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Tb? ?p?ii Family Mil Hbwb^wcMUcobibUI
tnt a pester nrWy of urtareaSnf r*adui| t&aa
to fouad la aay is pcblWiad <w Saturday.
Sinfie copy, par ana am
to CLf*a?.
Fl*? COptCS 5 oo
Tn d" -?-? ?? ?? ??????? 81?
Tweaty du.-~~ - .15 0t
Cua, invaeiablt n a?*amcb.
jjQh SinfJe copies (in Wrappers) cm to procured
a t)??> counter, immediately alter the mm of the
paper. Price?tbbki c?*ra.
Pimm AST?ne w(k* *n a# afents wtH be allowed
a c?niniiK?H>ii <>f twenty per cent.
(?Z0IP1 8UMDAT,)
At ths Star Buildings, corner Pennsylvania
avenue and Eleventh street,
Will be served to subscribe!* in tbe cities of Wa^f*
uifun.Oeorgeaowii, Alexandria, Baltimore and Phila
delphia, at SIX ASD A QUARTER CENTS, pay .
bit weekly to tbe Agents. To mail subscribers the
subscription price is THREE DOLLARS AND
FIFTY CENTS a year in advance, TWt) DOL
tnr THREE MONTHS. ?fcy?diNOl* corns ons
csint -
PW. BROW!lI*G? Merchant Tailor, Pa
# avenue, under the United Stated IIo-4
teT would Infi rm hi? customer*
and the paWic generally that he has just re
ceived new fall and Winter goods in gr?at,
variety, sn?h is cloths, Cassimeres, and v*stin/- r..
the latent Importation, and is prepared to hare t ht*m
mad? np at the phortert noMcn, in the most fa?hi. n
able manner, aed at low rat?e of prices.
Marin* made arrangement- to go into the Hearty
n>?deClothiag business extens*vely this season, ft*
?e-ls confident that he can offer t" those wishing V
purchase a stock of Clothing, not inferior to any in
thi? city, and not made np at the North, as is u.= u
ally the -use with work sold here; but cut in hi?
own establishment, and made by our own needy cit
ixens in this dull season at low rates of prices, h? is
enabled there or, to compete with northern work in
C:nt of prices; and as io qual'ty and style, he wil
ive fbr those who favor him with a call to <udge
He can sell whole suits, Coat, Pants, and V?-st, a
th? roll-.wing low rates :
Good sni' fbr business purposes, out of oloth or c?s
simere, for the small sum of. $16
I>re*s and frock Coats, from $19 to $'A'
Overcoat* of different styles 12 to 2i>
Black and fancy Pantaloons $3 50 to 10
Pilk and Velvet Vests 2 60 to 10
This stock of Clcthing is of a superior quality
and has b?en mads up since he received the tail anJ
winter fashions.
He keeps constantly on hand a large aasnr;m?n?
of fancy arti-l?s?such as Glove., Cravats, Collars
Umbrellas, Ao.
dole Agent fbr the sale of Scott's Report of Pasb
ions in this dty. a*y 15?tf
Corner of Thirteenth and K streets, near the Theatre.
/?\ The proprietor of this
faJ public house, Mr. William
G reason, has refitted, ren
ovated, and prepared his,
establishment for the aooommodation of vizier* in
such a manner that be trusts will give fuil satisf ?c
tion to all who extend to him their patronage. Be
ha^ mads arrangements to have the vny bsst oi
OtraTKRS, Ae., for the whole season, without regard
to expense. Kami lies and Parties promptly supplied
liis Bar and Larder is at all times at ) with the
best in the line. Making bis acknowledgments tor
pact enoouragument, he respectfully invites a con
tinuance of the sam?, with every intention and ex
ertion to please.
A lew Boarders can be oomfortable acoommo
dated. sep H?6m
'DKRTaKKR ?residence 418 8ev
enth street, between G and H Ptreets. Ini?m?*nt
procured in any ground or oemeter /. Coffins, Caps
shrouds, Carriages, Hearre, and every article for
interments of ta* best quality faraislaad at abort
notice, on the most r?a-ooablij t*rm^ ad at a:i
Lours of the night. Having the exclu^ve r>ght of
Crump s Patent Cofp9e Preserver, we guarantee to
l:?ep the dead for any ten?th of time. re 11?tf
Ttii, advertiser returns siucert? tnanka to hie)
frieuds ana the public in
general f r th?ir pact patronage,1
and informs them th L, wicti in
creased facilities, he is prepared'
to attend to ail oraers in bis line of business with
promptness aal dispatch. He given his personal at
tention to Undertaking, and those requiring his
t-erviees will always fin i bim careful and obitgiug.
Calls attended to at all hours, day and nigX
In the cabinet making line he truss to be able to
8've satisfaction at heretofore. Ills establishment
on Pa avenue, Nos. 1^8 and 188, between 17th
and 18th sts , First Ward, Washington.
oct 6?1m Cabine: Maker and Undertaker
ri 'M3 aiiiershrned would respectfully inform. Ui*
X iriends, aoquunUaces, *ad the public gen-ratl,
that he still continues to execute all order* iu Ln
bne of business in the beet manner and a', ifee shorl
eet notice.
- itJbP AtillAO neatly and promptly executed
,i ? ?, VVHURALS attended to ?t
short?st notice, and in the b?s(
mar.u-r. Eoitesyrwrvrd in the moti ptr/cci
r?r, er-n :*? the warmest weather.
-va#nkful for pabt t'av?s, be would reepectially
eoiici^ and will eaieavor to iM?rtt a continuau^ o
?%. av?^ s. side, between 9th ana lOtnets.
