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MtnrDAT AFTEBNOCIT........October 29
i?7"Tk/ large circulation of tke Sta*
mikes it tke most desirable advertising me
dium in tke District. It has more readers
m ike cities of Washington, Georgetown
and Alexandria, than all tke other Wash
m*tonHailies combined.
I^TTfetsons wanting the Eveiiinp Star in
Baltimore, can procure It early every after
noon at llenry Taylor's Newspaper Depot.
"Sfun Iron Buildings."
. ? - " jit ? ?
The Intelligencer is indignant against the
Union for hinting not long iiL.ce that we will
in time have coba by the swurd, if Spain will
sot trade the island off with us.
The Union, speculating upon the political
future, sajs of the recent elections :
">l'he confusion of tongues which prevailed
at Babel was ad nothing to tbe confusion of
doetnaes which already divide the iusionistn
We see a party pledged against the adopted
citizens aoting with Aoolitiomsts, fcno ia *qc
1 a?t Congress advocated the 62tVrem66l right ot
suffrage 10 those born iq oVuer lands. \> o gee
even who call tbemsvl'ies W bigs allowing se.net
sooie ies to 4iot?; Q their ap}>oinimenis and to
control their measures. We see men who aie
ultra liberal in ull matters ot religion, who ait
ioro^riyingibtdr principles of peifect equality
'-Iito eflect over aii obstacles. combining lor
present success with others who de not hesitate
to proclaim as a hrst doctrine proscription lor
birth, and disfranchisement lor creed Wlli
such oontrarieties ever be able to fcxiat as a
unit? Will the fanatic against the Catholic
co-operate with the fanatic against the Union?
Wiil a northern agistor against the South,
like Bale, be able to nnite wirh a southern
Protestant like Dr Bond, of Maryland, or vice
versa' Will Abolitionism, with all its ideas
of impossible enuaiiry, be hble to coalesce in
gentle dMlianoe wim the narrow faith of Know
Hothingism? Are anti-Nebraska Democrats
ready 10 follow in the leal of such eealors as
Giddings and Greeley, who, when rheNebras
ka dispute m over, will maintain their traitor
ous war upon the constitution of iho United
States? flow long will national \Vhig?. tem
porarily driven inio the Know Nothing lodges,
be willing 10 accept lor tueir oracle sucti ene
mies of Clay as ihaddeu* Stevens of Pennsyl
vania, and John M. Clayton, of Delaware, who
are now at the head of this new order of in
tolerance ? It is linpos^ibie for sucn a lusion
to last a year. If it had no antagonists to ex
pose its errors snd its weakness, it would fall
to pieces of its own warring elements."
Bamains oX air John Franklin Discovered
A telegraphic despatch from Montreal, an
nounces the receipt at that city, of intelligence
pf the discovery of tbe remains of Sir John
Franklin and his companions. The newp is
said to have been sent by Dr. Rae, who has
been for some years prosecuting inquiries oa
this subject along the borders of the Arctic
Sea to <*ir George Simpson, Governor of the
Hud?oa Cay Tenitory. It is stated that the
unfortunate adventures perished by starvation
in the Spring of I860, northwest of Box River
The details of this intelligence will be awaited
with great anxiety.
|yOne of the Know-Nothing Councils in
New Tork has adopted the following resolu
Rtsolred, That no person should be allowed
to vote in any town, county, btate. or national
election, until he hasliveain the United States
for 21 years, and can rtad and write.
This would deprive hosts of our own country
men of the right of suffrage. ,
S^When the false news of the great victory
gained by the allies over the Russians was re.
oeived at Quebec, a motion was made in the
Assembly to adjourn, to mark its sense of tbe
important event. The motion was carried
amid loud cheers, clapping of hands, and
shouts of "hurrah." They will have to do it
over again.
Tm Choj-kra at Trinidad, W. I.?The
schooner Griffith, arrived at Jacksonville, from
Trinidad. Port Spain, with dates to 1st Octo
ber, reports that at that time the cholera was
raging there with fearful violence. The deaths
averaging from 70 to SO a day.
Bboad Bock Bac*s, Va.?On Thursday,
John Belcher's Die Clapperton beat with ease,
C. Green's Rube, for a purse of $500, three
mile heats; there were but two heats?time
6.52, 5.38.
BTWe learn from the Charlestown (Va.,) I
Free Press that the cholera has again ap
peared in Martinsburg Mr. Washington Kroe
sen and three negroes died on Wednesday
morning. Besides, there were several persons
very ill. -
BT Pennsylvania, Maine, and Kentucky
have set apart the 30th of November a*
a day of thanksgiving, and this, we suppose
will generally be observed throughout the'
United Siates
lyThe yellow fever shows no signs of abate
ment in Augusta, Ga. There were four deaths
en the 19th, and twenty-three new cases re
BT More great names and big fortunes have
been made by resorting to the columns of
widely circulated newspapers, than in any
other way.
[JtT Accounts from Prince Edwards' Island
state that the Legislature there have on their
part accepted the Reciprocity Treaty.
.... The office of Canal Commissioner of
Pennsylvania is said to be a lucrative office.
It cannot be lucrative if the officer is an honest
man. The constitution of the State allows the
Commissioner but three dollars a day?about
as much as any journeyman mechanic can
make who understands his business.
...? It is said that Augustus Schell will de
cline the nomination tendered him of a wing
of the ?? Hardshells" of New York for Mayor,
and urges bis compatriots to vote for the City
Beibrm oandidate. in order to secure this em
porium against the pos?ibility of having Fer
nando Wood elected Mayor.
