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Stat* or th* Thhrhoxht**.?Th* titer
mometer, la our counting-room, at 12 o'clock
to-day, stood at 33 degree above aero.
Th* Accit)f.5t, Explosion, Fir*, Work
***. Fm****, Ac., at th* Nayt Yard.?in
the " Washington News and Qoe?ip" yesterday
it was mentioned that a great piece 0f casting
was to be done at the Navy Yard, in the after
noon. being a cylinder for the U. 8. Steamship
Fulton, the largest ever attempted at the?o
works A large number of ladies and gent *
men. the Commandant of the Navy Yarn
Captain Paulding, and other offioera, being
present to witness the operation. "
Two farnaces ware used to prepare the metal
And the superintendent (Mr William Bland)
of the iron foundry?which is separate from
that of the brass foundrv? was himself, and
his twenty or thirty hands, engaged in the im
mense work. At about ten miuutes past five
o'clock, the mould, which was within a few
pounds of being full, auddenly buret, driving
off the hands aod company present, and set
tic g fiie to the rafters, girders, and building
The expioeioft was fearful; but it is gratifvine
to say that not a life was lost.
The alarm given brought on the ground tbr
workmen, who rendered every assistance
bringing out the spouting engine belonging to
the copper rolling mill, worked by Dominie
Sherry. Mr. MeNally actively superintending;
the main engine beiug under the direction of
Mr. Uuigley, and both performing good ser
vice. Operated by steam, this little engine
threw a continuous stream upon the fire.
The AcacosUa was quickly at the rescue,
and did giod execution Our firemen fronr
tbe city brought their apparatas to the spot
promptly, the Columbia, Perseverance, Frank
lin. Northern Liberties, Ac , saving some
$(5,000 worth of property to the Government
ia pre-trying the valuable models, Ac., of th?
finishing department, te which they directed
particalar attention.
Messrs. John C. Tucker, Thomas Gcss. Mr.
Hunt, the officers and marines in the Yard,
and tho^e of the Fulton, did efficient service.
Combs Grinnell, engineer of the foundry,
stood te his post, turning the exhau* or blue
eoeks of the engine. Ac., in the mid*: of the
dinger, from which he would not remove, even
*t the call of the Commodore. John Simmons
4id also good servica.
Mr. James Tucker, head of tho blacksmith
ing establishment, and all superintendents of
the other departments, with their stalwart
men. took active parts in the saving labor. The
fire, however, resulted in the lo-s to the Gov
ernment of some five or six thousand dollars
The cause of the explosion is ascribed to the
raising of the tide in the pit, which, dampen
ing the mould or sand, rebelled against the
liquid iron poured upon it, and thus created
all the difficulty.
One of the two large cranes was almost to
tally destroyed, and the other materially in.
jured, and the building to-day presents an
^wful scene of ruin, though the rafters, gird
er*. and walls still stand.
Th* workmen, however, are already engaged
cleaning away the rubbish. and no doubt
"Uncle Sam" will soon have all in order again.
All the superintendents and men did their duty
Among the injured we have ascertained that
James McCatbran was severely cut in the
head, James (iardner slightly, and John W
Minnicks scalded in the leg; others being
also injured by the flying slates.
Among the firemen there were several hurt.
Mr. Wm iiin/gold. captain of the Persever
ance hose, was- badly hurt by the falling of
the slate roof. His wounds and those of the
injured, were promptly and skillfully dressed
by the gurgeon of the Yard.
At the Naval store under the chargc of F.
McNerhany. refreshments were liberally fur
nished to the fireman and Navy Yard work
men. *
The members of th* Aoaoostia were on duty
at the ruins air last night
It is gratifying to conclude our report with
stating the fact that no one was seriously in
jured by the startling accident.
A2 Asc;ewt Newspaper ?We havo ra
seived from Mr. James Stoddart. * venerable
work, being abound copy of the Universal
Gazette, the nfftabers commencing November
17,-1797. and ending January 21, 1802. It
was published at Philadelphia, by Samuol
Harrison Smith, the first number containing a
card from Joseph Gales, announcing that he
had transferred the property of the " Indepen
dent Gazetteer," to be incorporated with this
"new weekly paper." The piau of the paper,
which was to make it generally interesting and
aaaful, was stated at length. With this view
a singular rule is announced, showing that an
important feature of a newspaper then was
th* very reverse of what it is now. It is as
follows : " As itis designed for extensive cir
culation, local advertisements shall altogether
be excluded, and those of a general nature
shall never oocnpy more than a column." It
oontains the proceedings of Congress for the
Ave years whi ?h the volume oomprlses, together
with many matters of interest in regard to the
early history of our Government. The French
Council of Five Hundred, the Directory, and
the exciting affairs of Paris in 1797 ; the ad
dress of the Legislature of New Jersey to John
Adams; his reply; Blount's (a Senator) im
peachment for plotting to wrest Louisiana and
I'lorida from France and Spain; messages of
Presidents Admus and Jefferson ; the removal
of ths seat of the General Government from
Philadelphia to Washington. Ac , Ac , fill its
wges The Universal Gazette is "nearly at
large as the Star, and must have been an im
poet vnt paper iu lu time. The time taken to
ebtain intelligence is a remarkable feature, be
ing nearly three days frcm New Yosk to Phil
adelphia. and ab->ut forty days from Vi heeling
and otner Western and Southern places. The
interesting and /alfcab e gift of Sir Stoddart
is highly appreciated by i;s recipients, and
they accordingly return their thanks for it.
Death or a Washisgtosian is Illisois.?
We recently noticed the death in Chicago, j
Illinois, of the very Rev. P. J. McLaughlin
and now learn from his brother, II. C. Mc
Laughlin, Esq , of the State Department, that
he has received letters stating that the Rev
erend gentleman 4ied of cholera It was con
tracted while attending the sick and dying em
igrants as they arrived at the wharves of Chi
cago, and thus the "good pastor" be-ame a
mart j r to hi* humanity aud. zeal, lie had
been for som* seven years pastor of St. Pat
rick's church in that city, and was also Ticar
ueneral ot Illinois and theologian to the Bish
op. Many in Washington well remember him
lathe President of F street Seminary, then
conducted by himself and the brother above
named, and is now in charge of the Rev Mr.
Barber of Georgetown College. The old
scholars of thai institution hear of his demise
with sincere sorrow, for he was much beloved
by them, as indeed he wis fcy all who knew
pim. The deceased was iu theforty-fift'n year
of his age. and has thus been called away in
midst of his usefulness, showing indeed that
M the ways of Providence are uiveterious." A a
a wall known and respected clergyman and
Washington**!!-, he stwd high in the regards
of our ertiseiw. and his memory is dearly
treasured by them. The Georgetown Advo
cate thus speaks of the deceased, from an au
thentic tourca:
" The Kev. Mr. McLaughlin will be remem
bered by many of our b>wn. He was a grad
uate of Georgetown College, and a more kind
hearted, and more gentlemanly, and learned
man has not died of late in that Chureh of
which he was a respected member. Jo the
virtues of a Christian heart, he added the abil
ities of an educated aud able theologian. He
was tho usual one selected by the Bi&hop of
Illinois in attending the quadrennial ?ynoa
whieh meets at Baltimore, and no better proof
need be ad'ied to attest the estimation in which
he was held in the performance of his do ties,
falling a sacrifice in a few hours from an attack
ef the choiera while attending to th* throngs
of suffering emigrants pouring in day by day
at Chicago, wanderers from their native land
To die in such a eause may well be deemed a
happy translation to a more exalted and more
glorious abode.
Th* Skwer o.v Focr-asd-a-Haw Stukkt.
Mr. Jaues Ferry, the contractor, is rapidly
progres ingwith the new sewer on 4i street,
which is now extended to Pennsylvania avanoa,
and the workmen are busily carrying it bo
fond that poiat. Commencing at tha canal,
it is 7} feet deep, and runs on * grade that
will require the depth of about 13 feet on
reaching 0 street. The sewer is of brisk, of
eliptical form, and is 3J and 2j feet in its di
auietem. It is, after being Untitled to C street,
te run <ta the north line of the avenue to (Jtb
street, thence to C street, where it terminates,
enanal ey between 3d and 4* afreets. Nu
*?? branches will be made from
hotels and other houses In its route, making
quit* a useful col uit to those who avail of its
advantage*. Tha workmahanip gives muoh
saamaction, we learn, to the oommiasionars
and is oarteinJy a useful improvement ia its
otot?s -n?.
hbm d?ri mtl i *?!. . *? trt*?'? published
g- 71 ia hxMl ooiumna ?f the
?T" Hux, BcrtLIiroTon. N. J., >
Otntbmen-. My attentloiThaa b?Mi called
to> a paragraph la a late somber of tour jonr
n?I, referring to the reoent appearW in
jonr city of a young female, in male attire
and erpreeaiDjr the opinion that she had ?
