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tscit inTgnnmici.
Stat* or tbb Tbbbbobetbb.?The ther
mometor, ?o oar coanting room, At 12 o'clock
to-day. Mood at & degrees above lero.
Fibswobx9 os tck Focbt*.?We under
stand that the President hu, thit morning,
directed a display of fireworks, on the 4th in
stant, from National Monument point, direct
ly in the rear of President's Boose. The lim
ited time given for preparation will not rllow
as elaborate a display as has been sees op some
formeroccasions; bat the exhibition will, we
doubt not, be pleasing and satisfactory. The
grounds in tbe rau of the President's Uoase
will, we suppose, bo open.
Thb Globioc< Forem ?To morrow's d?wn
ushers in the stvntty-tigkik. annivereory of
tbe declaration of an idea that has awakened
tbe world to thoughts and deeds of Liberty.
The day is one of highest pride to the Ameri
can citizen, whose soul is aroused toconsidera
tions of its importance, and who loves the
country and the glorioa* flag that the doings
of that day produced Where has its influence
not spread ? It sends its ensign to all coun
tries, and is respected and honored every
where. The last triumph was in breaking
the close locke i se?Is of Japan, and opening
the ports of thai bidden country to Ameriean
commerce and?Freedom! Yes, o??
for wherever the flag of oar Union fl?a s, it
carries with it the principle of Freedom!
In Washington, the day is to be observed by
some Oi" the military?why not by all. we can
not divine?and several excursion parties, as
may be seen per advertisement, intend doing
all honors 'o the great ocsasion.
On Saturday wo notioed the companies and
the eXCUMonists who have made ample ar
rangements for a grand series of jubilees.
Bat we much regret t hat there ie not a regular
city celebration-such as the people had o!
oli when all who pleased assembled around
the pi* form, listened to words of patriotic
eWqueoeo aid there were "none to make
them afraid '' Such is still the influence of
Independence day, and we have only to hope
tha: all who celebrate it may enjoy themselves
to their heart's oontent.
Tbe eitixens of Wasbington, Georgetown and
Alexandria, ia c<muion with tbe jteople of the
Union, wi 1 pay due honors to the glorious an
What a Sailor Will Do ?While in Balti
jB>re a few days ago. we had occasion to visit
Fell's Point tne part of tha', city where men
>t go dtwn to the sea in ships.'' The whole
place, and the minds of ycung and old are
redolent of sailordom. the women all being
the lasses that love the sailor, and the men so
many water-bred creatures. This feeling is
infused into the boys, and we had an opportu
nity of observing it in a rather curious way.
In passing, we saw two yot-ng sea dogs fighting
and separated them, not without some diffi
cult v. for they cursed each other's ?? timbers''
is round - sailor talk " Each stood off. seeing
that they could not fist it out, and fought
with bard words. After exhausting tbe vo
cabulary of abuse about each other, they
turned to reflections on the character of fa
thers. brothers. Ac , in which the little boy,
we think, got the advantage.
Big Boy?I saw a man hugging your sister.
Little Boy?What of that; she s going to
msrry him- Bah!
Big Boy?Yes, and I saw a sailor kissing
your m th*r.
Iuttle Bo y?Thnt's nothing; a sailor will kiss
any boy's mother
This was a sockdol!oger; the big boy rolled
off; the little boy crowed, and the crowd laugh
ed at the idea of the boy in regard to what a
sailor will do? iis* utiy boy's mothtr.
Thb Washisgtos Mojumejt?Editors of
the Star: 1 have suggested to several of the
clerk# tha" we evince our veneration for the
Father of his Country by contributing, on the
4th of July, our compensation for that day. I
towards the completion of the monument in
course of erection to his memory, and each one
heartily consents to the proposition, if tbe
clerks generally will unite in it Will you
teggMt s me plan by which the proposition
may be laid before them ? The sum would be
hands- me if this arrangement can be effected.
July 3,1?54. AClbbk.
We give the scheme the benefit of an inser
tion in <.ur wi iely-resd local columns, that
those interested may ret their wit* to work to
devise a proper plan to carry out its object.
The Bs^r Monopoly ?The Star expressed
some viftwj last week in regard to tbe monopoly
of speculators in beef. To our own n jtions we
have tbe endorsement of the Philadelphia
bntcheTs who have entered into an agreement
not to purchase beet cattle at ihe high rates
which have been demanded In a notice by
them thej< say:?We are induced to enter
iatdgtaese arrang? men's beeauso tr< know
that there ij n -t ?uen a so ?rci:y of cattle in the
country as to justify any su?h prices, and they
are only su-tained by speculators buying them
np and pu ting them out of market. ' They
also re ommend the people to refuse to buy
betf a' all until prices are lower, and express
the hope of finally breaking up the schemes ol
Uef speculators.
Hor ?Ti'rr is DxMAsn ?Tho report having
been widely circulated that there have been
*vernl cases of cholera in Washington, every
youngster appears to be filling a bottle with
Kme preventive. fr?m "gin and Jamestown'
v> "old e igniac." The effect of the preven
tives upon different patients was quite evident
ycsteiday?m^ny being scarcely able to walk
ap >n tho pavement without running against
bouses or stepping into the gutters Persons
should be car. ful how they physio themselves
Too much of the preventive may result as
fatally as the disease
&abbath Breaking ?Yeo'erday. there were
Miner 'Us gmgs of blacks and buys in vai ious
of the city engaged in posting up their
pennies in tha old-f*shi >ned games of " cent
acta, and tossing pennies. Aneff?rt is about
to be made to break up this practice, and if
laecitit ns liviug near the gaming grounds
will add a little asiistauce to their complaints,
the plan may succeed
Xoi?t akd Covrusio*.?On Saturday night,
c tijens of almost every porion of the city
were disturbed by the yells and cries of drunk
? men and boys. At this lime tne heat of
the wither is sufficient to oppress us ; but
when tumult and riot are added, there can be
litt.e sleep tor the weary.
Jcn/to Ward Kisiu.ni; Club.?This body
of gtllant ycung meu have started on a fish
ng excursion, leaving Washington with flying
colvr* eyeing maidens, charming music, and
whole souls to celebrate tbe Fourth. A plea
unt time awaits them, no doubt, and a happy
retain is tbe wish of many friends.
A St auBSTioa. ?We would suggest to the
Police M igistrates that it woald be proper for
theui to remain in their offices on tbe 4tn. We
kaow ot bat one or two Magistrates who ha\ e
ione this heretofore, although the officers are
4>lige<i to be on duty the entire day. It is
-sri Nr the prisoner and the officer, that an
arrest should be made, and no migistrate t >
'?ry the case.
Am sr a Firr.?Mr. J. Barbour, of the
iris of Barbour A Semqies, upon retiring to
bed on Saturday night left a lighted eandle
-ear to a window Ifte wind watted the cur
'-un to the blaze, and in an iostantthe curtain
?n<i wind <w frame were burning. Luckily
kr harbour was aroused in time to extinguish
tie 9*n<ee, though iu doing so he burnt his
lands severely.
St* Rifi.B Coups ?On Saturday night, a
?ta.o?r of cuitjns met ia the Seventh Ward
for the puri ?se of orgauiiiug * rifle company
he railed the " American Riflemen '' They
^ec?e<l.d in adopting a constitution for their
r^ernmect, ani at tne next meeting intend to
tiei-: their effioors. Frwm present indications
** ?ipe:t ut ceo a full oompany on parado in
?f?w we^ks. I
1 AT New Obleass ?Ex-Mayor
'-fumui u on here and has contracted with
'-larke Mill# Ksq , for an equestrian statue of
?he her?ot New ?>rleans, to be orected in that
^ty Nothing could be more appropriate than
elefattoo of a statae of Jackson in tbe cl y
s"> gloriously defended, and Mr Mills is
i**1 the anst to execute the work to command
sdmiration of posterity.
M^rebt this Arry.BBoon.?Already
-ittt'jeri ol market people, with wagons, Ac..
