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jiilis Star bin'dings, eortmr Pennsylvania
avmnr. and Etewntk street,
^VJ! I*" served to?ubj?:nh?>rs m ifie cih-? ot Wash
I It ?a. G^orn^uown, Aluiandriaj Baltimore and Phi la.
t t irr^klv to ibf Amenta. To mall fubsciibera the
, |y#cnpuon price u THREE DOLLARS AND
f'FTY CENTS a year in adrxmoe, TWO DOL
tt THREE MONTHS. oopikb om
y? T?-fr-.j 7 *-'"1 jj rrra
f? rlj -vi., ^ ~ ?* ^
> M ? *. V ,?* .4
?? n > tn |.iiw
' ? r '
NO. 574
k??'l f ??, ? j ??
Itila uimHwi T*m6y i
iof a nrmt??r variety of I
?* foead la any otfiw?is pa M tatted oa SMurday.
r> ,? < -
Single oopy, per ennnm *. ^1 ^
- ? ' ?-!->, m oinaa
PlVO OOpiOlii?|.%.?l^.?
I'fa da *^* .v*.?- <? ? > ? ?, #. ?. i-iii,-- 8 W>
Twenty thaimmn..?????,?????*??????. 14 N
Can, nrrauaB&T m UTiMa
* Single aoftm (la wiappen) ean be procure
a the Coulter, taamndiaialy aAa tame at tfc'
paper. Prico?vaaan carta.
Poer* imn who ut ae amenta arfl be aflowe
ia ?f lirentr per ennL
fflHH anier<Hgned would resentfully inform his
' fri?a<K *<*qaaintanees, and the public generally
i at h? "till continnea to n?rot? ail orders in his
I.? of business in the beet manner and at the short
X : notice.
JUKPAIft'SO n?af!y end ororaptly sxecnted.
i ? , fl'ISH A t?Je a'touded to at
iu* a*icrHr-t uotVw, and in the best
inner. Btivs vrrttrvd i% the rwfrct. mem
t.evcn ?n the vxmvst uHOthmr.
.fllnkfai for part farrrn, he wouM re*pectftilly
*nd will ?ad*avor to ia?rtt a continuance1 of
Pa. aTe., #. iide. hetweer 9th ?nd 10th sta.
geddence: U-. Merun'8, No. 396, l? street, tsird
ise *?st oi 7th street. mar 17?ly
DERTAKKR>?residence 418 Sev
tet, between Q and 11 streets, Interment*
in any groan 1 or oeineter*. Coffins, Caps,
Carriage*, llearre, and every aftlcle lbr
ito of the b*t qeaiity furnished at short
a the most r?*oasble terms, and at all
the n:<ht. Having the exe.u4ve right of
-anip c Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to
-op the dead for any length of time. oc 11?tf 1
/i^dl advertiser returns aiucere thanks to his
y friends and the public
' n?ral f>r th*nr dmt patronage
llioferina tbeni that, w itn
^?d facilities, he is prepared
attend to all orders in his line of business with
oinptaes and dispatch. Hd ^ives his peroonal at
3ti.">n to Undert?*iog, and ttioie requiring his
-rieos will always finl h?m careful and obliging,
'.to attended to a ?.ii hours, day and night.
la the emetine: ciakin/ line he tnis^ to be able to
?e satisfaction ta heretofore. His establishment
[ jn Pa avenue, No*. l?? j and 188, between 17th
nd 18th ata, FirJt Ward, Washington.
~t 6?lm Cabinet Mafesr and Undertaker.
I? VOULD rejpxtfaHy return my thanks to the
* ciliseus of ^aphington and ite vicinity for their
* patroa?-<e, and <*aj that owing to the frequent
.'j in the Uaae'm^r.g branch cf mr business, 1
,f been induced to discontinue the cna^acture
Tirniture. and ;arn my attention fully to the
>f?8tlTA5LI>fQ. I hare spared no pains to hare
kt thiug that is requisite to my businegq, and I
^ therefore fully prepared to meet any order after
-?* moments a >tW, and 1 as are those who may
?3je it call iha' 1 will spare no pains te carry out
mr orders to their entiie satisfaction.
No. 410, Tth st., between <1 and H.
J. B.?Oalla attenaed to at all hours of the night.
K- a-i j
'HIS beautiful burial place of the dead having
Nfi-Jt oeen deli?Wl with appropriate oeremouieff
th? purpose, i.- no^ open for the receptioa of the
jams of deceased persons.
Tie MAUdOLKUM n&j capacity for a hundred
in which such irieodf: of the dead as may
y can pla-:e the Utparted until taey select sites
lie gravas.
lie plan of the incorporators i? one of equality h?
>;?rd to the lot*, whi^h will not be pot up pnblieiy
- ?ale, (although they usually bria* a premiura,)
tne e&riy selection of lotd t?- most Uesir
L'otll aa office is established in the city of Wash
l^oti, applications wil! be punctually attended
. d 'be prea?nt office, in the east wing o' the builO
' k on entering the Oemstary.
' WH. 8. HUM?aa?T8
.V. B.?Glenwood ic situated a short diatauce due
rth of the Caiwf>L au* 11?3tb
. C are now r> cefvdag the largest stock of QA9
V riSIWKS' ev-r offered in this city, ocm
?nog erer/ vari^iy of sty'? and tinieh Tbey have
-n selected from the celebrated factory or Oom^.
? a Co., Philadelphia, and include ail of theix
Ow.ag to a reduction in prise in 0a3 Pixtures we
? aow prepar?d to furnish them at a less rat* than
?y have evrr yet been sold here ot el?ewh"re.
?j k.yp pac with the aVrre improTement the
oe or gas inbia/ has b*en materially red^eed,
increased facilities warrants us in caylag
|.t we ar< prepared &ul can execute any wora we
l.r uudert*ie cheapt-r and better than any other
Jl 'uhment in thw city.
