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It & STiflY-ring >Ut'i ;
"It U a ft brOtWr in ai*e<! :
Seek not for fault* or failinx?.
Of the psMt take tUn'U no heed?
But stretcii thiar arm to mroor.
If in thy power loahkld,
'AW f*>r ther shall earth be a harvest.
And it* ehaierat We??ine* yield.
If Uk>? ran-a m* ? nnr *?<*cor.
Then *p< a* mi a iundlj mood,
TTiM *he heart >o steeped in ruin
* Penrhaiw* ni.iy LA renewed
But never a word in an^er,
inn loo* * 'th aa eye of ?com
On any b'jrn y: woniau,
Tho'*ptntl#sj and forlorn.
?? ?
Iff lyMds nor gold nor linuses
Orihi# may ?iet i?? seal
On his aovt?tat h? -?ti l is> human.
With a bun?a heart to feel.
That heart maybe hard and life worn,
And steeped in the dregs o! sin ;
But a sparh of holier spirit,
Tho' latent, fa ever within.
And it may hurs? forth in beauty,
By a timely word and kind,
And the .-oul that wa? long despairing
New faith a-id courage imd.
Then ch?ri*h thy ?HfTertng fellow?,
Each. ti?* U. ?li.Ui au-e like a lUr,
Naming mary an angel spirit,
To fileair at the Pinal Bar.
Seek not for faults or failing??
r*tan !? br<Hlw?r o* sister in need :
Enough?one heart id aching;
Of toe past, tak;- thou nu liaed.
Balttvokb July IB, 1854.
Notwithstanding the objections to the sign
ing the water bill, recently passed by the
Council, by some of the members, it has been
signed by the Presidents of b?th branches,
and will no doubt be promptly signed by the
Mr Winchester, the Superintendent of the
Baltimore and Susquehanna Railroad, whose
arrangements, it is thought, cuused the terri
ble catastrophe of the 4th. has been suspended,
and Mr Columbus Addison appointed in his
place This will not appease the people. Mr
Winchester is the only one to blame for that
terrible result.
An accident occurred on the Baltimore and
< >hio railroad, yesterday, near Piedmont, inju
ring Mr Davis, the conductor, who was
brought to this city and placed in the infirmary
It is thought he cannot survive
The stock of the Baltimoro and Ohio railroad
sold to-day at an average of $54 per share
The present state of this stock is somewhat
as'oni-hing to outsiders. People wonder how
a roa<l doing su;h an immense business and
with such a glorious future can be so much
below par I shall inform myself on the sub
ject an 1 give the readers of the Star the re
salt It is thought that there is bad manage- j
ment somewhere
Capt Trancis Martin, who was sentenced'
sometime since by our U S District Court '
for an assault upon a sailor on board his ship,
at the earnest solicitation of his wife, has been
pardoned by the President.
Many of our tavern keepers pay no attention
to the Sunday liquor law Mr. Hines, our
Maine Law Sheriff, is determined to enforce
Ibe law lie has persons stationed in the
r.eighbo-hood of those who violate the law,
wto take down the names of all who enter
taverns on Sunday intending to summon them
a- witne?ser- at the nest term of the court, lie
will make s nice thing of it in serving sum
monses. *
The Origin of the Citrtsy.?Its de
rivation from tourtoisie. courteousness.
that is bel ?rior like that at court, at
once shows that it was primarily
the reverence pa d to a monarch. And
it wc call to mind that falling upon the
krees, or upon one knee, as has been a
. ommon obeisance of subjects to ruleis.
and is a form still gone through to our
own Queen at every presentation, we may
infer, wbat the character of the curtsy
itself srzjrests. that it is an abridged act
of kneebog. As the word has been con
tracted from courtoisu into cuitsy, so the
motion lias been contracted from a placing
of the knee on the floor to a lowering of
the knee towards the floor. Moreover,
when we compare the curisy of a ladv
with the awkward one a peasant girl
makes, which, if continued, would bring
her djwn on bo'h knees, we may see in
this last a itmn-nt of that greater rever
se required of serfs.
And when, from considering that sim
ple kneeling of the West, still represen
ted by the curtsy, we pass east ward, and
note the altitude of the Mahomed an wor
shipper. who not only k.eels, but bows
his head to the gTound, we may infer that
th'- curtsy also is an evanescent form of
the aboriginal prostration. In further
evidence of this, it may be iemarked that
thvre has but recently disappeared from
the salutations of men an action having
ihe same pro:?imafe derivation with the
curtsy. That backward step of the foot
with which the conventional sta^e-sailor
aco mpauies his bow, a movement which
pre\ ailed generally in past geieration,
when " a bow and a scrape ' went to
gether, *nd which, within the memory
of living perse "is, was made by boys to
th..ir school-master with the effect of wear
ing a hole in the floor.
A motion so ungainly could never have
been intentionally introduced; even if
the artificial introduction of obeisance
were possible. llenee we must regard it
o* tue remnant of something antecedent:
and that this something antecedent was
humiliating ma^' be interred upon the
phrase scraping an acquaintance,' which
1>-ing n -ed to denote the gaining of favor
y oW-quiousness, implies that the scrape
wa* considered a mark of servility?thai
is of lily. ? Wuukester Rciuic.
The Fo*em>* Population".?By the
ovnsus of 1H50 it appears that of the
wh te population of the United States
then amounting to 10.5W.058, there were
boiu in foreign countries 2,24t>,535 pei
sous. vu. : males, 1.2.30,434: females,
i.ool.loj. Those ascertained to have
been born in the United States amounted
to 17,279,375, and 32,05^ were reported
unknown as to nati\ity. It thus appear-'
that the proportion of natives to foreigners
iu 1 f r)0 was nearly eight to one iu the
?vhole United Slates. It should be ob
served ti?ar. since ihe census of 1?50 wa?
tak-n, the foreign population has largely
increased by immigration, amounting to
over one million in all: so that the num
<*-r of persons of foreign birth now in
the United Status may be stated at about
three* and a half millions. The propor
tion of Germans among the recent immi
grants ha* been very great.
r|*ni6 j-parioo. 11 lei, h< vi .% a fn at of i.00
anl t 1*124 of &-J6 {Wet, with 460 room* and *>.
</ maj^lfctl' u? ? r 7?>? gU'ita.N now complete, muj
'>l^o the tJon of rtr<iu.i? lor tike ?iinuiiir
m*.* n. It u deii^htfuUj loe* ?u, conreui?tit to the
and all attra^U^e pUoe? of f*nt, aod fur
ni?l -4 yith oaw au4 el?g?i t fiuuitarv. . n*
of tfc most tlrj, jobqimImiu, c*imiort*bi<:
And plaer* of re?urt in th? L'aiteC St?t??.
Tb? t?iulnj Ronxn oftbi- llotai is >? mrna 'rd th*'
par-..--- '.' IS or m?? emu th* r a a ?
at *?^ar?t* and liStrrot hcura, wiUi
aiiC '^1' nal chary
R urr rtjor. *U? with th* lj<.t*|, where all tu.
. manri tni !?U aei?i* can oLuiu a
In U? lor th# au4 BmiJ/ i?
l^ai If ha* bwru to pron^, ,r*ry
.oinfcrt, *a4 luaary that ran j .
f. a. rr |. l-t t
it ?:
aj eTiCa 4V HilMUkf.-l ? *?!??, ?
[ 1 ti(y ut Mi r?? a?*r'a ?<-aid < < rt-i. e ;?ri.-h#, 0>
lt??H '? U) ytft "< Umi Mjr at 7* ?U if I M
,*?0 > I Apit
I * m ? i itmmmmmmmmm
Irowna' Hotel?T P. A I. OGVa
1> Irvin, Texaa J R Howard, Ala
U F Loudin, DC G A Ansfin
P L Co*, Ky J C Walker, USA
Mrs Cox, do J M Woodward, do
Miss Cox, do A & son, Te?n
R T Merrick, Md C A Moore, Md
C S Rick# & lady, Cal E Bctta, jr, do
W A C Stark, NY C J Herring, SA
R George, Cal J C Washington, NC
J Nash, do Mrs Washington, do
R Montgomery, NY Miss Washington, do
R M Truit, Texas C M Clarke, do
L L Sadler, Mise Mrs Clarke, ^o
W C Sheerer, do R P Cook h. family, do
J Corson, Va Col Erwin, Ala
Mrs Baldheim It. children J T Rosier, Minna
ti Howie, NY H H Rolmiaon, Ohio
J W Mitchell, Md W McLean, do
) P Rainy, NC A Stewart, Mil
C Hanriek, Ala J T Warrehaoi, do
G M Taylor &. lady, Ga I ?r R S Somer.?, Va.
