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?f Thf ** War" Oflcr is I ?rated ??
O tttreet, ?*???! 4?*r wni fiwa I9tt
?r?r ihr jaactraa mf ljih Rcreet an*4
< Arenne, nearly ?**?>
?tic tm (he 44 Kirkwawl H*bm,? Ui.
?? IrrlM ??tel.**
Iy~TV? iarge circulation of the 8ta?
mokes it the most desirable advertising me
tzrum in the District. It has mart reader
m the cities of Washington, Georgetown
mi Alexandria, thsn eft the other Wash
i ^ton dailies combined.
CT We aro daily receiving requests by
letter, to mail the Star to city subscriber* and
others for a abort time. The writers, however,
forget to mail the pay for them with the
orders. So, of ooarse their requests cannot b?
complied with, as we mail nc papers not paid
for in advanoe. This is an imperative role it
t he 8ta* office. Our patrons will therefore
please take notice that if they deeire the Star
by mail, they should send with their orders
payment at the rate of 33| oents per month.
The Intetlixmnetr rejoiced over the ratifiea
tion of the Ruaaian treaty, and urges the en
actment -,f the bill to pay the creditors of the
ex-Republic of Texas in full oet of the Treaa
ury of the United States.
Tho Union defends the last Democratic
National Convention against a charge of the
livening Post, that when they (the last Dem
ocratic National Convention) accepted and ap
proved a portion of th* resolutions of '93 and
'99, that result was brought about in order to
commit the Democratic party to the principle
of nullification, and that oertain secession lea
ders affected it to prepare the way for a dissoiu
tion of the Union. Arguing to show that the
Committee on Resolutions, by an overwhelm
ing majority, refused to give any snob reading
ss the Post alleges, the organ says that?
" Du-ing the sitting of the committee on
resolutions at the last National Convention of
the Democratic party at Baltimore, that com
uiitice by a veiy deoided vote, refused to place
any such construction as is n;w placed upon
the resolution by such enemies of the Union
its are represented by the Post A very able
uebate look place in the committee at the time;
oue or two members contending that the prin
ciple of secession was maintained in a portion
of the resolutions of '93 and '9V, but the over
whelming majority taking the grounds that
the** obvious meaning and import" of those
resolutions contemplated no such contingency
as dissolution and secession, but that in adopt
ing and endorsing them the democratic party
was called upon to recognise them only in the
sense in which :hoy bare always been under
stood and practised by the fathers and frameis
of the constitution itself "
The Seu/tnc/ explains and defends the bom
bardment of San Juan.
.... Ibe Washington correspondent of a
New York peper says :
?* It is a mistake to suppose there are no
wealthy citisens in Washington. There are a
large number of rich men here, who have be
enuM. su by the rite of real estate caused by
the .heraJityof the government expenditures.
Mr Todd, the hatter, in Brown's lfotel. is ea
tima ed to be worth a million; George Parker,
.he grocer, *t halt a million; Otterback, the
bw;chcr. at half a million; Ales rs. Blagden,
?iraiuun.r, Duvall, Owen, Browning, Calvert,
t'*c Browne. W itners. Av., ur? ?it hitAvilj iu
teres p! in real estate. The late vaiuation of
.he ci'j amounted to twenty-four millions,
which show? a very high average per capita
for an inland town "
In addition to the above we have to add the
name of Mr. Corcoran. Mr. C. must be worth
at least a million and a half. J. C. Mc3uire,
the auctioneer, may be put down for $>>09,000.
The following gentlemen, although not mil
lionaires, would be justified in living in any
of the free stone palaces on the Fifth Avenue
of New York : Dr. W. Gonron, John W. Maury,
Lewis Johnson, William Orme, and Robert
.... (len. Twiggs, United States Army, and
family are stopping at ths National Hotel.
.... The St. Louis Democrat, of ths 21st,
contains a Istter from Old Bullion, in which
be assails Hon. Mr Phelps in true Bentonian
.... A subscriber of the Star, who is now
sojourning at Cape May, under date of Joly
26 writes us as follows:
" I have noticed in to-day's paper a tele
graphic dispatch stating that the report of
cholera is all moonshine. This is true. Your
note appended states that yau were informed
that there were a number of cases of Asiatic
eho'.era. and seven deaths This is not true
A certain M D. was called in to see a case of
dysentery, which he pronounoed cholera, and
he left the island. There has been but one
ease of Asiatic cholera. There has not been
a death among the visiters "
.... It is stated that the Hon. Uerrit Smith
has not as yet drawn one cent of his pay and
mileage; an instance of Congressional forbear -
anoe truly refreshing to record.
.... A delegation from ths Miami tribe are
now on a visit to this eity, having business with
the Indian bureau. Tbey?ere stopping at the
Empire Hotel.
....Hon. John G. Davis (of Indiana) h>
unanimously nominated for re-election by the
Democratic Convention of his Diat ict.
....Governor Bigler, of Pennsylvania, has
written a letter to the Hon. J. E. Bonharu, in
which he expresses hii perfect willingness to
meet his opponent, Judge Pollock, on the
"stump" during the ooming gubernatorial
campaign in that State.
.... A telegraphic dispatch appears in tne
morning papers announcing the failure of
Jvhn Tucker, Esq , of Philadelphia, llis lia
bilities are estimated at $1,500,000. Mr
Tcrker is widely and faiorabiy known to the
country as the President of the Reading Rail
road; and has long enjoyed the reputation of
being one of the ablest financiers in the United
States. His pubiio spirit was us unbounded as
his private obaritiee We sincerely trust that
his embarrassments are of a temporary nature.
.... The Democrats have nominated Charles
S. Lewis of Harrison county. Va., to fill the
vacancy occasioned by the death of Hon. J. S.
Bnodgrass. Ths district is largely Democrat
.... Mad. Ida Pfeifer, authoress or a
?' Journey to Ioeland," and other works of
merit, arrived at St. Louia on the 14th, from
.he Lower Mississippi, on the steamer Cres
eent City. She is sn routs for St. Paul, with
the intention of taking a view of the oauntry
preparatory to writing a work thereon.
The Luserns (Pa.) Union thus notices
oar paper:
" Among the moetraey, interesting, original,
and, witkal. authentic paper* on our exchange
list, is ths Washington Evening 6tar, by Wal
j ,eb sad Hope. If any person desires a pa
Cfrom the seat of Government, that will
p them oorrsetly potted ?p in ail that is
goiug on in Washington, ws advfcs them to
take ths Daily Star, at $3 50 per annum.
Cheap enough."
Mc?ic from Ellis.?John F. Ellis hasasnt j
ui ths following piecss of music: "Dearly do
I Love Thee," "How Softly on the Braised
Heart,'' ''Ws Hare Parted not in Anger," and
?'Lot* Sally, ' mm** by Barry Ufer,
Eacceu of the Spanish Revolutionists ?
Letters reached two different Legations (for
eign) in thia city this morning, eomiog by the
laat Liverpool steamer, which make it posi
tively certain that the telegraphic dispatches
published in England, concerning the progrers
of the Spanish revolution, ar# wholly decep
tive. The truth i?, O'Donnell'a career, up to
the very last adviecs in Paris, had been re
markably successful indeed. Wherever Lis
adherent* had risen?as they had done in many
more places than tho telegraph told cf?they
had so far maintained themselves trium- I
phantly. The impression in English and
French Government circles, when the steamer
sailed, certainly was, that his aims were most
likely to be speedily accomplished. |
The Bogus Earl of Selkirk.?Among the
rumors of the hour on the Avenue, ia one
searcely to be credited, saying that the claim
of the Mr. Humphreys (who now calls himself!
