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-4ilE EVEN
(izoan Sunday,)
|(Jk Star Buildings, earner Psnnrytvtuisa.
avenue and Eleventh street,
k be served to subscribers in the cities of Wash
L*, George town, Alexandria, Baltimore and Phila
kua, at SIX AND A QUAET1B CENTS, pcya
t #e?kiy to the Agents. To mail subscriber! the
Lenption price is THREE DOLLARS AND
JfTV CENTS a year in advance, TWO DOL
T H R E E MONTHS. (fty-Smsis coriss on*
fa K andersigned would respectfully Inform hie
friends, acquaintances, and the public generally
t he still continues to execute all orders In ha !
? of business in the best manner and at the ahort
rz.K PA1RIMG neatly and promptly executed.
fUfKRALSI attended to at ff
ihortset notice, and in the best
Bodies preserved in the mest perfect
"even in the warmest weaU'tr.
a*nkfulfor pa*t favors, he would reepectfully
dt, aad will endeavor to merit a continuanoe ol
Pa. ave., 9. side, between 9th and 10th ats.
Residence: Mr. Martin's, No. 396, D street, t-jird |
east 01 7 th street. mar 17?lj
trr J. WILLIAM PLANT k 00., UN
DERTAKJSR\?residence 418 8eT
street, between O aad H streets. In.eiraent*
?ured in any ground or cemetery. Coffins, Caps,
j?ud<, Carriages, Hearre, and every article tor
j^rmeuts of tn* best quality furnished at short
?>tice, on the most reasonable terms and at all
k)?Td of the night. Having the exclusive right of |
f-ump s Patent Corpse Preserrer, we guarantee to
*p the dead for any length of time. oc 11?tf
[WOULD respectfully return my thanks to the
eitisens cf Washington and its vicinity for their
t?ft patronage, and ?ay that owing to the frequent
rr,a m the Undertaking branch of my business, 1
?ire been induced to discontinue the manufacture
If #arniture; and torn m7 attention fully to the
VJJDERTAKING. 1 have spared no pains to have
U*ry thing that is requisite to my business, and I
therefore fully prepared to meet any order after
U few moments notice, and 1 assure those who may
wire me ? call that 1 will spare no pains te carry cut
rasr orders to their entire satisfaction.
No. 410, Tth st., between Q and H.
5. B.?Calls attended to at all hoars of the night,
mar 3?ly
rH3 beautiful burial place of the dead having
jx?t be?n dedicated with appropriate ceremonies
*ir th-? purpose, is cow open for the reception of the
feaains of deo-ased persons.
The MAUSOLEUM has capacity for a hundred
oiies, in which such friends of the dead as may
}?pplv can place the departed until they select sites
or the graves.
The plan of the incorporators is one of equality in
r^gari to the lota, whkh will not be put up publicly
1%: tale, (although they usually bring a premium,)
?-asking the eariy selection of lots the most deeir
wdi an office i<? eetsblijhed in the city of Wash'
W Vy applicitions wiil be punctually attended
^ at the present office, in the east wing of the build
er on entering the Oemet--y.
1111 is Wii. 3. HUMPHREYS
II. B.?Gl?nToou Is situated a short distance due
^?jrth of the Capitol. an* 11 ?am
BALTiMoai, Md., June 4,1364.
'Mr. SLockbridge, qfthe Fountain Hotel Light street,
Daar Sir : Being on the point of leaving the city,
11 avail myself of a few idle momenta to thank yen
kwily for the medicine you sent me, and *hich has
restored me to the use of my limbs. I beg you to
eend me four bottles more, to carry on my vovage.
Siuce I had the fortune to use Dr. Hampton's tege>
table Tincture my confidence is so strong that, in
*r? tirade ;o the proprietors of said medicine, I oeg
I jo a to present my respects to them, and induce
ta-m to make it more publicly known as a sure
r.h-uma'ic cure. Having called on me on the 19th
of April last, and eeen me prostrated on my bed,
?we.e^s in all my li Abe, you can appreciate neatly
a* ?jll as myself tUe prompt relief 1 received from
Dr. tlampton's Tincture, and I am positive had it
not been tor your strong and forcible recommends
'Jo .i 1 should 'till have been in bed.
It is really a pity this sp?ciQc should not be ap*
proved by medical men, and like all patent drugs it
li softer the imputation the public generally
' .rive to eucn preparations. I myself, who was al
rays opposed to a patented specific^ took this medi
one'witn reluctano*, and without confidence in it,
I and it was only throughyour disinterested, friendly
I reeommeadatiuns, and my criti??l sicuation that in
I laced me to try this realty beneficial Vegetable
I Ton may inform Messrs. Mortimer k Mowbray
1 tkat they are at liberty te make use of my name in
V.b? suppert of the good effects of Dr. Hampton's
*%etable Tincture, as itjias cured me is five weeks
^ *^tironic Injlimmaiory Rheumatism, contracted
\*t tropical clunatts, and of seven years' periodical
Sp^flUion. I have only used three bottles, and find
uateventh% deformed parts of my hands are fast
returning o the.r formw natural appearance
1 ??ve been under tae treatment of several phy
sicians in London and Paris, without any apparent
benefit; also, while in New Ycrk, having tried the
1'hompsoman and Homoepathio remedies, aUer hav
ing i>een tormented with galvanic ba teries, 00Id
and aromatic baths, and hundreds of internal and
external medicine*, all to no effect, I cm, so tar,
?ared by this tlampton's Yege able Tincture only.
