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W e have hid repeated occasion to extract
e.me beau'iful f>a-?g?* trora who are
r w TB?.viP2 in tbo t.umb'e^t wa'b of life ?
??(' John aod JL*ry launder* are worthy
?>t 05| ecial rote, for th: extreme ?weetnes#
af>d fimpG-ity of their productions. They do
r.ot aiui at lofty subject.-:?their poema are nat
ural. ;;nd because natural, they are pleasing.
s?. r Ma> ! they tell me tliou aft come :
Thfrit art ni>f rnrr.r t<i mr:
I <"?nn<>t -pare a ?injs!<? ie>ur,
. Sweet Mar! irt Wt H-onie lh? e.
ii <d know* bow ?>..rd I've w-wVd tbid week,
t To cwn :uy eht'dreR hr^-a i;
Ai..I we have sa empty bawd,?
My children are unfed.
W.'l ;ri titrsij aiiil the s*!!!**, sweet May.
My <?! i!dbond t>md so we'd.
Win i* humming like a happy br;>,
Miii* ?onie primrose Hell.
I thowaft. n ? what a lovely world
i - tin*, dear Cinl ha-i given.
And wonder**] any on* .-hould seek
For any < th>-r liravcu!
The hawthorn bu Is are come a^ain.
And apple Mmsswhw too;
And all ti.e i-llr liapp} birds
.W?v -ins Hie Ions day through.
T. oh! ?r.-?n lan?- awakes once more,
And i>>ofc?. perhafw. for rue;
Ala.* 1 green ia?e, my heart may die?
I cannot coine to thee.
UALTIilORK. Slay 31?10 p. *
The Daily Times newspaper did not
appear this morning as per announce
ment. A longer recess was necessary to
get all the appliances in order. To-inor
t w, I believe, is appointed for its debut.
There is some anxiety to see the plat
f .nu upon which this organ will stand.
l'he Episcopal Annual Convention as
-cmbiuu here to-day in St. Peter's church,
Sharp atieet. I observed a large attend
ance of delegates. Rev. Bishop Whit
tingham presiding, by virtue of his office.
He delivered his usual address, which
exhibited the affairs of the Church in a
hiihly prosperous and healthful condi
tion. Several subjects of interest, but
none of very exciting character, will I*
brought forward for discussion. Its ses
sion will close, probably, on Saturday,
and on Sunday, a number of strange min
isters are to hold forth in the numerous
The races over Herring Run Course
commence next week. Fine sport is an
ticipated. An effort, I am told, will be
ina<lw to render this amusement fashion
able, Ly getting the ladies to attend. The
sport is beautiful, hijrhly exciting, and of
a character calculated to please fair au
ditors. Until, however, gambling, thim
ble-riding, little jokerizing, drinking,
lighting, and rowdyism, shall have been
eradicated Ironi race courses, no lady can
or will attend. Scenes that meet her eve,
a~, now conducted and practised, are un
suited and unbecoming either to modesty
or virtue. Frail nymphs *f the pave aie
the only female order that can attend
races with impunity. The course is said
to br in rine order. It is expected that
a very large number of strangers will
v Baltimore next week. Independent
oi gentlemen and genteel people, we shall
be infested with "black legs." pick
pockets. and other personages belonging
to the same category. A timely caution,
therefore, for honest, unsuspecting coun
trymen. to look out for their pocket-books,
watches, JiC.. may not be amiss. A good
ly proportion of Congressmen and grave
Senators are expected over, who can thus
while away the recess.
A beautiful lady, of all things in the
world, is most attractive and bewitch
ing ?e.-peciaiiy so when the fresh tint of
youth :s upon her lovely cheek, and love
sparkling in her eye. Such a being I
met the other day while walking in the
fashionable part of the city. She was
probably eighteen or nineteen, and is
generally accompanied by a female the
counterpart of herself. She wore the
form of a Venus, stepped majestically
a.> a ?1ueen, and looked lovely in every
feature. Iler tyes were of the raven,
her skin like alabaster, and teeth like
pearls. A shrewd guesser may form some
idea of the lovely damsel alluded to.
ST A T?Ui'?BA3CK HA.1.
We will describe the daughter of the
nosi. a very fair specimen of her sex in
Damascus. Her eyes are beautifully
dark, her eyelashes, eyebrows and hair,
of a glossy jet black, hangs down her
back and reaches nearly to the ground
in a succession of plaits, each termi
i .ting with black silk braid, knotted
and intrrw ven with various sized golden
< < ins : her features (excepting the eyes)
ar? small but compact. The nose is
?>re'.ian, the lips cherry, and slightly
pouting. the chin dimpled, the form of
the face oval, and the complexion clear,
with a rosy tint. Tlie bast and iigure
ni. unexceptionable, the arms comelv,
il *? wrists and ankles well turned, and
<.i.e feet and hands perfect models for a
sculptor; yet this is one of the many
i nde.-cript beings that we encountered
with Izrr and veil in the street. Her
:a< e anrl ligure are well set off by the
'.cad dress and oriental costume. On the
;? p of her head she wears a small red
mp, which is encircled by a handsomely
li'.wcTc I handkerchief, and over the lat
ter strings of pearls and pieces of small
'A money are tastefully arranged in h*s
t ons. Ir. the Centre of her red cap is a
diamond crescent, from which hangs a
i ng golden cord with a blue silk tassel,
usually ornamented with pearls ? Iler
ves fits tight, and admirably displays
the rnlacM ligure. The vest is confined
to the waist by a zunnar, in summer of a
fc.Ik Tripoli <?cnrf, in winter by a costlv
( **hmei shawl, and from under this a
long robe reaches to her ankles, and is
divided int> two i^.ig lappels lined with
? 'tin and lringed with costly trimmings.
'I his !atter robe partially conceals the
lull trowsers. which hang loosely over,
and are fastened round the ankles; the
asty mixture of colors, and the grace
l il arrangements renders the costume a
perfect stuJy. Latterly European shoes
have been much u!*ed by the Damascene
especially those lovely flowered
k 1 Iut:' imported iuio Syria from Mar
1'his completes the young ladv's
toilet, and her walk and action are as
gia.-i ful as her iigure and face are pre
l-os^rs-ring: and then these young ladies
a:*, us fond of a little romping as their
ii? re accomplished sisters of the North.
No i v krv Comi'limeviaky.?A French
man. traveling in the I nited States, sends
the following sketch <d a "genuine Yau
k'-e to a Parihiaii journal: "Picture to
yourself, it you please a lean ligure with
b'>uy wrists; feet with dimensions that
would fore ver tarnish the escutcheon of a
gentleman; a hat stuck ujk>u the back of
the head; straight hair; mouth stretched
from morning till night by a lump of to
bacco; lips stained yellow by the juice of
the same weed: a black coat with narrow
shirts; a tun. bled shirt; the gloves of a
gendarme; trowsers in harmony with the
; est of the equipment; and you will have
bejbre you the exact portrait of a thorough*
bred \ank?e "
list or aebiVAls at the hotels
NaiiMwi BSotel ?a. A.
J W Jor.es, Md Dr Wells, Ct
T I.autrey Mm Bradlev. do
E R West & lady, Va Miss Bradley, do
?; W f.afpwood. lu Mrs Crane, SC
A L. VV ??:,?)?? Mies Martlier. Mass
' *V alsli, Md J H KetUeweii, Sid
U Cleveland. NJ A Wallace, Tenn
0 L l?utigh?ftyt Pa S Roesevelt, NY
J N Uettie k lady, Md A R Van Neat. d"
Mra GetUe, do T W Moore, Ga
K B I'otter. NY W Ciwswell. Mo
A ViUult, Ban* C Anthon, BV
AH llaitgerford, NY T J McKaig & lady, Md
Mrs Hungert'ord, do s* M Rourh. La
J N Robb.ii. Md H i"orter. Pa
Mrs II Tnckett, do " M Blacher, Md
Major Harwood, do < > *? ^ ooo.-, Pa
R 8 Mercer, do ? A Barnar N Y
Dr Anthony, NY C C,urns, do
M.s< Clinton, SC J H Wells. do
J A Middleton. NY.
