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15 published every afiek>oon,
Jt lAe Ofirr, on D threct, near 13fA, nearly tfyo
n!e iXi /rr.'i'c Hotel,
Br wallach & HOPE.
tj ? n>>'cri't> in ihf citi*m of Washh|ftoii9g<?orgii
town, Aieiaatfiia, ba!iioirtre and I li iadrlpbri, a
ct 10 rvr antrum, payjhe?."IX cents?wetl
jy lin: a^ata. To mail ?ub?tiibcr? ihf? unit
5 rnt^n pncp i-tuijke DOLLARS AND trpl v i
, ? \ r>* n y-ar i-i wi-cim*, two DOLLARS fV.r
j. \ m<?ntiis, ansl ON'c DOLLAR for tllree
>T ?NTM!s. sisgt,* r irir o~rr. czx-.
k> new* jv
oiitii?id ?>
tkjuk *?
suific copy,per uuaw
, T? cl*??.
rive eopif*
! tpii rto
twi im ?fc*...........
mr(riiitt in 4ii> ?*
cu| i<* (til 'v, >p;? i ?
at the equator, uami.^au ;> ai;u t
| paper. fritc-rtauu. umi.
p??t*aftf.*? who ai-l a.*
'??inmi??if>* ol im - niy jwr fi*.
ksdicines which never fail to
Dr. J. S. RiVE is an honorary member of tl??
i'li f.ad-'lph: t M?.',;?*! j'-i'-i.-ty, aud ?radoat<a
ia >. a t if I t;T'T-:*y ,-,f Pvoasyl v?mn, under
r>; th- truly eminent Profi-s-ors Phvi
i-i, C ? ? ?"? Gi'-<">n, C'J-K". James and Hr.ra,name?
? i r " us-.-!ieal science. IViaj solicited 1 y
jr' - f M-p-.ticnt* to put up ??? Preparations.
10 T rs to i:..' pyhHc. ..5 the rr?::'ta of his ex
x,,"' : rt&epMiIfcirtyj?io^U?Mhwlm vM
? ?.;? F.-'-i'y lwtidnw^ ?dk orie sailed to a at
ctcdi^ix: .
p*. J. ?. r.????'? *inro: -? asd fccvMommco Cos
W.t- T'lj jt'eai.- t <li-??stpry in ta> i! r u science
Tv- ?ni.=h:ac ?-??7">-:t'0n Tor r.ii?in; up a *'.->k
1 a tikm jfMwtftl by nn,labor, sd-.; iy or di<
ea?. f : li1:? a .-'nr .j. It ^ve< *ftvn??h ?n?l aj.p -
tit,, -ni | WW a great i:ivi ;-.r itia-r pray U?.
K - II 1-' I'.- i- aM v?rT4U; A'' FlattJ
lcu -. II?trt B'iru, R. '.!e-.su?<s, Xunbcess, Neural
fix, ?-.? I.i? th-j a:il #:. '.us pow?r to the
tvh ' ? >-t -i. It is almost mi.acal.'us in its effort,
ti-j oec;'- a 1-j: Je.
do, y m -will !i*. 1 inin !'.-t-* relief by usi.;?* Dr. J. S.
1'. i;:'? Pt:1! Cmsit. It is the only prepsmG in which
rui'.'< almost ins'antly ?:>ra Throat. IUienTmti?Tn.
frt'.rt Coils. Pains in iha skli, back or limbs, Fare,
Ear or T ?>th:?' h??. atoma-h or Side or Hack,
SU.f X'-vi, Eruivis, Coras and Chilblains. Whoro
eier you have piiu, use the Pain Carer, safe to ail
ages. Price 12} 25 and 50 i ts.
Thf fc 't C->wjh Oyrup in tht World.
Dr. R -o'.>Ce; sr..i\T2D Cough Sraup gives iminfli
at'-r- 'ief t- t? the warst C-ouirh, vrhe.lKr C'iisump
t-r-' t>r pro- ? iin; frxn ?* ?*?>!?!. It ?.!!ars any irri
11''-:: of th- Iya:i4?, an>l fortift:-.* th<* ?ys(.-in ugaia-t
fut-ir:- r?fIn Mtt!"s at 50 cent.* an- 1 $1.
Cri Ir n nre ".1-olialile to Croup, whi-'h Jingerou?
fi> nyi< I '?? imi 'li^toly t ? l)r. J. Koii'S .XiVts
T\ ? ffMH?? Strit. Price" 2S n>nts.
\Vh-?->pini Cj'irh. ?n'>t!i">r pimnbiat, ftlTraTf1
w r8-- in c<-' i unJ 1 i'tp w-vtuer. Th- tin?i
grvat r-!iff in the u?j ol Dr. J. Ross's ff 11 wi'in;
C ik.h Shi'?, wh:*-h aW.iy* reiieTt-s an! prfT Tt.=
the di-wn-e from r>innins; Into o?her .??irh
i>i inla'n'ition < i the l^nn"*, Drop-'y in theCh .-st,
an 1 Consumpuou. Priw 5\? cents.
Da. J 9. Rose's Compou^b FLm> Ettr\ct or
Bonn-?Th;? i-? le.:i.leJly one of the he.^t renoilie
ever u?.>'| fir.Ji'vau.w of the kMncys, M fi ler &c
1 *u? f 'r * uJfctioris; aUays highly r*W
1 by the latj Dr. Hhysie, au l mnv of th ?
m??>t .ua'u,. a^.1 med. il ma abroad. P.ice 60
Da. J. 3. Roar's G >ip.^ Pr.-j for FiUinn of th
W.,a\ t- ?na;e \Veaine.?, DeWii'j, and Relaxation
i ** ?"'# ,iO cent5.
n' V! ,.*' VJC'1 F^?'= S?E-tnc.-A rem-dy f,r
, ,!^ ;:^:on,Ic!ic.rrl..ucrWLi.M. vrice
on -
Tho_ Lu ar beinj tha largest gian l in the humau
JT? 'F? 'V'* m"W frc juen ly deraiv^i than any other.
Th-" i".hnr4 dy.?p -pen, cv>n<:ipHti"B, eolu* fvet, nnil
, ? Gk- <kin h^.-3nje-? yellow, tha spirits
;? n I in- re is a ^reat aveoiou to socicty. Re
p i'at.* ib-livr, an 1 yt).? correct all th s? oils ?
XtM?su-e.-t pr-p -.rati >n< to tske are Db p.e,E'i Cf.le
HP.iTrlSi iUlLK ?V0 .JK Axri-lilMuUd Fil.LS. Tiiey ratTV
0.f the hile. -?a J .-oon gire ap^-tite naa .strength,
ill- Diii>i?,i\COHPouxo shiiul l bo takra where h
per;,,, : lw--n tr.-uhied with di'pepiiia f .ra i>?n^
tun;.?! rice ? ) cent v. llui f<r colds, hilious habits
i.vt'-,Ke .'!?-? U?a's Asti-Biu jus or Ran
SLJA3 l ILL5, 1 -/j ? J CUItte per 6jX.
All of the al)*Te preparatioiw, with Dr. RoseV
. Jdrwr to per^in siekne^s r,niin Health. I
t"? !??? lin 1 ?.?f /. ?;i!?n;iu, Charles Str>tt X C?>.? W.
II. f 1 lim'it:, .! ih;i \- Nairn, I'^ttprjon ,t Nairn
M rr. - n, T. Kvins. Ki.lw<>II A I -<w
r"1"' ll- : .1 L. Kidtr. II.
?; >r; ,.a.n; a;. I oj nil d-.-a-ers ia .*lex: ndria, Vlr
sep 24
1 lie Great Purlfltr of tlie Blood!
Ay' a Par'iclc of Mercury in il.
A^I^vrtM!r.r Rkmeot f-.r Serofala. Kinjf's Evil. Rheu
mV.iTj. OhjtinnteCntane -us Eruptions. Punr.h sor !