Naiional llttrl?f. A PIXTXB.
E D roll, Md G W Bayly, Va
A F Wilmans, SC W S Greene, Ala
F G Willi)and, do Miss E Denison, do
W H Estill, Texas Miss Moore, do
Mr Norwood A J Bruzelton &. lady,do
l)r C F Grulton Miss Thompson, do
J 11 Bovn.oa, NY Miss Billings, do
T J McKaix, Md M F Gordon
P Clark, NY A C Kussell, Cal
B C Jirvis, Md d AH Willard
<; r'pencer, NY T B Reynolds, Pa
Mrs McRiiigni J W Beriut, Mlss
V living. Va A L?n?, Ct
K li Ross, Md C Whipple, do
<* W Shicks, Mass J C Gates, NY
T Gumaer M J Lukens. Pa
S Braynard. NC Miss Lukens, do
<; Canfteld, do H C Olarke, Md
I Williams, do J Coburn St lady
C Crobwrite, do L Zimmerman, Va
II Whipple, Ta W B Carmichatl
E A Maryl J A Green. Va.
Wiiludt' Hetel??. a. * j c WILU13
G A Kelly, Ga J T Coit, SC
I Isham, do Hon R H Peckhaai, NY
W Gray. Md J llait k lady, La
^ G Bogvrt, NY W Perrie, Ireland
R C Cummings, La W P Sinclair, do
J Aycock J R Barker, Mich
Mr Ro>ston Lt Wayne fc lady, USA
Mi** Wyinan, La H B Denison, 111
>?r# Garner, Md Mrs Gunnison
Mrs Morris, Ga J W Baker, Ala
0 Misses Troupe, do A E Baker, do
j R Troupe, do B W Louder, NY
V McGehee, Miss F Brittain, Texas
1 Al Irick, Ct Mr Mon?ton, Tenn
VIrs Aldncto. do C A Henderson, Mass
S Knight. Masa Mrs Henderson, do
'.V S Mount, Lm Miss Henderson, do
Hon R ^mith, III.
United fttatte KoteI.-& 1 BACinr
A H Griffith,.Va A D Allen, Va
II A II Lawaon, Miss R Martin, NY
Mi>* M V Lawsoii, do T M Nugent, Ohio
C B Moran, NY T Coyle, Pa
!)r G Andrews, NJ T Smith, do
) II Scott, Md II T Stantoo, Va
G Fitzhugh, Va J H Hamilton, Ky
Mr Risque, DC II H Hamilton, do
A H Ball H H Hamilton, jr, do
| J Nelson, Scotland Z Willis, do
J G Clark. Pa J W Harris, Va
B P Frick, do AG Wilcox, Tenn
I Sharpies*, do J Colvin, Ohio
T Conarty, Va J Nederg, do
A J Hackney, do J T Anixvan, do.
Old Point Hotel?Old Point Comfort Va.
(C. C Willard fc Bros., Prop'?.)?July 13.
Mis* Fisher, Rappahan- F H S-'rench, Pa
l nock W L F,een, Pa
IV Fisher, do T Norflet
VV Tombs, do T Rinder,
J Anderson, do M Mordica
i) Garnet, do Col Baker
F Armated, Va I' L Byron, tTSN
1 H Hall, do J G Benton, do
">V Pnider, do M Van Ness, do
" Fitzhugh, Nor A P Skinner, Ball
S H Parker, T'SN S A Wat, do
Murdock, Horts N Tysin. do
J J Jam s, NC W H Griffith
A Lines and lady, do T Roberta, Bos
Miss Lewis, do J E Cook, NY
R Adams, Va E Marti 1, do
G Loyal, Nor J E Savajre, Pa
J Sanderson, York C Langley, Bait
A J<;uson, Rich W Th' rnton. do
JB Bruriham, Nor G Morgan, NC
Mr Soutligate,do J Eliot, do
Miss 8ou:hg;ite, do G Ryin, NY
A D Banks, Va A D Allen, do
\V NotihSham, d" L Hubard, do
1 Gilman, Bos R Murchontldo
R Moody, do G Davis, Rich
J Brown, NY W P Huchlnson, do
E Beimel, Ala W L Slater, do
G Newell <J Jont'5, do
W C Turner, Va W S.Jars. FY
I M Adnon, Md C Jor:an, York
C Porter, Md L S Read, Bait
C Porter, Alex Win Jones
?V St<al, NY G Robin*, do
irriT&l ard Departure of Goean Steamora.
Snnm. Leatrt eof Da\t.
Curopa New York. .Liverpool.. .July lii
Washington New York..Bremen Jnlv 15
Gerinama New York..Bremen July I~
Micilia New York.. Palermo July
\-ia Liverpool...New York..July I
^'rrnklin Ha?r<j New York..July
Niagara Liverpool.. .Boston July r
?:a? ific Liverpool.. .New York..July 1*2
Al'rira Liverpool...New York..July l.~>
He'iuann Bremen New York..July la
Canada Liverpool... Boston J?(!> J1
City of Piiila'a... .Liverpool.. .Pliila'a July ij
Arabia Liverpool.. .New York..July
OQ^Tht.* Calitornia steamers leave New York on
the Gth and 30th of each month.
HTAK" OFFICE. je 28?t.
,\ THIS Of PICK. 'tA?tf
Ptrtoaal Kitate for the People.
FH. WHITKIIURST has deeded to Trustees in
s trust for the benefit of the shareholders in the
ibove enterprise, $60,000 worth of real and personal
- tale, to be disposed of amoog the holders of shar-'
? the earliest poaeible date, after the sale of al! tl.e
.ares TLe shares are eaeb, which entitlos the
iol'ler to an equitable share in the within named
':iagnifie> nt collection of real and personal property,
-.Iso, to one of Whitehorst's$.'i World's Fair Premium
hi^uerreotypes of self or friend at any time when
'he certificate is presented at either of his Gallerieo.
?a Baltimore. Washington, Richmond, Norfo k
>n< hburg, Wilmington, and Petersburg
Arrangements have aiao be?n made to redeem tK*
-rtifleat-B with the following celebrated Arti-1?:
inurne*, N.J. city; D. C Cofllns, Philadelphia
! n . ~pringfield and WeTtfleld, Mass; A. 0. Part
r !ge. Wheeling, Ya.- and Wm. T. Porter, CIncin
nail Ohio.
yr.? tapariof Farm, neai None.!;, Virginia, value-:
One sr lerdid three story brick House and
Lo'. in <ieorgetown. D. C., 8? ond street, pec
door from Frederic!: street 0,6O\
?ce House and Lot in U?"orgstown, D. C., on
tnec rner cf stteond and Prederi -k streets 4.Ms
1 >ne elegant House and Lotln Wa hington, D.
C., on p*venth street 4,80<j
'.)ite OB- House ami Lut in Waehin^too, D. C-,
on F street 3,700
?ne Hbuiw aa4 Lot in Portsmouth, Va., on
C^'urt ?tre-t adjoining Town Hall 3,8fi0
Lots in Georgetown on Pecoad street, $?00
each i,?;C0
Oa>; Lot is Washington on Berenth gtreet 50:
?ive Pianos, pmo each 1,.'/;'
50 rpiendid Gold Lever Watches, $100 6,0</;
2<i massive Silver Pitcher', $6'J 1,?00
20 do do Cups, $12 50 2f?
