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NO. 565.
' J; IT
M ths Siar BnUdtngt, comer Pennsylvania
twenut and Eleventh street,
Will be serv ed to subscribers iu the ciaos ut Wash,
tngton, Alexandria, Baiumore and Phila
delphia, w SIX AND A QUARTSR CBNTS, paya
ble weekly to the Agents. To mail subscribers the
subscription price it THREE DOLLARS AND
FIFTY CENTS a year in advance, TWO DOL
for THHEE MONTHS. ((^3uintl COPIES ONt
I) W. U ttO VAN I>U, Merchant Tailor, Fa
1"? States Ho
tei would rrsp^tlally inform his customers
an-t the public generally that he hw just re- tlj
a*ved n?w Fail and Wioter goods in gr ated.
variety, dach fs cloths, Cassimeras, and Vesting 01
the latest importation, and is prepated U have them
made up at the shortest no'ioe. in the most fiishiJn
able man^ei aad at low rates of prices.
Having mid* a-raofement to ?Q Into the Ready
i?t>deCiothiBg business axtenaVvely this season, h?
fetus confide n i that he can oiler tr those wishing tc
purchase a stock of Clothing, not inferior to any ir.
thi. city, aod not made up at the North, as is usu
ally the case with work yld here; but out In hip
own establishment, aad made by our own needy clt
iaene in this dull season at tow rates of prices, he is
enabled the re'or, to oompete with northern work *r>
p .ntof prioae; a?i as :o quality and style, he w?L
h<ave for th;>sa who favor him with a call to udge.
P* <*an H-il whole suits. Coat, Paats, and Y?*t. at
thi to.lowiug low ratee: m
Geod sui.. for business parposes, out of cloth or ess
si*?ere, for the small sum of.
Dress and frock C->a*s, from $10 to $JU
Ov-rcoats of different styles 13 to 25
Black and fancy Pantaloons $3 50 to 1C
Silk and Velvet Vest* 2 60 to 10
This stock of Cltthing is of a superior quality,
sud has teen made up since he received the iaU ana
winter fashions.
Ue ke?ps constantly on hand a large assortment
of faury articles?such as Gloves, Cravats, Collars.
Umbrellas, Ac.
"Sole \g?-nt for the sale of Scott's Report of Fash
i^Mto tni* dty. -> 6epl6 tf
Comer of Thirteenth and A ttreels, near the Theatre
/^N The proprietor of this
public house, Mr. William
^Wfljr Gr-ason, has refitted, ren
7^^ ovated, and prepared _
establishment for the accommodation of vi uern ...
such a manner that he trusts will give fuil satlifac
tiou to all who exten I to him their patronage. He
arrangementi to have the veiy best of
O xSTcKS, Ac., for the whole season, without regard
to expense. Families and Parties promptly supplied
Hie bar aod Lardar is at ail times stn<-k?d with the
best la the line. Making his acknowledgments tor
past enooaraement, he respectfully invites a oon
tinuanoe attn? same, with every intention and ex
ertion to please.
^ Boarders can be comfortable aooommo
dated. eep '?}?6m
'DKRTAKKR*?residence 418 Sev
-athstreet, berween G and H scrteto. In.erment*
procured in an/ ground or oemeterv. Coffins, Caps,
Htaa?d?, Carriages, Hearre, and every article for
intermeuts of tne bast quality furnished at short
notice, on the most r*a?onaMe t?rms and at all
hours of the night. Having the exclusive right of
Crump s Patent Corpse Preserver, we guaranc-e to
Keep the d?ad for any length of time. oc 11 tf
Til* advertiser returns sincere thank* to his
friends and the public in
general f>r their past patronage,'
anlInforms them th-t, wich in
creased facilities, he is prepared( _
to attend to all ora?ra in his line ol business with
promptness and dispatch. He gives his personal at
tention to Undertaking, and those requiring his
tarrives will alwa/s fini him careful and obliging
Calls attended to at all nours, day and nlgut.
la the cabinet making lina he tru3*s to be able to
STasa.sfacr.onas heretofore. His establishment
?? Pa avenue, No 3. Ido and 188, between 17th
and 13th sts , First Ward, Washington.
oct a?lm Cabinet Mater and Undertaker.
THK under? gned would respectfully inform hi*
friends, ?>cq*iaintancee, and the public generally
that he st5U continues to execute all orders in hit
lina of oosrae_?? in the beet manner and at the short
est nottse.
REPAUUXG ueaUy and promptly executed.
? ^ ? rUJICRALg attended to at
'the shortest nottoe, and in ths best
manner. Usyiut preserved m the most perfect mm
W"i even in the warmest weather.
ikvocs, he would respectftilly
sodeit, aad wlu endeavor to merit a continuance oi
Pa. are, s. side, between 9th and 10th sts.
Reddso;e: Mr. Martin's, No. a96, D street, t~ird
hoiwe east of ?th street mar 17?ly
I WOULD respectfully return my to the
citireoB of Washington and its vicinity for their
p?K patronage, and say that owing to the frequent
calls Ik the tndertakuig branch of my business, 1
hare been inJaoed to discontiiiue the manufacture
attention fully to the
ua^ltftiAtLLNG^ rhave spared no pains to have
every thing tn^i is requisite to my business, and 1
am therefore f*iiy prepared to meet any order after ,
a lew moments notioe? and I assure those who may !
give me a oaU/ that I will spare no pains te carry out
th%r vijm ^o their entire satisfaction.
wo o No- 410> 7th ct, between G and H.
? B ?Calls attended to at all hours of the ntetw
mar i?ly(
iful burial plaoe of the deaMl having
iedicatei with appropriate ceremonies
?r tne purpose, is uow open for the reception of the
remains of <Jrounded Mrwns.
The MAiJrWLEUM has capacity for a hundred
bodios, m wnicb su-.h xriende of the dead u uiay
J?*1? Ctta departed nntU they Beiect sites
for uie gra?^s.
Tile pun of the incorporators is one of equality in
2f^ii? WlU not be put up pubhciy
for saie, (although tney usually bring a premium.)
making tne early selection of lots tae most desk
Unfit an offloe is establish*! in the city of Wa3h
iagb>a, apphcatious wi-l be punctually attended
to at me present offloe, in the east wingct the build
ing on entering the Cemetery.
