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1 would not die when winter chilly and dreary,
Fling*o Vr the esrlh rta shroud of fleecy ?iow ;
Mv spirits then. howler, lone and weary.
Would clMore not, on her homeward (light to go.
* * * .
I would not <i>? when ?priog is brightly beaming,
And all ?he earth warms in her loved embrace,
When new born beauties all around are gleaming,
Ah, then the "shining way" 1 would ?ot trace.
Nor yet when summer's gentle air is singing,
Aod bearing wide its freight of rich perfume ;
When Nature's choir in rapturous rtrmins is singing
1 would not pass the portal* of the tomb.
But at the close of ?me calm autumn day,
Just as the tun Kinks in the golden west,
Methlnks I then would gladly pans away,
Away to Heaven?to blessedness and rent.
O calm, congenial hour, befltticg time,
When nature, fading, seems to droop and die,
When sweetly and the plaintive breezes chime,
A ad antumn'j pageant solemnly sweeps by.
In GotTs appointed time, when it may come.
In winter, spring, or summer's glori? us time,
Then would I go to m immortal home.
Where death invades not the celestial clime.
A Man who Patronizes the Paper.?
If there is one thing more impertinent
than another, to our minds, it is hearing
a man say he patronizes a newspaper.
We hate the term in every sense in which
it is used, and more especially when em
ployed in the way of which we are speak
ing. Look at it for a moment. A thick
headed fellow, with just enough sense to
know that he should twu! the papers, if
it were only to be pasted up in the fact
that the Dutch took Holland, Queen Anne
was dead, and that Alexander the Great,
to use a fashionable affectation?has been
dead some years, snhncribee. or, he
would s?y, patronizes a paper to the ex
cruciating sum of two dollars per annum.
IP an article appears, political, ethical,
physical, which should not exactly coin
cide with his own crude and ill-digested
notions, he forthwith blusters about pat
ronage, and threatenes to withdraw it al
together. His wanting a paper to be but
his own sentiments, at all times, is not
less ridiculous than the old lady who
asked to have her paper printed on large
type because her eyesight was not good.
Did it ever enter the head of a patron to
contemplate the labor, the wealth of in
tellect and capital in money which is re
quired to give him his two dollars' worth
of information? That the sources of
chemistry, the inventive genius of mech
anism, the toil of hundreds of human be
ings are in requisition to give us ink, pa
per and machinery, as the first step to
wards forming the paper he patronizes ?
When the physicalities are furnished him,
has be thought for a moment that the
well-digested article, which he reads in
?en minutes, is the production of a mind
richly cultivated by hours of close study,
when the patron has been cosily snoring
on his couch ??that the printers, per
haps, his superiors in education and in
tellect, are engaged in coining into pal
pable and immortal shapes, the thoughts
which run from the creative minds ol
editor ??that pressmen and carriers are
required to labor in producing a might?
result of talent, time, labor and capital,
which is placed in the liberal hand of the
patron for the insignificant sum of twe
dollars per annum ?
Lima.?A recent traveller in Souti
America, tells us, that among the varied
crowd of Lima, there were two character*
to be found everywhere, at the cafes, ho
tela, markets, churches, and cock-pi t
the lottery seller with his book of num
bers and the begging friar with his tic
box. I saw the latter at the cock fight
and the former at vespers. The whole
appearance of Lima struck me as theatri
cal ; tne pasteboard lcoking houses with
their bird-cage balconies, and the stroll
? ing player look of the people. The light
balconies and scenic painting and fres
coes of the houses, haa a wonderful stage
operatic look, and Aminas and Fra Dia
volos were at every corner to complete
the illusion. The priests, in their shovel
hats and long black robes, and with se
cular tastes and "habits smpking cigar
ettes in the most sacred recesses of th<
sanctuary, seemed to be playing a part
The gaily dressed women, putting or
their prettiest air, and making love a
every corner, had the sham look of th<
stage. Every thing appeared as if i
might be shifted, and would disappeai
in an instant at the whistle of the promp
ALadi* wim a WoodenLEG.-"Uenry,'
who formerly consulted us about a younj
lady with a wooden leg, haa now brough
the matter to a crisis bv marrying her
and now, after a month's experience, ai
entire honeymoon, Henry says:?
411 am happy to say a wooden leg is m
bad bargain. I married Jessie about i
month ago : she refused to give up th
wooden leg for a cork one, as she said sh
detested false appearances. She is al
ways at home except when she goes ou
, with myself; she never flirts with othe
men; she never dances at a party ; sh
* requires only one stocking and one' boo
* or shoe, and these serve her a long time
I as she does not walk much, and yet sb
is not unpleasant to walk with; sh
diflers very little from other young wo
men. The onlv expense of the woode:
* leg is the breaking of a strap, which i
* easily repai*$d, and the supplying a littl
gutta percha for the end of it, to^preven
? uoise in walking. Balancing profi
against loss, a lady with a wooden le
- is rather profitable; not to speak of othe
benefits. I find in Jessie all that enjoy
went could desire."
4 Tax Last Strike.?The shoemakers c
?* Lynn, Mass., finding recently that thci
earnings hardly sufficed to keep sole an.
body together, struck for wages a pc
higher. Though the rates demanded wer
, reasonable, and far from being high
< heeled, the employers refused to toe th
mark: whereupon the workmen bouni
themselves (not in oalH to stick like wa
for their rights. Those of the strikers
however, who had not saved sufficient c
the needful to keep them on their peg
without a constant pegging, soon fount
matters slippery, and, to terminate th
difficulty, came out square-toed?threat
ening their employers with personal vie
r-kpoe if they would not immediately ,jiv
in. This seemed convincing proof fha
the workmen were not to be easily pu
under foot, and the bosses, believing the^
would hold out to the last, and fearfu
of being themselves knocked right an<
left, finally crimped, and heeled matter
by yielding to awl demands. It is evei
asserted that some of them were so glai
the troubles were at an end that they gav
a treat to boot.
, II-abmr than a Brick.?The Pough
keepsie Daily Press says A3 a dusti
looking " colored child/' about 40 year"
r'f age, and from the country, was passim
under the scaffold of the building nov
being erected on the corner of Main aix
Catharine streets the other day, a bricl
came down, struck upon his head ant
^ broke in two. He was stunned for 1
moment, but soon recovered sufficient!]
to get off the following and leave thorf
who had gathered aroknd him in a roa
of laughter:??* I say you white turn ui
dar, if you don't want yer bricks broke
jest keep 'em off my head."
M 4 DmxtBk.
Zaciariah Barry, Md On Twiggs and lady,
W P Fannin, Ga U 8 A
Kim S A Stevens, do Miss Twiggs,
Mrs Hnlcome, do Miss Adam*,
W E Webster, J 8 Moffeld, III
I Aekerman, NY J no Kimble, Pa
\uflustu* Schell, do W N Switzer and lady,
Win Daniel, Md Mo
H Newell, U 8N Mi* 8 C Prewitt, do
C Cblt, Conn Miss 8 F Prewitt, do
3 A Harris, Pa Mn B M Leigh. Va
{. Vtllolds, Hnvana " Miss V Leigh, do
U*H Tucker, Va Miss Alice Leigh, do
lames Coffin, Mans MreChas M Fry, N Y
P Harorway, Mi*s C J Leigh, do
V T Lane, do J J May D C
II A Cambril and CladieF,C C Norman, Va
KlrkWMd loiNi?J. H. A A. KIRK WOOD.
