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" Hare, o?ly by a cork cootroll'd
. And (lender wall* of earthen mould,
, t In alt the pomp of death, repos*
The seeds of many a bloody nose;
The stammering tongue, the hurried oalh ;
The flat for flghtiag nothing lo h ;
The pa?tow which do word can tama,
That bom like sulphur into dime ;
The nose carbuncied, glowinc red;
The broken eye, the broken head ;
The tree that bear* the deadly fruit
Of murder, maiming and dispute;
Await but innoce< ce a?ai!s;
The images of gfoomy jails;
I be g'ddy thought on mischief bent;
The midnight boon in riot spent,
All the*e within this jug appear,
And Jack, the hangman, in Uie rear.*'.
? Good One,?A young gentleman, a
member of a certain college, was expelled
for the crime of drawing young ladies up
to his room at night and letting them
down in the morning, by means of a rope
aad a basket arranged from his window.
Of cottise, a great deal of gossiping con
versation was the consequence. The fol
lowing colloquy occurred between two
young ladies:
??Jane, do yoji really believe the stu
dents draw girls up to their rooms ?"
" Certainly, my dear ; more than that,
I know they "do.
" How V
' ** Well, I was going by the college one
morning, it was just before light; twa>
?egf early in the morning ; and I heard a
noise in the direction of one of the college
building*. I looked that way, and as
plain is I see you now, I saw a girl in a
basket about half way from a three-story
window to the ground ; and just then the
rope.broke, and down I came !''
*' Oh! Jane!"
As Ixgsxjcs Device.?A sea captain
on a voyage, with thirty passengers, be
ing overtaken by~a >iolent tempest, found
it necessary to lighten the vessel. Fifteen
of the passengers were Christians, and
tbe o'.her tilieen were unbelievers; but in
this exigency, they unanimously agreed
to the captain's proposition, thai he
should place the whole thirty in a circle,
aad throw every ninth man over, till
only fifteen were left. To save the Chris
tians, the captain placed his thirty pas
aangcio in this order, viz: fcur Christians,
five Unbelievers, two Christians, one Un
believer, three Christians, one Unbeliever,
oneUhristian, two Unbelievei s, two Chris
tiana, three Unbelievers, one Christian,
two Unbelievers, two Christians, one Un
believer. He began to number from the
first o! the four Christians, thus:
oooo, cruuu, oc, r, occ, r, c, uc, cc, cuu,
C, CTT, CC, U.
. y ^ _
Wnsrn's Rule of Orator?An Lv
?raccnvB Anbcdotb.?Daniel Webster,
a abort time previous to his last public
reception in Boston, was traveling from
New York to this city by the overland
route. When the cars reached Spring
field, Mr. Waite, the well-known excel
lent conductor, stepped into the forward
car, and, as usual, announced??? Spring
field station?twenty minutes allowed
passengers to dine!': Mr. Webster, who
was sitting by him, arose, and pleasantly
tapping him on the shoulder, remarked?
*- Young man, that is one of the most in
teresting speeches I ever heard in my
life." "Yes, sir," calmly replied the
conductor, "all speeches are good in
which the speaker and ihe hearer heartily
?ympathize." * Very true." said Mr.
W ebster, *' and I have always noticed that
thoee speeches are always considered best
which are finished in good season for din
ner."?Boston Times.
A Good Reason.?"What do you drive
auoh a pitnul-looking carcass as that for ?
Why don't you put a heavy coat of flesh
on him ?" "A heavy coat of flesh ! By
the powers, the poor cratur can hardly
?arry what little there is on him."
Tia? of Departure of the Ocean Steamers.
Nmsn*. Ltovrt fr>r Pa?i.
Hermann New York...Bremen....Oct. 7.
City of Manch'r..Philadelphia..Liveri?K>l. .Oct. 7.
1'etrrl New York...Glasgow....Oct. 7.
America Boston Liverpool.. Oct. 11.
AbaaUc New York...Liverpool..Oct 14
Canada New York...Liverpool..Oct. 1-.
Uni o Havre New York.S* p . 27.
Euro pa Liverpool.... Boston Pep. 30
Bal ic.............Liverpool...New York..0.t. 4
Africa....'. Liverpool... New York..Oct. 7.
w- The California steamers leave New York on
the 5th and 20th of each month.
MsUtonal Hotel?m a. dihil
? W Quintard, NY J Smith, Md
JDFoaier, La J Jamison, NY
W 8 Plummer. Mas J W Hooper, jr. Ga
? J H Cochran. Md L Ba.-sett, NY
T MeMulliti, Oo J W Groo
S Smith, Fa N J Buck, Va
i 9 Bragdin, Bait G 11 Harrison, NY
E M Higgii., do T Williamson'. Mass
Miss M Shorten, Ireland A W Claton, La
J W Hicklin, Va Dr J Thorn is. Md
Ji Wallace, do Col J D Bowling, do
W Harnck. Man J B Ruiibali, UsX
J K Bljlex. Pa Mr Nulhill, Md
JL P Croat; , Ind Mr Spencer, do
- W B Hall. Ala Mr Abell, do
WW Wood, L'SN J Alston, do
,, C Wright, England Dr II Ford, do
J 8 Ubstings, jr, Md Mrs Steward k 9 dangh
B Cobb, Mass ters, Va
P HalcocW Ga 9 Mt?s Carter*, Md
Merrick. Pa Mi?i Calvert, do
5 D Willard; NY G H Calvert, do
Ktrkweod Hoiw-j. n. a a. Xirxwood.
6 W Dempaey, 111 W S Hannah, Ya
. J D Thomson. DC W s Suit, do
r V Meni.u k son, Md M Stobell, Mo
J B Haskins, Wis J P Henrick, lady fc ser
in L Hart, NY vant, NJ
.i it E Crock well, DC J Master*, Va
H E Meuteno, Cuba 8 D SesMims, lady k ser
- 11 J Havnsworth k lady, vant, Misa
? ?C J M Field, SC
X ms R A Arthur, do F ti Williams, do
aCDuna, Va W F Be?ellure, do
Misa H Waller k sister, H M Haigier, Ga
.do J V Barrett, Ala
J Bowes, B*lt W Rhetman. Tenn
A J 9tan?burv, DC R fl Barton, NY
% 8 Bennett, Md TP Wellis k son, La
A W Vesey, do J Hef.field, Ky
J W Jones, do W F Pndgru* Va
8 Rlgeway, Mass A W Mayo, mother and
T W Wheeler,tlo sister, do
8 K Rosa Jo T A Shiun, do
D Rowland, DC WW Brocket!, do
A B RotMoa, Md W G Gould
? 'J t Maguire, do R H > uvall, Md
1 W Harper, do M W Herbert, Va
? Harris, do N W Burthen, Va
W H Coiledge, Ohio
Br*wa?? Hotel?t. r. k a. brow*.
