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Statb or Thermometer.?The tber
exjmeter. in car counting-room. at 12 o'clock
to-day. s.ood at S6 degrees above lero.
"W ashingtgs of Old?Water ?We all know
Washington as it is now, with its magnificent
buildirgs, its abundance of tree?", its thicken
ing of dwellings, and leant oj miter. Mr.
Andrew Lilicoit, in 171*3. said: "No place has
g o ?ter advantages of water, either for the
8Ui't?y 'he city ?r for cleaning the streets,
than this gi??ur?d He speaks cf tbo head
witers of Kuck Creek, but especially refers to
the water of the Potomac, above :he Great
}? alls, fourteen miles from tbe city, whijh is
one hundred acd eight feet higher than tide
water. ? Tbia watrr, ' he says, "may not only
be carried wTer llie highestground in the city,
but, if necessary, over the tops of the houses.'"
The Schuylkill of Philadelphia, the Croton of
H rc:k. the Coshituate of Boston, and Jones'
Falls of Baltimore, supplying those citie*,
fall far behind the capacity of our Great Fal's,
and yet we are actually suffering for tbe want
of water.
But of that enough has been said, and we
therefore 'ecur to our reminiscences, only rt
mirking that we hope that amendment
providing for the water-works $500,000,
may prevail in both Houses. As to Washing
ton of old. wo find that on '-the 15th day of
April, 1791, the Hon. Daniel Carroll and Dr.
D.ivid Stuart superintended the filing of the
first corner-stone of the District of Columbia,
at Jones's Point, nenr Alexandria, where it
was laid with all the Masonic ceremonies
usual at that time." We quote from Var
num's book on the seat of Government, which
"The proceedings in reference to the opening
of a national city, appear to have awakened
much interest in all parts of the country. In
an extra number cf the Herald, published at
Philadelphia, on the 4th January, 1795, we
find a long article, setting forth the general
plaa, and, more particularly, the designs for
improving the mall It commence thus;
*' 'To found a city, in the centre of the
lljited States, for the purpose of making it the
depository of the acts of the Union, and the
sanctuarv of the laws, which must, one day,
rule all North America, is a grand and com
prehensive idea, which has already become,
with propriety, the object of public respect. |
In reflecting on the importance of the Union, !
and e n the advantages which it secures to all
tJtie inhabitants of the United States, collec
tively, or to individuals, where is there an
American who does not see, in the establish
ment of a Federal town, a natural means for
confirming forever that valuablo connection,
to which the nation is indebted for liberation
from the British yoke? The Federal city,
situated in the centrc of the United States, is
a temple erected to liberty; nnd towards this
edifice will the wishes and expectations of all
true friends of their country be incessantly
directed. The city of Washington, consideied
under such important points of view, could not
be calculated on a small scale; its extent, the
disposition of its avenues and public squares.
?hoald all correspond with the magnitude of
the objcct for which it was intended?and we
need only cs-st our eyes upon tbe situation and
plan of the city, to recognize in them the com
preben?ive genius of the President, to whom
the direction of the business has been com
mitted by Congress. ' "
On the 18th of September, 1793, the south
east corner stone of the north wing of the Cap
itol was laid by General Washington. Here
was about the origin of Washington City, its
present character fully justifying the predi
ti ins of its founders, with the single exception
of its supply of pure and wholesome water, so
much ni.>eded for public as well as private pur
" Hack, Sir ! Hack, Madam !"?This i* the
annoying cry from some imprudent hackmen,
who yell the words into person's ears, including
lad:es. in a most deafening manner. At the
railroad depot theevil is almost insupportable,
the din of their voices making the plaee hideous
with harsh sounds. Now, we would ask in all
kindness to tbe hackmen, what is the use of
this noisy mode of doing business ? Do they
get any more to do byn? On the contrary,
do they not lose by this species of annoyance
to travelers? We have known persons refuse
taking a hack altogether on account of the
clamor raised by these noisy competitors.
Mary pas? the contestants by, and seek some
quiet, well behaved driver, whom they en
gage to convey them to their destination, ra
ther than endure the ear-piercing voices of
these vociferous Jehus. If they wish to do
more business they Bbould avoid the practice
altogether, and not ack any person if they want
a hack, which is not only useless but foolish,
because any person wanting a hack will go to
the hackman without these lung cracking in
vitations. In other words, if a gentleman or
lady wants to hire a hack, cannot they ask for
it; and if they den t want to hire, what is the
use of bailing at them. "Hack, sir! b^ck,
madam !" and calling for them to go this ho
tel or that. A little less noise and more pa
tienoe is recommended in a frieudly way to
these competitors of the whip. They will
make by our advice.
Etiquette for Ox*ibusses.?A cynical
old bachelor, as " Ites " of the Baltimore
Argus presumes, furnishes the following code
of etiquette for omnibusse3, which perhaps may
pocsibly be useful here, in tho good city of
"It seems by long established practice, to
be understood that it is polite for ladies to
crowd into an omnibos, no matter how strong
and healthy they may be, and no matter Low
many fatigued and even sick of the other sex
they may turn out. It is poli:e, if courteously
told that the cmnibus is fall, to answer sharp
ly that you must have a seat, and to fix your
eyes immediately on the most bashful man
present, and so force him to give up his seat.
It is polite, when five of you are on one side,
to spread out your dresses, so as to prevent the
sixth passenger from obtaining a seat. It is
polite to put your child next to you, so as to
oocupy two seats, yet, when you get out, to pay
only for yourself. It is polite not to look for
your money till you have stopped the coach,
and then to keep every body waiting for five
minutes, or till you have hunted up the change.
It is polite to pull the strap without cessation
till the impetus of the coach ceases, no matter
how much it may hurt the driver. It is poite
never to have anything less than a gold dollar,
so as to force the driver to change it, though
silver is worth three per cent. It is polite to
bring a basket of marketing in the coaeh with
you; to plant it vigorously on some one scorns;
and to rub the greasj- meat, in passing in and
out, on this one's silk dress, and that one's
cloth overcoat And it is particularly polite
to bring a shad in with you. so that the stench
of it may fill the eoach, and tbe scales be rub
bed off by its flapping against your neighbor,
to the great saving of the labor of youroook.
" But we must not forget what is polite fur
the driver. It is polite f*r him, when the lady
pulls the strap, to stop the coach in the middle
of tbe street, instead of drawing up to the curb
stone. or pausing at a crossing, especially when
the mud is half a foot deep. It Is polite for
him, when a child looses one of its pennies in
the straw, to keep the door tightly closed, till
the tears of the little creature, or the impa
tience of the passengers induce some person to
advance the copper. It is polite always to
stop the eoaeb. when a person hails it, even
though there are twenty inside and four on
the steps behind It i3 polite to race, at top
bpeed, when an opposiiiun is on. It is polite
to give short sixpences in change to passengers,
yet decline to take them for more than five
cents; and it is equally polite to pass split
tickets, yet refuse to receive them again.
Finally, it is polite to allow drunken men to
get in, and turn a deaf ear to all remonstrances
thereupon" ???
? Let Pat alosk for a* Answer "?A few
evenings ago a number of gentlemen were in
company, who proved to be nearly all of for
eign birth, when one "to the manor born" ob
served to another of the same sort" "You and
I, Captain, are the only Americans present."
