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At the Star Kiiftflings, corner Penvtylvanxu
arenus xm*l Eleventh street,
By WAIiiMH *- H9PI ,
WUl be served to aatocfibera inahe cities of Wash
ington, Geurge.own, Alexandria, Baltimore and Phila
delphia, at 8lX* AND A QUAP.TEB CENT8, paya
ble weekly to the Agents. To mail subscriber* the
subscription price is THREE DOLLARS AND
FIFTY CENTS a year In advance, TWO DOL
for THREE MONTHS O^Smeia cortss ok*
?--?> j sJi . . |
NO. 560.
This sxoeUeut Putilj and News Journal?contain
inj a greater variety ft iaceresOn| r??4i^| than /
be found in any other?is published oo Saiurday.
~b* ruuu,
8iafte copy, pet ana am ?. I it.i i^fl 88
to ctrsa. .
Five copies.. .inynwi ? 8 ??
Ton do. ????,?? 8 88
Twenty ?<???88
99- Cash, uttajuablt ta adysjkn
fp- Singe copsss (to wrappsn) cat
a Ux' counter, inunediataiy after Ike
papfcri Price?vbui csrrs. - ??
i'ormmiM who act as scants will b?
a c?jmmiHRion of twenty per oeoti
Of tiM
[No. 621.]
WnSHU^ osrtain lands situated in tb? States
herein* fter-fnention-d were withdrawn from
?*]? or entry (except far pre-emption claims) by or
ders of the President of the United states, issued on
the representations and at the urgent solicitation*
of member* of both houses of Congress. in sntieipa
tion of grants being made to aid in the construction
Of PKOKMBD railroads, ud Congress not ban02
" ^ S"?1* thWf>{0T> th? Prwidant ban d meted
taat all the land.* heretofore fJiU8 withdrawn until
farther orders which were sutyeet to entry at the
date of withdrawal, (except thoe* since entered by
pre-emption,) shall be restored to market precisely
on the same terms and c-onditioDS m though the
same had not ba?n withdrawn from sale
None* is therefore hereby iriven that, on and af
ter Monday, the ntnth day of October next, all the
land* \ahach were sttbyeot to private entry previous to
j withdraw}al (except tnose siooe pre-empted) situated
r in the following btates, Territory, and lan districts
and particularly described in the notices of with
drawal enumerated b-low, will again be sabject to
private entry and location; and that those town
ship- advertised for sale previous to withdrawal the
reservation of whieh ha* also been rewirded will
be ^proclaimed '?r sale here?ter, to wit:
Lands described in public notice of withdrawal
No 404, August 19th, 1853, for the railroad from
Brandon* Miaa- to Montgomery, Alabama:
In the districts of land subject to sale at Jack
son. Mississippi
Do at Augusta, Mississippi
Do at Demopolis. Alabama
Do at Cahaba. Alabama
No. 106, January 5, 1854, for the railroad from
Gain's Landing, on the Mississippi river, Arkansas,
via Camden, and near Fu'ton, to the Texan bound
ary line, and its branches at Camden:
In the district* of lands sutyeot to sale at Helena
Do Champagnole, Arkansas
Do Little Rock, do
Do Washington do
No 498, January 24, 1854, for the railroad to don
nect the Chattanooga Tennessee) with the Central
railroad cf Mississippi at the Mobile and Ohio road
branch from a point nesr ilytm to Beard'* Bluff,
at the southern bend of the Tennessee rirer. Ala
bama :
In the distriets of lands subject to sale at Demop
oMs, Alabama
Do Cahaba, Alabama
Do Tuscaloosa, do
Do Huntsville, do
Do Lebanon, do
No. 500, February 2S 1864, for the railroad ftom
Mobile to Glrard, Alabama, from Sehna to Ouster's
Landing, on ?he Tennessee rirer. Alabama and the
continuation ot the road f.om Savannah, Georgia,
via Mobile, Alabama, to New Or'eans, Looisisna,
and the branoh thereof from Albany, Georgia, via
Kufa'.a, to Montgomery Alabama:
In the districts of lands subject to sale at 8t Ste
phens, Alabama.
Do Snarta, do
Do Cahaba, do
Do Montgomery, do
Do Tuscaloosa, do
Do Huntsville, do
Do Lebanon, do
Do Augusta Mississippi
Do Greenaburg, Louisiana
Do New Orleans, do
No. 504, March 23,1864, for ths North Missouri
railroad :
In the districts of land subject to sals at 8t. Loais.
Do Palmyra, Missouri
?Do Milan, do
De Payette, do
No. 505, March 30, 1854, for railroads from Pen
sa-ola, Florida, to Montgomety, A'ahsma, and from
tSe last mentioned piaoe via Wetumpka, Elyton,
Decatur, and Athens, to the Tennessee line.
In the districts of lands subject to (ale at Oahtba,
Do Tuscaloosa, Alabama '
Do Huntsrille, do
Do Montgomery, do
Do Tallahassee, Florida j
No. 50., May 16,1854, for the Oakland and Otta
wa, and other proposed railroads, and not released
by Notice No. 518, June 21. 1864:
In the districts of lands subject to sale at Ionia,
Michigan I
' Do Genii enee,
Do Detroit, do
Da Duncan, do
Do Sault St. Marie, do
Do Mena^ha. Wisconsin
No. 516, June 8,1864, for ths Iron Mountain and
Mississippi Hirer railroad:
In tha district* of land subject to sale at St Louis,
.Do Jackson, Missouri
No. 519, July 15,1S54, for the railroad from Du
buque, Iowa, ria St PauL Minnesota, to Left Hand
AiTer, at Food du Lac Lake Superior, Wisconsin,
fsxeept the laads in Wbeousin heretofore restored
Dy notice No. 530:)
In the districts of lands sutyoct to sal at Dubuque
a Iow*
Do Still Water. Min. Ter.