Alexander) to be the Earl of Selkirk, and.
therefore, entitled to the Selkirk estates and |
rights which have gone a begging for an heir I
since early in the eighteenth oentury, is being
seriously urged in the U. 8. Senate in bar of I
the ratification of the Fisheries treaty. Wei
can hardly credit the fact, inasmuch as every ]
member of the United States Senate, at least I
should be sufficiently well informed to know, I
that after yean of investigation, the pretence
thus set up by thia individual has been scouted I
out of Parliament and the law courts of the I
British realm, while he himself barely escaped I
punishment as the perpetrator of a monstrous ]
frand. Indeed, we can hardly believe that j
after having exhausted his own country's
fund of credulity, he should find grave United I
States Senators " green" enough to be caught I
by his pretences. In the trial, " in ordinary," I
wherein the nature of his claim was exposed. I
extinction of the blood of the Earl of Selkirk I
was fully proved, except that of hii son John; of
otartmoor. It was claimed by this Mr. Hum- I
phreys, that John of Antrim, was his son; and 1
that John of Birmingham, (England,) was the I
son of John of Antrim; he (Humphreys) be- ]
iog descended from the Birmingham John. I
In the course of the trial, however, it was I
made patent that the papers which were offered I
to prove the chain of descent from John of I
Gartmoor, to John of Birmingham, were sweep-1
ing forgeries, got up by a famous French wo-1
man, who followed the business of telling for-1
lunes, notoriously the shrewdest swindler ofl
her day on tho continent. |
All these facts causo the claim of Mr. Hum-1
phreys?Alexander to be hooted out of the]
United Kingdom, to find a lodgement here, I
where a joint stock specul ation upon it has t?;n J
gotton op to o(>erate on the Government of the J
United States?the executive branch of our I
Government having been found unapproacha- I
b!o with any such bogus pretence, Congress I
is next beseiged with it; a claim being set up I
it seems, that the British Government have no I
right to cede to us the privilege of fishing on |
the coast of British* North Ameriea, the con- I
trol and emolument thereof being the right of |
the French fortune telling woman's man
We repeat, this clsiin stands wholly on a I
forged patent?on a patent proved to be forged I
in the only country wher8 its validity could be I
lawfully tried.
The Navy Appropriation Bill ?Efforts are I
doubtless being made to induce the Senate so I
to amend this bill, as that it will increase the I
number of officers in the service of the two I
highest grades, establish the proposed retired |
list of officers unfit for active duties, and create I
the new bureau of equipment, towards which I
the House committee manifested as little favor I
in framing thel* xoform hill, as towards j
the proposition to make more captains *\nd I
commanders in tho service We take it fori
granted that these efforts must prove abortive. I
though the retired list proposition is roally I
wise and just. Being in what tae House com-1
mittee have voted bad company, it can hardly I
be that even that alone can succeed at this ses-1
sion, unaccompanied by tho other reai reform* I
which the committee aforesaid recommend. 1
Tho truth ia, neither the more higher officer I
proposition, cor that for the creation of a new I
naval bureau, are reforms ia any sense what- I
ever. So long za captains and commanders I
who rate on the pay-rolla aa being fit for activc I
duty, are in sufficient number to allow one I
half of them always to be on leave or doing but I
occasional shore duty, Congress will not in-1
crease the liat. Nor will they divide the I
duties of the Bureau of Equipment, Construe-1
tion and Bepaira, so long, as ut present, it I
proves competent to the most satisfactory dis- I
charge of those devolved upon it. I
From Cuba.?We have a letter from an in-1
telligent American resident on the aeuth side I
of Cuba, dated July 15, 1854, saying?
* # * " There ia the d?1 to pay here I
amongst the authorities, negro dealers, Ac I
Several of the wealthiest and most influential I
of our citizens, and others, have been arrested I
I and imprisoned for participating in the busi-1
neas, and what ia to grow out of it all, ia more I
than I can say. " I
Thedesirefor annexation begins to pervade |
even the old Spaniards, and if the Governor-1
General ia not soon relieved by his govern- I
men:, he wi!l; I thin*, be relieved by some I
other power. j
" These are exciting times, and I would like 1
to tee the result of the experiment now being I
made by tboae in power. Everything ia tend- I
ing to prumote the viows of our Government I
in purchasing, and I think they will Bucceed ]
in aoing so on their own term9." I
The Bayly Investigating Committee ?We I
hear that Mr. Benjamin E. Green haa been ex-1
amiaed at length before this committee, and I
that the uiuount of his testimony is th.it he I
knows nothing, of hia own knowledge, of the I
truth of bis allegation* against Mr. liayly, o! I
Virginia. It ia aaid further, that ho haa named I
Mr. Henry A. Wise aa having given him acme I
information, in conversation, on which he I
baaed the first portion of hia ao formally drawn
allegation. It is also said around the House I
Hall, that he asked to be permitted to file Mr
B.'a Mexican-indemnity payment speeches iL
the Hall, aa part oi his testimony, but that thi
committee declined to accede to that request;
the idea that there is anything in them goiBg j
to snow corruption on the part of their author
being the merest hallucination imaginable.
Light-house Keepers Appointed.?At Skil
agalee Rock, Michigan, Ambroiae Davenport,
at $400 per annum. Also, John Davenport,
asaistant keeper of the aame light, at $250 per
Boia Blanc, Michigan, Mr. Charles O'Mal
ley, at $100 per annum.
At Little Gull Island, N. Y., Joshua B. Ed
wards, assistant keeper, a- $300 per annum.
At the Three Beacon Lights at Holmes'.'
Hole harbor, Masa., M. P. Baitler, at $400 pei
An Asaistant Naval Engineer Besigncd ?
Hiram Hainea, 3d Aasistant Engineer, U. S. N .
haa resigned.
Official Bond! not to be Surrendered.?The
bocda of disbursing officers or agenta are filed
in obedience to law in the office of the proper
Comptroller of the Treasury.
Ia a recent case the sureties made applica
tion for the surrender of the official b<-nd, aTtei
all the aeoounts of their principal had been
satisfactorily closed. It was held that the la?
required bonds to be on file, and that there
was no authority to withdraw them except for
purposes of suit?no power having been given
by ftctat* to 49/ offoer to surrender tbep is
any contingency. On the final and satisfac
tory adjustment of an account, a certificate to
that effect from the proper officcr is sufficient
for the sureties.
New American Charges?From what is said
just now among the leading Democratic mem
bers of Congress, we have come to the conclu
sion that yesterday, or cn the day before, the
President tendered to Col. Jno. II. Wheeler,
of North Carolina, the Chargeship to Nicara
gua, and to Marlio. of Nashville, xec
O /
nessee, editor of the Union, of that city, the
post of Charge to Guatemala. As it is hardly
to be presumed that either will refuse such of
fices, these appointments may fairly bo con
sidered a? made.