Willm-da' Hotel?H. A. A J C. WILL At..
Captain G B McClcllan, Dr Wilcox fc ladv, Ind
L'tfA R E O'Riley, do
J B Freair, NY S B Shinner, Mass
H Shsffiier & lady, Pa J N Bolles fit lady, NY
A Longhorhom, Md W M Barrett and lady.
Purser ?*eniple, USN Mass
J II CaiBon & lady, NC C VV Cook k ladv, Cat
I?r Gesner, NY H E Turner, Pa
A G Sloo, Ind L N Hack
C B Lansing, NY R D Johnson, Md
^ Johnson, laidy St dang!; Mrs Johnson, do
ter, do Mis* Johnson, do
I> Steele, Toledo Mr 81 Mrs Richanison,
W F Walton and lady, Mass
Cat T F Richardson, do
P A Sandy, Md E M Sandy, Va
J Hartley, Tenn.
Brown' Hotel?t P. & U. 3F0WI.
W Harlau, lady St child. B Davenport, Va
VV Lamus, Cal
J Wood, III j Williams,lady &. child,
I- lliiz, Me w
1 J \\ ooldridge, Va W H Harris, Pa
J Laurence, Ark J p Harris, do
v' Pfide, NY ? J ? ritnekney, XJ
t T Kelly, DC B Ware. Va
' r,,at, Mo Miss McClean, do
li'?i Ewing, Ky t< Wheeler &. lady, do
B Majoffer, do II Uucen, DC
J B Mollen & lady, NY VV Darby U lady, Pa
H M Sialey, III B Darby, Md.
United Slates Hotel.?f. a. BAOxnar
J A Sperry, Pa Miss C II Martin. Va
VV T Pepper, Md A D Allen, do
.! Baker, lady & duugii D H Eaclies, do
Iff, Va J Talb^rt, N Y
G W Baker 8t daughter, E S Dryden, do
?!'? ' U Martin, NJ
I II Scott, Md J W Mclntyre, DC.
Empire Hotel?s. nrucowis
J VV McCurdy and lady, R Jones, Mass
L J K at'ever, Va
Mrs J VV McCurdy, do J U White, NC
Miss H McCurdy, do J' B George, Neb
U Marshall, Mo I> F Phillips, Cal
I L S Purcell, Va A Allen, 111
Mrs Harry, do J Mclntyre, Va
J Nichols, do H McCormick, do
G Mauzy, do A Rocli, Md.
Gadiby'i Hotel?w. qadsbt.
N J Dare, Md T R White, Va
G |j Phillips &. lady, Mc T W Cauue, ir, do
A \V Adams & lady, Miss W Baker, jr, Ohio
A A Wataon. NC.
Arrival and Dap art ore of Ocean ?> teamen.
Sam*. Leave* for D<tu*.
Clyde Glasgow New York..May 1."
Arctic Liverpool New Vork..Mav If
Hiwarm Bremen New York..May -24
(C?"The California steamers leave New York on
ili? .r?th and 20th of each month.
5 J 8 8 8;
We have jus: received our thirdin
Ivoiite of 111eee suteii r ;nstrumi.utF,
? torching. wiib those we h&ve on hand
1 from other o? i brated American and
r.nro;waB manufactories, the lar^-sf and most f cm
[ le e t-MU of i':an?^ ?ver tiff r?d in the District.
< hi Pianoo taken in par: { ajui'-nt.
i .ay a? IIILBL'H A HIT/.' Music Depot.
[?; ail it." varieties, neatly fx cuted, on ihe moet
r^aso&able terms, hy
Pennsrlvama Evecue, eouth Bide, 2d door
-i?iKf fron>13th rtreot.
j UlAL, OF MAC!'. F. WAKD.?fuli
I and authentic Kipirt of the gpseches delivered
^u the occ-.t*?on, ana oy Alfred Alien, J?*j., Attornev
u>T the O.ucionw^altb
The Reiitficn of the North men. by Rudolph Kry
";r- l'rot?^rcf History in the University of >or
W8' .
Reverence in the Sanctuary, by a Lryman
?I ust published and for isaie nt
J^y "n?tf Bookstore, near ftth nt.
Ladies World of Fashion for May, a Journal
of tfco Courts of London and Paris, containing
beautifully engraved auu colored plates of
lit'r ind the Scenes, by Lady Bulwer
rke D-odd Family?one of Lexer's llne3t and funni
est spocimeus of hi* inimitable humor and sa
All the newspaper* for tM? week
And everything in th? M&^azioe i Bock business.
JOK SlllLi/IXO I't/N'iS Bockt'.ore,
Cor Pa av. and 4}.' st., Odt-oa Bailding.
may 2C?tf
bands, and Rulbes, a new supp'y jHst received
Gentlemen'^ Fornishinc Store,
Pa. avenue, near the corner of 4l? street.
n ay 27?dlw
'?'HE undersigned, having been by th^ decision tf
J. the Honorable the Judges of the Circuif Court
Ji tDe United rftstes for the District oft oluinbin re
nti 'n his rights, has re opened hia storu at the
rorner of 1'a. avenue and 11th *t.
vfl: ui.-pense tbo. e refresliing, invigc rating, aud
routh restoring wat- rs, which, combined with bL'
uariTBiled, and incomparable Sl'Ul'1'3 hive won
? r him "golden opioiona from ail sorts of people."
Che b-auty, the chivalry, the ialr>r, the learning,
;>.e e cimeroe of our mii(hty and glorious land have
ill b*ea r?-p'e#ente? at the Fountain of the
> II > ?r Swan, and ail, with grateful accord pro
i iuoced it the "ne plus ultra" of earthly drinks.
Ther? loo will l?? found, in addition to "a comp|f-t?
?to k of.. #sh DHl'GS and JtEUICIXES, TOILET
I t.yl JSJ1K.S in all tbe delicate and mystic varie
ty of ih? boudoir, a< well as the wlier-withal to
?ultnate Cie moustache and the imperial.
laeM tbe mo>t dylicate transatlantic extracts of
Latin will he found surpassed by a more subtile
it*! delieate domestic aiticlca, the ORIENTAL
For th? recuperation of the hair he offera
PWlo Ome
Castor Oil Pomatum
Cltrysta'ine Pomade
Phalon's Hair Invig.
Ox Marrow
Rose Hair <?il
Nutritive Cream
Barry's Tricopherou-!
Lyon's Kathaireo
Jajn?'s HairTouic
Lovet's Wah)>ene
Vandu?en's Wahpene, and
Jalius Haul's Eau Lnstral
Tii?re the loveri of the Iudian Weed will find the
rh^eext Havana brand*.
An . he hopes by assiduous and careful attention
to t?u ::??? and his customers to r?t:iin old lrirnds,
win n^w oaes, and sacure to himMlf a living -hare
of patronage. g. H. SYLV BfiTJiK,
Corner of Pa. avenue and 11th street,
may 25?evlin
?J' 'jJ\ 'which for fta^rance and qua ity can
aot i"f ?iua!!el. Tliry combine a!! the dilfereut
Iff-'.nds, to suit the palate of every gentle -an.
1 have always on hand the etleicuot kind cftiliiW
I>.ti TOU ICv'O, of every variety, which invariably
on trial has given universal satisfaction.
Also, elegant smoking TOBACCO, in its purest
I respectfully solicit a call trom Members of Ccn
gie!-.- ial others in want cf the genuine article.
0. tf. McELKH K?fl,
Sign f>t tiie "-"mall Indian
may IH?1m under the National Hotel.
PhifiSONti -iettiriug tc send money to Ireland, can
obtain chc-cVs fijf jti or i^cr ., on the B-lfast
Han'-.ing Company, payable in all the prins-paj
t?wr.s. Apply to CHUBS i*R</fliJ?Iic,
Bankers, opposite tbe Treasnry building.
??b -'l?mtl
acriher has a l-rge a^c.'tiBvnt of XoTE r.M'ERS
an J EX VELOFES. which ha will stM ue with the
iait;A scf iiis ouatnuers, withonl ? xtra charge.
A ?a general .u-soi tu.ent of Plaiu and Fancy
iUuc nery, Visiting Cards of aU kinds, Playing Cards.
