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the zroornro btab
4* Ik* Stxr Oflcm, on D itrtct, near 12a, Marly opj*
nit tKi firwnj HeUl,
Te enbecnoersin the ci tie* of Wo^fiaifton.Ocorj#
lewn, Aleiandtta, Baltimore and Philadelphia, a
fd 18 p^f annum, payable?CENTS?week
ly to tfeu Agents. To nail subscribers the rob
CUNTS a ymu ia advance, TWO DOLLAR8 for
MONTHS. Sisun roFiM on rurr.
iti will MmTismir
102 N&uaa Stroet, (corner oI Ana.)
J*0. n. COMSTOCK, Munnfacturtr
Hoboken Iron Works and Foontlry.
0n kanfl at lowest prices
wrought iron, HAT AND TO WP.L
11ACK3, H'.LL and GARDEN
Of tbo best quality, mads on the premises, by a f rjo
tlcal Upholsterer.
Every variety of Piltiaxtsrt and Bedding.
Ho. 9 Canal street, Mew York;
[From the N. Y. Correspondent of the PhDa. Key
Stone City. J
^ feature here, and I suppose with yon
.* tha now and elegant Iron Bedstead.*, and
Furniture generally, coming so much into use in
familiea, hotels, Ac. The uewest styles, as well as
the most elegant and substantially made in <*ur c;ty
Is gotten up by Jons M. Cokstocx, of No. 11 Canal
street I believe al-o, that his prices are lower than
many others in the trade." j* 23?lm
ON the United States Grounds at West Point is
now open for the reoeption of guests. A new
Do^k has been built by the Government, affording
a convenient landing for the steamboats.
Ptenm Ferries plying between Cold Spring and
* ^*t Poiat, and also between Garrison's Depot and
Miit, have been established to meet every
tT'ln of pasjengflr canon the IIunison River Rall
The V-6 and elegant steamboat A LID A leaves N.
1 <xk dally at 4 o'clock p. m , at the foot of llobin
? a street, landing her passenger* at the Point in
if ne to witness the ervening parado of the Cadets,
? id returns to the city at 9 o'clock a. m.
Other steamboat communications will be frequent
d -tring the day.
The Hotel ha* been freshly painted and renova
ta < for the season, aad the subscriber will be happy
I* icoommodate his friends and the public.
Jel5?t/ 8. It. BOB.
ADAPTED to any situation, unlimitod in power,
certain in action, permanent in us:,and withal
?o Hw in ctif* that they aio rapidly superseding all
ethers. It is especially recommended to the atton
tion of all icterus tad in gteaciera, Mauufactoiles,
ra^:i?rie<. Breweries, Distilleries, Railroad Water
Stations, Canals, Water Works, Dr linage or Irriga
tion far the following properties: Economy, Dura
bility, Simp.'iaiy, freedom J rorti IJibUity to get. out of \
order, ani large result? from Hie power agpU'^l. For [
Mi:: inac, Quarrying, Ooff-'iars Ac., they f.re pecu
liarly adapts!, tiise . aro manufactured of froci ii>
to l'j0,000 gallons per minute capacity. Call aud be
iati*fled of these f?xta, at the CElce and Warehouse
of Cnicu Power Company cf U. 8., Ns. 33 Broad
way, N<w York. Reaovr-1 from No 24 epporile
preseat 3taid- taay 22?-Sa
IRON RAILING, every variety, of Wrought and |
Ca.it Iron, aad the celebrated Wire Railing.
Wie&trsham a Patented Wire v'f.ticz.
For Prairies, iloilxr aJ.-s FLrctS. Lawn-. Garden?, ,
$2 p?r rod
The second wiition of '-lies I*ha .a o: tho It-on
id auiV.ture," containing^^sigus, ezplunatioas and
prices ot the abjve arti.ied, fcr~arled by aldrer*ing
the sabecriber.
Warerocm4, No. 31U Broadway, ffc.ti, Nos. 63, j
15, 57, a'J and fll Lcwid 3treet, New Yoik.
may 13?dtAugist
TUB subscribers having devoted their personal
attention fjr Liauy j-rtrs t j t-ho manuf.vcture
of BILLIARD TAiJLK?, are fully competent to exe
cute work that wiii give entir j satisCacUon to the
no eft fastidious Connossieur. BJu^ the mo,-, i exten
sive naBolaotcrers in the Union, th>y ara enabled
to turtiisii a ituporior table at 10 (er cent, lecj than
anj ntner ?stabiitiiuneui in the country, to which
(act they respectfully invite the atiin'ion of buyers,
as also, to the essential improvement* tl.ey nave
made ia the construction aud elasticity cf the Cusli
Lias which they havt brought to a degree of per
faction attained by no others. Always on hand Bil
liard Tables with Marble and Wooden beds, with a
large stuck cf Cloths, Balls, Cues, French Cue Leath
ers. Cue Wax, Pool Bail, Boards, Bagatelle Tables,
Silk and Worsted Pockets, Ac. Orders by mail
promptly attended to. Old Tables rer^hioned by
sending them by Express.
ULiiari Table Manufacturers,
ap 13?3ra No. &?) Ann st .New York.
COLLECTOR'S CASKS, a most conve
nient article tor holding bills aud papers, ua l
mailing memorandums, only Cic.
Portfolios, the largest, best, and cheapest stock we
have ever bad
Writing Pads, neat and cheap
Mathematical instruments, colored Crayons
Finest Water Colors in boxee from 12J4 cents to $7
Mon dramatic Board and Drawing Paper, all siaei
Extra superfine Alhambra cream lail Note Paper
aud Envelope*
Buff cream l?ii Paper an l Envelopes
A large and fine asortment of plain and fancy Sta
tionery, Visiting Card.-, Card Ca^es, and I orte
Monnaies ...
An extra good quality of Envelopes, for business
purposes at |l 50 per 1,000
j,. 16?tf 7th street.
ADAMANT. CANDLES 1SJ4 cts. a pound, same
price of common mould Candles ; N. Orleans
Bugar, twenty pound for one dollar; Soft crushed
crystaliz-d Sogar for strawberries, twelve pounds
for one dellar; superior Cucumber Pk klee, fifty ct3.
per hunlre<J, Vinegar given in ; Fresh nice Flour;
Smoke 1 Beef Tongues at oentaeach; Cf.rnena,
Tuscan Bordeaux, and other pure olive Oils Black
Tea, re-oinmended by the Faculty, at 60 cents a lb;
warranted better thau is usually sold f jr one dollar
a pound; Potash; pure Ba'eratus; Durkee's Bread
Powders Tamarinds, Ac., together with all the vari
eties of new and fine Groceries introduced in the
North. Coods delivered free of cost.^ .
Cor. I street ani Vt. ave^ Bt! John's square.
THE office of "The Inventors' Protection National
Union" to on 7 th street, opposite the East Por
tico of the Patent Office, and is now ready to attend
to the business of its members, namelv: in making
examination* an4 soliciting patents, Ac.