Bo Hrowusriile, do
Do Winona, do
Do Red Wing, do
Do Minneapolis, do %\
That the lands withdrawn in the districts of land 1
subject to sale at Monro* and Satchitooheg^ Loui
notiw So- 435, December 17, 1863, for the
railroad from ihreveHpcrt to Vicksburg, in the said
State, anl of whieh the reservation was extended by
notice No. 516. will be subject to entry again on the
Tth ot December, 1854, the time fixed in said notice;
and that the respective registers and receivers ot the
several Und office above named will c*rry this no
tice inte effect vnL'tout awaiting further instruction*
from this office.
Given under my hand, at the General Land 01
fi*, at ths city of Washington, this 5th day 01
September, Anno Domini, 1854.
By order of the President:
_ ? a i JOHN WILSON,
***> ' ? 2awow Commissioner.
Btjexao Oosrj Xopoqsanm-ai a?ai*?.ii -, ?
OEOPaaiLS rt, ?
* and on ths i5th of Bovsmber next, tor the oon
?truoUon, equipment and usilvtry of a* Iron steam
erfor the Lake Sarrer Servian to be delivered st
Deceit, or at any port of Lake *ria, by the 80th of
next June. Said steamer not to De Vws than 186
feet long, 30 feet breadth of beMn, sic'uslve of fix
tures for paddle wheals and whtsi hocsae : of not
ises than 200 toss burden, and depth of hold about
8h feat.
Tha ^k and cabin of said boat to be trunk fash
ion, and to be divided as follows: far-ard of the
maoWnery. oabin and mess room f?r la* aaoae: an
sf the machinery, cabin and ionu room for oflom ?.
also to have 000king room, steward s iwull p?mry,
water cl eet?, and oustomary csabin and kitchen fur
nitare for not lew than twenty hands and six officers.
1 ?? upper deofc, or caoin rooi, to be sufficiently
firm for eostomary use.
Pilot or wheel houses to be on the upper deck,
and to be supplied with customary conveniences for
T*e ooat to be sehooner ringed, and to be supplied
with reqwidte spars, sails aud rigging. To be prop
erly paiated; to have two adaqoate anehars, with
adequate chain cab lee and all customary fixtures
of hawser holes, chain Mute boxes windlass, levers
?c.,Ac. '
Kech proposer to enumerate details and dimen
sion of parts, and to furnioh a drawing and model
ot Bve boat
The boat to be supplied with two good yawl boats
not less than 20 f*eC long each, an? each boat to
have two good oars, with rndder and tiller.
No advances to be made on the contract, and the
War Deparuunnt to have authority, for reasons, to
declare ths contract void, and to advertise anew.
Tha War Department reserres to itself the right to
aooept any of tt*? proposals or to reject the whole
and to advertise anew.
The boat t ? be able at common steam pressure to
of ten miles the hour, and to be
supplied with suitable coal bunkers, capable Sf
stowia? not lee< thau 100 tons of ooal
MaterUis t?> be of the best quality, put together
in a workmanlike manner, and all customary pre
caution* and iixtur?s fur strengtn, and against hre
to be o>*ervf?i. The boat to have not lea* thau 20
adequate water buckets.
The steam engine of best quality, to be of the lov
Pf?*,ur" with the best reuaat improvements.
When the boat is reported reaiy, by the contrac
tor, one inspector will be appointed by the War De
partment, one. an offl*r of the Navy, to be chosen
by th- contractor. These two to select a third, and
to employ not excelling two prol.^ontJ Pteam
boat m^n. Also to employ the requisite firemen,
laborers. ?e., iu order to make inspection and trial
The boat after lasp?*-tion to be exposed to a t ial
trip, of not lees than 100 miles, in moderate weath- i
ar, 00 which trial trip, saia uoat stetll maintain an
average -peed of not lesi than Uui mii?s the houi
for t?u coiutocutive hours.
The c rtiflcate of said insp ctors, in reference to
the condition, erenxtn or matonaie and machinery
workmiuship, fluidi, aod pe-frrmauce <>r the b?.a"''
to be reoaived an evidence that the oontractor has
fulfilled h s oontract; also as evidence of expen*-*
of inspection and trial, one b^lf of gaid expenses to
be paill Wy ta?- LuiieU Statea, and ou? half by the
sg?uwt<.t. j. j. ABMUT,
.^t I .# f.
Baltimore, Md., June 4,1864.
Mr. Stockbridge, if the Fotmtam HoUi, Light street,
IV a* Sir : Being on the point of leaving the city,
I ??ail myself of a f?w idle moment* to thank you
kindly for the medicine yon sent me, and ehich has
restored me to the use of my limbs. I beg yon to
send m* four bottles more, to carry on my voyage.
8it ?e I had the fortune to use Dr. Hampton's Vege
table tincture my confidence is no strong that, in
gratitude 10 the proprietors of raid medicine, I beg
you tt> present mv respect* to them, and induce
tbem Ho make it more publicly known as a sure
Rlieutoaiic cure. Having railed on me on the 19th
of Apfil last, and seen me prostrated on my bed,
4ijle* in all my liabs, you can appreciate nearly
a* wm|1 as myself the prompt relief I rewired from
Dr. Hampton's Tincture, and I am positive had h
not been tor your strong and forcible recommenda
tions I should still have been in bed.
It it really a pity ibis specific should not be ap
proved by medical men, and like all patent drugs it
should suffer the imputation the public generally
give tr such preparations. I myself, who was al
ways opposed to a patented specific, took this medi
cine %ith reluctance, and without confidence in it,
and it was only through your disinterested, friendly
recommendations, and my critiial situation that in
duced me to try this really beneficial Vegetable
Ycfi may inform Messrs. Mortimer A Mowbray
that |hey are at liberty to make nw of my name in
ippart of the good effects of Dr. Hampton's
.ble Tincture, as it has cured me in five weeks
ironic Inflammatory Rheumatism, contracted
tropical ctima&u, and of seven years'periodical
on. I have only used three bottles, and find
iven the deformed porta of My hands are fast
o their former natural appearance.
I have been under t(>e treatment of several phy
sicians in London and Paris, without any apparent
benefit; also, while In New Ycrk, having tried the
Thompsonian and Homaepathic remedies, after hiv
ing been tormented with galvanic ba'teries, oold
ahl aromatic baths, and hundreds of internal and
external medicines, all to no effect, I am, so far,
cured by this Hampton's Vege able Tincture only.