N u_m . ? WM. 8. HCMPHRKT8
-."w ^"roo<1 ^ a short lUstanoe dne
north of the OapitoL ^U-am
Post Orroi DiruTirtT. i
T) 80PO8AL8 for conveying thS'miifr oMhe On*
J- etates frrm the 1st ol December, 1864 fo
?? DUn"' on the following route,'in
P^_^IA: w4U ^ r?c?'T^ at the
k lb* i'?*r offlc* Department, in the
oity of Washington, until 0 o'clock a m.. on Mon
fh7e"^r ***}?"> be decided on *edn?
day, the i-ii November, 1864:
No. by Llnglcystown, Ma
nala Hdi West Hanover, Hast Hanover,
Ono, JonestowD, and Fredericksburg, to
awL^0?' mUefl and bMk? tim?a
LdJ? at4"^^ Monday> and Fri
Arrrve at Pine Grove same days by 7 p m
^ Harrisburg same days by 6 p m.
No. IW75L?From Mahaaoy, by flreenbner, Line
Mountain, Upper Mahantango, and Bar
ry, to Minersviile, 88 miles and back
twieeaweek. ^
Leave Mahaaoy Monday aod Friday at 6 a m
Arrive ai Minersviile same day by 5 y m
Leave Minersviile Tuesday and Saturvlay at 6
Arrive at Mahaney same days by 6 p m.
for ibrmof proposal, guarantee, and certificated
and abo instructions embracing conditions to be in
corporated in the contract to the extent the depart
meot may deem proper, ?.? the advertisement m
vlaug prep>?ais fcr mail ssrvioe in ths Slates of N,
Jersey, Fanory.v ?oi?, Delaware, Maryland, and Obio
dateo the XAi of September, lbM.
oct 18??o4w
FOil POOR AND LABOR 1 nJ 14 rffW
O MALL BUILDING LOi'S of 10 feet or more, in
o ?arious parts of the City, and (ieorgetown, at
low prices, and terms to salt. LLOYiJ <* tX)
wr?.^!l,deliVer4ble4ttheCao.,l.or Wharves in
Washington, Georgetown, or Alexandria.
_ ^ ^ LLOYD A 00.
nfl CAR HUGH aa<J
/Uai>itoj- l.ljt>V11 ^ (i.
v j yl5th slrwt' ?PP- TwBUUry DepaVtoeat.
(">JAL HdJC, Ci>ai Shovei , Ash Buck -ts, Ctnd?i
j J*ift?-rs and Tuoe, (oompUte m one,) 8hovel an
Tod??, Pok-r?, .?'hova. ?nd Tong- B'ands, Biow?
SUn u. Fend ?rs, Fire Carriers, Ae., Ae. A larir.
aupply of the a- ove goods have Just been r*eeiv?d
dWet from the faetoriee, and are warranted supari :
toany oih-rs m the market, and at as low prisei
A eall is respectfully aoiisited.
?e 16 Sign of Gilt tew, Pa. ?yaeat to rthh st.
*" *.u. r-r /a ?? '
r?* t
Baltimou, Md., June 4,1864
Mr. Stoetbridff^ of the Fountain BfML Light street,
Baltimore? c
Dear Sir: Befog on the point of leaving the city,
t avail myself of a few Idle momenta to thank yon
kindly far the medicine yon sent me, aad ?hi"h has
restored me to the nee of mj limbs. I beg yon to
Mud me four bottles more, to. carry otl my voyage.
Si^oe I had the fortnne to use Dr. Hampton's Ye?*
table Tine ure my confidence In so strong thai, in
gratitude 1 o the proprietors of said medicine, I be4
you to present my respects to them, and indnee
them to make it mora publicly known aa a sure
Kheumatic cure. Having called on me on the 10th
?t April last, and setm me prostrated on my bed,
?s4ef>s in all my li .iba, yon can appreciate nea'lv
is well as myself the prompt relief 1 received from
Dr. Hampton's Tincture, and I am positive had ic
not been tor your strong and forcible reoommenda
tions I should still have been in bed
It is really a pity this specie should not be ap
proved by medical men, nud like p.ll patent drir-rs it
ih^ild suffer the imputation the patFc icenerally
fciveto tucvpr-paratioui. I my*?W, who was al
Ways opposed to a patented specific, took th'a medi
cine with reluetanoe, and without confidence in it,
l^d it was only through your disinterested, friendly
recommendations, *nd my critic pi (nation that in
duced me to try this really beneficial Vegetable
You may inform Massrs. Mortimer k Mowbraj
that they are at liberty te make nse of my name In
the support of the good effects of Dr. Hampton'1
Wetttbie linct'ire, as it has cured me in five weeks
! ef a chronic Inflammatory Rheumatism, contracts
nn Jer tropical climates, and of men years' periodical
duration. I have ony used three bottles, and find
the t even the deformed parts of my hands are fast
returning o their former natural appearance
I h*ve been under tae treatment of several phy
j licians in London and Paris, without any apparent
b T.efit; aL*o, while in New Ycrk, having tried the
I hompsonian and Homcepathic remeilies, after hav
ing b?en tormented with galvanic ba teries. 00la
and aromatic baths, and hundreds of internal an>
external medicines, all to no effect, I um, so ta>
| cured by this Hampton's Yege able Tincture only
Therefore, my ear sir, accept of the assurance of
my gratitude, and believe me your well wisher.
Thomas Cakov.
Portsmouth, Ya , Aug. 18,1861
Mr. J. E. Boush?bear sir: While I am, in gen^
ral, opoosed to patent medicines, candor compels m?
to state that I have great confidence in the virtue
. of Hampton's Vegetable Tinctur-. For seven*
! months past I have used it in my family ; and ii
dyspepsia, loes of appetite, dissiness, and general de
bility, with entire success. So tar as my experi?nr
extends, therefore, I take pleasure in recommend
Lag it to the afflicted aa a safe and efficient remedy
I am, respectfully, yours,
Vinson Eskkuxjb,
Chaplain, United States Navy.
