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:i? Star O+lce, on D ttreel, near 12tk, nearly vpp*
nie the Jrrinf Hotel,
To subscriber* in thecities of WMhinftoa,George
town, Alexandria, Baltimore and Philadelphia, a
? j 12 per annum, pajible?SIX CENTS?week
|y to the Agents. To mail subscribers the sub
,,-nption price is THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY
fCVTS a year in advance, TWO DOLLARS for
MONTHS. Sinsli copies on* cikt.
102 5aa?au Street, (corner of Ann.)
-uL-rib.*rs haviag devoie 1 their person*]
X attention fir rr.any years to th-i manufacture
of B1LL1 V> I> TABoEv*, are fully competent to exu
rut- work that will give eatir.-. satisfaction to th*
most 'astidioas Cnnno'sieor. Being the mo?t uxten
sive manufacturers ia the Union, they are enabled
to furnish a superior table at 10 p?r cent, less th ?i
any oth?r establishment in the country, to which
iactthey respectfully invite the attention of buyers
es also, to the essential improvements they hav>
made in the construction and elasticity of the Cash
ions, which t.h-v have broagot to * (iegree of per
fection Mtain?-1 by no o'hers. Always on hand Bil
Marl Tables with Marb!# ant Wooden beds, with s
large stork of Cloths. Balls. Cue?, French Cue Leith
fr?. Cue Wax. fool Bail, Boards, Bagatelle Tables
?Is arid WonM Pockets, Ac. Orders by mai
psomp'ly atten le?l to. Oid Tables recuahi<?ued bj
sendiag them by Express
Billiard Table Manufacturers,
ap 1^?3m No. 90 Ann Ft, New York.
LIC OF TEX AS.?The creditors of the late Re
p ublic of f sxas ore hereby notified, that by an act
of tl?3 L-jgi-.Htare of the State of Texas, approved
Feb. 11th, 1^>54, the provi-ions ot the act entitled
"An act t > provide for asc^rtaioine the debt of the
l ite Kt-pubiiJ of T*?xas, approved March 20th, 184S,
has b en extsn led until tfte 1st day of August 1S65;
therefore, all Lt ?l<i.?rs ol any of the lirbiiities of tht
lata Repub.ic. s'ukh have nut been heretofore unju
dicatvl. whether the same be stock bonds, treasury
Botes, audits i paper, unliquidated claims, or any
o'.b^r description of debt whatsoever, will present
tiie -* f >r adjustment to the Auiitor aul Comp
troller, at this office, in Austin, on or b?f re the
date afrssaid, August 1st, 1S55, or the fame are by
statute aforesaid, declared f >rever barred.
Parties forwarding claims by mail to the under
signed. und-r the provisions of the tr* aforesaid, tie
certificate of adjustment iamed therefor will be re
turned in the ?m? way, should It be so directed by
tbe claimant, otherwise it wiil remain in the Audi
tor's oilsubject to his order. In all cases of the
transmission of "parities to and front the office, the
?am-) shall be at the risk of the owner or holder.
Wb-n a party deputas another to act for him,
(whhbi" requisite in second elass claims,) a simp o
power of attorney attested by two witnesses will
J NO. M. SWISHER, | Auditor.
JAMK3 B. SHAW, / Comptroller
Attain, Texas, February 22d, 1854.
M> IT?3m
Oontinne to furnish Gunponr ler of all their well
knrwn brand.-, vi*: KENTUCKY RIFLE. SEA
half aud quarter kegs, and Canisters of one poand
Aise. a full assortment of Powder for blasting and
Mining purposes, anl for Export. The reputation
of their Gunpowder is too weil known to require
comale at. For sale by ths principal dealers in thi*
place, acd at tbe office of the Company.
89 Wall street, Bf. Y. City.
A. G. HAZARD, Pre?i lent.
A. E. DOUGLASS, Secretary. ap 4?3m
THIS illustrated Comic Weekly, which is published
in New York every Saturday, has n*w com
menced the third year of its prosperous existence.?
It has readied a larger circulation than any attempt
of the kind ever started in A*neri?-*. It is filled with
Cuts and Caricature likenesses of p<*rsons and things
an l these alone are worth th? subscription price,
which is only *1 a year, for which 52 numbers are
?tailed to any part of the United States.
The new volume corameaoed with the "Reminis
cences of John C. Jalfcoun, by his Private Secreta
ry," an 1 will b ? continued in the Pi -k until finished,
which it will take nearly a year to accomplish.
When the " Reminiscences" are completed they
will b-> reprinted and published in book form, and a
copy will be sent fre? of charge or postage, to every
subscriber to the P*ck whose name snail be on our
mail books.
The Pi"k has become a favorite paper throughout
the United States. Besides its weekly designs by
the first Artists, it ooataias witty aud spicy editori
als of a hLrh character, and will carry cheerfulness
to the gloomiest fireside. Its high character renders
it a favorite in every family. It is emphatically a
family paper. It contains each week a lance quan
tity of Tales, Stark;, Anecdotes, Scenes and Witti
cisms jathered from life. Every article thatapj-eare
in its oolamus is entirely original, aud it has clus
tered around it some of the best writer, in the Uni
te! States.
Tbe subscription price to the Pick is onl^ $1 per
annum, cash ia advance.
Clubs are tarnished with the Piek at the following
reduced rates:
Clab of six copies- $5
Club of 13 copies 10
Club of 20 copies 15
Ciub of 27 copies.. ii
Club of 34 copies
Club of 42 copies. 30
Clab of 50 copies 35
Clue of 75 copies 50
Ciub of liO "copies, $100
To secare the reduction- offered to clubs, the
amount of payment for each Cinb mast be remitted
at the .same time
These rates reduce the Price of the Wittiest Illus
trated Weekly published on this continent, to a
mere fraction. _ mar 22? 1 m _
M tSCf ACTUK?!U AXI? liti'uRTii?.J,
Ho. 360, Brondway) Sew York)
Uj.c*. widsA to itwir W^Jtsa'e l/usin?U, a
And are conftictiy re*ivini all the new varieties of
Wall Paper and Decorations,
from the m<x t omineat miiuufew;turers of EUROPE,
wtuch with the b-?st styles of AMERICAN production
they will be pleased to exuioit to any and ail who
may call upon them, either with a view of purchas
ing >r to see the perfection this branch of manufac
turers naj obtaine^i. I'&ivat? x*oiD?fCE3, hoteus,
a.VD oFncis iu any part of the country appropriately
Papered or Decorated in Fresco, JIarble, or Woods,
n a superior manner, by the be>t workmen in the
rale, at reasouatle prioee and the writ warranted.
f?b 15?*?m
inlorm the public that tbey have ta>ten up a
teat or l\5D eligibly situated at the junction of tfcc
bridge road. Marlborough r?al. and the I'iseataway
r-j?.i, fronting on the river, directly opposite the
Navv Yard, an l cmniandin^; tine views of the city
Of Washington, anl the pjloina" Kiver, which they
inteal laying out in 1>I*ILDINO UjTjf, be iitOLted
bjball'* tisfxtn ?s 3^0 Ln'jnrr tubscribtdf r.