J'* S'Semblin^ at the Centre and other mar
" J ot tho ci*y. making a fine pro#pect for
1"^ umnera bo morrow. This is a move bav
to v.ew a mtu!Atituxl relebr.uion of tho
'-ani. boib by the supplier of good things
M tae supplied.
'i .nnso ?Florence Dacy and Thos. Wren.
*er? ?eni to jaU yosierday, for fighting and
^rderij cooduot. Thoy wore arrested by
Bur, and committed by Justice Douu
in~4^C?ff*T.?Thia tribunal commenced
?Hi!.? .??B ?orttin?; J"df* CmwtePd pra
u ?' ?? B*rton Key, E*j , prosecuting
Henry Hemline, charged with dealing old
iron, ww declared not guilty.
Sarah Dinan, charged with ataaling wood
from the Baltimore and Ohio Ball road Com
P*'T Not guilty.
John Brown, (oolored.)aharged with ateaiin*
aboes. Guilty, sentenced to eight monthaiu
jtil. and p*y a flue of 60 cents.
John Allen, charged with taping % dif0T.
derly bawdy hoiac; not guilty. Sua* totre
tad.ng liquor without license-guilty; Ljd
$5n The caae of Win. Carpenter alii. Bin
"* ?? <22 i
of Star:
can you inform me why the gates at the
Lafayette Sou^?U?Un('8, * ?we particularly
rundown > t kfj' BPB ?*?8ed every evening at
I oalv dmisrn tK roPP09ed that Congress not
dImu^KLm?11 M ornu??nt* to the city, but
plaeeg of public promenades.
nJi2l^7K U V*J7 hard that th? ea
pacia y the mechanical portion of them, who
oil all day, should be deprived of an eren
ings walk through them with their families
W A8BISQTOK, July 3. O.IE OP Ilia*. '
This complaint ia wall founded. We trust
thai ere long thid evil will be remedied.
SrEAWBOAT Bahtkb ?Yestcrrlay in comine
out of Alexandria the steamer Page acted in
fuah a manner as to induce the belief that
she wanted to banter the Thomas Coll ver for
a race The latter was not dispoeed to enter
into sioh sport, not apparaorly oaring to mee
Jhe seeming challenge The owners of steam
boats should be aware of pubiio opinion in
4?01?8' and not *^temp'
such a tnfl.ng with the lives of passengers L
h involved in the "sport" We want ?ki?
ups on the Potomac. Dt D? b,0W
Almost Fatal-A Philadelphia corres
pondent says: A gentleman named R P Jack
^wiiTiiiSrsj vCoiuniwa' fe,i?n thc
sidewalk at sixth and V ine streets, on Satur
rm-a/u,u j loodto the head. He
was t.iken into tbe drug store of Mr r
and ?..?ded u, b, D,? jZ'il MA.*ZZ
^mld have proved fatal, but for timely re
.JV ^TCSJRfrtTR;f9 ~Fe,i* Cassady. drunk
and disorderly; workhouse ninety days. P
McDevitt, do. do. Stuan Taylor, nesreLs nut
after hours do. W. ThomS,TEE'S
??Zdtrlj\G???d WJohnsondrunk
in the market, do. C. McDonald, drunk and
is'fS'jr"** **? *>-*<?
mlJSfhi Uh,'? ?" 83an with intere?t to* re
mark.ible watch return. Justice Morsell wan
the officer officiating McDonald, who was
dismissed, is a very old offender, while we do
th? - ,ng 8een Cassadv's name in
the watch-house report before! Ed ]
The four mile contest forthe olub purse of
#2000, over the National course, New York,
which came off on Saturday last, and which
was announced with sueh a great flourish of
trumpets, appears to have been a one-aided
affair from the start-got up by the knowing
ones to fleece the outsidera. The two horses.
Highlander and Di Clapperton, were in tip-top
condition, and the betting was done at 100 to
5 in favor of the former. The following report
of the race appears in the New York Herald:
?Th# horses were started beau
tifully, Di Clapperton taking the lead. She
ran three lengths in front around the upper
turn, which she maintained all the way round
both going very slowly, and came up the home
itretch, passing the *tand in 2:08i. They did
oot change their positions until they reached '
the back stretch, when Highlander fell a little !
farther behind. On the lower turn he ran to !
within a length of her. and in that way they i
passed the stand the second time. inl:59J ?- 1
They now began to increase their speed, and !
joing round the upper turn, Highlander'went i
sloaar to the mare. On the back stretch he '
ook sides with her, and they ran together to '
:he Mansion House, when Highlander wa.< '
.aken harder in band, and tbe mare woot awa^ 1
rom him in length, which she kept around ihe
ower turn and up the home stretch to the
itand, making ihe third mile in 1:55, amid
nuch applause from the delighted thousands
ind the unsophisticated were confident that Di
irould win On the last mile, Highlander kept ;
pretty close to the mare, until opposite the i
Mansion House he ran in front of her, leading !
i length around the lower turn and to thu'
stand, making the last mile in 1:54, and the '
beat in 7:57.
Second Heat.?The rider of Di Clappertoi, ! .
was changed, and a white boy substituted !
for the darkey. The hordes went off mot*.' \
rapidly than they did before, Di leading thre- ?
length j around the upper turn, and at least i
ux down the back stieich Highlander, how
sver, ran a little faster on the luwer turn, and 1
S?t *>thin a couple of lengths of the mare a- J 1
the passed toe stand. lime of first mile j J
l.ODj. There was scarcely any deviation ii ' *
their position during the next mile, Di passic
tbe stand th ee lengths ahead ia 1.54j O,
tbe third mile they kept as before, going th.
round in 1:55i. The cheering now was lout;
?nd vehemeut, and thuaeemed toexcite Higl -
lander and accelerate his pace. He tan u- '
rery close to tbe mare around the upper tur
and down the back stretch, until opposite tL. ''
Mansion House he passed her. look the lead b.
a length, and, running vigorously up the houi".
a-retch. won the heat by half a dosen length
Time of last mile, 2:00. and of the heat 7:45i
a very excellent second heat.
Time?First Heat Time?Second Heat
First mile 2:U8i
Second mile.... 1:59i 1 1 1:54
Third mile......1:55 ;... 155*
Fourth mile,... 1:54 2:00 !
Total 7:57
Desperate Affray.?On Friday night, ai. i
affray took place in one of the fashionahl 21
hotels of New York, between two sporting;
gentlemen named White and Conner, the lat !
ter known by his friends aa " Little Arthur ! '
Knives were drawn and a clinch took plaec. ;
White received a wound in the arm and Con- j <
ner a stab in tbe abdomen, which it ia said :
will prove fatal.
Hit ex Again!?An Kuglish paper flayt, !
that at a grand dinner given to Made-roiall > '.
Kachel, previous to her departure from St. !
Peter-burg, a Rufsian officer pruned a? n !
toast. "To our meeting in Paris! where w? !
shall driuk champagne to the health of th ? ' <
great artiste. To which Mademoiselle Hachc! i(
replied. "Champagne is. very dear, gentleme.; j1
?for prisoners."
Prick of Silv kr.?The DbTctors of tkJ
Mint Rt Phil^lphia have issued a circular j 1
announcing that from and after the first vf j
July the price to be paid for silver purchased I
at the Mint, will be ?1.22i per ounce of sUnd !'
ard fineness (nine-tenths) as determined by |
waay at the Mint. The price heretofore paid i
has been $1.21 per ounre.
Scddks Death ?A returned Californian
named Thomas Le Brun, died suddenly at
Albany, New\ork, on Wedneaday morning.
On the day previous, he had drank very freely
and eaten some raw oysters, and was attacked
during the night with a bowel complaint, which
in a few hours terminated fatally.
Colt-* New Arrorv.-The Hertford, Conn .
Times says that the trenches for Colt'a new
Armory on the South Meadow are now nearly
on .he ground. It is to be a gigantic building
-or rather two parallel buildings, each five
hundred feet in length, with a structure lor
offioea in the centre.
