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local intelligence.
ri pb..?<sizitiok or THE Pot.tcr?Aw I*for
r p^.? In the Board of Cornm >n Counc I,
nr/rW'M- M important bill, proptsed by John
| SmHh. E?<h of ?h' 9eremh w*rd> WI" P'1*"
6iv be considered, and il is thought will be passed.
' ?? mo amendments not effecting its gener-l
" ?,.,r Rojne an act of much interest to the
llizejwo( \Vaslnrgt~n, we have procured a c"p?,
1 d rvc the mb taace *1" it below, 11 advance < I
^ mi?l r"btica,i?n ,hc ^'P0"*0" ,evvs~
^^"mvides tvat k* June-25th the Councils ? hall
' ?.? the Justice? of the 1'eac- ? f the county ;?
<'"r e8c" wa:d' wh ' p'rt r"
,Vi .hfdjtM-s hi l"< waul. lit. shall also -wpire *
* ' tat- sirnt of the warrants issued t>v h:mr ts.
v ' "i in "lieu U> Ibe present snlar.es, p. lice matis
\ .hall each receive the teea n w allowed n
lr!ll| rases.make monthly leturns of a 1 wairml
f,j hv him. Stc., of all judgments and executions
?.?Jt-r? d by bun, ard results of the same. Also.
detail* ? t the commitments to the worhou e ir
2'rthr vwrant act ; and, als , all release* from
t <im* together w ltli ihe c<>sts ot trial convey
11*e t? the same, ?cd elease, t- be k U for punlc
" ,,finn. That the ice liiagisurtes alte.ni-te
' V#ri, for the period cf one week, attend at the
-iu h bouse, ai tf o'clock, a. m., for the purpose of
trvme ca*es. The Mayor and Councils' (con
jrrma? aduce tfl appoint amiualiv some person.
(1| A justice of the peace.) to be chief of police.
siary <>f one thou:and dollars.) to visa each police
otfite once each day, and obtain from nacii magi<
Jral, a list of the warrants issued by him the day
Frececing ,or violations of the laws of this C t\ ora
ti?r., and en'er the fame in a Book to be kept by b in
Viirxt purpose, which said bookrhall be used ns a
r,l. rence while adjusting tlie accounts of ihe sever
a- officers; and if, upon the tdjuftment of any ac
count of any of said officers, he shall find an / war
ritll, or warrarts not returned by aiiy such cfficer.
h? .hall make such inquiry as may lead to the rc
m-ery of such ulssing warrant or warrants and
ciioiilii he discover any malfeasance or malpractice
on the part of any poliee c fficer, it shall be bis dutv
immediately to lay the matter before ihe Mayor for
hi> action, who shall, u|?on convictir n after exami
nation hy hun. forthwith oisuiiis such delinquent |
from office, who shall evrr afterwards be incapa ? j
tated Ironi ho dirg any office under this Corpora
una. It clothe* the chiet of police with the duty
of superintending and direct! g the r>peratiorn ot
the j? ? i?e in guarding all |h\ perty removed fro-r.
tlie buildings at a fire, and makes lnm tuperinterd
endent of police thire, with lull power to prevent
all di>orders, and also makes a fine of ten dollars for j
refusing to obey his o ders there. The Mayor to
aipunt :he Aldermen concurring) two po'ic
officer* f i each of the wards but the fourth, and
three for that ward. They shall, whenevrr re
quired i v their chief, assemble themselves together,
at ^rv given point, under their chiefs, either in the
day time or night, to suppress di.orders. They ;ire
to t?e paid a salary of dollars each per annum,
and i nt third all tines, penalties, and forfeitures,
which thev may obtain for Violations of ihe |> lire
regulation* and penal orcinances of this Corpora
lion; and "lie sum of one dollar for each and ? very
perron conniiT'ed to the work hi?u?e, by order of
a.iv is'lii't magistrate; nn.i the sum of fifty ctnis f?.r
each slave by hun wluv^ed by order as aforesaid,
fur violation- a- at resanl. Police efficers to g ve
bond ot one th<-is-and dollars for tlie tailh ul eiecu
tion of 1 is cuties, an?t the prompt payment to tt>;s
rorporatios of their proportion (one- hiid in case
there is an inf rmer, and two-thirds in ca-e there be
no informer) of all moneys which may conr.e in o
his harnls a? finer,forfei-nre*, Sic. The policecon
stnble.- t ? make returns of their ca-es to the chief ot
police, who shall adjust each of their rcc unts, and |
shall ke-'p a debit nnd credit account with < acli and
every officer, in a book which shall sl ow the num
ber of tfte warrant the name of the person charged,
with the character of the offence charged, t e
amount of the fine and costs impost d, and final dis
position of ihe same, whethtr ptid, superseded, or
commitments madetheteou. That the several
lice officers to receive one dollar for eaeh nid every
h<>e b I mi taken up and conveyed to tlie Washing
t n alni.-h?>u?e. That :;1! the pre>ent powers, outie .
requirements, and oh igations, conf' rreci u|ioii an '
att chins to :he [io'ice. vest into, anil r st upon t e
police crested by this act: and that in the case o
each and <?' erv person iharged with the violation '.t
any law or ordinance of thi> Co-pwration. the ?;ir
rant shall be issued by the police magi-tra'e of ihe
ward in which the odence may be committed, \or
by s me other police magistrate acting in bis h -
?ialf,> and made returnable to hiaiaelf or ne mari
trate of he not ward, to be heard and determin- '
before, and by i it her, as ihe defendant may *el?-or.
The Mayor to appoint such number cf special p<?
11ce officers as he way think proper, bat that no surh
appoint! lent shall be made for a longer period than
ten days; provided, that no expense shall he incurred
thereby, except u^m special appropriation. Tl>a;
il shall t e the duty of the chiet <t police to havi
parted the blanks u.-ed by tiie police maginraies,
and furnish tlis same to them at the expense of lie
Washisgios at Day Break.?Rise from your
couches, ye sluggards ; forth on a flue morning
and look at your city, while its inhabitants sire
nearly all asleep. Far away in the east tlie horizon
is colored with a reddish hue from the suu " behind
tlie scenes," casting a glow upon the cb uds above,
the trees and houses and public buildings below,
which i* truly grand. But who is up at this time to
sec this sublime scene. Scarcely one person is me!