The -ia* of Lots are 24 fe--t front by 130 deep, all
fronting >n tsj feet wide streets, "" at the very low
pric- o. i>i each, without interest,'' payable in small
m<>nthlv instalments, as follows : upon each l"t
up>n ?ubsrribing, and i-i for each lot every succeed
ing month, until the whole is paid, wlten a "deedin
fee simple" will be given to each iot-holdsr, clear of
every incumbrance. The streets also wiil be graded
and ed^ei with shade trees, without extra charge to
the lot-hollers.
There are i?* objects which men are more desirous
? >f attaiuin^ than tbe possession of ?'"house and lot.
a lap ted to the spttere of life in wbich tliey move: with
these they are coasiou of possessing comfort antl
s^ uri y fjr their iami!ies, waich they would rarely
otherwise enj>>y: and it ?s ws? a vmw to gratity so
lau-tab.e adusiie that the present very low price aud
ea-v m<?le of ^nyineni have be**n adopted.
Persons designing to purcha?e lots should make
early a? m_.rc than oae half have al
r ady been subscribed fbr. _
Purchaser* have the privilege of exchanging (after
th- drawmrHor any Lots that may remaiu unsold,
by paying fj ea<-h Lot extra, and can have two or
?ore Lots td|-iiiier.
JOHN FOX. Secretory,
OflWTth street, above D.op. Iaie!lig'*ncer office,
from 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. mar 28?la
rania avenue and loth street, Washington, and
JOHN L. XIDWKLL, High street, Georgetown, 1>.
C-, comprising in part: , _
?r. Jaynes Family Jledlcins*? Dr. Rose s Family
?VVistar's Bauam of vVsld Cherry Ayers
Cherry Pectoral?Sauls' and Towsand's Sarsaparil
la?A. II. anl John Bull's do? Rose'sand sohwartae s
do?Vlilhau Klixer Csdi??ya Bark? Wolf ? AiDmatic
Schsidaii. ->.uuapps?Kilwell's Eitmct Beech ^*?P*
-Watt's Nervous AnUdote?Oflgco-1 s Indj* Cholo
ipgue?Rowaiid'iTonic Mixture?Hampton s\ egeta
bl?T.n<ture?Green's Originated Biters llO'jfland s
Oennsn do?Blake's anl Cannon's
and dime's Cod Liver ml, together with all the most
approvd m?!icinee of the time.
Agents for the sale of Seymour's G^vank' Abdomv
1*1 S^ymvur^Obit^trlcAl 8apporterfi,and
ilr*. 1>. t s Abdominal Ulcro tiupporteri.
A fr-efc gw ppiy of Saratoga and Boltord Waw
T n KERRY M AN offers for ?leth?
lj. articles at hU stand. o? the north
^?arytanl avenue near iU ioU>rseeUon with . th st,
w,um e'-a oi ?ii" fte"
Bacon's Abridgment, 6 Tola, folio. Price $15
Prills? * p?rt8' Qew 8eries? 0 voI*? 8 to.
V?"' 8 505 Da*r on Insar
^ J J T,0-*'; Arn?uW on lnsur
M'iUw Dictionary, 2
toN8 ?-f*2 fM}?pS anJ Amos on Evidence, 2
Tola s to?$- W; H*r<rave and Butler's Coke upon
LittIe,on, 1 vH, loiio, $6; Plowden's Reports, 1 vol
Cai^ln rh ,!trt's ,R<'p?rh-1 vo,? f<jlkl~*'- Bro?:
La?es ID[Chancery, i to1, f,lio-$2; A Collection or
Celebrated Trials, 2 vols, 4to-$2; Smith's Chancery
Practice, - vols, 8to?$8; Priestly's Letters to Black
*tone, 1 vol, 8to?|l 25; Curtis on Copyright, ti
Cooper's Justinian, $3 ; Holt on Libel. $1 25; Phil
lips on Ia?ursnce, J2; Graydou's Forms, $2; Doug
lass Report, 2 toIs, 8to-$4 ; EspinRS^l on KtI
denee, $1 50; Ow*n on Bankruptcy, $1 75; Coop?rV
PJadm* in Cancery, $1 50; Lumley on Annuities. $2.
Wrigam oa \\ ills, $1 25; Grammar of Law, 75 cts ?
Chitty sCrimioal Law, 4 toIs, 8to?$S; Story Piec
ing*, LiTingston s Criminal Code, $3; Ooxe's Di
gest, $? The Federalist, $1 50.
feb 28?tf ? J. CATHERS A BRO.
2T9J*^i'?rr *"""*< ct of Charles, Baltimore.
A REdaiiy opening NEWGOODSsn^h as WATCH
PAINTINGS, London and Paris PERFUMERY e*c
together with a gieat variety of FANCY GOODS,'
which are offered on accommodating terms,
feb 20?tf
cial College.
T No. 127, Biltiiwnrt ttrett, liaiUmort. Md.
? object of this institution is toplase
in the reach of individuals proper facilities for
oowuning a thorough and practical mercantile edu
l?v' A,younc man can here obtain a more cor
rect Knowledge of general business matters in a few
weeks than can be acquired in as many years in anv
one counting honse. 3
The course of study embraces double-entry book
a-eping, and its adaptation to various department'
of commerce and trade. Mercantile calculation*
Unght according to the most approved methods.?
Practical Penmanship, combining rapidity of execu
tion with beauty of construction. Lectures upon
mercantile law, upon Tarious important mercantile
subject,", beside many othsr points necessary for a
book-keeper or business man to understand. Time
n.v-easary for a stuueut to complete the course varies
from five to eight weeks. There being no Taction
applicant* can enter at any time and attend both
day and evening. Examinations are held at stated
periods, and diplomas awarded to those who gradu
ate. For terms, Ac., write and haTe a circular for
warded by mail. feb 4?ly
THIS palatable, safe, and speedy cure was patent
ed in 1837, and by its astonishing efficacy and
the reoo-nmendation of thousands annually eur.-d
it has gradually spread its reputation OT?r nearlv
the whole Union. The bottles haTe UtelT been en
larged without additional cost, and such uiiprov.
ments made in its manufacture as the crogreia ol
medical science has found to be benefleiaf
Sold in Baltimore by J. BALMER. cornerof Balti
nore and High stre-ts, and Baow* Bros., Libert}
(trect; Washington by pATisaso.v * Na 1 a>; Al?x
indria by EI. Pitt; Geirg~towU by Mr. CiSaSL; II*
jerstown by Mr. AuaaiNuAtjaH; Frederick, R. Jou.v
iton; Petersburg, Mr. Roesitis; Pittsburg. Flmiin.,
8aos^ Cincinnati, B. II. MiA*ixe$ Louisville, Bell
i Remaaos, and by respectable Druggists every
There. ?