I* * \xrv Prosperous State?the An
-~k7h 00" l'*4* 0r W
than tb, .?ppi,. "" "
. mam
b.'of th. PtU.Wphia Kill, Club,
hit the bull'a eye in the oentra at tbe diatanee
of JSvs hundred feet
Tha Young America" is tha name of
new weakly sheet, published inNew Yotk.
SaxD aoMa vaia way.?Potatoes are aelling
at Oalena, Illinois, fbr fifteen cents a bushel.
CdT There were upwarda of eighty sholara
ia New Yerk, last week
In tbii tity, on the 9d Instant. LOUTHBR TAY
LOR, E?q.,of Maryland, in the 79?h year of his aae.
Hi* frwnd-i, and thnre of lid Kin In law, Col.
Charles Thorna*. nro iEFpFctfttHy inTitwl tn Attend
hie funeral. at the resi.ience of tb* latter on N. York
*eenU?, at 4% nVtock thl* (Monday) afternoon. ?
On toe 3d ia?t>nt. GEORGE ALBERT, son of
Abraham nnd Lura S. Paynter. afd 15 months.
Qjy-Tbe friend* of the family nrv invited to attend
the funeral from the residence of his grandfather,
George Pi/* , lo-niorrow (Tuesday) at 10 a. m. *
[Baltimore Sua please copy.]
On the nielit f<" itie 2d instant, FANN V, daughter
of 8tu.vt and tlanna dinyUi, aged one year and ten
Q&' The fri?nds and acquaintances are roepect
fully invited to attend the funeral from their resi
dence, 2d street eart and B street south, Capitol
Hill, at 10 o'clock to morrpw (Tuesday) morning.
On ihe ."Wtli of Ju ip, after a few h* ur?' illness,
JULIA MAY WISE, aged 5 y<ars and 5 months,
youngest UaueliHr ol George ti. Wise, of the United
Platen Coast Survey.
Price?Per Amm.
The Weekly Star is printed on a
handsome double sheet, and contains
more reliable information concerning
what goes on in Washington, than is to
be found in all the other newspapers,
[ts Washington news is of the earliest
and most reliable character, being sel
dom at fault. It has already given the
Daily Star a wide reputation as the most
reliable newspaper at the Capitol. In
addition to its Washington News, the
Weekly Star will contain original and
choice selections of Tales and Poetry, the
latest and most interesting News from
Europe and all parts of the United States,
r>y telegraph and otherwise, &c., Ac.,
making it one of the best family news
papers published.
All orders, postage paid, accompanied
by the money, will be promptly attended
to. Fractions of a dollar can be sent in
postage stamps. Address
Wallach & Hops,
Proprietors of the Weekly Star,
Washington city, D. 0.
(?7" Postmasters throughout the conn
try are authorized to aet as Agents, and
tfill be allowed a commission of twenty
per cent, on all orders they may send us.
. including those of Dan as. Sne, Feral, Balzac,
tfacpon, Pand, Lecomte, Mery, Krudae-, and mnny
.therts old and new, some fln? y printed and iilus
.rated, others of a cheaper edltiou, for sale at very
ow price". ~ FRANCE TAYLOR,
jy i?tf
RRWARD ?Stolen from the subscriber
? on Tuesday e-ening Ju^e 2<th, anchored
3d fastened to the *harf abo*e 14th street bridge,
t "mall Philadelphia alioker-built SAILBOAT, with
.:alu-ail and jib.
The above reward will be giv*n for the recovery
jf sa;d boat and conviction of the thieve?; $6.00 f< r
be return of the boat and inft rotation that will
' ad to the detec'iou of the t^ ievpr, $2.00 for the re- j
am of the boat, or in formation as to where she
ran be fjund, by H. U. VOgri,
je 30?3t* cor. Pa. avenue and 10th et.
| HHD8. Porto Rico and Vew Orleans Su
I gar for sale by MURRAY A 8EMMES.
Je 30?eo3t
PI A WOP.?The sub<criber ba? Just finished a
7 octave PIANO FOHTE, rosewood case, and
in Iron frame, of the most approved style, which I
*ill sell very cheap lor cash or satisfactory notes.
Piano forte maker, corner New York avenue, be
iw Winder's Building j? 30?St*
iTTE are now offering all kinds of Fancy Goods
f f at greatly reo uotd prices. Persons who have
lot yet supplied themselves with all the Drtss
loods tbey may want shoald not f*>l to l<*>k over
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wge su ck of all kinds oi Lress Goods; and, as we
re very anxk>u< to sell them all off, ladies ma<
ome expect'ng to get some arond Vargnins.
On hand, a few piece* of Mattings, which we will
lose out very c,teap
Alf-o on hacd, n lot of r*mnantj of OEcloths and |
Tattings, to be sold cheap
Central Stores, eas-t ftore, opposite
Outre Market, between 7th aLd 8th sto.
?*XTORTHURFABI, or Rambles In
Icel?nd|'* by Puav Miles, su>hor ol
' L iters of ifemmunipaw 1 his work will give a |
?'oord of personal ?d?ontures, in a tour of ab >*t
,000 mile-, through the interior of Icelana. in the
ummer of 1852; descr.be the extraordinary so-ne
ry ot the Country, n ^iait to the Geysers, ascent to
besuumitofVt Hekla; at d a fui. aorouut ot the
L/i->covery of America by ihe INorihmen, in the year
?8d. with the Geography, productions, manners and
nstoss ot the people, Seardina<ian Mytbolcgy, Ac
rc. The poits of Iceland having. by a law or Deu
lark. just b**n cpeu?d f> the irads of the world,
>r the first time wiihin 2>0 year*, this work now
Ml poeieaa a peculiar intere?t. A Urvre and beau
ifal map of lowland, executed by a na Ive loelander ]
^nd brought from thorn bv Mr Mil?s ; a work equal
a artistic fiui&h to a^y erVr publ Rhed in th<s couu
ry or i'i Europe, can bo i-een at Tay'or A Maurj's.
The volume will be a dt;rd dmo of 33.' psges, ar d
?ill be printed nnd boun I in the best m?u'?r. An
Utcnt has been emolojed by the publisher to o?n
a-H Wa?hing!on end Oeorgerown f r sabrcribers
^ subferi; tion lijt * ill also be left at Tavlor and
laury'F. or or ers for tr.e work r?celv?l by any
uoksellfr Hl;l be publish d e*rly in July. *ny
r-r^ons remitting on* dollar to the publisher at New
? ork, shall hare a <-opy forwarded io his addr?ss by
aii', post paid. The usual discount to the trade.
Aiders solic ted CHA8 B NUR10.\,
"ublisher, 71 Chambers st, New \ork.
je 29- tf
Moorman. 1 vol, 1854
The VLr#inia Ilot Springs, by DoctorGoode, 1 vol,
Burke's Mineral Springs of Western Virginia, 1
Ihe Fauquier White Sulphur Springs, by a visi
tor, 1 vol
The White Sclphur Papere, by Mark Pencil, on*
Trip to the Virginia Springs, by a laly, pamphlet
A'to, Guide Books, Route Books. Trave ling Maps \
je S9?tf
i>wna arrnue, corner tf 12/A r'rvrt,
Will be opened on and after MONDAY, the 3d ol |
July, lor the reception of guest*
Je28? 2w Proprietors.
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Every evening at 8 o'clock, and is delivered to |
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Cor. Pa st. and 4% st, Odeon Building.
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MMJ*pt. John L. Smith, by Prof. 8 Ehriich,hasiusf
been published by the subscribers, and can be had,
I Vkobsab or retail at tiurtr Music Dwot.
f w? H1LBU8 A HITZ.
N tMf. n>. avenue, betvrm I2CA and 18/A ttrtrit
?KVW Ooaoranfl*- on band nod mvti> t
MQJL7D nrd-r. fi ADDLES. BRIDLES ?r??