.... The leadingcitiiens of Springfield ad
dressed a letUr to Col. Ripley, formerly super
intendent of the armory there, inviting him to
a public dinner. The Colonel declines the
.... The London Athenaeum, speaking of
" Carey's Facts about Copyright," says :
41 One who knew Mrs. Hemans perfectly,
and who loves her memory too well to bear in
quiet euch a vulgar nisrepresentation as that
ot Mr. Carey, writes to protest in the strong
est terms against the use of her name and cir
eomsuneea for such a purpose and in such an
argument, it was simpl. not the fact, says
our correspondent, that 4 Mrs liemau lived
and died in poverty'?as hundreds of persons
moving in all circles of London society are
well aware. As we said last weak, tbfc ? facts'
of Mr. Carey are as baseless as his reasoning is
illogical "
" Crashing Out "?The following article
from the Springfled RepuAhean, a prominent
Whig newspaper in Massachusetts loolfifvefj
much like a "crushing out'' of thf ''Fie# Boil
ers,*' notwithstanding the false pretext of thefo
assumed success in Penwylvailia, QhiD, and
?Funeral of tbb FpeS Foil Party.?The
Iste Free boil T'arty Ma=> achusetts went
through the farce of & luneral at Hampden
Hall, in this oUy. on Tfteaday It was a very
private affair. Amas* WViker, Jameq M
Stoh9, t. ft 13lrd,D W. Alvord and John M,
Earle attended as chief mourners. The rest
ei" the family and friends were busy looking
after the Know Nothings. John P. li*le of
ficiated as chaplain, but the proceedings were
not very solemn.
-The meeting wns called as a State Conven
tion. but there .r?re not more than fifty dele
gates prwent, all told. All the rest in attend
ance were Springfield people. Senator Sum
ner was not here Most of the actors were
the same that bore a leading part in the. ea
tabufihment of the new Kepublican I'-arty,
and this gathering was to make a formal
patty." ? * ? u'.l !
In the above article, it is suggested that the
Free Soilers having got "crushed out*1 as a
[ distioct party* thsir members are looking after
the Know Nothings What success they had
in their attempted speculation in Know Noth
ingiam m Massachusetts. appear# from the re
port, which we getfr >mtheNew York Tribune
of Thursday of the result of the proceedings of
the lata Know Nothing Convention at Worcea
tor. In tha* Convention, Mr. Wilson. hereto
fore the leader tr the Fre** Soilers in Massa
chusetts ia bcth "aleut *?ud ohai-oter. made
his Kppearane'3 ad a candidate for the office of
Governor at the hands of the Know Nothings.
Mr. Wilson received sixty votes. The bod}* of
the Convention was divided between two emi
nent "Webster Union Whigs"?Mr. M P.
Wilder and II. J. Gardiner. Mr. Wilder was
ruled out, because he bad only joined the
Order within a month, and Mr. Gardiner, re
ceiving six hundred and twenty-three votes,
was declared the candidate of the Convention
for the office of Governor.
What the Know Notbirgs of Mass&ohusetts
think of the F <.e Soilers is spoken out pretty
ireely by the Kujw Notiiing newspaper organ
in Boston It says :
'? That class of needv ndvcn^u^^S, which has
for seme rears past attempted to scramble into
office, and r? '.mpese upon the people by the
/a/if prrttnee oj k're* Soil, and theJiction uf
Anti-Stavrry. has, by cunning manoeuvring
and adroit management, succeeded iu hood
winking and bamboozling the good bluest
Native Americans of this State, in suck a man
ner as to ride themselves into power or posi
tion, Mi;hout any regard to the ultimate result
of their selfish trickery and management, upou
the welfare of the cause they pretend to ad
vocate. '
Again, says the Know Nothing organ :
"The people are in danger of being regu
larly trapped by the log-rolling efforts of a
set of pod ical loafers who, without any regu
lar business, stem to have nothing to do but
to pull wires, and cajole the crowd. If these
reports [with regard to the nominations) bo
true, ^Native American conventions have
proved to be notiiing but Free Soil caucuses
log rolled ani managed by tke dexterous cun
ning of s'-iao of the old i'ree .'ioil leaders. The
cunest heatted Ameri-an people ha\e been
hood-winked and deceived by the moat plausi
ble cajolery and the most cunning ar'ifices,
uutii '? ne whole American move meat has do j
generated into a paltry endorsement of Fret
$oitism, and nothing else'5
Again it says:
" Good men and true hare bean kept out of
ihe American ranks to make room and place
lor a set of political jackals, who haye be
trayed their 'trust, and betrayed those tha:
trusted to their good faiib We have cried
out against demagogues and old party hackr
till we have falleu into the hands of hacks <>*
the worst kind. We have studiously kept from
our doors educated and intelligent minds, by
a senseless outcry against professional men
and politicians, until we have fallen into the
hands of a parcel of political stock jobbers
and curb-stone brokers, and have well nigh
lost our dignity and self-respeot. The amount
I of wire-pulling and log rolling ths?t has been
carried on within a few week* past In all parts
of the State is absolutely alarming, and it ha*
been done by those who have cried out the
loudest against it, and have covered up their
own villainy by an incessant clamor against
others. The peculiar orgnnisation of t.e
American party has afforded extraordinary
facilities for the exorcise of undue influences
The secret track of the snake cannot be read
ily exposed, nor can the antidote to his poi on
be applied in season to arrest its deadly ef
fects." '. . .
These remarks of the organ of the Know
Nothings manifest the indignant revulsion cf
that party at finding that the Free Soilers had
mounted upon them, and were trying to ride
into Congress on their necks; and the effect ol
that revulsion, is indicated in the above de
scribed action of the Know Nothing conven
tion, in giving sixty vote9 only to the Free
Soiler V ?)son. and six hundred to the Webster
Whig. Gardiner.
