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"ill ( H i \ T E1116 E X Ci.
jur Wkatbkr ? The snow storm and frost
lajt week was "ucceded on Saturday night
5v a heavy fa" of r*,Q an'' a rapid thaw, lhe
I /.esc wero streets flooded with water,
j ia a?:xe instance; houses. among others,
. ki.v?wn aa Foy's Hotel, on Capitol Hill.
-?o iDun dated with the water that poured
; -re from the aljoining high land, that fears
ite enter.aiued for the building, the flood
-ising in #uaie parts undermined the founda
fiKa? of the walls making Urge rents frightful
, ;a l<jok upon. The National Theatre wa*
j^ewise inundated with the volumes of wnter
:b?t poured down from the slope on which it is
built- and doubtless similar results were ex
perienced by many others in various neighbor
ed* It is to be hoped that no further (Us
urers will occur, but from the appearance of
the river, which ha* risen several fret, appre
hensions are entertained of a freshet, in that
fi?e greater ra.age* would be committed, but
from he tinene'sol to-day. perhaps the w?to>
a*y subside.
Foy's hotel is in a mora dangerous state than
might be supposed from its outward appear
iDce. The . tream of water knowa as the Tiber,
wtr-ab runs underneath the building, became cO
;woiU-n with tbji f?1?? and melted snow andiee,
lha* it has underrr.ine<l tbe foundation walls, j
sod it would not be surprising if the wholp
buil ling were to comc down with a crash.
S-me such event is anficipa* 1 for the build
in? is closed up. the inmate.-. having left, the
proprietor, Mr b'-7 who is sick, was likewise
obliged i?. be removed. On the eastern side. a
\?-t rent was mad*, in the wall, the masonry
having given way. caused apparently by the
fill i f a heavy timber bridge over the stream,
which gave wny from the banks that supported
it. having been sapped by the swollen waters.
A large crowd was about the place this morn
|B5 looking with surprise at the devastation
i?6 tiiu Baltimore and Philadelphia railroad
th? rails on toe o>th*>r aitlp of the Susquehanna
hare been torn up by the violent* ot thi rush
ing waters, thus preventing traveling In our
c.wn city and about, we may cxpcct if there
<hca!d be further rain, much damage
Xot only the National Theatre, but the
ih vie row of houses, likewise, are completely
i.?o<l?d, caused by ap slley way having been
bricked up. which, fcy la<. the Corporation
jre entitled t > have opened, this prevtms the
water from miming otiiuto L street, the conse
quence being that the cellars of the honses
above alluded to itc aiwaya flooded after
fceavv shower*. J>ut at prosent are iu a worse
pick fa than ever before.
At Georgetown, yesterday, the merchants
rare busied all day removing merchandise
J. >m dangerous positions on the whartp;,
and taking every precaution to guard against
the effects of a freshet, which it was ex
pected must take place, as the water and
ice were descending yesterday with fenrful
rapidity. Reports from higher up the country
stat* that the streams were all swjller, with
the probable destruction ot the bridges.
funeral of thi* distinguished gentleman, who
was 40 generally esteemed during his lifetime,
took place yesterday afternoon, from his late
residence iu G street, and was very largely at
tended. notwithstanding the inclcmcncy of the
weather, forming altogether a most imposing
fiageant. The cortt^e was composed of a long
ine of carriages, and of others, consisting of
General Pierce, various members of the Cabi
net. Senators aud members of the House of
j<e).rcsentati^c:, soldiers of the war of 1812, a
numerous tody of gentlemen employed ia the
office of the Ininn newspaper, and a large con
course of other friends and relatives.
The following were the pall bearers: Genoral
Cass, General Houston, Gov. Dodge, Hon. Mr.
Bell, lion Mr. Cburchwell. Hon. Mr. Ewing,
H<>n. Mr. McMu'ilen. Hon. Mr. Jones, of La.,
Col. Clemens. General Jessup, General Law
s^n, and Mr. Selden.
The coffin was covered with black velvet,
silver luvunt^ij. and en the lid there was a sil
ver plue, with the name and age of the de
ceased inscribed thereon. A striking novelty,
but notwithstanding very appropriate, as a
touching token of respect, was the manner in
?bich the coffin had been decorated with
reveraj L*c utifgj bouquets of flowers, some
thing more akin to iooftality. in our esteem,
than the chapletsof evergreens, called immor
t'He.t. with which the French people are wont
to ad>rn the coffins and cemeteries of the dead.
It was after two o'clock when the procession
star.ed from the house for the Congressional
burial ground, and som- idea of its length may
beiopceived. when wc mention it as a fact,
tmu nea?l/ all the public hacks of the city
were engaged in audi'ion to the private car
rHires In the evening there was not 10 he
seen a public hack at scarcely any of the stands.
SgRno.i.?Yesterday evening the Rev. l)r.
P>utler preached at Trinity Episcopal Church,
upon the subject of Dives and Lazarus. The
drift of his discourse was to show that from the
answer of Abraham to Dive*, supernatural
visitations and warnings would not be so effi
cacious in converting as the Gospel and the
prophets. He showed that men would not
often be converted although they were tfcoT
cugbly convinced of the truth of Christianity ;
bat deadening their consciences, would reply
to any remonstrance with some casuistical
query Numerous instances from the scrip
tures were cited, showing that many, who had
actually witnessed tho miracles of Christ, yet
remained obdurate. Even the raising of
Lazarus from the dead, was insufficient to
convert the unbelieving. Even the fact of a
visit from the other wo'ld would perplex still
more the sceptic-;1. on account of its very singu
larity. in lining him rather to doubt the fact
itself than to believe in the warning.
Th* Citv Kaii.uoap.?Th;.s projected im
provement in our city travelling is progressing
onward under the most favorable auspices of ? '
successful result. The project, as our readers
are aware, (the news having been given in
Saturday 3 Star under the head of Georgetown
correspondence.) has received the sanction of
the Georgetown Corporation. The project, we
are likewise informed, is favorably regarded
by the Committees of the District in both the
feenate and the House of Representatives, so
that some of the obstacles have been smoothed '
down, and we anticipate that any others that
toay be raised will be overcome in the like
A young man named Collins, belonging to
Wathin^ton. mat with a serious accident near
Smth ltiver last Wednesday. He was traveling
from that place to his brother's residence, who
dwells in the same county, when endeavoring
to get acros3 a snow drift his horse fell with
him about 2J feet, fortunately breaking no
feme*, but injurtug him seriously internally,
lie was found some three hours afterward by
one of Mr. Welsh'? servants, and conveyed to
his house, where he now remains in a painful
though cot dangerous condition
Ei.ini Bi RniTT.?Much disappoiutme nt was
experienced yesterday evening, by many per
sons who attended the service at the Congre
gational Church on .^th street, by the non
appearance of Eliliu Burritt, the learned;
blacksmith, who it had been advertised in !
some of tbe local papers, would speak upon .
the subject of Ocoan Postage. Previously to
the oomtacncement of divine worship, the min
ister announced that Mr Borritt would not
speak upon the subject, as it was not, upon
consideration, deemed a fitting occasion, hut
that he would deliver an address at some other
more suitable time
U. S. AomcuLTi r al Socitrr.?General
Pierce was one among the visitors to this Socie
ty, a'. their meeting on Friday, at the Smith
sonian institution. He Tas accompanied by
the Secretary of the Interior, and remained
for upwards of half an hour. The delegates
rote Bp b ith on his coming in aad going out.
Militia Reti'rss.?The militia returns
give 4.201 as the number assessed to the Dis
triot of Columbia, and their quota of muskets
for W2 as l>2 : a smi.il proportion of arms for
so large a body of men.
Crj:BERLA5P Coal.?The Cumberland Jour- |
nal that several of the Coil Companies of
tnat region have made arrangements to intr<v
duce ci".ncrs from Germany to supply the
place of those now on strike One Company
expects forty to arrive at Baltimore by sea.
and another is said to have engaged the ser
vices of three hundred more.
