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A B. Cwaxa, No. 70 High St., Ports
mouth, V*., will tarnish subscribers to the
Evening Star with their papers regularly
every morning after its issue.
' Jbrzmiah Kidwbll, Esq., is appointed
our agent for oolleoting subscriptions to the
Daily livening Star and Weekly Star, ia
the State of Virginia. We commend him to
the kind attention of our friends.
?**" W. M. Mills, at Fredericksburg, Va.,
is prepared to furnish subscribers to the Star
with their papers early every morning. Per
sons wanting the paper will be promptly at
tended to by leaving their names and ad
dresses with bim.
The lntelligeneer has acoounts from Al
bany, which eleot Clark rather than Sey
mour, Governor of New York by a plurality
of 100 votes. The editor doubts their correct
ness, however.
The Union argues that the reoent elections
do not provo the unpopularity of the Admin
istration, showing that the Know Nothing ele
ment in the contest had no reference to the
measures or principles of the Administration
and that its assistance alone enabled the op
position to triumph. Again, the editor denies
that the Attorney General had any thing
whatever to do with the Central American
Land and Mining Company, and rates the
New York Tribune severely for repeating that
idle story.
The Ssnttnel discusses the news from Cali
fornia, the forgeries of Meigs, the battle be
tween the Russians and the allies, and the loss
of the Yankee Blade. By the by, does not
this aggregation of startling events on that
eoast show that the Pacific side is fast be
ooming something of a place ?
We have reeeived a circular from the direct
ors of the Ohio and Indiana Railroad, inviting
os to attend an excursion to Fort Wayne, Ind.,
on Wednesday, the 14th inst, on the occasion
of the completion of the road. It is 131 miles
In length, connecting Baltimore with the
West. This railroad is now open from Crest
line, Ohio, to Lima?72 miles. It will be
opened on the 15th to Fort Wayne?131 miles
?there to connect with the Indiana and Chi
eago road.
CP* We are indebted to Taylor A Maury for
Leonard Scott A Co.'s cheap and admirable
republication of the October (1864) number of |
the Edinburgh Beview, always so gladly wel
comed on our book table. Leonard Scott A
Co., are benefactors of their country, if but in
their conception of the idea of furnishing the
Amerioan reading public with the standard
English monthlies and quarterlies, so neces
sary to enable on? to " keep the run" of the
literature of the day, at a very oheap rate.
We should be lost, as it were, without them.
The New York Eleotion.
The New York Herald of yesterday, of the
late eleotion, says:
Our own table, carefully corrected and foot
ed up, shows the following result:
Seymour. 122.518
Clark 223 14?
Brouson 24,080
Clark over Seymour... 623
Seymour o?er Uilman 13,568
The Albany Journal of Saturday evening
gi**e the result as follows :
119 582
J.1*1* 119.535
^iUian 104.293
Bronson 21,812
This gives a plurality for Seymour of forty
six vote#, but a telegraphic dispatch from Al
bany says the latest footings up of the returns
in that city for Seymour and Clark are as fol
lows :
9Iark 124.291
Seymour 124,133
Clark's plurality thus far 108
C Ihe election for Congressmen, Governor
an 1 members of the Legislature comes of to
day in Massachusetts. Luring the past two
weeks the different candidates for office under
went prooess of having their characters dis
sected. Personal vituparation of candidates
and defamation of oharacter are common in
the political Journals of staid Boston during
this canvas. If this thing is continued it will
soon be impossible to get any deoent man to
eonsect to ba a candidate for office. In these
degenerate dftys if an angel were a candidate
for office, his opponents would paint him black
and then cry out 4 There goes the devil."
Nxw Jbbsbt LkcisLATURx ? The position
ot parties ia the next Legislature, aocording
to the Trenton Daily True Amerioan, will
stand as follows : In the Senate there are ten
Democrats, eight Whigs and two Native
Americans. In the House, twenty-three
Democrats, two Temperance Democrats, fuur
Independent Democrats, making twenty-nine
of that politics. There are five Native
Americans, one Independent Anti-Nebraska
Whig and twenty five Whiga, making thirty
of those three distinct sets.
Post Ornca Eubezzlkuebt a* Nbw Oa
leabs ? The New Orleans Cieseent of the 6th
Instant says:
A young man named Richard A* Laponta,
who has for a long time been employed in the
mailing department of the city jx*t offioe,
was, on Saturday morr.ing. arrested on aoharge
of taking money (gold coin) from a valuable
letter?amount not known. lie is new in cus
tody of tbe United states Marshal, and is held
for examination before a Commissioner.
EF*The last mail from California brings in
telligence that the Supreme Court of that
State has decided that the Chinese fall under
the meaning of a clause of the Constitution of |
California, which says that no black or mu
latto persons shall be allowed to give evidence
in favor of or azainst a white man.
Tms California Steamships.?Under the
arrangements made by the Nicaragua and
Aspinwall lines, the California steamers will
new arrive end depart from New York weekly.