Pustu!>*< ?iu the Fart, Biotc'ws, Chronu-?! ore
Kyes. |;,n<r Worm or Te'ter, ^k|.| Head, Kn'arire
nvn' and Pain ot the l^?n< -= an j Joints, Stubborn
Ulcer.-, Sjrphiliti.: Disorders, Lnsib-i^o. Spinal Com-1
pla'aLv, an 1 :??! t?i~ -ast-.- tri-in^ tr>:n au injud'cions
u?e of Mercury, Iaspradenee in Life, or Impurity of
toe tticm}. j
T!"3 raluable M.-H-.-ine, whi-h ha* become-elo.
I br .t l tor th- Ri:..b?r of extraonlinnrr ear- s
e r ,-te.l through its a;-:i'-y, h i-- ir>! n c 1 the pr..i,rie
t attii - ur- u?. r tue-l oftiieir frieud . to off.-r it 1
tr -h- puMie. wht-h th y .J . with :!,? nfmost cunt:- i
djase ia in rirtues nu-1 wajfrful enrn>iti> proper
? . I?- ' * *??: t?5 -ates, seiweted iix.ui a i;ir-.e
aurajer, aru. hjvv ver, sir-.a^er tfsthn mj than the
ia -re ?? ?- ! t ihi- propri -nirji: an 1 are ail from "en
ti.-:a -1 w..;i Jtnowu in their hr al liei. ;,n ! of thi. hizh- 1
e-t r ? ?'jility, many ofth m reaidinX in the city of I
iti?u:uoud, ^ a.
K BOYDLV, Esq., of the Exchange Hotel, Rieh
m >n t. known ev^ty where, s^.tm he li t- s-. n the Medi- I
? -i -all d OiKtra's .Sfaxi,it Mittcre, administer'"! '
l .?nriTahur. Ir 1 mivi. inn-arlv :,!! the. diseases f,.r !
w " ' ~?"c '? " ! w th tham? -t a-:<.nish;i>"lT i
EJi U ""'a " Ls ^ extra.rdiuarj
??di''in^ ne dfer sjcii. !
r-r'.ily th?- r r three y?ar- I h:; 1 Ague and Kerer of i
U !U "t vL.'nt JwnptK-n. I had several Phyu
rni-.to v !-.r.er.mn.!t,e-.?f ??,j5nine. Mer.-ury an-'
I . Tor.i 1 adrertiscl. but all without
p ?-Tini n' r.dief. At last I tru-d Cart-^3 Spani-h
-l.TTurv t ro !?>ttle^< f wh<eh eSectuallr cur 1 ni ?
an 1 I ???il hi,?.?j- to s-.y I hav9 h t1 neith.-r i hills or
I-!TT r , :.^r 'c tb"f,est T,uic i:< ??!<?
? -1, "??d iue only meL?m? that erer reached mv
e v -I ? JOHN LONGDEN. '
B -ar-r D ,m, n^r RKhmoni. Ya.
C. II- LUCK. E-t-, now ia the tify of Richmond.
anJ tor m?ny y a ;p tLe PostO?-e, iun such.eonfi- !
d, :i- tn !..< .i.i^ effl.-u-y of Carter's ^panu>h
M'l.ure. t<:-Ultv 1?.is h>u;ht i;; wanto i.f '?'? bo*tloi
* m ii he hv- --iv- 'i away to theaOktoL Mr. Lurk
,,r ^ ***** iiaowu it to fail when taken aceord
iii r t > 1-ractions.
I>r. V! v i a praet!?in-? PhysHan, ain! ftrmerly
Pt the City Hotel, in the city rt' Ktchm nd. s.av.-' he
/ 1 if! * :iU < ? in- Lances the effeJta of
C . i ? 1 .dixtuiv, Kiii h weroniorf t -ulysur
F-1H iyj in a -*a-eoi"Consumption,de|K-ndeut
OttU: .*?'*?*r, U, 4 .j.l eieoti Wore womi rrful indeed.
. / X>4L1(Kl* >! DRINKER, of th- firm of Driuker A
Morr.-?. I.i- naion l, w.neur?l of Lirer(!ora; ':?i,?t of S
years staodimr by the u^eof two bottles of Carter's
J1,'an: h M.jUm.
GKKa : ct RE OF SCROFULA.?The Editors ol
41 ?' I '' (''iV: 1.1 h ,1 a ??-r".'.int employed in
1. ?rpr..<- r*..n.^ate-l of violent Su-ot'ala, rombined
j. tin oi:n which entirely di.-af>!.-| him troni
w-i It )s .t C r: r's Spmi di Mixture made
f '. " " '.i :t"n ' :i? a nubli' nr
? n-a!,/ r?*->MB'ae ?d <t torll whoare
k m i ,iay il.^a..; o: :'.o lilj.-i."
>VI.:L:. ? IER CL.iE OF aCIiJFULA.?Ihat
a x -. j v;i;.,? ?ic boy ture.i of * t-ufola by Cartr'i
1 *'T WLiture. 1 cu-i iK- it truly a Valuab!.
w :. :,! -. 1 \ y i>; M. c.\ VLOU, Couductor on the
it. r. a i. R.c..., R;.-:,m Jt,i, va..
tr. . : !\* THOM^AjN, re'i lTag ia the city o:
r<-Va<Vil, Was c :r-l by tL ?? o .rti^ of Carter's
> . <-? h Mittir., ?-f 141. urn, whieh Le hat
?p<t fri.1 win-h all the physician?
t -? -i'y r Ji-j not e:,n?. >lr. Tnonp- ii a well
Z?r"T" ni "?" h '"?* ?? -1" ?*-tr of Richmond, Ya, fcUJ
E'* " ^ ; ii : 1 : ? ?i i.-, ,b.' .
"/J A 'I VfTilEvYsi, <f Richmond, h-.d a ser
7' - "? "jrlhiliin the worst firm, by Car
*?P^nish Mlxtaza. He ?\y? he ahturfnily re
"* * * ?) ai?^* C-*T.. UO.M i, an iuviuujiti^ mcdi.
1 "?r
':[ Af.r) E. V/i'T. f E'rhnionl, ir:.s cure ! r '
S.. 111!-. :.il rI y ,1 i.ess eallol cunS'Tied Con
^ v ..j of t. *a. r c ?jta.iioh ilii'
i:jWi.i PURIOV, eo.n?n;vn i:nr of thsn'Tenue.
?.vs ii- :\-i a t'. ? >i e'r"*:s r s .*p n>-h
' i ?>urei'i m. jiVvu! cypli.^ilie ? ? 'e?. aud says U
i? a j -.if'l !. ? ; r that r. ..vi'.ilc dl-yxse.
W)l -. II IK WOOD, . :?> un-?:t I. e iwd nf old
-?vi L. ? - -. *' v*? : dlaaUsd htm fnw
i o.i -? . f.r (' -rt "'s * ?a ti ll iitture, :ilid
>*-ra' 1 in v . w.'.'iMat a tr xl., in a jhort |
taa perm i..-at:/ e.trcd.
>?; v >t I. WARD, Cii Wii <i CO., No.
Sj " 11 L?ia ' <? -* V t.k.
. l'? i > - ; ,. 1:2:,' clhs- r.sd licet,
I i. "ini.
>? ? ?? 1 *. i-i.r'IvvN No. Yi.% Mciu street, Uich
Ci .J, Ya.
Ai.j r-r -1- by c'l YRLuS .Yatli'.o^too.
P-C.; ili. ? P.i* Alexandria, and hy Dru,^i'-'s
'"" I- per Uctt'.r, cr six bottle* fcr |3.
?"t> 1 !-j
''r l?'?lt'? rumptiaiid Pcacii Syrup.
' J' i'-i C' up un 1 u->w cta'di-hed in i>iaver?al la
t ? 'if r. .?"*noivl.-l. J aie..t, fur Ci? 1 i:re o!
c .-. croup. Iex./;nx<*ou;h, and every dig
*?>"y ol tr, ?. ,-fw: an.l lun.-s is wlflJont a par-Gel.
Kvery i?; ;/ -M-jl-i -tdy t'e ii-^UrS WKii a
* ?- J ?? Or. si :r# i.Wii jjYR'JP. f) be u id S.
a r -
' - ?? ? ???-.' ?' (J. St .'.f, D.J!. Ckark*, W.
y <J. K. I'-vu, ./. ii. .^i.-tse, >S\ki.-', T, .
rl:i,r, aol l>y j:-.? Dru.',-.-:U (i'< n?*rs.liy
w "'tilitMf.., G -town, Alex- n-tr!?, aud liichr
ic 'i i.