The same composition r*n he had in CANDY form
if k for Tyler's Gum Arabic Cough Drops ; they act
ike a charm on a troublesome cough, and clear th?
hroat and voice. Price of the a bore, 12l?. 25, and
>0 cents.
jan 31?tf
For Warehonici,
The greatest Wheels eTer invented
for hoisting fast and ea=y with little
labor, haTing put many hundred in
|the largest warehouses in Baltimore,
|Washington, Alexandria, and i.fcli
I mond, and haTe giTen general satis
--??Jfaction. Persons will k?tc the ex
(ensi. in a sn^rt time, to say nothing of the safety
us aoods are subjec to in being lioibted three or four
t?rl?s above his head. Write to me
Corner of Stiles and President strwts, Bait
Iron Foundry and Manufactory of Hoist^n*
j*n 24 Gm Wheels.
Lloyd's Hotel, Baltimore, Md,
Notice xo the
{X At this Hotel, opposite the Phliadt-l rrr^k
g?phia D?pot, oa PRESIDENT STREET,
?iKHaltimore. Md, passenz^rs can *?t thnirJl!!
breakfast, jSinxkk, litSUP
PfcK., ou the arriTal of the Cars. If wishine to I
ymaiu OTer ni^lit, they can be accommodated with
ingle and double Rooms.
jan 31? 6m
\\Twith to purchase iuun??iiAteiy a large nnn
IT ber of likely \\>USG NEGROES, for the New
Orleans mdrit?t, for which w?; will pay the highest
a<h prices. All peraous hETing SlaTes for sale, will
lad it to their advantage by calling on us, at our
itflce, No. 12 Camden street, Baltimore, Md., former
y occupied by J. S. DonoTan. Liberal commissions
laid for information. All communications prompt
y attended to.
_Jan 27?It J. M. WILSON A O. II. DUKE.
No. 74, South Eu(aw sire.tt, Baltimore, Md.,
Near Camden Htatloni
abore House is now prepared
to *enre up all the uelicaciea
of th^ season. ?
iiw UAui id supplied with the best Wines, liquor
Xgars, Ac.
Permanent and transient boarders accommodated
rith pleasant rooms at moderate rates.
jaa 2t>?d3m A. WELCTI.
JS. RUBINSOM, No. 5 South Charles rtreet,
? Baltimore, has in store and for sale at Mm j
Record Paper,
Counting-house RoPd do
Hardware do
Cloth do
EoTelope do
Straw Wrapping do.
Together with Bonnet and Straw Boards.
Likewise, 1oO,&Jj ENVELOPES at Manufactory
rices. jan 25 -8m
pianos aniTmusicT
The undersigned desires to
trail the attention of purcha-^
fsers to hU stock of PIANOS,!
'consisting of fl, 6U, 6%, and
'-octaves, with or without msujic frames. These j
?i*ao? are remarkable for great power of tone, from
.he lowest to the highest not?s, with an elastic and
n-ady touch, being suited to any performers. MU- j
?IC for pianos, and ail other Musical Instruments
ou3t>.ui!> on baud and receiTed as soon as publish-1
*L The trade supplied on liberal terms.
No. 223, Baltimore ttreet, Baltimore, Ml.
M 1??It
Minting Paper,
k>l'd Medium do
druggist do
laUers do
tui'd and Piain Cap do
iul'd A Plain Letter do
a vi
Wm. Ksabi. U. Qkxhlm.
First Premium Urand
Eb. Bztts.
d Square
KNABE, GAEULE A CO., manufactur
ers, Noe. 4, ft, 8, Vi and 11, Eutaw street,
Baltimore. K. A G. would respectfully vail public
attention to the great variety of their IRON FRAME
PIANOS, constantly finishing, which for durability,
i?lieavy of touch, brilliancy of tone, they belieTe are
not surpassed by any now manufactured. Iu addi
tion to the first Premium awarded them by the Ma
ryland Institute in 1848 and 1*49, they haTereceiTed
the highest encomiums of the most eminent artists,
who used these Instruments for their Concerts. Al
so, of our first class Professors and Ameteun in the
city, who have highly recommended them.
PT A Nrta HTKBD. ?? 14?If
Offer* his Professional services to the citizens of Bal
timore. Cat cure all kinds of Cancers?take them
out without pain, or the u*e of any knife. He can
cure all kinds of Fits and Spasms, Kbeumatic Pains,
Consumption, Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Piles, Palsy, or
any other ailment the human family are suhiect to.
lie can stop Bleeding trom the Lungs or Nose, any
distance from the patient, by knowing the patient's
name. He was born blind, and has studied several
years under an Indian Dootor who wm among the
wild Indians thirteen years.
49" He ean be found at Mr. Buckley's Boarding
House, corner Pratt aad Charles street, Baltimore, j
ja*r7-tf I
I). SMITH & CO f Manufacturers and
r i^AI?0JI0L' campuene, ethe
iuaL OIL. Ac. No. 34 8. CALVERT STREET. on
posite Water street, BALTIMORE, M4.
mar 21?ly ^
MIOL SK, epposite the Camdan street
Station, Baltimore, Md.?Citizens of
Washington and the District will find
couvenieut accommodations when they vi?it theCit v
ICE CREAM ? ap7 8m'*
Southeast corner of
feb2?ly Baltimore, Md.
Th? Great Purifier of the Bloodi
Not a Particle of Mercury in it.
AxIirrAuiBtjt Rixstr for Serofula, King's Evil, Rheu
matism, Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions, Pimples or
Pustules on the Face, Blotches, Boils, Chronic Sore
Ky>s, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald llead, Enlarge
m?nt and Pain of the Bones and Joints, Stubborn
Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders, Lumbago, ?pinal Com
plaints, and all Disec?ee arising from an injudicious
me of Mercury, Imprudence in Life, or Impurity ol
tbe Blood.
THIS valuable Medicine, which has become cele
brated for the number of extraordinary cures
?ffected through its agency, has induced the proprie
tors, at the urgent request of their friends, to oiler it
to the public, which they do with the utmost confi
dence in its virtues and wonderful curative proper
ties. The following certificates, selected from a large
number, are, however, stronger testimony than the
mere word of the proprietors; and are all from gen
tlemen well known in their localities, and of the hisrh
?st respectability, manj of them residing in the city of
Sichmend, Va.
F. BOYDKN, Esq, of the Exchange Hotel, Rich
mond, known everywhere, says he has seen the Medi
-ine called Carter's Spanish Muidu, administered
in over a hundred cases, in nearly all the diseases for
which itifl recommeaded, with the most astonishingly
<ood results. He says it is tho most extraordinary
medicine he has ever seen.
(Jertify that for three years I had Ague an! Fever of
:he moat violent description. I had several Physi
3ian?, took large quantities of Quinine, Mercury, and
I beiieYe all the Tonics advertised, bnt all without
permanent relief. At last I tried Carter's Spanish
Yuxiura, two bottles of which effectually cured me
md 1 am happy to say I have had neither Chills or
Fevers since. I consider it tho beet Tonie in the
world, and the only medicine that ever reached my
Beaver Dam, near Richmond, Va.