Ci'stoii Hot"sk at Alexaspria.?The
Alexandriaus have fjrwarded a petition, to be
presented to Congress by their representative,
praying for the erection of a new Custom
House building in that city.
Cbf.saptakf. a*d Orio Canal?The day
before tbe late snow, the Chesapeake and Ohio
CiLnal was reported as ready for navigation.
^*e presume the ice made then will make *n
impediment for a few days.?AUrandria Wat
Row ahoso rne drivers.?During tbe last
?'hup" at Willards, a row occurred among tho !
hack drivers, caused by the officers trying to
regulate the ?tand Serertl arrests have been
made ajia the trials will come off to-day.
The drivers who are not acquain'ed wi h the
rule# for their governmeut. w>uld do well to
attend at Captain Goldards offija to bear
them explained. There is no one more ocmpe
tent to explain them than the Captain.
Bane or thk Oi.t> Doictstox?Tbe hill re
ported by the Committee on Bunks, for the re
l>eal of the charter of the Bank of the Old
Dominion, was taken up in the House of Del
egare?. on Thursday, and after an animated
debate of two hour* a motion forthe indefinite
psstporcment of the whole subject was carried;
ayes 7$. nay* &?'.
Fire?The alarm last evening, about five
o'clock, was caused by the burning of a st-ible
in the rear of Mr. Wilson's gr.iceiy store, on
the avenue, between 6th and 7th streets, and
owned by that gentleman. After dark the '
fire broke out again, and recalled the firemen
to the spot. The loss i* small, and cause*,
doubtless, by sp incendiary.
CossR^caifce OFDRi;>KSSKFS3.-=0n Satur
day evening, a mas named Michael ftollohan,
was taken to the gaa'd house for threatening
and attempting to kill his mother; threatening
to kill the man vho prevented him. and the
guards who arrested him. Captain Birch seut
him to jail, in default of security In the three
Hirn vBD Sorrell. who has been but lately
released from jai! by the grand jury, was sent
back again, yesterday morning, by Justice
Grubb. 11c is charged with beating his wife
and making two attempts to bang himself, and
would Irive been sue -cssfu!, tut his sons dis
covering him. cut him down both times. He
behaved very badly until he was arrested by
the watch.
IxrENOiARV.?A fellow was taken by the
waich. on Saturday night, while he was making
an incendiary attempt in the eastern section oi
the city. He was taken to the eastern watch
house, nnd held for trial.
? f ? ?
Risk is Market pBonrcE.?All descrip
tions of market commodities have taken a rise
recently, owing to the difficulty of country
people getting to town; the snow having ren
dered the roads, in some directions, impassa
CitiMisAL CoiiRT.?Mi. Carlisle closed his
address for the defence in tho Gardiner ease
on Saturday: Mr. Fendall replied for the pros
ecution this morning, opening with a severe
tirade upon the conduct of the defendant.
The Tolusu Belt of tho Northera Liber
ties Fire Company]this moaning, announced the
demise of Mr. Mathiad T. Freeman. The
Company parade tomorrow afternoon at 3
o'clock to attend his funeral.
National Mosi-mest.?A block of granite
has been received from tho corporation of
Richmond, as a contribution towards the erec
tion of the Washington Monument.
Park Besjamis.?This popular lecturer
will deliver an address this evening at Carusi's
Salo.in. upon the all important topic of
'? Matrimony,'' and which. We believe, will be
bis concluding lecture. From the engrossing
nature of the subject interesting to all classes
and both sexes, a large attendance may be
The Assual Exhibition of McKendrce
Sabbath School will take place on to-morrow
(Tuesday) evening, at 7 o'clock, at whioh time
ac dlecrion will be lifted ror the benefit of the
missionary cause.
1>r. Hester.?"We have frequently rcfrrrcd
to this gentleman's professional abilities in ca
ses of consumption, asthma and bronchitis,and
we are gratified in knowing that our recom
mendations of him have been the means ot
alleviating the sufferings of many. Previous
to this new discovery by Dr. Hunter of inhal
ing medicated vapor, is the above diseases, it
has been said that con-umption was incurable
but we have now positive living witnesses, ot
tho9e who bave befcn under his treatment, be
ing entirely restored to perfect health. The
Doctor is now on here on a professional visit
and may be consulted to-day and to morrow a'
Mrs. \ ossr jewelry store, between 12th and
13th streets. >
Watch Rkttins.?Michael Tear, sleeping
in the market, and Daniel Morr:3 and J. W.
Sewell, being drunk in the street; dismissed
on making promises of future good conduct
TVe.-ley Shorter, colored, disorderly in the
Theatre; paid fino and cost--, Srt.ls. In the
western district. John Magee and Richard
S;reeks. drunk and disorderly; paid fine and
"To thine own self be true;
And it must follow, u* tbe nighi the day.
Thou cans't net then be t'al?e to any imuii.''
Messrs. Editors ?In your paper of this
day is an article signed "Many Sufferers,
complaining of the House committee. Ac., for
not reporting and acting upon Senate bill 12-.
'-giving additional compensation to the em
ployees of Government, Ao.
Now. Messrs. Editors, the times are hard
enough, in all conscience; but why should the
clerks and other employees. Ac , complain
when the Government is promptly, and in gold
too. paying them all they contracted to work
for' Is not their pay much better than the
clerks, mechanics and laborers in the city gen
erally, and the complainants work muoh less
hours, with "shop ant} tools found,*' and no
lost time on account of sickness ) Besides, ne
clerk or employee, Ac., is undor auy obliga
tion to stay a single day in his place. Just re
sign, gentlemen, if you please, and you will
find plenty of competent men ready and willing
to step in and fill your places. Do not suppose
that Government cannot get along without your
valuable services, important as they are. 1
know that "the workman is worthy of his
hire,': but when a man gets promptly the full
contract price. I think he ought to be satisfied
There is one class of clerks and employees in
this city who work much harder, more hours,
an! for less pay than the Government clerks
and employees; yet very little complaint
escapes their lips, and I think they live well,
and by prudence and eoonomy, manage to lay
up gometbing from their salary?I mean.
Messrs. Editors, those worthy and industrious
but hard-working men in the City Post Office,
who have never yet paid five per cent, per
month, or received from Government their
well-earned Twesty r*R cest.
Washington city, Feb. 25,1854.
Gkorgetows, February 27,1854.
An election for five representatives to the
Board of Aldermen, and eleven to the Board
of Common Council is now going on in our
citj. From present indications the coiitost
will be quite a spirited one. Both parties ap
pear to be thoroughly drilled for the occasion,
and both sanguine of success. The tickets of
each are good, composed of some of our very
best citizens. All trader and professions, wo
believe, arc well represented, except the sohoo 1
m ister and physician. Both of these honora
ble callings has unfortunately been overlooked.
We say unfortunately, because we have fre
nuen'ly thought heretofore, while attending
the Council meetings, that there was some ne
cessity for the school-master's being abroad
with hie birchen rod, to reduco the hulky
? sons" to order. And when we have listened
to the thunder and lightniug speeches, sweep
ing every thing before them, like a long pent
up tornado just turned loose upon the broad
expanse of old ocean, we have thought it would
be well to have m physician at hand to admin
ister some cooling draughts, to reduce if pos
sible, the enormous height of the political
thermometer. What will be the result of the
eleetioa to-day, we cannot foretell. The bal.
lot-box must tell the tale. Do and say what
we may, the 4 sovereign people" will make
their own choice, and in tnatohoice we shall
be perfectly satisfied. We have no particular
i interests to represent. We pledge ourselves,
however, as a careful spectator, to keep the
dear people well posted upon all matters of
importance which they may from time to timo
have under consideration, and to keep them
(the Councils; well posted upon all important
maiurs. foreign and domestic, and to reflect
all the light we ean upon their deliberations,
by having them served promptly and punc
tually with the Evening Star. Them's our
The Rev. Eleazer Williams preached last
night in Christ s (Episcopal) Church Quite an
iupreesiv* and touching sermon, upon the
subject ot his mission am-mg the Indians. A
collection vaa taken up to assist him in his
very laudable and praiseworthy enterprise.