An Irishman^ sprung up rather indignantly
and said-?'No,sir, we are all Americans"
Another one, however, capped the climax by
a unique speech. He said, addressing himself
to the two, "Yes, :entleaien, we are all Ameri
cans; and what's more than that, you came to
America a-crying, and without a shirt to your
backs, while we came to this blessed land of
liberty a laughing, with clothes on our bodies
and money in our pockets, glad to get rid of
the tyrants that oppressed us in the land of
our birth." A burst of laughter followed this
ebulition of Hibernian feeiing, in whL-h all
joined most heartily?and none more than the
two fritnds so quaintly addressed
Kesisti5u Officers.?Last night a row
oocurred on Capitol Hill, in which a number
of men and women were ergaged. Mr. Thomp
son, one of the guard, entered the house alone
for tbe purpoee of restoring peaee, when he
wa* severely handled by the rioters. Thos
Fi tiger aid, Julia Fitzgerald, and Mary Lynch,
were taken to the guard house, and this morn
ing sect to jail in default of seourity for court.
Co*CEiLi5G a Neoro.?Mrs. Roberta Knox
ville. quite a handsome widow woman, w?g ar
rest*! last night and taken to the guardhouse
for concealing a fugitive glare. The negro wag
found in a chimney in her house, while hi*
shoes and hat were discovered in her bed room'
When in the guard house and she fcund that
she would have to stay all night, she begged to
be confined in the ccll with the negro She
plead hard for an immediate final hearing, and
showed herself to be a very ''strong-minded
woman.' But her efforts failed, and she was
sent to jail to ba finally disposed of.
Ho! for 1'iney Pom.?'To-morrow after
noon at a quarter of four o'clock, the Georee
? Rshiogton leaves her wharf for a trip of two
nights and one day, with fine opportunities
for salt-water bathing, and other health-pro
moting exercises. In view of tho difficulty of
getting accommodations at the Pavilion, on
account of the number boarding there, the
boat supplies eating, drinking, and sleeping
arrangements in abundance. See advertise
ment for particulars, and if you really want
to hare a fine pleasure trip, try this one. in
care of tho experienced and obliging com
mander, the gallant Captain Job Cordon.
No Cholera Here.?One of our local report
ers yesterday remarked in the Star, that
there had been two or three cases of cholera
in Washington this season. Doubtless he
meant cboler* morbus, and not Asiatic
cholera, ot which there has been none in
this city this summer, so far. We make
a correction of thij slip of the pen thus
promptly, in order to prevent misrepresen
tation concerning the health of Washington
from going abroad
Philharuoxic Society.?This society had
a delightful rohearsal last evening, at their
rooms in Temperance Hall. The choruses
from several favorite and popular operas were
sung with much spirit and fine effect A trio
from the opera of Belasario?-Life has no
power"?was most charmingly and sweetly
sang, eliciting tho applause of the fortunate
listeners. Professor Fcertsch presided at tho
piano, and by his brilliant and animated play,
ing added much interest to the exercises of the
Detention of the Cars.?The oars from
Baltimore due at 7 o'clock last evening, did
not come in till near 8 o'olock, having been
detained in Baltimore waiting for the Phila
delphia connection. What occurred to detain
the latter we could not learn, but judge that
the cause was of no serious character.
Committed for Court.?Mrs. Sarah A.
Gordon, who was charged with ill-treating a
colored child, had a hearing yesterday before
Justice Donn. In addition to the Bevere whip
ping*, it was stated by a witness that she fas
tened the child's hands above its head and
left it in that position the entire night. It
turns out that the child was not bound to her,
as she at first stated. She being unable to
give security to appear at Court, the Justice
63nt her to jail.
Robbery.?'Two men last night entered a
cottage on 9th street, expecting, no doubt, to
find something more valuable than merely two
plated candlesticks ! The lady will be better
prepared for a call of the kind, as there will
be "pistols for two," without tho coffee.
Recovered.?We learn that the body of the
young man who was drowned near the Navy
Yard on Wednesday afternoon, was recovered
yesterday morning. It was identified as Mr.
Goorge Bell, who had been sailing in a boat
that afternoon and was drownod by the boat
being capsized by a sudden squall.
Appointment.?His honor the Mayor has
appointed Mr. R M. Downer ns one of the
Auxilliary Gaurd. in place of Hanson Ridgc
way, who resigned to take another place.
Beware of Imposters.?The public aro
cautioned against giving money to a female of
rather email statue, dressed in black, who i3
soliciting money for tho purpose of burying
a poor woman whose husband is dead, leaving
two or moro orphan children. She always
mentions the names of some persons of stand
ing in the community that has contributed.
The case is so urgent as to induce unsuspect
ing persons to give money for a supposed lauda
ble object. The writer of this notice has been
| called upon twico in ono week by the same
female and tho same story told each time
When reminded of the first appeal for charity,
(which was cheerfully responded to) she posi
tively denied, sayiDg it must havo been some
ether person.
Watch Returns.?Julia Bell, freo negress,
vagrant; work house 60 days. Betsy Robert
son, do, do. Julia Fitzgorald, disorderly; jail.
Mary Lynch, resisting officers; do. Robert
Edwards, colored, suspicious circumstances;
dismissed. Chas. McDonald, drunk, lying on
the commons; work house 60 days. Thomas
Fitzgerald, disorderly; jail.
Hot Weather in the Mountain Regions.
A correspondent of the Boston Journal wri
ting from tho town of Bethlehem, N. H ,
h is eighteen miles from the White Moun
tain notch, and nine from the Franconia notch,
says: "The thermometer stood July 4th, at
94; the 20th, at 96; and the 22d, 99 degrees in
the shade. The 22d was the hottest day wo
have had for over ten years."
Drought.?A severe drought is prevailing in
some pai'ts of New Hampshire. The Lebanon
(N. H ) Whig says that "unless terminated
speedily by copious rains it will prove ruin
ous to some kiLda of crops."
Paragraphs similar to the above we find ia
a large number of our exchangee from the
Middle and Western States. ?
Death or a Veteran.?Mr. John Thomas,
Bailmaker, the man (or rather boy) who put
the first stitch in the frigate Constitution's
sails, died at Cohasset, Mass., on the 15th inst.,
aged 36. He had one son in the battle of
Lundy's Lane, and also another one in the
country's service elsewhere.
Hail fell in great quantities in Soho
haire county, N. Y., on Sunday, breaking
many windows in Sohohaire village, aad inju
ring the crops to some extent.
CP"" On account of the scaroity of water in
Philadelphia, it has been shut off from the
facteries consuming large quantities.
Served 'em Right.?Two venders of liquor
in New Orleans have been fined $300 each, for
selling liquor to slaves.
At Warrenton Springs, on the 96th iust., NEAL,
intuit won of l)r. C. and Fannie it. Boyle, aged ten
mo.iUi* anil thirteen da> *.
Personal Estate for the People.
JH. WilfTEIIURST bas deeded to Trustees In
? trust for the benefit of the shareholders tn the
above enterprise, {50,000 worth of real and personal
estate, to be disposed of among the holders of shares
at the earliest poe?ible date, after the sale of all tli?
shares. The shares are $3 each, which entitles the
holder to an equitable share in the within named
magnificent collection of real and personal property;
al?o, to on- of Whltehnrst's$:J World's Fair Premium
Ihiguerreotypca of self or friend at any time when
the certificate u prevented at either of his Galleries,
in Baltimore. Washington, Richmond, Norfolk,
Lynchburg. Wilmington, and Petersburg
Arrangements bare also been made to redeem tbe
wrtifleat'S with the following oelebrated ArtLt?:
J.'?urnef, N. J. city ; D U Cofllns, Philadelphia,
Pa, Springfield an 1 Wextfield, Mass.; A. C. Part
ri Ige, Wheeling, Va^ and Wm. T. Porter, Cincin
nati. Ohio.
