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jvkning star.
""?,*<^7 with me. O, my Pj???r!
For u>? ?tnr ts puwioi by;
? the shades of evening gather,
And the night is ftrmwing nigh!
Tarry with me ! tarry with n?e !
Pass tse out unheeded by 1
Many friend* were gathered round ine.
In tha birth days of the past;
B?t ?he pnve has clow*} above tbem,
And l linger her* the last!
D6'* ; Urr> with m,>
Till the dreary night is past.
I'imrn d for me is earthly beauty;
ret the * pint's ere would ism
<2. U.^n thy tov?'y features :
>~nall 1 seek, dear Lord, in vain?
1 firry with me, O, my Savionr,
Lit me see thy uiiil? again 1
I'ull my ear to earth-bom music ;
Speak thou, Lord, in words of cheer;
Feeble, tottering my footstep,
Finka my heart with sudden fear;
^"t thine arms, dear Lord, around nc,
L?* me feel Uiy presenc* near.
Faithful memory paints before uie
tvery deed and thought of sin ;
' 'peu thou the blood filled fountain,
Cleanse the guilty soul within;
T:irpr, thou forgiving Saviour:
"'arh me * holly from my sin !
Deeper, deeper, grows the shadows,
Taler now the glowing West:
Hwift the night at dream advances;
Shall it be the night of rett ?
Tarry with me, O, my Saviour!
Lay my head apon thy breast!
Feeble, trembling, faintinz dying,
Lord. I cast it yself on thee:
Tnrry with me through the darkness!
While I sleep still watch by me,
Till the mnrnuig, then awake nie,
Dearest Lo,d, to dw? II with thee."
T'r:i a little word?and yet give name
T' thu gs on earth of genius and laiim.
I'w often seen in a clear winter's night,
Wiirn thr wind blows cold, and tba fires burn
An < I'm ofitn seen at tlie break of day,
V\ hen ol J Sol is driving the nicht shades away?
My appearance on earth is hailed with delight,
And each day ( come in a different light.
Vow read mc backwards, and you will trace
Tin- name of an hideous, horrible race;
Who prowl about at the dead of night
By the moon and the stars' uncertain light;
WTh??e approach fills all with horror and dread,
Ami who leed oa both the liung and dead.
Now solve me this riddl* and you will find
W hat a simple thing may puzzle, the mind. S.
1 , t mmm -
In the four enigmas of last Saturday's
issue, 1 find in the first our worthy Pres
ident, 44 Franklin Pierce the second and
fourth 44 James Robertson of the Truth;"
the tlurd is a worthy object, 44Star of
Hope a fact which all your subscribers
are sensible of. I submit the following:
? am composed of 11 letters:
My 6, 11, 6, 7, 5, 2, is a bay of Turkey
in the field of warfare.
My 2, 9, 6,11, 2, 5, a cape of Turkey
in the field of warfare.
My 1,10, I, 3, is a cape of Turkey in
the field of warfare.
My 11, 12, 6, 3, is a cape of Russia, in
tin- field of warfare.
My 10, 2, 11, is a town in France.
My i, 5, 6, 11, 3, a field of the Revo
My 7, 4, 1,11, a geographical bone of
political contention.
?My whole is death on ruffled shirts
and green congressmen. ?
I am composed of 9 letters:
My 8, 9, is an irregular verb.
My 8, 2, is a preposition.
My 1, 2, is an indefinite article.
My 7, 8, 5, is a common noun.
My 6, 2, is a preposition.
My 1, 2, 3, is a common noun.
My whole is a small town in Maryland
J.G. H.
I am composed of 44 letters;
My 23, 21, 15, 33, 23, 7, is the most
beautiful lake in the United States.
My 35, 2, 32, 16, 30, 5,38,30, is hard
to understand by some.
My 9, 31, 10, is asucccssful candidate
for office.
My 42, 30, 8, 13, 26, 28, is a city in
Mv 18,12, 24, is a worthy candidate
lor office. <
My 44, 36, 43, 44, 40,15, 18, 30,13,
* great improvement, and best in the
ky ,j7, 30, 34, 23,15, is a former
staple of a State, but no longer raised.
Xiy 6, 39,11, 20, 22, 7, 17, 8, is what
young people love.
My 14, 25, 27, is more than we want.
My 19, 5,41, is a member of Consrress.
My 1, U, 26, is awful.
My 4, is often very convenient.
My whole is one of the humbugs of the
I am composed of 33 letters:
My 14, 1, 5, 2, 15, 10, 3, 3, 18, is the
name of a well known fairy tale.
My 7, 3, 4, 6, 9, is something extreme
ly refreshing.
My 2, 4, fc, 9, 11, 20, is something to
My 12. 4, 19, 1,15, 9, 6, 10, is a river
in Europe.
My 17, 18, 8. 9, is an insect we avoid.
My 10, 11, 9, 24, is something veiy
vl eftd to mechanics.
My 9, 10, 11,14, 6,15,12,16, is what
remunerates us for our trouble.
My 13, 19, 22, 11, 5, is dear to every
true American.
My 28, 25, 32, 33, is a female name.
My 21, 1, 14, 6, 9, 32, 15, 30, 29, 27,
6, 20, holds a high office in the Union.
My 28, 11,19, 31, 33, is a curse to
come and a blessing to others.
My 24, 3, 3, 31, 26, is a female name.
My 22, 23, 24, 14, 32, 21, 25, 28, is
i>omething delicious.
My whole is an old proverb.
B. R. S.
I am composed of 26 letters:
My 2, lb, 15, is a white vestment worn
by priests. -
My 13, 16, 21, is a small fish.
My 14, 7, 6, 19, 8,12, is an island in
My 12, 1, 22, 3, is a town in Ger
My 23, 5, 11, 23, is a man's name.
My 26, 2, 9, is a common bird.
My 10, 11, 7,24,20,23,4,was a mem
ber of Congress from Ohio daring the last
My 25, 23,17, is an adverb of nega
My whole is a place where "Love" and
"Beauty" reign. J. G. (J.
1 am oomposed of 9 letters :
My 1, 2, 3, is a fowl.
My 4,5, 2, is a kind of grain.
My 1, 8, 9, is dried grass.
My 8, 7, 2, is a kind of drink.
My 8, 4, 6, is a half circle.
My whole is a distinguished orator.
E. S. S.
<Jm Uand voh a Tka&b.? A gentle
man was once negotiating with a New
Hampshire herse-dealer for the purchase
?>f a mare, but could not agree by ten
dollars. Next morning, however, ma
king up hio mind to split the difference
he posted off to the stable, when the first
pereou he met was the groota. ''Master
up, .l??e V he uujuired. "No, master be
dfad,"said Joe, "but he left word for
yoau> have the uout.'' ?aak*8 never
]?**: a trade.
Rational Hotel?*. a. ottTtft.
J C Brodhead, NY '
R Howard, Md
B R Reynolds, do
W Jnnes, do
G A Thackcr, NY
Mis? Thatkcr, do
Miss Boyd, do
R Ptanard, Va
W H Lawton and lady,
J IV Spalding and family,A Hughes, Pn
Ohio J H S?thorcn, Md
Mrs M E Noe, Va
J Stull. Pa
Miss Godfrey,
A Goster. Pa
Dr \ Sal ley, SC
A H Ihxhman, Md
H Roggs, do
C Simms, Ohio
G A Dingus, Md
VV C Davit, Ala
P McNeal, Miss
Klrkwood Homse-J. h 8l a. kirkwood.
R Bolton, Miss
d Talbot k lady, Ga
B Lucas, Va
S V Hutchinson, do
J E Havi and, do
T Onnas, Fla
F J B Souarde. Europe
I T Cornell, NY
R B Warren. Va
B T Ingraham, Cape May
T E Williams, M.i
R W Harper, do
Z R Sasscer. jr. do
J R Prait, Wis
A T Ma thews, Miss
P A Buns made, Cal
C B Graham, Cape May
8 L Harris, do
E R Johnston, NC
Browns' Hotel?t. p. k m. brown.