The Current Operations of the Treasury
Department.?On yesterday, the 27th of July,
there were of Treasury Warrants entered on
the books of the Department
Covered into the Treasury frem
miscellaneous eouroea $859 55
For the War Department ... 14.076 26
For the Navy Department 13,450 16
For the lnt?rior Denartment 230 02
For entering on the Treasury books
by warrants appropriations for
the Interior Department....... 9,742 32
In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to
press, the civil and diplomatio appropriation
bill being still under consideration, Mr. Bay
ard moved several amendments from the Com
mittee on Public Buildings, which were agreed
He also moved an amendment appropriating
$300,GOG for the extension of the Post Offioe
Department builiing, so as to cover the whole
square fronting on E, F, 7th and 8th streets,
and including accominodatious for tho city
post office. After debate, rejeoted?yeas 16,
nays 20.
Thoy next agreed to the report made by Mr.
Pe^roe, by leave, from the committee of con
ference on the disagreeing votes of the two
Houses on the Indian appropriation bill.
Tbe civil and diplomatio appropriation bill
wa3 again taken up, and an amendment moved
by Mr. Pettit, incieasing the salaries of theU.
S. District Judges, was voted down?yeas 18,
nays 23.
Mr. Douglas moved an appropriation of
$25,000 for publio buildings, and $5 000 for a
library for Nebraska Territory, and as much
for similar objects in Kansas Territory, and
repealing the clause of tho act forming the
Nebraska-Kansas act, which fixes the seat of
fovernment of the said Territcrias ?t Fort
.eavenworth; adopted.
Mr. Dodge, of Iowa, offered an amendment
providing that the auxiliary guard of Wash
ington should hereafter be appointed by the
commissioner of the publio buildings; not
cgreed to?yeas 16, nays 21.
Mr. Chase moved to reconsider the vote
adopting the appropria'ion for the Washington
water works; not agreed to?yeas 19, nays 21.
The said bill was finally passed?various
other amendments being considered and die
posed of?yeas 25, nays 16, as follows :
Yeas?Me?sr?. Allen, Badger, Bayard, Bell, Brod
hpad, Cooper, Dougla*. Evan*, Fish, Fitzpatrick,
G*yer, Gwm, Houston, Hunter, James, Mr: I lory,
Mason, Pearce, Rockwell, Bush. SebaMian, Shields,
Slidell, Stuart, and William-?2.V
Jfay*?Messrs. Adam?, At?hi:?on, Chase, Dodge,
of Wisconsin, Dodg-*, of Iowa, Feaseiitlcn, Foot,
Gillette, Jonex, of Tennessee, r.'orris, Pettit, Sum
ner, Thompson, cf Kentucky, Wade, Walker, and
In toe House, the bill toincrer.qe the effi
ciency of the U. S. Army, was considered in
Committee of the Whole on the state of the
Mr Letcher opposed the bill at length.
On motion of Mr. L. that portion of the bill
increasing the pay of all tho commissioned
officers of the service, was stricken out.
Tbe Committee then rose.
Mr. Orr submitted the following resolutions,
which were adopted:
Resolved, That the President of thn United States
I)" rrqueattd to communicate to this llonse, if not
incompatible with the public interest, the corres
pondence between the Secretary of State and oui
Minister to the Netherlands, in Hie case of Captain
M. Gibson.
Rcolccd, That the President of the United Slates
be requested to communicate to this House, if not
iiifompritihlt; with the public interest, the corres
pondence ot our rvmsiil-general to Egypt on the suu
jeet of the expulsion of ihe Greeks trcm Egypt.
Tbe House adjourned.
Senate ?To-day, Mr. Rusk mored to tak?
up the bill to authorize tbe President to incor
porate the officers of the Navy of Toxas, in
tho Navy of the United States; not agreed to.
Mr Mason moved to go into executive ses
sion; not agreed to. i
The Senut?, after disposing of some unim-1
portent business, then took up the lliver ami
Harbor improvement bill: which was being
discussed when the Star went to press.
House.?Mr. Washburne, of Illinois, stating
that the select Committee to investigate alleged
alterations of the recorde of the House, of
which he is a member, were about to investi
gate a matter in conneotion with which he
could not promptly serve on the said Commit
tee?asked to be disoharged from service there
on. Excused.
The bill creating new post-routes was then
taken up. and after explanation from Mr. Olds
as to its provisions, and the fact that its read
ing would require two days, that was dispensed
wi'h?ayes 103, noes 20.
Mr. Faulkner, by leave, laid before the
House a letter trom the Secretary of War cov
ering a communication from Governor Stevens,
of Washington Territtuy, explaining that said
territory has rosenUy suffered much from an
Indian war?the letter of tbe Secretary ask
ing Congress to make provision to enable the
Department to accord the necessary defence.
Mr. Orr here proposed to make the bill to
increase the efficiency of the army a special
order for this day ; not agreed to.
On motion of Mr Chandler, the rules were
suspended for the introduction of Lis resolu
don caliing on tbe President for information
concering the destruction of Oreytown or San
Juan del Norte by the U. S. sloop of-war
I Cyane, Commander Hollins; resolution passed.
Mr Witte, under a suspension of the rules,
moved a resolution increasing the pay of the
superintendent of the folding room, Mr. Gait;
which, being amended on motion of Mr. Ed
gerton, b} the addition of a clause increasing
the pay of Mr. Lambourn, superintendent of
the document room, was agreed to.
Mr. Eliot, of Massachusetts, moved to sus
pend the rules for the introduction of a bill
for tho repeal of the fugitive slave law ; rules
not suspended?yeas 45, nays 120.
The bill to increase the pay of the rank and
file of tho army was then r?ad tho third time
and passed.
LIF* From the publishers we have received
the August number of Putnam's Magazine. It
is embellished with a handsome steel engrav
ing, and contains a number ot excellent arti
cles, among which wo notice one on the Smith
sonian Institution.
Important trom Vxnkzuela.?-By an arri
val at New York, wo learn that a revolution
ary movement had taken place at Villa de
Coro, in favor of Gen. Paez. who is in exile,
and it was thought that the revolution would
be successful. Genoral Juan Garseohnscom>
mand of 1,000 men of the revolutionary party.
The government troops number only 300 men
Colonization.?The Virginia Colonization
is ts notioe the fact that the heirs of a gentle
man of Virginia, lately deceased, wish incom
pliance with tho wishes of their testator to
send 48 negroes to Liberia in November. Thes<:
people will not be freed unless money for their
transportation oan be raised from private do
nations. They are appraised at $25,000.
Stoem on the Chesapeake.?A violent
storm occurred in the lower part of the Ches
apeake Bay on Wednesday night. The wind
blew a perfect hurricane, acaompanied with
rain and thunder and lightning. So severe
was the 6torm that all the small craft ran into
the first harbor in their course to avoid the
impending destruction. The steamboat North
Carolina, of the >r irfolk line, was overtaken
by the storm, and weathered it nobly.
py Tbe Franklin Marine and Fire Insu
rance Company, of Saratoga, N. Y., has failed.
Inabilities, 1100,000,
The New York papers of last evening con
tain the disgusting parti:ulars of a most dis
graceful fight between two well known pugilist#,
named Pool and Morrissey. The 'Times has
the following classic account of the affair :
'?One of our reporters happening in at a
public hotel at a late hour last night, learned
that Bill Pool and John Morrisey,?both rather
notorious in the pagilistio world,?had made
arrangements for "a hog light," (?the Fancy
term it,) to come off at 7 o clock, on the Amos
street dock, for $100 a side.
"The bet appears to havo been challenged
by Morrisey yes'eTday afternoon, at the City
llolcl, the conditions of which were as pro
posed by Morrisey and accepted by Pool:?
