii
\ it.' tin- a! Vlill-ii. I , lii.* i" r \ U-|..i\r HUi
< alle-J a-Hii'litt lit i.|
1. i' k.< rcr.s
? ?t ?ti*ry di-vij ioa- h:im fin" ? 1 I n/ y.4t I
. .ilitiin .. IVIinairc. \ I t.>i iui . I iii* * .1 -. 1 uti a
'JIt'll 111 15a^ c%m.K
UAl'M AMI ." 1 <?\K >; Mil IV
l!u\ A I. l.l.Mi.r t;
HT> M >< ?M 'X
Ml \ K |a?
.*?! hi l\ ^I'TRKIX
I.! tl K Ll m III t ?
AuJ other ?tylej. ri r?ro tiiti-J ly thfU an I :.-l
?n. j .
IiU X VD1KS, W l \ T< ?. A r
> li. to.?? i^imiitn .- m- it j 1. ?? ml : t
u :
RTl XM'iK'
lii-im1'. Jui* ? (,'o'iimi . \ 10' ij. r j' j 1',?
Horeharil it-. u'o l-l'; .tjrt
Ct-ml, |i?i|iuy. i O . ',d> 1 "I".'. J .r i
I to l| ,5 tit 1 a4 ^ |,H| .
I'll tii Id.: d. 1 M. | 'I :.t|.J n4i*rr<l
>:i/.iraf. !t' hur . A I .. :u .jUarUr >??..;
K^*t. aii. t >i?rrii)er.
t'hatinu I VriMi i t 'o_-?i:.>. ) .if. . 1 IJ riiila.
I'lUet, t'....iil ioti I Cu do do i iut*.? lv.
I^Olidoii l)i?k ofai'Viral or... Jb. i in port. >1 It x L
I ?'r.d"n l?o l.a
r.n.t. ?v..;iii im Co. vi'!*/ i-tiii'ft' cirHi'ti
\iiil"U'?- ?>l la^:'i. "Ii. %?u 1 ? h-, 01 ? 1
ca-1 -. atid th -..lUie ill t-t11?-.. U.i.wlU >
lii*' Ik >t tlai?l\ in tin* 1? .ti? t
nM ? mt'i S J?. Mh.1i i as>, in ufftl at,.! I. '.l'.^i
< 'Id I'.uiil do very lnic, iu d<?
till l.ulldon rartn-ularMiit.ua. iu Ui-otl .1.!
V. - dln ti o f nr Sii i'y i'i> ni| uri.r oi?
? llicv.t'..* and "l uiatid'.' uM I'? 11
1 iiuiirtfi 1 in. di>
I do t,'u,'. si'.- !'i rt
I' HariU' ii;,"< I t.!* hiv ry
I'utt tii-t-loii I'.n mii ,|u
lie^ent'e U'ddi'U f.liest r, fd't i. 4?'.il !< I ' '
tor. |irutiuu(iCol l v jail/i-? a ti. ?l e>?:
W iuc
1 iju.ii u r easli i t-Lviiy, a \.n
\\ int*
Dry and Sweet M.il o_' i mid Ci tl.- \l*.l. ? -
<j?i.Ier ? *' tni-hor"' and *???>* 1, Krali i ' iti 1 ? *
I" A. MuuitiiV Silirry
lleiilMi k & i o> t'lMui;.?;??ie. in ?|U.i:t.< Mil liL'"
iuiporti^.1 by Kciiiii. I. hr.ti i.i?
Ili-iil ick t Cu., Ilu-I'T'* .v t',i.
>:<>? t A Chuid'.n'* i-i 1 \ .jji-ii r t'li 11 ? nt
|ort?il by Ad ijil.n* 1
Mo?-t X t It t^doli i <iiat:d \ i.i An j'ai* i. ;i"'* 1
Mia-t 4 Chand-Jti's Ow I d?' I1. r t l*. ; i'-:
th tliifdt Chami'signi* in Vt a.' u <-a
J. A. J. \i l-t'n lii-)>erial .^rlu d 1. ? i..ii
? tu; ? rial, t'enr, end l l. vi r I ?1
I'td l:>e \t l.i-ki V. d^lllitd IS '.J
tlioi.in.il Ii\ c \\ Livki-v. a | . |.
in lk'J.J, iiom t**?-ti** i 11 r - 1 T
f.r itnu.f
t-li ay 1 i:is!i W 1 |.?,-,
tild J?ia-iK* hu.I .*?: t iii* l.u.i,
'hjre-li.'r ?iili a :ull n^ni^iiitiili! V, i>> f ' 1
?|uor? at low 11i - a
^ai Ki.I.I. \ !?.?.II.MV.
>UO-e .- 1. to J ii Ii * t
the CI?f-t N-, ....tr > -i^t
? frieuj. al.d the |iul.|i ? 1 Ii l t e .- !? *
pr?|-a?ed to d-i\e tin i,t v i.t. il.e !?.?' '
louud iu a ln-t l i tdi.ra.it. at ti.r ??
IIi? liui<* witi Ik* it \. :? - I. io In- 1 1
bud he aRhUlfr til hit! Tax I I ll.lt. XX lli '1 ? i
SsH! that their t-r?lrrt? It.r ? ?-!i? to ie
either at their lo'ii it t J lh?' l.? t ?' ; '?
of ll; h utrii t urn I a mt-uiif, v.j; 1 !??- I.o!-'
tended to.
t 'li 11 mid 'eo hi.i ir:ui .''iui'lit.''.
dn< H? ?? ?t
Ol tli<? iiilh,v\:n ; i-li ,j.i' lii iii !?
,Min A Cii't U I- . in I - *01 h
I .it Kilaiithr. |ui. iu 1 Mi
l.i Adors-i' ii, iu 1 4tli
IJ .'ol dc IVouriel. in l-4th<
Hii.t^i' Wa-hiii^toti. in I jili"1
1 11 ou-4>!atioti, in 1 4D t
Aliil'l?.-in, I t r.i |i '. 1?'. 1 t -tii.
II.'I . I?. 1 ..fi.lt
Kit. 1.1 *'ei?. iii I ,otI
UCiai iotmliU. in 1 "ti i1 , .4--|,
Mbria An* inetle l...:,dr.i I'' ."ha. ?_
m, '-d.ii
Kopnuiola fl..r ?!? I ren?-? In. n l-4;h?
I fii?? ?,rlk*iiial * a'tt rin l^ttidr.-1. t
To^tthiT ?i h a t:i:e '?.^"loa'Ul ?'
haox, ..?!|I.KMiI.*??AI,|Y
k i!e> .'..' i > to .1 n. hlhl-ry 4. ' ?
d.-f--fit _ Kf <-:itreVMU.
.1 ii. u MK'ilCill-N.
iitArnty mui t'ouiiafll?r-*l-l-*w
W*SHI><iTo.*. tl ?'?t ^
1 >RACTISKfi in tl.u -i-X ' rrA ,?>.u, t ^ ^ f',j t\' l
j of Ct luinbi*. attend* to t '"V OoTt n iui tr. |
Iccticnii, and pw^te*1*? d ?II Claims aiU
of th, U for IVD.ta -, ^^?'
lag under the I J" ?{ L 1,111 a
|;0V Sd?dlul*
TTh tU'Ti-SH A w LS ? A >.o?-d Ha^Ttnirut of Ueb
S tietneii'J thawls jUit r?.e?ved
dec 1_ WUlardi' HeW

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