Washctotos, May 17,1863
Messrs Mortimer A Mowbray : Gentlemen?Hav
ing been afflicted with Liver Complaint of ten vear
standirg, I hereby, for the b' nefit of the afflicted
take great pleasure in announcing that after uriut
a few bottleu of your Tincture, I found it had *c
complishec a perfect cure I have used differed
medicines fro?a time to time, b it have never be
able to axount for any apparent good, and it !? >
blessing to stricken humanity that that medicine :?
found which possaijss the wooderous power of pro
longing rum&a life Themany osreeithte wrough
is a sufficient guarantee of the beneficial result
*?hi?h may be experienced frem its nse. Youre
respectfully, J. Coat aim Hat.
' Call and get pamphlets gratia, and see cures o
Cough, Bronchitis, Hhewnat.sm, ffntmiffia, Dytpfj,
r-a, Jterwusness and Qen ;ral IYtalcness. As a fem&l'
medicine or for delicate children we believe it us
?-?o!dby MORTIMER k MOWBRAY, 140 Bait!
more btrtet, Baltimore, and 304 "roadway, Nev
CTT. and H McPHERSON, Washington; also, by R
g. P. CI88BL, Georgetown; and C. C. BERRY.
Alexandria and by Druggists everywhere.
aug 81?tr
FT0U81MBPB&S and others are reminded thai
JLX the following list of articles are of the vet?
beet description, and ean be purchased from the sub
I riber on as low terms as any other house in the
fe'ty. A large assortment and supply always ob
Oils of all kinds Queens ware
Paints Brushes
Camphins Clocks
Varnish Lamps
Turpentine Chandeliers
Window Glaa Girandoles
China Vases
Earthenware Brittannla Ware
Glass Ac.. mc., Ac.
Goods sent to any part of the eity free of charge.
Country dealers will do well to oall.
7th street, opp. Selden k Withers Bank,
t mar 17?tf
PERSONS desiring to send money to Ireland, c*.
obtain checks for ?l or more, on the Belta
i.aniiaz Company, payable in all the fvincipai
'/ wns. Apply to CHUBB BRCTHBRS,
Bankers, opposite the Treasury Building. 1
1 %>> m.?
? 'J^HB subscribers take pleasure In asicuacm; t
? Jl the public thut thidr stock of QA8 FIXTUil-h!; |
comprising some of tha best and latest patterns, na
b#*n. received, and that they are now prepared to Ml
i at tiji lowest rates. Persona in want ef Gas fixture!
will please oall and examine ?they will no doubi
? find it to their interest.
Dwellings tan public hiUcliugu Cltsd witli gas-tu
bing at the asaalaatee
deo If ?t' Pa. av., hat. 10th and 11th, s. side.
Maine, avenue, between 1^ ani C?h sts. i
MANUFACTURER of Steam Engines, B- llert I
Water Tanks, shafting, Pulleys, Hangers an* 1
Mill Werk generally.
Will furnish daw Mills, all kinds of Oastingj !
Wrought and Cast Iron Pipes, and everything in thr j
Iron line generally.
Two small ENQINMB on hand and for sale. For
information address Q. E. NOYMrf, Washington Irr
Works, Washinutno. D.e. iv 1 ?**
'pHB office of "The Inventor^ Protection Nations
JL Union" is op 7 th street, opposite the Mast K01
iao of the Patent Office, and is now ready to attvu
co the biudnees of its mnraurs, namely : in mikin
^xitminatioa" and solioitlng patents, Ac.
Inventors are Invited to csdl and gat a copy of th*
Oonstiturion and By-laws, and where any informs
toon will be given respecting the Union.
All letters on business must be directed to this 01
foe, where attention will be given Immediately.
A model shop is in connection with the offlo*
where models can be made to order at tha shortes
notice. T. G. CLAYTON,
ap 10?ly President I. P. N. U.
THE undersigned, having added Gas-Fitting tr
their tormer business, are now prepared to ex
eoute all orders in that line, in the cheapest, mos
expeditious and approved manner.
| PLUMBING and TINNINU done as heretofore.
A fine assortment of ST0VB8, Tin and Shoet Irc-t
WARE oons'antly on hand.
Bole agent* fo- the District for MaeGregor's Pat-n
HOT AIK FURNACES, for heating Public Buildingt
Churchee, Hails, Priva'e Residence?, Ac.
aiso, for Barker's Double Acting FORCE PUMPS
Persouc in want of any of the above article* wit
find it to their advantage to call on u& ere purcha
ting eleewnere.
P.e ging themselves to a prompt execution of al
rrd rs entTucted to them, they most respectfully
solicit a oontinuanoe of the favors so liberally b<
e to wed upon them by their former patron* and t&
public in genera FURSE ACO'.L^NS,
Nos 359 and 871, Pa.aY..opposite WiHerds'Hotf.
?*p 6?3m ___________________
No. ?i Eighth Strut, between D tt and l\i. avtnue
tpila undersigned is prepared to do elLVF-R aa<
JL BKA88 PL\TING in all th?ir varieties.
Numbara for Stores and I>welling8. Door Plates
Bell Pu Is, Railing Kuobs, lietters and Ornament
f' tor militaiy and otaer Ass Nations furnished a
> l.&i injnre prioee, end of his own workmanship.
.; All kinds of Coneh Work In the Hue done in th
be*r and cheapest manu?r
Those who want silver, brass plating, Ac.- dort
will please sail u above, on
Fssstfsai Silver PlaUi.
f -
AT the request of many o*nypf*ients, Z hs*ti
coo seated to $ut up a claw of my most effl- ?
:rieut prescription* In the form of FAMILY MEDI
CINES, each one suited to a particular disease, and
not, like the manufacturers of the nostrums and
panaceas of the day, promulgate to the world that
any one *>mpound will core nil diseases, and who,
(in the words ot the great Italian physician, Spal
lansani) "put medioines which Lhey knew ItUU, into
bodies which they know less." i.
J. S. ROSE, M. D., I'hJla.
For Cholera, Dytmtery, Sowtt Complaints, da
This mixture 1b one ol the most important medl
^nee, and should be kept in all ffciniliee as a "spe
oiiic" for Cholera and Bowel Complaints ft has nw>
ar failed. Dysentery vanishes in a few days when
this article is used as directed. Prioe 86c.