?ev J A Se?n, Md M Seymour, do
^ Miss D ake, do
"L, ??''ken.Md j * Wilson, Phila
W A M *lin, V? e H Hyde, N Y
R J Yung, do Dr J Tanny, Mo
J ?- Mathews, Del J F. Brinks, Va
W Lewis, Va R Dale. Phila
Mia H H Sl?uer, daugtr 8 Atkins n do
and servant NO ZG Re y. Md
Mrs ftawwn, do C G Molen. Euroife
" Md J D Mills k |?, Md
1 S vv Hh??8 a 1T, Va W H Mattinglv, Va
t * ^ ''iLVa J F *u?roer8 k \}, Md
J R Bateman, Md j t* Wh t? k ly ??
M P Seymour, Va H P ChUds a ?on, ??
" a kj c. WILI.ABD.
John Rrihlxme ly chdu Mr Marat >n ly dauibtar
k f w" Tvaru Conu nnd ?e> vant, Mobile
, 1 C Tfdb?'l k ly, USA
Londv? J H CoibolB,biUt
a n^W,r?T,#*U* T Mull n, do
i ^ J ? MasoA Jr, CSN
< Kabtfwn, do Mrs Mauvlay a daugtitac
J Thompaou. Bit N C ^ '
W V W?0HB, B I
WD1 be ready lot delivery to subscribers early to
Path of th* Steam Hoirs#;
G ^rg-o'islv Kmbell'*h"d with about
With beautiful colored fionti-pieo
One volume, 8m of about 600 rages, and bound in
Turkey morceo, full gi'tr^
This superb volume. which baa been.und?r wa^
lor ion? time, will be ready for delivery to subecri
bers, aa above announced, and will present one of
tfce most splet did specimens of book publishing
ever issued in tht? eou'try. The lllu?tra ions of
the volume *e withoat doubt s"uw of the most
magnificently executed pip?3?* of Art vor pro luce i,
Kv^ry od* of th.a. -*ere tak?n from Nature by the
Artst in persen. au' the constant supervision of
Artist, Author and Publi h<*rhas b^en glv-n to pro
duce gem* of Art?eve**y one of which wil' reflect
redi en all ooncerned. The Type is large end
cle***, while the paper is of a snowy white tt-xtur-,
and very heavy. Tha Binding will be in the flne.-t
stjle of morocco bindery. Altog-t'ier, the B?.ok
will be a Q KM f*r ex<*e?din2 in beauty wd v%'u?,
*nv volume ot a local character ever PUODT'CED
>11 p-rsona who bftve ntt subscribed would
well to do *o at once, in order to be ctrtam of an
earlv copy
Mr. SAM'L B. inCKCOX. 8e*md street. Balti ,
more, -s our sole Agent for Baltimore ani thence to
Wheeling. From any other poiHt, please address
the pub'ishers.
AGENTS WANTED in ere.7 Town on the Ohio 1
BROMWFLL k 8MTTIT, Pub i?hers.
No. IPS Chestnut street, Philadelphia,
oct 4?tf J
TTTK hivf now 10 sr<>re anl shall receive weekly
VV supplies during the sea-on?
A large s'ock of SUki and fhncy Goods.
Plain French Merinos Biccade and plain Blaok
Plnid Merinos, Cashmers Siiks
i lv.n and l'l&id Moufse- Superior Bombaiinee
linn Alps -as, Canton Cloths
All shades Coberg CTc "hs English Crapes, ass'd
Fine Printed Mouaselirn Crape and Love Veils.
Evibroidrri-1 and Kid Cloves.
Misses Kid A Silk Gloves Ladie* Silk and CoHon
Merino and Cotton llo- Hosiery In great vari
si*rv (-ties
Child'n Merino Shirt? Silk and Merino Vests
iSupenVw Ckiht, Catsimcret and YcxHngt.
"asfinets anu Kentucky 2 ps 10-4 Flannels, ior
Jeans - skirting
Suerior Flannels, of all Superfine Tab'e Diapers
shades Napkins and Towelling
Piano and Tsble Cot rs
Also, a full assortment of Genti-men's Merino
anl ilotton Shirt* and Drawers, Woollen and Uot
ton Hosiery, Kid, Siik, Merino Gloves, Suspender?,
Cravats, Siik and Lm?n V'ocket Handkerchiefs, silk
and Cue gingham Umbrella-.
*9- All of which will bt> sold at fair low prioes,
ior cash, or to punctual customers.
No. 533,
Seven* h nt., three doors above Pa. avenue.
oct 4?diiw
JUST RECEIVED, trom the New York
auctions, t large lot ol line GOODS, consisting
in part ot, vis:
Flail and strife Silks in large quantities
Plaid and stripe Bl?ck Silks do
Black and colored Brocade do do
J'lsin black and colored Silks, every quantity
Variety of Satins for ladies' cloaks
Trimmings to match
A large lot of ltonnet Pibsnds
A large lot of Paris Mousseline dc Lalnes and
Cashmeres, the newest styles
A largx asaortmeat of BDmoasin/i and Alpaoas,
?ery cheap
A large lot of French Merinos
A large quantity of Shawls end Scarfs of vari
ous kl> ds
Etahrr iderieo of every description
Ready made Satin Mabala Cloaks and Mantles,
the lit?st Parisian stales*
A lug* lot ol Cloths, Cas iin?rei, and Vesting,
which wn vd 1 have makeup to order in the
be 11 tvi?, cheip; fits guar?ntird
A laric quantity of st&pl-i Goods ot every kind,
Veiv*t Carpo?s, lap?ctry. ltruc8-ls Carjof-, Tlnee
p'y Cirpet-, Ingrains Carpets, Rtw and Hemp Car
pet*, Migs ot every kind, 3h?ot Oilcloths, whfh we
will cu* to suit passages end balln of any size If
purchase e will consider their own inurebt, the;
will certa nls give us a call.
octa-lOtif 71 ALL k BR0TTTE:t.
rF',HE unde.r?^~ d, ha-riajj a>lded Gss-Fitting to
X their forcier bus'"?ss, are pow prepared to ex
ecc.te all order* a th c line, in tne cheapest, moe'
expe'itio"s an<i avproveu manner.
' LUMKI' G and I'INNI '<i d'">ne as heretofore.
A line as.or ment of HTOVZS, Tin and eheet Iron
''VARK cons ant'y On hand
s-ole 'gmits ro the Difltr:rt for^iacQretfor'sPat'rt
OT AIR FUllNACKS, for heating Public Building:,
churches, H-i'is, Private Residfnces, Ao
Also, ft r Barker's LHjulIj Acting FORCE PUMPS. |
Persons in w?nt of any of the abo?e articles wit
find it to their advantage to call on ua ere purcua
t-ing eleew er?.
P.e iginit ihemselve<t to a prompt ex^cu'lon of all
ord rs entrusted to them, they motit respectfully
solicit a con'inuanc* of the fnyors so liberelly b?:
utowed upon them by th*ir f-rmer paironi and th
pubiiM in e<-n?-ra FCR8E, ACO'?LlN8,
Nos 35'^ and 37i,Pa.ar..oppo.-ite Willards'Hote'
s?p 6?3m
iVo. 442 Eighth Strert. be>u:e*n D st and Jti. atkmu.
''pilK under signed is prepared to do SILVER and
X BRASS PL \TING in all their varieties.