Refivienos: >5Lr. Martin's, No- 3&0. i) street, i irJ
he use M?i oi 7ti? street. T'tr 17?ly
I WOULD rerjMctfuUy return my thackn to tb?
cltis-nsof Wwhiugtcn and ltd Ticinityfor tbeit
past patrenwrs, and say that owing to the freqaent
caiis in the Undertaxin^ branch of my basin?tse?l
have been inducsoL to diacontinn* the manufacturr
of Ifurnilure, ?jid tum my attention fblly to the
UNDLUTaKING. 1 have spared no pains to havf
every thing taat is requisite to my bc.Finsss, and
am tharetore fully prepared to moet any order
a lew momeat? notice, and 1 assure tiioao wbo may
give me a :aii thv. 1 will spare no pains te cany on;
th:ir orders to thsir cadre sataefaotion.
No. 410,7th St., octween G and H.
2T. B ?Calls aitenaed to at ail hours of the night
mar 3?ly
nnHIS bmutiful barial piace of the dead having
X Just (Mon dedicatea with appropriate caremoniof
for the purpose, is now open lor the raoeptiou of the
remains of deceased pertona.
The MAl'oOLilUii has capacity for a hundred
bodiea, in whish such irieuds of the deatf as may
apply can pla-e the aepart?d until they saeci sites
lor the graves.
The plan of the incorporator* is one of equality in
regard to the tots, whi^h will no: be put u) publicly
for sale, (although ;Uey usually bring a presume,)
malting tae early selection of lots taa 2ao*t d-stir
Until an office is established In the city of Wasb
ington, applications wiU be puactualry attended
to at the present ofilce, in the east wing ol th* build
ing on entering the Cemetery.
S. B.?Gleawood Is aitoated a short dirtanoe due
north of th* Capitol. -*o; 11?hid
October 11th, UUhL \
I PROPOSALS for conveying the mails of the Uni
ted States frcu the lot ol December, 1864, k.
tn= 30th of June, 1S^4>, on the following route, fc
tbe cute of pKissiiTAyia, will be received at the
Contract Office of the Pns- Office Deportment, in the I
city of Washington, until 9 o'clock a m.. on Mon
day, Aovemtar '^Oth 1W4, to be decided on Wednes
day, th* *i34 November, lo64 :
No. ?Prom Ilartisburg, by Lingleystown, Ma
nada Hill We?t iianover, East Hanover,
Ono, Jonestf.wn, ?n l Frederioksburg, to
Pine Grove, 39 miles acd back, three tunes
a week.
Leave Ilarrisbur^ M: aday, Wednesday and Fri
day at 10 a m
Arrive at Pine Grove same days by 7 p m
Leave Pin< Grove Tuesday, Taursday, and 8atr
urdav at 4 a m
Arrive at Harrisburg same days by 6 p m.
No. 907^.?Prom Mahanoy, by Ur??ent>rier, Line
Mountain, Upper Mahantaugo, and Bar
ry, to Minersviile, Ss miles and back,
twice a week.
Leave Mahanoy Monday and Fridty at 6 a m
Arrive at ftliu?rs?iiie same day by 5 p m
Leave Miaersville Tuesday snl Saturday at 6
a m
Arrive at Mahanoy same days by 6 p m.
For form of proposal, guarantee, and certificate,
and aUo instructions embracing conditions to be in
oorporated in the contract to the extent the depai't
H- ?ut mny deem proper, ?e? the advertisement in
viting pre; .>sals fbr mail service in the States of N.
Jer^y, Pennsylvini?, Delaware,Maryland,andOfcio
datefl the "tb\ of September, 1S?J4.
oct 18?eo4w
SMALL. BUILDING U>ld of lu feet or more, in
various parts of tba City, aul Georget<?wn, at
loV prices, and terms to suit. LLOYD A CO.
Tor s*l?, deliverable at the Canal, or Wharves in
Wa*Bington, Georgetown, or Alexandria.
For sale, a large and handsome CAKMAtlK and
16th street, opp Treasury Department.
Jv Iv
C~ (JAb UC'jO, U"al Shovt. , Ash Buck, u, <Jind?r
differs and Tubs, (oomplwt# in one,) Shovel and
Tougs, Pokers, 8ho??! *nul Tong< titands, Blower
Stands, Fenders, Fire Carriers, Ac., Ac. A large
supply of lug a o\* goods have Just b**n received,
direct from tlw- Csctorles, and are ? arrsn'td aup^ri r
to any Others in the market, and at aa k>w prioe*.
A call is respectfully solicited.
Jwi. L. gAVAGK.
oe Id glgn cf OUt Maw, Da. av., otat to 10th at.
Author of the great book jupt be
?. ,, Baltimore, Md-, June 4,1%64.
Mr. Stockfrridge, qf the Fountain Hold. Light street.
l>ear Sir: Being on the point of laying th# city,
I avail myself of a few idl- moments to thank von
kindly for the medicine you s?nt me, and *hl-hhaa
restored ore to the nee of my limbs. I beg you to
send me four botties more, to carry on my voyaee.
<3i< ce I had the fortune to use Dr. Hampton's ve^e
table Tincture my confidence ta bo strong that, in
latitude 10 the proprietors of said medicine, I be*
you to present my respects to them, and induce
them to make it more publicly known as a sure
Khtnunaiic cure. Having called on me on the 19th
of April last, and feen me prostrated on my bed,
useless in all mv li ubs, yon can appreciate nearly
?s wrll as myself th* prompt relief I received from !
l>r. Hampton's Tincture, and I am positive had it 1
not been lor your strong and forcible recommenda
tions I should still have b<?en In bed.