The fact that this property is deeded to trustees in
trust, residents of the District of Columbia, for the
benefit of the shareholders, and every shareholder
receiving n Daguerreotype worth $S, and of the very
finest quality and elegantly caned; the high charac
ter and positions of those trustees, and the great and
extended reputation and business of Mr. Whitehurst,
he deems sufficient guaranties that every promise oi
this advertisement will be promptly and faithfully
performed, as the pictures to be taken will be dis
tributed among many galleries, capable of producing
lifteea hundred Daguerreotypes per diem
Not more than fifty thousand shares will be sold.
Persons residing at a distance and wishing orders
lor a Daguerra type (which will entitle them to a
?hare in the above enterprise) will please enclose
.he amount, post paid, to Whltehurst's Gallery,
Washiugtcn, D. C
HI LB US A HITZ, Agent* for the sale of orders
n thi t city, at their Mueic Depot, south side Penna
i*e- brtw. 10th and ll:h streets In Georgetown,
it Miss TIIOMAS'3 Book and Famy Store, Illgh
itreet, aesr First. jy 8?TThAfelm
LADIM-ttLOVES, Hosiery, embroidered linen
cambric Handkerchiefs, Perfumery, Ac. at
)e wSurt? SoW.
affsas xkcltkp at thk "Er?*j*t
M*1"* arrnue, between and Uh sU.
IVl w 1 ACTUEKR of 8?eam Kngir.es, Boilers,
^ill furnieh taw Mills, all kinds cf CartiDo,
Wrought and Ca5t Iron Pipes, and every thing in the
Iron line generally. 6
Two small EWGLXK3 on hand and for sale. For
information artdrf* o. K. NOTES, Washington Iron
Wor)LF, Wftsbincton. D C. jy i^^
~\T "ALT * BKO. hare jn?t finished a ma*
1U? nifiotnt asf*rtm?nt of SILVERWARE, such
Silver Tea Sets, Pitchera, Goblets, Cups
.TdrtfSeB,Tabl'!'r>e?ficrt "cd T~ Fr???
Scup, Cream, *r.d Gravy Ludles
Su??lIftaw'JroB Tod8"? Fruit Shovels
Salad Ton*', Ice Cffarn acd Cake Knives. 4c
Also a great variety of Fancy Silverware in ?La
?Urpv v *eddinR ac<1 Other presents
ranl^l pure "" ?f'^ ?WD manu'?l?. and war
fcign of the tlolden Essie,
jTK-6tP,'"'?7i^r? "" ??-'
1\ ?HARDSON<S "Elements of Music
n\ i 'r 8 m0.st excc,lent work for b-ginners
on the Piano iorte, just roe^ived at tie Music l*pot
Office U. S. Penitentiary, "?
a*?*? L
0t thL 0ffice uatU 12 ?'clock m-> Au
130 cords of half seasenrd srood oak wood, of medi
nra size, and froe from limbs or lop wocd.
20 cords of good seasoned pine wood
40 tons oi red ash anthracite grate ciaJ.
j, 17?2awlm T!KM"3 IB<"A"r
gCHUTTKR & KAh?ert,
^htejS.'g.'h "? ? "*
Offers his professional Berricoa to the people
wueorgetown and its vicinity.
HiRh street, second door north of Dr.
Kidwelly. Drag store. jy 7?lm*
T~**w daguerrean gallery.
lhnmI)?BLhSHiIIliNT formerly owned by Mr.
Thompson, has been pun-ha?od by Mr. Vanner
s?> ri*. ??d entirely refitted it for the pur
V?c/ fg^erreotypfs with all the new im
? ^\e ' comPr^iDK the Stereoscope
<?. Jm P"T>ular Crayon Da-uerreotypes,
far which h? is nnrivallei.
yJaxnZ?so?1s daguerrean gallery,
between 4/9 and 6th 6ts , Pa. avenue
jy 22?lw*
A iARfipnn Washington, July 21,1854.
?KS JES3S5W ??S ??>;r
jy 22?-dlw n Houae cf Eepresentativcs.
... attorney at law,
,th strut, (zposiU national Inldligrncr Ofiict.
. WAOHiSCiTON, ">. C.
, nn , CONGRESS.
Jy. 22-lm*
f Av ASSOCIATION having fold
J^H*nd located by ballot the 350 Building Lots a?
? rtised during the last two months, are now o^o
YMje7nM?m 'eit"at5(ldirrt,y ^Pfo-ite the Navy
YarJ, and command a fine view of the City of Wath
in^Q R? Potomac River, and contains an abund
ant supply of excellent wat?r. giie of Lo's 24 ftet
front by loO de^p, all fronting on a wide Ptr.pt. for
th? ytry low prioo of $75, pnyable in small instal
Eionthi Thia Price Includes the grsd
ing of the street, paving the gutter, planting trees
tg t<f build.00? * a"? ** K'V*U 40 T*rsonfl d?l
Can any one, ucder such favorable circumstances
hesitate to procure tor his family a borne.
Office, .th street, above D. Open frcm 8'^ a m
" p m"' aDd on Mof>day until 9 r. m '
jy 22?2w? JOUN POX, Secretary.
7th ?,?ieJight/'u,l,,?burban Hotel- titoatei on
.th stn^twesM^ miles from l'enns>Ivania
avenue, has been taken by the underpinned "nrnn^i
l?hl?of wai^- Ual,'WHf rMP?:,ful,y inform the cit
pnbli" generally, and their
friends, that they intend making it the mo*t acreo
ab.e oi houses in the line ot buff ness.
Boarders will be taken, and gentlemen and fami
lies cin j>ass a fjw hours any day, in rrcrcaUon acd
fcnrjWledee that they will be
free from interruption, as the stric.ost order will b
'Jrk?rs> house, 5t?ndn, Ac, will
wil? grove? aii<1 e7efy
will be afforded for amusement.
The Billiard Saloon is furnished with Sharp's ele
gant improved tables, which are not surpass! bv
any in ti 9 country; and the Bowling ana dhootinl
fen loons 8 re in complete ord-r.
40,1 ?r0UI?d^wiU be open for the re
ception of the public on the 1st of August, and, in
connection with other accommodations of the Hotel
arrangements have been made with Mr. Vender'
tWrt^ml'nn'i'r UrJon Line, to run coaches every
Jf 6th day 411(1 ?T?ning, from corner 1
the^arkHoM ??enue, passing Union Hall, to
i^&rsvssss^'0 I
Jy 22~lw Proprietors.
iV. tide Fa. avenue, bttxoern 12M and 13th ttrutt.
ftlh S !h ConsUntl* on band and made to
WS&rrrtA ?.r,der' saddles, bridles and
new*1 amddJe8 u*rne?8 taken in exchange fer
?~u, .od nmfl, at
TO pkeventand cuke cuoleka. and
ofT'^i PpKV?jNT CU0RKRA.?Take a teaspoonfnll
fni \ eF a v "'ass of water every morn
'nj whenever you have pain, internally or exter
nAy^ us? the Pain Curer. In bottles 12^ 26, and
TH.r^al' Complnint., and Dysentery ?
i Ej'xtura is one of the most important mHOicfnes
K11?' il no e<iual. In c*ses of infinu
oomplaints, cholera morbus, rcstltssn.^
or general pain, it has been proved a periect
ba.m. A8 a specifin L.r bowel complaints of ndulta
*iled* Dnrin* the cholera of 1832 1S34
d??th h?d' n0 initRBCt: *hen u?d beiore
d^ath had positively struck the patient I have
whi mclre thaa ?ne thousand perrons
, m? during those memorabl* periojs t<*ti
fying to its wondsrful curative puweis 26 rvntsa
Dr J a Tin -p^ , J s- RU"E' M- D > f'lnla.