Numbers for Uteres and l>w-Uings, Door Plates,
Bell Pu Is. Railing Knobs, L-Uers and Ornam>-ntf
for military and ot ier Ass ciati >ns furuished at
Bal iroore price", ?-nd of his own workmanship.
Ail kinds ot Conch Work in the line done in the
best and cheapest man-,er
Those who wajit silver, brass plating, 4c., done,
will please call as above, on
sep 23?lm Practical Silver Plater.
MRS. R. A. Pr ACO would rospecttully announce
to h>r lady pa'rons and friends that she k
juat receivitg from the New York and Philadelphia
ma kets a very large stock of rieh and beautiful
Fa>l Goods, comprisintr la part1?
bash and Donuet Ribbons, narrow Trimming Ri
New shape Straw Bonnets and Frames
Rich Velver, Plu. h, and Riband Trimmings, for
cloaks and dresaee
Embroidered and lace Collars, Sleeves and Chem
( ambric an 1 Swiss Rufflin^rs and Edgings
Gimpure worked Band", Collars and tile^ves
Head Dresee- and Diess Caps of latest Parisian
and New York 8tylfS
Also, a general sapply of Fanoy Articles, at the
lowest prices.
I would particularly call the attention of purcha
sers to tne great inducement* offered iu Collars.
Lace Sleeve , and Ribanda just from a ctien.
All arts requested to call and axHinin* f r them
lives, at MRS. R A fEA0O?8,
Pa. avenae, between 8th and 9th sts.
MP 28?tf opp. Centre Market
riMlE i-abecribers would respectfully inform their
X nomeroua friends and the public generally that
in addition to our Wood and Coal ? arl near the
Phoenix Haning Mi'l, Georgetown, we havu, f?r th?
better accommodation of that portion of our cus
t"mers who re.ide in Washington, opened a yard at
the corner oi Tw?nty first and I streets.
At *ither of the above places those in want of fuel
will at all times find a good sapply of all kinda of
WOOD and OoAL. at the lowaet market prices.
All orders left at either of the above pUoea will
b? attended to with promptness and dispatch.
Hp 27?dim _ TBAVKB8 * STOVER
PENNSYLVANIA avenue, between 19'h and
IStn streets, north aide, over V' B^s Jewelry
Store ?Me ara. T. H. A G. A- Oehlschlager would
respectfully an noun co to their friends and the
public that they*have opened an office at the
above place, wh?re all erders in the various
branches ot rrawing an" Kngraving will be prompt
ly and carefully attended to We p:<rticularl% call
the attention of persons wishing Designing or
Engraving on Wood, aa this is the only cftloe at
present in Washington where such work can be ex
ecutod. sep 26?lm*
TTflhave juat opuned tbree mere su^prb Pi-nos
W from the justly o-lebrat*d estabMrhiaent ol
llallet. Davis A Co . Ilostou. and Rucon A Rnveti,
New York. These, with the Pianos in ctore, mak*?
our aseertment one of the largest and finest in tki'
We acoept monthly payments, make liberal die
counts for cash, and take old Pianos in jart pay
01J Pianos for sale low.
New Music received regularly.
jnnv f. it.lis,
Pa. avenue, between 9th and !0th e'6.
?ep 29?t'
est obtained for Depositors and others upon first
elaas securities. CH0BB BROTHERS, Bankers.
I it?J. Jx J A) L). J. -. 3 ^
fob pimre ponrr,
f | 7118 OB OJSOL A leave*
I ^HfiflBBKWMhingtoa irtry Saturday morning
at s oWmr, for the above nam?d plaoe. Retui?ing
leaves Norfolk every Sunday at 4 p. m: atODDine at
Old Potnt, Piney Point, wid all the usuaTlandinn
on the Potomac for paeeengers.
?v^l?8^,UTL1i*0Bt,nue to na to Norfolk mntfl
the 1st of September.
to Norfolk ul (Md potat, $6.00.
jj 20?tf JAS. MITOHEIX. < ?pt
The Cheapest, most Comfortable and Ex
peditious Route to the White Sulphw
Springs, Passing the Alum, Warm arui
Hot Springs.
ART.ANGSMRJfTB having been made with the
ol the now and splendid steamer
GEORGE PAGE fc> run b-twsen AWwdriTTm'
Washington, a distance of rfx miles, in oonnectiot
?rith the trains on this, and the Washita'-ton Rail
roads, ihe following schedule will take effect en and
uW Thur?Ii;7, June 1st, 1864:
A Train from Alexandria to Gordonsvllle, and In
^rmediate Stations, wili i-aT? the Depot, ooroer o'
aia ilenry eaeet^a y o'clock a m., on tfcf
arrival of the Boat from Waehingtoii, giving ataca
Urne for B?ak?ut on board, ?rriTin? at Gordon?
ville, fit had-paot 10 o clock,?connecting at that
po.nt wiih the Trains oc th? Virginia Centra'
itcad, to Richmond, Onariottesviiie, and Staunton.
A Tr*ln from Goxdonsvilie to Alexandria and in
termediats stations, will leave Gordcasvlile at
1a o clock, on the arrival of th? cira on tbf
Wrpnia <>ntr?l FWlroed, airing at Alexandre
a. hblf-p&3t U c cloek?thus allowing time to conn en
with the train leavag Washington Citw tor thr
aorth, and for Dinner on beard the boot.
A Triin frcm Alexandria to Warren ton and into;
mediato Stetions will leave Alexandria daily, (gn.
days excepted) at 3 o'clock, p. m- arrlTing at War
rent at half-pant 6 o'clock p. m.
On Sunday will leave at 7 o'clock a. m.
Train from Warrenton to Alexandria and inter
mediate BUtoDB, will leave Warrenton daily (Ban
elay excepted) at a quarter before 7 o'clock a. m., ar
riving at Alexandria at hall-past 9 o'clock a. m.
On Sunday will leare at quarter past IS o'olook
S> Gortfoasville 3 IG I
Tc Ohailottssrille..... _ 4 2f
To 8tannton 6 9!
To 'Lynchburg- .......... 7 21
To ?Loray 4 \
To *N*w Market 5 0(
To Miidlebnrg 2 '25
To Winchester """""" 3 &o
Round trip ticket to Warrenton, from Satur- I
days to Mondays 8 90
?Passengers for Luray and New Market will take '
the train leaving Alexandria, at 7 o'clock a. ru
on Tuesdays, Thursday*, and Saturdays, connecting
with the stages at Calpeper, C. F.
*Pasceng-r3 for Lynchburg will take the fcnir
lesvir^: Alexandria at 7 o'clock, a. on Mod
isye, Wedr.wdays, and rr!d*ys, ocnnecling wUhth.
ata?es r.t Charlottesville.
1 ^^-Paseengers for the White Sulphur Springi
will take the train leaving Alexandria daily, con
aecting with the stages at rftaunton.
#reiorht Trains are running daily, (danlay ex
Per order: W. B. BROCKETT, Agent
Alexandria, Va., May 29 riar Kl?tf
THE gr*at experience and well-known skill of
Prof McClistock is a enfflcieut guaranty to the
public that tfert following list of Medicines, "such as
have been constantly used in his practice tor the
last thirty years, will fully sustain by their effect*
the valuable qualities attributed to them, and
prove to t>e the best Medicines ever offeree to the
/. Pr. McClintock's Pectoral Syrup.