"You dare not figlit mo for $100?name your
place and timo. This is the language at
tributed to Morrisey- Pool immediately took
the bet. naming 7 o'clock this morning as the
time, and the dock at the toot of Amos-street,
as the place.
" At about 5 this morning, Pool, with a
friend, was seen to enter a row-boat, (the for
mer as rowman,) and to pas3 up and down the
North river. At this early hour several of
the Fanoy, already assembled upon the dock,
began to ruspect the place of the fight haa
been changed, and that the delightful sport
would bo lost to them. But the return of
Pool at about 6 o'clock dissipated all doubt;
and at quarter after six several hundred spec
tators had as3embled.
"The ground selected was of course conve
nient to the friends of the party challenged,
but no disposition was manifested to witness or
tolerate foul play.
" Fighters being usually before rather than
behind time, (as the time had now reached 6J
o'clock.) the prediction was expressed that
Morrissey would not appear?that he had
managed to bo arrested by the police, Ac.,
Ac. Pool expressed a wish that ho would
come?that he would fight him like a man?
aDd thought a d?d sight more of the fight
than the money.
" In a few moments, however, all doubt was
dissipated. Morrissey walked down the deck,
stripped for the occasion, where his antagonist
stood to receive him. As he approached, the
crowd opened to the right and left, and the
shout went up, " Stand back! let the two men
meet!" To this some attention was paid, (per
haps as much as usual in such a fight,) when
the parties met, "eager for the fray."
"Both squared, and each eyeing hi3 antag
tagonist wiitk a kind of calculating ferocity,
moving about for a chance for half a minute,
when Morrissy put out his left hand, and sim
ultaneously Pool drooped, seized his adversary
about the body and threw him. In this po
sition they remained, Pool uppermost, for 12i
minutes, when Morrissy said, " enough," and
the usual shout went up and the parties were
" Morrissey, supported by friends, left the
ground apparently severely injured; while Pool
was shouldered by his friends, and carried,
apparently unscathed, to the nearest place for
ablution,?where he, of course, partook of the
usual, though interdicted beverage of the Ninth
The Tribune gives the following account of
the 'set-to
" After very little ceremony Morrissey, who
was dressed in a neat summer suit, opened the
ball by making a pass at his adversary with
his list. The blow missing its dmt'nation,
Pool ssized Morrissey around the waist, threw
him with groat violence to the ground, and
then went at him with fists and feet, beating
him in a most frightful manner, gouging out
his right eye, the tight of which it is thought
he will lose?cutting head, face, ears, and in
fact, during the sppce of five minutes?that
beiDg the length of time the fight lasted?dis
figuring him in such a manner that ho was
scarce recognized by his frionds.
"Morrigsey seeing no chance of escapo, and
fearing that his life would be sacrificed, cried
enough, when he was released, placed in a light
carriago and driven away by a email lad. Im
mediately after the encounter was over, the
Ninth Ward Police arrived at the spot, but as
we are ioiormed, made no arrests. Some four
hundred persons had collected on and about
the river, and boats were lying by to witness
tho disgraceful affair. Pool received but very
slight irjuries; one of his eyes being consid
erably blacked. After the fight had ended.
Pool, with a friend or two, jumped into a boat
and rowed up the river. It is s'atod that
Morrissey chose this rough and tumble manner
of lightiug lie alleges that several persons
were upon and striking him *t the same time,
but this id positively denied by Pool, who says
that no one touched Morrissey but himself.
" The main fight being over and the princi
pal gone, several less noted villians came in
coiiisiun John Lyng go*, a blow on the nose
while defending his friend Morrissy. No others
were seeaiirgly hurt. The police, after their
arrival, quickly dispersed the fighting crowd,
ant order was soon restored. Very smart po
lice. The station-house is about three min
utes' walk from tho scene "
Under the head of " later particulars," the
Times has the following paragraph :
"Since the particulars of the brutal prize
rough and tumble " figh' were published in
the first evening edition of ihe Times, oae of
our reporters has visited the room of Morrissey
at fci3 hotel in Leonard street, lie is most
shockingly disfigured about his face, both eyes
are closed, his cheeks blackened and cut in h
frightful manner. It puzzled many of his
friends to recognize him. We learn that Bill
Pool and hi* party of Ninth Ward friends havo
left for Coney island, to have a jolly time over
his success in whipping the bully who has
made a noise in tho sporting world for the last
few months."
The foreign mails by tho steamship Africa
have reached this city. We have Liverpool
papers of the 15th inst., and London papers of
the 14th. Wo resume our summary of the
news by this steamer.
The Emperor arrived at Boulogne on the
11th. Thore was no public reoeption. On ar
rival he reviewed the troops, and issued the
"Soldiers ! Russia having forced us to a
war. Franco has armed 500,000 of her children.
England haa called out a considerable number
of troops. To-day our troops and armies,
united for the same cause, dominate in the
Baltio as woll as in the Black Sea. I have
selected you to be the first to carry our eagles
to those regions of the north. English vessels
will convey you there?a unique fact in history,
which proves the intimate alliance of the two
great nations, and the firm resolution of the
two Governments not to abstain from any
sacrifice to defend the right of the weak, the
liberty of Europe, and the national honor.
?'Go, my children! Attentive Europe,
openly or secretly, offers up vows for yeur tri
umph; our country, proud of a struggle which
only threatens the aggressor, accompanies you
with its ardent vows; and I, whom impervi
ous duties retain still distant from tho scene of
events, shall have my eyes upon you. I shall
be able to say, 'They are worthy sons of the
oonquerers of Austerlitz, of Eylau, of Fried
land, and of Moskowa.'
Go ! May God protect you!
" Napoleon."
Long and oontinued shouts of "Vive l'Em
pereur" followed the reading of this address
The English ehipfl-<?f-war are anchored in Ca
lais Roads. The embarkation will not take
place until the 20th of July, previous to which
tho whole foroe will be again reviewed by
Napoleon. The Emperor resides at the Hotel
du Nord. lie is not accompanied by the Em
The Paris Moniteur publishes a dispatch
from Madrid of the 11th July, according to
which Madrid was quiet at that date. The
insurgents were near Lespenapenos. Their
ranks were rapidly thinning by desertion, and
the royal troops were hemming them in. Gen.
Serrano, who had joined the insurgents, did
not succeed in carrying with him any of the
soldiery. Government troops from the north
were rapidly advancing toward Madrid. The
Governors of Seville and Granada had taken
the field in favor of the Government with all
their disposable foroe. On the 4th, a body of
the insurgents left Tembleque for Alcazar de
San Juan, retreating in the direction of Anda
Accounts brought to Madrid by parties fa
vorable to the insurgents say that th9 rising in
Valencia is formidable espeoially at Segorbe.
Gen. Serrano, on joining O'Donnell made an
address to the troops whloh was reoeived with
enthusiasm. He brought with him to the in
surgent rank* but a mull force of infantry,
and 200 cavalry. O'Dennell is reported to i
hare now with him about 5.000 men. of whom 1
not fewer than 2 000 are cavrlry. They are j
in hopes of an outbreak in Madrid.