Jess agttfig'j?' ca*n
Old bandies and Harness taken la exehanw foi
new. a
AH UttM of Praalrtnf neatly and rromptly at
tended to je 18?lm
AC A11D.?Tlx undersigned rwumi hi. smoen
ths.ks to his cmtoners for their liberal pa
tronag-* for the past six months, and wou'd aliw
?tate that their respective acoount* mill be Bade of
to the iJ<kh instant. He there otv confidently >r? t
that they will be prsp-ini to settle the same prompt
ly, either by cash or with not** at chort date.
Corner 8th street, epp. Centre Market.
SPECIAL NOTICE.-In accordance witi,
^ cur uniform custom of closing all aooount* U
the 1st of July, we giro onr friends and easterner?
due notion that their bills are now ready, a?d wilt be
delivered in a lew day9, when we earnestly hoj*
they will be at ended to with promptness.
Maxwell, sear* a colley,
7th street, three doors above Pa. avenue.
j? 23?lot
I CO VIM IOCS this day ta run off mv stock of Dry
Good? and Phoes st prime ??t. Whit remain.'
by the 20th of Jaly, wilt then be offered at auction
- P*raous wishing extra bargains will do well tc
1 have a good assortment of Dress O ?ods, Shawls.
Uatitles, Bonnet*. Ribbons, Parasols, Ac.
Also, a good atock of HOBS of all kinds.
The Store will be for rent on the 1st of August
Cor. 7th and I sts., Northern Liberties.
_ je 17?tf ?;
PUCES Embroidered Cartala
M nslln, at $2 tor 12 yards, wotth $3
60 pi?oea very rieh Curtain Muslin
60 do plaid Cambrics from 12Vi cts. np
60 do plain, striped, and plaid Swigs Muslins
Table Cloths, Tii'>le Covers and Nanking
Irixb Linens, som* verv gooU for 2 ^ cte
The above goods were bought at Auction and will
be sold much less than their value.
Corner 8th street, opposite Onr re Market
may Vt)?lm
989 Baltimore street, have on hand and are roo
stoutly making new styhs of Silver Ctffee and T.s
Sets; Silver Pitchers; Waiters; taerors; Goblets;
Cups; Spoons; Forks; Ire Tongs; CruDb fcrapers
Pi-, Ice cream, and Fish Knives; 8?lt Cellar*; But.
ter Knives, Ac, of warranted Sterling Silo-r.
je 22?tf Baltimore, Md.
AC All D ? On or before the 20th of thi* month
all of our accounts will be rendered.
Customers cannot imagine the pleasure we take
in fluting them io their purcbas< s when th?y paj
as noon as the bill i? presented Those that give u*
trouile to collect cannot expect to mee t with the
same favor. Th. refore we respectfully request that
all will come forward and pay u?, on or before the
let of July, wl'bout placing us at the disagreeable
necessity of sending for the amcunt
je 22?8t HALL k BROTHER
BARK or England Writing Ink
Bank of England Sealing Wax
This day received direct from the makers, London
Also, London Indellible Ink for writlyg on linen
cotton, and silk; u ed without any other accompa
niment or preparation. je 15?
IN consequence of having efffct'd the sole agency
for th* sale of liallet, Davis A Co'* Boston pre
mium Pianos, and Knabe, Gaehle A Co's of Balti
more, we bave decide] to devote our attention tc
the sale of those only, and die continue the sals o!
New York pianos. I
We have now in store ore 7-octave round corner
sarved tablets, sliding desk rosewood Piano, manu
factured by firth, Pond A Co, New York, which we
jffer at a great discount from tormer prioe.
To all in want of a cheap and g^od Piuno, we in
rite them to call and examine this instrument.
Pa. svenne, between 9th and 10th sts.
je 22?tf
Gloves, Hosiery. Cravats, Linen cambric Hand
leichiefe, Ac., as usual, at BiRGh'iL
je 16?tf Wiliarde' BoteL
WOOL Bl'k Frinch Bereges,
Very cheap
Black Silk-, all widths
Black and White Lawns
Bla>*k Bombazines and Alpacas
Fine black French Moussellues
Bl* k Eoglitli Crape, all widths.
The above goods will be sold at very low prioee in
)rder to reduce our ttock.
Cor. 8th street and opp. Centre Maiket.
je 16?lm
?timpac>n's Patent double Britannia ICE PITCH
KRS, a handsome and durnb e article, warranted to '
)twerre 1^ lbs. o: i -e in three pints of water nearly
teven hours before melting.
Farsou's Universal Stone Jar Refrigerators, with
Waterman's pa ent Vent; I *t jr. Satisfactory evi
len ?? will be produced showing their superiority
>ver ?ll other Refrigerators.
Water-Cooler's nunufacturad expressly for tho
iubscril>er, of all fixes.
Aistin's pa ept Matfc Freeaer, warranted to pro
luce oUi**rior ,c-? cream in fix minutes.
Th< above, tog-tht-r with a large assortment ol
tTeuseki ep'nz nrticle^can be had at very low prices
\y calling stthesub-criber's Gene ul House-turniah
ng Stor*, Iron Hall. C. W. BQTEI.br
je 23?1W
Personal Eaiatc for the People.
WHirxHoasfs daqukrkbottpi xhtsrpriu.
JH. WIIITEIIUnST has deeded to Trustees In
? trust for the benefit of the shareholders in the
ibove enterprise, $6o,0o0 worth of res" and personal
wtate, to be disposed of among the holders of shares
it the earliest possible date, after the sale of alt the
ihares The f-baivs are $3 each, which entitles th? |
lolder to an equiUble slieure is the w.thin named
nagnifiooit collection of real and personal property;
ilso, to one of Whit*bur8t's?J World's Fair Premium
Dsgu^rreotypes of self or friend at any time when
&e certificate if presented at either of nis Galierie*.
Baltimore, ?06 Market st.; Norfolk, Va., Main st;
Washington, D. C., Pa. av, between 4U and 6th sts^
l-jnchburg, Va., Main st^ Richmond, Va , 77 Main
it.; teter-burg, Va, Sycamore bt; Wilmington, N.
2^ FayetteVille, N. C.
Aiso, arrangements bave been made wi'h the fol
lowing celebrated Galleries to redeem the oertifr
at^s, vix:
J. Gurney's G-llery No. 340 Broadway.
D. C. Collius k Co.'s Galleries: Philadelphia, Pa,
So. IOC hestnut stieet and No. 100 Chestnut st.
Springfifld, Mass., M^'n ftreet.
Westfleld, Mass, Collins's Bui.dings.
One superior Farm, near Norfolk, Virginia, valuai
? ?t $7,000
One splendid three story brick House and
Lot in Georgetown, D. C, 8econd street, sec
ond door from Frederick street 6,600
One House and Lot in G?orgetown, D. 0, cn
thecomer of Seoond and Prederi k streets 4,60<!
One elegant House and Lot in Washington, D.
C, on S"venth street 4,800
One flae House and Lot in Washington, D. 0,
on f street 8f70o
One House ard Ixit in Portsmouth, Ya, on
Court street adjoining Town Hall 8,800
Two Lots in Georgetown on Beooad streot, $600
each 1,000
One Lot in Washington on Seventh street 600
Five Plsno3, $300 each L60?)