Dr. J. 8. Ron's Paiit Curbs will en re stiff Neok,
iore Throat, Pains in the faoe, Side, Back or Limbs
(rtm a Cold, Cholic, Cholera Morbus, 4c. It euros
?pra!ns, Chilblains, Cramps or Pains in the Stom
ach or Bowels. Price 13>|, 25, and 60 cts.
Da. J. 9. Sou's Si tract or Buohtj is one of the
kest remedies erer used for diseases of the Kidneys,
Bladder, Jtc. Prise 60c.
Ds. J.8. P.Cis's Nmvon aito IimeosATnra Cor
dial, for Heart disease, all Nerveua Affections, F'.at
Sieuoe, fcfe&rt Burn, U?stlessri<ii?, Numbness, Nt>u
(?(?, raising the spirits, an J siring power to tbe
wuole system, it is almost miraculous In its effect
V) cents a bottle.
Dr. J. 8. boss's Drsripnc OoMPomtn, a sure core
for Dyspep*"*, Liver Cofiplainu, and indigestion,
?rhen taken !n conjunction (rlth his Alterative or
Family Pills. Pr*<* of both 7be.
Dm. J. 8. Row'.1 Gou>ik Pills for Vailing of th?
Wo*nb, Female Weakness. Debility, and Relaxation
They have a peculiar affinity for the d-bllitfltM
muscles of the female, uid in no inet^n-e urfp tb?y
failed in radically curing those distressing com
Miints females are so oftem subject. Price 60 cents.
Dr. J. 8. Boar's Aito-bluogs ea Railroad Pills.?
I hy.se pill* are not warranted to cum in every mal
iy or disease incident to man, bat they are a grand
emedy for a Bilious state ot the system and com
lon fevers. When used with Dr. Hose's Tonic Mix
ir<?, wil! cure t+i* most stubborn cases of Bilious
'ever or fever and Ague. Prioe and 26o.
Da. J. 8. Boss's 8ar8av arilla Conpoxmo. for all
kin Diseases and for purifying the Blood, It is su
perior to all others. Prioe 60o. and $1.
Do. J. 8. Roars Buxa or Otron, free from ah the
>ad effects of Opium or Laudanum, rash as Head
?ohe, Constipation, ur Sick Stomach. Prioe 26c.
AU whose Constitutions are impaired bv disease or
reak by nature, should read Dr. J. S. Rose's "Medi
al Advisor, (which contains ? description of the Dis
uses of oar climate and the mode of treatment.) It
tn be had without charge of
Z. D. Oilman, Charles Stott A Co., W. H. Oilman,
ohii W. Nairn, IStterson A Nairn, D. B. Clark,
( U MnPherson, Wlillam T. Bvans, Kid well k Law*
ance, J. B. Moore, Washington; J. L. Kidweli,
Georgetown; and by til dealers in Alexandria Vlr
toi*. ? < - ? je tf?
"~?b as Oonahpntio. , .uwcrsl Pliee,#u"n?eaof Bloot J
o the Head, Acidity oi the Sac.ss.jt, ?, j
iwurtburn, Disgust for Pood, Puilne?? t lu
the 8tor??oh,8our Bruntetions, Smile;* or JMitter
in^ at tue Pit of tiio StomaeX 8wlmi:^-^ of the
Head, it un led and .Mfflcclt Breathing, Fluttering
at the Heart, Choktag or Huilocaung Sensations
when in a lying poaiure, I>imrene of Vision, Dots
or Wtw before tue bight, Fevar and Dull Fain in
t^e hex4, Deficiency ef Perapirfctlon, Yellowness ot j
She 8kin an 1 flyes, Pain in the Side, Chwt,
LJnDs, ko., Sadden flushes of Hent, Burning
the F iwh, Constant Imaginings of evil, ani Qi ott
??pression of Spirits,
o*a ii tn soiuiur cbiw n
Celebrated Gherman Bitters,
4*. 119 Areh street, Pklladslphla.
?>.heiz power ever the above diesasss is notezoelled
I oi uaM^l, by any other preparation in the United
staler. as the cores attest, in many cases a3?r aki>
lphyAoiana had failed.
The#e Utters are worthy the attention of invalid".,
Possessing great virtues in the reotifloation of (lis
asee of the Liver and lesser glands, exercising the
aost searching powers in weakness and affectisns ol
ae digestive organs, they are, withal, safe, certain
ud pleasant.
Philas*lphia, March, 1, ISM.
Dr.C. M. Jackson: Dear Sir?for the past two
aara 1 have been severely afflicted with Liver Oom
naint, Dyspepsia, Bilious Diarrhoea, and Piles, sn*
-riiig in a grAatdegrae oonstantly, the pains ud in*
mveniences attendant upon such diseases, without
lergy, being scarcely able to a'-toiyl te any buai
.*{?8. I lost a great deal ef my deah, and used man)
ids ef medicine, with no apparent change, until I
>miaenoed with your "Ilocjlcmft German BMert,"
aey have entirely cured me. I have gained m
eight oyer forty pounds since I commenced thetr
At, ana I am now entirely free from pain and ache
f any kind, and feel like a new man. I uciAaitat*
agly recom nend your Bitters all invalids.
^ Yours, respectfully,
No. 12 Lagrange Place.
W. H> Adami) pub. of the Argua, Weston,
lo., July 17,1861, said : "I wa? inst wuxBtrsr co ver?
ow and weai as not to be able, fei eitnua at the iwe
jot'erthunyn^hoiixatatiine, I tried one botUe
>f your Oerman Bitters, which entirely cured me. I
t*ve used two bottles. I sent two bottles 160 miles
om here te a friend who had been sick for a long
tme; he has &lso been cured by them. 1 believe
them to b? superior to any medicine new in obs.''