Ic tho British House of Lord#, on the 13th,
the Bishop of Oxford called the attention of
the Government to the fact that the first effect j
of the deliverance of the Circassian Coast from
Russian dominion, wore the active w;val of
the slave trade in jzirls for the market of Con
stantinople. The Earl Clarendon axplained
the difficulties, that lie in the way of extin
guishing this custom, lie also stated that
Schuiayl is opposed to the trad - in Circassians,
and that the present being a favorite oppor
tunity, all that can be done for its suppression
will be done by the British Government. In
tho IIouso of Commons Lord John Russell
stated, in answer to a question, that an effec
tive blockade of the mouths of the Danube is
established; with respect to the blockade of
the sea of Azoff, and the intermediate ports of
the Black Sea, some doubt had arisen as to its
being quite in conformity with tho law of na
tions. and tho subject had been remitted to the
Courts of Paris, London and Constantinople;
the result will soon be declared. A strict
blockade of Archangel and other ports of the
White Sea, commencing on the Is* of August.
It is notified that the Sultnn will visit Omer
Pasha's headquarters, and afterwards proceed
to Silistria to distribute rewards to tho brave
defenders of that fortress.
Abd-el-Kader has written the following let
ter to Omer Pasha. It is dated from Broussa,
the 15tb of June :
11 My Very Dear Brother:?The gates of
Paradise opened themselves for me when I
spoke with tho Only Prophet, in a dream, on
the eve of the 1st Ramadan. I heard all the
great and holy souls who repose on Abraham's
bosom proclaim your name with shouts of joy;
and I saw a halo of glory spread around the
ranks of tho holy souls when they uttered your
name. God is with you, my brother. Where
evcr you go, glory and victory will attend you
Carry off the camps of your enemies ! Bless
ings accompany you. Slay the enemy fly be
fore you ii&e jjck&lls, and our children's chil
dren glorify your namo. Forward, and draw
not back ! The Prophet wills it. The day of
expiation has arrived for the giaons of Mos
cow. My blessings on you, my brother,
a*OBG*TOWH, July 2S, 1854.
On visiting Alexandria, a few days since,
we were not a little surprised at seeing at the
coal wharves the large number of vessels
(some thirty odd) receiving and waiting for
cargoes; and we were led to ask ourselves the
question why it was that the capitalists of
Georgetown, with facilities for transhipping
the article far superior in every sense of the
word to ?hose enjoyed by our neighbors, had
suffered tho whole of this large amount of
trade to slip through their fingers and fnd a
permanent location elsewhere. Before and
about the time the canal was completed to
Cumberland, wa heard muoh talk about the
coal trade, and the great benefits Georgetown
would derive from it, and many plans for its
reception were devised; but wo are sorry to
gay that not one of them was ever carried out.
While we were talking about the matter, our
neighbors acted, and thus wo suffered our
selves to bo despoiled of ihe wholo of this
trade. We cannot believe that it is owing to
a want of enterprise upon the part of our
merchants; upen the contrary, wo believe
them generally to be possessed of as much of
this very necessary element in the char
acter of a business man, as those of any
other place. But we belileve that it is owing
mainly to tbe fact, that, instead of putting
our own shoulder to the wheel, and relying
upon our own rotourccs, we haro too lone
looked for help from a source which expere
rienca teaches us we have just grounds to ex
pect but little. That there are some difficulty
in the way of our entering extensively into the
fltvtrade, that Alexandria has not to contend
WTft, wo admit; but they are not such as could
not be easily overcome. The principal one,
we believe, is that miserable incubus upon
the prosperity of our laws, the long Bridge ?
but we feel confident that the additional ex
peneeof boats unlosditgat Alexandria, caused
the difference in distance and delays, fully
double what it would cost tor towing vessels
engaged in tbe trade to and from that point.
We have heard ano.her reason aosigned why
we have not at least a portion of this trade,
and that if, that some of tho owners of the
property best adapted for coal wharves, are
in the regular habit, whenever they ascertain
that either our own or capitalists from abroad
are anxious to obtain it for such a pur
pose, of trying to extort from them two or
threo times its real value, and thus both the
trade and capital has been driven from amon?
th? referred to, in
Sf. I Jading a profit to the owner*, is in
such a condition that we doubt whether it pays
even the corporation taxes. If this be the
real cause, we hope chat the true frieuds of
unr town will use their utmost endeavorf to
* id us of all roch drones.
In our matrimonial notice yesterday wc
committed an error, which we hasten to cor
rect. Miss Ramsey was tha happy bride's
| name?not Grimes.
We have frequently of late hoard complaints
IhShit^f KPai^ ?f.uad are in the
habit of breaking the lights ont of the win
dows of the colored people's Methodist church
and otherwise injuring the building with
a?ntW vf ? info.rm <juvenile offend
| ers that Mr. bilncco, who has tbe contraot for
J keeping this luildi"2 repair, has his eye
I upon some of them, and if they are caught at
I LTln' eii r ?y or their Intents will be
I made to suffer for it.
;?We T?fld "i1 thee8Pecial attention of those
? 7L ?, g0?-d ?roceri?8 ?v?ry description,
to the advertisement of Mr. Mil burn, in an
other coIun^ Spectator.
I Tna Occupation of Moldavia.?The iBarp
I sighted and plain spoken Lloyd, of Vienna,
j thus speaks of the present state of continen
| tal affairs in connection with the war :
I Mnilf ?a8e U,!triai1 army wcre to occupy
l?ion7lBrn i a while amicable re
I lations etill subsist between the Courts of Vi
wont/h bt'i et*.r8bargl1' a gratuitous service
would be rendered to the latter by suoh a
measure^ The contested territory would bl
Protect?on of a neutral Power. A
lurkish army would not be able to take ud r
I position on the banks of the Pruth. An armed
mediator would stand between the S3
I the W estern Powers and tboso of Russia and
I plains preveDt tboir collision in the Danubian
ofVfc h?S \(l.efaeto truce would beestablished
at the most important seat of war. If a possi
m ?e&C?8hould 8til1 exi8t> thi3 measure
vaifeitherTn St? pV^k' N? doubt cau P?
m ?? Principalities was male wiih J view
Danubian provinces to be occupied by a Pow
I er as yet neutral, who would separate their
I enemy from them, proves that the Western
n0 Wi8h to recoil anhono^
able and secure peace The decisive resolu
bwg."?WeVer' 111,181 b? taken at Sc- 1'eters
" li? 110 hair on t*18 top of his bead.
I n the place wuere the hair ought to groir^
But he livid previous to the discovery of Lyoa't ML
wLich only p^rv^ and
teautlfies, but restores the hair to any p?iod oi
" th ^7 Ul08(! Wb0 Wil1 nct try are troubled
with baldness, dandruff, or har^h and unpleasant
j From the Home Journal, JV T.
"No article ever acquired so rapid 'colebrity .ud
tho*, who have u?d it (tUid who ha, Qot) ^
effects ?ani0Ui'" it8 InTiff0rutlll? and beautifying
in ^ ^
D 8> - Proprietor. 161 Broadway, N. Y
TH08* m WA2TT or RtAPT-*AD? ClOTHISfi
should, before pnrebssln* e'?e*h?tv. <*11 at N'ab
Walker k G\'s Marble Hall C-othine Emporium,
where tbey will find materia'* ?f all kinds colors,
and qualities, ma l<? up in the most ipprwl styles
and at prices which cannot fail t"> Indue* *b?ra U
purchase They have jurt reo-ived en additional
large supply of tho?* b-autiful and w?!l mad- Duck
Dril'lng Ct>*ts ahicli Lave uo comparison In tfcis
n.^rkct Tbeir ?t irk is well kept ip, r nt-ietin; ot
everything heloi'^ing to a iii-n'i'PtiV wardrobe.
togeih?r wiih 6 ?* >c<t ^errant*' cl. th ng.