C. B. LUCK, Esq., now in the city of Richmond,
and for many years in the PoetOffice, has such confi
dence in th? astonishing efficacy of Carter's Spanish
Mixture, that he has bought upwards of 58 bottles,
*hich he has given away to th* afflicted. Mr. Luck
says he has never known it to fail when taken aooord
ing to directions.
Dr. MINGK, a practising Physician, and formerly
of the City Hotel, in the city of Richmond, says he
kaa witnessed in a number of instances the effects of
Carter's Spanish Mixture, which were most truly sur
prising. He says in a case of Consumption, dependent
on the Liver, the good effects were wonderful indeed.
SAMUEL M. DRINKER, of the firm of Drinker A
Morris. Richmond, was cured of Liver Complaint of 8
years standing, by the use of two bottles of Carter's
Spanish Mixture.
the Richmond Repuljlican Mad a servant employed in
their press room, cured of violent Scrofula, combined
with Rheumatism, which entirely disabled him from
?ork. Two bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixt ure mp.de
* perfect cure afium, and the Editors, in a publje no
tice, say they " cheerfully recommend it to all who are
?fflicted with any disease of the blood."
a very valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's
3panish Mixture. 1 consider it truly a Valuable
medicine. JAMES M. TAYLOR, Conductor on the
R. F. A P. It. R. Co,, Richmond, Va.
Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, residing in the city of
Richmond, was cured by three littles of Carter's
Spanish Mixture, ef 8alt Rheum, which he had
nearly twenty years, and which all the physicians
of the city could not cure. Mr. Thompson is a well
known merchant in the city of Richmond, Va, and
his oure is most remarkable.
WM. A. MATTHEWS, ef Riehmond, had a ser
vant cured of Syphilis, in the worst form, by Car
ter's Spanish Mixture. He says he cheerfully re
oommends it, and considers it an invaluable medi
EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of the revenue,
says he ha* seen the good effects of Carter'.! Spani. h
Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cases, and Bays it
Is a perfect Cure for that horrible diseasu.
WM. U. HAltWOOD, of Richmond, cured of old
Sores and Ulcers, whi?h disabled him from walking
Took a few bottle s of Carter's Spanish Mixture and
was enabled to walk without a crutch, in a short
time permanently cured.
Principal Depots at M. WARD, CLOSE A CO- No
W Maiden Lane, New York. '
T. W. DTOTT A SONS, No. 132 North Sccond street
BENNETT & BEERS, No. 125 Main street, Rich
mond, Va.
And for sale by CHARLES STOTT, Washington.
D. C.; HENRY PEEL, Alexandria, and by Dru^ists
Price $1 per bottle, or six bottles for 16.
Bep 14-y
ProPri*tors of the sb?ve valuable specific for
A. the hair, feel warranted in presenting it to the
jubllc as one of the most efficient remedies for par
::al baldness, diseased hair, and ma a safe and suc
vssful Renovator of wasted and decayed looks, for
saanging grey hair to its first and natural color,
promoting the growth and beautifying its texture,
and imparting increased vigor and a healthy actien
to tnei bulbs. It has been found eminently success
ful. It has acquired a reputation in the populous
and wealthy city of New York, which will doubtless
"M vndelv extended over the whole Union. A few
boftle3 of "Van D?usen's Improved Wahpene" faith
fully used, according to the directions given, will,
beyond all doubt, change the unsightly silver hair
of the aged as well aa the young to ita first coior,
;ive it also a rich and glossy appearance, and alto
gether impart a new and beautiful appearance to
the whole head.
For *ale by W. FI. Oilman, Chas. Stott A Co., and
Kidwell A Laurence, Washington; and J. L. Kid
well, Georgetown.
DAY * VAN DEU8EN, Proprietors,
dee 19?6m 123 Chambers street, N. Y.
[No. 503. J
Of the continvancc of the lyind Office at
Chillicothe, Ohio.
view of the great inconvenience to which the
_ citizen0 of the Cuii.licothi Land District would
be subjected by the removal of the olllce therefor, to
Columul'iJ, and the earnest lemon^trances a?ain<t
that removal, the President of the United States, an
Jer the authority given him by the 7th Section of
th.* act of 4th Sep ember, 1811, "To approprate the
proceeds of the sales of publio lands," Ac., has direct
ed tbe continuance at Cuillicothe,Ohio, of the Land
Office f >r the sale ot public lands in the District.
Notice js therefore, hereby given, that the order
for the removal of said office to Colunibns, datol 1st
March, 1S04, is leroked, and that the office will re
main open for business at Chillicothe, as heretofore.
Given under my hand at the City of Washington,
this 28th day of March, A. D. 1851.
By order of the President:
Commissioner of the General Land Office,
mar 29?WfcSOw
O & AT 1 8 I
mi ronare-A siw uaoovm u midicot I
A FEW words on the rational treatment, without
Medicine, of Spermatorrhea, or Local Weak
ness, Nervous Debility, Low Spirits, Lassitude, Weak
ness of the Limbs and the Back, Indisposition, and
Incapacity for Stvdy and Labor, Dullness of Appre
hension, Loss of Memory, Aversion to Society, Love
of .Solitude, Timidity, ?elt:Dk crust, Diisiness, Head
Ache, Involuntary Discharges, Pains in the Side, Af
fection ef the Eyes, Pimples on the Face, Sexual and
other Infirmities in Man.
J'Vom the French, of Dr. B. DtLanry.
The important fact that these alarming complaints
mav easily 1*> removed without mtdiciue, is, in this
smull tract, clearly demonstrated, and the entirely
new aud highly suooessful treatment, as adopted by
the Author, fully explained, by means of which eve
ry one is enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at
the least possible cost, avoiding thereby. aLl ad
vertised nostrums of the day.
Sent to any address, gratis end post free, in a
sealed envelope, by remitting (post paid) two postage
stamps to Dr. B.DeLANEY, or Box 109, Broadwav
Post Office, N. Y. feb #?8m
WE wish to infoam our friends and the publio
generally, that we now have the largest and
cheapest stock of Dry Goods to be found in this city,
aud most earnestly call the attention of persons who
buy lor the cash, a? we know we can offer them
goods at least ten per cent, cheaper than houses who
sell on credit It is very certain and plain that
houses that do a credit business mutt charge an ex
tra profit, to cover losses in bad debts, and to make
up for difference in the time they have to wait for
their money. Our motto is qultk sales and mnuli
Call and try ua. Y1SRBY, TKBBS * YERBY,
?P 4?:1m Corner 7 tb at. mi Fa. at.
(orobaxchi viboiniana,)
For the *apid cure of Cancer, Ulcerated Sore Thro*t.