\f2i hii # K?u . ^ M re?ular I'rac i Jorer ?t
Medicine for thirty yenrs in Philadelphia, is a Gmd
uate from tLe University of Pennsylvania, .in ISA))
and an honorary member of th* Philadelphia Medi
3ii society.
All ot his valuable medicines (a remedy for each
^u? !?ihadcf z-D-OilmAOi Charles Btott A
\jO., W. H. Oilman, John W. Nairn, Patterson and
R*Jrn,n 0Iark' H- u* McPherson, W. T. Evans,
Bidwell A Uwren e, J.B.Moore, W^thington; J
Kidwell, Georgetown; and of all dialers in Alexv
?njna,and throughout Virginia.
jy 11 ?no-l w
THE undersigned respectfully infirm* his friend*
PuMc generally, that he has removed
*i 2d, between B and C streets, near the Old I epoL
*hfre the busire=<s of Piin ing in general, will be
arriel on in ill its various branefcas. and upor
*;rms to fruit the times. A. 11UKDLK
jy 17??o2w
riODlCY'S I-ADK'S BOOK for August.
Tf'r8,Jo ?l SUILLINdTON'S Bookstore
>y ChM lTv^*' Knt' hb Ufe ^ k'xperienco,
Fash?on and Famine, by Mrs. Ann Stephens
*re?die/ ' ? B tODVent' by a noted Methodist
Ientac?ytiODBO*8fl"8mfUlaDd QuArter Rac0? ln
AH the new tooks publi<hed received immediately
fterwards, and for sala at J
^ SUILLINGTON'8 Bookstore,
. ? ??r- *nd st_ Odoon Building
?, e8, Hotiory, Cray at8, Linen cambric Hand
L?rchU?fe, Ac., ad uraal, at BIKOfc'g.
?>* 1ft~ WilUnl*'IloteL
JxJ pleasing terms.
Louisiana avenue, near center 10th street
Jy 1?ttw?
TO.VAS CHICKKRINO'S Funeral March, inciuuio?? I
J a Tenr oorrect lithographic likeness of him, cont ,
t? Wands and relatives, hy I
r. JR. Babeock, Juat reoelyod at the Muaio Depot
V?MI HIL8U8 k U1TZ.'
" Wanto"ni>d" If'an/ftf" advertisements, four lint*
or less, fur each Insertion, 25 cents; each additional
line 5 cents.
A COOK, WASHER and IRON BR. who <*? ?me
well recommended, will bear of a food Htua
tlon ani liberal wages, by ??P^n*?MAV8
jr 28?tf Drag Store, Penna.?Tpna>
WANTED?An experienced middle aged woman
(American or German would b# prewired) in
tbe capacity of nurse to an inv* VI l*dy. *^oce but
a pood seamstress, well recommended, will be ac
ceptable. Apply at corner 4)4 and C s:re?ts.
jy 23-2t
WANTED-A go;d JiUKiE. Apply on Capitol
Hill, opposite the Ooa?t Surrey office.
jy Z8?tw*
Wanted?a cook and chambermaid?
Apply at ilTE. EXNIS'Ji Dawson s Rr_w, Csp
l'.o\ Hill. iy 27-lf
WANTED?Two BOYS, to learn the Plumting
and Ga?-?ttins. between the ago" of 15 sxd
17. Good rtf;r-nces required. Apply at THOMP
SON A BRO.'s, I'a. av. bet. 10th and 11th sts., s side.
jy 26?3t
WANTED?In a snail family, * good FEMALE
COOK. Enquire at this office
jv 22 -tt
(1 ARDENER WANTED.?To one who under
X stands Ornamental and Vegetable Gardening
in all its branches, a permanent Ik me will be given.
A si igle man preferred. Address Dr. William Wirt
Oak Grove, Westmoreland county, Ta
jy IS?10t* '
WANTED.?A good cook: also, a blatk iran, at
jylO C street, between 4 and Cth.
\irET NORSE WANTED.?A healthy Woman,
T T without a child, nan get good wages as a Wet
Nutee, by appyinx at Room No. 81, United States
Hotel. Auy one wishing the place will please make
early application. jy S?tf
WANTS Si EGROE8<?The subscribers are
all times in the market baying SLATES, pay
lag the highest cash prices. Persons having Slaves
for sale will please call at 242 PRATT STREET, Bal
timore, Md? (Sutter's old stand.) Slaves taken on
board at 26 cents per day.
feb a?ly n. M. A W. L. CAMPBELL.
, The .Steamers GEORGE WA8HINO
chart, red for publio or select parties to vbit Mount
V.mon. Fort Washington, White House Pavilion,
or any other places on the Potomac river
The scenery on the rirer is rery handsome.
For particulars apply to the President of the Com
pany or the Captains of the Boats.
Schools taken at reduced prices.
^ Captains.
ATOR.TH'URF'ARI, or Rambles In
?T-*0 Iceland ??? by Puht Miles, author of
'letters of Oommunipaw This work will give a
record of perronal adventures, in a tour of afcoat
1,000 miles through the interior of Iceland, in the
Summer of 1852; describe the extraordinary scene
ry of the Country, a vHt to the Geysers, ascent tc
tbe summit of Mi. Hekla; and a fuLi account of the
Discovery of America by the Northmen, in the year
98?, with the Geography, productions, manneis end
customs of the people, Scandinavian Mythology, Ac.
Ac. The poits of Iceland having, by a law or Dei
mark, Just b?*n opesed to the trade of the world
fer the first time within 250 years, this *rork now
will possess a peculiar interest. A Urge and beiu
tifnl map of Iceland, executed by a native Icelander
fn PT? the7e by Mr Mil^ : * ?rk equal
in artistic finish to any ever published in this coun
,Q Europe, can be seen at Taylor A Mnurv's
The volume will be a duodecimo of 33* pa'-e- and
*111 be printed and bound in the b? ct manner An
Agen t has been employed by the publisher to c%n
vass Wj'hirgton and Georgetown f,.r subscrib er.}
A subscription list will also be left at Taylor and
Maurj a, or orders for tb9 work received by any
booksel er. Will bu published early in July. Anv
per?onn remitting one dollar to the publisher at New
York, shall have a oopy forwarded to bis address by
mail, pest paid. The usual discount to the trade.
Orders solicited. CHAS. I! NORTON,
Publisher, 71 Chambers st, New Ycrk.
je 29- ~if
Offer for sale their extensive assortment
Of best Americau, English, and Swiss
t ? T*' (wa"antcd) Ado diamond BRACE
u PT?' Earrln?^ Finger Kings,
Gent s Pins and Studs, a vanoty of Pearl Jewelry
Bracelets, Pins, Earrings, Cresses, CulT Pins,
Lock?ts, Thimbles, Pencils, Kings, Gent's
Pins, Studs, Sleeve, Cellar aud Ytst
Buttons, Spectacles, and Eye Glasses
with the celebrated IVritccpic
(sOiiCuvt Ojtivtx Glassed.
Silvr Spoons, Forks,
Pitchers, C ffee
an d Te a
Cups, Baske ts,
Salt Cellars. Cream
Ju^s, Ladles; Cike, Ice
Cream, and lie Knives, fruit,
fish, and pickle Knives and Forks;
Dessert and Butter Knives; Napkin
Rings, Tea-Straicers, Ac., warranted to bo
made of pure silver Plated Ca*tors, Basftets,
Vegetable Dishes, Coff* Sots, Waiters. Egg Frames
and Egg Boi'ers, Bowl., Water Kettles, Ac.