It is really a pity this ?picific should not be ap
proved by medical men, and like all patent drugs it
fhould suffer the imputation the public generally
1 give to such preparations. I mytelf, who was al
ways opposed to a patented specific, took this medi
cine with reluctance, and without confidence in it,
and it was only through your disinterested, friendlv
recommendations, and my critisal situation that in
duced me to try this really beneficial Vegetable
| Tincture. 6
You may inform Messrs. Mortimer A Mowbray
that they ant at liberty te make use of my name in
th* suppert of tb* good effects of Dr. Hampton's
Vegetable Iincture, as it has cured me in five wetks
of a chronic Inflammatory Rheumatism, contracted i
under tropical climates, and of seven years"periodical
duration. I have only used threw bottles, and find
that even the deformed parts of my hands are foet
eturnmg o their former natural appearance
I have been under tue treatment of several phy
sicians in London and Paris, without any apparent
benefit; also, while in New Ycrk, having tried the
Thompsonian and Homoepathic remedies, after hav
ing been tormented with galraaio batteries, cold
and aromatic oaths, and hundreds of internal and
external medicines, all to no effect, I kb, bo Jar
cured by this Hampton's Vege'able Tincture only!
Therefore, my J ear sir, accept of the assurance of
my gratitude, and believe me your well wisher.
Thomas Can or.
M T ? Portsmouth, Va, Aug. 48,1811.
Mr. J. E. Boush?Hear sir: While I am, in gene
ral, opposed to patent medicines, candor compels me
to "tate that I have great confidence in the virtues
I of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture. For several
months past I have used It in my family ; and in
dyspepsia, lose of appetite, dizziness, and general dt*
' y> with entire success. Ho far as my experience
extents, therefore, I take pleasure in recommend
ing it to the afflicted as a safe and efficient remedy.
I am, respectfully, yours,
Vsrhos Eskridgk,
Chaplain, United elates Navy.
Washwgtoi*, May 17,1863 I
Messrs Mortimer A Mowbray : Gentlemen?Ilav-1
irg been afi3: ;ted with Liver Complaint of ten Toarf
standing, I hereby, for the b nofit of the afflicted,
take great pleasure in announcing that after using
a f?w bciliss of your Tincture, I found it had pc
oomplishod a perfect cure 1 have uwd different
meuicinrs from time to time, b^t have never been
ableto aeooun: fsi- auy apparent good, and it is a
b.esrfng to stricken humanity that that medi< ine is
found wL.ch possesses the wonderous power of pro
?cnging human Ufe. The many curef it has wrought
13 * nunciant guarantee of the b?neScial re?ulu
Thich may be experienced from its use. Yours,
. J. Ctjetaut Kay.
CaU anu ge^ panjphletfi gratis, and see cures ot
Loufih, cr-snthCis, RhsumaUsn, Neuralgia, hyrpt
xxa. nervousness<md Gen oral Weakness. As a femaie
medichie cr for delicate children we believe i: un
?-8oid by MORTIMER A MOWBRAY, 140 Ealti
more street, Baltimore, and 304 K mad way, New
OTT, and H MoPHERSON, Washington; also, by R
S. F. CJS8HL, Georgetown; and C. C. BERRY.
Alexandria, and by Druggists everywhere.
aug 81~tr
HOUSEKEEPERS and others are remta.|??d that
the following list of articles are of the ye*-*
?xwt d??rJpti(m, and can be purchased from the rob
T'ber on v. low terms aj any other house in the
Ity. A larjjs assortment and scpply always on
Oils of all kinds Queenswart
Paints Brushes
CampWne Clocks
Varnish Lamps
Turpentine Chandeliera
Window GUm Girundolsa
Caiiia Vh?h
Earthenwara _ BriUannia Ware
*c., Ac., . Ac.
eoods sent to any part of the city free ol aharge.
Country dealers will do well to call. '
7th street, oj>p. 8eld-a k Withers' Bank.
Tu*r 17--tf
PaRSON'ii desiring to uend money to Ireland, can
obtain checks tor ?i or more, on the B-Ifa^t
banking Company, payable in all the priauiptj
owns. Apply to CHUBH BROTHERS,
Banaers. ort*>s!b? th- T*??a*ury Building.
v* T*?
i1 HE subscribers take pleasure tn aaftwaoatna to
. the public that thslr stock of GAS FIXTURta,
"ompristng some of the tv*nt and latest patterns, ha>
be?n retired, and that th-y are now prepared to sell
et-,, '* rates. Persons in want *f Gas Fixturw
plesse cait and eramine -thev will no doubt
uad it to thrir mfae^t.
Dwellings and public buil-Uags fitted wl^i ?as-tu
oing at &? upiitil Ritr?
decl.'U.tf Pa. aT,,bet. 10th and nth, s. side.
M Maine avenue, between 4U and Oth tU.
^?)UFACTURER of Steam Engines, Boilers.
VV ater Tanks, Shafting, Pulleys, Hangers and
jiui Werft generally.
Will furnish i9a# Mills, all kinds of Castings,
, rou,'f"t Ca?i Iron Pipes, and everything in the
iron line generally.
Two small ifAu/JVliS' cn hand and for sale. For i
information address <i. JS. NUYES, WabhinKton Iron
Works, Washington. D.C. l&_tf
; 'ILB officc of-'The Iuventorj' Proteotioa National
1. Union'' is on 7th street, opposite the La*t Por
acoo. the Patent Offloe, ani is now ready to att*ad
u> the business of its members, namely : in making
"xamination* and soliciting patents, Ac.
Inventors are invited to call and get a oopy of the
Jouststution and By laws, and where any informa
tK>r? ariil be given respecting the Union.
Ail Ivltm on ba-me<* must be directed to this ot
ice, whore attention will be given immediately.
A model shop is in connection with the office,
?here auxials oma be made to order at the shortest
ocli*v , T. G. CLAYTON, ,
*p 10?ly President I. P. N. U" '
TH* >**ing added GaaFitting to
. if fOT}amr, business, are now prepsred to sx
?^mL0 rT n thftt in ttM cheapest, most
expeditious and approved manner.
PLUMBING and PINNING done as heretofore.
wlRKe^rtI?,eat 0tL8T0V1W? Tin and Sheet Ircn
h Atti cous.antly on hand.
Churches, Hat Is, Priva'o Residences, Ac.