\ esterdn j and Saturday night we were vis,
ited by a drenching rain, whioh together with
the rapid melting of the immense quantity of
snow about our streets, overflows almost every
ciu'it'o*"1 *sfrei1ln'Vc?Crfel!i,r'0f,"any "f""r I
tcr sTreet irprAiinnu fcnd OUT Wt* f
'mJTnfitTrn?! "V ?ngag*d Ml tie car- |
Ii2i c?ou.Tl8xf ^ "2 ?l?e? P^^T(^Selr
high b.Kthfl"JK,4Al^h <iuite J
trade,is held at $7.75aS.OO. Sphctator.
alexahdria correspondence.
Alexandria. February 26?a, I&54.
AlfTjulria T.iht.iri/?Wreath Presentation? <
?"cer.t*~.lectures? Election? Accident ?
? Legislation. ]
The stockbolde s of the Alexandria Library
Company, met at their reading room laat night,
Mr. James S. Iiallowell chairman, R. L. Carne. 1
Jr., secretary. The following gentjeiuea were
unanimously chosen offlcpra, riz : S. L. tfinzer, ,
President; B. Barton, E. S. Hough, E. J. Mil! 1
ler, J. S. Iiallowell, R. S. Huck. H. C. Hal, J
Jewell, O. H. Witme?, P.. S. Ca^ne, Jr., A. 1
Jaoiiesoo, T. Miller, and Q. D. Fowler. Direc
tor The stock was placed at three dollar* a
share, and the whole aff.iir now assume^ the
footing upon which it proposed to place it at
it? organization, three years ago. A commit
tee have been appointed to solicit sub cribers 1
and I trust that under the new organization
its Hlfairs may prosper.
At the Ball of the Mechanical Artillery on
the evening of the 22d quite an interesting in- I <
cident took place. The Independent Luo Lite* :
presented ta Ca6t. Gcflrge Dufrej a s?pCrh '
wreath wrought of the finest flowers, and the
gallant Captain uaad? a line speech on its re
The Hutchinson Family gave os one of their
exquisite concerts on the evening of Thursdar
a fine hnua? grating them. Stanford's Opera
iroupe propone a series of concerts next week
at Socicty Hall- TJie Ladle*' serpen* at.
barqpta Hall and Prof. John s Leotures will" be
given at thd Lycoum, go we will not lack fo
amusements. *
As the election time draws near, hosts of
candidates present themselves for every office, t
Ihe Whigs of each ward have made party j
nomiuahtms for the City Council, awd it as
possible a general convention will assemble to
nonrnutp a 11 ii?c tiekcy of city utnoers
A wau nainocT Murphy, an agenf on the
Mannasas Gap Road, fell from tho cars while
in motion. 011 the 22d instant, and so severe! v
fractured one of his arms that amputation was
deemed necessary, the operation wai per
formed by Hrs. Murphy and Lewis, and the
patient is in a fa}r way to yecovtr. ' "
In the House of Delegates, on Thursday, the a
bill repealing the oharter of the Bank of the '
Old Dominion, was indefinitely postponed? t
ayes 71#. nays 52. *
Baltimore, Feb. 20?10 r. ?.
We have had incessant rain from 12 o'clock
last night np ty 2 p. m., to-day. The streets
were completely flooded, and rnuoh of the snow
has disappeared Jones' Falls is swollen to ai}
unusual height. In several places the banks
are overflowed, filling cellars, Ac. Danger is
apprehended. The tide is very high, and some
of the wharves have been overflowed, doing
considerable damage.
I learn, that the Busquehanna river, at
1 lavre-de-Gracc, is very high, and rising ?-a~ld
ly, with the prospcct of a fearful flood.
Miss Laura Iveene, lessee of the Charles
street theatre, is soon to take her leave of u*
to accept an engagement in California, wher? i
she ?et? a clear salary qf S3O.OO0 per annum
?he is a great favorite in Baltimore, and must
be everywhere.
The Baltimore Board of trade has called a
meoting to pronounce against the prohibitory
liquor law. now before the Legislature, as an
unbusiness like proposition. Roderick.
ALL W[I0M mat Ocn. srx?Havln" a
thorough and practical knowledge of the Iron Foun
.'iSn.et,S ^n.U 2kh0,ri-? I '?an, and deter
m uei that I whl give satis action (both as regards
price and quality of work) to all who mav favor me
tt!e ubH" CASTI!'(}8' 1 so,iclt the Patronage of
Wm 8.mau.Wood, Rock Creole Foundry. Pa. avenue,
near Georgetown, Washington, feb 21?lm*
Fhr Proving, Rntoring, and Beautifying the
Huir, is the most delightful and wor.derful article
the world ever produced. IU astonishing success is
without a precedent in the history of the Materia
Mica. Dark and luxuriant curls, reft end glo?sy
hair, with scores of admirers, (mark this laaies,) is
the universal effect of the Kathairon. Bald and
grey heads were perfectly Astonished. "The Ka
thairon has fully restored my hair after a baldness
of 12 years. A. J. Codbtriohx, 76 Bond St., N. Y."
The Kathairon is a certain cure for Nervous Head
ache and all Cutaneous diseases. Sold by all dealers
everywhere. Try it
Price 26 oenta, in large bottles.
D. 8. BARNES, Proprietor, 161 Broadway, N. Y.
feb 11?lm
. No* IS TIME.?The display of daznarreo.
types at PLUMB'S GALLERY,1'ennsylvaTa a^
han'lHnn^lf B?a<;nirtce^ Tha proprietor is doing a
handsome business, and hundreds are delighted with
the splendid pictures they obtain there. Let U be
wnfnflT0 eJandpRtronized- Enterprise with
frenius deserves support, and what is gratify!?.
Phfml?l^nM ^.is *,0counu for the success of
alwitherJ daguerreotypes taken in
?? X n?.W 8?g*g^d in ab0th"r Exploring Expedition
to the Pacific. C. S. i^nerson has long been enKazed
k 8XSl??n/ ?^LD HEADS, and has at length
r<>ught before the Pubjic a Compound, which is a
fr mTtefr " 1'-RuBaU>!!"s' rrevent Hair
? ?e5 oDg' rT thousands who hare used will
Ustify. See Circulars, to be had of the Agent*
giving particulars. Price $1.00 in large Bottles.
Sol I by all Druggl.-U In Washington and Georee
U'Lh'in^i \ D" GILMAN, General Agent, for
and surrounding country.
C. E. FISHER & CO. Proprietors,
Ko. 47 Superior Street, Cleveland, 0.
K,'?rMlTSop0l"AK G alle rt.?We cannot too
nigiily recommend to the notice of our readers thA
beautiful Stereoscope Miniature made by MessTs
Adams k Dunshee, successors to Thompson. Tbev
th!^ Daguerreotypists and fully understand
the busuieM which is evident from an inspection of
their producUons. They give to their subjects an
easy natural position, the right tone of complexion
r^T^'36 'j*?11*' manage the refl. ctions. soften
the shadows, aud in lact give yoa a Daguerreotvt,
wh:ch cannot be equalled in this city, m proof of
which they will be happy to make a picture of any
person,/ree qf expense, who weuld like to test their
skill in comparison with rival establishments
Kemeujber the "Metrppoljun Gallery," formerly
Thompson s, Pa. avenne, bet. and 6th sts.
