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the evening stae
published eyery afternoon,
(?xcm SUNT)AT,J
the Star Buildings, corner Pennsylvania
avenue and Eleventh street,
Will t* ?erv'?l w ?al?criber* in the citiec <?r' War h
ourton, Georgetown, Alexandria, Baltimore and Phila
delphia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENT?, pay^
b,e weekly to the Agents. To mail subscribers the
mtwcnpuon price is THREE DOLLARS AND
FIFTY CENTS a year in advance, TWO DOL
for THREE MONTHS. Op-Sueia conu om
. I
vol. IV.
WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, october 27 1854.
______ '
NO. 569.
the WEEKLY star.
TOi ticellrat Family and Nrvra.
ia| a greater ear
be found ta any i
???? I M
ro eu<u
Tec do -99% .
Twenty do - la u?
09* Caib, tmiiiUT m abtaucb.
Sfnfie copies (la wrappan> can be
a the countcr, immediately I
pnp?r. Price?thru rtirrt.
Post*astir* who act ?s aft nta wMI be alowf
a commission of twenty wr c?-tiL
?e of the
Ttlei undersigned would respectfully infbrm hli
friends, acquaintances, and the public generally
that he still oonUnnes to esecnte *11 ordtr* In h?
llas of burinaas In ths bert minrer and it the short
J Mt notion
\ M,p-A^'ga?a?grr,
the shortset noMce, and in the bwt
wanner, aoate* prttervtd m the mott perfect mm
ntr, even in ihe warmest weather.
I f?, ?5 fmTors? h* respectfully
J itfdt, aad will endeavor to merit a continuance o
_ .. ?T?-* !-dde' between 9th and 10theta
Bs4denoe: Mr. Martin's, No. 89?, D street, t-M
honse east oi 7th street mar 17 lj
,/?ff7?TV'fifwM PLA?T* W- UN
. . . ^KKTAKERi^-reeidenc* 418 fev
outb street, between G and H strata. Inierment?
procured in any ground or eemeterj. Coffins, Car%
c<hr?ud?, Carriage*, Hearre, and every article for
interments of the best quality furnished at short
notice, on the most r<*a?onable terms, aad at ail
hours of the night. Having the exclusive right of
Crump s Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarsnt-e to
keep the dead for any length of time. oc 11?tf
THJI advertiser returns sincere thanks to his
friends and the public in
general f>r their past patronage.
and informs tham thit, with in
crrased facilities, he is prepared
to attend to all orders in bis line of business with
^ He ?i7S? bis person%l at
taction to Undertaking, and those requiring his
iei liiee will always find him careful and obliirini;
40 at all hours, day and night. ?
?ma*in8 lios he trusts to be able to
pre satisfaction as heretofore. His establishment
188> Kw2t!&
and 18th sts , first Ward, Washington.
oct 5?lm Cabinet Maker and Undertaker.
I WOULD respectfully return my thanks to thr
citizens of Washington and its vicinity for their
PTC P'frT'Md th^ owing to the frequent
calls in the Undertaking branch of my business 1
hare been induced to discontinue the manu&cturc
and turc my attention fully to tbe
UNDERTAKING. I have spared no pain* to hare
every thing that is requisite to my business, and 1
am therefore fully prepared to meet any order after
a few moments notice, and I assure those who may
?k7? mLa i will #are no pains te carry oat
their orders to their entire satisfaction.
w a _rui. ?- ffl0? 7th Bt*? betwwn Q and 3.
attended to at all hours of the night.
T? ^*uti1faJ burial place of the dead havirg
?PProPri*t? ceremonies
wr the purpose, is now open for the receptiou of the
remains of deceased persons.
hrvwhiitf ?Mk !f ap4clt^ for ? hundred
bodies, in whieb such friends of the dead as ma*
fc/thegrares8 1118 <l*I*ne<l Until ^*7 select sites
rJl* in1!0r1F0r,,t0?,fl on? of equality in
^ Wil1 not ^ Pat UP Publicij
' (^though 0*ey usually bring a premium.)
making toe early selection of lots tae most dssir
Until an office is established in the city of Wash
ington, applications will be punctually attended
to at the present office, in the east wing of the buiii
ing on entering the Cemetery.
?ta*trd ? short disUnce das
north of the Capitol. aug 11 -Hn?
W* receiving the largest stock of OAS.
Yla.IURE8 ever offered in this citr, com
Csiog every variety of style and finish They hare
m selected from the celebrated factory of Corno
liuj k Co., Philadelphia, and include all of their
Owinrto a reduction in price in Gas ? xtures we
are now prepared to furnish them at a less rate than
they hA?6 ey?r yet been sold here op elsewhere.
To keep pace with the above improvement the
prioe of gas Tubing has been materially reduce 1,
and our increased facilities warrants us in Eaylng
that we are prepared and can execute any wort we
may undertake cheaper and better any cither
establishment in this city.
Plumbing k Oas Httiug Estahlhhmsn',
Pa. avenue, s side, between 10th and 11th sts.
oct 13?dUanl
1 (*?*ea cambric Handkerchiefs from 0
1" v cents upwards
80 do*. graM linen Uandkerchie& from 25 cents up
ward*, very cheap
Prench worked Collars in great variety, very low
Worked lawn and muslin Sleeves
Worked cambric Ssirta
340 pairs French kid Cloves, at 50 cents, worth 75
Call and bay cheap for cash at
cor. Eighth street, opposite Centre Market.
oct 3?lm
PW. BROWfVlJIG, Merchant Tailor, Pa
? avenue, under the United 8tates Ho-, mm
tel would respeetially inform his customers
an t the public generally that he has just re- nA
eeived new Fall and Winter goods in gr^at^Us
variety, such as cloths, C&.*eimeres, and Vesting^ o?
the latest importation, and is prepared to have them
made up at the shortest no'?-?, in the most fashion
able manner, aad at low rates of prioee.