T Barksdale and lady, L Watlenberg, NY
Mich W B Carmicha .-I, Va
Tr Biiscoe, Md W Moreland, Ala
f 8 8 Francis, NC O Strihgfield, NY
0 Matthews, Va J Wetherell. DC
.* P Rollins, do Mrs Dixon Va
?J Etmore, lady and ch'd, B II Mulliken, and lady,
f J Richardson and lady, J C Pedricks, NY
Ala Mr Speace, Md
>Iiss Richard.-on, do J Dorr and lady, O
Miss Foulkner, do T Lumpkin, DC
W Templeton, La
Hrsira*4 Viatel?t P. * ? brow*
T P Burton, Md J T Williams, NY
J W Stevens and lady, J Newbrough, do
Va H Grant, Cal
J 1/ 8wwm and*, lady, J iloiser, Del
Va W Kendrick, Pa
J M 8aundert>, Tex W Hamilton, Md
E Booksdale and lady 8 Brooke, do
D Deshler, Ala T J Adams, Va
( Deshlar, do T M Maffit. do
W Lackland, Miss H Barker, Mass
C P Smith, do G W Hiliary, Md
S R Walker, La Miss Sherlock, do
G C Lane, SC Mr Gaitber and 4 ladies,
C A Ceikly, Miss do
C II Dvdley, NC
tVillardi' Hotel?H. A. A t. o. WUUtn
1 Sedgerwick and child, E neaver and son, Mex
Ala E F Beaver, do
Jane Stanbury ,do J F Stevenson, Md
Kiss A E Arthur, NY C H Scott, N Y
Kiss M A Arthur, do W B Richmond,
J 3 Davis, USN W II Young, N Y
t Si - e, N Y W A Walker, do
VV R rurt, Va B F Bearce, N C
C W M rch, N II N Durfee, Mass
I I H George, do H B Durfee, do
V R Westbrook, NY N B Stone, Mass
I Seam, Md T D Parker, Va
J D Lemare, Kne J A Wagner, N Y
(Jalted States Hetel?k. i. ?Ao**a?
B Ezell J B Hall, (nd
A D Allen, Va H Travers, OT
J A Baown, III J Gumpel, Pa
8 Dibert, Va F Hanna, NY
Or Hinnkle, do C W Colvert, DC
E Faron, NY E M Lowe, Va
H Shuman, Pa J T DeBell, do
Cummisky, Md C Bondage, do
Empire Hetel?a nruiowit
J T Miller, Peru Indiana G B Franklin, Pa
J II Gregg*, do G Godfrey, Peru lad
Ponn Yoliim oh, do Charley, do
Peter Bandie, do Peter Longboy, do
Po Cang Noli, do 8 Huff, Ind
ArTJvai and Departure of Ocean Steamer*
Noma. Itivtt For Dayi.
Stctlia New York..Palermo July 22
Pa? ific Liverpool...New York..July 12
Africa Liverpool...Ntw York..July 15
Hermann Bremen New York..July 19
Canada Liverpool... Boston July 2*2
City of Phila'a....Liverpool...Phila'a July 25
Arabia...,. Liverpool...New York..July 29
fl^The California steamers leave New York on
the 5th and 20th of each month.
WE beg t? remind our friends and the public
that we are the sole agents in the District
for the cale of Hal'et, Davis & Oo.'s celebrated pre
mium PIANOS. Also, ior tlxe Limed establishment
of Knabe, Gaehle A Co. A large assortment ot in
ctruments on hand from the above named m&nu
factories We have also an extensive variety ol
Guitars, Violins, Flutes, Accordeon?, 8trings, Music,
jy 10?tf Pa avenue bet. 9th and 10th sta.
rrllE V1UG1NIA. SPRINGS, by Doctor j
J. Moorman, 1 vol, 1854
The Virginia Hot Springs, by Doctor Goode, 1 vol
Burke's Mineral Springs of Western Virginia, I
The Fauquier White Sulphur Spring*, by a visi
tor, 1 vol
The White Sulphur Papon, by Mark Pencil, on:
Trip to the Virginia Springs, by a lady, pamphlet
Aim, Guide Books, Route Books, Travelling Maps
Navy Dipartmbkt, July 1, 1854.
PROPOSITIONS will be received at this depart
ment until the first day of August next, for the
complete construction of thfe steam machinery and
appendages, and placing it on board of five auxili
ary screw steam frigates, to be at least 256 feet in
1 ength, and of 3,000 tons measurement, one of which
is tuUding at each of the United States navy yardsI
at Boston, Nsw Yerk, and Philadelphia, and two at
Each off' r must be for a specific sum, and include
all patent feee for any arrangement that may be
proposed, and must state the period within which
the work can be completed
The boilers are to be of iron, with teleeoope chim
neys * the propeller, with the connexions for hoist
iag up, of composition. The fresh water condensers,
machinery for hoisting, ventilating, pumps, Ac.,
with appurtenances ot all kinds, must be th?se
most approved for marine engines The tools and
duplicate piocee necessary for an efficient cruising
ship-of-war, a list of which must accompany the
proposal, and also the coal bunkers, must be inclu
All the wood and carpenter work necessary to
adapt the vessel for the reception of the engines,
toilers, propellers, Ac., will be at the expense of the
Navy Department, and it will furnish the usual fa
cilities and labor for hoisting the machinery on
For the accommodation of the entire steam ma
rhiaery with fuel for ten days' consumption, at the
average speed, at a load draft of water of 23 fe?t, in
cluding the keel, a length not to exceed 60 feet can
be allowed in the body of the ship, including the en
tire space under the birth deck. The greatest
breadth of this space under the beam wilt be 47 ft.,
and the height from the timbers to the bottom of
the beam 17 feet; the area of the section being 66*2
square feet.
The weight of all the steam machinery, water in
the boilers and coal within the space given, and in
cluding the propeller and shaft, with appendages of
ail kinds and spare pieces, has been estimated at 736
tons of *2/240 pound*, ot whicn 350 tons is for coal.
The distance between the main stern-post, and
, | the rudder post may be six feet, if that If ngth is ne
cessary for the propeller in a fcreani-aft direction,
aad the depth lrom the load w?ter line to the top of
the k*el under the propelkr will be 21 feet. The
l leagth from the mainmast to the stern-post will be
1 about 11- leet. The area of the greatest immersed
b transversed section to the deep load line will be 865
, square feet.
> As auxiliary 6team frigates tho spars and rigging
" will be those of a frigate of tLe first class, of 1,80?
tons measurement.
The particular arrangement of the machinery will
bu left with thoee whose propositions may be accept
ed as combining the greatest number of advantages;
I the desire of the department being to obtain the
? neatest speed and power with the most economical
? consumption of fuel, which the space available for
' that purpose will admit.
; The terms of payment will be as follows : when
one-third of the work previdfd for by the contract
shall have been oomplftei to the satisfaction of the
department, there shall be c payment of one-fifth of
j I the whole amount of the contract; when two-thirds
[ I of the work shall, in like manner, be completed,
II there shall be a further payment of one fifth . when
the ship shall Lave mtde a trial trip, satisfactory to
the department, of not lesi than one week at sea,
' there shall be a further payment of one fifth; and
I when the ship hall have been in possessirn of the
j d?pa?m?n*t ?nd performed xatisfsctorily for six
I months, the remaining sum shall be paid; the re
1 pairs necessary during this period, from defective
workmanship and material, being at the expense of
the contractor.
Each proposal must specify the ship for which
the offer is made, and reuse be accompanied by lull I
> I and complete specifications and drawings, which, if
desired, will be returned o those whoee offeis may
not bn accepted it must also be stated at what ea
tahlishment the work is to be done.
Each proposal must We accompanied by a guaran
tee that the contract, when awarded, will be faith
tally performed, and the successful bidders will be
required to enter into security for that purpose in
the sum of three-fourths the amount ot the contract.
1| J. 0. DOBBIN,
jy 1?2*wtlAug Sccrstary of the Navy.
Nav* Dxta&xiiist, July 19,1854.