Pluabini; A Lias kitting Kstabliebment,
Pa avenue, ? side, between 10th and lith sts.
ott 13?dtJanl
d jscu huen c?iaUri<: iuuulkerchiefs from 6
ceuts upvards
. <r?s4 linea Handkerchiefs from id cents ap
w<?rd-, vtry chnap
d worked in rre?t variety, Tery low
n-d iawn and muslin ble^ves
?t!-l o*inbric Sairts
o.:rB French kid Ulovee, at 50 oents, worth 75
1 and ouy cheap for oaeh at
eor. Eighth btfeet, opposite Centre Market
ixt 3?lm
UUif X (ft
i YV. BUOIVXIAU, Mercbaat Tailor, Pa
( avenue, utiler the CniUa States Ho-4
vjaid r-3p? jUally inibrta his customers
ithe public generally that he ha? just re
r?d new Jrail ?ud WiaCer goods in grrati
ri?y, sacb ?s ?luOu, Caasimeres, and Veeuuga oi
^ importation, and is prepared to bava them
le up at toe shortest notice, La the must fashion,
maauer, aa 1 at low rates of prioea.
viag made arrangements to go into the Ready
? Jlottiiag basiueas extensively this season, n* |
Wjnr,i>n. thut lie can offer to those wishing to
nii?r? a sU-o?. ?jI CiOthing, not inferior to any in
atjr, aad not m?de up at the North, as Id usu
thec?se with work acid here; but cut in bis
l establishment, aal made by our own needy ciu
)' - in ta>9 dull season at low rates of pric<*s, he is
'w.-?l toeraior, to compete with northern work in
at ot prices; tu 1 as o quai ty and style, ne wil>
f>r tnose waj favor aioi with a cail tj udj^s. ,
ic an sell wtiole suits, Oci?t, Paats, and Yost, at
i-!oll.>viug low rata):
4 sun for Ouiiine^b purposes, oat of cloth or cas
^nere, lor the small sum of. $16
* ?ad irocs Cja.s, from $10 to $A>
ccvats cf OifTereat stylos 12 to 26
Hand Uncy fnu'.aljona $3 50 to 10
-Mid Velvet V?uu?.~. * tfJ to 10
?tooa of Civthiug is of a sup*rR>r quality,
??" ?s 0?e:i m?de up siuce he received the .ail and
, I': ."fashions.
J-^e leeps constantly on haad a large asdortment
'?*!*:> artitdaa?soon m UIo>os, Cravats, Collars,
jr> Ac.
?e i<cui for the sale of Scott's Report of Fash
in this city. Sep 16?tt
V of TfiirUrtd.i and K tirtcU, near the Tfuatrt.
? * r The proprietor of this
|A f 0 Jpublic hous?, Mr. William
Urbason, has r?fi;ted, ren
' ovkteOf and prepare<l ?
P i ^ a-at tor Uae accommodation oi vi iters 4*
Vn - iaaaer that ae trusts will give tuil sati^Uc
i '? all <rao extend to him tneir pelronag*. lie
i nisi, arranjaments to have the veiy best ot
: Tih.i, ac., for uis whole seaaon, without regard
"pea?e. kaaiihes and Parties promptly supplied.
i'ltr ?u'i Ltaru?r is at all times ?toea?d with th?
lu tii-i uae. .dawiug his acknowledgments for
?acuuragemeut, he r?pecttuiiy invites a oon
>? oi tne saLue, with every intention and ex
to pleuse.
A lew lioar lers can be comfortable acoommo I
sup tl?6m
JSall BL'iLbING LOIs oi lu leet or more, in
' v?nous parts o! the City, and Georgetown, at
'prices, and term" to suit. LlAjVV A 0O
deliverable at the Can^l, or Wharves in ;
kuia^ua, ueorg' town, or Alexandria.
riT sets, K large and handsome CARRIAGE and
loth street, opp. Treasury Department.
r?~ly _
"AL U ?08, 0?al r'hoTeh', Ash Bucistr, Cinder
".Iters and Tube, (Complete in one,) Shovel and
Koker*, ih-'vei and Tong - Stands, Blower
^ ir, KeuOers, jrire Carriers, 4e., *e. A large I
P'y of tile a ov? gootls have just been received,
:rom th>' f? toriee, and are ? arranted superi r
"?Others in the market, and at as low prices,
ris respectfully solicited.
f 16 gi^n of Oilt Paw, Pa. ar., next to 10th st.
diUOL UOOIAM of weary deeoription at the
1 lowest publiahews' prices, at
'up 2? bookstore, near 9th ft.
Author op tuk great book just br
Baltimori, Md., June 4,1864.
Mr. Sockbridgt, of the Fountain Hotel. Light street,
Dwr Sir : Being on the point of leaving thj city,
I avail myself of a few idle moments to thank you
kindly for the medicine you s<mt me, and #hich has
restored me to the use of my limbe. I beg you to
fcend me foijr bottles more, to carry on my voyage.
Since I had the fortune to use Dr. Hampton's Vege
table Tincture my confidrooe is so strong that, in
gratitude to the proprietors of said medicine, I beg
you to present ray respects to them, and induce
them to make it more publicly known as a sure
Rh?umaiic cure. Having called on me on the 19th
of April last, and eeen me prostrated on my bed,
uae'ees in all my li^bg, you can appreciate nearly
as w?ll as myself the prompt rwlief 1 received from
Dr. Hampton's Tincture, and lam positive had it
not bee a for your strong and forcible recommenda
tions I should still have been in bed.
It is really a pity thta specific should not be ap
proved by medical men, and like all patent drugs it
should suffer the imputation the public generally
give to sued preparations. I mvtelf, who was al
ways opposed to a patented specific^ took this medi
cine with reluctance, and without confidence in it,
and it was only through your disinterested, friendly
recommendations, and my critisal situation that in
duced ms to try this really beneficial Vegetable
You may inform Messrs. Mortimer A Mowbray
that th??y *re at liberty te make use of my name in
th? supj-ert of the good effects of Dr. Hampton's
Vegetable Tincture, as it has curej me in five weeks
of a chronic Inflammatory Rheumatism, contracted
under tropical climates, and ot seven years?periodical
duration- I have oniy use<i three bottles, and find
tli* t even the deformed parts of my hands are fut
returning o tneir form* natural appearance.
