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A tJU Stai Ofcc,?n D dree*, near 19(A, nearlyoff
riit Its hring Hotel,
Bt W \ L L A L' H k HOPE.
To #wl?crfl>er? in the cities of \V.i?hingion,Gt;f>rpf
l?m?. Ale??<">? BmlUiUTf an.t PWU.M phia, a
?i IS ft anuum. pay .We-MIX CJtNTP?week
lv ?r? Uk .*s?-iiU. To mail sttbtt libera the still
, nptf-iprivr i? TMREE DOLLARS AVD PTFIY
CE*T3 ** y**r m aJ a?c?, riVO bOLLARS frr
JlrtTTHA i*rmr* rnnn on* cmt .
Fire 5 00
Ten do I Wt
Twenty <>o IS 00
O^-Ca^u, ihtakiablt in *???*?.
0j~ Suijlc copra vu? wrmpp*?) cu be pe^erret
? ???* counter, ira mediately aA?*r UtC nw ol Ui?
p*p*r. Price?Thus Cum.
romiiiTtti ? ho fei as ageau *ilf>*?IU?i??<i a
cowniwrni ol per c**l.
medicines which never fail to
UK J P. R03E id an honorary member of th?
Philadelphia Medical Soctoty, and rn?'lual? i
m M5X. from the Colfrsitf of Pennsylvania, under
tlw .mi-Unc* of th* tri?l r eminent Profess^ Phys
rk. Ch?p'??*n, OiN-?oi?. Cox*, Jaines and Harp, name*
f ?Jebrat.-d for medical seizure. Bciag solicited by
If nf>** P"tlrnN to put up Ilia Preparations,
offers to the pnblK*, as the results of hui ex
tu'ririr" for the P*st tiiirty ye >rs, the following vnl
iVhle family M?i?dnes, '.ach ont tut Lei lo a tji
t-ic 4>**<ue ;
Ot. .J ? Fsss's Nwx'L? an? Iyvioo* *Tr"W Con
bm:. The greatest di?-?very in medirwl science.
Thu astonishing preparation f?r raisin* nr a weak
n.i?ii'.utin debiliat-1 by rare, labor, study or dia
?, ?<-?s like a charm It *???? s/rength st:d app
tiw.an 1 pr,.??***? great invigorating properties.
*,>r ll*art Diifc <?, all Nervau* Affections. Platu
Kwvc, Il-art Burn, Restlessna**, Numbness, Nenral
4 a. raiia* tin spirits anl giving power to the
wh?l* system. it la almost miraculous In its effect
M cents a bottle.
rou will And ioam-iiate relict by using Dr. J. S>.
Rseg's Psi* Crx?*. It is th-> only preparation which
hir?a almost in" antly 8or? Throat, Rheumatism.
fWm Col'ls Pains in tta? aide, ha?k or limbs, fare,
?ar or TV>othsehe; Stomach or Powels, Side or Back,
griff Nevk, Bruises, Corns and Chilblain*. Where
s*pt yoe hare pnin, use the Vain Carer, safe to nil
Prim 12/$, and W eta.
IUR COUOB3, corns, croup, and wdoop
7V fkat Onmifk iyrnp in tk? World.
Dr. Rose'sO.L-MmjtTXDCotwrT Strcp gives immedi
ate relief to t? th? worst Courh, whether Consuap
or pr?c elin^from a cold. It allays any irri
t?'K>n ??t the Lungs, and fortift** the system against
fa'nre attacks. In booties at aO cents and $1.
Children *re also liable to Croup, which daugerous
eom?laint yields tmmediateiy to Dr. J. Rose's h?v?r
fnionCsitrfvuir. Price 25 c?-iita.
W>?"ipinj Consjh, another complaint., always
in eo|r| ani 'lamp vrcAther. The a'SirteJ flntl
r-lief m the iiaa of Dr. .T. Ro-jc's Whoopixo
rnwn Sv*'*r, whieii always relietca and prevents
th? ?ti?'?*e tr-?in rnnnin* into other diaeaw, surh
?? intlamaMonof the Lnn^s. Dropny in the Cheat,
a *?! On sumption. Price SO rent a.
Dr. J. ? Roar's Compound PLrro Szthact or
9km.?Tl..(i is ile 'MmIIv on* of the best remedies
?*?t use! fhrdiaeaae* of the kidneya. WaiMer, Ac.,
and also far ttonty affections; always highly recom
?>?H Ky the late Dr. Physlr, and many of the
most diatin;ui*h?d molical men abroad. Prim 5*'
eents. ???
D*. J. 8. Roa?:'S Golden Pirn fcr Palling of the
Woinh, Pemale Weaknesj, Dvbility, and Relaxation.
PrW 50 rents
Dr. J. S. Rosa's Pkm?lc Jrrmc.?A remedy Ibr
Palntal Menstruation, Leuporrhce* or Whites. Price
?n- dollar. -
Tha l.ircr being tha largest kU?1 in th? human
h??ly, it is more trequen'ly deranged than any oth?r.
Then (allows Hyspi-pata, ronstipa??on, cold feet, and
loss of appetite?the ikin becomes yellow, the spirits
droop, anU there is a treat aversion to society. Re
?alat? the liver, and yon correct all these evils.?
h? ?ar?st preparations to take are Dr. Raeg'B Cclk
B*vrrr? Ruuto^a ea Am-Biuona Pats. They carry
off the Mle, and soon give appetite and strength.
His Dispersi* Comi-ocnd should be taken where a
persoa haa bewn troubled with dispepsla for a lena
time.?Price oO eents. But f?r colds, kilioas habitx
ja^iniliec, Ac., t >ko Do. R'hf's A\Ti-lln.inm or Rail
t0?? PiLLa, and oeuts per b*>x.
Ail of the ab?v? preparations, with Dr. RoaeV
M^-lical Adviser t.> persons in Sickness and In Health,
to b>* hail of Z. D. Oilman, Charlv-t St'?tt A Co., W.
I?. Oilman, John \V. Nairn, Patterson A Nairn,
W. Morrison, William T. Kvsns. Kidwe|| A lj?w
r?nc*, J. R. Moore, Washington; J. L. Kid well,
Q-or-^etown; and by all di-alers in Alexandria, Vir
gmia sep 24
Th? Great PurlAer of lli? Blood I
Not a Particle of Mercury in it.
A"? IlfUUHI Rr.nnv for >?rofala. Kind'sKvil, Rheu
matism. Ob?Una?eCutan<*>us hruptiona. Plmph sor
Pus'ul?*on the Pace, Blotches, Roils, Chronic Sore
Eyes, King Worm or Tetter, Scald Head, Knlarge
m? ni awl Ptunot' the Pones and Joints, stubborn
Ujc>*r?, Syphilific Disorders, Lmalm^o, ivpunU Com
plnirtv aa-i all Diae:i?es ari-imz fw*'n an injadicious
o-fc- of Mereary, impro>iene?in Life, or Impurity of
the ?lo?l.
1 JI1IS valuable Mtdieine, whl- h has hwmecele
brsteii fir ihe nimber of extraordiuary runt
eff^-ti I through its .niHiry. has m tanxl the proprie
tors, at th?* urgent ri*iij?*st of their friends to offer it
to th? publie, whieh lip-y do with the utmo.U confl
*'|*nee m it* vir"v-- sn 1 w ud.irfnl curative proper
ti?-s. Th- f'llowi^ ? ertifr nteK, selecte<t from a large
narobr, ?r?\ how. rer, -tronger testimony than the
?n-?re wot 1 o| th? prok rieiurs; and are all from gen
tleiw?n well known in their localities. r>nd of the hitch
>*st r-?peeta?mity, m^ny of th-*m residing in the city Oi
Richmond. Va.