N consequence of various applications from diffei*
ent parts of the United States, desiring an exten
sion of time to ena ale manufacturers of machinery
to prepare plans and proposals to be submitted la
accordance with tne terms of 'he advertisement ol
this department, of July 1,1853, the time spetified
In that advertisement for ti|e reception of proposals
Ac- is extended until the 1st of September next,
jy 20?dtd J. C DOBBIN.
mtom?????? ?? ?
N1W MUSIC received this week ?Ida Polka, lo
go mar Polka, Pat tie folka^ Fantasis on Jor
dan's Hard Road to Travel; The Klves, com idling of
variations on "Thou art Gone from my Gaae;" Grand
Russian March variations; Golden Ring Waltses;
This Darkies' Heart is Sad; Few Days, and in sddf
. ttoa to a variety ot standard and popular Mofiic;
vioUa, guitar, flute, aoeordeon, and other kind of
Music Books. JOHN F. ILUS,
in a v 30 Peoo ev? iMttween #th anil lOtb sU
MARCH DE BRAYoUKK, ampote l by Nathan
Ki Jiaidson, Juat received by
THB duties of this Seminary will be resumed on
FRIDAY, September lsr.
The oourse of studies actually pursued in this Ip
stitutioo embraces a higher and more thorough
range than that pursued In any other Female Sem
inary in the Union.
The location of the Seminary is remarkable for its
salubrity. The buildings are larpe, the rooms cap*
clous, and the grounds for recreation are very am
Terms lor boarding pupils, $200 per session of 10
months, payable on the 1st o. September and 1st ot
February. This charge includes hoarding, tuition
in English and Mathemat.cs, room rent, fuel, lights
and wast'iug, Music, French, Spanish, 4c. Drawing
and Painting extra.
Day scholars from $5 to $10 per quarter, according
to the t lasses which they enter.
Reference is made to Dr. Orafton Tyler, Captain
Geo. F. de la Roche, W. G. Rilgely, Esq , W Hunter
Esq, W. 8. H. Taylor, Esq., Francis Dodge, Esq-,
Robert P. Dodgv Esq., and Dr. 0. M. Linthicum,
Georgetown, D. C4 and to Jos. H. Bradley, Esq.,
Aaron C. Dayton, Esq., and Mr. Fitshugh Ooyle,
Washington, D. 0.
jy 14?tf (Intel ft Union)
GOLD PEWS and Pencils, Silver Tea, Table,
and Dessert Spoons, and Thimbles made of ster
ling silver.
Gold, silver, light steel, and German silver Spec
Cataract, near-sighted, blue, green, and Perifocal
Spectacle Glasses for all ages, constantly on hand,
?nd can be set in old frames at short notice, and at
a small expense. For sale by
Je 30?if Bridge street, Georgetown.
J BUCKLEY ft CO. respectfully inform the dti-;
# sens of Georgetown and its vicinity, that they
are prepared to undertake every description of work
in GAS FITTING. They have secured the services
ef some of the beat workmen from the North, and
their charges will be found as low as In any of those
They hare always ou hand an elegant assortment
of Gas Fixtures, to which they would invite the ex
amination of the public.
South side of Bridge street, between Washington
and Jefferson.
Orders left at Linthknm's Hardware Store will be
uu actually attended to. jan 30?tf
Xga This new and popular establishment is now
S3.open for the reception of visitors.
The proprietor, thankful for the patronage he has
so largely received, begs to assure his friends and
? he public that the HOTEL in every department
will be kept in a style superior to any previous sea
son. Gas has been introduced into 200 rooms.?
Hassler's celebrated orchestra has been engaged ex
clusively for this house, and many other arrange
ments have been made tending to the increased
comfort and enjoyment of the guests.
Application for rooms may be made by address
ing the proprietor at Cape Island, or to the subscri
ber. L. HARWOOD,
No. 17 South 3d street, Philadelphia.
M. B.?Extensive stabling on the premises.
j? 10?Sm .
JOHN V. SfftDER, Dealer in Wines, at the
ftrrmer old established Wine Start of JACOB \
SN7DEH, Jr., No. 76 Walnut street, four doors be
Mw Fourth street, where amxumsrt will be supplied
with WINES and LIQUORS on the most aecommo-1
dating terms.
JACOB SBflDRtl, Jr., Agent for the Im
portation of FOREIGN WINES, Office No. 76 Wal
nut street, Philadelphia, where he is prepared to
receive orders for the special Importation of Wines,
Ac., from various houses in Europe, in quantities of
a single do ten and upwards; and also solicits for his
Son, JOHN VAUGHAN SNIDER, the patrons^e of
his friends and former customers.
%? All Wines ordered for Washington wijj be d?
livered by Express free of freiffM. jis8?ly
A SAFE and money making business is guarantied
to all persons purchasing State, County, and
Township rights for the AMERICAN LIFTING
PUMP, (Polley's patent Elastic Adjustable Bucket,)
acknoweledged by scientific men who have witnessed
its operation, to bo the best and most valuable pump
for general purposes, in the Union. Persons pur
chasing rights will have no competition, and secure
handsome profits.
Considerable territory is already Bold, and the de
mand is rapidly increasing.
Rizhts can be purchased low and models, Ac., be
:eu Dy applying to H. VIVIAN ft CO., Sole Mai
facturers, J 09 North Front Street, Philadelphia.
N. B.?Local and travelling Agents wanted Lib
eral commiaslon given. may 2"i?3m
Phrenologists and Publishers, 231 Arch St.,
v? f below Seventh, Philadelphia. All works on
J Phrenology, Water Cure, Magnetism, and
Phonography for sale at New York prices.?
Phrenological examinations day and evening.
Cabinet Ire* to visitors. may 11?8m
{k?tw*en Eighth and Ninth, north side,'
toon Blown. foe 28?ly] willla* wallaci
The Fiftieth Edition, wKh
One hundred Engraving"
showing Diseases and Mt.1
formations of the Human
ff AdMA VH& System in every shape and
fi W form. To which is added a I
r VH Treatise on the Diseases of I
?f )? Females, being of the high
i qM iflv Bj est importance to married 1
people, or those contem
plating marriage. By
Let no father be ashamed
to present a copy of the
JSSCULAPIUS to his child
_ It may save him lrom an
earlv grave. Let no young man or woman enter in
to the secret obligations of married life without
reading the POCKET jESCULAPIDS. Let no one
suffering from a hacknied Oough, Pain in the side,
restless nights, nervous feelings, and the whole train
of Dyspeptic sensations, and given up by their phy
sician, be another moment, without ensulting the
ASCULAPIUB. Have the married, or those about
to be married any impediment, read this truly use
ful book, as it has been the means cf saving thous
ands of unfortunate creature* from the very jaws of ]
ay person sending TWENTY-FIVE CENTS
enclosed in a letter, will receive one copy of this
work by mail, or five copies will be sent for One Dol
Address, (post paid) DR. WM. YOUNG,
No. 162 Spruce street. Philadelphia.
ap 13?ly
_ _
No. ITT CHESTNUT STREET, oppttttt. the State
Home, Philadelphia.
INSTRUCTIONS to enable Ladies and Gentlemen
to measure their own hea is with accuracy:
For Wigs, Inchca. To a pees ft Scalps, Inch.
Ni. I. The round of the No. 1. From forehead to
head back as far as
1. From forehead bald.
over the head to L Over forehead a?
neck. * far as required.
*. from e?r u> oat * ?>ver the orewn of
OT?r the head. !h? heafl
1. from ear to car
round the for*
R. Dollar t r.-ir
?lways revty for
?ale a splontMd
stock of Gents'
Wigs, Ton]
Ladies* Wigs!
half Wigs, Fris- iL Jr /
ots, Braids, <
nnrld. . hftan. ? *
t| A
Curls, An., beau
orally manal&oture>i aid as ?ksa>> a* any establish
ment in the Union.
p. epared from South American herbs and roots, the
nost successful article ever produce>l for preserving
the hair trom falling out or changing color, restoring
and preserving it in a healthy and luxuriant state.
