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NO. 573.
1.U llr'.n flit
-- AinfDAr,} ?
At ths Star buildings, earner Ptnn*ylvam*
mvtnuA and Eleventh street, . .
Will ?w*r?fd to *t4>ecnb?r? in the citif-s ??f YVash
Unt'io, l*?K*neiown, Alexandria. Baltimore igid Phila
delphia, at SEX AND A QUAST1R (JBNlfe,. paya
ble weekly MJ th>> Amenta. To mall subscribers tb?
subecnption price is THREE DOLLARS" ANl>
FIFTY CENTS a year in advance, TWO DOL
Ior THREE MONTHS. Off-SisaiM curia* ok>
ctrr. r ;
rpUKuruisrshcnM would rerpectftiUy inform b<
X fttfads, aeqaidntancw, and the putfic grneimil?
that h# BtUl eontinaee to execute all rrdrrv in hi*
lias ol boaineaa In th? bartmagnar and at the shot:
?3t ncrtJoe. . 1 -- , ? ?
RtPAIBHQ n?4to and r^oanr^ ly ^xeeuted
r - ft? * _'*j yU8H?H.AJL.8 attended ;to at
the shortest notion, and in. the beft
Binasr. Ihdie* prtsgrved in the -neet num
rer, even in the loamyisi weather.
^a?atful for past ffcrors, he would lewwt fully
?olid^ arul Till eadetror to merit a eonttamtcoe ci
the 94m#. ? . ' . ANTHONY BUCHLY, ?;
7; f*. km, ?? fide, between 9th pnd ft#
ReOdanee; felr. Martin's, No. 3M, ? street, t. ird
boose eagt *1 Tth street. mar 17?
tmmtB'BU'-DEKTAKglt. ?rvaKicnc? 4>8 cev
enth street, between U and U streets. ImerroenW
procured in any groun I or cem?terjr. Coffins, Cjrs,
Strops, Carriages*, H**rrr,*ild erery arb?4?-+)r
intemien'ts of tae best quality famished at ?hert
notice, on the most r???ou?ble tsrmj, and at a'1
hoQtfyfthrnhrht. Having the exclusive rght r.f
Crump s Patwnt Corpse Preserver, we guarantae to
kseprtbe d??ad lbr any length of time. ocll?tf
? ?? *r
TAl advertiser returns Hincere thank* to hi*
friends aud the public in
general for their past patronage,
and lo terms them tb?t, with m
--.nM tVil'ti-*-. he in prepared ? ... -
to actand to all order* in hie line of business with
promptness and dispatoh. He gives hin personal mL
tentjbn to Undertaking, and tho->e roquiriux L.a
terriaM will always tia 1 hkn oarefal and obligiu^.
Call* att?ad?d to at all boon, day aud night..
In the oabinet maiuM line 1m trwi M to be ubl&t i
gire satiefnction aa barexofore. His cuttablishmenL
L? on I'a a?enue. Net. 136 and 183, between 17th
and 18th sts , First Ward, Washington.
5?lea Cabinet Maker and Undertaker^
reijpectfaily return my thanks to the,
pfctiwns of Washington and its ricinity for their"
paetpatipnage, and say that owing to the freqaeot
calls'rn Ch* Undertaking branch of my -baeineee, ?
hav< bejn Inlnced to liacontiaue the manu?boturr
of fDrniturSj and rurn my atUntion fully to the
DNDKRTAKTNQ. I hare spared no pains to hare
erery thing that is requisite to my business, and I
am theretore fully prepared to meet any order after
a few nomaiOa nob ??% and I a&rure thoae w^o may
giveoe a uU that I wiU spare ao pains ta carry out
their orders ta their entire i^ti^Uctibu.
i .. . y. HARVBY,
No. 410, Ith at, between G and H.
, N_B^?OalU attended to at all hour a of the night
mar 3?ly '' ?
11HL3 beautiful buna] plae* of the aead haviwj
ju^t r^?*n dedicated with appropriate i^resaotiiee
tor tile pnrp- >ee. is now open lor the reoeptioa of the
remains of d#c?*a?sd persons.
Toe MAU-SOLKiTM nas capacity for a hundred
bodiee, in *hi rh such trienls of tile deal as uia>
apply can pi ace the departed until tney delect snips
for the grares.
Tka plan of the incorporator* is one of equality in
regard to the whish will not be put up pnfclicfy
for sale, (aJthiu*:h.they usaaily briog a premiian.)
making tua early 6ci-ction of letd tae most "d?sir
?bis. ... .. ?.
Until an office is established in the city af Wash
ington, appH^ttions wiM be punctaaily attended
to ac ihti ^reeent ofSc*, in the east wing ot the balli>
icj on antetinAUM OeiuctTT.
wm. 8. ntrifrnREYa
N. B.?OtenwWM is situated a short distance due
north of the Capitol. . .u., ?'ur 1J ?a?
WK are now rt^oiyiag the Targepi oT
m9T m thiif i'T^tL
txwa telert
liu\ 4 (Jo, PklialeHS^n^ and inded" all( pf their L
Owin^^a teductk? in. aig? f4t9Mwe
are now prepared to furnian them at aluasrata than
they have aver yet been soil nare or elsewhere.
To.'feep'p^ * -Wfth tha ibor? improrement t}?
prioa of gad iaUrn? has "b-ea mrteriaily redacfd, I
anl-Anr iacraaW fucilities warrants uf in saying j
that we u? prepared an 1 cstn execute any work we
may UBd^t<ke theaptr and better than any-other
establishment in th^ city.
J. W. T30MP30N A BRO , '
Tltrmbing A Oaa iMtdag Rstahli?bta<int,
Pa. areaae, a. aide, betwuen lUtb and 11th sts.
"I A/1 dosou linea camori: llaadkeruhiefs fro? 0
1 vW-J ogati upwards .
80 dot. gnus linen tfandkerchiafe from 26 sent* ap
ward.,r?ry cheap '?
Preach worked Collars m great variety, very low
Worked lawn and xuslin aieeTeo
Worked cambric dairt?
240 pairs French kid Glores, at 50 oects, worth T5 (
oenta ~ ' I
Call and tmj ch jap for eaah at
WM. R? RILEY'S, ??
cor. Bighth street, opposite Centre Market,
SExr-Goom jvst received.
PW. btto W V l.i(J, Merehant Tailor,- Pa
a areaue, under the United dtates Ho- ??
tel wouliTMp^pupyy iofbrm bif custapners^HL
an! Lho public ^?narally~that lie hac just re-'
?IWI Ja4 and Wmter gtwda, in gr^jiil.
ranety, such an vl?tha, Q??Amarea, and VeMsngs oi
the latest imn?rtat>Ca,-ani t>ppepa*e<l X tiafi them
made op ac ths shortest botloe, in Che mast fkdhk>n?
able man oar, a*td at low rates of prioes.
lianng made arraagemeotii U> go into the Randy
aiadaCtotbiag btttua?a> aateua*re?y this season, ha
teete coofldent that ha ean offer tr> thcaa wishing to
putohis attask at CuHbra^, not iat-nor to any in
Lhis cat/, and net Made up-at (he Jiortb, as is usur
ally the csee witu work sold bers; but cut in Ins
own *tahu3hoM*t, aad made by our vwn needy-cH
iaens In tins dwit ?easeo, at We rates of prraes, he is
enabisl Uiofwtor, i? owapeta with aorihern work in
point of prioes; and as to quality and style, he will
leawfor those who favar turn witn a cad to tudge.