An invalMble remedy lor Bronchitis, Coni-urop
t:on, and all chronic diseases of the throat and
luues. In all de^p seated c mplaintsof the Pulmo
naty orsaag it has proved the most safe, oertai' .
and rapid remedy ever employed in the extensive
practice of Dr. McClintock For any of thei?e form.
of dl?ea-e, showing themseWes tts Cough,.1Tickliu*
of the Throat, S^Hse of Tiehtn^se in the '' hroat.
Prittingot Blood, Difficulty of ?re?t ing Iloxr-w
iiessor Lo-s of Voice, and electic Kcver, its nee will
! e attended with the h?ppieat r?->>ulte, while it i^
pieafiant to tli^ palate ard str^o^tlkefiiEi&c thf
y-hol*-Itconi&iafl no l ittda^Qm or opiaa
in i-ny ?ha] e. Pric*> $ per pint b>tUe.
IL Dr. McClintock'.% Ctid e&d Cough
An infallible cure lor re-eat 9c3g^.", Tickling o'
the Throat, Tightness of Hreathiug, Croup In Chi!
?ireu, Ac. It contains no pressxaUon ol opium.
Pi ice '2o cents v-er Lottie.
III. Dr. McClintock1s Asthma and Hoop
ing Cough Remedy.
An almost Instan'aneous relief for these di*tres*
mg complaints. Tbiu is ihe fruit of an immen',
experifnee, ?nd Is netonl'hing in its effects. S.o jx-r
pou need suffer a day from Asthma or Poopins.
Cotigh who will ?pe it. Price 50 cents per bottle.
IV. Dr. McCliniocks Diarrhaa Cordial
and Cholera Preventive.
A prompt anJ certain cure lor Di-trrboea, Dysen
tery, and Cholera M.-vrbus in all htagee. A sure pre
?enti?* ot A?iatio Cbo.era, wnich no traveler 01
family should be witaout. Prloe 26 and 60 oenfc
per bottle.
V. Dr. McClintock1 s Tonic Alterative
For purifying the blood. The most powerful pu
rifier ever dlbcovered. For all Scrofulous diseases.
"^Kin direases, Eruption*, Boils, Pimples, Krysipela^.
Lleers, fcore Ugs. and all Rh? matic ano Syphilitic
complaints, 4c. It is a most excellent soring mrd;
c:n\ perfectly palatable, und *afe for children or fe
msh'B. i'rice(pint Bottles) $1.
\ I. Dr. McClintocks Dyspeptic Elixir.
DyspvpMa. or di ordered dig^s ion, may be called
the national Diseamt of Am r.ca. llesymptOin^ are
headacne; igddiiHij?; nervou-nesf; iow spirits; dim
neef of viMn, with motes or specks bef re the eyes;
iiching ot the QO>trili; dullness of hetrixig and riniif
ing in the ears; dise^Tfeable taete in the mouth
coustnetion or weight about the chest; difficulty of
brenthiog; ? nse of suffocation in lying down, or in
asce.:am? italrs; ralpitationa, or uneesy feel:age
about th? heart, irregular or deficient appntiie,
setKM ol S'nfc ng a? tne st >macb; acidity; heariburn:
pain or Inline; s ot the abdome.*, and costivenees.
.-ome of these symptoms always app?ar in Dyspep
sia; and sometimes tb? same paiiout h?s mmy ol
them at tfce same time, or at differ-nt times. For
attacking the-e Protean symptoms in their s?at and
source, via: deranped condition of tte digressive func
tioaa, the Dyspept'o KU> ir combines all thev?luable
ingrodi-nti which the Vegetable Kingdom affords
laK-n ib ei uneotion with the V?g< Ubie Pur,<?t! ?e
r'iils, in oeses where tht're ia much co^tiveDess, cr
with the Antl Biliong Bills, where the functions of
the 1; ver are lrrecnlarly discharged, it will tounu
a most effectual remedy. Price (in pint bottles.) $1.
VII. Dr. McClintock's Rheumatic Mix
For internal use; a purely vegetable combination
or the cure of hbeumatism, Gout, and ell Neural
gic and Rheumatic Disea'es. This remedy is offered
with the utmost confidence. It has been nsed most
extensively, and is as near a 8pcciflc for R hen ma tie
Diseases as the world had eve: seen. Prioe per bob
tlr 50 cents.
VIII. Dr. McClintocks Rheumatic Lini
An Infallible outward application for the relief of
all rheumatic or neuralgic pains; sprains, swellings,
stiff neck, stiffness of the joints, pains in the shoul
ders, bark, cr limb . It affords Immediate r lie!
lrom cholic and pains in the s'omach and abdoijen.
as a counter irritant, it is invaluable in all cases
where an external stimulant Is needed. Price (per
bottli) 60 cent*.
IX. Dr. McClintock's Anodyne Mixture,
Or Pain-Extractor, used interna ly and extai mlly,
for the instant relief of ail pains. Toothache. H-ad
ache,? bolic, Ague in the Face, Chilblains, Neural
0r ?r*vel? *?-? Ao- No pain need be en
dured a moment by a jy person who will n-e this
invaluable Anodyne. Price 60 cants per botttle.
X. Dr. McClintock's Fever and Ague
This has been found an infallible specific for this
sccurgs of new countries, and for intermittent
fevers. No traveller or resident in any ague die
trict should lail to provide themselves with this sure
preventive. Prioe $1 per bottle.
XI. Dr. McClintock's Vegetable Purga
tive Pills,
Fqt ilia relief of Constipation and Its painful re
sults, fiich as Headache, Dizziness, Sick Stomach,
Pain), and all the symptoms enumerated under the
4 Dyspeptic Elixir." Price'26 cants per box.
XII. Dr. McClintccVs Pills,
For Liver Complaints, and all forces of diseases
arising iroin deranKemeut of the liver, with rymp
tr>ai8 such as Dixzinass, Headache, Ringing in the
!? ar-", yellovi furred tongue,puin in the rigUt shoulder.
?e j* of fullness or pain in the right side, disordered
stomach or towels, deficient action of the kidneys,
clay colored stools, Ac. These Piiia, if taken in the
insipient stages of Bilicua ami Yellow or other
Feve/i, Will generally ward off the attack. Prioe
'ib oents per box.
Tne abwve Medicines may he procured of all the
principal Druggists and Apothecaries in this Dis
trict, and of J. ij. Haxshaw, Agent, Washington
sep 1K?6m
A S IK VOICE of Harrison's oeiahrated
1V iumbian Perfumerj juat opened at
_ Pa. avanns, betwaan 9th and 10th streets
" * b ' a* .
_ .T.AR3D,
Wo. ITT CHESTltVT STREET, offomt tht StaU
House, Ff&adrlphi*.
k NtftiiUOTIONS to enable l?dien ud QemUaiaea
A to measure their own he*l? with *oct ra?r:
IbrWiga, Inches. Toapeee * Scalps, Inch.
No. 1. The round of the No. L from forehead to
hoed book ?> far m
*, from fore head bald.
over the hood to L Over forehead m
neck. f*r as r*cuirod.