Also, French Mantel Clocks, Orncments.
Vases, Dressing Care. and Work
Boxes; Ooral and Jet Orna
ment! in gr^at
TT , KtC
Having every advantage in purchasing Goodo v;
seil as low as any other liouft; in this country, and
all articles warranted ts represented.
, ,? A Pa *Tt3BUe> between Sth and 10th sts.
jy 18?tAufil
Husband, wife, youkg ladv
Cured !
BaCrxlvule, Alleghany co., Md- \
m >. .. .. . 1S62. (
To Mwrs. Mortimer A Mowbray?Dear Sirs?In
justice to Dr. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, I whh
to inform you that I was token sick on the 8d day
of January last, with an affection of tbe stomach
bowels, and kidneys. 1 was attended by four eml
nent physicians tor more than two menths? all to
little or no effect. I had some knowledge of the
gTeat virtue in Hampton'* Tincture, Irom one bot
tle which my wife had taken two years since.
I came to the conclusion that I would take no
more inedidnes trom my physiciuis, but try the
Tincture; and I am happy to inform you that I had
not tak*n it two days before I felt its powerful in
f.u*5,ce "P?D my stomach. I have continued usiuu
the T.ncture, and am now able to leave my room,
and can eat ?ny common diet without mueh incon
venience or pressure on my stomach.
The afflicted, or their friends are daily visi'dnir
me, to learn of the great virtue there is in the Tin*
ture ot Hsmpton'j.
I expect to send you several certificate* jn a few
vns a y?on? Ut,y
been confined to her room for twelve mouths, with
a disease of th? bead, affecting the brain.
On the permanency of the cure hear him, gtin
another letter from the nboyt:
ilABRXLYiiAE, Alleghany co., Md^ )
Meisrs. Mortimer A Mowbrsy- Dear 'sii*-I am
y?.u ^ 'lay fiud? me In the
srjoyiaent of good health, by the use of vour Ha mi.
M^,TlnCtUIe aU<i blMncK? of God. I am ena
bled lo pursue my daily avocations as usual and I
have a great desire that the afflicted should know
the great curative powers or the Tincture
I am, with respect, yours,
Br^M?|d ?c*Pamph!etl 4Bl1 see curas^Df^ughs,
ScrLfi^a " ' 1Ter Complaint, and
Mjf Sold by MORTIMER A MOWBRAY, 140 Bal
timore street, ?'altimore, and 304 Broadway, New
OTT, and U. McPHKRSON, Washington; also, by
EL 8. F. C1SSEL, Georgetown; and C. C. BERRY,
Alexandria, and by Druggists everywhere.
jy 7?tf
OH 1 How delicious! is the exclamation of crowds
of ladies and gentlemen who daily caU at BOS
W KLL'S Dru? Store, corner of Maryland ave. and
'th St., tor a giass of his superior SODA WATER,
wliich is acknowledged by judges to be tho bewt in
he city.
The proprietor would lespectfully invite all lov
?rs of this truly delight!ul and healthy beverage
*ho have not tried it to give hi in a call, feeling as
>ur?.d that one glass will amply compensate for a
walk from any portion of the city, and to his daily
risitors he would say "he had more left of the snme
mrt " je '.8?lm
WE would inform our patrons and the public in
general that, having mada the necessary ar
*angements, we are now prepared to do all kinds ci
?=ftoring, anealing, and polishing silver or pUted
Ucfiee Sea, l'itcheis, Castors, Baskets, Spoons, and
forks in th-? best manner, at short notice, and at
noderate prices.
Dealers in Jewelry aad Silverware,
jy 18?tAug4 Penna.avenne.
FILLnORK MAZURKA, composed and
dedicated to Miss Bowena M. Baldwin, by Joe.
3. Foertsch, just published and for sale by
je 23? at thxir Muidc Depot.
NAT1UKAL Guy*' Grand Parade
March* otmiposei for the Piano Forte, and
Indicated to Capt. Lem. Towers, by Prof. 8. Xhrllch,
ust published by Hilbus * Hiu, and for sale at the
dufcie Lepot.
The trade supplied on liber%l terms.
nr.W FAHM.-Tha subscriber offers
for sale his derirahle place. containing thirteen
acresicfUnd,lsYlngon the old Bladensbur* road.
Mid adjoining the fends of Mr. Cleric Mill* and the
1st* purchase of Mr. Klbby. Said land is well adaDt
ed to a marketgarden, and has on It a choice selec
tion cf fruit tre-s, and a -CBfortable house, and Is
we: 1 * stored. For particular* enquire on the prem
*??- , . H. M. ARNOLD.
jy 28?lw?
OB SAL* OR RENT?A SHOP, soluble fcr m
caJ^"^r ?r T'&inter, situated on E, between
11 in and 12th streets. Ee quire of A. Stewart, next
to the premise?. jy 8t?
GEORGETOWN.?For Kent, tl at handsome
Furnished COTTAGE situatrd ou the Heights of
Georgetown, and occupied until recently by E. Cor
bett, tsq., A't&ch* of the Bri .ish Legation.
This prop.* * ia handsoirely situated for a sum
mer refidpiw ^ large Flower Gardens attached.
To a satisfactory tenant the rent will be mode
rate. Apply to J. C. McGUILl,.
A uctioneer and Commission Merchant.
jy 26?3t
For Rent, a very desirable business stand, suit
able for any description of merchandising, located
on 11th street, one door from Pennsylvania avenue,
next adjoining R. Farnham's book and stationary
To a gocd tenant and a genteel business the rent
will be put at a moderate rate by the year, payable
in monthly in?talmmt?. Possession' given imme
diately. I or further particulars inquire or the un
designed. GEO. A. W. RANDALL,
Grocer, corner Pa. avenue and 12th nt_
jy 56?eotf
AB^uTH?i AJ?D ele?ANT residence
FOR 8ALE.?The undersigned offers for sale
his residence, situated in Georgetown, corner Green
and Gaystreets. This presents one of the best op
portutii'es ever presented in Georgetown, to obtain
a superior dwelling. Th? bousn contains fourteen
rooms, and is finished with all the modern improve
ments?a bath house which furnishes all the rooms
with water, and cistern cf water in the ya'd. The
lot is most eligible & mated, surronrded with splen
did iron railing, and the garden in a full state of
cultivation, with the most choice celection of flow
Terms made known on application.
Jy 23~~-od3? g? <^sp0fe my horse and carriage.
FOR REST?Two new handsome framo DWEL
LINGS, situated on New York avenue, between
4th and 5th s's. Apply to
Corner of 8th and M streets north.
jy 21?lw*
F?R RENT?A large three story House, with ex
tensive back buildings (-table, coachhouse, and
smokehouse. The buildings contain twenty-two
rooms and a kitchen, and is well suited for a board
ing house. It L? sltnat*d on ths north sid? of east
Capitol street, about one hundred yards east of the
Capitol square. The rent to a rood tenant will be
$400 per annum, paid by monthly instalments in
advance. WM. EASBY.
jy 17?lawtf
COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE, adjoining th? city
of Georgetown, with a fine new brick dwelling
house, out buildings, la*re brick cistern, Ac. Ac.,
containing 15 seres of land, with the finest views in
the District. Eitua'ed ?t tho junction of the New
end Ridge reads, with a lsrge front on both, an 1 ad
joining the property cf Mr. J. H. King. Terms very
liberal on credit. Enquire on the premises. Or it
will be exchanged f r property In New York,
jy 13?eolm*
FOR RENT?A brick dwelling J30U&E, contain
'2 good rorvirs The parlors and several ot
the rooms well furnished. Bathing fixtures, Ac ,
attached. Iloute lighted with gas. Xhis house will
be for rent after 4th Augest next. T?rms moderate
Best of reference required. App'.v t0
on the premires, Q, b-t. 13th and 14 th sts.