Y. B<>VDEN, of the Rx'.hange Hotel, Bich
miD 1. known everywhere, says he has seen the Medi
cine called C*ht**'s Spwisu MlXTrRR, administered
in "v-r n hun Ired c*.?*s, in nearly all the^iisewses for
whe-h it is r!--on2Tue;?ded, with the most H-stonishingly
goo-l results. He says it is the m*^t extraordinary
medicine h- has e*er s*i?
A**'IE AN(> PKVE??1'IKKAT CURE ? I hereby
? ? rfify that for three years I had Ague and Fover ol
th? most violent description. I had .several Phyai
? iaa?, tooklar^e qnantities of Quinine, Mercury, and
I believe all the Tonxs a-lverlised, bat all w ithout
t-r;n.in?nt reli-f. At la?t 1 tried Carter's Spanish
lixtnre, twn bottles of which effectually cured inc,
and I ant happy to sny I havo hail neither t hills or
fevers sine*. I consider it the best Tonic in the
w?ri i, and the only medicine that ever reaohe.1 my
Beaver Dam, near Richmond, Va.
C. B LUCK, n iu the i-ity of Richmond,
and for many years in the Post OSiee. has sneh confl
?Ictc in the ast'OHhiniC etflc.acy of Carter's .^pani-sh
Mi\tnr?, that h" has boj^iit upwards of 5S bottles,
wlr-h h-has riven aw.?y to tlmalSicts^l. Mr. Lu-k
as has *? ver kaownitto Liil when taken accori
Inj to directions.
IT. Mi-iaprac?i<ing Physician, and formerly
th? W't HnW, in the city of Kfehufind, says hi
h?? witn?<*>l in a nunber of iiKtanro the e(T?-ta of
C>-et-v'?.HfltUih Mixt'ir-', which were most t ulysnr
pri?in^. lie ?ays in aea-eofOon50'iJ->tion.dependent
en ts.e Liver, tlj* go??i efl.^-ts were *ou lerful indeed.
>\MUtJI. M. DKlNKEK.oi thehrm of Drinker A
M"rn?, >i.e hmond, was cur?d of Liver t'omplniiK of 8
yj?rs staiviinr. by the u?j of two bottles of Carter's
???KtC riTRX OP scr. 1P7L\.?The Editors ot
th? aiehmoc I R -pu1.!'-: m bad a servant employed in
th-ir p,-e.v? rv??m. .uiciot vieliaii .scrofula, combined
with Khij im ?tis,n, whi, h eiuirely Jisableii u.m ir?>m
w?rk. Two botiv > (>t Carter's Sp.<nUii Mixture made
a i?ri ft r/|f, .[ hi ax, i>vj the Editors, in a public no.
t<-?, -?v 'b"y " -h *. fully re. onlineud it to all who are
a!fl; i d with hip* ilim? of the l>lo-?l **
a v?ry vsluabii- bov cur?i ol .-?cr'>fula by Carter's
!?j?an -h Mixturi*. I ond-W it truly a valuable
m-sinn*. .Hum M. rA?t>)R. Conductor on the
R. P. A P. R. R. Co,, itfehraund. Va.
JOHN THOMPSON, residing in the city ol
Jfhwond. wis cured by thr-e b.tt'.L-s of Carter's
. n?ni<h Mutur -, ?f i<?lt Khemn, which h? had
Br'irlj t*m*y years, and which nil the physicians
c. Ins i ity could not cure. M'. Thompson i> a well
r'l"*n 'OT-Siant in the city of IticVmond, Va, and
mscar? is most r^markab e.
MATTHEWS, sf Richmond, h-sd a ser
??nt rii ^| nf Syphilw, in the worst C?rm, by Car
" >?'"vnl*h Mixture. M>? ssys he cheerfully r*
c ntneoits it, ?nl wniMirs it an invaluable taciU
W<<ST, of Richmond, was cured of
?itiU, mt l what phrncvtn* calle-l contirmed Con
tu 'V'*1 thre^ bittles of Carter's Spanish Mix
Bl'RTOM, commissioner of the revi auc,
?VS he ha. tlui go>l ert-c s oi ii?rt?-r s S?p nieh
i* 'JfiB a r;u ub-r of 5yphi!itW iav?, aud ?a%s it
iXTK*"*" horrible 4i-ease.
'? HX^'.^miy. of Riclun-inil, e ired of oH
an-l 1.1.- r-t wbi. h disable t turn irom walking,
o^ % i-* h>uls? oi C?rter'< >pamsh Mixture, and
"! u' ?'that % cratch, in a short
i.i3s periusa?iitly cut?tL
I'iwk p,| ??. At M WARD, CLOSE A CO^ No.
?"J'afcl-n l*o?. T"T*.
Fb* .* ijh** f * N'J 132 North ??ond street,
? cd Va ' r ^ No- 1* Mate street, KicL
I> ? n hy C!I VR,'Ka ST^TT, Washington,
r??rn?h?^ rKK,Li Alexau-lria, anl by Diarists
Pwe |l p?r "sottie, or six boitles for %i.
_ ? ?????
Compo??a Pencil Syrup.
I wu tjmpoun I now e.iabli.hed in universal la
*? ,Twr ^ Jts ?*nowl?]grd merit, for tha mr? of
"***f^Ws. eroup. tiooptug cuugb, and every d s
i. , throat aud lun^a, is without a parallel.
? ^^47 s6>u.i supply t> em-rlvee with a
?ipply of 0r. HNt's l iCACil 5 t RUP, ts la used as
a preveaOT? sse.ti.-iae
e-H-l ?
Month to mouth testimony by tome of the thout
0,'idt cur'd by Hampton't Vegetable Tincture.
Pont Royal, Va, July 27th, 18?2.
Messrs. Mortimer A Mowbray : Gents?We b??
to send an erder for more of your truly won
derful "Hampton's Vegetable Tincture." Sluce It
was ftrst tried i' has sokl without an effort, and We
have not seen the first person who baa not been
greatly benefitted by H? Use. A gentleman of our
neighb irhood was induced to try the Tincture for a
Violent palpitation of the heart, lie bad suffered so
mtt'-h from it that he said ha bad pfayed for death.
H? had taken but three doJej when he rwmirel us
he would not take five hundred dollars for the ben
e^t he had derived, and that he should never cease
to remember us with gratitude for calling his atten
tiou to so raltable a medicine. Yottrs truly,
Ask for -'Hampton's Vegetable Tincture." The
many cures mado by this feasant and safe remeav
may InditT cCuaWfeitiog.
A Medicin? must have merit, and great merit too,
to stand the test of public opinion. No art of puffing
can galvanise a worthier article, so as too keep it
up as a goo' medicine if it be no* really so.
A OOOD MEDICINE will live, become popular,
and extend its 'ales year after year, In spite ot op
portion. The peeple readily find out its virtues,
and the fame of them passes from mou'h to mouth
with more rapidity tlian newspapers can spread it.
: A living witness testifying to the cure a moiiclne
! has made for him is of far more service than any
newspaper advertising.