J^Tien death is at the door, the remedy which
would hare saved hfe If adraiulstered in time, comes
too late. Do not trifle wiih disease. Relv upou it,
that when the stomaeh will uot digest food?when
Jaintiiess and lassitude pervade the system?when
uthalw o rbed'the *PP?tite feeble, the mind
lethargic, the nerves unnaturally sensitive, and the
fnwd-reily upon it, that when these symp
toms occur, the powers of vitality are failing, and
;m!iCh,'ff 11 I'rou,Ptly checked, life
sWkftf,/ 3s well as rendered miserable Now
we know from a mass of testimony, greater than was
ever before accumulated in favor of one remedy, that
lio?fiaud sGernian Bitters, prepared by Dr. C. M
Jackson, Philadelphia, will immediately abate, and
in the eni, entirely remove all of these disorders a.*
?Um ywk* process will solve a prob
r?i#0' ^rn> endure the agony, and the
risk of life, with health and safety wittiln reach t
For sale by Druggists everywhere.
sell Spalding's c-lehrated highest premium Cythere
clstorOn for of Rosemary and
Castor Oil, for besutifying, embellishing, curling
lS?t? ^sing,.anJ '"ri^'"g the hair.
Trial Bottles 26 cents only, offering all an o?Dor
tu"' j ^ ^ ^rtues ot a trifling exper". PP?F
Bold Wholesale and retiill by Z. D Gilm^v nh?ml ?
J- Brug,i?,
Manufacturer of and Principal Depot for Oilman's
ever^yenTsSd? U*u,<l Hair ^ the bert Hair Dye
Also, dealer In every popular Medicine of the day.
that Carters Spanish Mature is no quick ?edl
flJu!dyJi?h ^*n.,atbelr p.reM room who WA? ??*
flic tod with violent mercurial rheumatism, who was
y r)mpUiniDK o'?twy in bis back limbs
and joints; his eyes bad become feverish^ mat
tery, neck swollen, throat sore, and all the svW
torns of rheumatism, oomblnwl with scrofala. 1^0
bottlesofCarters bpauish Mixture cured him, and
in an editori*^ not:*e as above, they bear testimony
to its wonderful eff.-cts and say their only regret is,
that aU aufferiag with diseases ol the blood we not
*7rmI\ ?f the e^ioteuce of such a laedidne. Thev
pheerfttlly recommend iL '
bottle^*1' certificat'? ,ncl notiee la full round the
R^J.#?whU,,n*ton receirea all the Niw
i. i-JL r ^.,w*PaFK*h f*atas published. He
Hariier's and all the other Magazine?,
and our readers will always And a large and tood as
?we,Od^nB?.?^|BOOk'a"d8^tiwu>nr?lhu Book
ycon,er of*X e?t and Penn
ftUM 19
Hat* ws two FV?r?!?That was the
I'jpsticn which Mr. JVheatstoxIientrapped nature
iiito answering, ia tb? new theory of rMao. In
.iifcgjj (
'a an I d:-.?ram o! !iia Illustrative apparatus, which
le first rsiw tha SrutfOTOorK. (after two G?eek
words. meaning H Solids, I s?."i for which, in I84<\
"?T*l awmrd?d th- /?oyai Medal. Its practical
UiJity has heen overlooked; until verv recently !?
?as own applied to Daguerreotype*. W fllTKITCRST
>as Introduced some valuable improvements in the
uNrip;' and aim in the coloring, bv which they puper
ede anything we hare yet seen in Photography. We
inn# all who have net wen then to call at hfo Gal
Bft-orer the store of buvall A Bra, nearfour-and
rhtlf street.
New style of Daguerreotypes, on Paper and
rm"*.?Stranger' and rl titer.? are invited to call and
gamine the New Style of Pictures now made at
Ioot <t Go's Gallery, Pa. aveuue, near 7th Rtrest.
Admittance free. j?n 4?dtf
99" The stock ef Noah Walker* Go's Marble Hall
nothing Emporium, Ua.< rich and varie.i at present,
Ji in ilie ?arly part of tbe season. Strangers and
itizens in want of Great Bargans, in fashionable
toady Made Clothing and furnishing goods should
live them a call before purchasing elsewhere. Th-lr
;oods are manufacturod hy them jel vos ?.ud purchasers
nay rely on a good fit They am closing out their
xtenwv* awortaeat at greatly reduced prices, as
hey must all be disposed of in time fbr the coming
cason. Citizens, stranger*. and visitors, call on
hem if you would save money.
Jan 94?tf
In Georgetown. on thp *>t<t instant, by the Rev.
>lr. Palhulten, FRANCIS HARPER to Miss MARY
k;. only daiii'liter of the late Dennis O'Donnoghue,
if that place.
On the -23d instant, at Clmwood, Princc George's
ounty, Mil., by the Rev. J. N. Watson, GEORGE
I. 11. MARSHALL, Esq.. of MonttnnKry countv.
id., to Mhs eleangr r. .M arshall.of Prince
rocrge's county, Md.
In Georgetown, on the 22<i ultimo, after an illness
if three weeks, LUCINDI \,third daughter of John
nil Eveline Davis, in the 13th year of her age. *
Oa the -26th instant, alter a i-hort but severe ill
ess, Mrs. JANE FREEMAN HOWARD, in the
7th year of her age.
On the 2.5th instant, Mr. JOSEPH THOMAS, in
tie 41 st year of his a^e.
I^IIK Ladles World of Fashion for
The Ladies' World of Fashion contain* four bcau
i fully engraved and colored plates of Fashion, one
lato of small patterns or Caps. Bonnets, Ac.
Peterson's Magazine for March '
Industry ot"nil N^ti^ns. illustrated complete
Autobiography of an Actress, by Mys. Mowatt
Joseph WilmOt, by Reynolds 1 J
Hush Times of Alabama, and Mississippi, by the f
uthor of Georgia Scene*
New Books, Newspapers, end every thin; in the i
heap publication line for sale ?t
Or. Pa. hv. sni 41^ St., Odeon Building. ! ?
_tr ' - ,?
fej> 25?tf
I c
3UIENTAL and Sacred Scenes from [
Note? of Travel in Greece, Turkey, and Pale*
ine, by Fisher How*
Benediction*; or, the Blessed Life, by the Rev. J.
uinming, I). l>.
History of the Apostol'c Church, by Philip Schaff j
The Lectures Complete of F atner Gavozzi, reviftxi 1
n<i corrected by Gavazzi himself
The Path of Life, l y Henry A.Rowland
Apocalvuse Unveiled?the Day of Judgement, the I
lesurrection and the Millennium presented in a
icw light
Connexion of Sacred and Profane History, by Dr. j
'avidson. New edition only ji.
feb ?5?tf Bookstore, 7th st.
Office of CoMwissioxEfc of Public Brnjirjros, )
Feliruary 21, 18f?4. ^ i
PROPOSALS wil be received iz this ottico until
Saturday, the 'Jm ef April next, at 3 o'clock
i. b1 for gracing an'. graveling eo much of Mary
?nd avenue, between Seventh street and Potom?c
i.nd^je, as id not now graded and gravelled, as may
c c'irected by tbe Comuifsiener of Public Buila
The work is to be ef tlio best character, and to he
one to the accepfanoe of tbe Commissioner, or such
ersou as he maj' appoint to inspect it, and all that
i to be done miut be done by the first day of Ucto
ier next
The graveling must be at least twelve Inches in
ep'.h itt the c ntre of tho street, tapering off gr&du
lly to *ix inches in depth at the sides.
Pecurity will be required for the faithful por- ?
ormanco of the work.
Any surplus earth from the grading must ba de- I
>OMt?vi at such place, ? ithin a reasonable distance, !
s the CommUsione 6liail desii?a5te.
Proposers will state the pri e per cublfl yard for |
he g-adiuc, and per supert i^l yird for the gravel- '
og, including gravel aid all materia'*
b. b French, i
Coain/iSMoner of Public Bnildincrs
feb 22-dtd
A rx raons indebted to the estate of the late
rV W. II. Peaco, hre requested to make a set le
nent before or on the 6th uay of Sl&n h next; and
11 pprwrs having claims against said est?t;-, will
ender the sauie iuimeiiiately, at the old g'.aud, uow
ccupied by Mm. 1'?aro.
Washington, Ktb. 14, 1894. i
N'OTICH is hen-ty given thnt Mr J. **E?LtY Et
CHISON lit duly authoiiz-d to recipt fbr us as
he Exuo'Jtcrs of Wm II. Pea^. lat-? of Washington !