Having made arrangement* to go into the Ready
wadeCluthiag business extens'vely this season, h?
let-la confident that he can offer to those wishing t
putchtae a stock of Clothing, not inferior to any in
this city, and not made up at the North, as is usu
ally the case with work sold here; but cut in his
own establishment, and made by our own needy cit
iaens in this dull season, at low rates of prices, he is
enabled thereior, to compete with northern work in
Cint of prioee; and m to quality and style, he wil!
>ve for those who favor him with a call to indge.
He can sell whole suits, Coat, Pants, and Vest, at
tbe following low rates:
Good suit for business purposes, oat of cloth or cas
aimere, for the small sum of.
Dress and frock Coats, from $10 to $20
Overcoats of different styles 12 to 25
Blank aad fancy Pantaloons $3 50 to 10
Bilk aad Velvet Veets .... 2 60 to 10
This stock of Clothing 13 of a superior quality,
and has b?ea made up since he received the fall and
winter fashions.
He keeps constantly on hand a large assortment
ot fancy articles?such as Gloves, Cravats, Collars.
Umbrellas, ko. "
rioie Agent for tbe sale of Scott's Report of Fash
Iona In this city. Wp 16?tf
Comer qf Thirteenth, and K Ureett, near the Theatre.
/ N The proprietor of this
/g^pnblk house, Mr. William
Groason, has refitted, ten
ovated, and prepared his.
eetabuooinent tor the accommodation or vi .iters in
such a manner that be trusts will give full satisfac
tion to all who extend to him their patronage. He
ha* made arrangements to have the very best of
OYSTKR8, Ac., for the whole season, without regard
to expense. Families and Parties promptly supplied.
His Bar aad Larder is at ail times sto*k?d witn the
bast in th?line. Making his acknowledgments tor
past enoouragement, he respectfully invites a con
tinuance of the same, with every intention and ex*
artmn to please.
A lew hoarders can be oomfortabls aocommo
sop 2U?6m
SMALL BUILDING Luiti of 10 feet or more, in
various parts of tfce City, and Georgetown, at
low prions, aad terms to suit. LLOYD k CO.
For sale, leltverabie at the Canal, or Wharves in
Washington, Georgetown, or Alexandria.
. , LLOYD k CO.
*?z ? i^g? and handsome CA&EIAQE and
jy 2??lv6 k opp Department
C10AL HOOS, &>al Shovel , Ash Buck its. Cinder
J dtlters and fubx, (.-omplete ?n one.j Shovel and
TODfis, Pokers, Jlhovei and Tong Stands, Blower
Ptanis, Fenders, Kire Carriers, Ac., Ac. A large
?apply oi the a ore ?ooda have just been received,
direct from the factories, and are ? arranted superi* r
to aay others m the market, and at as low nrioes
A oaii is respeetfuily solicited.
oolfl feign of Gilt Paw, Pa. av.^*^?t.
o?llOUlj MOQitfiof eTer^JuSri^Sona^
^ lowest |>ubil<-hers' prices, at
. *"P *? Bookstore, near 6th st
Author o* the great book just be
? ? .. Baltmom. Md? Jane 4,1864.
*"-&/>ckbridffe, of the Fountain Hold. Light street,
Daar Sir: Being on the point of leaving tb? city,
? myself of a few idle moments to thank you
Kindly for the medicine you s?nt me, ud which his
restored ae to the use of my limb*. I beg yon to
?end me four bottles more, to carry on my voyage.
Sinoe I had the fortune to use Dr. Hampton's Vege
table Tincture my confidence is so strong that, in
gratitude io the proprietors of said medicine, I beg
you to present my respect* to them, and induce
them to make it more publicly known aa a sure
Rhxumatic cure. Having called on me on the 19th
of April last, and teen me prostrated on my bed,
useless in all my liaibs, you can appreciate nearly
*s Well as myself the prompt relief I received from
Dr. Hampton's Tincture, and I am positive had it
not been lor your strong and forcible recommenda
tions I should still have been in bed.
It is really a pity this specific should not be ap
proved b.r medical men, and like ftll patent drugs it
should suffer tbe imputation the public generally
giva to such preparations. I mytelf, who was al
ways opposed to a patented specific, took this medi
cin? with reluctance, and without ronfidenoe in it,
and it was only through your disinterested, friendly
recommendations, and my critical situation that in
dn<xd me to-try this really beneficial Vegetable
You may inform Messrs. Mortimer A Mowbray
that they are at liberty te make use of my name ia
th< support of the good effects of Dr. Hampton's
Vegetable Tincture, as it has cured me in five weeks
of a chronic Irtfiammatory Rheumatism, contracted
under tropical climate*, and of seven years'periodical
duration. I have only used three bottles, and find
1 that even the deformed,parts of my hands are fast
returning o their former natural appearance.
I have been nnder the treatment of several phy
sicians in London and Paris, without any apparent
benefit; also, while in New Ycrk, having tried the
Thompsonian and Homcepathic remedies, after hav
ing been tormented with galvanic ba'teries, ool.j
and aromatic baths, and hundreds of internal and
external medicines, all to no effect, I am, so far,
oured by this Hampton's Vegetable Tincture only. ,
Therefore, my -ear sir, accept of the assurance of
gratitude, and believe me yout well wisher.
Thomas Cahot.
Poetshooth, Va . Aug. i8,1851.
Mr. J. E. Boush?near sir: While I am, in gene
ral, opposed to patent medicines, candor compels me
to state that I have great confidence in the virtuf-s
of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture. For several
months past I have used it in my family; and in
dyspepsia, loss of appetite, diuinees, and general de
bility, with entire success. 80 far as my experience
extra 's, therefore, I take pleasure in recommend
ing it to the afflicted as a safe and efficient remedy.