Inventors are invited to call and get a copy of the
Constitution and By laws, and where any lnlorma
tfcMi wiU be given respecting the Union.
\ll ^ii buained5 b? diwcuxl to tlii^ 01
fica, where attention will be given uaa^iatuiy.
A model shop to in connection with the office,
where models can be nude to,arder at the shortest
noritw T. tie tLAllV^i
ap 10?ly President I. P M- U
FOR TUB TOILET.?Hair, clothes, nail, tooth,
and shaving Brushes; dressing, fine, pocket,
tue>i, and side Combs; Tooth Powders ; Toilet, era
five, family, and barbers' Soaps ; Toilvt
Puff Bosk-. Harrisons, Hanel s and farina ColoRn ,
Aromatic Vinegar. Extracts; Kathalron
roos; Hair Dye, *c , at the Piano, Music, Stationery
and Faney Store ot J. F
pi. avenue, between 9th and 10th street*
\t|w MIISIC received thU week.?Ida Polka, In
i\ injtnar l'olka, Pattie Polka, Fan tan* on Jor
dan s ilar i Ro?d to Travel; The Elves, consisung of
variations on "Thou art Gone from my Gaze; Grand
Russian March variations; Golden Ring Maltzes;
This DarkW Heart is Sad; Few Days, and in addi
tion to a variety ot btaudard and popular Music;
P..- .... Ml"' I0">
We coin men cw wiling off the remainder of o?
Faa y Brocade, plaid, and "^ped Silks
te ?>U1 u oil (or out, or U) cor piomft crrtrt cu?
for Tr.t-llug Or.!??
^ ^ of^f ofV'thVSe article*
All persons iww have determined
oujhttoe^na ourstoci^e Qext ^son. There
^Lf^TiL^ns may be bad by giving as an early
fore great tW^may^ ^ collkY)
7th street, three door* above Penn. avenue.
}w ia?ecciw -
^StJRYhare on *ale several cheap editions ol
i mhimt French Author*, including Sain
^Tvfctor Horo
_..s? _ . njVk'ue JnformeJ tli?t rrank Lee
T"? n*?Srof Fashion for June has arrived al
A he's Qajette 0l A MAURY'S
pooWo*, nms WhAl
S;^to.l*Ueto"S **7e^e kernes the greatest I
favorite wherever it ia introduced. It in equally
Ratable, more wholesome, aud not half the price of
f w..er torelani wines. Many physicians use it ex- '
clu5.T?ly, and reccmmcnd it to all troubled with
rMn*ntj, Pyspppria, Debility, Cramps, Diarrhoea
,n *??7 pf*0BS ^Wect to Chilli, or living
in districts where Ague prevails, find its occasional
?&Vm!fa^?,,d**d?J,mbI# P"T???Uve. Mixed
with a.littlecold water,it lorms the moat refreshing I
and wholesome cooling drink in warm weather that
can be taken. 1
p'ir bottle, *5 per dozen.
"V 5J*^MER oorn<?r of Baltimore and High streets.
'"hiwtT^berty st Baltimore.
"rOTT k CO , Washington.
PKEL A STEVENS, Alexandria.
JESSE LANDIS, Frederick.
H. BUFF, Portsmouth, Va.
ROBERTSON k CO., Petersburg, Va.
WM. CISSKL, Georgetown. jy 10 tf
Boom: BOOKS.
Offer to the pnbllc at reasonable prices, a valuable
well selected collection of the most curious and
rare Wjrks, cn Astrology, Magic, Witchcraft, As
tiquitu*, Masonry, Wit, Fancy, rare Tracts, Books
of curie as Letters, The Fine Arts, Classical Litera
ture, Heraldry, Zoology, Natural History, Ac. 1
Together with Books on everything wonderful.
quf<^\it"nge, odd, laughable, whimsical, dreadful,
eut nt-tbo-way, and unaccountable.
And a very fine assortment of th? best editions of
tne works of the most popular and standard, Euro
peaaiind American, Historians, Essayists, Travel
era, Dramatists, Astronomers, Critics, Statenne n, Or
cal writers 0^c5encc> biographical and Geographi
Tcgether with about 10,000 volumes works cn
And 600 volumes
out of'prLn* 8re n?W V*TJ rare? beiD^ nearly
Also, always on hand an extensive assortment of
nerr and secocd-hanl 1
And second-hand NOVELS
At half the reguhr prices, i
Our counters are always stacked with the latest
Books, framvhleU. Novels, aud Magazines as soon
Confidant in our ability to sell cheap, wo cordially I
invite the book-buying public to call aad examine
our stock before purchasing elsewhere.
?ip 2S-- tf J. CATHKRS A F.R0.
Baltimore street, have on hand and are con
stanJy makin^r ew styles of Silver Coffee and T.-o
Silver Pitcbcrs; Waiters; Castors; Goblets
Cups; Spoons ; FoTks; Ire Tongs; Crumb Scrapers
lie, Jce cream, and Fish Knives; S-.lt Ollars; Bat
trr l\aive=, Ac., cf warranted Stirling S-lo-r.
je 22?tf Baltimore, M<L
SMITH 4t CO f Manufacturers and
\ X. .fcalera in ALCOHOL, CAMPHENE. LT1IE
RIAL OIL, Ac. No. 34 8. CALVERT STltEET, op
po*t* Water t treet, BALTIMORE, ill.
mar 21?ly
CANriELD, BE0.f & CO.,
? , 229 Bmtimorx Snunr,
Have on hand ro extensive stock of the above
go>ls, of t/teir own Importation a:id Mann fact urt.
Country Merchua s may rely upon getting bar
gains at our establishment. I
Orders from all tart' of the United States prompt
ly executed- ap 28?tf
O. m CnAnBERLAIH'S (lot
fc'al t'olltg!.
No. 1?7, Baiiimort street, Bcdtimirrt, ,kd.
rHK ostensible object of ihi< institution ia topi w i
in the reich of individuals proper ticilitics for
obtaining a th-ji-ough and rracti-%.1 mercantile ?da
caLon. A youn^ man can hare obtain a more cor
lect kcowlodge of general busineaj matter in a fsw
weeks than can be acquired in ue rnanj years in any
one counting house.
Tbc coarse of study embraces dmble-eatry book
keeping, nnd its adaptation to various denartinonts
of commerce and trade. Mercantile calculct-.ons
taught sccoruin^; to the most approved methods.?
Practical Penmanship, combining rapidity of execu
tion with 1-eauty of jonsmictlon. Lectures upon <
mercantile law, upon various important mercantile
suhj cts, beside many other pointu necessary fir a
book-keeper or bu?int36 man to understand. Time
necessary for a student to complete the course varies
from fire to efcht weeks. There being no vacation, j
?pplicants can entor at any time and attend loth
i'iy and evening. Examinations are held at rt*t-*d
peric<ds, and diplomat awarded to those who gradu-.
?te. Fcr term.-", Ac., write aDd have a circular for
wixded by mail. feb 4?ly
For Warthouiei.