I have been under tne treatment of several phy
sician* in London and Paris, without any apparent
benefit; also, while in New York, having tried the
Thompsonian and Homoepathic remedies, after hav
ing been tormented with galvanic ba'teriea, oold
an I aromatic baths, and hundreds of internal and
external medicines, all to no effect, I am, so tar,
cured by this Hampton's Vege'able Tinotur* only.
Therefore, my t>ar sir, accept of the assurance of
my gratitude, and believe mu your well wisher.
Thomas Cahot.
Portsmouth, Va , Aug. 18,1861.
Mr. J. E. Boush?<>ear sir: While I am, in gena
ral, opposed to patent medicines, candor compels me
to state that I have great confidence in the virtues
of Hampton's Vegetable Tinctur-. For several
months past I have used it in mv family ; and in
dyspepsia, loss of appetite, dizziness, and general de
bility, with entire success. So tar as my experience
exten ds, therefore, I take pleasure in recommend
ing it to the afflicted as a safe and efficient remedy.
1 ana, respectfully, yours,
Chaplain, United 8tates Navy.
Washlnsion, May 17,1863.
Messrs Mortimer St MunUnyi aantVmen?Hav
ing been afflicted with Liver Complaint of ten yeaio
standing, I hereby, for the b uefit of the afflicted,
ta*e gre-.it pleasure in announcing that after using
a fevr bottlea of your Tincture, I found it had ac
complished a perfect cure 1 hav? used different
medidasn from time to time, bit hare never been
able to account for any apparent good, and it is a
bles^ii^g to stricken humanity that that medicine is
ft and which 009*890# the wonderons power of pro
long;x3 hutnio life. The many cures it ha* wrought
*, svJ5cienf guarantee of the beneficial reanUs
wh: !x nsy be experienced fram Its u*e. Tours,
rebyectfully, J. Ctjrtaw Hat.
Oall and get pamphlets gratis, and eee cures of
Cough, BrotKhttis, Rjieumatxsm, Neuralgia, Dyspep
sia, \ '.roetmesr. and Oen zral Weakness. As a female
me-lir ne or for delicate children we believe it un
equal ?*i.
?3f gold by MORTIMER A MOWBRAY, 140 Balti
more street, Baltimore, and 304 Krcadway, New
OTT, *nd H McPHERSON, Washington; also, by R.
e. f. CIS31L, Georgetown; and 0. C. BERRY,
Alexandria, and by Druggists everywhere.
aug 81?tr
HOUSEKEEPERS and others are reminded that
the following list of articles are of the very
b?*t description, and can be purchased from the sub
scriber on as low terms as any other house in the
city. A large assortment and supply always on
hanl ~
Oils of all kiudi Queenrware
Paiiits Brushes
Oemphine Clocks
Varnish Lamps
Turpentine Chandellerf
Window GlaM Giranlolee
China Vase^
E.rthenware Brittannia Ware
Giaae Ac., Ac., A%
Gcods sent to any part of the city free of charge*
Country dealers will do well to cadi.
7th street, opp. Selden A Withers' Bank.
Liar 17?tf
PERSONS desiring to send money tea Ireland, can
obtain check* for ?l or more, on the Belfast
Hanking Company, payable in all the principal
towaa. Apply to CHUBB BROTHERS,
Banters, opposite the Treasury Building,
teh M?w r
' #A6 FliTUEEE,
I^HE subecribers take pleasure in announcing to
the public that their stock of GAS FIXTURES,
comprising some of the o#st and latest patterns, has
been received, *n<i that they are now prepared to sell
at the lowest rates. Persons in want ?f Gas Fixtures ]
will please call and examine ?they will no doubt
find it to their interest.
Dwellings ana public buildings fitted with gas-tu
bing at the asual rates
4*o 1 *?Pa. ?vn bet. 10th and 11th, s. side.
Maine avn'is, between 1% and 6th sis.
MANUFACTURER of Steam Engines, Boilers.
Water Tanks, Shafting, Pulleys, Hangers and
Mju Wwk generally.
vvni furnish 8a* Mills, ail kinds of Cantings,
Wrought and Cast Iron Pipes, and everything in the
Iron iiue generally.
Two ?ni?il HiVtJlXSCS on hund ana for s-tle. For
information aiidrens G. E. NOYES, Washington Iron
Works, Washington, D.C. jv I S?tf
rplIE office of "The Inventory Protection National
X U aion" is on 7th street, opposite the East Por
tio of the Patent Office, and is now ready to attend j
to the business of its members, namely: in making
examination* and soliciting patents, Ac.
Inventors are invited to call and get a oopy of the
Constitution and By-laws, and where any inforaa
Hon will be given respecting the Unioo.
All letters on bufine^s must be directed to thu of
fice, where attention will be given immediately.
A model shop Is in connection with the office,
where vxodels can be made to order at the shortest
notice. . T. G. CLAYTON,
ap 10?ly PreeiUent I. P. N. U.
THE undersigned, having added Gas-Pitting to
tLoir former business, are now prepared to ex
ecute all orders in that line, in the cheapest, meet
expeditious and approved manner.
PLUMBING and TINNING done as heretofore.
A fine assortment of STOVES, Tin aad Sheet Iron
WARE constantly on hand.
Sola agwuts for the District for MacGregor's Patent
HOT A1K FURNACES, for heating PublicBuildingc,
Churches, Hails, Private Residences, Ac.
Ai*o, for Barker's Double ActingFORCE PUMP8.
Persons in wadt of any of the above articles wiL
find it to their advantage to call on us ere pure ha
ting elsewnere. ,
Pledging themselves to a prompt execution of all
ord-rs entrusted to them, they most respectfully
geiieit a continuance of the &vors so liberally b?
stowed uoon them by their former patrens and the
public in genera- FUR8K A COLLINS,
Nos. 359 and 871, opposite Willards'floteL
Sep fi?3m
PKOF. Ucb SOoND may b consulUd en matton
of importatuw in th*t wonderful work of A?
trolo^y, fortcl'ing pariculajr events, incident .to ht^
mtj 1 fc, such is marriage, description "Of husband
or wife, how tlv> parties shall agree, of ohaegtag stV
uatlo.-s, or employm nt, speculating, partnership,
law suits, friends, riches, rnef^ things loet, things
fouo 1, health, sickness, death, past, present aad Rfc
tore events, and all conoerns of life.