.?ty deo< a?ed. RUTH A. PKACO,
fe,b 20?tf (Tntel) Executors.
BUDH OF OPERA?.?Thes? beautiful ?,nd popular
Operatl? selections for the Piano Forte, just re
eivxl from the publisher, J. E. Gould.
r*h J7?tf HII.BUS '? HITZ. Music Depot
irOSUMEXTS ot Wastitngtou'M p?.
LfX trictisna; contiining ?* fac simile of bis pub
ic accounts kept during the Revolu ionery W?r,
nd some of tbe most interesting documents aon
ie-ted with his Military (Xmm&nd and Civil Ad
aiuu-t'ation, ic
In various bindings from $2^0 to $5.
For sale by GRAY & BAU ANTYXE,
7th st., 2 doors above Odd Fellows' HalL
feb 20?tf
A large stock of Blankets from $1 up, pome
xtragood- YERBY, TEBB3 A YERBY,
Corner of 7 th street and Pa. avenue.
dec 19
Ng/ MASONS ATTENTION!?Every Mason in
^^?good stundiBg should rail immediately at
1ILBU* A lllTZ'rf, Music Depot, and purchase
opies of .cignor Foghel's Free Mason's Polka, and J.
I. Good.ill'n Masonic yuadrilles, as they arc both
lieces dew rvini; of their name. feb 20?tf
Autobiography of an Actress, by Mrs Mowatt
Hot Corn, by Solon Robinson
All the new Books received as soon as published S
md for sale at
Cor. Pa. ave. and -4U st_ Odeon Buiidimr.
feb 15?tf
\r L SIC,?All tbe popular Sheet Music of the
LVL day, for ealj at WIMER'S, 6th st.
Ieb 7?tf
i I
BYRON Collars, new 8tyle. Shirts with and *?th
out collars, just received at BIRGE'S,
feb 9?tf Wizards' Hotel.
3 ond hand Piano made by Jona< Chickering, ol
rsto n, for sale low at the Music Depot ot
fen 3?tf IIILBUS A HITZ.
BRUSHES,?Hat, Cloth, Hair, Tooth, Sbav
iug, and Nail Brushos just received at
jan 81?tf BIRUE'B, Willurd's Hotel.
J The spacioug brown stone building, 26 f't front,
27 feet deep, and four stories high, with line dry cel
sr, recently erecteij, on tin euuth side of Penucyl
auia uviiiUH, nearly opiiosite the National Hotel, L
low reedy for occupancy. The building is con
ducted in the most substantial manner, in hand
ome modern style, and in so arranged mat each sto
y may be oceuDiei', separately. The location is one
f the very best in the city for business, and the
?oomy character of the building, with its elevated
toriea, makes it peculiarly deeirablp u a Furniture
establishment or Wholesale Grocery. It will be
ent*l separately or entire. Apply to
Y street north, bet. 0th and 7 th sta. west,
jan 26?eotf
yltunla avenue, between 8th aud 9th streets, oppo
ite Centre Market, will c!ose her business before the
st of April, and until then sell very oheap. She
Embroidery and Braiding Patterns; Canvass;
Tapestry and Zyphjr Woisted; Floss and Purse Silk;
Chenille; Tinsel anil Silk Cord; Fringe apd Tassels;
i'urfce Trimmings; i-oipmonced and finished Worsted
md Chenille Embroideries; Crochet Cotton; Ribbons:
Ladies' French Dress Caps and Head Dresses; Satin
ind Slippers; Purses; Bags; Lamp Mats; Boxes;
Fancy Buttons; Toys and Candy, Ac , Ac.
Lessons given and orders executed in all kinds ol
PANCY WORK. Patterns drawn on any material
The public, especially the ladies, are invited to call
loon^ Storekeepers will do well te secure bargains,
feb 9?eoRw
HAYING been formed on the 1st instant by the
subscribers, for the purpose of conducting the
Tailoring business in all its various branches in this
city, they respectfully invito all who wi*h to pur
chase or have made < oats, Vesta, or Pantaloons ot
the newest and most fashionable style, to call at
tbeir plaoe of bu iuess, in Mofttt's new building, east
rtde street, and near Pennsylvania avenue, who
pledge themselves to strive earnestly, and doubt not
successfully, to gratify the taste of the most fastid
ious. J. R. THOMPSON,
teb 14?dlwAeo3w Lata of New York.
'* IKan/?"'aiid " H'anftH'' advertisements, four lines
Hue 5 cents.
ble rr*nif j wjinau, without chiidrfn. *.? hf?se
deeper or s?*m?tre??. in a private fjnily Address
"S W." H'v Po" Offi-f. frb 2T?2V_
Vlyr ANTKD-i H uation by a white g il as a
TT COOK. Apply on 4th street. n*vt dor to
the rorn-r of F. " f^b ?5 - St*
WANTED?To hire 3 white BOY, about 16
rficr* of aee, c< pood moral habit#, ta rum. at
errands and wait on a shop Apply to
JAS. f HaRvEY.
Undertaker, 7th street. between G and II.
feb 25?fit* . ' ___
WASTED nOAUD?In a private ftTntlv,
or whew tfcere is but one or two other
boarder? f.ir a j^ntlewan and lady. Ad irt ss
?t this offlre. feb 24?21*
BO ART* WANTED?Br a laly'an 1 gentle^
m in without children. Addxeri Box 814, s'at
Inc locatkn and term*. M* 23?4t*
WANTED To rent?A comfortable Jthree sto
17 brick HOOK, between 10th and 14ih sts.
reft, and Pennsylvania and New York avenues.?
Any one haviog'sncli a house that will be vacant by
the 1st of April next will hrar of a good tenant by
iddresaing or app'viag to
Real Estate and General Agents,
? street, between 12th and 13th streets.
fcb 21?lw
\\7" A NT ED To rent? A small frame or b-1ck
y f HOUSE, or part of a house, either furnirhed
>r unfurnished, in a respectable neighborhood. Pos
cssion wanted or before the 1st of April next. Ap
ply immediately to
Rral Estate acd Geurral Agents,
E street, between 12th and 13:h streets,
feb 21?lw
WANTS NEUROES?The subscribers are
all times in the r.iarkei buying SLAVES. pay
Bg the highest cafch prices. Persons having Slaves
or sale will please call at 242 PK ATT STREET, 1U>
imore, M4., (SUtter'g old utmd.) Slaves taken on
>oard at 26 cent* per day.
feb 2?ly B. M. A VV. L. CAMPBELL.
FOR RENT?Two Parlors, with folding dcors, eli
gibly located on Pennsylvania avenue. Ad*
Ire.:a box 831, Post OtT.oe, or Star office.
f^b 25-at*
FOR KENT, CHEAP?A nice Store, Office, and
1)welling, on Pennsylvania avenue, between ,
a and streets. App'y to
* v 00 , Oppose the United States Hotel,
fsb 22?lw
FOR RENT?The Store room, now occupied by !
0. G. Klopfer, opposite Brown's Hotel. Pc
tsasion given on the 11th day of Much next En
Jeb 10? ThAS2w*
Bl!l L> DINO LOTS?A variety of city build
ing LUib for sale on accommodating terms I
Also, Dwellings. Apply to MYERLE A WEBB, |
teal Estate A cents, few doors east of National Hotel I
j an 24?eoVm
K ''' T?The two three-itory WARE- !
HOUSES on 9th street, opposite the west end '
?f Centre Market, at present occupied by P. J. Rad- i
iliff. Possession to b- h-.d on the 1st April next.
;or terms apply to John II. Sriam^ A Co., n?xt !
feb 7?eodtf 1
hand a beautiful assortment of White Ties,
stocks, Tab Storke, and Handkerchief*, and the best
[uality of White K?d whioh can be had at
New Gents furnishing Store,
Cor. Pa. av., bet. Browns' and Net. Hotels,
feb 17?dlw
British navy lists tor jann
ary, 185*.
British Army List for do.