In proof of what we say above, we refer you to
The Wfr of T. W. Yeahle, Grocer, 76 Pearl street,
oured of Rheumatism of S years' standiug; all other
remedies taile I.
H'n M Oldham, (late of the Custom house) dwel
ling 126 Pine st., of Dyspepsia, great debility perma
nently cured.
HI A. S hatfrr, Esq., one of the oldest Magis
trates and most highly respcc'able ritisens, cured ol
great weakness, and restored to robust health.
Jurrett Hummer, 1M R. Baltimore street, suf
fered intensely for six years with bip disease and
mercurial rheumatism; cure!after all other reme
dies failed
Sp>m witt not permit to rtrrme hunlredt of o<hert
as (Ten. W. Goodrich, Capt Thomas Canot, Robert
Wault, .tames Smyth, cured of Rheumatism.
.lohn Pcrvail, 8. A. Griffin, JohU Lnke, Rev. V.
E.kridce, U 8. N., and thousands others cured of
Dj sp?paia, .Hcrofula, Cough, Liver Complaint*, Bron
chitis, St. Vitus' Dance, At. We refer you to your
own cltiseos. Call on them.
Mr. Henry C. Winn hail a cou??h for 5 years; great
weakness, Ac., had, in all 5 or 6 physicians; tried all
their remedies, but was cured only by
DR. HAMPTON, the author Of this great '-Hamp
ton's Vegetable Tincture,*' ii in his 80thy?ar,in good
health, to that it will b? seen it is not an article got
up to impose on the public.
Oall and get paffipklets (patis, with hisstory of die
covery of this wonderful Blood Purifier, and see cer
tificates of our own citizens, of Rheumatism, Dyspep
sia, Scroful*, Liver Complaint, General Weakness,
Nervousness, Ac., Ac.
titnore street, Baltimore; aud 304 Broadway, New
York; CHA.*. STOTT A CO , WIMKK, J. 11. MOOKE,
LIOTT, and H. MePlIERSON, Washington; also by
P?. S. F. CISSKLL, Georgetown l and C. C. BERRY,
AWxandrir, and by Druggists everywhere,
jan 12? tf
'I'HE proprietors of the above valuable specific- for
I. th<- hair, feel Warranted ia preseniiiig it to the
publi<- as ? n? of the m?st efficient remedies for par
pal baldness. diseased hair, and as a ?afe and suc
welill Renovator of wa?te<l and decayed locks, f >r
changing grey hair te its first and natural color,
promoting the gr nth and b-autitying its texture,
and impsrting increased vigor and a healthy action
to the bulbs. It has been "o inJ eminently success
fill. It liaa acquired a reputation lu tbe populous
and wealthy city of New York, which will doobt'ef*
be widely extended over the whole Union. A few
bottles of'-Van IVusen's Improved Wahpeno*' faith
fully nsed, according to the directions given, will,
beyond all doubt, <-hang* the unsightly silver hair
of the aged as well as the young to iti fir-t color,
give it also a rich and glossy appearance, and alt v
^ether impart a new and beautiful appearauce to
the whole head.
For sale by W. If. Oilman, Chas. Ptott A Co., an<l
Kidw-ll A Laurence, Washington; and J. L. Kid
well, Georgetown.
DAY A VAN DRUSEN. Proprietors,
dec 19?Om 123 Chambers street, N. Y.
TMIB healing and restorative prop-rtios of thi~
valuable sp-H.ifle have now been satisfactorily
established. Its beneficial and curative effects have
been fully tested in the removal of those infiamatorj
a<.cumulations, which are l"nrm??i on the snrfaee oi
skin, kuo?n as burns, hrulsrs, boils, wounds inflict
ed by cute, and other external gatherings. For in
fl.?iiie.l eyes, Ca'.'irrh on the head, the bleeding Pile*,
Sea sickness, and Autumnal and other fevers, it i
one of the most certain and effective remedies. In
ternally taken aiire?-able to directions, it is safe and
mild, and immediate in relieving sick headache.
Diarrhva, bleeibng at the nose, and excessive Hem
orrhxge froin Internal eruptions ?nd injuries from
too fud and phlethoric a habit of the body.
For sale by W. H. Uilman, Chas. Sto t i Co., and
Kidvell A Lawrence, Washington; J. S. Kidwell,
DAY A VAN DKU3EN, Proprietors,
di ol9?6m. 123 Chambers street, N. Y
vanta av?nue and 14th street, Washington, and
JOHN L. KiDWKLL, High street, Georgetown, D.
C-, comprwing in part:
Dr. Ja;n?s Family Medicines?Dr. Rose's Family
Me?lKines?Wistar's Ual.sam of Wild Cherry?Ayers
Cherry P ctoral?Sands' and Tswsand's fiarsaparil
la?A. II. and John Bull's do?Rose's and Schwsrtse's
do? Miihsu Klixer Cal>Mya Bark?Wolf s Aromatic
Srheidara <clinnpps?Kid well's Kxfrnct Bei-ch IWops
?\Yatt".- Nervons Antidote?Osgood's Ind!a Cholo
rox-M"?Rowat d'sTonic Mixture?Hampton'sVegeta
hie Tincture?'Jre-.-a's Originated IlitU-is?Iloofiand's
German do-?Hl^ke's and Cannon's do?Rn?hton's
and .'im-'s C(*l Liver Oil, together With all the most
approved me lu-inea of the time.
A-'ents for tlie *a'e of .Seymour'? Galvanic Abdoaji
hhI Stipp-?iter, S*;j Monr's(5b.sU tri<aU riup}?ortors, and
Mrs. B*.*!t's Abdominal Ulcro Sup(>ertor8.
A fre*-h supply of Saratoga and Bedford Water,
sep 30
G R AT 1 S I
A FEW words on the rational treatment, without
Medicine, of Spermatorrhea, or Local Weak
ue.se, Nervous D?bility, Low Spirits, Lassitude, Weak
ness of the Limbs and the Back, indisposition, and
incapacity for atvdy and Labor, Dullness of Appre
hension, Lof*s of Memory. Aversion to Society, Love
of Solitude, Timidity, Self-I?istrust, Disiiness, Head
Arhe, Involuntary Discharge*, Pains in theSi<le, Af
fection of the Eyes, Pimples on the Face, Sexual and
other Infirmities in Man.
From thr French of Dr. B. DtLaney.
The Important fi?cl that these alarming complaint.
may easily be removed witlurut merfvine. is in this
?mall tract, clearly demonstrated, and the entirely
new and highly successful treatment, as adopted bj
the Author, fully explained, by means of which eve
ry one i-; enabled to care himself perfectly, Bnd at
the least possible cost, avoiding thereby, all the ad
vertised nostrums of tbe day.
fent to any address, gratis and post free, in a
sealed envelope, by r -mitting .;post paid) two postage
stamp* to Dr. B. DeLANBY, or Box 109, Broadway
prwt Offl -e, N. Y. nov 8 - 3m
On THURSDAY, the 29th instant,
ft?will commence ruiiiiing two lines
i lij between Alexan
lna 'an-l^U ^dinigton, leaving Alexandria at
o'clock iu the morning, and 3)? in the afternoon,
enne'^iag with tins trains leavine Washington at 6
o'clock in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. Ro
urning. leaie Washington on the arrival of the
tra ns from Baltimore, in time in the morning to
.ronm-ct with the Orange and Mana-ssas Gap train
from Alexa-adria. at ? oVlo.-k.