The rates of passage and freight have both
been advanced.
The Catholic ohurch at Oxford, Che
nango county. Ne* York, was broken into on
Thursday ni^ht last, and the silver pix, a ves
sel eased with gold, for containing the blessed
sacraments, was stolen, and other outrages
First man frozen to death this season?
Joseph White, in Canaan, Maine?with a keg
pf rum near Uaa.
WABHHTGTtKt A3TD 00881?.
e^g from Illinois.?We hare seen a pri
? dispatch from Chicago, this moroiog, a?
Csicioo, Nov. 13?The returnr
? em Illinois look well. Richardson, Allen
Harris, and Marshall, all true Nebraska Dem
ocrats, are eleoted by decided majorities. The
Senate will be Democratic. The Hoase doubt
ful. General Shields trill be his own sue?
eessor in the United States Senate.
This purports to come from a source in which
we hare perfect confidence. Unless the signa
tore is forged to it, it must convey the truth.
Interesting from Washington Territory.
An attentive subscriber at Fort Townsend,
Washington Territory, writes us, under date
October 6. as follows : ,
son -?,tatea !"evena? cutter Jeffar
*i?i^ r P t48?* has arrived here, and
th?nUtti""?' ,TL?,oitiz?n? are rejoioed to
?ee the cutter, and well they may be, as such
are irouiId*h tr?acherous looking Indians as
TheJ^S t w, were Dever 8?en el8e*here
Iney are troublesome now, and as many at
rd*?Urd ?f t?em are "Pected here toon
to demand money first, and then blord, for the
death of two Indians killed by the white
tch te Indians aTe the
TnH??n? r ??D? now in Bewion> trying four
Indians for murder, and two, certain, will be
. n white folks, look out.
?V*r"?torta.nat? !hat tha cutter is all
? * , ""'J war. Those grape
and canister shot are the things. They are
nice for opening a communication with whites
or Indians.
??oond night here, the commander of
the cutter took a ? Sidney bird,' (Englishman.)
for stealing from on board an American bark
during the night, and cutting the rigging. He
was pat in double irons, as it was Sunday and
as there is no jail here or even in the Terri
/ r7\ Abo?t tbre? o'clock, a. m., six shots
(nfle) were fired, and one ball went just clear
of the heads of the men on board tho cutter
Capt. Pease informed the owner of the shanty
on shore, from whence the shots came, that it
any more were fired from that dircciion oyer
iuh !? 7?uld ln8tantl7 sweep the shore
with grape and oannistershot from six twelve
"' aDd U ^ (th? CaPtaiD) found that
i?Sd.or moro liquor to Indians, he
would knock his house down, (you know the
front S18VerJL8eVere!) aQd PUt him in double
irons. Sinoe ?hen all is still. Oh, these white
TmIIw'p 0118 the copper ones are Generals
tt L fv a?d ?cott> Jim, His Grace
tho Duke of York, Ac., Ac. It is lively times
you may depeni.
44 The cutter will have to go to San Fran
th.? h' Protv.iEion8 and men, iu December, as
doutuI f"h other alternative. There is not one
pound of bread, sugar, beef, ?c , in this town,
and not much at Oljmpia. It is an awful
cutto?f; m ther?lia1D0 P'ac? *bcre a revenue
cutter ii more needed at present."
A very Unanimous Community.?We have
yet to find the first citiaen cf Washington of
either or any political party, (oxsept, perhaps,
t e forty or fifty who are avowed Abolition
ists) who does not express gratification at Sey
mour's probable triumph over Clark. It being
clear that but for the Know Nothing element
in the contest, Clark would have triumphed
(as, otherwise, a lar?e wing of the Silver
Greys would have voted for C., as well as the
large wing of the liards who voted for Ullman
to defeat Seymour.) Some of the Democrats
are beginning to believa that Know Nothing
ism, after all, is not the terrible thing they
taok it for. So folks go at times, In political
affairs. However the new element may have
" Punished" the Democrats in Pennsylvania,
Maine, Ohio, Michigan, Wisooneinandlllinois,
it has punished Abolitionism, Maine Lawism,
Bloomerism, Ac. shockingly in New York, I
and bids fair to punish the Whig party proper
as awfully, to-day, in Massachusets. There, 1
i: has in most oases adopted persons of ultra
free soil tendencies for its Congressional can
didates, though itj candidate for Governor
was, up to his nomination, a Silver Grey Whig. I
Subsequently, however, he ha* come out!
against the Fugitive Slave law and for the
restoration of tho Missouri Compromise. I
Having done so, we think it highly probable
that a very large wing of the Whig party of
the State, not Know Nothings, will abandon
Governor Washburn and vote for Gardiner, in I
order to keep out Judge Charles Allen of
Woroester, the Free Soil nominee, as pestiferous
an Abolitionist as ever squeaked his hour on
the floor of the House of Representatives.
