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National MoH-1?* A.
O Symmw.G*
E B Warren, Md
T Knock. NY
W Matbiot, Pa
Dr B Hileon. ?C
G G Winston, N*
H *? lady,
S Sbethsr & lady, "J0
O Dickinson Si lady, do
Mrs J F. Bigley, do
E 8 Dtckuumn, do
L B William*, <K<
W Bacon. Ga
R Trellis. NY
G Colby, Mart
J Gault, do
T F Bowie, Md
C C Spragen, NY
L A Lipman. Pa
AHII Stuart, Va
C H Wa?tiburn, Mass
S Harden
E J Mean*, !rSN
Willarda' Hotel
Dr McPormick
J D B DeBow. T.a
Geo Cooper, C9A
D 9 Vittum. Wis
Win Rutiiuson, Jr, Mass
G Lee, Ya
Win Vary, Ind
Juo Johnson, do
G Beck, do
VVui Williams. do
B T Daniel, Ya
11 L Brooke, do
Mr Armstrong, Md
Dr Henry, do
9 Duncan, Ma?w
S J Ppiogelburg, Mexico
G T Hull, Pa
Com Jones
E I> Withers, NY
T Hf Grastis, do
C G Holland, do
W II Davidge. do
Col Hunson, Md
Col Bateman, do
Col Spencer,do
Dr R 9 Chew, Ya
8 Stevens, Pa
A P McConorry, do
B W Meares, SC
U V Wilson
Dr Carinichael, Ya
E B Martmdale. Md
J S Hamilton , Ya
C W Green, Ind
T C Crawlians, Tenn
Hon J C Joiips & fy, do
E 9 Philbrick, Ma^s
II ^ J. C. W I LLARI>,
D A Gage, III
G W Peties, Mass
G F Westcrbe, III
T Van P Tallmage Sc
lady, NY
Mr & Mr* E W Ander
son. Me
P Tilyard, Md
I' Warner, do
Juo G I*arter, do
11 Smith, Ct
?' W Fillmore, III
R D Vail Wapener, NY
Geo Distres, Md
Jan Holeoiube, IJSN.
Brown*' Hotel
E O Swain, Va
R W Brooke, Md
J M Boyd, Va
J W Guest, Md
G M Ayers, Ohio
P Hiuith, Iowa
C H Martin, Ohio
E Haskins, Tenn
J M Goggin. Va
'/. B Beall, Md
J Richardson, do
G D Ashton, Va
G T Rosa, do
Jos E i'lagett, Md.
?T. P. A If. BROW*.
J G Maxwell
A F Bevens, NJ
B C Hcribner, NY
T W Bell. Va
G H Moore. NY
Mrs J B Moore, do
C II R ftu?2 8c sifter. Ya
Win II.ii, NY
W Hamilton, Md
II Bnchelet
J H Mcllarrv & daughter,
Mr Sl Mrs IVrciral, Eng'd
W Bryan, Md
J W l.emon, Ya
A Howard,
C. W Bruce, NY
I' Doiiohoe, do
J S Woodward, do
G G Lick us. do
E Cannon, Va
A R W.iollcy, Ky
J B Alters, Mass
H S[?ear, Va
T MeGane, Ohio
J Dunn, Va
Hotel? w. r.ADfBr.
Gov T W Ligon, Md
K Cooper, Ky
J F Hummers, Mil
C Ff i?lay. Mass
Hon D B Wright, Miss
II A Cooke, do
C M Kilt, SC
T J En', do
W G Maurv St ladv. Pa
Hon T W William's. Ml
Mr 0?|e it lady, Md
S Kicker, La
J Murdock, Ala
I'nitrd Mtntr* Hotel?R B. naknKr.
Col A Provest, Pa
A Pike. Ark
D s Vatnm. Wi?
W II Colledje, iihio
(i R Tremble, Wis
A G Wharton lady, Pa
W P Burton, Vt
J VV Weatlirook, Cal
J Paliner St ladv. La
C 11 Tavemer, Va
J Javernrr, do
4' M<-Costey, do
W Mason, do
K D Moon. Md
Mr* Allen. Mass
Mr J VV Allen. NY
J H Scott, Md
J M Adams. I*S\.
AiTival and Departure of Ocean Stoamera.
Xame. I.earr* for 1 tuyi.
Arctic Liverpool New York..D?*?\ 11
Herman* Brempn New York..Dec. 7
H;Utic New Yo k.... Liverpool.. .Dec. Ill
Kuropa Vow York.... Liverpool...Dec. 14
Yankee Blade.. New York.... \?pinwall .. Dec. *i!l
Niagara: Boston Live.pool...Dec. 21
California Mail Steamers sail from New
VurK ou tiie 5th and ?J'llli of each month.
1& ^ it Y J A ^ K Y ' 8
For the la*i ten years h.eate-1 on Stli ?t.,
ns<r the General Post OflW. was removed
f to lVnnsr'.vania avenue. Isttttceu Browns"
Hotel and 7th 8tre>-t, whi-r-i the proprietor
has spared no pJus or expense ia fitting up an es
tablishment tsomtaensarate with the jfreat increase
in the bu#'nei? of the hmi
The ?ul>"?iril<er tenders his most cordial and grate
ful acknowludgcm.TtH to hin fi ieud? and patrons fi>r
their long cootlnun-l favors, and will hj plejuieti t -
bieet theui in his new hou.se.
I have a very w.-ll assorted s'ock of BOOT?1 and
PH0K8 of French, New York, Kastern hud ui/ o?u
uixkr-. embraciug every style anil variety: to which
I invite the atti-ntion of members of Congress and
citliens generally. HKNRY I.WNKV,
1'a avenue, n. fide, l>etweeii Brown*' 5l?.t?-l
and 7th third door from the hitler,
dec 5?
IlN\lTHtiie attention Of those desirous of pur
cha.-<iu^ furniture, or of furnishing Houses re
tire. to my i^eDnral and extfusitf ,-t ? W of llou-i?
furnishin^ Goods, on 7th stre, t, o;?ii-,.-ite K?. hange
BacK I euumeratr in pa:t ?
tie/* nt set of I'arlor furniture, of ro.v.woo-1.
walnut, Hiid mahogany
Fine walnut nnd mahognuy Solas
IH> do Chairs and Rr^kurs
l<u do Bureaus .V Wardrobe*
bo do French and lli/h po-t
Beautiful cosTnt-ll.-1 C.tfag.. Chamln-r Set
JI.?ho/ iny aud walcut Centre Tables. Ac.
l>o do Kta^en-s
Do do SsTetary and B?v.!:cu?j
Do do hidehoaids
Gilt-fra^is Mirrors
A general a-?s >rtweut of Chairs, P,e. 1st cads. Wash
stands, Table-, Uureaus. Wardiuljen, Hair and s'hurk
Mattresses, Feather I4e<ls, <tc.
The subt?en?,er wii| pre particular attention to
Furnishing Houses eutir.-, in any style required,
dec 1?d4w N. M. MrGRKiioR.
K1>\V A lil> C. UYKH.
AtD KM.iit IV
\v j x /?; .s a V /> i. / 4j v o n s,
Pennsylvania avi-nue. ' etw. en 12th and I tli utr.ets
I have constantly on hmi I Fiench, Gi-rman, and
Native sparkling aud utill Win.-sofehoi.est brands:
Brandies. Gins. Si>teh, Irish aiel ot':ier Whiskies.
Loudon and iieotch -Ale- arid Brown .stout. Cordini
and all other goods jsuajly I .und in a first class
Wine Store
Having au ex l-erieneed agent in ll>iv:<na who*e
judgment may 1<* implicitly reli.sl ou, I rhall here
after he iu the monthly receipt ofiUj.UMK.f the rbo'.ce-t
braudsof S?-,;ar? nianutu turedon the Island of Cuba,
to SAinplee of whi. h 1 now invite the attention ot
Now hi Store, 7tu*s> Washington L'iu'ian I K1 SiL'lo
brands, received by the S-lio,.||crs Jap mien aud
KHzaaetb Jane, of Phibulelphia. ??hl X f'on, owutrs
Ber?ous wi.hing to proeure auv particular brand,
can do to ou application to uie, hs i have Kbipments
every two weeks. EDWARD C. DVKR.
nov 3D?dlUt- (Int.)
The ^uhseribwr most renpi'ct
fully tithes to inform thecitiz
|>-iis ? f Wasliiii;;t<>ii and vieinitr.
that l.e iia? just opened i in the
itore formerly ???npb-l by Mr ->? j.l .-u Eddy) a g?? J
ami N.ihionabbi a-sortuient of ami MhVKK
W ATt'll KJ. Gold t'liuius, lioH Seals. Keys, Ln kets".
Pens and l'?pc:ls. Kar Ring-, Finger Rings. Brwaclnv.
Cuff Pins, ?li ?ve Buttons. Cold and Si.ver Thiinbhs.
iJold. Silver, aud other d|*s-tacles, Oilier Sjooiis,
Plaite.] Ware, and n variety of poods usually kept In
a jewelry store. AH of ? hich be iiiteinl^ to ?ell as
luw as goods of like ? jiiMlitv can 1* bought f r either
in New i urk or I'hiladelpliin; and would therefore
toHeit a share i>f patronage, and he will always en
deavor to c Usiilt the iuterest (if tiiu buyer a^ Well HS
hisowu Please rail and examine the (roods, and
price?,at the store ou I'eun. avenue, between 4uuj
ith street, north side.
nov .si ? tf n.o.iiood.