Therefore, my dear sir, accept of the assurance of |
my gratitude, and believe m* your w?ll wisher.
Thomas Carot.
Portsmouth, Va , Aug. 18,18R1.
Mr. J. 8. Boush??**r sir: While I am, in gen^
ral, spi>oeed to patent medicines, candor compels me
tc state that I have great confidence in the virtues'
of R*mp40O'a Vegetabl* Tincture. For several
months past I have need it in my family ; and in
dyspepsia, lose of appetite, disiiness, and general de
bility, with entire success. 8o far as my experience ,
extends, therefore, I take pleasure in recommend
ing it to the afflicted as a safe and efficient remedy.
| am, respectfully, yours,
Chaplain, United States Navy. ,
Washington, May 17,1858. ,
Messrs Mortimer k Mowbray: Gentlemen?Hav
ing been afflicted with Liver Complaint of ten vears
stanclicg, I hereby, for the b-neQt of the afflicted,
take great pleasure in announcing that after using i
a feir bottles of your Tinoture, I found it had ac I
comftlisbed a perfect jure I have used different I
medicines from time to time, b"t have never been I
ablei to aooount for any apparent good, and it is a j
bleeping to stricken humanity that that medicine is j
fou4d which possesses the wondarous power of pro
lending l.oman life. The many curesit has wrought i
Is a sufficient guarantee of the benefloial results 1
whifch may be experienced from its use. Yours
rrsppctfolly. J. Curtaik Hat.
Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see curse of
Coimh, Bronchitis, Khrumatism. Nnralgia, Dyspep
Ka,?fervcwneuand Qen era! Weakness. As u female
rr.?Bcine or for delicate children we believe it un
4V?Sold by MORTIMER k MOWBRAY, 140 BaJti
morr street, Baltimore, and 304 Broadway, New
and H McPHERdON, Washington; also, by R. I
8. f. CIS6SL, Georgetown; and C. C. BBP.RY,
Alexandria, and by Druggists everywhere.
alg 81?& * *
HOUSEKEEPERS and others are reminded that
the following list of articles are of the very
t>* ? description, and oan be purchased from the sub
scriper oa as low terms as any other house in the
large assortment and ispply always on
Oils of all kinds Queenswars
Paints Brashes
'Oamphins Clocks
?Tarnish ' ' / Lamps
Turpentine Chandeliers
Window Qlsm Girandola?
China Vases
Earthenware Brit Urmia Ware
Glass Ac., Ac., kc.
floods sent to any part of the city free of charge.
Country dealers will do well to call.
7th street, opp. Selden 4 Withers' Bank,
mar 17?tf
PERSONS desiring to send money to Ireland, can
obtain checks for ?1 or more, on the Belfast
banking Company, payable in all the principal
towns. Apply to CHUBB BROTHERS,
Bankare, opposite the Treasury Building. .
TIH* snbscribcrs take pleasure in announcing to
X the public that their stock of GAS FIXTUR.HS,
acmpftaing some of the bast and latest patterns, has
been reoeived, and that they are now prepared to sell i
at the lowest rates. Persons in want mt Ga# Fixtures
will please call and examine -they will no doubt
dnd it to their interest.
Dwellings and public buildings fitted with gs*-tu< j
blng at the usual rates
dec 16?tf Pa. av., bet. 10th and 11th, s. side.
Main' avenue, between 1% and 6th sii.
MANUFAC1URKR of 8team Engines, Boilers,
Water Tanks, Shafting, Pulleys, Hangers and
WerX generally.
Will furnish Saw Mills, all kinds of Castings,
Wrought and Cast Iron Pipes, and every thing in the
Iran line generally.
Two am* 11 EXG1SWS o-a hand and for sale. For
information address G. E. N0YE8, Washington Iron
Works. Wa*hip?'ton, D.fl. jy 16?tf
fpHE offloe of ??The Inventors' Protection National
X Union" is on 7 th street, opposite the East Por
ttoo of the Patent Office, and is now ready to attend
to the business of its members, namely: in making
examination? and soliciting patents, kc. <
Inventors are invited to call and get a copy of the
Constitution and By-laws, and where any informa
tion will be given respecting the Union.
All letters on business must be directed to this of*
See, where attention will be given immediately.
A model shop is in connection with the offloe,
where models oan be made to order at the shortest
notice. T. G. CLAYTON,
ap 10?ly President I. P. N. U- i
undersigned, having added Gas-Fitting to
. their former business, are now prepared to ex
efute ail orders in that line, in tn? cheapest, most
expeditions and approved manner.
PLUMBING and TINNING dona as heretofore.
A fine assortment of STOVES, Tin and Sheet Iron
WARS constantly on hand.
pole ag?nte fo- the District for MacQregor's Patent
HOT AIR FURNACES, for heating Public Building:.
Churches, Hails, Private Residences, Ac.
a.so, fcr Barker's Double Acting FORCE PUMPS.
Persons in want of any of the above articles wii.
find it to their advantage to call on us ere purcha
sing elsewhere. .
Pieigiug themselves to a prompt execution of all
ord-rs entrusted to them, they most respectfully
solicit a contiouanc* of the favors so liberally to;
stowed upon them by their former patron* and rbe
public In general FUR8E A COLLINS,
Nos/350 and 871, Pa. ar., opposite WilLards*Hotrt.
sep fl?4m
Xo. 442 Eighth Street, between D st and Fa. avenue.
riina undersigned is prepared to do SILVER and
X BR A.SS PL aTING In all their varieties.
Numbers for Stores and Dwellings. Door Plates,
Bell Pu.ls, Railing Knobs, Letters and Ornaments
for military and otaer Associations furnished at
Baltimore prices, and of his own workmanship.
All kinds of Conch Work in the line done in the '
beat and cheapeat manner.
Tb<>s? who want silver, brass plating, Ac,, does,
wlli please eaU as above, ma
J. A. SHU&Atf,
PrMtiM) ttlTW Plato?.