Aibo, f-r Barker's Double Acting FORCE PUMPS
?won*'in want of any of the abore articleswil
3o 1 it to their advantage to call on us ere purcha
sing elsewoere.
Pieiging thomselres to a prompt execution of all
crd rs entrusted to them, they most respectfully
solicit a continuance of the favors so liberally be
stowed upon them by their former patron? and the
public in general PURSE A COLLINS,
Noa 369 and 371, Pa. ay., opposite Willards'Hotei
sep 6?3m ^
iYo. 442 Eighth Her ret, between u st. and Pa. avenue.
fpfia undesigned is prepared to do alLVER and
1 BRASS PL tTINO in all their varieties.
lumbers for Stores and Dwellings, Door Plates
Bsll Pu Is, Railing Knobs, Letters and Ornaments
iur military and otaer Ass >ciations furnished at
Bal iiw re price?, and of his own workmanship.
All kiudaot Conch Work In the line done in the
b*kt and cheapest manner.
who want silver, brass plating, Ao., done,
wtJU ple??e call as above, on
s#p2??la Practical Silver Plater.
I. Appropriations made during the first session
of the Thirty-Third Congress.
II. Offices created, and the salaries thereof.
III. The offices the salaries of which have been
increased, with the amount of such inbrease during
the same period.
Orrxi Hot-? or Rmr*3*otative9, U. S., )
September 22,1854 j
In obedience to the sixth section of the "act to
authorise the appointment of additional paymas
ters, and for other purposes," passed July 4,1836.
wnioh requires the Secretary of tve Senate, and
Clerk of the Bouse of Kepresentativea as soon as
may be ?ft?r the close of each session of Congress,
to publish a statement of all appropriations made
daring the session; and also a statement of the
new offices created, and the salaries of each; and
also a statement of the offices the sal vias of which
are inrreis'd, and the amount of mch in-reae?,"
the Clerk of the House ef Representatives submits
the accompanying statements.
Clerk IIou?e of Representatives, U. S.
By the act to authorise the construction o'six first
cla?8 steam-frigates, and for other purposes:
For the construction of six first-class
steam-frigates, to be provided with
screw propellers, and i roperly armed
and equipped for service, ahd fbr al
tering, completing and launching the
frigates Santee, at Kitteiy, and 8a
biue, at New York $3,000,000 00
By the act making appropriations fbr the support
of the Military Academy for the year ending ihe
thirtieth of Jane, one thousand eight Landed
and fifty-five:
For pay of officers, instructors, cadets,
and musicians $88,266 00
For commutation of subsistence 2,190 00
For foiage fcr officers' horses 960 00
For general repairs and improvements
of academic buildings, barracks, m*ss
r. ouisjoftu'ers quarters, stab.es, roads,
fences, parade itni drill g' ound=, mis:
celianeous and inidental expt-nre*,
fafl, Jorage, and department of in
struetion 29,72") 00
For gradual increase and expense of
library 1,000 00
For expenses of the board of visiters... 3,000 00
For forage for artillery and cavalry
hordes 8,640 00
For replacing d?ad and worn out cav
alry and art'llery horses 1,0C0 00
For enlarging and improving hospital
of cad'ts 6,600 00
For cavalry exercise hail 20,000 00
$161,281 DO
By the act to supply deficiencies in the appropria
tions for th# service of the fiscal year ending the
thirtie h of June, one thousand eight hundred
and fifty-four, and for other purposes:
For the increased compensation cf the
Se-retary of rUte, from the fourth
of March, one thousand eight hun
d'ed and fif.y tt.ree, to the thirtieth
if Jun*, one thousand eight hundred
and fifty four
Fcr compensation of the As-istant Sec
retary of State, from the eighteenth
cf April, one thousand eight hundred
and lifty-three, to the thirtieth of
J undone thousand eight hundred
and fifty-four
For publishing the jaws, in pamphlet
f rm and in the newspapers of the
States and Territories, and in the
(ity of Wnshinxton
For extra clerk hire ana cop.ung
For payment of a clerk, necessarily em
ployed in tl e recess of Congress to
bring up the arrearages of the dis
bursing agent of tbe Department ot
For compiling and supervising the pub
lication of the Biennial Register
For outfit of a charge d'affaires to Den
For thtu^ual return allowaucifor min
isters cf the UoiUd States to Great
Britain, Fa nee, Russia, Prussia,
Sp?in, Brazil, Mexico and Chili
For the usual return allowance r f charge
d'affaires, or ministers resident to Por
tugal, Austria, Denmark, Sweden,
Iluiland, Belgium, Naples, Sardinia,
New Groffaia, Ven-zuela, Uu-m s
Ayres, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Nica
For ih? usual return allowance of the
mini iter resident to Turkey
For the outfit of the Minister resident
to Turkey
For outfits of charge d'affaires
For an outfit of the late charge d'affaires
to Austria
For salary of the dragoman to Turkey...
For salary ef the assistant dragoman to
For expensed intercourse with the Bar
bary Powers
For contingent expen-es of foreign in
For contingent expenses of all the mis
sions abroad
For payment of a balance due the ageut
employed 'or purchas ng,walling, and
ditching a piece of land near the city
oi Mexico, for a cemetery, or burial
To pay expensrs incurred by Edward
vunniugham, acting consul at shan
ghai, for a police fi.rce for the preser
vation of the peaco by American citi
For payment of the claim of Thrmas
N. Jobnson for his services as mar
shal at ths port of Shanghai, from
the ninth of December, eighteen
hundred and fifty-one. to the fifteenth
of September, eighteen hundred and
fifty three
For payment to vohn Ik /.man Kerr, in
addition to his salary tind allowances
as chaige d'affaires to Nicaragua, the
amount of hid expenses on thd jour
ney to San Salvador and Guatemala,
and of bin expenses at those capitals
under his commissions to the Govern
ments of those Republics, together
with a fall outfit as charge d'affaires
to tha national representation of Cen
tral America. [Indefinite.]