Among other reasons -rby Dollard's halr-cutticg Sa
lmon, maintains its immense popularity is the fact
that his Tonic is applied to every head of hair cut at
his establishment, consequently it is kept in better
preservation than under any other known applica
tion. Tt being thus piactically tested by thousands,
offers the greatest guaranty of its emcaoy. Sold
wholesale and retail ut his Old Establishment, 177
Chesnut Street, oppojite the State House, Phi la
R. DoiXAko has at last discovered the Hi plus n
Biaof hair dye, and announces it for sale, with per
fect confidence, in its surpassing everything of the
kind uow in use. It colors the uair either black or
brown, as may be desired, and is used without any
injury to the hair or skin, either by stain or other
wise, can be washed off in ten minutes after the ap
STREET, PHILADELPHIA, will receive attention,
jan 23?ly.
SIEBOLD'8 JAPABf f Golowin's do.; Mao- j
farlant's do; Roempfer's do; Watt's do; Jap
" to ire et Descrip '
1 par;
IiaruuM'? uo ; tvoempier e uo; nan's ao; Japan
Histoire et Description par Jaucigny ; Japon llis
toire et Description par Frassinet.
Imported by fBAKCK TAYLOR.
cmG^mtrng cordial I
ELIXIH or CORDIAL.?At flr?t ihe proper,
attributed to Pro'. MORSK'8 INVIGORATING
ELIXIR OR tORDIAE were deemed fabulous. The
public often deceived, oould not bdievt. the simple
and sublime truths announced bjr the dlseoverer.? ?
But facts, undeniable facts attested by witnesses of |
the highest <1ms and character, are now triumph
ing or?r aU doubts. INCREDULITY 18 OVER- i
?^WNJby ? mass of testimony which Is perfectly
The Elixir remedies, in all cases, Ihe deplorable I
eTUg arising from a misuse or abuse of tbe various
organs which make up the wonderful called
man. It restores to mil r got every delicate func
tion oonnected with that mysterious oompound
agency of matter nd mind, necessary to the rt-prv
auction of human life. To persons of feeble muscu
or deficient la vital power, It is reoom
mended as the only means of communicating that
??*!??.is necessary to the proper eujoyment
?i all the natural appetites, as well as the
attributes. Its beneficial effects are not con
?, ? ? th*r or to any age. The feeble girl,
the ? ailing wife, the listless, ernevated youth, the
overworn man of business, the victim of nervous de
the Individual suffering from general de-1
n from the weakness of a single organ, will
an nnd immediate and permanent relief from the
use of this incomparable renovator. To those who
nave a predisposition to paralysis it will prove a
complete and unfiling safeguard against that terri
We malady. There are many, perhaps, who have bo i
trifled with their constitutions, that they think
themselves beyond the reach of medicine. Let not
even these despair. The Elixir deals with disease as
it exists, without reference to causes, and will not
only remove the disorder itself, but
The derangements of the system, leading to ner i
vous diseases, and the forms of nervous disease it
self are so numerous that it would require a column
to enumerate-the maladies for which this prepara
^ a 8pec*fio* A however, may be enume- 1
fated, via: neuralgia, tic dolereaux, headache, Incip.
lent paralysis, hysteria, palpitation of the heart, spi
nal affections, muscular debility, tremors, flatulence,
ft?n?^ng,Ben8atlon in numbness, torpid
j liT"? mental depression, weakness of the
win, indispa ition to move, faintness after exercise,
broken sleep an i terrifying dreams, inability lo re
main iu one place i position, weakness of the pro
creative organs, sexual incompetency, melancholy,
monomania, fluor albue, f nking at the stomach, fo
male irregularities, a chronic tendency to miscar
riage, emaciation, and all complaint* growing out ol
a free induleence of the passions, and all barrenness
that does net proceed from organic causes beyond '
the reach of medicine , u
Whenever the organs to be acted upon are free
from malformation orstrictural diseases it is averred
*eattness with strength, Incapacity with
efficiency, irregularity with uniform &ad natural ac
y'-4w ^ not enly without hasard or reaction,
* ^appy effect on the general organixation.
iJBTBeax in mind that all maladies, wherever they
oegin, Jinuh with the nervous system, and that the
paralixation of the nerves or motion and sensation is
physical death. Bear in mind also, that for every
kind of nervous disease the Elixer Cordial Is the
only reliable preparation known.
. Da. Moan?a l*vi90ftAf ma Cokdial has bean coun
terfeit o-i by come unprincipled persons.
In future, all the genuine Cordial will have the
proprietors fac simile pasted over the cork of each
bottle, and the fbllo*!^ words blown in the elsea
?Dr ? 31 or fie's Invigorating Cordial.
C? II. RING) Proprietor, N.Y.
S10 Oordikl '-B pat up highly concentrated, la I
pint bottles. 1
Frioe,?$3 per botlle; two for $5; six for ?22.
0. II. RING, Proprietor,
1S3 Broadway, Nsw York.
Bold by Druggiats throughout the United Htatee.
Canadae, and West Indies.
Washington?Z. D. OILMAN.
Baltimore?8. 8. IlANCE.
mar 30?eotf
To tk* Lnaies of Washington, GtorgtVnoi.
Alexandria, he.
HENRY WEIRMAN'S Ladies',Misses,ami Chii
dren'a French Shoes arc sold by the under
igned, on 15th s-treet, Just above Corcoran & Rigg's
Banking House, in his new building, with the high
marble step*, where he will receive Ladies'orders,
and keep constantly on hand every variety of La
dies', Misses,and Children's French Gaiter Walking
Shoes, While and Black Satin Gaiters, Slippers, kc.,
made to order by II. Weirman.of Philadelphia, of
the best French Gaiter materials, and in the latest
Parisian styles. These Gaiters are entirely different
from what are generally known as"slopshop shoes;'
being aii custom work, of superior workmanship,
and warranted to give perfect satisfaction.
Ladies, who value beauty, comfort, and economy,
will consult their interest by giving ine a call, and
ezvninc lor themselves. C. WEIRMAN
15th St., just above Corcoran & Riga's
aug 18-lyeo Banking Mouse,
BITTER8. Ask for the bott te with the
rortrait of the Inventor and Proprieto p. and take
none other, WM. M. CA* NON,
_ . ,, Washington, D.O.
To whom all orders .hoaid be addressed for Agenda*
? fcb 26-eotf
f dries'EAVE8 from Fanny's Portfolio, second
Life in Abyssinia, by Mansfield Parkyrs
American Fruit Growers' Guide, by P R Elliott
Lectures on Pulmonary Consumption, by Theon
lus Thompson, M D
Alone, by Marion Ilarland
Theological Essays, 2 vols, by Thos De Quince 7
Parkers Book of Mechanics and Engineering; by J.
W Nystiom, 0 E J
Chemistry of Common Life, No. 2, by Johnson
Just received at TAYLOR A MAURY'S
may 31? Bookstore, near 9th st.
SIMS'SEIAND BOOK to the Library of the Bri
tish Museum, 1 vol, 1854
Evelyn's Diary and Correspondence, new edition,
4 vol8, 1854 1
Contributions to Literature, historical, antiquari
lfrt-f m ' fey Mark Antony lower, 1 volume
The Ilalf Century, from 1800 to 1860, its historv
and policy, by W Wilks, 1 vol, 1853 y
Gilbert's Element- of Banking, 1 vol, 1864
ISM 8 of of Ptorms, 1 volume
1 SMS"- M*nnfacturer,s 0uid"? bv Ibberson,
pYoun? Officer's Companion, by Col. Lord de
Eos, 1 volume. FRANOK TAYLOR.
jy u?
rpHEI subscribers having established themselves in
L the Lumber business, at the old stand of Wm.