A McKeniie and lady,
MrsSali?bury, do
J M Hamilton, do
J Carter, do
B Peck. Md
W R Palmer and lady,
H a Wmrteld, do
L Myers, NY
A R finith, ?:o
R A Williamson,Ga
R S Mercer, M.I
W C Mercer, do
R Winans, do
Miss Adams, Ohio
H N Douglass, do
Dr Hodges, Md
D Osbourne, do
T Sinclair and daughter,
W S Duval, do
(J White, Va
Wlliards' Hotel
G W Robinson, Md
? 'apt Peiicur & lady, SC
Mi.-* M Patigur, do
J II Bryan k lady. NC
M ib? A B Petrigru, do
VtissO Bryan, do
Miss I Bryan, do
T A Biddie k family, Pa
?II. a- &c. WIU,ARD.
J N Oardoza, SC
S V Spurdu k Udy, Ohio
G S Blakt sler, do
Dr Schaffer, Tuscany
K Eaton k lady, Ohio
G B Davenport k family,
Empire Hotel?s. hkflkbowfr.
C II Stewart, Va
G T"Wnsend, ilo
C 8 Stokey fc son, Ohio
J A K idly, Md
I C Chesley, do.
T B Capron, Md
J R Linton, Ala
A C Iluuter, Ohio
J Bird, Va
United States Hotel? ft b. iiackkrt.
Mr Harley k lady, Va ? Dunn", NY
J 3 PatteMon Mrs Dunne St child, do
W S Br.scoe, M4 J B Haines, do.
Old ftiint Hotel?Old Point Comfort Va
in. C Willaju) k Bros., Prop's.)?Aug. 24.
ft J Mayuard, Bait
E J Klrby, do
H?S.j 1
M Yourg
G D Mauison and la ly,
J G Mattis n. do
Mrs Wanning, do
J J Sinith and lady, do
G L Clarke, NC
VV Banks, do
L D Kent, Va
B L Smoot, do
F B Pendleton and lady, S G Pirter, Ky
VV F Butler, Rich C C Porter and ladv, Bait
A B Cantot, Bait 4 chil'n k ser, dt>
H Brare, Conn
R A Jenkins, NC
H Ghiselin, Nor
VV W Walker, V?
J Walker,
C HiNtn^ and lady, do
Mb* (larding, do
J B King, do
Arrival tad Departure of Ocean Steamers.
Warn*. L*a rc? For Dayi.
Enropa., Livcrpoof...New York..Aug. IS
Washington Bremen New York..Aug lf>
Niagara Liverpool...Boston Aug. ID
Pacific Liverpool...New York..Aug.
Union New York..Havre Aug. 26
City of Ptula,a....Phila'a Livrrpool...Atig. 2fi
Africa Liverpool...New York..Aug. 26
St. Louis Havre New York..Aug. IK)
America Boston...... Liverpool... Aug. 3D
09- The California steamers leave New York on
the 5th and 90th of each month.
ON the second day of September, 1*M wiil be of
fered frr sale, to the lowest b dder, the ere
tion et a COUNTY JAIL, to be built in the Tows
Of UPMR Marlboro1, iTinre Georje's county, Ma
ryland, of the following dimensions:
lit ?To be built of stcne, GO b> 26 feet, two sto
ries higD?the first store to be nine feet in cieai*?
second story to be eight feet in clear?walls to b<
two fe?t thick
2d?To be divided into four Tootns, of 'vjual size
two on the first floor and two on the sec nd?with
t>as?=ge eight feet wide on the first and secono
3a.?At one end cf the upper passage there is t?
be a mom eight fe?r square, with iron shuttsr to
the window in said roim on the inside, f nd an ircn
door, so as to make it a dungeon. Paid door ami
window to haTe holes sufficient to ventilate the
4lb. All the inside doe rs leading in said rooms tc
be made of flat iron btrs, five inches apart, well riv
eted together.
5th.?The partition walls are to be of stone or
6th?There are t? be five windows in front?twe
below and thr?c above gix on tb* buck? thru- It
low and three above; one in the g-ble end in tb?
passage up stairs?all of said window* to be 8 light
ten bv twelve inch-a, with stone s'lls and heads,
with iron b*rt one in- h anl a qnsrter square,
inchee apart, running through the heads and sills
of each window, with four flat iron bars of snfflcien'
siie for same, one and a quarter inch bars to pass
through each flit bar, to estend across tbe wind
equal dis;ances apart, and into the wall cn each
7th.?The outside door frame to be of stone, witb
two doors?one of iron ban, the aame as the irside
doors?one of oak, double and well rivetted to
Sth ?AH of th? doors to have the beet locks ana
hinges suitable for such purposes.
Oth.?Etery window in said building to bavt
frames, ush and glaas, four lights to a flight on th~
inside of the iron bars.
10th.?Floors to be of the best yellow pine, upper
ceiliug joists to be not more than six inchee apart.
lltn.?Therd are to be two flues on the gable endf
suitable f^r stove*? also, ftur lead pipes in each
room, with proper fixture4 worked into the whIIs
said lead pipes leading to a sewer ti carry off the
filth, Ac.
12th.?The roof to be covered over with slate.
13th ?The above named building to b? finished
complete, inside plastered, and the whole w rk our
in a good, substantia), and workmanlike manner, to
be approved by the undersigned commi.vionerr.
Terms of payment made known on the" day of thf
sale The purchaser to give bond, witb security to
be approved by the commissioners, for tba faithful
performance of said contract.
8a'e at 19 o clock m, at the Court House door, in
the Town of Upper Marlbrc'.
CuKme.nt rilu
sujrlS?eotd Commissioners.
DIAL, Ac.?1 have a few dozen bittle; left ot
tnat very superi r Brandy, recently purchased at
the (ale of the dchwartze, oil Georgetown Heightw,
which were selected for him by the late "Mr. Men
taodon," of this city, a year or two Njfore the de
posits of the U. 8. Bank were removed, and which
for medicinal purposes is uiisux^*oM?d in this dis
Also, havs just rrceived another cask of that su
perior Muglcry Brandy, vintage IH-vl. One cask of
pure grape juice Port, without doubt one of the fin
eat articles of the kind in the City.
Blackbe ry Cordial
Wolfe's Aromatic ^chneidam Schnapps
Lavender Brandy
Also, a lot of that extra quality Black Tea, only
50 cents per pound.
Very superior Olive Oils, Mustards, GelVineg.
Pump in Fleur for pi?e, together with a general
assortment of choice Family Grocer es.
Goods delivered free. Z. M. P. KING,
Corner Vermont avenue and 1 street,
aug 18? 8t John's Square.
Nearly opposite Capt. face's residence.
'J 'HK subscriber, having undertaken the l'laning
1 Mill business, is now ready to manufacture to
order, Doors, Pash, klinds, Frames ani Moulding*,
and all other wcrk appertaining to the same, and
tru*te that his prrmpt attention and moderate
charges will secure him a share of the patrot ag? of
the public. W. J0HDON.
aug 14?lm*
X Hartford, Connscticut, will insure on lIVKe
tor re<id?nos or trsve'ing in ail parts of the worid,
at ratea of premium, which have been adjustsd on
the most rquitable scale, and which are lower than
those of most .other companies. Traveling leave
both liberal and extensive. The system is plain and
easily onderstwd
Those wanting Insurance, ioil' find it prtatly to
thnr interest by taking out policies in this Com
pany; particularly for one or seven years, as ihe
rates are very low. See Prospectus, which can be
bad at ofllce on Pa. avenge, 7 doors east of the Na
tional Hotel. LtUcrt promptly attended io.
aug O?lm* POLLARD WEBB Agent
I'BAVELEHS going to or r-turalng from Wash
iugton, are respectfully informed that exeellen
aocomoodations are provided at the Washington
Branch Bailroai Depot, in the way of Luoch, Break
f.?t. Dinner, or Supper. Al*o, Confectionsries, loo
Cream, and the very beet of Boda Patera. Persons
leaving In the early trains, will find it quite conve
nient to breakfast, or enjoy a delicious enp of ho:
ooffee. Adjoining the ladies' parlor is a laoies" ordl
nary, fitted up expressly for their accommodation,
whe'e every attention will be afforded them. Prices
extremely moderate, and s share of public patronage
solicited. MRS. JULIA A. TABLTON.