14 Diamond Ring*, at $T0 S>>0
1'J heavy gold Chains, $30 67 0
30 Silver (Jobleta, $20 each 4i0
50 Ladies' Bracelet*, $2U each 1,000
50 Ladies' Rrea&t(4n? 5>>0
i'i<> Gold Punciis, $7 each ? ? ? ? ??????!?et te>iMt>?<? 700
l'O Port* Monnaiee, $5 each 60*
100 ivlver Card Case*., fio esrh 1,01 0
600 plain heaTy Gold ltin^, $i each 1,500
100 fine Gol'J liOCkete, $10 each l,0oy
Jp'jOO Annuals l/><'0
1,000 Photographic Art Juurtial.-;, 60c. taoL.... 60o
The fact that this proparty Id de<ded to ir.
trust, r> ridenU of the Diatnot of Coiumb:a, for tK
>- n?*fit of tht: shareholders, and ?'T?-r^ tharel.ol.ler
1 '?'?eivlng a Deguerraotype worth $3, and of the very
flaeft quality and elegantly ea?ed; tha high charm
t -r and potst-ona of th<aa9 trustees, and the rrr^at fin*l
-xteude<l reputation and businefs of Mr. Whit?h hint.
he deems suffl' ient guaranties that every promise ol
this advertisement will be promptly and fcithfu.'U
;erfhrm?d, aa the pictures to be taker will be dis
tributed among many galleries, capable of producing
fl:teea huudred Daguerreotypea per dl?-m
Not mor.* than fif:y thousand shares w 11 be gol!.
Prrs< ns rertdlng ?? a dL?tHnce and wishing order?
for a Daguerref type (which will entitle .them to a
chare in the above enterprise) will p:A>e enclose
lae amount, post pail, to Whltehuiws Gallery.
\\ aahinglcn. D. C
UILBDri A IIIiZ, Agents for the gale cf oritn
1,-. this city, at their Musi- Depot, south side Penna
* e.. betw 10th and Uth streets In Georgetown,
at Miss THOMAIPiJ Book and Fan-^y Store, High
xtreet, n?ar First. jy S TThAUlm
We commence selling eff the remainder of our
Katcj Brocade, plaid, and striped Siiks
Prii.t.sJ Bejeges, Tts?ues, ard Challj de T ains
Printed Beruge and ('ashmere Shan Is and tcarfs
A) ?'l fc ilauU.ias and F/i nth Embroideries
And many other Fancy G ads. t.11 of which will
ts- *0:1 at go*t ft>r rub, or to our prompt credit cus
J us' received l-?r Travrliuii DreMes?
?i pie e? c? <>rtod IkelMge, very rheap
AH perw o* ui want of any of th* tUta artlrle*
aa<hl %>? ei?iaiiic our el*a, aa we hav? determioed
a- ttoeafy any over f.ir the aeat /aunn. 1 tar* 1
ft?r- rffMtt Ui;?m naiy hv had by vIvIdm uaiui early
tth rtr.?|, liir~ door* ab"Ve Pea?. avenue
i/ l*-ee?.
GOLD PENS and Pencil*. Silver Tea, Table,
and Dessert 8 poo us, anl Thimbles made of ster
ling silver.
Gold, silver, light steel, and German silver Speo
Cataract, near-sighted, bine, green, and Perifocal
Spectacle Glasses for all ages, constantly on hand,
and can be set in old fria<* at short notice, and 0t
a mall expense. For sale by
je 30?tf Brhlgs street, Georgetown.
J BUCKLEY k CO. respectfully inform the citi
# lens of Georgetown and its vicinity, that they
are prepared to undertake every description of work
in GAS FITTING. They hav^secureJ the services
ef some of the best workman from the North, and
their charges will be found as low as in any of those
They have always on hand an element <wsortment
of Gas Fixtures, to which they would invite the ex
amination of the public.
Eouth side of Bridge street, between Washington
and Jefferson.
Orders left at Llnthicwn's Hardware Store will be
punctually attended to. jan 3ft? tf
4l& This new and popular establishment is now
fis.open for the reception o? visitors.
The proprietor, thankful for the patronage he ha?
so largely received, begs to assure his friends tred
the public that the IIOTKL in every department
will be kept in a style superior to any previous sea
m Gas has been introduced into 200 rooms ?
'lasslerV celebrated orchestra has been engaged ex
clusively for this hou^e, and many other arrange
ments have been made tending to the increase!
comfort and enjoyment of the guests.
Application for rooms may be made by addre": -
ing the proprietor at Cape Island, or to the subscri
ber. L. HARWOOD,
No. 17 South 8d street, Philadelphia.
N. B.?Extensive stabling on the premises.
je 10?3m
JOHN V. SNIOKR, Dealer in Wines, At the
former old established Wine Store of JACOB
SNIDER, Jr.. So. 76 Walnut street, four doors be
Wr Fourth street, where consumert will be supplied
with WINES and LIQUORS on the most accomme
iatin. terms.
JACOB SNIDER. Jr., Agent for the fm
portation o1 FOREIGN WINES, Office No. 76 Wal
au* street, Philadelphia, where he is prepared to
receive orders for the special Importation of Wines,
*e., frem various houses in Europe, in quantities of
a single doze a rtid upwards; and also solicits for his
Son, JOHN VAUGUAN SNIDEIt, the patronage of |
his friends and former customers
S* All Wines ordered for Washington will be de
livered by Express free, of freight. je 8?ly
A SAFE and money making business is guarantied
to all persons purchasing State, County, and
Township rights for the AMERICAN LIFTING
PUMP, I Policy's patent Elastic Adjustable Bucket.)
acknowledged by f-jentlfio men who have witnessed
its operation, to be the best and most valuable pump
for general purposes, in the Union. Person* pur
chasing rights will have no competition, and securr
nandsrmc profits.
Considerable territory is already sold, and the ie
icand is rapidly inc: easing.
Rights can b? purchased low and models, Ac., ue
seen by applying ic II. VIVIAN A CO., Sole Manu
facture 8, loy North Front street, Philadelphia.
N. B.?Local and travelling Agents wanted Lib
dral commission given. may 2)?3m
Phrenologists a*d Publishers, 231 Arch s!.,
'below Seventn, Philadelphia. All works on
Phr*na!ng7, Wster Cure, Magnetism, and
Phonography for sale at New York prioee.?
Phrenologieal examinations day and evening.
Cabinet free to visitors. may 11?3m
(Istwan Eisrhth an A Ninth, north
The Fiftieth Edition, wkh
One hufldred Engraving0
6bowing Diseases and Mti
formations of the Human
System in every shape a'd
form. To which is added a
Treatise on Ike Diseases of |
Females, being of the hi^-h
eet importance tc married
people, or those contem
plating njarr:air". By
Let no father be ashamed
t<) present a copy of th?
iBSCULAPIUH to his child
It may save him Irom an
early grave. Let no young man or woman enter in
to the secret obligations of married life without
reaiMug the POCKET VESCULAPIUH. Let no one
suffering from a harknied Cr'u^n, Pairs in the sid??,
restless nights, nervous feelings, and the whole train
of Dysp'-pilc sen?atiOD", and given up by their phy
sician, be another moment, without onsnlting the
JCHCULAPlUri. Have the married, cr those about
to b? mt.riwl any impediment, read this truly use
ful book, as it has been the means of saving thous
and- pf unfortunate creatures from the very jaws of
-Any person sending TWENTY-FIVE CF;NT3
enclosed in a lytter, w.il receive one copy of this
work by mail, cr five copies will be sent for One Dol
Address, (post paid) DR. WM. YOUNG,
No. 16'J 8pruee street, Philadelphia.
No. ITT UnK-r.irrr STREET, cpptiU the *Hati
Bout*. Fliilziidphia.
INSTRUCTIONS to euable Ladies and Gentlemen
to measure their own hea Is with accuracy:
For Wigs, lncheff. Toupees it Scalps, Inch.
No. 1. The rouad of the No. 1. From forehead to
head back as tax as
3. From for e he ad bald.
over the bead to X Over forehead a*
neck. tkt as required.
1. From ear to ear 8. Over the crown of
over the h^ad. the head.