He ean seU whula suits, Coat, Pants, sod Vest, at
thatatfuwing km raDfsj - ?
Good auit for iMuiaaae yurpfasm,-oa* of ok>lh or caa
siaiem, for the snali >a?oL..^.n.,_.....,..M... %lb
Dns and froc* Ire?..~,...^........?41w to (2b
urercoau af ditfereui stfifle.. IJttO 2?
fiiaehaod fancy ran*al<x.i?s? m tu 10
Bilk and Velvet Vow 2 ?0 to 10
Ibis stock of Clothing is of a superior quality,
and has Ofceu mad* u|? siuue ha received the tall and
winter taohious.
He Keeps oiurtantly oa hand a large assortment
ot fancy articles?sucU, aa tlloves, Cravats, Collars,
Umbrellas, Ac, ^ .
Sole Agent f}r the aali of Scott's Report of Fa^h
lonein Una , . sef 15?,tf
Comer of TiuriujU/i and ?. UruU, near Uu. Xiuaixe.
^m*2\ f > ktte prvprifltor ul this
teA /house, Ax. VVillhun
a, ha? rafiUed, reu
oeatou, aud ^r?|*ared bia.
establiA4im**nt Iji tae acooiaiuoda^on oi vt i4a
such a uianuer that ne trusts give fad saAietac
tion to all woo eateud to'him ta^ir patronage'. He
ba? iu%A? atraMgwu*?uts to have the veey beBt ol
OY^Ttf KS, ac., to: the whole s^aaun, without regard
toezpense. Ka-nir.ee and Parties promptly supplied.
Iiis.naBaadijudsc ia at an tihMs.atoaitsd with xha
best in the line. Making his acinuwlrdgments lor
past)?4?ourag?aaat, h? respectfully fcivitea a con
tinuaao* et Lke anar, witJ^fOery xnu-otioa - aud ex
srU'ju to pleai?'.
x tew l>^arisrs can be comfortahle accommf
dfeted. ' sep '^i?Our*
-Lu. L-??. ?_ 1. . > ? ? ? ? ' '
Small bbiLiiLTjU U)?$ of It) feet or more, tn
various pnrtJ> of tbe City, anil (Jeo-getown,
k># pfiews, and t?rm? to suit. LLO/t> A 00.
For aai?, iJMiverdhAe at-Una CtauaVan W harves in
Wnsnwguin, Uee/g-'towu, car Ahttilrifc 1. 4
Far fckia, a large nod handsome l ahkLAVU sod
Bam yjixi lwhj - a 00% ? r"
^S* - ioth etraec, oyp. Tnaanury Aepartmentt
mSs '4y -"?* >T ** 1*7.. ? -? * ~ '?? ?
l ^uci-u, Cmd?t
_ 1 one,) abort' and
Tongs, P-.k-r?, #h >vel ?aJ Toag ? dtkuds, Bluwec
htax:?% Keuaers, Kue Carrinrs, Ac., Ac. 4. large
?aps^y of th- * ov* good* have just '<o?n received,
die?at frum thefacMrieH^ut are warranted sup?ri 1
to sjtkj lUmUz 1* tae uiarkrf, aau a<. ai Sew
A oafrij r^'ctfu.ij ?vunited.
_ . . J\jS. L. A V AG K,
?" ni 16 Jflgn of ^aw, 1'^ avy ^ex^tn 10:^ at.
^kMUuL tt'uyWk oMiv?Kdr ?*eawt?ueaet th?
10 loacgt Miam** fi "A * i-.t: Sid
?ep J? _ Ifookstore, near 9th it,
Raltiho&x, MdL, Juae 4,1864.
Mr. Stockbridge, qf the fbuntam Bold, Light street,
Dear Sir : Being on the point of leaving the city,
I avail myself of a few idle moments to Uiauk too
kindly for the medicine you sent me, and which has
restored me to the use ox my limbs* I beg you to
send me four bottles more, to carry on my voyage.
J) no* I had the fortune to use Dr. Hampton's Yege
table Tincture my confidence is so strong that, in
gratitude 10 the proprietora-of said medians, I beg
ymu to present my respects to them, and induoe
them to make it more publicly known as a sure
kheuuaiic cure. Having called oa me on the-lftth
0/ A pnl last, and ee?n mo prostrated oa my bed,'
us*le?8 in all my li-abs, you'can appreciate nearly
v> wiles myself the prompt relief I reoeivsd from
Dr. Hampton's Tincture, and 1 ain positive had It
Dot be^o tor your strong and forcible reoommenda
lion* T should still have been Jn bed.
It is really a pity this specific shrtuld not be bp
provpd by medical men, and like all patent drugs it
should suffer the imputation th* public generally
*iv? to such preparations. T myself, who Witf SI
ways opposed to a patented specific took this jnedi
"c'ine with reluctance, anff wfthdilt confidence in 'if*
?ud it was only through your disinterested, friendly
recommendations, and my critiial titration tbat in-:
d>ioed ths to try this really benfcflcial Vegetable
i'oa may Inform Messrs. Mortimer A Mowbray
that they are at liberty te make u*e of my name in
h?? support of the good, effects of Dr. Hampton's
Vegetable Tincture, 9$ it has cured me In five weeks
if a chronic Inflammatory Rheumatism, contracted
unJ^r tropical cUmtUes, andot teveri year?periodical
Juration. I hate on'y used three bottles, and find
Chat even the <?tf&rm*d partt of my hands are fast
returning to their former natural appearance.
I have been under the treatment of several phy
sicians in London and Paris, without any apparent
benefit;" also, while in New Ycrk, having tried the
lhompSoniau and Uomoepathic remedies, ater havr
ing b-eb tormented with galvanic ba teries, oolj
fMirl nromatic baths* and hundreds of internal and
external medicines, all to no effact, I am, so tar,
cured by this Hampton's Vege able Tincture only.
Th?refort, my oear sir, accept of the assurance of
Ay gratitude, shd believe me your well wisher.
Thomas Caxot.
Portsmouth, Va , Aug. 18,1861.
Mr. J. E. Boush?&ear sir: WhKe I am, in gene
ral, opposed to patent medicine 1, candor compel? me
'A state that I have great confidence in the virtue*
of ttampton'p Vegetable Tinctur*. For several'
months paet 1 have used it in mv Uxniiy ; and in
dyspepsia, loss of appetite, disainess, and general de
bility, with entire success. So tar as my experience
extends^ therefore, I take pleasure in recommgnd
lag it to the afflioted as a safe and efficient remedy.