Jy J?-tf
N B.?Southern travelers on their arrival in the
6 o'deek a. m train will have ample time to break
fast before leaving for the bost.
by G. P. B. Jsmes, a great American romance.
Our Honeymoon?This work is peculiarly adapted
to the wants of thoee who contemplate whits ve?fc,
yellow kids and sssirimony.
Eclectic Mftgaaine for August.
UaTd Timee?By Charge* Dickens; compiete.
Ul?Meon's Pictorial and Flag of the Union for this
week, and everything (n the Bx^k acxl staUOMery
line for sale at HHlLLlNotrON'M
BOo* store, OI-vo Building evr. 4 U* X's. av,
?tt? )??
BriAgt it. Georgetown, D. C
HE subscriber* hiring bought (rot the rtoek of
Dry Goods of R. A snekeu, in the ?tore room
formerly occupied by Myers k Brother, will keep
constantly 011 hand a large and general assortment
of Goods suitable to the seasons. which we respect
fully invite our friends and the public in general to
give u.< a call before purchasing elsewhere,
aug 15?3r ANDREW QODD.tRD 4 CO.
M-jtf strffi, ntir server qf High.
THE duties or this Institution will be resumed on
Monday, tbe 4ih September.
The Principal bas secure* the services of Wm. C.
Soutter as au Assistant. A young man, if line
scholastic attainments, and of great aptness fjr
Tbe number of scholars is limited.
For terms, 4c , apply to
T. W. MMrsov,
a?K 21?.?!?? Principal.
For Bale cheap by
an* 4? Rridfe at, Georgetown.
Oornrr I*rv3j40l and tayriit tts , G?orgrt>non.
rlilH Institution will be opened on FRIPAY,
fepteiiiber 1st
, patronage of the ptihlh generally is respect
fully solicited. Mrs. Wheeier will be assisted by
faithful and ccBipi-tent teach^rn.
Course of instruction, terma, 4c, may be obtained
by applying to tbe Principal. jy 29?ec6w
Kev. Win. J. Ciark.
*fr?. A. II. G ark, ( P-in?.?p*ls.
1~,ns duties of thl? will be resumed on
PR IP A V, tnlvjT Vr".
The c: tJre>- ttf studies actual'y pursued in this In
stitution embraces a higher and more thoroogh
rongp than tba^ pursued in any other Fem*lf Sen
inarr iu the Union.
The 1< cation or the 8cmin try in remarkable for its
sa^abrity. The buildfnzs are l*r?T, the rooms capa
cious, ai d I** g^Unds for recreation are very am
Tmas for bwrdrng pupils, fano per eespion of 10
months, payable on the 1st o September and 1st ot
February Tfcis charne irclndea boarding. tuition
in English end Mntheinat.es. mom ren*, fuel, lights
and washing. Music, French, Spanish, 4c. Drawing
-?nd ^innt.g extra.
Day scholars frrnu $5 to $10 per quarter, according
to the i la> ses whlrh rhev enter.
Keterence in m^de to t>r. Grafton Tvler, Captain
Geo. F. de la lloch , W G. Ridgnly. Etq., W Ilunter
Esq, W. P. n. Taylor, Esq., Eranjis Dodge, Eso_
Kobert P. Dadg Esq., aid Di. O. M. Linthicum.
Qeorjetown, D C ; aod to Jop. H. "radio), Esq.,
\aron C Dayton, Esq., and Mr. Fitshugb Coy la,
Washington, D. C.
jy 14?tf (Intel 4 Union)
OF FINE QUALITIES.?Citixtns and strangers
wishing to purchase Summer Clott ing of fin?
qualities will find our pe**at a-scrtment to be as
lar^e sndvarWi as in tbe beginning of tbe sesson,
which we sre now ottering err eat ly reduced in pM
ces in order to run off our entire stock before tie
ra.l trade
Clothing made to order.
We have on hand a large and fine assortment ol
Summer material in the piece, which we will make
to order mucii cheaper than the mua) ?ity pricea.
Next ocr to the Iren Hall,
Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th sts.
aug 5?tf
IN all its varieties neatly executed, on tbe most
reasonable terms, by
Pennsylvania arenue, scuth side, 81 door
_*d ?iff frma 18th street.
IMPORTANT NOTICE ?A11 persons in want of
Men?y can be supplied with all sum*.
Cash advances on Jewelry, Watches, Furniture,
Groceries, and Clothing All business negotiated
strictly confidential.
Pawn Broker, south side Pa. aTenue, between 4U
ind .Id stsn opp. U. S. Hotel.
Stor^ -losod on Saturday until candle liiht.
ap 26?eoflfn*
BI1TER8. Ask for the bot?'e with the
Portrait of the Inventor and Proprieto-, and take
none other, Wd. M. CAPNON,
Waahincton, D.C.
' o whom all orders ?houH he a1drf?3sed for Agencies
^ frh
THB subscribers haviugestablished themaelTes in
the Lumber business, at the old ?tand of Vr'm.
3ird, comer of 6th and B streets, are prepared to
furnish all articles in the trade on favorable termr.
They solicit a share of public patronage.
je 16?Wtf rtso W U A HkKTT A CO
SLIXlk OR COilblAL.? At flrrt ib? prcper
ties attribu'ed to Pro . MuRSR'8 I V VioOH AXING
HblXlK <>R rORDlAL w>r?- deem^fabuloas. Tbe
oubiic often d(*elved, souUt rwi belirot the simple
and Bablime trutLs aanonnoed by the dlBor vortr.?
Hut facts, undeniable facts attested by wit- esses ol
the highest class end ch?ra?*ter, are now triumph
ing over a! 1 doubts. INCREDULITY IS OVER
THROWN by a mess of testimony whiah is perfectly
'iTes] stable.
Tne Kiixib remedies. In all cares, tbe deplorable
"vds arisinz from airisueeor abnre of ti e variooi,
organs wbi.di mak? up the wr.udtrful machine callfd
man. It restorrs to lull v gor every d-Ucate tunc
tion cfmne<-ted with that mysterious compound
agency of matter n 1 mind, necessary to the rt-vro
luction of human life. To persons of feeble muscu
lar trame, or deficient In vital power, It is recom
mended as ih^ on'y means nf corn^iunlcoting that
energy which is necessary to the pr per enjoyment
of all the natural appetites, a* well as the hizher
mental attributes. It* >w?r>?fici8? etrectf arenoicf a
fined to either aex or to any ag,. The feeble girl,
the atbng wife, the listles*, ernev^ted youth, tbe
?verworn man ox ousinesa, the victim of nervous de
predion, the IrdWidual suffering from general de
oihty, or from the weahnos of a e)n'rl? "rran, will
all find imme>Iiate and permenent relief from the
rise of this incomparable ren-vator. To those who
have a r.redispodtion to paralysis it will prove a
complete and unfailiug salegcanl a^nlnst that terri
We roalidv There are many, perhaps, who have ao
tnne? w^tn t*r?'r constitutions, that they think
themselves beyond thfc reach of medicine, let not
even these despair. The Elixir deals with disease aa
it exists, without reference to causes, nnd will not
only remove the disorder itsel , but
The derangements of the system, leading to ner
vous liaise?, and the forms of nervous disease it
self, are so numerous that it would requires column
to ?-iiurieriite the maladies for which this prepara
tion i? a specific. A f-w, howe-rer, may beenume
--j%'ed, vii: neuralgia, tic doleraaux, hea-iache,Incip.
tent paralysis, hystoria, pi-'.pitation of the heart epi
ni' affections muscular debility, tremors, flatulence
a pn king sensation in the flesh, m mbneee, torpid
lty ot th liver, mental depression, weakness of the
will, indispo ition t*. move, faintnees after exercise
broken sleep in I terrifying dreams, inability *o re'
m-unin one place . pocition, weakness of the pre
creative organs, sexua. inocmpetencv, melancholy
monomana, fluor albas, liking at the stomach, ft.'
ruale irreguiaritiys, a chronic tendency to miscar
riage, emaciation, and all complaint* growing out t.f
a tree indul ence of the passions, and all barrenness
that does n*t piw>d trom organic causes beyond
the reach of medicine
Whenever the organs to be acted upon are true
ftom malformation or strictural diseases it is averred
will replay, weakness with strength, incapacity with
efficiency, irregularity with uniform and uatural ac
Uvity, and this not only without lizard of reacUon,
but with a happy effect on the general organisation.
iW'Beaj in mind that all maladies, wherever they
begin,>nw/? with the nervous system, and that the
-laralization of the nerves or motion aud ?ensation is
ifcysical death. Bear in mind also, that for every
jad of nervous disease ?ha E'.ixer?Cordial Is Um
only reliable preparation known.