These movements in Massachusetts seem V,
be in perfect accordance with. m6se of the
Know Nothings ^ Yora who have nom
inate'i ^ tfceir ca didateior tiovernnr. Dame
IT 11 man heretofore chiefly known a- d promi
nent Union Silv- r Gray Whig; and what the
sentiments and purposes of the K&ow Noth
ings are in making this nominatior, may be
seen by a spicy column in the New York
Evening Mirror of Friday, defending the
Know Nothings, in reply to the New York
Tribune. Our clever friend Fuller begins
his article as follows :
41 Under this head, [Know Notbingism.J the
Tribune, of yesterday, mad* a fieroeonslaught
on the spirit and intent of the new political
element now sweeping away old parties, t?ld
platfoims, and old demagogic, plotting lime
serving politicians. The Tribune's mingled
snarl-arid-bowl would m?rit no reply, were it
not full of sophistry and misrepresentation."
Mr. Fuller proceeds towards a conclusioi
with the following dead hit at the Tribune:
" The trouble with the Tribune is, that it
sees the rising tide of Americanism surging
against, and overwhelming its political gods
It sees in the triumph of a truly national sen
timent the end ?f its rotten party platforms
and favorites, and of its heretofore somewhat
successful demagoguism."
We respectfully commend these not insig
nifieant signs of the times to those shortsighted
politicians in Congre-s who allowed themselves
to be hoodwinked and humbugged by what
the Know Nothing organ in Massachusett
calls " the plausible cajolery and ounning ar
tifices'' of the old Free Soil leaders in Con
gress, as to plunge headlong into Abolitionism
at the last session, drowning themselves and
theifr party in their insano l'ury about Ne
Banking in the District of Columbia ?
The President of the (eo called) Arlington
bank, Mr. Webb, assures us that not more
than five thousand dollars of the notes of that
concern have been issued up to this time. If
this statement be true, and we know no reason
why it is to be doubted, the country has nut
been flooded with Its rotes, as we alleged a
few days sinoe, on information at that time ap
pearing to us sufficient to warrant that belief
We cheerfully give to Mr. W the benefit of
this correction, having no disposition to mis
represent the action of any body. The fact
that there has been no heavy issue of the note
of this so oailed bank, however, by no means
justifies the selection of the District of Colum
bia as a point' from whence to i8iUe their
paper, by persona who are not hqlders of real
estate here, and who have given the commu
nity no earthly for th-? redemption
of their ciTftalatioa, that may not be hunni
fuggled out of the reaoh of the bill holder in
a moment. Our fellow citizens will recollect
that at 1?M* ninety per centum of all nominal
bank paper of the same kind issued ia the
District, of Cclunibi^ has pi^ed utterly worth
less. wheu it becatae the Intdftst of. thenar- j
ties issuing it for their concerns to burst up.
This has been the general rule. The excep-j
tiuns, few and far between, have been the wind
ingup ofsuch banks witkoutloss to the cor am
nity. We nave never yet known the ir -inagers
of any such mis-called Uhk, here or elsewhere^
who did not protest that their design was not
10 issue a single dollar of their paper for
which they did not have on hand an equal
amount of ??id to redeem it. Nor have we
ever known the managers of any such bank to
fail to violate this promice within a convenient
tiiflft after they had managed, by hook or by
crook, to induce the public to receive their
issues freely, as m jney. Theee are fact?, tht
truth of which the experience of every busi
ness man will guarantee. In the matter of
the getting op of such bankB in oar midst, wt
have a duty to peiform to the community, frem
?hioh wb will not shrink. We repeat, there
fore, our advice given a few days since, that
uo such pretended money should be taken in
payment for real property or hard labor, there
being not the slightest security in the reach 01
the public to compel its eventual redemption
An Important Land Office Decision. We
understand that the .Commissioner of the
General Land Office has decided that entries
made under the graduation law of the 4th of
August last, are not assignable until after
the patents may have been issued. So, there
can be no speculation in entries made under
that law. A warrantee deed for suoh lands
before the patent has been issued, will be
1 1
Increasing Farms under the Graduation
Law of August 4th last.?In determining the
rights ard privileges granted by the Govern
ment of tho United States under the above
mentioned law, the General Land Office de
cided that where one person owns two or three
tarms, he can select land adjoining either or
?!i of them for their improvement, nnder the
graduation law, provided the aggregate of hii
selections, so made, does not go beyond the
whole quantity the said law allows him thus
to take up.
Iho Charge to Nicaragua ?Col. Wheeler,
of North Carolina, the newly-Appointed United
States Charge to Nicaragua, expects to leave
"Washington on Thursday next for Norfolk.
Virginia, whero he and Mr Fabens will take
passage on the Princeton for San Juan. The
steamer will sail immelliately after he reaches
The Secretary of the Interior and Post
master General are looked for to reach Wash
11 gton this eveniug from their tour of inspec
tion t the selection of sites for the proposed
new Unite I States post offices and courts in
the cities of New York, Doston, and Phi'" J,?.
. , ' ci*
The Current Operations of the Treasury
Department.?On Saturday, the 21st of Oct.
there were of Treasury Warrants entered on
the books of the Department?
For the redemption of etock $3,145 76
For the payment of Treasury debts 612 71
* or the Customs... 28,980 78
Covered into the Treasury from
Customs 1,645,617 52
Co7?tred into the Treasury fr?m
miscellaneous soorcea.... 1,902 50
j or the War Department 5,372 32
For re-paying for the War Depart
tor tne interior Department...n 244 4a
For repaying in the Interior De
partment?????#??? (5143 9(5
For entering upon the books of the
ireasury an appropriation for
the Interior Department by war
raBt 1,822 59
The Late Outrage at Ellsworth.