in a Ion; walk, and he (for never is it a woman) is
plodding on to his labor. You look at the dv*-'Dings
to see if there is any life in them. The *iate:^
mansion is cold and checrlcss, but turn your eyes to
tt.e lowly cot, and smoke is miking its lively way
up mtc the sombre clouds. The ?' gude wife" i*
i ooking breakfast for her husband, so that lie m y
begin ni? work in time; and if you peer into tin
cabin yon will see some happy, healthy children,
j laying about the floor, perhaps i faithful dog .their
?' boon companion.'' That early .-moke is an un
erring sign ot industry; while its absence, be it in
hall or hovel, is significant of tlie reverse. To tlie
westwaril all is darkness, or what might be called
mori ing twiliebt; to the north, the saw - ; to tlie
sonth,a few streaks of light; but to the east, a rl-n^i
Klorv. Altogether the surrounding view isni?st i.i
winii);, while the Iitrli, bracing breeze, stirs out's
Hood and maker- the limbs move with a vigorous
ai.d health-promoting in -uon, while the xppetn
begins to sharpen, l^eseiitly the rays of the mn
Uightiy lightens the whole sky, the eastern dome ol
the Cajitol brightens, and, when
M Yonder comes the glorious king of day
Rejoicing in the east,"
and So! fully appears, that same side of the Capitol
is turned into silver. A few persons begir. to move
ab'>?t Ihe smoke rites from the lordly mansions,
carts, wagon*, and ot er *ehicles rumble through
tlie streets, you return with lively step, alter taking ;
a cool crangh* of water at the Capitol fountain, and
l?w?k over tlie awakening city, and then a be l
steak, a broiled chicken, a bowl ot coffee, *.c., Stc , |
are, in tlie polite language ot the day, ?? not hard to i
Fi jueal o? a Firf.xam.?Ye?terday afternoon
the Northern Liberties and Franklin Fire Cotnpa
nies followed to the grave the remains of Alexander
Forrest, late an oflieer of the flr?t named company,
the meuibers ui which turned out in immense iiuni
bers to pay the last token of respect to liis memory.
The Franklin also paraded largely, and many friends
of the deceased, not firemen, fi led u^the lengthy
cortep . Koefien's tmnd was engaged for the occa
sion, and played appropriate strains in their usual
talented manner. The procession moved through
the Aver ue to the Congressional Cemetery, where
the bo<ly was interred with solemn ceremonies, the
Kev. A. (5 Corf?thers, of the Fifth Presbyterian
f hurch, cfficiating. Tlie li? arse was attended by
eight pall hearers, dressed in the uniform of tin
fii rthern Liberties.and the procession was inch je
of Messrs. Ji hn Goj'dard, Jr., and E. G. F.vans.
Marshals, also m the Northern l-iberties diess. The
Itanners were in ne umin^, and altogether ihe pro
resnitn madf an imposing appearance. Ketumin"
the Northern Liberties escorted the Franklin mem
bers to their engine house, soon alter which boili
companies were dismissed.
Make a Note or it.? Persons going to Baltimore
had as well " make a note of it," that ou iandmg
l*o?n the car* they wiil find " Murphy's New De|Mii
House," near by, where a short snack may be had
when iu a hurry, and a good meal at leisure. Hie
eatings. ?.<?., are of ihe best, but his sugar ?ured
hams beat all that kind of article yet produced for
t> r.dem'ss and -weetnes*. Further down into the
city yon will find, near the Centre Market, Mr. f.
Kei.'ly*- Ht ttl where every thing in season is fur
nished to the hnng'y and thirsty that can acotnuio
date, and satisfy the most fastidious tastes. The ad
vertisements of both of those fiopular B&itiuiore
caterer* will be found in ihe Star.
At Aged Colored \Vom\*.?The T'nion says:
" There i? a blaek woman residing not lar from the
Long i Potomac) Bridge *ho, it i? said.is upwardso!
one hundred year. old. She Imrn in Fair . x or
Pnnce William county, Va., and her descendants
children, grand, great grand, and gre.it grcat-giaiu!
children?Dumber one niiudred am: ti.irty. The
woman ? mental faculties are seenunglv imiiit
p?ired,but her ptiyslque i-w. ak and iri inbl'i:;?. ^ue
says sin- knew -Master George \VashiIiSlou and
Master Thomas Jefferson well.'"
Caruso tiik Massive Cyuxoxr.?The working
Men of llie K'U.jilry at the \jvy \ ;ud, succeeded on
Ha oiday in ca.-ung the iminense cy!i der for the
st'nmer Fulton in fin? style. It weighs twenty
thoii-and poundt i- lourteen tee? in length", am) fl^y
two feet hi iWain ter. 'I iao previous all' lupts to
make the cavfing tmied, it will be reineinberi ?l. Th
job i* considered " ex-.ellently well done."
Tin Bai.l To might.?In the absence of ailothcr
amusements this evening, lovers of Tlic dance and
the bright scenes of the ball room, can be delightfully
accommodated with a substitute at the interesting
-nnal hall ot the Island Friendship Club. The ntn
aser- have mad** ampie arrangements for a pleasant
nislit, ard Uie beauty of the Island will be present.
There will
" The bright and youthful dancers meet,
With laughing lips and winged feel;
And golden locks come flashing by,
Like sudden sunshine through the sky."
Ptabi.es Bi rnt.?Lasf right about midnight, a
tire broke out in a .stable belonging to Justice Drurv,
in the First Ward, which was almost destroyed.
The work of an incendiary.
CF An individual in female attire was tried
and convicted as a woman, in the Schoharie
N. Y Circuit, after having served for some
months as a female servant in a hotel Be
tween the Schoharie jail and the Albany peni
tentiary. she had do opportunity to shave; and
a thriving beard led, upon her arrival at the
latter^|pk up. a few days ago, to the discovery
that she was a man.
In the city of St. Louis, there are a
least fifteen hundred children of foreigners in
the Snnday Schools, many of them the chil
dren of Catholic parents. This, it is said, is
the case in many of the schools in the coun
S lf~Some time last summer, an absurd para
graph got afloat, to the effect that the amount
of unclaimed gold parcels in Adams A Co.'s
possession, exceeded $300,000, while the fact
was that they had not eight hundred dollars of
such property on haEd.
tW The Germans of Williamsburg, N. Y
have resolved never to vote for either a Know
Nothing or a Temperance man, and appointed
a committee of ten to aid foreigners in be
coming naturalized.
r^?The Grisi Opera Troupe is se badly sup
ported by the public, in New York, that the
Tribune says the houses must improve or the
Opera will end.
On the Hth instant, bv the Rev. James Donelaii,
WILLIAMS, of Loudon county, Va
t?n the 4th instant, bv the Rev, Dr. Gurlcy, JNO.
G CLARKE to BERTIIA M-, daughter of W.
Mechlin, all of this city.
In tJeorgetown, on the 4>h instant, bv the Rr>v.
Mr. Tillin?hast. Rev. JOHN D. POWELL, of Vir
ginia, to ANNIE LEAKE, daughter of the late Jno.
M. Hepburn. Esq.
At 11 o'clock this morning, WILLIAM DARBY,
in the 80th year of his age.
friends and the friends of his family, with
the attaches of the Department of the Interior, are
p-uticu arly invited to attend his funeral to-m irrow
(Tuesday) afternoon,at 4 o'clock, trom Mrs. Clares,
over the bank of Washington.
West Pennsylvania and Ohio papers please copy.
In this city, on the 8;h instant, Captain J A BE 7.
TIPAVER8, in the 64th year or his a?e.
<>n the 6ih instant, AAjN ELIZABETH, infant
daughter of Charles II. Lam-, aged t> mouths.
MllS A. SPGIti will open cn Tuesday, October
10th, a new ard rich assortment of Fall and
Winter DRK*g HAT?, CAP- and Ileal Dresses
Millice-y Rooms No. ?56 D streets.
oct f?3t
MRri J LA-* E. Bnd<a street, Georgetown. Wl I
open PA k IS MiLLISKRY tor tbe Fall i.n.'