/ ? KAY A BALLANTVNE, B?s.ksei:ers, Til, ?treet,
VJT hav? just rei eiveit a lorge lot of superior Cap
and Letu-r I'aT/er, at nil prices, from jl oj to |-S 5o
per re\m.
Adhesive Envelopes from $1 to per thousand.
Note 1'aper of all kiuds, Faucy F uvelobf.*<. Jlc.
Blank books.
LoJgers, I>ay Rjokj, and Journaid, all si/, s.
fopy It... ik?, ? very fine assortment, plain and ??n
ey Uiuding.
Memorandum fiiarion for 1So4.
Superior linlj Pens.
Steel Pen* from 2ie. to $1 per gross.
Drawing BvX.ki nnd Cards, IVn-ils and Crayons.
Moiiorhromatie Boards.
\ asiting Cards, Ac.
"th -freet. i,ehrn.id FeMows Hall.
A KK daily being n)M?rt?.| nnd wr ridwred at bv
-i V the unlnitiate-l. Men wit!( xmall ineomea auil
larpfe families growing wealthy and becoming men
tf uii-nuj and influeiice. A change which their
trieu.ta can only aeroutit for by supposing tliey have
f.oii.l some money saving or money-makin/ opera
tion, or a uia bike whieh is kept fVoui the Knowl
edge ?.f tile publir. Such is the fa.-', an I ?e will
trirtly exp. se the e:,,y and honorable lij. an? by
Wbe h they acruniulnte wealth. The seer, t which
L-I hereafter to b? public is tills -tbev S:iVn at lea-t
ou? fourth of their by purehasing their
whole supfihes of the Model ilroeers
de e ? orner Tenna avenue and l.ith str.vls.
ALL persons aanl ot Musirnl InstrnmeWs w.ll
do well t.. rail and e*?,ujllB ?lir V(,r .
(ortmeut of tiuitars, Violies, Hutes. A.-.orleons
- anj ? s and 1 amls<uiink>.
Also, Tuuiug torks. Pe^?. Bows. Rf*in Italian
Strings. A,- , mu 0f We wjH M> ? ,it r?u ,,
low pries*. j p KLL1M.
Pa. aveuue, between Uth and loth streets
nov 29?
AX F A S1 luethoil lor learning the art of mak
ing Papier Mache, and carniug from >?> to i.M
? week, wld at Mr. CADY'S Dres- Miking Uootu
fcpecimens shown. Price 5o cents.
nor 26?
Oppotite Rrowni' If o tel.
. T PURSEI.L A SOX. Importer* of China,
fill*.'*, Earthenware. dud Fancy Hood*, are in
receipt of 221 j ackages of the above pood?,
which, with their former stock make* their
assortment complete.
They Dame in part?
Gold Band and plain French, English and American
White, Granite, Printed. Ac. T>inner, Tei, and Toilet
ware in sets and detached pi -ces
Fancy China Vases, Coffees and Saucers, very rich
Glassware of English. French, American. and Ger
man manufacture, embracing almost every nr
ticle of use or ornament usually found in a
well selected stock
Britannia Ware, Table Cut'.ery
Plated Goods Lamps, Lanterns. Fancy Toys
Watchboxes, Cigarlamps. Cigarstauds
Baskets. Ac., in great variety
First quality Stoneware, at Factory prices
Common Ooods, suitable for retailors
All of which will be sold wholesale nnd retail at
the lowest prices for cash or to punctu tl customer*.
Opposite Brov.Hs' Ilot.l.
nov 23?eolm [Metropolitan)
TEA, COFFEE, Sugar, Emits, S|>i
cm, Ac.
Just received per Schrj. Arctic and Fairfax, fr.'m
New York, in addition to my previou? stock?
60 } ^chests Green and Bin'Is Teas, part vtiy
tine quality
2i") hhd?. I'. K. and X. 0. Sugars
20 packages refined do
50 bags Old Java, M.iracaibo, and RioCoffuos
10 bbls. Steam Syrup, very nice.
100 whole, and boxes buuch Raisins
&0 Iwxes anil drums Smyrna Figs
60 jars Prunes, (choice frint)
10 baskets quarts and pints Olive Oil
10 boxes Maccaroni and Vermicelli
3 cases assorted Pickles
Also, loos j in barrels?
500 lbs. soft-?hell Almonds.
ground Coffee, spicf.s. and soap.
50 boxes fresh Ground Coffee
50 do do do Spices, different kinds
20 do Colgate's Pearl Stsuvh
20 do Sc -nt d Soaps
100 small sacks Frost's superior Hack wheat
A One assortment of Wines and Brandies, part
old and superior quality
50 dozen Brooms, assorted
50 do painted and fancy Buckets
'JO nests of market nhd fancy Baskets
60 gross Matches
Mats3 B ushes. Cords, Covin and Rope
A'*!, Cranberries. Nuts, Dates
Grain Spices, Chewing and Smoking Tobacco
All of whick will be sold low by
La. avenue, opp. Bank of Wa*hinjjton.
dec "?eo.".t
lirLVKS. LKtl'ORS) ClCiAKS, Ac.
\j 20cacks Malaga M ine
2 half-pipes Dark and Palu Brandy
10 quarter casks Brandy
50 bbls Whiskey
75 doz b tiles Wine. Brandy. Whiskey, Ac.
100,000 fine ani low priced Cigars
Just received aed f"r sale low bv
La. avenue, between f.t'n and 7ih streets,
dec 1?pofit opposite Hunk of Washington.
J-iSK.fr, L.l<ir<)IlS, CIGARS, <fcc.
2a casks Madeira, Port and Malaga W ine
3 half pipes old Brandy, dark and pale
20 quarter casks do do
150 bbls. Whiskey
200 gallons old Peach Brandy
150 dozen b.ittles Wine. Rrmuv, Ac.
2ft baskets lleilsick Champagne
20 dozen Aromatic Sel,ekla.ru Schnapps
?lOO.tHH) Cigars. from <:! to $28 per 1 ,000
Just received a.id fur s^le bv
nor 29?eofit MURRAY & SEMMES.
Raisins, almoxb,
150 whole, half an I q'r !~><es Baisius
l.OoO pounds soil-shell Al;ii .nils
1.5? 0 do bard sheli do
2,000 do Cream Nuts
50 drums Figs
50 barrels New York Apples
25 l-.egs Grapes
40 ib. jars Pickles
5 cas.s Cunlou > i i. gpr
600 poun.lj Currants
JoM recited and f r sale l.v
nov 20?eoOt Ml RRAY A SEMMl'3.
J 50 bsCS iild JiVa I '? itfce
60 do Bio an I Mara.-aiho d >
100 boxes t"r-sb ground do
125 half clients fresh Tea
2til?oxe-, Maeearoni an I Vermicelli
150 do Pi-pp? r. liiimer. and Mu-tar.l
100 pounds Nutmegs and Mace
6iJ?> do ^rain Pepper
Just rceiv. d and f>r sale bv
nov 29?eott MURRAY A SKMMhS.
111 E EKE, MACKEItRb, Itt ( K<
j WHEAT, <fc?.
1'hi Itoxes prime Cheese
lmj btils No. Ii and I s Mackcrel
5 do No. I do
7r> bags Buckwheat
26 ke ;s prime Cotter. fi>r family u?e
6,9oo lbs. ? im11 I Rank C<?lfi>h
5-j boxes scaled Meetings
6o do Sperm uiid Adaiaantine Car.d'es
?SO do Mould ,1.,
Just recejv?I and for sal.- !o,v Py
La. av?.nu?', b? t ween Oih winl 71b els ,
itoc 1 ?fcfitjt opp leuik of W'isbin</ton.
[>AISI.\S, AI-MONBo, *K;s, Ac.
7 ? who|> . aud jimrt^r box K.il.ins
1 'ssi it,s. sitft -h. II Almonds
I.imJO do lrirl do do
l.jo-i do Walnut^, Filberts, and Cr^ir.i Nuts
6 frals Dates
So bushels Oround N uts
.'?o drums H.-s
5 bbls. ('raoberrie^
Just received and tor sale low J,y
I n. avenue, opjs.-ite I!rtnk of Washington,
dec 1?,-o'it
TKA, COKKK 10, KLtH It, Ate.
X 75 half chests <>unpo\wli-r, liuperi.il. Young
lljson, and Poweb 'iig 'IVas
60 Imits Java. Marac-iilsi, mid Bio Cofti e
75 bbis. Family a'id suj>crtiiie Flour
W bioiei Peavl starch
75 e?ro>* Mnteli,'^
30 gr ss Bla- Uiiig
.''0 doz. Paiu'wd Buckets
75 do/. Brxui-s and Whisks
J a -1 r?-i ?. ve<| mid 1 r sale b>? bv
La av. nu-', bet ween Oth and 7th s's.,
dec 1?e >?>t opp Bank of W ashington.
) 200 dozen Broom
4o dozen W lii-ks
K0 do pa>nti-! Ruckets
'i0 DestS W illou Baskets
20 dozen Jutland Alieant M?ts
do faucy Mats
50 do Cords and Lines
2-s? gro-.s Matche s
20 dozen Wa-hl <?ards
Just received and fir sale bv
nov 2!??e?.?;t Ml BltAY A SEMMES.