Card Platesfngraved in the best ctyle. and Cards
prinud with promptneaa, WM. . BAYLY,
Pa. avenue, between 11th and 1-th sUeeU.
may 20?<pAw
r|"MK above delightful tnd healtliy beverage with
t the l?est of SYR TPS to be had at Bos well's
Drnif Store, corner of Maryland avenue an! 7th
strv-'t*, IV -m ?he present to the end ef Summer He
^'P^futly invite the lovers of good SODA
-^j. him a call, teeli'g assured that < ne
Sf- .- i ollftwed by others, as be is deter jiiued
? "rr*" '?
rpALLY-HO RAZOBS, ohaving Soap and Brashes,
I Razor 8tr~ps, Scissors, Pen and Pocket Knives,
Knivea and Forts, T?etj?r?. .Tews Harp*, Dog
Chains, Silver and Steel Thimbles, Portmonnaies,
lead f lamb Bobs. Chanlk Lines. Percussion Csps,
rand P?per, Sail N'odles, Carpet Tacka, Kev Pings,
t orsutcrews For sale low by K.. 1AJNDY,
mar 22?tf Bridge str-*-t, Georgetown.
J BUCKLEY & CO. respectfully inform the citi
t ?ens of Georgetown an 1 its vicinity, that they
are prepared to undertake ovary description of work
in GAS FITTING. They have secured the services
of some of the bast workman from the North, and
t'aair charges Rill b* ?aundaa low ae in any of thcsa
They hive alwuys on hand an ^iwant assortment
of uas Fixtures, to which thf 7 wculd invite ihe ex
amination of the public.
<k>nth sidw of Bridge strove, between Washington
an-4 JeSerscn.
Orders left at Llnthicum'fi Hardware Store will be
punctually attended to. j*n 80?tf
4 FINE lot of l ed RUSSIA LEATHER, fo- sale
by the dozen or hundred ski us, at the lowest
market price. Address*
No. 12 South Fourth Street, Philadelphia,
may 26?1 w
A SAFE and money making burin>-?8 is guarantied
to all person* pnrchx?ini St *t-e, County, and
Township rights for the AMERICAN LIFTING
1'ITMP', (Polley's patent ?? lactic Adjustable Umfltet,)
? "tnoweledci d by sejeatifi ? men who have Witse<ssed
iu. op??nitif)n, to be the best and most valuable pump
f r general purposes, in the Union. Persous pur
chasing r-ghts will hare no competition, and secure
handsome profits.
Considerable territory is already sold, and the de
muH i? rapidly i"C! easing.
Rights c*n bo purchased low en J models, 4c., be
si?o by applying to 11. VIVIAN & C'J.. Sole M*nu
ficturers, 109 North Frjnt Street, Philadelphia.
N. B.? local and trave;liog Agents wanted Lib
era! commission given. may '2 ?2m
j >rp. FO tVLERS, WELLS & CO.,
Phrenologists and Publishers, 231 Arch gt.,
j" below Sevt-uih, Philadelphia. All woTks on
Phrenolr.gr, Water Cure, Magnetism, and
Phonography for sale at New YorS. prices.?
Phrenological ^xamlnatioiu day aud evening.
Cabinet free to visitors. may 11?3m
Of the newest and id st s-dmired Patterns.
PLATED (on Albata Metal) FOi'.KS, SPOONS, Ac.
suitable for Steamers, Hotels, and Families.
Keep constantly on hasd a large stock of
?pr 4?3m
{between Eighth and Ninth, north sidt,)
f 30 *a B&OWN. [oc 28?lyj WtUIAli W/UXACJ
TL? FPti'-th Edition, vrfch
One hundred En^ravir;/-'
showing Diseases and Mi i
formation* of the Ilnman
System iu -""err shape hi d
form. To which is added a
Treatise on tke Diseases of |
Females, being of the hitfh
?*st Importance to married
people, or those contem
plating iimrriajie. By
wm. young, m. d.
Let no father im ashamed
to 1 re??-nt a copy of tiie
J3S0ULAP1US to bis child
_ Ii may save him from an
e-iv y grive. Let no young man or woman enter in
to tiit* aocret obligations of married lif- without
residing the POCKET .tlsi'lIIiAPIL'S. Ij*t no one
siifi.-rio^ from a iiacknied O ugh, l'ain in the side,
r?* ieeS nights, nervous feelings, and the whole train
of idyspeptic sensation1, and friven up by ths ir nby
sici iu, bo another moment, without c.-isnlung the
..i!-CULAPIC8. llavv ths married, or those about
to 1>c married arty impediment, read this truly use- j
fai oook, as it iias l> yi. the means of swing thous
aav of uiilbrtncate crnaturei) frv.ta the very juvs u1
< >VAny per?v">n vndiri'7 T'?."iCNTV-FJ VB CRN'TS
b ? .. el in a Inlter, w 111 r ive one f-opy of ti.w
?u 1 by mail, or live copies will be i;ent for One Dol
/.dlresa, (post paM) DR. WV.' YOUNO,
No. J&2 Spruce ttwt, Philadelphia,
tp 13?ly
NO. 17 T CHESTNUT STREET, ovpotih ths SUiU
Home, fviiiatiiilptna.
r:<3TRUCTI0N3 to et:?b!a Ludiea and Gentlemen
3. .0 measure their own hen Is with accuracy:
For Inch J. Toupees * Scalps, Inch.
i"?0 1. The round of the Nc. 1. From toiehsad to
head b-s-i as far ae
2. from forehead bald.
over thu head tD 2. Over foreheal &3
neck. tar as required.
3. F.om ear to ear 3. Over the orotra of
over the head. tui head.
1. rr< m ear to >-ir
round the tors
R. Dolltri hi i
ftlwayd ready lor
? tie a Bpl?ndia
BX'?k of Gents'
Wius, Toupees, /
Ladi.-s* Witts,'
hill Wi^s, Fria
ot e, Braids,
Ouris, Ac., beau
ifa ly manufactuied u..J a. oa?ap as an; establish
in tLo Gnvr n.
irr; ufed from fou.ii'Ar-j ricau h'jrb.s and roots, the
g O'rt successful aiticieev.ir ^r.)dar,>*i for preserring
tf* inlr rromtalhiitt o;it or changing color, restoring
and preserving it in a healthy and luxuriant state.
A c:ong other reasotia 'vby Dollord's hair- mtting 8a
lo<>n, maintains itn ilu;: ns<; popularity is the fact
iLeu his Tonic is nppli< d u> every head of hair cut at
his wstabliohinent, yaently it ii kept in better
px-i.:rvation than uuier ?uy olhnr known appliea
t'on. It bein^ thus pi ?f uc:illy te-tod by thouaaud^,
f -n the (irdat"Bt ^itu'anty of its ertioacy. bold
? bolesal** und retail nt bi;1 Old E^iablishment, 177
Cfc-i-nut Street, oppcr>ile the ta? lioosa, i'hila
J'.. Dollakd haq at * art discovered the xt plus ul
r i\ of hair dye, and announce it lor sale, with per
f? x' confidence, in its sc- asking everything of the
ksi.l now in use. I'. (Oii rn the bair either black or
tf v<ii, as m??j bo ue.-.l.od, uud ih us,?d without any
ii^ uy to the hair or a'vin, either by stain or other*
?. an be washed otf in ten minu ..Salter the ap
[ l'- j ion, without detractirig from its <? Jicaey. Pur
fO>. a visiting the city are b. .iced to give him a call.
l*'t rs addressed to R. DO' ARD, 177 OUESTNUT
hi RErJT, I'HIhADEid idlA *ui reoeive attention.
j.aa 2^5?ly.
^ t A Lamp to the Pali* , or, the Bible in the
li :.rt
i'iie TTome ar.il thd MaiV ' place, by Rev. W. K.
Tw. rdie. D. D?b ' els.
lb ? Woodcatt?r of ' .i And tho Exiles of T?u
1 fiu 1, by the author of th Night Watches?price
r.o ^oi*ts
Mab*l Grant, a Ili^iilau 1 S'.ory, by R. II. Lallan
Charles Roussel; or, Industry and Ilonusty, by J
?I vrocliat, author of Thr^e Mouib.-i unler the Snow
Tli Plurality of World;', with an introduction, by
Kdward llitfhcock. 1) D?CCc.