B, From ear to oar 8. Over vhe erown of
over the haad. the hsed.
*. From ear to oar
round the ftre
R. Dollar I bu
?iwcys ready tor
tale a splendid
stock of Gents'
Wife, Toupees,
Ladies' Wigs,
half Wigs, Frto
ots, Braids,
Our Is, Ac^ bean.
tlfully manufacture! and as obecp m any establish
ment in the Union.
prepared from Honth American herbs and root*, the
most sueoesefnl article ever pr-duo-d for preserving
the hair irom falling out or changing color restoring
and preoerring It In a healthy and luxuriant state. |
Among other reason* why Dollard's hair-cutting ?a
loon, maintains its iumense popularity is the fcet
that his Tonlo to appli?4fe> every bes<t of hair cut at
bis establishment, oonseqnently It is kept in better
preservation than under any other known applica
tion. It being thus pincttcally tested by thousand*,
rSsr* the greatest guaranty of its effieeey. fold
wholesale aud retail ut his Old Establishment, 177
Chesnut Street, opposite the State Hr?use, Phila
R. Doilabd has at last discovered the irr fids TJt
TKAof hair dye, and announoes it for B*ie, *ith per
fect oonfii^noe, in ite surpassing everything of the
kind now in use. It eolom the hair either Mirk oi
brown, as may bo deeirod, and is used without any
injury to the hair or skin, either by sUio or other
wise. can be washed off in ten minutes after the ap
plication, without detracting from its eff oacy. Btr
sons visiting the city are invited to give him ? <*'i
Letters addressed to R. DOLLARD, 177. CHBBTNTJT
STREET, PHILADELPHIA, will receive attention,
jan 23?ly.
J OHM V. SRIDBR, Dealer In ^Jnes, at the
fbrmer old established Win* Start of JACOB
SNIDER, Jr., No. 78 Walnut street, four doors be
low Fourth street, where comumtrt will be supplied
with wlNOS and LIQUORS on the most aoounuoo
dating terms.
JACOB SNIDER, Jr.* Agent fl>r the Im
ponation of FOREIGN WINES, Oftce So. 76 Wal
nut street, Philadelphia, where he is peeper.-? to
receive orders for the specie! importation of Wines,
4c., from various houses in Europe, in quantities oi
a single doeen and npwurds; and also solicits for hlh
Son, JOHN VAUQIIAN 8N1DKR, the patronage oi
his friends and former customers.
V All Wines ordered for Washington will be d?.
livered by Express fru. of freight. }e 8?ly
{^*tw$en Eighth and Ninth, north fids.)
soesa foe 28?ly] wax;vM waj.ucj
The Fiftieth HdJtten, with
One hundred Engraving*
showing Diseases and Mb..'
formations of the Hnmai)
System in every shape and
form. To which Is added a
Treatise on the Disease* cl
Females, !>eing of the idgh
est importance to mcrriod
people, or thoee oontem
plating ic-rri&ge. By
Let no futber be aahame
to present a copy of the
xESCULAW.UKto his child
?*** It may se--i- him trom at
rarly gravo. I/st no yoyng man oi vt man enter in
u> the secret obligations of married life wlthou*
-^vdlng the POOSKT vESCULAPIUS. Let no one
spring from a hacknied Cough, Tain in the side.
roat!?ss nights, u^rrous feelings, aid ihe whole trail
of Bydpeptic scn^atioris, and given up by their phy
ri-i*!!, be another moment, without 'oniulting tfct
Z>CULAVIU3. Have tha married, or thoae about
o be married acy impediment, read this truly n*
?tl booi, as >t had bsen the mean-t of boriog thnus
irds of unftrtunat.-> creatures from the very jaws ut
W- Any person sending TWJ5NTY-F1TTS CENT?
<nclo?*i in a letter, will receive one oopy of thl*
*ork by mr.il, or fire copies wiil be ssr.ifor One Doi
Addrecs, (post paM) DR. WM. YOUNO,
No. 162 Epruoe stxoct, Philadelphia.
ap IS?1?
DR. O. MDNSON has fitted op th*
.house and office on Pennsylvania ave
nue, formerly occupied by Dr. Hum
phreys, and is making TKBTH on an en
tirely new plan, with continuous gum?the very im
personation of nature herself, only handsomer if de
sired. Public inspection respectluilv solicited. Dr.
M. owns the patent for the D C., Va., and N. C.
All departments in Dentistry attended to and war
ranted to be done in the very beat manner,
mar 14?lv
Ct MALL BUILDING IXJlrf of lo feet or more, in
O various parta of the City, and Geo? get >wn, at
low prices, and terms to suit. LLOYD A CO.
for sale, deliverable at the Canal, or Wharv* is
Washington, Georgetown, or Alexandria.
For stle, a large and handsome CARRIAGE anc
15th street, opp Treasury Department,
jv 28?lv
I 1*71
"IIS h^HU'.lful burial place of the dead having
J just U* a <i?? i : with appropriate coreconiet
f >r t.he iiurr>.'?e( is no?v open for iha reception of thf
r*niains of dwvssed persons.
The M AUt-OLBDM has capacity for a bundre<
bodies, in which such lriends cf the dead as ma\
*pplv chu place the ^oparud until they beloct ?it?.
for the graves.
'i?h?plan of th- inoorporp.tors is one of equality it,
rearard to the Jots, which will not be put up pubilclj
for aale, (although they usually bring a premium.)
in?king tue early selection of lota Uo men deeir
Until an offlos is establlabed in the city of Wash
Ington, applicitions wi l bo punctually attended
to at the present office, in the ?>aat wiugot the ouSu
ing cn entering the Cemetery. i
N. B.?Glenwood is situated a abort diotaoioo due
north of the Capitol. nag 11 Pin
IIkadqcartkm Mapise Corps,
Quartermaster's Odico,
Wjtfhingtou, September 2?, 1854. ,
celvei at ihis offi e until 12 o'clock a. m., on
Tuesday, the 21tn day of October next, lor furnish
ing Rations to the UnM?d State* Marines at the fol
lowing ttitions for the year 1?55, vli:
Char'eslo-n, Masfaf humt%
Portsmouth, New Hampshire j
Brooklyn, Long Island, Now York
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ' I
Gosp>rt, near Norfirdk, Virginia
Warrington, Florida, and
Washington City, Mstrict of Columbia.
Ka'h Hation to consist of one pound and a quar
ter of fret-h beef, or three quarters of ? pound ol
mess pork, eighteen ounces of bread made of super
fine flour, or superfine flour at the option of tho
(Government, aud at the rate of *ix pounds of grod
coffee, twelve pounds of the bwt New Orleans 8u
gar. sight quarts of the beet white beans, lour quarts
of vinegar, two quarts of Halt, four pound-' of good
bard brown soap, andeoeand a half pounds of good
hard oipped tallow candles, to one hundred ra
The beef required shall be delivered on thf order
of the oowmaiiOiiig oltl' ejr of each fetation, ?-itIer in
bulK or by ? n*ie ration, and shall consir.t tf the
best and rnoft choice pieces or the carcass.