Madhme Ro^llia may be oen^uited at the same
Koe. (ientlemen $L Ladies &0c. Oolorea person!
. each. Apply at 682 northwest corner C and
Twelfth street, Wand oet II?In*
T&xasxtbt Dkpabtmxot, August 26,1864.
Notice ia hereby given to the holders of the fol
lowing-described stocks of the United States, that
this department ia prepared to purchase, at any
time between the date hereof And the 20th day of
November next, rortions of those stocks, amounting
in the aggregate to $3,840,000, in the manner and
on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit:
In case of any contingent competition, within the
amount stated, preference will be given ia the or
der of time in which said stocks may be offered. The
certificates, duly assigned to the United States, by
the parties who are to receive the amount thereof,
must be transmitted to this department; upon the
receipt whereof, a prio* will be pal- , compounded
of the following particulars:
1. The par value, or amount specified in each cer
tificate. -
2 A premium on the stock of the loan authorised
by the act of July, 1846, redeemable November 12,
1856, of 3 per cen on the stock of the loan au
thorised by the act of 1842, redeemable 31st Decem
ber. 1862, of 11 per o?nt.; on the stock of the loans
authorized bjr the acts of 1847 and '848, and redeem
able, the former on the 31st December, 1867, and
the latter on the 3Gt h June, 1868, of 16 per cent;
and on the stock ot the loan authorize* by th*4ct
of 1850. and redeemable on the 31st Ceoember, 1564
(commonly called the Texan indemnity,) six per
3. Interest on the par of each certificate ftom the
1st ot July, 1854, to the date ef receipt and settle
ment at the Treasury, with the allowance (fot the
money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in
Payment for sa'd stocks will be made In drafts of
the Treasurer of the United StateB, on the assistant
treasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as
the parties may direct.
But no certificate will be entitled to the benefit of
this notice which shall not be actually reoeived at
the Treasury on or before the said Uuth d&y of No*
vember next.
ang 28?dtSO^v Secretary of Treasury.
FLABARRK would respectfully inf>rm the pub
s lie that he hat> openwi a Shop at the corner O
and 10th streets, in the above business, and is now
ready to receive orders in any branch, namely:
on all kinds of ornaments for churches, chalices,
jewels, and regaiia for Free Masons, Odd Fellows,
and other societies, military ornaments, Ac. Also,
Chains, Goblets, Lockets, Tea and Table Spoons,
Dessert and fin'tor Kniven.
On Military uru^Ku, i>at*xeCd, Walters,
Candlesticks, and CaseeUi.
Also Silver plating for Plumbers,ua?
All ornaments for military, tree Masons, Odd Fel
lows, and other Societies and ClubB made to order
on the shortest notice.
Corner C and 10th sis west, n -ar Pa. ave.
we C?Oxa
i/Hum Ciatt Farlfter ot th? Blood I
B?ta Pxrtiola of Xercury ia it.
A.* IsvALuau #?*ar}Tfor 8?ro?ula, King a Evil, Rhen
m. iaa Obsti^at1 Cutaneous a r up tine 3, Pimples or
Pustulw on t\- Facc, Blotches, Boils. Chronic Bore
Erss, Rhi* Wovm or Tatter, Scald Head, Euiarge
Buut and Piiu oi s~r?t Bonea era Joints, Stubborn
Ul?rs, Byphilltle Disorders, Lumbago, Spinal Ocm
alaints, and ill UWaaaes arising from an inj adloioaa
Wseflv.icarj.Lnpmdei: xtinLifs, or Impurity of
fej 7^*1
fT'ICIo valuable fclixilcine, which haa beoosaecela
1 crated for jie number of extraordinary eureo
?Acted through Its agency, *?p lnduoed the proprie
tors, at the urgent request of their friends, to offer it
k> the public, whleh they do with the utmost ooufl
ienoe in its virtus* acd wonderful curative proper
ilea. The following certificates, selected from a large
number, are, however, stronger testimony than the
~ere "Old at the '^rovrietors; and are all from gen
tleman wetPV-nown ia their localities, and of the high- ;
?atreepectabJl> y, maay of them residing in the city of
E lchx^end, ta.
F. B<YVDEN, Esq., of the Exchange Hotel, Rloh
nicnd, r.nown everywhere, sayo he has seen the Medi
an* <*U*d Cibtm's Sijjobh Mixture, administered
Is over a huudrtd ca^ea, in ot atly all the diseases for
which it is reoonimeatled, with the most asWhiehingly
good reeulta. He says it is the moat extraordinary
medic? ne he ha* ever seen.
eertify that for three years I had Ague and Fever of
?he moat violent description. I had several Physi
cians. took large quantities of Quinine, Mercury, and
I believe all the Tonics advertised, but all without
Permanent relief. At last I tried Carter's Spanish
Mixture, two bottles of which effectually cured me,
and I amhai<P7 to say I have had neither Chills it
Ftvers sinoe. I consider it the beat Tonic in the
worlu, and the only medicine that .ver reached n.y
Beaver Dam, near Richmond Va
Q B. LUCK, Eea., now in the city of Richmond,
and for many years m the PostOffloe, haa such confi
dence in the astonishing efficacy of Carter's Spanish
Mixture, that he baa bought upwards of M bottles,
which he has given away to the afflicted. Mr. Lw i
nays he has never known It to Ml whan taken accord
laK to directions.
v>r. MINGE, a practising Physician, ana formerly
eftne City Hotel, in the city of Richmond, saye he
witnessed in a number of instances the effects of
Carter's Spanish Mixture, which were most truly sur
? a ni cu?. He bays in a oaseofOonfumptJon^dependent
?in the LI/er, the good effects were wonderful indeed.