J Id'* boxes I ao>h<*U Cll?*e-t
10 ca.-k? do do
::o kegs Goshen Butter
250 bbls. No. I. 2. 3, and 4 Macken I
lilO lioxes sealed Herrings
7:? bbls. do
10,0ihi pounds Grand Bank Co.lfisd
1 e:v.-k Salmon
150 bai'S Bliekwhe-tt
Just r>s*eive?i and for sale bv
_nov 2'.' -eo.it Ml RRAY A SEMMES.
(1IHDLKR, OIL, SO A 1', Jt i-.
.j 50 Irf.xes Adamantine Candle
4o do S|M*riii do
1 ,'m?o g-.llu;is W inter Sp*1 rm Iid
l.iioO do Iteliiied W hale do
20 l?oxes Fancf Sonp
ifti du Castile do
100 do Pearl Starch "
l.'ss) pound.. Saleratus
6.0<MJ do Sal Scsla
Just receivi^l and for sal<?by
nnv ri-foiit MURRAY A SEMMES.
FlixJNCH candies.
ONEcaae Msiilnrd s & Co. superior CANDIES,
consisting iu part of?
Vannilla Cream, Kose burnt Almonds
iA-mon and R.>s? Gum dr?.ps
CreaJii Cbooilate, very superior, Lozengca
Metalie CO Vert* I Chieolati- Sticks
And hourly e\pecti*d one case of Stuart's cel. bra
ted New York Candies.
Also, very superior gn n r.n,] black T. ^ and fine f
Groceries iu general.
tor sa^at KING'S I'amily Grocery,
Copier ( f 15th street and \t -niont avenue,
BQT 2.1? north J.rcksno Stalne.
ChrUlmns it Srw Vrnr'n ''rrselitn.
I y >WN? A ii I. TCIII \ "ON Iihvm just received n
1 / handsome assortment of Coods vc.) suitable
lor presents on tin' upproa.-hing holidays. As they
are prepared to ?e]| at very reduced prices, the pub
lic wili find it de'-ibdiv to their lelv.int.ito cull
and examine tbeir st.x-k Is-IViim pureba.-'.iig else
where. We enunienite, iu purl. h~ follows, viz :
Lad1,-- at.l (ientlouien's Dros*tiig Catu s, Work-;
Ladies Travelirg Cf inpanioiis. Sewing Birds
Fine Scissors, Bracelet', p.-ail and shell Jewclrv
Ilnir Brushes of . very ?b script ion. Coinbs,
Parlor B. lis. Ci.rd (^?sek. ( Bx-kets, Portfolios
60 new kinds of l'orte Monnnii s
Pocket U nives. fine Ita/ors, Shaving Cases, Guns
China \ uses with Howers
Perfumery, Oils. Extracts, Fancy Soaps
Small chests of Perfumery, Pomade
Portable Writing Desks. m.-t:i!ic inlaid Cbs ks( Ac.
Also, gold .-.nil "ilvir Watch. s, gold I'eueilx
Lockets, Ear and Finger Kings, Breastpins, Cuff
Gol.l Chains. Key ;, Shirt Stll'ls. Cll.'.MUS, Ac.
J r>jjeiiitT H'itli many otbtr firticltM ti)?? i.mnerouv
to lu'.'ution.
AtLeiioum Building,
Pa HVeniie, btitween 4U. bud tilli atrcets.
nor 30??o2trAd2w
\\ aahtngton, Nov. 8.1 *53.
eh'.*ed of Mr. B. P. Miller his entire stock of Gro
ceries. the snbscrihor respectfully announces to his
former patrons and citizens generally that he lias re
commenced merchandising at his old established
stand, corner of 7th and E streets, occupied by him
for the last five years.
Thankful for the liberal patronage heretofore ex
tended to me. I should l>e glad to have the honor of
serving my former customer' and others, assuring
th^m thHt courtesy, promptitude, and fair dealing
shall characterise my every effort to please all and
win their regards, and by adding to this a constant
and well selected stock c f fresh FAMILY GROCER
IES, procured from the be*t Northern markets and
sold at inducing aDd uniform prices. I hope by dili
gent attention to business to merit a share r.i the
public patronage. JOHN H.JOHNSON,
Grocer, corner of 7th aud K ctreets,
nov 1'2-lui Opposite General Post Office.
|}-T? my Frlentla and Patron# who
have ?o kindlv and ge.nerously patronised me during
the time I was encaged in business at the above
named corner I will say that it will afford me great
pleasure if they will continue their dealings with
the present proprietor, Mr. J H.Johnson, who is wor
thy ot their confidence, and who will extend to '.hem
every accommodation. E. P. M11.I.KK.
Reaily-made Clothing and Fnrnlih
lug Goods.
(1 E V T I, E M E N contemplating the purchase of
X winter garments are reminded that they will
find at our establishment a large and snj? rior as
sortment of fashion-able and well uiadu goods, suita
lile for the present season, consisting of?
Over Coats and Talma* of all qualities
Dress and Frock Coats, of Freuch, English, and
American cloths
Pusiness ('oats, of Cloth, Caseimere, Tweed, and Cas
Bb.ck. doe skin, and Cassimcre Pants
Plain and Fancy do do
Velvet, Silk, and Satin Vests
Silk Plush and Merino do
Cloth and Fancy Cnssiaiere do
Fine white and colored Shirts
Merino Shirts and Draws, extra sizes
Canton Flannel do and Shirts
With a lartre assortment of?
Hosiery, Cravats. Stocks, Gloves
Handkerchiefs, Collars, Ac.
Pennsylvania avenue, nest to Iron Hall,
dec 5?tf
Beets, Shoes and Gaiters.
# FORREST & XKWMAX, manufae
CtWiurers and dealers in all kiisdsof Ladies', to n
c* tlemen ai d Children's BOOTS A SHOES, have
received a large and wry superior assortment. v. hii'h
we are determined to >11 at the lowest prices for
ca.?h. ??-All kinds of work manufa-tnrej in the
most fashionable style, of the best material, and the
workmanship warranted. Do not forget the pl*r-??
Pennsylvania avenue, 2 doors from Butt's Drug
Store. nov '_'"J?"tawMWAF
I) tirift, Korth Siiii\ Itrlvwn 10//; <?><?/ 11/A.
rjHlE undersigned respectfully inform their fellow
1 citizens and the public generally, that they have
ojiened an establishment under the above name, with
the intention of keeping i what is much wanted in
this city) a il i?t class RESTAUR A NT. in which ?very
delicacy of the season, either of fish, flenh, or fowl,
can always be obtained, and where good order, com
bined with social and cheerful intercourse, will be
the ruling feature. For gentlemen having call* upon
the different Departments for merchants and husi
ne<* men, its location is unsurpassed by any other:
lieing situated about midway lietwecn the large hotels
an 1 business portion of the city?the banks and
Government offices.
Their bar will be supplied with the choicest wines,
rf superior bran !? : an I they hare m?. le arrange
men fs which will enable them to furnish their guesis
with brandies and other li<juor>', direct from the iia
Will be filel daily, for the accommodation of mer
can'ile men, and their visitors, till the principal
newspapers. j-eriodi aU. Ac., of the northern, south
ern, and western cities.
Su;>p?rs s- i veil up for priva^# parties, and tithe
shortest noiiee t-? insure satisfaction.
The subsi iib.Ts rospivtfully solicit the public's
palron.t^e, bcinjr deli ruiined that nothing shall l>e
wanting on their part, or iij.on the part of their as
sisrant . to injure satisfaction.
PAINTING, would say to the ladies of Washington
uid vicinity. that ha has just o]? iiihI rooms in this
city, where lie intend* to establish a permanent
Sciioo:. or Dk 'ion, affording pupils s.n opportunity of
aegiiiriu/u thorough knowledge! f Dr. w mu Sketch
ing a\i? I'aimi.n , It the people f?t \\ a^hiiigtau will
nrmife-t an interest in this enterprise, Mr. Carver
will spare no pains or expense to make his Academy
what .'/ >? would have it. twut ttsrf'tl <uul orlts
hr. Mr. (,'. i< now ready to'form cla-s?-s at his rooms.
? ?j t??sitc Jackson II.ill. Pa. avenue. t.et ween '-1 *n>l
12 M where he will be happy to rcc. ive e_?il*from
y^a. tii. to p. in.
Terms and references given ai his rooiiH.
noVJ'V? 'Jw *
hRS. U. A J. Ill N'l'l'.H, (phy<i.-ians for diseases
of llie eliest. Ac.) beg to nunouiice that they
wdl remove to New Yoik on tin- fitli of Deci-mlier
next. i.r a*- .'oop thereafter as they shall have com*
piet. d desiretl profe'Jional arrangements in regir.l
to iheir practice in Washington and Italtiuior.- The
motive of this ehanve is that of being more central
mei ea.-y of access tti those visiting them from dis
tant parts of (Le Union.
It Jai.n s 11 nntyr will, durinrr 'be winter, visi*
: rofi "lioiially, St. Auirustine, Jack- .r. itle. mj.I llie
principal te-orl* lor iiivaMds < :i the southern .oust.
IT. Robert Hunter will visit Wushiue|.,ii and Bal
situ to ?ti professional bi.siiie'.'s onto in na>*li monih
after December.