Th-refore, Lay ear air, accept of the assurance of
aj gratitude, and beheve me your w*ll wisher.
- Thokas Camot.
PoattMOtTH, Va , Aug. 18, 1851.
Mr. J. 8 Bousb?^ear sir: While I am, in gene
ral, opposed to patent medicines, c?nder compels me
to state that I have great confidence in the virtuee
of Uampton's Vegetable Tincture. For several
aonths past 1 have used it in my family ; and in
lyspepids, loss of apuetfte, diaainess, and general d?>
biiity, with entire success. So tar as my experienoe
is, therefore, I take pleasure in recommend
t to the aiflicted as a safe and efficient remedy.
I am, respectfully, yours,
Yxa*os Esx&idos,
Chaplain, United States Navy.
Washiustow, May 17,1863.
Messrs Mortimer k Mowbray : Gentlemen?Hav
ing been afflicted with Liver Complaint of ten rears
?Unlit) g, I hereby, for the b no tit of the afflicted,
taie great pleasure in announcing that after using
a few bottles of your Tincture, I found it had ac
complished a perfect cure 1 have used different
medicine* from time to time, b*it have never been
able to aooount tor auy apparent good, and it is a
bieadng to stricken humanity that that medicine is
found which possesses the wondsrous power of pro
longing nnman life. Tne many cores it has wrought
is a suffloient guarantee of the beneficial results
which may be experienced from its use. Yours,
respectfully, J. Ctxtais Hat.
Call and gst pamphlets gratis, and see ouree of
CbtyA, Bronchitis, Rheumuutm, Xrurulyia, Dyrprp
^trtomsnasand Gen ~ral Weakness. 'Asa]
r^mdfciae or for delicate children we believe it un.
4^-So Id by MORTIMER * MOWBRAY, 140 Balti
more street, Baltimore, and 304 ^roadway. New j
York, CHAlE. STOTI' k CO., WlMER, J. B. MOORE,
OTT, and H McPIiERSoN, Washingten; also, by R.
8. f. CISREL, Georgetown; and C. C. BERRY,
Alexandria, and by Druggists everywhere.
ang 31?tr
( TITE are nowreoeiving the largest stock of (JA8
f Yy rurrTKKS ever offered m this city, 00m
erioog every variety of style and finish. They have
J^e^n selected from tne celebrated factory of 0orn?
luffs k Co., Philadelphia, and include ail of their
sowing to a redaction in prioe in Gas fixtures we
are now prepared to furnish them at a less rate than
toey have ever yet been sold here or elsewhere.
To keep pec with the above improvement the
price of gas x nbing has been materially reduoed,
aad our increased facilities warrants us in saying
that we are prepared anl can execute any work we
oay undertake aheaper and better than any other I
?Kabjshment in this city.
Plumbing k Gas fitting Establishment,
Pa. avenue, ? side, between 10th and 11th sts.
oet 13?dtJanl
Franklin and the arctic regions, 1 vol
Bulwer's Night and Morning, 1 vol., London.
Balwar's Caxtons, 1 vol, L ndon.
The Treasery of Medic ne, by John James, M. D., 1
1 vol, Lond n
Sketches in Ultra, by Jamej Hannay, 1 vol, Lou
Sperts in the far West, by Gerstsssker, 1
-H London
Bernard and Robin on the Blood
Kirkebride on H:spitals for the Iu*aue.
Things in America, by W Chambers
Harris's Dictionary of Dental Snrgery, 2d edition.
De Bow's Review for November.
Tmasubt DirunfiHT, August 26,1864.
Notice is hereby given to the holders of the fol
iowing-described stouka of the United States, that
this department is prepared to purchase, at any
time between the date hereof and the 20th day of
November next, portions of thoe* stocks, amounting
in the aggregate to $3,840,000, in the manner and
on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit:
In ease of any contingent competition, within the
amount stated, preference will be given ia the or
der of time in which said stocks may be offered. The
certificates, duly assigned to the United States, by
the parties who are to receive the amount thereof, j
most be transmitted to this department; upon the
r?c*,P^ * hereof, a price will be pad J, compounded
of the following particulars:
1. The par value, or amount specified in each cer- j
tificate. I
2. A premium on the stock of the loan authorised
by the act of July, 1846, redeemable November 12,
1856, of 8 per cen*^ on the stock of the loan au
thorised by the act of 1842, redeemable 31st Deoem
ber. 1862, of 11 per cent; on the stock of the loans
aathoriaed by the aete of 1847 and 1848, and redeem
able, the former on the 31st December, 1867, and
the latter on the 80th June, 1868, of 16 per cent;
and on the stock of the loan authorise! by the act
of 1850, and redeemable on the 31st December, 1864
(commonly called the Texan indemnity,) six per
3. Interest on the par of each certificate frem the
let ot July, 1854, to the date ef receipt and settle
ment at the Treasury, with the allowance (for the
money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in
Payment for said stocks will be made in drafts ol
tbe Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant
treasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as
the parties may direct.
But no certificate will be entitled to the benefit of
this notice which shall not be actually reoeived at
the rreasury on or before the said 29th day of No
?ember next.
aug 28?dt20^ov Secretary of Treasury.