The greatest Wheelj ever invented
for hoisting fast and eady with little
labor, having put many hundred in
I the largest warehouses in Baltimore,
Washington, Alexandria, and Rich
mond, and hare gives general satin
taction. Persons will save the ex
pt-nf? in a short time, to say nothing of the safety
bis goods are 6jl>jcc to in being hoisted three or four
sttriea above his head. Write to me
Comer of Stiles and President streets, Bait
Iron Foundry and Manufactory of Hoisting
jan ?i?0m Wheels.
Lloyd's Hotel, Baltimore, Md.
Btt At this Hotel, opposite the Philadel
^?phia Depot, on PRESIDENT STREET.E?B
Baltimore, Md., pasaengere can get theirJEJK
PER, on the arrival of the Cars. If wishing to j
remain over night, they can be accommodated with
single and doable Rooms.
per day. jan 31?0m
Southeast corner of
feb 2?lj Baltimore* 91 d.
Wl wish to purchase immediately a large num
ber of likely YOUNG NEGROES, for the New
Orleans market, for which we will pay the higheet
c&.h prices. -VI1 persons having Slaves for sale, will
2nd it to their advantage by calling on us, at our
offlor, No. 12 Camden street, Baltimore, Md., former
ly occupied by J. S. Donovan. Liberal commissions
paid for information. All oommunioaUoQ* prompt
ly attended to.
Jan 27?ly^ J. M. WILSON A Q. H. DURE.
The undersigned desiree to ?*.
call the attention of purrha-jBBB.
9ere to his stock of PIANOS,
'consisting of 0, GU, t)%, ud
T-octavee, with or wichout metaao frame*. These
pianos are remarkable for great power of tone, from
the lowest to the highest notes, with an elastic and
reedy toa^h, being suited to any performers. MU
SIC for pianos, and all other Musical Instruments
constantly ou hand and received as soon as publish
ed. The trade supplied on liberal terms.
No. 223, Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md.
oe 10?ly
Ed. Bins,
dim Grand amd Square I
Wa Ssua
First Prei
U. Gaxhls.
gi-nVfM KNABK. GAEHL1 k OO., mannfactur-1
If i ? |?*rs, Poe. 4, 5,8,9, and II, Entew street,
Baltimore. K. k O. woaU respectfully ?all public
attention to the great variety oI their IRON FRAME
PIANOS, constantly finishing, which for durability,
delicacy of touch, brilliancy of tone, they believe are
not surpassed by any now manufactured. In addi
tion u> the flrst'l'remium awarded them by the Ma
Slaud Institute in 1848 and 1849, they have received
e higheet encomiums of the most eminent artists,
who ueed these Instruments for their Concerts. Al
so, of our first cUs.^ Professors and Ameteurs in the
city, who hare highly recommended them.
piano* ii:;;ed
oe 14?It.
Offers hie Profeestocal servTces to the citisens of Bal
timore. Oaa cure all kinds of Cancers?take them
out without pain, or the use of any knife. He can
core all kinds of Fits and Spasms, Rheumatic Pains,
Consumption, Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Piles, Palsy, or
say other ailment the human family are subject to.
He can stop Bleeding lrom the Looks or Nose, any
from the patient, by knowing the patient's
name. He wee bora blind, and has studied several
yean under an Indian Doctor who was among the
wild Indians thirteen years.
4^ He can be found at Mr. Buckley's Boirdtng
House, corner Pratt aid Char lee street, Baltimore,
__ n? Tsd
Comer r/ Baltimore and Charfu street
WM. TA YLOR <? CO. beg leave to call the atten
tion of the reading people and h11 dealing in Books,
to their new BOOK, PERIODICAL, and NEWS
rArER ESTABLISHMENT, where can be found
a largn and general assortment of all tig) late popu
lar publication* of the daj.
They also keep on hnnd a splendid asportment of
plain and fancy STATIONERY of every description.
All orders thankfully receifel an 1 filled with de
spatch, and sent b? return of theTnafl, express, or
stage, or in any other way the p?r>on ordering may
Booksellers, News Agents, Pedlars, and all others
supplied with any Books, Magazines, etc., at the
lowest rates.
Any Book published in this country can be had
by Bending your order to us.
Cot. Baltimore and Charles sts., Baltimore, Md.
may 23?tf
MANUFACTURERS and Wholesale Dealers in
115 Lombard, between Light and Charles street*,
Baltimore, Md. may 29?3m
Th? Great Paritcr of the Blood X
Not a Parlidt of Mercury in it.
AnlitrUA13L1 RirtxDTfbr Scrofula, King's Evil, Rheu
matism, Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions, Pimples or
Pustules on the F.\co, Blotches, Bolls, Chronic Sere
Byes, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald Head, Enlarge
ment and Pain cf the Donee and Joints. Stubborn
Ulcers, Syphilitic Dioordcrs, Lumbago, Epinal Com
plaints, and all Diseases arising from an injudicious
oso of Mercury, imprudence iu L-Ie. or Impurity of
the Blood.
THIS valuable Medicine, which b&s become cele
brated for the number of extraordinary cures
effected through its agency, hao induced the proprie
tors at th3 urgent request of their friends, to offer it
to tr.a public, which they do with the utmost eonfi
ience iu its tittups and wonderful curative proper
ties. The fojlowing certificates, selected from a Urge
number, Mv~ hesvever, etrongur testimony than the
mere word o/the i;iopri3tors; and are all from gen
ttenen well known In their localities uid of the high
wtrespoctebility, many of litem refilling in the city of
R?chzr.e:d, Va.
f. EOYD.TN, Esq., o" Ute Exchange Hotel, Ittch
moai, known everywhere, says he has scan the Medi
cine celled CABirj;*a 8paic::jh Mxrnj&s, administered
in cm a hu ndred cuses,in nearly all the diae&?8J for
which it 13 recommesi'iel, vith the meet astonishingly
good results. tfesays it L: the K^st catracrdinary
medicine ho has ever 2;:c.
u^rtily that for thr*e yeare I had A.Tue and fever of
the most violaat desertotfrn. I had several Physi
riass, took !?-^b Quantities of Quinine, Mercury, and
[ believe e.U tbe Tonic* ad7ertirsd, but all without
nermaneut relief. At last I tried Carlar'a Spanish
Mi-itore, trro bottles of which effectually cured me,
indlamb;tppy to say I have had neither Chills >r
Pevero si ace. I consider it the best Tonic in t'ue
irorld, and the enly medicine that ever reached a.y
r?f.v?r I>ara, B9tr 'lichmood V*.
0. B. LUCE, Esq., now In thi city cf Richmonl,
?^d fc-r many years in the Post Office, has such conS
if nee in citonishing efficacy of Carter's Spaeth
Misters, that l.e has bought upwards oi ?3 bottles,
rhica he has given a.Jt'.y io the afflicted, Mr. Lu: k
ieys he has never tnoun it to 'ail rhea taken accord
ing to dirsctioE3.