\\ ii! be pub'irjied in January Til'vi mi Anieriean
<*di!i ii ir Diaries Sendatnore':- \... k on Inliala
ti.ei. with an "Introiluctii ii," '-Ni.t-s," und mii \p
p< ut I i x, by I!. Hunter. M. R. C. S.
otli'l* 12th street, bet Ween It Jilld H. | ? . V 17
nt(? t'API T A Ii IsTS, A ItC HIT i fs,'
1 Ml II.IIKIiv and all iiiti n -n-il in a perior
arlicb-of LIME :?r biiildiiig. hard
eliemienl. anil \vl:ii< n ashing piirpo. &??.
SEi l.\"SWASH N( ."l'i >N 1.1 M E, manufactured
in s. I !y"s E\C. U| ir I' ll, nl I.line Kill:, 11! the i-.irn i
nl V ii'Mnu m .i'uiic ninl I'an'il -trot t, < l.-lainl.) Tin
ri" \ from w liich this lime !- 111^t;u!'.l -1:ir. . 1 :<!i.,'n
llie lie-1 f|ttarrie;< m tins <i eii ni <>t eo'intrv , * i/.
| Knoil'- Fl:iiinagiii'?, Snyder's, and W' n! '-. Tti<
I.line is pure wood liitt'iii, and i-dvaivn ;r?*li ftom
llie kiln i-verv hour i!iiime l!ie iweni) four, and f.u
s .le at EIGIITV ''EVI'Sper barrel; htrn-l-. to In
returned. aiiw 17 i o tf"
J II \ l.li ftlUOK K, Denti-(f..i
the Irst five v.-nr^ hii assi-fiint in the
I Mi?-rs Puruiele A MaUter.)
i.fb-is liis professional si-rvices to t!.e cit
i iz?n? of AV.i-liingtoii and vi. inity.
i I mice wevt si, |- I,f 7th, near E street. Ollb-ehour?
from H a. m. to t p ni. nov 2 dtf
U I A l.l I \. fit. and workmanship guarantied, l.e
iiiif wholly inainiticiured hv our nrficins ai:?l
?ieHinslie?M-j. i.ii th iireiii'.ses of tin Proprietor
SKJ.V <?!?' TIIK SHlltT,
Pennsylvania avcnne, between und IW. streets,
< I'liilrtl Stiilr.s //.//,/.
The reputation which these Sfiirts have acquiri d
amoncst Mcinl i.rs of t'on. ress an I a huve liumbtr
oi our ciii/,-in, iiid'i. , . the advertiser to iuvitu those
/ei.ttruien who have Hot tested them to gi?e him a
i nil. lii-lim; a.-<uri-l that they will, on trial, admit
their supe, ii,i ity. Ail experienced cutter is cnQst ? i: t
ly etapl' ved, and a goe I fit is warranti d in ei. ry
CeS<*. None but the most cunpetent wi!m<Uess.~
are eugjired. which 'S a guarantee for the extvlh-uc,
and durability ot the work.
An exei'.li'iit assortment of Shirt*. Collars. l!os
oniJ. Cravats. Ilandkerchicts. Suspenders, Ac., eon
>lantly o:i han.l. \VM. II. FAULKNER,
S i?;? Pa. avenue, opposite U. S. Hotel.
nov I -er.ly
nA \ IN'G undertaken the management of consid
erable pr-'|H'rty in the district of Co'inibia. I
hav< determine | to devote a'! nivesieiry uttent on to
tb. purchase and sale of Real Estate on commission,
??if. ding investment--, aud negotiating loans on real
Person^ desiring to s i 1 ? r < ntrustTo an agent the
cur.* ut their real estate, t.r to purchase or invest on
gtw?d security, nnv rely ou a proasjit and faithful at
tention to tlittir interests.
Late of tin- tVnsus ? Uii.e,
II street. lietWifeti Uth and luth sts.
Hon John W. Maury, Mayor t Corcoran X RIgrs.
Seidell. \v it hers A Co, Charles Calvert, Fs<[.. Pro
?? ?sor Jos. Henry, LI. D. nov 1?T.VF:5in
New I)r??*i4 Making Kmt ublIshment.
f|>110SE wishing the most perfi- t titling dre.v is
I must call on MIIS. II. CADV, at which placn
? lresse.s are lielng made by Mr.-. Gcthcn's n w inven
lol lies will, no doubt, think it marvellous when
she says that she neither has to pin on hiiin^ ?>, nor
alter dresses her fits are tj| vvarrauted perfei
The s\st?m taught, iiieludiug apparatus, for Fin
Mrs. 0. invit"S all to give her a call ami see fi r
I ji "in st 1 vss. Dre<>i-a or I'atti rns cui fir t!7'.' cent .
The m-ist tashionahle imported patii ras lor salu
ok uiodcrit-- term-, consisting of (.'!< aks, Mantillas,
Dressi-s. SI. evi s, Ac.
Mantua Makers can ls> rupplied with (he mist rc
ceut patterns on the uiost na-cn:ili'e terms.
1 llli sirei t ncur E, Wiu.hingl.in t itv.
nov 12??!'
IlA/.OIRS LE( OI'TUK-Tlw c?ieorate.l
Alneri.Mii cullenvc fiAine back RAZOi.S, Ac.?
These Razors havo uo e jual in their exlrtiuc dura
bilify and keenness ot e<l^e. They cuu be oltta'uod
fr.-uiiiiie, v ith single or d. ul V blades, at
Pa. avenue, lsjtween l'i ll and loth streets,
oc ^?wt'^in rext to Gait's A tiro's.
Imr, r.-eivnl aud for sai ? at tha \V;uhinston
Publication Oltice.
Harper's Magastiue for ! lecein !er ci.uimeucesa new
voluni.:, which i!? made up entiruly of oii^inal mrit
ter. Its con.t int and rapid increase in publie fa
vor, as shown by tiie fict that this Volume com
inenceB Willi the unexampled edition of 135,000
copies. >?
Single numl-erg f(,r sale or subscriptions receivtsl,
mi J deliver, d in anv part of the city. Agenev at
JOK SillLLIN?ITttN'S Bookstore,
Cor. Pa. ave. aud it., Odeon P?uilding.
nov SO?
Young Ladles Classic*! Institute.
Indiana avenue, nearly nppottte City Hall.
1M118 institution is now in cunvssful operation.
A fnw m ire boarding and day pupil* can be re
\ o-ived. The pourse of study is thsrougta and practi
cal. designed to give a finished Kiu'lUb and Ctassi
j crl education.
Terms: For l.oardin< pupils, including Instruc
tion in English branches, with Vocal Mueic, the
i French an t Latin Language?, and Drawing, $.".00
per session of t n months. Weekly boarders, in the
sainu couise. $200. I>av pupil* in the same studies.
Instruction on the Piano or Guitar extra.
Circulars may be obtained on application to the
principal. 8 II. MIK1CK, A.M.
nor 22?1m* Prindjm'.
Se.nlnary for Young Ladles.
4U hetwem I'entitylrania twnue. an>i C.
1MI h couise of instruction embrai-ws all the
branches requisite t<? obtain a thorough and
accomplished female education.
Terms; Kn.lisb. .Mathematics, and the Anient
j Lang^sg'is from $0 to $EJ per quarter. Fn-wh
I Other modern Unguals each .-?? per quarter. Mu
sic aud Drawing at Professors prices.
A limited number of board tug pupils will lie re
i reived at p? r session of teu months, payable
' half yearly in advaniv.
For further particulars apply to
i dot 2*2?(film Principa'.
' 7T1IITS institution is ojm-u and in full operation.
I A few mure pupils can be admitted into th*
f family.
i Terms for lw>av!iiig pupi's $'200 per session of t?n
j month?, payable half yearly in advance.
1 French. music, drawing, Ac., extra.
l)ay pupils from $5 to $10 per quarter of 11 weeks.
Circular!? and catalogues to bo had on application
to the princij.al. WILLIAM J. CbAltK,
oc 28?dtf- Principal.
Seminary for Young Ladles.
F h'twn 1 Ith a>itI 1 :://i straits, WanhinQton.
nnuual session of this Institution, opened on
the Ifith of Septemlwr. Terms per quart?T?Senior
department $12: Junior ,*1<l; Priinn.y ??>: Drawim:
French, by l'roK>>sor Uhu.I!*,. Music fl2 to $1*.
Pupils IhiiinKil permanently or weekly at $.'?rt anil
?>7 50 per quarter. For farther particulars see cir
culars at the principal liook c'loros and Se-miliary,
oc 13?citilll-ithDee
; Sndh Carolina arenas, l*hcern i'lh ami 1th stro-'s.
nut. W'tihiHi/bin.
rj'IIIS Institution is now in successful operation
1 with a full corps ol competent and ??x)>cri*-n<'?.d
; teachers in each depai tment. It pruseuts the I-est
i advantage to parulit.-'. as the locatiou is very retired,
i The building are amp'e and surrounded with Uou
tlful grounds for exercise, and the course of study is
thorough and practical.
Board and tuiiion in all English branches J'.iOO per
! session often months. Day pupils from to $10
per quarter of 11 weeks, iu Knglish.
Fn-nch, Music, Drawing, Ac , extra.
For further particular", or for circulars apply to
sop 29?eotf- Principal.
Coriirr of lOfA are/ K streets. Old Mcdieul College.
TI 'HE duties of this Ihstitlltiiill Were resumed on
' 1 llsc "dli instant. The Ciasfical v.mj Mathcmat
ic:il department*. where the same branches ?re
? taught in other Academies in this city, is in the ?<???
j ond story. The Primary ilcparlmt-ut i> in tiie liist
; story.
t Circttl?rs can he ohtui.icd r?t tin- I5uokstore?.