[From th?- Boston Journal, Octobcr 19.J
Much indignation is expressed by the Maine
l^owopapers at the conduct of the people who
on Saturday night last, in Ellsworth, attacked
the Key. John Bapst, a Catholic priest, and
commuted various disgraceful indignities upon
his person. Tne Bangor Mercury learns the ,
following details of the affair from the lips of
Mr. Bapst himself: '
Mr. Bapst was stopping at the house of Mr.
Kent, a *hort distance out of the village ? and
between eleven and twelve o'clock on Satur
day night a mob of about one hundred men
approached the house and broke in Mr.
.j?tpst fled into the cellar, where he was found
by the ruffians, and dragged forth into the
pelting storm. He was tnen robbed of his
watcti and wallet When this was being done
he cried out ?bat they were robbing him Sev
eral replied. "No will not rob you. We a-e
Americans and not robbers."
The ruffians then stripped him, tearing his
great coat in a thousand pieces, and having
completely denuded nim, tar and feathers
were soon brought and applied to his person
all over. He was then mounted on a rail and
carried to a ship yard about a half mile dis
tant, where he was left, and thence made his
way back to Mr. Kent's having been exposed
naked to the storm about two hours.
Whiie the tarring and feathering was going
on, Le was mooked and reviled with horrid
blasphemies and indecencies. He was asked
why he came over to this country? " To preach
the Catholic doctrine," he replied. ?? We are
Protestants," the ruffians said, " and will teaoh
you better than that " One mocking him said
^ooriifully: "So they persecuted Jesus of
old/' Another, reviling, asked, "Will the
-trgin Mary save you ?,T These blasphemies
<emind one of the mockings on Calvary. Some
asked him i.ow many wives he had, how many
children, Ao. These are the most decent of
th* insults and are all that admit of publica
Some of the mob were urgent for greater
violence and proposed hanging him. but the
leader continually dissuaded from violence,
calling repeatedly to the 41 boys" not to hurt
him Tnis leader used decent language, and
appeared to feel a responsibility to carry the
business through with bonor to his " boys."
No: withstanding the indignities suffered by
Mr. Bap^t, he was able to appear at the desk
on Sunday, and preach to the Catholic congre
gation. He waft, however, on Sunday evening
further threatened with death if he did not
leave town. The Irish population, incensed
and exasperated, assemblea together, armed
themselves with hatchets, pitchforks and such
weapons as they could oommand, took Mr.
Baprit into their oustody, and were deter
mined to protect him to the death. Upon this,
Mr. Jarvis, one of the most worthy oitizens of
the town, obtained permission of Mr. Bapst's
menus to take him into hia own house, guar
anteeing him protection " if it cost him his
Il'e immediate cause of the outrage upon
Mr. Bapst consisted in the fact that he had
been oonneoted with a controversy respecting
he right 01 the authorities to enforce the
reading of a book in sohool on the part of
fcholars whose parents objected to it. Being
overruled by the authorities, he had brought
the matter before the regularrly-oonstituted
tribunals, where it is now awaiting decision
I he outrage will inflict a deep stain upon the
town of illsworth, and must be deplored by
every good oitizen.
We are pleased to learn that the report of j
this gentleman's death, reported by telegraph
on Saturday, ie not correct, and that he has
?o far recovered hia health u to be able to at
tend the da ties of his station.
I |
[jft Twice saved ?
narrativeof the F^enoh Sailor who was picked
tip from the wrack of the Aretie.
[From the Minerve, of Montreal.]
My name isJassonet Francois; I am from
Cancale, a village situated at three leagues
distance fr:inSt. Malo; I generally. employ
myself every yeSf tfi fishing at St. Pierre I
I?**1*** b<*rd tf?? Vesta, to return ii(Mae
when about noon on the 27th. as I chanced U>
I.heard th.? men charge of the
watch, and who were in the fbre of
vessel, sing out, "Luff, Luff^ere b a s?p
tawing down 2pon us." I thing, to th< best
01 cuy opinion, that not more than half a
minute elapsed before we receive the shock
Our ship struck the Arctic in the starboard
bow, near the wheel; our forecastle was swept
away by the blow When we saw this acci
dent, a general confusion endued, and ;j. man
ascending from the hold cried out that the
vessel wa9 filling with water, which created a
general panic amongst Yhe passengers and
orew. To lower a boat and to precipitate our
selves into it, to the Bumber of "even or eight,
was the work of a minute, and we proceeded
towards the Amerioan vessel, which continued
it# route towards land.
Our intention was to save ourselves on board
the American vessel, for onr.idea was that our
own would go down immediately. We rowed
for some time before we cou, . ^
'??? vut-1 - ??'
^. D- ??? approached the wheel, and
owing to some accident whic^h I cannot explain
the boat was caught in it, and upset. I alone
wasi able to catch a rope, and get on the deok
American vessel, where a general con
T" and Pani? reigned, t soon learned
the vessel was in danger, and I oast my
eyes around me to find some means of safe*/
e wer? near me about thirty bottles; I got
on??of ?!'1 at|?ched them to my person, but
w-.ni/ H?? lD? broken?1 8<>on saw that it
would not be possible to throw myself into the
sea with them; that is why, finding a box near
??S J fwr?ned myself on it with strong cords,
rhfr my86lfJ lnt0 th? s?*- % good luck,
a ? appened to be close to the vessel a
f P*eo??f th? wreck, which I seized hold
abandoned myself to the mercy of the
waves. In company with me on this raft was
a young American of from 20 to 22 years of
r?e:o?wJOUng man died?n the morning of
the 28th from the effects of cold and hunger.