For the increased compensation of the
Secretary ? f the Treasury from the
fourth of March, one thousand eight
hnndml and fifty-three, to the thir
tieth of <*une, one thousand eight
ti undrel and fifty-four
To enable the Secretary cf the Treas
ury to compensate the agent employ*
rd in paying annuities to Cherokee
Indians remaining in North Caroli
na, under the aatof the twenty-ninth
of July, one thousand ?ight hundred
and 'orty eight
For contingencies, including r?mt,)uei,
labor, light, and watching, for the
building occupied by tbe Thir Au
ditor of the Treaiur , from the first
of August, one tliou^nd tig at hun
dred acd fifty threw, to the thirtieth
of June, one thousand eight hundrel
and fifty-iour
Far oontlngencies, inclu iing r^nt, fuel,
labor, ligh , and watching, for build
. ing occupied by the Fifth Auditor of
the Treasury, ftom the ftrft of Novem
ber, one thousand eight huudrtd and
* fifty-three, to the thirtieth of June,
one thousand eight hundred and fit
ty-four ' 3,666 67
For contingent expenses of the ofiles
of the Auditor of the Post Office De
partment, VI*
For miscellaneous and printing prior
to the loorth of March,one thousand
eight hundred and fitiy-three 3.390 9S
For printing, furniture, and labor, since
tbe fourth of March, one thousand
eight hundred and fifty-three 3,427 14
For >aiaries of officera and clerks in
branch mint at dan Francisco, Cali
fornia . 12,670 0C
For wage* of workman at b aneh mint,
San Francisco, California 38,300 0(
For incidents and contii>g4ut expenses
rf the branch mint at ban Francisco,
California 4,200 0(
Fcr salariaaol oftcers aud clerks in as
say office, New York .... 12,900 Oi
F r wage* of workmen in assay effloe,
New York 12.660 0.
For incidental and contingent expenies
in aaeay office, New York 21,000 C(
For employment of workmen, materi
als, and other-expenses uece.-aary to
put the braach min. at San Francis
co, California, in operation 40,000 0<
$2 413 37
3,009 90
2,380 CO
4,0.0 00
432 00
500 00
4,500 00
18,000 00
15,750 00
1,600 00
6.000 00
2,439 0*
4,600 00
122 83
699 13
6,141 49
15 000 00
42,720 03
416 27
672 80
1,781 74
2.655 55
600 00
8,666 67
For the collection of agricuT ural fta
tisMcs and the procurement and dis
tribution of seeds anrf cutting--* to he
expend -d trader the ctreetion of the
Commissioner of Patents
To complete the public buildings in
New Mexioo ?
For finishing the capitol and terri'oral
prison in the Territory of Minnesota,
and grading and fencing the grounds
of Rame .. 10,COO 00
For the increased compensation of the
Secretary of the Interior, from the
fourth of March, one thousand eight
hundred and fitty-Uree. to the tbjr
'tieth of June, me thousand eight
hundred and ft ty-four 2 GiS bb
For the increased compensation of the
Eurrejor general of Oregon, from the
third of March, one thousand tight
hundred and fifty hree, to the thir
tieth ot June, one thousand e'ght
hundred and fifty-four 1,327 77
For rent of surveyor general's office in
Ga'ifornia, purchase of instruments,
records, drawing materials, furniture,
fuel, and pay 01 messengers v. 4,000 00
For compensation of a draughtsman
and clerks for tbe office of the survey
or general of Cali ornla 10,000 00
For contingent expenses in the of
fice of the Commissioner of Pen
sions :
For stationery 1,000 00
For bindicg books 1-000 00
For office furniture 1,000 CO
For printing and engraving touuty
land certificates l,6f>0 00
For miscellaneous items 1,500 Oo
for continuing the surveys in the
northern portions o' Iowa, Minnetota,
and Wi'c nsin, at the rates so* au
thorised by law 40,000 00
For payii g pensions, under the act of
the third of February, one thousand
eight buudred and filty-three 128,000 00
For p?)ing pension.* of invalids wao
were wounded on board of private
armed vessels during the last war
with Great Bai'am, lrom tfce first of
July, one thousand eight hnndrel
and fifty-ot!', to the thirtieth of Jane,
one thousand eight hundred and fifty
For the Preeident's House and grounds,
for fuel forth* Pretiden/sHous?, and
for iron fences
For rerairs of the Capitol, and improv
ing the ground* around It 6,o00 ftft
For re| airs of water-pipes 200 Oo
To pay two draw-keepers on the Long
Bridge up to the first of July, one
tho- sand eight hundred and fiftv-four 400 00
For trees, tree-boxes, and repairs of
For lamps and lamp-posts on Pennsyl
vania avenue, between Seventeenth
street and Georgetown, and between
the Capitol and navy ysrd
For completing and keeping in order
the grounds south of the t' resident's
For furnishing an additional number
of iron settees for the Present's and
Capitol grounds 1,000 00
For completing the pedestal and enclo*
mr? of the equestrian sta.ue of An
drew Jackson
Fir th* payment of 1*bore's employed
in sbovei>ng snow from the walks, to
and aroun 1 the Cspi'O', the Pre i
dent's House, and other pubic build
F'.r furnishing the rooms of the new
wine of the Patent Office building with
furniture, and providing the saloon
therein with cases for models
For fulfilling treaties with the Sioux
of the Missis? ppi:
For the third ?t fifty instalments of in
terest, at the rate of five per cent, per
annum, on one million, three hun
dred aud sixty ihoutand dollars, stip
ulated In the fourth article of the
treaty of twentyth ri July, eighteen
hundred and fifty-one 68,000 00
For the third of fifty instalments of in
terest, at the rate of five per cent per
annum on one hundred and twelve
thousand dollars, being the amount
in I eu or the reservation s-t spar: in
the third article of the treaty of twen
ty third July, eighteen hundred and
fifty-one, per Senate's amendment
For the third of fifty instalments rf in
terest, at tb- rate of five p*r cent, per
annum on one million one hundred
and fixty thousand dollars, stipulated
in the fourth article of the treat' of
fifth August, eighteen hundred and