Hev. J A Ml- S \lll HSK, A. M. / , ,
Uev. J. \V. Winan-' A. M. s ' riucipnls
M. II. Wct.f.s, Tea< her of Primary Department.
Moss. T. Itit'oLT, Professor of Modern l.an
! gltagcH. * t, |:<
j Corner of 1 -If A Street and Acic York .71 ante.
'I HOSE parents wishing to secure a set-it ful
I event irny responsible uhool. for the corrcc! ami
llioroiizii tratiiing of tin ir sons, hi the I'lassies and
ll'^ller M.llili'llialies. ci!id al?:? ill till: Mod'TII I.ail
; gituges anil Natural Si h iicis.i that tltev ma\ lie
1 fitt"d tor t 'i#lle?e. or ?.-r I'.njiiieeriiig. Snr\ eving and
t "iiuiii iri.il pursuits, .ue rcsp? cttiiilv iii\ it?-<J to \ t.-n
i ilic I ii ?t it lit ii >tt, or call ii | >< hi the Proni;iil lonn. av
the number ot pupiis is limited, and the vacant ?< ats
| li-vr.
N'o pupils will be admitted or continued, whose
i character is known to he bad or doubilul.
\o pupil* w ill !h: admitted In m-elorth who have
not advanced beyond t ??primary Inaiiches.
t 'ireitl.irs can be oh;aincd at tiie principal Hook
stores. /.. lilt Ml ALUS,
, Sep 12 Sin Princqial.
l.iinriwtrr i Hutu. 1'euiixylfiiuitt,
\ \ TI I.I. open its .'tilth >? >?iiiii on I!ii* ti,--,t MOA*
>> />./i /.v \nri:>n:h:fi. is.v;. n.e i?.|,
tilt ii 'ii is Miitalcil eigiit noli s .-outlii a-t > I Lancaster
eity,tioin which place there i? a daily stane 1o*?tra>
I !111?. b'.niie; the city > ? ? ry allrrinHiii at ^ o'elm U.
I'.ire :t7.^ cents.
Acccsk may lie obtained to the Aur.ilemv by a
' bniiiclt railroad which cnui:ee|* Sirasbnrt! with Mu
Pliiiadclphia and I'iiiunibia Hmlroad at l.e.tmou
Place, twelve m-l'-s i :;?t ot' Lancaster fitV. Iliir.
will be pri pared lor l.'o!!c*e, and lor tiie vanoa~
bllsillcsM'S iif lib*. Xuinbcr lit 'IVachers III the lit
stit lit ion Is si \. I'-?r( Iiil..^u^s addri'Mi
JKS>li i ?lfEN, M. |i.. I'liin ipal.
.-'tiHsbur*'. '. iiii-itsii r ooiiiitv, I'i-:iiis>t\.aiii4.
Sep 1.1 if
{Select < Iu4slr.nl mill Mallitui.iS.ltv!
S<* li iiuL
f IMli: ?ol. eiiber ha* H lllov. il h'? ~.'h'm| to I'olb'g'
I Hill, w lii-;t- a eouiin.idioiis bilildiiig is !? nig
fitted up t ir its rrei plMH. As the p: paraloi ?. d<
pariiiunt ol the t 'olunluati ' 'olb je. it will <'iiiitiii;n
I i pr. serve the cliarai'tei ot a ?*iri?*tly M-leei school,
ib*> gtnal tm laying tie- toundation a thorough En
clish, classical and inaiheiuaiical i itaeatioti. 'I'll.
ne.it seisioii will I'Oliillieii' c on the I Jill nt S. pt.'ill
In r. and close on the last ol June.
. Tern.* 31-J .'0 per quarter, payabb- in advue-e.
\t a -iu;ili aililitioti il ctiarge tin- -Hidt ;l> v. ill be
p riailleil to nitend the i? . lilies di im reil in r,?!i,?i
on i Iii iiii-: .? obigy, and I'liin i:;!'it.\, and a!to in
reeeiv. iuMtuciiouiii I'lt-iii'lia.iiliithi'i :m.leii, I an
giiage- hi the profe-Mii in iii.it ib-pariuieiii.
Pupils may lie '?inr.nleil at the colli ge, uinb-r the
spi i-ial care am! -iipi-nnii-mb in e ol the niiiii ip.il.
The iie.-is.:;i) . xpi-u^es ol I lull bie.rdmg -'llileiit
'Mil Ii ? nb.ml .?|?ht psr ac.a.l' inic \i yr, and ot a
\m . k!y bnarib-r will n it i"M 'I'd * l.vi.
?; Ei? "S. p. \i '< i\. Principa'.
Kefer to the faculiy of the I 'oliimhi.aii ('iiiit je :
? nil.m l J. I.. I'.dw ir.ls; ( olnnel Peti-r I'orce ; \\ m.
I i lli.h'il, I' q., I.. 11. L.ilc, M . 11., til' I he latent I If
lice; l?is~epb U il-on. II,q.. ?,l T!i. I,ami I Min i', aud
Proles;.,i; i'. IJen i,|_ i(i the ."?iilitbsoliiaii Institute.
t a :t o.
i /1) till L<uht-j fj li <:siihi-iton, (icorzetoiru,
M'n it ml rut, iVr.
I JT.M5V U WS l.a.la.^^Miises.and fhtl
? I 11 re li ; I ri lull Slio. j are i!?l by the llltiliT
igue.l. i,n I.eli "Iri'i-!. ji|s| alrfive ('?ircuran N IDgg's
Uankiii!' House, in tm new budditig, vviih (hi* hu;h
in ulne sli ps, v.llere lie w ill ri ce\c I.n,lie:-' orders,
and keep coustrintl) on ham! even \arietvnf La
iln Mi#?cs,and <"h'tilren'.- Ercm-!i Kaifei VV:tlkiue
SInH s, White and l!!.n k Satin?I.iiter-. Shppci>,Sn-.,
, made in order by II. Weiriuau. of Pbiladelpiii.i, ol
the In t I'lcm h (i.utei material.. an.I in tin lale-t
Parisian .-t\les. I In ? I.'.m ar* cutii l\ ditii rent
from what ar. l .i?-???.I!> kn-i'vn as *;.|iii,,hi.p In.i
beitii; all cus-iiiin \Miik. ?,i" superior uorkiu.inship,
and w artanted t.i :?,v p. rli 1 t sa!r<-facii<ai.
I.a.lie., w ho v.il.i. In .111., e.inili'il. .i!:.| economy,
w ill cniisiilt their 1 lit. rest by inp me a call, and
exainiiie l.ir tln in-elii v. 1'. WEIKM.W,
l.iih .-t., just above t'orooran S. Itu-i;*s
a I't' 1?*-1 yi-o Haiikinjr ll..n.e.
.1ml lu-uruihe Otfiie.'idjivar, UuiUtin^. Penn
si/lruttiii amine, ll'uxKlii^tuH. I*
(CLAIMS before I'linvTei#, Claims fur Koilliiy
Kami aud Pensions, Application"fir Insurance
on I.iti'and Property, and all hitsiu ,< ludeutjiu^ to
the (?cneral Aann-y uiin n may l?- e;itru>i.i! to
( ameron's care w ill receive |irompt aud ->atis!'actor>
Mr.t'. has quit', n v.ariotyof Fine Enuravinys. 'bsiks.
Periodicals, i'.imphlets, Jte.. Ate., at till? tJeners.l
1 Agency, ami is prepared to liil orders on short no
; Hue ami reasonable.' terms.
All the Daily and Weekly Papers are to be had as
| early as issued, at the (Jen era I Agency. Subseri
hers supplied by carriers. kiii; 11-ly
j 1 I PID)I> I KIt \ \V All E-l?tX)\lS bnvrt lie.'ii 11
la- 'Vi-d to 7th stre-t. l<et>Veeii D alii E street-", north.
No. 6, Washington Place.
Having r> moved my place of business to more
i commo'iious premises. I would re?i ectfnlly .solicit k
1 call from my f.'inn-r friemLs nn,? tii. pulilicp'rerally.
foiling cenli'l,-nt that they will t 1 0 liisappotliteil
in the quality of my gooi'sand prices.
I have jui- t returned from the N"ot#!i. with a new
atid lurjrc assortment of this season's xoods, which
will I'D found,in quality and price, superior to uu\
hitherto brought to thi- city. My Mock of PaPEU
II ANGING.V aiv fi<i;n tli?first Uialiul'iic'lireis in the
c uotiy. My L'PIMLM'KKV W'OKK i executed bv
I workmen in uiy employ, which, in everv instance, I
will warrant to posse?s the best material and work
II um s and Halls pnecre.l at theshorti ?t noticc.hv
, espnrieiici .I workmen.
j Transj a:car ni;d HuJT lloEnnd SIIADES, Patent
' and \ eiiiti.an ItLtNDv. Ilnir. Mi ss, Cotton au-l Sliuck
M AT!?ESSES. CUSHIONS rfev-ry de/cri, tiou t>
sab*. Church IVw- r.- cu-'oioh^d at mml 'rite char^t s.
?i~A call is soli.at* J.
auir 18?lyeo 7 b street, l? f. D andJE.