?. 3. ParkllC) Jlarletta, Ohio, Feb 2%, 1W>~,
?id: "Your Bitters are highly priwd oy thse.-H *ix
*to used them. In a oa?e ef Li?er Complaint, at
one standliiii, which had resided the sJctil o/ sea
raTphytiei w^ was entirely cured by the use of 6
f< keaislmelr, Jeweller, Wooeier, 0, Dee.
id, 1861, said: *1 embraoe this opportonlty of in
forming yon of tue great benefit I have derived from
bie use ef Dr. Heo&anu's German Bitters. I have
ised thf-a for Chills and fever, and Disordered
<tomach, and found relief in every ca^e. Tbsy ar
?*ie.beet remedy for Disordered Stomach |I *>???> m
D. ~JL. Syktt, Ksq., Eduor tf Ou Oouritr,
orwich. Conn., aakl: "I have been using your Ger
man Bitt?jp for some time, for Dyspepsia, and have
iiind so iroeb relief from their, that I have made
ip my mind to give them ? Ma-rote editorial m
aol<iemf Hemp, <% Co., Janesvllle, Wis.,
'?ept. 1861, said: "Your Oerman Bitters are deserved
/ popular here, and among all the prepared medi
?nee on our shelves, none nave we sold which have
tven the satislWition of Hoofland's German Bitters."
una 2d, 1862, they said: "We recommend them as
-n invaluable spring and summer medioine."
W. *. Orr, Wooster, O.. October 2d, 1862, saidt
You ask me my opinion of the German Bitters. 1
ave used them for Dyspepsia and Indigestion, and
ake pleasure in stating that I think they are the
?ry best remedy extant for the above oom plaint*?
hey are decidedI* in the advanoe nf ail the proprt
?tnry medicines of Ou day."
S*Mr. Orr is a distinguiahed lawyer of Wooste;
Ttese Bitters a. s usrmxLr vx3kablx They wwr
irostrate the systtjn, bat invigorate it.
fur sale in WMnlngton by Z. D. OILMAN.
In Georgetown by J. L. KJDWKLL.
In Alexandria by J. B. PLEitPONT
In Richmond by PURCifiLL, LADD A CO.
In Baltimore by OANBif A HATCH
In Norfolk by M. A. SANTOS A BON
And by respectable dealers in medicine every
ihera. ,i dee ft?lv
^ftTRtake pleasure in calling the at'ention of
TV parties ooutemplating building, to this high
ly pepu'&r roo&ng material, which has been in ex
tensive use throughout ihe cities ol the Western
'tottes and British Provlr.cwi for upwards of 10 yesrs,
luring which tune it has been tested by every vari
ety of circumstances, end is universally conceded to
powse, in a greater degree th?n any other roofing
arterial In use, the valuable qualities of cheapness,
?luriibility and security against ihe action of the el
We are ready to oontraot for roofing In the aity
and country.
Offloe hoars from 11 to It a.m^ and 4 to A p.m.
i,*w 0- M. WAKRRN A CO., ?
10thst,Sddeor aboveMeOaire's Aaotion lew.
Tuastot PiPiinon, August 26,1864.
Notion ia hereby given. to tbe holders of the fol
towing^deecribad stocks of the United States, that,
this department Is prepared to purchase, at any
time between the date hereof and the 90th day of
November next, portions of those stocks, amounting
In the aggregate to $3,840,000, in the manner and
on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit:
IiLoeee of ?T oqntlngent competition, within the
amount stated, preference will be givea in the or
der of time In which said stocks may.be cffered. The
certificates, duly aligned to the Onited States, by
the parties who are to receive the amount then of,
must be transmitted to this department; upon die
receipt whereof, a price will be paiO, compounded
of the following particulars:
1. The par value, or amount specified in each cer
tificate. j
2. A premium on the stock of the loan authorised
hy the act of July, 1846, red?em*ble November 12,
,1866, of 8 per een ^ on the stock of the loan au
Jiliorised by the act of 1842, redeemable 31st Decem
ber. 1862, or 11 per cent; on the stock cf the loan"
authorised by the acts of 1?47 and '848,*nd r/de< m
able, the former on the 31st Deoemb?r, 1867, and
the latter on the 80th June, 1868, of 16 per cen'";
and oii the stock of the loan authorise! by the act
of 15i.O, and redeemable on the 31st Deotober, 1864
(commonly called the Texan indemnity,) six per
3. Tuterost on the par of each certificate from the
1st of July, 1864, to the date etf receipt and settle
ment at the Treasury, with the allowance (for th?
money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in
Payment for sa'd stocks will be made in drafts of
the Treasur?r of the United 8tates, on the aspiitant
treasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as
the parties may direct.
But no certificate will be entitled to the benefit of
this notice which shall not be actually received at
the Treasury on or before the said 20th day of No
vember next.
aug 28- dt20**ov Secretary of Treasury.
0!? ALL Sl!fl)8 OF MUWAL
FLABARRIS would respectfully inf'rm tbe pub
? lio that he has turned a Shop at the corner C
aii110th streets, in the above business, and is now
re^dy to receive orders in any branch, namely:
on all kinds of ornaments for churches, chalices,
jewels, and regalia for Free Masons. Oddfellows,
and other societies, military ornaments, Ac. Also,
Chains, Goblets, Loc*?ts, Tea and Table Spoons.
Dessert and Batter Knives.
On Military Oinamepts, Fruit Baskets, Waiters,
Candlesticks, and Oassets.
i Also Silver plating for Plumbers, Ga?* Pitterfl,4c.
AU ornaments for military, Frsy Masons, Odd Fel
Ic '*s, and other Bedetiea and Clubs made to order
ua Ute ehurtest u jUoc
Comer 0 and 10th ste west, near Ph. ave.
ee 6?3m
Gr?*i Ferlfer of t!s? Blood J
a Particle of Mercury in it.
&? Ivrauma Raupifor Seroftila, King's KvE, Rheu
matism, ObstinateCutaneous Eruptions. Pimples or
Pustules on the Face, Blotches, Boils. Oirc-zic Sore
ityes, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald Head, Enlarge
ment and Pain of the Boties and Joints, Stubborn
! the Blood.
7T>Bf12 valuable Sedkine, which has become oele
1 bra ted for the number of extraordinary curei
abated through Its agency, has induced the propria
UM3. at the urgent reeuest of their friend*, to oifer it
to the public, wkioh they do with the utmost oonfi
device fn its virtues and wonderful ourative proper
tf<w The following oertiflcatee, selected from a large
number, are, however, stronger testimony than the
mere word of the proprietors; and are all from gen
tlemen well known & their localities, and of the high
est respectability, many of them residing in the city of
Bkhmend, Va.