Ylio's Who in 18E4
^Ig's liir,ts cn Houses, 1 vol, London, 18?3
lather on Coal Mines, 1 vol, London, 1853
1 estigrs of Creation, enlarged edition, many engrav
ings, 1 vol, London, 1853 j
ohn=on's Patentee's Manual, 1 vol. London. 1S5?
)uffin's Perspective, 1 vol, London, 1853 1
"rtmeuhere',! Political Experience of the Ancients;
Mty on the Law and Practice of Parliament; A1
lens Navigation Lawi of Great Britain; Bee
croft s Iron Trade; Bainbridge's I,av ot Mines
find Minerals; Woolly's descriptive Geometry,
apj lied to Ship Building.
fob 15?tf FHANCK TAYLOR.
rHE Co >IINu STRUGGLE among the nation* of
the i.arth on the Political Events of the rex;
ifteen Year*, described in sccoidanw4 with Profile
ies iu Eiekicl, Daniel, and the Aj^caly; ^e
Reprint from the Sixtieth Thousand London e-li
lon; TAYLOtt & MAURY'S
feb 10? tf B<?.kf-toro. nnar o?h st.
\rUS"-?' AN UElt-uN* has just rcoivod ua invoice
L*JL ol Toreigu Music, selections from Ojorag from
h.* lie-t authors, home publications, songs, pieces,
faities. * polkas. &r. S<"?tigf'?My Canes i* on the
;hio; Mer't Thcu to Speak Farewell: H?pjy Hants
Q? n's fong; When the Wor.<4 s Sleeping; in Child
:cod I Dallied; Then Ely *ith Me; The Phantom
f Iba: Captain Charlotte's Polka ; Good for Nothina
'oiks; Blind Boy's Schottis<h, b ?sides many cth?r
ougr. and pi.-ces, blank musjc jks, rtn'cic paper,
mi guitar strings of the Vest quality.
Between lltli an.A 12th Streets, Tenna. ax.
feb 11?tf
BUCHANAN on Mill Work and other Machinery,
1 vol and large atias of Plates
iiedgold on the steam Engine, 4 vols, q'tarto
Life and Profeyjional Labors of Telford, 1 vol and
ar*e atlas of plates
on Bridges, by Hann, Basking and other?. 3 vols
ind supplement, 1853
Course o<" Mitkeumtica for the Royal Miiitary
Lcad?-my, 3 vols, 1853
W ilneris Hand Book for Mapping and Eueineer
ng Drawing. 1 vol
Hart on Oblique Arrhos, 1 vr-1
Alban 011 the High l'ressnrg Steam Engine. 1 vol
Tredgnld's Carpentry, by Barlow, 1 vol, qnarto
Hood on Warming and Ventilating Public Build
ngs, 1 vnl
fckjpwith'e Isometrical Drawing, 1 vol
And mary ether books of practical science, in?t
lrpacked direct from Loudon.
feb 20?tf FHAN'CK TAYLOR.
BLANK Books; Inkstands; Envelopes of every
variety, penknives, porte monnaies, combs,
>rushes, folders, blue, black, and red Inks, indelii
>le ink, Green's pencil eraser, slates, drawing pen
;ils, metallic memorandum books, extra blottinn
japer, card of all kinds.
And as good an assortment of SHEET MUSIC as
??n he found in the District.
Persons in want of a book of popular music can
nake & selection on accommodating terms, at
Sixth street, near Louisiana avenue.
jan 26?tf
Dr?. Flodoardo and 1 TTAVING asso
Hamilton P. Howard j XX dated in the
Practice of Meilici.ie ofTer thtir services to the public,
and resident*-, corner 10th and E sts.
Dr. F. Howard's health being re-established,
le will as heretofore, devote special attention to Mid
wifery and the diseases of women and children
jan 16?d2m*
rp HE best Farm of its size^aho^t ?cres, to which
f moru wi!\ aided if desired,) Fairfax
sounty, \ 4-, whether as regards liealth, natural fer
.lhty, state of improvement, locality, inaccessibility
-? markeu!, of wood anJ purest wut^r tUero is pleii
ty, buildings only tolerable, schools and church".
:onvenieut, society v.ry good and rapidly increas
For further particulars enquire of Thos. R. Lave,
.I? * ^\rfax Court House, or to tho subscriber, ad
orning tue premises. THOH. AP C. JO\E-i
jan 26?eolwAThSw (Int) U. sT'n.
RK-IMPHESSIt'N de Panelen Mon.
Iteur, seule histuire authenUqus et iaalte
x-e de la Revolution Francaise, depusis la reuuion
Its Etats Generauxjusqu an ConsHlat, 1789 to 17t?9.
ivec des notes explicatives. 31 vols, and 1 vol oi
Introduction. Paris, I860, Imported, a single cov\
feb 13
OmcJt or Tiu Sot THEK.f MAxuFACTLaxaa' Bank, 1
1-ito, . ? Washington, February 14, 1854. /
HE undersigned has made an arrangement with
the Banking House of Sweeny, Bestor & Co.
lor the redemption of the Bills of thi s Bank when
presented for payment. C. W. PUKCELL,
feb 16?2aw4w President.
PAIR of Slippers, Stockings, and Gloves all fcr 50
cents: Black Silk 60 cents a vaid; Car jet 12
:ent?; Bonnets 2j cents; I'ndersleeves, 25; Chemi
fetts 26; Check 6 cents; Calico 6 cents; Gloves 3 cts,
Undershirts 37; Shawls $1; Embroi derod Elastics 4
sents, tc.
Also, Ladles' Gum Sandals 02; Slippers 57; Gaiters
r6; Mens Boots $1 60; Children's bhoes 26; Umbrel
as 37 cents, Ac.
Come to the Great Cheap Cash Store for Bargains
sorner of 7th and I sts., Northern Liberties,
jan 21?tf T. B. BROWN.
RAWLE on Covenants for Title, new edition, one
Coke upon Littleton, Butler and Margrave's Notes
2 vols, new edition
By leg on Bills, 1 vol, new edition
Hill on Trustee*, do do
Pothier on Obligation, 2 do do
Story's Equity Jurisprudence, do do
1 and Aurtst, wUl be in Wksh ngtoc
lOESDAY. Dr. Von M. atS
eiciHsirely to the medical and lurtrica)
tre?ment of the EYK and EAR
Qffioeat Mri. W. Vose', PennsyJvania avenne. be
aTm to^p8^ to 'Dp etaiW1' Kean 11
inserted without pain.
Py DOWK8 <SL illTCH15SO.V.A?ct.
iBS, th?2?fh ln*?t, *? *0 o<4?*. w* will wll.
tbe store of Mr i hcma? Cooper, comer of Man land
av B?c and 4 <t?(% ?
2 s-pond h??d ? Uiu?, in fvX order, 1 Flutino
1 g* <2 ?kon tni H tme.1
Alao. ? lot of second hand Furutture, Bedsteads.
Ac , Ac ?
Triwsrsrent Window Shad<?
tdlsloth m(I Table Covars, Ac.
Also. a lot of Hats Borueta, and Ladles and u ants
Wear! ok apparel, Ac.
Tifflt cash.
fob ?7?11 A ortioneera.
Br K. ?? WRIGHT | Georgetown.
BRICKS, STONE, Ae? at Awtioii.?<*n FRIDAY
next, the 3d of March, on the north side of
Prcapea' street. n?ar the market. 6eorcetown. 1 ."ball
?ell without reserve, Ute eontents of an k* boese?
40 000 Bricks
}M Perch Stove
more ot l^a, to be removed within 60 davs after aala.
Term* caih. E. 3. WKIOUT,
fe>> '?- d A net inner r.
By OREKX * SCOTT, Avetlanccrt.