Whit* Swelling, Bronchitis, Dropsy, Dyspepsia!
vid a. 1 Diseases ?rising from an Impure state of
"iie Blood.
Prepared by J. L KID WELL, Druggist, George
torn, D. C.
History of the Beech Drop, or Oncer Root.
Tub listen Daof, ok Cancer Boot, is figured and
described by tlie celebrated Dr. Barton, in his Medi
eai Botany. 4
A knowledge of its extraordinary medlcrl virtue?
was first learned from the North American Indians,
bytwhom it was used for the treatment and cure of
Cancer, Rheumatism, Scrofula, and Consumption.
The Fluid Kxtraot of Orobanche is composed en
tirely of the products of the ratable kingdom, so
combined as to possess in the greatest perfection ttte
virtues and powers of an alterative and purifler cf
the blood. It is, therefore, applicable as a never
failing remedy in Scrofula, whether suppurative or
glandular, Chronic Rheumatism, Cancerous diseases
in any form, especially cancerous diseases of the
Uterus. In all complicated cases of Scrofula and
Syphilis, and in cases where the syphilitic virus of
the parent causes a development of Syphilis or Scro
fula in the child, this is the only remedy upon which
a hope of recovery can be ressonaUy founded.
It useful in all scaly skin diseases, Ulcerated
flora Throat, Wliite Swelling, diseases of the bone,
and all cases of an ulcerous character. It is also
particularly useful in Chronic and Nervous Ccm
plaiuts, occurring in debilitated and cachetic consti
tution; in Bronchitis, Dyspepsia, Chronic Enlarge i
ment if the Liver and Spleen, Dropsy, diseases of the
Kidneys and Blander, and all diseases arising from
an im pure state of the blood.
Th?? estimate that is accorded this preparation by
the umlieal profession, and indeed by all competent
to judfe of its merits, may be seen in the fact, that
it is c ?nstantly prescribed by many oi'our most emi
nent physicians, and that it has been presented to
their students as worthy of their especial attention.
The following certificate is given from the very
beft authority?John R. Jones, late Assistant Clerk
'.a the House of Representatives. His recovery is
xnsidered extraordinary. Most of the members of
bcth Houses of Congress visited him at tlie St.
Ciwrlcs Hotel, and express* d their astonishment at
the wonder? effected by the Compound Fluid Extract
of Baech Drop:
Washington, D. 0., April 29,1863.
Tot the benefit of the pubcic, and with none other
than a desire to do good, I cheerfully state, that I
wus afflicted with a cough and bronchial affection,
from July, 1S5^, to March, 1863, and during that
time was almost constantly confined to my room,
laboring under great debility and severe cough. I
had medical skill of the highest order, through
whose treatment, and under the guidance of a
higher than mortal power, my life was prolonged
til! March, 1863, when I commenced the u*e of Dr.
Kidwell's Beech Drop, or Extract of Canoer hoot,
since that period I have taken about six bottles of I
the medicine, aud it gives me pleasure to state that
it has effected an entire cure, with the exception of I
weakness, occasioned by long confinement to my
room. I would ad vis* all persons similarly afflicted
to try it. I consider it an invaluable medicine.
The humbugs usually palmed upon the public in
the shape of certificates favorable to the virtues of
medicines, almost deter me from giving mine; but
a sense of justice and humanity alone prompt me to
make the above statement.
John R. Jonis.
Late AhbH Clerk Uo.of Raps., Washington.
Now Cluet of the Laud Oiiice, Yicennes, lnd,
Gxoegitown, Jan. 31,1863.
Diar Sir: It Is with a seiifle of gratitude, and a
desire that others suffering from disease may be in
duced to use the Extract of Beech Drop, that I con
sent to give the following statement for publicity.
Until the last month I was a sufferer from Chronic
Rheumatism, from the effects of which my health
war so completely undermined and broken up, that
I lost 'JO or 30 pounds of my usual weight. Anxious
to find some relief 1 resorted to th* most approved
patent medicines. I used a number of bottles of
Tovrnsend's Sirsaparilla, and exhausted the list of I
Liniments, without liny effect. My joints now be
came enlarged, aud the pains in my limbs so excru
ciating, that they had to be rubbed two or three
times a night. The muscles of my legs were so con
tracted that 1 presented the appearance of a man of I
sixty-five when I walked. In this condition, more
through curiosity than a belief in its good effects, I
commenced the use of your Beech Drop, and in ten
or twelve days the swelling about my joints had sub
sided; and now, afier the use of three bottles, I am
able to resume my business, and can walk with the
same ease and comfort that I formerly did.
Yours truly, Ac., Isaac Babrstt,
Seoond street, Georgetown.
Gioaairowir, February 1,1864.
Mb. Kid well?Sir: A female member of my family,
?gwd 14 years, had b^en affected with a painful Scro
fulous affection of the ear for 4 years, and although
the best medical advieu was bad here and in Balti
more, still the disease increased and the pain often
became almest intolerable. Fortunately for us, your
Beec/i Drop was recommended to be used, and I have
great pleasure in stating that it has been eminently
successful. The Mucous Secretions has not made its
appearanoe for some months; the health of the pa
tient has been quite restored; all the parts that
were heretofore so much diseased have become sound
and well, and 1 am much gratified in being able to
state to yoa, that I regard it as. having been ac
complished entirely by the use of your Beech Drop.
I am very respectfully, your obedient servant,
? . Gkoiwi Po?, Jr.,
To John L. Kidwell.
Washington, D. C., December 12,1853.
John L. Kidwell: Dear Sir?This is to certify that
my daughter, aged 2 years, was affected with Scrof
la or a very aggravated form?the disease had so
undermined her health, that life was entirely de
spared of. IleariDg of the efficacious effects of your
Beech Drop in such cases, I procured it, ani after
u.-.iug one bottle so evident was her improvement
that we persevered with it. When she had used 4
bottles, her health was perfectly restored. Our
neigt bors and friends who saw her condition prior
to using tue Beech l>rop, unite in attributing to your
remedy the credit of her recovery.
Very respectfully yours, William R. McLean.
To John L. Kidwell, Georgetown.
Curt of Scrofula often ytart standing.
The reputation of Mrs. Emerson. Jfor the treat
ment of Ulcers anl Scrofula, 4c., extends over the
greater part of Maryland, Virginia, and the District
of Columbia. She will che?rtully give the particu-.
lars of the case named below, (which is remarkable)
if visited at her house.
Mr. Kidwlll?bear Mr : I had a lady under my
charge of the highest respectability, afflicted with a
complicated case oi Scrofula, which entirely baffled
the physicians for eight or ten years. Failing my
s< If to arrest the disease, I was induced to use yeur
preparation of Beech Drop, the effect of which has
been miraculous after the use of three bottle*. 1
consider her perfectly restored. I am now deter
mined to use it constantly with my patients, tuily
HHti'-ljed thai it excel* any preparation known for
such diseases. Respectfully,
Corner WoH and Water sts., Alexanlria.