D?. Mori?*8 IsviaoaArsra Cordial has been conn,
terfelted by some unprincipled persons OOUa
In future, all the genuine Cordial will have the
propnetor^s fac sanUe pasted over the cork of each
bettle, and the following words blown in the glass
'DriMont'i SrKlg?'?"??CordI?l,
C. H, RlJiG, Proprietor, W,T.
. *T S16 Cordial la put up highly concentrated. In
pint Dottier. '
Prioe,?$3 per botUe; two for $5; tlx for 112.
0. H. Rl>!G, Proprietor,
1M Broadway, New York.
Sold by Druggists throughout the United Btat*a_
Canada*, and West Indies. EUt^
Washington?Z. D. OILMAN.
Baltimore?8. g. HaNCE.
Richmond?BENNETT 4 BEE Its
bat 80?aotf
X Vtrangara and CltlsaBi.>wf f'
now receiving a lot of Goods auiuble fcr the FalL
consisting of? h
eilks of all kinda
French Mousse lines, Merinos
Alpacas, Bombesins, Irish Linens
Tab'e D. mack, Damask Napkins, Flannels
Caseinets, Cloths, Oas?imeies
Gingham-i of all kinds
Hosiery of all kinds
A full assortment of Oomesti s of ail kinds
A v,r ?tr? of Carpels ?.i vaiious kiids
The rrmaln ler of <>nr euinner Goo>is will be sold
ve y iVim tiret rate 4-4 Iawd* ht O/l i ts.
-Betuuful oto., Berege de Lalnes, l;>? cts!
worth 'lb. Bereeta very cheep.
?>? ItWIi A PBQTiifJt,
This hv and popular establishment to now
open fbr the reception of rtetton.
The proprietor, thankful for the pttfongt he hil
so largely received, bm to aasure hie friend* and
the public that the HuTiL in every department
will be kept in a style superior to any previous sea
son. Qu has been introduml into 200 rooms.?
Haggler's celebrated orcheetra has been engaged ex*
clusively for this house, end m?my other arrange
meats have been made tending to the increased
oomfbrt and enjoyment of the gue*ts.
Application for rooms mav be made by address
ing tbe proprietor at Cape Island, or to the subscri
be. , L. HARWOOa,
No. 17 Bouth 3d street, Philadelphia.
N. B.?Extensive stabling on the premise*.
je 10?8 m
JOHN V. SKID ICR, Dealer in Winee, at the
former old established Wine Star* of JACOH
SNIDER, Jr., No. 76 Walnut street, four doors be
low Fourth street, where cmmmrrt will bq supplied
with WINES and LIQUORS on the most accommo
dating terms.
JACOB SNIPER. Jr., Agent for tbe Im
porution oi FOREIGS WINES, Office No. 76 Wal
nut street, Philadelphia, wbere he is prepared to
recsive orders for tbe special Importation of Winee,
#<*., from r^rious houses in Europe, in quantities of
? single doien and upwards; ami alsoeolMtf for bis
Son, JOHN VAUQllAN SNIDER, the patronage of
hi? friends and forme- customers.
\* AH Wtow ordered fbr Washington will be de
liv^r?-d by Hxprees free of freight. je 8?ly
ROGlf.R BROWS * '"O.,
No. 3*8 HIGH 8TRKKT,
ihttiittn Eighth, avd Ninths north. tid~,\
Pbli'lDKLPHlA, PA.
The Fi'TJeth Ed'tion, with
One hundred Engraving ?
showing Diseases and Mb.,
formations of the Humei)
System in every shape and
J, ? form. To which is added a
W i j3jfc>?S"T0EW. "Hi Treatise on tbe DiseawB of
Females, being of tbe high
est importance to married
people, or those contem
plating marriage. By
Let rt> father be ashamed
to nr'-sent a cony of the
JRSOULAPIUS to bis child
It may save him lrom an
sarly grave. Let no young man or woman enter in
to the secret cbMgattons of married life without
reading the P0CKB*? jKSCULAFIOS. Let no one
suffering from a hacknied Ofiugh, Pain in the side,
restless night/1, nervous feelings, and the whole train
of Dyspeptic jeneatiens, and given up by their phy
sician, be another moment, without cnsultmg the
J5SCULAPIU3. Have tbe married, cr those about
to be married any impediment, read this truly use
ftil book, as it haf been the means of saving thous
ands of unfortucate creatures from tbe vary jaws ?f
49^ Any person sending TWENTY-FIVE CENT8
enclosed in a letter, vill receive one copy of tbia
work by mill, or five copies will be sent for One Dol
Addreea, (post paid) DR. WM. YOUNG,
No. 152 Spruce (street. Philadelphia.
ap 18?ly
No. 17T CHESTNUT STREET, cfpente the If ait
House, Philadelphia.
INSTRUCTIONS to enable Ladies and Gentlemen
to measure their own hea is with accuracy:
For Wigs, Inches. To a pees * Scalps, Inch.
No. 1. The round of the No. 1. From forehead to
head back as Car as
1. From forehead bald.
orer th? head to 3. Over forehead as
neck. far as required.
8. From ear to ear 8. Over the crown of
over the head. the bead.
i. From ear to ear
round tbe fore
R. Dollar I ban
always ready for
tale a splendid
stock of Gents'
Wigs, Toupees,
Ladies' Wigs.
half Wigs, Frii
ots, Braids,
Carls, 4c., bean*
tifuHy manufactured and as cheap as any establish
ment in the Ut?ion.
prepared from South American herbs and roots, the
most successful article ever produced for preserving
the hair xrom falling oat or changing color, restoring
and preserving it in a healthy and luxuriant state.
Among other reason*! why Doilard's hair-cutting Sa
loon, maintains its immense popularity is the fact
that bis Tonic te applied to t very head of hair cut at
his establishment, consequently it is kept in better
preservation tban under any other known implica
tion. It being thus practically tested by thouvands,
offers the greatest guaranty of its efflcaoy. Sold
wholesale and retail nt his Old Establishment, 177
Oheanut Street, opposite the State House, Phila
K. Dollap.b has at last discovered the m plis uir
tra of hair dye, and announces it for sale, with per
fect confidence, in its surpassing everything of the
kind now in use. It colors the hair either black or
brown, as may be desired, and is used without any
injury to the hair or skin, either by stain cr other
wise, can be washed off in ten minutes after the ap
niiceuon, without detracting from its eOcaey. Per
sons visiting the city are invited to give him a call.
Letters addressed to R. DOLLAKD, 177 CHSSTNOT
PTiiEKT, I'HILADELPHIA, will receive attention,
jan 38? l?.
DRP. BR0THKR.S & <iKAY, the celebroted Ger
man ?nu in ;iar. Physicians, h?ve establi bed
a permanent medical Office iu th- city of Baltimore,
the acconmolatiin of 'hrir ^tienta in Marv
land. The Doctors can be consulted at their office
evtry Monday. Tuescay and Wediesday, from 8 a.
m until 10 p m.
C? (Bee. 49 Paca f treet, between Lexington and Sir
*trga st?.