fifty-one 68 000 00
For the third of fifty instalments of in
terest, st the rate of five per cent, per
annum on sixty nine thousand dol
lars. being the amount in li.?u of the
reservation set apart in the third ar
ticle of the treaty of fifth August,
eighteen hundred and fifty one, per
Senate's amendment thereof. 3.450 00
l'o p?v clerks for ten ces perlormed on
Chickasaw Indian busin-sf.in pursu
ance of the regulation-* ot the Presi
dent of the United stated, aud in con
formity with the decision of the late
Secretary ot the Interior 6 187 fcO
For general incidental expenses of the
Indian service in New Mexico for the
present fiscal year 15,000 00
For the payment for thepr oting of
the returns of the Seventh Cen
sus, and the paper purchased for
f-aid priming under the provis
is of the 'joint resolution pro
ving for the printing and bind
of the returns of th* Sev
CensttP," approved March
td, eigh'cen hundred and fif
ty-three?that is to say:
For the printing of the returns before
mentioned 16,909 93
For the paper purohared lor said print
ing 27,106 ?8
For compensation ot two additional
clerks in the office of the Snperintend
?nt of Public Printing 1,200 00
For the printing of executive depart
ments, including paper and printing
the annual estimates of appropria
tions for the year one thousand eight
hundred aud fifty five, and for print
ing paper, and binding twenty thous
and copies of theannuai report of the
Secretary cf the Treasury on com
merce and navigation for the year
one thousand eight hundred and fifty
For the increased compensation of the
Secretary of War, from the fourth
rf March, eighteen hundred and fifty
three, to the thirt eth of June, eight
een hundred and fifty four...., 2,655
For rent of hous9 on northwest comer
of F and Seventeenth streets, and
warming all the rooms in it 385
For the compensation ef expenses of the
commission of civi iaus and military
men appointed under the provisions
of the ft ret section of <he act entitled
"An act making appropriations for
the support of the a:my for the year
ending tne thirtieth June, one thous
and eight hundred and fifty-four,"
approved third of March, cne thous
and eight hundred and fifty three, to
determine matters connected with the
management of the national armo
ries -
For arrearages of pay for seriken of vol
unteers in the Kentucky regiment
called into servioe in eighteen hun
dred and thirty six 1(000 0C
For arrearages of pay for services ren
dered by volunteers or miiitia in the
black Hawk war 1,000 0i
For olothing for the army, camp and
j garrison equipage, and horse equip
ments, to supply the place of losfes
suatfrined by the wre:k of the steam
er San Francisco 26 690 0(J
For deficiences. or the railroad surveys
between the Mississippi river and the
Pacific ocean 40,000 0(
For the increased compensation of the
Pecretarv of the Navy /com tie fourth
of Marcn, one thousand eight hun
dred an 1 fiftv-fhree, to the thirtieth
of June ene thou*and eight hundred
and fifty four.. 2,584 6:
For contingent expenses cf the south
west execJLtive building, viz:
For fi;el .?nd lights 700 (M
Fcr miscellaneous items >00 0<
For contingent expenses of the navy,
that may aocr aetor the following pur.
po*?i, rb! fr lght ud tranaporta
[eo*niou> on vgu&th ri&x. J
??L> iv
Interesting about Cards.
Some ' Old Mortality,'' or modern antiquary
Bends us below quite an interesting and inpe
| nious history of the origin of -Cards''?those
absorbing playthings of the innocent, aud
dangerous tools of the designing:
AJetsr*. Editors: Tho following rolating
to cards, which I copy from an old manus?r*p'
work entitled ?*! he Oracle of Human Destiny '
may be new and interesting to most of your
readers. You may publish it or not, at your
option :
"Cards were originally invented in Egypt:
though the current opinion of the present day
is, that they were invented aoout a century or
two back, and first used tor the amusement of
a young French Prince. That cards. how
ever, are of the high origin above assert&i. if
easily proved by their numbers, suites, aud
characters, corresponding strictly with tiie
| astronomical signs and calculations of the au
cient Egyptians, who aro acknowledged to
j have been better acquainted with the motions
I of the heavenly bodies, than any other nation
that ever existed. But to the proof :
^ The colors are two, red and black, answer
I ing to the two equinoxes
The suites are four, answering to the four
seasons. The emblems of these formerly were
and still are in Spain, for the heart a cup
which is emblematical of winter; for the spaai
an acorn, the emblem of autumn ; fortheclul
a trefoil, the emblem of summer; and for the
diamond a ro^e, which is the emblem of sprin-*"
The twelve court cards answer to tho twelve
months, and these were formerly painted with
the Bigns of the Zodiao.
The fifty two cards, or whole pack, answer
to the number of weeks in the year.
The thirteen cards in each suite answer to
the number of weeks in a lunar quarter.
The aggregate of pips or spots, calculated
in the following manner, amount to three bun
! dred and sixty-five, or tho number of days in
1 a >ear:
The number in each suit is 55
Multiply by 4 suits 4?22l)
12 court cards, counting 10 for each
card |2o
The number of court cards j??
The number of cards in each suit..... \ ~}
Total 3?;>
There are two other mothods given, but J
do not understand exactly tho basis of the cal
culation. I will, nowever, give them to you
The number of pips in a pa?k 220
4 knaves, equivalent to, or counting 11
each.... 44
4 queens, do do do 12 4.**
4 kings, do do do 13 52
Ace of spades, as chief, counting I
Pips or days
Pips on common cards 22<i
Pips on court cards j^j
4 knaves, each counting 10 4o
4 queens " 11 " 44
*kings- " 12 4s
Aoo ol spades, aa chief I
The number of pips or days Sfi.i
An Incident of th6 devolution.