WiaUr Tuesday, ibe lvth instant, to which tbe
ladie- of the Diuiut are resptetfully invited,
oct ft?3t
MI-S MOHKLY will open rail *nd Winter MIL
LIN FRY, on Saturday, the 7th Irstant, ooni
pricing m good assorting of Hoods, and adapted io
the season
Wantel a youne Lidy o' integrity and good ap
P^aranee, as saleswoman Also, several gof-d Milli
r?va. oc.t 6?lm
MRS. J. LANE, Bridge aireet, Georgetown, re
sp etful'.y announces to the ladi-s of G?org?
t-jwn and Washington tba* sh? has now opened ?
vary large and exreileut ttock of Fall Goods, direct
f->m New York, comprising n part, rich Bonnet ,
acd Narrow Ribinds, uew thape Straw Bonnets ai d
Framei, rich Dresses.
Also, Comhs and Pei fum*ry. oct 6
Si 1 O REWARD.?Was Io*t at :heRailroad Pe,x>t,
VJ> 1 * ' a DIAMOND CLUSTER PIN with seven sets.
The ab^'Te rewaxl wil be given upon leaving it at
:his offc-, or at Werriner A 'eniken's Jewelry
8t'ire. Pen' sylv*iiia avenue, north tile, between ? h
.rd 10th streets o<*t k ;it?
'lVflJS NEW ItRhAD LAW. ?A r?port having
X gained currency that my bread was seised this
mo? iir?g for a viotpti n i f the 1 *w re-ent.y pHpa?i
b> our Councils, I have thought i* be t to publish
Ih9 annexed cerlific?t? ficm officer K. G. Handy,
that my friends >'iid public who feel any inter
est in the subject ma. understand the fire's ar th> y
TVashinotos, October 5,1854.
At the rrqu?ft of Mr. Cha-les W Kavenner |
hereby certify t'. at I weighed bis br.ad this morn
ing and found it to wei_h about 18 ounces, inJte.nl
of 16 oi'nets, which is tu<; weight. estsbf.hed by Jaw.
Police Officer, Thi'd District,
it will thus be seen -that my bresd v as 2onnc-s
hei.vi r than the lav required, an 1 tor this ojt'ta" 1
hare been threatened with tine an14 oonfiwanoc by
the off cers of she Corporation. This Is certainly
tfce most e^iraordinitry interptetatlfn of Ihw that
> as eTi r f*l en under my notice, acd\U remain:, lo
be Be^n wte her a Waar-ingion iary w;ll sustain ttu
Corncration in any such monstreog prel?nB;ons.
cot 3t O W. HAVKNNKK.
?-J^nK LOOT IIWKKS8?Tils new anl Celebrated
I work of Mrs. Southworth, is the mo t intense
intereatinff aid popular wor& ever issued from the
American press
Household Words for October
Ttie New York liisutiatei Journal d j.
Hunt's Me chant Magszine do
Harper an* all otter Magazines do
Ali the weekly paper* tor this week at
Odeon Building, corner 4^ street and Penn.
oct 8?tf kfrnua
Ij^OR ^ALE.-A pair of. Vermont MOKGAN
MAKES, tlx y?*rs old w?II broken. /JK
seund, stylish and capital drivers Thejflrjrjf
are thi property of a gentleman who re r< f 1
eentiy obUined them at the North for bin t wu us-,
but now fin Is th#t a change In his a' ranieraentt
m*kes it d?sireable lor him to dispose of them.
They are just the hor'es to be driven b7 a gentle
man rr ladv They can beseen at Southron^ (late
Bi cb's> s'ables, on 13th street. Sep oO
b. i'43 r-tdh three <lc?rI about Fa. avenuA,
ARE opening and have in store the largest, beat
ami most complete stock of Eall and Winter
Dk? GOODrt they have ever offered to their cus
tomers, many of which have bean bought at the
lar<e auction sales in New Kork. We are prepared
therefore to offer gre*t tair.ains in Ksncy Dreps
Silk? and all otner Dreas materials, oomprisinz ail
the BOv?lti>* of the ""eason.
Our sUxtk o. St< pie ana Domestic Goods embrace
all tbe bent brands of
Linen and Potton 8be*>tin*8, Flannels
Whirling Linens anrt Coitone, Blankets
Curtain Muslin and Damasks
Carpet;!!g?. Hearth Rugs, Mats
riMoth, and Mattings,
We f'eeni lr unnecetaary to na-r e more, but in
vite purchasers to all and exusine our sto^k b"fore
buyinsr, aa they can rely upou getiing gofj jioods,
and at *air low prices,
J?* A" wt" warrant all articles sold at our estab
list rnent to prcve as represented.
sep 29?eotr No. 523 Seventh street.
And Gentlemen^ Outfitting E?Ubli?hmeat,
Au 9 1 northwest corner if Kvng and th.\rfux its
HEN Y ELONDUAEM respectfallT invites th?
attention cf his friends ard the publie in i
general, to h:s extensive and el ?ant assortment
?ashionabre Pall and Win'er CLOI'HING, uaroelv
The la'est s'vleof Paris Frock C ats, Dress-Coai^
and <i. UverH.'oat.i of all 'lescr%>tion?. A ?o, Frerch
l?'a~k, doeskin, and fancy c s?imere, and tweed
l'an;a!oons. A!s", a w il ?g orted ar.d elrgant *t >cli
?f r?r.ch and Kngii-h velvet a d siik satiu Vests..
Th? lurnisidng uop.rtment tf goods con fist'of
the very ben quahtij., wbi-h H Blondlisem offers
for s?'e at full 20 per cent lower lor caidi. than cau
: e purchased at any establishment wltbiu this rr
any southern city. Henry Kiondh&em th?r?fore
hop-?3 to mtet with an e^riy c?ll fmm his friends,
patrons and the citizens tbee^^iions r>| tfds
N. B. twsn't forget the number of the bmi.se,
wtuclj is 61 .north t?st corner of King and Fairfax
streets, Alexandria. oct j.wJm
" flPanl?"irxi" WanUd" adveruwramU, four liu? ?
or lea, ftn eacb t??*rtinn, 85 cents; each additional
line 5 cents.
TTTTANTfD?An active and industrious BOV, toat
Vf t*nd in a Pry Good* 8tors, cne that is willing
to make himself generally u* lul, and that ran
come well recommended, will hear of a situation by
applying to JNO. H. RMOOT,
oet 9?it Bri ire rt., Georgetown.
11 r ANTED? A Situation to do nbamb?rwork acd
H sewing. and will attend to a baby if required.
Gr?d refen?tic?s given. Apply at this oflia*
fJHNNER WANTBI?Wanted immediately a gocd
I TINNER To a good and steady band constant
emplovment an J b?8t wages siren.
ret 9?tf opp Will*rd*'Hotel
riT ANTKI).?A family wan iilg permanent bo?rd
Vf with tb? quiet and comfort* of home, can be
icrommodaUd with plea?%nt rooms in a email pri
vate family in Georgetown. Address A. B through
the Washington Poet Cffl<-e for ptrticular*.
oct 0?4t*
A SMALL 1-ARM, witlrn five miles of Washing
ton. wan'el to purchase. Address Box ?54.