Pansencers wishing seats In this line, will leave
their niin nn*i with Dr. Jam^n Kntffto*
t'.e, Alexandria and at the Irving House, Washing
ion cmeroj lliU street and Pennsylvania avenue.
The raorninz line will .*11 lor passengers within any
reason?ble distances In either fity.
IH -?m- WM. WH ,\ l.r.1.
RF^PKCTKULLY inform ciliaeiis anti stramiers
th .t they have always on hand a large wwl
ment ot Wigs and T?u{>ee9, and made to order at the
?h'irtest notice. ^
A Silver M-ilal has been swanled to them by m?
Amerieaii Institute of New York, for tte l,e?t spoci
n? -n of Cents Wlg?. . . .
Wig wearers would do we'l to give them a tllal ?
Opy the addresa. _
National Hotel, 6th at., Washington, D. C,
and ST Maiden Lane, New York,
dec 1 i 2 ms _
VNOTHKK suM ly of tho^e heivy silk under Gar
ments, wool and cotton ditto.
;?ilk, Wo"l, Velvet, and Cotton Robes da Cbambre,
Heavy Shawls, and other goods suited to the season,
.? BiRors,
uB a_?f WUlart's Metal.
J WTSIf to infrrm my friends and the pubfie gene
r,,''y lhat 1 large stock of Oerman and
erenon Toy* and f:incy Bexe*. Also, a general *b
sortment of Confectionery and fruit*. Raisins, Al
mond*, Filbert*, Prunes, Kngll-h WalnuU, Figs, p?.
ean Nut*, and I'ea Nut*.
Gam, Choc.>la?e, Strawberry, Rose-bud, Tine Ap
ple, Oninge. Apple, Raspberfy, Bott'e, Jinny Lind,
Vernills, Pear, and Nectar Drops, Peane Ba'ls.
Also, constantly on hand all kinds of Caudy and
Cake*, at wholcmic and retail.
Parties served at the shortest notice by
^ High Bt., near Bridge st., Georgetown.
nor IS?tf
to.?HENIX pla*IHG saw mill,
S ?m?A?D,J?00R AND MANU.
1 ? . 9? T'~ suhwriht-r having just com
pleted the above establishment, and furnished it
throughout with new machi ucry ol the very bent and
mo-t improved style, Is mw prapufpd to manufac
turein the nentest and beet manner, and upon the
most reasonable terms, all descriptions of gash,
w'n'fK' Mouldings, an ! to dret-s Flooring,
Weatherboard!ng, Ac. All the apove arti<-v* always
on hand, for sale. JOSEPH L. SKMMKS,
__n0T 14 dam Georgetown, D. C.
w. B. RICHARDS, Jr.,
dkalp.r in
DBKI? TRinmivGii,
tinglish, French & Gorman F&ncy Goods.
No. 3 Eixkante Plate,
?"?18?tf ALEXANDRIA,Va..
At our Store, corntr of Baltimore and Hollidau \U
Whcnimoi f, Ml.
E offer to the imbUc, at Ijw prices, a Urg<? ?s
stfrtmeniofold an I rare, n?w and second-hand
uuuivtf in every department of science religion, li?
erature, and art. Among our collection of second
bau'l books will be fmnil some of the most curious
rare and raluab'e works of the 15th, 16th, 17th, and
lMth centuries, on almost every branch of human
Jcaree Works on religion, history, biography, voy
ages, and travels, science, the drama, politics, criti
cism, law, medicine, poetry, heraldry, philosophy,
manners and eustoms, Ac; l yV
Our Modern Boc^ks is composed in fart of a very
j One collection of Law Books, new and second-hand,
many of which ar? now nearly out of print.
Also, a large assortment ef Medical Books, and
?,s Classical BOOKS, and about
1000 late NOVELS, second hand, whioh we sell at
half the pnb.isher's prices
Also, Blank Bill, and Pass BOOK?, Stationery,
Ink, 1 ens, Portfolios, Cards, Ac.
An nssortment of Miscellaneous Books will bv
fonnd valuable, well selected And cheap. Whilst
the pttbli" may depend nn cs for supplying them
with all the New Book* of any merit, as soon as pub
i, m g *Dd or Atneri.-a, at the very lowest
VALENTINES, Envelopes, Note Paper, Mottoes, Ac
A 0 we have given our attention for lha last yar
ilKV* I V'v-?vTD"r" U,re ? to.?" Hn'1 Sentimen
,,ih:N xINK, our assortment (now on hand and
^n for c<?. .ination) will be f und ?ne of the most
beautiful and extensive in this country. Our pi ices
fir? fixed at the lowest rush prices.
Any person visiting this citv for anything in our
line of business would do well to examine our stock
ard learn our pric*s before purchasing elsewhere
?./v., J-CATUEKS ? BKU.,
102 Baltimore st, cor. Holiday ft, Bait. Md.
jan iV-tf
ri*?CITH?CH A, ?.b,
WHOLWALK asp rctail pealfks is
Fine walrhei arid Jewelry, Silver
Plated Ware, Fancy Goods, Ac.
2V? tialtimore street, corner of Cha Aft.
nrv -j.udff Bait;work. Md.
Hie undersigned desires to
??^g^pBcall the attention of purrha-^
1 jj ? (1 lisera to his stock of 1'lAXOiM
7 . M "consisting of 6, 6U, ??>{, ??d
r-octaves, with or without metafie frame*. These
piano* are reiuarkHb'e for ifrwt prwee of t^ne, fmm
the lowest to the highest riHe\ l\ih an elastie and
njady touch, beinj suited to any performers. MU
pJL for pianos, and all other Musical Instrument*
constantly on hand and received as *oon as vublisli
"?1. The trade supplied on liberal terms.
~ ? . . JAt* 11 BO.SWKLL,
No. i2S, Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md.
oe 1?V?-ly. *
Wm. Knabb. H. Oaeulx. Ed. Bsttb.
Flrat Premium Grand and Square
? KNABK, O AKHbK A CO., manufa< ttjr
5> R? 0? and 11, Kiliuw str<x-t,
Baltiniore K. A O. would respectftilly ?Pu iiublic
it ? 1)10 ??reat variety of their IKON KK A M K
1 ,j ? constantly flnb-h-ng. which for durability,
deliea?y of touch, brilliancy of tone, they belieTe a**
not surpassed by aby now manufactured. In ad.li
tion t^ tje first ifeittlMm a#arde<i them by the Ma
lnMlia,v tn >Wi> an<J 1?19, they h?ve received
tne highest encomiums of the m< >t emiucnt artists
who used there Instruments for their Concert*. Al
so, of our first class Professors and Ameteur.s in the
aty, ^ho have highly recommended them.
I'UXOS I1IKKI). OC 14?lv
KEBBfortu manufactory.