60 tplendid Gold Lever Watches. $100...... 6,000
26 massive Silver Pitcher?, $69 1,100
30 do do Cup", $12 60 2?0
14 Diamond Rings, at $70 080
19 heavy gold Chains, $30 670
20 Silver Goblets. $'20 each 400
60 Ladies' Bracelets, $20 each...... 1(000
60 Ladies' Breastpins 5qq
100 Gold Pencils. $7 each 7fg
100 Porte Monnsies, $6 each yy.
100 8ilver Card Cases, $10 each 1,000
600 plain heavy Gold Rings $3 each 1,600
100 fine Gold Lockets, $10 each 1,0<X)
a,000 Annuals 1500
l,t00 Photographic Art Journals, 60c. each.... 600
The fi^t that this property is deeded to trustees In
truet, residents of the D1 strict of Columbia, for the
benefit of the shareholders, and ever; shareholder
receiving a Daguerreotype worth $3, and of the very
finest quality and elegantly caaed; the high charac
ter and posi^ons of those trustees, and the great and
extended reputation and business of Mr. Whitehurst,
he deems sufficient guaranties that every promise ot
this advertisement will be promptlv and faithfully
performed, as the labor will be distributed smong so
many galleries, which are capable of producing ftom
1 000 to 1 600 pictures per diem. Not more than
fifty thousand shares will be sold. ja 10??ott
HILBU5 k HITZ, Agents for the sale cf orders
in this city, at their Music Depot, south aide Penna
ave? betw. 10th and ll'h streets
LADIES' GL0VE8, Hosiery, embroidered linen
oambiic Handkerchiels, Perfumery, Ac at
js 16?tf ? *? Wlllards' Hotel.
L. A. HaLL. has op-ned an
Y under Parker's Faaov rtore, abere be will keet<
yV a constant tupply ?f the best Delaware ICE
Parties, B*lls, Excursions, Hotels, and private
families c*n te supplied at $1.7^ per gallon, by leav
log their orders at the above plane, <r at ha store
on Nev York aveaue, between 10th and llth sa,
or at his Soda Water bund, in ths Centre Market.
N. B.?Having made an arrangement eUh Mr. J.
Petti bone for Kit, there will be kept on band a con
stant supply at the abovs place plaoss. Mr. P%tU
beoe"c tickets will be received as cash.
>18 s>4w<
*' Wanto" and " tVamUi" advertiseineats,fn>?r
or lew, for ea<*b tnsrruon, 25 cejus; each addition*
line 5 c?irs.
1W^ir NUR8* WANTED?A health? Wom?n.
without a rli Id ran set (rod wages a* a W?m
Hd'm, bv app ying a' Boom No. 81, United State*
hoW. Any on? w idling the plans will please m<-ks
e?rly aprllnriin jv t-tf
WANTK ?To hire, by the mot th. a jouiw v* o
man fa sl?rt> preft rrtd) to do the ot ok fag
w ishintr and ironing of a small family* Fnqu're a-'
the Union oflo*. jv 8
that underst inds bis business, and Is a good
rorse staler. Constant employment will be given
If sppl .ration is made at the corner F and 3d ?*s,
. Nt?
je 1? 2t*
* Al"
WANTfcD?A brick UOU?<B, vontainirg 11 or If
rooms, with good ya-d and o?tbou?ee. wbb
water on th? premises. located between 15th ?nd 9tb
and K and L street*. lent f-om $300 to $400 per
annum. Possession If desired the l't of August
A.ltne addre?std ??Q," No. 7 franklin fow. wfll
receive at tent ion. jv 1?<Hw*
WANTED?A IOUSGMAN, ?f rood h-iMts ard
a idress, *s fab-sman in a fir t class re?ai'
store. Address, wi b name end ref-ren e. Md A 8,"
City Poei Offl-e. jy 1?3t
SALESMAN WANTKn ?Wanted an active and
intelligent IOUSG MAN. to a te 11 as sales
man in the store of the <ubsciiber. eatisfert ry
references will be r q tired as to character and <jual
iflca'ions, and to one hating tbe requi-ite qualifica
tions a good salary will b? given Apply to
Je 27?d'2w C, bet 4^ and 6th sts.
A WET NUn8K WANTED for a child 2 months
old. Inquire of
j* 19?tf b^twe?n 13th andl4'h street*.
WABTt# Ai KUtiUlfiS*?Tbe subscribers are
all times in the market buying SLAVES, pa?
I lag the highest cash prices. Person* having Slaver
for sale will please call at 242 PRATT STREET, Bal
ttmore, Mi, (8)atter*f old stand.) Elavee taken ot
board at 26 cents per day.
feb 2?ly B. M. A W. L. CAMPBELL. !
FOR RENT?In a healthy and pleasant location
near the Smithsonian TnsHtute, on south ft |
street, a convenient Blt*CK HOUSE, with ten
roocs, be-ides a b-th teom and a good we 1
water In the kircben. Out bni'ding In good or
d?r. Rent $25 per month. Apply to G F. MDER.
*a*blr'g*on foundry. y 3?tf
1WO UNFURNI-HKD RO-MS to let, in a pleae
an: locality. For part cu'ars epi>ly to
L street, next doer to thscorncr of 8.h st.
Jy a-i'*
FOR SAL*.? * pair of yucg, anl eloranr, br'ght
buy HORSES. 4 and 5 yars rid; kitd and
gentle, sold for n > fault. The "owner bvlng unable
to drive them irom a mishap to his riaht h?nd ?
Will sell a bargain in them, and give the satne guar
antee (wb;ch is f.< m a responsible V*Tgin;an) that
received as to th*ir being without fau't or ? lem-1
lib. The pair mn be seen at Walker A KimmelV |
stable until JTjilay next.
If B.?The harness and al\ ?he fixtures can be had
at 33 p-r cent, below cosi, and has been used only
10 or 12 d?ya. jv 3?3 *
FOR RENT?A ne m frama UOOSK, on ISth street
?ast. a few yard" above Ma's avenue. The lt
c ktion tbe moH healthy :n tbe District Lot 26 f-et
front by 100 d^ep. The house contains s^ven rooms
and wflodhnuse. No better title can be given. Tbe
caus* of veiling, the cwner wishes to leave the city.
jTj_&t* I
AT PRIVATE PALE?A larg^ tbree story frame
U0Ua>E, on the nrrth side of Massachusetts
avenue, between 4th and .V.h streets. The house
contains ten good room* all private. On the flr-t
floor 2 rooms and kitchen, passage through and a
stairway. 2d floor a larva parlor, paper*!. 90 by 17
teet, and 3 bed rooms. On the 3d floor 4 bed rooms.
A deep lot over 106 feet, as a flower garden, and a
aide alley. I or further Information enquire at the
above house.
Also, lor rent, on the same block, a house of ten
rooms. jy I?3t*
FOR RENT?A fine three story brick HOUSE on
7th, between 0 and H streets, west *He, con
talning thirteen rcomj and a good large cellar. To
a good tenant the vent wi'l be mado low. Tbe how
w'll make aa excellent boarding house or private
Also, for rent, a large STOREROOM, on 7th st,
16 feet wid* and 40 deep, with a back room in r*at
of tbe store. Tbis sU re is on tbe business part of
7 h (-tre^t, and would make a stand for 3L<^ or
Drv Goods Store Rent fcw. for terms enquire of
JAS. A WISE 7th street, or at the Star offloe.
jv 1?eo3t*
FOR a KM?An OFFICE in Lane A Tucker's
Buildirg. Enquire of
I^OR RENT?A >mall t*o-story briek BOUeE
with four rooms, a good yard and wood bousr,
that opens into an alley, and Kitua'eJ in the ?irst
Ward, en 20th, b?tw?en M and N sts , not far froir
West Market- bent $7 per month. A^ply at >-tore
?f T. W. JOHNSuN A CO.
j? so-at*
/ 1 have fit rent, sevfial new ttOUHKS, with 'I
acres of ground ?ttached to each, situated on ' Kei -
lall Ore* n," a little more than a mile n irtheasUily
Irom the CapiP 1
These houses are spacous and conveniens with ?
cellar, vcod^bed, and e able for ?ach, and pumps of
excllent wat?r at band
The si uitiin is beautl'u', overtaking a large
portion <1 the city, and in full view of the Capitol
Tbe apprra^h is by 7th and II sts, Dtiaware ave
nut* and M suvot
An omnibus line f<x usual fare, has been perma
nen'ly cbtablished on th<t rou'e, and runs twice a
day between Kendall Green and the ? re.-iut-nt c
8qu?re, leaving at a a. m. and 2 p. m. Uetu nin?
leaves Ctntre * arket, where it makes a brief stand,
at and Z% o'cl> k.