V. BO YD AN, Esq, of the Exchange Hetel, Rich
mond, known everywhere, says he has eeen the Medl
cine called Cixrafc Spakoh Mixrvaa, administered
In over a hnnored cases, Is nearly all the diseases for
which itis leeommeaded, with tbe most astonishingly
good results. Hesays it is the most extraordinary
t^ediolne he has ever seen.
certify that for three years I had Ague and fever of
the moat violent description. I bad several Phyd
u?afc, took large Quantities of Quinine, Mercury, and
j I believe all the Tonics advertised, but all without
permanent relief. At last I tried Carter's Spanish
Mixture, two bottle; of which effectually curvd ire,
and I am happy te my I have had neither Chill* >r
! Fevers sinoe. I oorsider it tbe best Tonic in Kite
I world, and the only medicine that ever reached aiy
Beaver Dam, sear Richmond Va.
0. B. LUCK, cow in the city of Richmond.
ar.d for many years In the PostQffic*., has such oocfl \
dene? in th? astonishing efficacy of Carter's Spanlidu
Mixture, that be has bought upwards of 68 bottles,
which he has given away to the inflicted. Mr. Lut k
says he has never known It to fell when taken aeooti
lag to direction*.
Dr. MINGS, a practising Physician, and formes iy
if ti? &.*? Hotel, in the city of Richmond, says lie
Va; witnessed Ir & number of ir>?i*&ueu the effects of
Carter'fcSvj^fc Jkilstrire, which wcremort truly sur
prising. He says in a case of Consumption, deprnuc^t
o? the Liver, the good effects were wonderful indeed
SA HWRL M. DRINKER, of thafirm of Drinker A
Morrix Richmond, was cured of Liver Complaint of b,
years standing, by the one of two bottles of Cartoj'i.
Spanish Mixture.
the Richmond Re^uLlijan had a servant employed In
their pi ess room, eured of violent Scrofula, combined
with Rheumatism, which entirely disabled him from
work. Two bottles ef Carter's Spanish Mixture >
a perfect cure ef him, and the Editors, in a public n<
tics, say they " cheerfully recommend it to ail whe ar*
iflicted with any disease of the blood."
a very valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter';
Spanish Mixture. I consider it truly a valuable
medicine. JAMBS M. TAYLOR, Conductor on thr
R. F. A P. R. R. Co,, Richmond, va.
Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, residing in the dty o)
Richmond, was cored by three bottles of Cartels
Spanish Mixture, ef Salt Rheum, which he had
nearly twenty years, and which all the physicians
of the dty oould not cure. Mr. Thompson is a well
known merchant in the dty of Richmond, Va., and
his eve is most remarkable.
WM. A. MATTHEWS, ef Richmond, had a Mr
rant cured of Syphilis, in the worst form, by Car
tor's Spanish Mixtr.re. He says he oheerfully re
ccmnenda ft, and considers it an Invaluable medl
EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of tbe revenue,
cava he has seen the good effects of Carter's Spanish
Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cases, and says it
la a perfect cure for that horrible diseaee.
WM. G. II AR WOOD, of Richmond, cured of old
Sores and Ulcers, which disabled him from walking.
Took a few bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and
was enabled to walk without a cratch, In a short
time permanently cured.
Prtndpal Depot? at M. WARD, 0L08B A 00- No.
88 Maiden Lane, New York.
T. W. DYOTT ASOJfS, No. 132 North Second street
BENNETT * BIBBS. No. 186 Main street. Rich
?lend, Va.
And for sale by CHARLES 8T0TT, Washington,
D. C.j HENRY PEEL, Alexandria, and by Druggists
Price fl per bottle, or six bottles for it
asp 21-v
YOU will find at the same OLD STAND, Pennsyl
vania avenue near 12th street opposite tie
Irving Hotel, LOOKING GLASSK8 with oVwithout
Frames; Portrait, Picture and Mlnlture Frames ol
the latoet rtylea; Brackets, Tables, Room Moulding
Oorikisen, or by leaving your order yon can
have any thug dene In my line.
*? B-?Old regflt at the shortest no
Anecdote of a Louisiana Judge.
Old Judge L-?a, who was for years the
circuit jugde in that portion of Louisiana
known as Attakapas county. was eelebrated
for hta legal learning, and was (greatly beloved
by his neighbors and friends He was stern
apright, and honest?and the death of the
good old man. which occurred some years ago
wag universally regretted Lhroaghoat the State.
But with all his book lore and legal attain
ments, he was perhaps the greenest man at
oards in his entire oirouit. it has been said
that he did not know the " Jack ef trumps1' i
from a diamond. In the village of Opeiou
eas, three individuals were sitting round a
table, in one of those doggeries, " with a bil
liard table attached," whiohareao common
in the Creole parishes, playing a small game
of three-handeu poker, when a quarrel en
sued, whieh resulted in an aggravated ca e of
assault and battery This did not end the af
fair, for at the next term of the court, at the
head of ihe docket stood, " The State of Lou
isiana vs. John Allen, for an assault and bat
tery. with intent, to kill, on the body of ?nos
Ihe trial came on, and the only witness to
the affray was a Captain Johnson, who wa?
the third hand in the game. Johnson was
the skipper of one of those crafts which trans
port sugar from that section of the country to
New Orleans, and was a self-confident, go
abend fellow, and was undaunted before the
judge and jury, as he would have been before
the crew ot his only little oraft After being
sworn, he was directed to tell the Court and
jury everything he knew about the affair. Af
ter clearing his throat he commenced by
stating, ' that him and Griggs and John Allen
were over at Boullett'sgrocery, the second day
of election, When Allen proposed tbat thev
should have a small game of poker, and all
agreed to it. and we went up stairB and eat
down to the game; dii not know that there
was any harsh feelings between Griggs and
Allen, or I wouldn't a played, but heard af
iiere the witness was interrupted by the
court, who directed him to keep all hearsays
o himself and confine strictly to the facts of
the case.
The witness continued:
"Well, we sat down to the table, Griggs
sot there, John Allen here, and I there (mak
ing a diagram of the clerk's table in order to
elucidate the position of the parties.) John
Allen dealt the cards, I went blind. Griggs he
went blind, and John Allen wouldn't see
The Judge, who was a little deaf, was in
the habit ot using an ear-trumpet of his hand
tor the purpose of sharpening his hearing?
and throwing his head a little forward and
sideways, interrupted the witness by a?king
him, " what was the reason that John Allen
didn't see Griggs ?"