Bird, corner of 6th and B streets, are prepared to
furnish all articles in the trade on favorable terms.
They solicit a share of public patronage.
je 16?eotf Geo. W. GARRETT A
ZLJ G 0. WALL, Undertaker in all its
skw branches Funerals attended to at
the shertext notice, in the best manner, and on th?
most reasonable terms.
Seventh, between D and E streets.
Residence on 6, between E and F, north side.
JV 6?eo3m
I HE eutscriber begs to oill the attention of per*
pa their h0Q3ea to bis new stock ol
PAPER IIANGING8 and BORDERS. Just received
a superior lot of "Silver" Papers of the very latest
? best finish, thes# papers are iearranUd
Velvet ptpers, a large variety at
prices to suit all purses.
Gold papers from 87 cent# per piece to $3.60
n 40 87>l do do do to 2.60
J*?1? and Velvet from 1,50 c m. par pieoe to 6 S6
Silver and Velvet" from 1.1 tU. cts. per piece to 12Ji6
CI lazed papers from 22 cts. It i $125 per piece
UnglM*d, 8c. 10c. 12*c. 16o 18c. and 26c.
Oak and other Imitations at reduced prloes. AU
Groups^^,scorat'Te Oraamental papers, Sutues,
Paper iiung by experienoad hands. All work war
ranted to give satisfaction.
Persons desirous to purchase would do well to call,
on my assortment is of such a description as to suit
the most fastidious
No. 6 Washington Place,
7 th street, 6 doors south of E street
mar U?eotf
Prtvateir Petitioners.
.. Passion Omca, June 3, 1864.
/lONGRKsa having, by the act approved May 31,
1854, made an appropriation for paying the
pensions of iavallds (who were wounded on b?ard of
armed vessels during the last war with
Great Britain,) to the thirtieth of the present month
parties interested are hereby notified
;?a'"><> following evidence tf their being entiUed to
the benefits of the law will be required, vii:
1. Sworn declaration or memorial, setting forth
tue vessel to which the pensioner belonged; his rank
ur Nation; when and in what manner disabled;
monthly rate of pension, and the date to which last
?^Ertience of identity, either by affidavit of two
i rwiible witnesses, or certificate of a justice ol the
The above evidence to ba authenticated by the
certificate under seal of the proper officer, showing
1?ffi?ial character of the Justioc of the pease, and
J^ orw*I(ied, together with the original pension
certificate, to this offloe.
je 10??o2m Commissioner of Pensions.
rMTORTANx NOTICE-All persons in want of
A M*nay can be supplied with all sums.
Oash advances on Jewelry, Watches, Furniture,
wocerias, and Clothing All buainea negotiated
strictly confidential.
Pawn Broker, south sida Pa. avenue, between 4U
and ad sts., opp. U. 8. UoteL
4^- Store closed on batuidsy until candle light.
[No. ?1T.]
NOT1CK for restoring certain Itndi
to market in the State of Missouri.
The grant of land made by the act of Congress ap
pr oved 10th Jane, 1862. to aid in the construction
of a railroad from the city of St. Louie to the west
ern boundary of the State of MiMoari, known as the
'?Southwest Pacific Railroad," having been adjusted
as &r as practicable, notice is hereby giran, that all
the vacant lands heretofore withdrawn, and still
withheld, from sale or entry along the route of the
?aid roadr which lie oultide of the limits of M mdef
on each ride of the same, situated In the under-men
tioned townships and puts of townships, which hare
not been or shall not be selected in virtuo of any
grant made by OongresB, or legally claimed by pre
emption, will be restored to private entry on the
days hereinafter specified, at the ordinary mnlmum
price of one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre,
to wit:
In the district of lands sahject to sale at St. Louis,
commencing on Monday, the fourth day of Septem
ber next. ?
North of the base line and east of the fifth principal
Townships 43*, 44,45, of range 1
Townships 42*, 44* 45, of range 2
Townships 44*, 45*, 46, range 3
Township 46, range 4
Townships 46*, 47, 8. of Mo. river, range ft
Townships 46*, 47, 4s, S. of Mo. river, range 6
Townships 46*, 47,48, S. of Mo. river, range 7
North of the bate line and %oest of the fifth principal
Towmhip 40*, 42*, 43*, 44,45, range 1
Townships 38, 49*, 42*, 43, 44,45, S. of Mo. river,
rang* 2
Townihipa 38*. 40*, 41*, 42 4S, range 8
Townships 38*, 40*, 41*, 42, range 4
Townsbips 39*, 40*, 41, range 6
Townships 39*, 40, 41, range 6
Townships 39*, 40, range 7
Townships 38*, 35*, 40, range 8
Townships 38*, 39, range 9
Townships 38*, 39, range 10
In the district of lands subiect to sale at Jacksou,
oimmencing on Monday, the twenty-fifth of Septem
ber next:
North of the base line and west of the fifth principal
Township 37, range 2
Townships 36, S7, range 3
Townships 36,37*, rango 4
Townships 86, 37*, range 6
Townships 35, 36, 37*, range 0
Townships, 36, 36*, 37*, range 7
Townships 84, 36, 36*, range 8
Townships 34, 35, 36, range 9
Townships 34. 36*, 36*, range 10
In the district ot lands subject to sale at Oumon,
commencing on Monday, the thirteenth day of Au
gust next:
North of the ban line and wett of the fifth principal
Townships 35* 37*, 38* 39, range 11
Townships 35*, 37*, 38, 39, range 12
Townships 36*, 37*, 38, 49, range 13
Townships 36*, 37,38, 39, range 14
Townships 35*, 36*, 37, 38, 39, range 1#
Townships 36*, 36, 37, 38, range 16
Townships 35, 36, 87, ranee 17
Townships 35, 33, range 18.
In the district of lands snhiect to sale at Spbino
rau>, commencing on Monday, the fourteenth day
cf August next:
North of the base line and west of the fifth principal
Townships 33, 34, range 11
Townships 32, 33, 31*, range 12
Townships 82, 33, 34*, range 13
Townships 30, 31,32, 83, 34*, range 14
Townships 29,30, 31 32, 33* 34*, range 16
Townships 29, 30*, 31* 32*, 34*, range 16
Townships 2X, 29*. 30*, 34*, range 17
Townships 27, 28, 29*, 31*, 32*, 33*, 34*, range 18
At the ?ame place, commencing on Monday, the
fourth day of September next:
North of the bate line and wett of the fifth principal
Townships 23,27, 23, 29*, 31*, 32, 33, 34, of range
Townships 26, 27, 2??, 29*, 30*, 31*, 32, range 20
Townships 25, 25, 27, 28*, 30*, 31, 31, range 21
Townships 25, 26, 27*, 28*, 30", 31, 32, range 22
Townships 24, 25, 2G*, 2;*, 20*, 30*, 31, range 28
Townships 26, 25*. 26*, 28*. 29*, 30, 31, range 24
Townships 24, 25*, 27*, 28*, 29, 30, range 25
Townships 23, 24, 26*, 27*, 28, 29, range 26.
At the same place, commencing on Monday, the
twenty-fifth day of September next:
North of the base line and west of the fifth jrincipal
Towrships 23, 24, 25* 2?*, 28, 29, of range 27
Townships 23, 24, 25*, 27*, 28, range 28
Townships 23, 24, 26*, 27*, 28, range 29
Townships 23, 24, 26*, 27*, 28, range 30
Townships 22. 23,24*, 25* 26*, 27*, 28, range 31
Townships 22,23, 24,25*, 26*, 27,28, range 32
Townships 22, 23, 24*, 26*, 27,28, range 33
Townships 22, 23*, 24*, 25*, 26*, 27,28, range 34
The townships marked thus * being only parts of
townships, or those cut by the six mile limits.