Will yon allow me to Mt *m ?t?i*
L^SS&Jv owr?w ^???*
do i .Se fr0B1 herB' ??r wild one
effect will be a ??ot *** * fte ,b0T*
Yours, Tery respectfully,
T Hoer. B. Abbtsos, Curator,
on oil of V^7 i0 q?*tion was not a
aSSLti Bj?^uDo7?'* sb# WM *?u
?amili!l???>! l. wJ00^^' ?"* mfPmt9d
ramiliar with all about the academy
en i^^Dil5T.T VI,?>MT*? Doctt***t Filk
?h Holder. '--The inventor of thia convenient
end u.eful wticlo has favored us with a com
ple description of ir. together with a view of j
the drawings. It consists of a plain neat !
case or box of mahogany, black walnut or
cherry the length and width of which corres
ponda to the length .and width of the folded
document, or papers, and ia of a oonveuieat
length according to the number of papers de
signed to be held m a aingle file. Within this
box is a loose holder or platen of nearly the
same width and depth as the box inside. at
? J? SW i? 11 coi,ed sPrin* the
-if ?IVJ *bich ia faatened to the back end
of the box and forces the platen or h.?ldei
towarda the front end of the box. A lid c<mw ,
the top. The papers are placed between; the
platen and the front of the caae. the sitting
bearing upon them. They are thus preserved
from abrasion, duat, and miee. and may be re
ferred to m less than one half the time req-aired
l?J *?? 8*m?' *h?,D papera are tied up becweeu
two boards or in bundlea. The cases may be
DP?un, 'h?,v.?8' (P'8??n boles being
dispensed with) forming a perfectly neat and
convenient cabinet.
^iB0C^fK,O1IAa?^fUad U intelligent
and erudite correspondent, " Prank Farmer,"
furnwhes us with tho following; in his own
rtddltcut atyle:
E5!fiGJfr.?Mistur EJdittur* I geen in
u?j j aPPar yistordy a man wot wants Sam
boddy tounriddle his ennigmy wot aint near
?o good, in it* lyne, as the ^ daily Evimvs
Star is. in its; for it ia aoaimple that the man
wot maid It awt no aiinpler; and tbats sain a
good eal fur him. ->
Now ainse he wanta the game kept up. eye'll
giw him won ferthebennefittofbisasif.and a 1
S2k7 Th? waiate thair tvme at
sich foolishmeas, when markittin ia so'hi fur
|~? **nt men to do the wurk wot raises mar
Jut things.
It ia eumposed of 8 letters.
8, 6 and 5 ia wot that man o* bov or ral wi'l
with sich trash;
b/riA ."irk 7 C*?' iiT" With * "?"?
wiftt i'LUt S.L.Pet?r will aay to thorn
,n'?lfU"* "??"
?& ?smltss fisursK'
BASBFnL"s?.-LMt evening,
nnnnu c?nmo?y performed for a
couple which somewhat aatoniahed' their *c
^w^niff''5^8 a ^*ndsome young widow.
aD '^f5our80' hi8fa,y accomplished,
has been courted for several years byi voung
faW th^tD *D Sut?. *nd it was
said they were engaged to be married. But
to the surprise of all, in steps an elderly gen- I
Cut8.out th? .v?"n? one and walks off
with the widow. Baahfulness was the cause
of the young man a disappointment. Heshou d
s^MaEd^*"1 iiD" <""?0111
But ruins the woo*r that's thowleea and could
tnflt for the widow, my laddie."
Mo^gommt Gcards* Excprsiow.?Tho
gallant Montgomenes, not wishing to do things
by halves, have arranged for two tripa on <hcir
grand excursion to take place on Thursday
next to the White Ueuae PavUion, leaving m
the morning and afternoon, and burning I
o*?ht to auit the convenience
? h J 5 "j MC?nd annual excursion . f
the iiuards, and promises, judging of the ex
ertions made by the committee, members ;md
officers, to be unequalUtl in its arrangemc;:^
and inducements Hundreds of ladies are al
ready on the i/ui r>r? for the ocoa^ion. nnd
ot gentlemen are riot only, making
ff- 7. ?0' but are actually ?takinir altn ^
hinking that they will surely not mistake the'ir
mark, ft hat say the fair " maida of Erin " to |
?fif k*!,AD* H9T ^ IGHT-?Professor Prosperi
with his usual atteLtion to the want of musical
amusements in V, a^hington, had his exoellent
band out last nighr on a serenading tour, touch
Fifh?n/an0DB P,l*c??' among them Messrs
V1"?, fe?"^' ?nd General
i- ? ? whlcb played eomo
night enlivening ana in beautiful atyle.
Salb or Bbal Estate -Last evening, at
public sale, ilessrs Green & Soott aold the
lot at Ihe northeast oorner of E and Ninth
atreeta, Island, 25 feet on Ninth, and SO o;i E.
with two small tenements thereon, for 3735 ?
purchaser M R. Buxiu; A4 tiie ^
was offered the large two and half story frame
fehtwiij ,04?.o|? th?*oo???deof F, between
bijjhth and Ainth streets, and withdrawn ?
highest bid $1,300. ' wiuiarawn,
Phorpsbx's Corcert Excubsios.?This is
going to be a rich affair, and will probably be
one of the last, if not the laat of the ae?on,
Profasjor not wishing to interfere with othera
and being only desirous to wind up the season
in " a blase of glory" ia a musical as well as
pleasurable way. It takes plaee on the 23th
instant. _
Poucb RBTUBNS.-The returns of tho poiice
officers, as recorded in the office of the7hief
ITjpolice, show tho whole number of ar
resU during the month of July to have been
T?.??? arreata were made by the Corpo
wion officers, and no returns are made to this
f ffice by officers acting under the authority of
the court only. J
Light Iskahtrt A5D Esputa's Bavd ?We
loarn that the respeoted corps of Washington
Light Infantry, are getting up a aplendid pic
nic, to come etf aoon, and Esputa'a Band, are
also to give us a rich taate of their quality in
a grand musical excuraion. Th? more the
n^iL8K Prit?c*s._Yesterday, Nathaniel
llaney was arrested for obtaining $120 mder
false pretencM from Mr. F. Dodge; also, for
/?n Trom J< L Catbcart. He was
him tojaJre UCC Dmry' wh0 committed
to J* Corref,t: but w? think !t best
to let the mjamons"?not " famoua"?fel
low go on hia way without further notioe.
Watch RaTiass.-Louiaa King, colored,
disorderly conduct, running about theatreetin
male attire; fine, coata, Ac.; aecurity. Jno.
Kearden, vagrsnt; workhouse 30 days. Ma
thew Limbert, drunk and disorderly: ao. Jaa.
Kearden, do.; do.
In Georgetown, on the 10th instant, b> the Rer.
W U. Steel, WM. VANSCRIVER/EsJm to Miw
AVN MATILDA LIGHTFORD, all of rliat placet
On the 10th instant, f.y tne Rev. S. A. H. Mark*
.NALLEY, ail of thia city.
On llie 11th last., JOHN INGLISS, son of Wo.
A. and Ann M. Scott, aged five months and twenty
on^ days.
On th? evening of the 11th instant, between the
I ? and 7 o'clock, aA^r a few days iiln^s,
MAKi K., daughter <?f Thomas anj Ann Inscrsull.
in the a l st year of her a^e.
The relatives and friend of the liunily are
requested to attend the funeral, from the residence
of her parents on fth, between H anj I streets, on
tbts (SaMirday) evening, at 4 o'clock.
[Ua.'t and Souieiset co. papers copy.J
m? on l?c iltA 'nsnn,?
Mrs. LAttOLlNE M. HALL, in the 85th year rf
her age.
In Georgetown, on the llih Instant, after a nro
tracted illness, MIRANDA M. GUY, to ihe ^nh
year of her age.
On the 11th instant, FRANK, aged 14 months iu
fant son of Wm. E. and Hannah Howard.