For sale in Washington by Kidwell & Laurence,
corner Pa. av. and 14th st; Chas. Stott k Co? cor.
Pa av. and 7 th st.; W. H. Oilman, oor. Fa. av. and
4J-2 st.; Jas. Stone, 7th st.; Jno. W. Callan, 7th Bt,
Jos. B. Moore, First Ward, and by the Agents, Mer
chants, Traders, Apotheearics, and Dealers in Medi
cines throughout the United States, ?t $1 per bot
tle, or six bottles for $6. feb iil 3m
Dlt. O. MUNSON has fitted up the
Ihou.se and office on Pennsylvania ave
'nue. formerly occupied by Dr. Hum,
phreys, and is making TEBTH on an en
tirely new pian, with continuous gum?the very im
pe sonstion of nature herself, only handsomer if de
sired. Public inspection respectfully solicited. Dr.
M. owns the pxtent for the 1>. C-, Va., and N. 0.
All departments in Dentistry attended to and war
ranted to be done in the very beat manner,
mar 14?It
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Also, always on hand, Calcined Plaster.
apr 7?lm
Apocalyptic skktchkb
Lectures on the Book of Revelation, bj the
Rev. Jno Camming, D T>?"6c
Benedictions: or, the Blessed Life, by the Rev. J.
Cumming, DJ>?76c ,
School Books and School Requisites at the lowest
price, fbr sale at the bookstore of
on 7 Oi street, near Odd Fellows' H*1L
I ?p li?tf (Sentm?l>
remedies which can be belied oh,
MY extensive practice in Philadelphia the past
thirty years h*8 mud* me acquainted with all
forms of disease, and being a graduate from the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania iu 1820, under the guidance
of Doctors Physic, Chapman, Cox, Gibson and Hare,
I am enabled, from all these advantages, to offer the
public the results of that practice in the form of my
As I attend to the compounding of these Medi
cines myself, they are found, as thousands can testi
fy, far superior to the many nostrums called pateut
medicines. J. S. ROSE, M. D.
Dr. J. S. Robe's Expectorant, or Cough 8ymp. is
a never failing remedy for Coughs, Colds, and all
Lun? Diseases. Price 50c. and $1.
Dr. J. 8. Rose's Whoohhg Coiuh Strup gives im
mediate relief, and frequently cures in one week.?
Price 60c.
Dr. J. S. Bosk's Croup Strcp never fails in curing
the Croup, that dangerous complaint among chil
dren. Price 28c.
Db. J. S. Rose's Extract of Buchu is on? of the
best remedies ever used for diseases of the Kidneys,
Bladder, 4c. Price 50c.
Dr. J.S. Kosi's Nervous aicd IirvwoRATiwo Cor
dial, for Heart Disease, all Nerveus Affections, Flat
ulence, Heart Burn, IlestleMaess, Numbness, Neu
ralgia, raising the spirits, and giving power to the
whole system, it is almost miraculous in its effect.
>0 oents a bottle.
Dr. J. 8. Rose's Dyspeptic Coirrorjn>, a sure cure
for Dyspepsia, Liver Complaints, and icdigestioD,
when taken in conjunction with bis Alterative or
Family Pills. Price of both 75c.
Dr. J. 8. Rose's Golden Pills for Falling of the
Womb, Female Weakness, Debility, and Relaxation.
Price 60 cents.
Dr. J; 8. Ron's Female Srxcinc.?A remedy for
Painful Menstruation, Leucorrhcea or Whites. Prioe
ons dollar.
1?r. J. S. Rose's Female Pills are the only reliable
regulating pills; they have been found to be a most
valuable remedy for Femaleceinplaints, to open those
obstructions to which they are liable, and bring na
ture into its proper channel. Price 2fic.
Dr. J. S. Rose's Barsapaeilla Compound, for all
Skin Diseases and for purifying the Rlood, it is su
perior to all others. Price 60c. and $1.
Dr J.S. Rose's Tome Mixture, for Chills, Fevers,
and General Debility. A never failing remedy. A
few doses is always tufflcient to convince the most
skeptical. Prioe 60c.
Dr J. 8. Rose's Klixir op Opium, free from all the
bad effects of Opium or Laudanum, such as Head
ache, Constipation, or Sick Stomach. Price 25c.
All whose Constitutions are impaired by disease or
weak by nature, should read Dr. J. 8. Rose's "Medi
cal Adviser, (which contains a description of the Dis
eases of our climate and the mode of treatment. It
can be had without charge of
Z. D. Oilman, Charles Stott k Co., W. H. Oilman,v
John W. Nairn, Patterson k Nairn, D. B. Clark,
II II McPhereon, William T. Evans, Kidwell k Law
rence, J. B. Moore, Washington; J. L. Kidw>-ll,
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ginia. mar 28
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feb 20?ly JOHN WAGNER.
Dyspepsia, Nervous Debility, Flatulenc-, Torplo
Liver, and all diseases arising from derangement o:
the digestive organs, is present**! to tlie public as a
certain cure lor the above diseases. It is entirely
free trotn any deleterious substances, and is ef an
exceedingly agreeable llavor. The highest testimo
nials accompany each bottle. For sale by Z. _D.
GILMaN, Pennsylvania avenue, and at BROWN'S
HOTEL. Wholesale and retail, 18 and 20 South 12th
street, Philadelphia, by the proprietor, Dr. WM. II.
SMITH. apr 1?3mo.
UlZOT'S History cf Oliver Crouiwill and lbs
English Commonwealth, (translated into En
glish, 2 vols. FRANCK TAYLOR,
ap 7?tf
HE best Bargains In tills City In
A Firewood are sold on Maryland avenue,
at the canal bridge, new the Capitol. His motto is
"Quick sales, ready cash, and small profits."
Please give him a call, and see if you cannot save
money by dealing with him. D. W. HEATH,
mar 18?dly
Bath SB Constipation, inward Piles, Fullness of Blood
to the Heud, Acidity of the Stomach, Nausea,
Heartburn, Digest for Food, Fullness or Weight in
the Stomach,Sour Eructations, Sinking or Flutter
ing at the Pit of the Stomach, Swimming of the
Head, Hurried and Difficult Breathing, Fluttering
at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations
when in a lying posture, Dimness of Vision, Dots
or Webs before the sight, Fever and Dull Pain in
the head, Deficiency ef Perspiration, Yellowness ot
the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Bide, Back, Chest,
Limbs, Ac., Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning in
the Flesh, Constant Imaginings of eTil, and Great
Depression of Spirits,
0AM BE effectually CURED BT
No. 1'40 Arch street, Philadelphia.
Their power over the above diseases is not excelled
if equalled, by any other preparation in the United
States, as the cures attest, in many cases after skil
ful physicians bad failed.
These bitters are worthy the attention of invalids.
Possessing great virtues in the rectification of dis
eases of the Liver and lesser glands, exercising the
most searching powers in weakness and affectiens oi
the digestive trgan3, they are, vrithal, safe, certain,
and pleasant.