A defence of the Eclipe* ot faith; by its author
b<iii.g a rejoinder to Profesf r Aewmaii'a "R?fply,"
w ikh is included in tli" ?< volume, with New
m.tu's chapter on the tucai if??1 t lion of Christ.
7th slre?t, Ct-'A, to Odd Fellows' Hull,
may 2&~ it (Seutintti;
Ilt R\lliivG^of wiougrit \nd cast iron, and
w re fur Ciiy atid Cemetery Lots, and lor Baloo
ci'is end Verandahs.
Ti.e public arc invited t*> ex^minn 'he ssmples, ol
whi-h ther? ar-.* many beaoMful patterns in tlie
the Wardroom').
Ail order;* promi tly <>x?exted.
Farm Fen m of Wire, Wlck.*rflbsm's pitenf, $1 76
per rod, including the po-tK.
Ornamental Tr.<n wareheuse,
Pa. avi nue, b?tw.*n 3<i au t 4i4 streets,
np 29?tf
SVHHKR CRAVATS, Jv-nrfs, Kto-Vf, and
Tlsn.?A large and varied h^sortment at
Geiitl men's Furnisliiug Store.
utj -7?dlw Pa. avsnae, near st.
? ;
. [No- 510 1
By the President of (be United states.
IN pursuance of law, I, FRANKLIN MERCK,
President of the United States of America, do
hereby declare and make known that public sale*
will be hel t at the undermentioned land office in
the Stata of WltcoxSDS, *t th<< periods hereinafter
designated, to wit:
At the land office at Smv*ns PoiWf, commencing
on Monday, the fourth day of September next, for
the disposal of the public lands situated in the fol
lowing named townships, vii:
-Vnrth of tkt bast lint, and e%st of the fourth princi
pal meridian.
Townships twenty-one, twenty fire, twenty-six,
and twenty-seven, of range two.
Xowusbins twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven,
twenty-eight, twenty-nine, and thirty, of range
Townships twenty seven, twenty-eight, twenty
nine. aud thirty, of range four.
Towar-iiips twanty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty
nine, ncd thirty, of ran^e nine.
Town hips twenty-seven, twenty eight, twenty
nine, and thirty, cf range ten.
Townships twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty
nine. ?n J thirty, of raDg* eleven.
At the land office at La Cross*, commencing on
Monday, the ?fchteenth day of September next, for
the disposal of ilie public lands within the under
mentioned townships, viz:
North of Uit Lose line, and west of the. fourth princi
pal meridian.
Townships twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four,
twenty-eight, and twenty-nine, of range one.
Town-hips twenty-two, twenty-three, and twenty
nine, ?>f ;angetwo.
Townfhip\weuty-nine, of range three.
Townships twenty-three, twen'y-f .ur, twenty-five,
twenty six, twenty-seven, and twenty-eight, of range
Townships twenty-one, iwenty-two, twenty-three,
twenty four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven,
at d twenty-eight, of range five.
Townships t*enty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five,
twenty-six, and twenty-seven, of ipinge six.
Townships twenty-three, and twenty-four,of range
North of the. bise line, aval east of the fourth princi
pal mtrdinn.
Towr.ship twenty.five, of range one.
At the lnnd at Willow River, commencing
on Monday the eleventh day of September next, for
t'edisposal ot the public lands situated within the
f dlowiag named townships, to wit:
North of the bate line, and wtl of the fourth princi
jtil meridian.
Township thirty-seven, of range six.
Tewnships thirty-six, thirty-seven, and thirty
eight, of range s?ven.
Townships thirty-five, thirty-six, and thirty-seven,
of range eight.
Township* thirty-four, thirty-five, thirty-six, and
thi ty-Feven, of range nine.
Townships thirty-four and thirty five, of racge ten.
Township thirty-five ol'range eleven.
Township thirty-live, of range twelve.
Townships thirty-five, forty-seven, and forty-nine,
on the south shore of Lake Superior, at the mouth
of St. Louis river, ot range thirteen.
Townships thirty, thirty-five, and forty-seven, of
range fourteen.
Townships twenty-nine, thirty, and thirty-five, of
range fifteen.
Townships twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-five, and
forty-one, ofrange sixteen.
Township thirty five, of range seventeen.
Townships thirty-nine and forty, ofrange eighteen.
Townships thirty-seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine,
and forty of range nineteen.
At the land office at Msvahba, commencing on
Monday, the twenty-first day of August next.for the
di-j.os.it of the public lands within the following
named townships, viz:
North of Uie bate line, and exut of the fourth principal
Townships thirty one and thirty two, of range
se\ -nteen.
At the land office at Miveral Poiwt, commencing
011 >londay. the twenty-first day of August next, lor
the disposal of the following islands, to wit:
Nur.h of the bast line, and east of the fourth principal
Islands situated in sections twelve, thirteen, four
teen, and twenty two, of township nine, and section
thirty six, in township t n, of rang* six.
I-lands situated in sections six and -even, in town
ship nine, and sections one, two, nine, and eleven,
i'i township ten, of range seven. .
?-and* appropriated by law for the" use of schools,
military, and other purposes, together with those
"swamp and overflowed lands thereby made unfit
for cultivation," if any, granted to the State by the
act entitled "An act to enable the State of Arkansas
and other States to reclaim the 'swamp lands' with
in tbeir lirnita," approved September 23tli, 1850, u>U
t' exclwledfrom the sale*.
The offering of the above lands will be commenced
on Lhe days appointed, and wid proceed in the order
in which tLey are advertised, with all convenient
despatch, until the whole tlinll have been offered
and tiie sales thus closed; but no sale shall be kept
open longer than two weeks, and no private entry
of any of the ands will he admitted until after the
expiration of ulie two weeks.
Given usde- my band, at the city 0f Washington,
thi?* eighteenth day of May, Anno Domini one thou
sand eight hundred and fifty-four.
By the President :
John Wilson,
Commissioner of General Land Office.
kverv person entitled to the right of pre emption
to any ol the laods within the townships and parts
ot town hips above en urn rated, is required to e?ab
lish the same to the satisfaction of the register and
..-ceirer or the proper land office, and make payment
therefor tw so?n as ] TttcUottid,- ajltr teti.ig this notice,
and b to*.. th?* day appointed for the commencement
of the public sties of the lands euibr-cing the tract
claimed ; otherwise such claim will bef.>rteitcd
Connji ?ioner of Ueneral Lund Office,
may 2f<? law :iw
[No. 606.]" ~
I N pursuance of the order of th? President of the
Ln,t^d states, itearing date the 18th instant, is
sued on the representations ant at the request ol
ttie seuators and part ot the delegation in Congre-s
jroin toe State of Alabama, the lands within the fol
lowing described townships, situated in the States
of A.irjama and Florida, along the routes of the pro
poi>d railroad* from Pensacola, Florida, to Mont
g ornery, Alabama, and from the last mentioned
place, Tia Wetumpka, Klvton, Decatur, and Athens,
lo tny Tuunt-ssee lioe, will be withheld from sale oi
entry, except lor valid preemption claims, until
f-ii'ther orders, to wit:
In the district of landn subject U> sale at Tat t a
Mouth of the bate line and west of the princijxxl meri
Townships 1, 2, of ranges 2S, '29, 30, 31
Township 1, of range 32
Norih of the bast line aim west of the principal meri
Townships 5, 6, ofrange 27
aul?^iD8hiP8 2' 3' 6' ?f ran2e8 28? 31,
* ltuated iu the district of lands Bubject to sale at
North of the, baff line and east of the principal mer
dian, southern surrey.
Townships 1*, 2*, of range 7
Townships 1*, 2*, 3*, of rau?e 8
Townships 1% 2*, 3*, 4*, 5%. of ranges 9, 10, 11
ana i j
Townships 4*, 5*, ofrange 13
In the district of lauds suhject to sale at Cahawba
.\or i of the base line ami east of the principal nuri
dian, southern survey.