I. From ear to ear
round the fore
R. Dollar t has
Always ready for
?ale a splendid
stock of Gents'
Wigs, Toupees, /.
Ladies' Wigs,
half Wigs, Frii
ots, Braids,
Curie, Ac., bean
* if ally manufactured and m cheap as any establish
rient In the Union.
j -pared from HauWs American herbs and roots, the
?.40?t successful articieever produced for preservic?
'? ie hair trcm falling out or changing color, restoring
13d preserving it >a a healthy and luxuriant state.
Among other reasons rhy Dollard's hair-cntting Ha
' jon, maintains its lum^nee popularity is the fact
tiat his Tcnlc Is appik d to every bead of hair cut at
Ms establishment, consequently it is kept in better
preservation than under any other known applica
tion. It being thus piacticiiily tested bv thousands,
t ffers the gruatest guaranty of its elleacy. Bold
? holesalf and rstall ut hia Old Establishment, 177
( heanot Street, oppoiite the State House, Phila
lu Dcxlard has at last discovered the hi pica ul
: <tA of hair dye, and announces it for sale, with per
i :ct conUdenje, in its surpassing everything of the
kind now in use. It colors the hair either black or
trown, aa may be desired, and is used without any
injury to tbe hair or skin, either by stain or other
wi*-, can be washes off lu ten minutes arter the ap
plication., without detracting from its efficacy. Per
??ans visiting the city are invited to give blm a call.
i*tt< rs adilrnvswl toll. DOLLAKD, 177 CUJ68TNU1'
i i'Rh^T, PHILADELPHIA, will receive attention,
jan 33?If.
Post Ovrics Department, 1
June Mtb, 1865. /
PR0P08ALH for conveying the mails of the Uni
ted States frcm the 16th ot August, 1864, to
tne30th of June. 18>7, on the following route, In
t>m State of VERMONT, will bs received at the Con
irart Office of the Poet Office Department, in the city
? f Washington, until 9 o'clock a m.. of July 31st,
ldM, to b?* decided on same day:
No. 470?From Svrsnton, by liighgate, Franklin,
East Franklin, and \vi ut Herk.'hiro, to
Richford, 03 miles and back, six times a
ws-ek, in stages.
Leave Swan ton d4fc excopt Sunday, at Ham
Arrite at Richford H.ant day by 6 p m
Leave Richtord daily, except Sunday, at 8 a m
Arrive a' Swanton same day by 6 j> d.
For form of proposal, guarantee, and certificate,
and aire instructions embracing conditions to te in
corporated In the contract to the extent th? depart
i unt may deem proper, see tho advertisement in
viting proposals for enrrying th? mails in the New
Keglacd Ptatee. New York, Mr., dated February 20,
1-64. Jiach propoial should be marke<l "Proposal
f r route No 479, Vermont," and addr.^ed "Seooad
/ 'BiftaLt Postmaster Orneral "
je M?l*w4w i'o-tmaster General.
HCIIOLP'P JAVASt Golowln's d<.; Ma*
o .iriaur'. doi EoeUipli*'* do; WuttV do, Japan
Histoid et D-ecrlptW* par Jaix lgoy ; Ja^on III*
t?>lr- D^wrietion par Frasainet.
lMp-r-ed by FBAECK TAILOR,
je I7??
n "SFEtSSfttioob*?
ELIXIR OR CORDIAS *?rt? deemed fabulous. The
public often deceived, eornld oeKene the simple
and sublime truth a announced by the discoverer.?
But facts, undeniable facts attested by witreme ol
the highest ?la*> and now triumph
ing over all doubts. INCREDULITY 18 OVER
THROWN by a mass of testimony which is perfectly
irresistable. ? .....
The Euxip. remedies, in cases, 'he deplorable
evils arising frorr. am! fuse or abuse of tbe Tarious
organs which make up the wonderful machine called
man. It restores to foil v got every delicate func
tion connected with that mysterious compound
agency of matter ? n-i mind, necessary to the repro
duction of human life. To persons of feeble muscu
lar frame, or deficient In vital power, It is reconv
mended as the only means of communion ting that
energy which is recewwy to the proper enjoyment
of all the natural appetites, as well as the higher
mental attributes. Its ben^fleial effects are not con
fined to either sex or to any oge. The feeble girl,
the ailing wife, tbe listlcs, ernevated youth, tte
overworn man of business, the victim of nervous de
predion, the individual suffering from general de
bility, or from the weakness of a single organ, will
all find immediate and permanent relief from the
use of H?l? incomparable renovator. To those who
have a predisposition to paralysis it will prove a
complete and unfriling safeguard against that terri
bio malady. There are many, perhaps, who have ro
trifled with their constitutions, that they think
themselves beyond the reach of medicine. Let not
even these despair. The Eliiir deals with disease as
it exists, without reference to causes, and will not
only remove the disorder itself, but
The derangements of the system, leading to ner
rou.< feases, and the forms of nervous disease it
qelf, are so numerous that it would require a column
to enumerate-the maladies for which this preparer
ration is a specific. A few, however, may be enume
rated, vis: neuralgia, tic dolereaux, heaiache, incip
ient paralysis, hysteria, palpitation of the heart, spi
na.1 alfections muscular debility, tremors, flatulence,
a pr . Ling sensation in the flesh, nvmbness, torpid
ity of th- liver, mental depression, weakness of the
will, indi?p - ition t? move, faintness after exercise,
broken sleep an t terrifying dreams, inability to re
main in one place * i position, weakness of the pro
creative organs,g sexua'. incompetency, melancholy,
monomania, fluor albus, uking at the stomach, fe
male irn-guiariti?s, a chronic tendency to miscar
riage, emaciation, and all complaints growing out ol
a free indulgence of the passions, and all barrenness
that does not proceed from organic causes beyond
the reach of medicine.
Whenever the organs to be acted upon are free
from malformation or strictural diseases it is averred
will replace weakness with strength, incapacity with
efficiency, irregularity with uniform and natural ac
tivity, and this not only without hssard of reaction,
but with a happy effect on the general organisation
jcy-Bear in mind that all maladies, wherever the)
begin, fmitn with the nervous system, and that th*
paralixation of the nerves or motion and fensation is
physical death. il* ar iu mind also, that for every
kind of nervous disease tbe Elixar Cordial is the
only reliable preparation known.
De. Mobsi'h Iwvioobatiko Cordial has been conn
terfeitel by some unprincipled persons.
In future, all the- genuine Cordial will have the
proprietor's fac ttimiie pasted over tne cork of each
bottle, and the following words blown in the glass
?Or. norie'i iavlcoratiaf; Cordial*
C. II. KING, Proprietor, M.Y.
Ths Cordlsl Is put up highly csncentrated, 1r.
pint bottles.
p. tce._$3 per bottle; two for $6; six for $12.
C. II. RING, Proprietor,
102 Broadway, Naw York.
Bold by Diugjrtste throughout tbe Uuitod States,
Ganadar, aud West Indies.
Washington?Z. D. OILMAN.
Baltimore?8. 8. IIANCE.
uu?r 30?
To ike Ladies of Washington, Georgetown
Alexandria, (fc.
[ENRY V/EIRMAW'S Ladies'jMisses^nd Chil
dren's French Shoes are sold by the under^
igned, on lr?th street, just above Corcoran fc. Riga's
Ranking House, in his new building, with the high
marble steps, where he will receive Ladies' orders,
and keen constantly on hand every variety of La
JieH', Misses,and Children's French Gaiter Walking
Shoes, White and Hlack Satin Gaiters. Slippers,&c.,
mfide to order by II. Weinnan. of Philadelphia, of
the best French Gaiter materials, and in the latest
Parisian styles. These Gaiters are entirely different
from what are generally known &s"slopsbop shoes;'
being aii custom work, of superior workmanship,
and wai ranted to give perfect satisfaction.
Ladies, who vnliie beauty, comfort, and economy.
Will consult tneir interest by giving rue a call, anc
examine for themselves. C. WE1RMAN,
15th St., Just above Corcoran & Rigg's
auglS-lyeo Banking House.