PW. BUOW1II11G, Merchant Tailor, Pa
? arena*, under the United Ho- A*
t#l would respeetlolly inform hi* cummers
and the public generally that heJXMjust re- ffa
oeivpd new fall and Winter godds in gr'ataJllL
variety, such as Clothe, C&arimer?*, and Vesting* ol
the latest importation, and is prepared to have them
made up at the shortest notice, in the moat fashion
I able manner, and at low rates of price*.
Baring made anancamestn to go Into the Ready
*nade Clothing business extensively this. Reason, h?
feels confident that he can offer to those wishing to
purchase a stock of Clothing, not inferior to any in
this city, and not made up at the North, as is usu
ally the ease with work told here; but out in his
own establishment, and made by our own needy cit
i?ens in this dull season, at low rates of prices, he is
enabled therefor, to compete with northern work in
eint of prices; and as to quality and stvle, he will
kv<? for those who fHvor him with a call to tudge
He can Bell whole suits, Coat, Pants, and Vest, at
the following low rates:
Good suit for business purposes, out of eloth or caa
aimere, for tha small sum of. . |i6
Dress and frock Coats, from |10 to ?20
Overcoats of different styles 12 to 26
Black and fancy Pantaloons ; *3 60 to 10
Silk and Velvet Vests 2 60 to 10
This stock of Clothing is of a superior quality,
and has been made up since he received the tall and
winter fashions.
He keeps constantly on hand a large assortment
of fancy articles?such as Gloves, Cravats, Collars.
Umbrellas, Ac. ^
I Sole Agent for the sale of Soottfs Report of Fash
| ions in this city. np lfr-_tf
Corner qf Thirteenth and E tbrtrts, near iht Theatrt.
The proprietor of this
I mJpublic house, Mr. William
Greaeon, has refitted, reft- U
ovated, and prepared
establishment for the aooommodation of vi-itern in
such a manner that be trusts will give I\u 1 satisfac
! tion to all who extend to him their patronage. He
I ?T\ng<??eIlt; to have the veiy best of
UiSlBKS, Ac., for the whole season, without regard
toexpense. Families and Parties promptly nupplied.
Uts Bar and Larder is at all times sto^k-d with the
best in the line. Making his acknowledgments tor
past encouragement, he respectfully invitee a con
| tinunnce of th* same, with every intention and ex*
i ertion to please.
| ^ *ew Boarders can be comfortable arcommo
d<tt*d- sep 22?6m
..?' DBRTAKER ?residence 418 Sev
enth rtrwt, between Q and H streets. Jh*nnent*
prccured in any ground or cemetery. Ckffins, Cape,
ahreud?, Carriages, Hearre, and every article for
interments of the beet quality furnished at short
notice, on the most r?asoDabU) terms, and at all
hours of the night. Having the exclusive right of
Crump s Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to
ke*"P the dead for any length of time. oc 11?tf
advertiser returns sincere thanks to his
I 1 friends ana the public in
general fjr their past patronage,(
and informs them thit, with in-!
creased facilities, he is prepared
to attend to all orders in his line of business with
promptness and dispatch. He give* his personal at
tenaon to Undertaking, and those requiring hit
ernaes will always find him careful and obligiue
Cails attended to at all hours, dav aud nigl.t
In the cabinet making line Ue trus's to be able to
give satisfaction as heretofore. His establishment
lS^n,o^^LeD?'N<w- 186 and im> between 17th
and 18th sts., Fliirt Ward, Washington.
? t ^ J0fiBFa gawlir,
001 6?lm Cabinet Maker and Uattartal
undersigned would respectfully inform his
X ?a(b) soqaalntanc?e, and public generally
that he still continues to execute all orders in his
ling of business in the best manner and at the short
! wtnolK ,?
IlfiPAUURS neatly and promptly executed.
- FUanaA?8
the shortest nottoe, and In the bast
manner. Bodiet preserved in the tnetl paftti. man
. ?r, rvm in Hie vxnmett weather. ?
***} f*T0?? ** W(mld w?P?cttUly
solicit, and will endeavor to merit a oontinnanoe ol
| the same. ANTHONY BUCHLY,
_ _ Tm- ?. aide, between 9th and 10thsta.
Residence: Mr. Martin's, No. D street, t.ird
house east ol 7 th street mt 17?ly
I WOULD respectfully return my thanks to the
oitiaena of Waabington and its vicinity for their
I part patronage, and say that owing to the frequent
calls in the Undertaking braneh of my business, I
have been induced to discontinue the manufacture
UNDMT^SS1 ^ my tWJ to the
UWDaKTAXING. I have spared no pains to have
every thing that is requisite to my business, and I
am therefore fully prepared to meet any order after
a lew moments notice, and I assure those who mav
rive me a call that I will spare no pains te carry nt
their orders to their entire satisfaction.
James f. harvjiy,
? ? _ . No. 410, 7th St., between G and H.
a. B.?Calls attended to at all hours of the niahL
mar a?ly
10th street, between Penna avenue and i? street
above McGvirit Auction Store,)
AUNG served a regular iippreuticeship of over
five years at the lim Fitting bmine?s ?
I iu one of the largest establishments in Phil-^tf
I wlelphia, I would respectfully inform the^^
citizsDi o% Washington and Georgetown^SBkJL
that lam preparod to fit up Owelliugs, Churches,
siiorea, Ac^ in a neat and subetantidl manner, a^d
| warracte<l not to leak.
T. t?. ex(*;utes all kinds of Iron Pipe Work, for
gas, ateam, and water, at the shortest notice, end
on accommodating terms.
Numerous references given if required.
Sep 18?lm*
THIS beautiful burial place of the dead having
just been dedicated with appropriate oeremonies
Kit the purpose, is now open for the reception of the
remains of deceased persons.
k J?" ^AC?0LKUM has capacity for a hundred
bodies, in which such friends of the dead as may
apply can place the departed until they select sites
for tne graves.