FLABARRE would respectfally inf>rm the pul>
? lie that he has opened a Shop at the corner C
and 10th streets, in the above business, and is now
re?dy to reoeive orders in any branch, namely:
on all kinds of ornaments tor churches, chalices,
iewels, and regalia for Free Masons, Odd Fellows,
and other socie Jes, military ornaments, Ac. Also,
Chains, Gobleta, Lockets, Tea and Table Spoons,
Dessert and Batter Knives.
electro Silver-plating
On Military Ornaments, Fruit Baskets. WaiteTB,
Candlesticks, and Uaseets.
Also Silver plating tor Plumbers,Gas Fitters, Ac.
All ore a "cents tor military, Free Masons, Odd Fel
low' and other Societies and Clubs made to order
on tne ahorteat nctioe.
Comsr O and 10th sts west, near Pa. a vs.
m 6?fcn
YOU will find at the same OLD STAND, Pennsyl
vania avenue near 12th street opposite the
frving Hotel, LOOKING GLASSES with or without
Pramee; Portrait, Picture and Mmiture Frames ol
the Icteet sty lee; Brackets, Tables, Room Moulding,
3ortdsee, Ac., Ac.; or by leaving your order you can
lave any thing done ia my line.
N. B.?Old rraates, Ac., regilt at the shortest no
d* on reasonable term* Do at forget the plaoe.
??It WAftWR.
ir?9 ttrtat Farllsr of tlao Blood 1
a Pirtitla of Xercsry ia it.
&kU??*luu-s ILiJUJYfor Scrofula, Ming's Er&,Rhau- j
mathon, Obstinate O otenoous Eruptions, Pimples or
t oatulrs cu the Face, Blotches, EoUs. Chronic Sore 1
*yw, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald Head, Enlarge
rent and Pain ol the Pones and Joints, Stubborn
ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders, Lumbago, ?pinal Com
\zlI all Diseases arising from an injudicious
'< ' iff!??ftiiy, impr alanoe in Life, or Impurity of
'ai.^?Lle Hviictn% which Has become cale
I ??-?'at.-i ibe aorabsr of extraordinary cure#
Muct&l iu ajeo jy, has induced the proprie
c:;', the Ui.eai request of their friends, to o2er It I
? uib Wkiih thoy do with the utmost oon.3
U-i.-e iu !:? vircassazid wonderful curative proper
?>&?. 'ihs/oliowiDg >iarcifl *t?s, selected from a large
icmbfe, fcic, ioT7ar5r, stronger testimony than the
atra Tord of the proprietor*; and are all from gen
Jomsn w..r*riOvn in their localities, and of tUa bigh
rstr lity.manr of them reei-iing in the city ol
'ifcMn&ni, Va.
P J-.orriN, 3fq, of the Exchange Hwtel, Rich
ucni, i. aown everywhere, says he has seen the Modi
nee evled Clmsb's Spanish Mix?cm, administered
n o% er a hun Irod cases, in nearly all the diseases for
rhi'h it is rocommeaded, with the most astonishingly
;o?4 results. He says it Is the most extraordinary
nedislne he has ever seen.
>ertify that for three years I had Ague and Fever ol
he moat violent description. I had several Physi
cs, tocS luantities cf Quinine, Mercury, and
[ be.ieve ail tlie Tonics advertised, bot all without
jermanent relief. At last I tried Carter's Spam fc
Aiiiure, two bottles of which effe . tually cur?d at,
kud i am happy to say I hare had neither Chills >r
Severs since. I consider it the best Tonic in tlie
lorid, and the onlymeHcine that ever reached a y
j??Tir Dam, near Richmond Va.
C- B. LUCK, Esq., now in the city of Richmond,
md s'or many years in the CostOffice, has such oonfl
lence in tha astonishing efficacy of Carter's Spank h
I4lxtare,thathe has bought upwards of 68 bottles,
thich he has given away to the afflicted. Mr. Luc k
?ys ne has never known it to fail when taken aooord
to directions.
Dr. MINGS, a pHnrMng Physiciaa, and fermetty
>f tta SIty Hou)l, in the oityof Kichmond, says lie
tas vitne&Md in a nam Der of lnstanoes the effects ol
ikrt-?r's Spaciah Ml n are, which were most truly sur
iriaiag. He jaysin a casoofOon^uinptioii,dependent
in OiS ulver, the good effects were wonderful indeed.
UA^dEL 11. DRINKER, of the firm of Drinker A
iiorris, Richmond, was cured of Liver Complaint of 8
jeara standing, by the use of two bottles of Cartel's
?l>anish Mixture.
'he Kichmond Republican bad a servant employed in
theh press room, cured of violent Scrorula, combined
with aheumatism, which entirely disabled him from
work. Two bottles ef Carter's Spanish Mixture mads
? perfect cure ef him, and the EcBttuiin a public no
???' " ck?yrfnliy recommend it to all wha are
afDlctad with any disease of the blood."
S h0/ cured of Scrofula by Carter's
Spanish Mixture. I conzider it truly a valuable
medicine. JAMES M. TAYLOR. Oondoetor on the
B. F. A P. R. R. (Jo,, Richmond, ^a.
Tn0*p8?_N. ?? Ae city 01
Ri hmond, was cared by threi bo it lee of Carter's
bpsjaish Mixture, ef Salt Rheum, which he had
nearlj twenty y^rt, and which all the physicians
of the city could not cure. Mr. Thompeon is a well
known merchant in thr city of Richmond. Va_ and
his care is most remarkable.
w.d. A. MAPTrisers, ef Richmond, a sei
vent cured of Syphilis, in the *orst form, by Car
tor's Spanish Mixture. Me says lie cheerfully re
commends it. and considers it an invaluable madl
EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of the revenue,
?ays he has seen the good el/ects of garter's Spanish
Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cases, and says It
is a perfect cure for that horrible disease.