I am, respectfully, yours,
Vbuion Eaumei,
Chaplain, United States Navy.
Washington, May 17,1853
Messrs Mortimer A Mowbray: Gentlemen?Hav
ing been afflicted with Liver Complaint of ten veais
standing, I hereby, for the benefit of the afflicted,
take great pleasure in announcing that after usin*
a few bottles of your Tincture, I found it h?d ac
complished a perfect cure I have used different
medicines from time to time, bat have never been
able to aooouut for any apparent good, and it is a
blessing to stricken humanity that that medicine is
found which possesses the wonderous power of pro
longing human life. The many cures it has wrought
is a sufficient guarantee of the beneficial results
whish may be experienced from its use. Yours,
respectfully, j. Cuxtadt Hat.
Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see cures of
Coujh, Brondutis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dysper -
sm, Nervousness and Gen tral Weakness. As a rem* e
medicine or for delicate children we believe it un
*>ld by MORTIMER A MOWBRAY, 140 Balti
more street, Baltimore, and 304 Rroadway, Ne v
OTT, and H McPHKRSON, Washington; also, by R
8. F. CI88SL, Georgetown; and C. C. BERRY,
Alexandria, and by Druggists everywhere.
ang 81?tr
HOUSEKEEPERS and others are reminded thftt
tiie following list of articles are of the very
beet description, and can be purchased from the sub
30riber on as low terras as any other house in tl a
Tlty. A large assortment and supply always 0.4
Oils of all kinds Queenswaxa
Paints Brushes
Campblne Clocks
Varnish Lamps
Turpentine Chandelien
Window Glass Girandoles
China Vases
?arthenware . Brittannla Ware
Glass Ac., Ac., Ac.
Goods sent to any part of the city free of charge,
CountryMealera will do well to call.
7th street, opp. Selden A Withers' Bank,
star IT?tf
PERSONS desiring to send money to Ireland, eai>
obtain checks for ?1 or more, on the Belfast
tanking Company, payable in all the principal
towns. Apply to CHUBB BROTHERS,
Bankers, opposite the Treasury Building.
rPHE subscribers tale pleasure in announcing to
X the public that their stock of GAS FIXTURE*.,
comprising some of the best and latest patterns, ha -
been received, and that they are now prepared to sai l
at the lowest rates. Persons in want ef Gas Fixture
will please call and examine -they will no doubt
tin.-i It to their interest.
Dwellings and .public batidlngs fitted with gaa-tc>
bing at the usual rates
dee It?tf Pa. av., bet. 10th and 11th, s. side.
Maine avenue, between 1% and 6th sts.
MANUFACrCitER of steam Engines, Boiler*,
Water Tanks, Shafting, Pulleys, Hangers and
Mill Werk generally.
Will furnish Saw Mills, all kinds of Castings,
Wrought and Cast Iron Pipes, and every thing in thr
Iron line generally.
Two small ENGINES on hand and for sale. Foi
information address G. E. NOYES, Washington Iron
Works, Washington, P.O. Iv 1 * ?
r*HE office of "The Inventor** Protection National
JL Union" is on 7th street, opposite the East Por
tico of the Patent Office, and is now ready to attend
to tho business of its members, namely: in making
examination' and soliciting patents, Ac.
Inventors are invited to call and get a oopy of the
Constitution and By-laws, and where any informs
Son will be given respecting the Union.
All letters on business must be directed to this of
Ice, where attention will be given immediately.
A model shop is in connection with the office,
rhere models can be made to order at the shortest
cotioe. T. G. CLAYTON,
ap 10?ly President I. P. N. U.
THI undersigned, having added Gas-Fitting to
their former business, are now prepared to ex
ecute all orders in that line, in the cheapest, moe'
expeditions and approved manner.
plumbing and TINNING done as heretofore.
A file assortment of STOVES, Tin and Sheet Iron
WARE constantly on hand.
Kole agents for the District for MaeGregor's Patent
DOT AIR FURNACES, for heating Public Buildingc.
Churches, Halls, Private Residences, Ac.
?iso, tier Barker's Double Acting FORGE PUMPS.
Persons in want of any of the above articles wiL
find it to their advantage to call on us ere purcha
sing elsew Oere.
Pledging themselves to a prompt execution of all
ord' rs entrusted to them, they most respectfully
mlictt a continuance of the favors so liberally be
stowed upon them by their former patrons and th<
public in genera1. FUR8E A COLLINS,
Nos- 360 and 871,Pa.av., opposite Willards* Hotel
sepft?3m ? j
No. 442 Eighth Street, between D st. and Pa. avenue.
rilHE und-rsigned is'prepared to do SILVER and
J_ BRASS PL &T1NG in all their varieties.
Numbers for Storse and Dwellings, Door Plates,
Bell Pulls, Railing Knobs, Letters and Ornament
for military and other Associations furnished at
Bal'imore prices, and of his own workmanship.
All kinds 0< Conch Work in the line dona in tbe
best, and cheapest manner.
Those who want silver, brass plating, Aa., done,
Will please oall aa above, on
Tmastot DiPASTxm, August 3d, 1864.
Notloe is hereby given to the holders of the fol
lowing-described stocks of the United States, that
this department ia prepared to purchase, at y
time between the date hereof and the 20th day of
November next, portions of thoee stocks, amounting
in the aggregate to $3,840,000, hi the manner and
on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: f
In oaae of any contingent competition, wittyin the
amount stated, preference will be given In the or
der of time in which aaid stocks may be ofiezei. The
certificates, duly assigned to the United States, by
the parties who are to receive the amount thereof,
must be transmitted to this department; npon the
receipt whereof, a price will be pai>!, compounded
of the following particulars:
1. The par value, or amount specified in each cer
2. A premium on tiie-stock of the loan authorised
by the act of July, 1846, redeemable November 12,
1868, of 3 per cen*^ on the stock of the loan au
thorized by the act of 1842, redeemable 31st Decem
ber. 1862, of 11 per oent; on thejtodk of*he loanR
authorised by the acts of 1847 and 1848, and redeem
able, the farmer on the 31st December, 1807, and
the latter on the 80th June, 1868, of 16 per cent-;
and on the stock of the loan authorisei by the act
of I860, and redeemable on the 31st Deoesnber, 1864
(commonly called the Texan indemnity,) six per
3. Interest on the par of eaoh certificate from the
1st ot July, 1864, to the date ef receipt and settle
ment at the Treasury, with the allowance (tor the
money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in
addition. -L.