Tilt subscriber be^s to a ill the attention of per
ROiif refitting their he uses to his new stock of
a superior lot of "Silver" P tpers of the very latest
styles and best finish, the?# papers are warranted
never fa larnish Velvet p? pers, a large variety at
prices to suit all purses.
Gold papers from 87U cents per piece to $3.50
'sSilTer" do do 87 dc do do to 2.60
Gold and Velvet. from l,6u t> e. per piece to 0.8ft
"Silver and Velvet" from 1.11% cts. per piece to $2.21
Glased palters from 22 cts. Ui $125 per piece
Onglaz?d, 8c. 10c. 12Jfc. 15c 18c. and 25c.
Oak and other imitations at reduced prloee. All
kin'is of Decorative aud Ornamental papers, Statues
Groups, Ac.
Paper hung by experiunotd hands. All work war
ranted to give satisfaction.
Persons desir us to puichue would do well to call,
as my assortm nt is of such a description as to sui?
the most fast* xioui.
No. 6 Washington Place,
7 th street, 6 doors south of K street
m?r 11?eotf
IMPORTANT NOTICE?All persons in want of
Moii' y can be supplied with all sums.
Cash advance" on Jewelry, Watches, Furniture,
Groceries, aud Clothing All business negotiated
itrictiy confidential.
Pawn Broker, south ride Pa. avenue, between 4%
| *nd 3d ?te., t>pp. U. 8. Hotel.
| 9V Store closed on Saturday until candle light
ap 26?eofim*
fffSpJga New and second-hand PIANOS, of my
II II flown and several other factories, are al
ways to be bad at my Piano Wareroom, on 11th 8t,
be' w. Pa, nvenue and E st.
Old Pianos tnken in exchange.
Tuning also attended to,
ap 24?*o3m* ? C. REICHENBACH.
Privateer Pensioner*.
Ptssios Onici, June 3,1854.
CONOREcF having, by the act approved May 31,
1?64, made an appropriation for paying the
pensions if iuvallds (who were wounded on beard ol
private aimed vessels during the last war with
Great Britain,) to the thirtieth of the present month
inclusive, parties interested are hereby notified
that the following evidence of their being entitled tr
th>- benefits of the law will be required, viz:
1. Sworn declaration or memorial, setting forth
the vessel to which the pensioner belonged; his rank
? r ration; when ..nt in wh?t manner disabled
monthly rate of pension, and the date to which last
2. Evidence of identity, eltheT by affidavit of two
credible witnesses, or oeititicate of a justice ol the
The above evidence to be authenticated by the
certificate under oral of ihe proper officer, showing
ihe official charnct-r of the justice, of the peace, and
to be forwarded, together with the original pension
i >:rtificate, to this office.
je 10?eo-lm Cominis.doner of Pensions.
FERN LEAVES from fanny's Portfolio, second
Lile in Abyssinia, by Mansfield Parkyrs
American Fruit Growers' Guide, by F R E.llott
Lectures on Pulmonary Consumption, by Theop
ins Thompson, M D
Alone, by Marion itarlaad
TiMtolc^ii'.al Rshays, 2 vols, by Thus Do Quinoey
Parker's Book ol Mechanics and Engineering, by J.
W Nystrom, C E
'-hemietry of Couuncn Life, No. 2, by Johnson.
Just received at TAYLOR * MAURY'8
may 31*- Bockstore, near 0th fit.
- , _ l J " ~ '? -?
tiUABtaitHAHTIB'B GrriCM. >
Washington, Jane 16th, 1854. )
PROPOSALS will be received at this office until
12 o'clock m , on Monday, the 17th July next,
tor furnishing the following articles, to conform in
ail respects with the samples which may be seen on
application at this offiae, or at the office of the Assls
Uut Quartermaster, New York, vis:
8U0 uniform cap*
600 fatigue eapa
1,500 pairs army half stockings (all wool)
The above articles to be subject to inspection pre
vious to delivery.
Proposals to be endorsed "Proposals for Clothing."
j<i lfl?ootl'July
J BITTERS. M9- Ask fbr the botl le with ths
Portrait of the Inventor and Proprietor, and taks
none other, WM M. OAf NON,
Waehlnrton, D.O.
To whom all order*should be t&drecaod for AgHnHe^
frb 26-eotf
'?PHM subecrihswi having established themselves to
uf. ?^??brr buslnees, at the old sUnd of Win.
Bird, oorner of flth and It atroeU, are prepared to
fiirnisb all arttelee la the trnde on fkvorable terms.
The* solicit a share,of eUhi|0 patronage.
Je It -eotf oao. W. aAWUnT * oo.
THE undersigned weeld tespo stfaHy inform Us
friend*, acquaintances, abd ?he puhik generally
that he still continues to execute all orders in bis
line of business in the best manner and at the short
est notice.
RKPAIE11VQ neatly and promptly executed.
/r~ H FUNERALS attended to at
the shortest notice, and in the best
manner. Bodies prttcnei in Ms inert perfect man
rtr, even in the warmest weather.
v?*nkfal for paet flavors, he would respectfully
solicit, and will endeavor to merit a continuance of
Pa. are., s. side, between Oth and 10th sts.
Residence: Mr. Martin's, D street, 3d house east of
7th street m?r 17?ly
I WOULD respectfully return my thanks to the
citiiens of Washington and its vicinity for their
past patronage, and say that owing to the frequent
I jails in the Undertaking branch of my business, I
have been induced to discontinue the manufacture
; of Furniture, and turn my attention fully to the
UNDERTAKING. I have spared no pains to have
every thing that is requisite to my business, and 1
am therefore fully prepared to meet any order after
a few moments notice, and I assure those who may
give me a call that I will spare no pains to carry out
their orders to their entire satisfaction.
7th st., between O and H.
N. B.?Calls attended to at all hours of the sight
mar 2?ly
? yr '_a The subscriber is prepared to at
**5SB^BWwtciid, at the shortest notice, to an;
calls in this line, and will spare no pains to render
entire satisfaction to all who may desire his assistance
in performing the last tribute of respect to the doad.
Hears* always in readiness. Mourning Caps and
?Siiroude furnished when desired.
The subscriber beas leave to call the attention ol
the public to his PATENT CORPSE PRESERVER,
which has been already tested in the families of sev
eral in this city, to whom be can refer as to
its efficacy in preserving the body from decomposi
tion for any length of period.
J. W. PLANT, D street,
ang 8-eoly bet. 9th and 10th streets.
Shop and reiidencc,ncxt to corncr ol 13th and 0 su
Jy 14?tf
Banking House of Pairo & Voorst,
Opposite th* Untud 8tat?i Trsaiurf.
SIX per cent, per annum interest paid oa deposit*
of one hundred dollars or over, when left foi
hlrty days or longer. ?ep3?dlv
Attorney and Connsellor-at-Liaw,
Office on 6th street, near Pa. avenue.
mar 18?ly
New York, Texas, California,
New Jersey, Louisiana, Mirasuii,
Pennsylvania, Alabama, Keutnd:y,
Maryland, Georgia, Miekfcpri,
Maine, Wisconsin. Ohio, an 1
Minnesota, Florida, Other 8lal*?.
ernoi epposm to th? tki&scxt bueldoki. *
nov 10?y WASHINGTON. D. 0.
[No. 517.]
'V'OTICK for restoring certain lands
i.1 tc market in the State of Missouri.
T&e ^-raiit of land made by the act of Congress ap
proved 10th June, 1852, to aid;in the construction
of a railroad from the city of St. Louis to the west
ern boundary of the State of Mieeoari. known as the
'?Southwest Pacific Railroad," ha>ing been adjusts
far a? practicable, notioe is hereby given, that ?ll
the vacant lands heretofore withdrawn, anl Hill
withhe d, from sale or entry along the route of the
said road, which lie outside of the limits of tix miles
on each side cf the same, situated in the un Jer-men
tl >ned townships and parts of townships, which have
not been or shall not be selected in virtue of any
grant made by Congress, or legally claimed by pre
eruption, will be restored to private entry on th?
days hereinafter specified, at the ordinary m'nlmum
price of one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre,
to wit j
In the district of lands subject to sale at St. Lou?,
commencing on Monday, the fourth day of Septem
ber next.