Also, at their principal office, at Washington, D
C., on sou'h B street, on Thur aay, Friday and Sat
urday, oppofi e the Smithsonian institution, where
they have had a large and suco-sstul practice for tbe
last four years, iu tn? treatment of all chronic <iie
ea*rs, -nd rho e diseases produced by the Old School
Mineral Physicians, by the indisciiminate dm ot
Mercury, Arsenic, Antimony, Ac. IJeppiiy, for suf
f-urere tneir practice is so manife-tly injurious that
it iB now graiually on the wane, and must in a few
V^rs sink into obbfion. God in bis infinite good
ness ha* given to tuffTing man a practice tar supe
ri'T, and si.onn us that there i* yet Bdlm in Gilead.
We flatter oursulrd ih?t all who favor us with a
call, we will, without asking a single qusstlon, tell
Uem their complaints and symptoms, and guaran
ty sn eisy and spaedy cure, A decided advantage
w? have^vtT ether m-Mieal men, is in the manner
we letermine tie nature and location o the disease,
which is by tbe orine We mjuire at leant two
ounces of the first in the morning
Office open daily for the stle ol their Fsniily Medl
ci:i<i8. acg 6?eoloa*
I^HIS bnauiiful burial pla:e of the dead having
. just be-n dedicated with appropriate ceremonies
for the purpnse, is now open for tho reception of the
remainb of d^c-ased persons.
The MAUSOLEUM has capacity for a hundred
bodies, in whi-hsuth triends of the deal as may
?pplv can plave the departtd until they se^isct sites
fur the graves.
The plan of the incorporators is one of equality in
regard to the iutt), whi h will not be put op publicly
lor tale, (although they usually bring a premium,)
making toe early selection of lots tae mou deeir
Until an offloa is established in the city of Wash
ington, applications wi I be punctually atbnded
to at tbe pres -nt offic?, in the eASt wing ol the build
ing on entering the Cemstery.
N. B ? Qlenwood is situated a short distance doe
north of the Capitol. ang II?am
NEW style ef Fancy Summer ShirU of ths most
beautiful patterns, with French double B s
bauds and Studs
Also, new styles of white embroidered Bosoms, en
tirely new.
Shirts made to order and warranted to fit or no
sale. >
SHIRTS of all qualities.
Pa. avenue, betw. 8th and 10th sts.
Also, 3 doors below the National Hotel.
iv 3?tf
Journal of the Courts of London %nd Paris?
containing four beautifully engraved and col
ored pistes of fashion
flodey's Lady's Book for July
Ladies' National Magazine for July
The Great Pictorial Picayune for tbe 4th Of J aly
All the weekly papers for this week
Everything in the Book and Stationery line at
Oor. Pa. ar. and sfc, Odeon Building,
je ai-tr
X? MAURY have on aaie several cheap editiocs ot
the most eminent French Authors, including Saio
tine, Balsac, Lemartine, Dumas, DeKock, Eugene
a'ie. and Vintor Hugp {? ia
>MRsONc desiring to send money to Ireland,
jl ob'rtin checks for ?) or more, on the B*V^st
l>auK>CK 0?-utvia?y*, payatile In all the principal
b/wur. Apply to CHUBB BROTHERS,
hank.w, oytvoelt^ Ux Tre^^ry Bwiiaiug,
SWPARAT* PftOPOSALi will be tMni ?t this
<On until (he kt ?my of Octofeav^ next, tor the
Mlriry of provision# in ktlfc ft* th# an of th#
troops of the United State*, upon in#pec?k>e, m tol
low#: ....
M Baton Rouge Barracks, Louis mi a.
' (to barrel# pork
1?0 barrels Tre#h ?np^rfln* flour
to bushel# m* *Ute field bean#
1,400 pounds good bard soep
560 pound* good hud sperm oanal#?
35 bushels (rood clean dry fin# salt
290 g kilo as good rider vinegar
Al Barrancas Barracks, ftnsacda, Florida.
TO banvls pork
160 barrels treeh superfine flour
fO bu.ihfIs new white fi?ld beans
1,400 pounds good hard soap
650 rouids good hard spem candle#
35 bus'isls sood clean dry fine Bait
2W gauons good cider vinegar
At Fbrt Gibtm, Arkansas.
COO barrel* pork
480 barrel* fresh superfine floor
94 bushels new white fl?ld beans
4,MW pounds good hard soap
2,000 pounds good hard sperm candle#
90 buth?ls good clfan dry fine salt
1,900 gallons pood cider rinegsr
* The whole to be delivered in all May, 1855.
At fbrt Isavenwcrth, Missouri river.
120 barrels pork
300 barrels fr*sh supeifinr flur
M6 bushels new whit* field beans
1,400 pounds good hard roap
720 pounds good hard tallow candles
36 bushelJ *ood fine dry salt
550 gallons good cider vinegar
Tie whole to te delivered bv the 1st June, 1*56.
At Ibrt RipUy, ?f Crw-uing nirr, 130 milts
from Fort SneUissg.
60 barre'.s porn
125 barrels fiesh sup?tfire flour
10 bushels of new white field leans v
1,400 pounds good hard soap
7.0 pound-- good hard tallow candles
40 buth Is new white field U?an#
2!-0 gallons good cider vinegar
The whole to be delivered from 1st June to 15th
August, 1855.
At Fhrt Riley, at junction of Repul-lican and Snwly
Hill forks of Kansas rirer, 187 mil's from Kansas
Landing, and, about 160 from Ftirt ^Leavenvoorth,
Missouri, land transportation.
240 barrels pork
C-5 barrels fresh ?urerfine fliur
100 bushels new while field beans
5 000 pounds good hard soap
1 8TO pounds good bard sperm candle*
. 96 bushels good c ean dry fine Rait
1,200 gallons itood cider vinegar
The who'e to be delivered by the 1st June, 1855.
At Fbrt MnnVri?, Charleston, toutU CUroiinc.
86 barrels pork
S??0 barre's fresh superfine flour
TO bushels n*w whre field bei,n#
1,800 pounds good hsrd soap
480 pounds good hard sperm randies
3* bushels good clean dry fine salt
370 gallons good cider vinegar
At Fort Monroe, Old Point Comfort, Virginia.
200 barrels pork
4S0 barrels fresh superfine fliur
150 bushels new while field beans
3,600 pounds good lmrd ?ohd
1,200 pounds good hard tallow candles
60 bushels go>l clean dry fine salt
860 gallons good cider vinegar
At Fort Mcllmry, near Baltimore, J(d.
110 barrels .t>rk
360 barrels tre h superfine flour
7o bush'ls new ?hlte fi-ld bean#
2,500 pounds gcod hard soap
1,800 pounds good bard tallow candles
60 bushels good cl^an drv fine salt
601) gallons gcoi cider vinegar
At Fort Ham lion, Narrows, Sew York Uarbor.
85 bar re s pork
240 barrels trash superfine flour
<W bushels new white field beans
1,C80 pounds good hard s ap
(810 pounds good hard talow candles
36 bushels good clean dry fine .^alt
480 gallons good cider vinegar
At Ibrt Mackinac, Michigan.
60 barrels pork
i 110 barrels iresh superfine flour
48 bushels new whit? field beans
1,440 pound* good hsrd s> ap
600 prunns good hard tallow candles
'25 bushels good c ean fine dry salt
iO < gallons wood c der v.negar
One halt on lit June, l!>55; remainder ly the 15th
September, 1865.
At fort Bruuly, Fault &U. Marie, Michigan.
f>0 bnrre's pork
120 barrels tresb euperfin? flour
40 bushels new white field be-ns
900 pounds gcod hard soap
(0) pounds good hard tallow candle#
25 bushels good clean dry fine salt
240 gallons good cider vinegar
One half on 1st June, 18?5; remainder by the 15th
September, 1855.
N ote.?All bidders are requested to extend the
amount of their bids for each article, and exhibit the
total amount of earli bid ; and no U.l will be acted
on unless it embraces all articles required at a post.
The period." and quantities ofeach delivery at those
po-ts where they are not specified aill be. one-fourth
lit June. 1st September, 1st December, 1^55, and 1st
March, 1850. The hogs of which the pork is parked
to brt fattened 011 corn, and each hog to weigh not
less than two hundred pounds, excluding the feet,
legs, ears, and snout.
Side pieces may be siilwtituted for the hams.
The i?rk is to be first salted with Turk's island
salt, and <hen carefully packei with the same article
in pieces not exceediug eight pounds each.