11 Ancti ?n ?On TUESDAY, the SSth instant, we
shall *11, at 10 o'clock a. uu at the resideuce of a
gentleman dechninp liou?eke.plng, on South R, >*
te-et-n 2d ah J 3d streets east, fir*t brick h use raet
of R'bnt Benlr, Esq., an excellent assortment t?l
Furniture. vit:
Mahoijiny Chair*. Bookcase, Sideboard, diaiug and
ether Tables
Do Dr? "sine and other Bureaus ar.d Wash
t tands
Do and Walnut French and other B^dsb'ads
Fins new r ?e*k>! case Pienojbrte. mmle by dick
? China, Crockerv and Strnewsre
' Feather Be is. hair and Shu^k Mattresses
Window Curtains an 1 Blinds
Fine Tapestry and other Carpets and Rugs
Shovel and Tongs, Oooklrg ar.d otl.e.- Stores
With a pood assortment cf Kitchen R< q\.i?itcs. and
mary other articles vhieh wo do? m unneces
sary to enutuemte.
Term*: All ? am* ot $25, c^sh ; over s?i a credit
of sixty and ninety da,7, f^r note* satisfactorily en
dorsed. bearing Interest. GREEN * SCOTT.
f<b21?d Auctinmeis.
? ?., . ? .i .? ? -
By J. C. Mi'Ul71Ri?? Auctioneer.
I^rCstke's salf. of Qttocitiat.s. wi>?*?,
trnndic?, Ac.?The subaeril>er, I y virtue of a
deed of trust from Becj. McOraw and Geo It -Jacobs,
will ofbir for sale, at public au-tion. en TUESDAY,
. the 2sth ?f February, at the stir on the corner of
Pennsylvania avenue ani l:th t-tr**et. all the store
natures rnd stock in tra le cf the sa.d Mcftra* and
Jacobs, iv.nsiftiiig v*J'a elie-ice takcticu ?.f Groceries,
Wines, Brandies. Ac.
I Also, i ne Horse, \Va>rcn. aud Harness.
I Sale to commence at 10 o'clock.
! Term*: All sums ur.der $W <a'h; over f "0 and
under $100 six'.y d;tys; over $100 ninety days, lor
approved undjrseJ paper, besrinc lnter<-.-t.
feb 17?d Auc kinwr.
By UREKN ?fc StOTT, Auctioneers.
Mahogany boards, plank, vene:.rs.
Ac., at Auction.--On THURSDAY, the
? instiutt. at 1 o'clook p. m., we Fh?!l *e!l, at our ware
boa e or. 6th fti eet, between Mis -r. j.ii and Per.nsy -
! vania avenues, between two ar.u three thousand
feet of Mahogany Board- and Plank. v!i:
7-8 ana ?? S Uo^rds, 2, Piank
3,000 feet fin" Mahogany A en? rs
Ti-mis: All sum* of $26 cash ; over f2S a credit ol
sixty and ninety days, for notes sai*dac:orUy m
dorsed, be?riug inteiest.
fei> Zs*~MVr'l h3t Auctioneer*.
t* Th? above sale ts postponed tin
til "A EDM LSD AY, the 1st March, famo hour.
feb 24?4 AnetfOBMn.
By GREEK A SCOTT, Auctioneers.
Excellent furnitore At AucUon?Ob
THUKSDAY. the id March, weshali sell, at lt>
o'clock a. d , ut the residence of Mr. V m. Burnhanj
at xh? corner or lOth and F ?tr<-< ts, an excellent as
sortment of Furuit'ir*, vi*:
Mahngany Sofas, Parlor and Poking Cliairs
Do Dining, Card, and other Tahies
Do marh:e-top Tabln, dre.vlnir and ot! er Bu
Do Hat-rack aad psipt'd ccttage Chamber
IlHDdsorre palatal Window Phades and Blind*
Girandoles Solrr. Uu'l. and ether Lumps
Brussels and 11 her Carpets
Oilcloth and Matting
<'h'T>a, Glass, aud Cro ke yWnre
Shove!*, T'ng-. arid Fen lets, iiall and other Stoves
Feather Beds hs.ir and shur-k Mattre'Se*
M::p!<* BedsUafi?. W?r?'r. h " and Wtshfunis
With many oth<T anicl.s which w?* deen unnrces
fury to enumerate.
Terms ? All nuns of s> d uu^rr ?2-r> cash ; over $25
a cre-Jit of sixty and ninety d*y-, t? r notes satist* -
U>ri:y .-udorvd, K'aring iritete-t.
feb 24?(J Auctioneers.
JL have r>-ai''ved thvir office to G .d-bv's Uot?l, 06
Pennfiyiva!';.a av.*iiue, n.^r corner 3d rtre< t.
The Ucocis occupied by uiem over Oilman's Drup
Store are fi r ;vo?t
F y particulars ii:quir? at the Western Tei^*rapb
Office. Jan ?tf
"Gatherings from the Oichard," and "Kxotjc
Theeo heaatifally illuml. .-^1 Be* hs. with a choice
se'.ec.tijn of the Standard Purls, and cth>T Works iu
ele<7ant and tasteful bind'.r^tj. Just received at
TAYLOK i MAURY'S Booi.sU-re,
dee 21?tf ne ?r #tli rttwt.
SPKC1 Ah SOT1CE?All persons indebted
_ to the subscrib r are respectfully reque-t?d to
settle their ccc'ts by cash or note previous to the 1st
of March n'**lj all ouch a? have claims against me
aro requested'to present the game tor adjustment,
as it is nect^.'ary to close my prerent accjunts be
fore ent< ringr u) on other arrangements to take ef
fect frcm and alter that date.
fch 1-4?dtMarchl Auctioneer.
GTe^TLEM KIk' STr avell ng7li a W Is
I WV have now ou hand?
45 heavy superior Tr&veiivg Shawls .
Whicu Mo will iietl io* for e*-h.
Comer of 7th street and Pc.nn. avenue,
dec 1ft??t
LIVING,including I'residwntPierce, Secretary
Marcy,Judne Campbell, and other members of the
Cabinet; with biographical and ld-tronical memeirs
of tlieir lives and action, by John Livingston, of the
New Y?.rk Bar. For suie at
feb 22?tf Bookstore, mar 9'h st.
17"E have ju?t opened ene ef Groveston A &>V
Vf celebrated premium Piano Fortes. Tht-fe
celebrated manufacturers lu-.ve just received tht
three highest pretrli'uss fur l'-anos exhibited at the
New York Crystal i'alaco?a decided assurance oi
their superiority.
All ere invited to call and judge far themselves,
at the Music Depot of H1LBU3 A lilt*.
frh 4?tf
HAVE just receiverJ at my Furniture Ware
rooms, on 7th street, opposite the Exchange
10 setts of the aboTe Furniture, of various pattern
&nd stylo
Also, a considerable adtition to mv stock of
To wbii-h the attention ol purchasers is invited,
fob 10?*o2w N. M. McGREGuR.
DRAS3 SlURTS.?We tire now prepared to innkr
Shirts of the best quaiity and the greatest va
riety of styles', warranting them to fit iu all cas-s.
anu iu a manner not to be surpassed by auy ether
establishment in the citj-. The west (k-ddonab'tr
styles of C .iiar, either rolling or ttanding, on hand,
or made to order.
French RL-bauds, detached frcm the shirt, and
Cufi Buttons oan be had at
New Gents Fu nishins Store,
Cor. Pa. av., bet. Browns' and Nat. Hotels.
feb 17?dlw
Papter Mache Architectural Deco
I^HE attentiou of Architects, Builders, and ?then
is invited to this new material, which is now
so extensively esod at the North for bo?se aud
church decoration. For beauty of finish and dura
bllity it is equal to carved wood, aud is much eheep
er and in every way superior to plaster. We are
prepared to fill orders upon the shortest notice at the
manufactory price*. ADAMs A HASKIN4,
Agent* for Boston Papier Mache Co.,
Pa. avenue, n. side, between 10th and 11th st.
jan 11?eotf
Celling off cheap f
Dress Cape and Ribbon Head Dresses.
WISHING to close out tbe above Goods to make
room for Spring purchases I will sell them
for cost. Ladies in want of them will do well to
Dre-s Caps 37% ?o |l 25
Rii'bon Head Dresses X7Jf to $1 25
Evening or dinner Caps $1.2.r>
N. B.?Fall and Winter Ribbons at cost. Silk at d
worsUd Braids, Gimps. Ac., cheap, and a lot of geods
too numerous to mention, all of whieb will b? sold
cheap, to make rcom f >r new good*.