Dr. MINOS, a practising Physician, and formei ly
it tho City Hotel, iu tho city of Richmond, says lie
kaswito^saodin a rumber cf instances the effects oi
Garter's Spanish Mixture, which were most truly su
prislnsr. He says in a oaseof Consumption,dejendent
)nthe I iver, tho good effects were wonderful indeed.
RAVirrfi JL DRINKER, of the firm of Drinker A
Morris, Richmond, was cuxcd of Liver Complaint of 8
fears Etandiag,by the use of two bottles of Cartel's
Spanlrh Mixture.
Qi?EAT CURd Of SCROFULA.?The Editors ci
the Richmond Ktyabli-j.in had a servant employed iu
heir prefa roo^i, curcd of violent Scrofula, combined
irith Rheumati:<m, which entirely disabled him from
?ork. Two bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture mads
1 perfect cure efhim, and the Editors, iu a public no
tice, say they " cheerfully recommend it to all who us
kflUcted with any disease of the blood."
1 very valuable boy cur id of Ecrofula by Carter's
Spanish Mixture. I consider it truly a valuable
ned'eine. JAMBS M. TAYLOR, Conductor on the
iL f. k P. R. R. Co,, Richmond, Va.
Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, residing la the city ci
Bithmond, yas cured by three bottles of Carter's
Spanish Mixture, if Salt Rheum, which he had
n.earlj tweutv yearr, and which all tho physicians
>f the city could not ouro. Mr. Thompst n i? a well
known merchaut in the c!ty of Richmond, Va., and
ids care is most remarkable.
WM. A. MATTHEWS, ef Riahmcnd, had a per
r?nt curcd 0? Syphilid, in the worst form, by Car
ter's 8parush Mixture. He say a he cheerfully re
jommends it, and considers it an invaluable medi
EDWIN BURTON, oommisoioner of the revenue,
lava he has seen the good effects cf Carter's Spanish
Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cases, and tayo it
is a perfect cure for that horrible die ease.
WM. 6. 1IARWOOD, of Richmond, cured of old
Fores and Ulcers, which disabled him from walking,
look a few bottlos of Carter"f Spanish MLs.ure, and
was enabled to walk without a crutch, in ? short
time permanently cured.
Principal Depots at M. WARD, CLOSE k CO., No.
J3 Maiden Lane, New Yo'k.
T. W. DTOTT k 30N8, No. 182 North Seoond street,
BENNETT * BEERS, No. 125 Main street, Rich
mond, Va.
And for sale by CHARLE3 BTOTT, Washington,
D. C.; HENRY PEEL, Alexandria, and by Druggists
Prke $1 per Vottle, or fix bottles for $6.
sep 14-y
rIE subscribers take pleasure in announcing to
the public that their stock of OA3 fLXTURES,
comprising some of the best and latest patterns, has
been received, and that they are now prepared to sell
at the lowest ratee. Persons in want ef Uas Fixtures
will please call and examine ?they will no doubt
And it te their interest.
Dwellings and public buildings fitted with gas-tu
bing at the usual rates
dec 1ft?tf Pa. av., bet. 10th and llth, s. Bide.
DR. 0. MUNSON has fitted up the
hooM and offloe on Pennsylvania ave>
rue. formerly occupied by Dr. Horn
pureys, and is making TEETH on an en
tirely new plan, with continuous gum?the rery im
personation of nature herself, only handsomer if de
sired. Public Inspection respectfully solicited. Dr.
M owns the patent Ibr the D. C., Va., and N. C.
All departments in Dentistry attended to and war*
ranted to be done in the very best manner,
mar 14?ly
with a history of the Language, and an English
Grammar, one volume of l,3t>9 closely printed octa
vo pages, fine London edition of 1852, throwing out
all additions, improvements, and commentators, and
reprinting the work verbatim from the author's lost
folio edition. Pike $4. Imported by
beautiful Continental Guards M*rch, dedicated
to Capt. John L. Smith, by Prof. S. Ehrlich,has j uss
liwn published by the subscribers, and can be had,
wholesale or retail at their Music Depot.
GOLD AND THE GOSPEL.?Prize Essays on the
Scriptural Duty of giving in proportion to
means and income.
Daniel, A Model for Young Men.?A series of leo
tures by Rev. W A. Scett, New Orleans.
Voices of Dead, by Rev. John Cumming.
The Divine Character Vindicated?A Review of
Dr. Deecher's " Conflict of Ages;" by Rev. Mosee Bal
Uncle Jerry's Letters to Young Mothers; oompiled
by Ann K. Porter.
Cattleman's Plain Eermons fer Servants.
Sunlight Through the Mist; or Conversations be
tween a Mother and her Children; by A LaAy.
Struggles for Life; or the Autobiography of a Dis
senting Minister.
Theological Essays and other Papers; by Thoe. De
National Magatine for June.
GRAY k B ALL ANT YNB, Seventh street
may 30. [Sentinel)
HAYWARD'8 HISTORY and account
of all Religions, Sects, and denominations, 1
vol, full eloth 60 cents
Barrows Complete works, 8 vols, octavo, full cloth,
Paley's^oomplete Works, A vols, octavo, bound in
three, $2 60
VAubigm's History of the Eefcrmatlon, I vols in 2,
&7 cents
Jeremy Taylor on the Liberty of Prophecying, 1
vol, 26 oents
With all diseases of the STOMACH and" BOWELS
so prevalent during the Summer relieved and nirJ
Ja?t it will be found that those using this article
have an almost tsmrTios lrom this diseases.
Every family should have a Bottle at hand far &
Delicate children, a'l Individuals, and TravelVrq
for health, should try this great Restorative ?ita
praise ia spoken by thousands.
As a Female Medicine HAMPTON'S TINCTURE
cannot ba excelled. As a beautifying agent It is far
superior to any of the cosrartics of the day, produc
ing a beautiful, dear skin, and giving to the cheeks
tile color of the rose, imparting to every muscle that
life and elasticity which gives to all who eniov
health, such gra:o and beauty.
Extract from James Harris, Eeq.'s Letter Alex
andria. Va.:
After speaking of wonderful cures on himself he
84J8 i
''Mfs- H. has been suffering with Liver complaint
and with inability, constantly complaining lrom
weakness through her whole system. She now en
joys better health than for thirtv years, being entire
ly restored by the use of HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE
__ I
Extract from a letter from J. Grimes, Esq.. Lon
don county, Va: '
"My wife has been for years afflicted with great
weakness, pain ia the breast, tide, and back, palpi
tation of the heart, feebleness of the nervous fyb
tern, loss of appetite, complexion saUow, the eight
or one eye almost gone, the other very weak. 1 am
pleased to say that HAMPTON'S TINCTURE has
re* to red her to perfect health. Her eyes are as pood
now as ever they were.
Call and get pamphlets and see cures of Couzhs.
Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Liver Complaint, Scrofula
As a family medicine it is unrivalled.
n*9~ Sold by MORTIMER d? MOWBRAY, 110
HalUmore street, Baltimore, and 304 Broadwav N
York; CUARLES &TOTT <?? CO, IF?. B
LING, w. Elliott, dm. Mcpherson, Wash
ington ; also, by R. S. F. C1SSELL, Georgetown :
and by C. C. BERRY, Alexandria, and by Drue
guts everywhere. jy j_ 8
P?T.?a?,nvI,in Dxpabtmztt, July 1, 1854.