WM. G. HARWOOD, of Richmond, cured of old
Sores and Ulcers, which disable! him from walking.
Took a few bottles of Carer's Spanish Mixture, and
was enabled te walk without a cratch, in a short
time permanently cured.
Principal Depots at M. WARD, OLOflE A 00, No.
? Maiden Lane, New York.
T. W. DYOTT A SONS, No. 181 North Second street,
^BEnSrt * BEERS, Ho. 121 Main street. Ueb>
utI Va.
And tor sale by OHARUtS STOTT, Wastington,
D. C4 HENRY PEEL, Alexandria, and by DinggietS
"pri^jfjir ho#tla, or six botttos te $?
fl?h as Constipation, inward Files, Fullness of Blood
to the Head, Acidity oI the Stomaeh, Niimi,
Heartburn. Disgust for food, Fulineee or weight Is
the 8!.ciaeoh,Bour lructations, 0mking or Flutter
ing at the Pit of the Stomach, Swimming of the
Ewd, Harried and Difficult Breathing, Fluttering
at tho Heart, Choking or Seffooating Sensations
when In a lying posture, Dimness of Virion, Dote
or Webe before the right, Fever and Dull Fein In
the head, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness oi
the Skin and lyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest
Limbs, Ao., Sudden Fluahec of Heat* Barring i?
the Flash, Constant Iaaginlngs c! tvJl, and Great
Bep?48sion cf Spirits,
9AM MM nmomUT 09UE 8
C?ltbrat#d G?rx??i Bfttm,
4?. 1M Arek street, Fkliadelpkla.
Ihelr power over the above diseases is uotexoeiled
fejaalled, by any other preparation in the United
Hater. aa the cures attest, in many oaaes after skil
fulphyricians had Med.
These bitters are worthy the attention of invalids
Possessing great virtues In the rectification of die
vases of the Liver and leaser glands, exercising the
most searching powers in weakness and affectiens oi
'he digestive organs, they are, withal, safe, oertcin
utd pleaeent.
PEiLADSLi>mA, March, 1, 13*8.
Dr. 0. M. Jackson: De*r Sir?For the past two
years I hare been severely afflicted with Liver Oorn
plaint, Dyspepsia, Bilious Diarrhoea, and Piles, buf
fering in a great degree constantly, the pains and in*
jonveniences attendant upon such diseases, without
suergy, being scarcely able to attend to any busi
lees. I lost a great deal ?f my flesh, and used many
kinds of medicine, with no apparent change, until I
3 3 mine need with your "Hoofland'i German Bittert."
ihey have entirely cured me. I have gained in
weigttt over forty pounds since I commenced their
ise, and I am now entirely free from pain and ache
of any kind, and feel like a new man. I unhesitat
ingly recommend your Bitters to all invalids.
Toots, reecdctfully,
JOHN a. COtti, No. IS Lagr&nge Plaes.
W. Ik. Adams, pub. of the Argus, Weston
<o., July 17,1851, said: "I was last summer bo very
ow and weak as not to ba able to stand at the ease
onger than one bonr at a time. I tried one bottle
>f your Qerman Bitters, which entirely cured me. 1
lave used two bottles. I sent two bottles 160 mi lee
rom here to a friend who had been sick for a long
ime; he has also been cured by tham. I believe
them to be superior to any medinne new in use."
E. B. Ptrklas, Marietta, Ohio, Feb 22,125L
*aid: ''Your Bitters are highly prized by these whe
lave used them, in a caee ef Liver Complaint, e>
ong standing, which had resitted the tkiU o} ten
?ral physicians, was entirely cured by the use Of *
Ft Kasaelmelr, Jeweller, Woester, 0., Dm.
id, 1861, said: "I embrace this opportunity of in
forming you of the great benefit I have derived from
the use of Dr. Heofland's German Bitters. 1 have
ised them for Chills and Fever, and Disordered
Stomach, and found relief in every case. They are
the best remedy for Disorder*! Stomach jl think in
D. K- Bjrkae, ifiaq,, Editor of (he CtotrrUr,
Norwich, Conn., said : "I have been using your Ger
uan Bitters for some time, for Dynpepsia, and have
feund so much relief from them, that I have made j
ap my mind to give them a first-rate editorial m
UohUa, Ktmp, 4fc Co.. Janesrllle, Wis,
Sept. 1851, sfdd: "Your German Bitters are deserved'
ij popular here, and among all the prepared medi
;inofl on our shelves, none have we sold which have
{iven the satisfaction of Heofland's German Bitters."
June 2d, 1352, they said: ''We recommend them as
tn invaluable spring and summer medicine."
W. M. Orr, Wocster, 0., October 2d, 1853, ewii
"You ask me my opinion of the German Bitters. 1
nave used them for Dyspepsia and Indigestiou, and
take pleasure in stating that 1 think they are the
very beet remedy extant for the above complaints?
Juy are decidedly in the advanae of all trie prcprt
dory medicines of the day."
??*fitr. Orr is a distinguished lawyer of Woostet
Theae Bitters a* a kktiuli vaogriBU They mo*
prostrate the syetcm, but invigorate it.
For sale in Washington by ?. D. U1LMAJN:
In Georgetown- by J. L. KID WELL.