I'tu Du>s?gi ?(li.-.cr's spcnuh Mixture. r.?
? remedy fo? | \(?r <ttsea-e, and the nuruVr o! :oi?
m?dab!? evils ronne*,r-i with a dieorraniac J lU.'. ? ?
that OTiWU la unrivalled.
Hundreds of oerUfle*; <s Ironi the hf^>i-st sources,
of person* livinr W the city of ivienriiond, nM;ht b?
given of cur^s ctfncted by I'arter't Spanish Mixture
We have ouly room to ref.-r (o the ex ^%Dr-iir.a-j
cure of Samuel M. Drink?r, Esq, of ili? Lrin o*
Drinker A 'Jerri*, Fooksellery, Hi-hmouu. Y?, ?b'>
was cured by t?o bottles of Carur's 3tar>i?h Mix
tnre, after three year* rufftrio^ from diet-ased liver
He say* Ps actiou on the b'ocl Is wonderfu', better
then all the medicine h-* hid ever taken, and cheer
fully reoommends it to a! I.
?.?8*e advertisnnent.
Mjf PmsxavF Yon Uaia?It la a melancholy
and startling fact that quite a la-ge clan of th*
American people are bald, atd th<u ijo at an early
age, end it beoomes those afflicted to panee ?nd ex
amine the tvaceen of Bal.lnrss and then, the rrm*ny.
" Emerton't American Hair Rettorativ'' stands un
rivalled lor that purpose. It ii? an Irdiau prejara
tion prepared purely on th i scientific priocipW* of
the Led Man, ?nd whoever seen a bald bevl?d ln
diim ? such a thin g ha? never b?*n known
Se? circulars, tc t* had of Druggie:*, giving par
Price $L in large bottle*.
Sold in Wae'ilngton and (leorostA.wn D. C-, by all
the principal Dru^gbts, end by lini^rtu generally
throughout the t7nited 8lat<** ard Canalas
Z I). G1LMAN. Uhol>^<ale aud G'nrrel Agent,
WarhLa^tou, D. C.
C. E. nailER * CO. ?wpr;etor*.
N'o. 4" Si-perior Street, Cler*lan4.0
my 13?3m
49*SPLX!n>ii> Pictuus.?Thoeeof our readers who
dedre to pass through a fplendld Gallery of Pictures,
hould not fail to pay a visit to Plumb's Rooms en
the Aveuue. lieba^ou exhibition thereaomechoir*
specimens of the new art of Dagwrrerr'ypiip in Oil,
vh'.ch fcr beauty and rxoellenoe are inrcmparhblr.
There i? a portrait exeouW, in this last style, of
President Pieroe, that reflects great credit ot. the
artist, every lineamect thsreof giving a lif.- like ex
pression. Mr. PluiEbe is r?ckoiie?l amocs th" Srst
f o+fuerreen ?tist of our time. e *r SO?
us -TasowooM.?This beautiful instrument?
?s i winderful as beautiful?has been seised upon
by the T>s -ui<rreotypists, simplified, and put b-lx>re
the pubbc for general adoption. On viewing the
application ot if to Dagnerreoype pictures !? Is nard
o re.-11"air. one's warmest enthusiasm, so astonish
ng is the result produced. The object of vision seen
through (.he tflcreosoope is no longer a picture; it
has ail ihn lineaments, and peculiarities, and pres
ence of ihe living subject, oaly less in sixe. The
ocmpleteneca with which this is done must be seen
so be believed. The anly pla*? that we know of in
the city where Stereoscopic Daguerreotype" rr.n he
pro:ur(?d is W iiitsMURsr's, on Pennsylvania avenue.
Tho world I; indebted to Professor WnxAT'Tojft for
this b ?ctifui inrentioc, which eiiuai.-,j fart, what
we only r**-i of in the fabulous miracles of Friar
The b-autiful Daguerreotypes described above,
are dally sold *t ITfiiTXHCitST's Gallxkt. P-nnnrlvh
lU a vnue t.oar street.
USX BaMPTCS'8 YiOBlAliLB Tisctcbe.?Flave
you Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, Nervous Debility
Disenses of the Kidneys. ?ny Loss of Power and Dis
arrangement of the system? We but point you to
the thousands who have u >ed the GfitiT Irvigcei
In proof of wh?t we say above, we refer you to
'?Hampton's Vegetable Tincture," and its effects
03T Eastmans Uxadachi Rsriir his never ywt
rall?d to cure sick headache. Call for proof of this
?t GiLMAif'e Drug 5tore
ry-=e Attention I Pioneer*.?A meeting
IJ3 of the members of the Washington Pioneer
Club is requested at Temperance ^al!, on E, betw.
??tth and 10:h sTeets, on SATURDAY EVENING at
o'clock- Business of importance will be brought
fceforw the meeting CiiAS. LEMAN.
jy2S?21* ^e^retary.
Yy? Medication cf "Glenwood
Cemetery."?The public are respectfully
iuvited to attend the DtiUcaf on of Clmttuod C me
'.try on TUESDAY AJTERNOON, August 1ct, st j
D'dock precif>lv Ther j will be appropriate services
by the C!eriry of the city, and every arracgemen!
made to make <he occasion what it should be.
Frayer by tb* Rev. it. L. D'Biiiel
Addr*'i by the Rev. Dr. Futies.
Poem bv the Re*. Mr. ScsiitiLAKD.
Cbes. B Calvert, Abuer MeMen,
Gscrge Tarker, William Banks,
Wm. B. Todd, Joseph B. C os?,
Jas. C. McGulre, Willi; m Phelj s,
Wm. A Btadiey, Wm. S. I^mph eys,
Chas. 8 Waliach, Randolph 3 Evans.
N. B.?"GUnwofd C*me*ery"' lies noi^li cl t><
Capitol. D'st*tic? one mile ?nd a half; formerly
th? estate of Julias J. Boyle, H-q.
Shoui.i th? weather prove unfavorah'e, the dedi
cation will be postponed until th? text lair lay.
Jy 28?td
??*? BOAT RACE.?Those wh'* iutend tc
take p?rtiu a Poat Rac-1 fi r a *ranu si.vei
piictter, rre xe^meted t ? meet at D WE-T"^ Tavern
T5.**r the Nati. nat Ibeatre, TO-MOi-.ROW <Friday^
EVENING, at 8 vVlccs, fjr the purprse of m?' ire
the neeessvry hrranpt-mtnta jy 5J?2.*
Y? At ?* meeting of the Coagrt.
^ ? g?tiou cf GrHC-*? hur'ib, lrland, the jol'ow
lug resolutions were unan?n?ously pKGeed :
Eeiolr+d, lhat a reward of twentj-tve dollars N
paid Icr the amst and eonvicti >a of aay person ci
persons who have been directly or indirectly ocn
earned in the broaking of the windows cf the Grar?
Ohuth, Trlard, over hocdre 1 pines of g'.a-i
having b?en destr-y^l.