Coot offio, with terms, distance, and the number of
acres. m oet 9? 3t
'IJI/'ANTED?To hire a colored BOY or girl, in a
W private family, from 13 to 14 years of age.
Liberal wages given. Apply to "R D P."
oct 6
TXT ANTED?By a gocd and punctual tenant, a
YY small HOUSE, either brkk or frame, within
* short distance of the Centre Market. Please call
oa or address JNO. RKE^E.
Erg'e Plumbing and Oiig Fitting Establishment,
corner of Sixth street and Pa. avenue.
03ti ?eo3t
WANTKD?A MAN, who is competent te take
charge of the feedinc, milking and care of the
cows of a large dairy near the city.
ALo, a man to drive a milk wagon, and distribute
milk in the citv. Americans and Germans would
be preferred, and none need apply wfco cannot give
sitintaetory references for capacity, sobriety, and
hon?sty. App'v to J W. THOMPSON k B^d., Pa.
avenue, ?>uth fide, between 10th and 11th streets
ret 6?3t
WANTED.?A respectable quiet O^ntleman and
bis wife would like to join a larolly of the
"?me defeription in taking a comfortable house in
'he centra! part of th* city. None other need a,
ply. Address "South," City Post offloe.
oct 5?3f,*
\\TANTED?An experienced GARDENER, to
vv take a large Garden, u mile acd a quarter
from th? ciiy, on shares. Rare indu ements offered.
Address immediat?lv, by letter or person, William
Sticknvy, No. 7. Fowler's Building, corner Feventh
ard E streets. oct 3? lw
WANTKD?Two Plumbers wanted immediately.
Competent and steady hand* will find con
stant employment and best waees by applying to
Sep 19?tf Opposite Willards'Hotel
ANTS NKGKOKS.?TbesubecriberearA
. . all times in the market buying SLAVES, pay
ii? the highest cash prices. Person? having Slaves
for sale will please call at 242 PRATT STREET, Bal
timore, Md., (Slatter's old stand.) Slaves taken on
iioard at 25 cents per day.
feb 2?ly B. M.A W. L. CAMPBELL
R?. N. WILSON has taken the house at the
corner cf Eleventh street and Pennsylvania
avenue, south side, and is prepared to accommodate
iKiarders or ledgers. The rooms are large, elegant,
and airy. Entrance on Eleventh street.
oct 3?tf
BOARDING.?Mrs. DUVALL, Penna. avenun,
nearly opposite Browns' Hotel, has fine ROOM l5
and offers every desirable comtort and accommoda
tion for tamilies or single gentlemen?permanent
or transient. No more agreeable boarding bouse
will lie found in Washiniston. je 16?ly
STATIOSERY.?Our friends and the pulv
lic 'hat c# have always on htnd an assortment
of eti kinds ?f Paper, P?n?, Blink Books, Notes and
Checks, Wafers, ^atd and S*nd Boxes. I'ik and
^taa dishes, fcnvwlop-s, Pencils, Ac., in addition tp a
well selected stock of Pariuroerv, Musical Instru
ments, Ac , all of which v e p'fdee to s?-ll at as re*
snnable prices as euay e^ablishmen! south of New
York. JftO. F. ELLTS,
oct 6 Ha. av-nue.
1 doaen linen cambric Handkerchiefs frrm 6
lv/v/ cents upwards
80 di z-,trass linen Handkerchiefs from 26 cents up
ward", very cheap
French worked Cellars >n crest variety, very low
Worked lawa and muslin Sleeves
Worked cambric Skirts
240 pairs French kid Gloves, at 50 cent", worth 75
Call and bny cheap for cash at
ccr. Eighth street, opposite Centra Market,
oct 3?lm
?rst rBtw 8-octave Piano Fortes
' to I*nt ^ ^*r mon1^ t0 car*!ui
J " * J " persons. Enquire at
oct 3 Music Depot.
I Ilfc STORY OF THE BIBLE, fr. m Hie first
dawn of Revela-'ion to the completion of the
Sacred Canon, with the interesting derails of its
trar. Ution and circulation, from the earliest efforts
until the pri'Swnt time, 1 vol
Ihe Australian Wacderers. by Mrs Lm
"ro^reas and Prejudice, a novel, by Mrs G?*re
Kddy on Bee. Culture and the B?-e Ilive.
aep '26- FRANCE T4YL0R
Chang'qf Pri'es between WathinyUm </? Baltimore.
Notick. ?Un and aft?r Monday, t^t-ther 2d,
_ the fare betwe-n V.'ashingtou end Bnltixfre
will be on* dollar and sixty oenis _ A cotnuiu ati n
of ten cents will be allowed to all who procure tick
ets bef,re entering the cars An a diiion of ten
cents wi I also be made to all way stations unless
tickets lire purchased at the office.
Round trip tickets, for three days, will b? isfued
on the 21, Hd, 4th, and 5th ins'ant, ?t $2, to a;! vbo
may wi:h to vitit the ^grkuKui-cl Fair and Mary
land liistitut".
Leave Washicvrton for Baltimore at G abd 8^ a.
m , and 3 and b p. m.
On Sundays at 0 a m an '? 6pm
Leave Baltimore for Washington daily, except
Sundays, at 4a -d 9 am, acd a and 8 pm.
On BuudayB at 4].? a bi acd 5 p m
By older: f. H PARSONS, Agent,
oct 2? lm
South tidr of Pennsylrania avenue, between S x'h
anil Seventh struts,
Ol'POf ITS It E o V. N 8' H0TSL.
A HOOVER A SO'*' are still at the old place, on
. the south t-ids ct Pennsylvania *ve-??|<B
nue, betw Pi^tn and Seventh streets, oppo-j
site Browr Hotel, wher? they would b<|
pleased to see their old easterners and the
public in general, and where will be iouiid a com
plete as'ortmeut of Indies', Miss?rs' and Children's,
Gentlemen'', Youths' and Boys' oHvUei anl BCOT.^
of all styled and prices:
Cloth Button Heeled Gaiters, witb ar,d without tip*
French Lasting Battou ?"d " -eled Gaiterd
Cloth But'on Gaiters. wiiiicu: heels
French Toilet Slippers, French Lasting acd Kid
Do black and whi.e Satin Gaiters
Do do do slippers
Do bronae and btac* kid and morocco Slippers
Plain Lace Gaiters all colors
Morocco and Kid Bocis and Jeffersons, thick and
thin soles.
Blsck, broni- and oolpred oxed and Mpped Oait?r8
Tan colored do d> a fUj>erior article
Do tipped and plain moiocco Boots, thick
I'ronza, black aud green Jenny Lind Boots
Cloth and lasting button Gaiters
Morocc Boots and Jeffersons, thick and thin soles
Patent Lratkar Boots of a superior quality
Do do pegged, for $6
Kid t->p Congress Gaitexs, black asd colored, tingle
and double soles
Calf Congress Gaiters, single and double soles
Calf Oxford Ties and Montere vs do
Patent Leath?i Pumps aud low quartered 9b(>ea
A superior article of teaed Boots, spring shanks
With a general variety of sewed and peg Bcots,
All we can say in this line i^ we a:e prepared to
supply all demands of Boots and Shots in a variety
of styles.
