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JttUbttr OyictfOn D street, near lith, ntariy oppo
rUe Ike Irrin; Hotel,
To gabacnbcnin the cities nf Washington, George
town, Alexandria, Baltimore and Philadelphia, a
14 jH'r annum, payable?SIX CENTS?week
ly to the Ageat*. To mail subscribers the snb
?*npt?n price w THREE DOLLARS ANT) FIFTY
CENTS a year in adccnee, TWO DOLLARS for
MONTHS. Sixslk copies on? cext.
|(7-Cass, ibtabiablt im *>?*>?.
Q(J- S.ugU iojw (in wrappers) cu be proctral
at the counte', i-mediately after the twne ot th?
P*P?t. Frie?>? Tbkee Cbwtb.
PomMtiK *iM m( bs aiiBB will be tlbwvi ?
in iu mains.
102 Naisan Street, (corner of Ann.)
Til* >at?crib--r3 having devote i their personal
attention for rcany re^r* to th? manufactur*
of BILL1 A??DTABLES, are fully competent to exe
cute work thit will give entire satisfaction to th?>
nivt astidions Conno^sieur. Bein:; the m*>st exten
sire m?ntifacrurer* in the Union, they are enabled
to furnish a superior table at 10 percent, less than
*ayoth?r e.'tahli-'hnient in the couutry, to which
fast they re-pectfaliy inviv the attention of buyers,
a* also, to the essential improvement* they haTc
ma l<" in Tbe construction and elasticity of the Cu*h
ion-, whi-.h th-y hare brought to a legree of per
f-rti >n attained by no o'hers. Always on hand Bil
liarl Tables with Marble and Wooden beds with a
1 irge stock of Cloths, Bali*, Cue', French Ch? Ltjath
ers, Cue Wax. Pool Ball, Boards, Bagatelle Tables,
j.Is an 1 W rst-d Pocket*. Ac. Orders by mail
pmrootly aft?n1ed to. Old Tables recuahiened by
.?ending th?m !>y Expres*.
Billiard Tahl? Manufacturers,
ap IS?3m So. 90 Ann st. New York.
LIC OF TCXAS.?The creditors of tbe late Re
public of r*xv? ore hereby notified, that by an act
of th-? L?gi*lature of the State of Texas, approved
Feb. 11th, ISil, the provisions ot the act entitled
"An art t > provide fir ss?ert-uoio:r the debt of tbe
lat? Kepublic of Texas. approved March 20th, 184S.
has b-en extended until the 1st day of Augu?t 18?5;
therefore, all hold?n of any of the lirbilitiee of the
'.ate Republic. whi -h have not b?en heretofare unju
d catcl. whether the same be s'ock bonds, treasury
n"'.??, audita 1 pap?*r, unliqniIntel claim*, or any
other de*rriptlon of debt whatsoever, will present
the ?aui ? f >r ailju-'tai^nt to the Aulitor an 1 Comp
troller. at this office, in Austin, on or baf .re the
Jate aforesaid, August 1st, 1855, or the same are by
statute aforeaaii, declared forever barred.
Parties forwarding Mm ens by mail to the under
signed, un l-r the provisions of the act a'ores aid, tl e
certificate ?f adjustment issutd therefor will be re
turned in the same way. should it be so diree'ed by
tbe claimant, otherwise it will remain in the And
tor's olVce. <ubiect to his order. In all cases of the
transmission of securities to and fro?n the ofllce, the
gam* shall be at tha risk of the owner or holder.
W'h^n a party depute nuither to act for him,
(whi-h is r^iuisite in secind class claims,) a simp e
j>.i?*r ai attorney att^Jted by two witnesses will
J NO. M. 8WI3UER, 1 Auditor.
JAMKs B. SHAW, , Comptroller
Austin. Texas, February 2ld, 1851.
ap IT?-3m
Continue to furnish GuupowdSr of all their well
known brands, vb: KENTUCKY RIFLE. SEA
half an! quarter kegs, aal Canisters of one pound
Al?e. a flail assortment of Powder for blssting am!
Mining purposes, and for Export. The reputation
of their Gunpiwder is too well known to require
comment. For sale by ths prncipul dealers in this
place, au J at, the ofilts* of the Company.
99 Wall street, N. Y. City.
A. O. HAZARD, Pre-ident.
A. E. DOUGL ASS. Secretary. ap 4? 3m
thTamerican pick7
I^lllS illustrated Comie Weekly, which is published
in New York every Saturday, has ni* com
aenced the third year of ib> prosperous existence.?
It has r-athed a larger circulation than any attempt
)f the kind ever started iu America. It is tilled with
2uU and Caricature iiken?as?jof persons and things
ind tb-se alone are worth the subs rrip'.ion price,
ehich is only {1 a year, for which 52 numbers are
madnd to any part of the United atatei.
The new v->iu'n* commenced with the "Reminis
cences of John C. Gaboon, by his Private Secreta
ry," anl will be continued in the Pick until finished,
which it will take nearly a year to accomplish.
When the Reciiuiscen.W are completed thoy
wul be reprintel and published in book form, and a
?py wdl be sent free of charge or postage, to every
pub*riber to the P*ck whose nam* shall be on our
mail books.
The Pick has become a favorite paper throughout
:he United States. Beside* its weekly designs by
:he first Vrtistv it contains wittv and spicy editori
lis of a hijh character. End will carry cheerfulness
o the gloomiest fi'-eside. Its high character renders
t a favorite in every family. It is emphatically a
amilr paper. It contains each week a lar.ee quan
Sty of Tales, Stories Anecdote?, Scenes and Witti
:i?ms gathered from life. Every article that appears
a its columns is entirely original, and it has clus
fered around it some of the best writers iu the Uni
ted States.
The subscription price to the Pick A only $1 per
innum. cash in advan-e.
Club* are furnished with the Pick at the following
-dared rates:
Mob of six copies.. $5
?lab of 13 eopies 10
3iab of iO copies ?13
Jiab of '?1 eopies. H>
Club of 34 copies $25
Club of 4?J copies. 30
Club of 50 copies 35
Club of 75 eopies 60
Club of 15o*?v>piee. $100
To frrfnrre the reductions offere-1 to eluba, the
mount of payment for each Club must be remitted
it the same time
The** rates reduce the Price of the Wittiest Illus
rated Weekly published on this continent, to a
aare fraction. ? mar 22?1m
No. 360, Broadiray, .\ei? York,
Ham* nddr-i to their WnnUta e ?B5?n?rt, a
tod ar* ""onstantly r^-.-eiviog all the new varieties of
Wall Paper and Decorations,
torn the moet eminent aanutwtarers of EUROPE,
raieh with the best styles of AMERICAN production
?le* will be pleased to exhibit t/> any and all who
aay ceti upon them, either with a view of purchas
ag or to see tbe perfection tUi* branch of manutac
iar?rs has obtaineL 1'uvati a^siPUOJai, hotels,
ftiUC IUU,0I5toS, CHl'h'HU, BANK1HS UvUSto, olQVM,
o?ncsa in any part of the c-^uatry appropriately
fa^re-1 or Decorated ia Fresco, Marble, or Woods,
n ? superior manner, by the best warfcmen in the
r?i?, ?t readunable prices and the work warranted.
feb : .S ?>m
lnio'iu the public that they have taken up a
t*a t of land eligibly aituated at the junction of ttc
roa-i. >la(li>on>ugh road, and the 1'iscataway
roal, troutuig on the river, directly oppo-lte the
^?ty Yard, aui commanding fine views of the city
if WvdiingtOB. aui the Potomac River, which they
:at?a4 laying out m HUILD1NO LOTS, to 6< ocaltd
,Ji a, us 550 L<>ttart s.u)>irxil*d for.