N. B ?Rented with or wi'hout furniture.
jy 23?2aw2w?
BCn L,Vi,NO , LOTS.?For sale several desirable
Building Lot8 in the vicinity of the City Ilall;
also In the 1st >Vard, and also a variety in all other
parts of t,ie city. Also, two small frame dwellings.
wtuaUd in an improving neighborhood; all cf whi-h
will be sold cn tener ac^onunodatiDfc. Apply to
David Myerle, at Mrs. Adams', opposite to Browns'
Hotel, or through the post office, post paid,
jy 10?e<3m
change tor mechanics w,- rk and materials, sit
untod on tbo Island, und having one of the most
beauiifnl open prospects of river ard high land.?
Fu/ther inlormation may b? obtained by addressing
the subsiribur. R??BT MILLS,
jy 10?tf Architect, Cvpitcl H11L
FOR RENT-An OFFICE inL^e * Tucker's
Building. Enquire of
s j , cnA8. H. LANE, or
je 30?dtf WM. TUCKER.
FOR RENT?Two three-story WAREHOUSES,
on 0th street west, opposite the Centre Market.
For t;>rms apply to Jno. H. Amines A Co.
I have for rent,- seveiai new HOUSES, with 2
acres of ground attached to each, situated on '-Ken
dall Green," a little more than a mil* nwthwgtwiT
from the Capitcl.
These houses are spacious and convenient, with a
cellar, wood shod, and a'able for each, and pumpe of
excellent water at hand.
The situation is beauti'ul, overlooking a large
portion ol the city, and in foi! view of the Capitol.
The approach is by 7th and II sis. Delaware ave
nue and M street
An omnibus line for usual fare, haa been perm a
nant.y established on the route, and run' twice a
day between Kenda'l Green and the President's
3qir,re, leaving at 3 a. m. and 2 p. m. Retu - rhig
leaves Centre \arket, where it niak^e a brial stand,
at 2% and 8% o'clock.
The houws not yet taken are open for inspection
and okn be se?n by applying to WM. 8TICKNEY,
who lives on Cottage stmt, or rcyself, at my resi
dence, near tbe preEiissj.
j# 30 tf AMOS. KENDALL.
FOR RENT?Office Rooms N'os. t> and 7, "Colum
bia Place," oorner ot Louisiana avenue and 7th
Also, the 3d and 4th story roonu, each embracing
the whole exteCt ol the building. Apply to
. a a barney,
je *.8?tott E, between flth and 7th sts.
STORE 10R RENT.?The .spacious warehouse on
Piansjlvaaia ave., so long occupied by Measre.
B. I. Eemmea A Bro., as a wholesale grocery and
liquor store Is now for rent. Potteerion given im
medlately. Apply io B. I. Semmes or M. G. Emerv.
ap i3?dtf '
Houses *. lots at private sale^I
Three frame Houses, two-story and attic, with
bacS building, situated on 13^ street south, betw.
B and C streets west 1
On" irame Hou?e, two-story, containing six rooms,
on 7th street nortn, between M and N st*. west.
One frame House, two-story, garret, and back
buildings, on 7th street south, brtween D and E eta
Twelve building Lots, between 3d and 4>? streets j
east and M and N streets south, containing in all
39,000 square feet of ground, with two small tene
ments thereon. This would be a desirable looation
for a market garden.
One three-story brick fire proof Shop, In reserva
tion 10, to the rear of Jackson lla'l. This would i
answer admirably for a bcok bindery or printing
-fflce, or could easily be converted into a livery sta- '
ble, for which purpose a more eligible location can
not be found.
All the above described property will be sold on
reasonable ttrms on application to
Lumber Yard, oorner of 6th and B sts.
Jy 5?eotf
FOR RENT.?The subscriber having retired to
the country, his now permanent residence, of
fers for rent his handsomely finished, four-story
brick HOUSE, on 4)-^ street, with immediate posses
And also, the three-story House adjoining, now
occupied by Capt. Jm. B. Montgomery. Possession
given on the 1st August, unless earlier possession
can be arranged with Capt. Montgemery, who has
kindly consented that persons applying can inspect
the premises.
Also, for sale cheap, that commodious and deelra*
ble property, situated on Pa. avenue, nearly oppo
rite Tackson Hall, and recently occupied as a board*
ing house.
Alro, two frame Houses on B street south, near
. th, in Square 492. If not sold before the 30th in
stant, they will then be deposed of to the highest
bidder at public sale.
?^?r ttrma ^ particulars apply at the store of
W hite A Sons, to W. G. W. WHITE,
je 19?tf
AUTHORIZED Agents for the Modern Standard
and Minor Drama, Gleason's Pictorial, Hag ol
our Union, Uncle Sam an-1 all the ''Know Nothing"
Pspers. He also keeps for sale at wholesale and re
tail, all the popalar Magazines, Weekly Newspapers i
Daily and Weekly Heralds, Tribnne, Times, Sta-1
tionery, Ac., and all the popular cheap literature oi
the day. i
J. E. k Ce having a daily oommuniea'ion with N.
York, rare Books, back numbers of Periodicals can |
be promptly supp'.iad.
Tbe trade ana citiaens generally ere respectfully i
invited to call at No. 3, Columbia Place, at comer ot |
Louisiana aaenue and 7th street.
Jy 14?lm*
of Instruments, containing 12 deren French
Accordeons, of all patterns and at all prices.
Also, three doien common Guitars at $3. Com
iron Fifes at 18J?. Common Flutes at 76. Together
with a very extensive assortment of Musical Instru
ments of every kind.
New Musio received semi-weekly. I
Elements of Mus'e at sight, ty Martha Richard-1
sob, Just received at the Music Diepot.
jy 14? HILBUd * HIT it
F fiy-three pages of new and Fashionable
SIC for only 60 cents, to oloee out ? tot. Apply |
at onoe to wit V. BAYLY,
Pa. arcane, betww Uttj ?ad Xttb f*
K. N. STRATTOS, Auctioneer.
TRUSTOR'S SALE of Valuable Icaprorwd Proper
ty?*y virtu* of a deed of ttxwt, date
the 2Cth day of Fetruaiv. 18&L duiy executed by
John A. Moulden and wife, to the "ubmWr. and
recorded in Liber J. A. t?., No. 140, f>lioe 453. 461,
462, and 463, one of the land reverts of Washington
county, in the District of Columbia te the
payment of a certain debt therein named. I aha U
aell at pnblic auction on the premi.* a, on MONDAY,
the ?3th day ef Au?ust. 1^44, at 6 o'clock p. m-, to
the highest bidder, Lot No. 7, in Square 5M. with
the ltnpmrfmsnts, consist ing of a two story Frame
House, with other necessary building*.
Term* : One-third c%*h ; the leeidue in equal in
stalments, at C and 12 months, with interest.
A 4e*d phen and a deed of trust taken to aacrue
th? deferred payments.
If tbe terms cf sale are not cospPrt with in fire
days from the day of sale, the fir peri y will be re
told at th* cost and risk of ths purrba er.
CRAVEN A? 11 FORD, Trustee.
jy 58?? kTut.l*
By GRICK3 4t SCOTT, Anetlonscri.
tien ?On TUESDAY, tbe 16th A ujrurt. we thai 1
sell, st C)-$ e'ciock p.m., 84,237 U feet of ground,
having a front on G street south 14S feet 6 inches,
and on 9th street east 284 feet 10 inches.