The plan of the incorporators is one of equality in
regard to the lots, which will not be put up publicly
for sale, (although they usually bring a premium,
making the early selection of lots tae most desir
Until an offioe is established in the city of Wash
ington, applications wi?l be punctually attended
to at the present offloe, in the east wing ot the build
ing on entering the Cemeteiy.
xr ? ?, Js- HUMPHREYS
?. B.?Glenwood 1b situated a short distance due
north at the Capitol. n_8m
SMALL BUILDING LOl'S of 10 feet or more, in
various parts of tbe City, aud Georgetown, at
low prices, and terms to suit. LLOYD A CO.
For sale, deliverable at the Canal, or Wharves in
Washington, Georgetown, or Alexandria.
,, LLOYD k CO.
For sale, a Urge and handsome CARRIAGE and
16th street, opp. Treasury Department,
jy 28?ly ?
subscribers would respedfi^
. numerous triends and the punVgeneralr^Ht
IS. *dtijt}on to our Wood and Coal iard ne?r the
rhoenix Planing Mill, Georgetown, we have, for the
better accommodation of that portion of our ens
tomers who reude in Washington, opened a yard at
tne corner at Twenty first and I streets.
At eithat of the ahov* plaees those in want of fuel
Sarin ^ BOppiy of of
WOOD and OoAl^ at the lowest market prioes.
All orders left at either of the above plsoes will
De aciended to with promptneaa and diapatch.
__sep 27?dim TiiAVSRS A STOVER
0vn O'?8rHLAGER A BRO.,
P^.Il8YliVAKIA between 19ih and
north over V^bb's Jeirelry
Bn~ T,a' * A" Oehlschlager would
2552"^ aunouuoe to their friends and the
ahnii? ^ht thwy have ?P?ned an office at the
?bove place, where all erders in the various
? an<1 K?g?Tlng will be prompt
the ?tt^^ y /tleud8<1 to We ptirticnlarly eall
tne attcntiou of persona wirtdng Designing or
m "Moagton wfctrt tueb work oan be m
?wm, nps?-in?
Tuusubt DiPi&nuHT, August 26,1864.
Notice ia hereby given to the holders of the fol
lowing-described stock* of the United State*, that
this department is prepared to parohase, at any
time between the date hereof and the 90th day of
November next, portions of those stocks, amounting
in the aggregate to $3,840,000, la the manner and
on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wft: .
In case of any contingent competition, within the
amount stated, preference will be given ia the or
der of time in which said stocks may be offered. The
certificates, duly assigned to the United States, by
the parties who are to receive the amount thereof,
must be transmitted to this department; upon the
receipt whereof, a price will be pai , compounded
of the following particulars:
1. The par value, or amount specified hi each cer
2. A premium on the stock of the loan authorised
by the act of July, 1846, redeemable November 12,
1866, of 3 per cen\; on the stock of the loan au
thorized by th? act of 1842, redeemable 31st Decem
ber. 1862, of 11 per cent.; on the stock of the loan?
authorized by the acts of 1847 and '848, and redeem
able, the former on the 31st December, 1867, and
the latter cn the SOth June, 1868, of 16 per cent;
and on the stock of the loan authorisei by the act
of I860, and redeemable on the 31st December, 1864
(commonly called the Texan indemnity,) six per
3. Interest on the par of each certificate from the
1st of July, 1854, to the date ?f receipt and settle
ment at the Treasury, with the allowance (for the
money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in
Payment for sa<d stocks will be made in drafts of
tbe Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant
treasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as
the parties may direct.
But no certifioate will be entitled to the benefit of
this notice which shall not be actually received at
the Trearury on or before the 6aid 20th day of No*
vember next.
aug 28?dtSOVov Secretary of Treasury.
FLABARRK would respectfully infrrm the pub
a lie that he has open?l a Shop at the corner G
and 10th streets, in the above business, and is now
ready to receive orders in any branch, namely:
on all kinds of ornaments tor churches, chalices,
Jewels, and regalia for Free Masons, Odd Fellows,
and other societies, military ornaments, Ac. AW),
Chains, Goblets, Lockets, Tea and Table Spoons,
Deseert and Batter Knives.
On Military Ornament*, Fruit Baskets, Waiters,
Candlesticks, and Oassets. f
Also. Silver plating fbr Plumbers,Gas Fitters, Ac.
All ornaments fbr military, Free Masons, Odd Fel
lows. and other Societies and Clubs made to order
on the shortest notioe.
Corner 0 and 10th sts west, near Pa. ave.
so 6?*m
Vht Krsrt Vvllir of the Blood)
Set a Particle of Hereury in it.
AM 1st alum Rmna>T fbr Serofala, King's Evil, Rheu
matism, Obstinate Ontaneous Eruptions, Pimples or
Postules on the Faoe, Blotches, Boils, Chronic Sore
?yea, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald Head, Enlarge
ment and Pain of the Bonee and Joints, Stubborn
UIcts, Syphilitic Disorders, Lumbago, Spinal Com*
? plaints, and all Diseases arising from an inj udicious
OR of Mercury, Imprudence in Litis, or Imparity of
mUB valuable Medicine, which has become cele
1 brated for the number of extraordinary cures
?meted through Its agency, has induoed the proprie
tor*. at the urgent request oftheir friend*, to offer it
to the publio, which they do with the utmost confi
dence in its virtues and wonderful curative proper
ties. The following certificates, selected from a large
comber, are. however, stronger testimony than the
taere word of tbe proprietor*; and are all from g?n
tinmen well known In their localities, and of the high
Mtreepeotabillty, many of them residing in the city of
lUchmend, Va.
V. BOYD UN, Esq., of the Exchange Hotel, Rich
mond, known everywhere, says he has seen the Medi
cine called Cakmk's Spasoee Mix tip. a, administered
in over a hundred oases, in nearly all the diseases for
wMch itisreoommeadnd; with the most astonishingly
good results. He says it is the most extraordinary
medicine he has ever seen.
certify that fbr three yeara I had Ague and Fever of
the moat violent description. I bad several Physi
cians, took large quantities of Quinine, Mercury, and
I believe all the Tonics advertised, but all without
permanent relief. At last I trie^ Carter's Spanish
Mixture, two bottles of which effectually curwl me,
and I am happy to say I have had neither Chills >r
Fevera sinoe. I consider it the beet Tonic in tlie
world, and the only medicine that ever reached aiy
Bearer Dam, near Richmond Va.