On the 11th instini, ANDREW, aged oee year
and eleven days, you:igest son of Jas. B, aud Euge
jue Owm
TO* PAtftTlVO fflATLY A*T> 1XW
(J Dltfousir idtiCOTKD AT THE "ZTZNlti*
Tai ratt?!bv tikM tk>UM?itoiitT of return
-1- ing bis th?n*s to bis numerous easterners lbr
their Itbnral an,f <^11 tinned patronage an11'^w
them that no f fif >rt shall hi spared on bis |?rt to
nutritaeorttauinoaof the same. I ha*" now en
gaged ? rats dent quantity of experienced workman
ml m&de trrsn/-iMot! to b# supplied with !w
beat brand* of f anil? flour 1 ba*e a?? increased
?7 ftrilitie# for delivering. and am now ready to
supply all order* with my superior family BRE \D
?rrery afternoon in time for to*. Wo continue M
mw.1, to make of tbo best material Tea BUcults,
Tea Buune, IH-ner R'lls. Pies, Ac. A great variety
of Tea Cake fresh ever* day. If yon want good ar
tides and save time and trcuVe, call at the Fascut
Biini, corner of F and 13th stuet*.
N. B.?To ?hoee persons who hare been backward
in naying their Mils we wcnld aay, if yon wis* to
^mtinoe eating my bread, pay up an1 begin anew,
aug 10?lw
UK undersigned hniix concluded a contract
for numbering the hoases, Ac., in the city of
Washington. beg leave to say. that ibev have now
commenced the work, and are prepared to farotsh
aU the various styles Of ?utnb#r* used in the differ
ent cities, upon the most reasonable terms. The
Corporation number i? a number painted on tin,
but it is optional with the citisens to purebasemore
?Jerirab'e ones. And for the information of the
public, they publ'sh the following exnict from the
act providing for the numbering of the eitv, Ac:
?' Se<? A Those persons refuting to designate their
houses by number, as provided in this act, after
they have been notified of the proper number of. he
sanie, for four days thereafter, shall have a number
fernisbed by the city at tbeir expense to be levied
as afotesa'd, together with the peraliy in addition
of five dollars for the use of t he oity,to be eolleeted
as other penalties " 1 *
Wif hik^tow, August 8th, 1864. <
aug 9?4t _____
Hartford, Onn?cUent. will insure on LIVES
for fe*ld?nse or ttwv'iua in all parts of the world,
at rates of pr?n?!u?. which have been sdju*trd on
the mo*t jquUsbl* scale, nnl wbich are lower than
those of moot .other companies. Traveling leave
fcoth liberal and ertensive. The system Is plain and
ea?Hy understood
Those wanting Insoranee, wi'l find it greaty to
tbeir interest by taking out policies in this Com
pany; particularly for one or Feven years, ?i ihe
rates are very low. See Prrsfectus, which can be
had at office on Pa. avenue, T doors east of the Jia
tiooal Hotel. Letters promptly attended to.
aug9?la* POT,LARD "WKUB Aymt
This delightful Suburban Retreat,
On 'Uh, n?ar Boundary tlrut,
21m. ? THK PUBLIC.
The Proprietors respectfully inform their frier, ds
that everytMnsr served up at their establishment
shall be of th? best.
The Biliia-d, Bowling, and Shooting Saloons are
in complete order.
Parties will be served with Brrakfast, D'nn?-r, or
Supper at short notice, and in the mo?t approved
style, not surpassed bv any bouse in the District.
For the asomrealatlon cf the fubllo. Coaches of
the Union Line will leave tha corner or flch street
and Pa avenue every hour, d?y and evening, 00m
menclng at 7 o'clock a m . for the Park Hotel; stop*
piug at Union Hall 0 street.
Prop'rs Union Hal), C ft., Park Hotel, 7th ?t.
aug 9?lw
Fr. MY Kit. at tM Sim of the Blue and White
s Awnint, Pennsylvania avenue, between 8th
and 9th sirens, is selling off the following grods at
Bonnets of p11 kinds; Ylats; R'banlr; Lace rood
of every d scriptiot.: Kmhrcider'd Collars nnd Hand
kerchief*; Headdresses, Drees Caps; and a great va
riety of other goods. ' |
1 "have determined to sell out my present stook to
make rrom fcr Fal Goods, so that those who With
to get the b-*et bargains mnst come first.
snir 9 -e< 3t
VIOLTNS.?We have b?en appointed sole agent
for Tilton'* Patent Improved Guitars and Yiolins,
and have ju?t received the first invoice, to which *e
invite the utter ion of those interested.
Persons having old Guitara sn>i Violins tan have
this wonderful improvement attaohed by applies*
tion ?t our store.
Old instruments taken In exo' snge for new.
Pa. avenue, letwe?n 9th and 10th sts.
aug 9?tf
(no HvnBro.)
READK!l, bav^ you tried the bes'' SODA WA
TER in the city? It not, go to ROSWKliL'3
Drug More, corr.or Maryland avennear d 7th ftro-t
where you can always iret a gins* ot the *bov? trnlv
healthful, c oliog and delitiouR bf-v.rsge. with th?
inT-t delightful S.rupg, which lave r.ovtr fdiled to
please tLe taste of the moet laMidi us
N i B.?Soda Powders, for making Carbonate of
Bvla Water, for sale a? above. an? 8?Cw
T)hOi?EW/d Cti.vNKT ttA^D most refpectfully
I announce to tbe ltuecs of W asbington, Ooorge
tftwn, and Alexandria that they will giro a grand
Kx'ursiou ami Concert to the White House Pavil
ion on the28lh August.
Particular* in future advortisement.
aug 8??o2w
TITE in Tit? our patrons and the public in gene
YV ral to call and examing our large assortment
of v?^y rich and el gant DIAMOND JEW&LRT,
embracing: Bracelets from $100 to $250. Pins $1Q
to $^4 ). K?r Rin^B JU0 to $750 a pair. Rings and
Crosses *10 to J275 e*ch.
Also; i. great variety cf Pearl. Moealc, Coral, Oar
net, Lava, Chqvo, sad Ckjld Jawoiry?vary latent
styls, received to-day. ,
We hsv- also on hand a wall selected stock of fln?
WATCHES, and a full assortment ofyure fclLVER
We rha.ll take great pleas a re in showiag those
goods to all wbo call, whether with the lntentiou of
purchasing or gratifying their curio*Uj.
Our stock is large ana well selected, and we shall
sell at *try moderate prices.
Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th cts.
aug 8?lw
DBS. BROTHERS M GRAY, the coiebrated Ger
man and Indian Physicians, have established
a permanent medicat Offioe in tbe city of Baltimore,
for tbe accommodation of their patients in Mary
land. Tbe bo:tors ean be consulted at tbeir otfloe
every Morday. Tueaday and Wednesday, from 8 a.
m until 10 p m.
Office. 49 Paca street, between Lexington and Sar
atoga st*.
Also, at their principsl offer, at ?.'aahingt<?n, D 1
Cn on kouth B street, on Thursday, Friday and Sat
urdav, opposi e the tmith?oiiian rna'itutlon, where
they hare had a large and successful practice for toe |
last four years, in the treatment of oil chrjaii c!s
eaees, ?nd thofe di?eav* produced by the < Id .-chco!
Mineral Physicincs, by the indiscriminate i>8* ct
Mercury, Arrenic, Antimony, Ac. Happily, for snf
ferers taeir practice is so manifestly injurious that
it is now gradually on the wane, and must in a few
years pink into oblivion. God in his infinite good
nesB has given to ruff'r<ng man a practjoe fkr supe
rior. and show n um that thi-re i-i yet Balm in Gileud
We flatter ourselv?ji that all who favor us with a
call, we will, without asking a single questtoo, tell j
tl ein their ro-npluintH and sy vptomq, and guaran
tee am etsy and speedy cure. A decided advantage
we have ever other medieal men, It in tbe n a'.<ner
we determine tbe natare and location o tbe dlseasr, I
which is by the urine. We require at lea^t two
ounces of tbe first in tbe morning.
Office open daily for tbe sale ot their Family Medi
cinas. atg ???eolm*
ENTLEMEM lond ? f Shooting are n spsetfulb
informed that COPP has opened a Pistol Qalle
ry on Penneylvani? avenae, between Dd and 4Wf st.
and near tbe U. 8. Hotel, next tiouse to the sin
dial, up stairs.