Ac'Wwrf, That Messrs. W. 8. Rotmits, Wm. Bur
rouihs. and Georgs Uerning be aproiated a Com
mitte to carry out ?:?e above provision
jy 24?e<-."i*
rOST?A larre COXCUIL1A PIX, near the Kirk
J wood Honse, #r en l?th nreet. Its res'or&tiot
will be rtw<trded by tppljiug at the gur cffics.
jv ?8?3t?
MONEY TO LOAN,?Any persen having a gio.i
Ilane, tor which he or she has no imme<lii!U
use at present, fan obtain a loan of $150 upon it, ??
security Ircm the advertis-r, who will take po-i
care of it. Addr- ss "T. X at this office, stating
where the iostrument can be seen
jy 2^-tf
Anew lot of fine eno^avivgs Jntt r?
ceivedtt JVO. Y. ELLl?t%
Pa. avenue, between 9 h and 10th sireete.
jy 28?tf
For sale by
jy 21?3t* J. FDGITT.
FOR S ale?A pair of Bay HORSES, well brok.
to Harness. >nq-ireof8. FLYNN, nett doci
to Star offiae. jy i8?it*
AN INVOICE of Harrison's oe'ebra'ed Co
lumbitn Perfumery just opened at
J SO. F. EI.Llfc'S,
Pa. avenue, betwfen 9th and 10th streets,
jy 28?if
DR. DIfcLMAN'8 new MA8S?This beautifu
and easv Mats, for thr*e ? ice1, just publifhe '
?ni dedicated to the Rev. Jno. Mdlo^key, has been
received at the Music Depct of
jy 28?t' I1TLBU3 4 HITZ.
SUMMER ? ILK?, Bere?es. lAwns
Ginghams, Light Caliorei
Bocnets, Bonnet Ribbons
And various other styles ot summer goods, all ol
which will be closed out at cort, and in some css-i
les? than co.-t
Custjmera will do wall to give me a call.
Corner Sth rtreet, opp. Centee Market,
jv 28?1m
SMALL BCILDING LOT< of l'J feet or more. In
various parts of the City, aud Georgetown, at
low prioes, and terms to suit. LLOYD A OQ.
For sale, deliverable at the Cant>l. cr Wharves io
Washington, Georgetown, or Alexandria.
For S'lo, a large and hanisome CARRIAGE and
l?tb street, opp Treasury Department.
Jj 28-ly
T'KAVKLERS going to or r>-turniug from Wash
. iQitcn, are respectfully inf>rm<d that excellent
ac-ommodationa are provided at ihe Washington
Branch Railroal Depot, in the way of Lunch, Br- ak
fust, Dinner, or 8apper. Abo, Confectiouari^s, Ice
Cream, and the very best of S >Ja Water*. Personf
leaving in the early trains, will fln i it quite convc
niect to breakfast, or enjoy a delieious cui of hot
Cvffee. Ad.oining tiia iadie^' parlor is a lauies' ordi
nary, fitted np expressly for their accommodation,
whe?-e everv attention will b? afforded them. Prioes
extremely moderate, and a ah'reef public patronage
so iciud. MR3. JULIA A. TARLrON.
jy 88?tf
N B.?iouth rn travelers on their arrival in the
fto'ol?cka. m train will have ample time to break
fast before leaving for the boat.
THE Canal Pteamer '-Congreaa' having been thor
oughly repaired, and put in fir t rate older, la
now ready to resume her regular trips for the trans
partition of passengers and licht treigbt between
Georgetown and the above named point, on the
most pleasing terirs.
The Boat will leave the wharf of W. H. Hitter, for
Harper's F?rry. on every Mondaj, Wednesday and
Friday morniugf, at 0 o'clock, and Uarper'r Ferry
for Georgetown, on Tnasdaja, Thursdays, and ?At
urdai ? at the same boor, sU ppirg at ihe differeii
landinm alonr the line, lor tbe reception and iaail
lag of freight and passengers, going anu returning J
Passage through either way , Shorter diaUno*
at the same rates per mile.
Fare on board to* boat equal to that on any kind
of travel. BERNARD PCRfiEL, (japt
ij 38?dlaj
I)DF.aE liOST.-(hi Saturday iTrtinc. In Flwl
X Ward Market House, *u k*t a /'UKSK, ?*n
tsia'tig >60 in go'd a fS Oorpoiaflot) or tteocgetown
note, and >1 in silver It was the eavirgs of one
earned by hard labor, and wa? actually ber ?I1
on: tpjv^'C to the finder by all moliten that ?bo*ld
irvern one. to leave it at the the Star oflloe. and be
KOiuNy teward-d Jy26?St*
OST?TLii moriiioc. a IORTK Mi'NNUI,
K j confining a .'o? M l frctn John veea*otl, jr',
for |AO:'. A oote p' .'am?f MacK.r. for $*<?", ?t 6#
daj k after da>. ha* abt ut tMrty day? to run?end
>oib* sir.el! change All p-r?o?* ?.-? h?r*ty fir
*?rr?'l t > pu:cba ? either .'aid not* or da* a*
the u <W h?w be?n (i4t*4 "f <?id loa?
jv Z7? St CHAS. W. DAV!g.
IKATHER BKLT9 Vr Ie?M?? and ebU
j 'rra, Ic; f.ila ?! LAMMCNi^'S,7th t.
jJ Ct
j A go?d ralltrtlnn ot standard Law Bocks for
r-*le In ev, ry a^e at th<- lowect price, at whi'h tha
sem-* c*n la bought in Boston. Npw York, rr *bil
ad*lphla. FB AM K BAYLOR.
AVINQ purcLiaed of C. W. Cole 1 *n A Or\,
_ tu?:r large r.took of Gr'w?rles and Liqv
offer to my friend* aid the public great Indoements
and pl*dg? tt.at t y per:-osal efforts sha!l ba wtrtH
to tneiit thtir cnetom.
Ocuiitrv pr<v*nrf received Id nrhtng* for gnnr
ies, at ct?h prices.
jy 27- ?? FAYCTTR T. MII.BOUK*.
N rx.*TH> *HITK KKTAL-Wo have just
. ec?ived an eiteu*iv* a*: o'tmeiit of Tee ^ are.
Silver Plat* on White M-tal, made by Jaan Dixon
A ion, Sheffield, )at*lv imported from England,
comprising every newest and richeat pattern manu?
Al*\ a laige aa?ortmert of Silver Plate Waiter1,
of ell sues. tome af tha largest manufacture i.
L*rg* assortment ot factor Liquor Stan da, plated
cr 0?rm?n -il ver.
Tea Ktttlea, Coffee Urn*. Water Pitch* r*, alnirla
Tea and Coffee Pots, Wine Coolers, Vegetable
D the*.
Dinner. Demrt and Tea Hpcona of every patters
Fish Krlv?s ard Fork*. Sat teJara. Sa t and Mus
tard Sf>ooiie, Cake Uaetets, Bre*d Irishes, and a
leree variety rf other plated article* for family nee.
The abov? areolae are manufacture! to order and
warranted ia quality.
Prk*-* invaiiably low, qna'lty indie ratable
jy 27?St Cn^er Browne' Hotel.
(fhr 'olored prrront)
The fine ar J commodious Steamer
QEOKGK I'AUK will leave Page'*
Vt La: t. ? astLinirton, at 4 o'clock p. m , toochlng at
Alexandria, en rem* for Aqnia Creak A fine op
portunity will be ;:iven to all to view the acenery
of the Potoc ae.