Payment tor said stocks will be made in drafts of
ibe Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant
treasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as
the parties may direct.
But no certificate will be entitled to the benefit of
this notice which shall not be actually received at
the Treasury on or before the said 20th day of No
I vember next.
ang 28?dt20Vov Secretary of Treasury. !
For all kinds or vital.
LABARRB would respectfully inf rm the pub
? that he has opened a Shop at the corner O
ana lots streets, in the above business, and ia now
ready to reoeive orders in any branch, namely:
on all kinds of ornaments tor churches, chalices,
jewels, and regalia for Free Masons, Odd Fellows,
and other societies, military ornaments, Ac. Also,
Chains, Goblets, Lockets, Tea and Table Spoons,
Dessert and Butter Knives. " ^
On Military Ornaments, Fruit Baskets, Walters,
candlesticks, and Cassets.
Also Silver plating for Plumbers, Gas Fitters, Ac.
All ornaments for military, Free Masons, Odd Fel
lows. and other Societies and Olubs made to order
cn the shortest notiee.
Corner 0 and 10th ela west, near Pa. ave.
tm 0?321
Pk* ?r?at Purifier or th? Blood!
Mit a Particle of Xereurj in it.
J ?IsT4unu SxuDTfor Strofula, King's *vll, Rheu
matism, Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions, Pimples or
Pustules on the Face, Blotches, Boils, Chronic Sore
Byes,RingWormor Tetter, Scald Head, Xnlarge
ment end Pain of the Bones and Joints, Stubborn
Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders, Lumbago, Spinal Com
plaints, and all Disease* arising from an injudicious
UN.cIMercury, Imprudenoe in Life, or Impurity of
the Blood.
TIKIS valuable Medicine, which has beoome cele
1 bratel for the number of extraordinary cures
iffeoted through its agency, has induoed the proprie
tors. at the urgent request of their Meads, to otfer it
tc the public, which they do with the utmost oonfi
1<noe ia Its virtues and wonderful curative proper
?ioe. The following certificates, selected from a large
number, are, however, stronger testimony than the
a-crewcedof the proprietors; and are all from gen
tlemen wain nown in their localities, and of ths high
?r:recp?ct?b hty,many of them residing in the city of
tichmenl, Va.
F. BOYDEN, Baq, of ths Bxchange Hotel, Rich
? ond, known everywhere, says be has seen the Medi
:ine called Ctank's SramflH Mixruaa, administered
in over a hundred cases, in nearly all the diseases for
which itis recommended, with the most astonishingly
attod results. He says it is the most extraordinary
x sdkine he has ever seen.
wrtifythet for three years Shad Ague and Fever of
the most violent description. I had several Physi
owes, took large quantities of Quinine, Mercury, and
I believe all the Tonics advertised, but all without
Krmanent relief. At last I tried Carter's Spanish
ixture, two bottles of which effectual ly cured me,
?id I am happy to say I haste had neither Chills n
Jorers since. I consider It the best Tonio In tite
b or Id, and the only medicine that ever reached aiy
Beaver Dau, near Richmond Va.
O. B. LUOK, Esq., now in the city of Rlohmond,
eudfor many years In the PostOAce, has such oonfi
ience in the astonishing cfflcacy of Carter's Spanish
Mature, that he has bought upwards of 68 bottles,
which he has given away to the afflicted. Mr. Lntk
5vts he has never known It to fall when taken aooord
Isk to directions.
Dr. MINGfl, a practising Physician, and formerly
?f the City Hotel, in the city of Richmond, says he
Itas witnessed in a number of instances the effects ot
Oexter'B Spanish Mixture, which were most truly sur
prising. He says In a case of Consumption, dependent
on the Liver, the good effeota were wonderful Indeed.
SAMUBL U. DRINKER, of the firm of Drinker A
Morris, Richmond, was cured of Liver Complaint of 8
years standing, by the use of two bottles of Cartel's
Spanish Mixture.
the Richmond Republican had a servant employed In
?h?ir press room, cured of violent Scrofula, combined
with Rheumatism, which entirely disabled him from
work. Two bottles ef Carte r'a-S pa nieh Mixture made
a perfect cure efhim, and the Editors, in a public no
tice, say they M cheerfully reoommend It to ail whe are
?&ictad with any disease of the blood."
a very valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's
Spanish Mixture. I consider it truly a valuable
Bedlcine. JAMBS M. TAYLOR, Conductor on the
H. F. A P. R. R. Co,, Richmond, Va.
Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, residing in the city o!
Elohmond, waa cured by three bottles of Carter's
Spanish Mixture, ef Salt Rheum, which he had
nearly twenty years, and which all the physfeians
of the city aould not cure. Mr. Thompson is a well
known merchant in the city of Richmond, Va., and'
bis cure Is most remarkable.
E|WM. A. MATTHEWS, ef Riahmond, had a Mr
vent cured of Syphilis, In the worst form, bj Car
ter's Spanish Mixture. He says he cheerfully re
oommenda it, and ooasidere it an invaluable medi
EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of the revenue,
says he has seen the good effects of Garter's Spanish
Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cases, and says It
is a perfect cure tor that horrible dlseaee.
WM. G. HARWOOD. of Richmond, cured of old
Sores and Ulcers, which disabled him from walking.