The ?iz^ of L?>t< are 'J4 fcet front by 130 deep, all
fronting on 0o fe?-t wtJe stm-'U, "at the very low
in.-' oi (??') each, without interest," payable i'ismall
monthly in*talinei:ts. a* follows: J? upon eaoh lot
-uWiitiuif, aud *-J for each lot every succeed
ing moath, until the whole ia paid, when a "deed in
f?e ^impi*' will be gtven to each lot-holder, clear of
e?ery in--ambrance The street* al.*o will b? gradei
and ?d<-i with sbade trees, without ?:xtra charge to
th? lot-hoider*.
There are V-w oluucts which m-n are more desirous
of attain# than toe |>os?es.-iOD of a ? house aud lot, '
adapted r0 iu- sphere of life ui which tliey move; with
they are c jn ,ci-. u- of j>osf*s?ing comfort and
?^curi y i r th-ir Ta"ii!i-s. wnich they would rarely
'?therwi*e euj< y. an i it is witi a vit w to gratify so
'?ul?bie admire that th-J pc-sent Very low price and
***7 m-"!e <>f payaitH'. have be~n adopted.
iVrssi, il'-'.-igain^ to purchase lots should make
early appli.aUon, a.-- m^re tUaU one half have al
ready been sub?enbed for.
Purrhi?er| have the privilege of exchanging' after
the drawin^ff.r any Lots that may remain unsold,
&y payia< (i r^en Lei extra, and cia have two or
more Lots foe?ther
JOHN FOX. Secretary,
C>B?e7th street, above D.op. Intelligenceroflloe.
?^"Open fr*>m i> a. in to 9 p. m. mar 29?lm
vaiua avecu? ?nd IstL street, Washiiigtott, and
JOHN L. KIDWKLL, High sUeet, Georgetown, D
?n oomprisiug iu part:
Dr. J ay o?b r&uiiij >ie>iiciam?Dr. Rose's Family
jtwiruien Wistar s Barn? of Wild Cnerry?Ayers
Cherry Pectoral?San i*'and Tow sand's Sarsaparil
A. H. and John Bull's Uo?Rose'saul SohwarUe's
Mnhau Kiixer Calisaya Bark?Wolf s Aromstk
: rfcoapps?Kidwell's Extract Beeeh to-ops
?Watfs Nervous Antklote?-iMgood't India Cholo
So*u? a aud's Tonic Hiature? I lampton's Vegeta
Tlacturw?oreea's Originated Uittera?Hooflana*s
*wiaan ie?Blake's aud Cacnoa's do? Rushton s
w sua- . Cod Liver oil, to^etiwr with all tbe moat
4>pro*od melicinej cf the time.
A^ent^ fcr sale of Seymour's Galvanic Ab-Iomi
?*i iupp>rter, sey ajwar's Obstetrical Supporters, and
*?? Buife Abdominal Ulcro supporters.
A Iraei, a ippiy of Saratoga and Bedtord Water
| H BKRRY MAN fffers for sale the above named
Oi atticiei at bis stand, on the north s'tls ''
*7 an 1 avenue near Its ioterseetion with 7th st ,
l?lan<l, sud would xlfcJ of a share of tur
Corwxr or Hollidai, Baltimori. Md.
Bacon's Abridgement, 6 yols, folio. Price $15
B1n(?h*m'g Reports, new series, 0 Tola, Royal 8 to.
Price $18
Hall's Reports, 2 v^ls, 8 to?$4 50; I>u#r on In.*Hr
an<*, 2 toIs, Royal 8 to?$T; Arnauld on Insur
a no;, 2 toIs, 8 to? Bonvi?r's Law Dictionary, 2
toIs,?$8 60; PhilHpp's and Amos on Kridenee, 2
to1s,8 to?$2 04; Hargrave and Butler'* Coke upon
Littleton, 1 toI, tolio, {6; Plowden's B?port?, 1 toI
folio?$3; Hobart's Reports, 1 toI, folio?$2; Brown
Cav* in Chancery, 1 toI, f >lio?$i A Collection of
Celebrated Trials, 2 toIs, 4to?$2; Smith** Chancery
Practice, 2 toIs, 8vo?$6; Priestly'e Letters to lilack
stone, 1 toI, 8to?$1 25; Curtis on Copyright, $i:
Cooper's Justinian, $3; Ilolt on Libel, jl 25; Phi!
l?i>s on Insurance, $2; Graydon's Form', <2; Douj
lass' Reports, 2 toIs, 8to?$4; Espinasxi on EtI
,1,,.,/.^ *1 tn. r\~? -- v 1-? *i ??=.. < ?.
Chitty's Cr.miaal Law, 4 Tola, 3to?$3; Story Plead
ings, Ji Livingston's Criminal Code, $3; Coze's Oi
geet, |"i The Federalist, $1 50.
feb 28?tf J. CATnERS k BRO.
229 Baltimore strrrt, corner of CkarUt, BdUimtrr*
AREdailT opening NEWOOODS such as WATCH
PAINTINGS, London and Paris PERFUMERY, gen
together with a gieat Tariety of FANCY GOODS,
which are offered on accommodating terms,
feb 20? tf
cial college.
No. 127, Baltinwr*. ttre't, Baltimore, Md.
THE ostensible object of this institution is topta<*
in the reach of IndlTiduals proper facilities fn
obtaining a thorough and practical mercantile edu
cation. A young man can here obtain a more cor
rect knowledge of general business matters in a few
weeks than can be acquired in as many years in any
one counting honee.
The course of study embraces double-entry book
k^ping, end its adaptation to Tarions department
of commerce and trade. Mercantile calculations
taught sCccriiog to the most approved raeth->ds.?
Practical Penmanship, combining rapidity of execu
tion with beauty of construction. Lectures npor,
mercantile law, upon Tarious important mercantile
subjects, beside many other points necessary for h
book-keepar or business man to understand. TiuK
necessary for a student to complete the course Tarie;
from five to eight weeks. There being no Tacition.
applicants can eut"r at any time anJ attend l>otb
day and eTenin*. IlxamlnaMons are held at stab-'
periods, an 1 dipl"m-i? awarded to those who gradu
ate. For terms, Ac, write and have a circular for
warded by nuil. feb 4?It
TUTS palatable, safe, and speedy cure was patent
ed in 1837, and by its astonishing efficacy and
the recommendation of thousands annually cured,
it has gradually spread its reputation ovor nearly
the wholo Union. The bottles hare 1 ifoly been en
largei without additional co?t, and such improve
menta made in its manufacture as the progtei* of
medical iciwnc; has found to be benenciai.