Philadelphia, March, 1,1868.
Dr. C. M. Jackson : Dear Sir?For the past two
years 1 have been severely afiiictod with Liver Com*
plaint, Dyspepsia, Bilious Diarrhoea, and Piles, sui
te ring in a great decree constantly, tVe pains and in
conveniences attendant upon such diseases, without
energy, being scarcely able to attend to any busi
ness. I lost a great deal -?f my flesh, and used many
kinds ef medicine, with no apparent change, until I
commenced with your "HooJtandCt Gtrman Bitters,"
they have entirely cured me. I have gained in
weight over forty pounds since I commenced their
use, and I am now entirely free from pain and ache
of any kind, and feel like a new man. I unhesitat
ingly recommend your Bitters to all invalids.
Yours, respectfully,
No. 12 Lagrange Place.
W. H. Adams, pub. of the Argus, Weston,
Mo., J uly 17,1861, said: "I was last summer so very
low and weak as not to be able to stand at the
longer than one hour at a time- I tried one bottle
of your German Bitters, which entirely cured me. I
have used two Inttles. I sent two bottles 150 miles
from here to a ttend who had been sick for a long
time; he has also been cured by them. I believe
them to be superior to any medicine new in use."
K. B. Perkins, Marietta, Ohio, Feb 22,1861,
said: "Your Bitters are highly prised by thess whe
have used them. In a case ef Liver Complaint, ol
long standing, which had resisted the skill of sev
eral physicians, was entirely cured by the use o! b
F. Keiselmelr, Jeweller, Wooeter, 0, Dec.
2d, 1861, said: aI embrace this opportunity of in
forming you of the great benefit I have derived from
the use of Dr. Uoofiand'B German Bitters. I have
used tasm tor Chilis and Fever, and Disordered
Stomach, found relief in every case. They are
the best remedy for Disordered Stomach |I think te
D. K. Sykes, E?q., Editor of tiu Omrimr,
Norwich, Conn., said: "I have been using your Ger
man Bitters for some time, for Dyspepsia, and have
found so much relief from thein, that I have made
up my mind to give them a first rate editorial m
llolden, Kemp, A Co., Janesville, Wis,
Sept. 1861, said: "Your German Bitters are deserved
ly popular here, and asaong all the prepared medi
cines on our shelves, none have we sold which have
given the satisfaction of Uoofiand'B German Bitters."
June 2d, 1852, they said: "We recommend them a*
an invaluable spring and summer medicine."
W. M. Orr, Wooster, O., Octobcr 2d, 1862, sskk
"You ask me my opinion of the German Bitters. 1
have used them for Dyspepsia and Indigestion, end
take pleasure in stating that 1 think they are the
very best remedy extant for the above complaints?
they are decidedly is the advance of aU the propn
etory medicines of the day."
?.?Mr. Orr is a distinguished lawyer of Wooeter.
These Bitters are bbtmlt vegetable. IVjf ntvtr
prostrate the system, but tmnjporwte it.
For sale in Washington by Z. D. OILMAN:
lu Geergetown by J. L. KID WELL.
In Alexandria by J. k PIER PONT,
In Richmond by PU&CELL, LADD A CO*
In Baltimore by CANBY A HATCH.
In Norfolk by M. A. 8ANTO8 k BON.
And by respectable dealers ia medicine every*
Gkxtlemrn : To the curious and inte
resting results of combination with th<
mystic figure mne, additions might b<
made almost ad infinuum, as shown bv
Koss, in his Mental Calculator. If you
will multiply 9 eight places by 2, and
the other digits up to 9 inclusive, the
whole line of results will be ranged alike,
and from left to right. Thus:
18 27 56 45-54 63 72 81
It will be perceived that the first figure
in each couple, for either end, is in simple
rotation from 1 to 8.
Again: Set down all the digits except
8, and you will produce Is, 2s, 3s, and
so on, as you may multiply by one 9
two 9s, (18,) three 9s, (27,) and so on,
11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9
1234567 9
8 6 4 1 9 7 5 3
2 4 6 9 1 3 5 8
3 3 3 8 3 3 3 3 3
And so on, having each time tb* same
figure in nine places, the product and
that digit multiplied by 9 will give you
the number of 9s by which you multi
plied. *
A correspondent of the Cincinnati
Times, writing from Helena, Arkansas,
describes a quarrel which arose there,
and the manner of its settlement?to wit:
One of the coldest nights last winter,
two prominent citizens of this place, who
for years had been intimate friends, met
at the bar-room of one of the taverns,
and soon became merry over a little of
the sparkling juice. From good humor
they got into argument, from argument
to hard words, and from hard words to
abusive language. Indeed, it soon be
came evident that under the code of southern
chivalry, "a meeting" between the two
was inevitable, to satisfy the honor of one
or both. In the midst of the excitement,
however, one, and perhaps the first of
fender, happened to cool down, and re
flecting on the folly of shooting at, or be
ing shot by an old friend, thought of an
expedient to prevent the shedding of
"I say, S ," said he to his excited
friend, "we have quarreled, the lie has
passed, and now we must meet and have
it out."
"Nothing else will satisfy me," replied
the other with an oath.
?'"Well now, I consider it foolish for old
friends as we have been," continued the
first speaker, "to fight in any way, and
as we both have families who would suf
fer as much as either of us could by a
meeting, I have something to propose,
which while it will test our courage, will
not be quite as dangerous as facing pis
tols and bullets."
"What is it ?" asked the other, his
anger suddenly cooling to a remarkable
"Why, that we both strip off, jump
into the Mississippi,s wim twenty yards,
and return, and the first one who reaches
the shore, to be declared in the right."
"Done!" replied the other, who was
an'expert swimmer.
Instantly both parties stripped, and
though the cold wind howled from the
north, and the surface of the water was
frosted with ice, they started almost on a >
run for tbe river, followed bv some by
standers who had witnessed the quarrel,
and who were to be judges. In they
both plunged, and boldly stemmed the
boiling current of the father of waters,
despite the freezing temperature of th<
water. Out they swam, until the judge*
dccided they were twenty yards from the
shore, and bid them return. One easily
reached terra tirma but the other soon
gave out, and to the horror of those on
shore, screamed for help. He was rescued
with mueh difficulty, and as he was haul
ed, shivering and almost drowned, from
the river, he exclaimed between his chat
tering teeth: "I'll bed?d if S
wasn't right; I must have been drunk
when I disputed with him !"
A little internal and external applica
tion of the ardent, relieved the parties
from the injurious. effects of their unsea
sonable swim, when they shook hands
and resumed their former intimacy. I
like this new mode of duelling, and
recommend it to all those chivalric in
dividualy, who contend that wounded
honor can only be healed, or courage
tested, by squinting at the muzzle of a
cockcd pistol.