Tbe above will be sold in lots to suit purchasers.
Terms: One-third cash; the residue in one and
two years, on notes, with interest
A J'jed given jkI a deed of trust taken.
jy IS?2aw Auctioneers.
BOARDING ?Mrs. DCYALL, Fenna. avenue,
nearly opposite Browns' Hotel, has fine ROOM?
and offers e\rry desirable coin tort and accommoda
tion tor tamilles or single gentlemen?permanent
or transient. No mote agreeable boarding house
will be found in Weshin<rton. je 16?ly
WK ARB RBCK1VISO per schooners
Hamilton and Waahington, from New lock,
the fallowing eoods, Tlx:
l Jf> half chaste fresh Oreen and Blk T?aa
176 bags Java, Maracaibo and Rio Coffee
60 boxes Fresh Ground do
to d*> Adamantine Candles
20 do Castile Soap
-0 do Hull A Son's Fancy do
6,OiO pounds 8*1 Soda
60 boxes Pearl Surch
76 doson Yeafet P vrder
160 do Brooms
60 do Fainted and Cedar Bucket*
60 do Cords and Lines
200 gnes Matches
60 do Blacking
't 6 bfols. Eastern Ilertirga
10 bags Orain Ptpper
SO boxes Bunch Kaisins
25 csrea Salad Gil
30,000 choice Havana Cigars
100 hbds P. R. and N. G. Scgars
76 bbls Crushed, I'owdered r nd Clarified da
W) b^ s and tierces N. O. MoU?see
40 do Small Mackerel
15,0?0 Shoulder Bacon
1,000 rhcioe Family llams
30 boxes manufactured Tobacco
200,000 German Clears
And a general assortment of Wlnee and Liquor*.
For sale low by HURRAY A fcEMMES.
jy 21?6t
We commence selling; olf the remainder of our
Fafccy Brocade, plaid, and striped Silks
Printed Bereges. Tissues, ard Cbal'y de lains
Printed Berege and Cashmere Sbaa Is and tcarff
20 Silk Man til: an sad French Embroideries
And many otter Ksucy G ods. ail of wh'.ch will
be sold at cost for cash, cr to our prompt credit cus
Just received for Traveling Dresses?
20 pieces as^ort?-d De Beige, v#ry cheap
All persons in want of any of the above article*
outfit to extmln? our stock, as we Lave determined
not to carry any over for the next -ea?>n. There
fore great barg?ns may be had by giving us an early
cell. maxwell, sears a colley,
7th street, thr?* doors above Penn. avenue,
jy 13?er>2w
LYOuj'S KATHA1ROS by the dosen, at
$2 26, or by tbe bottle. Chineee floating Soap,
for bathing. Perfumery, Combs, Brushes. Sammer
Crrrats, Stocks. Linen Collars, Hosiery, Gloves, and
Mitts, Ac
Straw Bonnets, cheap. Silk and Crape do- at the
usual low prices. WM. P. SBEDD'S
Fancy Goods and MLlinery, llih street,
je 20?tf
SUNNY Memoirs of Foreign Lands, by Mrs. H. B.
Stowe, '1 vols, 80 illustrations, $2
Life and its Aims, in two parts?Ideal Life and Actr
ual Life?$1
The Sunshine of Greyttoae-a story lor girls, by X.
J. May, 76c
Baptif-m ; its Nature, Obligation, Mode, Sntycct and
B- cebts, by Rev. L. Rcsser, A.M.
Glad Tidings or the Go'-pel of I eace?r?3c
A Lamp to the Path, or the Bible in the Heart, the
licme and tbe market place?bio
Seed Timoand Harvest, or Sew well end Reap well,
Jy 17? (Sent) 7th street.
THE Fubccriber would respectfully inform the
public that be keeps constantly on hand and
lor sale at the lc*ott prises, a large aasortmer.t of
articles ae'e-t-ary for buildicg purnoeec, which he
hopew it will prove lor their interest to call and ex
amine before purchasing elsewhere.
Among the m>>?'t important are?
penrhi'n marble and ironmaxtmlb,
wbijh for c^eepnees, beauty and durability,
are unsurpassed
GRATES, the latest New York styles
healing privet* and public buildings, churches
Ac., tbe very best ajud the most economical
Furca e now in use
ENCAUSTIC FILING, fcr Hall, Yestlbul*, and
Church fl.-*ots
IRON RAILINGS, of caft anl wrought iron, and
wire. These are manufactured in New York,
and for their beauty and variety ot patteru
and finish are uutqutJiei.
The above will be put up if detir- d, rud every af
fort will be made to give purchaser.-* satisfaction.
Apply at the
Ornamental Iron Ware House,
Pa. ateuue, between 3d and 4% streets
jy 20-eotf R. H At KINS.
iMUfucrrtotyptifor 26 emu and upward*.
For the accommodation of those who want cheap
pictures, HiJtnn it Co. have fitted up a flue
Gallery in Lane A Tucker's Building, directly over
tbe Gallery formerly known as "Thornpeon's.
Remember the name and be sure and find tbe
right gallery. WILSON A OO.,
Pa. avenne, between 4% and 6tb at a.
has relirved, and is treating with unparalleled
suoces", those diseases which have been abandoned
by other phytic'ans, with the Electro-Magnetic Ma
chine, such as Asthma, Bronchial Affections, Con
vulsions, Erysipelas, Cutaneous Disease*, Fpaane,
Spinal Affections, Rheumatism, Paralysis, Bt Vitus'
Lance, Palpitation of the Heart, Epilepsy, and many
other diseases not neces &iy to mentk n.
Residence on Queen, between Fairfax and Royal
streets, Alexandria. ^ a.
N. B?A fair trial is all we ask. Our patients
will trumpet tar and near this great Medical Agent
without one word from us. Jy 11?1m*
I^HE llluatrnted Book of Domestic
(Poultry, edited by Martin Doyle, 1 toI, Lon
Se.bamyl and Circasaia 1 vol, 1ST4
The Hobbe and Dobbs, by Crotchet Crayon, 1 vol.
"We ar* all low people there," Ac., by the author of
Caleb Stukely, 1 vol
Pilgrims of the Rhine, 1 vol. 1854
Turkey?Past and Present, by J- R. Morell, 1 voL
O. HOOD keeps constantly en hand a good
j assortment of fine W atches, rich and fashion
able Jewelry, pure Silverware, and which he offers
for sale at the lowest New York city priceHl; and no
mistake. Everything warranted as re presented at
timeofeale. im' Watches and Jewelry, carefully
repaired. Sign of the Large Spread Eagle, Pennsyl
vania avenue, between 4U and 6th street*.
jy 18-tf
IN oonsequence of having effected the sole ageney
for the sale of Hailet, Davis A Go's Broton pre
mium Pianos, and Knabe, Gaehle A Go's of Balti
more, we have decided to devote our attention to
tbe sale of those only, and discontinue the sale of
New York pianos.
We have now in store one 7-octave round corner,
oarved tablets, sliding deak rosewood Piano, manu
factured by Firth, Pond A Co., New York, which wa
offer at a great discount from former price.
To all in want of a cheap and good Piano, wa in
vite them to call and examine this instrument.
Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th ata.
le 22?tf
X Superior Traveling Trunks
Medium and low prioed do
Packing do
Carpel Bags, Hat Boxes, Vaiiaea
Satchels, Aei, Ac,
Being the meat extensive and varied aaaortment
of traveling requisitea to be found in this city, whfoh
we are selling cheaper than the cheapest.