Tj^^Tn''. J. W fSK A BKOTIiKK Manufuc
niAjvTtt. tnrcrs of Grand Square and Bou4oir
riANOS, request special attention ol Female Pian
iste to anea?, simple, and convenient meth id wf ad
jusUng the *am? Piano to aay degr-e of touch (heav v
or light) the performer requires. Touch heing the
principal means or playing the I>iano, it should be
agreeable and equal the elasticity of the finger*
tall and see it. J. J. W1SK A BiW. "
OC O?olfl
I^ODD A CO., Brew US' Hotel, l'a. avenue, in
1. .T attentton te their extensive and unri
valled assortment of
^?-ip?>on--cwnsisUng of Long Flat 1 ens,
UUtines, I olmaise, \ ktonnes, Pillctin?!s, CuOi, Ac.
fitch martin
mink im
. . . , BLACK LlijjX'D LVNX
And other styles, as roco>?nized by ia>te aui larh
,on- dee 9
S it bas become very fashionable within the la-t
'BW years f<*- other merchants to sell the'r
goods at co.-t at twe tea-011s of the year, we feel d*.
|K)*od to give our customers as *ood bargains as
otlior.s, and we will offer our entire sio? k, whk>b rs
the largest in tl e District, at ]x inie .>^st. Notliiuu
more will he asked and nothing less will he t in?n
All goods charged will l>e at the regular pr ce. |'|, >
i? the Crr-t time we h.tve offured ourst's k at ix si
since w? have been in husiness, and would not l<> it
"Z1* " ?' "ere not that we are determined otlxrs
shall have no advantage over us in business. 11 yc u
want tarfrains now is your chance.
jan 4?dlOtlf. HALL A BKOTIIFR
IX consequence of the w iling of our store baTin/
lallen down, and as we shall be compels to
suspend business until the repairs are niade, ael.ave
come to the com lusion to off-r for one moU?h our
entire stock of (iOODS at prime cost, lor cash only
without the nervation of a single article, which 01
ters to purchasers in luc ments which have never
belbre been presents in this city. The public may
fuHy rely on getting every article offered precisely at
' We call attention to the, following:
4 4 pl?W Silks, $1 76, worth $3
Plain rtlks, all eolors,95 cent*, worth $1 ?5
French Merloos, 75, 87, $1, worth $1, *1 25, |1 5'j
500 pArs French Corae s,(t 15, w >rth *1 50
Cloaking CToths, all colors, $2, worth $i
500 pairs andersh-eres, great racriflt e
1,000 Collars, bought at auction.
600 8ba?ls, most of which will be sold at less than
<?<**? R. W. CAHTKR, 1
Opp. Centre Market, between 7th sad 8th sts.
All persons Indebted 11 us are n?p *ctfullv reijuee
ted to eall and seMle their a counts.
jan -T?lot I
B. H. BOTBLKR, Practical Oas-Fit
ter and Plumber,
Amthuxtt enrner of 9th and D streets,
f 8 prepared at all times to supply the public gene
X rally with OAS FITTING6 and F1XTURK3, cl
the latest styles and patterns, on the oiost reason
aWe terms.
Churches, Hotels, or aay public or private build
lags, fitted np with OAS PIPES and FIXTURES at
the shortest notioe.
Sole Agent fbr Dr. KMder's Fhhmt Gas Jittfulator,
which for economy and superior light, should be poe
eeesed by all ooMwatra of gm, H9S
Such m Constipation, inward Piles, Fullness of Blood
to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach. Nan?ea,
llo-artburn, Digest for Food, Fullness or Weight in
th* Stomach,Sour Eructations Sinking or Flutter
ing at the Pit of the fltoitta^h, Swimming of the
Head, Hurried and Difficult Breathing, Flattering
at the Heart, Choking or Sulfonating Sensation*
when in a lying po.-tture, DimueM of Vision, Dot? 1
or Webs before the sight. F?m and Dull Pain in
the head, Deficiency #1 rerspirfttion. Yellowness ot
the Skin and Kyes, Pain in the Side, Baek, Chest,
Limbs, 4c., Sodden Flushes of lloat, Burning in
the FLvch, Constant Imaginings of evil, and Great
Depression of Spirits,
car be irrocroALT cukid ?r
No. 140 Arch street, Philadelphia
Their power over the above diseases is not excel led
if equalled, by any other preparation in the United
?State*, as the cures atteat, in manjr easel after skil
ful physicians had felled.
Thes- bitters are worthy the attention of invalids
Possessing great virtues in the rectification of dis
eases of the Liver and lesser glands, exercising the
most searching powers in weakness and affections oi
the digestive organs, they ara, withal, safe, certain,
and pleasant
PatLAtmLfHlA, March, 1,1863.
Dr. C. M. Jackson: Dear Sir?For the past two
years I have been Severely afflicted with Liver Com
plaint, Dyspepsia; Bilions Piarrtu**, and Piles, f of
fering in a great decree constantly, the ralos and in
conveniences attendant Upon such diseases, without
energy, being scarcely able to attend to any busi
ness. I lost a great deal of my flesb, and used man)
kinds af medicine, with no apparent rhange, until I
commenced with ydtir " Hoo/lawf* Or rutin Hitter
they have entirely enrfed me. I have gained in
weight overforfy pounds since I commenced thaii
use, and I am now entirely free from pain and ache
of any kind, and feel like a new man. I nnhesitat
iagly recomm-nd your Bitters to all invalids.
Yours, respectfully,
No. 12 Lagrange Placc.
\V. VI. Aflame, pub. of the Argu?, Weston.
Mo., July 17,1851, said : ''I was last summer so very
low and weak as not to be able to stand at the case
longer tHan <ma hottr at a tifte. I tried one bottle
of your Herman Bitters, which entirely cured me. i
have used two bottles. I sent two bottles 150 miles
from here to a friend who bad been sick for h lonjr
time; he has also been cured by them, f believe
them to be superior to any medicine now in u*e."
K. D. Perkins, Marietta, Ohio. Feb 22,1SS1,
said: "Your Bitters are highly prised by these whr
have used them. In a case of Liver Complaint, oi
long standing, which had resisted the skill oj s*r~
crat physicians, was entirely cured by the esc ol b
P. ftestelmelf, Jeweller, Won-.ter, 0., Dec
24,1851, said : "t eittbface tnl8 opportunity of in
forming you cif tliejcrejit benefit 1 iia+e derived from
the use of Dr. Hoottand's German Bitters. I have
used tnem for Chills and Fever, and Disordered
Stomach, and found relief in every case. They are
the best remedy for Disordered Stomach I thin a in
I). K. Sykfs, Eli] , F/htnr of the Courier
Norwich, Conn., said: "1 b:ive he^n using your Get
rnun Bitters for some time, for Dyspepsia, and hnv*
found so much relief from tbem, that 1 have made
up my mind to give them a Jirst rate editorial en
Ilolden, Kemp, 4b Co., Janesville, Wis.,
"?ept 1*51, said: "Your German Bitters are deserved
ly popular here, and among all tbe prepared meoi
i tn< s on oiir shelves, none have we s^ld which have
)fiven the siltisfhcf!'<tl of lltio^and's G:>fman Bitters.*
June 2<1, l^.yi, they said : "Wd recotiimend them af
;in invaluable spring and summer medicine."
W. M. Orr, Wooster. O., October f I,1862, arid
"You ask me my opinion of t.h* (Hi-m^n Bitters. .
have u*ed tiieiM fcr Py^pHi^a atijl Indlfte^tlhn, an.
take pleasure in staling tnat I think tney are the
very fce?t remedy extant for the alove complaints?
ihry are dr-.ideo'ty in the advance of all this propn
etory medicines <>f lh' dan"
%*Alr. Orr i? a distinguished lawyer of Wooste:
These Bitters are EMmm vei/t-table. They net*"
prostrate the. ty/trm, but invigorate it.