Our awortment in this department if complete.
?-ud ?e feel court Jeut we cau fuin'ah a xood article
aud at fa r pi ices.
ThanV.tul ?ur pastg"avors we still solicit a enntin
uanca oi cust m Wm think, by keeping a good ar
ticle aiideellii'g at f?ir prices, teat we will be able
to pl*ns3. We would iuvite a ca.U bef-tre parcha^iug
eke* here.
Motto: Quick Fs'es and eaiil! profits
Don't forgot the right s ote, but call at
Opp. Browns' Hotel, bef. tttb and 7th
Get fi? eolm souiW*'
fml pattern >ust u-ce?e4 at BIKGK'S,
WBbtwJSt liotiaL
sep 2tt?tl
For Sale and Rent.
LBT?Room* furoisbf.l in
^ ne*r p* *T?nue, with privi
lege of Gas liffht", to l?t to sin?l* gentium* n.
ftmwTv /?nt Psrlor Termi mole
* ? ?? J * lour-and a half street
ovct ?- J-?
F'XSHfa* ?n7V?nk?t *nd 00 Portable frame
HOI. 8, (No. 667,) two (torfee and garret, with
a ^rlCJLbJfN?ent\!itu%ted ,B ? Pto*~nt and heathy
neighborhood onithe Inland. To a punctual and
??. tiD,n,l the re?t *ill b* fifteen dollars p?r
month Inquire of D^N'L B. ^LARKR,
Alt . m.i, _.1>ra?<fi'"t- Potrmac Ha'l, Island.
Alao, a Fmsll Store Room for rent under Potomac
H4U- oct 7 31 ?
2KNT-rnnTenlent to Georg,
* marh*t Garlener or a on
?ate residence, a House and out bu'ldings, corn
hou'e 8nd smoke honse. together w?th 13 acres o'
of Land There is an elegant Peach Orchard oi. the
premises, with good spring and md* hou?e attached
to it This prnp?rty i8 situated 1% miies from Geo'
*Tt?' x? I .8n%1 Ro?<l. Application can be m?de
at the Nat onal Restaurant, Pa. avenue, or to the
ewner on the premises.
Oct 7?8t* ROB'T E ROBERTC.
FOR RKNT?Three n?w three storv HOUSES, on
Herce street, between North Capitol anrj l8t nt.,
*i ? Act ? dt ? contain six rooms each. Ap
toCHAHLRd THOMA, immediitely oppaeite.
CV?t 6?
F?t? ""^"rtber has for r-nt. a g<vxl
Dwe.Iing HOUSE, on Rr;dge street,0,-orge 'ten
a few doors oast of tbs market h-use It ?* larg
in good order, convenient. and suite a d?s;rah]? res
idence Apply to TIMOTHY O'DONOQHUE
Oct 5?tf
A ham change t> GET A I/T IN THE
City of Washington ?Havin? subiivided Sos
?15, 9.li, and square south of Fqnaas 916 in Lots,
averaging SO feet lront by ] 00 feet d-ep, I am now
prepared to Fell the fawn at prices rang'ng from
sistv to one hundred dollars, and upon very accom
modating terms say $3 or $?> per month until raid
The above squares front on Maryland avenue, be
tween Sih and 9th ?trfwtii aa=t and situated cn th"1
most tbrivinar part of Oapit' 1 Hill
The abofe arrangement offers inducements rare
Iv to be met with, givintr the oppnrtunitv to a few
P">or men of owning a Lot in the City of Washing
ton. GfcO. K. DYER,
11th street, one house from Pa. avenue.
ont 4?lw
C^OR RENT.- The most d-siraMe STORE now to
1 be had on Pa. avenue is next deor to the ne*
Star Office. It is situated between the new Star
Office and the new store cn the corner of Pa. avenu?
and Eleventh street, being fitted op by Ililbus A
Jii'z, for tbeir conteniplati-d magnificent Piano nni
Music establishment. Apply early at the ?tar of
fic - oct 2 tf
STORAGE. - Wallach A Hope will store Furni
ture, Dry Goods, Groceries, Ac., in the extensive
h?<ement underneath the new " Ptar Ruiidina"," wt
the c rnerof Penneylvsnia avenue and Kleventh
Street. These basements are pivM with flags, well
ventilated, and perfectly dry at all tines and se
cure. Apply at the Star office counter.
vacant LOT on Pennsylvania avenue nest to
th? new Star Office is for ren', for one or five j'ear.-'.
It is the very b?-8t location in Washington for a
Cfal or Marhle Yard. Apply soon at the crunter of
the Star Office. a~t 2 tf
FOR RENT.?For ore or four years?ihe premises
from which the Star efllc? has just been r?
mofed, on B street near its junction with Pennsyl
vania avenue anl Twelfth streets. It corFi?te "of
two buildings?front ani rear, and ample yarl
rooni. with a well of water for mechanical purport s
on the preniijes. This is a fir^t rate opp rtunitv
for a dyer, Painter, carpenter, msnufacturiog hat
ter. blacksmith, wheelrlght, Ac., to obtiin working
room within a slones throw of the centre of P> nn
sylvania avenue, while the front bu lding wil
answer for one, two or three shops or rffices. Ap
ply flocn at the dimv office of the Star, corner of
Pennsylvania avenue and Eleventh street.
oct 2?tf
PJR RKNT?A new andcom^orUble D WILLING
HOUSE) con'aining eight :oom?, situated on
Wo't^i B street, between Delaware avenue ai.d First
street east, one square from the Capi'oi. Fcr term*
inquire at Mr Scrivner'a Grocery, or J.J P?ab-jdy,
&Prth v Ing of tL=? Capitol Extension
oct 2?lw*
k i Unking leased the large an ! commo<lious ware
rooa: corner of 11th and Pennsylvania avenue, w?
will reut the el.gabiy situated rtore we now occupy
I i o- central end well kno*n locality of our present
establishment offers a most rare opportunity l'ur
one deKiringai excellent business stand
Music Depot, south side Pennpylvania avenue,
beiww-n i'entVi and L'leventh streets.