0. B. LUCK, Esq., now in the city of Richmond
anti for many years ia the Post Office, has such confi
dence in th? astonishing efficacy of Carter's Spanlih
Mixture, that he has bought upwards of 58 bottles,
which he has given away to the afflicted. Mr. Lu< k
says he has a ever known it to fail When takeu aocor i
Irg to directions.
Dr. MLNQE, a practising Phytidaa, and formei iy
of the City Hotel, in the city of Richmond, says he
has witnessed in a number of instances the effects of
Garter's Spanish Mixture, which were most truly snr
j riJng. He says in a oaseof Oonsumption,dependent
on the Liver, the good effects were wonderful indeed.
, SAMUEL M. DRINKER, of the firm of Drinker A
Morris, Richmond, was cured of Liver Complaint of 8
years standing, by the use of two bottles of Cartel's
Spanish Mixture.
the Richmond JUpuNican had a servant employed in
their press room, cured of violent Scrofula, combined
with RheumajUsm, which entirely disabled him from
work. Two bottles ef Carter's Spanish Mixture made
a perfect core ef him, and the Editors, in a public no
tioe, say they M cheerfully recommend it to all wbe are
affi'ctedwith any disease of the blood."
a very valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's
Spanish Mixture. I oonaider it truly a valuable
medicine. JAMES M. TAYLOR, Oonductor on the
R. F. A P. R. R. Co,, Richmond. Va.
Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, residing In the city ol
Richmond, was cured by three Wttlee of Carter's
Spanish Mixture, ef Bait Rheum, which he had
nearly twenty years, and which all the physicians
of the city could not cure. Mr. Thompson is a well
known merchant in the city of Richmond, Va, and
his ante is moat remarkable.
WM. A. MATTHEW8, 4f Richmond, had a ear
vane eared of Syphilis, in the worst lbrm, by Car
tet's Spanish Mixture. Me says he oheerfuUy re
commends it, and considers it an invaluable
cine. . ,
EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of the revenue,
says he has seen the good effects of Carter's Spanish
Mixturein a number of Syphilitic cases, and says it
is a perfect cure for that horrible disease.
WM* 9. HARWOOD, of Richmond, oared of old
Scree and Ulcers, which disabled him from walking.
Took a few bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and
was enabled to walk without a crutch, in a short
time permanently cured. ^
Principal Depots at M. WARD, CLOSE k 00- No.
St Maiden Lane, New York.
T. W. DYOTT A SONS, No. 181 North Second street
BENNETT * HIRE, No. 126 Main street, Rich
mond, Va.
And for sal* by CHARLES STOTT, Washington,
D. 0^ HENRY PEEL, Alexandria, and foDruggiste
Piioe $1 per bottle, or six bottles for it
sep 21-y
YOU will find at the came OLD STAND, Pennsyl
vania avenue near 13th street opposite the
Irving Hotel, LOOKING GLASSE8 with or without
Frames; i'ortralt, Picture and Miniture -Frames oi
the latest styles; Brackets, Tables, Room Moulding,
Oorr-iace, 4c, Ac; or by leaving your order you can
have any thing done in my line.
V. 1L?OL1 Frank*, Ae^ragOt at the itorteit nb
, I lU i J : U l ,j'. .
i .fiti. -r. . am. t . ?: n*i.i i.n ??
Every Man Hit Oirn Lawyer?Self Defenoe
At the last term of the Orange Co. (N.,Y.)
Court, the following cue was tried, upon which
the jury was addressed by the defendant who
had concluded to appear in his own defenoe :
The People vs. James Ailtrton.?Tais was
a very interesting oese, rendered so from the
fact that the defendant acted as ''his own
lawyer" on the trial, without having the ad
vantage of being one of the legal fraternity.
His "summing up,' of which we are able to
give nearly a verbatim report, with the excep
tion of the acting, was decidedly rich, and
afforded much amusement for the legal gen
tlemen present. The defendant, who is a small,
red-haired, thin specimen of a Yankee, was
indicated for an assault and battery on one
Mr. Dodder. The facts, as divulged upon trial
are briefly as follows; The defendant is in the
employ ot the Mongaup Valley, Forrestbur#
and Port Jervis Plank KoadCompany as atoll
gatherer, and resides upon the road, some
miles above Port Jervis. He and the com
plainant, Air. Dodder, are near neighbors.
On a Sunday in February last, tbe deft, saw
the complainant, in the act of beating his (def t's)
cows along the highway, and as an induce
ment for him to quit, hurled a few stones at
him, one of which, as tbe complainant testi
tied. struck him on the back of the m ck.
The testimony being concluded, the de
fendant addressed the jury as follows :
Gentlemen of the Jury : I don't know much
about law, and since the trial has bees going
on, 1 have Boncluded that I ought to kn?w a
little more. I ought to apologise, perhaps,
for appearing in my own defence, and will do
so by telliDg you, that I feed one lawyer, and
hired another, in this case, but they both come
up misBing when 1 need them most. 1 sup
pose I might havo secured the services of some
of these other 'limbs of the law' that 1 see
around me, but having been cheated by two
of 'em, I concluded to go it 'on my hook,' and
here I am 1 I want to tell you, gentlemen, be
fore 1 go farther, that it is not my fault that
this case is here taking up t6e time of this
honorable court. I think you will give me
credit for telling the truth, when I say that it
ought to have been tried before a Justice ot
the Peace, it being better adapted to the ca
pacities of such a court, than ot this one Af
ter this difficulty, Dodder did get a warrant
tor me from Squire Cuddeback, over in Deer
ark. He then charged that I had insulted
iin, but five or six months has freshened his
recollection, and he now says that 1 assaulted
and battered him. I believe there is some
difference between the two charges
Dodder says he swore to tbe complaint be
fore Squire Cuddeback, and I leave it for
you to say wnether he tell the trutb "now in
saying tnat I battered him. I wa*, taken
by a constable before tne squire, and
either because* the Justice was ashamed of
what he had already dune, or hadn't time to
attend to it. I don't know which, it went down.