I am, respectfully, yours, ?
Chaplain, United States Navy.
WASHiuaroii, May 17,1863.
Messrs. Mortimer A Mowbray: Gentlemen?Hav
ing been afflicted with Lirer Complaint of ten veers
Jlaadlng, 1 hereby, tor the benefit of th* afflicted.
take great pleasure in announcing that after using
1 few bottlee cf your Tincture, I fbund it had ae
somplishsd a perfect care 1 have used d'ffcre^t
medicines from time to time, bit have nover bean
able to aocount for any apparent good, and it is a
tH easing to stricken "humanity that that medicine is
ronud which possesses the wonderous power of pro
lopglcghuman life. The many c urea it has wrought
is a sufficient guarantee of the beneficial results
which May be experienced fr*m ite use. ? Tours,
res 9ectfuilyt J. Cumaih Hat.
Call and g?t pamphlets gratis, and see cctts of
Ccnuh, HrwxbMrA, itketmatHm, Neuralgia, JDyjrprp
ia; Aor>s^rvasand Gen vmt Weak~\ess^ As a female:
-j s licl^e or fox delicate culidren we . belieTe it un>
?y8.:'dbyi:0RTIMER 4M0WBRAY, 140 Balti
more street, fcaRimore, a&d 80-i Broadway, New
!). B. CLARKE, $LA'tUlS AikalrtLbifi,^. ELLI
yZT, aua H MoPHE^SON. Washingten; also, by R.
i. 5. C'EBEL,. Georgetown; aad C. C. BERRY,
^ie zyjidria, aai by DruggiBis everywhere. ^
?3lJa^tr ? ...j h
HOU8EKJHCPBR8 and otters are reminded that
the fcHowinsr list of articles are of "the very
"?est desertion, s?,l can be purchased fro? the sub
icril'sr-oa as iew terms as aay other boe^ in -tae
?ity. A large asoortmeot and supply always Ml
iaa-li , 'I ?
X W of all kiris Queenswaz*
faints' Krusbea ' :*
-3?**ph^ae' .. 1J- Clocks
Varnish ' Lamps -
Turpentine Chandeliers
Window Glass Girandoles
Cbina *' Vases
H&rthsnwsrj . ? Hritkannia VTnr-?
^rlaw ** ic.j Ac.; Ac.
Gcods rant to any part o't'ae city fr?K oi churpi.
Oountry dealers will do well to call.
7fh street, 0pp. Selden A Withers' Bank.
mar 17?tf . r- ? -
PrRSONjJ d^sMp- to s?nii moip-y to Ireland, can
obtain checks tor ? I or more, oa the JMfas;
.anhiqg Company, payable in all th? ^rfncipa'
,ivus. Apply to C.HU5B BROTHERS,
Beakers, opposite toe ^Preamiry BuUding.
tts n tf 1 ?. r *" . ?' t.''
I>HE subeeribers take pleasure in anoouneiagt?.
the public that their stock of GAB FIXTURES,
a uprising some of the beat aad latest patterns, hat
wen reoeiveti, an*i that they are now prepared to sell
it the lowest rates. Person3 in want ef Gas Fixtures
nil please oall and examizis -they will no donbt
ind it to their interest
Dwellings and pnUio brtidlnga fitted with *as-tu
ting at the usual satee
j. w. Thompson a erothbr.
>tM 1>?tf Pa. av-, bet. 10th and lltt>, s. side.
Maine avenue, between 4 and 8th Us.
ANUfACrUREK of 8U>am Engines, Pollers.
Water Tanks, Shafting, Pulleys, Hangers and
lilt Werk generally.
Will fhmish Saw Mills, all klads of Cafttn/s
if rough t and Cast Iron Pipes, aud etery thing iu the
rfln line general'7.
Two small EXotNtS on hatid aud for sfcle. For
ntVmation address G. E. NOYES, Washington Iron
4'ofka, Washington, P.O. iviv??f
rHl office of'The Inventors' Protection National
Union" Is en 7th street, opposite the EfSt Pot
Ico ef the Patent Office, and Is now /eady to attend
p the bustoefla oflts members, namelV: in making
ixaninatlon* an^ solicitlhg patents, ko.
Inventors are Invited to call and get a <50J>7 91 the
Constitution and By-laws, and where any informa
Son #ill h^ giV#n respecting the Utrlon. " /
All letters en bttffa'see must be directed to this oi '
ice, where attention will be girenImmediately.
a mod^l shop is.in connection with the offi?,
khere models oan be made to ord^T at tta shorts
flMIK undersigned, having added Gas-Fitting to
J their former bushiees, are now prepared to ex
f -ate all orders in that line, in the ctaoapsefc* most
expeditious and approved manner.
PLUMBING and TIfttNING dome as heretetom
! A fine assortment of STOVJfiS, Tin and-Sheet lion
W.VRt oonerantly on hand. > ?
fcol* agents fer the District for MaeGregor's Pat*nt
iiOT AIR FURNACES, for beating Public Building:.
Lhurchee, llails, Private Residences, Ac.
f Also, ftr Barker's Double Acting lK)RCE PUMPS
' Persons hi want of may of the above articles wfl ?
find IVto their edvantage tO eall cm us ere pWrchall
Mngeleew^. " ' 'I
| Pledging themsetvei te aprorapt otteeuMoa ofal?
Ud rs entrusted to themV they mftyf tt?p*tftfu!1y
b?,iinr a eontibnRnoe ef the-faVors so HWr+lly b*'
EtoWed trpen thSta by their farmer peirons stud th?
putti^lngWCT*' FUKSE AOOLL1ES,
awand ?71, Pa. kv.opposite Willardi' Hotel,
sep 6?3 m
No. U2 Etqhtb StreeL between D
f?\Ut tradrrsignedTs prepared to do PHLVER and
I BRASS PL^tttfte'ln afflheirvaH*tiei
Numbers for Stores apd pollings Doo? Pistes, j
&.11 Puds, Railing Kntft*;' '***[*
u.r uiiijtary and ot*
bai iiKr*re prr**, fad Of h?S f ^ P
A 'I kinds ot o.mcb Wdrk in the Hue#do?e tn the
best aiid eLeap??t manner. .
Th.?? wl^wapt
^ V. Ai 8HEKBPA*,1 " "
eep8^-lm Pwwtloal fcUTf| Filter.
Atf JinZI^5?Lof ofTQf patients-, I have
i consented to prat nn i class of- mv mrxrf
r) a0M 1^th? formof fAMlir M?Db
Llu? one to * P?rtl?nJw disease, and
^ t>, ,n^*C,arer8 ?* the nostrums and
Of the day, promulgate to the world that
?v.-eJX5^po??^ wiU cnre *U dfaeMe*> *Dd who.
^5 ?w*t ^11411 physWan. Bpal
Janaaal) *put medicmn which they know little, into
bodiet lohtch they kaon lesr" ? ?
Jl . . r *? 8. K081, M. D., Phlla. ?