The cold had taken such a hold of him that it
became impossible for him to utter a "single
word. I took him in my armband supported
his head on my shoulder. When he breathed
his last sign, he gave me such a violent shock
u 72 Bear apae^ng me into tho sea. I
attached him to the raft with cords, and 1 kopt
him tor about twenty hours, at the expiration
of which, finding that he was really dead, and
apprehending the visits of some large sharks I
threw myself into the sea. After being at the
mercy of the waves for a couple of days and
9ol r ^ 13 to 8-a*' fifty-two hours-on the
29th, towards ten in the morning, I perceived
the west, a sail, which seemed to be an
preaching rae. Then, with the small plank
which had served me as an oar. I was enabled
to make some signals, which did not seem to
be noticed by the vessel. I continued to swim
for anrfher hour, and I then became convinced
that th?- v^-scl was coming directly towards!
Ju if faJe m0 a ,itt,e courage, for my 1
strength had begun to abandon me
I made a fresh signal, and I saw that thev
perceived me, for the vessel came straight to
wards me I was hoisted on board, and I gav e
them to understand as well as I could bv
I'f? :iDiH f?W WOfdfl of E??l?h, that there
were to the leeward a great number of pe
sonsawatting help, and the captain aoeord
direotinnaDgw 8 ,co"r3? and steered in that
hid Snn fl6 ?? Up elevon P?reons, who
UantS ? - wg tlet'?S 0f wr?ck, as, also,
? t then made sail, and pro
deeded to Quebec. It was in this way that I
escnped the waves, which threatened to en
sulph me eveiy instant, i was in the sea !
Lfty-two hours, without food or drink of any
sort, with the exception of one small sailor's
buscuit, which my companion in misfortune
gave me before he expired.
An American Vessel Fired Into.
The Providence Journal publishes the fol
owing extract from a letter reoeived in Provi
? tSu ,Hi.? Janciro> September Cfth :
u.ff Tu- n port areth? barque Nevada,
last from Rio Grande, and the brig Paragon,
from the same port, both in ballait, waiting
v w U ship Tejuca, loading for New
lork, the Reamer Bay City, in distress, bound '
to ban iranciwjo, and under sail. Before this
reaches you, I expect there will be a sensation
in the totatep, because of her having been
fired into by the English brig Bonita The
Consul has had the matter under advisement,
and the proper papers have been forwarded
to our Government.
It seeniB that the man-of war being to lee
ward, fired three blank guns for her to heave
to; thereupon, with his colors flying, Captain
Wardle hauled hisfr.re and jib sheets to wind
ward, lowered the peak of her fore and aft
sails, and waited for him to come jup, when
tnreb shots were fired in succession. The first i
lell Bhort. the second came within ten feet of
her fore toot, and the last passed between bi?
fore and mainmasts. On the boat reaching the I
gangway, ttie Englishman inquired who was
the master, when Captain Ward,* answer*1
fhat he was the man. He then asserted that I
the steamer's men were all drunk, and in a
surly manner demandc 1 wby he did not heave
to. Capt. Wardle answered that h* had done
done so before he had fired a *ot His papers
were examined, when the Englishman, no'ir.g
in the steamer's log the faot of boarding him
left. There is a Russian frigate somewhere
on the coast, and the English are out iookine
for him." . 61
Late Foreign Items.
?A letter from Leghorn gives a sad aocount
of the health of Rossini. It is said that even
should be continue to live for some time long
er, he will never recover his faculties. ?
jTA Pfn*|on of ^100 a year has been award
ed by the Queen to Mrs. Taylor, widow of the
well-known discoverer in steam navigation.
?There is an individual at present in
Greenock, named Patrick Murphy, tbe Irish
giant, a lad of eighteen years of age, and of
the extraordinary height of seven feet five and
a halt inches on his stocking soles He weighs
twenty-one stone, aad measures fifty-two inch
es roand the ohest. Murphy is a native of
county Down. Ireland Where is Barnum ?
.the famous life of M. Disraeli, published i
some time ago, will have a companion, in a I
history of tue Foreign Ministries of Lord Aber
deen and Lord Palmerston, by the same au
thor, a man very well known to the world po
litical. r ,
--Dean Milman, who makes as little noise
in the world as Dr. Cumming makes a great
deil, has lidded three new volumos to his I
three-volume book, tho History of Christianity.
H* has, beginning from the Apostles, reaohed
R'jme and the Popes. '
?A rumor is current that the young King
of Portugal looks to the English Court for a
suitable match.
?Queen Victoria is said to be onoe more in
an "interesting situation."
Hydrophobia in a Uorsb.?A correspond'
ent of the Mark-lane Express, dating from
Whetstone relates the following case: Six o*
seven weeks ago 1 had a valuable oart-mare
bitten by a strange dog. My man was in the
ohaff-house, and he was aroueed by a sudden
rearing, plunging, and unusual noise; im
mediately entered the stable, and thougtu he
saw a small dog jump out of the manger and
leave the stnble; he thought this must have
frightened the animal, as it was dusk I told
him to bring it out to the light, when we ob
served three or four long scratches or hni
sions just deep enough to draw blood; an un
easy thought crossed my mind at the moment
but it was soon forgotten, and it was only last
wees that I was pleasing myself that the mare
was improving in condition. On Monday last
she appeared to have a sore throat I sent for
the farrier, who administered some remedy
and ordered fomentation, which was very fr?
applied She appeared something
better on Tuesday morning, but toW*Ms even*
mg became worse, and eventually quite rabid
starting and shivering at the sound of water
*?aPpifng afc everything within reaeh; and
at last we found it neoessary to kill her
OQp-T*rn?r?* <kiooUtloa Ball.?Th
uernia# _ ui-ner Association respectfhhy inform their
nds and the public thai they will give thHr anni
C<nlslHi Saloon, on Tl'E^DA Y, the
<U> or November next. Attention wi'l be paid to all
Wno may visit them on this occasion, so that every
One u ill enjoy themsi!?^#.