For sale in Washington by Z. D OILMAN.
In Georgetown by J. I,. KTDWELL.
In Altyiandria by J. B. PIERPON'T.
Ia Rl&fciontf rtJfcCEl L, LADD A (XX
In Baltimore by CANBY A HATCH.
In Norfolk by M. A. SANTOS A SON.
And by respectable dailera in medicine every
wh>*re. dee 6? ly
SR. SYLVESTER A> COi have the hon
t or of announcing to their friends and the pub
lie tllllt the Silver i'var has taken its flight froiu the
fmsen regions M the North, wneru lie was Mistered
in the warm bosom ot bin friends, towards the "tun
ny South," and has nlishted at I he corner ol Penn
sylvania avenue and 11th tdrevt.
Ilore Sylvestar 1 Co's Soda Fountain will dispense
those refreshing, invigorating and y?u h restoring
waters which, combined wilh his unrivalled and in
??mcar?hle Syrup*, have won for him "golden opin
ions from all sorts of 1'eople." Tl e beauty, the
chivalry, the labor, tbe learning, the commerce ol
our mighty and glorious land have all been ref re
sented at th- Fountain of the Silver Swan, ar d all
with grateful accord have pronounced il the ne pin
ultrc ofeartuly brinks.
Here too will be found, in addition to a complete
stock ot fresh Drugs and Medicines, Toilet Requisites
in all the delicate ?tld mystic varteiien of thi bou
doir, as reil thf. wH''re*Rhal W cdltivtt^ the
moustathe and the imperial. Here the most deli
cate transatlantic extracts of Lubin wiU be found
surpii-sed by a more subtile and delicata domestic
iirticles, the Oriental Spirit of Kiowvis.
For the recuperation of the hr.ir. we offer
Castor Gil l'omatum,
Ch rvataline Pomade,
Phalon's Hair Invig.
Ox Marrow,
Rose HairOI!,
NntritiVe Cream,
Parry's TfiC"phe oUs,
Lyhn's Kathairon,
JaVtte's Ueir Xbnic,
Lovel's Wahpeue,
Vandusen's Wabpene, and
Julius Hauel's Kau Lustral.
Here the lovers of the Indian W>.ed will find the
choicest Havana brands.
An 1 we hope, by aaaiduous and oaoful attention
to business and our cost- mers to retain old friend*,
win n<*w ones, and aeeure to onrselvw* a living share
of patronage. 8. R. 8YLYE8TER A CO.,
Corner Pa. avenae and 11th stnet.
dec 28? dim
PARTICULAR NOTIC E i* requested to
the following list of articles, many ot ihem en
tirely new in this market, and for s-.le on Pennsyl
vania avenue, south side, between 9th and luth
ENCAUSTIC PILE, for Hulls, Vestibular Ac
DKSK^, and School Furniture g? nerallv,
CHAISES, a suj>?rlor article.
WIRE FENCES, for Purming purposes.
IKON RAILINGS, for Cemeteries and City Lots.
Do. fot Balconies oud Veroii Jahs.
PEUR11Y . MARBLE M A NIELS, a beautiful ar
ti?l-,?so closely imitating the rarer varieties
of Marbla as to d Ceire the best judges, and
which, trom thtir cheapness, are coming into
pener?l nse.
Al*?, IRON BEDSTEADS; and a general variety
Pa av., south aide, bet. 9th and 10th sts.
dec 29?eo.'Jm
AN additional supplvofthe abovp popular work,
ju-t r-ceived. The immense socc?ea which
has attended this work stamps it as b-iag the beat
Musical Gift for juveniles, af the season.
It contains all the popular airs of iba day, inelad
ing the oelebral?d Prima Lonua Walts, arranged in
tbe easiest possible manner for the Piano forte.
Price enly 7S cents.
A reasonable di-'oount made to the trade to acboels
and to the profession. Orders by mail, enck*iog on*
do lar, wi>l insure the receipt of tbe ''Musical leavea"
and the celebrated Prima Don on Polka, free of scat
aga. HILBUS A H1TZ' Music Depot
South sida Fa ??????, near eov> WA at.
iu 6-U
[copyright iccritD.]
E. a. r.
Iii the to)(awing pimn we find the familiar [*\ii
liarities <>1 E. A? P. still preserved? his repetitions I
repeated. Tlw i a?fc ot these, as we tiiivc been in- i
fonunrf, originated in ynuUt. His Grandmother, in
wtioni he road Ins verse-, Ma* very dent, } in ally
tir acquired Hie liabil of writing in this way?which j
habit wax doubtless agisted by bis natural inclina
tion for the tf range.
BY E. A. P.
''Thank Heaven! the crisif?
The danger, is pact,
And the lingering Illness
Is over at last?
And the fever, called "Living,"
Is conquer'd at last."?Foi .Innic.
Thank Latham! the country
I* Imppy at last!
Hi* gold to the poet*?
Much needed ?ia ca<-t,
Hi* life ch? el nig e;iglrn"
Are proudly out ca?t!
Thousand*. 1 know.
Will exult in their flight;
And our blue stocking maidens
Will sing at the sight,
And the buy* of our colleges
"Spout" at the sight,
And the Nation alt over
Grow mad at the sigtn ?
Now will the universe
Look to the "star*,"
Now will the prison-doors
Burst thwir old burs.
And slaves rltall be soldiers,
And fight with their bar.-1
This. rtnd this Only,
Was needed, to bring
The norld to its senses:
Oit'C <f?W, ?r?" i!n>
And the world, in ? iiiflhn n!,
Is free when we sing!
A recent traveler relates, that a favor
ite dramatic piece in the towns of the
Genoese territory is founded on the ful-'
lowing tragic story : A few years since
therfe lived at Port Maurice, near Oneglia, i
two lovers named Anna and Giuseppe,
the former eighteen, and the latter twenty
years of age. The parents had given
their consent to their union, and the wed- j
ding day was soon to be fixed; whan, 1
during a short absence of Giuseppe,
probably brought about by artful contri
vance, an intriguing friend of the family
prevailed oh the mother of the bride to
give her daughter to a more wealthy lover.
Anna, overcome by a maternal importu
nity, did what she had not firmness to
refuse to do, and promised to fcestow her
hand on a man for whom she had no
affection. Grief, however, soon under
mined h?r health, and, by way of amuse
ment, she was sent to the mountains to
the olive harvest. Iler mother also went
to see some relations in the country, and I
an elder sister was left at home.
Anna, nevertheless, grew worse: nay, j
she Was so ill, that her friends alarmed !
for her life, sent her back to her mother's
house. Meanwhile, Giuseppe had returned
ftftd tile rtsport of Anna's intended com
pulsory marriage soon reached his ears.
On the following Sunday he met her sister
at mass, and with the urgency, yet with
the resignation of despiir, he implored
her to procure him a last interview with
his beloved. They agreed that he should
find Anna in the garden in the evening
by moonlight, while the only guardian
uoiheStic, an old sailor, was at the public
At the appointed time Giusseppe was
in the garden, and there he found his
Anna, weak, melancholy, and silent, she
went up to him with faltering steps; but
in vain he questioned her; i* vain he en
deavored to draw from her the acknowl
edgment that she still loved him, and !
acted by Compulsion?not a word could
he elicit?mute pale and motionless, she
stood like a beauteous statue before him.