1 -'i ? t*.-i:y-?ve p-.r bcttle.
?e :.u
JlmtUi ta Moulh UsUxumjf by sn,ir of ?.'<? th'-'ts
aads cured ly Hampton's Vty l ibit Tincture.
PAI.P1T\T10X or I Hg HE^RT.
I'okt U- vai., Ya , July 27tb. 1S.32.
M?W. Mirtimw ft Mowbray i Gents?We have
again to I ? ?r>l r for m~>n: of your trulv wer
derful ??Hsmr'on's Vege'abie T inctur**." Hnca jt
was first tried i" h is sold without an effort, and we
hav? r.ot p vn the tir-t per.on who haj not lx'en
greatly beuctUUd by its use. A g? utleman of our
neighb>rh-v>d was indm-ed to try the Tincture for a
v:<>l?nt J a'pitatioYi of tit" heart. lie bud suffered so
mu h from it tl.a' ii^ sal 1 he had prayed for dra h.
II- had taken liul t^ree !os?h when he .a-wural u?
he would riot fa'1? five hirdrrd dollars for the ben
etft lie hal di-dvwl, and the: he shoa'd ne.it cease
to r rai islri u- with israiitule for calling his atten
tiou to so va'.uible a IS .'Heine. Tour? truly,
deaarf. of imitations
Aik f>r "Hampton's Yegetah'e Tincture." The
aiiny cures mn'V' hjr this pleasant an. safe remcay
may ialm:e counN'rlcltiag.
A Medicine mast ham merit, and great mciit to>,
to stand tht; test of public opinion. No art of puffing
can galvanize a worthies* article, to ast.okeepit
up a i a gco * m i I'cine it It bo r>o? really so.
A QOOD MBDIClXii wid lire, brcome ptpnlar,
and e^teud iu a'cs year after year, ia spite of op
p<, ati an. The people readily Bad out its virtue',
and th? fame of them pass's from mou'h to mouth
with more rapidity than newspapers can spread it.
A liviag witness tesU..sng to the cur<j a ciciic'ne
hx< made for him is of f.tr more servicc thau any
n -w.-ptvper advertising.
In proof of wiiit w? sr" above, we refer you to
The \V-fenf T. B* Grocer. 76 Pearl street,
cured of Roeumiitisui i f 3 years' standing; all other
remedies fiile t.
H'? M Oldham, (late of the Custom houso) dwel
ling 12) I'iae st, ot Dyspepsin, great debility perma
neatly cured.
IK A. fi?hiffer. V q., on? of the oldest Mad*
trates aud most highly r.'?p?c able citizens, cured of
great weakness aid restored to robust health.
JirrrJt Jlummrr, 133 R. Flal imo.re street, suf
fered intjnsdy for si t years w.th hip disease and
mercurial rheumatism; curoiafter all other rcme
dies failed.
Spjc will nrl p'rmil to name hunIreds of other?
is deo. IV. Goodrich, Capt Thomas Canot, Robert
'Jault, James Smyth, cared of Rheumatism.
John Pervail. ?. A. Orirtin, John Luke, Bev. V.
Kkridife, U S. X., and thousand* others curtrl <1
Uysp 'i^ia, S.;rofula, Coa^li, Liver Com; laints, Uron
?!iiti.-. ?*t. Vitus' D?ne>% Ac. AVe refer ycu to your
own citUins. Call on th-m.
Mr. TLmry C Winn had a cou :h for 5 years; groat
weakness, &e_, had. in all 5 or 6 physicians; tried all
their rwme lies, but was fifed only l>y
I>It. IIAMTTON', the author of this ?reat 'dlHmp
ton's Vegetable Tincture," is in hisSythyi?r. in good
health. To that it will b? seen it is not an article got
up to imp ose on tht? public.
Call and ?et pamphlets gratis, with history of dis
i-overy of this wonderful Blood Purifier, and see cer
tificates of our own citizens, of Ilheumatisni. Dyspep
sia, Scrofula, Livir Cumplaiut, General Weakness,
Xorvou.-'ncs--, Ac.. Ac.
9*- gold by MORTIMER * MOWBRAY, 140 Bal
timore street, Baltimore; au 1 3 1 Broadway, New
LIOTT, and II. MePUERSOX, Washin.2? m;also by
R. 6.?. Cfd^KLL,Georgetown; aui C. C. BERRY,
Al-.'xandria, and bv Druggists everywhere.
jan 12?tf
'1' HE proprietors of the alr-ve valuable specific for
I the hair, feel warranted in pre enting it to the
public as ' ru of tli ? m"st efficient r*r>P!lic;s for p;>;
tial b il ine-' , disuas-*! hair, and as a safe and sne
e-sful "tenor itor of wa^'ed and d"caved locks, for
changing crey hair to if-s first and natural cl?r
promotiug the gr:wth auu b autifying its texture,
an I imparting increased rigor and a heal .by aetior
t" tli? bulbs. I! has l*en f#unl eminently sU'-eei.1
tul. Jt has acquired a reputation in the populou.
aud weiltliy city of New Vork, which will iloubt est
be widely extended over the wb'-.le Union. A few
bottles of-Van Deo en's Improved Wahpene"' faith
tully uscil, a-eoroiug lo the directions given, will
lieynn l all doubt, chaace the unsightly silver liai:
of th -aced a< well as th.; young to its fir>t color
giv- it a'so a rieh and gl>ssy appearance, and alt ?
gether impart a new aad beiutiful apj>ejrance t<
the whrde he'.d.
For sale by W. H. Cilman. Chas. Stott A Co^ an<'
Kidwell A Laureuce, Washington; aud J. L. Kid
wellj Georgetxwu.
DAY A YAV DKUSFV. Proprietors,
dee 19?f,m 123 ChamWrs street. N. Y.
healing and restorative properties of thi
X valuable sp^-ilie h..ve now been 8atisf:ietorily
??t iblished. It? 'lenefieial and curative effeetn hav*(
b-eri fully fe-ted *n the rem -val of tho c intlsmatcr.
aceumulsitions, which a,o formed on the surface o:
-kin, known as .^Jin=, bruises, boils, wounds inflict
ed by cuts, and other external gatherinirs. lor in
flamed eyes. Ca'arrh ou lite head, the bleeding Piles.
Sea sickness, and Autumnal and oilier fever', h i
'.'U9 ' i' the most certain and etfei'tive remedies. In
?""nally tak-n a^re-able direction*, it is safe an't
mild, and immodiatu in re'ioviog sick headache
Dia- rhea, bleeding at the nose, aud excessive Il?in
orrhage from iut rnal <--uptious and injuries from
loi fu'I an-l phl'-thoric a habit <>f the bofly.
for sal- by W. II. Oilman, Clias. Stoit'.t Co., and
Kid-veil i Lawrence, Wasuiugton; J. S. Kidwell.
DAY k VAX DK03EV. Proprietors,
d -clO?6m. lia Onamij jrs street, N. Y
vauia. avenue :;nd HUi street, Washington, and
JOnX L. KIDWELL, High street, Georgetown, D
C.. comprising in part:
Dr. Jayn^t- family Medicines?Dr. Rose's Family
Medicines?Wi-tar's Balsam of Wild Cherry?Aycrs
Cherry 1*.coral?Sands'and Towsand's Sarsaparil
la?A. tl.andJohu Bull's do? Rose's and Scliwai'tie's
do? Milhau Wixer Cali.-.tya Bark?Wolf s Aromatic
Scheidaiu Schnapps?Kidwell's Uxtraet Beech l*ops
?Walt's Nervous Antidote?OsgoM's India Cholo
gogue?Uowand'sTonic Mixture?Hampton'^ Yegeta
We Tincture?Green's Originated Bitters?Ilo-'tl.^nd't
German do?Blake's and Gannon's do?Kushton's
an t Siuie's Cod Liver Oil. together with all the aiod
a|>proved molicir.es of the time.