Next door to the Iron HalL
Pa. trame, between Mb and 10th sU.
Jy 12? (Intel A News)
IN tity of Mr. Toatofa MooId OuralB
1 |
Eirrcwly for the Daily Evfatng Slmr.
BmIU of Baluaare?Ihe reported Failure?
The Markets, *c , *e
Baltimore, July 13.?The rumors which
have appeared in several of the con hern pa
pers in regard to the failures of ft number of
Loading Baltimore merchants art wholly with
out foundation in trath. Our best bourn, at
ii the ca*e eleewhere. feel the pressure of a
tight and tightnmg money market; but be*
yond that there is no foundation for the ru
It ii reported that several cam of obolera
have occurred at the Almshouse, which la three
miles out of Baltimore.
The weather is pleasant to-day. Thermo
meter at noon, 84. Not a sigle ease of cholera
has as yet occurred in this city.
The flour market orntinnea in a very de'?
prepsed Hate; prices nominal; no sales. Wheat,
?ales of 10,000 bnihels. Good prime white
$1 65 a $1 75; rad. $1 to a $1 66; white, for
family flour. $1 80. Corn eaten of 0,500
bushels. White, 68 a 74: yellow, 75. Oau?
?a1e? of SOOO bushels of inferior Pennsylvania
at 85.
Eight deaths from cholera occurred at the
Baltimore county almshouse yesterday. Sev
eral new cases to-day snd seme death?
John R. Perkins, a well known Baltimore
merchant, of the firm of Perkins and Travard,
fell out of the window of his ohamber, laat
night, while in a aomnambulic state, lie died
from the effccts of the injuries received this
Desperate Firemen's Fight?The Let* Fell
ure?The Markets, Lc.
Philadelphia, July 28 ? There was a des
perate fight between the Fairmount engine
<u?d MuTWB?mii<e hn?e company, which lasted
for a considerable time, and knives una pistols
were freely used. Three of the firemen were
dangerously, smdoneof them mortally wound*
It is evidently stated by those who ought to
know that Mr. Tucker. President Ready's
Railroad, will soon be able to relieve
himself from his present embarrassments, aa
be has ample means to meet all his liabilities.
No change to notice in the market*?bread*
stuffs continue in a depressed state. There la
but little wheat offering. Stocks dull.
From Hew York?Memorializing Conferees?
Cholera, 4c
New York. July 2^ ?A meeting of Amerl.
cans, whose property was destroyed at
town, by the U. S. tloop of warCyi.ne, wre
held in this city la?t evenirg. It was .eaolved
to memorialize Congress with the view of ob
taining damages from the Government
There have been four cholera deaths Urn
morning at the Franklin s'eet Hospital, and
one at the North street hospital. Twenty-four
cases yet remaining Discharged f>ur "
Markets dull and 4rooping. Stocks are ?
shado lower. -
Death of a Californian
Bostos, July 20.?El bridge Gerry Austin, a
prominent citizen of San Francbco. Califor
nia, who has been recently stopping at Nahant,
died suddenly at that place yesterday.
Cholera at Buffalo, &c
New York, July 27.?The deaths at the
Poor House yesterday are reported to havo
been seventeen. No official information can
be ascertained. The Board cf Health met last
night and passed resolutions directing the en
tire reform in the management of the house.
The deaths by cholera at the Suspension
Bridge, near Niagara, yesterday, was eeven,
ail on the Canadian side.
Death of Col Hogarth.
Alba.\t, July 27 th ?Telegraph:? dispatch?*
from Quebec announce the de& h there on
Monday by cholera of Col H'tgarth. command
ing the 26th regiment of Britiah infantry.
New Cotton.
New Oblea>!?, July 2'* ?Two balca of new
crop cotton were received here yesterday frcia
Arrest of the Canadian Bobbers.
Bos tot, July 27.?Two deserter* from tti#
English army at Hslifcr, who, before they
left, broke into the Queen a treasury an! rob
bed it of about ToO mill dollars, were arreste I
in this city to-day. and most of the money re
covered. I'nder the Ashburton treaty tfcey
will be sent back, and probably shot. Their
namea are Uriah Pricker and Ihoa. Casey.
Ftmer&l of Kiss Fillmore.
Bcmxo, July 27.?The funeral of Miss Fill
more this morning, was attended by a largi
concourse of leading citizens. More deep-felt
and general grief was seldom witnessed, tbau
was manifested throughout thie city. Mr.
Fillmore feels it keenly, and his spirits an
much broken
Kaval Court Martial.
Philadelphia, July 27 ?The Naval Court
Martial in session at the Navy Yard, bavins
closed the examination of witnesses, adjourned
to Monday to allow the counsel for the aooose-1
time to prepare his defenoe.
Destruction of an Orphan Asylum.
Pittsburq. July 2j ?The German Catholic
Orphan Asylum at Troy Hill, near Allegheny,
whs burnt to the ground at 11 o'clock this
morning. The furniture was saved. The
building was four stories high, and the loss ij
about$7,000. Insured for $3,000 in the Her
risburg Mutual Company.
Arrest of a Counterfeiter.
Cikciksati, July 25 ? James Roundtree,
charged with being connected with an eaten*
sive band of counterfeiters, was arrested i-l
Paris, Ky., yeeterdav. $7,000 was foand npt>e
him?fifties on the Bank of North Carolina,
and twenties on the Bank of Louisiana. Us
was committed to jail.
Death of Jaeob Richardson.
Obwbgo, N. Y., July 26.?Jacob Richard
ion, formerly collector of jthis port, and the
alleged defaulter for $100.600, died last ulgll
at Kingston, Canada, after a short illc.**.
His remains arrived in this city this afternoon
Cndian Skirmish?Capt Van Buren Wcurde-l.
New York, July 27.?An arrival from Cor
pus Christi reports that Capt. Van Buren, wi h
twelve soldier*, followed a party of twenty-five
Camanches a distance of three hundred miles,
attaoked and defeated them, killing several.
Capt. Van Buren was 6hot through she body,
Dut would reoover.
Later from Mexico
New Orleans, July 26?The steamer
)rizaba arrived to-day, bringing datea from
I'ery Cruz to the 22d. and from the oity of
Mexico to the 17th instant.
Corn was very scarce. Tabajoo waa asking
jermusion t? import grain duty free.
We have nothing with regard to the rumored
[esth of Gen. Alvarez
A akirmish is reported, in which the insnr*
;entA were defeated.
It is aaid that a conspiracy has bean die
overed at Vera Cruz, and there were several
.r rests.
rHK thirty fourth y?ar ot Columbian Ooltege will
begin on the last Wednesday of September next
ad end on the last Wednesday in June, trtudenm
ave the oboiee of pursuing the usual olaseloal ctn<V
is for ths degree of Baobelor mt Art*, or a acton tins
ouree for the degree ?f Bachelor of rhUcaopby.
The necessary college expenses of a bearding Cbe
cat an about two hundred dollars per aenum.
For further Information addrees "The Presides)
it Columbian College, Washington, D. C."
jy 24-eolOt
? COMMENCE this day to ran off my stock of Dry
Oeods and Shoes at prime eosc what wmatns
jy the 20th of July, will than be offered at section
Persona wiahing extra bargains will do wall te
I have a geed aaanHsisnt of
tfael'iT Bonnets, Ribbons, Parasols, Aa.
Also, aguod stock of SHOBflofaU^teflk
The Store will be for rent on the 1st of j
T. B.
Oar. 7th and X ata, K<

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