Ihe hous^ not yet taken are oren for luFpcction
and can be aeen by applvmg to Wtt. S1ICXNKY.
who .ives on Cottire (trett, or myseli, at my mi
deuce, near the premise*.
j? 30?>f AMOS. KfcNDALL.
Dwelling holsk ?>oh ren r.?no a, Union
How, r street, near 7.h, is f r tent It con
buns t'-n rouu?, ki'eheu, and d'y cellar, and ha>
K? throughout lh- house is in fl>?t rate order,
ving just been newly papered, painted, fco. Ap
ply at *. tt. GIDaUN'd Office, 9tb street.
je 29?St*
Tbe good will and FUtures of the lar^e and
Bommodioug Grocery St>ire at tbe coiner of Pa. sve
nue and 13th st, are offered ' or sale at a low price
upon easy terms. Alse, the More will be reLted foi
one or uiore jears Apply to t'rovost Winter * On
offi e n-ar U. 8. Capitol,or A G. Fowler, at Jehi
Van Risaisk's office, corner ot 6th and U sts. south.
je 28?lw
FOR RENT?<>ffioe Rooms Nos. 6 and 7, "Colum
bia Piace," corner of Louisiana avenue and 7 th
A so, the 3d and 4th story rooms, each embracing
the whole extent ol the building. Apply to
ri O BaRNfcY,
je 2S??otf K, between 6th and 7th >ts.
I.^UR SALE?Two nearly new frame ftwel in(.
. HOUS&S, onO, between 6th and 7th strrets.
This property raa be seen by ealling on Mr WfcST
ON BA\DK, who oocupiet a bouse adjoin)nir it. On>
of the houses is vacant and Mr. Bayde i? authorizes
to rent it
The above property will be sold at a bargain if im
mtdia e application be mado to FRANC<8 WHEAT
LY, Georgetown, at bis Lumber Yard. Any on>
wishing t puicha-? one or bo h of these houses
aiid having a few hundred dollars, the turns *u.
be ma<l? to hull.
Several other bouses and lots are also for sale.
wMih will be sold low, as I am now settling np tbe
affairs of tbe late firm of Wbeatly A Walker.
I would also remind all persons indebted to tbt
lat? firm that tbe? must close them by ra'h or otb
eraise before the l?-t July next, after which time
they will be turned over to other bands tor oolleo
je 28?dlw Georgetown.
For bale or uent? a carpenter ?iiop,
situated on I strert, between 9th and 10th, for
merly occupied by J. 8. Barker, is offend Sir sale or
rent. It is JO by 40 feet, aod is in a good looattoi>
for business Inquire on the premises.
je 26?1** '
FOR RENT.?The subscriber having retired to
the country, his now petmanent residence, ol
fers for rent his handsomely finished, four-story
brick 1IOUSE, on V/i street, with immediate posses
And also, the threo-story House adjoining, now
occupied by Capt. J as. B. Montgomery Possession
given on tbe 1st August, unless earlier possesion
can be arranged with Uept. Montgomery, who bas
kindly consented that persons applying oan inspect
the premises.
Also, tor sale cheap, that oommodious and dssira
ble property, situated on Pa. aveuue, nearly oppc
site Jackson Ball, and recently occupied as a board
ing boose.
Also, two frame Houses on B street south, neat
7th, in Square 462. If not sold before the 3oth In
stant, they will then be disposed of to tbe highest
Udder at pubUc sale.
for terms and particulars apply at the store ol
White A Sons, to W. G. W. WHITE.
je 19?tf
STORK FOR RENT ?Tbe spaoious warehouse oi
Pennsylvania ave., so long occupied by Messrs
B. I. Bcmmee A Bron as a wholesale grocery and
liquor store is now for rest. Possession given im
mediately. Apply to B. 1. Semmss or M. G. Emery,
ap IS?dtf
FIILLHORB M AZUHKA, ootnpoaed and
Ij dedicat d to Mies Roweoa M. Baldwin, by Joe
0. FotrUoh, just published and for sale by
Je 23? at tb tr Mu?la Depot
SBOTT has ope ?d a CARPENTER ard JOB
? BlltO SHOP oa the corner of P and 18th Ms.
south of Pa. a venae, and solicits a share of the pub
lic patronage.
All work done promptly and with nsotness
je 14-^41*
?* BHIM *. IOOTT, AMllMMtn
f\ moroun' of whoa It bit con-^rn. at Qad?by
lloel, at auction ?<>n WRDMKi>D %T, Lb? 6th ic
<t.nt, at 10 c'cock a ?? ahull ae'l, on fervor
nft*T?Bi?h? purchased at the <r'm*r sale* a?
fatted to comply with tb? term*, a Itrp lot of Fni
alter*, vie:
Fe?tf-?r B df Bedding, and MsttreM
Pels o*ds V ardroba* aarf Wath t?nda
C-ipets Curtains, Oro-rkery ?od Qu.-ware
With a targe assortment of otter artlcJe-. whirl
ws derm unnecessary to enumerate Termr caah.
Jj 1?d . _ A uctton^era.
ay DOWNS dfc BUTCU1M80B, A net
\ITAT0HBj, JsWRI.RY and Fancy Oo~?* a
T? AcrUou-On 8ATFRD iY evaning. Ji !y I t
and Wenoity. 3d we ? II sell at our store. at J> o'rik
* d?*irab * Invoice of Jewelry. rornd ties rf?
Sujwri-r u Id Mag'ish Lever Hun Jag Watches
Detached Lever and UpiM do
fold Vest and Fob Chains
Pens and Peuri s. Lrckets
Meeve Hui'odh. Cut tons, Breastpin*
F. ?r anl Liager hlaia
Bracelet*, 8rod*. Key*, do.
Also, ? lot of Porte Monnaies. Fancy Goo**, he
fumery, Ac.
Terms at the rale.
At her sam Building. near 41% tt.
ja 30??t (Tnta>)
r*7"E WILL SELL, at ruttic Au-tin, on th* 6 k
If ot July.on the pr*mlsmi, at 6\ o'clock pn1
? new two stoiy attls House. b.illt ot *rick, with a
two-'tnrj back bui ding. *ftuat?d <*n th* eornar ol
Vermont arer.ue an.i N rtrsrt north The bouae
contxios nine crnvenieutly arrsn/*-d rvotn", with
(he closets In the two main voiles. It is built of
the be-t material, and by one of our beet marhan
Th* let on whi-h the boose stands is 44 ft. front
, by 100 feet deep to ao al'ay, fbrniahing a court jatd
in ?r?at. and roe? for the neoae?ary outhiiwee in
the rear. m
Thuw * ishing to purchase ?uch a hou e in one oi
the oea'thieat locations, with deWhtful water and
p'-asac neighbors, wrnld <?o ?el< to attend the
sal-. ?? the property will certainly be acid.
Title indisputable.
Turns liberal ?nd made known upon the day ?1
tli? sale.
A deed given and a deed of truM uken to -weure
the defetrei ravment*. U- 3"?d
By GRKKK * SCOTT, Aactloassn.
Ma.aea''hutetia avenua at Auction ?On MON
DAY, the 3d of July, wa shall aelt, in front of the
vTrmlfe*, at 6 o'clock p m., a ireM and convenient
ly arranged thr- e atory fraue Uouae, containing t?n
room.-, and ihe lot on which it standi, it taring part
Lot No. 3, in Square 370.
Aleo, h vacant Lot adjoining the above, the wh'le
lot, a part of which the hone* stands on; they have
a front on Masaachusetts avenue of Z!> ?cet 8 inches,
an J orer 100 fwt deep.
The abc.re property U Mtuated on th* nor'h fide
of M^fvachuaetts avesoe. between 9 n and Hth flf ,
the next hou?e west cf the McKendree Chapel.
Title in ispu>ahle.