Hf? pra wid! 1*ow?l Complaints It has nev
Si % i ?,Mnt*r^ T"*i*h?s in a few days when
thia article is used as directed. Price 516c.
a Pai* (Juan will core Stiff Neck
Svrt Threat,. Paint in th? faee, Side, Back or Limbs
froq? a Cold, Oholic, Cholera Morbus. Ac.. It cures
Sprains Chilblains, Cramps or Pains in the Stom
ach of Bowels. ? Price 12^, a? and 60 eta :
Da. J. 8. Rosi's Extract of Bocho is one of tbe
wZZT'rSX. *r **>?????
^ri^r??ar* ??rn' Mombnejig, Neu
^?U,K **?? and giving power to the
To ?nto?b?ttlL ?aif*colons In its effect.
* 8. Rosa's Dtbpiptio Oohpdcttd, a snre cure
for Dyspepsia, Ur?r Complaints, and indigestion,
*b#n taken in coniunation with his Alterative or
F^fly Pills. Price of both 76c. ? w 01
J-^ r.?"'b Gslbk* Piujs fo* lalllag of th?
Womb, f Waal# Weakness, Debility, and Relaxation
P*ou?ar ?ffloity for the debilitated
t.fK? ?nd in nq. instance have they
Ui ?d in radically curing those distressing com
plaints females are so often'subject. Pric# W) cents.
Dr. J. 8. Rosa's Ajm-anjiona ea RaIlkoad Puj.3.?
These pills are not warranted to cure in every mal
?iy or disease incident to man, but they Are a grand
remedy for a Bilious state ol the system aiid coju
aion fevers. When used with Dr. Hose's Tonic Mix
ture, will cure the most stubborn esses of Bilious
?ever or Fever and Ague. Prioe 12]^ and 26c.
8" Rosa's SAJWAPARUAA CoMPODtTD, for all
3 ..to Diseases and for purifying the Blood, it h su
perior to all others. Price ?>c, and $1.
.D,a-J_-8i ?uxia of Opto*, free from all the
J e??ct8 ?" Opium or Laudanum, such as Head
ashe. Constipation, orSiok Stomach. Price 24c.
All whoso Constitutions are impaired by disease or
aat?r^? should read Dr. J. 8. Rose's "Medi
sal Adviser, (which contains a description cf the Dls-1
ewses of oor climate and tha mode of treatment.) It
san be had withoat charge of
I 3' c^arl*s stott * Co., W. H. OITaan, |
ir*r\t?vNairn, Patterson A Nairn,?. B. dark,
aflMcPheraou, WLliaa T. Evans, KJiwell % Law
2?2? ^ VaUilngton; J. L. Kidwell,
Georgetown, aCi by all dealers in Alexandria, Vir
: je 37
jaurdigu, *
'?V1* ff Conrtipationrinward Piies, fulln*? of Blood
to the Head, Acidity ol tfie Btomaeb, Nausea,
ftnartburn, Disgust for foci, Jfmiceea er weight in
?i > btomach^jRr Xructatioaa, wnkiug or J! utter
ir * ^coxi;2>cia, S'wimmirg of the
? - ? lying posture. Ltmnesr. of Virion, Dote
?t Webs befcre the eight, JTever snd Dull Pain in
m* head, DeficlBncy ef Perspiration, YftiiowneM ol
fre 8kiu and JJyee, fain in the aide, Back, <&eat
I?.mb8, Ae., Sadden flushes of Heat. Burning in
the fUslj, Uonsunt Imaginltca of evil,and Great
t?preseion of j?nirita,
St ?.
Celebrated German Bittara,
^ ?? Ar?h ?toMtrPhiiadelpiaa.
Shtir powei ere? the above diseases is not excelled
if# luailed, by any other f reparation in tbe United
fltnser^as thecur^s attest, !rqu) caoea uitot skit
tui pnyciciciis hvl i&ilea.
Zbe<3* ai.ters are worthy th* att?ctio? of invalid*.
I'd^aiiins-great v!rtues In ttnj rectification of dis
i i&noilufi Uverand lewer giajKb, exercising the
oibst searching poweri in weakness and affeotiens oi
?'ue iigeeM79brgtiis,tbey are, withal, safe, oertain
oaJ pleasant. ...
? o .... fJOAMtPHU, March, 1, lBSa.
Dr. 0. M.. y)D : ttoar Sir?For the past two
7*ire Ihate oaea eever-ly afBicfced with LJver Com
plaint, Dyspepeia, Bilious Diarriuaa, and Plies, fut
^*ing in a great degree oonstatiiy, tae pains aud in
*>3nroniendes attendant upon such diueaces, withoat
?*8rgy, being scarcely able te attend te any bust
?iesd. I loet a great (teal ef my 2.esh, a^d U?ed many
tin Is el"medicine, with no apparent change, until I
oKoxaenced with your 'Ufoq/Ltnd t German TtdUn.9
tU-y have entirely cured me. I hare gained la
OT4T fvrty ptHUvii sinca I commenced their
el-;, .~>u4 T tu now ectirjl^ ifei from pain and &oL<
of i>&j kind, And feel ii'is a n^w men. I unhw<tat
<ai!y reoaiam-iid your Litters to all Invalids.
Yours, respectfully,
No. 12 Lagranae Plzot
? ? ?? Ideal) pah. of the Argits, H'e.tou
kic., July 17,1661, said: "1 was last siimmer so ver?
low and weak aa not to be able to stand at the cade
lunger than one hour at a time. I tried one bottle
of your German Bitters, which ?utirely cored me. 1
Lave used two bottles. I sent two bottle* 150 mile*
m>m here to a friend who Lad been sick for a long
time; he has ah>o been cored by them. 1 believe
theia to be superior to any medicine new in use."
U. B? Perkias, Marietta, Onio. Feb 22,1851.
?*ld: "Your Bitters are highly priaed by these wht
have ased them. In a case ef Liver Complaint, ol
long standing, nhtch had routed the tkiii ot ta>
Ayammu, was entirely cored by the oao of*
Fi Kuulmeir, Jeweller, Woester, 0., Deo,*
24,1851, said: U1 embrace this opportunity of In
forming yon of the great benefit I have derived from
tie umof Dr. Heotiand*s German Bitters. I have
o**i them for Chills and fever, and Disordered
Sbmaoh, and found relief in every ease. They are
tae best remedy for Dieorderel Stomach )i think uj
D. R. lykeij J?eq., Bdtxtor of the CburUr,
Norwich, Conn^ said: "I hare been using your Qer
man Bitters for some time, for Dyspepsia, and have
re and so muck relief from them, that X heave made
op my mind to give them a first rmte editorial m
j iloldem, Kempi dfc Co., Janesville, Wis
3ept-1861, said: "YourGerman Bitters are deserved
ly popular here, and among all the prepared medi
jne.i on our clttlves, none have we sold which have
iiven the satisfacttcn of lloofland's German Mtters."
tune 2d, 1852, they said : "We recommend them at
*n invaluable Epring and summer medicine."