In Alexandria oy J. R. PIJKRPONT
In Richmond by PGRCKLL, LADD A CO.
In Norfolk b, M. A. SANT08 k SON.
And by respectable dp*ler? in medicine every
?6?re. -It. 6 ? ly
WE take pleasure in calling the attention of
parties contemplating building, to this high
y popular roofing material, which has been in ex
tensive use throughout the cities oi the Western
itates and British Previnces for upwards of 10 years,
luring which tune it has been tested by every vari
ety of circumstances, and ia universally conceded to
podBese, in a greater degree than any other roofing
naterial in use, the valuable qualities of cheapness,
iurability and security against the action of the al
We are ready to oontract for roofing in the aity
tnd country.
Office hours from 11 to 12 a.m., and 4 to 5 p.m.
10th st, 2d door above McGuire's Auction Room,
tun M>?3m*
For (Joughs, Colds, Hrorichitis, Asthma.
Iima in*aiuat?e preparation has the extraordl
nary property of immediately relieving coughs,
colds, hoarseness, difficulty of breathirg, bronchitis,
asthma, and Lustiness of the throat. It operates
by dissolving the rongealel plegm, consequently
causicg a free ex(>ec oration.
Those who are troubled with that unpleasant
tickling in the throat, which deprives them of rest
oigbt after night by the incessant cough which it
provokes, will, by using this remedy, find immedi
ate relit f.
These drops are composed cf six simple ingredi
ents, principally of herbs, which are known to be
vtry efficacious in the cure of diseases resulting
from colds They have been prepared at the sug
gestion of one of our most eminent physicians, anil
have been used by many of his and my personal
fi lends with signal success, and at whose earnest so
licitation I have been induced to enter lately into
their manufacture; assured by him and them that,
when generally known and tried, they will super
cede all the various cough can :y mixtures now in
In Baltimore by
In do
In do
As for mymif, I am oonfident, from tbe ingredi
ents <>r which they are composed, that, should they
not effect on entire cure, thay can do no injury even
to the most delicate in health, and therefore have
no hesHanoyin introducing them to the citixens of
Washington and vicinity.
nov 7?TuAFlm 252 Pennsylvania avenue.
1'lLU Subscriber h?s now on hand a most complete
aascrtnent of GOODS, which have teen select
ed with the greatest care from the manufacturers,
both in this country and Europe, and on the best
terms, at d are offered to consumers at a saving ot
from ten to twenty-five per cent. Our stack com
pris s?
Housekeeping articles ? evary article required
eb)ut a house that can come under the head of |
Building materials, a fine assortment, not except
ing Hash Weights, at 3 c-nts per pound
Mechanics' Tools, eve. y variety, and mostly war
Leather Belting, Gum and Hemp Packing, at Boo
t n Factory prices
Grey brothers' D?.or Springs, warranted for four
years We are the Agents and will furnish
dealers at Factory pricos
A beautiful assortment of Feather Dusters, at
New York pricos, and 26 per cent cheaper than
other Btyles.
All of which are offered at a small advance for
oaah to punctual customers, by
eign of the large Gilt Saw, Penn avenue,
nov 7-eoim between 10th and 11th its.
OCHOUL BOOKS of every description at the
O low sat publishers' prioes, at
?* TAYLOR A MAURY'S, ne>ar Oth at.
RACES fur ladies>nd gentlemen at
o<* IT BiBGE^, WlUasdfl* HoteL
1EACHER of an improved and easy plan of La
dies and Children's Drwse Catting, can be found
at her rooms, at No. 866, on Seventh street, above I.
where ladies can receive instructions from 9 to 1~
a. m.; and 3 to 6 p. m. J ,
Terms of tuition, including one sett of Models and
Rules (3 60
Ladies by leaving their address can join the Wed
nesday morning elass at $2 60.
Lining? cut and fitted 60c. Paper waist patterns
25 cents. . .
A variety of Ladles' and Children s patterns or
the latea* at* le just received and for sale.
oct 27?2w?
AMERICAN and French Paper Hangings and
Upholster Goods, Pennsylvania avenue, betw.
Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets, Washington,
D O.
Wm. Haunschlld begs leave to inform his friend*
and the public that h6 hu cn hand ft lwg0 stock of
Fiench Gilt and American Transparenta
Also, Hair, Moss, Cotton and Shuck Mattresses,
which he will dispose of at the lowest prices,
oct 10?3m
MorJWt Building, i]4 Strut,
RESPECTFULLY informs his friends and th?
oitiiens of Washington, Georgetown,,
and Alexandria, that he keeps constantly on
band a choice selection of the best and moft
popular makes o! Cloths, Cassimeree and.
Vesticgs, together with a good s^uply of the best
Trimmings, and will make to order garments oi
every description for gentlemens' wear in the most
elegant manner, plain or fanov, to please the taste
of all who may lkvor him with a caJL
Priees moderate and terms cash.
nov2?1w ; '
I have just received and opened IM|
it assortment of Clocks, Watches, E?3|
ana tut
Jewelry, all of which will he eoijj
cheaper than similar goods tan bo
ught in the District. I have on hand a
costly Watches, which will be sold a gnat
if called for s. on, at J. R0BJ9S0V8
Jewelry Store, opposite Browns'
oct 5?2m
HAP received and is now offering at low prioee a
general and well selected assortment of
Bought principally at the Philadelphia and New
Fork Auctions? enabling bim to oiler extra induce
meats to cash or prompt ?hort time customers.