" Tbe witness replied, " I don t know, but
he would not look at him "
" Proceed." says the Judge.
"Well, I saw him and he saw me, and just
at that minute ''
" Stop, air." says the Judge, throwing him
self into a hearing attitude?" did I under
stand you to say that you went bliud?"
" Yes, sir! I went blind, and Griggs he was
blind, and A!len wouldn't see, but I saw
Griggs, and then he saw?"
"Stop, sir," said the Judge, "I don't un
dare and you, speak louder.'"
"Yea, sir! I went blind, and Griggs he was
blind, and Allen wouldn't see, but 1 saw
Griggs, and then he saw?"
" Witness," exclaimed the Judge, striking
tbe benoh with his olenched fist ?? do I hear
you aright, sir ? Do you say that you went
blind, and then you saw?"
"Tee, air," replied tbe witnees "I saw
Griggs and Griggs saw, and just at that "
"Stop, sir," said the Judge "Mr Clerk,
fine the witness fifty dollars for oonfempt of
Court, and direct the sheriff to take him to
jail, and there to keep him until he receives
further orders from tbe Court. Call up the
?extcaseMr Clerk "
Captain Johnson was dumfounded, and did
not awake to tbe reality of his condition, until
the Sheriff laid his hands on him when he
exclaimed -God a mighty, Mr. Judge, what
have I done, that I must go to jail ?"
The Judge, who was pu>ple with rage, did
not deign to reply to poor Johnson, but reit
erated the order with increased vehemence,
and the junior members of the bar, who had
been anticipating the fix that the Captain
would eventually be placed in, were convul
sed with laughter, which increased the rage
of the old Judge to the highest pitch. The
profcecuting attorney endeavored to enlighten
the Jadge, and eventually succeeded, but not
until he had produced a pack of cards, and
after dealing out three hands, made the blind
18 clear as day to the J udge
The fine and imprisonment were remitted,
order was restored in the Court, and Captain
Johnson was allowed to proceed with his tes
timony.? N. Y. Spirit of the Times.
The Effect of Stale Wheat or Flour.
A miller has come forward at Guildhall,
Louden, with a new theory as to the origin of
ouolera. He stated ihat in 1842 he purchased
large quantity of old foreign flour in bond,
and while tastiDg it for the purpose of aepa
rating the fresher from the staler, both he and
hit) men were seised with excessive salivation,
accompanied with disordered bowels He
tried some of the same old floor in his own
family, and the consequence was that three of
his children were seised with violent purgings
and Bickness, as in case of cholera, which dis
ease soon after made itsappearanoe in London
After attentively watching itB progress, he
was convinced it arose from the consumption
of old breadstuff*, and be accordingly deter
mined not to supply any old flour to his cus
tomers. The result proved that not one of
them bad the oholera, even in its most incipi
ent stage, althoogh exposed to the same dis
advantages in other respeots as those around
them, who were daily falling victims to this
sad malady. He wrote to Sir Robert Peel,
who was then Prime Minister, and his letter
was referred to the Board of Health, who
granted him an interview, but as he was
not a medieal man, they merely Hstened
to him. and there the matter finally ended
On one oocasion be became aware that a quan
tity of stale wheat was about being shipped
from London to Leeds, and he foretold that if
that oorn was allowed to reach its destination
the cholera would follow in its wake. Within
fifteen days after the oholera broke out in
Leeds with great virulence. He said that in
all thfe Russian wars against Turkey and Po
land the oholera had always accompanied the
aiouies of either country when traversing nav
igable rivers; and in the war of independence
in Poland, when news arrived that Warsaw
would have to draw upon the same old stores
that had previously given to the Russians that
disease, the visitation did come, attended with
the n>ost calamitous results. lie did not com
plain of five or seven years' old wheat. He
alluded to thai which was received in the
above countries in lieu of mouey for taxes,
and which was stored in warehouses for fifteen
or twenty years without seeing daylight It
was remarkable that cholera rarely appeared
during years of plenty; but in ^ndia. when
failures of the rice crops produced a scarcity
of food, the old stores were ransacked, and, ai
a matter of oourse, the cholera oommenoed iti
E#" It has been discovered that for th?
Sraniunu, and the most delioate specimens ol
e lily tribe, common glae, diluted with s
sufficient quantity of wat#r, forms ariohei
manure than guano er any other yet diaoover
Thfc?ioe?fDtrMrty apdft e?* *??pnl yijla ^
tag a greater variety of Interesting reeding thaa
be found ta any other is poShahari an 8Mw^y.
I ^ ? . ? itrs/rir
8ui|li copf, per tnnui.<tI<fif
J to oiru.
Five copies S ??
' ^ dO .. .<? .... ..... ^ 8 00
Twenty duM.~ 15 00
Q&~ Single copies (in wrappers) can be procured
? the tranter, immediately afb*r ibe ianre of the
paper. Price?THiur* rrrrs.
Posthastkes wbo mi M*age?u wiU be allowed
a of twenl> |m>T C*IU.
T" ~ . i Sg??
Mormon Church Music.
Mr. Doesticks has oommunicated U the De
troit Advertiser some of his experience in New
Vork. liaviog exhausted the amusementf of
the theatre, the opera, the museum and the
concerts, he tried the church Tbe following
is his asconnt of tbe music:
i - y
Pretty soon music?organ?sometimes grand
and solemn, but generally fast and Hrtrty
enough for & ooutra dance. (B. D. said the
{?layer gut a big salary to show off the organ,
and draw a house ] He oommenoed to play
the Old Hundred. At first, majestic as it shonld
be, but soon bis left band begun to get unruly
among tbe bass notes, L.en tbe right oat up a
few monkey shines In the treble; left throw in
a large assortment of quavers; right led off
* ith a grand flourish and a few dosen varia
tion, left struggled mournfully to keep up,
but eoon gave out dead beat, and after v?M
back to first principles, and hammered away
religiously at Old Hundred in spite of tbe
antics of its fellow;?right struck up a march
?marobed into a quick step?quick step into
a gallop; left still kept ax Old Hundred; right
put in all sora of fantastic extras, to entice
the leit from its sense of propriety; left still
unmoved; right put in a few bars of a popular
wain, left waves a little; right strikes up a
favorite polka; left evidently yielding; right
dashee into a jig; left now fairly deserts its
colors and gow over to the enemy, and both
commence an animated hornpipe, leaving poor
Old Hundred to < ako care of itself. At length,
with a arash, a squeak, a rush, a roar, a rum
ble and an expiring groan, tbe overture con
cluded and service began.