. W. M. Orr, Wooeter, 0.. Ootober 2d, 1S62, s&Jd>
HZouiuikmejz^ opinion of the German Bittora. 1
ijtive used them for Dyspep&ia and Indigestion, aad
feie pleaauxnjp stating that 1 think they are tbe
i?y owet remedy eifant lor the above complainta?
are d?4utnfy in the adaanse of ail the prqprt
prry meikoinee of iht day." ' ' 0 '
. %*Mr. Oct is a distingoished lawyer ot Wooetet
Theef Bitterfi iwhwo.t vsqjtabui They a?r
prostrate the tytLn, but inzigorvte it.
i Iw sale in Washington by 2. D-GILMAX^
i In Georgetown by 3. L. !QD^V!biu?
j In Alexandria by , J. R. PUBUPOflT
In Richmond by .. I^OSCXLL, LADD k 00.
In Baltimore by . CANDY k BATCH,
la M, i _ . , r D^iS * MILLKR,
la do . 8KTH HANOI.
Ia Norfolk by . M, A ?AtrT08 ASON.
And by r*sp4t table dealem In medlciu.e every*
^Dtflre. "T, : . :u%M
\Xr?take pieasuro in ealling the attention of
? f parties eout<;Bplating building to this high
ly popular rooting-material, which 'baa been in ?
lv? use throughout the cities of the Western ?
?Ad British Prsvirees for opwtotds df 10years,
g which time it has1 been tested by every van
ity of circumstances, andIs irbiversaliy conceded to
>B8tss, in a tfTeatri- degree "than any other roofing
aterhtl 1n Ode, the valuable qualiticB of cfceapnesa,
lurebdity and MMurtty Mgaia&t the aotiou of the el
W? are ready to oontract foe roofing in the eitj
and country.
Ofiioe home from tttoli aa., and 4 to 6 p.BW Jj
: ^ . Of'Mi WARRJMi A 00^ *
lb0T? ?;
T*?A8TJ*T t>tPA?TMiirr,'August 26,18M. "*
Notice 1? hereby given to IB* holders Of the lft?
lowing-aescribsdstoekuof the United States, that
this department is prepared to pureham, -at any
; time between the date hereof and the 20th day of
November next,, portions of ?t<**??, amwattag
In the aggregate to $8^40,00Q, in the manner and
on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit:
In oaee of any contingent competition, within the
amount stated, preference will be given la the or
der of time in which said stocks may be offered. The
certificate, duly assigned to the Waited State*. by
| the parties who acre to receive the-amount -thereof,
. most he* transmitted to thie-depertment; upoa the
receipt whereofj a, prtoe wll be paid, compounded
of theihliowing particulars i
V The par value, or amount specified in each cer
%. A paaniua on the stock of the loan authorised
by Ithe ad of July, 1846, redeemable November T2,
1836,'- of 8 "per cen\; bn the stock of the loan au- ?
t hdrised by 4h? act of 1842, redeemable 31st Deeam
bet. 1*62, of ll per oenti on tha stock of tha loans
aathorised by tha acta of 1847 and' 848, and r*cleew
able, the former on the 31st December, 1867, and
thi latter on the 30th June, 1868, of 16 per cent.;
and on the stock oI the loan authorise! by thflmct
of |850, and redeemable on the 3ist December, 1864
(oufcnmonly called the Texan indemnity,) six per
i. Interest ow'thepar of each ^certificate from the
1st ot July, I8f>4, to th? date -af reeefpt and settle
ment at the Treasury, with the all aw man (for the
m<key to iwarji tike owner) of one day's interest in
addition. _ .. . . . : .... ,
Payment for sa'd stocks will be made in drafts of
the Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant
treasurer at Bo?ton, New York, or Philadelphia, af
the parties may direct.
But no certificate will be entitled to the benefit of
thfc notice which" shall not be actually motived at
thfc Treasury. on or before the said 20th day of No
vetnber next.
tug 28- dt20 Vov ? ? Secretary of Treasury.
fjl LAB A ait tt would respectfully infarm the pub
? lie thai he has open?l a Shop at the corner C
an# iOth streets, in the abovn business, and is now.
ready, to receive orders in any branch, namely:
on all kinds of ornaments for chureher. chalices,'
jewels, and regalia tor free Masons, Odd fellows,
and older socie'Jes, military ornaments, Ac. Also,
Chains, Goblets, Lockets, Tea and Table Spoons,
Desert and Batter Knives.
On Military Ornaments, Fruit Baskets, Waiters,
UMKl^tfcks, and Carets.
Also Silver plating for PI umber*, Gas Fitters, Ac.
All ornament* for military, Free Masons, Odd Fel
loes, and other Societies and Clubs maae to order
an the shortest notioe.
I ': Garner 0 ?*d 10th sts west, near Ta. are.
p- ??flea ?
fftis Great Fvriflvr cf tire Slood';
Bet a PurtloU of Mercury in it.
MlttVAIUBLB Banc I for Strcfuia, King's Bvil; P.hsw
mat ism, Obstinate Cutaneous Broptiocs. Pimp'Qeor
Ujtuieeon toeFaoe, fclotohee, Boile, Carcnic Sore
lyss, Ring Worm er Tetter, Soadd Head, Enlarge
lentf rulFainaf thoBcnars and Joints, Stubborn
Uloere, Syphilitic Disorders, Lumbago, Spinal Com
plaints, and all Dbsassci irking from as injudicious
ace of Ksnnry, Imprttdeooaia lift, ox Imputity of
thl XJVjOd.
fTTEIB valuable Medicine, which has become oei?
3 breted for toe number ef extraordinary cures
v.rated tim-ighita agency, has induced the propri*
lorr, at the tV.y ?t recuest of their Trieaflj, to offer it
to tne -f ubJle, which they do with the utmost eonfi
d-tuoe irv it# virtues and wonderful curatl7e yrdper
lieThe foHowhig certificates, selected from r large
number, ate, bowerer, stronger testimony thar. the
MJfie r:o:zLj? the proprietor!; and are all frcza zen
V.ho.s? -mi&$ now it -a their looalitlei. and of the high-'1
(rtrespectnb iity,many of residing in the city of
F.phiaend, Ta.
S. B0YD1N, Btq^ of the Rtcbange lietel, Rich
pacnd? known everywhere, etyn he hap seen the Medi
cine called CiUHE'S 3pakiju Mixtc&>,adviini5te^e(;
}-j over a hundred cases, in nrariy all the disease for
which itia rwoaimexdAd, witb the m^st aztcrrfchmgh
good results* He says it Is the beet exaeordinarv
ia?dioine he lias ever aeen.