In his assortmen will be tound a rich assort
ment of Plaid Silks
Plain and striped blk do.
Merinos, Plaids. De Laines
Cloak Cloths, Velvets
And Dress Goods generally.
Also, a good assortment of Boys and Gentlemen's
Bert Paris K<d Gloves
Blankets, Flannels
Shawls, Sheetings, Shirtings
Table LineD, Napkins, Ac.
A call is solicited- J. II. 8MOOT.
oct 27?lm
Paper Hangar and Upholstarer,
464 lointh ttreei, near E.
RETURNING thanks for the very liberal patron
age already bestowed on one from my friends
tnd customers sicoe my removal to the new stand,
respectfully invite public attention to my large
md superior stook of Paper Hangings for fall sales,
unbracing an elegant assortment ef real French
told and other Parlor styles, all qualities, Land
cape Views, panel papers, for halls, Ac., with a
mall variety of low priced papers of desirable colors
,nd patterns.
Purchasers will find if to their advantage to give
oe a o&il.
Paper put on in the beat manner and at short
Upholstery Goods, such es Union and worsted
) am asks, Muslin and Lace Curtains. Gilt Oornlces,
Sands and Ornaments, Gi't and Flowered Shades
ust received from the New York manufacturer,
ome nine feet long are beautiful, Feather Beds ana
Oilcloths laid and Carpets cut and fitted to the
aost economical and neatest manner.
oct 14?lm
JUST opened our third supply of rich DrefS Goods,
which have been bought at jrreatly reduced
?rices, and will be sold corresponding y low. We
Rich dress Silks of every variety
Very handsome Plaid Merincs
Plain French and English Merinos, all shades
i ich plaid and striped Cashmeres and Mousaelins
6 pieces wide Siik Velvets for mantillas and cloaks
26 more rich satin and cloth cloaks
60 fine firocha Cashmere Shawls and Scarfs with
ich gold borders, some entirety new
300 long a"d square plaid and figured Shawls
Cloths, Caseimers and Veatings
Gloves, Hosiory, ladies' and childrens' merino
Gentlemens' merino and cotton Hoisery, Gloves
Merino and ootton Shirts. Drawers, Ac., Ac.,
All of which will be offered at the fairest low
rices. Please call and examine for yourselves be
jre buying elsewhere.
49* All articles sold at our establishment are war
anted to prove as represented.
No 623, Seventh street, 3 doors above Pa. av.
oct 26
PW. BOO WJIIiXOf Merchant Tailoz, Pa
a avenue, under the United States Ho-^a?
b1 would respectfully inform his customers^!?
nd the public generally that he has just re- 93
eived new Fall and Winter goods in greatJfc
ariety, such #s uloths, Caesimeres, and Vesting* ox
be !atest importation, an! is prepared to have them
lade up at the shortest no'ioe, in the most fashlon
ble manner, and at low rates of prioes.
Haying made arrangement*: to go iiito the Ready
-ladeUiothiag business extensively this season, he
seis confident that he can offer to those wishing to
urchase a stook of Clothing, not inferior to any in
his city, and not made up at the North, as is ubu
lly the case with work Bold here; but cut in his
wn establishment, and made by our own needy cit
iens in this dull season, at low rates of prices, he is
nabled thereior, to compete with northern work in
oint of urioes; and as to qual'ty and style, he will
save for those who favor Mm with a call to tudge.
He can sell whole suits, Coat, Pants, and Veet, at
he following low rates:
food suit for business purposes, out of cloth or cafr
simere, for the small sum of. ?*1?
)ress and frock Coats, from
Overcoats of different styles 12 to i6
llack and fancy Pantaloons. $3 60 to 10
lilk and Velvet Vests - ? / 60 to j
This stock of Clothing is of a superior quality,
,nd has been made up sinoe he received the tall and
rinter fashions. . , ,
He keeps constantly on hand a large assortment
f fancy articles?such as Gloves, Cravats, Collars,
Sole Age'nt for the sale of Soott's Report of Fash
ons in this city. eep 16-tf
rHK subscribers retmn their tnanks to their nit
merous friends and cua- 1
,nd elsewhere for the patronage hllfce?'to extended j
o them, and beg leave to intorm them that inaddi
ion to their usual stock they are I
ug and wiU have constantly on hand all kindsiof
toilet and Fancy Soaps, to which they invite th?ir
Mention. We warrant our Soaps equal^ to any
nade, and will sell on as reasonable terms asi the ]
- b.
Georgetown, Oct 26?3m*
the eagle
M&l Plumbing Establishment,
I P?r.Btfvlvania Avenue, are, now receivitg the
kestSrtmenTof CHANDELIER* and GAS FIX
DMSwjr altered to the citiiens of Washington,
nd at thl ime ttme -cheaper than the cheapest"
Si rt??tu mwessary is togire a call to be convinced
A th&ftiL The superior this house
tnaoles them to seU their work at a
ess rate than any of the *etoilers ?f this city* I
Thankful for the very liberal patronage of the
itisens of Washington Mid vidnity, the proprietor
issuree them that with the addition of a number of
the beet gas fitters and plumbers of Philaddphia
assyy* I
evening star.
terrible revehge.
A late Parisian newspaper tells the
following story of a wealthy Englishman,
who may constantly be seen at the Grand
Opera, and the Italian Opera, and who
enjoys a great reputation, not only as
being a connoisseur of music, but further,
as being a great amateur of painting.