Under the act of Congress approved 3d March,
1853, entitled "An act to extend pre emption rights
to certain lands therein mentioned," the pre-emp
t on laws of the United States, as they now exist,
sre extended over the public lands along the line of
the railroad herein before mentioned. Therefore,
claims by pre-emption which attach under said act
to any of the above lands, mast be proven up prior
to the day fixed for the restoration of the lands to
private entry, or as soon as practicable after teeing
this notice.
Notice is aleo hereby given to all settlers within
the SJA'mile limits of the above-menLoned road who
were settled upon such lands prior to their withdraw
al, that they may now come forward and establish
their preemption claims, if entitled under the act of
27th March, 1854, to the satisfaction of the register
and receiver of the proper land office, and make pay
ment therefor at the ordinary minimum of one dol
lar and twenty-five cent* per acre. And such set
ters on the residue of the lands withdrawn from
sale or entry on the llth June, 1852, are likewise
entit'ed to establish and pay for their claims under
said act of the 27 th March, 1864.
In order to prevent confusion and insure accuracy
applications to enter the above lands will be received
at the land offices, respectively, only for the first
range (beginning with the lowest township) on the
day appointed for the commencement of the restora
tion of the lands to entry; on the second day there
after for the second range; on the fourth day for
the third range, and bo on, in the order in which the
ranges are advertised, so as to have one day inter
vene between the d ?ys of application for the action
of the land officers thereon, and the adjustment of
simultaneous applications for the same tract to be
pat up at auction, and awarded to the highest bid
der among such applicants.
Oiven under my hand, at the General Land Office
at the city of Washirgton, this twenty-first day of
June, A. D. 1864.
By order of the President:
** 23?l&wllw Commlotion?r.
Po8T Office Department, >
Jaly 18th, 1854. J
PROPOSALS for carrying the mails of the United
States from the first day ot November, 1854, to
the 30th day of June. 1868, on the following route
in the State of ALABAMA, will be received at the
Contract Office of the Poat Office Department, in the
city of Washington, until 9 o'clock a. m., of 14th
September. 1864, (to be decided by 16th of September
7171?From Gainestown, by Euggsville, Grove
HiU, Choctaw Corner, Clay Hill, Dixon's
Mills, Shiloh, Spencerville, Linden, Spring
Hill, Demopolis, snd Macon, to Greensboro"
120 miles and back, three times a week, In
two horse stages.
Leave Gainestown, every Sunday, Wednesday.
and Friday, at 1 a m J
Arrive at Greensboro' in 36 hours, by 1 p m
Leave Greensboro' every Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday at 1 a m
Arrive at Gainestown in 36 hours, by 1 p m
Proposals for service in four-horse coaches will
be considered.
For form of proposals, guarantee, and certificate,
also instructions and requirements, (embracing con
ditions to be incorporated ia tho contracts to such
extent as the department may deem proper,) see ad
vertisement inviting proposals for mail service in
the western and southwestern States, dated January
JAMES CAM1BELL, Postmaster Gtn'L
jy 25?law4w
Post Omci Department,
July 13,1864. .
PROPOSALS for conveying the mails of the United
States, fro n the let day of October, 1864, to
the 30th day of June, 1858, on the following route,
ia the State of WISCONSIN, will be received at the
Contract Office of the Post Office Department, in
the city of Washington, until 9 o'clocfc a. m, of
Wednesday, 30th August, 1854, (tob* decided by
the day following:)
No. 13773?Front Prairie du Chien, by La Orosse,
Lewis's Mills Doi'glass's Mills, Eau Gal
let's Mills, Rosh River Settlement, and
Presoott, to Point Douglas, Minnesota
Territory, 214 miles and back, once a
Leave Prairie du Chien Monday at 7 a m
Arrive at St. Paul 9th day, Tuesday, by 6 cm
Leave St. Paul Monday at 7 a ta
Arrive at Prairie du Chien 9th day, Tuesday,
by 6 pm.
For f?rm of proposal, guar an too, and certificate,
also instructions and requirements, (embracing con
ditions to be incorporated in the contract) to such
extent as the department may deem proper,) see ad
vertisement inviting proposals for ma.ii service for
^e*^??,commencln* lst inst., in the States of Illi
nois, Wisconsin, Ac., dated January 9,1854
Each proposal should be sealed, marked uProposal
for route No. 13773, Wia^" and addressed, "Seoond
Assistant Postmaster General," Washington, D. C.
jy 14?law4w Postmaster GeneraL
The Songs of Scotland, with the music and pi
ano accompaniments, 1 vol
The Book of celebrated Poems, with engravings,
containing forty-three of the most popular
poems in the English Language, unabridged,
London, 1864
Raskin's Lectures on Architecture and Painting, 1
vol, 1884
Webster's Royal Red Book, or Court and Fashion
able Register for 1854
Bosworth's Anglo-Saxon and English Dictionary, 1
Startredea Logarithms; Button's Mathematical
Tables; Hntton's Mathematics, by Bather
ford; Dunn on Coal Min?*; Matter ton Coal
Mines; Hedley on Coal Mines; Bain bridge on
the law of Miaes and Minerals; Jacob on the
Precious metals, and many others, just im
rwo. 907.]
XTOTICM of withdrawal of cirttla
JL1 lands in th* States of Michigan and Wmoo*
?? on the route* of the Oakland and Ottawa, and
oti** proposed railroad*.
,? ri wiwutkm of ? majority of the (Mention
the State of Michigan. the Prari
th? f** States, by hie order bearing data
i<t_of.M*y instant, has directed that the follow
?* ^PwttowMMpa be withdrawn ftr?m sale or en
SnclSln^^itr1^ *iwrt ** v*1u vt^tmp
la the State of Michigan.
Ja the diitriet of lands sul^ect to sale at Ioku
yfofi of the bate, line and west erf the principal?erv
The north half of township 5, and townships 6, 7,
8, 9. and 10, rf raome l and 9
The north half of township 5, and townships 6. 7.
8, 9, 10,11, 12,13, 14, 15, 16, and 17, 73 l ?
5 and 6
Townships 5,6, 7, 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 and
17, of ranaa 7
Townshipe 5, 6, 7, 8,9,10,11,12,13.14,15, 18, 17
18, 19, 2Q, of range# 8, 9, 10,11,12,13,14,15, and
Township# 8, 9. 10,11,13,13, 14. 15,16, 17,18,19,
and 90, of ranc* 17
Townshipe 11,12,13,14,15,16,17, 18,19, and 20,
of range 18
Townshipe 14 and 15, of range 19
In the district of lands subject to sale at Gxrre*
North qf the bate line and tist of the principal
Townships 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,15, and
sou*h half of 16, of ranges 1 and 2
Townships 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11, 12,13, 14, and 15, ?
range 3
Townships 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11,12,13 and 14, of range
4 and 5
Townships 8, 9,10,11,12 and 13, of range 6
Townships 8, 9,10,11, and 12 of range 7.
North qf the base line and west of the principal meri
Townships 11,12,13, 14,15 and 16, of ranges 1,2,
except lands to be told for the benefit of Indians
In the district of lands subject to sale at D+
North of the base line and east of the principal meri
The north half of township 5. of ranges 1 and 2
Township 5, of ranges 3 and 4
In the district of lands subject to a^e at Dcscajt
North of the base line and west of the principal meri
dian, lower peninsula.
Townships 34, 35,36,37, 38, and 39, of range 2
Townshipe 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, and 39, of range 3
Townships 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, and 39, of
range 4
Townships 30,31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37,38, and 39,
of range 5
Townshipe 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36,37, 38,
and 39, of range 6
Townships 28, 29,30,31, 32,33,34,36, and 37, of
rang* 7
Townshipe 21,22,23,24, 25, 26,27, 28,29, 30, 31,
32, 33, and 34. of range 8
Townshipe 21, 22, 23,24, 25, 96,27,28, 29, 30, 31,
32, and 33, of range 9
Townships 21,22,23, 24, 25,96, 27, 28,29, and 30,
of range 10
Townships21,22, 23,24, 25,26, 27, 28, and 29, ot
ranges 11, 12, and 13
Upper peninsula.