Took a few bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and
waa enabled to walk without a crutch, in e short
time permanently cured.
Principal Depots at M. WARD, CLOSE A 00, No.
*8 Maiden Lane, New York.
T. W. DYOTT k SONS, No. 182 North Second street,
Ftaadelphia. -
BBXa'BTt * BEXRS, No- 126 Main street, Rich
m< nd, Va.
Aud for sale by OHA RUM 8TOTT, Washington,
o. O4 HENRY PEEL, Alexandria, and by Druggists
Prise $1 per bottle, or abebotttaa for |6
se?21-v . . fii,t , j
YOU wUl find at the aame OLD STAND, Pennsyl
vania avenue near 12th street opposite tl<
Irving Hotel, LOOKING 011 ARABS with or withopl
Frames; Portrait, Picture and Mini Cure Frames 01
the latest styles; Brackets, Tables, Boom Mefeldlqgf
Oomisee, Ae^Aw^.or by leaving year order yon cat
hare any thing dene in my 0>Vj . _
fob 90^ JOHN WACltt,
Relief in F1t? niautti.
rpHK increasing demand for this aott pleasant,
X oafs, nd efficacious remedy tor all pulmonary
disease#, has enabled' the proprietor to reduce the
price so as to plaae It within the Teach of all ol*?ees?
Its superiority over moot similar preparations is at
tested by many eminent physicians who
eye wttnesees of its efficacy when the t
I? *hen the JSTiW
^ b* thousand of onr most?
bothaa 0^^h0>- lwed ** in tbeir ^miliee
SSBTEtJl-e* CUre ^ n? *^0^ eu"
^ WutX yemr#' dorin* whleh Period
r^W.nV Jr,~L^d lrom advertising, Ac , it has
KTaSee ofmSJiSS?^ ?Ter th? whole Unicn.
irJiS^edSS JLS?1 2"**' ^oaruneu, <tc^ it
or two, without interfering *ri?|T/r f ?UiTeJX1 a
readerinir^ ?JS-T rtng wlth d,et or business, or
ohroDic^a^s *f.T ?u?eptibJe of Oo\&, in
?iTLk ?Bd ,W """s ? bottle
RilfelvifiT*'^ Patterson A Nairn, StottA Co.,
??&?&, ussr by n1 ste"M- "?
1 SS~J
^"?Srr sr*- "?U u?r?;
7-Jw ' y contain no injurious drug, are parti u
Price J2^ and 26 cents per bo*.
JrtlT-if* m08t ^ "* Candy Stores.
8. McELFRESH, adjoining the National Ilo
? tel. would invite ths public in general to cab
? 8t0CS of roPerior HAVANA CIGAR -
on* They comprise all the fi
suaers BUlt th? V4rlouB tastes of all oon
??^a78^v?*Dd' every ??i?ty of Chewing and
Sm?king Tobacco of superior quality.
rriv ,,e?a"t 8tock of beautiful mounted Canes.
R? "1*8' Porte Monn&ies, Cigar Cases, Pipes. Ac
at Poet reasonable prices. eep 30?eolm
^SITB the undersigned. bottler*, have jointly re
?f solved that if we detect any person or personf
felUng' miin?' or collating
bottles with the following names on, viz: Maaci I
Aray, Amy * Shinn, McReon A McQrana, John
MoKeon, unless authorised by us so to do will be
probeouted to the utmost extent of law.
mt vj o ARNT * 8 HINN, Georgetown.
Washington, Sept. 26.1864
E will give the above reward to any person
_ *h0. ?ill give us such information as will
ie?a to the detection and conviction of any nerson
^itw? wWh0 tyA ?11' or ooU?ct ?ur bottle*
without being authorised by us bo to do
_ ? , . ARNY a SHINN,
?P 27?eolm? JOHN Mc.KEON
^bJH Now and second-hand PIANOS ol
"?~*T?n?y own and several other factories
analways to v.? had at my Piano Wareroom, on
11th street, between Pennsylvania avenue and 1
?treet. 4?gr Old Pianes taken in exchange.
Tuning also attended to.
p R ... , * 0. R1SI0HSNBACH.
r A ftw very low pi iced second hand Piancw
ft ->f>. t i&. **r ?aU ?ntr 10?m ?
THE undersigned have established themselves in
the Lumber Business at 14th street Bridge, on
tfie Canal, where they offer for sale a large and
j general assortment of Seasoned Lumber at tair pri
: ces and on reasonable terms. Persons desiring to
put upi frame buildings can have estimates furnished
1 by calling at the yard.
On hand, a fine lot ol Cedar Posts.
sep 23?2aw4w CHTPPS A WALLER.
LAND WARRANT No 85,597 for fcrty acres, un
der the act of September, I860, L?ued in fa^or
i OI J- Miller, a private in Captain Ander
son's Company of Georgia Militia, 183d, was mailed
I J^New Albany, Mississippi, on or about the 5tb of
Oetobei, 1863, addressed to John M. Clarke, Wash
lag ton C<ty, and the same has been lost or stolen
?om the mail. Notice is hereby given tbat applica
tion will be ma4e to the CommJariocer of Fenaiocs
If r a duplicate of said warrant.
, . , _ JOHN M. CLARKE.
Oct 7?lawthr
I^HIS 18 TO GITE HOTICK that the!
. subscriber hath obtained lrom the Orphans'
Court of Washington County, in the District of Co
lumbia, letters of administration on the perFonal es
tate of Jabes Travers, late of Washington C amy
deceased. All persons having claims again* the
! ?id deceased, are hereby warned t<> exhibit tbe
same, with the ?euchers thereof, to the eubecriber.
j on or before the 14th day of October next; th^
ujay otherwise by law be excluded from all benefits
of the said estate.
Given under my hand this ICth ray of October.
oct 16?-W3w Adminifitrator.