SAMOliL M. DKINEER,of th?firm of Drinker*
JJonis, Rlrhmoiid, was curM
years sw^ ilng, by the nee of two bottles of Oarte*?e
' OF BOROFU LA.?The Editor* Of
tb? Richmond UffuoUean had a f?v?mt employed in
tiieii press room, cured of violent Scrofula, combined
w *h Rheumatism, which entirely disabled him from
work. Two bottles ef Carter's Spanish Mixture made
i r.ei lect ~ure*thim, and the Editors, in a public no
b?v tliey " cheerfully recommend it to aU who are
ftffiioteu with any diaeaae of the blood.
a very valuable boy cured of 8crofula by Cartels
SpISo llSture. I consider it truly a valuable
2SSe. JAMES M. TAILOR, Oonductoc on tha
R. |. A P. R? R. Co,, Richinoud, Va.
f CURfiD.
Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, residing in the dty of
lichmond, was aured by three bottle* of Carter's
Spanish Mixture, of Salt Rheum, which he had
nearly twenty years, and which all the physicians
of the city oould not cure. Mr. Thompson is a well
known merchant in the city of Richmond, Va., and
hie care ia most remarkable.
WM. A. MATTHEWS, *f Rielimond, hadi a aer
vant oared of Syphilis, in the worst &rm, by Oar
tar's Spanish Mixture. He eays he oheerfeUy r?
oouuaenda it, and oonaiders it an invaluable modi
cine. ..
EDWIN BURTON, oommWtoner ofthe nimvA,
says he haa seen the good effects of farter's Spanish
Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cases, and says it
ia a perfect cure for that horrible disease.
WM. G. HARWOOD, of Richmond, cured Ofold
Sores and Ulcers, which disabled him from walking.
Took a few bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and
uwaa enabled to walk without a cratch, in a short
time permanently cured.
Principal Depots at M. WARD, CLOSE A 00^ No.
88 Maiden Lane, New York.
1. W.DYOTT A SONS, No. 183 North Seoond atraot,
BENtOBTT ft BEERS, No. 12* Main street, Rich
icond, Va.
And for sale by CHARLES 8T0TT, Washington,
if. U4 HKNRY PJ^EL, Alexandria, and by Bragglfti
everywhere. ?ii'J
Fitoe $1 per 'attle, or six bottiae fbr to
eep 21-y '. - ? ? -
YOU will find at ?&? aamr OLD STAND, Pennayl
vama avenue near 12th street opposite the
Irving Hotel, LOOKING GLASSES with or without
Frames; Portrait, Picture and Mtaitore. Framaa ef
(he latest styles; Brackets, Tables, Room MonjdiSfr
Oomiees, Ate., Af 4 or by leaving your order you can
have any thing dossa in my Una. > . - -- <
N, B.?Old' Fiapuse, ftc^Mgilt ot tha shortest no
doaoo reasonable tevaa. Dont t??et'tha pUor.
fcb 20?ly JOHN waONIB.
JUST opened our third i>uppty of rich im*s Goods,
?which have been bought at (neatly reduced
prices, and -will be sold correspondingly low. We
Eich dress Silks of every variety
Very handsome Plaid Merinrs
Plain French and English Merinos, all shades
Hich p'aid and striped Cashmeres and Mousselins
6 pieces wide Silk Velvets for mantillas and cloaks
25 more rich satin and cloth el oaks
60 fine Brocha Cashmere shawls and Searfs with
rich gold borders, some entirety new
300 long and square plaid and figured Shawls
Cloths, Oas.-imers and Yestings
Gloves, Hosiery, ladies' and childrens' merino
Gentlemen?' merino and cotton noisery, Gloves
Merino and cotton Shirts. Drawers. Ac., ftc.,
All of which will be offered at the fairest low
prices. Please call and examine for yourselves be
fore buying elsewhere.
49"All articles sold at onr establishment are war
ranted to prove as represented.
No 628, Seventh street, 3 doors above Pa. av.
Oct 26
I^HE undersigned has to offer to the public a very
. choice ooilection of Fruit, Shade and Evergreen
Trees, Ac. of the very finest quality?being thrifty
and well grown, oonsistiag of drawf and Rtandard
Pears, Apples, Pearhea, Apricots, Plums, Cherries,
Grape Viues, Quince* Lancashire Gooseberries, Cur
rants, Raspberries, lie.
Shade trees of the most approved kinds for streets ,
and avenuaa. Khubarb roots or all the oelebrated
English serts, lie.
I.uteh Bulbs, direct frwn Holland, among which
are Double and Single Hyacinths, Double and tin
gle Tulips Narcissus, Snowdrops, Crocusos fee. The
bulbs a~e large and well matured.
2a?d Store, corner Seventh and H ate.
?l I I ? . ? MM ? ? ? ? i ?' I
FOR SALX, the property of Mr. Griffith, H. B. M'?
Secretary of Legation, in oonsequence of leav- j
rag the United Statss? ? *
A pair of very nioe carriage Horses, in excellent
A dark bay thorough bred Horse, excellent foi
harness, almirabie a* a saddle horse.
A light four-wheeled Phaeton, oomplete, nearly
One set of donble harness.
A pet of s<ngle Harness, only used a few times.
Three Engl'sh Saddles, several Bridles, and a
quantity oi Cloths, ftc. for the horses.
To be se^n at BOUitER'8 Livery Stables, Beale,
between High and Oongress uts. Georgetown,
oct 13?eo3w
HAVING come to the determination to change
my business entirely, I now oiler my stock of
taiicy Trimming Goods and Embroideries at first
cost, consisting in part of?
Embroidered Collars, from 18^ cents to $10
Do Hdkfc from '25 cents to $5
Do Sleeves, from 60 cents to (8
Do and Lace Setts, from 3 iO SO
Drew Caps from "2* cents to $3 ?" i
Head Dr *eee, from 50 cents to
Dress and Cloaa Trimmings of all kinds, from 8 cts
to $1
In addition to which a very fine assortment of?