Religious Skxtimexts of the Mor
mons.?A gentleman recently returned
from Oregon gives the following on this
1st. They are Pantheists. They be
lieve there are many Gods. The thre*
Gods of the world, they say, are revealed
in the Bible, (which is a book made under
their direction,) and are tbe F'athrr, the
Son, and the Spirit. Other worlds have
other Gods. Jupiter is a large world,
and may have five or six Gods. Matter
is eternal, and Gods are great minds that
preside over and rule it. Hence the need
of many Gods.
2d. Gods and men must use means to
grow greater. Marriage and births are
great means of advancement. Hence,
God the Father has been married, which
is proven by the fact that he had a son,
Jesus Christ, and by such passages as,
"Are not his angels ministering spirits ?"
which passage they interpret as follows :
Who naturally ministers to man ( An
swer?A wife. Now, God has been mar
ried of such, and therefore they are my
riads of wives to Him. Men imitate Go*j
when they marry.
3d. Polygamy. The Patriarch, \nd
others of early age, had many wires.?
Only when despots and oppr^ors ruled,
did the Bible law of many- wives become
disregarded. It is only human enact*
THB w:
Tbi.?mS?M PiMHrMMi ml?il ?????a
0| a frauar variety of iawnwiag mlhif tea
to I
Siofie copy, par uaum 41 1
to curat.
vecnptoa S
Tea 4o..^,. 8
Twenty *>.. - % U
|(^ni?i. BMiutif ui tmrtioi.
StRfi* oopir* (?a wrapper*) un be procorHI
at lb* Connie'. 1 - mMiaieiy after the imk at um
paper. Prie*?rami C?irr?.
forrn4rrk??i wfco art a* areata ?ft) to allow**
oommiHB at twm*y per e?-ot.
H' - r
mcnts that prevent the right um of wni
vrrsal marriage now. They argue from the
difference ot the sexes, which exists with
out their consent, that God ordains that
all Aall marry, whether they desire it or
not. There is no more power of choice
in this than there is whether we est or
not, sleep or not, and other neoessary
functions of life and health. Hence, to
refuse to marry, or neglect it when of
suitable ape, is disobedience of God's au
thority. _
Rissiax Troops.?There were about
five hundred Russians quartered in the
neighborhood of the khan. They had
thst staid, soldierly look which is the ef
fect of severe discipline. This I observed
to be the characteristic of nearly all the
Russian soldiers that I have seen in the
Principalities. The exceptions are the
young recruits, who of course are not
yet properly formed. 1 lisve never ob
served any appearanee of light-hearted
ness among the Russian soldiers even
when off duty. It is true, that at times,
in marching, whole battalions sing in
chorus either the National Anthem, which
is a tine, solemn air, or some wild melo
dy, generally of a warlike character, in
terspersed with sliarp and an occasional
shrill whistle. These latter songs are
particularly animated and spirit stirring,
and the quick rattle of the drum, which
is the sole instrumental accompaniment,
increases their exciting character. To
the listener there is something sublime
in thus hearing thousands* of manly
voiccs blended together in chorus utter
ing sentiments of devotion to God and
the Emperor, or of tierce defiance to the
enemies of the Czar. But even in these
exhibitions the sternness of military rule
is seen. I pon the faces of the men thus
engaged no trace of emotion is visible:
their forms are erect: they are obeying a
command, and not an impulse. The
emotions of the heart seem to have been
drilled into order, and expressions of love
or anger, devotion or revenge, are onlv
awakened by the voice of their command*
er.?O'Brten's Journal.
Oriental Modbstt andPoi.ite.vms.?
A traveler in the Oriental countries re
lates the following:
"At the town of Dear I got accidental
ly into a little adventure that might have
proved extremely unpleasant. Small as
the place was, I contrived to lose niy way,
and became entangled among a number
of garden walls and narrow passages.?
Proceeding along one of these, 1 fancied
I heard a lenpale voices, and presently,
emerging into a shady court, beheld a
young Circassian in the bath, attended by
a black female slave. In Christendom,
the lad}' would certainly have shrieked,
and brought forth the whole household
in a moment; but her oriental education
had taught her great caution. Casting
on me a look of surprise, as she stood up
right in the marble basin, as white as the
marble itself, she asked how 1 came
thither. I replied that I had lost my
way, and knew not how I had come nor
how to depart. Perceiving my perplexity
to be unfeigned, she replied?"Stranger,
you are in much peril; but follow the slave,
and she will conduct you to a place of
safety." So saying, she waved her hand
towards a dark corridor, through which,
after bowing to the lady, I followed the
negress, till we reached a small door open
ing into the street- As it would have
been extremely awkward to meet any
gentleman of the establishment within
the wall 8, as they might have shot me
first and then inqured how I came there,
I felt considerably eased by escape."
The Tri e W at to Risk in the World.
It is only by plodding, activc habits of
industry, that we can hope to win our
way through life. The race may be ar
duous. but it is one which will well repay
the competitor. Barrow justly says?"A
noble heart will disdain to subsist like a
drone upon honey gathered by others' la
bors, like a vermin, to filch its food out
of the public granary; or like a shark to
prey upon the lesser fry; but will rather
outdo his private obligations Jo other
men's care and toil by considerable ser
vice and beneficence to the public; for
there is no calling of any sort, from the
sceptre to the spade, the management
whereof, with any good success, any cre
dit, any satisfaction, doth not demand
much work of the head, or of the hands
or of both." Milton, who during an ac
tive life in the most troublesome times,
was unceasing in the cultivation of his
understanding, thus describes his own
habits: "Those morning haunts are where
they should be, at home, not sleeping or
concocting the surfeits of an irregular
feast, but up and stirring; in Winter, of
ten ere the sound of any bell awake men
to labor or devotion: in Summer, as oft
with the bird that first arouses, or not
much tardier, to read good authors, or
cause them to be read till the attention
be weary or memory have its full fraught;
then with useful and generous labors pre
serving the body's health and hardiness,
to render lightsome, clear, and not lump
ish obedience to the nund to the cause of
religion and our country b liberty. Any
man who does not profit by such noble
example is an enemy to the public weal.
A Musical Box?During his stay at
Kouka, Major Den ham received a sum
mons from the sheik; to whom a report
had been made of a musical box, belong
ing to him, which played or stopped
merely by his holding up his finger.
The messenger declared he was dying to
see it, and he must make haste. The
wild exclamations of wonder and screams
of pleasure that this piece of mechanism
drew from the geuerality of his visitors
were curiously contrasted in the person
of the intelligent sheik; he at first was
greatly astonished, and asked severs!
questions, exclaiming, "Agrib. ?** ?
"Wonderful! wonderful!" bjt^ . ,7
ness of the Swis
hi. wttd listened "don
W^lsm'stK?' he f truck him ? blow
which made all his followers tremble.?
H? instantly asked, "If one twice as
lares would not be better?" The major
said4Tee, but it would be twice as dear.
"By Allah!" said he "If one thousand
dollars would purchase it, it would D*
cheap."?JtfuwcaJ Tramen ft.

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