C^ADTlEifc'H ?At the BOlicitatifn of many teai
I" lies, I have made an angement* t* furnisb
MK&1L8 at private houses regularly, and at all
hours. Great care will be given o the preparation
and cooking of the various dishes, and it will be
found the moat agreeable and cheapest way to live
oct 23 ? otaw8w f62, Pennsylvania avenue.
Street, between D and E?
1 cargo Philadelphia Red Aab Coal 'or Gratee, Ae
1 do do white Egg Coal for Radiators
i do Broken do Ath do for fnrnacee
1 do Dauphin Red Ash do for cook. Price
$7 75
Daily expected one cargo Grey Ash
Also about 60 tons mixed coal, laying en an open
lot, which will be gold at a vesy low price.
Terms cash. 2240 pounds to the too.
ret 20?eo3t* YOUNG ? MOORE.
? holesale prices for cash ?We have on hand a
few very superior instruments, which we will sell
as above lo close out our present stock previous t?
removing. Every instrument warranted. Call and
judge for yourselves at Hilbus A Hits' Music Depot
oct li?tf
Bancroft?vol ? o* Bancroft's history
of the United States
Old Redstone, by Joseph Smith, D D
The Inebriate's Hut, by Mrs Southworth
Kansas and Nebraska, by E C
Isabel Oarrollton, a Personal Retrospect, by Kneller
Meigs on Childbed Fevers
KolUker's Microeeepieal Anatomy
Drake on the principal diseases (secret series)
o*t IP Bookstore, near 9th st
The Proprietors of the Evening Star offer for
sale, on reasonable terms, three Printing Presees
One of these presses is capable of printing bvth tides
of a double.medium sheet at once, at the rate of one
thousand sleets per hour, making excellent regie
ter. The others are a medium Smith prees and <i
Ramage Cap Frees. These presses are in good oon
dition. Be 5?tf
HOMGSPATHY.?Manual of Iloaoepathic Prac
tice for the use of Families and Private Indi
viduals by A. E. Small, A. M M. D. Price $2. In
valuable for domestic reference ?
Poems and Translations from Goethe, Scbiler, 4c.
by Chas. R. Lambert
The Railway Library, worderfully cheap editions
of Bulwert Novels, for travelers reading
Routledge's Tourists'Guide through the United
Statee, containing all the requisite information, to
gether with a splendid May?60 cents
Lives of the Queens of England before the Cor.,
quest, by Mrs. Hall.
oct 18?tf Boekatpre, near 9th st.
Bank of England Writing Ink, by Jones, ma
ker by appointonasi
Imported direst from the manufacturers in I^>n
don and Pails by FRANCK TAYLQK,
TTAVINQ engaged one of the best workmen in
il. America, I am now prepared to put(~
in order the most difficult and complicated.
Watches equal to any other shop in thial
country ar Liverpool. ' Watch movement*' _
jewelled throughout. Particular attention fciv^i
to ship and pocket Chronometers.
Watchmakers' Tools and Materials for sain.
418 Pa. avtnue, Ww. 4U and Oth eta.
) T??- i > X
" ? . Jy? - .*4,
How to Judge a Horse
The foIl9wing_rules for judging thecharac
ter of ahoree are geing the rounds of the
agricultural journals. It may be useful,
therefore, to give them in comiection with a
tew commenta.
foeJS?00iSSf6llghi80rwl or chestnut, his
Itolnew.' (if ?'tbM? are marks of
If he is broad and full between the eyes he
may be depended on as a horse of good sen?e
?hingipa beiDg trained 10 almost any
As respects such horses, the more kindiv
fnUretS?ntbeT?Jth?i^ettfry0U WiU lreat^
in return. Nor will a horse of this descrin
tion stand a whip if well fed. (2? P
,. V ^?U B 8afo horse, avoid one that is
iajj*0$ i, he Tl be 80 far Kea"? ? Dot to
Kim ? K f Wr 6 100 much go-ahead in
him to be safe for everybody.
^ ?1? W?Dt a but a hor8? of great hor.
fcUf* Si!? a* u"?6 ?/ u?ep bay' with not a white
^ ajKmt hlm. ?*-his face is a little dished,
?o much the worse. Let no man ride such a
horee who is not an adept in riding?they" a re
always tricky and unsafe. (3 ) y
If you want one who will never give out.
never buy a large, overgrown one. a black
horse cannot stand heat, nor a white one cold
If you want a gentle horse get one with
or Ia" while about him-the more the
hl2ll"w 8uppo8e tbat the Parti-oolored
horses belonging to circuses, shews, Ac are
thi25ti^rf0r th6ir ?dit7, But th< elections
thds made are on account of their greatdooil
lty and gentleness.
Comments.?(1 ) One of the mott tricky ani
mals we ever knew was a sorrel mare, with a
SftSff a?d Among other stratagems
k i801 'amenesa on the road and
toL'eWeTr dri? With?Ut
10 r?8embie that of a rhinoceros
than any thing eJse. R required a strong and
swift arm to wield a whip, so as to produce an
wef/fS?n' th? horse was fat and
(3 ) We have now a fine deep bay horse, the
safest horse to drive we ever possessed, with
out a single white hair on his face or feet ? a
woman or child may {rive him, and he cares
not a straw for a locomotive whistle within
three yards of him.
(4.) Nothing is more true than tbat a whi-e
horse will endure the sun's rays best, and a
black one becomes quickly hot under their
TMafag Vufi,uenc?'?iher thin?8 being equal.
This is a fact not sufficiently known or heeded
by those who are compelled to drive horses
ini hot weather But we question whether a
tT?n k.86.suffer8 a,nJ more from the cold
than a black one. If animal heat is like
solar heat, the white animal would suffer leapt,
for whatever absorbs heat most rapidly, parts
with it most readily. Probably animal heat
has less to do with color than solar heat has *
yet there is a reason why arctic animals, ai
Lk-?P ?bear &vd Bnow owl8' ar? dothed with
<* . now? wh?te wool, and swan's down,
are efficient non-conductors of heat. White
mittens are probably rather better than blak
0De9; w rnd if White horses are tenderest. it
must be from some other cause.