The rork to be No 1 prime m?'S8 pork, ar:d the
grorerle-i r0 b? ; f ths beft quality of the Kinds
named, all mbjeci to inspection. No bid will be en
tertain-d uuie^s aecompauied by the names of two
surft e- known to this offli*, cr oertiEed to by some
i-filcia! person.
To be .utji.rs-d ' Proposals for Ration* for th?
year 1855," und tildte ra to the Quartermaster oi
the MvTne' orps Wmhinj on, D. C.
The Pntriot, 1'oncnrd, "<. Gaiettr, Portsmouth
N. Morning "ort and Dally 'time'!. Bo-ton Ma/s
Da\ Book, New Ycj-k- Eagle, Brooklm, N. Yj PtkB
sylvaaian and Evening Argus, VhrleJe'phia, P<.:
Ul^be Portsmouth, Ya; Arrus, Nor fork, Va ; Dem
c?-at, Pensa rla "la, and .Anient?ity St. Augu.
>ne. > 'a , will pcblish the tboTe three timaa a week
utiltt-ev4tb of October n-xt, ani send Mil,
- ?? vwwwv. am AW, au? WUVA L I I A, '
aoopa"4ed by oopy of this advertisement to this of
ihtiiwi imitinims
Oflmbii llolkMmial with*" to the ettiseae of Bel
ttanre. I wa egw ?il tfOaten nhthw
?ut wit boat pain, cr the um> of tajr knit*. I on
mre all fcinis of Fits mod Spasm*. Rheumatic Pains,
Consumption, Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Piles, Palsy, or
?bj other ailme.at tha huiuu family are kutyoct to.
He oaa stop Bleeding from the Lungs or Noan, any
distance from the patient, by knowing tha patiaafs
name. I; was born blind, sod hw rtudUd **vtral
years andar an India* Doctor who was amecg the
eild Indians th'rteen years.
DR. SPENCkR has removed from Mr. Buckley's
Boarding House, tr
aog 11?tf Baltimore, Md
This well kept house and UBS
TALRANT, opposite Camdan St?
tie a, northeast corner of Ctundei
and Ltbnrry strasfa, Baltimore, 11<1, is
a convenient Hotel, where travelers to and from
Washington, Ac., will fiud agreeable aooomin<*da
dons ? ' *?*,8?31X1
J 229 BALTTMoas ?tkmt, IiAXriMoaa, Md.
Are desirous cf" ciosing out a great portion of their
present stock of elegant FANCV GOoDs, Jewelry,
Watches. Clocks. rans, Op-era Glas^e?, Dressing Cases
Wri ing Desks, lie Pit^-bert', Vaa-a, Brontes ae., pre
^nratoi y to receiving their ?all supply. Purchasers
?ili find great bargains. eug 4?tf
kc ? This delicious beverage becomes the greatest
fiavorite wherever It Is introduced It is equally
pMlatable, more wholesome, and not half the price o?
^ther foreign wines. Many physician? use it ex
?Jaftvelr. and recommend It to "all tronMed with
flatulency, t'yspepeia, Debility, Cramps, Diarrhcra
a-id Dyivmerv. Persons subject to Chills or living
n districts where Ague prevails, Und its oecaei-.nal
i?e a pleasant and admirable preventive. Mixed
with a little cold water, it lorms the most refreshing
*ni wholesome cooling drink in warm weather that
sen be taken.
Price frO ots per bottle. $5 per doaen.
J. BAJLMRKcorner of Baltimore and High streets.
?nd BROWN BROTHERS, LiUe.ty si. Baltimore
SDjTT A CO., Washington.
PKKL A ?TUVENS. Alexandria.
JkSSK LANDLs, Frederick.
H. BUFF, Portsmouth. Va.
BOBKR-reON A CO., Petersburg, Va.
WM OlSSKL, Georgetown. jy 10?tf
Wfll. TAYLOR * CO..
Corner of BaUimcrc mad (Jtaruu street,
WM. TAYLOR 4 CO. beg leave to eall tits atten
cou of the reading people snd all dealing in B<oks,
to their new BOOK, PERIODICAL, and NEWS
PAPER EXTABLISHtLKNT, where <~tai be (oniid
> ur^'e aotl gene; <u a^eornaent of all the late pop'
ar publication:- o: the day.
ibey aiso keep on hand a splendid a&>ortmoct at
ilttin and r?n<-y STATIONERY of every description.
All orders tuankruliy received and filied with de
fpe.'cn, nua Eent \)t return ot the mail, express, or
itaav. or in any other way the person ordering c.?y
tfc.-oji*ellcrs, News Agents, Pedlars, and ail other!
<ar-fted with any Books, Magasinee, etcn at the
lowest rates.
Any Book published In this country can be had
?y sending your order tn us.
Oct. Baltimore and Charles eta., Baltimore, Md.
mav 23?11
f ?
i 1 O. SMITH A. CO., Manufacturers and
UAL OIL, ??? No. 34 S. CALVfiRT 8TKKBT, op
K-Mte Weter street, BALTIMORE, Ud
isu *il?ly
). Kt CHAflEXRLAII'l Conner.
clal tJollepre.
No. 137, Hjdtinort -trect, Baltimore, Ma
I 'IIr rstpnsiblr clject of this Institution is to r'acr
i. In t>'^ reach of inu'vi-jaals proper faciiiU' S fcr
>l'?iuirg a tlMirc r.gh and practical n?-CMitil? ede
valine. A y< unf rasa csn here obtain a more ccr
??ct kr.owls jse of gonera! bamrp^q insttm in a few
?*eke th-n oan be ar^uired in as many years In asy
?a? courting house.
The course of study embraces donble^ntry book
Xesping, and its adapt tLan to various departments
>t cernmeroe and trade. Mercantile ealcu'ntions
j?ught scecidlng to the most approved method*.?
?r-ictieal PecmsMhJp, combining rapidity of exr-cn
ica with beaoty of conrtrueden. uec: aree upon
a^rcsutile law, opon rarions important m'roan tile
o:^ect.e. beside inruy other points necessary ilrr a
x>ok-keeper or bu^neBB man to unJerstsnd. Time
.???FCArT for ? student to complete the course varies
*rtia five to eijrht weeks. There being no vacation,
ip^lionutfi can enter at any time and attend both
Uy ard evening. Examinations are held at 'tated
jeriova, and diplomas awarded to three whe graau
?te. For terms, Aa., vrite and have a drcnlar frr
vtrded by laaii. feb 4? 1}
?<?aSk South^s.Bt corner of
fabJ-lr Bultlntnre, Sid.
WE vriah to purchase imm-disrely a large num
ber of lively YOUNG N3GR0E8, for the New
"rlenns market, for vhiih w?- will psy the highest
bit prv-e*. Ail pi-reons having 'laves for salt-, will
.nd it to th^ir advantage by calling on us, st oar
)S?, No. 12 Camden street, Baltimore. Md^ t< rin?r
- fccupie-l by J. 8. Donovan. Liberal commissions
lid for inforioatjcn AH communications prompt
r Attended ts.
J*n 2T?1.7 J. M WILSON 4 G. H D'JB S.