Collector's (Hilrr, Siov. 7, 1853.
ll ticc is hereby irivcn to all persons who are in
debted to tbij Corjs>ration 011 account for taxes for
the year of 1>.V?. of whatever tie.cription, that un
b.ss the sauw be paid on <>r befuni the 31st day ol
Deei'mla-r next eusuing, it will lie the duty of the
11 ndcrsi'/ued to enforce the collection by advertise
ment sale ol property according to law.
nov R?sotd- Collector.
MURNlNttJIOBKS ? A large and full as
sortment just opened, and pri?es moslerate, at
! HOPKINS' Furnishing Store, corner of tith st., and
i Pa. a>enue, between lirown.i'and National Hotels.
Shirts made to order.
nor 21?4w [Int A Ale* Gazette]
rtnruylcania ar nu*. Ixtwn 9th ami 1UUi struti
IVajtingta*, D. C.
ARE prepared to j<erK-rm *11 operations In every
branch of Dental Practice in such ft manner
a.? to insure satisfaction.
The former gives his whole attention to the oper
fttiTe the Utter to tbe M^han^l IM^rtm.nr
Manufacturing. H." they d ?. ARiIrK 1AL TKKTH
from the crude material they lire enabled to supply
any case ft ith teetli and gums of any shape, oolor, or
An exnminstion of teeth and pirns of their nanu
fnature i? invited. no* 1? 3m
Ojfict v/i /Vnkty'ittNia arrtius. /?e/usvw lUtA <***'
11'A streets, Washington, /' (>?
1)1,AN?. {'pecitieations. Estimates. and Contracts
for new buildings prepared. and their ?n*lloil
Old ItuidiiiK* altered and inodcrnixej.
Draught* and S;wcilicatk>D* of I'm tent* and draw
ings of every ib ji-ri|?liiB executed.
Ktronm ?
Hon. John Wilson, C< minis*irner General Laud
Hon. II. C. French, Commissioner Public Ruild
Capt R. 5 Alexander. U. S?. Artnv.
Profesw.r Charles C. Jewett, Smithsonian Institu
Dr. VTm P. Johnston. nov 2?.--eotf
Attorney snd Coiiuiitll<ir?st?Ii?W|
At Iuvinu Il>m.i., Wftsiux</io?\ 1j. C.
si'^i 2^1?tf
New York, Texas, OaJifonia,
New Jersey. Louisiana, Mifnonri,
Pennsylvania, Alabama, Kentucky,
Maryland, Georgia, Michigan, i
Maine, M isoonsin, Ohio, and
Minnesota, Florida, (Jtlwr States;
.?iTruiiXEV you CLAIMS.
vsi> ?
no\ 19 V W AS111 \?? I 'N. I*- C.
<;i;oi:<;k \v. rrrER
Attorney asut Counifllur at I.*v,
? ?it'll i in' mm?"s ?ru.i(iMS,
PennstllrtttUu m e., onnlnor u r-toj liroicn't Hotri.
ails '.i <l>tm w?>?iN?T<m.
ivhot.es *le vEM.r.itsa i.viiwrEits of
(IttWefH E'i.:Uth ifht .\tnth. north ?iifr.)
R(Kintni!WV. lOe^S?ly| WtLIJtM ft M.Mi'K
Shop and ri'iiilciice.uexi to corner o! Kith ana <? st?
I jvu-ir _
s v it a k o s i) k .V r r s r,
1 amine. Iiciv\e.-n htli and 7th *ts .
Kelt to Todd's Hal Store.
jv 1??tf
Baiikin? Utilise of I'airo & Nourxf,
FiFTF.h xrit srit r.r.r,
Opposite t he t'uKeil Slate* Trmtiiiry.
^i\ |?-r cent. per ;?;: II till I inlrre-t paid on d< -posit*
* ?tf one hundred dollars or over, vvh'ti i? ? ? i tor
thirty davs or longer. sep :t -dly
(toRMKRI.Y of I! a 1.11 Murk.)
Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law,
I J R< iP< ISES to aili'mi lo I 'onveyaticnig ami oihet
I ulii'-i' business. together vvuli ilie prt-.-eiitioii
of claims agamM the Government, for which an e\
pericnce ni eleven \ ears in various branches of the
pilhlii'eerviee has ?ju:iliiie<l him in a peculiar de
His attention nil! i>e prompt and his charts mod
i elate.
F. II. P. nnv alwav- lie found durinp bu<iue?r
' hoiirk al ilie oiliee oi Ins sun, \V .< in k I!ok<i v lliv
' nxiK, I!-? j., Attorney and t'oi:nsH(?.r at I.aw, ?i:
!,i)tii-ia;ia aveune, ii'ar tin- < it) Hall, and opfn??it?
, ui Tilth street. aii!? 4 -e<ily
SIDN'KV S. RAXTFR, late Attorney General of
\ irgima, has removed to \\ iishliistoii to pri?c
lice law .
lie will prautiee in the Supreme Court of the I "ui
teil tales, the courts of the I ?i?tri.-t <?l < '??l?imin*.
and vtlend to any prolWR?n?iial biiMiiese confided to
l iffiee in Morrison's new bilihhne, on IV s'..
| bei? t i-ii |'i ill:-. Ivnma avenue and <' ft reel.
Hefrf nrgx: lloa. J. J \lien, Hon. Win. Hai iH.
Hon. Kit iinni Moiienre. Hon. <?. It. Samuels'. Hon.
(leorjfe !l. I.e*. oj the e.Ml't of appeals ???" \ Irs ma :
lo ilia-jtidivs oi ilie i-iictnl ? .nuts oi \ ir^im ?, anil
to the Ken.tiiirn ami nn inliei -oi Cmigre,* fr- in \ ii
i i?:iii.t. jv I'J volv
u . u . ,> ??; \i ?? \ >.
Architect and Builder.
? Hid! i triOt'C t> J'jtOsil t' //>i//|riiiii ?i'itW. JfetfiiHiJIt
\\rll'l< ?'ii(M,rini<ml liie ereeticn ami alterniw ??!
ft lluiidiiigs in Wa.-liiiintou Lily and its vn-inty.
; JV 11 e?>M
j ^ ; rI'i!II\ h rnilf <'! K:?liiit-.r?r T?.\vn; (Vinivr
11 ? r*?* t!:?- It-.???: tin Svi>? ?.'??/; du?l. >!j
! f???? m*j?1 ^ch?)^ir: J-clMibtTf'i1 SfivnmW; Nviii-ile aii?!
I'll oiino to vim. mv 11 i: '1 11 lit.?>t? nf SiiiUu? r
11 <?m?*. rw'i ' t tl'.iiii-: Sir. Also, 'i he* U Lite S'jir
F'mv. i i ? 's* ?* !iif: ! ? iuih
' W :rtr". .l-iUSfiiV A!i?-.-ric' in l?iih?lvV.\*-:
i ^c]ti??????' >?l>* 1 IVSk.t, :iw :v t'liet A b?l bii llit
I t!?t r?*. uUr!> r? iviu?l ?i
iniv !??? WIMKIC?, rt!, stn^t
Hoy's W inter Clot hint; of all Uanll
11 es.
TlrAI.I? & STKI'l! >. I'ei:n?ylvatiift avenue
II ii' \t to Ir. n IIail. Iialeou hand nn inm-iially
? arj-e ;i*s Illil -nt ol Itoy'- Hlnil bl'idi ? II w'CI^ >TH I Nt>.
ailai'b'd lo the present :.i.d ll.e appionehinjj ?ea.Miu.
?in i,'inbya.-int. a.uio-l e\. rv -t\le alel de-?-iii-?!. < t
: L'arinents- for ISoy's at d I'liil.lnii of ell a^.-s ??nr
, ^i.^ k iili'lo'.il t' My i i. as it always lias l.een, by far
i tile lar-;e*t and l>^st in this eity. and piin bi.s. r* are
a'cui'i d 11.at all ir<*?ls s<i!i| .it our estal>lisbi>.< "it w ill
j prove as itpiemtnii no* lf-tf
' A V I .(lit .V l'Ol,lii\> W lb pl'o-?s-||le ,'laiuis. of ev
1 er> ileseriptioii a^-iin^t the ^overnmenf, liefore
the several ?l.-partnieutf. <.r C<>ii^n's>: prceure |>eii
I <'.oiis, l>ounly lan.U. extra pay. and arn ?r;i;e | av.
The* ftill Kttelld t?l the buvill'.' :in<l selliilir ? f real
estate, the reu'itlif f-f li aises, mi l a (Telseral e.dleel
' ii;/ bu?iue-s. Tbev Riil al"o furnish |>arti<-? at a
? distaiKi-? ?'h .Sli.'h iiitorinaleoi as tl.ey UlkV ih-fire
fr? in t!te s -nt (.fp'tt-i nan lit Cli'ir^es V HI le iu?sl
) urate.
?>rts.->* on 1' utrret. iinmrtlii My oppo.ito V> ir.iler'*
j Ituildin^r, W H.-liiiiirtou.
n LPf.r?hxr?i:
Hon. J. C. Pobhin. -r? tarv of the Navy.
II* u. J l>a< is, fit ri.-arv ol War.
N. Cailrtn. u-'.j . I'res't Board Common Council,
j Hen. J. M. MeCnlbi, Attorney-at-ljiw.
J allies II. ( aM.'tiu, esq.
W.C Iteddall, State Department.