Sold in Baltimore by J. BALMEK, corner of Balti
mare and High streets, anl Bkown Bros., Liberty
street; Washington by Pattibso.i ^ Nair:?; Al<*x
aadria by H. Pul; Georgetown by Mr. Cis-:?l; Ha
gerstown by Mr. Auouxuauih; Frederick, R. Joiih
stok ; Petersburg, Mr Robkkts; Pittsburg,
Bros.; Cincinnati, B. II. MutMdS; Louisville, Beu
A ReiiiasoU, anl by respectable Druggi-ts every
The same oompcr.Uion can be had in CANDY form.
Ask for Tyler's tiura Arabic Cough Drops ; they act
like a charm oa a troublesome cough, and clear th>
throat and voice. Price of the above, 1*%, 25, and
50 cents.
jan 31?tf
m. w
F#r Warehouses.
The greatest Wheels eTer inrented
for hoisting fast and easy with little
labor, having put many hundred in
(the largwt warehouses in Baltimore,
Washington, Alexandria, and Rich
mond, and haTe given general satL?
? . taction. Persons will savo the ex
pense in a snort time, to say nothing of the safety
his goods are subjee to in being hoisted three or four
et?ries aboTe his head. Write to me
Corner of Stilae and President streets, Bait
Iron Foundry and Manufactory of Hoisting
jan 24?Cm Wheels. ,
Lloyd's Hotel, Baltimore. Md.
MAt this Hotel, opposite the Philadrlfi
phia D?wt, oa PRESIDENT STREET, j"
Baltimore, Md., passengers can get theirfiL
PKR, on the arrival of the Cars. If wishing to
remain over night, they can be aocomaiodated with
single and double Rooms.
per day jan 31?6m
WE wish to purchase immi-diately a large num
ber of likely YOUXO NEGROES, for the New
Orle*na market, for which we will pay the highest
ca.h prices. All parsons having Slaves for sale, will
find it to their advantage by calling on us, at our
office, No. 12 Camden street, Baltimore, Md"., former
ly occupied by J. S. Donovan. Liberal eommUsion*
paid for information. All communications prompt
ly attended to.
jan 27?ly J. M. WILSON A G. H. DUKE.
No. 74, South JEutaw itrect, Baltimore, Md.,
Sear Camden Station.
? above House is now prepared |
to *?rre up tilth* delicacies
of the season." 1
uis liAu is supplied with the best Wipes, l^i^uor?
Cigars, Ac.
Permanent and transient boarders accommodated
with pleaswt rooms at moderate rates.
jan 26?(13m A. WELCH.
J 8. RUB1NSON, No.6 South Charles Etreet, 1
. Baltimore, has in store and for sale at Mill ]
Printing Paper, Record Paper,
Col'd Medium do Counting-house BoTd do
Druggist do Hardware do
Hatters do Cloth do
Rui'd and Plain Cap do EnTolope do
Rul'd k Plain Letter do Straw Wrapping do.
Together with Bonnet and Straw Boards.
Likewise, 760,000 ENVELOPES at Manufactory ]
prices. jan 25?6m
?-xa8???? The undersigned desires to
|9ft^^2flQ:all the attention of purcha-4
^w^^^nfaers to his stock of PIANOS,*
I " ? VI "consisting of 6, 6V?, 6%, a ad 1
7-0".t??ve3, with or without mjtaiic frames. These
pi&not are reu>ark.able for great power of tone, from
the lowest to the highest notes, with an elastic and [
ready touch, being suited to any performers. MU
SIC for piano-*, and all other Musical Instruments [
<x>nstantly on han l aud receiTed as soon as publish
s*3. The trade supo.ied on liberal terms.
No. 223, Baltlmora Etreet, Baltimore, M(L
n-i 19?lv
V7m. H. G^aau. Ed. Bim.
First Premium Grand and Sqnare
. ENABK, GAEULE A 00., manufactur
..... Jers. Nos. 4, 5, t?,?, and 11, EuUw street,
Baltimore. K. k G. would respecttuliy ?all public
attention to the great Tariety ef their IRON FRAME
PIANOS, constantly flnirhing. wbiah for durability,
delicacy of touch, briiiiancy of tone, ihey belieTe are
not *urpasse?l by any now manufactured. In addi
tion to the lirst ITeinium awarded them by the Ma^
ryle.n.1 institute in 1S48 and l*4tt,they haverec^Ted
the highest encomiums of the most eminent artists,
who used these Instruments for their Concerts. Al
so, of our first class Profaeeors and Ameteurs in the
Offers his Professional services to the aiUxene fBal
timore. Can cure all kinds of Cancers?take them
out without pain, or the o?e of ?ny knife. He can
cure all kin<ia of Fits .icd Spasms, Kheumatie I aiu.-1,
Omsumption, Drrpsy, Dyspepsia, Piles, Palsy, or
any other ailment ihe human family are subject to.
He can stop Bleeding from the Lunga or Nose, any
distance from the patient, by knowing the patient s
name. He was bora blind, and has studied seTWai
yeats nndes an Indian Doctor who was among the
wild Indians thirteen years.
ft, can ba found at Mr- Baekley s Boarding
House, co?l? tntx m4 Wn itwe1, R^Ur^re,
GD. SMITH & CO.? Manufacturers and
posite Water street, BALTIMORE, M<L
mar 21?ly
(iVft [ mHOUSE, opposite the Camden street
Station, Baltimore, Md.?Citizens of
Washington and the District will find
convenient accommodations when they visit the City
AjU Southeast corner of
feb 2?ly Baltimore) Md.
The Great PurlAer or the Blood I
Not a Particle of Mercury in it.
AkIwfilijbli Rimkst for Serofu)*, King's Evil, Rheu
matira, Obstinate Cutaneous Br uptions, Pimples or
Pustules on the face, Blotches, Boils, Chronic Sore
Myes, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald Head, Enlarge
ment and Pain of the Boms and Joints, Stubborn
Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders, Lumbago, fpinai Com
plaint;, and all Diseases arising from an iuj udirious
?se of Mercury, Imprudence ia Life, or Impurity of
the Blood.
THIS valuable Medicina, which has become cele
brated for the number sr extraordinary cures
effected through Its agency, has induced the propria
tonh at the urgent request of tfceir friends, to offer it
to the public, which they do with the utmost oonfi
ience in its virtues and wonderful curatiTe proper
ties. The following certificates, selected from a largo
number, are, however, stronger testimony than the
mere word of the proprietors; and are all from gen
tlemen well known in their localities, and of the high
est respectability, many of them residing in the city of
Sichmend, Va.
W. BOYDKN, Esq., of the Exchange Hotel, Rich
mond, known everywhere, eayB he has seen the Medi
Jine called Ciktu'u Spanish Mixrcax, administered
in over a hundred cases, in nearly all t!ie diseases for
which itis recommended, with tho most astonishingly
<ood results. He says it is the most extraordinary
nedicine he has ever seen.
Jertify that for three years I had Ague and Fevei of
the most violent des?riptinn. I had several Fhvei
Jiaas, took large quantities of Quinine, Mercury, and
I believe all the Tonics advertised, but all without
p-nnanent relief. At last I tried Carter's Spanish
dxxiure. two bottles of which e3ectually cured me
?nd I am happy to My I have had nether Chills or
reve?s since. I consider it the best Tonic ia the
world, and the onlymedkino that ever reached *ly
dearer Dam, near Richmond, Ta.