Township 41, of range 29
Townships 40 and 41 of range 30
Township 41, of rangea 31,32, and 33
In the district of lands subject to sale a 8aclt Sr.
North of the base line and west of the principal meri
All on the main land.
Townshipe 46 and 47, of range 23
Townships 46, 47, and 48, of range 94
Townshipe 45,46,47,48, and 49, of range 25
Townships 44, 45,46, 47, 48, and 49, of range 26
Townships 43,44,45,46,47,48, 58, and 59, of range
Townshipe 42,43, 44, 45, 46,47,58 and 59, of range
Townships 42, 43,44, 45, 46, 57, and 58, of range
Townships 42, 43, 44, 45,56, 57, and 58, cf range
Townships 42, 43. 44, 45, 54, 55,56, 57, and 58, of
range 31
Townships 42, 43. 44, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, and 5?, of
range 32
Townships 42, 43, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, and 57, of
range 33
Townships 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, snd 56, of range 34
Townships 50,51, 52,53, 54, 55, and 56, of range 35
Townships 42, 43, 44, 45, 46. 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52,
53, 54, and 55, of range 36
Townships 42, 43. 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52,
53, and 54, of rinse 37.
Townships 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, and
53. of ranges 38 and 39
Townships 44, 45,46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, and 52, of
range 40
Townshipe 48, 49, and 50, of range 41.
8tite of Wiscsrsin.
In the district of lands subject to sale at Mx
North of (he base line and east of the fourth principal
Townships 27, 28, 29, and 30, cf range 12
Townships 26, 27, 98, 99, and 30, of ranges 13, 14,
and 15
Townships 25. 26, 27, 28, and 29, o* range 16
Townships 24, 25, 26, 27, and 23, of range 17
Townships 23, 24,25, 26, and 27, o range 18
Townships 22, 23, 24, 25,26, end 27, of range 19
^Townships 21, 92,23, 94, 25,26, and 97, ct range
^Townships 20, 21,92, 23,24, 25, uitd 26, of range
^Townships 19, 90, 21,22,23, 24, and 25, of range
Townships 19. 20,2i, 22, 23. and 21, of range 23
Townships 19, 20, 21, and 22, of range 24
Townships 19,20, and 21, of range 25.
The above list includes certain townships not here
tofore offered for sale, but which have been inserted
as they ar* within the reservation. ?
Given under my hand, at the General Land Of
flee, at the city of Washington, this 16th dav of
May, Anno Domini, 1854. 7
By order of the President :
may 90?lawl3w Commissioner.
United States Patent Office, >
Washington, July 21, 1854. j
ON the petition of Rmsw Dunns, of Woodsttck,
Vermont, praying for the extension of a patent
granted to him on the 10th day of Oetobcr, 1840, for
an improvmsnt in u machines for reducing worn
out cloths and silks of various kinds to the fibrous
state, so as to be capable of being manufactured
into cloth," -for seven years from the expiration
of said patent, which takes place on the 10th day
of October, eighteen hundred and fifty-four (1854):
It is ordered, that the said petition be heard a
the Patent Office en Monday, the 26th of Septem
ber next, at 12 o'clock, m.; and all persons are notified
to appear and ahow cause, if any they have, why
said petition ought not to be granted.
Persons opposing the extension are required to file
in the Patent Office their objections, specially Kt
forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day
of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be
used at the said bearing must be taken and trans
mitted fn accordance with the rules of this Office,
which will be furnished on application.
The testimony in the case will be closed on the 16th
of September, depositions and other papers relied up
on as testimony must be filed in the office on or be
fore the morning ol that day; the arguments, il
any within ten days thereafter.
Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the
Union, Intelligencer and Evening 8tar, Washington,
D. C., Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa., Scientific
American, New York: and the Post, Boston, Mass.,
once a week for three successive weeks previous to
the 25th of September next, the day of hiring
Commissioner of Patents.
P- 8.?Editors of the above papers will please cor?
and send their bills to the Patent Office, with a pa
per containing this notice. jy 22 83w
United States Patent Offiee, 1
Washington, July 21,1854. f
/hNthe petition of Reuben Daniels, of Woodstock,
Vermont, praying for the extension of a pat
ent granted to him on the 8th of October, 1&40,
for an improvement ,in ''manufacture of cloth of
various kinds by the employment of wool and ailk,
obtained by reducing worn out woollen and silk
gaods into the fibrous 6tate," for 6even years from
the expiration of said patent, which takes place on
the 8th day of October, eighteen hundred and fiftv
four: '
It is ordered, that the said petition be heard at the
Patent Offioe on Monday, the 25th day of September
next, at 12 o'clock, m., and all persons are notified to
?PPear and show cause, if any they have, why said
petition ought not to be granted.
Persons opposing the extension are required to file
in the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth
in writing, at least twenty days before the dav ot
testimony by either party to be used
at the said hearing must be taken and transmitted
in accordance with the rules of this Offioe, which will
be furnished on applioation.
iJ>^ft?U?10DvI " J** CMe wiU 1)6 d?eed on the
15th of September; depositions and other papers re
* flled the OffiS On
?n^?L ,,a0'?Ung ?f ^ d*y i th. arguments if
anv, within ten days thereafter.
Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the
t{ ?n' inteUi?eBcer and Evening Star, Washington,
D. C4 Pennsylvanian, Philadelphia, Pa^ Scientific
American, New York; and Post, Boston, Mass.,
? week for three ?uoeeisve weeks previous to
the 25th of September next, the day of hearin c.
Commissioner of Patent j.
P. 8.?Editors of the above papers will please codv
and send their bills to the Paten t Office, wltharS
containing this notioe. jy 22?SSw
PPERIALi Prunes in small glass kegs; extraqoal
Ity new Eleme Kga in email boxes; bunch Rai
MUS, very fine; Oox> English Shred Gelatin?_
Prench Imperial Gelatines in rhred and roils, these
Gelatines arepwhape superior to any article of the
HAlvi3 ****? *renci snd Eng
m^C^aandChoeoUte, Mfllsrds d^onSaS 5?
ssnto par pound, warranted to plaase nui?
01 *??>"?> m. IudUthiOM.
fob piniy point,
Th? Su?mer OSCEOLA leaves
Washinrton erex s.turda* oonhf
at ? o'clock, for tbe above n?m? place. Betwrateg
Imth NorM* cmf Stro<5sy it 4 pm; stopping ?
OM TY>int, Pioey Puiat. aad ell tha usual landings
on the Potomac for pr?ssenger?.
TbeO#?eola will ooninue to run to Norfolk until
the let of ?ept*m>?'
Pa***- ?ud I'm* t? Norfolk ?nl 014 PMut, |IAb.
jy 20?tf JaS. MITCBEM'.tipt.
The Staaoer OSCEC -A will re
sume her regular tripi to Balti
more on TUE?D'T tORMNG, the llth instant, at
T o'clock
Retnrniur, leave* Falrhnor:- every TIlUMPAT
at 4 n'c.oek p m.?5te<n ir-r at Le'rtard'.nwn, M.