Mrtjfy that for three yearn I had Ague and Fever ci
tl)e most violent description. I had several Physi
ca-K^, took large ^uantitieis of Quinine, Mercury, ?nd
11-eiieteall the Toelcs advertised, bet all MlLont
.?"eva-anent relief: At last I tried-Garter-'* hpaniih
?J.Kttirc, two bottie> of wi?>ch effectutUy curad me,
andleuihappy to Aay 1 have had neither Chills Vr
fererd clued. I ronsider it tbe beet Tonie in tiie
world, and the only medicine that *ver reached my
e?6c, JOfiN LONGMft.
leaver Dam, newr Richmond Va.
0. B. LUCK, Bsq., now ln the c|ty of Rfcshn^ond, j
?b d for many years ia the FoetOfiice,has such eonfi
lence 'u the astonishing' efficacy of Carter's Span lib
lilitri*, that te has bought upwards of M botttes,
which he has given away to the afflicted. Mr. Luck
?l yc he hf ' sever knbwc ii to iail wten tekefl accoil
iiir to direction?.
I Dj. iEiKU18,? practising PhysWan, and fermeriy
Ithe .djty Hetei, in the .alky of. Rieiunond, bayp
iwitnc6eedina nnmber of iniitancea the effbete of
QhjUi'o Eparli;.h alixture, which were most truly pcr
lieaaysin aeaoeefOoasuttiition,dependent
en the Lfwer, the foed effects Wer* wonderful indeed.
' SAMUMli*. DRINBJffl,ef the firm of Drinkep*
Slcrrts, Riclnrond, waeeunsd of Liver Oomplaint cf 8
years standing, by the u* of two bottles of Carter *
Danish5dixwr*, . . . :c.ii:
19 RJchJrond Republican had a'servant employed in
,ir pret-ji room, chred of TioJfenbSCrofnla, eombfMd
with RheuMatisia,whipb entirely disabled- him from
work. Two bottles ef Carter's Spanish Mlxtuie made
a perfect cure ef him, and thf Baiters, in a public no-:
Dee, cay they "ahesrfuUyreeammendJt to all whe are j
afihcwdWith any disease of the blood." ?
a very yalnaWe boj .eured of Scrofula by Carter's
gnantefc Mikture. I oomdder it truly a valuable
ihedieine. JAMBS M. TAYLOR, Conductor cn the
I. r. A F. R. R. CoM liiohaond, Va.'
sal* kBDBU* oi Twisnrr Ttars stajidinu
lit, JOHN THOMPSON, residing in the ettr el
Richmond, **? eared by three bettlee of Caitsrt:
Spanish Mixture, ef Salt Rheum, which ha. had
aearly twenty years, and which all the phyi&*?|
ef the sit* oouid not oune, Mr. Thompson is a
I nown merchant in the city w" Richmond, Va, ar.d
|is curt is mo*t remarkable. - ^ - 1 ' ? ? 4
?' WM. A. MATTHBWB. ef-Riebmond,-had a ear
aht cured of #lph|lW n? -?be WDrat fctm^hy Oar
s Spanish AUxture. He says he cheerfully-re
unendp it, anfl ooosidsca it an invaluable medi
J^UBTON, {xnwgJ?ion*r b/ the rsventte, *
.? hs? seen the good-elfetta of Cartel 's pettish
..^-rein a number of SypbilfHfc eaeeH, and says it
fc a perfect cure firttpt horrible disease, v ^ is??
i y,'M. a. HjlBWOOD. of .r<ichmon*i cured of old
Seres and Ulo^flh whka ditublsd him from waJking.
Took ? fewhotUss ef Carter^ Spanish.Mixture, and
wse enabled to .walk irijho* ? cratch, ten.short
time penaaaa?Uy enre^. _ ; i f -
| Bttroiprt Depots a|M. W4M>, CLOjiJB AO^No,
83 Maiden Lane, New York. 7 " u.Ii r. r . ,
i T. W. DTQ5-I* SON^, No. 131 North get#til, tfrert, ]
tffflr> *o. lM I4a#n-eti?^, Blah
meni Ye-' *r ? "' 3 ?'
' And for Baiaby OHARIdU. STOEE, VTasbington,
64 EJilk AiiexAudJWe end. by Draggisti
iKS'JJfw M ..-i;
* .i?. it 1? u 1.q t a. ...
fcrou will Hud ?t-tha awfteOUi KI^ND
Good Sentiments.
IHie following from the Albany Knicker
bocker, commends itself for its good sens* :
OutEmployment.-Out of employment
The exclamation1 is almost as common as the
n.d?M ol ' ?? huueee. Why
J H l??,ouiV "Mhtdiu
end that flesh and blood must waste as the
flofet- WilTfl wheb plucked from the stem'
S2F' **f the week at a |
l&J^r??ra^*?n"?gkaivoa. Applestands
ji^d pro|lt enough t? pay for an upper room
^ approaching to coraforr
Matches industriously offered have purchased
:&rr* ** ??d-Bau?agameat ?o aM?s |
fK Cr- 0001 W??Ul?r. HUii I
more than pay for eoals and expenses when
froit pre^lls. An Ethiopian swill collector
bas qualrfcd himself 4o exercise the ek->iw
irmchtfe by pursuing big eluppy vocation with
r}?!r' - ^Ut 0f employment ? Wbo can kno *
1 wh? or what you are if you stand at the cor
? lt%a wondering why-a stranger does
not step forward and extend a helping hand 7.
thTZu yv? into .prosperty, for 1
industry an<* idleness is Of
* ft n?k L ,Never allow pride to bring
i. kumhS beCaa* TOW business
is bumble .Pride is not reliable in all canes ]
.1 you labor you produce, anil producers are
cWt???reWard in80me form/ W you are
cheated of your money, an honest man maj
heIrt^ffy0Ur CAlamityt aDd with generouV
heart offer you a position .Never say -out of
enj?loyment;' because no reasonable excuse I
caa be offered therefor. The werld ls WrS!
Ind ?Qd * - the.cemeu rfe j
pI&CCS IEUSt })A PunnlipH tl..
enough for all, while integrity and sincerity
are characteristics Try again. B,noemJ j
Paradise por a Sportsman ?The shatfzv
f,rairie8- ^bffiR
,ODg mnc? driven from the heritage of-hia
XHSf St-**"4
tbfl1 swift rolling waters of the Missies i no i
The race, however, yet exists in the far west'
Minnesota, particular?
u l j distance of two hundred mile* from
the bed of tbe Father of Waters towa^/tTe
head streams of the Missouri, thev are still
ound in almost incredible numbers Gover
nor Steven.*, during his unrwir 1
nf n,-. XT A.L. U " . "arTey. '*st summer
of the Northern Pacific Railroad route, passed
droves which he estimated to comprise sever*:
undred thousand of buffaloes. In some in
fe^h3' h 7 *5? forty or fifty f>.
h^f ? MteDded 00 -w^aide beyond tbe
re^ch of vision beveral mules and horse* be
came so mingied with the droves that k wi
found impossible to retake them, and they
"e*n ?f?"9e(iw">th abandoned. In the terri
H Minnesota. ?lk are fouud occasionally
d?ej[ ??,8t ^ g^at abundance. 'Griaxily
bears are tew abd far between; but (he com
mon k'ack bears abound in all parts of rhe re
minisKn fUgh their number5 are slewlv di.
muiishing from year to year before tbe inroad*
ofc.ym.aticn Wolves, wildcats, and varSj
?mailer animal*, valuable for rbeir fur*. e*i?
in almost inexhaustible profusion- Should tbe
t.?r,h.rn Pacific Ksilrt^ad b. codKoZ
ftS'lmhn .?P^rtunify be here afforded*?