0. B. LUCK, Esq., now in the city of Richmond,
*ndfor many yeraiuthePoetOffloe, has such ooufi
lenoe in th? tutonishing efficacy of Carter's Spanish
vfixturMbathe has bought upwards of 68 bot'ies,
*hich he has given away to th? afflicted. Mr. Luck
?>sys he has aever known it to faii when tak*n accord
ing te directions.
Dr. MINQB, a practising Physician, and formerly
of the City Hotel, in the city of Riohmond, says he
has witne ned in a number of instances the effeote of
Carter's Spanish Mixture, which were most truly sur
prising. He ssysin a ca*eof Consumption,dependent
in the Liver, the good effects were wonderful indeed.
SAMUEL M. DRINKER, of the firm of Drinker A
dorris, Richmond, was cured of Liver Complaint of 8
rears standing, by the use of two bottles of Carter's
Spanish Mixture.
GREAT CURB OF 80R0PULA.-The Editors of
the Richmond Rrpubliean had a servant employed in
their press room, cured of vioJunt Scrofula, combined
?rith Rheumatism, which entirely disabled him from
?ork. Two bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture made
% perfect cure *f him, and the Editors, in a public no
tice, say they " cheerfully recommend it to all who are
afflicted with any disease of the blood."
5 T?ry valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's
Spanish Mixture. I consider it truly a Valuable
?*?T"- .jamks m- TAYLOR, Conductor on the
F- * P. R. R. Co,, Richmond, Va.
Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, residing in the city oi
Richmond, was cured by three bottles of Carter's
Spanish Mixture, of Salt Rheum, which he had
oearlj twenty years and whfch all the physicians
oi the city could not cure. Mr. Thompson is a we!!
known merchant in the city of Richmond, Vs., and
his care is most remarkable.
WM. A. MATTHEWS, ef Riehmond, had a ser
vant cured of Syphilis, in the worst form, by Car
ter's Spanish Mixture. He says he cheerfully re
commends It, and considers it an invaluable medi
EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of the revenue
says he has leea the good effects of Carter's Spanish
Mixture ia a number of Syphilitic oases, and cays it
la a perfect cure for that horrible disease.
WM. G. HARWOOD, of Richmond, cured of old
Sores and Ulcers, whieh disabled him from walking
Took a few bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and
was enabled to walk withont a cratch, in a short
time permanently cured.
Principal Depots at M. WARD, CLOSE A 00, No
83 Maiden Lane, New York.
pTj^DYOTT A SONS, No. 132 North Second street,
BENNETT * BEERS, No. 125 Main street, Rich
mond, Va. 1
And for sale by CHARLES 8T0TT, Washington.
D. C?i HENRY PEEL, Alexandria, and by Drueiristfl
Price $1 per bottle, or Bix bottles for t$,
r|^HE proprietors of the above valuable specific for
X the hair, feel warranted in presenting it to the
public as one of the most efficient remedies for par
tial baldness, diseased hair, and as a safe and sue- f
cessful RenoVator of wasted and decayed locks, for I
changing grey hair te its first and natural oolor,
promoting the growth anil beautifying its texture,
and imparting increased vigor and a healthy actien
to the bulbs. It has been found eminently success
ful. It has acquired a reputation in the populous
and wealthy city of New York, which will doubtless
be widely extended over the whole Union. A few
bottles of "Van Deusen's Improved Wahpene" faith
fully used, according to the directions given, will,
beyond all doubt, change the unsightly silver hair
ol the aged as well as the young to its first color,
give it also a rich and glossy appearance, and alto
gether impart a new and beautiful appearance to
, the whole head.
got sale by W. H. Oilman, Chas. StottA Co- and
Kidwell A Laurence, Washington; and J. L. Kid
well, Georgetown.
DAY A VAN DEUSBN, Proprietors,
dec 19?6m ? 123 Chambers street. N. Y.
?No. 503.J
, ? WOTIcfe
Uf the continuance of %h* Land Office m
Chu#uooth*, Ohio.. ., >
I*T view of the greet inconvenience to which the
ritisena of the Chilucothi Land District would
be subjected by the removal of the office therefor, to
( ullmuis, and the earnest lemon Frances axainst
ttiat removal, the l^esident of the Uuited States, un
der the authority given him by the 7th Section of
tho act of 4th Sep ember, 1841, ?? To approprate the
proceeds of the sales of public lands," *c., htvs direct
ed the continuance at Chilucotiie, Ohio, of tliw Land
Office f >r the sale ot public lands in the Dittrict.
Notice is therefore, hereby given, that the order
for the removal of taid office to Columbus, dated 1st
March, 1854, is revoked, and that the offlcn will re
main open for business at Cbillioothe, rs heretofore.
Given under iny hand at the City ot Washington,
this 28th day of March, A. D. 1851.
By older of the President:
Commissioner of the General Land Office,
mar 29?Wkgttw
O K AT is:
A PEW words on the rational treatment, withont
Medicine, of Spermatorrhea, or Local Weak
ness, Nervous Debility, Low Spirits, Lassitude, Weak
ness of the Limbs and the Back, Indisposition, and
Incapacity for Stvdy and Labor, Dullness of Appre
hension, Loss of Memory, Aversion to Sooiety, live
of Solitude, Timidity, Self-Dtetrust, Disziness, Head*
Ache, Involuntary Discharges, Pains in the Side, Af
fection ef the Byes, Pimples on the Pac?, Sexual and
other Infirmities in Man.
From the French of Dr. B. DeLaney.
The important fhet that these alarming complaints
may easily be removed without mtdicint, is, in this
small tract, clearly demonstrated, and the entirely
n?w and highly successful treatment, as adopted by
the Author, fully explained, by means of which eve
ry one is enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at
the least possible cost, avoiding thereby, all the ad
vertised nostrums of the day.
Bent to any address, mtis and poet free, in a
sealed envelope, by remitting (post paid) two postare
stamps to Dr. B.DeLANBY, or Box 109. Broadway
Post Offl?e, N. Y. feb 8?3m
WE wish to infoam our friends and the public
generally, that we now have the largest and
cheapest itock of Dry Goods to be found in this city,
and most earnestly call the attention of persons who
buy for the cash, as we know we can offer them
goods at least ten per cent cheaper than houses who
sell on credit. It is very certain and plain that
bouses that do a credit buxiness must charge an ex
tra profit, to oover losses ia bad debts, and to make
up for difference in the Um? they have to wait for
their money. Our motto U quick, s*J?s and small.
Call and try ui. YJtRBY, TEBBS A YEJUSY, **
for the ~apid cure of Cancer. Ulcerated Sore Throat,
Whit# Swelling, Bronchitis, Dropsy, Dyspepsia,
\nd ai 1 Diseases arising from an Impure state of
v.he B> ood.
Prepared by J. L. KID WELL, Druggist, George
town, D. C.
History of the Beech Drop, or Oincer Root
Thb Bijsoh Drop, o* Cancer Boot, Is figured and
described by the celebrated Dr. Barton, in his Medi
cal Botany.