St Mary'* Fiver, Md., Kiuaa> ami Cone River, and
the urual landings on the Potomac.
jj 7?3m* JAS. MITCHELL, I
Connection between the Orance and A
drin Railroad from Wulungtos
. At the urgent aoUotaUon of a
number of person*. I will, on and
after MONDAY, July 8, (tart an
extra omnibus from Washington every morning at
6'/4 o'clock, calling at all the Hotels and at tbe resi
dences of persons who nay leave their order the
night previous at P. W Hall a, near Sd Street, or
A Lepreux, corner of 12 b street and Pennsylva
nia avenue. Traveller* will thus avoid tbe trouble
aod inconvenient* of changing some three or four
tinea, at a uniform rate of charges. Pa?age 25
cento; trunk* 25 cents; no charge for a valise or
carpet hag.
Another coach will leave tbe depot on tbe arrival
of the surly train, and arrive at Alexandria ahead
of every other line.
ON and after to day, the Train* will leave Balti
more lbr Washington daily, exeept Sunday^
at 4% and 0 am, and 6 and 8 pm.
On Sundaya at 4V* a m, and 6 pm.
Will leave Washington for Baltimore at 6 end
a m, and S and 6 n m.
On 8unday at 6 a m and 6 pm.
Washington to Baltimore ?41 60
Do and return 2 00
Do to Annapolis..? 1 00
Do ant return 3 00
je 20? Master of Transportation.
The Steamers 0X0. WASHINGTON end THOft.
00LLTER will, on and after this date, run at the
above rates. JOB CORSON.
may 20?A Captains,
The Cheapest, most Comfortable and Ex
peditious Route to the White Sulphur
Springs, Passing the Alum, Warm and
Hot Springs.
ARRANGEMENTS having been made with the
owners of the new and splendid steamer
GEORGE PAGE to run between Alexandria a*4
Washington, a distance of six miles, is oonnectVr
with tbe trains on this, and the Washington Kail
roads, the following schedule will take effect on and
after Thursday, June 1st, 1864:
A Train from Alexandria to Gordonsville, and In
termediate Stations, will leave the Depot, oomer 05
Duke and Henry streets, at 7 o'clock a on the
arrival of tbe Boat from Washington, giving ample
time for Breakfast on board, arriving at Gordon#
villfi, at half-past 10 o'clock,?connecting at that
point with the Trains on th* Virginia Central
Road, to Richmond, Charlottesville, and 8taunton.
A Train from Gordonsville to Alexandria and In
termediate stations, will leave Gordoaaville at
11 o'clock, on the arrival of the cars on the
Virginia Central Railroad, arriving at Alexandria
at half-past 2 o'clock?thus allowing time to connect
with the train leaving Washington City for th*
North, and for Dinner on board tbe boat.
A Train from Alexandria to Warrenton and inter
mediate Stetfon^ will leave Alexandria daily, (Sun
days excepted) tt 3 o'clock, p. m. arriving at War
rent at half-pest 6 o'clock p. m
On Sunday will l*a"? at 7 o'clock a. m.
TreJn from Warren' n to Alexandria and inter
medlrte cltticiia. * :1 i?*ve Warrenton daily (Sun
day excepted) r' a hub tee I -fore7 o'clock a. m-, ax
riving at Aler li a. hall-oast 0 o'clock a. m.
On Sunder *i'\ l^vc ??'. quarter past 12 o'elock
To Warrer..-ii.. ? 00
To Gordon/T:U<? 8 >0
To Chai lottesville ? 4 iH
To Staunton 8 90
To ?LTD^V-rr ...... ^ ............ 7 21
To *Lrr y.. . ... ...... ...... 4 It
To * ?> * >. ATtct ......... _... 6 O0
To Midf .?iburi 2 25
ToWioihe'ter 3 60
Round tr ticket to Warrenton, fror. catur
dr.ys to Monday? 3 fO
?Passengers Ibr ' .raj- New Market will tak?
the trsin len-vfr >?. ranir' , ?? 7 o'clock a- tc.,
on Tuesdays. TburMavs, wr.d -aturdays, connecting
with th? staeef at Co ineper. C. B.
? J'aesens'-rs ter LynchLurg wil. lake tbe train
leaving Alexandria at 7 o'clock, a. m, on Mon
days, Wednesdays, and Fxiiaye connecting with th*
stag?* at Charlottesville.
Off-Passengers for the Wh. e Sulphur Spring*
will take tbe train leaving Alexandria dally, eon
nee ting with the stages at Staunton.
Preight Trains are running daily, (Sunday ex
"JKU.: W. B. BROCK KTT, Agent.
Alexandria, Va., May 20. may 81?tf
for tbe Round Trip, ONI DOLLAR; from Alexan
dria, 76 cents.
Tbe steamer GBORGK WASHINGTON will ieavr
Washington at 9 o'clock, and Alexandria at 9^
a. m.
Ooacbes leave tbe Capitol for the b^at at 8>^; *ar?
for the coach 10 cents.
Persons wishing the coach to call for tbem wiL
leave their residences with George and Thomas Par
ker A Oo.
**- Refreshments tc be had on the boat.
may 10?tf JOB OJRSON, Captain
HARPKA'8 fflAGAZlNE for July, for
sale at SUILUNGTON'8 Bookstore.
Godey's Ladv's Book for July
Knickerbocker Magaxine, do
Graham's Magaxine, do 1
Blackwood's Magaxine, do j
Aubrey, a new book, by Mrs. Marsh ?
Woman's Love, by Eugene Sue
Everything in the Book, Newspaper, and Station
ery line for sale at
Cor. Pa. av. and 1% *t., Odeon Build'ns
jy 1-tf
cemplete order, the proprietor wil be enabled
to furnish his approved customers at all times dur
ing the season with lima of the best quality tor
plastering and other purposes. The lime manufao
tured at these kilns is warranted to be equal in
quality to any other manufactured in the United
States. Tbe price will be, delivered at the kiln, 04c
in any other part of the city (1. j
Cement and Cai?in?l Plaster can also be had at all '
times. A. W. DEN HAM,
ap 8?6m For the proprietor.
PROPHETIC STUDIES?Lecture* on the Book
of Daniel?76c.
The Tent and the Altar, or, SketchM from Patriar
chal Life?75c.
Scripture Read:ngs, Sabbath Morning Readings on
tbe Old Testament?76c
Apocalyptic Sketches; or, Lecturws on the Book ol I
Revelations, 2 vols, 75c each
Lec'ures on our Lord's Miracles, 76c
Lccturee on the Parables? 75c
Voices of the Day and Night, 2 vols?76c each
Voices of the Dead, 75c
Church before tbe Plood 75c
All of the above works by the Rev. John Cum
ming, D. D. who is now the great pulpit Orator ol _
London for sale by a
7 th street, next to Odd Peliowe'
je 24?tf (Sentinel) 1
Journal of the Courts of London and Parts?
containing four beautifully engraved and e>l
ored plates of fashion
Godey's Lady's Book for July
Ladies' National Magazine for July
Tbe Great Pictorial Picayune for the 4th ef July
All the weekly papers for this week
Everything in tne Book and Stationery line at
Cor. Pa. av. and 4% st., <Meon Bulldinr.;
je 21?tf I
of the Roman Law, by Luther 8. Cushiag, one
Junius Discovered, by i rvdick Griffin, 1 vol
The Two Reeords or .be 'losaic and the Geological,
a lecture, by Hugh Miller
Pycroft's Course ot Reading, edited by 8. A. 6penoer
D. U.
The Undying < >uc. tmi other poems, by Mrs, Norton
Alone, a novel, by Marion Maxland
Travels in Armenia, tr* Curson
Life and its Aims, ir two r^^s
The History of the O- nncil of Trent, by Bev. T. A.
Buckley, B -i
The Cauechinm jf .u Council of Treot. by Mm. T.A
Buckley. B.A.
History or" ?otesunliaci in /ranca, by G. De flllit*
The Qcie^ ?rt. * rrr?ei *-oui Black vod's Mag*
viae ?? ANCK TATLOhT
je 16?tf . r . . . ,
drawn frou Nature and on Stone, by Willto
MacLeod, Bcq., for sale by

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