N.B?Tbe Pistols am superior, and no charg
for instructions. aug 1???!? *
Faahion, containing new, useful, and ?le- j
gant designs for ladies', children's, at.d infanta' co> [
Ihe August number is puhli><hed and for sale at
ttUlLUKU'lXAdr* ttovtau^,
Cor. Pa. av. aad 4>4 cv, Odeon Building
aug a?tf
now <n band at Leah's Patent Kilns, ONE\
making two hundred barrel- ^hieh we will'
We woo d call the particular attention of piaster
ers to thia rnperior a> tiele of Lime. It iff free from
coal cinders or other sediment, it being burnt alto
gether by weed, wbich makes it t very tuperlor ar
Ocie for plast*ring, white ooating, and hard finish
Give us a call aad yen chill be p'eased.
aug3?lm B. J. SKVLT t CO.
THERM will be a grand Boat Race to oome ofl on
Tuesday, August 15tb.at 9 o>ciocX a. m., tor a
diver Pitcher, valued at $fiO.
The signal for starting wUl be given by the firia.
if a gun.
The Pitcher ean bo seen at Mr Mart's Store. Sh
sntries have been made by th* beat beat owners on
?9 Potomac, and great sport may be expect*'.
No b>a'? ean enter for < be prise after Aufcw 6th.
Mr. Bardtne enters Yacht Geo. Washington
Mr. Howard " Wary Ann
Mr. Handy ? _JL . Fill Watch
Mr. Ward " u Chill's Own
Mr. Martin u M PU laser
Mr. iage " " Young Am?riea._1 '
For any inlDraation enquire at D. Weet's Bote),
Mil to the National Theatre- tf 81?W*
* WemUV and " Wanted" advertisements, four line*
or lea? fbr each insertion, 9S oasts; each additions'
"\TT AHT ET?- Ers-v nan to read the
f? ironfliglut of Am hNiON LAJSIX ASSO
CIATION, which yon will HalIn this ptp?r, lit ths
column hemmed ??Tor B*I? nd Sent."
?H?g: 18?2w , ?... . 1
AYOUVQ GIRL wishes 4 rttuatlou ss Chatihe^
mild, and to do p!ala sewing, rr washing and
Ironfnp. "M D,n at thli ollloe.
WANTED?By a young M?n. a situation tu I5ir
V?et>er. or In a ?*oMT r*ore, or waiter In a
private family. *>?t rff>rence glYer. Address "B
C-.w City Poet Office aug 12 lt?
WANTED-A m'dd> att'd *.4.V. can rtr
eufca testimonial' of strict sob-letv a-d int- <?
rltr, (mm ethe* seed apply) tn a-t In the a i parity
of night wateh to" an exten?Ire pr*v?t* establish-j
?n?nf. r>n* suitlnz cm procure a permanent sitna
ti?n and Mr remuneration. Fcr farther parti ~u
lars apnly at the offioe of Washington Union. |
ragl2-d*t~ " , t ,, -
WANTED?A vourr MAN as a clerk fa a whole
?ale and retail flroeery S'orft. Address, In
bandwritieg of the applicant, through OKjr Poet if. j
dw/RI" *** IS?tf
WANTED?To attend a amall child, a (11PL,,
while or black, about 12 or 14 yearn cf age.
Enquire at tbfw office. aug!2-tf
ROOMS WANTED? Bra gentleman and hia wife
R09MX, with hoard; l-> a private family, and
witWn At# minutes walk of the Pa'en7 Offlc j Ad
I draw ?'J," Box SOS, through Cify Pest Offlos.
| aug 12?4t?
Ol HAA WANTED?Ttie advertWr wants to
tfl) I ?\7V/l7 borrow one thnusard dollars, diving |
the b st seeorltv and a fair premium for the use of |
the m?nny. Address '"L L," City Post Offlc \
an* 10-41*
WANTED?A SITUATION. A jrouu* Wo mi n,
who is a fir< t rats ?x.k. watber, and imner.
i wl'hee a situation Beat of city ref-r?n es ?an be i
given. Apply at CMEARA'S
Fruit and Fancy Store, r
Pa. avenue, between 2d and 3d at recta,
aug 10?8t* _____
W/NTED TO RENT?For occupancy after the
1st or (he 15th of September, as a permanent
dwellihg frr a small family, a House, with a limited
number of g-oi sized rooms, pleasantly situated,
and In good order. Address, for ten days, box HI. 1
Cl?y Port Office, with desert pt'on of preitisep, and
wb*r* the owner can te called on.
an* 10?ec2l*
WANTED?Ten or twelw d niug-room AKE
VANTS, for the Fstuquitr White Fnlrhnr
Sprirgs. Require at the office on the corner af F
and 16th st.-eets au< 7?tf
A COOK, WASHJ4R and IRON Ell, who can -ome
well reommended, will hour of agoodaitaa
Uou ani liberal wagea, by spplyin? at
J* 2*?tf Bru* ftoro, Penna. awnu".
WAixTKD?In a Snail family, a good 1?KM ALE
COOK. Enquire at this offiee
jy 22 tt
? 1 ? ? ? ? ?
WANTED.?A good cook; also, a blatk man, at
jy 10 C strwt, between 4% and Cth.
ET NORSK WANTM*.?A healthy Woman,
without a child, can gat good wages as a Wet
j Nu?ee, by app'ylng a' Room No. 81, United States '
I Hotel. Any one wishing the place will plearn make I
earlyapplication- jy 8?tf
\\TAWT8 NiCUROKS^-Tbaaubecrihersare
IT &11 times in the market buying SLAVES, pay
lug the hlgbeat cash pricw. Persons having Slav*
fcr sale will please call at 242 PRATT PTPEKT, Ha)
tlmore, Md., (Slatter's old stand.) blares taken on
board at 26 cente per rtav.
feb 2?ly B. M. * W. I?. CAMPBELL.
Corner of 14/A tlrrH ami Neto York avrnw.
'PHIS Institutinn will be cp-oed for the n?xt year
1 on the fli V Monday in 8cptemb?r. 1S64. ibf
number of pupil* is timi *d. 1h? school will con
tht or tbr#e olassea. Junior, Middle and fknurr l.v
6ry dwirab'e 'acility i- offeifd. Ap licationa ahr u't
l>e made immediately Freft-wnco giren to th >i
who enter for the longest time.
Circulars at the Bookstores.
the Same time. CircnJars as above.
jy 31?d3m MR? M. A. RIOttarq.^.
THE duties of thU Inotituti in will ba Misumrd on
Monday, September 4t"o. If fiurc-ss^ul in se
curing the ??rvie<8 of an efficient as?istaat, fifteen
more pupils will be receiveJ
Tultkin per quarter, $12 E0. French at.d Dr'.w
ing?xtra. P. A. BOWRN, Principal.
Pertoaal Eitate fbr the People.
JK. WHITEHURST has deeded to IVuslees io
? trust for the benefit of the shareholders in the
above enterprise, worth of real and n?;ac>uai
?wUte, v. t>e dispouwl of among the holo^ra of share>
avthe otfrli^at possible da^, afl?r tbe puie of all the
shares. 'i'Uo are each, which eutiUin t*>
bolder to au suitable share in the withju nameG
magnifioeiit collection of r#al ftad par^hil property
al*>, to one of Whit-hurst's $3 World's Kalr Premiuir.
Daguerreotypes of sulfur Wend at any time when
the certificate is presented at either of his Gfi.1 lories,
In Baltimcre, W?shir>^ton, Hichmond, Korio.'k
Lynthbur^, Wilmington, and P?ter6><ur.j
Arrangeise^U b*.?t aiso Wu mi.de to';jrl?exa t'.?
certjfioat.^ wlih the rnllowi^g ceiebratej Artift5.
J. burner, !?. J. city; D C Coflins, Pbiltdol} h<a.
Pa., i^priogfie^i ani Wertfleld, Mass.; A. 0. 1'srt
rilge, Wteeiing, Va_- and Wm. T. Porter, Cincic
nati. Ohio.
The fact that this property Is deeded to trusteed i u
trust, resideuta of the District of Columbia, tor tu
benefit of the ahareholders, and every sbarehclaei
raoelving h Daguerreotype worth $3, and of the very
finest quality and elegantly oned; tha high char&c
ter and positions of those trustees, and tbe great ano
extended reputation and business of Mr. Whitehurut.
he deems sulU' ient guaranties that #very ptomi^e <J
this advertisement will be promptly and faithfully
performed, as the pictures to be taken will be di:
thbuted among many iraileries, oapable of produda
fifteen hundred Daguerreotypes per diem
Not more than fif y thousand shares will be sol 1.