CODHTIIT Gektlkmah.
An Egyptian Lady
She wore, first, a chemise of some thin
white material, with loo?e sleeves, embroider-!
ed round the edge, hanging over her hande;
then a large pair of crimson silk trowsers, ao
long and wide, that they entirely concealed
her bare feet; then came a garment like the
?Turkish an eree, descending to the feet before
hanging in a train behind, and opeuing at the
sides, with long sleeves open from the wrist to
the elbow, and failing back so as to display
those of the chemise beneath. This (Tree's
was made of crimson damask, and embroider
ed all round the edge with block braidiog, and
was confincd?not at the wrist, but over the
hips?with an ? Indian shawl, wound two or
three times round, and knotted before. The
last was a jicket, reaching only to the waipt
with half sleeves, made of exceedingly rich
stuff or dark blue silk, embroidered all over
a running pattern, with gold, and edged with'
gold braiding and buttons Three large silver
amulet-cases, containing charms, were huce
over the shawl-girdle.
The head-dress is the prettiest part of the
Egyptian costume?and Sofia's was exceeding,
ly rich. Her hair was divided into twenty or
thirty small braids, hanging over her shoul
ders, to the end of whicb are affixed three silk
cords strung with gold coins of various kites
wo rows of gold coins, as large as half-crown
pieces laid close together, encircled her fore
bead, and at each temple were suspended
smaller ones, with an agate ornament in the
middle. The back of her head was covered
with a small tgyptian Fee, ornamented with
a large Cfioors of solid gold, and bound on by
a handkerchief of embroidered crape She
wore two necklaces of large gold coins, thick
ly strung together, and each individual piece
of money suspended from a massive ornament
in the form of a fish; one of these necklaces
was long, and the other just encircled her
throat; and between them was a string of
btads of Egyptian agates, as large as birds'
eegs, and strung together with golden links
Her ear rings were of gold filigree, in the
bhape of flowers; and her bracelets?of which
she wore several?of massive gold and silver
We oomputed that she carried about three
hundred and fifty pounds on her person, in
coins alone, without including her other or
naments.?Mrs. Homer's Pilgrimage.
Converting Indians.
The following anecdotes illustrate the pro
priety of giving barbarous nations the exam
ples as well as the precepts of religion, mo
wlity, and industry. A chief of one of the
Worth American tribes was solicited to admit
a -trench missionary to convert more of his
subjects. "No," said the chief, "there are
tn0 many converted there already; my praying
subjects have aU of them forgot to pay me
their taxes." J
A British American priest attempting to
convert an Indian, the inhabitant of the forest
turned "hortupon him, and replied sharply:
"When I find that the English are good bj
xceans of the religion they profess, I will thet
adopt the same When Igo to Quebec to sell
myturs," continued the Indian, "the town
people do not ask me to their houses, and en
tertain me as we do them. When they visii
our country, we kindle a fire to warm th<
stranger, we spread a mat upon which viand;
are heaped for his food, and when the hour o
rest draws near, furs for his bed and his re
pose. What is our return from the christians
t J !DteL^ir b0U8e3 and eal1 for victual
and drink, they inquire whether or not I hay
got money to pay for them; and show me ai
account of the expense, instead of taking i
friendly farewell, when I am going to depart
The fur merchant, of whose house I ealle<
upon the babbath, told me he would transac
no commercial business upon that holy day; a
the same time, he hinted that he would no
give me above a certain prioefor the furs. H
went to ehuroh, at which I muoh rejoiced
seeing the good things he was to hear migfa
soften his heart, and induce him to give me
more conscientious prioe. Having nothing t
do, I went to church likewise; but the congre
gation stared at me so tbat I went out agaii
and waited at the church-door for my mei
chant. I oould hear the priest speaking wit
great *Vfebemence; no doubt, said I to myselj
be is desiring them to be honest and fair i
their dealings, both to their God and to th
Indians Well, my merchant at last can
out; I asked him if he would give me i higher
prioe: to my astonishment be offered lees than
before. .Now it was evident from tbia what
'be priest had been raying, and that rou
christians g > to ohurch only to learn how to
cheat the Indians in the pnce of beaver
Man, unlets he be guided and governed by
principles which are deep rooted in the soul
and unyielding, is a most forlorn creature.
Without these he is contemptible, more de
graded, more abject, than the beasts that per
ish. Endowed with intelleotual capacity
pofHBing a soul that ie destined " to outlive
th*Wrs' ?set forward on the race-course of
life by a spark of etherial fire, reinitiated by
D;ety itself?he is capable of attaining his
natural right, a rank but " little lower than
the angels " Peculiarly exposed to fascin
ating temptation ; beset around with difficul
ties and dangers; prone as is human nature to
err and oommit evil; there is no way by whieb
be can maintain the dignity of hit nature un
spotted exoept by drinking deep and imbibing
thoroughly some tangible principles; and to
these he must adhere with unswerving tena
city ! These principles must be sought with
out the preoinotsof his own bosom?they should
be the deductions of the past experience of
mankind, and the result is. they have their
foundation in truth. With such principled
tor a foundation, the toad of folly and corrup
tion will not be his.
Mankind have political as well as moral ob
ligations resting on them, and they are not so
disconnected as may seem at the first blush
they are intimately entwined with each other',
and a dereliction of the one involves the other
to a certain extent. It is in vain to attempt
to throw off either. Action, in referenoe to
both, has its reward* and its punishments. We
admit that moral obligations claim the first,
and consequently the highest consideration ?