Agents f r thj sa'e of.Seymour's Galvanic Abdoroi
R"1 S<'v fiionr's';t>?tetri<'al Supiictters, aud
jdrs. limit's AI'domioal L'lcro Supporb-rs.
A fresh suppiy of Saratoga aud Bedford Water,
se? 30
U it AT l!?I
A FEW w:'nls on th^ rational treatment, without
Medicinw, of Sp -rmatorrhsa, or Local Weak
ness, Norvous Debility, I?ow Spirits, Lassitude, Weak
ness of the Limbs and the Back, Indisposition, and
Tnnapicity for Stvdy and I-ihor, Dullness of Appre
hen?i'>i?, I, .<s of Memory, Aversion t > Society, l*;vi
of Solitude, Timidity, Self-Distrust, Diz/.btos?. Head
A< !ie, Inrolunt iry jJisoii-irges, Pains in tbeSile, A1
tV-e:i,iw of the Eyes Piutpli? on the Facv, Sesuai and
other Infirmities in Mau.
From the r'revxk <?/ Dr. B. D-Lan^y.
The important fact that these alarming wmplainfc
may esLsily be removed witlutut mftliciiif. is in thi.
-liwll Lract, clearly demonstrated, and the eotireiy
new avd highly MiccessfuJ treatment, ns adopted by
the Author, fully explaine 1, by int'ans of which eve
ry one is enabled to cure himso'f perfectly, and at
the Ija-t p-j -ible cos*, avoiding (hereby, ail the ud
vei'.iscd nostrums of the day.
Sent to any address, gratis and post fre*?, in n
seah u ouveb pe,, by remitting (post paid; two postage
stamps to Pr. B. DeLAX2Y, or lioi 109, Broadway
Post Ofl e, N. Y. nov 8- om
j On THURSDAY, the -9thinstant,
I will crunmencx running two liner
if <?MN!KI1SSKS between Alexan
dria aud U<M>uiagtou( 1 ivinir Alexandria fit
'iWt in the niorr.i'ig, and 'i'^ in the afternoon,
connecting with I'm trains leivia; Washington nt 6
?'v'ock in th* in rniuir and 5 in tin' j-.ftcru'jon. Re
Hrmny, lei:e Wafhingti.n on the arrival ot the
t: i ns from Baltimore, in time in the morning tc.
(Vliuect wi'h the i'ra!i_-u a .d Manassas Gup train
fr<*? l Alex . ?dr; i, at SoVi'h-k.
Px-ssng ???9 wi<*r'T?r si?.ts in this l?ne. will leavi
their rames an.I :v-ih?ti' i with Dr. James Entwis
t>. A!e\ in'Jri *.. ni at the Ir\ ing House. Washing
ton. corner f?f 12th it i*-t ami fi-nnsyivania avenue
The laorn'ng lin-; wi i ."all for -si ngers within any
reiNon :V.edijita*;ccs in Uther jity.
? ; Kit-fla. U'M. WTIALKY.
RiCSPE'Tl'FL'l.LY inform citizens and stran d's
, tb**t they have always on hand n large assort
ment oi Wigs and Toupvts, and made to order at the
?Ii- rf -st noti<*?*.
A ^llv^r Medal has Ishjii aw?id "1 to them by the
Amerir m Ii.pUtute oi .\ew York, lor the best speei
m u Of fieuts Wigs.
?\ i? rmrcrs would do v. iU to girt them a
Copy the a'.ires?.
National Hot i. 6;h ?t, Washitptoa, D. C,
tai IV Alaidi'u J^ane. New Ycrk.
dec '4?Sr i
4 N'UTIJKIt - ,o; ly oi thosH beaky silk under G:ir
_l\ m-iits, ws'.l and cott'?n ditto.
tilk, WofJ, \ c.vct, *:i(j Cotton KoLes de Cluimbre,
Heavy 3hawl<, an 1 other p.ood? suited to the season,
at MUliE'.S
jan C?if Wiilt.rd's ilotel.
1TVISII to iafcrm my friend* aud the* public gene
rally that I hivea lar?? stock of Oetman and
French Toys and fancy Bexc*. Also, a iren-ral as
sortment of Confectionery and fruits, Raisins, Al
monds, Filberts, Prunes, Ln&Ii-h Vt'alnuis, Fig?, Pe
can Nut', and He a Nit's.
tium, Chocolate, Strawberry, Ro?e-bdd. Fine Ap
ple, <Jmug.". Applc^jlaspborry. Bottie, Jenny Lied,
Vcrni'Ia, Pear, nn4 TT.ctar Brops. Pearec Bails.
Also, constantly on l and nil kinds of Candy and
Cake*, nt wholesale and .-eta'l.
Parties served at ttie shortest notice by
High ft., near Bridge nt., Georgetown.
dec It ?
F. 8. HARB\ltl.\,
nov IS?tf
Sasii. blind, door and mouldin-o MANU
FACTORY.?The subscriber having ju.'t com
pleted the nl>ove establishment, and furnished it
throughout with nw machinery of the very best and
mo t improved style, ia now prepared to manufac
ture in tho neate t and best manner, and upon the
most reasonable term*, nil descriptions of Sash,
Itliuis, Djors, Bud Mouldings, and to Ureas Flooring,
Weatlierboar ling, 1c. All the apove articles always
on hand, for sal-. JOSEPH 1- 9KM VIES,
nor 14?d3m Goort-etowo. D. C.
English, French & German Fancy Goods,
No. U Exchange Place,
au-lR-tf ALEXANDRIA, Va.
At our Store, corner of Baltimore and H-Miday sis,
I hill ?more, Ml.
\\TE offer to the publ e. at low price?, a large as
7 y Fortoientofidd an 1 rare. n<-w and secondhand
11 jOKS in every department of science, religion, li:
cratu'c, and ;urt. Auitng our collection of second
hand bocks will be found some of the most curious,
rare and valaab'e worfcs of the 15th, 16tli, lrt'u, and
IStli centuries, on almost every branch of Lumaa
rcarca Works on religion. history, biography, voy
ages, and travels, Fcienc. the drama, poll'ic~, criii
?i law, medicine, poetry, heraldry, philosophy,
manners and customs, Ac.
Our Modern Book* i? composed in part of a very
fine collection of Law JJcoks, new and second hand,
many of v. liich arj now nearly out of print.
Also, a largo assortment ef Medical Book?, and
1000 vols of School and C'assical BOOKS, and abtmt
1000 late NOVELS, second hand, which wo sell at
half ih?; pub isher's prices
Also, Blank, Bill, and Pass B30KS, Stationery,
Ink, Pens. Portfolios, C?"ds, Ac.
An assortment of Mi.'cellan^otu Bc.ok= will by
found valuable, well selected and chcap. AYLiirt
the publi" may dt?pcnd on na 1- r supplying them
with nil the New Bojks of any merit, as s?:on as pub
lished in England or America, at tlie very lowest
VALENTINES, Envelop 3, Noto Paper, Mottoes, Ac
A E we have given our attention f>r the last year
Isrpely to the manufacture of Comic un 1 Sectimen
tal VALENTINE, our assortment (now on hand and
o,v n for emmiuation) wiil be f u id one of the most
beautiful ;>nd extensive in this country. Our prices
are tij.e i at tlowest cash pricc?.
Any person vistting tni? c ty far anything in our
line of bn iu would do well to cxamin-: our stjik
aud learn our p:icc3 before purchasing elsewhere.
102 Baltimore st., cor. Holiday st., Bait. Md.
jin 5?tf
Finr Watches and Jewelry, Silver
P1?<?'1 Ware, Fancy (<ooi!k, &c.
220 llJlimorc corner of Charles,
nov 29-dtf B vtnvonE. Mn.
The undersigned desires to ^
call the attention of pun ha
? ii u it n ^r* to his stock of PIASO^.I?5Sm'
i " JE u ?consiisliug of 6, Cjrfj, C^, ?i:d
7-octaves, with or without metaiiu tirtines. 'ihese
r-jauoj nr? remark-ib'e fe,r trrca1' power of tone, from
the lowest to the highest cotes, with an elastic and
reaily touch, being suited to any perforin<TS. MU
SIC t r pianos, an-1 all other Musieal Instruments
?onstantly on hand and received as ifoofi as publish
i. TLe trade supplied oa lilx-ral terms.