How the reputation was acquired, you
will presently see.
He was one of those Bedouin English
men, who live alternately in the European
capitals, except when they are on an oc
casional jaunt to Egypt, or to China, or
to India, or the Holy Land. He never
traveled alone; his wife was with him?
his bona Jide wife?for, notwithstanding
his errant life, 44 so apt to weaken one's j
morals, he had all the English respect
for the sex, and a trueEnglishman's love
for his wife. She was a beautiful woman,
[ one of those 44 keepsake" beauties, that
once seen, make a man dream forever. |
Her social success was very great in all I
the cities they visited.
In Rome, after being married some I
years, they became acquainted with a
German artist, of a good imputation, who, I
to his art, joined the learning of a Bene-1
dictine, and knew the ciiy of Rome as I
well as Winklemann or Visconti. The
German volunteeml to be their cicerone
in the Eternal C*?they gladly accepted I
the offer. Many were the hours they
passed in the museum of the capitol, in
the Vatican, in Sr. Peter s and in the de
lightful excursions they made in the en
virons of Rome.
The artist became in love with the
English lady; she reciprocated his affec
tion. The husband was a long time in
seeing the stain upon his honor. Several
months passed away before he perceived
it, for he was very much pleased with
the artist, and they had long been on the I
most intimate footing. Although stung
to the quick by such base faithlessness |
and gross violation of the laws of hospi-1
tality and friendship, he said nothing: he |
disliked scenes. He was nevertheless de
termined upon a complete revenge, and he
appealed to cooler reflection to furnish a
suitable punishment, as the passions are I
bad counsellors.
He lea Italy, and retired with his wife I ?
to England, saving nothing but cm revoir
to the artist. When he reached England, I;
he told his wife of the discovery he had I
made, and gave her back to her father's
hands. I >
He then returned to the continent !
alone, and visited Germany, Russia, and 1i
France, where he purchased a great I
many paintings. He then went to Italy, J
meanwhile coutinuing to purchase paint
ings, and at last?two years had now I *
passed away since their last meeting? !
he called on the German painter, who I
still lived in Rome, and demanded satis-11
faction from him.
His challenge was accepted, and the 1
?Englishman, according to the European |J
custom, being the oliended party, se-11
lected the weapons; he chose pistols. 1
During the past two years he practiced \
daily for several hours, and his known I
addresi with the pistol had become an C
unerring certainty of shot. He sent the J
shot to whatever point he wished it to
go. 1
The parties went to the ground ; they
were placed at thirty paoes apart, with 11
the privilege of advancing ten paces be-11
fore firing. The signal was given? I \
44One! two! fire!" |i
The lost word was hardly out of the t
second s mouth, when the Englishman 11
fired without moving. His antagonist's 11
pistol fell from his hand, and was dis-11
charged by the faU, the ball burying it- 1
self in the ground. The Englishman's i
bail had shattered the artist's wrist; an M
amputation was necessary ; his career of c
artist was ended?and forever. I c
A few day's after the amputation, thel 6
Englishman called on him, and without j r
noticing the angry reception he met, said I j
to the suffering artist:
" if you think that my vengeance isl c
satisfied with your shattered hand, and 11:
the wreck of your artist's career, you t
strangely underrate the agony of a de- e
ceived, dishonored husband. I have con-11
demned you to a life of vain regrets, to a 11
never-ending series of impotent sighs, to (
a total oblivion by all amateurs and his
torians of art."
44 O no, sir," interrupted the artist, his ]
face beaming with a ray of hope ; 44 the
last you cannot do. My Madonna at St. 8
Petersburg ; my Luther, at Berlin ; my }
Flight into Egypt, at Paris ; my " {
The Englishman interrupted him in
turn; I *
44 Spare me," said he, 44 the names of
your works; but look over this cata-|C
logue, and see if I have not the exact list 1
of them all ?" 1
4 ? Yes, they are all here, even the paint-1!
ing I finished the day before the duel." IJ
4? So I was persuaded. All the paint-1
ings in this catalogue are my property. 11
Being my property, I do with them what C
I please, and I please to burn them?aye, j
to burn every one of them, that yourl
name shall be efiaced from the glorious I *
roll of artists. In two hours from this i
time, your toil, your conceptions, your !
skill, will be as completely effaced from
this world as the lines which the urchin I
traces in the sand are effaced by the h
rising tide. Fire is as destructive as I (
water." <
In vain the poor artist begged for mer- i
cy. The wronged husband was insensi- i
ble to his supplications; and in two 1
hours the servant brought to the artist's .
room a large earthen vessel, commonly 11
used to contain oil, filled with ashes. It I <
all that remained of the artist's paintings, i
The Grand Catholic Council at <
Romk.?The Ami de la Religion, (Paris,) 11
of October 19, says; "The CatholicI
world is at present occupied with a great !
event which is about to be accomplished
at Rome. Bishops are proceeding from 11
all parts of the earth towards the internal I
City at the voice of th? visible chief of 11
TTtfi umIUm Panfty aad W?wi Jmnat?>?ami*
tag * gutter variety of MwNk| mdlr k
be found hi uf othfr piMM oa Saturday.
Singia copy, per ihoud -91 9S
! ve oinu,
rhr? eopiea 5 00
Ten do ?? ... ? . , ? uO
^On?n???#?????-?-?i*|5 ^*o
W" Ca?H, [ITillilLT IB ADVA KtB.