Pa avenue, betwmn 10th and llth sts.
feb 23?eo8t [Int]
THE undersigned, having become aesociated fi r
the purpose of carry is ^ on the PLI'MBINO
BUSINESS, offfe tbeir services to tbe cititeus of
Washington end Georgetown and tbeir vicioi iet.
and are row prepared to put up, adjust, and repair
water closets, bathing rooms, laundries. Lift A torce
pumps, water-rams, water-backs, und all other fix
tures appertaining to the business in ths beat maa-1
ner and at Baltimore prices. They can he found at
F. Y. Nat lux's old stand, cn the south side of P-ns
svlvanit avenue, near 31 Ureet, where all Oidors
will ka promptly attended to. !
M 22?so3t FRANCIS MoUiiAN.
* I ill
A s
?' j i.i\ i.Qii mumrii.
Von Arrival ?f tb? Mail* fmiw
Baltimore, Ftb 27.?The northern
nian hat ffeiled to coin* to hand to day.
The 'rain that left Balutuorc last evening
at i | p. m. ww forced to return on ac
count of the dauiagi- to the road by the
?r<*l.e! between Perronansvilie and
? nucipio Rndg*. The floods of reat^r
y ar\- Miii.?idmg.
Arri?al ef the Iaab l.
K*b 25.?The miHf
1-d. u^^s^sksss:
*on. acting rDi(?l Sl?t?. Conwl.
1 unrated.
Reports were current of a negro insur
rection eastward of Canlenas.
A change of trx?p? had been unex
pectedly made at Putrto Principe
Havana was tjiuet. A Fiench fle?t had
made its appearance.
Markets. ?Sugars were dull for want
of shipping. Freights to England ?5.
Hour scarce. Rice and lard improving.
Hoi Shooks badly * anted.
Cii vaLKSTox leb. 25.?Ordered that
th* suptsmti-ndency of the Treasury ad
mit tcsscLh loaded with coal, ?ven if 'a por
tion of the caj-go coutamed other mer
chitKlise, to all the privileges of coal ves
The French Admiral Duchesne, expect*
ed to order that the payment by slaves,
u a portion of their purchase money be
recorded at the mortgage-office. Several
cargoes of slaves have been landed.
Baiumore Karkots.
Baltimore, Feb. .?Breads! tift* firm*
cr. f lour ; sale* ol ltXHJ bbls of Howard
Rtjxet at $7.50 ; City Mills held at *7.50.
hoat: sales of 2000 bushels white at
" re<^ ?1,75. Corn; sales of 30,
000 bushels white at 7G cts. Oats; sales
at 50a53 cents per bushel.
Jfew York Market
Nkw I ork, Feb. 27, 1 p. m.?Flour
firmer sales of 5000 bbU of Sute brands
at $8.44 : Southern at ?8.GS. Wheat de
pressed. Com : sales of 30,000 bushels
mixed at 89 cents, yellow at 94 cents,
blocks unchanged. Cotton firmer.
Cin-cixn-ati. Feb. 25.?Flour has de
clined to $6.10. Provisions in better re
quest. Mess i>ork $12 25. Lard in bbls.
cjc. Linseed oil S5a90c.
New Orleans, Feb. 24.?Sales of cot
ton for the last two days 15 000 bales.
I ninny bags advancing and held at 16c.
Horrible Ditelosart*.
StRAcrsK, Feb. 25th?Most horrible
disclosures are made by a woman named
Cummings, relative to the murder of Al
tred Tiller's wife, at Onondaga West,
which was telegraphed on Thursday
It appears ; hat Tiller himself was'the
murder, and that the arrangement of the
body, with the other details, in order to
give the appearance of a burglary, and
subsequent murder by the burglars", were
also the acts of Tiller, before he started
to call in help. Several parties concerned
in the transaction arc UDdw arat^t hero.
Trial ft>r Murder i
Boston. Feb. 24?The trial of John
L. t. hapman. for the murder of Reuben
Lessens, in Sherburne, closed yesterday
In* jury werr- out all night, but were
jnab.e to agree, and wei-e discharged this
ir.orniag. It is said there were eleven
br conviction. A new trial will be had.
port of Alexandria, February 24.
r-o~?' ^ 11&anor- l-?Ttl*ud- York, to
Ch*~> s York
ifclsil COj I HIl<i lioil Co.
Nhi D'amond Sute, William*, Eastern Shore,
.umber to Mnoot A Uhler. '
H. W Beu?ii<t, U.W, N?? Hutu,
on, by Cumberland Coal and Iron Co.
St?atn>hip Martin Hoffman. Townseud. N York,
bj Cumberland Coal and Iron Co.
1 SkiP A Inc. from Chincha la
aij is, with h r?rgo ofgcaoo to Manors A Son.
II r. have . u hauu a spiendui a*sortuiant of SILKS
f ? consisting in purt of. vir ?
k ft* t """{ft? *+
*11? 1? riu" d?
A do . T*n' **??ino B1 u?, Brown
and oib?r colors, at $1 and upward
1000 jKWii small checkered Silk*. at 62U nonta
U>00 yard. Brorvle ^iU., at $1 * <*nU
Black tiiae of varii u? luncU
rpeach Merino# and French .Moua^line de Lainaa
T?ry cheap
r'^n^",U" * ** h") iD Ci0*k*' M">"U?i,uJ
an'^ B?Dil?cinii, e!l qualit)?*
h wssrsrrjtiw
uall < *?&??*
. --?. ?s??r Oeneral in ifce CniivJ
b?74r,?8"" ???***?? *
Nj-Kh Am?;ricau Review tor January
Dickens' Itous?-bold Words do
vat : ?r'th" Vw*ww 01 Claxla Du
to "L
Linny Lotkwood, a norwl. by Caroline Crowe
John: or, "is a Couitiu ia tu? hand worth/two
Ocuiit* in tli?> bu-h," by l nnlie Carlen
A Roowl uf Stoneo by the Chrb-tma* Fir*, by 0
En kens, i'rioe 6 eent- ^ ^
*%????vt'The lvngt?of Town'hy 3
Juaiini's Art of War, 1 rol. with marui
J-ffenoti's Nute- ou Virginia, nr-w wlitlon.
Mechanical Thwory of storm*, by T Ua-?iw-tt
j?H_ai-tf fraVkilTujR.
II TK WILL UPES Una mcrnin. a *arte?
J ? of new 8PBI.VU GOODS, con^.tiu* iu^rt
I'laid Silks, Striped Silk^ Figured Silks
trench Mou*seilne de Lhlnes
Plaid ?nd strip Barege D< laiiie?
L?ne c?ae handsome B?rege Delaines, at 12U eta nar
yard * ?
^ea^hchintu^, BnglisL Chlntaea, Amerioaa Chios
French Oingl ams, F.n^liafc Ginghaau
Bhiwls1"' Clti'hl*':r? 1.^
And a ? mplete assortment of gunle Oonde ~r .11
frb X?Mm UALL * "MiTHEK
S"!,t| fad"%^ra-Bm-nxn
?TT ^.paS^wsr^r*!jff^ ??
iad filling Shirts can be suited at
ontB?woop'? Toca la
?? ??
BROWRE>? HARr?.-Tw of Uv," .TT."
celebrated Oo?bl?-action Harry. r.D *bo^*
aays at our Musk Depot. All dw<ro2,W^r
J nun a tin.
?D aa
iOU pieces Tory chean.
YWlbt, TKBBfi a RUT
Jtaeia-tf ?* "1xh ^ki^O.
Jonlottl Johnaon POpW' of
The Old Willow Tree
<wm- TT* M,lwi dP^,*e.
1,~tf HILMLS a gm- Mask Depot
"v ^ stock of VoIm
- ? ,a542lii'a!a?
{lit! fr x ? 1 ,

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