A knowledge of Its extraordinary medicrl virtues
was first learned from the North American Indians,
by[whom it was used for the treatment and cure of
Cencer, Rheumatism, Scrofula, and Consumption.
The Fluid Extract of Orobanche is composed en
tirely of the products of the vegetable kingdom, so
combined as to possess in the greatest perfection the
virtues and powers of an alterative and purifier of
the blood. It is, therefore, applicable as a never
failing remedy in Scrofula, whether suppurative or
glandular, Chronic Rheumatism, Cancerous diseases
in ony form, especially cancerous diseases of the
Uterus. In all complicated cases of Scrofula and
Syphilis, and in cases where the syphilitic virus of
the parent causes a development of syphilis or Scro
fula In the child, this is the only remedy upon which
a hope of recovery Can be reasonably founded.
It Is useful in all scaly skin diseases. Ulcerated
Sow Throat, White Swelling, diseases of the bone,
end all cases of an ulcerous character. It is also
particularly useful in Chronic and Nervous Com
plaints, occurring In debilitated and cachetic consti
tution; in Bronchitis, Dyspepsia, Chronic Enlarge
nient >f the Liver and Spleeu, Dropsy, diseases of the
Kidneys and Blander, and all diseases arising from
an im jure state of the blood.
The estimate that is accorded this preparation by
the m jdical profession, and indeed by all competent
to judfe of its merits, may be seen in the fact, that
it is c instantly prescribed by many of our most emi
nent physicians, anl that it has been presented to
their students as worthy of their especial attention.
The fcllowing certificate is given from the very
best authority?John R. Jones, late Assistant Clerk
'? the House of Representatives. His recovery Is
considered extraordinary. Most of the members of
bcth Houses of Congress visited him at the St.
Cliarlea Hotel, and expressed their astonishment at
the wonders e free ted by the Compound Fluid Extract
of Beech Drop:
Washington, D. C., April 29, 1863.
For the benefit of the pubclc, and with none other
than a desire to do good, I cheerfully state, that 1
was afflicted with a cough and bronchial affection,
from July, 1 S5'2, to March, 1863, and during that
time was almost constantly confined to my room,
laboring unaer great debility and severe cough. 1
had medical "kill of the highest order, through
whose treatment, and under the guidance of a
higher than mortal power, my life was prolonged
till March, 1853, when I commenced the u*e of Dr.
Kidwell's Beech Drop, or Extract of Cancer hoot.
Since that period 1 have taken about six bottles ot
the medicine, and it gives me pleasure to state that
It haa effected an entire cure, with the exception of
weakness, occasioned by long confinement to my
room. I would advise all persons similarly afflicted
to try It. I consider It an invaluable medicine.
The humbugi* usually palmed upon the public in
the shspe of certificates lavoreble to the virtues of
medicines, almost deter me from giving mine; but
a sense of justice and humanity alone prompt me to
make the above statement.
Late Ass't Clerk Ho.of Raps., Washington.
Now Chief of the Land Office, Vice lines, Ind,
Georgetown, Jan. 31,1863.
Dxar 8m: It is with a sense of gratitude, and a
desire that others suffering from disease may be in
duced to use the Extract of Brzch Drop, that I con
sent to give the following statement for publicity.
Until the last month I wh.< a sufferer from Chronic
Rheumatism, from the effects of which my health
war so completely undermined and broken up, that
I lost 20 or GO pounds of my usual weight. Anxious
to find some relief^ 1 resorted to the most approved
patent medicines. I used a number of bottles ot
Town?nd'? SnrpunaHUa, ftfld exhausted the list of
liniments, without any effect. My joints now be
came enlarged, and the pains in ray limbs bo excru
ciating. that they had to be rubbed two or three
times a night. The musclus of my legs were so con
tracted that I presented the appearance of a ma* of
sixty-five when 1 walked. In this condition, more
through curiosity than a belief in its good effects, I
commenced tte use of your B*Mh Drrp, and in ten
or twelve days the swelling about my joints had sub
sided; and now, after the use of three bottles, I am
able to resume tay business, and can walk with the
game ease and comfort that I formerly did.
Yours truly, Ac., Isaac Barrett,
Second street, Georgetown.
Georgetown, February 1,1864.
Mb. Kidweli?8ir: A female member of my family,
aged 14 years, had been affected with a painful Scro
fulous affection of the ear for 4 year:;, and although
the best medical advice whs had here and in Balti
more, still the disease increased and the pain often
became almost intolerable. Fortunately for us, your
licech Drop was recommended to be uscxl, and I have
great pleasure in stating that it has been eminently
successful. The Mucous Secretions lias not made its
appearance for some months; the health of the pa
tient has been quite restored; all the parts that
were heretofore so much diseased have become sound
and well, and 1 am much gratified in being able to
rtate to yon, that I regard it as. having been ac
complished entirely by the use of your BeaJi Drop.
I am very respectful ly, your obedient servant,
George Pox, Jr.,
To John L. Kid wall.
Washwotoh, D. 0, December 12,1853.
John L. Kidwell: Dear Sir?This is to certify that
my daughter, aged 2 years, was affected with Scrof
laef a very aggravated form?the disease had so
undermined her health, that life was entirely de
spared of. Hearing of the efficacious effects of your
Brtch Drop in such cases, I procured it, and after
using one bottle so evident wim her improvement
that we persevered With It. When she had used 4
bottles, net health was perfectly restored. Our
neigt bora and Iriends.who saw. her condition prior
to using the Beech Drop, unite in attributing to your
remedy the credit of her recovery.
Very respectfully yours, William R. McLean.
To John L. Kidwell, Georgetown.
1 " ? 4
Curt of Scrofula of Un yars standing.
The reuutation of Mrs. Ewarson. 'for the treat
ment of Uloers and Scrofula, An., extends ever the
greater part of Maryland, Virginia, and the District
of Columbia. She will che-rfully give the particu
Urs of the caw named below, (which is remarkable)
if visited at her house.
Mr. Kidwell?Dear Air: I had a lady under my
charge of the highest respectability, afflieted with a
complicated case of Scrofula, which entirely baffled
the physicians for eight or ten years. Failing my
self to frrest the disease, I was induced to use your
preparation of ISaxJi Dfopy the effect of which has
been miraculous after the use of three bottle'. 1
consider ber perfectly restored. I am now deter
mioed to use it constantly with my patients, tully
satisfied that it excel* any preparation known for
Corner Wolf and Water sts., Alexandria.
For sale in Washington by Kidwell A Laurence,
corner i*a* av. and 14th St.; Chas. Stott A 0o? cor.
Pa av. and 7th et.; W. H-Oilman, cor. Pa. av. and
l>? st; Jas. Stone, 7th St.; Jno. F. Call ail, 7th St.;
Jos. B. Moore, First Ward, and by the Agents, Mer
chants, Traders, Apotheearics, and Dealers in Medi
cines throughout the United States, at $1 per bot
tle, or six bottles for $5. fob 24?3m
Dlt. O. MUNSON has fitted up the
'houseand office on Pennsylvania ave
'nue. formerly occupied by Dr. Hum
phreys, and is making TEETH on an en
1 tirely new plan, with continuous gum?the very im
pe:sonation of nature herself, only handsomer if de
sired. Public inspection respectfully solicited. Dr.