1 wio^a^^ and luBtring
Swiss and cambric edgings and Insertings
Linen cambric Handkerchiefs
Blond, thread and cotten Laces
Black silk and gimpure I .aces
And in fact ever) thing in ptore is to be Held at
cost for cath. So oome early, one and all, to
Blue and White Awning,
Pa. avenue, between 8th and 0th sta. j
Oct 98?#o3t
flCSSB Now and second-hand PIANOS oi
own and several other factories.
are always to be had at my Piano Warerocm, oc
11th street, between Pennsylvania avenue and k
street. Old Pianos taken in exchange.
Tuning alro attended to.
P 8.?A Jew very low ptioed second hani Pianut
ft mi f r *aJ*. aip lO??o3m*
GAUTIEH'fl.?At the aolicitaticn of many fami
lies, 1 have made ariangements t# furnish
MiSALLS at private houses regularly, and at all
hours. Great care will be given iO the preparation
and cooking of the various dishes, and it will be
found the most agreeable and cheapest way to live.
oct 23?3taw8w 252, Pennsylvania avenue.
HOMU5 HATHY.?Manual of Homoepathic Prac
tice for the use of Families and f rivate Indi
viduals by A. E. Small, A. M. M. D. Price $2. In
valuable for domestic rwjerence
Pi ems and Translations from Goethe, gchiler, ftc.
by Ctias. it. Laibsrt
The Railway Library, wonderfully cheap editions
of Uulwer's Novels, tor travelers reading
Routledge's Tourists' Guide through the United
States, containing all the reqi'iuit information, to
gethtr with a splendid May?6v) cents
Lives of the Queens of fiDgl,\nd befbre the Con*
quest, by Mrd. Hail.
oct 18?tf Bookstore, near 9th et.
Bancroft?vol a of Bancroft's ui?torx
of the United states
Old bedstone, by Joseph 8mith, D D
rhe Inebriate's Hut, by Mrs SouthwortLi
Kansas and Nebraska, by E C Hale
Isabel Carrollton, a Jfersjnal Retrospect, b,y Kneller
Meigs on Childbed Fevers
Kolliker's Microscopical Anatomy
Drake on the principal diseases (secret series)
oet 19 Bookstore, naar 9th st.
Bricks and brick yard for sale.?we,
the undersigned, offer at private sale our dry
day steam Brick ?T?sd, now in successful operation
witn 140,000 feet of ground attached to tb?* same,
with a thiity horse power engine and boilers oom
plete, built last spring by Via. M. Ellis ft Brother,
with all the utensils pertaining to the fame, such
Wheelbarrows, Briok Cars, Spades
Shovels, Picks
Forge and Blacksmiths' Utensils
And a grist Mill attached to tbe same power,
which can grind irom 60 to 80 bushels ot corn per
uay. <
We have now on hand
400,000 machine made bricks, bpjnt, ready for mar
60,000 front do do aill of good quality
From 100,000 to 200,000 hand made do., unburnt
600,000 machine made bricks, unburnt
All of whien will be disposed of on reason-able
Those wishing to go into thrj above business ha
now a fine opportunity offerea them. Call and see *
We are still making from 2Q 000 to 25,000 per day.
Oct 24?dtlSth* A. A X. A. RICHARDd.
The Proprietors of the JLvtning Star offer lor
sale, on reasonable terms, three Printing Presses.
One of these presses ir. capable of printing belk suits
of a double medium *6baet at once, at the rate of one
thousand sheets pe r hour, making excellent regis
ter. The others ttre a mediaaa biaith press and a
Ramage Cap-Pr^s. These presses are in good con
dition. se 6?ti
I^RENCH TWRlTI?a INK, by Perine Guyot
Bank of England Writing Ink, by Jones, ma*
k-r by app-ointnenj
Im^jort'dd direct from the manufacturers in Lon
don and Paris by FRANCtv TAYLOE.
sep aa?
Tine watch repairing.
HAVING engaged one of the best workman fas
America, 1 am now prepared to putC
in order the most difficult and complicated.
Watches -equal to any other shop in this!
country ar Liverpool. Watch movements
jewelled throughout. Particular attention
to ship and pocke t Chronometers.
Watchmakers' Tools and Materials for sale.
418 Pi a. avenue, betw. 4% and 6th sts.
oct 19?tf ! :
IMPORT AST Work for Pension
Clalma?t^*-Pcnsion and Bounty Land Lawi
joat published * in analydoal Digest of tbe Pensioi
and Bounty La ad Laws, the DeeiBions of ttecreta
ries, fco., arrai iged so as to be intelligible to aver
claimant, Pr t2?pontage tf prepaid 20 cents.
TAkU>l; ft ftlAdRY'S
oet 12 . 1 B<#okatohv, n?-ar Oth aC
Awi> J5XP*
evening star.
/ GRAPHIC portrait
i..t???RIHc* or GooI) Allows."?This
w ? title bestowed generally upon a stoat gen-i
#i Pin#ai<i oompi*?io?, a plethor
y*blt ?{. ^y? a *?1 toe, and a loud laugh,
whose chief business seems to be hanging
about bar-rooms, drinking at other people's
expense, and in return telling broad stories
enacting ludicrous pantomines and entertain
ing circles of companions with such gossip and
trifling as seems appropriate to the places he
frequents. He is always an amiable man
sometimes even a loveable one in many res
pects ; but his convivial habits have Ion* ago
overcome his better qualities, and he now de
?otes himself entirely to their gratification.