I Septftl? dtf
(1 RBK.V'S Ink Krnier and Paper
* Cleaner for 1' ;.-?it;ier'.s. 1,'b rks, an ! '.iterarj
(Jent'.emen.? K new kied ? f eraser and rublicr far
saj^rior to anv srti'-!e |i r th ? same purpose ? veryei
I introjuci-il. A?id?' from its superior quili ies h^- ?
j pencil <-leaner.it removes ink and oilu-r siaiusftitl.
with ui-? iv facility than the ordinary semper, ano
i leave- (lie surface of the paj?*r unli:uni<*d.
) For sale by COLLINS ISO UN K * CO.,
lltli -.treet.6 doors north ol Peminylvatiia avenue.
Praueh of fctatioucr'n Hail, 174 and 17?? Pear
h'P 18?eotf- street. N. Y.
New Hii-1 *eeorvd hand PIANO."', of niv
V ( town and of several oilier f?i'tf.rie?. are ?i
\rr.>s to l-e bail at niv Piano Wur-r s-ia. on lltli St.,
bei aii IVnnsylvariia hv< mi* and h s'.revt.
Old Pianos taken iu exehali^e.
'i'ttuiDU also attended to.
C>e PJ?e?Jlm?
tisi-: Nori'.st.F hie
Southern SHanufacturcr'u Eank
\RF, re? deemed iit par by the s?li?criher.
<)iti,-e opposite Trea^virv liepnrtmeiit, corner
of lT.tli and F streets. 11 i;N 11 \ M. Nwl'I'SF.,
Agent Southern .Mauulacturcrs' Hank.
srp :i?tf
Lttiapx, Sprrm ami Adniuanlllic Can
lUm, i&C.
have received and now openej our full nip
\\ ply ofti'-vr LAMPS, seleevd by o\c of ?ur
I P.riM in New York and Philadelphia, whieli we iu
i vite la?lie.s ami gentlemen to call gud examine. Col
ored and wbite t'pci m Candles; Adaiaantiin Candies,
patent sprini; Candle^icks. ?itb shades.
Rookbindcr* Pa?te lli u-hee and tiold Leaf
Ni-;ht 'l'r.p. rs. Stove Lustre
Sperinacetti. laird, and S< lar Lamp Oil
\\ i*h ocr ftsnal nnsortnient of \\ mdow and Coaeli
01a?F. l'ainters' and Artists' Material?. For sale,
wholesifle and retail at our usual low piit-es, for
cash, or on time to punctual customer*.
Successors to (?. \\ hittle?<'V,
nnv lfi?!f C. str?? t. (TouTi ISoiidit!^.)
T^N AMELLEl) Parlor and Chauib. r 0K ATES; Cir
( j cu'.'ir, S?piare. and Oval Patt'.rus, of the latest
si > Ira and of thu hiche^t tlnisli.
The aU>re are just received and for sale by
Pa. avenue, south side, ln-t.'.tth and 10th et*.
kc la?tf
~~~i 'Pile subset ilwr is prepared lo at
Li'"7! * 'etui, al the shortest notice, to anv
calU iu tlita line, and will spare no pains to render
entire satisfaction to all who may desire ins assistance
iu performing the la>t tribute of respect to the dead.
Hearse always in readiness. Mourning Caps and
Shrouds furnished when desired.
The *;ihtcrib?r begs leave to call the intention ol
the public to his PATENT CORPSE PRESERVER,
which has been already tested in the families of sev
eral in this city, to whoui he can refer as to
its erticacj in preserving the body from dccomp<t*i
lion for any length of period.
J. W. PLANT, I) street,
aug B-tsly bet. 9th and lOtb ?wteu.
or? icia.1
TtiAStTiT DtfaUxm-r. i
W**ui*oT>m, Pm 1, lay j
The lina limited by the un^mwiUorM boV-,
of thii department of lb. *lb July and 2Jd Au^r
, , f(>r the purcbnx> of ftccVi of the I fitted jkuv,
u bw*by to the 1st January Bu. &
U to b* ol?rTed that, In add.U.n b the u,ual *
sigv.uient the bolder nwt diattoctlj the ,t
ureaton tb? ???* ??* m%,lu "l *l tht twaaur,. t
traniuiit the co?i*i?. u tl.^ ,>?*, ?lHJ
ba In de'aultof this latter aasignaieat or tr?i.,
miaaion, the premium and <*'? Ja>'? ?uu-r?(t W u.
threat from Unif of r?A?n ptiatt to lift Jauuan ,L y
win U paid.
To afford an opportunity to dn-tatii h.-,|.r? \
1**11 of tld* DOlKr 0* >M art Met it mill
rt.*k? mailed *t??? tim'" P?,r Ut J"
-nrv a* entitled to i'? ?- ???"
* ^ JAM1P01 TIlklE,
p.-cretnr? of the Tr. aniry
T*r*S?'*T l>kP?VT*!NT. .tlllv :?J. 1st*
Notice la hereby gi'en ?? *?'.? U ?'? Ut- 1Jth. j ?
cent, (tork* of tbe United Stat. ? , t the '.*u hut! r
iled by tbe art of 28th of Jauitaty. lMT.aud t?i.
able the 3l?t ol Defend"*. lv*. an.I f tl. U-r.u
r m
thorired by th? art of 31 t of ^R, ti JO
doemahlo Sttth June, IV S, that it,,
prepared to purchaae. at any tim,. l?tw .
i __* a at- i -a ? + ?
hereof and the l*t .Uy of l>.c? mU.r 1
tent of tbe turn of fi\e uii lioim of j u ? , \ t" "
stocks, in the manner and on th. vm 1 " *hl >
mentions, to wit: ?r
In ?a*? of any continent fftm^titi r r .
amount stated, ,.r.-f.r^nr.. ? ,!? \m ^v#u yy*;~
of time In which the Hit u . .. ^ ( ^
nartificaUw. duly to U.. \ j
j b? tranKniItt?-l t? this <h i-artm.,?; , ,. , t
when-.f. a |.ri<* wi!l I* j.aid o.? . vf " '
: lowing particulars:
1 *? T^? l'*r *?>??? or a icnnt 5,, ^ .
! tiOeate. "'
2. A pr nilum on Raid amount or ?*,k.{v ..
3. Int>Tf*t on the par af th? ivrhH-*;,. fr ln ,
lat of July, IMS, to th^ d*t? of r. ?. i, t ? 1.1
in ?lit ut tli.' trwury, with tli.- H!I.a.,u>,. r
money t? narh tb?* owner) ?T<?? .ln's u.-. i, ?
i r?ycient f.^r ?.\H-to V? will (n i . ,
the Tn a?un-r ot the I'nit.d ?tit-f ? n ?.M.
tpea.?tirer at Bost. n. Nm V..j W, or I'luN,!. ', 14
the p.irties ui?y indicate.
J ames r.rTiir.TE,
S- -n urj t!iU 1 r i^ir
Tsr**! r; 1?..i vt. K\.h Tl, u
Kot-'.?f ie hutuhy p(v.-n to Um? ^
per i:t. str-cks of the 1 ai. aut hoi i/. .||.\ tl?at
April l.'i, 1S4^. and r?-'|i'iin?li|.' t;!.-t !>.?? . nil .r js,
?nd ?!?n, to the holders c.f the |.er ej,:. ?
the loan autborl/i-tl by t)i?( art (.t July, is j*. r.
I able 12th No\.nit?-r, that tl.:- il.tari.ten;
j prepared to 1 ureha.*-. at any t*t , t.. t t;
hereof and the first ?' -.y ol Ike.-ml. r (
tont ?.f two lnillioas <.f fiiWI st<- K. i.i tl? ,
on tlie terms hereinafter meuti. t ?? 1.1< u ,t ?
In ea-e of any contiu-'eut .?> tup. liti v ithln tl ?
, amount statej, ;.rof?T??i<t. v.ili I .? i?.-n in r!.-: ?
: time in ?hi.h tho sai l "t.* k- .?! ? !ikit 1 mfcV I..
J offered. Tli*?ert'.*i??tfs dulv a-?Li ? It H ti.,; ;
1 8tat)-a. mu?t lot tcaiisn:iti?sl 1.. thi? i?- *tt..,.,,
' up?ill tlie rea.'ip* wh. r?-. f. 11 pi I. e vtl! . J , ,,
j pounded of the fulliiM in/ furti' tllali:
lrt. The pnl Value or hi:; ui.t Kj?--ife.| lu i-ar!,
i rertiPi ate.
! 2d. A preniiiim of It*, per r.r.f. on ?v# ff
1P12. Ti- V m:?M.^ in 1& '2, or a premi.-ii, tl.^ ....
I may be)of 1^-r cwnC. ou t!i? *??, ks ? : l-j.', fr.
I de?'iual.le in 1
I M. Int. re.^t on th?? par of tha r?>rtifi. f- m .i,
: 1st Of July, is/ 3, to th? daU- (.1 reet i|-t HieJ ?,(; ^
ment at the In Sillry. w]ih the ? l. aaiue .f^i t!.?
ir.oney to rea-h the owtitr) oftu.. .Uj'j Iut. r.rf ;u
I addition.
Payment for ?*:?! ?tocV* will !-? ma.le in Jri.^? ,?
; the Tr?-a.=urer of (he lTnit<d fti?t.?, (.u tl... .
treH.?ur?.r at Unt n. New V..rk, or l l?ila.!?Ll
the j^rties mav direct. JAMES lil THI.H.