Tho want, of provisions in the camp of Bur
goyno, just previous to his capture by the
Americans, began to be severely felt ? the
Americans had seised their last supply, which
some boats contained; all resort Ij the coun
try lyinjr round, where tory triends were to
bo lound, was totally cut off. The proserin
Americans had fenced them in as with a wal7
of vengeance, whicn oould not be passed ?
lamine bad oommenced bis unnerving power'
Sickness was multiplied among the soldiery'
lover attended with its deliriums. rave<<
Irom coueb to couch. Water, water, w?8 the
incessant cry. And although the Hudson on
one side ol the camp, poured along its silen'
waters, and the rapid s.ream of Pish Creek
roared sweetly in the ears of the sick and
desponding forces, yet it was imposabie to
snatch a drop from these dreadfully guarded
waters; a hundred bullets were sure to pier.-e
whoever made the attempt, soon as' tbev
Slo ?ped to touch the silver current. But *uch
were the cries for water, by tne sick and dying
that their women, moved by pity, were made
superior to the dreadtul crisis (imagining that
the Americans would not, from feelings wt
gallantry shoot a temale.) snatched Lastiiv
their pails, and ran to the shores to try what
the event nught be 'lheir opinion of the
enemy, as it proved, with respect to tnoir per
sons, was eoirectiy foruied, but their paiii,
were doomed to a harder fate, for while ihey
couid not find it in their hearts to spill the
blood of defenceless females, they-wero sure
to riddle their pails as they hung from their
hands, so that little or no water could be pro
In this dilemma, a faithful wife, who had
left her native country for love of her hus
band, w ho was one of the unfortunate Hessians
sold by his government to the King of Eng
land at a certain sum a head to fi>?ht iifn
cause the merits of which he knew nothing
This woman, as sho moved from couch to couch,
listening to the moans of the sick for water,
suddenly resolved : " 1 will try; perhaps 1
may succeed to bring a little.'' Her husband
tried to dissuade her, but sho persisted, her
sympathies were strong, for as a kind and
comforting angel sho made it her business to
hover over the diseased and wounded of her
countrymen, (the Hessians.; all the while >ho
bad been in the army She sprang along the
adventurous path that lead to the dreaded
shore, her husb;ind following her as close as
far as he dare ; already she stood at the brink
in full view of the guns on the other side ; for
a moment sho cast an imploring glance that
way, and then io heaven for protection; her
right hand had dashed tho vessel deep into
the waters; a struggle to clear the open shore
and reach the deeply-shaded bank, had marked
her agitated manner, when a ball, aimed at her
pail, struck, as she had stooped over the ve.-sel
too low, her angel b?som?the blood spouted
and dyed the ground bctoro her quivering frame
fell crimsoned in the gore of her faithful heart.
Her husband, who had waited but a short dis
tance for her return, had not moved his con
stant eye from his all of earth, while within
his soul vibrated between tho vast extremes of
hope ai:d despair, her screech struck his ear.
her reeling frame showed him that the shaft
of death had cleft hor heart asunder. Si:e
had but touched the ground where she fell,
waen his arms enclosed her, dyed in spouting
blood from her bosom; frantio* with grief, he
d.eaded not the flash of toe deadly rifle, but
bore her to the camp, struggling in the pang!
of dissolution, while he impressed on hei
fading forehead the last kiss of fervent af
fectiou- ' ' - il
The grief of this man was respected, not s
gun moved its trigger, hushed were the vol.
leys of the sympathising, yet brave Vermont
era; her pail, and not her person, had Leer
the aim of the ditstrfcssed marksman, the grcei
Grande g Houses
It may be some sort of amusement to pre
sent our roaders with the following list or of
fit-era established in tho most notorious gam
ing-bouses, as far back astheyear 1731. .-inci
that period, the &Dglifh nation, having madi
l.ipid advances towards improvement in cver^
branch of commerce, the polite aits, and pub
lie amusements, the gaming-houses of th<
present day, the resort of the whole world o
lashion, must undoubtedly have banished al
persons of the following description, andestab
lished themselves on a much more pohshei
and liberal plan :
1. A commissioner, always a proprietor
IU . > A
who lJDks in of a night, and the week i ac
count is audited by him, and two others of the
2 .A director who superintend! the roomi.
3. An operator who deals the cards at a
obe&ting game called F*ro.
4 Two crowpeee, who watch the hards and
gather money for the bank
5. Two puffs, wh<* have money given them
to decoy others to play.
ti. A clerk, who is a check upon the puff*,
to see that they fink none of the motley that
is given them to play with. >- - *
7. A squib, who in a puff of lever rank,
and serves at half salary, whilst he i* learn
ing to deal
8. A flasher, t > swear how often the bank
has been stripped
9 A duaiicr, who goe* about to recover
money lost at play
lft. A waiter, to fill oat wire, snuff candle*,
and attend in the gaming room
11 An attorney, a Newga e solicitor
12. A captain, who is to fight a gentleman
that is peevrish for losing bin money.
13 An usher, who lights gentlemen up
an<i down stairs, and gives the word to the
14. A porter who is generally a seldier of
the foot guards.
15. An orderly man. who wu'ks up and
down rutfide of the door, to give no ice to the
porter, and alarm the house at the approach
of the constable.
In. A runner, who is to get intelligence of
the justices' meeting
17. Linkhovs, coachmen, chairmen, draw
era. or others who bring the first intelligence
of thejustices meetings, or of tlie constables
being out. at half a guinea reward.
18 Common bail, affidavit men. ruffians
btavoos, assassins.
Bather Spicy.