When the packing has been completed, the con
tractor must furnish to this office a certificate from
the packer that the pork has been so salted and
packed. The pork is to be contained in seasoned
heart of white oak barrels, fully hooped; the l?<aus
and salt in barrels, and the soap and candles in strong
boxes of convenient size for transportation.
call will only be received by measurement of
thirty two quarts to the bushel. The candles to have
cott jn wicks. The provisions for Fort Kidgeley and
Fort Ripley must pass St. Louis tor their ulti
mate destination in the first week of April, 1855:
and they must also pass St. Peter's by 1st June,
A failure in these particulars will be considered a
breach of contract, and the department will be au
thorized to purchase to supply these posts.
The provisions will be inspected at the time and
place of delivery, aud ail expenses to he paid by con
tractors until they are depos>U?d at such storehouses
as miy be designated by the agents of the depart
The Commissary General reserves the privilege ol
Increasing or diminishing the quantities, or dispens
ing vith any or all articles required at any post, at
any time before entering into contract; and also ol
In rearing or reducing the quantities ofeach delive
ry one-third subsequent to contract, on giving sixty
days" previous notice.
bidders not heretofore contractors are required to
accompany their proposals with evidence ??f their
ability, together with the names of their securities,
whose responsibility must be certified by the district
attorney, or by some person well known to the gov
eminent; otherwise their proposals will not be acted
Advances cannot be made in any case, and evident*,
of inspection andftdl delivery will It required at Uiis
oj/ice be fore rer/nisitton will be made upon the treasury
for payment, which will lio effected in such public
money as may be convenient to the point* of deliv
ery, the places- of purchase, or the residence of the
contractors, at the option of the Treasury b^iart
Ne drafts on this office will be accepted or paidun.
der any circumstances.
Bach proposal will bo sealed in a separate envel
ope, and marked "Proposals for furnishing Army
Sabnstence." GEO.G1USON, C. G. S.
Nott.? Fditors wili not te pail for inserting in
iheii- japers th s advertisement unless authorize 1 to
do so by the Comnresary Ueneral of Subsistence,
aug 17?l.iwtloth Sep
United States Patent Office, \
Washington, Aug. 18,1854. j
ON the petition of Jordan L Mott. of Mott Haven,
N. York, praying for the extension ol a paten',
granted to bim on the 1st day of Leoember, 1640, foi
an improvement in "rbe urxle of coastracting a
combined Caldron and Fumase, for the use of Agri
culturalists and other#," for seven year# from the
expiration of said patent, which takes place on the
1st day of December, eighteen hundred and fifty
tour (1864):
It is ordered, that the said petition be heard at
the Patent Oftioe en Monday, the 6th of Novem
ber next, at 12 o'clock, m.;and"all persons are notified
to appear and show cause, if any they have, Irhj
said petition ought not to be granted.
Persons opposing the extension are required to fiU
In the Patent Othce their objections, specially set
forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day
of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to M
used at the said hearing must be taken and trana
mitted in accordance with the rules of this Offioe,
which will be furnished on application.
The testimony in the case will be closed on the 31st
of October; deposition# and other papers relied up
on as testimony must be filed in the offioe on or be
fore the morning of that day; the arguments, 1!
any within ten days thereafter.
Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the
Union, Intelligencer and Evening Star, Washington,
D. C., Evening Argus, Philadelphia, Pa, Scientific
American, New York: and the Post, Boston, Mass.,
once a week for three successive weeks previou# tc
the 6th of November next, the day of hearing.
Commissioner of Patents.
P. 8.?Editors of the above papers will please copy
and aend their bills to the Patent Office, with a pa
per containing this notice. aug 19?S3w
Opposite the Treasury Department, Washington
UNDER the direction of AakOH IlAlQHT pAUtn
Counsellor of the Supreme Court of the Uni
ted States, and ?onsul General of the Republic ol
Ecuador, tor the United States, established for the
prosecution and recovery of claimc of American citi
zens on foreign Governments; or the United States
before Congress, the Executive Department# of the
Federal Government and Boards ol Commission ert
sitting is Washington; reoovnry of debts, legacies,
and inheritances in the United States and foreign
countrie#; investments in United States and 8tat*
securities; collections generally, remittances, and
other money business. Having efficient and relia
ble correspondents in the seveeal itatea and Terri
turfapofthe Uuiou, in Mexico, Oentral and South
America, the chief cftivs el Europe, in Australia, In
dia, and China, the undersigned is prepared to give
his prompt aud faithful attention to all hislnrei
that may be confided to his agency. .
feb 15-Wly AAEQN }J. PALMJtfi.
HARPER a. titeflgg* ./ZJLR7.
THE Canal Steamer "Oongrees" hwHnghean thor
oughly repaired, and put in ir?t ret* order. If
now ready to ruiBBw her recular trip" t*>r tb? *r>n?
?tetJon of passengers and light freight tetweeti
gstown and the above named point, oa the
pleasing terms.
The Boat will Iwve the wharf of W. H. Ritter, for
Harpert Terry, on everr Monday, Wednesday an<?
Friday mornings, at 6 o'clock. and Harper'* Ferry
for Georgetown, on Tuesdats, ThumJara. aed Sat
urdavs at the name hour, stoppfe* at the different
landings along the line, for the reoei Uoq and land
ing of freight and pass^ng^r*, g^tag and returning *
Passage through either way , fiiiorter diftanoes
at the same tVee per soile.
Fare on board the boat e^ual to f>??t on any kind
oftrawL BERNARD PGH3KL, <5?pt.
jy 2S?<<Im _
The Steamer OA OS OLA lNTN
(Washington rttv Saturday morning
at n o'clock, lor the abort* named >iac*.Return in*
leaves Norfrlk every Sunday at 4 Dm ; stopping at
Old Point, Piney Point, and all the usual landings
on the Potomac for passenger?
TbeOsoeoU will continue to ran to Norfolk nntil
the let of September.
Pa;?*re and Fare to Norfolk and Old Point, $6.00.
jv 20?tf .1 ?t>. MITOHEM,. t apt
The Steamer OSCEOLA will re
Isume her regular trips to Balti
more on TUESDAY MORNING, the Uth instar.t, at
7 o'clock.
Retuminr, learea Paltimore every THUTWI>A\
?t 4 o'clock p. m ? Ptoprinc at Leonardtown, Md.
St Mary** Hirer, M1- liinaa'.e and Cone River, an?
the usual landings on the Potomac.
jy 7?3ca* JAB MITCHELL, Captain.
_ ?!l ?" w The steamers GEORGE WASHING
gS?2??aCT?N or THOMAS OOLLYER can b*
charter**! for public or select parties to visit Mount
V.rnon, Fort Washington, White House Pavilion,
or any other plaee* on the Potomac river
The scenery on the river is very handeome.
For particulars apply to the President of the Qom
pany or the (Japtains of the Biats.
School a taken at reduced prioei.
jy <1?2m Oapt?'*w
CILANGK of holes.
OK and after to day, the Trains will leave Balti
more for Washington daily, ezoept Sundays,
at and 9 am, and 6 and 8 p m.
On Sundays at 4l? > m> and 6 pm.
Will leave Washington for Baltimore at 6 and
a m, and 3 and 6 pm.
On Sunday at 8 a m and f p m.
Washington to Baltimore fl 60
Do and return 1 00
Do to Annapolis 1 60
Do and return .. 2 00
J. H. D0N1,
je 26? Master of Transportation.
The Steamers GEO. WASHINGTON and TB08.
OOLLYER will, on and after this date, run at the
above rate#. JOB CORSON,
may 30?i Captains
The Cheapest, most Comfortable and Ex
peditious Route to tke While Sulphur
Springs, Passing the Alum, Warm and
Hot Springy
Arrangements hating ben made with th?
owners of the new and splendid ft earner
GEORGE PAGE to run betweien Alexandria and
Washington, a distance of six mi lee, in connection
with the trains on this, and the Washington R?J1
roods, the following schedule will take effect on and
after Thursday, June 1st, 1864:
A Train from Alexandria to Gordonerille, and in
termediate Stations, will leave the Depot, ecrner of
Duke and Henry streets, at 7 o'clock a m., on th?
arrival of the Boat from Washington, giving ample
time for Breakfart on board, arriving at Gordon*
villa, t half-past 10 o'clock,?connecting at that
po:nt with the Trains on th- Virginia Central
Road, to Richmond, Charlotiesviile, and Staunton.