Tuwboiiip G*, ofrange 10
townships b*, 7*. 8*, of range 11
Townships C*, 7*, 8*. s.*, lu*, 22*, of range 12
13J ownshlps 0*, ,*, 8*, 9*, lo*, ll?, 21*,22*, ofrang<
Townships G*, 7*, 8*, 9*, 10*, 11* 12*, 20*, 21*
li*, o' range 14
6?*' ??, 19, 20:
i "*? ,V' u'> ??, 10*, i;?
lo j Jy, * of ritngti 17
of'^^r u% "Ms*, i9
Townships 14*, U*, 16*, 17* ofrange 19
-l owntihip 17* of range 20
J,?** district of lands subject to sale at Tosca
Nort/, of U,e bate Une and eatt of the principal meri
dun, southern surrey.
iownshi^s 23?, 24*, of ranges 11, 12
xownshlps 23*, 24*, of ranges 13 14
Township 23*, of range 15
.South of the bate tin* and west of the principal mer
aian, northern surrey
^ Townships 15*, U* 17*, 18,19, 0f raag<
range "hip6li,% 1C* l8*' ,9*> 20. 2', 22, o
ran^3ShlpSl3'16* 21, 22, o
ranjr5*,P8 K*' 18*> 19*> 21*, 22, o
viLut:hediStriCt0fl&nd8iulliectto 8416 &t Hoa?
?South or the base line and west qfthe principal meri
dian, northern survey.
Township 14* of iaIIge 1 *
Townships 7, 8, 9, lo, n, 12* la* 14*, of ranire '
3'4'5'0 '? *??-'CiuTu
Township, 2 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ofrange 6
GOMKRr^ lct of laudfi to sale at Momt
North of the. base line and exist of Uie principal meri
r . . dian, iout/um sun*#.
Townships 21, 22*, ofrange 10
Townships U?, 20. 21, of ran^e 17
Townships 17*, 18* 1^ 20, ofrange 18
lownchips 17* 18*. 19, of ranges ift, 20
Ais?\ or the route of the propose! branch rail
U'.'orf?ia> Montgomery, by or
dep of the President, beering date the 21st ultimo"
iSorth. of Uie bate line and east of the principal meri
diUHy southern survey.
Township 11, ofrange 25
Townships 10,11,12, of range 26
Fowiiiihipa 9, J0,11, 12, of range 27
Townships 9,10 11,12,13, ofrange 28
Townships 8, 9,10,11, 12,13, of Aag? 29
Townships U, 12, 13,14, of range 30
Townshipa 14, 15, ofrange 31.
The townships marked thus * having been almuli
withdrawn in previous notice*. Wreadj
Given under my hand at the General Land Offlc?
at^the city of Washington, this 80th ^ *2$
By order of the President:
?ai-pu. '"""Si.,
TflS undersigned would reej^lly Inform his
friend#, acquaintances, and the public generally
that hS^tUl^ntinues to execute ail oMer. in hi.
line of business in the best manner and at the short
RKPAlHlffG neatly and promptly executed.
FUKERAL8 attended to a*
^?^the shortest notice, and in the beat
manner. Bodies preserved in the most perfetA wue
ner, even *n the warmest weathxr.
Thankful for past hton, he would r?pef?Wly
solicit, and will endeavoT to ?erit a, continuance
Pa. are., 8. ride, between 9th and 10th sta.
Residence: Mr. Martin's, D rtrwt, 3d bouee eaet of
7th street. par 17-ly
WOULD respoctfully return my thanks to the
citizens of Washington and its vicinity for their
past patronage, and say that owing to the frequent
calls in the Undertaking branch of my business, I
hive been induced to discontinue the manufacture
of Furniture, and turn my attention fully to the
UNDERTAKING. I haTe spared no pains to hare
every thing tuat In requisite to my businem, and I
am therefore folly prepared to meet any order afttr
a few moment* notice, and I assure those who may
give me a call that I will 6pare no pains to ?arry out
their orders to their entire satisfaction.
7 th st, between G and H.
N. B ?Calls attended to at all hour* of the night.
mar 2?ly
i?fl ?% The subscriber is prepared to at
at the shortest notice, to any
calls in this Ime, and will spare no pains to render
enure satisfaction to all who may desire his assistance
In performing the last tribute of respect to the dead.
Hearse always in readiness. Mourning Capa and
Shrouds famished when desired.
The subscriber begs leave to call the attention ?1
the public to his PATENT CORPSE PRESERVER,
which has been already tested in the families of sev
eral in this city, to whom he can refer as to
it? efficacy in preserving the body from decomposi
tion for any length of period.
J. \V. PLANT, D street,
at;g 8-eoly bet. 9th and 10th streets.
Attorney and Couuieilor-at^LftWi
Office on 0th sir*?;, neai i'a. avenue.
mar 18?ly
Attorney-afL*W) __
Office on Louisiana avenue, six doors east of Sixth
Residence or. 6th, betwa?u D and R streets.
mar 7?tf
New York, Texas, California,
New Jersey. Loai.U&na, Missouri,
Pennsylvania- Alabaiaa, Kentucky,
Maryland, Georgia, Michigan,
Maine, Wisconsin, Ohio, and
Minnesota, Florida, Other States:
omci or posit* to tes tbzasuet euldlbg.
nov 19?y WASHINGTON. D. a
?)iop and residence,next to corner ot 13tb and G sts.
jy 14?tf
Banking House of Pairo A Hoarse.
Opposite the United States Treasury.
SIX per cent, per annum interest paid on deposits
of one hundred dollars or over, when left for
thirty days or longer. <?ep 3?dly
THE healing an I rest<rative properties of this
valuable specific have now been satisfactorily
established. Its beneficial and curative effects havs
b?en fully tested in the removal of those inflaxnatory
accumulations, which are formed on the surface or '
skin, known as burns, bruises, bolls, wounds inflict,
ed by cuts, and other external featherings. For in
flamed eyes. Catarrh on the bead, the bleeding Piles,
Sea sickness, and Aatumnal and other fevers, it is
one of the most certain and effective remedies. In
ternally taken agreeable to directions, it is safe and
mild, anl immediate in relieving sick headache,
Diarrhea, bleeding at the nose, and excessive Hem
orrhage from Internal eruptions end injuries from
too full and phlethoric a habit of the body.
For sale by W. H. Oilman, Chas. Stott A Go., and
Kidwell A Lawrence, Washington; J. 8. KidweLl,
DAY * VAN DEUSEN, Proprietors,
dec 10?6m. 128 Caambers street, N. Y
Treasury DiPAE-mcsT, May 20, 1854.
The time limitju by the notice of this department
of the 1st January Iv^t for the purchase of stocks of
the United Stat* s is hereby extended to the 1st July
next. But it is to bi observed in regard to certifi
cate* which may be received at it after the 1st June,
ihnt, in ad iltlou to the u?ual alignment, the holder
mu-t distinctly assign the interest on the same
which will then have been made up at the treasury,
or transmit the coupon*, at? the ca?e may be. In
default of this letter assi^nm nt or tr*n?mis.'ion,
the premium and one div's interest (less interest
from the time of red^mplion to the 1st July) only
will be pni i.
To offord an opportunity to distant holders to avail
th? niselves of this notice, the department will con
sider stock mailed prior to the 1st Jcly as entitled to
its lieneflt, upon the usual eridence of bring so
Secretary of the Treasury.
Tkcascst Dzpikthzkt, Jan. 1,1854.
Notice is hereby given to the holders of the fallow
ing described stocks of the United States, that this
department is prepared to purchase, at any time be
tween the date hereof and the first ot June next,
portions of those stocks, amounting in the aggregate
to seven million* dollars, in the manner and on ths
terms herinafter mentioned, to wit:
In case of any contingent competition, within
the amount stated, preference will be given in
the order of time in which the said stocks may be
offered. The certificates duly assigned to the United
8tates, must be transm'tted to thin department;
upon the receipt whereof, a price will be paid com
pounded of the following particulars:
1st. The par value or amount specified In each
2d. A premium on the ?v>ck of the loan author
ized by the act of July, 1146, redeemable November
12,1856, of six per cent; on the stock of the loan au
thorised by the act of l?i42, redeemable 31st Decem
ber, 1862, of fifteen and-a-Lalf per cent; on the stock
of the loans authorized by the act? of 1847 and 1848,
and redeemable, the former on the olst December,
18G7, and the latter on the 30th June 1869, of twen
ty-one per cent.; and on the stock of the loan au
thorised by the act of 1850, and redeemable on the
21st of December, 1864, (commonly called the Texan
indemnity,) ten per c*rt.