Terms: One-third cash; th" balance In 6,12, 18,
and 21 month*, for notes bearing int-rwt from day
of the rale.
A deed given and a deed of trout taken.
j? 28 -d An-tk>??ere._
By J. C. KcGlIIRB, Auctioneer
_A Ktr^-ts?on MONDAY morning, July 3d. at 10
o'clock, at the residence of Dr. 8. C 8moot, (>u the i
south side of I's. avenae. between ?p?' XOth sta.
I shall sell a luanuty ot excellent Furciture, cvm
YVa'nut Tete-a-Teta 8ofa<
Do nnd mahrnrany Arm and Parhr Chairs
Mahogany French Sofa, tide and Kout Table*
Venetian Blinds. Shades ai.d Cornice
Carpets, 'rtlclnth, Straw Mattinga
Mahoganv Hdeboard. Ettension Tahle
Walnut Whatnot, Window Seats
Candelabra*, Vaw-s. Ac.
Handsome -uite ol Blue and Cold Ottagr Furni
Walnut .n?j ble tc>p DreMng Bureau*
Wardrobe*, Wiuih^tands, Toilet Sets
U>unge, Breakfast Tabl", Ac. I
Terms : $ia and under eHf>h; orer $24 a a >dlt of ]
wo and four mi" nth- for notea satisfactorily en
lorsed, bearing interest.
J AS O. McOtJIRB, Auctioneer.
P. P.- Dr. Hmoot may be found after the sale at
lis offloe. immediately oppo. bis present residence,
june iS?o
Board iv thk countrt.?plea sa atti
HUM HER RESORT?Families or >ir.geper
i ns can he aceommodate*! with goxl board and ai >
i-d couifo-tab'e chamfer" on niolern e *ermR, at
ha ?yke?ville Ho el This house is sltuate.1 thiriy
ne mi;? ? f'om Baltimore, anl iwenty-ihre? from
he Itelay I!r.u?fe. on the Baltimcro fcna Ohio Rail
? ad. Fare frt m Wat-hin* on fl 90 Communis
i n frith Washington and Baltimore two or three
i oesHlny. Far* from Paltimor-fl 10 " he car>
> :s? within a few i-teps of the doo?-. Th?* hou?n com
mand - a view of the rcmrntic vi lage of Pykesvilit
n-i the surrounding country In the viUaae then
h an K^ircopal Churoh. a skillful physician, a po<t
ilice and tt re. The proprietor respteuu'ly invites
hose who wi-b to engage pleasant and lea thy
uartere for the luvnwr, to come out and in*pect
Le premises Otherwise address
Fyke viile Poet OfHee, Carroll county, Md.
i* 57?et2w
I > /At. I) IN THK COUNTRY?to any person
L> wi'hlt g to re?ir? from 'h? cities for a f<*
aoi.ths, the undersigned, a pla n m*n, living in t
i'aiu style, is pr**par<d to accommodate * me half a
< len peraoce. or cue or two rmaH Camilie*. witl
:mfortable rooms ani fcoarl and th< privilege ol
ujcying the bett wat?r in the c^?ant y. Artdren
.8. Ballthrope foranydedr dinformation. Enquire
fOeo it. Adams, Pa ent Offioe, Warh union, or J
'onta A1 ixandria. Ya. Je 2fT?eoSt*
BOAimiSG.?Mrs DCVALL, Penna. avenue.
nearly opposi'e Br wns' Hotel, has fine ROOM-*
nd offers ever* deelra'ol* oomtort and a>.-< ommoda
ion fof lamilies or single gentlemen?permao"nt
r 'rankest. No moie agr?*?ible bearding h* iw
(ill be fhnnd in Washin fon. }" l(i?lv
WE are now op*nu>8 a < hoioe lot of Summei
Oood1, con>i-tiog in part of, via:
A lar^e lot of Silks of all kind.?, acme first rate, at
50 cents
Plain, plaid: and fig'd Bereges
Do do do Siik Grenadines
Plain striped and figured Betege De Lain* at lit la
worth 26 eta.
Organdy Muslins and Organdy Rohea
f yarda 4-4 Lawns, at worth lSWa.
4,000 do do do at 12*, wortii&c.
Silk and lace M*ntiilas
>0 pieces fine and medium Swiss Mualins
So do plaid and striked do
60 d) ahiteCambtica
76 do pl?id do
50 do Nanaook Mn.Hm
Hosiery of all kinds
600 Paraools, new >-ty]ns
600 p eoes Bonnet Hit ande
Men'- and J'ojs Wesr of all kind*
A large 'ot or Itomestica of all kind*
6o pieces colored Mattings
100 pieces white Mattings
Thr e-plv and Ingrain Carpets
All tboe? wi hin< to purch'st? goods cbeaj-er than
?n be had elsewhere will do well to give us a call
is we have purchased a great m^ny goods at aoctkx
it * great eacr.fioe. HALL * BROTHER,
je 21- -eoSw
SL'NJIKR IiATSt of white and drab beaver
white, drab, and black Fi:'t
AUo. a large supply of STRA W HATS of all col
?rs for men, boys, and children. Anl in order tc
reduce bit large ?*ock I shall from thia day offu
hem at reduces pr.oee. LANE'S
Hat, Cap, and Oenfs Furnishing
Store, Ptnna. avenue, near 4^ street,
je 17?dim _
J . P. CHA8K
??7*ILL dsvote his time to the purchase of Real
YT Estate of every description, and to th? Rent
ng of Houees in Washington, Georgetown, District
>f Columbia, and adjoining counties of Maryland
md Virginia.
Alao, the purchase and sale of Stocks and Nagoti
itions of lx>ans.
Ofllce first door north of the Presbyterian Churcl
mi 4^ street, near the City Hall, Washington city.
Col. M. Th 'Hpsoif,
Johs WiLSO.t, Etq., CommlaaVmer General Lan.
J (Bee.
Panto A Ncnsx,
Hon. L. P. Waldo, Commieeioner of PenaioM.
je 9?1 to
THE prop ietnr of ** Locust Hill Farm Dairy" baa
ad-led to his stock of Cowa, and is now prepared
to increaae the delivery of thie moat necweary arti
pie to families throughout tfce city. Their wagons
are now running each twioe a day?one from 6'b
street to Capitol Hill, one 7th to 14th ata
and the Island; and one from 14th street to George
town. .
Families wishing to be aapplied will do well by
applying a few daya in advance, to the drivers ?
the Waa on *. or address "Locust Hill Dairy, throagb
the Post Office.
Th'e r^iry is two mi'es from the Post Olios e
the 7th street road and thos* who feel an iataMit
tn an article ao nece?aary to h aalth. 00mfort, and
even luxary of We, are i*vited to ml\ and ??? to
management. je ^ lm*
AC A RD?-Onr customers are mo*t re?pMrtfnV
ly notiSed that th.ir aooounta are being aads
off and will be presenUd to them on the SCth.
We shall be very much obliged to all who shal.
oall and let fo on or b fore tbe ltd of ]
after a* possible, as it i* ahsolutelv neee; mrf to am
success in business that we receive all amownts doe
*?lf^nr oostomera will comply wi b tbe above re
qnest, (as they eert inly ought to d<,) it is
tent km to maka arrsngaaaata for tbe Ml trade on
amuch larger soala than usual, in orde* tlBsrtoir
| tallrt*lB^*aLSSrr, kiwtoh, mat a oo.
1 >21?d2w
it nog'* minnm mmm-i
anuin rom m nam an
Frtwi the Smth.
Nlw Or Li AJ* p. July3.?Business of all kicx'd
'? eaceeaively doll. The weather te Intensely
lot Tbe city is comptrttiT*!; healthy. he
Mobilk. July 3 ?Cotton dull Weaker vary
hot. A laj^e nun bar of our citi taaa leavUg
fvr the Norih
Cotton drooping.
Ohio River
Wat*Liw?. July X?There fa foar feet Ikfw
?chad r>t water in tba channel of the river at
bis poia;. At Pittsburg, four feat.
a ?? ?