A RARE OOANCK?For s<tle, tourtf?n acres t(
LAND one mile from the ciiy line, m-ar th i
tol> gate on Seventh street, four acresia heavy fcuc
ber, a 3ne *dte for e suburban residenct?H?oil wa '
sdaptod for mMket g*rdening Enq lire of
Near the Toll Gate, on Seventh btreet.
sep IT?lm*
-V ISLAND?Consisting of two HOUSES <f.LOTS, j
the first being a new frunie House fifteen by thirty
feet, with four large airy ro-.ms and summer kitch
en a'tached, and other *nijirovements, consisting ot
stahliug, Ac., on a full lot ot ?0 by 122 feet, running |
bacs to a 30 iaet a ley. The otner is a friitne hoes
of four rocros, si'.usted on a I.ot 91 bv 7d fe <t 10 in
Ail information will he (Hcen bv ^ip^iyiNt; in person
or by letter to "SYI'HaX," at the Ctar office
N B.?The first named house and lot wculd suit
any one engaged in huckstering, Ac.
sep t5-lci
a'.lach * Hope have for rent the v-ry be t location
'or a Toal yard in W^shln^ton o*ty?the vs-.wt lot
on I'ennsylvani* avenue, attached to the building
at the corn1.- of llfn street, heret for** occupied by
Edwin Green's Cabinet-war* Manufactory. A coti
venient bnc* office is attached, nnfflie lot is amply
large. The location is t^e most central, consiiicn
ous and convenient of aceess in Wak'nington for tl r
oral business. For an enterprifin/man, thech-nee
!s a rare one. For terms app y e;vriy at the St: r
0<Bcc- eep 8
BUILDING LOTS.?Kor sale several desirable
Building Lota in tile vicinity of the City Ilall;
also in the 1st \\ ard, and also a variety in all oth'^r
parts of the city. Also, two small frame dwellings,
situated in an Improving neighborhood; all of wbic :
will be sold on terms accommodating. Apply to
David Mferle, at Mrs. Adams', opposite to Browns'
Hotel, or through the po#t office, post paid,
jy 10?eo3m
J?KENCtt Merinos, all shades, at 75 ctnt', verv
. cheap
French Merino Plaids, all styles
500 puces black silk velvet Ribbons; of a'l widths,
very eh-ap
Plaid Silks, piaid Ribbons
Bl .rk Silks o- very width and qualify
200 Fieu h ShawLj, various ityles, very low
Cu-ttomtfrs will do well to call and lsok at mv
stock, all of which will he sold at a small advance
lor cash. WM. R. RILEY, '
Corner 8th si., opposite Centre Market,
cct J?lm
. M HS. CHOATE has lesumed the
J Millinery business, at her residence,
on the south side of Louisiana avej
?near 6th street, whexe she will be
glad to see her old and new patrons. With all the
late-t Fashions, tj please will be her object,
sep 4 -er 2m
NOW ig the time for the ladies to esambaf aLd
select their fall and winter supply ?f Embroi
deries, Ribbons and Fancy >otions. as I have ju6t
opened a new and bcu'iful assortment. Having
selected from St-me of file largest importations of
the season, 1 can promise the very latest styles.
Those who want the first choice are solicited to call
early, as great i&ductments will be offered.
No. 314, Fenn. avenue, bet. 10th and 11th Ma.
oct d? entst Union
|tbe Fall and Wln?er cn TUESDAY,jfefi j
October 10th. Pennsylvania avrni?e,^p#
between 9th and 10th stv, sonth side
sep '.9?6001 (Intel)
MRS. M. A. Hills wouM respeotfjlly
_,^^l?nnounce to th? ladies of V> asiiinut' n and
|p?vieini.y that she has now opeo a very I ? rge
stock of beautiful Fall Goods, rel?cte<i from the New
York and Baltimore Markets, comprising in part
Ri'jh Boonet and Narrow Ribbons
New shape Straw Bonnets and Frames
Rteh Velvet Ribbons
A large ai,d handsome assortment of fins French
Flowers. Cap?, Head Dresses, (in velv*-. and
mohair) and infant hoods.
PARIS MILLfNKKY will be opened on THURS
DAY, Ootober lith.
Purcha-ers will find it to their advauaage to crost
Pa avenue, betw 8'h and 10th streets.
N B ? Several experieno d Milliners wanted im
mediately^ oct 3- eofit
Dr, hath an sniTii liwoolw h^s
removed to 430 Fifteenth street, near the Btnk ,
ot Mea?rs Corcoran A Biggs. Having bt?u for s^v- i
cral years past the assistant, of Pro|es8or Nathan h.
Smith, at Baltimore, Dr. Lincoln will give esu-oiai
attention to Surgery and the diseases of the eye
Sep 27?eo2w?
EipreiriT for Ihf Daily Ereeinf Slur
Arrival of tho Northern Light with 9100,.
000 in Gold
Ami>Br?4rrifk Drm?rrau knvp
Swfpi (he Nfnic.
New York, October 0.?The Northern Light
arrived this morning bringing later news from
California. By this arrival we learn that the
anti-Broderick Democrats have swept the State
and elected J. W. Denver and P. H. Herbert
to Congress. It is doubtful whether the Leg
islature will agree to send another person to
the U. S. Senate in place of Dr. Gwin. Gen
Wool has removed his head quarters to Bvn
eeia, for which some of the papers den?u rr
the administration. The mines are prosperous
The Know Nothings have earried San Fran
Business is improving : Gallego flour sells at
$12,00 per bbl. Pork, $17.50per bbl. Ham ,
16 cents per pound
Nearly two milions of specie is on the way.
by the Seirra Nevada, over the Panama route
As far as known, the latest returns of the
California election show the election of 6
Whigs and 26 Democrats to tho Senate, srd
34 Whiga and 45 Democrats to the Lower
The crops have been abundant, and the
weather fine. Iiidian trouble? are decreapii g
in California. The news otherwise is unim
No Tiding# of the Arctic?New York Mar
kets? Tiial of t-rah am.
New York, Oct. 9.?We have no tiding? of
the Arctic up to this moment.
To-day, 7,000 barrels of flour have changed
hands?State brands $7.50 ; Southern, $8 25.
Wheat firm. Corn, mixed, 73o.?ao 000 bu-t
cls sold.
The District Attorney is now speaking in
the Grahafh trial. Eleven of the jury have
asked an investigation of the charge against
tho twelfth, that he is a relative of the prisoner
This is asked with a view to their discharge.
The Hansa has arrived from Bremen. Iler
news has been anticipated.
The Independence has sailed with sealed
orders from the department.
Democratic Nominations for Congress.
Buffalo, Oct. 0.?We hate news to-day
that the Democrats of their respective district?
in Wisconsin, have re-nominated Daniel Walls
and John B. Macy for Congress.
Baltimore Markets.
Baltimore. Oct. 8 ?600bbls. Howard street
flour sold at $7 50. 20,000 bushels wheat sol i
White, SI 60a$1.70 ; red, $1 50a$1.60. lO.Ouu
bushels corn sold, white, 75; yellow, 78 8.00!)
bushels oats sold at 46a52. Other articles un
changed. The tendency of grain is upwai d.
There has been two deaths from cholera
morbus at the Light street Fountain ?lotel;
but not a particle of cholera in the city.
A MiU Burned.
Hartford, Ct. , Oct. 7.?Tho new mill of t'.e I
Atlantic Duck Company, at East tladdam. i
destroyed by tire l?ist nigbt. Tlie loss is es. ? i
mated at $43 01(0, of which $30,900 was cov
ered by insurance.
New York City Mortality.
Nbw York, October 8?ihe official report
of the Board of Health states tba: tho number
of deaths during the weak endirg on Satur
day, was 516. of which 41 were of cholera
The Fever and Weather at the South.
Columbia S C., Oct 4.?Tho fever a; tho
South is fast disappearing under the ltflucp-"
of favorable weather Last night the weather
was unusually cool, and we have acoounts fr<>m
different ports in this State reporting quite >t
heavy frost.
Mortality in loston
Postox, Oct. 7.?The deaths in this city i-fr j
the week ending to-day were seventy-nine No
cases of cholera have occurred.