ROPOSITIONS will be received at this depart
ment until the first day of August next, for the
complete construction of the steam machinery and
appendages, and placing it on board of five auxill
#ry screw steam frigates, to be at least 255 feet in
length, and of 3,000 tons measurement, one of which
is building at each of the United States navy yards
Noriolk?n' and Philadelphia, an J two at
.1E_ac.h be for a specific pnm, and include
ill patent feec for any arrangement that may be
proposed, and must state the period within xrhieh
the work can be completed.
The boilers are to be of iron, with telescope chim
neys; the propeller, with the connexions for hoist
lDg up, of composition. The tresh water condensers,
machinery for hoisting, ventilating, pumps, Ac,
*i?h appurtenances ot all kinds, must be th^se
most,approved form<rineengines. The tools and
Juplicato pieces necessary for an efficient cruisinir
ihip-ol-war, a list of which must accompany the
led1*06 aaJ #,e0 ^ 0041 burksre, must be inclu
All the wood and carpenter work necessary to
jdapt the vesrel for the reception of the engines,
boilers, propellers, Ac., will ba at tie expense cf tho
-jovy Department, and it will furnish the usual fa
pities and labor for hoisting the machinery on
lor the accoilunod&tion cf the <mtire steam ma
chinery with fuel for ten days' consumption, at the
?verage f pe?d, at a ioad draft of water of 23 fe >t, in
s.uding the keel, a length not to exceed 00 feet can
Jo allowed in the body of the ship, i ncluding the en
are space under ihe birth dock. The greatest
sreadth of this space under the beam will be 47 ft
ind the height from the timbers to the bottom of
;he beam 17 feet; the area of th9 eectlcn bein- 062
tquare feet ? 1
'Ihe Wright of all the steam machinery, water ia
.ne boilen and coal within the space given, and in- i
: uding the propeller and sheft, with appendages of
ul Kinds and spare pieces, ha? been estimated at 735 '
?ns of 2,240 pounds, or whioa i 50 tons Ls for coal.
llie distance between the rnaiu stern-post, and
.he rudder post may be rix feet, if that If ngth is ne
?f?ary for the propeller in a fore and aft direction, i
u&d the depth from the load wattr line to the top of
iie k?el under the prcpellwr will bo 21 feet. The
eugth from the mainmast to the stern-post will tc
ibout 112 feet. fixe area of the greatest immersed
ran-verfacd section to the deep load line wiil be 835
tquare feet.
As auxiliary steam frigate the spars and rigging ,
vill be those of a frigate of the first class, of 1,800
one measurement. 1
Ilw particular arrangement of the machinery will i
*e left with those whose propositions may be accept
kI as combining the greatest number of advantages;
he desue ol the department being to obtain the
neatest speed and power with the most economical i
consumption of fuel, which the euace available lor
-hat purpose trill admit.
The terms cf payment will be as follows: when
>ne-third of the work provided for by the contract
jliali have been completed to the satisfaction of the i
lepartment, there shall be a payment of one-fifth of
ne whoie amount of the contract; when two-thirds
>f the work shall, in like manner, be completed,
here shall be a further payment of onefifth . when
ne ship shall have made a trial trip, satisfactory to
ne department, of not than one week at sea, i
.hereshall l*? a further payment of one fifth: and
vnen the ship i hall have been in posseeairn of the
lepartment, and performed satisfactorily for six
nonths, the remaining sum sliaU be paid; the re
pairs necessary during this period, from defective i
workmanship and material, being at the ezpen-e of
1c contractor. 1
Each proposal mu?t specify the ahip for which
ae offer is made, and must De accompanied by full i
ind complete specifications and drawings, which, if
lesired, wiil be returned o those whose offers may
lot ha acccpted. It must also be stated at what ca
ablishmcnt the work is to be douo.
Each proposal must be accompanied by a guaran
e? that the contract, when awarded, will be faith
ully performed, and the i-uccessful bidders will be
equired to enter into security for that purpose In
die sum of three-fourths the amount of the contract
jy 1?2awtlAug Secretary of the Navy.
HOUSEKEEPERS and others are reminded that
the following list of articles are of the very
jest description, and can be purchased from the sub-1
icriber on as low terms as any other house in the |
i d ^ ftSflortment and supply always on
Oils of all kinfa Queenswar#
. Brushes
Camphine Clocks
Varnish Lamps
Turpentine Chandeliers
Window Glaca Girandoles
China Vases
Earthenware Brittannla Ware
Glaas Ac., Ac., Ac
Goods sent to any part of the city free ol char a*.
Country dealers will do well to call.
^Tth^street, opp. Seiden A Withers' Bank.
IMPERIAL Prunes in small glass kegc; extra quat
lty new Eleme Figs in small boxes; bnnch Rai-1
sins, very fine; Cox's English Shred Utlatiner,? I
French Imperial Gelatines in ?hroJ and rolls, these
OeiatiuM are perhaps superior to any article of the
kind ever introduced in this citr, French and Eng.
Ush directions furnished; hermetrically sealed Fruit1
pure Extract of Tomato, Sardines, Fresh Olive Oil i
to flasks and bottles, 8ap &kgo Cheese, English dairy
do., .Jellies of all kinds, Saddles, Firth A Ross' best
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trench and American do. of all kinds, Baker's Bro
ma, Cocoa and Chocolate, Millards do , one cask Du
rant, Maglory brand, vintage 1843 Brandy, and one
do. Grape Juioe Port. These- are unsurpassed for me
dicinal and other purposes, and warranted pure i
Oirnena, Sago, Tapioca, sweet Cider, black Tea at 60 I
cento per pound, warranted to please?pure white
Castile 8oap, Montgomery county and other Hams.
AtX, Ac. Goods delivered.
... Z. M.P.KING,
1D J?" 01 Vcrmont1 and 16th streeta.
ap 16 W u St. John's Square.
ANEW and charming sett of Spanish Waltzes,
composed by Senor Pedro A. Daunas, and em
bellished with a correct and beautiful view of the
Academy of the Virftation, Georgetoarn, D. C. Pub
yi.HV * biu' Washington, D. C., and for
sale by all the principal music etores throughout
the United fctates. The trade supplied on liberal
teriu^. c . je 9
Nat Intel, Alex Oat, Georgetown Adv, Bait Sun,
and Frederick, (Md) Examiner, each St every othar
?J ?
PUBLISUKD this morning and for sale. Gen.
Cass's Speech and Bishop Hughee' Reply.
JOB 8HILLINGT0N'flBookstore,
Odeon Building, oorner 4^ street and Penn.
i une 8?tf avenua.
Doffucrrtotyprtfor 25 emit and upwards.
For the accommodation of those who want cheap
pictures, Iftbon <? Co. hare fitted np a fine
Gailery in Una A Tucker's Building, directly over
the Gallery formerly known as uThompaon,i.w
, R?a?mbcr the name and ba sure and find the
right gallery. WILSON * 00.,
^ ^ ?t*bw, bstwean rta.