. The endeiaigne.^ desires to mm
:^.^^BBBcail the attention cf purr-ha-?5t$*L
^ie stock of PIANOS.*tor"*
1 * W ll ""onfisting of 6, i"-4, and
r-e^taves, with or without meta'ie Tn.*?*
<lEnoe ere remarkable for great power of toae, Irt m
h- lowest to the highest notes, with an elastic and
-erdyl ouch, being suitnS to anv perfr.rmers MU
10 for pienoe, and all o her Musical Lo/ trurosnu
cnstautly on IianJ and received as Foc-n at: pttbiuL
?<i. Tbe tThlf eopplicd on k'beisl terms
7AM. E. EOt' WPLL,
No. Baltimore rixeet, .'aJtJmore. Ma*
DO If!?1 ??
Wb. Rn?s> U. Guhu Ad. Barns
Vim Piemtam Grsad aad tqvar*
KNATE, ^ A' FILE A CO., manufacttu*
*1 eTTTtrs. Nos. 4. i. c. snd li. Eutaw street,
Baltimore. K. A G. would respectful)? sail public
?ttentiou to the .great var>< ty ol tbair IRON FRAME
-MANOS, conjiUnUy tinuiiung, whieh for durability,
tebcasy cf touuh, brilliancy of tone, they believe are
aot surpassed by any now manufactured. In add>
ion to the fir ft Premium awarded them by the Mr
. jland Institute in 184k and 184W, they havereoeived
"ue highest ?>?<\.miums ot the most eminent artiste,
rho used these Irsu umects for their Concerts. Al
to, of our first cU^e Prwfessor? ?nd Ameteurs in the
V.tr, who have highly rew nunended them.
? PT4NOH T1T4ET) oe^A?ly.
-*?9 Baltimore ntreet, have on huad ai>.d are aor. |
-rartly making new sty lew of Silver Ootfoe and Tea
eta; Silver Pitchers; Walters; Castors; Goblets
u?e; Spoons ; Forks; Ice T^ngs; Crumb bcrapers;
le, Ice er-am, and Fish Knives; Salt Cellars; Bat
Mr &n<ves, Ac, af warranted Sterling tkiorr.
ie 22 -tf Baltimore, Md.
I scriber keeps constantly on hand a Urge rap
. ly of Feather Dnt-ters
Also, "weeping, d us tin*, scrubbing, Window, Cob
ireb, white wash, plaster;r-, t-Loe, store, paint,
htirae, furniture, health, scourers lye, crumb cloth,
steumi, heed, nail, comb, fhaving, and toot>? Brush,
?p, all of whijh are offered at a small advance ou the,
ianufacturers prices
'Xhe trade turntthed at liberal discount.
ilgn of the I^rge Gilt Saw,
oot 4 Pa. avenuts near 10th at.
C^lTIfcKSfc Or WASHINGTON wiehingt.. lay in
j a slock ef W>,0L? tor w>ut->r will av a^li to give
o>e a call hs 1 an. oonstautly receiving wood of th'
best quality oa ocnsignm<-ut, ard cen giv?- the best
bargains in the city, wholesale and rebiil, at my
yard on viaxyland avenue,at the Canal bridge, neur
the Capitol.
Ale>, for sale lew thr.-e fir*t rate Cirts. two Wa
fcr IV.nka, V, heels, and geeiing for a buggy.
A lot of ready n.i.?ea i'ainu.
( riert taken for White oak Lumber, Ac.
seplS-lm V. W. UKATH.
HO. HOOD haw iust returned from the
e North with a tood aMoitmen^ cf flue ^o!d
^ aTCH K?, A^b gold jewelry, pum SILVER-WARE,
A Ac . which hu now eff-ru for eala a greatly re
dnoed prices, and 9'ety article warranted a* re ore ?
aenfd Kt tme tf tele, ^ tha *vvrj one oan buy
equally Safe ?wbd ohe. p Give him a ?ali, Pec^sl
lania Avenue, between H ur aud a-half and i^h
otreet. Sign ot the Urge spread fie*!*
99U% I
W* TWDIO 9009!
PiraXTap* 0? t,?
mOlA* AVMra, V? MWBpW ?4t>, UBtS 10 *
m? on WedneaWy. the 11th day of OdoUr^
jot fumUiang goods tor Indiana, ?? follow*.
Clam No. 1.
Mackinac Blanket* and Dry Oon4,
? >00 s?ir? 5-point wMt? Maokinap hint^ .
EWrora at) by 7S tacbea, and to w,
2^00 pairs 2H poiat do., to m*a<ur* !<W?b
and weigh 6
1,000 pair* 2 P^*?t ? *? Msnaare 42 by it, ?a4 w
weigh 61 4 pocndi
1.000 pair* 1H P??1 40- triB'4rew w *T *, *4
nrlfiti 4*>? pound*
goo pair* 1 rrfat do. to rnwon *2 by 44. M ta
weigh pounds
300 naira spoint scarlet do , to mMnn Kkt,
andw***h 8 p-uad* ' a
300 p*l? 2* t*tnt do ?10 n,*%*un> 54 ^ ?4, im
vigh ? pound*
100 pair* 3U po+nt
?*dwvtgfe 10 pMad*
2.S0 pah* S-po?Bt do . to moeeor* 10 by Tl ??
weigh 8 run id ?
ISO pair* iU point do., to meaner* 64 br v .
weigh 6 rounds ' ^ u4
100 pairs 3 ^ point Oentin.Ua blw 4o? t*
rrrr WWW, and wei?h 1? poa&o,
400 paint 8-point do., to meaeur* a* fer 7,
Wfdjrh H pounds *??aio
300 pair* 2**. pchrt do , to n?amw UbM,u
weigh ? pound*
1000 yard* fanc\ lint Nw cloth
160 do do green do
4 000 do fray Hat blue do
2 000 do eared li?t do do
2400 do do aenrtetdo
160 do do green do
800 poinds wor?^d yam. 1 folds
500 doaon entton flag handkerchiefc
TO do D. Madras da
00 do black ? ilk do
?0 do W oott >n ?haw la
30 do M do
60 do 4-4 do
20 do 8-4 woolUr shawls
60<) pound* iri-o tbrwad
20 do M*inK silk
200 piece ? ribrnde a?? rted
60 groes worsted gartering
SO p>w?s silk handkerchiefs
S%000 yards calico
10 000 "do Msrrtmaeealioo
2,K?0 do blue drilling
7 000 do ?-eorri? stripes
8,010 do Moo dennlns
2,000 do cottooaoe
2 000 do bad tirk<ag
900 do K?-Btwky jeans
1,500 do estineta
f.000 do p'ald Hnwy
8 6 0 do drmescio ahirtinr. bleached
1V 000 do on <10 unbleached
8,' 00 do do slit^nt do
6,000 do checks, rrlpee and pkai-ls
100 dozen wo?Uen socks
1,000 yard" flannels. a?*or ad
600 pounds rott?n t bread
400 decn spo^l cotton
8.">0 pounds ootton maitre
86 do hMtChivM vnadlltai
1,600 do hrow n gU.mg twine, No>. M
l.oo<i flannel sbirta
l.MA. oalioo do
Clam No. 1.