William Jalm, D. Pile, aU A. Ben-tein. Commit
tee of Arrangements- oct 23?It*
? ASO|fto?? A stated communication c>f J
Inderal Lodge Sn. l will be held on TO-MORROW 1
(Tuesday) EVKNljffl. at j o'clock. The members
are ben!by notifies to be punctual in their attend
ance as the M. W. Grand Lod e will make the an
nuel Grand \ Mutation on UmU Md it la de
sirable, that a 1 the member* b* present
lnethren in good standingASB conjlailf ia
By order of the W. M.:
o< ; 23?2t ?? JJeeeatary.
" ' ~ * 1 * ^ ^ ? A Y ? * *m?a ? a m m
|T?? Tke Racta over Brjramown
JJ* Course. 8t Mary's county, Md, will com
me nee fta 2?th of the present month, and continue
for three days For farther particulars fee Port To
bacco ? ftnes and th* Register.
o . t 23?tf
4i- matioaat Medical College?Tbel
Introductory Lecture to the course for the present
session o? this Institution will he delivered by Pref
Joshua Reily, in the Amphitheatre of tHe Wathing
ton Infirmary, en MONDAY, the 23d inatant, at 6 I
o dock p m.
The pubDe are invited to attend.
The lectures will be given after 3 o'clock p m., I
during this session. 1
?. u-s, "WI3 H * D
?v^ Grand Subscription Ball. The
Ik ? Nation*' !*????? ??<?? ?"-*?*
k. .7? ?j- ??k~viuii* iaeni the dtl
t^.ia or Washington that thav are making ar ane?
ments to give a Grnnd Subscription Ball on Monday
evening Nev. 13th, 1864
tor particulars see future advertisement.
? ? R. G. SHkKBLL,
Secietary of the liecntlve committee,
oct 7?tf
jv-B?]ffatlonal Medical College, Wash
u>J3 L5QT0N ? jie thirty-third annual course of
leotures will commence on the foutth Monday in
October, and oontinue until March.
Thomas Miller, M. D.?Professor of Anatomy and
Physiology. '
Wm. P Johnson, M. D., Professor of Ot^etrice
and Diseases c* Women and Children.
Joshua Riley, M. L>, P?fe?or of Materia Medica,
Therapeutics, and Hvgiene.
John Fred. May, M D^Proftesor of the Principle*
and Practice of Surgery.
Grafton Tyler, M D , Professor of Pathology and
Practice of Medicine.
L?wis h Pteiner, M. D., Professor of Chemistry
and Pharmacy.
Bdward A. Scott, M. D. Prosector and Damonstra
tor or Anatomy.
The facilities for the prosecution of practical
anatomy are ample.
Like most simitar institutions in Europe, the deski
from which the regular lectures are given and ths 1
ward-? tor clinical instructions ace under the same 1
The completion of the extensive additions to th?
onudin?8 since the lagt sesjion for the sccoromoda
tl??n of the sick, wiil greatlv extend the usefulness
or tbe medical and surgical clinic.
Tim f-nt'reexpenge for a full course of lectures is...f$?<>
Pr?rticai anatomy by the demonstrator 10
Matriculating lee, payabieonly once 5
Graduating expense ... ' [[ 23
AcJmisHion to the medical and nurgical clinic
tjr Migh th* whele couree without charge.
KTE?wi^rt^rJn!onMtion' ^dress LEWIS H.
ETRINEK, M D., Dean of the Faculty, office Wash
inctton Infirmary.
The lecture* will be jriven in the afUmoon and I
tv*,ning, to aocommodste students who hare othe
encashments during the earlier part of the day
oct eotillOthNov.
Lost on faturday morning, on nohttt
side Niuth street, between D and E streets cr
?long I to Eleventh and New York avenue to the
treasury, a PORTE MONNAIE. containing a mall
(mount of money and some Pew Rent Biila on the I
ftreet Pres. Church. The Under shall be suitably
rewnrded by leaving the tame at this offlje.
oct 23?It* 1
LOfcT?Oe Pa. avenue or 1% street, an unfinished !
embroidered Handkerchief. The finder will be
suitable rewaadtd by leaviug it at this offi<*?.
* oct 23?It*
, Teacher of Piano and Singing.
' CCt 21?tf
PUflRDlKG.-A gentleman and his wira, or
?M-* two ltdif b cr gentlemen, can be accommodateti
with boarding in a piivate familv, bv early applica
tion at No. 238, north L street, Fi ret'Ward.
' oct 23?ec4t*
8CTIONENB R RG will commence feviewini'
si asses <n Lan images on Monday, 30rh October, at I
pis refidoiice, 267 Penn^ylrania arcaue
Of^t ^?tf
jJL Carriage and harness. The Horse is a bay.
^about 7 or 8 years old The harneae nearly new?
and the carriage, a good comfortable one, with two I
p-u s and a falling top. For further information
apply at this office. oct 23-eoif
;'T" GREEN would re*pecttully inform his eus
? tomera Lnd the public generally, that in con
f equence of th* hi?b pr ce r f feed at the prerent
tirr being thirt* percent. .r?*a:er than for several
year* past, he is compelled to rai<? the charge for
liia milk from 8 to 10 c.-a;? a quart, to take eff-st
jOti thi- lFt of November neit. oct23 8t*
Modern Language* and Literature,
not 23?tf
li.1 Jart reoeivd, a splendid lot of?