Dih; 1?dtlfl.'ati S?-.r. :.<rv ci I!.. ir.'i,-un
l*i opoait la for In riilaltiui? Stil<ki
U:?tTta> Siates <>fn..t i:\Tf\-i-iv A>r. \
V\ \HBixroR A'.i et't. 1 ) ?nut, I
M'asmiv.t. n, O.-tuU r lv. I-. ',. |
1>R tMBALHaritl I*K>dte4at tlti- 1.mC
fi I'. 1U *'t t|.?* 2)11 ll lie.". U.'.el ll"> t I .? 'imui ' .
| inc P.ti.'k" for tlie o.uatrui-tton <>t the tSh-iiir..'
; AqlliJiltt.
'IIk- v?lii/i? <|uat:litr n?*l.^l will j.r I i>l,!y V.- ,?
i l-.itv insiii.'ftH -I.. I.M ?t .ti t! ? ni. .i ?.
wlii.'h t jie'u lii.l !. r ? ;V| i;i'.|i rtiiU to tut 1 1
Th# li|i) K? lllll-t I J, !|tr|. .1 at l|j, J, | , |l .
linti as |t?ay ti..|i. lime C>. Iiuie t<- .i>. 1 1 t;
I.n^it.e.-r 'I he tl:... :? i. ' j i^uut It I. - \ 'le; rt.1 1
' the at pr..pl iaii.dis 11.a.I.- I * t ? i.;i.-r
Tlier nre lar^e dc|M>Mt?*<* ..t .*1 .v ? u/ V ! r tf. V.
; ilc' 1-lieV.p alout* tin- lin^. r i..l t*.,- c? 1 i| . ' .r i 1,1 t
i rr.^iiit.'d to fnruiidi : ?-aiii| le> t 'lie r!^v ac t I ?.
? I- ? .re .v-tmiiell.-lti. tlie niiitilt;\.*ttiii
Nolle l'Ut well ii-.i ;. I.rtr.l Uwl t : i> a.-. ?-titi:-.j
SCceptai.i.' to tlie ? ii.tlieel. m ;'I 1.- I. i:. I. hi I
they v 1 * re.|uir) >1 to I e tin- !?- i.. it. ii!e- i f
ill!? ill size t.. tin- bliiliii ioal lvu'U-alt.'lis <?! tl.e ril.
I ot W arilllll^toll .
Every "Rer inu"' le ac.r.riJ.?T.;ed Vv a ariti ti
] j.iarit.tv. ri.i >-l by h.c (.r u.i iv r.-j i- ? |
i sons, to the effwt tliat lu- or ll.ey nii.lertal >? It.*,
j tlie liidder or I ..l.lers uill. it liv <>r iln*it tl.eirl.i.i le
I accepted. ?:it. r it!., an oi.li. i..? ? v. itl:iu i.n in*,
aitli l'.'o.I and M.itieieul -nr. i , . t-. fumi^!. ? I -t
l.i*i. k? <it|ere<J. PaM irnrrMit? to Ij.<?< u.j t ?
tlie Ci rtificate ?>!' ll.e I uit.-i Strite- It; t
j United Mnt.-s Iii'lri.t Attorney, Nt? v A,.u .
| S* "Ilie . Ili.'.-r ).f t lie <1. refill lii.\t*lt i: ii I ? t ( r ill * <
.la! knon n to Hie lb-par in/ nt .-i U ni. iliht Hie . u. r
mitoi - aie able to dipk- j;. i?l their aai .:.t.
All liiil.-t.i be s ili^l nil.I . inli.r*e.i pin -.v^i
Hrit k lor Wa.-hiupti-n A.|ii.^liict " '(|.e l-i- ? *iil l j
o|M*ned in tlie pr. *im e . f ?ni h i.i l.|? i <? ?? ihm ? I.i '
to I*.? pr-.<ent. As the .-rrtalntv ?t .-'.| | U i-?? v
I liup< rt.iiit. tLi failure ? f h p hiiii t. j ii.\\ i, .? j - ?
! ably tlie ?topp.-'ue ..I' the V> 1 |; f. r ?. V I:. -V '. ' .
j I lie I llite.l Slat' S I I f-t ie> III live! J 11: lit'
j jeft anv of all I.id*, rtfl.l to |ua!.e Sll. ii I r::l l11 '
tn-the aiippH ufkiMuu in-,. I.e u,,-t B4?anU? -
i oils to tin) HMvk. '?-e.' e\?rM.-l fi-'itu t'ti.iueer 1 e
: pai luic-nl K. i iilnti. i - !*low )
M C. M EliiS,
Captain of Eiijrii.tM rs in . ha.: e . i V? i ?*?
ton A.(tie.i,.,-r
It i-.- not to 1^- t;i. Ii r?to.Ht I v t!*' als*\.. tl >t set
; aijent of tlie Department is restrirt<il (.. an --..r
an.?-ot the/.-lostf but offered Yt.eoljtat t tt. '
I Vertiseuiel.t l?-ili(t ".|ilv to viv?- P'ibii ? I,. ;i-e . r t -i
. V 'te Cnni|ietitioil. ineti It^ent wii). ?.fter '? .? ? .
proposals, a xerrisea soim.l <!i*cret;..<i in r *.?.^
l let ms and prices of tiie o.iit ra.-r. I* ur' m 1-r i ?
\ liai 'ioU tocolitiUe liiiu-elf lull,,. IjJ.- nihil,, in
swer to the ^.lverti'vuii-nt, 11 to tlie j. i ?. u- m I ,
? I belli.
N.i coutia-' made nuiler flo? Ik*t4trfinei;t r -
\i. cs ? r ?!I|:p'ie>- can l? trail*!, rreil in any r-s. l-i't
the !>J.nie must be I XivuteJ l.y the < >1 it itihi ? ' i '
or bv some person in his -.:.vu t.ti.1 r?-t.^.t
him: end surli ohli'.-*-: a ii! I* held to hi- lr... !?
sponaibiilty, aud all payments v.ill Le n. !e U
! Ill ut.
To t'apt M. MkioiT I'. < Kti^rsiTi :
We. (lit' ui)iler?i..'ni'i|. residi'iit* tf .in tTie
. Stale of . lierel.y joiutly r.nd Ke\cra!lv ..>???
a tit with iJie I liiti'il St lies, atid -/ii'i* mi*. 1 '
the fen-^-in; hid - f I* accepted, ihnt t ?
they will, within t. u duya aft. r He act.'si., -t
the -ai I I'.t. est cute tin- eniitt:.C r the *.-iiu. ?...
*-1 i.tel suffleifiit si,reti.-* t.i t'etf<*riii tl e ?* rk t
furnish the artii li s proj^.-d in ciiTifomiitv * i!
let jus ol the a-l vi-rtiM uient uu'cr v * i 1. i? w .?
luade And in ca*e tlw? said i>iiaU tail t ?!'
ter into contract a.- r.fwriisaid. v.?? j.iiaii.n;,e ti- i. '
C'S'iI tlie dilfereUce la*tWei-u the Ottel i! lie it ? ?"
aud the next lowest bidder. A l<
C !??
I hereby certify- that, to the I: <t of my Vt-oale 'c
ati.l h.-lief. the altove named guaicc'.on jr."; *-i
sutliciect. t. 1.
oo 21?dr2ojVc
U'nhltin^iou Bti-mia It ICiiiliond.
:#,V ?,dlr"'tlOC,>l ^Ulu!a> ' *? 6 ^ ' s
^.""lay ? C a.m., and
An i ". tr "i" 1,1l?r?-*-. and slotaj olilr *1
sunons ''' ,!Ha> ^ll- ??"'? '- =" -? -V
nalaihs'4 ^ n'* ai"' I'- Ul # ci.uu.-ct Willi An
;j ra.ss at 6 a. m. and 5 p. m.|Mh#Bl tA ist.
/'are'e Jt ,f.IUi ? a al", '? I'- "I - C..I.M. t EnM.
fa ill ..in \\ aslimifi.i,, tn Baitmiore -.0
^ do atui n turn I i*
J"' do Anvapoits I
ti . i ? d" t!o and rcturt I N'
ip round trip tickets mu-t in all . a-.- .'?)? pr?*
O'JK-il at tlie ofl'tce. ami are .....mi I.,r tl- .lav t!|? ll
winch tlie> are i*,u.-d. '1'. il i'AK.-i A S
JV ls" Arvnt.
r ?j On TUl irSliAV. !h.-i"Jihin*?ant,
1 ill n.inmeti.vi ruimii". I*" I.'t.c
<>? dMMi.I la'twc-u t!.'*sn
drta and \A a>hii>pton, lanvinr AI. ^.mdiia at ^ * j,
ocliH'ki.; the morning, an.l 5'a in the if.-nii-iii,
c>nnocti?ig with th? trains lea^iuit Vt'a^hiii(rtcii at 6
j o'clock in the mi>rnine and ;? in the afternoon. I.'e
j lurnintf. lea?e Waahin^'ou ou the arrival ot the
I trans from Italtiiuore. in time in the ni'.rnlnp to
conui-ct with the Orantte aial Mana'saf Ciap train
from Alexandria, at 6 o'cha-k.
I'aasenrera wishior seats In this line. ?til leave
their iiajues and resiliences with Dr. Jaiues I "tv
tie, Alexandria, and at the Irvinp lloube. VI ai-hiu*
t..n, ooruerof 12th itrw' and Pennsylvania avenue.
The'niliriling line will eaJI for |ia.-8eutfers w ithin any
reasonable distal.."e." Id either city.
sej. 38?On- WM, WHAIJIT.

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