At length with another variette upon the
orjcan, and at the oonoentrated praise and
thanksgiving of tbe congregation, sung by
four people, theservioe concluded. I thought
from the manner of the last performance, each
member of the choir imagined thneeags of
praise would never get to heaven if be didn't
give them a personal boost in the shape of an
extra yell."
11 . ? 1L'
tT Persons purposing to peregrinate to Cal
iforma, had better call on Madam Ida Pfeiffer,
first. Tha; lady has spent some months in that
part of the world, and therefore deserves to
te heard, when ehe avers that?
"Of all the countries I have ever visited,
j?a\? Madam, of all the vile, immoral places (
have ever seen or heard of, in savageor civil
ized land, the gambling saloons ill California
are tbe worst. I went there in company with
friends; the doors were open; everything tnvi- '
ted euirance. Splendor in every form, temp
tation most subtle and powerful, combined to
lore the soul and body to destruction splen
did curtains, carpets, exquisitely painted pic
tures. whose subjec** were so impure, that I
involuntarily pl*c?d my hands over my eyes,
?vines, liquors of all kinds free, and to be had
f<>r the asking, all combined to lure tbe poor
mortal to sin and death. Yet all was so volup
tuously respectable so perfeot in good taste,
so refined in appearance so beautiful to the
eye. tb?' its influenoe stole into the soul, like
me deadly poison of the upas tree. What
wonder if with awakened passions, and brain
made insane by liquor, allured by lovely young
w men, who preside at the table and overlook
the game with gold around and on every side
of her, the poor victim rushed to the gaming
table for a new excitement and a new phase
of stimulation?
fy* If all the soldiers in tbe armies
of he allies were equal to one french
man they tell of at the action of Bometsund,
tbe Wat would not last long. As the fctory is
told, this gallant Parley Vou* crept on hi*face
ucd hands under the fort and taking shelter
under a large stone, ho kept up tbe battle cn
his own hook for sixteen hours, killing one
hundred and fifty Kusi-ians ! There is nothing
like to'ling a good one. when a yarn is to be
st>un for home consumption. We don't knew
whi<*h most to admire, tbe Prenehman, or the
correspondent who records his wonderful ex
VW How keen often is the wit of the Bible,
as where in proverbs, it is said, "The lips of a
fool twallow up himself."
ddKn liDOO 0*mbTK ilfcUdkrrchittfl froB 6
c?nte upwards
80 dr i gr?*? linrn Handkerchiefs from 26 mats np
wardr, v?rv cb>*ap
trench workad Ootlars *n great variety, very low
*ft>rlt?dj**u and muslin oleevee
Workerc*'u>brie Skirts
MO pairs i'n neb kid Uloves, at fiO oantr, worth 76
Call and ! uy cheap for oash at
cor. Eighth street, opp.Hite Centre Market.
oet 3 1 ro
Wv take grett pleasure tn returning
our jp-a'nful tbauxft to our numerous
friebd-. for their very liberal patron
age in th* nsupie business and beg leave to assure
them that we have this wet>k reoaleed tbe largest
aaaortttpnt new and popular Mu?ta ever Intro
publishers, Li!son, Waters, Hall k Son, Plr h Pond
A Co. L?> A Walker, Henry MoCaffray, WllHg, Mil.
Ur A B<*a j'ita end others Our assortment will be
found *ne cf the largest, and most varied in the
city, oomncieing 8< n?s, Duetts, Trios, Polkas, hofco*
ti-ch??, Waiting. Marahee, Opera Airs, Rindes Moo
tu n*, Gem* by Wallae, Dohler, Beyer, Cramer,
Voss, Thai berg, Jaell and otter eminent o mpeMrr,
Instrncrtion Books for every instrument in ua?.
Orders by mail promptly attended to, free of post
age. JNO P. ILLIfL
Pa. ?T^no(, hKween tib ana 10th sts.
oct 17?tf
WE the undersigned, uotilera, hare jointly rs
bo ve*i that if we detect anv person or persons
hereafter in buying. stdllog. filling, or dotMHna
bottles with the following cam** on, vis: Maack 4
Arny, Arnv * china, McK?*>n A Modrann, John
MoKeon, uuiess authorised by us so to do will be
prosecuted .o the utmost extent of lav.
AHNY A SUINN, Georgetown.
Washington, Sept. 26. 1464
WE will give the above reward to any person
who will give as such information as win
le?d to the deuctlou and oonvietiou of any person
or persons who buy, sell, fill, or oollect our bom?
without being authorised by us so te do.
sep 7T?eolm* JOflW MdKB0!<
New and second-hand PIANOS of
n ITI' my own and several other factories
are always to be had at my Piano Wareroom, on
llth street, between Pennsylvania avenue ao4 *
street. Jfjf Old Pianes taken in exchange.
Toning also attended to.
P 6 ?A'frw rery low piked eeoond hand Pianos
r? mU 10?.
THE undersigned have established themselves in
the Lumber ftuaiueas at 14th street Bridge, on
the Canal, where they offer for sale a large and
general assortment of Seasoned Lumber at Mr pri
ces and on reasonable tome Persons desiriwa to
put up frame buildings can have estimates furnished
by calling at the yard
On haud. a fine lot el Cedar Poets.
*-p 88?2aw4w QK1PPS A WALLBR.
LAND WARRANT no 85,58" for forty noraa, un
der the act of September, 18(0, Issued in favor
. of Andrew J. Miller, a private in Oaptain Ander
son's Company of Georgia Militia, 1880, was nailed
at New Albany, Mississippi, on or absut the M of
Octobet, 1858, addressed to John M. (Bartoa, Wash
I ington City, and the same has been last or eleien
[ from the mail Notice is hereby given that appUee
tinn will b? made to the ComuLtioner of ienJkuM
tor a duplicate cf sgU warrant
Joan m. cvabwl
I mi-Um?

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