Two or three weeks after that I was arrested
again, and my wife having been conlned. I
thought it best as a dutiful husband, to be
around hum, so I got rid of it by giving secu
rity for my appearance at court.
You know, gentlemen, that I am in the em
ploy of the Mongaup Valley, Forrestburg, and
Port Jervis Plank Koad Company, as a gate
keeper. This company, it seems had suffi
cient confidence in my integrity and honesty
as to place me in that important station, and
even if 1 should receive $3,000 and steal $1,600
of it, that s between me and the company,
and its none of Dodder's business Now.
when the company sent me up along this road
to collect toils, this Dodder was one of tbe in
habitants 1 found there in the woods, and I
will say for him that he is a very fair speci
men ot the rest of the population. But there
isn't any of them to appreoiate all the benefit?
ef this plank road.
It let out to civilization a class of people
who never before realized *.be idea that there
was such a thing as civilized life, and this
Dodder is one of them, it is a fs 3t that soon
alter I moved there, a young woman, 17 years
old, come down out of the mountains on the
plank road, one day, and said 6he had never
been out before, bhe fairly seemed surprised
to see a white man, and after asking a tew
questions, went buck into the woods. This
jDodderwas my nearest neighbour, and a good
deul nearer than I wanted him; and 1 hadn't
been there long, before i heard he had been
lying auont me to one of the Directors, and I
soen found out that he wanted to get his son.
who was sworn here against me, in my place.
But he hasn't done it yet,; and if you don l
convict me, I reckon he won't very soon.
It wont take long to dispose of Dodder No
2. He testifies that he saw me throw three
stones at his father, and saw the " old man
dodge." On his cross-examination he says
that he was in his own house in the woods,
and had to look over a hill twenty feet high,
and also over three slab fences and two stone
walls. VVell, if he tells the truth, all I wish
is that I had young Dodder's eyes. He is cer
tainly a remarkable boy, and can't consist-'
ently deny his '?father
I am willing to admit that i done wrong to
throw stones at Dodder, and 1 apologize to all
the world and this county particularly, for it.
fhe Doctors tell us that tbere are two cuses
tor all diseases, predispositionandexcitability;
1 think it was the latter cause that moved we
to stone Dodder. I therefore confess myself
guilty of the assault, but the battery I. deny;
and if you find me guilty of the battery I wilt
appeal from the decision to the Court of High
Heaven itself before I will submit to it.
Now. gentlemen, you saw Mr. Dodder and
heard him swear against me. I asked him a
great many quest.ons; and I iwas sorry to hear
hiin answer him as he did. I might have
asked him if he didn't kill my cat, and if he
didn't stone my chickens, because they tres
passed in his woods, where actually the rooks
are so thick that the brake's can t find their
way through them; but then I knew he would
deny it, and it would grieve me to hear him.
He admits that he was driving my thsee cows
up the road, and that he struck at one of em,
but says it was with a small switch. I have
proved that, this switoh was a pole about 10
feet long and about 3 inches across the butt
end, and I have also proved that when he
struck, the cow fell. it is true, my witness
Cfnldn't swear that the stick hit her, he was So
far off, but take the blow and the fall together,'
and we can guess the rest. If you, gentle
men, should see me point a gun at a man and
pull the trigger, see the flash and hear the re
rirt, and at the same time see the man drop,
thins you would say that I shot him, al
though you might not see the ball strike him.
Now, the fact is, gentlemen, that on Sun
day I wai laying on my lounge ia my houee,
when my wile said to me that Dodder was
chasing my oows I jumped up and pulled
on my boots and went out of dwors, and saw
Dodder and the cows coming up the road "I
is tree he says he was not driving them but
says ha and the oows was both goiag along
the road in one direction, and this was as near
ae I could get him to the cows or the truth; but
it is proved that the oows were going ahead of
him, and he wa* following after them, striking
at them, with this little switch, 10 feet long
3 inches across the butt, and 1 reckon you'll
think he was 44 driving" {hem. I sung out to
him, 44 Dodder, stoi>. but he didn t ebey my
order, and 1 just tnrew a stone in that direc
tion, which went about 10 feet over his head ;
at the same time g^u towards him, w*hhe he
was coming towan^HL He paid no attention,
and I sung out agam, " Dodder, stop,!" Still
he didn't mind me, and then I just threw
another stone; hut on be came, and on ? went,
and X threw the third stone, whioh he says hit
him in the back of his neck, but whieh l think
i? rather strange, as we ware geiug towards
each other as fast aa we oootd go. Bat be
never flacked up, and by (kit time we were
wi'hio eight feet of each other 1 halted and
hollered at the top of my voice, " Dodder,
why in don't you stopabout then
be did stop, and raited thie 10 feet ewitch, aa
it to strike me. 1 sang oat?" Mr. Dodder,
look out! Tou may wollup my cowa, bat if
you wolltrp me with that ewitch. you'll wollup
an animal that'll book*" {Here the orator
make an appropriate mature of the head, aa
rn the act of hooking, which waa followed
with tumultuous shouts and laughter, that
continned several minutes ]
Now, gentlemen, if yon convict m, Ah
Court oan fine me {250 and jug ma for six
| asonths, and if you really think I ought to be
convicted of this assault, say ao, for I am iia
favor of living up to the laws, as long aa thrft
are laws, whether it is the Fugitive Slaeo
Law, the Nebraska Hill, or the Excise Lawa.
I will read you a little law, however, which I
have just seen in a book I found here?<th?
speaker here picked up ? law book and Mad
ac follows.) '-Every man has a right to de
lend himself from personal violence " Now
I don't know whether that is law or not. but I
nod it in a law book, |a veteran member of
tbe hax who waa sitting near the speaker, re
marked to him that it was good law.I Well.
feutlemen, here is an old man, who looks as if
e might know something, and be say* this is
good law. Now, if you will tarn to fivbour
something, page 3M, you'll find that the same
doctrine is applied to cattle?^great laughter.)