North of the base line and east of the fifth principal
Township? 43*, 44, 45, of range 1
Townships 42*, 44*, 45, of range 2
Townships 44*, 45*, 46, raqge 3
Township 40, range 4
Townships 46*, 47, B^f Mo. river, range 6
Townships 46*, 47, <IorS. of Mo. river, range C
Townships 46*, 47, 48, 8. of Mo. river, range 7
North of the base line and test of the fifth principal
Township 40*, 42*, 43*, 44, 46, range 1
Townships 38, 49*, 42*, 43, 44, 40, 8. of Mo. river,
rangv 2
Townships 38*. 40*, 41*, 42, 43, range 3
Townships 38*, 40*, 41*, 42, range 4 ?
Townships 39*, 4>3*, 41, range 6
Townships 39*, 40, 41, range 0
Townships 39*, 40, range 7
Townships 38*, 39*, 40, range 3
Townships 3M*, 39, range 9
Townships 38*, 39, range 10
In the district of lauds subject to sale at Jacksoh,
oimmencing on Monday, the twenty-fifth of Septein
ber next:
North of the base line and west of the fifth principal
Township 37. range 2
Townships 36, 37, range 3
Townships 36, 37*, range 4
Townships 36, 37*, range 6
Township* 3o, 36. 37*, range 6
Townships, 35, 86*, 87*, range 7
Townships 34, 35, 36*, range 8
Townships 34, 35, 36, range 9
Townships 34 35*, 36*, range 10
In the district ot lands subject to sale at CUNTOif,
commencing on Monday, the thirteenth day of Au
gust next:
North qf the base line and west of theffth principal
Townf hips 35*. 37*, 38*, 39, range 11
Townships 35*, 37*, 38, 39, range 12
Townships 36*, 37*, 38, 49, range 13
Townships 36*, 37, 38, 39, range 14
Townships 35*, 36*, 37. 38, 39, range 16
Townships 35*, 36, 37, 38, rang* 16
Townships 35, 36, 37, range 17
Townships 35, 36, range 18.
In the district of lands subject to sale at 8pbixo
fixld, commencing on Monday, the fourteenth day
of August next:
North of the base line and west of (he fifth principal
Townships S3, 34, range 11
Townships 82, 33,34*, range 12
Townships 32, 33, 34*, range 13
Townships 80, 81,32, 33, 34*, range 14
Townships 29, 30, 31, 32, 33*, 34*, range 15
Townships 29, 30*, 31* 32*, 34*, range 16
Townships 24,29*. 30*, 34*, range 17
Townships 27, 28, 29*, 31*, 32*, 3?*, 34*, range 18
At the 8amk flack, commencing on Monday, the
ibnrth day of September next:
North of the base line and west of (tie fifth principal
^Townships 26,27, 28, 29*, 31*, 32, 33, 34, of range
Townships 28, 27, 28*, 29*, ?*, 31*, 32, range 20
Townships 26, i}6,27, 28*. 80*. 31. 31, range 21
Townships 26, 26, 27*, 28*, 30*, 31, 32, range 22
Townships 24, 26, 26*, 2!*, 29*, 30*, 31, range 23
Townships 25, 26*, 26*, 28*, 29*, *0. 31, range 24
Townships 24, 26*, 27*, 28*, 29, 30, range 26
Townships 23, 24, 25*, 27*, 28, 29, range 26.
At the hams placi, commencing on MoQday> the
twenty filth 4?J of September next:
NorVt qf the base line and west of the fifth principal
Townships 23, 24, 26*, 27*, 28, 29, of range 27
Townships 28, 24, 26* 27*, 28, range 28
Townships 94, 25* 27*, 28, range 29
Townships 23, 24, 26*, 27*, 28, range 80
Townships 22. 23, 24*, 25*, 26*, t7* 28, range 31
Townships 22, 23, 24, 26*, 26* 2T, 28, range 32
Townships 22, 23, 24*, 26*, 27, 28, range 33
Townships 22, 23", 24*, 25*, 26*, 27,28, range 34
The townships marked thus * being only parts of
to w.ishipiv or those cut by the six mile limits.
Under the net of Congress approved 3d March,
1803, entitled "An act to extend pre emption rights
to certain lands therein mentioned," the pre-emp
j t on laws of the United States, as they now exist,
are extended over the public lands along the line of
the railroad herein before mention^. Therefore,
| claUps by pre-emption Tvhicti attach under said act
to any of the above lands, must be proven up prior
to the day fixed for the restoration of the lands to
private entry, or as soon as practicable after teeing
this notke.
Notice is also hereby given to all settlers within
the SIXmile limits of the above-mentioned road who
were ttUkd upon such layds prior to their withdraw
?!> thi^t they may now come forward and establish
their pre-emption claims, if entitled under the act of
27th March, 1894, to the'satisfaction of the register
and rereiver of the proper land offioe, and make pay
ment therefor at the ordinary minimum of one dol
lar and twenty-five cento per aore. And such set
tlers on the residue of the lands withdrawn from
sale or entry on the 11th June, 1862, an likewise
entitled to establish and pay for their elates under
said ant of theV7th March, 1864.
In ordsr to prevent confusion snd insure accuracy
applicationsfe) enter the above lands will be received
at the land offices, respectively, only for the first
range (beginning with the lowest township) on the
day appointed for the commencement of the restora
tion of the lands to entry; on the second day there
after for the second range; on the fourth day for
tlii third range, and so on, In the order in which the
ranges are advertised, so as to have one day inter
?une between the d tys ot application for the acLou
of (he land officers thereon, and the adjustmen. of
simultaneous applicitions lor the same tract to be
pn( up at auction, and awarded to the highest bid
der among such applicants.
Given under my band, at the General Land Office
at the city ot Washington, this twenty-first day of
June, A. I>. 1HM
By ordet ot the President:
By iMPrMUwl of ika Vnlttd SuUi
IN pursuance ef law, I, Fraeklia Pierce.President
of the United States of America, do herehy de
bars and make known that public fales will bejfeli
at the undermentioned land offices, in the Tntlti
tort of MctnsoTA, at the times herein designated,
to wits
At the land ofilae at ftuiTOTiiu, oommenmof on
Monday, the eleventh day of September next, far
the disposal of the public lands situated within the
undermentioned townsliips, tIi :
North of the bate line and west of the fifth principal
Townships one hundred and one and one hundred
and two, of range fir*.
Townships one hundred a^d one and one hundred
and two, of range six.
Townships one hundred and one and one hundred
and two, ol range seven.
Townships one hundred and one and enc hundred
and two. ef range eight.
Townships one hundred and one, one hundred and
two, one hundred and three, and one hundred and
four, of range nine.
Townshipe one hundred and one, one hundred and
two, one hundred and three, *ad one hundred an 1
four, of range ten
Townships one hundred and one, onehunilred and
two, one hundred and two, one hundred and three,
one hundred and four, and one hundred and five, ot
range eleven.
At the tamn place, commencing on Monday, the
twenty-fifth day of September next, tor tbe disposal
of the public lands within the limits of the following
townships, rii:
North of Ike base line and ioett of the fjth principal
Townships one hundred and one,one hundred and
two, one hundred and three, one hundred and fonr,
and one hundred and 2re, of range twelve
Townships on* hundred and one, one hundred and
two, one hundred and thrte, and one hundred and
four, of ranee thirteen
Townships one hundred and one. one hundred and
two, and one hundred and three, cf range fourteen.
Townships one hundred and one, one hundred and
two, one hundred and three, and on? hundred and
four, of range fifteen
Townships one hundred and two, one hundred
and three,ono hundred and four, and one hundred
and five, of range sixteen
Townships one hundred and four and one hundred
?isd five of range seventeen
At the land office at Still Water, commencing on
Monday, the eleventh day of Sept. taber next, for
the disposal of the public In nds situated in the fol
lowing named townships, vix:
North of the base tine and west of (Tie fourth princi
jml meridian.