No. 223, Baltimore street, Baltimore, Aid.
oc 19?ly
VTm. KtM^E. U. Gaekle. Ed. Bftts.
First Premium Cratul and Square
jtfSgia KNABF. GAE11LB A CO.. manufactur
f | ! j | ?ers. \os. 4, 5, 9, and 11, Eutaw street.
Baltimore. K. & U. wouid respectfully vail public
attention to the great variety of their 1 it ON FRAME
PIANOS, constantly finishing, which for durability,
Iclicacv of touch, brilliancy of tone, they believe ate.
aot surpassed by any now manufactured. In addi
tion to the first Premium awarded them by the Ma
ryland Institute in 1843 titid 1519, they have received
the highest encomiums of the most eminent artists,
who used these Instruments for their Conceits. Al
so. of our Grst class Professors and Amcteurs in the
e'.ty, who h iv- highly recommended them.
ear PIXNOS lliRKD. oc 14?ly
J. J. WlfK A BROTHER Manufac
turers of (Jrand Square and BuuJoir
PIANOS, request special attention rt Female Pian
ists to auea', simple, and convenient mcth' d of ad
justiug the same Piano to any degree of touch (heavy
or light) the performer requires. Touch beiug the
principal mesns of playing the Piano, it should be
agreeable and equal the elasticity of the lingers.
Call and see it. J.J. YVIiE & BRO.
oc 8? 3m
T'ODD ?t CO., Browns' Hotel, Pa. avenue, in
vite the attenttou to their ei tensive and unri
val !??! assortment of
of every description?consisting ot Long Flat Pons,
Palatines, Polciaise, Victorines, Pillcrinus, Cuffs, Ac.
And other styles, as recognised by ta.-te aud f.i?h
on. dec 1)?
VS it has bnconie very fashionable witliin the last
few years f<?r other merchants to sell their
gmds at co.-t at two eea-ons of the year, we fee! dis
posed to givo our customers as good lxtiyains sf
others, a ml we will offer our entire stock, wli<ch ??
the largest iu tie District, at prime jost. Nothing
ra<>re will he asked and nothing less will be tafc.fn.
All tfootls cbarg'.d will be at the regular pr ce. This
u the lir.-t time wo have offered our stock at OfEt
since Wi have been In business, and would not do 3l
now if it were not that wh are determined < tb?rs
sLall have no advantage ovt r us in business. 11 ycu
want bargains now is your chance.
jau 4?dlOtif. HALL A BROTHER
IX eonso^uuuee of the ceiling of our s*oro havlnj
fallen down, and as we tdiall compeilHl to
suspend bufincss until the rtipairsare made, we have
come to the coi?;lu?h,n to off_r for oue month our
entire stock ot GOODS at piiuie <x.?t, for casli only,
without the reservation of a single arti< lc, which ot !
i'ers to purchasers iu luo nients which have never i
before been presented in this city. 1 he public niay !
tally rely on g-ttiug e/cry article offered precisely at I
\Ya c^iil attention to th* following :
4 4 pUid Silks, J1 75, worth
Plain Silks, all colors.0.S eent-?, worth $1 25
Frent h Jlerinos,87, $1, worth $i, $1 25. $1 60 ?
5(Kl pairs Kri ueli Corse s, $s '?), wrtb $1 50
Cloaking Cloths, all colors, $2,'worth
TOO pairs unilertltovcs, great tacrdice
l,0ou Collars, bought at auetiou.
5tM) ShawlF, uicst of which will be sold at less than
cost. R.W.CARTER,
Opp. Centre Market, betw> en 7th and 8th sis.
AH persons indcblel u? us are respeetlully requob
ted to call and settle their accounts.
jail 3?1 Ot
EI. Hit UOTEIiER, Practical Lias-Fit
ter and Plumber,
SjulhtC'it corner ofTJi and U ttreeit,
IS rr??p?r^l at all titr.es to supply the public gene
rally with OAS VI'lTINQS and FIXTL'LkS, rl
the latest ?tyle= a ad patierns, on tho ciort reason
thie terms.
Churches. IIfth!?. or su7 public or Trivatu fcuild
ings, fitted up with OAS PIPES and FIXTURES at
the shortest potioe.
Sole Agent tor Dr. Kidder's JWck? Gas Regulator,
which for economy and superior light, should be pos
sessed by all consumers of gatt. eep 22?tf
Such as Constipation. inward Plic-s, Fullness of Blood
to the Head, Aridity of the Stomach. Nausea,
Heartburn, Digest for F<*xl. Filling or Weicht in
the Stomach,Sour Eructation*, S?inkinjc or Flutter
ir.g at the Pit of the Stoma b, Swimming ol the ,
Ilea. 1, Hurried aud Difficult Breathing, Flutter!!:;;
at the U.-axt, Choking or Suffocating Sensations
whenia a lriug posture, Dimness of \ isicn, Dots
or Web* before the sight. Fevor and Dull Pain in
the h i*'l, Deficiency of Perspiration. Yellowness oi
tho Skia ami Eyes, Pain in die Side, Bars. C he^
Limbs, .lc., Sudden Fluslus of Heat, Burning^
tha Flf-h, Constant Imaginings of evil, and Gieat
Depression of Spirits,
No. IliO Arch street, PUIImlclpUt*
Their power over the above diseases !W notcxceiled
if equalled. by any other preparation in the Unit d
States, as the enrrs attest, iu many cases alter ?iijl
t'al pbysii^ans had faiied.
Thes ? bitter;- :\ro worth/ the attention of invalids
Pssses.-ing great virtues ia the r< ctification of ?Jis
? aset; of the Lite - and lessor g*Uds, excr< ising the
Di:>Ft searching powers in and affections ci
the digestive organs, they He, withal, safe, ceitain,
and pleasant
FKiLArrEt PHU, March, 1, "853.
Dr. C. M. Jackson: Dear Sir?For the t-aut twe
years I have been s-vi'tvly afllictcd with Liver C< m
plaint, L'i.' i'tpi-ia. Bilious L/inrilio^a, and Piles, iut
ferins in a creat decree constantly, the ] sins and in
convenience:; attendant unon such dbesses, without
energy, boing s^ni eely aliio to a tiered to any busi
ness. I lost a <rr?*at deal of my flesh, htvI used many
kinds of m**>ii'*ine, with no apparent change, nntii I
comm enced with yonr "H'^JI-jnU's (irrman Bil!-~rs,'
they have entirely cared me. I have gai.ied in
weight over forty f ounds stive I commenced theij
use, ard 1 aui now entirely free from pain and ache
of any kind, and f.'e! like a new man. I unbe-itat
ingly recommend y^ur Buter* to all invalids.
l'ours, respectfully,
No. 12 Lcgrange Place.
W. II. Ailnms, pub. of the Argus, We?ten.
Mo., July 17,1851, said: '-I was last summer so very
low end weak as net to be able to stand at the c*pe
longer thau one hour at a tiiae. I tried one bottle
of 3 our German Sitter.-*, which entirely curad roc. J
have u.-ed t>vo bottles. I sent two bottles 150 miliv
?rom h re to a friend who had been sick for a long
urae; he has also been cur*l by them. I believe
them to be superior to any niedieioo low in ?ce."
E. II. Perkins, Mail. tta, Ohio. Feb 22,1S51,
sijd: ?"/our Bitters are highly prised by those whe
have used thorn. In a case of Liver Complaint, rt
long staadiuz, wyiXch had rfv'si-vl tUc skill of sir
eral physicians, was entirely cured by the use ol b
p. Ke?selme!r, Jeweller, Wooster. 0, D?c
2d, 1851, said: "I embrace thin opportunity of in
forming you of the grtat benefit T have derived frcm
the use of Dr. noo.tacd's German Hitters. I have
used triem for Cl.ills end Fever, and Disordered
Stomach, and found relief in every ca??. They ere
the best i '-iuody fur Disordered ?lonn:-h I thin? it
D. E. Sylses, Ksq , EUfnr of the Omricr
Norwich, Conn., said : '*1 have he n u.'ing your Ger
man Bitters for some time, for l.'y.-p. j iia, rvd have
found so much relief from them, 'hat I have made
up my mind to give thv m c? fird rate tdilorLxl cn
dorsane- t."