Arrest of an ixpre*? Bobber.
Buffalo, Oct. 7?The clerk in Adams .t
Co. s llofton expie^s oflice, who absconded
some days since with several thousand dollars,
was arrested a*. Ch'cag? night before las
O iy $2,600 of the money was recovered The
defaulter has been travelling as the son of Mi
Adams, and lost large ouins of money to gau.
blers on the route.
Murder and Oreat Excitement.
Cincinnati, Oct. 7?Covington, on the op
posite side of the river, is the scene of inten-e
excitement auicug tho Americans and Ger
mans, growing out of the brutal murder of a
small cnild cy a German whose name we ha\e
notlearned. The little boy, as we learn, called
the German an "Old Dutchman," whereupon
the latter attacked the boy and killed him in
the street. Tho murderer was promptly ar
rested, an i threats have been made that t!>e
jail would be attacked to-night by a mcb, wit h
a view of executing summary vengeance.
The officers are taking measures to preserve
the peace.
First of the New Sugar Crop, &c.
New Orleans, Oct. 4, 1S54 The first lot
of new sugar was brought to tho city yester
day, and was sold at five cents.
Our cotton market is moderately active for
the season, but prices have further given waj.
ihe sales to-day foot up about three thousand
bales, mostly at a decline of otfe eight cent,
from previous prices.
Quite a panic has been apparent among the
flour dealers for a day or two past, and prices
have declined full a dollar and a quarter per
barrel. We now quote good Ohio at $6 25 per
barrel. Rice is in fair request at fije. for fair
quality. Our coflee market is dull, and prices
are nominal.
Extensive Fires.
Cleveland, Ohio. Oct. 7.?A large fire i
now raging in the quadrangular block, bound
ed on the north by the brick and stone block
on the south side of Superior street, on the
south by Chaplain street, on the west by Seneca
street, aud on the east by the Chase House and
the public square. The block consists of about
twenty houses, moat of which are wooden build
ings, and all will probably be destroyed. The
Chase House and Superior street block will
probably escape without injury.
Hartford. Oct. 7 ?The Atlantic Duck Mill
in East Haddam. for the manufacture of cotton
da k, was destroyed by fire last night. It was
a new mill, and had not commenced running
The loss is $4(J 000. Insured in this city, in
four "-fti^es, for $J8 000.
? POLiriCAL.
Great Democratic Mass Meeting in Fut/burg.
Pittsburg, Oct. 7 ?A great and enthusias
tic democratic mass meeting assembled is his
city this evening, in the largo lot around the
American Hotel. ,
Tho Hon. Wni Wilkins was elected Presi
dent, aud on his taking the chair he proceeded
to speak for more than an hour, sustaining the
principles of the Nebraska bill, and glorifying
the action ol the Government in the Greytnwn
affair. He denounced in burning language
I the doctrine8 of the K> ow Nothings, and said
thiir success would bring disgrace atid ruiu
u^on Ihq country. His remarks were given'
with much warmth; and copluuiing in an elo- ;
queat strain he said, the Federal and State
constitution guarantee civil sod religious lib
erty He then referred to the patriotic eer
viees ?f foreigners in tbe war of the reiOflCon,
and in the late war with Mexioo. He argued
that if the Know Nothing* succeeded. no reli
gious sect would be safe?the next attar the
Catholic the Hebrew would be proscribed, than
probably, tbe Unitarians, and following them
the Methodist*, and Qod only know* who next.
No ordinary crisis, he said, with hi* age and
his infirmities would have brought him before
the people; but his devotion to the institutions
and the welfare of his country imperatively
demanded of bim that be should raise hie
feeble voice against such dangerous and ini
quitous principles as were proclaimed by tbasa
calling themselves Know Nothings.
The venerable speaker, completely exhaust
e i closed his sveech amidst the moet enthus!
a.tio and deafening cheers.
Judge Sbaler followed after him. and ia now
reeking. Messrs McCandlesi, Black and
others are j et to speak.
Large Mass If eo'icg at Philadelphia.
l'MLAnubraiA, Oct. 7.?The Wtigs of this
city arc holding a mass meeting this evening
iij th? State House yard. The meetingH #e!l
attended, and thus far everything has gone on
harmoniously *nd with more than ordinary
spirit Everything be'ukens a spirited canvaa*
at he approaching election.
Jud^o Pollock is now addressing the meet
ing and his remarks appear to inspire his
boa-era wrh great confidence inthesuaeets of
ihcir favorite candidates On being preeented
t> the audience he was received most enthusi
astically lie delivered a long and eloquent
?M-eech defining his position, and oppose 1 tbe
Nebraska iniquity and other acta of President
i'lerce s administration The oonetitution he
made bis platfoitn. and he would accord to
every one the liberty of worshiping according
to the dictates of his own conscience; and
whilst he yielded this in all sincerity toothers,
he c! ai mod the same right for himself. He re
pelled the slanders Uiade against him which
asserted that his opinions were contrary tq the
ris^hts guaranteed by the constitution, and
concluded by opposing any division of the
school fund.
The meeting, after being addressed by other
?peakers, adopted strong anti-Nebraska res
olutions. 7
Large Democratic Meeting at Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, Oct. 7 ?A large demooratie
meeting wae held at Northern Liberty Bait
to night, which was prerided over by the Hon.
IJenry 1> Moore.
Mov Bigler delivered an eloque?t speech.
*hijh e.xcited much enthusiasm.
The political cauldron is bubbling, and it
is impossible to predict the results.
The democrats are battling Know Nothiag
ism ae if it was all that was to be feared.
jRDCtloB bales.
By HOTHWELL <fc BttOWS, A acta*
r ITilv t'a'es ' f 9rv "o ?ds. Blanket*, Clotfcirar, 4c,
' w,ll b- oontinued on Monday, tue*d?yand
V. edne>dav Afternoon* and Kveniugs, at 3^4 and
?;i o'c'ock, ?nd all "ell worthy the attention of all
bookkeepers ? nl others
Aactionsers corner 7th and I ?t:eets.
ret 9?i3t
By J C. McttUIRK, Auctioneer.
TUKSDAY afternoon, October 10th, at AoM'k,
ii front ol the Auctien Hcocis,'I - hull sell, without
reserve f*- ncciuC* wboiu i* may coneero, the
, to.'lowin* rrtiel**, vir:
S bOJte? cpi-rui Candles
i 10 ba'f cb* sl? T-a. 4 boxes ?oap
k, boxee Washing Compound
11 boxes Gold L'-af T"1 aceo
10 f*o jaHtey Oiub do
1 ?-ne 0 JT.-e, lot Moe-ard. A?. Terws cert.
JAJi. C. ilcOUIR*,
oct 9?d Auctioneer.
?y ROTUWXLL * BBOW5, Auete
I,i.\rr;.vsivK 8alb jp uousruold k aircii
-a Furt itnrri. a*. ?h? Mansion Hotel, Pa. aw
nu ?. W.weeu Foarie-ath and F ft??nth streets?On
I Y morning. the 12th ins'ant. oomtrenc.
- t l?' o'el- eK, w? pr^o-ed <o seil atauo'Kn.