A Train from GordonsrilLe to Alexandria and in
termedlate etatiens, will leave Gordonsvllle at
11 o'clock, on the arrival of the ears on the
Virginia Oentral Railroad, arriving at Alexandria
at half-past 2 o'clock?thus allowing time to connect
with the train leaving Washington City for th'
North, and for Dinner on board the boat.
A Train from Alexandria to Warrenton and inter
mediate Stations will leave Alexandria daily, (Son
days excepted) at 3 o'clock, p. m-, arriving at \7ar
rent at half-past 6 o'clock p. m.
On Sunday will leave at 7 o'clock a. m.
Train from Warrenton to Alexandria and inter
mediate stations, will leave Warrenton daily (Sun
4r.y excepted) at a quarter before 7 o'clock a. m , ar
ri7ing at Alexandria at hail-past 9 o'clock a. m.
On Sunday will leave at quarter past 12 o'clock.
To Wut^hton... .$2 00
To Ch&ilotteeriilft ..???.?.?..?????.???....a*i? 4 -24
To Staunton....... 6 9C
To 'Lynchburg 7 21
To *Luray 4 2f
To *New Market 6 0<
To Middleburg 2 25
To Winchester 3 60
Round trip ticket to Warrenton, from Satur
days to Mondays 3 60
?Passengers for Luray and New Market will take
the train leaving Alexandria, at 7 o'clock a. tDn
on TursdayB, Thursdays, and B&tacdays, connecting
with the stages a* Culpeper, C. F.
?Passengers for Lynchburg wCl take the train
leaving Alexandria at 7 o'clock, a. m., on Mon
days, w?HJne?lay!>, a?id Fridays, connecting with the
stages at Charlottesville.
OfT-Pawengers for the White Sulphur Springs
will take the train leaving Alexandria daily, oon*
nesting with the Etagee at Staunton.
Freight Trains are running daily, (Sunlay ex
Per order: W. B. BROCK irrr. A rent.
Alexandria, Va., May 29 may 81?tf
for thn Kound Trip, ONE DOLLAR; from Alexan
dria. 76 cents.
The steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON will leave
Washington at 9 o'clock, and Alexandria at
Ooachea leave the Capita for the boat at ; tee
for the caaoh 10 eente.
Persons wishing the coach to call for (hem wili
leave their reeidenoea with George and Thomas Par
ker A Co.
45T1 Refreshments to be had cn the boat,
may 10?tf JOB OORSON, CaptaSn.
for sale at SHILLINtfTON'B Bookstore
A- Jasper Carew, Knt, his Life and Experience,
by Chao. Lever
Fashion and Famine, by Mrs. Ann Stephens
The Myateries of a Convent, by a noted Methoditf
Ne* editions of Sol. Smith and Quarter Races in
All thv new books published received immediately
afterwards, and for sale at
SH1LLINGTON'S Bookstore,
Cor. Pa av. and et_ Odeon Building,
jy 90?tf
The Songs of Gotland, with the music and pi
ano ac<x>mpaniments, 1 vol
The Book of celebrated Poems, with engravings,
containing forty-three of the most popular
poems in the English Language, unabridged,
London, 1854
Ruskin's Lectures on Architecture and Painting, 1
vol, 1864
Webster's Royal Red Bock, or Court and Fashion
able Register for 1884
Bosworth's Anglo-Saxon and Englnh Dictionary, 1
Shortredes Logarithms; Hutton's Mathematical
Tables; Hatton's Mathematics, by Ruther
ford; Dunn on Coal Mines; Mutter on Ceal
Mines; Hedley ou Coal Mines; Bainbridge on
the law of Mines and Minerals; Jacob on the
Precious metak, and many others, just im
ported by FRANCE TAYLOR.
ICOMMKNCK this day to run off mr ?tock of Dry
Gauds and Shoes at prime on St. What remains
by the i?th of July, will then be offered at auction.
Persons wishing extra bargains will do wall to
I have a good assortment of Drees Goods, Shawls,
M.ntltm, Bonnets. Ribbons, Parasols, Ac.
Also, a good stock of SHOES of all kinds.
The Store will be for rent on the let of August
T. B. brown;
Oor. 7th and I at*-, Northern Liberties.
je 17?tf a'-' '
1 Superior Traveling Trunks
Medium and low priced do
Packing do , I,
Carpet Bags, Hat Boxes, Valises
Satchels, Jtcl, Ac,
Bring the most extensive and varied assortment
of traveling requisites to be found in thiseky, which
we are selling cheaper than the cheapest.
Next door to the Iron HaU,
Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th ?U.
ly 12? (Intel * News)
- ? ? ?
Xr*W MUSIC received this Week.?Ida Polka, !n*
1.1 gnwar Polka, Pattie Polka, Eantaaie oa Jm
dau's Hard Road to Travel; ?he Uvea, of
variatious oa "Thou art Gonefrom mv Gase;" Grand
Russian March variations; Golden Ring Waltaw;
This Darkirw' Heart is Sad; Few Days, and in addi
tion to a variety ot standard an-I popular Music;
Violin, guitar, Bote, anoordeon, and other kind ot
ftmkt Books. < t HUM 9. ELLIS,
luajtt) __ ^eaniTnbetween9thmi 10thbH.
?y th? rrMidnufU* PaitiUHHi.
TN purtuaaas of law, I, Franklin IVTe^^aaideei
I of tb? Patted States of lw<1m dsc?r?by de
clare and uVr known that public sales will be held ?
at the nndennsn doped Wad olMf. in *? tnu?
TORT of Mwwiboti, at the tiroes hereia MfaM,
to wit:
A i tlie land ofW at Bttomrsmxi, commencing oa
ilot.'ny, i\? elejrer.th day of September nest, for
the ^i?Tr>s?l of the puHie Uude situated within th*
undermentioned town: hip?, vis:
ybrCh of the bate line amd %t?tt <J tK, ffV\ primdp^.
Township* on* hundred and one and oar hundred
and two. of range Ave.
Tcwnfhip* uw hundred and on# andom hundred
and two, of range six
Townships om* hundred and on# and oae hundred
and two, of rang* if't
Township# oa# hundred and on# and oa# hundred
and two, e>f range eight.
Townships on# honored and on*, one hiMN * td
two, on# hundred and three, and eae hundod and
four, of rang* niue.
Townships on# hundred and one,aoe hundred and
two, one hundred and three, and one hundred aal
four, of range t#n
Town'hlp# on# hundred and on#, one hundred an?:
two, one hundred and two. on# hundred and thrm,
on# fcuedrM aad four, and one hordred and fee. <4
ran*# eleven.
At the enm# plan#. eommenrtng on Monday, tha
twenty-dfth day of S"pT fnher next, for the disposa'
of the public lands within the limits of the W lowing
township#, ru:
-V(?rfA of the bate line ami wet/ e/ the i/tk primapc.
Township# on# hundred anil one. one bund ml and
two, on# hundred and three, one hundred and four,
an 1 ^>ne hundred and fire, of range twelve
Township.- one hundred and one. on# bnndred an.)
tve, on# hundred and thr##, aad oa# hundred and
four, of range thirteen
Townships oae hundred and oae, oae hundred and
two, an J one hundred aad three, of range fourteen
Township# one hundred aad cne, on# hundred and
two, one huadn*l and three, and one hundred and
four. of rang# fifteen
Tow 11 chip# one hundred and two, one hundred
and three.on* hundred and foar, aad on# hundred
and five, of ran^e sixteen
Township* on# hundred and four and oae hundred
and five of rant'e seventeen
At the land oftee at Still Warca, commencing on
Monday, the eleventh day cd September next, for
the disposal of th# public lands situated ia the foi
h wing named townships, vis :
Aorta of the bate Itw and we*t of the fourth ynr *?
pal tnendian
Township <^>rty on?, ot rang# sixteen
Townsh'p forty-two, of rang# seventeen
Townships forty, forty on#, and forty two of faag#
Island# in sections fifteen, twenty two. twenty
?*ren, and twenty eight, in township thirty-three,
and townships thirty ?ight, tlar.y nine, and forty,
cf range nineteen .