AT the request of many of my patients, I hire
consented to pat up a class of my most effi
cient prescriptions in the fbim of FAMILY MEDI
CINES, each one suited to a particular disease, and
not, like the manufacturers of the nostrums and
panaceas of the day, promulgate to tlie world that
any me compound will cure ail diseases, and who,
(in the word* ot the prest Italian physician. 8pal
lanzani) "put medicines which they know little, into
bodies uhich they know less."
J. S. ROM, M. D., Phila.
For Cholera, Dysentery, Bon d Complaints, ??&,
This mixture is one oi the most important medi
cines, and should be kept in all families as a "(?pe
dis" tor Cholera and Bowel Complaints it has nev
er failed. Dysentery ?vanishes in a few days when
this article fa used as dire-tod. Prioe 25c.
Dr. J. 8. Ross's Pain Cuius, will cure Stiff Neck,
Sore Throat, Pains in thn lace, Side, Back or Limbs
firem a Col l. Cholic, Cholera Morbus, Ac. It cures
Sprainr, Chilblains, Cramps or Pains in the Stom
ach or Bowels. Price 12)i 23, and 10 cfs.
Dr. J. S. Rosx's Extract or Bveav is ooe of the
best remelies ever used for diseases of the Kidney*,
Bladder, Ac. Price 50c.
Da. J. 8. Sou's Nxavocs akd Iimoojunaa Cor
dial, for Heart Disease, all Nervous Affections, Flat
u'?sco, Heart Burn, Restlessness, Numbness, Neu
ralgia, raising the spirits, and giving power to the
whole system, it is dmost miraculous in its effect
60 cents a bottle. -
Da. J. 8. Ro3x's Dtspsftio CoifPCUFD, a sure cure
for Dyspepsia, Liver Complaints, and indigestion,
when taken iu conjunction with his Alterative or
Family Pills. Price of both 76c.
Di. J. 8. Kost'u doLDETf Pius for Falling of the
Womb, Female Weaknef. Debility, and Relaxation.
They have a peculiar affinity for the debilitated
murcles of the femalo, and in no instanae have tliey
failed in radically curing those distressing com
plaints females are so often subject Price 60 cents.
Dr. J. S. Rosx's Asti-pilious or Railroad Pills.?
These pills are not warranted to oure in every mal
ady or disease inc.dent to man, but they are a grand
remeiy for a BiliouE state ot th? system ond com
mon fevers. When used with Dr. Rose's Tonic Mix
ture, will cure the most stubborn cases of Bilious
Fever or Fever and Ague. Price V2% and 25c.
Dr. J. S. Rosx's 8ap.saparilla Compound, for all
Skin Diseases and for purifying the Blood, it is su
perior to all others. Price 50c. and $1.
Dr.. J. 8. Ross's Elixir op Opium, free from all the
bad effacts of Opium or Loudanum, such as Head
ache, Gonstii ation, or Sick Stomach. Price 25c.
All whoro Constitutions are impaired by disease or
weak by nature, should read Dr. J. 6. Foee's "Medi
cal Adviser, (which contains a description of the Dis
eases of our climate and the mode of treatment) It J
can bo had without charg? of
Z. D. Oilman, Charles Stott & Co., W. ?. Oilman,
John W. Nairn, i'r.tterson A Nair^D. B. Clark,
H H McPherson, William T. Evans, Kidwell A Uw
renoe, J. It. Moore, Washington; J. L. Kidwell,
CforgitowE; ?al by all dealfrs In AI;sa?dria, Vir
gin!*. je 27?
ZO~22* ?3 IP 353 PSIA 9
f3?h as Cocs'ination, inward Pilse, i'ullnaas of Blo<d
to the Hiad, Acidity of the Etonach, Nap.-e*,
Hsartb'irn, Digest for Food, Fullness cr Weight in
the Stomach, jour Uru-'tation?-, biaktcg or Flutter
ing Rt the lit cf the Stomach, Swimming of the
Ht 3^, Hurried and Difficult Breathing, Fluttering
at the Usart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations
when in a lying posture. Dimness of Vision, Dotf
or Webe before the sight, Fever and Dull Pain iis
the head, Deflcicncy ef Perspiration, Yellowness ol
the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest,
Limbs, Ac.. Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning in
the FUsh, Constant Imaginings of evil, and Great
Depression cf Spirits,
CA3 ?i xrnoioAur cuaro by
Ho. ISO Arch strict, Ptalladelphla.
j.-eir power ovar the above diseases is not excelled
tfej vailed,'07 any other preparation in the linked
Stats as the cures attest, in many cases alter skil
ful phyricians had failed.
Thene bitters i
i are worthy the attention of invalid?.
Possessing great virtaas in the rectification of die- j
eases of the Liver and leafer glands, exorcising the
most searching powers in weakness and affectiens ol
the digestive organs, they are, withal, safe, certain,
and pisaeact.
Pnn.Anai.pnTA, March, 1,1863.
Dr. C. M. Jackson: Dear Sir?For the past two
years I have been severely afilicted with Liver Com
plaint, Dyspepsia, Bilious Diarrhoea, and Piles, sui
fering in a great degree owi?tanUy, the pains and in
conveniences attendant upon such diseases, without
energy, being scarcely able to ft tend to any busi
ness. I lost a great deal ?fmy flesh, and used many
kinds of modicine, with no apparent change, until I
commenced with your "Z/o^and'i German Bitters,"
they have entirely cured me. I have gained in
weight over forty pounds since I commenced thalr
use, and I am now entirely fx to from pcin and ache
of aay kind, and feel like a n?w man. I unhesitat
ingly recommend your Bitters to all invalids.
Yours, respectfully,
No. 12 Lagrange Plase
W. n. Adami, pub. cf ti? Argus, Werton,
Ho., July 17,1851, said: "I was last summer so very
low and weak as not to be able to stand at the case
longer than one hour at a time. I triad one bottle
of your German Bittors, which entirely cured me. I
have used two bottles. I sent two bottles 160 miler
from here to a friend who had been eiok for a Ion#
time; hi has also been cured by them. I believe
them to be superior to any medicine now in use."
E. B. Perkins, Marietta, Ohio, Feb 22,1851,
said: "Ycur Bitters are highly prixed by these who
have used them. In a case ef Liver Complaint, ei
leng standing, Khich had resisted the skill Of sexy
era! physicians, waa entirely eared fc7 the use of I
in, K.cac?lm*tr? Jewclkr, Wocster. O., Dec.