Township forty one, of ranga sixteen
Township forty-two, ol' range seventeen
Townships forty, forty one, and forty two of range
Islands in sections fifteen, twenty two, twenty
wen, and twenty eight, in township thirty-ihree,
and townships thirty-eight, thirty-nine, and forty,
of range nineteen
Also, the following tracts situated in the former
military reservation at Fort Snelliwz, to be sold un
der the provisions of the act entitled *' An aot to re
?luce and define the boundaries of the military re
serve at the Saint Peter's river, ig the Territory of
Minnesota," approved ?oth August, 1852, and which
are not sut^ect to pre-emption claims:
The south half of section four, south half of sec
tion five, lections eight, nine, and ten; the west
half and southeast fractional quarter of section elev
en, sections fourteen, fifteen, seventeen, twenty-one,
(except lots one, two, and three, reserved for milita
ry purpotes at the Ferry.) twunty-two, and twenty
three, exc usive of all the Islands in the Mississippi
river, in township twenty-eight, of range twenty
At the land office at MiraxAPOUS, commencing on
Monday, the eighteenth day of September next, for
the disposal of the public lands in the following
named townships, of which the portions situated
within the former military reserve at Fort Snelling
are to be sold in accordance with the provisions of
the act of 28th August, 1853, herein above quoted,
and which are not subject to pre-emption claims, to
North of the base line and west of the fourth princu
pal meridian.
Townships twenty seven and twenty-eight, exclu
sive of the islands in the Missouri nver, of range
Townships twenty-se^en, twenty-eight, and twen
ty-nine, exclusive of the islands in the Mississippi
?iver, of range twenty-three
Townships twenty-seven, twenty-eight and twen'
ty-nine, exclusive of the islands in the Mississippi
river, of range twenty four.
Lands appropriated by law for the use of schools
military and other purposes, will be excluded from
the sales.
The offering ol the above land* will be commenced
on the days appointed, and will proceed in the ordei
in which they are advBrtued, witb all convenient
despatch, until th* whole shall have been offend,
and the sales thus closed; but no Fale shall be kepi
open longer than two weeks, and no private entrj
of any of the lands will be admitted until after th*
expiration of tbe two weeks.
Given under my hand, at the city of Washington,
this third day of June, Anne Domini o&e thousand
eight hundred and fifty-four
By the Pro.-ident:
John Wrukijr,
Commissioner of General Land Office,
Every person entitled to the rijht of pre-emrt'.ftr
to any of the lands within the townships and part;
of townships above enumerated, is required toestab
lisb the same to tbe satisfaction of th!e register and
receiver of the pro|>er land office, and make payment
therefor as jonn as practicable after seeing this notice
an.l before the day appointed for the commencement
of the publie sale of tbe lands embracirg ?he tract
claimed , otherwise such claim will be forfeited.
Ccmmissioher ef General Land Office,
je 0?lawl3w
Pcf?s Office Dipartxr*t, )
June 16th, 1854. /
PROPOSALS for carrying the mails of the United
States from the first day ot October, 1864, tc
tbe 30th day of June. 18SS, on the following route!
in the States of TENNESdEE and LOUI8IANA
and from 1st October, 1854, to 30th June, 1S55, or
the following route in FLORIDA, will be received
at the Contract Office of the Post Office Department
in the city of Washington, until 9 o'clock a. m , oi
14th August, 1864, (to be decided by 16th of August
(From October 1,1854, to June SO, 1858 )
8638?From Nashville, by Clarksvillu, Cumberland
Iron Works, Lineport, Canton, Ky.; Eddy
ville, Dvcusbur^, irmithland, Paiucah, Cairo,
III.; Baldwinsville, Mo.; Columbus, Ky ; Hick
man, Compromise, gilver Top, Tetn: New
Madrid, Mo ; Hickman's Bend, Ark.? Canadi
an, Mile Bayou, Booth's Pouit. Tenn.; Ash
port, Oceola, A?k.; Fulton, Tenn; Randolph,
Pecon Point, Ark.; and Oldham, to Memphis
Tenn., 489 miles and back, twice a week, In
Leave Nashville every Monday an l Friday at 6
p m
Arrive at Memphis every Thursday and Monday
by 6 a m
Leave Memphis every Thursday and Monday at
11 a m
Arrive at Nashville every Sunday and Thursday
by 11 p m
Proposals for three times a week service sir* it.
-??? (From October 1,1864, to June 30. 1858.)
*738?From New Orleans, by English Turn, PoinU
La Uaeha, Grand Prairie, Jeesuitt's Bend
Ronguello Settlement, and Buras Settlement!
to Baliee, 120 miles and back, once a week. '
Leave New Orleans every Monday, at 6 a m
Arrive at Bailee next <?ay by 6 p m
Leave Balite every Wednesday at 6 a m
Arrive at New Orleans next day by 6 p m
Bide te end at Buras Settlement, and also to run
twice a week, will be considered.
(From October 1,1864, to Juae 30,1866.)
?03?From New Orleans, La., br Pensacola, Fla ?
Apalachioola, St. Marks, Cedar Keys, Tamps
and Manatee, to Key West, 1,000 miles and
bank, twice a month, in steamboats.
Leave New Orleans on 1st and 14th ef each
Arrive at Key West on 8th and 22d
ksave Key West on 10th and 23d of each month
Amve at New Orleans on 18th and 30th
For form of proposals, guarantee, and certificate
also instructions and requirements, (embracing oou'
ditions to he incorporated in the oontraetTto euch
exteat as tbe department may deem kroner.) mv
vertas*ment inviting proposals for mail service in
a isTT1""1 southwestern Statee, dated January
JAMES CAMIBELL, Postnaeter Gen'L
je 19?law4w
PERSONS traveling, and all others, should have
a bottle of Dt J. 8. ROSS'S PAIN CURER, and
h.s CARMINATIVE BAL3aM by them in ca^ ol
fiuddeo sicklies.*.
TO P. EVENT CH0BERA?Take a teasocoufull
of Pain Carer in a wine glass ef water every morn
f ? whenever you have pain, internally o> ezttr
60 <*ntf* r' lD b0ttle8 25' an<1
era Morbus, Bowel Cotttplnints, and Dysentery.?
This mixture is one of the most important medicines
and should he k?pt in all lamilies. As a soothing
no In cases of infantt
witb bowel complaint*, choWra morbus, restlessnew
?a 1?' i* hM b?en I*0*** a per>et
baton. As a specific for bowel complaints of adults.
it has never failed. During the cholera of 1832, 1834
a *h i i' ,m,!SiLn at> ,nrt"nc* used bejore
de^h had positiveiy struck the patient. I have
had returns from more than one thousand netae
WOO used it during those memorable periods t~
fying to its wonderful curative poWa
t0D?#j 8 ROH* ha w M- D', Pbila"
* regular PracUtioTer .4
Medicine for thirty ye*rs fn Philadelphia, is a Grad
uate from the Dniverrtty of pMnsyldi,"^
"l fk?iet0yU)rmr>r meBlfcer of iiL Medi
AU of his valuable medkines (? rtnudu for eao'i
W. H. Oilman, John W. Nairn, Patterson and
2f.?vDaBv ?lark> H" H "cPher^n wTSran,
n4wr#uce? J- B" >|mn. Waakiagton J
35 U,111)8 UA1K for sale on very
flT*rtm| Um*JOHA MAVKR * HON.
LouMana a venae, near owner l?tk stmt
n Steamer OPCF>?LA will re
her regal *f ttir? t? Balti
more on iUhSDAV MORNING, U? 11th instatt, at
7 o'clock. ?
Returning, Jeavw Beltimor* ftvy THURSDAY
at 4 o'clock p. ?.?^topping Leonardtown, M4
3t Mary's RItct, *d? lineal* eal (>,? imf
the usual landing1- on the Prfcotnar
jy 7?3m* JA3. MUCttKUi, Captain- ?