Persons re-klinn a* a di- tanoe and wishing ordjx
fcr a Daguerrettype (which will entitle them to *
share in tbe above enterprise) w;ll enclo-i
the amount, poet pail, to Whitehurst's Gallery
Washington, I>. Q
HILBUS A UlTZ, Agents fcr the sal* of ord<irf
la this dty, at their Music Depot, south side Paima
ave- betw. 10th and llih streets In Georgetown,
at Miss THOMAS'S Book and Fancy Htore, llub
street, near Pint. jy 8?TTbAeBm
1>UE aubscxibors ha,ve cmtueuced the lumhe. i
buaiueF8 at 14th street bridge, oa the ('anal
where they intend to keep oa b^nd a general
sortinent of 117MBJM, which they will i.ell at r>?a
tonnhle pr.oes fcr cash or to pun .tual customers.
They have ?ow on hand a good assortment of Pfl?
soued White Pine and other Lu' -.^r.
PP JPOBASjK vlil be recelrcrt by
the touporinteudent of the Treasury Buildinit.
j until tbe 12th August rest, fcr the supply of 2,0
cords of h'ekory and ' 00 cords of oak wood, (or any
part thereof, not lef s than 60 cor Is ) The woo l to
be of the best quality, ai d to be delirrrrd, oorJed.
and mi-ssurtd at surh places as the superintendent
may require, a' the cc?t of the contract r.
jy 29?eodtl2th
HAtlPUK'S MA(MZI.\E for August
contain* over fif.y iliuntrations, and a spiut
did table of content*. For sale at
JOIt dlilLLINGTON'd Bookstore,
Od^vn Building,corner 4X street and Penn.
ani; 2?tf avenue.
Maine uvenw, btLvitm 1% and 6iA its.
MANUFACtUrtaK of .i'eam Engines, Boilers,
Water Tanks, shafting, Pulleys, Dangers and
Mill Wt.ru generally.
Will furnish ba?v Mi'is, all kinds of Castings,
Wrouubt end Cast Iron Pipes, and everything in the
Iron line generally.
Two sm?U KNyiNCH on hand and for sale. For
information address G. K. NUlfEd, Waxhingtou Iron
Works, WaahieKtoa, D.C. jy 16-^-tf
. Strangers and CitUena?We >n
now r?ceivtng a lot of Goods suitable for the Fall,
consisting cf?
tsilka of all kinda
French Mouseeline*, Merinos
Alpacas, Bombacios, Iriah Linens
Table iKmaf-k, Dama.'k Napkins, Flannel*
Oawrinets, Cloth?, CtalaMiea
Ginghams of all hind*
Hosiery of all kinds
A Mecrtment of Demistt-a of all kinds
A variety of Carpet" tf various ktxda
Tbe remainder of our bomn er Goods will be sold
ve?y cbeap Seme first rate 4-4 Lawns tt BJ>? cts^
Be?utif< 1 Osllco et*., Berfgu d* L^ines, cts.
worth 26. Bei^ee very cbe?i>.
aug l?-*o2w HALL A BROTHER.
DR. DIXLMAM'S NEW MA88 ?Tbi* beaubfir
sn'l ensy Mass, for three r. ice', jusi pnblifbta
aud dedicated to the Rev. Jno. McCloaksiy, baa been
received at the Music Depot of
jy 28? f " HILBOR A HIT'/..
NATIONAL Grey** Grand Parade
March, composou for the Piano Fort?, and
dedicated to Oewt. Lem. Towers, by Prof. 8. Ehrlich.
just published by Hilbus A Hits, and for sale at the
Muhic J epot.
The trade supplied on liberal terms.
Jr tt .
NOTICE IX) BUILDERS ?For sale, a large quaa
tit v t f Mr. Tuck or'a Mould Oorifc* Brickf, Is
Uvered In any part oT the city at 7? cU per locC
Intw. 1 ' , . *. JONRH A?*w?
Oelvedst j mo. F. ELLIS'S,
' M *?? hetwwn 6 th s?410th strata.
For Sale cdttd R#nt
FOR RENT?A brick HOUSE. eoot*1biu >*z
rooms, situated on the fouth side o( Murscbc
sMtsatenue. between Itth and '3'h struts Kr.
quli* next dAor. tr at Mrs DUNN'S 13th, betw. S
?ad P. aog IS?3t?
A RUB CHANCE ?F?t ml*or m?%on ar?*?ni
t\. modatin? tms, a BAKERT and COSTXC
TlONttMY. It I? situated on 10th, between ? and
F street*. It <? en a lease of thre? yenrti Has a'
tsched two valuable market stand*. Oan be assured
o* a rertiin W timber tf loaves of bread, and where
pr->r?r?r tncnared by a baker, ean be Bade toyfeld
a hand<ome profit All satisfaction ran be given br
apply In* on tbe promisee, or to J. YI88IR, Fa ava
nue, betw 9th and 10th stuwt*.
Also, for sale, two Horsee and Wat on1.
aug 12 - *<?
ECONOMY 13 WEALTH.?Only $76, and that
ps.aMc in sma^l instalment of $* per month
wiJ parches*. in fee simple, a Vautifol Building
LOT, 24 feet front by 180 fe*t d**p, In one of tb?
most healthy and dm* de'ightftil situations around
Washington The hts are situated dlrecily oppo
site tbe Nary Yard, and command a fine view of
the ci'y anl Pitomse river, and contain an abund
ant supply of at oeilent wa?er. 400 ql these Lot*
have been sold sinoe Msrcb las', and upon a num
ber buildip*' are being woKd, Only 260 Los re
mala untold?ever? pareom therefor*, desirous of
proeartog a home, should at once avail themselves
of this very fHToraHleopportunltT.
Union Land COoe, 7th *t, ib-ve Odd Fellows'
Hall. JOHN ICX, Secretary,
sue 12?2w y
f'l KOCKK1 STORK. FOR SALE?In the best lcca>
T tlop, st low pr'cee. Apply to FEUX H0F.il
MG, 7th street, between ML and N street*,
aug 11?la*
STORE and DWBLLIM) on Pennsylvania avence
for rent, between 10th and llth streets, south
rtle. Pg?re?pinn given immediately. Apyly of J.
W. THOMPSON, Plumber, same square.
aug 10?4t
F>R SALE OR UK NT?A new frame HOUSE,
two-*tory and attic, with back building of fcur
room*, nine rooms and pa^tare in main house. situ
ated ?n D street south, between 9tb and 10th sts.
Apply to T B. Davis, on B. between ISth and 13M
?tftj?M? - DICKIWf A RING,
aug 10?eo3t* Georgetown.
OR 8ALB OR RENTV?A new.and well built
FRAME HOUSE, containing seven rooms, Ac.,
with a b??ge cistern in the yard, aud a pump in the
kltcben end a pump of pure water on the street aear
by. faituited on H street, north, routh side, be
tween 4th and dlh. The Read-ill green rmrilu*
passes daily To a small f*milv and pnnctual month
iy *cnant, the rent will be moJorate. None ether
need apply. Enquire on the premise*, or to
aug 10?3t* F street between 6th and 7tn sts.
FOR 8ALF?A frame HOUSE, nrarly new, with
the'ot, situated on M 't'eet iruth, between 3d
and 4l/? s'reets. For term* apply to J A?. E. JOHN
SO '. Centre Market, or R. B. Clarke, near premises,
au* 8?Iw
'OR HALS OR RENT?Two of th*so Pew thr?-f?
_ s'nrv and attic DWELLING 3. on 10th, betw.
1j an i M streets north. These honeys contain fine
room?. vith fine dry cellars, and are thoroughly
provided with all modern {improvements. Apply to
L- R. Smoot, at the Banking Houfe of Messrs. 8u*er,
Lea A Co. Pa. avenue, and 14th street.
au? 4?tf
1 _
pries from $1,000 to $3,000, eligibly situated
in various parts of the city.
Terms for soma, one-fourth in cash, and the bal
anoi in 1,2,3, and 4 y**rs. Apply to POLT.ARP
WEBB, 1U al Fstate Avent. Ofilcs oo Pernaylvaaia
avenue, 7 doors ea?t National Hotel, up ftaira.
au* 2?lm
ba# 'aid off lit) aer^s of land in the neighborhood of
blmlen*burc bepot, und'.r the designation of Ella
ville, aiid offers tbe same for sale. The l^ts on?:4
of from three to nine acres of wc<- diand, each lot in
cluding a derivable Bite for building.