SieU tiS Bmat*ur sportsmen to Indulge j
Ihe ^ild boasts of the foieats and plainf ?
7^ '?^ / extermi?atod or driven to the
inaccessible iMfness of the mountains/'The '
bwr, the buffalo, and the deer, would be blot
ted from the pramcs, which f>r hundreds of
years have affbrded them iurtenancd a ad ai
home, and the places that knew -them should
aijow them no more forever.
Taa Clxrqt fccoRHED ?We speak pfeler
gymen, who not content with their vocation
profane it by malring it subservient-to politl
We speak of ambitious.ovw
bearing, dogmatical demagogues in clerical
garments, who, whan they go up into the nul
^ refl?^?jnf'^purpows, ard see aroSnd
them persons differing from them in matter
ot political opinion.cannot content themselve*
uotil they have denounoed ttiat.difference uf
opinion as among the unpardonable sins We
speak of ordained poIiticiaLS making s umi.
speeches in saored pjaces^making them where
ky the laws of the land, no answer is permit.
ted, and where a text of scripture at the be
ginning and an "?men'' at the end can be ro
sorted to as convenient artifices to increase
their effect upon the voters v * # #
Ignorant profe^ors and inaolent divines
whose brains have never beeu matured Lv'
JnftC^8 1 f ?K?Wledge may degrade themselvef.
aDd insult the Senate, and outrage the public
inteihgenoe, and disgust the good taate ef the
people by unworthy exhibitions"; but thev
to loi!0thima .le t0 eff?ct anything more thaL
to soil themselves. * * * # *
h?d?? Papons, nrese Friar Turks "who'
? ff7- [?'in ???-band and the quarter
stofi in the othar, who now pray with i nasal
[.fang and now declaim with a demagogue
Idry, deserve ohastisement at tbe hands 02 all
who value pure religion and have a rtgard
^sacerdotal character.?W*,kin%t<,n
" V ? a. - 1- ' ^ yj
llBLiQiors Famatac^m.?The Balpin. Msgs.
Register says Elder Cummings, one uf ihe Im
uiediatisl Second Adventiuts," lectured in "Me
chanic Ball,- In that city, Tuesday afternoon
and evening,.on the S^^and Coming of Chriat
Dho Kegutor Iteports:
, At the end ot his evening leoture, he said
that the Jews reckoned "by moons?Aat on
abturday- last we had a new moon?that it
Was the .last ^e should ever have?that
the 10th of the 7th month woiiid be about the
l?t of November, when fhe mediatorial office
nonld cease?and that being so, Christ would
certainly make his appearance 9n the 13th or
Wth of November, lie then remarked that he
should nevet meet trith his hearers again on
earth, and took an' affectibnate leave of his au
dience, bidding them a last farewpll. ?
QAim to thk Last.?A white man was pun
ished with fifteen lashes, in "Norfolk, the other
day, for stealing $15?one lash for every dol?
W1. After the punishment .was oveev ha
mankod the sheriff and gave three triumphant
qrows, a la Shanghai. ri irH11
I ihis reminds us of the Irishman who, hav
ing called for a glass of grQg at a public house
Without having'the Te?Ff-to-pay for it, was
severely flogged for kitampttdaaee; but who
4f**r sitting awhile in the bar-rp?m, remarked
to tue tender, "Landlord, if ye are a' mind to
take yer pay in the same wky, I'lltake anoth
er glass 01 yer Whisky.'K *J
(' Tmb *tk*t The British Gov
rument is already making' arrangements for
le next campaign. The -Dublin Daily Ex
arees says that early in March the lbth, tha
ft# tbe ?*d
the 80th, the 8% the f^th and the U4th reei
: aents-wtll be tti England, and prepased to
>ro?eadto tbe Haltic. it^ would thus appea*
hat a long struggle is anticipated. The cost
n the end will be immense, and unless the
!A Hies should be diecouiflttedan-aff^rt win ne
ioubt bemade ?o obtain reatiimJdon from the
/sag. Such i? already tbe. sentiment of a
arge portion of the people' ofr Eo'gland and
France. - * -? * ? . . ? ^
Sojuao^ FOR CeMPRHSATioi.?"Balloa.
hharg, said Pop, meeting him tlie other dav
In the street, ''you hobble, my boy;"what's the
matrer-with-y?li?i? 9. II" .
ll.'Oiu.f had *iy feek ^rwh^ tfefough tha
taraleMueis of a conductgr the. other day, be
tween railroad cars?that's *C1T.M
"And dom't you mean tosue for damagaet'*
1 4*Daniagea-?<B<^ , ,?x hava AMd^daaagaa
_ TOOWIM. ? ,
Mve copies ? ^
?XI-? . * " ???*? w MM O
*p ???? ?? -??? i mhi ? 8 Wvw
Tw?ity do u oc
(?- Single copies (in wraftpe.<> car he procured
* the counter, immediately a ~%m ht <if Ru' *
paper. Price?tbksb oasrra.
a ceitfatssioo uf twenty per otnt.
The Washington Monument.
_ TTiis structure is now over one hundred aad
sii^f feet high. The contribution*, we Lear
are insufficient.to keep up the work eoSijstir'
but it is hoped some better reason will be
| found for refining to contribute a dime l* "
that given kv the old Dutch farmer in Pent- *
sylvania. Xbe picture, it seems, expressed^
too much for the oocasiou .
A lew years ago the pro?.4*<i''ng4 of
| W ashington Monument Society i Waehisg
ton received a sudden impetus Arnon? j *
measure* adopted to procure snffcir-.r fur. fir *
for the completion of the edifice wan that <*>..
appointing an agent in each oongressionaiL
uiitrict throughout the United St-'es. woo
ware furnished with lithographs of i t* fou're
monement, which were presented to eueh ren
tlernen as chose to subsoribe.
One of those agents called at the houss of a
very wealthy farmer, in tb% upper end of '
Dauphin county, Pennsylvania The whole
Family were soon assembled to look at the
beautiful pictures Io the meaniime the
agent exerted all his eloquence to induce the
sturdy bid German to *'plank the *in " He
p*rtrayed the servioe* of Washington to bis
country i he dwelt in glowing colon upon the
gratitude we should feel for them.
Suddenly the Farmer broke silence ?
'? What is all this for'"
Th? *8?? began again: " You know wha
W aahmgton waa ?*'
1 Yes, he was the first President; he licked
the British, didn't he?"
'' Yea. that'j the man, and ihik monument {j
to he erected as a fitting testimonial of the
eternal gratitude of his oountrymen.''