Tba Cholera
Winli'g. Jaly 3 ?Tbe di?pa?obe? reeefv.
ed hare u>-dsv atate tbat tba cb?lera <a alarm
n.gly on tbe increaae thrcogheat tbe Wool
Cholera in Boston
Jul? 3d ?During tba last tw00*Y
al cases of cholera haveooeerred in
In PhxU.. - _w-.
r<<urs several w> uu?m? nareooeorred to
hiaoity. In Che'soa, a whole family have
?een pr< nratrd with tbe scourge Three of
be family have died of the disease
Destructive Fir*.
Bosrox, Jaly 3.?A fire occurred th?s moi%
ng ia Washington street Rox borough Ba
fore the dames could be arrested several Hons
were dest;oyed.
Baltimore Market
B altimore. July I ? Busi*es? of all toads is
dull to-day lbe few transae ions in breaA
ttuffs were effected at Saturday's quotations
Thermometer at i o n. 87
Large number- of our eititeas will leave ot
he vari'Hu excursion tripa by railway aad
pteame s ar nouno? d
The Columbia Club will ?tart for WsahUu
toa .n-morrow morning Tbey will make the
mpire Hotel their headquarters
Philadelphia Markets, Ac.
Paii.anki.i'Hi\, Jnl> 3.?Flour?sales of ??<?
bbls at $8 50. W heat?tales of 3 00U bushel ;
red $1 9-S; white #2 10. Cori.?tales of 4 OOo
bushels at 80 a *>2 ets. In the other letding
rticles of our market, we bare no changes to
m?ke in our quotations.
Tne 4th ot July will bj celebrated with
more than u?u&l honors bvourei'isens Among
be speaker* announced for the democratic
celebration ia Independence Square are Hon
Mr. Orr. of Sooth Carolina. Senator Bright, of
Indiana, lion. Mr Breckinridge, of Kextaoky,
and lion. Mr. Dawson. of Pennsylvania.
Wew York Market.
New York. Jul) 3 ?Flour i? quiet?sales
5.000 barrels Sn.'e brands at jk> s 1 a $7 25;
Southern $8.50 a $U Rye floor and c?ra meal
unchanged Wheat?siles of 7 O-.IO bushels,
red $L 50 a $1 90. wLita $2 a ?2 20. Genesee
$2 25. Corn?sales of 3o,0u0 bushels, mixed
7'J. yellow 81 a S2 cent*. Oats 62 Rye $ 1 18.
Cotton continues dull and depressed. Money
is in active request, at tbe highest rates Tbe
ttock market shows a firmer feeling o-day
Great preparations are making for the cele
bration to morr<?w. More cases of cholera rw
ported. Thermometer at noon, 88.
Telegraph to Hageratoira,
Uaqbrbtows, July 2 ?The telegraph line
to thin place, connecting us with Baltimore,
was opened at two o'clook yesterday.
8entenoe for Robbing the Kail.
Bangmr. Maine. July 2 ?Josiah Emory, late
postmaster :T New V'ineyard, baa been sen
tenced to the State's prison for ten yeara for
purloinicg letters.
Later from Havana.
Naw York. July 2?We have datet from
? avana to the 27th uJt There has been a re
action in the sugar market. Lower grades are
more ei quired for at very full pricea Fine
qualni< a are abundant and prioes weak and
Heat?Hew 0.leans and Mobile Railroad
New Orlsa*8. Jane 29 ?The wea h?r is
the hottest ever known here the thermometer
reachia; 100 degrees in the shade. Eight
cases of sunstroke have occurred
A vole was t^cen throughout the city to day
on a p'opoeiti >n to authorise the c ty to sab
?oribe to the New Orlean* and Mobile Rail
road. The proposition was car tied by fally
1.500 majority.
Gunpowder Explosion ard Loes of L'Jt
Cisciixiti, June 30 ?During the ftricg of
artillery at Aurora, Indiana, yes erday. ia
honor tf the railroad celebration, the powder
magaxioe exploded killing one man and hadlj
wuuiiding tour others
Memphis Municipal Election
Maupuia. Tenn., June 30 ?At oar munlof
pel election the " Know Nothing*" elected
.heir candidate for Mayor, and all the city of
ficers by hand'oms waj >rities.
TS will ro urn- bi* tbts day to -*<i our entire
1 stock of PA SCr DkKSS GOODS at 24 per
Mint, ler ? than torm?r price*.
W e name In part?
Prim??l Heragee. tai-t< d 811 Hj todttHDM
:atle> I e LaiuM, ^lou-s^lines ard D?UiSM
Brocades, rich plaid and str.pe 8 Iks
_? alls MkntiiW, laU?t ^prlng Ktylac
In ?b'rt ?Terv article in tbe Kanry l>nv? Ocoda
lit e will be ao'd at ifreat bar/alna, acd purebaaera
#111 find our Muck very c mplete
Juat tttcrlvrd
1 ease 1>wns, fast olcrs. at \"^c. per yard
- mm soprrior theetiutc tv>t ous
76 plvoes lrtph I ?*nc at 26e. ir. || per yard
a itb a large ptre* of goo-i t>0U)?Mir r.cods, wbKA
will be sold aa lew as la any bonee in tins city.
7th s rwt. three doors above Pa. amoa
je 14??od9?
HOblKHV and ulA>VJCt? of every deeortptkm sal
?urasola, Mualln Co lars
Cambric Houueinga and fdginjp
uob'd Muslin UuderriaDdkem<t?fll
Kmb'd Lawn aDd Ineu ita Hdkb
Plain and tig'd waeb and silk Nettn
Taibtou Siuslioa and blk silk l a^es
Ail of the above flocda. tog?ber with maay o?b
'?r*, will ba sold at very low prie-s Id ord>r to rw
duce stock. MM K. KlLaV,
Cor. 8tb street, and opr. Centre Market.
\r if,?-m
Dmgma?totyp-tjor 26 emit arid upumrcu.
For the arcommr iation of tboae wbo want (beep
pi turea, Ifilwa rf (to have fitted op a foe
Jaljery in Lane k Tucker's buiidinc, dtreeUv ever
Oi- Gallery formerly known as "Tbompson'a.*
Remember tbe name and be sure and tod the
right gallery. W1LMJN A OO,
Pa. avenae, between and 6tb sts.
may 1?tf
STAR" OFFICE. J* 88? tf
BITTERS. aV Ask for tbe beta ? wttb the
Portrait of tbe Inventor and Prophet* % and take
none other, WM. M CAI- *OM,
Waat'.r rtnn, DjC.
To wbom all orders should be addr?ewd or Agenc<ee
IsK V ?arN#f
PROPHETIC fcTi'DIES? Leeturea on the Beak
Ihe Tent and the Altar, or, Bketebes from Patriar
chal Lite?76e.
Scripture Head mrs, Pabbctb M rnlng Re
the Old Testacn nt?16c
Apooal>ptic 8ket- be*; or, lectures on the
Rev* latinos, 2 vols. 75c each
Lec'nres on our Lord's Miracles, 76o
Ucturwa on the Par*blee- 76c
Vetoes of tbe Day and Night, 3 vols?7*c each
V( icas of the Dead, 75c
CLurch be tore tbe Flood 76e
A11 of tbe above works bjrthe Rev. John Ocse
sing, D. D who is n w tba great pulpit Orator <4
London Ibr sale by
7th street, next to Odd Fellows'
Qri4KTasw*>na'a' mca,
Washington, June 16th, UM.
Proposal? wiu be ree.ived at tht*
IS o'clock m . oa Ocadij. tbe i7?h Jail
?or fmisktafi tbe fcl'ewtng arcWea, to nss
all raspiats with the sem*4rs whieh as ay be +m tm
appUe*ii' n at thi? oflto-, <* at ?ha oflUe ot the AMI
tant Qaartermaster, New fork, vis s
800 uniform oap'

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