M owns the patent for the D. C., Va^ and N. 0.
All departments in Dentistry attended to and war
ranted to be done in the very beat manner.
1 mar 14?ly
Striped silk at so cents, -very
Small plaid Silks at 62V? cts., very cheap
Rich plain Poult D'Soie Silks
Black Silks from 25 costs per yard up to $2
White, pink, blue, and black Watered Silks
White Crape,Cashmere, and Berege Shawls
Pink, blue, green, and corn colored plain French
M. De Laines, at 37cts., worth 60
All wool French De Berege, lbr traveling dree
My stock Is very large and will be sold very cheap;
customers will therefore find it to their advantage tc
irive me a call. W51. xt. JvlLE Y,
Corner Sth street and opp. Centre MarkeL
ap 6?lm
JUST received, 3,000 bushels beet wood-burnt
un.. .?**>.-"vvsftasusr
Corner of 7th street and the Canal.
Also, always on hand, Calcined Plaster.
apr 7?lm
Lectures on the Book of Revelation, by the
Rev. Jno Cumming, D.D?"tc
Benedictions: or, the Blessed Lifs, by the Rev. J.
Cummin*, D.D?76c
School Books and Sehoel Requisites at the knreet
price, for iafc at the bookstore of
i oo 7Ul street, near Odd fellow fa' flail.
niiso EACH 81'ITU) TO a "SWXiriC L'isiasz."
MY extensive practice ia Philadelphia the pas',
thirty yearn has made me acquainted with *1!
forms of disease, and being a graduate from the Uai
versitv of Pennsylvania in 1S20, under the guidaco
of Doctors I'hyric, Chapman, Ccx, Gibson and Hare.
I am enabled, from all these advantages, to offer the
public the results of that practice in the form of mj
As I Attend to the compounding of these Medi
cine? myself;-they are found, as thousands can testi
fy, far Miperior to the mauy nostrums called patent
medicines. J. 8. RQ6B, M. D.
Dr. J. P. Rose's Exffct^rint, or Cough Syrup, if
a never failing remedy for Coughs, Colds, and al)
Lung Diseases. Price 50c. and $1.
Dr. J. S. Rosb's Whoopixc; Cough Strcp gives im
mediate relief, and frequently cures in one week.?
Price 60c.
Dr. J. S. Rose's Croup Sticp never fails in curing
the Croup, that dangerous complaint among ehil
dren. Price 26c.
Dr. J. 8. Hose's Extract or Bcchc is on* of tht
best remedies ever used for diseases of the Kidneys.
Bladder, Ac. Price 50c.
Dr. J. 8. Rosi's Nsavors awd IimooAAnwa Cor
dial, for Quart Disease, all Nerveus Affections, Flat
uence, Heart Burn, Restlessness, Numbness, Neu
ral fie, raising the spirits, and giving power to the
?hole system, it is almost miraculous in its effect
60 rents a bottle.
Dr. J. 8. Rose's Dtspeptic Oompodkd, a sure cure
for Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint*, and indigestion,
when taken In conjunction with his Alterative or
Family Pills. Price of both 76c.
Dr. J. 8. Ross's Gqldes Pills for Falling of th*
Womb, Female Weakness, Debility, and Relaxation
Price 50 cents.
Dr. J. 8. Rosi's Friialb Srscinc.?A remedy for
Painfal Menstruation, Leucorrhoea or Whites, rrio
?ne dollar.
I)r. J. 8. Rose's Female Fills are the only reliabl
regulating pills; they have been found to be a mon
valuable remedy for Female complaints, to open thos>
obstructions to which they are liable, and bring na
ture into its proper channel. Priee 2&e.
Dr. J. 8. Ross's Sarsaparilla Compocsd, for all
Skin Diseases and for purifying the Blood, it is su
perior to all others. Price 60c. and $1.
Dr J. 8. Rose's Tokic Mixture, tor Chills, Fevers
and General Debility. A never failing remedy. A
few doses is always Sufficient to convince the most
skeptital. Price 50c.
Dr J. 8. Rose's Elixir or Opium, free from all th<
bad effects of Opium or Laudanum, such ns Head
iche. Constipation, or Sick Stomach. Price 25c.
All whose Constitutions are impaired by disease or
weak by nature, should read Dr. J. 8. Rose's "Medi
:al Adviser, (which contains a description of tbelfc
?ases of our climate and the mode of treatment. It
?n be had without charge of
Z. D. Giiman, Charles Stott A Co., W. H. Oilman.
John W. Nairn, Patterson A Nairn, D. B. Clark,
[I H McPherson, William T. Evans. Kidwell A Law
rence, J. B. Moore, Washington; J. L. Kidwell.
Seorgetown; aud by all dealers in Alexandria, Vir
ginia. mar 28
YOU will find at the same OLD STAND, Pennsyl
vania avenue near 12th strvet opposite tht
Irving Hotel, LOOKING GLASSES with or without
Frames; Portrait, Picture and Miniture Frames o 1
the latest styles; Brackets, Tables, Room Moulding,
Cornises, Ac., Ac; or by leaving your order you can
Lave any thing done in my line.
N. B.?Old Frames, Ac., regilt at the shortest no
tice on reasonable terms. Dont forget the place.
feb 20?1 y JOHN WAGNER.
Dyspepsia, Nervous Debility, Flatulence, Torplc
Liver, and all diseases arising from dt rangement o:
the digestive organs, is presented to the public as n
?ertain (jure (or the above disep-ses. It is entirely
Free trom any deleterious substances. and is of an
?xceedingly agreeable flavor. Tlie highest test'mo
sials accompany each bottle. For sale by Z. D.
jlLM <N, Pennsylvania avenue, and at BROWN'?
Hi /TEL. Wholesale and retail, 18 and 20 South 12th
I! reet, Philadelphia, by the proprietor. Dr. \VM. H.
?MITn. RPr I?3mo.
1 IMZOT'S History r.f Oliver Cromw> 11 aud tie
. r English Commonwealth, [translated Into En
^h, 2 vols. FRANCK TAYLOR,
ap 7?tf
i HE beat Bargain* In this City In
i Firewood are sold on Maryland avenue,
it the canal bridge, near the Capitol. Ills motto is
"Quick sales, ready cash, aud small profits."
Please give him a call, and see if you cannot save
noney by dealing with him. D. W. HEATH,
mar 18?dly
lush as Const! petlon. inward Piles, Fullness of Blood
to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nausea,
Heartburn, Digest for Food, Fullness or Weight in
the Stomach,Sour Eructations, 8inking or Flutter
ing at the Pit of the Stomach, Swimming of the
Head, Hurried and Difficult Breathing, Fluttering
at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations
when in a lying posture, Dimness of Vision, Dots
or Webs before the sight, Fever and Dull Pain in
the head, Deficiency ef Perspiration, Yellowness oi
the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Bide, Back, Cheat
Limbs, Ac., Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning in
the Flesh, Constant Imaginings of evil, and Great
Depression of Spirits,
Dll. C. M. J ACKSON,
No. 15*0 Arch street, Philadelphia.