Therefore. 1 take it. I had a right to defend"
my oows against Dodder's ten foot switch.
W by, gentlemen, nearly all my wealth is in
vested m them three cows and you can't won
der that I became a little excit?d when i saw
Dodder switching them with his ten foot pole
I am a poor man, and have a large family,
oonsistmg of a wife and six children, which JL
reckon is doing pretty well for as small a man '
m l am. and I could not afford to let Dodder
Kill my cows !
Now, gentlemen, I don't believe you'll con
%,l0t rffcr ^at I have said. But if you
do, and this Court fines me 1250, "I ?hall re-4
pudiate. beoanse "can't pay." And if I ?m
jugged for tnx months, why these Dodders wHI
m ?ZU V* UP there- not
wi bstandmg all this. I am willing to risk my
self in your hands, and if yon think I on^t
to have stood by and not done anything, wbet
i. saw Dodder hammering my cows, why tiwa
I am '-gone in," toll gate and all.
It is trne, I ?m a poor man, but not a mean
VThe name of Allerton can be traced to
the Ma-I Flownr, when the landed the oil
gr;ms on Plymouth Rock, among the najuen
gcrs Was a widow. Mary Allerton. wfthfour
fatherless children, and I am descended from
} uritan stook, and from that day to this, there
has never lived an Allerton who hadn't Vankee
spirit enough to stop a Dodder for poling his
cows f* d4,ne; th<J laughing and
shouting were exceedingly boisterous, in which
all participated, and it was several miuutea, >
despite the repeated cries of-order, order^
by the court. before order could be restored.
t '"". .?lu<Ju*nt and usually untanqurehabl*
.! 'c' Attorney, fearing to oope with so for
midable an antagonist, merely remarked "It
is a plain case." Ac. and left it to the jury who
promptly brought in a verdict of"NotWiity "
Air Allerton certainly deserves judicial nro
S0tthenCourtT m?Ve thath8 heo^^ crier
Thb Claims or Kiaso* ?Never doviolefifee
to your rational nature. He who. in any eaaa,
admits doctrines which coniradicta reason has
broken down the great barrier between truth
anl falsehood, and lays open hfs mind to
every delusion. The great, mark ef error,
Wii,ch is inconsistency. oeases to shook hum
He a as violated the first law of the intellect
An n m nof row I.. ? F , . . ?_ '
, urai iaw oi met
and must pay the fearful penalty. Happy
w -t be for him if. by the renvneiation (J
h a ho nrvf I *_ n
will it ;
reason, he be not prepared fo*"thTopp<!Iite
extreme, and do not, through a natural reac
tion, rush into the excess of incredaifcr In
the records of individuals and of the r*ce it
is not uncommon for an era of prond and licen
tious philosophy; nor will this alternation
cease to form this history of the hnman mind
t il the joet rights of reason be revered.?
{jHXJYlfttrr g.
w,';? URtT*i THWK c?*Mursrfl
Floatui? folate Cinm
nM?U th.eir Aquatic Am
PWth??tr?, on the Mistiaeippl and
>hio rivana, and their
llaatb?m^nC"n in North
Out monster Goaatra
Wlih th* Two Companies, oom
the moat?1?
tiBgiuehed Northern ani ftiaih
!><uly, in the ma* Him#, ia at**.
enoe of the audience, with
Two 8 eta of Performers.
TWO t?fcTi? O*" CLOWNS I .
two sfcTS or Rl*<} lirmM^i J
Complete Dramath Corpi!
evrry Afirmocn
K LNbAWfl Ban4)1
A Trioiapfc*l Proewrfon tbrourh
the princijMii ?bout tm
jo rlock a m., at every pla<? of ?*?
h.hition, or the Bands, !n the
irund KU>raI C*r of fffinfta
IWren by one man; and every
thine eUe, iu and about the giuiy
luhmeut, upon th? aame elaherale
i*nd magnificent scale, with BlLt
'LAKIC the great N Or leant Otoww
ij. ilAttiLi' the Wouderlul Mu.
Monkey; Mnie AQNJCB, the Oel*.
tratwl <??<le Oymnaet; Walt*
Atmul, the Pearltaa llarebaek Kj
der; C. J. Rooaaa, dlotin^rulsbM
Scenic Bqneetrian; Masur
uk*, tbe Young Bqu??trian Hem
Mk cteniun., tiiw bwntiful 8oenla
?qu^trienne; Mra. Lisa, tbe in
trepid Uoneweman; tb* &moua
Jloruv baotUBs; 1L Maoivtt.
I'he reue wned Voltigeur; Moaaieur
La iHoan, tbe Modern Berculea;
I'rtt. Blaidwui, ih? Kpgii?h yrif.
?rd; W KmXAj>a, th/ Teraad'a
Kqueetrian; U. DoaA?n. the akli*
? ; CX Baoww, J.
Rtan, W. Coimoa, be e?
blbited at "J and 7^ p; m,,
Ofti MONDAY. (>etwn?r lora^
OW TVKRDA r. October l*tL '
Oantre Market tipane,
AND iil
Catober 18th, l?th, uoth. and tlst
Box 50 eenta?Pit 36 eente.
'I >iiJt uu?ierMsu?tf having btwnii the 8aaSbarn
Cor-en?ondeDt of the ab. va pa)>tr, edited by
<>wr Crawley, and brtnxderfr^astorornish wiwt
and auihtttiUe intornaUi>? in rakrenea to all mat
terB appertbining to the AIl!ii*ry, aoiiciu ib? aid (4
oCleers composing the aevaraf Oompanlee ia 'thie
and adjoining oitiue, in adviiing hua of tfey oftMir
prooKdings for publication.
P. S ?A branch ofti t? has been eeebllahed in
tb"< Mty, where subeenptiona, aJvertlaementa, and
opmmuujcatious will be received.
? fa. avanaa, bat. 14(h fad Uih

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