Ilohlcn, Kemp, & Co , .T:n?svi"", "Wis., '
-ept. ISM, said: '-YourGevnan 'inters ar-Mji.served ?
ly popular hera, and afong all lie prepare.! m? :
ein^s on our -shelves, none, have ?-e eoid which have i
given the satisfa< tion ofilo.'fland'n Germa i Tritter>' j
J una ii, ir.32, th.oy said: "We recommend them fit i
an invaluable spring and summer medicine."
W. III. Orr, Wouster. O.. L\ t-V-r 21, lci52, sj id. |
"You ask me my opinion cf il:e Go inan Ilitt- rs. j
have u.;- I then: for Dyspepfi ; r.? ?' Indigestion, an
take pi ear ure in stating that I think thsy are tb' i
very be t remedy e:; larit for tlie a' ov ? i-otuplHtuts- ,
t'fi/ arc t'ixi-'L'ily in the udexnet of all Ifie j,rfip>". :
rtocj r.if/li-rus "/ th* d
Orr is u dl-tiogui.-he'J luv.y.r of Wooster
'ihe-e Bitters are extieelt veuetaelb. Tl:ty i:etv j
prostrate tUe sy-iiem, but ir.rijorale it.
For s.d;i in V. ;:.-.U:ngtoa by 7,. D OILMAN.
In Geriuetowi. by J. L. KIDWKi.L.
In Alexandria by J. T!. PIK'tPONT.
In Riehra-.uJ by rUP.CT I.L, LAD!) & CO.
In Ba.limcrc by CAN BY A HATCH.
Iu do S'.TH 5MNCK.
Iu Norfcik by M. A. SANTOS i SOX.
Aud by respsctabla ds Itrs in medi-ine every I
where. d?e 5? ly
Kevr nr.i Fashionable Dress E<tab?
MhS DL'VAbL ft MI.;s CU1LDRKSS having :
been in thi employ f Txlrs. K. Cidy f - m the
cjiiimexcetnef-t .if ber bu-inTs iu this eity.f: d hav- |
ing stuli. <1 #i?d learned the business perfectly, and ,
she. Mrs. It C'ady l.avin.; If f: the city. f. ? 1 coufideut
in Riving gvcerai -a'-isf^c ion tothi^-e la tie., who ma",
patronise them, having ct: a'tiiJ the latest & ueweft s
.styles ol'fa.'hi m. ai d having obtailicl the seisins o: j
Mrs. CadyV most j n.miuent Land, they wi'.lopen on
Wtilne: day, the lStli instant, ou 11th. -Jth dojr fu m j
K sts.
Mrs. Gethen's system tau;ifct, iuclu l'njf the chart, j
for jd. jan 16?dlw*
SR. SYLVESTER &. CO. bave the hr.n |
. or of anuounciu^ to their frieiKts and the pub- |
lie Cuit th?? Silver Swan has t.tkeu it? flight from :he j
froz' n regions of the North, where he was fostered
in the warm bosom of bis fiiends, towards the "fun
ny South," and has alighted at the corutr ?t l'enn
sylvani i avenue and lith j-tre. t.
Jlero Sylvester <fc Co'u Soda t ouutain will dispense
these refreshing, invigorating snd you h resU.rin;
w aters which, conibkued with his U'-rivnMed aud iu
coin^arabla Syrups, have won t'? r him "goldeu opin
ions from ail sorts cf People." The iK-.iuty, the
chivalry, the lab-jr, the lei.rning, the commerce ol
our mighty and gloiiou* laud have all been rejre
sented at the Fountain of the Silver Swan, at.d all
with grateful accord have pronounced it the ticjdu>
ultra of eaifhly ,!rinlts.
Here t?'0 will h>e found, in addition to a complete
stock of fresh l>rugs and Medicines, Toilet Requisites 1
in all the deiieate aud mys-tic varieties of the txni- !
doir, as well as the wherewithal to cultivate the i
moustache and the imperial. Here the most deli j
eate transatlantic extracts of l.ubin will bo found j
surpassed by a more subtile and delica'e domestic
articles, tha Oriental Sp:rit of F'owvrs.
For tho recuperation of the Lair, we offer
l'hilo. Come,
C.istor Oil Pomatum,
Chrystaline Pomade,
PLalon's Hair Invig.
Ox Marro-x,
Rose Hair Oil,
Nutritive Cre;"n,
Barry's Tricophe.ous,
L>ou's Ivathairon,
Jayue's Hair Tonic,
Lovet's Wahpene,
Vandusen's Wahpene, and
Julius Hauel's Eau Lustra!.
Here the lovers of the Indian Weed will find the
choicest Havana bran-is.
An l w? hope, by assiduous and careful attention
to business aud our cust me: ? to retain old friends,
win tn/w ones, aud secure to ourselves a living share
of patronage. S R. SYLVESTER A CO.,
Corner Pa. avuuue and 11th street.
dec '20? d'ri
1> AllTICUL All NOTICE U rerjuestrdto
the following !i:t of articles, many of thom en
Urtly new in this market, and for sale on Pennsyl
vania avenue, south side, between Oth and luth
street s:
ENCAUSTIC FILE, for Halls, Vestibules, Ac.,
DESK A, aid School Furnitirre generally,
CflAI^ES, a superior article.
i FAIKISANK'S SCALES, all sizes.
WIRE FENCES, for Farming purj ofes.
IRON RAILINGS, for Cemeteries sad City Lots.
Do. f?r Ba'.eonies ond Verandahs.
I'EliRHY i MARBLE M 4NTELS, a beautiful nr
ti-b',?poelose'y imitating the rarer rarietie*
cf Marble as to d ceive the best judges, and
which, (torn their cheapness, are coming into
general use.
Also, IRON BEDSTEADS; and a general variety
Pn. at., south side, bet. 9ih and 10th tie,
dec 29?to3m
[ropVRir.nT sErrsr?.]
R. M.
Wish two ct'ier port', It. M. preptred the fir?!
book published iu Briii-fi America. Th i wa?,"De
Icotiil>le Stories in Metre, for the Use, E litication,
and Comfort of tlic Chickens of the Colonic*, iu
1'uUic u.'il Pnvate. especially in New lZn'land.?
1'riutcd at Cambridge, I540.!1
II. M. acknowledges that he casino! write very
smooth poetry ; "that it is not as elegante a? sornnic
may desire and expectbut claims to have "strong
thought.-: and common sense ?.such things being not
oft found in poeTic.''
BY R. M.
'?The river* 0:1 of Rabilon,
There when wee did fit downc,
Yea, even then, wee mourned when
We remembered Sion."?Richard Mather.
Tile waters nigii Potomac by.
Version's Mou'it there doth it stand,
Yea, even there a man. ion fair
UjJi woo the eyes of all the Land.
And Washington, great Freedom's ton,
He livrd there fail many years,
And .'reeiicn they liis tomb survey,
Aud do it consc. rale with teara.
Tl.is noble is, and provetli his
Whole life tiil to tiie i-tates belong,
And doth require lli<> muse*-' fire,
And eko a patriotic t-o:ig.
'Tis also good Uiat Latham should
'1 here for a mighty prize present,
And I do think vast flood-; <*t ink
Aud paper will tiiirclor be spent.
Thou mansion old, which I behold
In limey, and no otherwise,
Th; gallics tall, thy chrtuncys all,
I.o: g in:iy th.y j icrcc the changing skit s!
May Vernon'? Mount, on no account,
Rp put i:: speculators' parse,
May never there the bad repair,
Themselves to make, and others, worse!
Rut boHnteoiH store may cve-mon
Of highest thoughts tliert by be given,
To light our days, and build our praise
From beauletus earth to blessed Hraven!
And may i: be the propertie
Oi j.toi'1 >?. W.uliiugton has saved!
Vi a, ever .a.-t, untii the last,
That sacred place in he ait engraved!