" Be just and fear not; to all tfce ends thou
aimest at be thy Country's, thy God's, and the
truth " Next to the moral we rank bis poli
tical obligation in importance, and in refer
ence to them we would say, we should be as
enduring as the heavens
An Original Anecdote.?The Portland Ar
gus relates that Capt. K.. a shrewd steamboat
eaptfin from the State of Maine, eanght a
?' Jeremy Diddler on board his boat one day,
as he was making from Boston to "downcast/*
and pinned him up in go?d style. It seems
the tellow laid a traverse to get clear of pay
ing his fare, but insisted to the clerk that he
had paid, but lost his ticket.
" Whom did you pay?" asked the clerk,
tie rather guessed it was the captain, so K.
was summoned to the oonferenoe.
''Oh. yes, yes, ' said Captain K., "it ap
pears to me I do recollect. Let me see; you
gave me a five dollar bill!"
U-V'es,'' says the Diddler, "I did."
" And I gave you your change in half dol
lar*, didn't I?" (The fare was only half a
dollar?competition very high )
44 Yes,"' says Jeremy,44 that's it?I recollect
it perfectly.''
" Very well," says Capt. K., " I won't dis
pute your word for anything?but if you
please, I should tiic? to tee the luUv**V
The fellow was tripped when he least ex
pected it. He oould not produce the halves,
and had te fork out his fare.
ty In consequence of the great scarcity of
mackerel this year, the prices of No. I's and
2 s have reached in Bos'on, the highest point
for years, via : from $17 to $18 per bbl , and
the prospects are that in the spring they will
advance to $20. The English fishermen have
done comparatively nothing this year, and
the catch by the Massachusetts fishermen
must fall off more than 60 per eent. from that
of 1863. The business at many plaoee, such
as Newburyport, Cohas^et, llingham. Ac., has
been sa disastrous that another year it will
probably be given up. and the whole business
will finally ceotre at Gloucester.
15digestibility of Sour ? It isasserted by
a late medical writer, that soup, with the ex
ception of the vegetable matters and shreds of
meat that float in it, is entirely indigestible in
the stomachs of children. The stomach
d gefts only solid food, even milk being coagu
lated into a curd to undergo this process, and
yet there are many farmers who have long
sice given up the idea of raising fine calves on
buy tea. who give their children soup for din
ner, under the idea that it is very nourishing.
nr The 44 John II Done'' is the name of a
fine new stern wheel s earner, now loading at
Wheeling, and about to make her ftrst trip to
Cineinnmi. She is owned principally by busi
ness men of Wheeling, and is named in honor
of the general superintendent of the Balti
more and Ohio Railroad.
I'HK underpinned ka*< 131 lf-r to ih; pub ic m very
choioe ?oil*-ction of Fruit, Shade mod Evergreen
Trees, the v?ry fiaaat quality?being thrifty
r*t w. u giowu. consisting r.f drawf and standard
ears. A i ;>.?*(?, Pearh* 8 Apricots, llums, Cherrfc*.
Qr. ;? Vin~. Qaince* Lauash.reGooacbrmes, Our
ran ir IU. ; i>srri?*s, fcc.
d'ni- t ? a) ih- most approved kind* for street*
lud tvv n.s Khub*rbr- oto ot all the celebrated
fcagita.i r.rts, it\
lut.:h U.ill'B, direct rrm Holland, among which
are Double and Single Hyacinths. Double and Hn
t;l?? Tulips iVaieiaFU*. Ptc-w ,ropa, Crocuses fce. Tae
bulbs are large and well matured.
Seed Btore, corner Seventh and H sir.
o?t fctit*
AMERICAN una trench Paper Hangings and
Upholster Goods. Pennsylvania avenue, betw.
Zseventetu'h and Eighteenth atreeta, Washington,
L> C.
Wn Haunechild begs leave to inform bis friends
md the pu> !ic that he has en band a large Uook ol
French <=i i. and American Transparerts
Al?>, ff.vr. Mow, Cotton and Shuck Mattresses
vhich he ?ill dispose of at the lowest prices.
oct 10?3n? ~
I have jubi received and op?o?d alB
kgreat assortment of Clocks. Watab?,El
Jewelry, all ?f whioh will be hOlaHU
"cheaper tfcan similar goods can be^SB
bought in the District. I have on band- a lew
co?tly Watches, win oh will be sold a great bsrgafcl,
it called for a on, at J ROBINSON'S
Jewelry Htere, oppesite Browns' Hotel.
rpHOSE persons that have changed their residence
X since our canvassers cal ed o i tbem, and ail
v ho are not housekeepers, that desire their nameo
in the New Directory, oau have uh?m inserted by
leavirg their names Ac at our office within one
week J. TEN EYCK,
Contractor fbc numbering the city,
oct 20?Iw No. Si2 D strict
paper Iiang<r aad Upbolsterer,
iM ymth strteL, t*mr X
RBTCBMNO thanks lor the very liberal patron
age already beatoweu on one from my frit adi
and customers since my removal to the new at> ad,
1 respectfully ifcvite public attention to nay large
a^d superior 6tock of Paper Hangings tor fall sales,
embracing an elegant assortaeat rf real Ft*dcL
Gold and other Parlor styles, all qualities, Land
scape Views, panel--pauses, for halls, he., wi' h a
small variety of low prioed papers of desirable oolors
and patterns.
Purchasers will find if to tbetr advantage to give
Ue a call.
Paper put oc In the beet manner and at sbott
Lpliolstery Goods, SLeh ?a Union and worsted
Damaskc, Blmlin and Lae6 CurtainsTGilt Cornicee,
Bands aad Ornaments 'Gi t and Flowered 8had? s
just received from 'h^ Mew *ork maaufaclurtr,
some nine ftet long are beautiful, Feather Beds an-.
Uilcloths laid and Carpets cut and fiftsd in the
m>st ec* numteai and i "
o?t 14?lm

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