On two ef the Jots the subscriber has erected
handsome residences, with every modern oontr v
ance for com'ort. One or' iheee houses and lote ie
rff-r-d f r sale, aud is now read? for inspection -
Connected with Ibe houce is a *e!1 cf strong treriH*
nal wattr. C' mpiete hydraulic apparatux fnppl'eE
the bsth room, kitchen, and water clofet with wa
ter, which is obtained in unlimiied quantity with
oat going out of doors. Application may b? tead?'
to Ma-srs. Gum A 8o:rr, Auctions*} Mr. VTuls,
?t tbe National Hotel, cr to li>e jabferiter, on the
premises A lithographed plan ef EUavi'de will b*
exhibited, and t rcu of tide made known on ap;.U
c?ti>a a* a''X.ve.
An omnibuH runs three times a day t*tw*?n Ella
Ville and Wasbinjiton. CHAS. B. CAuVKRT.
aux 1?tf
AFOUK-pTORY BRICK HOUSE fcr sale or ex
rbanK" tor mechanics wr rk and mat-rial?, sit
uated on the Island, and bavin; one of .the BMst
beau: ifn! open prr>spects of river Knd high laid ?
Further information may be obtained by addrendng
th|> subscriber. RiiBT MULLS,
jy 10?rf Architev^, Otuitol ITQ1
For rkvt An omcK in Lamp * Tnck?
hbikimg. Ttttqulre of
? n T A^R. or
J? .j3- dtf VVM. TUCK KB.
pODSTfeY RES1DKSCK6 for rent.
V7 I have for ront, se*eial new HOUSES, with 2
?-T re 6 f ground attached to eacfi, nituated on ??Ken
dall Ort .-n." a little more than a mile nirtheasteriy
from tire Capitol.
lb&S9 how.*# are spacioui ard ct.nvenlent. with a
cellar, wcodcbad, ?no stable for each, and pumps oi
excellent wat^r ut b&nd
1'he bl-usLi.>n ie beautitul, CTeriooking a large
portion ol the city, and in full view c. tl-e Capitol.
Tbe approaeh la by 7th and li etc . Delaware ave
nue anu M street
An omnibus line for canal fare, has ween perms
nently established on the route, and rcr.s twice s
day between Kendall Green and the President r
Square, leaving at 8 a. m. and 2 p. m. Retu nmp
leaves Centre '^arUet, where it makes a brief stand,
at ?nJ 3i4 o'clocg.
Rent-TWO HUNDR2D DOLLARS a year. ,
The houses not yet tahan arc crv n for tepv^tion
and can Irt seen by applying to V/. STICKN ?Y.
who livea ou Cottacn stre? t, or myself, at E?y resi
donee, nant the premlsos.
STORE FOR RhNT.?The spaeiciis war><honse on
P-upsylvania cva., so 1 jng occupied by Mesers.
B. I. Senunes A Bro., as a wholesale grocery end
liquor store is now frr rent. Poasesei jn civen >m
tnedlitely. Apply to B. I. Bom lido ox M. G. Eiety.
ap 13?dtf
Three framn Houses, i?ro-story and attic, with
ba?-K buibting, situated on 18}^ street south, betw.
B and O streets ??e*t.
On? lTam?* Hcu?e, twostory. containing six rooms,
on 7th street nortn, between M arm N sw. west
One frame 1<oush, two-jtory, garret, and b*oi<
buildings, 09 ?th street south, between D and E -Ls.
Twelve buiiding Lots, betw.-en ?d and 4J^ streets
east aud M and N s-.ivets south, containing in
39,000 square f?>el of gronrd, with two small tene
o^nts thereon. This would be a desirable location
for a market garden.
One th ree-etc-ry brick fire proof Fhcn, in reserri
tion 10, to the resrof Jackson H*U.' Ibis wouia
answer r.timieafc-y Ut a as ok binary or pri
eflftce, or couW oa-nly be conceited i'-.to A lively
ble. for w ich purpose a more eligible location ua
nut be found.
AU the above described ptrperty will be sold flu
reasonable terms on application to
Lumber Yard, corner of 6th and B sts.
Jy &? aotf
FOR SALE?A new and well-builttwo-gtory fr*m?
HOUSE, fituated on ncrth O street, ne?,t 7th
This property is in a growing and rapidly iucr.^
ing part oi the cify.
Mr. Boyd, the occupant, ^iil show the premises.
For let ma apply to JO^. TRAVERS, Pa. aTfuue
between 12th and 13th sts. uc f>?2**3**
IT0K RENT.?Tbe subecrit>er having retired to
the country, his now permtnent retdd?D<v>, ol
fers for rent his hands:<mely finished, iour-etury
brick HOUSE, on 4% bUeel^ with immediate pce?jd
And also, the three-story House adjoining, now
occupied by Capt. Jas. B. Montgomery Poster - or
given on ute 1st August, unless earlier poeseFiion
can be arranged with Ci.pt. Montgemer*, who ha.'
kindly consented that pera^ns applying can inspect
the premiawu.
Also, tor sale cheap, that ooumodioua and desira
ble property, situated on Pa. avenue, nearly oppc
site Jackson Hail, and recently oocupied as a boa. d
ing house.
Also, two frame Houses on B street south, near
7 th, in Square 462. If not sold before the 8>jth In
stant, they will then be disposed of to the highest
bidder at public sale.
F?r terms and particulars apply at the ftar? $i
White A Sons, to W. tf n, WMIT&
V/UK RENT?Oftoe Rooms Nos. 6 and 7, "Cilum
r bia Place," corner oi Louisiana avenue and 7th
?u'80t- w . _.
A'so, the 3d and 4th story rooms, each embtsdm
the wbeda. extent ol the building. Apply to
je 38?eotf E, between 8th and 7th Ft*
170R RENT?Two three-story WARKH0f/>t^.
. on 9th street west, opposite the Centre Mai &*<
For terms apply to Jao. U. Semmes A Co.
ie la?TuAThtf BHTRUAY A
1?OR BENT?Teat plkusamly located Dwfiiup
. ? HOUSE, on 'i2th str-et, Island, near 8m|'h*o
nian Institute, lat-ly occupied ty Capt. A. Malays
land, eoDtsining ten roomn and kitehen, and a yar'
of tine fruii and grapes. Rent moderate to scar*
rut, prompt tenant. J NO. L. SMITH,
aug 1!?eotf Attorney at Law, 8th street.
For Rant, a very desirable budness stand, suit
able for any deferiptton of merehandialog, located
on llth street, one door from Pennsylvania avenue,
next adjoining R. Famham'a bank and staUowjy
To a good tenant and a genteel business the rent
will he put ata moderate rata hy the year, payable
In monthly instalments. Possession given bum*
liately. For further psrtioula's inquire of the un
iersijned. GFO. A. W. RANDALL.
Grooar, corner Bh arenue fsd UU) st.
^88-eotf ^ ?
Andtfaii filpg.
T? 0iP*mclda?id Krrcnjur.FURMTVBK m
r?^*t and # tb?r Chain
N**WJ Bttivtc* ?
KD<i Toll*? f+tg
Beditaaita. Feather B. <U ma
Lj*'?r*', *"*? ,B^ ethw CWrpet.
China, Glee. ltd Crockery Wsr.
Cooking, farier ?r d oth?r Steve.
J?1 ttau* ??*>? ann^a?y
Twmi: $75 sad under rash: or?r mi ??,?* .
aDC is-d fl&MX ^HOgrr,
? Aaattoaeer..
?y **? c *cOriRB. Atetinun
??"t: a**
0, *m 5J?K2i y,fc'?
u '?'??9 >-JSZ^SL!^t
1 We perfect and set. p-wi'ir.
"ertna : One fourth ca h : riMn* 1. < ? . ,,
????-? J- ?- ""afc.
By J. c. .KcUUIKK, Auctioneer. '
One Lot ST f-ct ly 94 Wt f> iurtK* ?
Be ng ?ubdiri<ior;? fLo'slOanill ?r n?u- ?
euhdivirioncfgqj|,r%]s? * D-tW"W> ?
'1C1' ?"* fro?< on 17th ft
west, between t and i. Struts nonh, with * ?i,ie
ftia ilirf ta a."ix on th? aiie ?
TulfL^I^ *?dvTh th* Prt*?lefP of all
TBI. h txt d?eir*b!e property either fnr In??>??
Beit or boiiHio; pnrpoivi.
Title intinputable. "?" .. 1
Terms liberal an made known at ea'e
By OtiFKM A ?COTTl A.cM..i,r.;
L0T 0N ?o?Tn I,
Ou MONDAY ^8t*?*18 M * "tion.