The anticipated subscriber studied the plate
attentively.' ? r
" Weil/'.said he, "1 won't pay anything ?
towards it; I don't see no Uk'9 to build a house
mit such a big ohimney."
The agent immediately left
following brief description ef t ha
Sandwich Island*. now attracting so much at
tention throughout the oountry, oannot fail to
be interesting to pur readers:
-U hre twelve islands in the Hawaiian
groupe eight of them inhabited-contauuna
6 100 square miles They lie betwee^e^
{f9Q d?grees (Ifty minutes, and twenty.two
degrees twenty minutes north latitede west
from Greenwich The productions of the dif
ferent islands depend upon position and etevn
iron above the sea All the tropical fruft* and
plants, either indigenous or hitrodueed fto-n
al rrvad, are abundant. On Hawaii Kanai
ai^d in some parts of Maui, wheat. Irish pota
to*?, pea hes, strowberries. Ac., of ? fine
quality, are easily raised Grapes abound
but the manufacture of w*ne is prohibited
Sugar and coffee are lik?4v te be the grea*,
staples of the islands. 'jLae plantations are
generally worked by Chinese ooolies, who are
employ* d at the rata of three dollars per
month in Cbina, and bound to service for a
special term of years. The indigo plant gmwa
wild in the greatest profusion everywhere
aod is at much of a nuisaaoe as the Jaires
$o*n (fimsou) weed io Virginia.
* Xbe climate of the. islands is mild end
comparatively uniform The onlioary yearly
raage at.Honolulu is seventy degrees, the mx
Tiniest being aisty five and eighty fire Fah
renheit . The mean temperature during the
lait. yea* was seventy-five degrees. While I
??< *T(jtScg (eleven o'eieeh. a m ,Vthe ther
mometer stands at ninety-six ?Iegrees."
_ Cbixesb Iwsprrectiow?The Chinese re-~ *
bei chief has written a letter to the residents "
of Hung Kong, signifying his pleasure to
them. He term* them slaves and foreign
devils,says they are but "fowls, apes end
by kind," ignorant of the fine relations'
and not susceptible of civiliaa.ien He de
mands the ftPthorities to release such of hfe
people as are in prisons, and treat Chinese
gentlemen with respect. He says : *
I. the King, have spoken of wat; end have '
Calked of the movements of troops. We her* %
irany thousand gun? of divine power, weigh
ing millions of pounds/ We have ma-TTnv -
riad .vessels ,10u cbang in length, rrhiob,
withouf wind, can convey themselves henoe to*
the three Kiank provinces. On a luckv iiv
which we shall eeleo-. weshall descend itraig''
Mi the province of Canton, and in the aAtnm*
ihhll send you a challenge to fight. Oarolns
lering standards will sh&de the nine heavens
and with numberless gwords and spears we
?hull enclose the seas. Or divine fire shaH
soneume yopr ships, our troops your dwell
ings ; our divine weapons shall flash to the
p ile, and ourdivme youths and maidens sh?
be as thunder aha^icg the skies.
LKvi SOUND may b oojasw-v?<. *u aiatte*
JL of'i^t**no?'tn thet WfnKJertfc:-v"-?r-o? A
ir^losy. toting pazriomar qr^ute, ir<i
msn l ie, Hucb a* marriage, daecriptiou Oust*.
?r wUte, ho* die -parties shall agrae of charging si>"
Ufiitjoo# ft <M*p.ipvow>t, speoei^Ung, parmewftijt ..
i?W f.uit?, friendj;, ririies, theft, tbingH i? '
fr>knl, health, sick.ne?s, death, past, preee^t and^l
iur? events, and all oonoerns of life.
* itfadveie' HoeilMw- malv -eanmritod at the rsiiM -
pi>(M <(h?jaem?p LadiMft^s- Ooloraa panpu
25c. each Apply at ?>SS nattbwa^ ocrc?* 0 <i?i *
rwolfthetreer, Ismndi'?-1 * ?
1 1 '? ^ 1 '"*?
the uaot-rMgnftd, oft?t at private'sale our -Try
?y setm Brirk now iu sacimssftil opereckA
O ~4
aitn 140,000 feet of groqad attached to Jb? mm%
elth a thi:ty horse power engine and boilers oom
pifte, built Inst spring by Win M. K'lis k Brother,,
? itb all the dtcosils pTtainin^ the same,'su4Cr
fc*? ? ...... ? < . M i
Wbeelb?rrow8, Brick Carr, Spades
Fhovelf Tic^s " - v ' *
F orgy an J U lack srnitbe' D toe ails
And. a grist Mill astacbed to the iane powsr,
a|ii?h'can grind from 60 fo bO bcsbels of corn per
* ? ? - ?
W. have now on hand
100,000 machine made bricks, burnt, Teady rnaiw
ks4. ? ...
90,000 fr< nt do do all of good aoaltky
Ki( m 10o,00ivto 200.000 hand lhade do., vnbnmt
[>0(000. machtwa made bricks ?nhurr t
Ail of which will be dis?otad of on (Minahls
terms. ' ?. : 4 ' "
Those wishing to go into the abcore bosnee* have ^
tew a fine opportunity r.fferrd them Call and sm.
We are still making from 20,000 to 26,0u0 par 4af
oct24?dtl3th*^' A * T. > TvirtfAirDT*
j .. I mm + . .
j - - -WH HAtmS?HHJ>,
FAMES HAA6K& k UPJ|OI<?TJU?kw - ?v. i
AMIUacaM and ftem? Paper BangiazB aad .,
Uphe.ster Uoods, Penn?ylvaiila sv'nMe. *
seventeenth and tifl-htninHs strsfTi 'TisHpnifljn.
Wm Hagnerkild beff ljave to infbm bis friends
and the public that ha tvae on hand a large rvoc4 qf
fteirch eilt and Atneriosai 9retwpeneta -
Aiscy llair, Moss, Cotton and Sbeak llilli?m ,
which he will dispoeu of at the lowest prices.
oet? Oui*"*? ?. jj )_
I NiW ^rORE l?KTCW SlOEji :
JreeUiew/ttbarel pa*ro?
/ qa torn ?y Sr-mOi
customers sinaS^ny removal to tne new stand,
respectfully invite publio alteMea
itr.d superior stoek of I'aper Tleagi^r fcll salek
?vaocacm;; en- sliytttf msusHSSai t wf .raai Jfreu<#
vWw^ pifita pCpWtf W wo^ w ilQ
Small variety of low prm* i
and patterns.
j Purchasers will
*?e a cull. " *
jtrry G<*'d.?. sooh 'tis Union end wortted ?
?uae&w, Mu?-liu and L?oe Curtains. Out Cui?il(*S| I
-ids and 'Jrnamenta GU I and TTo?e*ad bhadRS
il; rscrtvwi ftr>m 8ew- verk es-nnfcctdfce,
hi nke fhet lew aiaMk^ML KaSkar B*te Aa
lhlim ed- flsidw J :'i d
0Mi Janh!
ev?n ow err ?

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