3d. Interest on the par of each certificate from ths
1st of Jan'v, 1854, to the date of receipt and settle
ment at the treasury, with the allowance (for the
money to reach the owner) of ene day's interest in
Pnyment for sai3 stocks will b?? made in drafts cl
the Treasurer of the United states, on the assistant
treasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as
the parties may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE,
may 'A>?dtlftJuiy Se~rctary of the Treasury.
ON account of the burning of the drawer of the
Long Bridg" th'- following race9 will not com
mence until the TWKJ^TIKTIIDAYOFJUNE, by
whlfh time the brllge will 1 e repaired.
The paptrs publishing the advertisement,
will please announce the postponement.
Alexandria County, I'rt.
THE SPRING RACKS over the above Course will
commence on the FOURTH TUESDAY in May,
1854, and continue throughout the week.
First Day?TUESDAY, alay 23d, sweepstakes free
for all horses owned in Maryland, District of Co
lumbia and Virginia,weight for age.
Entrance $25, with a purse of $50 added by the
Mile heats, three or more to make a rare.
Also, immediately after the sweepstake race, a
Purse of $50 will be given, free for all trotting horses.
Mile and repeat, tu harness.
Stamd Day-WEDNESDAY, May 24th, Purse ot
$100. Mile heats, best 3 in 5.
Third Day?THURSDAY, May 26th, Purse oi
$-00. Two mile heats.
Fourth Bay?FRIDAY, May 26th, Purse of $300.
Four mile heats.
Entrance for Purses 15 per cent., to be made with
the Proprietor the evening previous to the race. In
all cases three or more to make a race, two to start.
The races te be governed by the rules of the Rich
mond Course, Virginia.
Abundant stabling for horses will be provided
free of expense on the grounds.
Having completed the Enclosure of the Track and
made other improvements on the place, the Proprie
tor informs the publie that nothing will be found
wanting on his part to give satisfaction to those fond
of the sport. CYRUS MARTIN,
mar 13?MAThtMay24 Proprietor.
[ Richmond Enquirer, Va., Marlboro' Gasette, Md.,
and Alexandria Gazette will copy onoe per week and
forward bills to this office.]
SHILLING!TON baa received?
Godey's Lady's Book for June
The Dodd Family Abroad, by Charles Lever, author
cf Charles O'Malley
Bride of the Wilderness, by Emerson Bennett
Virginia and Magdalene, by Mrs. Southworth
The Star Chamber, a Historical Romance, by Ains
Uncle Tom in Paris
New and Correct Maps of the Beat ef War tm the
Yankes Notions for Jnne
Every new book published reestved immediately
afterwards end for sole at
Our. Pa. av. and at, Oderfn Building,
may i4?if
rwo. 307 J
X^OTIC? of wttMrtwal of certain 1
IJj lands (a th* State* of MiomeAN wd Wiwrax
sia on tbo route* of tbo OtklaaO Md Ottawa, and
other proposed railroads.
At th* solicitation of a majority of the delegation
in C<>ngrau from tbo State of Michigan, tbo Pnwi :
dent of tba United States, bj bis order bearing date ,
the 1st of May instant, ha? directed that the follov
ing named townships be withdrawn from sale cr ec
tr7 until further order*, exoept fttr raJM pre-emp
tion eiataa, to wit: 1
In th* State of Michmak.
In the district of land* rutyeet to (ale at IomA
JNtrfA of the bo# Hn, <W(j ^ princip>d men
?>v . dian.
* h^f of town?hip 5. and township* 6, 7,
8,9. and 10. cf ranges 1 ar.dS
a ???n*hip 5, and townahlp* ft, 7,1
S ml 6 * * 16, *Bd 17? * *
itT^SS?5' 6> 7> 8*9> 10'U'li' 13> ,4?13'10 ^
Township* 5,?, 7, 8, ?, 10, n w 13 ,. 15 ,f .. I
18, 19, W, of range, 8, 9, 10, il,l2) 13,1 "j5 ^
Townahlp. 8, 9, 10,11,13,13, 14, 15,16,17, 18, 19,
and 30, of ranxe 17 ' '
Townships 11, 12,13,14, li, 16, 17, If, 19, *ud 2* I
of ranre 18 ^
Townfhips 14 ard 15, of rang* 19
In the district of land* subject to sale at Gust,. I
y>rrih of the bate line and tuL qf Iht principal meri
Townrtip* 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and
sooth half of 16. of ranvee 1 and 3
Townahlp? 6, 7, 8, 9. 10. 11. 12, 13, 14, and 15, of
raage 3
Townships 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11, 12,13 and 14, of range
4 and 5
Township* 8 9,10. 11, 12 and 13, of range (I
Townships H, 9, 10,11, and 12. of rang* 7.
Xortfi nf the bate line and west of th' principal iam'
Townfbip* 11,12,13. 14,15 aad 1ft, of ranges 1, 2,
eretpt land* to hr told for th' bsivfit of Indian*
In the district of lands subject to sale at D?
Aorth o f the basr line and east of th* principal meri
The north half of township 5, of ranges 1 and 2
Township 5, of ranges 3 and 4
In the district of lands oulj * t to sale at Dl'5C\n
Xorth QJ the bate line and loesf of Ike />rindyl mrri
dim. Ifwer peninMl*.
Townships 34, 35, 36. 37, it1, and 39, of rang* 2
Townships 33 ;)4. 35. 36, 37. 38, and 39, of range 3
Townships 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38. aad 39, or
tange 4
Township* 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 3X, and
of range 5
Townships 28. 29, 31), 31, 38, 33, 34, 35, 3fi, 37, 3f%
a nd 39, of range 6
Townships 28, 29, 30, 31. 32,33,34,36, and 37, of
range 7
Townships 21, 22. 23 24, 25 26, 27, 28 29, 30, 31,
J2 33. and 34 nfrinwH ' ' '
Township* 21,22,23,24.25,96,27,SH, ?, a? ;?
32, and 33. of ran?* 9
Township,, 21, 22, 23, 24, ?5,26, 27, 2M, 29, nod
of range 10
Townships 21, 22.23, 24, 25, 96, 27, 2*, and 29. of
rang?s 11, 12, and 13 ? '
Upper peniosnla.
Townf hip 41, of rang* 29
Townships 40 and 41 of rang* 30
Township 41, of ranges 31, J2, and 33
In the district of land* aabjeot to s?l* at Baqlt St.
Makie :
A>jrth of the l>au line and *oe*t of the principal meri
Ail on the main land.
Townships 46 and 47, of rang* 23
Township* 46 47, and 48, of r*nge 24
Townships 45, 46. 47, 48, and 49, of rang* 25
Townships 44, 45, 46, 47, 4H, and 49. of range 26
Townships 43, 44, 45,46, 47, 4?, 5H, and 59. of ran.*
Townships 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47,58 an] 39, of range
Townships 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 57, and 58, of range
T(?wn?bips 42, 43, 44, 45,56. 57, and 58, of rang*
Township* 42, 43, 44, 45, 54, 55, 56. 57, and 58, ol
range 31,
Townships 42, 43, 44, 53, M, 55, 56, 57, and 58, ol
range 32
Township* 42, 43, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, ani 57, ol
range 33
Townships 51, 52, 53, 54 55, and 56, of range 34
Townships 50. 51, 52,53, 54, 55, and 56,of ran<e S3
Townships 42, 4:t, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, M,
53, 54, and 55, of rang* 36
Townships 42, 43 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52,
53, and 54, of ranee 37. >>>>?,
Townships 43, 44, 45. 46 47. 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, and
5.1. of ranees 38 and :? *-???? >
Township* 44, 45, 46, 47, 48. 49, 50, 51, and 52, of
ra?ge 40
Townships 48, 49, and 50, of range 41.