Their power over the above diseaoes is not excelled
If equalled, by any other preparation in the United
States, as the cures attest, in many cases alter skil
ful physicians had Cailed. _
These bitters are worthy the attention or in valla.-.
Possessing great virtues in the- rectification of dis
eases of the Liver and lesser glands, exercising tht
most searching powers in weakness and affectiens oi
the digestive organs, they afe, withal, safe, certain,
tnd pleasant.
bead and be OONVINCTKD.
Philadelphia, March, 1,1868.
Dr. C. M. Jackson: Dear Sir?For the past two
v?ara I have been severely afflicted with Liver Com
plaint, Dyspepsia, Bilious Diarrhoea, and Piles, suf
fering in a great degree constantly, the pains and in
eonveniences attendant tlpon such diseases, without
energy, being scarcely able to attend to any busi
ness. 1 lost a great deal ?f my flesh, and used many
kinds ef medicine, with no apparent change, until 1
commenced with your "Zfoo/lawfs German Bitter*?
they have entirely cured me. I have gained in
weight over forty pound* since I oommenced theh
ase, and I am now entirely free from pain and echt
of any kind, and feel like a new man. I unhesitat
ingly recommend your Bittern to all invalids.
l0U", '"""foih K. OORY,
No. 12 Lagrange Place.
W. H. Adams, pub. of the Argus, Weston
Mo., July 17,1851, said: "I was last summer so very
low and weak as not to be able to stand at the cas*
longer than one hour at a time. I tried one bottJ*
of vour German Bitters, which entirely cured me. I
have used t^ro battles. I sent two bottlc?150 mllff
from here to a Send who had been rick for a long
time; he has also been cured by them. 1 believe
them to he superior to any medicine new in use."
K. B. Perltlns, Marietta, Ohio, Feb 22,1861,
said: "Your Bitters are highly prixed by these whe
have used them. In a case of Liver Complaint, el
long standing, which had resitted, the tkiU of see
eral physicians, was entirely cured by the uae^ Of i
F? Kesselmelr, Jeweller, Wooster, 0., Deft
2d, 1851, said: "I embrace this opportunity .of in
forming you of the great benefit I have derived from
the use of Dr. Hootland's German Bitters. I have
used tbem for Chills and Fever, and Disordered
8tomach, and found relief in every case. They are
the best remedy for Disordered Stomach |I think is
D. K. Sykes, Esq., Editor of tht OtmUr.
Norwich, Oonn., said: "I have been using your Ger
man Bitters for some time, for Dyspepsia, and hay
found so much relief from them, that I hare made
up my mind to give them a first rait editorial m
llolden, Kemp, * Co., Janerrflle, Wis
Sept. 1851, said: "Your German Bitters ar<? deserved
ly popular here, and among all the prepared medi
cines on our shelves, none have we sold which have
given Q" satisfaction of Hoofland's German Bitters.
June 2d, 1852, they said: "We recommend them as
an invaluable spring and summer medicine."
W. M. Orr, Wooster, O., October 2d, IfM^aaii
"Yon ask me my opinion of the Oerinan Bltteis. i
have used them for Dyspepsia and
take pleasure in stating that I think they wjx
v?ry best remedy extant tor the
they are decidedly ?'? Ou advance ofaUtke proprt
etory medicine* of the toy " . XPaemtar
Orr is a distinguished lawyer ot Wsorter
These Bitters en nnuu vxaiTASLR. lh|f ??'f
;rroitraU the *y*tem, but invigorate it.
For sale in Washington by Z. D. OILMAN:
In Geergetown by J. L. KIDWELL.
In Alexandria by J. K. PEBRPONT*
In Richmond by PURCKLL, LADD A 00*
In Baltimore by CANBY A HATCB.
In do DAVI8 * MIUKV.
Ia Norfolk by M. eAiWOS A gCNv
Iketo r
[From the Barnwell (5. C.) Sentinel.J
157 Broadway, New York, (
March G, 1854. (
C. F. Tobin, Esq.?Dear Sir: \our
name has been proposed as a suitable one
to occupy a place in our "Portraits and
Memoirs of Eminent Americans," now
living, of which several volumes hive
been already published. This great work
has been received with much favor every
where, and contains many of the first
names in the country. For further infor
mation of its general scope and plan. I
beg to refer you to a circular herewith
sent. Our portraits are engraved on steel,
by the first artists, so that the likenesses
are true and life-like representations of
their originals, possessing greater value
to the projects and their friends than the
most costly painting.
You are respectfally solicited to occupy
a place in the pages of this work. Should
your consent afford us the opportunity of
thus giving to the world a true and per
manent record of your like and features,
please send me your likeness (a good da
guerreotype of the same size as our por
traits is best,) so that it may be handed
over to our engravers.
Please cause to be sent to me also, a
memoir of yourself, or such facts as will
enable me to prepare it; and, 1 will not
forget to say, that the facts for the sketch
should be fully and accurately given.
1 hope you will send both the daguer
reotype and memoir at your earliest con
venience, as wo have a volume in pro
gress, and wish to avoid delay. Hoping
to hear from you, I am yours truly,
Jonx Livingston*.
Dear Sir:?The above communication
reached me last week, and in replication.;
I beg leave te state, that if I have ever
done any thing worthy of the immor
tality your magazine is likely to confei
on me, I am not conscious of it. How
ever, as true merit is always modest, it
may be to that virtue that I owe my ig
norance, at all events, (and I am anx
ious the world at large should know it,)
I have not sought fame, but fame ha
sought me, as Alexander Smith the poet,
would say:
" Fame! Fame next grandest word to God !r'
In taking the retrospect of my carl}
days, I can discover nothing worthy of
record, unless it be the stealing of a few
water-melons at school, for which I wat
beaten with many stripes, or the riding
of a few quarter" races, for which I re
ceived an occasional and solitary ginger
cake ; or adventures of similar import.
At 17, I ran away from my venerable
old Guardian, the Rev. Hansford Dade
Duncan, (long life to him,) and vamosed
to the great far West, where I flourished
for a short time, and a short time only,
and upon returning, I lost all my money
upon a game vulgarly called " poker,
(of which, of course, you knownothir?,)
upon one of the boats of the Alabama
river. This was about the time the Ben
Franklin bursted, and killed so many:
and, had I not been standing near the
Stern of the vessel, you would never have
had the opportunity of handing my
name, fac simile, character, and adven
tures, down to an eager posterity in the
co'umns of your justly celebrated maga
I returned to my own, my native land,
fundless, and perhaps somewhat seedy
in appearance, and run for 1st Lieuten
ant in a distinguished militia company,
but was unfortunately beaten by the loss
of one vote, by my worthy competitor.
In the year of our Lord l<S4y, my il
lustrious friend Thomas D. Condy, gave
me the office of assistant deputy U. S.
marshal for the district of Barnwell, and
while taking the census, I killed one horse
and another ran away and broke my bug
gy; upon which occasion, I rode my horse
bare-back fourteen miles in forty minutes.
Of which fact Col. B. H. Brown is a living
After I had concluded this herculean
undertaking, a man calling himself " C.
Frank Powell." wrote me from Washing
ton that if I would remit a certain amount
of money to him, he would prosecute my
claims for an increase of pay sufficient to
cover these immense disasters, But I
grieve to say that from the time 1 sent
the money, I have not heard a word from
the aforesaid and never-to-be-forgotten C.