. I thj Fff-cts o? the atto??ext?n4?e HoW,jc nsi-t
: i-.sr of every le-clo 1 >n of F ami tore asualfy tou id
in ?uch *c c-tabl'sbment, iaeb ns
M ho^acy So'as, hair ? at Chairs k Rockers
ItirHUii. l^'Uli*?'s Mirror*
Clock* Piet rres, TsM s
SVardr?h?-8, W?<>hs'.t>B Is, ?>at.h?>r Beds
V att ' , 15 -dste*d?, BUnk^'S
' n-rfor ?. ''on frratiei Sb'?**"
With evi?ry vnn?ty ot Chamber Furnitnr*
Kit<-heu U=?>sil8
: o Riil.T nut ( the* Pt-vreg a
< Moss, Crcckery, Copper *t>4 tin TV re
Carp?tinar und Huks in variaty
Ci.t-a^ t-f V'toe^sr. -u tabl? for pick irj
a' <-> ojf Vr-c?Tie Mar<-. C*erya!l and Ilaruee*
p.> ?n? vx> mi'f Trfl-r .-n*h; over that ?im a
cr. 'lit o^'?o ard f ?riuon-hc. Jo if'jh sa'tafc.cto
r. y ?-lj'loi*?* ?. bcar ng int re>t.
HOT!!WELL k BROWN, Auctioneers,
oct ? ?St ! ?
My .1. C "^cOITIHIC. Auctioneer.
\TaI.U 1P.LE l'.UI Ll?ING IiOrs S'TJ ABLS ?< >R
> ?ati:s an 1 Private BeSidencee.?Wilt
-o!d Hj aa.tioii ? n th?- pietnires, by J. r>. M"
'iui'-'j, <ri vsj?\:i>aY at ernoon. October tbelfith, at
toar Vtr.cU. ??r ?f>:l?~wir,g chiie* lot* of ciennd:
Ihn e lof?* f eronnl north or Fay's Hntel,oo N-w
i a hiu'- n:ivln? each ? frrt of tw^rtty-'wo
f'-.t, and runt.in"* lack abou' 1SW f?-t. The (It1* to
rht^e -o ? hvfbe n raar!" complete by the p?rcha#?
of h ? c * m- 1 f 't gn h -'r?.
A "-o, cc- 1 t ? f i-n-an i on D stre?t n"rth.
mg Fey r. ^8 f et f.rnt 100 d?ep Title *Im
<?. iirpl?t-j
A's\ * fiiK I t of iiround. b*iuk t^e no tb?>a"t
. .i-n-r i)."Si'>are t7* Iroii-ju t 134 !eet om Indi
-i.u .tffuiii-, P litree' rr.rtn aci Fir^t street wfS'.tv
ir.r1 "np p* 'lit* d?*??rable biinin#*- staiide In ihe
o ty, c u'aiti'.ig 4.3>?> tut
T?r.-r : O e t.n-rt'a c*-b; rw Wu* in 6, ti, and
IS uionth", lot a >i^-s bearing inwrest, aecored ly a
o! tr oat cn th^ T recii- e.
co? 7?^ Anetloneer.
11} r,R<?KS a, 8' tlTT, Aaetloneeri.
1> >oE.-?, KVKRGHhhN'5, Flowering Plants of
#v^rv descripuou.?' 'n TUHSDaY, th* .Otto in
siaut. w.*"shall Sfl , at 10 o'clo-.k a. m., at a large
H^cr ca'Jen in Square 3S7, betwern ttti and 10ti
;;trt*?rts wrfi*, ard I' and K srs. sourh, i - land, an ex
ce lent aJ-crtae3t of?
K er hVwrung ? osts ar.d oth?r flowering plants
Kv-r^ie?Pfl, wix Oi d-n Slock ia general
!'? r r s ^a#h. GUKKJt 4 800TT,
o?t 6 d . ' Aietioneetv.
By J. C. NcGUIKBi Auctioneer.
On FKIUAY affrnoon. October 13tb. at 4^
o'oicck. oa the preml e . I sh^ll sell tbe south half
of l?;t 10, in rquare 378. frontiug 25 feet 1 inch on
UHn strtet we.-t, b-tw??n D and K street' north,
running back lUl Xcct 2 inches to a ^0 f<*et alley,
with Wie iaprovements, consisting of a iwo-story
Thie property adjoins th? resi le*eeof Petsr Force
fhq.. acd would De ? vary desirsb'e resMe* oe for
mer'htntt cr others Joir:g business in the vicinity.
Title indisput ?h!e. '
IVrms : On-third cash ; the residue tn 6 and 12
ino'ths, f.<r notes stti ftctorily 'e-mred, b?*sriag in
16^*51 J. C. MclDlRB,
(*., y_d ? Aocti<m?er.
E. S. WaiuHT, Auctioneer.
L By virtue of a de*d of trust f om Patrick A.
Ryrne. aid Ma'y .lane Bvrne his wife to Bd*in C.
Murgae and William E. Howard, the same beiuft
recorded in Liber j. A. No. 15? of th?
ia*?d records for Hahbington county, in th* District
of Columtiia, we. the enid Alorgau k How%|^ wul
sell, in trontol the rremises, on ifBDNRAUAY, th9
Sth day of Sevr^nb ir, A D 1S54, at4}^ eolockp.
m.. the following piece or parcel ot ground, and the
improveuieate thereon, the tame being ?iti?ated in
ihe citv of IVafhiugtun, in the ^
itnd ^noan a=i pirts ot !ots eeveu (7) and ?eght (8)
in Fiinare So. fenrfcundrel aud filty fcu , beginning
f,ir tns rime at the northwest coruer of Lo? Hi^ht,
and rm uirg pouth fu Seventh ntre?t, twenty-one
teet, tfc-<uu< east at ri?ht an/lee with rtesr-ntb street
we*t sUty five IVet thence <ine north fbriy-etie f-et.
'belies ivest t treaty ^evpn fe?t six Inohe*. theno-*
eouth tare tv te-t,"thence w?st thirl) wveo feet six
inches to the pla ?* of beginning
Terme: Oneh*lfca*h; thebilano* ia 6 and 12
month*, with int-re?t, tbe deiecred payaaents to be
re ured by a deed of trust on tto? preia ses.
KDWIN C MORA AM. i Tni-itfma
W. k. liuWAKP, jTrusieea
oct #
10. B H * I.L, M. It.
1 ATK >'{ Ph is lelphia, t'a . graduate in Allopathy
IV and ll^m'eop^thy. Iiavine had e*t nsive ex
perience in the v < r ous d?p^rtm-nu ol the profes
sion, o^ers his services to the dtixens ef Washington
8n?l v'cinitr. ? -l '
Offict No. 429 Thir erntb street l>etw*en Q and
>1 'tirets nflj ^ h^urs until V a. m; from 3 to 4 p.
m.; aud 7 to H p n
R>V?vnr^p- Win. A. QartoeejM. P., Dean of the
"orW [.alhic Ooll-y, ra , and rt?e proflss K>n *en
er<i|f r \'u a?r *?) -am
A LOT of OLD nuwstapmm*- mom jsbllm Ai
tmjb omficm. may tt?tf

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