Connection botweao the Oran*e sad
dm Railroad from Washington
At the urgent ? louatfcw of %
number of pinoM, I will, oo
- after MONO AT, July 3. start an
extra omnibus from Washington every morning ?t
5U o'clock, calling mt nil the Hot-ls and at the md
.lescee of persons *h" may leave their crder th?
nicbt pcavfons mt P. W Hull s, near 34 Stnat, oe
A Lepreox, corner of 12 b str**t and Pennsylva
nia avenue. Travellers will thui avoid the trouble
i?nd inconvenience of changing snne thro* or four
liraw? at a uniform rcte of charge*. Passage 25
ornts; trunk p 25 oents; no charge for a valise or
carpet bag. _
Another ooach will Jeave the depot on the arrival
of the early train, and arrive at Alexandria ahead
of every ether lino.
K and after to day, the Train* Mil leave TtaltJ
_ more for Washington daOy, eicept Sundays
at 4'4 and 9 am, and & and Spa,
On Sundays iK'^am, and 6 p in.
Wilt leave Washington for Baltimore at 6 and 1)4
m, and 3 and & p m.
On Sunday at 6 a m and 5 pm.
Washingtoa to Baltimrre.... .fl 60
Do and return 2 00
Do to Annapolis 1 60
Do and r?turn - - 2 00
J. n. DONB,
je 26? Master of Transpoiiathm.
The Steamers Q LO. WASHINGTON nod TB08.
OOLLVER will, on and after this date, run at the
above rates. JOB OOBWN,
may a?-d Oaptntnft
Or as low a* the lowest?1
and splendid itwnitt GEORGE PAGE,Captain Guy,
now running between Washington and Alexandria
has reduced the fare to FIVE CENTS.
The traveling public will find rood and ocmfbrta>
hi# accommodation!) on this Boat.
Refreshments at all time* will be had, and at Auil
notice, and the very beet that eaa be got la the
markets. je 10 J AS. GCT, Captain.
The Cheapest, most Comfortable and Ex
peditious Route to Ike White Sulphur
Springs, Passing the Al Warm and
Hot Springs.
Arrangements bavin? been nade with the
owners of the new &nd splendid steamer
GEORGE PAGE to run between A'exandria and
Washington, a distance of six miles, in canaeetlM
with the trains on this, and the Wa^himrto? Rail
roads, the following schedule will take effect ca and
after Thursday, June lit, ISM:
A Train from Alexandria to Gordoncville, and 1?
t*nn?<iUt<i Stations, will leave the Depot, corner of
Duke and Henry streets, at 7 o'clock a m., on the
arrival of the Boat from Washington, giving ample
time for Breakfast on board, arriving at Gor-loa^
villp, at half-past 10 o'clock,?connecting at that
K> nt with the Train* on th Virginia Ceatrai
lend, to Richmond, Charioitef ruie. tuu ^tauntcn.
A Train from Gordonsville to Alexandria and In
termediate stations, will leave GordonfvlHe at
11 o'clock, on tb<* arrival of the ctrs on the
Virginia Central Railroad, arriving at Alexandria
at half-pest 2 a'drck?thnr allowing time to connect
with the train leaving Washington City tar the
North, and for Dinner cn board the boat.
A Train from Alexandria to Warrenton and Inter
mediate Stations will leave Alexandria daily, i^txn
days excepted) st 3 o'clock, p. m- arrt-'cg at War
rent at half-t'ast 6 o'clock p. m.
On Sunday will leave at 7 o'clock a. m.
Train from Warrenton to Alexandria and inter
mediate stations, will ieave Warrenton dally (Sana
day excepted) at a quarter before7 o'clock a. cu ar?
rmng at Alexandria at half-paet 8 o'clock a m.
On Sunday will leave at quarter past 12 o'clock.
To WarrftntoB.?M..,.M...MM..iM?..*?.*MMH**>..**^l 79
To Gordon*kllle .......?.?m?............ J W
To ChailottesviUt,. 3 74
Tj Staunton 6 M
To * Lynchburg 0
To ?Luray 4 29
To *New Market - 8
?Passenger? Jbr Luray and New Market will take
the train leaving Alexandria, at 7 o'clock a. b,
on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, connecting
with the stages at Culpeper, C. H.
* Passengers fer Lynchburg will take the train
leaving Alexandria at 7 o'clock, a. m.. on Moa
days, Wednesdays, and Fridays, connecting with the
staies at Charlottesville. m
aesengew for the White Sulphur Spring!
wi 11 take the train leaving Aleian Iria daily, oon*
necting with the sto^ea at Staunton.
Freight Trains are running daily, (Sunday Or
Per order: W. B. BROCKETT, A rent.
Alexandria, Va., May 29. may 81?tf
for the Round Trip, ONE DOLLAR; from Ales
dria, 76 cents.
The steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON will 1?
Washington at 9 o'clock, and Alexandria at 9^
ft* He
Obachee leave the Capitol fat the boat at SU; fere
for the coach 10 oents.
Perpons vrit-hing the coach to call fer them wQI
leave their residences with George and Thomas Par*
ker A Co.
49" Refreshments to be had cn the boat.
may 10?tf JOB CORSON, Captain.
sale at SUILUNOTON'S Bookstore.
Wodey's Ladr's Book for July
Knickerbocker Magazine, do
Graham's Magazine, do
Blackwood's Magsilne, do
Aubrey, a new book, by 'Irs. Marsh
Woman's Love, by Eugene Sue
Everything in the llook, Newspaper, and Stalfc*
ery line for sale at
Cor. Pa. av. and 4% st, Odeon Buiidlng.
jj 1?tf
X complete order, the proprietor wll be enabled
to famish his approved customers at all times dor*
lug the season with Lime of the best qnalfty tot
plastering and other purposes. The lime
tured at these kilns is warranted to be equal in
quality to any other manufactured in the United
States. The price will be, delivered at the kiln, 84e?
In any other part of the city $1.
Cement and Calcined Plaster can also be had at aB
times. A. W. DENHAM,
ap 8?6a For the proprietee.
LYON'S KATHAlROAi by the down, at
$2 26, or by the bottle. Chinese floating Soap,
Tor bathing. Perfumery, Combs, Brushes, Summer
Cravats, Stocks, Linen Collars, Hosiery, Gloves, ud
Mitts, Ae
Straw Bonnets, cheap. Silk and Craps do- at tha
usual low prices. WM. P. BBEDD'S
Fancy Good* and Millinery, 11th street.
jc20? tf
? ? ? ?'
PROPHETIC STUDIES?Leeturos on the Book
of Daniel?76c.
The Tent and the Altar, or, Sketches from Pwtrfcr
chal Life?7?c.
Scripture Readings, Sabbath Mcrnlng Peadtnci on
the Old Testament?76c
Apocalyptic Sketches; or, Lectures on the Book of
Revelations, 2 vols, 76c each
LWures on our Lord's Miracles, 75c
Lt eta res on the Parables?Toe
Voices of the Day and Night, 2 vui?76o each
I \ oicee of the Demd, 75c
I Church before the FVood 75c
?AU hboTe workw the Rev. JaLa Cum
London for s^e by n?Wth,i ^ pu!pU 0rttor ?*
7th street, next to t>dd Fellows' &Ut.
Je *4?tf (SentiaaU
Jj Journal of the Coarts of t endon and Paris?
containing four beautiTuUv and oar
ored plates of faibloc ^ ??????*'
Godey's Lady's Book tor j uty
Ladies' National Mas* aft* for Julv
The Great Mctorial Horn ua? ft,r Ae 4th rf July
All the weekly paper* for 'hif *eek
Everything in Um Log* ami btahotM--r un ?a
J0K ivIULUNOTOA'a booUeere.
Je 21?tf?*
n 1MTRODCCTIOH ?? u* lila.
L of Uie Roman Uw: by LutW sTnrtilap, cue
Juntas Diseovered, by Frsdfck Gritta, 1 vol
1 be Two R*nerfe mt the Mnee^ uj ^ GeelcevaL
1 2?ttt* 01 bjKA- P^aorr
ThsUiaiylt^ One, and oth* poems, by Bra. w, ^
Aloae, a hovel, by Marks iiarUai
Trarels In Armenia, by Ciuaa
Life and Its Aim*, In two parte
u!?!SifK0nw"'r **Ul
Tb* ?1??iz? c~m"

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