' New Silks of ?very description
Cloaks and Maniies, the newest styles
r Shawls of every k>nd
Mou**ilite deLaines and Plaid Merinos
Cloths CgMtimeres, and Vestings
Drme-tic Goods of ev*rv kind
4 000 yd? 4-4 Curtain Catiro, at 6l4 cents
4,009 yds Drees Calioo. fait oolore, at 6% cent' ,
A handsome lot of Curtain Goods of various
Tapestry Velvet, Tapestry, Brussels, Ingrain,
and Three-ply Carpets, cheap
oct 23? diOt HALL A BROTHER.
GaUTIEK'S ?At the solicitation of many farei
lies, I have made ar- ang-ments t* furnish
M KAILS at private houses regularly, and at at'
hours. Great care will b< given o the preparation
and cnoking of the various dishee, and it will be
fodndllid most agreeable and cheapest way to live
cct 23?3taw8w 262, Pennsylvania avenue.
KANSA8 AND NEBRASKA; the History and
Ge graphs of those Territories, with an ac
count of the native Tribes, Ac; by E, E. Hale, with
a n-w map. Pried 75 cents.
The Inebriate's Hut; or. the Fruita of the Maine
Law, bv Mrs. rf A. Southworth
Isabel Camllfn; a Personal Retrospect, by Kuel
ler glen. Price 76 cents
""Tbe Hsneli.jah; a new book of MuMc, by Lowell
fcoheol Books of all kinds used in the District, at
the lowest prices.
7th street, near Old Fellows' Hail*
oct 23 [Sentinel] . i<
' l HIkTY BUILDING SITES, coatainiaa about five
1 acres each, on a credit of ten years, within
twenty five minutes' ride of the City P<>at Office for
sale, lyiug between Washington and Blwdensbur*.
distant from the central portion of tie city from
2>4 to 3)i miles The tract presents a front on
three public roads, ii in a g:od neighborhood and
rat idly improving section of country.
~ We will sell the above Lots on a credit of ten
years, and on such terms as we are sure will insure
to the purchaser an easy mrde of payment, On
many of the aboTe lots there are fine groves of oak
trees, of original growth, and also some fine spring.-'
of water.
We offer tbesalots to residents of Washington,
who would res'ds In the country and at the same
time be ab*e to attend to business in the city Par
ties rurchasiag this fal1 will have the advantage of
one year in setting out fruit or ornamental tree*.
For lithographic plats cf tbq ground and further
explanations of terms of sale inquire of
JNO B.KIBBEY.No 4, Uolumb'aPlaoe,
corner of 7th street and Louisiana avenne.
oct 23?12t
Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law*
Virginia New York Maine
Kentucky, New Jersey Illinois
I<ouisiana, Miasiaoi >(.i Connecticut
Massachusetts Maryland Pennsylvania
Florida Tennessee Alabama
Iowa Georgia California
Arkansas 8 Carolina Ac , Ao.
Conveyancing In all Its branchea promptly and
aoourately executed.
Office, Louisiana avenue, opp. Fifth street.
oct 16?dly
SCHOOL BOOKS of every description at the j
O lowest publishers' prioes, at
Baylor a maury*b
pep %?? Bookstore, near 9th St.
XT4UTICAL ALMANACS, English and Freneh
IN for 1864,1866, I860 and 1867, imparted by
A M US KM *' * T*.
THE OO ? (XX OLEB rf Alexandria. Ukt greet
pleasure in Informing the tftisess of AleTan*
iria that thrv wfH ho'd t heir first ?nutial TVall at
farep m Hall, oa THURSDAY ETkElKG, the MLh
This being their first Ball theyprv ml?* tV.??e whe
may tavrr th?ir> wfch iMr eowpany that ?* aEbrt
ihiU be spaced tr rrnt tfc* tall one of the atoet
pieeatnt and agr^?ab!e ever held in tt.li ilac*.
Strict order will b# expected and enfbroel.
Superior Oetttlon Mu*l<* will be p>???t from
Wa*td?fftoft ?
Hack* wti 1 eonvey the ladies to and from the ball
Tkfc-ts $1 60. ?
Befrwhmenti furnlphed for the ladles.
ookviiii or ujla.nokkkitts.
. -??
Jonah H Whita. .. CUi pVy.
Armstead Hunt'*. CO H
A. J. Stalling*
Ax. xawnaii. Ovtober 19?iltb^
IOBT?f"*TOBBR 2?th, A PAIR OF 80L0 ?PEO>
j TiCHS, supposed to have^
b--en dropped in an omnlbua, or ln4 ?.?_
getti sg oat. The find t w^ll rewire a suitable re
ward by leading them at this o&oe.
11- "
oct 11?St*
?N ON the
posed in tb* omnibua beta.- o the A Venue aod
Page's Wharf, n J">ld Curb Chain, with an xyefM
attached, for which t?>e finder will teoeirs a suitable
reward by leaving it at this Office.
QBt 'SI - 3t*
l< E W ARD.?STraY*. D OR STOLEN OS the
7th inatanr. fr~ undersigned, i
? gray MARE. Her back b-ing rubbed '
by the harneas, her hind ancles some
what swollen The above reward will be
gflen if brought to me, or Information gl?en so ?hat
can get bar. Residence %U> K street, between 15th
end 16th, or lean t? found at Messrs Stott ? Co,
corner Pa. avenue and 7th at.
Inquire for J. H. BKKWITH.
oct 21?St
full ana trefh assortment of silk, gingham
and cotton Umbrellas. with harewood. ivory,
and plain handles in grant variety o* style*, at I,
uniioim low prioes, at STEVENS'
oct 21 3t Salesroom, Crown*' l'otel.
ORK SHOE SOLES for ladies and gen
tlemen at LAMMONH'S, 7th at.
oct 21?3t ? ;?
Almanacs for l&se.?Tits tam+ly c*ri?.
tian, Methodist, Presbyterian aud other Re!),
g-ous * Imanaes.