{&- Bingie eopiea (in wrapper*) can be procured
? the counter, immediately after the tavue of it>?
paper. Price?tbmi ckitts.
PorrMiiTiu who act Magenta wiJI be alowe
a commission of twenty per cent.
the Church. From France, H. E. the
Cardinal Gousset has already left for
Rome, and has taken the way of Switzer
land. The Bishop of Mans has arrived
in Paris, on his way to the Holy City,
and is to leave in the course of the week.
The Cardinal Archbishop of Mechlin has
arrived in Paris. Several Irish Catholic
Gelates, and among them the Arch
shops of Armagh and Dublin, are also
at present in Paris, and on their way for
Rome. Ireland is the only Catholic
country in the world from which more
than two prelates have been invited by
name. But we learn from Rome that a
great number of bishops are expected,
and that the presence of other prelates
than those officially invited, will be se?n
with pleasure. All the bishops will take
part according to their rank in the pro
jected grand general assembly. The as
sembly will be preceded by private meet
ings composed, we are told, solely of the
prelates specially invited. It is Mgr.
Antici Mattei, who has been nominated
Secretary of the Consistorial Congrega
tion. Amongst the French prelates who
are to go to Rome to take part ;n the as
sembly are named the Archbishop of
Paris and the Bishops of Marseilles an .
A Good Idea for Showmen.?Albert
Smith, the director of one of the most
amusing and successful entertainments in
London, 44 The Ascent of Mont Blanc,"
in a recent address to his audience, as
cribed a part of his success to a change
he-had made in the conditions of admis
sion. Instead of charging more thai the
usual price for reserved seats, taken be
forehand, he charged less, because, as he
said, 44 if any one takes the trouble to
come beforehand for his place, he ou^ht
to be compensated for that trouble. lie
enjoys some advantage over those who
come late, and the beet form in which to
put that advantage is to let him have his
place *t a lower rate."
The consequence of this arrangement
was that all his reserved seats, and a
?reat many more, were always promptly
taken, people being eager to avail them
selves not only of the security of a seat,
but of the slight reduction in price.
Marshal St. Arnaud.?His <*;9easo?
>f the heart?increased in vehemence.
Sis physicians promised him twenty
rears of life if he would retire into pri
rate life, but he spurned their < ffers.
during the battle of the Alma, he re
named in the saddle, galloping uj and
lown the lines, though at times his at
endants found it necessaiy to support
lim. "A marshal of France," he said,
'must know how to die on horseback.'*
jx the memorable night of the 1st of De
:ember, he was one of the very few who
ihared the confidence of Bonaparte. The
ask was assigned to him of arranging
he capture of the republican generals.
Vmong these was Lamoriciere, who, in
he Algerine war, had once saved St.
Irnaud from being cashiered for some ir
egularities in the management of the
xmy chest, which Lamoriciere discover
d, and consented not to make public.
)n his arrest, he wrote to St. Arnaud the
austic sentence : "In 1850, Lamoriciere
aved General St. Arnaud from having
lis sword broken; in 1851, General St.
Lrnaud broke the sword of Lamoriciere."
Gen. Putnam's Wolf Den.?A gen
leman who recently visited the den in
^mfret, down which Old Put descended
rith a rope round his leg and a musket
q his hand, describes it as being at least
wenty-six feet long, and on an average
wo feet square, though in some parts
auch wider. It extends directly into the
aountain, and is slightly descending.
?he wall above and on either side is of
ock. It is so formea that a furious she
rolf could keep at bay as many dogs as
ould be sent agafnst her. She was
rouched in the farthest end upon a
helving rock, and the passage * being
ather crooked, the General must have
enetrated at least ten feet, and probably
lore, unless he had a gun so favorably
ontrived that he could shoot round a
ay stack. The visitor crept in a dis
snce of twenty feet, and since there was
o wolf there, he regretted that he did not
leet with a few rattle-snakes, to make
be descent a little perilous.?Bostun
Emigrants from thb United States
o Australia.?The New York Evening
*ost publishes the project of an import
ut scheme for the promotion of emigra
ion from the United States to Australia,
t is designed especially to attract the
ree negroes of the United States. The
erms, which are fully stated in the letter
rom the ^Sydney house of Bier & Lowe,
ontemplates the accommodation of poor
?ersons who are healthy, but have not
aoney to pay their passage. They are
o enter into an agreement to work out
heir passage money, when they reach
iydney, the Council of the Colony having
tassed a law designed to enforce such
ontracts strictly. Perhaps it may be
useful to know that the people of Sydney
ecently in public meeting denounced the
ilan of introducing Coolies into the
ountry, as one tending to degrade white
abor by bringing black labor in coinpc
ition with it.
Popularity of Omar Pasha.?The
rhole of the Turkish troops are entirely
levoted to their gallant commander-in
:hief; he has won their esteem and re
ipect by his courage, firmness and supe
ior acquirements, and their aftection uy
lis kind and cordial manner to them.
short time since Omar Pasha was
naking preparations to go up to Ruts
;huk with some regiments of infantry ;
ind while riding through the streets, he
was seen to stop where a soldier was on
luty and ask him, 44 Well, are vou going
x) the Iront to-morrow ?" 44 Yes, your
Highness,'' answered the soldier; is your
Highness going too V 44 Yes, yes,T' re
plied Omar Pasha;44 Inshhallah ! (please
jrod) we will all go together." Bv thus
seating his soldiers like comrades, Lq
secures their ready obedienoe.

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