Like sun i: >hine, to cheer, refine,
To uarm to I: tc the lo\ing Land 1
Thus tyrant power shail ciuige aud cower
lKfure its death!-ss influence giar.d!
Thus hopeful fates shall call new States
From rez'ions no-.v iu vice and woe,
And man's gr< at .--oul, from pole tt> pole,
?uail on in joyous freedom goe
Report of the Ma-i'igors of tho Y/oahirgten
Ci-y Protest xnt Asylum for th9 Orphan and
Destitute Children.
Again we come. Another year has
rolled its rapid round. Scarce can we
realize it. Like a dream when one
awaketh; so silently, and so harmoni
ously as the wheels of time move on.
From the glorious orb cf day to the
twinkling little star that tills its place
in the firmament?from the proud mon
arch on his throne to the helpless little
orphan children, sheltered from the
storm?all, all, have a j art in the one
glorious whole.
The spring, with its freshness and
l>eauty, strcwd our pathway with llowcrs:
the summer rewardeth the husbandman
with an abundant harvest; while the
ripening fruits of autumn tilled ?' our
basket and our store," and now the cold
blasts of winter arc again upon us. How
many millions and millions of the human
race; how many in our own midst, have
slept their last flecp, since with urgent
appeal we told our story of the wants
and sorrows ol the poor, the destitute,
the orphan child! We have been spared,
for what? For new duties, new respon
sibilities, as long as penury and want
stand shivering at our door; as long as
there is a houseless, homeless, orphan
child, bereft of natural guardians to ask
our pity or to seek a shelter. We have
a work to do?a work full of interest,
foil cf responsibility. Each little one
has a sotd that will outlast " the wreck
of matter and tire crush of worlds."
Thirty-four of our number arc under the
age of six years: childhood lisping its
first prayer, its first hymn, its first verse
of sacred writ.
We commenced the year with a debt
of one thousand dollars. The public press
told our story ; the ministers of the sanc
tuary entreated for relief; some, we arc
thankful to say, generously responded to
our call, but how very lew: and how I
many cf our follow citizens have had
" their baskets and their stores tilled ;"
and with this their accountability as
stewards increased. The}' 1 ave forgot
ten the command " Peal thy bread to the
hungry and satisfy the alHicted soul."
Their mansions arc the abode of every j
luxury; day after day passes, tlieir table
grcans with all that can tempt the appe
tite. The shades of evening gather round
brilliant lights, a cheerful tireside. Thvir
happy homes and little ones know not a
wish ungratifled; all are there. Can it
be amid so many blessings that they for
get the " Giver in the gift;" or with the j
thoughtless Queen of other days inquire
why don't the poor have plenty of bread j
and cheese ? while not a mite, or a very
small one, by them is bestowed to keep
those poor from starving. Could you
have seen, as we can tell you, within the
past year, the wretched mother falling
dead, while in the very act of asking for
a crust, and her child of four years old,
brought to our asylum, sheltered from '
the blast, aud provided with the neces
ries of life? could you know and hear
of the sorrow that we hear, it would 1
surely melt a heart of adamant.
Wealth, what a blessing to the man ,
who scatters with liberal hand: wlio dries
the burning tear from soirows cheek;
who lights up, or enables others to light
up, by bis munificent gifts, the extin
guished hope in the dying mother's breast,
that tender guardians wdl watch over
her orphan child when she is gone. Tell
us, is there one drop in what the world
liug calls the cup of pleasure, compara
ble to such a reflection.
The question is now before the public,
is the Washington City Protestant Or
phan Asylum to bo sustained; or, arc
these children, taken from the abode of
misery, and trained for usefulness, to be
scattered abroad for what destiny we <
know not; do we plead in vain; and we
had almost said, has compassion closed
her eyes, shut her ears, and clenched her
hands against our little ones. Had we
no higher motive to plead than economy,
we Itave it from an authentic source, tlrnt I
the expense incurred by the public in the
prosecution and punishment of persons I
charged with crimes throughout this
Union?but emphatically of this District,
for each and eTery year, would of itself
1 create a fund, the interest of which,
would provide for the support and educa
tion of every orphan ehi!d.
Is there not in argument sufficient in
that statement to arouse the public mind
i to action? Are there not those .vnnng u1
; who will assist in paying the debt of l?52?
Will you not visit tli-j Institution and
judge for yourselves; see the children
during the hoars of school; see them
while gathering arouivl their humble
board with frugal fare, while health i>it*
smiling on every brow, and contentment
in every face ? We think it would warm
the father's heart, and moisten the moth
er's eye; they would then realize that
there was a reality in the necessity which
we find it so difficult to impress upon tl*
) public by any endeavors we can make.
! The strictest economy is used, SI 25
t cents for meats of any kind, and about 75
\ cents for vegetables, is the usual amount
i expended on each market day. Some
times we have donations of vegetables.
The house has never been kept in better
order; much praise is due our present
matron for good cider aud neatness, and
her watchful and tender care of the child
ren. Wc have also a competent teacher.
J who, wc believe, faithfully performs her
. duties.
During the past year the orphans have
{been unusually blessed with health; not
one of our number is missing from the ac
customed scat, except those who have
been taken from the asylum, or placed in
proper situations for them. While they
. have been spired, the shafts of the de
stroyer have fallen around us?one vacant
seat is found in our Board of Managers.
Mrs. Blagden, who has been associated
with us for several years, and warmly in
' terertcd in the orphan cause, was sud
denly removed. \\ ilh her afllictcd family
wc deeply sympathize. We trust and be
lieve her end was " pcate."
The Rev. l>r. lAurie, who for years has
been a warm and zealous friend of this
t institution, has been taken from us as a
i44 shock of cora fully ripe." On this our
anniversary his venerable form is missing:
one of the few who was always found to
join, counsel, and enter us in our work of
charity. 4* Pcacc to h;s ashes."
Mrs. Ilodge was nominated, and by a
unanimous vote elected Manager in the
vacancy made by Mrs. Blagden's death.
We have fifty-seven children?thirty
1 four girls and twenty-three bovs. Witl in
the year seven children have been taken
! from the asylum, by permission of tlie
managers, and twelve received.
To Drs. Patterson and Nairn for mcdi
i cincs Kindly furnished.
For collections in the Church of the
Epiphany - ? 100 0(J
From 4i street Presbyterian
Church - - - - CO 00
From Trinity Church in the ab
sence of the Rector - - 55 ?9
From the Foundry Chapel - 50 00
' From the Church cf the Ascen
1 sion on Thanksgiving day - 54 28
To all we return our warmest thanks.
- and trust the opening year will find them
again disposed to plead our cause.
Our thanks are due to the proprietors
of the Paooraina of the Bible, for invi
tations for the children to see it ; also to
attend an exhibition of the Mammoth
Cave of Kentucky; also by invitation,
visited the Panorama of the Holy Land.
To our President of the Board of Trus
tees, W. W. Corcoran, Esq., who has fur
nished the asylum with four large ward
robes, besides a donation of one hundred
dollars, for general expenses, twen'y-tive
dollars, for additional salary to our ma
: tron, and the sum of one hundred and
eight dollars, to supply the orphan girls
i with a comfortable dress, and each boy
with a warm suit of clothes for the
winter?also, stove for the school room,
we return our sincere acknowledgments.
The reflections of a man, for such acts
of kindness to the poor and needy, will
be as a downy pillow to his head, when
the bubble of" Fame which encircles the
warrior and the politician, shall dissolve
itself to air.
1 Wc won'd also return our thanks for
the following donations
Mrs. A Taylor, - - * - $ 5 00
J. A. Edwards, - - - 5 00
R. S. Coxe, - - - -10 (M
Mrs. W. T. Carroll, - - 10 00
Jacob Gideon, - ? " 20
From some young ladies, - 40 90
A lady, - - - - . - 5 00
A donation through Miss Kerr, 1 37
A. O. Dayton's children, - 15 CKJ
The proceeds of a fair of the chil
dren in Gth street, through Miss
Dayton, - - - -
Through Miss Green, from the
children on Capitol Hill, - 10 00
Clement March, - - - 10 00
Mr. Van Zandt, - - - 10 00
Mrs. French, - - - * 5 00
J as. Deble, - - - * 5 00
Mr. and Mrs. Wadswortli, - 5 CO
I Left at the Asylum by a gentle
man, - ? - " 5 00
Mr. Jones and Mr. Coyle, from
| the election, - - - 4 0(
A gentleman, - - - 5 IK
Mr. De Vaughn, - - - 5 (H
Through Mrs. Pyne, - - 2 Oi
' Mrs. Nathan Rice, ?*> 0?