At length he clasped the adored object in
in ardent embrace, during which he
buried a poignard in her heart. She fell j
without a groan. The murderer hastily
fled over the wall of the garden. The
sister alarmed at Anna's protracted ab
sence, went out into the garden, where I
she found her lifeless in her blood, and !
with the assistance of the old sailor, who
had returned too late, carried her into
the house.
The wrfetchcd aSsftssitl, impelled by
savage frenzy, after strolling about all
night, again scaled the wall of the gar
den, where he no longer found his Anna,
but only her blood, which he was busily
employed in wiping up with his hand
kerchief; when the mother, ignorant ef
what had happened, returned early in the
morning from the villaglaiuru, accompa
nied by the friend who was the cause of
the catastrophe, and, unlocking the gate,1
entered the garden. The frantic Giu
seppa rati to meet her, and holding the
bloody handkerchief close to her face,
wildly cried, 44 Consci tu quel sangue ?"
(Do you know the blood ?) The mother
rushed with a fiarful presentment into
the house, where the first object that met
her view was the corpse of her murdered
child. The maniac again fled to the cav
erns of the neighboring mountains.
The corpse was decorated after the
Italian fashion, crowned with a garland
of myrtle, and deposited the night before
the funeral in an open coffin in the church
before the high altar, ilere a person was
placed to watch it by the light of conse
crated tapers. After midnight the assas
sin suddenly forced his way into the
church ; the affrighted watchman ran off,
but stopped at a distance to observe his
motions, and behold the unfortunate Gic
seppa covering the remains of her whom
he had murdered from affection, with a
thousand kisses and burning tears ; after
which, with the rapidity of lightning, he
dispatched himself by several pistol-shots,
and fell lifeless on the corpse of his be
lovid victim. The unhappy mother went
raving mad. During her insanity she
frequently exclaimed, " Conosci tu quel
sangue?" and soon sunk into a prema
ture grave.
Noblk Blood.?Dickens, in his Child's
History of England, gives the following
slap in the fece at Mnne of the greatest of
the nobility of England. In Charles the
Seoond's time he says: 14 The wtiole
Court was a great flaunting crowd of de
bauched men and shameless women; and
Chaterine'a merry husband insulted and
outraged her in every possible way, until
she consented to receive those worthless
creatures as her very good friends, and to
degrade herself by their companionship.
A Mrs. Palmer, whom the King made
Lady Caatlamaine, and afterwards Duchsss
of Cleveland, was one of the most power
ful of the bad women about the Court, ?nd
had great influence with the King nearly
all through his reign. Another merry
lady, named Moll Davis, a dancer at the
theatre, was afterwards her rival. Soi
was Nell (Jwyn ; first an orange girl and
then an actress, who really liad some good
in her, and of whom one of the worst
things I knew is, that she actually does
seem to havo been fond of the King. The
first Duke of St. Albans was this orange
girls child. In like manner, the son of j
the merrv waiting lady, whom the King
created Duchess of Portsmouth, became
the Duke Richmond. Upon the whole,
it is not so bad a thing to be a commoner."
l'orre<(KHidrii?i of LntHtoifVim**.
Interesting Details oeaeerning the Destruc
tion of tho Turkish Fleet.
Yirnka, DecembcHJO.
The Tricst Zri/tmg, containing the |
Constantinople correspondence o! the
12th, has rcached us. One writer states |
that the reports brought by the English
and French steamers from Sinope. had
caused the greatest consternation. Noth-,
ing is left of the Turkish ships hut heaps j
of fragments. Of the crew, which amount
ed to 5,000 men, at most, only 1,300 are
alive. The supineness of the Turks is j
considered inexcusable. From the 23d1
of November, three Russian ships of the
line, cruised during four days in sight
of Sinope. On the 29th, a reinforcement
of tlires three-deckers, two other ships
of the line, two frigates, and four steam
ers arrived, and on the following day at
noon, tlie Russian flagship summoned the
Turks to surrender. ?
The * * * correspondent of the ]
Triest Zcitung, who is an admirer of the
Russians, says it was not until the Turks I
had fired, that their adversaries began the {
cannonade, but this does not appear very
probable. For some time the Russians j
were completely sheltered from the guns I
of the strand batteries by the Turkish
ships, " and, as the liners fired from a
distance, they suffered very little from
the lighter metal of the frigates." Thej
Turks having at last cut their cables, and
let their ships drift on shore, the strand
batteries opened their fire.
The Russians then began to shell the I
town, which, with the frigates, was soon
in flames. 44 Thi6 was a fearful moment.
The sea of fire, the i oaring of the artil
lery, the continual explosions, and the [
fragments of human bodies which were
hurled about in all directions in the air,
formed one of the most fearful spectacles I
man ever beheld." The Turkish quarter |
was completely burnt, and the houses in
the other part of the town, where no
bombs had fallen, were perforated with
balls. The corpse of Hussein Ramsi
Pasha, the Turkish Rear-Admiral, was)
found in the water the next morning.
It is said (the writer is an Austrian)
that all the employees left the town ex
cepting M. Piijaniz, the Austrian Consul:
to whom the Russian Korni'.eff wrote,
principally attributing the the misfortune |
which had befallen the town to the ex-'
plosion of the ships, 44 which the Turks I
themselves had *?t on fire." It was]
added that the Russians bad no intention
to take possession of the place, their only
Object having been to put it out of the j
power of the Turkish fleet apain to con
vey ammunition to the coast of Circassia,
and 44 commit piracy." The Russian
fleet had left Sinope before the French I
and English vessels arrived; but eye-wit-1
nesses stated that it had not suffered'
much; as it was almost out of range ol
the gnns of the friga'es.
A British trader, which lay in the port
had two men killed by shots from the
Russian ships, and bein? subsequently
run foul by a burning Turkish frigate,
she was destroyed, iler captain and crew
who escaped say tliat the Turks 44 fought
like devils," blowing up their own ships I
father than they should fall into the hands
of the Russiaus. The ships of the line
poured in such tremendous broadsides
that the decks of the Turkish vessels were |
literally carried overboard. It is said
that Ilalii Pasha is to be ap[>ointed
Capudan Pasha, and that a violent quar
rel had taken place between the Seraskier |
and Redschid Pasha. According to ad
vices from Persia, the Russians have)
commenced their steamboat expedition
from tho Sea of Aral against Khiva and
Presence of Mind and ContAoi.?An
? incident, in which wolves are concerned,
shows what may be done by presence ot
mind and courage. "A perilous adven
ture," relates to the Major, "once befel nay
brother-in law James. He was a bold,
brave boy, of ten years old at the time,
and was on his return home with a pair
of oxen, with which he had been visiting
a neighbor, residing about six miles from
his father's hou.-e llis road lay by the
river shore, which was dnary enough in
the fall of the year and in the evening
hour; but the child was fearless, and saw
the deepening shades ?ink into night
without experiencing anythiug like ap
44 He was trudging on steadily, singing
cheerfully as he walked, when a sound
came on the nightwind that sent a shiver
i through the young pedestrian's frame.?
the war-cry of the wolves. At first hi
hoped that he was not the object of pur
suit,?but the hideous uproar came nearer
and nearer, and then he knew that he
[ must instantly adopt some plan for hi
44 His route lay by the river abore, and
he could swim well; but tho night wrs
I dark, and he might be hurried into the
rapids, and to be dashed to pieces on the
rocks was scarcely less dreadful than tc
be mangled and devoured by wolves. In
this extremity, the cliild lifted up his
brave young heart to God and resolved to
! use the only chance left him for escape.