Rrmdy-madr ClothmQ.
fOO blue cla h frock coals
600 do pantaloons
300 do Tents.
Clam No. 3.
Birdtoarr and AffrtcuUnrml
2,000 pounds bra s krttia*
1,200 tin kettlaa
80 neat a japai nod do., 8 in a u
10 doaen 10 quart tin
16 do 6 quart do
20 do 4 quart do
tO do 2 quart do
70 do butrfaer kntraa
74 do scalping knivaa
10,000 gun fltnta
8 gross "us werma
80 do pqaiw awl*
6 do h<wks, aanortad
10^ doaen do linos, do
126 gro?s ne?j??a, do
1X6 dot en oomba do
26 do scissors do
6 do bosh srythM
8 da gr?ae do
4 do grain do
t do adses
16 do grubbing boaa
48 oa weadinc do
100 pa rs bam ?
200 do tr?oe chains
200 lo* chains
100 mule coliars
100 drawing knivea. 10 aad 12 tnehaa in langth
2U0 auger*, in equal proportions cf 1%< 1, ^ and
y* m. h
J6? hat d saws
26 rro?s cut mti. 7 fset In length
26 do do 6 do
20 doaen hand saw (Ilea
8 do ems* ?ut saw files
5 do wood raeps
660 quarters socket chisels, 1, aad 2 inch
60 plaue* for* and jack
10 doaen shovela
16 do rpadtw
800 namp kett'?a
200 ahort handled trying pati*.
Class No. 4.
100 doaen axes, to weigh from 4% to 6.If pounds
JO do half axe*, to wel^b pounds
24 do hatchets to waigh 1^ pound
100 broad uu, ordinary sue.
Clah* No. 6.
7?0 northwest gura two-thirds of which must
meas-iT* 36 inches in ien^th of. barrel -
and one third 42 icchesin Kngth ol barr ^
to lnc!ad? the covers and paakinx cast *.
Bsiid goo is to be furnished at lioaton. >tw York.
Philadelphia, Pcltitoore, Cincinnati, ?r. Louis, De
troit. or Chioago. as rray be an??ifipd io the a^c?pt
ed bida; anJ tin* dtLvenea thereof to b? made by
the 1st day of A pri' next, or ?t i-uch t me or tinea
thereafter, durlnc the >ear 1865, as may be order d
by the Comuiia^ione.r of In !i*a Affairs
The rich' wll he rv enrsd to require a greater or
h-is quaiitity of cuy oi th? articles rnneed than that
sp- ciftfi in the ult ve scke<lule; ai.d al? any other
of a oiff rv i co ription thai may he ureded, at the
lowest lU&lk't pri.^8
Oortda of American manufacture, of the required
styles bud quality. wiU be I referred; but as the
s?mi<:ea of b aiiketsan) cloths ate foreign fabrics,
it will be i e e?arv. in proposing a doMeatk (itkia
of either of these kiuda, toat a sample thereof sha l
a^-omi-auy tl e bid
The a-tirles to be furnished mast. In all reapects,
conf-rm . a: d be equal with the sample*, recently
telidfHJ. which m*y be reen at this otfna. Tbry
wi I be rig dly inspected and coinpar>d with thr re
samples by an agent or a eat* appointed for that
porpo?e. *ucb as may be usual thereto, in any j ar
ticular, wi i be rejected ; in which oa*?e the contrto
tor will be boun.i to furaieh others of the laqul.-ed
kind or qua:;ty wjt'do three day:, or if that be r< t
lone, tbe> will lie purrhatwd at b-a ?xr <*bae. Pay
meat w.il l.e mmi fur Uie goods ivoe r?d on invoice
therrot. certified by the agent or agents appointed
to inapect them
The experienoe of the department will constrain
it to decline In consider proposals from persons who
are not regular ana establish- d dealara In the par
ticular kinds cf art clet< bid lor, cr from thoM who
1 ave not acqnain ed themsaiTes by an exaatinat on
of the faniple*. witn the character and quality <f
tbosa requir d; end thoee lids only wiil be accepted
which, a 1 c rcumstances cons dered, shall he d?emed
most adv. ntage; us to the Indiana cf the United
11 -nda will t e required. In the amwunt of the
biJ,for the lai'hlul per'o mance cf the ocntract,
with two or more sureties, whose suCceney must
bt; artified by a United tutes judge or dUtrirt
The proposals mu?i ?mvrare the articl's, with
quwtities ihi reof, as ibev are arrat ged m the fore
going schedule, with the prices annexed to r?ch in
dollara and cents at wticb ther will be furniahed,
and the amounts must Ik- tarried out and footed up
for carh claas. They rhould be aubBittcd with the
?u!It.wiiig bending:
"I (or w?. hereby propose to furniab, k* the Mr
vice of th - Indian department, aid according to the
term3 (f its advertisement therefrr, dated UspUm
b.*r 14th, 18t4, the following articlea at the prices
thereto affixed (hrre insert the list according to the
clans or clashes propo ed for.) deliverable in the ?ty
of(Bo?t^n, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore,Cin
I cianatl, Kt. D^rott. or Chicago, aa the case
may be,) by the fire: day of April next, or at su-h
L.me or times, dunrg the <ear 1&.6, a* may be or
dered by the Ccmniis^ioner of Indian Affair*: anrf I
(or we) will aleo furniab, at the reme prieas, acch
aiditonal quautiU aof thes?me kinda aad quali
ties cf goods, and at the loweat market prior a. scch
other artkles of a different detention as may i e
required for the *ervu.-e of lite Indian dei?rtment
during the >ear ISoo deliverable aa above etatec'.
Ai d i: th s proposal le a cepted (bsre inatrt the
w>-ds'In wh< le er i ? jart ' mi re bau oae i laaa
pyopoaed for,) 1 (or we) will, eitbin iweutv d?ya
tbereaft??T. execute a contract accordingly, and give
weuiHy. Haihfucti r> t? the Couiu ie k ner > f Indian
ACeiis, tor t\? taith'ul perfo' mat ce ?f ih? same "
Hnrh prtirv sal mu-t also be accompanied by a
gi a'an'ee, in the following form, to be aigned ty
two or tuor.' re# {lona'ble p? r-oua, wbo^e auSctency
muat be (<er*ifie<i ty one or mure persona, paraonal
ly "i effl ia.ly known to the department:
"I (. r we) hereby guaran ee that the above W
der (or hld'tera) if a <?< nt act shall be awarded la
him, (or thee) according to hia (or their) foregoing
bid or proposal, will execute a contract aad give se
curity t.r the perf rmance thereof, aa pr?ecrit>ed in
the a verti?ement 'or propoaala to* Indian goods,
da!ed (September '4,1864: and I (or we) agree to
pay any and al< damage* oi loaae* which the United
S la tee or the Irdiana may suffer by r-eson of foil
j ure ao to do on the pen of aaid bidder" (or Mddera )
{ No piopoeal trill he aonddervd hat doea not
atriotlj conform u> the term* aad dtneet oaa of tbta
advert semenL CIUKLKS JL MIX,
A#liM (
>ap 16?daU^XOtXfcl

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