Also, the following tracts, situated In The former
military reservation at Port fuelling, to be sold un
der the provisions of the act entitled *' An aeg to re
duce an l define the boundaries of the military re
serve at the baint l*eUr> river, in t)?e Territory of
Minnesota."approved 26th August, iH&2, and which
are not subject to pre-emption claims:
The south half of section four, south half of mc*
Hon fir#, sections eight, nine, and ten; the west
half and sou thwart fractional quarter of eeetion elev
?n, heetion# fourteen, fifteen. Seventeen, twenty-one,
(except lot# one. two, and three, reserved for milita
ry purpo*## Ht the Ferrv,) tweaty-two, aad twenty
three, exe'usive of all tike Inlands in the MissisTirpl
rirer, in township twenty-eight, of range twenty
At the land offloe at Miwkiapous, commencing on
Monday, tke eighteenth day cf September next, for
the disposal of the public Und- In the ftollrwing
niimed townships, of which the port*oae situated
within the former military reserve at Fort Knelling
r.re to be sold In arc rdano with the provision# of
the act of 26th Auguet, 1562, herein above quoted,
and which are'not subject to pre-emption claims, to
yorth of the bate line and 1cat of (ht fourth prina
pal msndian.
Township# twenty-seven and twenty-eight, exclu
sive of the islands' in the Missouri river, of range
Townships twenty-Seven, twenty-eight, and twen
ty nine, exclusive of the islands in the Mississippi
rirer, of range twenty three
Townships tweuty-seven, twenty eight and twen
ty-nine, exclusive of the inlands in the Mississippi
river, of range twenty four.
Lands appropriated by law for the use of orhoo's
military and other purposes, will be exoiuded from
The cffetlng ot the above lands will be commenced
on the day* appointed, and will proceed in the order
in which ?hey are advertifed, with all convenient
despatch, until the whole shall hav? been offered,
end the *a*e# thus rlo>ad; but no sale shall be kept
open longer than two weefc.^ and no private entry
of any of th?' lacd? will be admitted until after the
exp'ration of the two weeks.
Giren under my band, at the city of Washington,
this thirl day cf June, Anne Domini one thousand
eight hundred and fifty-four.
By the President:
Johk WttSOK,
Commk>?ioner of General land Office.
Kvery person entitled to the right of pre-emption
to any cf the lands within the. towusbir# and part#
of townships above enumerated, is required to estab
lish the same to the satisfaction of the register and
receiver of the proper land office, and make payment
[ therefor as t"oti at pr*ct\calM after ttmy Out nottcr,
aad before the c*ay appointed for the commencement
of the public sale of ite lands embracing 'he tract
claimed , otherwise such claim will be forfeited.
Commissioher ef General Land Office,
je 0?I aw 13w
failed States Pateat Office.
WuBwatoa, Aug. 18, lbM.
ON the petition of ?olohov Axbti-wu, of Perth
Amboy, New Jerrey, praj ing for the extension
of a patent granted to him on the 5th day of Decern
ber, 184?i. for an improvement in 'manner of con
structing Pal L<Wie for ma 1 bags and other usas,
called the clam shell Padlock." for tevan years from
the expiration of 6aid patent, which takae place on
the ith day of December, ItsM?
It is ordored, that the taid petition be heard at the
Patent office en Monday the 13tt of November next
st 12 o'clock El; and all persons are notified to ap
p? ar and show cause, if any tfcey have, why said pe
tition ought not to be granted
Pur sons opposing the extension are required to
file in the Patent Office their objections, specially set
furih in writing, at leaat twenty days before the day
ol hearing; all testimony fil- d by either party to t*
used at the said hearing mut-t be taken and trans
mitted in accordance with the rule# of the offices
winch will be furntsJied on application
The t?#timony in the can* will be closed 00 the
OdofXev.; deposition*, and other papers relied on
ar testimony, must be fil?d in the offioe on or before
the morning of that aay; the arguments, if any,
within ten days thereafter.
Ordered also, that this notice be publish?d in the
Union. Intelligencer, and Kwning ?tar, Washing
ton. D. C.; Pennsylvanian, Philadelphia, Pa^ bcien
tiuc Am?rica.D, New Vork ; 1'ost, Boston, Mass^ and
Inquirer, Cincinnati, Ohio, once a week for three
suci-esmve weeks previous to the 13th day ol No
rember next, the day of herring.
Commissioner of Patents.
P. P.?Editors of the above paper# will please copy
an'; send their bills to the l atent OfHoe, with a pa
per containing this notice au? 1#?83w
Halted States Patent Offica, \
Washington, Aug. 21,1HM. j ?
ON th# petition of Miltoh D. Whipplx, ol Somer
ville, Msas.. praying for the extension of a pat*
eut gmuted to th-.m on the 2Sth of < ?tober, 1M0,
f.?r an improvement in ''machine for deaaiug wool
from Burs and o'her foreign matter, and also for
Qinnine C' t'on," for seven yean from the expiration
ot said patent, which take# piece on the 28tfc day of
Oct.ioet, 1*64:
It is ordered tbat the said petition be heud at the
Patent Office ou Monday, the ?m1 day cf October
n?xt, at 12o'clock m.; and all persons are notified
to app-ar and show cause, if any they have, why
sai l petition ought not to be granted
Perions oppoting tb# extension are required to
file in the Patent office their objections, specially set
forth in writing, at least twenty day# before the day
of hearing; ah testimony filed by either party to be
used at the said bearing must be taken and trans
mitted in accordance with the rules of the office,
which will be furnished on application.
The testimony In the case will be cloe?>d oa the
13th of October; depositions aad other papers re
I lei oa as testimony must be filed in the oAoe on or
before the sscining of that day; the argnaents, if
any, within tea days thereafter
Ordered, a.so, that this notice he published in the
Union, Intelligencer, and Evening f>tar, Washing
ton, D. C.; Evening Argus, Philadelphia, Pa.; Scien
tific American, New York; and Poet. Boston, Mass,
once a week for three successive weeks, previous to
tbe 2id day of October next, the day of hearing.
Commissioner of Patents.
P. 8.?Editors of the above papers will please copy
and send their biPs to the Patent Office, with a pa
per containing this nctioe. aug &?law3w
IMPERIAL Prunes is small glass kegs; extra qual
ity new fcleme Pigs in small boxen; bunch Bat
sins, very fin#; Cox's English Shred Gelatines;?
Preneh Imperial Getethies in shiee aad sells, these
Gelatines are perhaps superior to say artiste of the
kind ever iatrodaeed ia this city; Pceaek and En?
liah directions tarnished; htrmatricaUy sealed Pre it;
pure Extract of Tomato, iardinee, Fresh Olive Oil
La flasks and bottles. Sap Sago Che*##, Bnclisb dairy
do., Jellies of all ttnds, Saddles, iirtto A Roes' beat
London Mustard, put aa la metal, wary superior?
Fseech aad Amsrican do. of all kinds, Baker's Bro
ma, Oseoa and ChoooUta, MiBards da^ om cask Do
raaL Magioty brand, vintage 1U3 Brand/, and one
do. Grape Jnioe Port. These are unsurpassed for me
dicinal and other purpose#, and warranted pare?
Carnena, Sago, Tapioca. sw??t Cider, black Tea at 60
cents per pound, warranted to please pure white
Ohstfie Boep, Montgomery eouatv aad other llama,
ac^ Ac. Geods dalivered. ^
cornar of Vermont are. J and lAth streeta
ap 18?Wtf 8t Joha*| Square
I saaihrtc Handk?rchssta,
I# Id?H
A LI* M USIO as sung by Kuakel's Kightia
gU? AtliKp.au Opsra Trnupa, saa be had ?t
the MSS?C H< l ot tUMUH A H117..
aug !U?

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