?Ute of Wisconsin.
In the district of lands subject to sale at M?
orth of the bate line and *att <\f the fowrth principal
Townships 27. 2H, 29. and 30. of range 12
Townships 26, 27, 38, 29, and 3U, of rang's 13, 14,
ami 15
Townships 25 26, 27, 2f, and 29, o.'range 16
Townships 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28, o." range 17
Townships 23, 24. 25, 26. and 27. o 'range In
Townships 22, 23, 24. 25. 26, and 2<\ of rant e 19
^Townships 21, 22, 23. 24, 25, 96, and 27, ol iangc
Townships 20, 21, 22. 23, 24, 25, ui.d 26, of range
Townships 19, 20, 21, 22,23, 24, and 25, of rnngc
Townships 19. 20. 21, 22, 23. and 21, of ranre 23
' lownships 19. 20, 21, ?nd 22, of tanire 24
Townships 19, -JO, and 21, of range 25
The above list includes certain townships not he-e
tofore offered for sale, but which hale been inserted
as th? y are within the reservation.
(Jiven under my hand, at the General Land Of
Cce, at the city of Washington, this 16th dsy ol
M <y, Anno Domini, 1854
By order of the President:
may 20?1awl3w rommlsrioner
| No. 511.]
By the President of the t' oited State*
IN pursuance ot law. I, FRANKLIN PIERCE
President of the -United States of America, dr
lit reby dec'are ?nd make known that public sale<
will be held at the undermentioned land offices, it
th-s State of Michigan, at the periods bereiuaftei
designated, vi*:
At the land office at Aalit Sn. Maku. ccmmenc
ingon Monday, the fourth day of September next
for the disposal of public lands situated withid th<
fo'l wing named townships, to wit:
A'orth of the base lint and vest of the princijtal men
Townships forty six, futty-weu, aad forty-eight
of range ten
Township forty-eight, of range eleven
Township forty nine, cf range fifteen
Townships forty two, forty four, and forty five
of range twenty two
Township forty four and forty-fire, of ran*<
tv. eaty three
Townships forty-two. forty-t'uree, forty four, and
lo. ty live, of range twenty four
Township forty three, of range twenty fire
Townshipa forty-two and forty three, of rang?
twenty six
Township for y-nine, of range tw*nty eight
Townships forty nine and fifty, ot range twentv
Townships forty-nine and fifty, of rauge thirty
Townships forty nine and fifiy, of range thirty
Townships forty-six, forty-seven, forty eight, am
fo ty nine, of range thirty-two
Township* forty-six, forty seven, forty-eight, am
forty nine, of range thirty-three
Townsh'ps foity t?o, forty three, forty-five, forty
six, and forty-seven, of range thirty-four
Townships forty-five and forty-seven, ot ranei
Townships forty fonr and forty-fire, of rann for
ty one
Townships forty-four and loriy-five, of range fort]
At ths land office at Diwcas, commencing on Mon
day, the eighteenth day of September next, for th<
disposal of the public land* situated in th* folio* ini
named township*, to wit:
yorth of the base, lint and totsf of the princiital men
, titan.
Townships th'rty seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine
forty, and forty-one, of range twenty lour
lo.rnshiiis thirty seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine
an ! forty, of range twenty-five
Townships thuty-six, thirty-seren, thirty-eight
thirty-nine, forty, and forty-one, ol' range twenty
Townships thirty six, thirty-eight, thirty-nine am
forty, of range twenty-seven
Township thirty-six, ofrarge tw?-nty-*ight.
Lands appropriated by law lor the use of schools
military, and other purposes, together with thos<
4,><vamp and overflowed lands mad<* unfit thereby
for cultivation," If any. granted to the Stale by th*
aet entitled "An act to enable the State of Arksnsa.
an-i other St?tes to reclaim the **wamp lands' with
in their limits," approved September 28th, lf>60, toil'
be tjrcludeilfrom the sales.
The offering of the above Iandswill be commenced
ou the days appointed, and will proceed in the order
in which they are advertised until the whole shall
have been offered aLd the sales thus closed; bat no
?ile shall be kept open longer thaw two weeks, and
no private entry of any of the lands will be ad
mitted until after the expiration of the two week*.
Given under my hand, at ths city of Washington,
this eighteenth day of May, anno Domini oue thou
atind eiirbt burdreJ and fifty four.
By the President:
John Wilson,
Commissioner of th* General Land Office
Every per-on entitled to the right of pre-emptioi
to any of the lands within the townships and part
abo7? enumerated, is reqairtd to e*
tablish the same to the satisfaction of the recistei
Mid receiver of the proper land office, and make pay
frlvl Hf5 '"H"precteible after feting thi
" 'an,i the day appointed "or ths com
pubtic "*!e8 of tb? embrao
otherwise mi oh claim will bi
forkitod J0UI( WUjW)Nf
Conimiswoner *f the General Land Offloe.
i'f,. Paris, in eases of vuitw slat* and <k
?c iptions, bought In parson from the makan b
the undesigned, Had fbr tale at nnnsually low prl
093, rnom"$l 86 upvwis. Thi* day opened by
may S3?tf . - VBANCK TATL0F.
? kJ lAfc'ia.
... ^?
tl tl , * C0mfortabh rmd Fa
The Cheapest mo*. White Sulphur
phtma Kwrfe f? ... - ^ nVWuMi
Svr'ngs, Passing the Aiu.
Hot Springs.
ARRANGE)* KNTd baring been mad. with ^
own of tbe ??* Mid splendid " ? ran
U BO ROE PAGE to ran b?l?M A euadtu and
Washington, a distune* of ids oiim, in connection
with tbe trains on this. and the w i.-hln^ti Fail
road* ih" following schedule will take efcet on and
after Thursday, Juw lrt, 1864:
A Train from Alexandria to Gordonsville, ant In
termediate Station*, will leave tbe Ifepot. ?nrr ?T
Duke aud Henry (treats, at 7 o'clock a a., on Lb*
errivrl of the Boat from Washington, firing aa-ple
tim* far Breakfast on burd, arriving at Gordon*,
villi*, at hilf-past 10 o'clock,?connecting at that
po nt with th? Traits on th? Vlnrinia Central
It ?1, to Richmond, Charlottesville, and fttauaU*.
A Train from Gordon sri lie to Alexaudtia and in
termediate stations, will leave Gordonsville at
11 o'clock, on the arriral of the oar* on tha
Virginia Central Railroad, airiving at Alexandria
at half-past 2 o'clock?thus alio win it time to Humect
with the train tearing Washington City for the
North, and for Dinner on board the boat.
A Trait; from Alexandra to Warren ton ?nd Inter
mcftliate Stations will leave Alexandria daily, (hut
day* excepted) at 3 o'ciock. p. m, arr.v.nk at W*.
r.-ntat half-pa."i 6o'clcck p. m.
Oa Sunday will leave at 7 o'clock a m
Train from Warrentoa to Alexandria and Infcet
meaiate stations. will Wee Warrentnn daily (Sut.
day ex rented) at a quarter b -fore 7 o'clock a. a., at
raring at Alexandria at hatf-pest M r.'ctcck a. m.
Oa Sunday will leave at quarur past \2 o'clock,
p Timouan tickets.
To Warrantor ft 7?
To Gordonsville.. g oo
To Chat lotteevilte g 74
To Staunton _ b 40
To ?Lynt hfcurg 6 7i
To ?Luray...~...... ? 4 V5
To^New Market 6 CO
?Passengers for Luray and New Market will take
tbe train leaving Al? xandria, at 7 o'clock a. m..
on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Satu.dsys, conm ctloi:
with th? stages at Calfeper. C. F
* Passengers for Lynchburg will take the train
leavine Alexandria at 7 o'clcck, a. m.. on Moo
dtys, Wedueeiays. arxl Fridays, con tire ing witbthe
wtures at Charlottesville.
ft^-Passengers for the White Sulphur Sjrirp*
will take the train leaving Mexar.dri* dalle, con
necting with the stages at rtauntnn.