The edtUrcu of the Olive Branch, published
at Boston, having received a communication
?roni >aahville. T?unw?e?, inquiring whether
-ome female printers could be hired there to
go to Nashville, replied as follows ?
"Every girl in Boston who is eld enough to
work in a printing-office, or any other office
has a lover, whom she would be just as likelv
to trade off for a Tenneseee article as she
wouid be to swap him off for a griaily bear.
i lie idea of a Boston girl, who goes to the
operas, parromtes Juliet's oonoerts, waltzes
once a week, eats ioe cream, rides !n the om
nious wears satin slippers, sometimes kisses
ihe editor, going to Tenueasee, except she
goes as the wife of one of your first cla*s citi
zens editors excepted, is truly ridiculous
\N ouldn't a girl in silk dress lace edged pan
taletta and shiny gaiter boot*, look well
trudging through the mud and mire of Nash
ville to an old barn of a printing-offioe. while
in one corner of the same room two old darkies
are jerking away at an old ramage pre^ and
in the other, the editor i? squirting tobacco
juice over the floor ? Wouldn't she be in a
nice fix when the editor and some great brute
of a feilow, whom he offended, got playing a
g-ime of fhootiug their revolvers acress the
office at each other's heads' Who would
njnko the fire when had run ??ff and
the editor was druuk ? Who'd go home with
her dirk nights * Who would take her out to
ride on Saturday af eruoon, and to go to church
with her on Sunday? No, sir. a Boston girl
won t go to lenntssee Tur love or money ^he
can get enough of both nearer home.
Measure* of DirrKRRirT Oeimntfa* ?The
.vewhuryport Herald, in the coarse of an ar
able on Weight* and Measures, remarks that
ho 'wo nations have the same, though the same
n?me to designee them may be u*>d in many
countries lake the mile meastro for in
stance: In Englaud and the United States a
mile means I 7*0 yards; in the Netherlands
ia 1 .Ofl i yard" ; while in Germany it is
10.120 yards or nearly sis KngHsh miles; in
? ranee, 2,0-.' yarua 1 he ?outcii mite is 1 $ft>4
yards, and the Irish. 3.03$ yarda Ihe Sr,?n
I? *2? ""J 'be S.i?b
11,.(HI yards Ibese are computed in'fcnirlish
yards; but the yard iUelf, of three feet in
length, h is divers significant ns in different
Elace*; .P,c. Enf1Ii8b Jir(1 " 36 inches ; the
French 4V.13 inches ; the Geneva yard. 57 60
the Austrian. ; the Spanish yard 33 oy ?
ti e Prussian 36 57 ; the Russian. M jj. F,r
measures of cip.ivity. the dissimilarity is yet
w der and more perplexing. The Uriieh have
two ports of bu hels. the Imperial aud the
Winchester, of different capacity. Toe Win
chester bushel is the Uuited State* standard ;
but the Sta'e ot New York hap anotherof dif
ierent c inanity and other State* have varying
6 aodards of their own These are iu'com
mensurablc with the measures of ai.y other
Floaling Feline Circos
th*ir Aquatic Atn
p. ith*-Htre, en the Mi^ufippi and
Jiil j rir. r*, ?o.1 tbefr
0 fsTorab y kno*L lu the Korth
taO &ast. into
One raomt?r Concern
With th? Two ? cm >*DH?, ciiu
tvrbiiur tbe most dl?
_ ti?-guith?i AorU.ua kin bouth
" ? niperformers.
j~r~r=. Laily, iu the f?oe Bin#, in pres
" ?*nfv i f tiie audience, with
Two Set* of Perfbrmers.
TWO ->TH (if Oi/MNM
fomplcfe Dramati? lorpi!
OwfrHHin* -rery Af.trtoun. ?
iia.M>AL,u a lt?vA-r hANiil
A Triumphal Proo*>rtr>u tt.roufrl.
th?* priacipal btr^eU, ?bv)ut U-u
j !r>VI>1etv & every place of Ka
'Mliitton, ot ihe i^ncf-, in the
r 2<vr ?^.Cirand Flo.-al Car ol <-tatu*tte<yii
~ Driven by ons m-?: nod erery
thiaK tU-e. in ami ebeut the CMur
Jiibment upou thi? fame elalK>rwt<
rird ?eirn?floeet waJe, wi;h BILL
UJlKK Uie itreat K Ojieanf Oicwo;
1 MaOH.tok, Woodertul M%n.
Monkey; M'lte tt.e C?l?
tirwveu ctoomi 'ijiiiA:; Walts.,
ATM \a, zhe Pe?rle? Bareback III
d?r; 0 J. Koto's, fli"tinRu??h<?d
8c?-ni" Ei^u?sst:i?n; Maw.rr > lar
|RW?, t*1^ Young' Ktj\ie?trian Here;
Mr-t Luuuwsvtha fceauUful fc-nir
Air- L?ke, the in
trepid ??r*wanian; tb? Uaouit
?eoTLi* i.aoTHaa; II Magintt,
, he reu< wa>-d Voltigeur; MokS'eur
La 1'Hi'hK, th? Modern ^rcuie*;
Prof. Hai i?wrN, the Kuflmh Wis
mi; W. Kikiu>ttt, t!.? V?rs.tie
kqu^trian ; il. i ntRi^ the?kil
tu< Koas*T \\ hits, the
?cco?utfi<<>h?a> Mo*tr* ; W.J. ?ail
ibe famous JtbU; (i BR'**. J.
l,ICV?N. W COW!*' a, Ac . Miti be ex
bit ited a 2 and7^ p m.,
ON *CtS0AY. i icui>"*r Iftth.
OA TVKSDa T>eto I'th,
Ui-ati e ?pec?,
1/itoaV, i
Octo>~r tS h. ixih. UD'h.aud Vlst.
Admifsioa bvi cruU>?HP?i ceuta.
ooti?t - .? 1 -
liilt tr
. Uf

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