1 he splendid Bra.<s Cand of Oolor, of Georgetown,
will he 1b attendance.
h'-fre-hmects *n boar J, extra. Dinner 60 eta
Ticket* 60 cents.
Three ;arp? OmnibuMes will leave corner 7th St.
an 1 Pa aveim* at 3 o'clock. Fare oenti going.
1-14 cents n-turning at night.
Manayrt :
Wm RUenborough, T Brown,
8 (1 trown, M Brcwn,
K Frown, I Clarke,
JT!-initns, C Johper.D,
WmTunnv, Wm Norrie.
9jf A permit ha* len procured whereby evarv
P? r, on may rars who has the paa?word, unmolested
ty the pcllce?if pe?c?blo?at<1 whicb wcrd will be
given then on boxrd the Vat. Jy 27?2l*
IJOR IIIKK?An excellent colored BOY, a slave.
He is from the ccuntry anl i* accustomed U
hordes and farm tork generally. For terms applv
to J>0. WATERS,
General Ageut and Coll-ctor,
K, b?twten 10th and 11th streets.
jv 20?3t?
<J> ;r BKW flD.??tiave?i from the *nb?miter
on tii<> 16th lr.-=t., a lipht brewn Cow. whitecn
le-b, fiank* arid forehead rumpled horns on which
l; branle-'1 J. 11. Jacssy & ('o htd a b'ack leather
c Jiar, with my nr.i?f in l-rass ta^kr The above te
ward will be paid op <J?? i. ry cf ta'd ct w to Mr W.
Douiriass, on. li, x'orth f-ide, tK-'.wecn 4th and 6th St.,
or to b. Ciitts, t,s<i, A'eiaiiJtia, \ a.
jy 26? 3t* FRANCIS II ANNA.
JL Or TUK AGE.?T) a grestt 8; fortune Teller in
tne world re?7"*ctfully iufurmx the ladies and gen
tlvmrn c''Aafchiagton tl,at fhe has taken rooma at
Mru. l'.obin*(n's, Pa. arenne, between Isc aad 2d
fit*., wht-nj ehe can le con*uited in tha past, prwent
sna future events of life, love, oourtshir, marri?ge.
'aw cuica, Ac. Ha'.*iog traveled ttrough Europe aad
tte tLe United st&tc-3 fhe che!lens?-s the world to
produce her equal. Ladies50 cts <1 nts fl
jy lw*
rl,tit great New York Picture Gallery has fallen
X into tLe hana* of Frof Stewart, who ij taking
thi** tcau?i ui Daguerreotypes for the low sum of
i5 ceulc. Now is th- time, while the weather i?
pi-a-wnt; for the new French prrces* I* all ths go,
for ty it we ?'e taking pictur??, btaotlfully oo.oreJ
and fini*lii-d for 26 c-nfs.
Gai'ery in I'a aveiu?, between Cth aud 7th rt?>,
orei Gilu^an'd Drug S'ore, at the old ttand ol J. J.
I hiv^ twe ro^ms to rent oc i4 flior.
)S 20?3l?
GE* TL EWSK'* Fnrnlahlng Goods
of best qualities and at New York \ riju ?We
wouid iuvite the attention of pur lasers generally
to our sp'etdid a^bartmeLt of?
White ac.d co or?.l shirts
81k, g?u*?, mtrino. and cotton Undershlr s
1 in-n snd cotton Drawers
Cravau, Ties, Udkls. Scrrfs
Gloves, CoUare, llotiery, Ac.
Makia^; the complete variety cf fine goode a*
moderate prioas, tc. be found in the c!ty.
:^?>t dacr to the Ircn Ilall.
Pa. avenue, between 8th end 10th ?U\,
AIho, three joois east of the National Hit i.
jy 26? 3^
ON SATURDAY, JULY 2?th, at 3>4 p. m.
Th* 8wift Steamer GEO. W A8I1
?tiff iTriii IXGTON wiU Uaw? \t a^hinjr'on 1rr
tne atx>v? pi*ce at and Alexandria at 4^ o'd'k
1^-8Uu!" w - ^
M<al- furnished on the boat, lireakfaet or Buppor
37^; Dinner 60 cents. Ice Cmdj, Watermelons.
Ac , at fur pri?es.
The Ct -amer will leave th' Paviliou at 3 a
m. on Monday awrnirg, arriving in Washington tt
y in*
The abov.'trip will give two night* and one d?7
for the sait water bathing, and without much l'es
of bus Less hours to the passengers.
Running time of the boat down seven hour
turn'nz six hour.*.
__ Tne boat will make an extra trip to Point
Lookeu'. Ticketa 50 c* ut* each.
FoiDt Lookout ic 20 mii?* fnjn Piney Point.
jy2?5?3t* JOB CORSON, Captain.
It Mi.es
Were Wor.ds than cne, ?y Fir David Brewster
De Row'* Kevi^w fjr July
The Pbilcs?| hioal W orkr of David Iiume, four vols,
Correspondence of the litvolu'k'n, Letters to Gen
Washington, edited by Jsred rpa k*. 4 vols
Life and Works of FLher Ames, 2 vols. bvo.
Corner of llth street and F> nn?ylvania av? nut.
FROM which the purest draught* of the Gen
FROM cTONE FOUNTAINS, (icy oold.) may Le
qunff-d in opL<u* <leliciou*n*ss, are now in *o
tive cperation, tl'ustratirig, by a daily mcreariog
pntronage, the just appreciation cf its superior m
dicintl prop-rtiee, tnl more a^ietableand pa a'abin
qualities, to the imipid, common, hurtful carbon
Acid Gas, geaerated In copper iountains (yclept Sod ?
Water) anl under that xwumed oognomeu dipecsei
to a confiling and un*uspect:nj public
jy 26?dim*
'pHE only place to obtain MKAD and fODA WA
1 TKR veiy highly charged with Carbonic Ar 1
Gas, is at WM. D. liL'TTH Drug Srore, corner 12tn
Street and Pa *\? rue.
The subecr.tier w.?nid invite all who are fond ?-t
ooollnir and refreshing drinkH, oombined vith deit
caous flavor, to try the articles made at bi? e?*ab
lishment. jv il?2w
Mathematical dkawing instruments
from Pari*, In ease of various fl'aec and de
scriptione, bought iu person from the makers Ir
the uniervigned, and for eale at unugually low pri
ces, lrom $1 26 upwards This day opened by
pihv jA?tf KRaNOK TAYI>OR
'PHE Miniature Shaktptare, in Kit
X volunKS
Ten Nights in a Tap Ro m. by T S Arthur
i jfe srni Works of Burn*-. 4 vols
S- lect Writing* of Robt Chambers, 4 vol*
German Literature
Stories of the Irish Peasantry
French Revolutions, Z vols
Va'ocry and Anti-Maaonry, by A Creleh
Tale* of Old Times, translated from the German
t'hamber.^ Papers for the People, 6 vola
Chamber*' Misoel'ano, 10 vols
Thfc NtW York. Cuarterly Review for J aly
jy 24 Book at ore, near ?th *t_
THE subscribers have e*mm?noed the lumber
boslne'S at 14th street bridge, on the ( ana.,
where they intend to keep on hand a general ???
sortment of LUMBER, which they will aell at re*
conable pr.oaa tor eaah or to punctual euatemers
They have now on hand a good assortment of ae*^
?oned White Pine and other Lumber.
THIS QiriCJ. m*J Mxtf

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