Freight Train* are running dally, (Sunday ex
Par order: W. B. BROCKETT. A?ent.
Alexandria, Vs., May *' may 31?tf
f.r U1.1 Uouua inp, ONE DOLLAR; from Alexan
dria, 75 cent*.
The steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON will '.save
Washington at 9 o'clock, and Alexandria at 9^
Coaches leave the Capitol for the boat at ; fart
for the eoarb 10 cents.
Persona wishing the orsr-'u to call for them will
le-.ve their residences with George aud Thomas Par
k?-r A Co.
49- R?-fresV?merits to 1." bid on t>,.- boat,
may i0?tf JOB CcKS'jN. Captain.
- *IT?'a. The Steamer OSCEOLA learet
Washington for Baltimore every
TL'KSDAT MORNING, at 7 o'clock and Alexandra
at 8 o'clock.
Ketarninc, learw Paltimore eeery THURSl'AY
at 4 o'clock p. m.?rtopping at Leonardtnwn. Md,
fct Mary'^ River. Mi., Kinaale and Cone River, and
tb * asjal landing? on Uia Potomac, for ei/balii ox
ta 'and p&t?cng?-r8. J AS. MITCH KLL,
ap 4?-3m Captain.
IV* ISI1 to call public attention to the fact that I
sm prepared to furnish familiea, wvdding par
ti-s purtiee, excursion*, balls, pic nfca, Ac., at the
tliorteii notice, rnd with promptness.
llarioK ween red ooe ot the e#ry te-rt of workm**,
atd only ailing the very beet of materials, I can fur
i>L h all articles, such aa pure Virginia Cr?am for lea
Cr<*m at $2 per gallon. V nter Ices at the same.?
Ai-=a. Jollies, Cliarktts. 4c., Fruit and Pound Cake*,
anl a great variety of Smp.ll Cakes, *i 1. mu<h lc wer
figure than the lest establi'Vment of note In the
cty osr furnish, for at lee?t 'lb per *ewt. than
thi-ir charge are for the same, *o that the questioa
very often asked, ' Where c.-.n we Ret a pute ar id*
of Cream and Coufc-cttonery 1" I will answer, and
cur prove by every t>ody call ing and try in?
J-tare corner of 14ii street and rern'-ylran:a ave
nue. J. G. WEAVER, Agent,
may 2?eo2m
> BiTTEKS. Ask for the boM e with tbe
Portrait of the IiiveCuor and rroprietc ?, and take
none other, WM. M. CA> NOIC,
Was'iiu ,*ton, D.C.
To whom all orders*hoold be addreeaed f<?r Agencies
A* fch 86 eotf
TUIs delicious article combines ho many meritori
ous qualities that it has now becouie a stand
ard favorite viiL tbe citizens of New Ytrk, Pkii?
delph'a, and Baltimore Dentists preiKrlW it in thei;
practice mcst (ruce*ssftilly, and from every sonrca
tke most flattering laudations are awarded it.
Inflamed and bleedluir rums are immediately ben
t fitted by its use , itc acu^B upon them is very mild
southing, and efiective. It cleanses the t?eth so
thoroughly that they are made to rival pearl in 'he
rrhit^ness, and diffuses through tbe mouth such a
delightful freshness that the breath is rendered ex
<iuijitely sweet. It disaff.cts all tLope itapurities
which tend to produce decay, and. a* a rorseqnew*,
when these atv removed the tee'h must always r*>
m-iin Aiund.
Prepar<?l only by Faaxns Zckmav, Druggist, Phil
adelphia, and sold by W. LI OILMAN, Washington,
and by all Druggi ts, at culy '2Z> cents a bottle,
may 6?3m
IMPERIAL Prune-' in small glass keys;*xtr\qnal*
Ity new Kleine Kigr? in email bnxe.< bnncb Kai
r-ins, very fine; Cox's tn^lieii Khrad tielatioes;?
French Imperial Gelatines in thr?-< and ro.ls. these
Gelations are perhaps superior to any article of the
kiuJ ever introduced in tlna city; Fr-uch and Eng
lish directions lurnished; h -riretrically se ttled Fruit;
pure Extract of Tomato, '-ardirce*, Fr sb Olive iHl
ta flasks and bottles, hap Sago tbc^. English dairy
dc., Jellies of ail kinds, Saddles. Firth A Ross' beet
London Mustard, put up in metal, very Humeri or?
French and American do. of all kiad*. Raker's Br??
m \. Cocoa atd Chocolate, Millard* Jo, cr.e cask Do
rant, Maglory brand, vintage 1813 Brand), aud one
Jo Grape JcW Pert. These are unpurpa^'wd for m*
dUnal and ctber purpose t, nnd wsrrimted pure?
C&rneua, Sago, Tapioca, sweet Cider, hlacfc Tea at 60
ceuts per ponnd, warrauted to please?pure wblte
C:w ile Soap, Mor.tfromery county and other Hum,
Ac., Ac. Goot's delivered.
Z. M. P. KING,
corner of Vermont av*. I and loth streets,
ap W?Wtf St. John'* Square
with a perpetual charter, embrjtcing the advaD
lozt? of both the Joint Stock and Mutual i'lan. on*
strengthening the other, and making a (Treat savinc
In the expense, are taking risks on as lavorable leiiut
as any o:her oomj-any. Annual dividends dwlarrd
oc all policies ia the mutual department, which arc
u*u:.i!y equal to the premium notes given. P*r*
mits on CallforBia, Australia, and Sea poltcie* grant
ee at reduced ratea.
l ife policies after a term of years cancelled aad
their equitable value returned in cash.
Riska on the livea of Slaves taken on fcvoraUe
BcK)ks furcishei and farther information gratuit
ously given by calling on C. BIHGE,
feb 37?tf Agent. WHlards' Hfel
DR. 0. M UN SON has fitted up the
house and oihoe on Pennsylvania ave
nua. formerly occupied by Dr. Hnm
phreya, and is making TKETII on an ta
tirely new plan, with continuous gum?thevei^ im
pe wnstion of nature herself, only hacdatmier If d"
sired. IMblic jnspectiou respectfully solicited Dr.
M. oaus the patent for the 1). C., A a., and N. C.
Ail departments in Dentistry atteaued to and war
ranged to be done in the wry beet manner.
m?r 14?It
rjl,I1E i'fflce oi"Itie Inventors' Protection National
J_ L'nicn" is on 7th street, opposite the East Por
tico of the Patent Office, and is now ready to attend
to the bnsinses of its members, namely: in making
eian inatien* and aoUcking paten ta, Ac.
Inventors are invited to call and get a copy of ths
Ocnstituiiou nnd By laws, and where any mlonna
tivii will be given respecting the Union.
All 1< tiers on business must be directed to this ot
See. where attention aill be given immediately.
A model *hop i<? in conneeCon with Uie ofSfe
where models can be made to Older at the shortest
notice T. G. CLAYTON,
ap 10?ly President I. P. K. C.
TUB suLscriber beg* to asll the attention of per
refitting their he uses to his new stock of
raPER HANGINGS and If 1RDER8. Jut re?v?i
? roperior lot of "Silver" 1 tpere of the very Utest
styles and best finish, tlie:'* j.apers ars warr^ntrd
never to tarnish. Y'elvet pi pera, a large variety at
prices to tuit all purees.
Gold papers from S7U oenU per pieoe to $3.60
Mlver do do t>7^ dc do do to 2JjO
Gold and Velret front 1,60 <? e. p. r piece to 6SJt
"Silver and Velret" from 1.1cts. per piece to |i2l
G'azed papers from 22 ct?. t> 1 $1316 per piece
Unglaavd. be lOe. lljge. IK 18c. and tbe.
Oat and other imitation- at reduced prices. All
kinds of Decorative and OraiimtaJ papers, fctatue*,
Groups, Ac.
Pa^er hung by exj-erienotd hands, All work war
ranted to give sattthctioa.
Pereiine desirous to purchase would do well to sail,
M my assortment ia of sack a dwenptioa as ta salt
Ik- most fuUdioa*.
No. & Washington Place,
Tth stmt, 0 i -or* wad of K ftieeL
? a. 11?eetr

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