Frank Powell, he probably having gone
io parts unknown. However, I still en
tertain strong hopes of seeing his distin
guished name and fac-simile in your wide
ly circulated magazine.
Last year I ran for tax collector in this
important township, and was beaten so
badly by a base combination, of which 1
was wholly unconscious until a few min
utes before the closing of the polls, that j
I have not since entirely recovered u?y
equanimity. As a salvo, however, to
this disaster, and just at this crisis, my
distinguished but benighted friend, the
Hon. James Campbell, Postmaster Gene
ral, gave me the post-otfice at this place,
the duties of wliich I may without vanity
say, I have discharged the complete and
entire satisfaction of the u-hole commu
My friends, anxious to secure for me
the distinguished honor you have so po
litely tendered, and as a reward for my
various and arduous services, are now
| busily engaged in raising a subscription
for the purpose of defraying the expenses i
attendant upon this momentous affair. A
allude to the engraving of my portrait.
They have already appointed a commit
tee to secure the services of a competent
artist for the all-absorbing occasion, and
as soon as the picture is completed, I
will forward it to your addre*s.
Permit me to express the hope that
you will delay the publication of the next
number of your magazine until it makes
its advent.
I avail myself of this opportunity to
assure you of the distinguished consider
ation with which I remain, dear sir, your
grateful and obedient servant,
C. P. To**,
At Barnwell C. H., S. C.
John Livingston, Esq.,
157 Broadway, N. Y.
English Prhss at thb Skat or Was-?
It is said that the English papers have
their own reporters in the Turkish Camp.
The Morning Chronicle is represented
Captain Maxwell, an, officer of the
India Company's service who handle .
sword pqj wiUi <4u*l ability; be
accompanies the Turks in their expedi
tions against the Russians, and took aa
active part in the battle of Olteaitza.?
Mr. Crowe, of the Illustrated London
News, lounges about in the camp and at
the outposts, always sketch book and
pencil in hand and draws .scenes of camp
life. The Daily News has two corres
pondents at Widdin and Rustchuck, Mr.
E. L. Goodkin, the author of a good
illustrated history of Hungary, and the
Rev. J. C. Richmond, an American
The Russian tongue is al most insurmoun
table to a foreigner, and to master it, suf
ficiently for literary purposes would be ia
itself, for such a person, the labor of a life.
Excepting the Chinese, there is. p-rhap*.
no language in the world fraught with as
many difficulties. In the first place, the
Russian alphabet possesses nine more
letters than the English, and is made up
of Greek, Roman, and Sclavonic charac
ters. In 166G the first Russian book was
printed at Amsterdam, and it was about
the 1704 or 1705 that Peter the Great,
himself made many alterations in the old
Sclavonic letters, for the purpose of as
similating them more nearly to the I>atm
ones; and the first Russian journal wis
printed with this type at St. Petersburg
in 1705, four vears after the foundation
of that city, from a font which had been
cast for him by artists brought from Hol
In the old Sclavonic alphabet there are
forty-six letters, but the modern Russian
lauguage comprises only thirty. In all
matters, however, of theological nature,
the antique form is even now retained,
and this constitutes the difference be
tween the Czerkovonoi and Grashdanskoi.
or the civil and church alphabet. This
in a great measure must explain the diffi
culties which a foreigner would have to
contend with, in attempting to render
himself master of the Russian language:
but if it were possible for h<m to do m
perfectly, he would discover an extraor
dianary conspicuousncss, a delicacy and
beauty of expression, that would indeed,
surprise him.
In common with all dialects of Scla
vonic origin, the Russian is also reiuaka
ble for its euphony and versatility. It
also embraces not only the sounds of
every known language but every guttural
lisp and slur of which the human voice
is capable. But the language is also
divided into three leading dialects. The
first is the Russian proper, or the language
spoken in two capitals, Moscow and Su
Petersburg, and throughout the northern
and central portion of the empire. It is
the literary language of the Russians.
Secondly, in the southern and southeastern
provinces the Malo-Russian is spoken,
which dialect is supposed to approach
nearer to the old Sclavonic than any of
the others: the idiorn of Red Russia, in
the northern and eastern districts of Hun
gary, and to tlte eastward of (jalhcia. in
habited by the Russiacks, is almost iden
tical with the Malo-Russians. Thirdly,
in Lithuania and Volhynia, and other
portions of White Russia, the people speak
the White Russia dialect. The geogra
phical position of these districts should
fully account for the Polish words and
idioms which are here to be found. This
is the youngest of the Russian ?lialects?
although the first translation of the Holy
Scriptures was made in it, is also the fur
thercst removed of the three from the old
The Clothes Qi estiox.?The London
correspendent of the New York Tribune
says the diplomatic clothes question has
again been revived at the Britist Court.
"The livery question is again revived.
Several members of the American Lega
tion were present yesterday at the draw
ing room held by the Queen. In the be
lief that the great American complication
was already settled in England, they ap
peared in "citizen's dress" and, indeed,
looked like the only gentlemen among
unsightly Englishmen in the awkward
Court costume. But suddenly the Master
of Ceremonies approached one of thein in
great consternation, and remarked that
the Queen had already gone as far as pos
sible, by not objecting to a plain black
attire, hut American Republican was
presuming rather too far?pointing to
the elegant pantaloons of tue gentlemen;
black small clothes would do?but panta
loons! It wa^ worse than the annexa
tion of Texas. Iu fact, he protested
solemnly against this brcach of etiquette
?which it seems cannot bear pantaloons.
The American gentlemen most gallantly
kept their ground, and did not heed the
The English claim to have a
missile which su^j) asses everything
hitherto invented or conceived. It con
sists of nothing but a long rocket, on the
Congreve style, which darts forward in a
straight line, skimming the surface of
the water until it reaches the sides of the
vessels at which it is aimed, when it
penetrates the timbers with its sharp iron
head, containing a few pounds of fulmi
nate of mercury. When the fire has
reached this receptacle, it explodes,
making an opening in the side as large
as a stable door, which it is im}iossible
to plug.
Even admitting, then, that the Russia
fleets should have retired under cover of
the impregnable fortresses of Sevastopol
and Cronstadt, they still would not te
sheltered from this terrible rocket, whose
length of rauge goes far beyond that of
any other weapon known.
IHT^The following is the advice of an
examining judge to * young lawyer on ad
mission : 4* Sir, it would be idle to trouble
you further. Yon are perfect : and I will
dismiss you with a few words of advice,
which you will do well to follow. You
will find it laid down as a maxim o< civil
law, never to kiss the maid when you
can kiss the mistress. Carrr out this
jwinciple, sir, aud you are safe. Never
say boo' to a goose when she has the
power to lay goklcn eggs- Let your face
be long?your hills longer. Never put
your h*^ into your own pocket when
anybody else's is handy. Keep your
conscience tor your ?o*n private use, and
don't trouble it with men's matters.?
Plaster the judge, and butter the jury.
Look as wise as an owl, and be as
oracular as a town clock. But above
all, get money?honestly if you can, my
dear sir ; but get money. J w499Ui$
you to tbc b*r.

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