The Prince of Good tellows thould never be
seen before twelve o'clock in the day as up
to that time he is full of aches, sad, morose
and nervous; talks vaguely of illness and
death ; contemplates his finger naitc. sighs
rubs his eyes, and yawns, and frequently gives
utterance to the sentiment that it is a hard
world to live in, which it undoubtedly ii for
him. During this depression he resorts to al
ooholic stimulants to bring up his nerves, and
by dint of frequent repetitions of the remedial
agent and a frugal repast, eating standing
from the counter of some bar, he succeeds in
restoring a portion of the lost nervous energy
and begins to cocae out quite strong about the
hour of meridian. At this time he presents
the appearance of a jovial, pleasant happy
man, and so the superficial portion of his ad
mirers deem him, s me of them indeed, going
?o far as to envy him his lot and wish they
were as contented as he. *
At dinner the Prince of Good Fellows is
looked upon as a most desirable companion
lie knows all tho etiquette of the table and
never commits any breach of the unities of
that place. He dresses a salad with exquisite
taste and cannot be deceived in wines He
tells you the history of the olive?which he
has accidently stumbled upon in Chamber's
Miscellanies of Household Words?and has a
pleasant anecdote to fill all the pauses of con
versation. The ladies fancy him very much
for he is respectful, concedes every thing to
them, and defers to their judgment. He does
not take much while they are at table, anc
opens the door for their exit with infinite grace
Once they are gone he devotes himselt to the
decanters, and the roars of laughter that fol
low the ladies up stairs are provoked by a
smart joke of his. which would not bear re
petition in the drawing room. Still, he is not
vulgar, and a really coarse witticism actually
offends him; for he has delicate sensibilities,
and his broad style of humor grewg out of the
wine rather than naturally fram his taste
Later in the evening, when he joins the ladien
above stairs, he is attentive and marked in his
conduct towards them, turns their sausic ad
justs the pian8 stool, and if he sees a middle
aged spinster a plain or a "slow" one, neglec
ted and playing wall-flower, he is peculiarly
attractive towards her, and bores himself, ner.
*?r~' ?l?>rt to do hoi a kindnesi
Sometimes the rrince or uv?.i x?7?*->,.
bachelor, but oftener he is a married man
with several children. His wife is rarely Peen
in society, and her appearance is that cf one
out of health and much depressed in spirits
Her dresses are usually of a bygone style
and, although neat, give evidence of a rigid
economy, and many artifices to make the two
ends meet She takes the baok streets, and
the less frequented side of the way as she
walks abroad, and takes special care to avoid
passing public places where she may meet the
gate of her husband's friends. . She walks
rapidly, with her head down, and in winter
draws her scanty shawl tight about her shoul
ders, an ungloved hand showing through the
opening In front. Occasionally she may be
met coming from market with a little basket
meagerly stocked; but her husband seldom
dines at home, and she economises in her table
expenses, for he requires clean linen and neat
garments, and their purse will not afford sump
tuous^living. . r
To see him in his prime and glory you must
meet the Prine of Good Fellows at an evening
party of young men, whan supper, and wine,
and cards, and loud talk, and merriment, are
the elements of the entertainment. There he
comes out strongest; there his good fellowship
is most thoroughly developed; there he is in
his element, ftod to hear and see him one wt| d
say he was the happiest of men. The joke*
the repartees, the mirth-moving narration*'
the wit and humor which abound, aided by
brilliant lights, sparkling silver and glass
bright wines, cheerful countenances, and all'
the accessories of such a time, give an air of
enjoyment and pleasure to the soene which
may well fascinate the experienced and pass
with them as real. But if they would know
the solemn truth, if they would know h?w
false and futile is all this mockery of happi
ness, let thein tarry till the evening is spent
the lights out, the wine drank up, the part\
dispersed. Let them follow the Prince of
Good Fellows to his home. Let them listen to
his half drunken mutterings as he pursues his
lonely way, and take heed of his self-accusa
tions, his bitter revilings, his reproaches, and
vows of reformation. Let them enter with
I him the cheerless house, where wife and little
ones are paying the penalty of his sin. Let
them see the misery those sins entail; the bit
ter, pinching, want that stares out from scanty
beds, from empty eupboards, from worn and
tattered garments, fiom cheerless grates and
vriokless lamps. Let them watch the smile
tha<- play? about the wan face of the poor ne
gleoU>l? almost broken-hearted, wife, as she
kisses t>? that so lately joined in the ribald
laugh, the drunken chorus. Let them watch
the dejection that settles npon the face o?,the
Prince of Goo^l Fellows as the excitement
wears off and the *ad, bitter, truth takes pos
session of his mind?the plain, hard truth? I
that his good fellowship is killing him. bodily
and mentally?is beggaring his family, and
dragging nown a helpless woman and innocent
little children to a depth from which they can1
hardly hope to rise. Let them see the Good
Fellow in the morning, as with'shaky, nervous
feebleness he attempts to attire himself for
another day of "happiness;" eee the efforts
of the wife to make him smart and neat; hear
the whispered words of entreaty as he parts
from her upon the threshold, and the pledges
p ledges whispered back. Let them hear and
see" all this, and then say if the saddest, poor
est, thinnest, most delusive of all shams is net
that popular one, " The Prince of Uood Fel
lows. '
This absurd and beastly superstition has in*
creased to such an extent in England, that it
has attracted the attention and denunciation
of the great Thunderer, the London Times.
The Times maintains that it ttf wrong to per*
mit Mormons to enjoy the titles and privileges
of Protestant Dissenters. Although the/ still
retain the name of Christians, they have vir
tually substituted Joe Smith in the place oi
the Divine Founder of Christianity, and super
eeded the Bible by the ridiculous and corrupt
book of Mormon.
It is a disgrace to modern eivilixation that
such a rank imposture as Mormonisn should be
able to obtain votaries all over the world.
The imposition is so* gross and palpable,'the
vile and profligate character of its anther wat
so notorious, that it really seems as if a
world in which such a humbug could gain
credence, must be in its first or second child.
hood. ' ?.
There is no denying, and no pretence now
of denying, the univenal practioe of polyga
my among the Mormons. Such a custon
could never have been engrafted upon West
ern aiviliiation, except from the vilest a#<
most abominable passions. Not only is everj
Mormon permitted to have as many wives a
be thinks proper, but the head of the ehurel
cad diverse the parting whenever be sees fit,
and permit the wife to take a new husband,
as well as the husband a new wife, so that
the practical operations of the system is Com
munism ia its mos; odious abomination. The
Mormons, in effeot. address to the men and
women of their association, the language of
Socialism : 4 You are now delivered from the
restraints of eiTilitation, whieh are evil ;
henoeforth your passions are to be your only
guides, and the satisfaction of the* yoar in
heritance ; only enter with seal upon your
heritage, and act yourselves out !* The whole
doctrine etf Mormanism is, like Saint Simon
ism, 'a hideous promiscuity.1 Yet, like those
precious moralists, they have the sublime au
dacity to declare that their doe trine prevents
vice. To which it may be easily answered, in
the language of an opponent or Saint Simon
ism to a similar boast. 'It is true, that under
your system, there will be no more adultery,
for vice will be lefrttimatistd, rtAuttd. To a
rule. It is in this sense only that you can
say there will be no more adultery '
It Ii high time that the United States Gov
ernment should withdraw all oountenance and
encouragement from the Mormons. Brigbam
Young, the Governor, openly defies the Exec
utive of this country to remove him. He ought
to tee removed without delay, and a new Gov- -
ernor appointed as well as other territorial
officers, who have no sympathy with the Mor
mons, and one or two regiments of United
States soldiers ought to be sent to Utah, U>sup
port the authority of the new Governor, in case
Brigham Young should raise the standard of
rebellion. There is no persecution in tais.