Mrs. Carlisle Whiting, - - 2r' 0<
1A donation, - - * - 10*
Mrs. C. Smith, - - 2 5(
Mrs. Van Zandt, - - - 10 01
From a fair, by Miss Anna Day
tan and Miss Louisa Wcight
O or
man, ? " * -
Mrs. Thornton, 5 C'(.
Dr. Gunton, - - " 25 fx
From a pic-uic of the Church of
the Ascension, - * - 10 0(
Mrs. Susan Ireland, - 20 0C
Mrs. Philips Lee, - - - 8 Of
Jarvis Perry, - - - 1
Mrs. Rooker's pupils, - ? 3 0l.
Mrs. Lenox, 20 Ot
Sent by a friend to the institution or.
the 4th of July an abundant supply oi
hams, cakes, iocs and other things for the
Mr. Edward Simms kindly collected foj
the children for Thanksgiving day, from
various denominations: 1 quarter beef,
71 lbs. pork, 2 bushels potatoes, 1 bbl.
turnips, 2 hams, 1 round of Ixcf, 2 tui
kevs. 12 heads cabbage, 10 lbs. sausage
8 chickens, 1 bbl. of apples, 113 roll
150 cakes.
A carpet by Mrs. W. J. Stone.
A mahogany dining table and a pine
ironing table by Mrs. McGregor and Mrs.
Clabb. . Ill
i. Sundry gutceriea and lv4> cords of
wood by Mrs. M. H. Miller.
Pair of china vases by Mig. We1 b.
Pair of ottonwuiS an I .1 '?
Mist M. Wannd.
Five dozen car*unLcrs l?y Mr*.
Half bushel jieacVs I v a <?e n
Tr*o bags peas from Mr*. W. .1. v \ .
Two thotifcJi.d f.ve \v ? i i ?
Mcssr*. Crittenden, C:.v v '
Some hall worn Hot'
Two pair smoothing ir.
tie by Messrs. Cam | 1 I ' ...
T*'ck pavement la'd by M?.. 1
.Some half-worn t1 vs. .
Four pair worsted stocki.i. ?.
An oil lamp by Mrs. l?i. W
A large cake pyramid by -Mi i
We would also aekuov. k<. ??>
of by I>r. .Jam?* C. H.n !. .
scription. We would say io .
have th>? mesas, do hkcu:
We would also ivtu.a i;ii
the sum of s>2J, Iroiii t .? v,
stone-cutters' bait.
Also, S'JO from Mr*. M v "
Alfw, by Mrs. Luce >?.
Twenty bushels potato.> .
bushel* turnips by Mr... \\ . .1. .
A turkey and wine '? '.-> .
rake and confer timwrv b - Mi .
Ponnd-cake by Mrs. K:
A basket containing
toys, ?ic., anonymous.
Quarter of mutton by M- '
Sponge-cake. anonym on
Three Xnfkl'Yj, p ?"ind <
neam by Mr. W. W. (Vv - r
Pound-cake by Mrs. 11: ?!*??.
Pound-cake by Mis. <
Fifty pound* ^est brouu m .....
of coffee, twenty-five of so ; . i.
one box raisins, one bar 1
E. K. White, grooer.
t^rcn pair stockings bv M .
Also, colliciiou from t'.u ;
thcran Church, ? 17: C
M*\ Van Zand?. ?*.'>.
All subscriptions :in I ?lo'
fulfcreccivcd by the j'V ;?!<.?
Mrs- IIawujv, 1st L'ir
person*, 2d Dijvclr : .M
surer; Mrs. S. K. < '?
Washington, Mrs. Shul?r: ? . . i
Mrs. Gilliss, Mrs. Lr.ee, . *
Mrs. Philips Lee. Mrs. ."?
sants, Mis. Brown, M: .
Daj'ton, Mrs. Pleven'.-.
Monies- rccti ved.
Monies expended,
Leaving iu Irca ;:j ..
Leaving debts to t!.e r
S^ftx It. t'??
A Marsia;l ami a ?
but a few weeks a_o tin
tlic marriage cf (?eorg
of Raleigh county, to *!>
of Fayette. We hav i:?rv
bridegroom's arrest f ; t ? ; .
wife, almost ere the hom-y it
There was soiue c-bsjoj; y
ages of the j#air?.-iv.u. :i
years?and the ronrrir c . ;
i?en consummated vi'ii :? r
o" the* \ art of tlic }u;.-Kv.;>i. j
had a property < I
own right, and thy hu-' :::.
to be a person of an '.m
mind. conceived the i 'ei tic 1
her out the way h i could
pcrty. Ikiiig atthc li'.'.cSii''.
on Christmas day, he 1 ? ' ' .
of arscnic and a quantity '
and, on his return home, a jv
dose to his unsuspicious wil \
was so large that it caust.i ?.
enough waslc/i o:i tlic st
1 er death iu ab>ut bai;' ;.?>
husband was over s^:i.
the funeral, which can?. I ).
take the corpse to her ^
ette. Here tiny resolved u: u
coroners iinjuc&t y. ,
and sent for Dr. Utmu i , .><
make an examination. \\ !
learned the nature of lit? i- ?
but it was such as sut;i< m-- . : ?
l>r. II. brought the hi-rl , i i s.
the deceased away wi h i:.i.:.
night submitted the -n it - ?
to several chemical te-' v. '* ;
sively sliow tiie presovv .
large quantities, iligu.iiboii,:.
in Fayette jai'; but, as tl?v
committed in Raleigh c . ? r,
doubtless be removed i!i* t1
brier (To.) Ert\ .Inn. -I
? o
Street Quotations in ?.
New York Mirror }:ivrs t!-?? ?
the last quotations in it;
that ? ity:
"The weather continnr? v ::
drizzling rain Las rer.LVni c\ ..
of snow from the city.
we won't mention tb< m? as '?
dition iust now wonld n??* i:i- ? ?
We will only advise the I du -
within doors fwr the prism., v;
must go out, to lxuH'W i. i
ldch-top lx>ots."
Atrihuws Mhjii r. -A
cal and attrori'?ns murder v.
mar Raleigh. N. C.. on the j
14th. Mr. >?aiM>lei u Li.ikc, i a i
and esteemed cil'/. n of li e ^
Wake, was foully muixLud I . .
named Ea'on Keith and !.r, '?
The murderers iinn;ed>atelv
high Sheriff of the county, ai^l
or eight others, an in l o'. i ,
|?eri>etraton?. and it is th< ? - :
rest will be speedily effected.
a^The Ohio papers hi::''
fajmers have lost lull oO oeat ,.
upon their pork, in the fal! .,f
ring the railroad riot at Erie. It i>
erslly supposed that tlie <?! :
have not very friend'y teeli f
who haw ooea-^ioned then t: ii c
At the last account* about lo,
remained alive or uncut at Or*.'
[T7"Thc Texas papcrc ?;d: . f : , .
mens# immigration thithirwr.: '
Shannon, an cmigi ant fj. m *
states that at and bctwmr IV ?
Red river, and Gonzales, k -nn.
emigrant wagons, bound f
Texas, a great many of which :<!>? : :
Missouri. Hs mention?: on."1 r-- r
that Stale as lx"ing altno^t 'v
?>3* emigration to Tc\ts.
IC/UJs. BCCix^ed r.l R
a triuuiphal ajch to tlx mm*.
Wai ucn. on the scu.hwe-1 fi ;r ' .w< m.
ment Square,44 on the keystone" v, . i
shall stand, in bpon?. tlie Hr..p* : ^ r
ren, Hanked by four ci gles \\t i e\t? n < I
rings?looking east, west, . i' : ?'

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