Also the Farmer's and Housekeeper's. wholenJe
or retail at GRAY St BALLANTYNE'd
oct 21?3t Bookstore. 7th St.
>YH suitable for pr^senl
at" LkMMOND'S, 7th st.
oct 21?3t
Brldre about the first of July,%
a yellow Buffalo C-;W, with a white
face. When lounl at e had a rope
halter a otrnd the bead and neck
and was dry, but in good order. Any olc owning
snch r*-w can get information of her by applying at
this office oc' 21?St*
I^HK subscribers, dealeM In dew stj i ^eormd-hand
Furniture, would beg leave to inform the pub
lic that they are at all times prepared to pay the
hiehest cash prices *or Bfoond hand Furui'ure, and
will purchase tke whole stock of those declining
housekeeping, who may wish to avoid the double
and expense of an auction.
Cheap Furnitire Oealars,
o?*t 21?3t Seventh between 1 and K st recta.
I^HE subscribers wttuld rospwctially invite 'h? at
tention of the public to
ihsi* large and general assort
ment ot house famishing Goods,
(ooth new and saoend band) em
bracing every article usually kept in ? complete
House Furnishirg Store. Our goods having been
purchased at the lowert wh prices, we will guaran
tee to sell at least 20 p?r cent cheaper than any
other house in the city. Ojt mo to is ''Punctuality
to business? Qul k fales and staail profits.'*
Gives us a call and be convinced that money can
be saved in buying Fcrnitnre.
Fnrniturv ? eatly repaired and Tami'h^d st tha
shoitesi no ice, on the awt r?ssonab'e teem*.
Seventh street, between 1 arid K streets,
oct 21-St
Found?a small sum of money in the
Store of tue subscribers, which ths owner can
h&7e by proving the same and payirg for t!>u ad*
vertisement. W. KG AN A SOV,
No 323 Pa. are., between 6th anl 7th sta.
oct 20??t*
PJ. S1KKR, Merchant Tailor, is constantly
? ? '
ceivina; new > coeesions to hi* large ac 1
elegrnt stock oi Gentlemen's Pali and Witter
Goods, all of which he is prepared to make
up to order in a most superior style at s^.ort
notice Gentlemen in want of superiar Ctothini
may rely on being suited by calling at No. 4&
Washington Place, -eventh at. oct 20?flt
jm The handsomest Hats ever of
fered in tiiis city for $4.
We alvise every one to till and grt a Hat if they
wish to save a dollar.
oct 20?3t 238 Pa. avenue.
plates for sale at
tains splendid Engravings and colored fashion
SffTLLTVflTWS Bookstore.
Ladies National Magxs.ne for November
vithur*8 Home Mag^xine do
Robert Bruce, the Hero King
The Cabin Boy's Etory
oweli life at
All the new Books received tor sale as ro.m as
published at
cor. Pa a?. and 4^ st, Odeon Building.
oc' 20?tf
THOSE persons that hnve changed their reel lenoe
since our canvassers cal ed o i them, and all
who are not housekeepers, that desire their i am?i
in the New Directory, can have th-m inserted by
leading their names Ac at our office within one
week J. TEN EYCK,
Contractor for numbering the city,
Oct 20?lw No. 842 P street.
CR?iuuio.t, F: ehionable Drvss Maker, ba* re
moved from her late residence on K street, between
9th and 10th, to No. 479, lhirt?*uth etr*??t, two
doors south of Pennsylvania avenue. All orders in
her line promptly attended to. oct 19 --w
HOP. LEO SOUND may b consulted on matters
of importance iu that wonderful work ot As
trology, fortaLing par icular events, incident to ha
maa life, such as marriage, description- of hu?ban<i
or wife, how tb? parties shall agree, of changing
uatlons, or employm nt, specula'ing, partner^bipi
law suits, friends, riches, theft, things lout, thioge
found, health, sickness, death, past, present and to*
ture events, an l all concerns of life.
Madome Roeillia may be oan^ulted at the raise
Koe. Gentlemen $1. Iindies 50s. Colored persons
. each Apply at 5h3 northwest oorner C and
Twelfth B+rear, Is aud. oct 1*?Iro*
HAVING eritaged one of the b?*st workmen in
America, I am now prepared to put{~
in order the most difficult and complicate 1,
Watches equal to any other shop iu thi-l
courtry a- Liverpool. Watch movements
jaw elled throughout. I articular atuation fciv*n
to ship and pocket Chronometers.
Watchmakers' Tools and Materials for sale.
418 Pa. avenue, betw 4}^ and bth sta.
cct 10?tf
ment for new ones at th? Music D^potof
? oct 18?tf HILBOT A HITZ ^
of the United Stat?s
Old Redstone, by Joseph Smith D D
The Inebriatr'a Hut, by Mrs Houthworth
Kansas and Nebraska, by K C Hale
Isabel Tarrellton, a P?rs,nai Retrospect, by KnelWr
Meigs on Childbed Fevers
Kolliker's Microeo*pic*l Anatomy
Drake on the principal diseases (secret series)
oet 19 Bookstore, near 9th st
HE subscriber would respectfully inform
numerous iriends and the public generally that
in addition to his Wood and Coal lard ne*r tt'
Phoenix Planing Mill, Georgetown, he has, for tb?
bettor accommodation of that portion of bis e*
toman who reeide in Waabington, opened a yard ??
the oorner ol Twenty first aud 1 streets.
At either of the ahova plaeet> tho a in want of fu?
will at all timet find a good supply of all kind* ol j
WOOD aud OoAU at the lowest market prions.
All orders 'aft at either of the above pi* cea will
be attended to with promptseaa and dispatch.
Sucoaseor to
sep 27?d2m TBAVBRS A STQVIR r
thu oi mm,

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