*, the I4th *E?tan\ weaball ML mi the
pm^a** o'clock P w. p.rr.f Ut No s. il
. 'luii'efil^fckvioga rront - n Noith I at oftwenr*
inhi^u wj^to a ih,rtJ 4t*
Terms: Oneb&i/ca*h: the bftliBta in A ??<? 19
SZ'Si ** '?**" '?w5S-?ii SJ "
A deed gi?ea and a deed of tru,-t taken.
n . t.USEN 6 HOOTT
,uy ^ lo^Lrr.
By GREEK A SCOTT. A?utl#ae?r.
r|iaJtM MEW FB1ME H0C8S8 AND LTT3 ai
JL Aeetwn.?On Tt KSDaY, the Iftth instant w^
shall wll, in frr>Bt of the j r'OiiFM, at 6 o'elorV n m
PMto of UK. Noe 2, 3. andMtt"o?.w^7^?i:
*h'ch two n*w *??" h^a^
rc-ome rt^h. M g0#<J aBd a nr*^'7 ?rranged
'iho iU>T* iluartriha 1 - . _ . ?
tB l^ Rth "treat, wc't, twe^
fJo?Sel ^ ruMl * ^ e'ffhtvnx tm
ab0Te -ball
"x ^t^U'nfcnifiast ?n3c'h5r,iB;? ?n
W*C^?ne hunJr^ f-et to a thiUy cot alJey""^
Fa,Ml 0 street, ^uth. with tiJ ?mproTS?2 .
^UWlL5l0/puf^e b0Uar> ?* ~omi.
^5 ^-alacoe in ?, 12, and 18
3J2U: note8 Wij* interest froia th. day cf
A deed giTen and a 4e?4 <T hr?<t tuken
h'S"*"" -
151 fi.ai Muskeg, old pattern
24 j<owi!*r F!a>ka
2 arttlkry H?l.rw?
??*: Walter Chain*
16 urirers. Saddlm
. - lii Vailn" haddisa
82 Bridles
??000 ibn. -?*rfp Wrought Iran
6jo wrap bfe!
A lot ol arrap Oast *ron,
Ti-nuf : cnah, lu tjc.-ie,
ai.g 3?JAg.CM<OUITlE. :
' Anrtloneer.
?1 ?b(.T^n,^Dit?DAY1 lU* 15tl? August, we ahnll
je.l. at t ? o'clock p. m-, S4.2S7'^f?et of gr nnd
hHTing h frcnt on C etrpet soulb lis tcti fi ???>,?.
an<1 on 9'h street wt 284 10 inrfcea.
Theftbire will b>* sold in ioti ta fait Barchaaee
? <rais: Oofrthiri ^sh,; the residue la on* and
tw. >*ars, ?n ncn?, with ini>*aet
A de*d giren and b deed of tr?>-t taken.
Jyl8-?aw QUE?N * SOOTT'
" - Auctioneer*
By CREEK 4t SCOTT. Auction*.,..
LJ co, kr . at Auction.?'"n WRUNKSUAr. ;6th
f/W: at 10 ?'d'ck ? m' ' tore
r.Mr P; inuel Ml more, on Penu-ylTania avenue
two dwr* wett or i?Cwna * Co's Vxpns* Offl-v. a
br*r^f. M',orU,,('nt 01 if the foUoatn^
Cosmopolite. Poutra'krad, V?rt?ne , ?
Sil?a, Lai.htna. A rot rr ?ia. l.?D<1reth?
tjafutjenlu, L'M'smo, a 4 other rhnlra brtn^n I
OoBprbfcn a sto' k of 00.0<X> of th? rrtj ?ne?t Ci
K?rs in Wa?h<ne?on,-omeof w)<ich cor ?*.
twar.n fifty td airty d-Har? cer thousand.
\ Ado lot ot cfcew:n< hed tfiuokins- Tobacco
fiiid ?t* er Pip*a b
s'nnff Kf'X-s, Ocuf?t?T Sca'e. Ar.
Tern'^i Under #25 e?*l,; crer >25. and nnder t?,
?*ty au l uinety day. : oyer $?0 2, 4, and ? months!
M. n ?. ?RUL\ A BCV.TT,
? * Aufctirnfara.
By ?*? C. DlcOClUE, Auctioneer.
1UotwWr^V *OUSMHOLD gfFKr.TF ?
. i^.V WwRSK Dav moriiUi?, Ac- i.it iGih. at 10
Cofflu, oorner
IBth and I s reet", I jball sell? '
Mshoaacy plu^h c,*md Fcfa
P? Kf fk?r. ?nn and parlor Chair.
Do hair apr.-n? e?at I fyan
Marble top Solur Lamp
Btrew Matting. Window PtaUes
Kr nnd Dicing Table, enne ee.t Chairs
Cb<na. <?ies-t. aad Oro k-rv Warn
llahogany Bedstead*. Maftrems
Do doe=inn Bureaus ~ *- '?
Wa^h tanda. Toilet eeta
BooVfhclTea, Fare/ btlm
Cooking fcto*t, Cbaxber gtorea
HM Stoy, Bath Tubs
Kitcben L'tenei k, 4c? ,
Thnas: $J0 ?rd UUift wiah^ py?r $2* . ereAit cf
V r^fPi ?i'"H for actea saikfactorily en
'i .TMO, bearing inturast.
an, 1ft?1 JAMM C* Md3UIRR.
10-d Auctioneer.
PR. X. RTHATTOS, Auctioneer.
tUSlXK*S 8aLE of ValuitVtv Improrea Proper*
of 4 deed of trust, btfarin^r ?fmte
ineif.thday rf FeVru.ry, 1862j da y execute by
?ohn A Mou.den and wife, to the eabecriber. an1
iTJfni 1 ? l i >A", No-14?. <50. ^1.
>2, and J5o, ^ne cf the lar.J r??rds <.f W yshinrtf a
<?nnt v, in t be District of O-lombii, to ^a*ethe
ayo?nt of a ccr'^in debt therein named. I .'-hail
sellitf putiMo tncuof on the preroiees. o?? MONDAY
to. 2bth d?y ?f August, 18t4. at? e'oloek p ia , to
hahighert bidder, Lot ft o. t, in vith
rne Injprovem-? ts, con?=f?f in^ of a two storr Prcme
'looec. with oihrr Deret^ry hniloia^a,
Term^: Oae-thirJ ,^a?h ? th. lefidue in equal in
Ktalaenta, at fi and )2 m'.oihs. with interest
.. A *T* Ki?"n "n<1 *,lfWl ?f treat taken to ;i*ure
cne deferred rarmfrv
If the tern, a of eele are not eon pl'.-d with !? five
Jaya frr m tbe day of tutie. the prcL*r"y *111 be re
old at the cosi and ri?k of ih- porcha er
J.^.kT?M.C"A't'-r' ??????.
|i?AHDI5iG^-iltn. DUYALL, t'eiina. avt'BM.
1J nearly opposite Bjovna' Hotel, hae An. kQQ&l*
lad offers erer> uaslrabl.-jomtort e&4 ?M?i?ioda
- ? f?f or f Ingle gentiemen?permanent
'V.,**ai5*u'-, ^*o Hrle a^TdMble boarding h>>uae
? ill be found in Wiishiu.rton.
TVWfcU ht?Oralfon's Fi. neb res, I yol. 12mo
1} Htidkne 4* gtMl?Oonrtdcrationj Bur la Revo
lution. 1 yol
Pesc^rtee? Oeuvres, 1 yc?
" arnier?B-onomie Politiqo., 1 y?l
& rnaille -Th?**re, 2 r*!?
Maiaae U > tftael?Be i'AUetnegne
Uegym c?- Kabtlairs
OHytaer?rente ft Chsnfl?e?9. 2 rolf, wl.h ploite
Mirt.ee pi Ou?.j?Receive t!e TrtHet, 6 yoia
^?rd???T'r?>it?s <?e Paix, 13 rot*
C ifyersetionTMolernes en Frntrato et en Aag'ala
Alue, a lar*e aaaenment of VrenCb NowN in p?m.
phlet form. FRANCE TA1 UUH.
?eg?? ... ._^.f" :
Corner of nth street ar-d PeuuAvlrenia av- naa.