So he mounted Bock, the near-ox, mak
ing use of his goad, shout>ng at the same
time to the animal, to excite him to his
Utmost speed.
44 In most cases the horned steed woult
have flung off his rider, and left him for
wolves1 meat without hesitation: but
Buck set off with the speed of a race
horse, as if fully aware of his young rid
er's peril. Nor was his companion less
nimbler. Fast, however, as the trio fled,
still faster came upon them the yelling
pack behind, and Jaases could em bear
Their Ions, hard t?Ho|i, which cnuM tire
The houM* <kep !>?<?? ? hunter's fire.
" Happily for him, old Buck heard it
too, and galloped on and on; but still the
wolves came nearer and nearer* I
shouted, to keep them off: the oxen al
most flying, their chains rattling u they
went. This clacking sound, to which the
hateful pack were unaccustomed, made
them pause whenever they came close
upon the oxen, while tlie latter redo*hied
their speed, till at length those gallant
racers left thr wolves behind, and finding
themselves within a short distance of
home, never sloped till they had brought
the brave little fellow safely in his own
Tun Seven Ages?Mas. Partikotok'r
Last Effort.?The New York Tribune
announces the arrival of the venerable
and worthy Mrs. Partington rn that city,
and gives an account of her visit to one
of the theatre* to witness the perform
ance of one of Shakspcare's plays. She
says a roan named Jake spoke a place
cahed "Seven Edges," and it made such
an expression upon her, that she learnt
it by heart, ilear her version:
All U?e a auge
And nit the mrn and wmnrn are merely pa*ee?grr? ,
Tiny Uarr th? ir u< ? and tlietr entry war*.
And "I.*- iiMii kerp* It me and pt>)'? U*? part ;
And nil lb' a?e# have aeven Nf??. Fh.?t the baby.
Mewing, fco , hi the iniriM't ?rnw ;
And ihen the ?uim:i| aebool b<>> with In* (?cratch
And rhinine mourning fact, running like a unail,
l"n? imngly to ncbo<4 ; Umni the lover.
Sighing like a founders with an awful bandage
Mtitf l<?r his nn??rf'mi' fy? hiow?; llmi Uie enldfr.
Ze.ilon* in horror. >cnil>U:uc a stick ut quarrel,
Seekmj: ?f?e Muhber refutation
Into ili? < .iHuon'a iimuUi ; then a juvltce of tbr peace,
In fair round telly nitli a good jpron lin*d ;
Hi? eye* mt and beard of f'?nual ewt,
Full Oi <<!:l I'?n?t*an? and modem mischances,
And ?o lie hrore> hH part; (be mxtli edge Maimer
Th# Hun and ?tij?jwfy pair of pantaloon*
With yoaUifui boee, well ?haved. a wurM Mo w tde
For the crook -hank } and (>ig liomelj ?o?ce.
Turning a gram totrarti* ht? people.
And nuzslm iu liih miihkI , and l.i<a of all
That ci*d? ihi? atrangc ex'-ntfnl hiwtory,
U secuud UuldialirieM and mere pavilma?
Sand*' t?*^th. Sand*' eyee, Hand*' meting, Sand*'
Tns Hungarian (jirairs.?The social
life of this outlawed race, now number
ing about 4.000, bears the impress ol
great moral depravity. Under a tent, or
in a narrow hut, containing one single
room, a whole family lives, however nu
merous, without any furniture, even
without a bed. In the middle of this
room, a fire, their never-failing compan
ion, burns alike in winter and summer,
over which hangs the large soup-kettle on
two forked slicks. Into it tbey throw
pell-mell all the eatables they procure
during the d?y, consisting of the most
curious inedley of gipsy dainties?from a
rotten egg to a dead cat. As noon as th?
boy eaters manhood, he seeks for a com
anion amongst the swarthy beauties of
is tribe, and after a short courtship
makes his pn?ponals to the object of his
choice, the consent of parents being not
much cared for by either of the parties.
On the wedding day, the bridegroom and
bride don their best apparel ?the former's
consisting of a hussar-clonk, probably
older than himself, of a red or green
oolor, furred and braided, aud on a Inch,
if the owner be wealthy, glitter large
sine or silver buttons. t"hc bride wears
a red petticoat of many folds, and a white
skirt with short, full aleeves. her hair and
neck adorned with copper coins.
If they sre not compelled to go to
chnrch, the matrimonial ceremony is
performed in a hut by the chief, or the
oldest father in tlie I and, the bridegroom
pledging his faith in the following man
ner : 4 I take thee for my hut-comi?au
ion ss long as thou ranst carry the szat
yor"?a sort of basket?that is to say,
till death: for a gypsy-woman is never
without her szatyor, in which she collects
all the odds and ends she picks up dunng
her ramb'.e6. Then comes feasting and
dancing, in which ea-'h member of the
tribe shaivs. 'n the third day, the- mer
ry-making U in mates, and the newly
wedded oouple build a hut, procure the
implements for iorging, and commence
their domestic life, with all its piquant
daily occurrences of beggivg, pilfering,
idling, kc. *"
Mrs. Jones " Aroind."?The Slam
ford Advocate contains the following spir
ited advertisement, which does its au
thorus infinite credit:
To tiif. Public : Whereas my Imsband,
Edward II. Jones, has falsely advertised
that I have left his bed and board, and
that he will pay no debts of my contract
ing, &c., thi< is to inform the public that
tlie afoiesaid Edward II. Jones bad neith
er bed nor board lor me to leave, he hav
ing been living at the expense of my fath
er ; and further, under pretence ol pro
curing money to pay bis way to Birming
ham, Connecticut, be borrowed a dollar
of my father, and with that paid for his
lying advertisement against me, and
even after this dastardly act, he took all
the money I had, and borrowed every
cent in my mother's possession, and left
town- For the past three months he has
been kept from nakedness and starvation
by the exertions of m}self and relatives :
he squandered in disipaiion all the money
his inborn lazin* ss would allow htm to
earn. Th? scamp need not hsve adver
tised that he would not pay debts of my
contracting, for the public well knows
that he would not even pay his own. He
is a lazy, ui.gratefid, loatiing scoundrel;
not content with living at tlie expense
of my relatives and borrowing their mo
ney, he publishes an outrageous lie.
His bed aud board, indeed! If led to
himself, his bed would be nothing but a
board, and 1 should not be much surprised
if the bed he dies on were made of loards,
with a strong cross-l>eam overhead.
Sarah A. Jones.
0^7" The following is published in a
French nespaper: " A poor shepherd of
the environs of Yvetot, father of a large
family, for whose wants he provided with
very great difficulty, purchased last sum
mer from a dealer in old clothes, furni
ture, Ac., an old B.ble. with a view to
oocupy his leisure evenings during the
present winter. On one evening, as he
was turning over the leaves, he noticed
that several of the leaves were pasted
together- He immediately set himself to
work to separate those leaves with great
care; but one can scarcely form a con
ception of the surprise of tlie man, when
he found thus carfully enclosed, a bank
bill of Ave hundred francs ($100.) On
the margin of one of the pages were writ
ten these words:
44' I gathered together this mooey with
very great difficulty ; but having none as
natural heir but those who have abso
lutely need of nothing, I make thee, who*
iw shall reed thiaKble, nay Mr.'"

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