2d, 1861,5<dd: "I embrace thia opportunity of in
forming you of the great benefit I have derived from
the use of Dr. Heofiand's German Bitten. I have
nsod them for Chills and Fever, and Disordered
Stomach, and found relief in every caw. They are
the best remedy for Disordered Stomach |I think in
existence." 1
D. Jfi. Syfc.es? Eaq., Eiikr of the Courier,
Norwicli, Conn., said: "I have been using you* Get
man Bitters for some time, for Dyppepsia, and hare
found so much relief from them, that I have made
up my mind fo give them ? first rale aditorial m
HoId??t Kemp, * Co., Janesville, Wis*
Sept. 1851, said: "Your German Bitters are deserved
ly popular h*re, and among all the prepared medi
cines on our shelves, none have we sold which have
fiven the satisfaction of Hoofland's German Bittera."
una 2d, 1852, they said: "We recommend them ae
an invaluable spring and summer medicine."
W. M. Orr, Wooster, O.. October 2d, 1862, sakfc
"You ask me my opinion of the German Bitters. -?
have used them for Dyspepsia and Indigestion, ana
take pleasure in stating that I think they are the
very best remedy extant for the above complaints?
U\ty are decidedly in the advance of ell tKc proprt
elory medicines cf the day."
?.?Mr. Orr if a distinguished lawyar of Wooster.
These Bitters a. s nrrmsLY vjoxtaelx. Thry ntotr
pratrait the syiUm, but invigorate it.
\ For sale in Washington by Z. D. OILMAN;
In Georgetown by J. L. KroWELL.
?Mr?.W gfvfJ/MliiS
do fiETn HANCB.
Xn Norfolk by M> A. SANTOS A BON.
And by reaptt :tbl? diners in mediciiie tietf*
where. d"" *?*?
YOU will find at the same OLD STAND, Pennsyl
vania avenue near 12th str?et opposite the
Irvine Hotel, LOOKING GLASSES with or without
Frames; Portrait, Picture and Miniture Frames of
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Cartridge box, ballot box, and band
box ; but the greatest of those is the bandbox
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atv of Fancy Goods and Millinery at
SHEDD*S, 11th et., above Pa. ave.
K. B Just received a fine assortment of Toilet
uul Shaving Soap, Extracts, and Colognes
je 9?tf - '? " ?
A card.
LADIES wishing their figure Improved will de
well to caU on MRS. M. A. BATON,
one door west 13th St., on Pa- avenue.
Ten Yoang Ladies wanted at the above nisinea
Good wagps given. L
Samuel T. Taylor's drees cutting 52* J?
my re si dt nee at 8}^ In Ihe morning and 7 o dock in
the evening. . , ? , _ ,
Mrs. Eaton returns thaaks to the ladies of Wash
ington for the liberal patronage hitherto bestowed
upon her. aq? hopes to merit the renewal of their
ftTors at be* cew retfdenoe. Jt w?W3W* ?
of Mr. Schuyler, says the
Buffalo Advertiser, furnishes a whole ser
mon to snobs eveiywhere, and especially
in New York, which may be listened to
with profit by that large and increasing
class of persons. The family of Schuy
ler is one of the most respectable in the
country, and so far this man differs from
most of those who build extravagant
houses, drive expensive equipages, and
dish and spend the money ol other peo
ple, in that most snobish of all cities?
the great, noisy, dirty city of New York.
Occasionally one of the 44 aristocracy"
comes down with a rush, and the a there
opens a scene of extravagance, folly and
fraud, that appals the public who live in
quiet country villages, or dwell upon the
broad farms in the rural districts, who
have heard with wonder of the noble
mansions, and the many servants, and
the gold and silver of these city lords.
And so it is that extravagance and a
foolish desire to live in large houses, and
own grand carriages?to outdo one an
other in these things, besides being ridic
ulous in itself, brings the miserable fam
ily that try it down to boggary and ruin,
Of entail upon their children habits **,nd
notions of life that utterly destroy tlicm.
It is the great prevailing vicc of this time;
it may indeed be called the grand char
acteristic of the times. It is manifested
more or less in all cur cities and villages,
and its influences is seen in the debase
ment of men and women, and the com
plete ruin of cbildrea. Every successful
speculator , or fortune operator, mast im
itate, and if possible excel, his neighbor
the lucky banker or money-making gro
cer; and to do this without regard to ex
pense, away they go into the marble and
satin, the rosewood and silver, keep ex
travagant carriages with horses to match,
and give parties where Brussels and Wil
ton outvie in their color, the silks and
the wine which make up the chief part of
the entertainment. Up goes the new
house, with all the decoration which a
vulgar or a refined taste may suggest.?
Up it goes into the air a huge pile, or a
fantastic residence, but not a room in it
for the comfort of the owner and his fam
ily?all of it for show and the public
gaze. The women flaunt about in lace
&ud laziness, or recline upon soft cush
ions in fine carriages, neither knowing
?or caring whether the money that keeps
them up be stolen or honestly gained.?
They are happy in Fifth avenue glory,
md the fact that they dash as much as
the richest of their neighbors. (
For an American of fortune ?real solid .
fortune?to dash into all these extrava
gances is folly; but that man is guilty ?
>f real wickedness who, upon a little (
noney goes to such vast and foolish ex- j
pense; for lie must rob somebody to
:arry out his plans ; or if he has enough
.0 warrant it all, his children, when his ,
brtune is divided among them, will have (
ill the silly and extravagant notions of ,
heir father, without his money to give \
hem reality. Out of all this miserable (
ife there springs evils worse than bank- ,
?uptcy. The sins of the father are visit
ed upon the children to the third gene- j
?ation. Of what use to society are the
children of such people ? Sons who have
been educated to believe that all this ,
splendor constitutes the best of life, and
iiat fast horses and champaigne are em- ,
blematic of high life. Daughters brought
jp by a silly, ridiculous mother, who ,
5lories in her carpets and her curtains, j
:ier carriage and her parties, and the
"ashionable training of her children- (
Nice creatures these for a life battle (
n a world where energy and industry
ind endurance are worth more than all
.he airs, graces, and style that they j
learned in the paternal drawing of for- ,
jign masters. Out of this struggle to
excel in this sort of life, there springs,
fraud and chicanery, and all manner of
:rime ; for in the contest gold, gold, is
the end and aim of all?the means are
not regarded. The sensible part of the
community laugh at this folly, and laugh
loudly, too, at the coarse vulgarity pa
rading itself in gay equipages, and mov
ing about with all the airs and affecta
tions of snobbish high life?people ele
vated above their fellows by a stock ope
ration or a rise in town lots, and rejoic
ing thereafter in flashy vehicles and in
gaudy horses.
If they made idols of themselves alone,
it would all be proper enough. But the
cttcct upon their families and on society
is most to be dreaded. In a country
where the law divides among a man's
heirs all his estate after death, unless dis
posed of by will, and where the chances
are that property will not remain in the
family beyond the second generation, it
is utter folly to build palaces to live in ;
far better would it be to expend the same
in building schools or founding asvlunis,
the benefit of which the rich man s heirs
may need. On, on, goes our American
life! helter skelter?hurly burly?on it
goes! Dash?make a sensation?get
money?honestly if you can?but get
money?educate children after the same
fashion, and then die and be forgotten.