Whig and Democratic administrations gener
ally remove men from office for a simple dif
ference of opinion on political subjeots. Here
is a Governor who is striking at the very roots
of oiviliaation, morality, and common decen
cy, and who is in the habit of daring the Pres
ident of the United States to remove him lie
ought to be at once deposed, and every act
which can be constitutionally perfo.me'' by
every branch of the Government, to wipe ou?
this foul blot upon the country and the age,
ought, without hesitation, to be performed.
Gbttisg a Bits.?A sea Captain "down
east,'' a regular "old salt,'1 relates the follow
ing as one of his fishing experiences:
Uiioe with a friend ho went out .0 oatoh hal
ibut. His companion prided hunseit on his
skill in the business, and a {rivalry arose be
tween the two friends as to which should cap
ture the first fish Having dropped anchor
and lines they waited with ishermen's pa
tience for a bite; but for a long time none
At length the countenanoe of the captain's
companion begin to lighten up; and present
ly he called out :
'?I've got one!"
He commenced hauling in with great vigor
"He must be a large one," said he, "a hun
dred pound fellow, at least. He pulls stontly
I tell you."
It was. indeed, evident that a big fellow
was at the other end of ,k* ><bv, k was
soou discover*! tnat it was to be no easy mat
ter tp r.auture him. m
him on?' "l ^ K-' lire
Accordingly he gave him line which was
carried off rapidly. Soon the excited fisher
man began to haul in again, making sure of
his victim this time.
"Stand by, captain!" said he, "with the
boat hook, and hook him in the gills when be
comes up Get well braced, for he's a roarer "
The captain accordingly braced himself for
>a tug. boat hook in hand, and waited impa
tiently for the moment of capture His exoi
ted comrade wa? yet palling carefully and
slowly at the line, lest it should bts broken
and eagerly watohing for the first appearance
of the priae. when suddenly a ' a sea change "
came ever his features, and dropping tue liue
he exclaimed : *
"Je-rew-sa lem ' Captain, it's the anchor!"
Ihe Captain went down in a shower of
laughter, and it was a long day before the
fisherman heard the last of catching an an
chor "playing it out,'' and "letting it run nil
it got tired."
Live Withiji Yosr Mba>s.?We don't like
stinginess. We don't like economy, when if
comes down to rags and starvation. We have
no sympathy wita the notion thai the poor
man should hitch himself to a post and stand
still, while the rest of the world moves for
ward. It is no more duty to deny himself
every amusement, every luxury, every recre
ation, every oomfortthat be may get rich It
is no man's duty to make an iceburg of him
self, to shut his eyes and ears to the sufferings
of his follows, and to deny himself the e^joy
ment ihat results from generous actions
merely that he may board wealth for his heirs
to quarrel about. But ihere is an eoonouiy
which is every man's duty, and which is espe
cially commendable in the man who struggles
with poverty?un eoonomy which is consistent
with happiness, and which must be practiced
it the poor man would secure independence.
It is almost every man's privilege, and it bo
oomes his duty to live within his means ; not
up to, but within them. Wealth does not
make the man, we admit, and should ne\er be
taken into the account in our judgment of
men; but competence should always be se
cured when it can be, by the practioe of ocou
oiny and self denial to only a tolerable extent.
It should be secured, not ao muon fos others
to look upon, or to raise us in the estimation
of others, as to secure the consciousness of u
dependence, and the constant satisfaction
wmch is derived from its acquirement and
Yellow Fever Story.?The following am
using incident is related by a correspondent :
A gentleman from the country, \.ho had
been in Port Gibson some time during the
first week of the epidemic and was riding
home at a pretty smart gait, was brought up
by a man running out of his house ani inqui
ring :
' Say, have they got the rale yellow fever
in town ?''
"Oh, yes. There's no doubt of that, I reok
on," was the answer.
"And is it a fact, they've got the quar..n- ?
tine *long with it T' I'll swar, it's bad enough
to have one disease, without bavin' .not", er
to help it along!"
This filled the gentleman on the road "toe
full of utterance/; and putting the switch to
his horse, he was off to make the woods re
sound with his pent up laughter. Beaching
bis destination ne must tell it to a friend, ?
plain honest hearted man, who, however, had
negieoted the "rudiments." Ti e incident
was too good to keep and so he related it.
"Haw, haw, haw T" roared the honest John.
"Why, dod darn the aU-fired fool's som to
thunder, didn't he know that the quarantine
1 was nothing but the black vomit ?*
The last brick floored the news-bringer, acd
he "roUod "
I3F" A black bear got loose from a museum
in New Orleans lately, and getting upon the
root of a bell-hanging establishment in whieh
: a number of persons were employed, created
1 a great exoitement in the vicinity. With
much difficulty he was got down to the stseet
1 door and into a cage plaoed there to reoeive
! him, but in thrusting him into it a rope around
1 his neck was drawn toe tight, and he chok**
to death.
BP" The Rutland Herald reeerdi the exploits
1 of an absconding debtor, whe was lately pur
- sued by an officer, both taking the same train
1 of cart on the Passumic Railroad, the debtor
? stepping out upon the platform of the rear oar
i and holding fast the door till the train had
f passed the border into New Hampshire, then
s jumping from the ear while under tall head*
I way, and so escaped the officer.

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