J^ROM which the j ureat iraoghU of the Gen
If ROM STONE FOUNTAIN'S, (icy colij may b*
ju^flad ia cpioaK Titillntnnsnna.. art now k ae
live operation, Uluatrating, by e dally incree>ina
>Ktronage, th. Just appreciation cf 1U tuetrior me
Ikinal piopertlea, and bow agreeable and ae'arable
(nalitlea, to th. inrlpid, oommoo, hurtful e??>w.n^
tcid Oaa, gepecaW ia oopptr .ountalns (Vclept &~4a
PF?ter)end under that aMtuond oogaom^n diner tad
?? yffytow?l^t<a^put>U?. ^ >
Eifuwlr ft tt? Btilr Brain Star
IrkiMM Tltriti
Nottftf reach* u u yet from tbe Ark ma
seaelaaUen, but we presume that the Dem
j ??rats har* elected two candidates for Oon
j frees, Man. A. B. Greenwood and Albert
' Ratt
lm Xtattn
Dcbcqt:e, August 10 ? Return# from Bio*
counties straw a majority for Ibt whig
candidate, of 300. Hempstead, the whig aaa
didue fbr CoBgress, bos the mum majority.
As other Supposed Kail Bobbery
Pwtladelfvia, Aug 12?A short line stnoe
* letter inclosing e obeek for $601, on the
Girard book, ptjtbl* to Ike order of tko
drawer/ wu eeot from Now York to Phila
delphia, and woo abstraotad freta tko poet
oAce is tbie eitj.
The irdorsament was forged by the thief,
end the obeek paid by tbe book.
Tbe drawer of tbe eheek has instituted a emit
agaiaa: tbe bank for tko purpose of raeowaring
the $600
Doatke in Vow York-Bailing of Staamahipo
Naw Tube, Aug. 12 ?The number of dooti s
for the week ending at booo to-day amount U
1040?including 2Ci dee lbs from cholera.
Tbe Cuaard steamship (propeller) Alpe sailep
at ooon to*day fur Liverpool, bhe took obi
$2*6.000 in specie No paseeBgon.
The steamship Herman sailed at the seme
liiae fbr Bremen, via 8on?hamptoe. She took
out 70 passenger*, and $2jQ,000 in speoie.
Vermont Central Railroad.
Bootow, August If ?The annaal mooting
of the stockholders of the Vermont Centra?
Railroad, for the election of a new Board t?f
Directors, will be bold on tbe 12th of e*ptem
ic the case of Crane, the late President of
the rood, whostands charged with fraudulently
issuing several thousand shares of stock of tbe
oompany, tbe whole master will bo iaveetigated
by the itmad Jury.
Another Destructive Fire.
Hartford, Cobb , Aug. 12 ?The Satinet
Mill, at Rockville, was deetroved by Are this
morning. The loss is estimated at seventy
five thousand dollars.
From Hew York
New Yobk, August 12.?There is more an
imation in the flour market to-day. Bales thio
morning show an sdvanee of 10 eonts a barrel
over yesterday's pi ices. Wheat la heavy.
Corn firm at previous rates.
The stock market continues in a depressed
ttato. The fallowing arc the quotations at the
first board: Canton, 22; Nioaragua. 18|;
Cumberland, 30!, Erie, 4V}; Reading, 63*.
Tbe money market remains in the eimo
stringent condition as before noted.
Philadelphia Market
Philadelphia. Aag. 11?Flour unchenfsd.
Wheat is fire oents lower. Sales of md at
$1.62 a $1.65; white, $1 76 a $1 80. Cora
wanted at 80 oents. Rye, $1. (Mia, 58. Whis
key dull at tt.
Baltimore Market.
BAtrnrewa, August 12 ? Flour fs firmer.
Sales of Howard street at $H; City Mills at
$7.28. Wheat is firmer. Bales at previous
prices. Corn?white, 70 a 72; yellow, 70 a 7L
cents. Oats?38 a 40 cents. Whisker??2t %
38f cents
Changs of Steaasers.
New Yobe, Aug. 11.?The steamers BlaoJc
Warrior and Gabawba bare been withdrawn
from the Mobile trade, and will form a semi
monthly line between New York, Havana, ami
New Orleans.
Mawsmoate of the Cyaaa.
New You. Aaguet 11.?The U. 8. Sloop-of>
war Oyane arrived at Aj phi wall on tbe 111
ult, and sailed again on the 23d. Her ohjeet
was to plek up some deeertera.
Anti-Nebraska Convention.
BAjronn. Me.. August 11.?The Penobseot
Anti-Nebraska County Convention was largely
attended" ofc Thursday. Tbey recommended
Merrill for Governor, and Washburn for Con
gress. and adopted resolutions strongly against
the Nebraska act.
School Question in Philadelphia
Philadelphia, August 11.?Tbe new!/
elected School Directors in tbe lower distriee
of tbe city have removed eomefifteen teacher*
within the last few day*, suppoeed to he tpois
sectarian grounds. It is said that all thootf
remcvod are Roman Catholioe, and much feel
ing is manifested among the friends of the
proscribed. Th* matter seems likely to wideu
che breach between the Protestants aadCatb
olios here.
Later from Peru?An insult A tawed For.
New Yore, Aug. 11.?The British j^reW
steamship Yaldivis, with tbe South An.erioaw
mails, arrived at Panama on the 26th ult.,
with Chili dates to the 30th of Juno. Th#
Chilian Congress was sitting, but nothing of
interest was done.
The ship Town send, of Beefen, Capt. Woodo
son, was burnt, on tbe 2&Ui of May. in lat 36
south. The captain and crew, 25 in number,
took to the boaU, and, hiding very heavy
weather, after a "voyage of six hundred milon,
one ont of the four boat* and 12 out of 24 meal
succeeded in reaching Juan Fernandei.
The Peru Lima News, of the 15th of July,
says that Gen. Ec.henifrue was gviat to taka
command of the army in person. The same
paper says that an umple apology bad Keen
made fbr the outrage committed by the pre*a
gang at the U. S. Legation at Lima. Tbe sol
diers iu fault hwve beeo punished as tbey do
served, and the wounded servant at the legi^
tion recompensed from the treasury.
Later from Valparaiso
Naw Yore, Aug. 11 ?By the steamer Em
pire City we learn that a French war *? earner
captured a Russian brig of five bundrei tor.a
burthen, from Havana, off Valparaiso, and '
towed her iflto port.
The C. S. corvette St. Mary 's paid a vif-it ot
a few days to Valparaiso. Gen Floree km
reeeived on board with a salute. Ac. Daring
her stay it is reported her battery was vfierel
to the U. S. Consul, in whose houeea natural
ized citiien had tike a refuse from* a C bill
prison. The affair appears tonave been quioUy
Dates from Trinidad, Bolivar, and
aula to the 20th ult.. mention groat erViniosi
there in eonsequence of poiittoa) troubles.
Business bad stopped, and tbepl^e was being
fortified. Vessels from tbe Urated States wen
being searched for Gen. Paez.
1U?A\JLLEE& gnin# to t>r mturnicg ftesa V a?k>
iusteu, axe respectfully informed UuU <a.olleai
io"0?me<letiew are jmmd*d a* the Waahi ,tvm
Braneh Kailroed Depot, iatb* waycf Leaefc, br -eb
bs t, Dinner, or 8upp*r. Also. Coa?>ctioaer?ta, lea
Oream, ondtho very beot of S >da Watera. roraoea
l^aviDK in tho early irales, v4ll find it qaMo eonv^
oieat to breaklkst, nr enjoy a drticioo* cap of bet
lofiee. AtLoHiinr the tad W parlor is a laoiea' r>rt^
nary, fitted up ?xpro??ly for their anoosnmoOvion,
vbe-e every attention will be afforded tbom. Prtooe
utmnoty moderate, and a efc?r?rf pabtte petronMa
lotteit-d. M?& JDUA A. TAJLLIO.V/
N B.?Sootb*rn tnrreTersbn their arrival tn thn
1 o'clock a. m train will have ample time to brook*
East before leaving far th? boat.
has relieved, and i< trratiog with oopoialM^
,aor**s those diwMes which have been abaodoo^
it other physictanm with the Kleetro-toa^aetk
tb.oo, attch as Asthma. Brenehial Afleeueaa. Or?
ruT-ioas, Errtipolas, CuLauocua Pi. >o?es, tip??aia
?pfcixl Sffectioua, Kbenaadam. Paralysis. Su ittu?
Dawse. talpatatton of the Heart, aBdaa^M
Khar dtneesss not neeaesaiy to moedea.
Resldenee on Q^eeu, between Fairfax end
itmla, Alnsajrh. H
N B.?A lair trial is aO wo ask. Our pn'VaM
rili tnsapet for aad wear this great Mi Oi I
?iiheetoao ?wrd from na. Jtl U",,,*
A H I* VOICK et Barrtson's o&mvtT'j+t
Pa. avenue, aad Wtliatfoet^

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