In conncction with the purpose of the
foregoing articles, we append a few gen
eral hints on a severe and not unfrequently
a fatal casualty, which is apt to occur
during the hot months of our Summer,
especially in a crowded city, and princi
pally ?TTmng those engaged in active and
violent exertion while exposed to the
rays of the sun, and hence called coup
de-soliel, or sunstroke.
Many fatal errors arc committed in the
first moments of alarm on the occurrence
of this accident?errors, the evil conse
quences of which all the subsequent skill
and care of the physicians are sometimes
ineffectual in remedying. The promi
nent symptoms of the attack are giddi
ness, faintness, amounting in some in
stances to complete insensibility or ap
parent death.
The first and best thing to be accom
plished. is to remove the patient into a
cool room or shady spot, laying him ear
fully on the back, with the head very
slightly, if at all, raised. Send for a
Sprinkle the face with cool water, un
tie all strings, handkerchiefs, or banda
ges from the throat, chest or waist. Rub
the hands and feet briskly, and if the
patient can swallow, administer a little
brandy sad water, or a litUe, .spirits of
la? ? gr?*icr nrwy of
M Amu! U uj otLu?la paHtoS M MMhpi
rincofigi I M
Tea do.._. ? m
Tweary do IS ?
ll^Cin, nntum m im
?P-8hM*? tapta (ta wppi)
a Um eouater, lamadtorly ate (*? IBM at tfaa
papac ft?<wTuaC(R*.
Powub ?a< arba act aa ?geata w?l N aflowad a
coBinuittnos o< twrnty prr ornt
hartshorn in water, in small quanta tics
at a lime. Promote free respiration by
fanning aod preventing the crowding of
persons around. Prevent strenuously
the drinking of large draughts of cold
water, however urgent the request of the
patient may be, until paction Cakes
If there should be any delay in the ar
rival of a physician, and the patient
should not rally, the rubbing of the limbs
must be continued, and in addition, mus
tard poultices may be applied over the
soles of the feet and the pit of the stom
ach, and an emetic of mustard and water
i.iay be administered, particularly if the
patient, as is too often the case, imme
diately previous to his seizure, has been
drinking cold water in large quantities.
Such precautions, judiciously, consist
ently and perseveringly used, will fre
quently restore auimation and produce
reaction, after which the patient must
be treated by a physician.?American
Mcdicul Monthly.
To Destroy Vermin ok Animals and
liuais?6.W. Kendall, one of the edi
tors of the New Orleans Picayune, in h??
letter from Paris to that journal, gives
the subjoined recipe for destroying vur
min on animals, plants and treee. The
remedy is simple, easy of application,
and worthy of at least a trial:
The celebrated Kaspail.wcll known as
one of the l?est French chemists, has given
an important recipe for destroying ver
min on animals, and also on plants and
trees?important, at least, if true. The
P roc ess he recommends is to make a so
lution of aloes?one gramme of that gum
to one litre of water. French measure?
and, by means of a large brush to wash
over the trunks and branches of trees
with this solution. This Simple process,
says Kaspail, will speedily destroy all the
vermin on the trees, and will effectually
prevent others from approaching. In or
der to clear sheep and animals with long
hair, they must be bathed with the solu
tion, or well washed with it. Raspsil
mentions several trails he has made with
this mixture, all of which have been at
tended with the most complete success;
and he rccommcnds it very 6trongly to
general use. I can only say that if a
simple solution of aloes and water will
kill or drive away ants from peach and
other trees in Texas and other parts of
the South, the discovery will be hailed
with pleasure. At all events there is no
harm in trying the experiment A French
litre is a little less than three of ourpints
?a gramme is the five hundredth part of
% French pound. A little aloes, if used
it all, will thus go a great way. Were
1 troubled with ants and other vermin in
Texas, (Mr. Kendall having a large tioek
jf sheep in Texas,) I should certainly try
Raspail's solution.
CA plethoric, round-visaged indi
vidual was yesterday seated on the steps
jf the Custom Ilouse, bathed in tears, and
sobbing violently, having in his hand a
x>py of the Abend Zeitung; and the sight
sf tears lloating in Wall street, being so
unusual a circumstance, soon attracted a
;roup of people, curious to know what
calamity had befallen the mourner ?
44 Is your father dead V1 asked one.
41 No, oh, no: mine fader is not dead ;
worscr dan dat."
14 Is your wife dead ?" qucrried anoth
44 No, mine wife is not dead, too ; she
shoost sits and schmokes a pipe all day
44 Has your wife sloped with some
other feller ?" asked a newsboy, with
dilapidated corduroys and a badly kept
pair of feet.
44 You tink I'd cry for dat ?" was the
indignant rejoinder. 44 No, intccd ; no
such ding."
44 Ilowld aisy," suggested an apple
weman, with a sympathetic countenance,
through which the perspiration exuded
profusely?44 howld aisy ; maybe his wife
is dead in the ould counthry, or the
childher sick, or maybe some of 'em was
lost in the Say."
44 Die Schane Kntruma was lost in the
Zuyder Zee, and dat ish what I cries for,"
replied the mourner, unable to say more,
in the poignancy of his grief.
44 Was she a good ship ?" inquired a
sailor who had elbowed his way through
the crowd.
44 Yaw, it hold throe hundred passen
44 And all gene to Davy's Locker ?"
?4 Yaw, all gone ; but dat is notting,
and the tears tlowed afresh.
41 What is the matter, my friend ?"
asked a good looking broker, with a pair
of jetty whiskers, 44 What are you tret
ting about ?"
44 Die Schiene was sinked, (sob) lost in
the Zuyder Zee, mit? (sob)
44 Anything of yours on board ?"
44 No, notting of mine."
44 Well, what's the matter, then ?"
441 tells you what," was the reply, as
he wrung tho water from his handker
chief, preparatory to a fresh outburst,
44 site had more as twenty barrels of sour
krout on board!"?N. Y. Journal of Com
Shanghais.?A gentleman owning a
plantation on Jame3 river, Va., bought,
three years ago, three Tri's Shanghai
chickens for $75. The year afterwards
he sold enough to repay him thrice his
outlay. The third year (the present) he
finds himself the owner of 2,500 hens.
From these he sells thirty dollars worth
of eggs per week, and all the young
roosters at thirty-seven and a half cents
a piece as soon as they get large enough
to eat. His aggregate rsoeipts for eggs
alone will be $ 1,560 per annum. This
would look, says the 44 Tobacoo Plant,"
aa if they were not, after all, the boobies
and humbugs they arc thought to be.
Philadelphia Omnibus Statistics.?
There are in front of the Exchange, from
Walnut to Third street, twenty-nine
stands for coaches, from which two hun
dred ami seventy-five omnibusses are con
tinually starting and arriving. The re
ceipts from these 275 coaches, at a mod
erate calculation, will amount dailv to
about S3,580, giving to each coach $1.50
for each round trip. The entire dailv
expense to the proprietors for each coach
on their respective routes will average
$4.50, making forall the^um of *1.237,
lQ?Wg:* PfS'of ? to *. dm<W
jffiy among the owners of the various
. . #? ? _ .A.?p I V f4 $+0

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