The Massacre of Lieut. Grattan and his
Command.?It will be remembered that np to
this time, though the sad occurrence took place
near Fort Laramie some months ago, no re
liable information concerning its details has!
been spread before the .American public. This!
has been occasioned by the fact that the
whole party were destroyed. The War De
partment, however, very recently received
dispatches from Lieut. Col. Steptoe, 2i artil
lery, who commands at Fort Laramie, where
in all the faots are set forth, which entirely
exonerate the memory of Lieut. Grattan from
the imputation of rashness, which has very
generally been charged on him in the absence
of satisfactory information ooncerning the
affair. j
VN e extract from the dispatohes in question I
as follows: I
"Hearing it whispered about that the diffi
culty was occasioned entirely by the rashness
of Liout Grattan, I think it due to the mem
ory of that young officer that you should be
thoroughly intormed aa to tho fact*, and, there
fore, take the liberty of extracting from a
private letter just received :
brt aathentioated acoount seems to be
that Mr. Grattan, expecting to get the Indian
murderer without any trouble, went into the
midst of the Irdjan tiUago with his men and
P.!eC.e,J coul<i not w#u voided this, as
the lodges covered a space of three miles. The
chief of the LuJeas. auiongst whom the offend
er was staying went with Mr. Grattan to the
man, and be refused to go, saying that he had
?two guM and plenty at arrews, and would
fight. About the bus that Grattan regained
his command this Indian fired; G. ,hen or
dered his musketry u lire Ihe Indians who
had gatnered about him to t*e nsmber of fif
wdr^' P^P* O. their faces
ajud the balls passed over tbem, as d d also
the whole charge of the pieees which were
fired immediately afterwards. The whole
party was theu destroyed bo&re either the
cannon or the maskots could be reloaded.
They were all killed with knives and arrows
Lieut G. had demounted, and given his horse
to one of the men, while ho worked as gunner
his p7"e ',Uad' Wh8f* fWi> bj th? gid? of
This statement shows that Lieut. Grattan
did not take the initiative, and it goes te con
firm the opinion that the attack upon the
troops was part of a deliberate plan.
Liability of the Government under Charter
Party and BUI of lading.-A Quartermaster
of the Army, acting for the Government, en
tered into a Charter party with the owners of
a ship at Boston, for the transportation of cer
tain army stores to San Diego, Cal.; the Uni
ted States to pay ? specified freight and pri
mage accustomed. The Bill of Lading, dated
we?k" ?Qhsequently, contained a clause
not found m the Charter party, that the goods
were to be delivered at the Government wharf
in San Die go, if there waa sufficient water for
the ship to lie safely at the same. There hap
pened to be no Government wharf there, and
the owners presented a claim for wharfage.
It was held that if the condition iu the Bill
of Lading, (which appeared, however, to have
been inserted for the benefit end convenience
of the Government end not of the owner*) had
been inelnded in the Charter Party, there
might hare been come question in regard to
the liability of the United States for wharfage,
on the ground that aoonstraotion mast be pat
apon saoh agreements, not inconsistent with
their terms, and affeoting the probable un
derstanding and expectation of both parties
when their oontraot was made. But a Bill of
Lading oannot be allowed to oontravene or alter
the terms of a sealed Charter party. It is, in
such a oase, only the evidence that the partic
ular stores or merchandise to be oonveyed in
pursuauoe of the contraot already made had
been shipped as stipulated; and the United
States having fulfilled on their part the condi
tions of the Charter party by the payment of
the agreed freight and oustomary primage, are
clearly not liable to the owners for anything
Clerical Appointment in the Treasury De.
p&rtment.?Mr. Henry L. Martin, of Missis
sippi, has been appointed to a first class clerk
ship ($1,200 per annum) in the plaoe of Mr.
J. W. Compton, promoted.
The Current Operations of the Treasury
Department.?On Saturday, the 11th of Nov.,
there were of Treasury Warrants entered on
the books of the Department?
For the redemption of stook .$107 210 25
For paying other Treasury debts.. 10,744 46
For the Customs 26,263 55
Covered into the Treasary from
Customs 17,907 79
Covered into the Treasury from
Lands . 2,577 39
Covered into the Treasury frem
miscellaneous sources 1.684 66
For the War Department 223,603 74
For repaying in the War Depart
ment 61,715 44
.. ?. Owen Van Olinden was arrested and
sent to the penitentiary, in Detroit, a few days
since, for throwing a stone through the win
dows of a passenger car on the Central road.
A lady was hit and somewhat injured
*... It seems that Barnum carries his busi
ness tact into his literary labors. It is said,
that before making arrangements with Red
field for publishing his autobiography, he had
already made terms with various publishing
firms in Europe, vis : London, Paris, Leipsic,
Madrid, Berlin, and Stockholm, for the right
to its publication, and had aotually furnished
them with manusoript oopios of the work as
far as written, without acquainting any one on
this side of the ocean with the fact. After
these arrangements were secured, he, for the
time, negotiated with Mr. Redfield for the
American copyright. Mr. R., after concluding
hia original treaty for the work, dispatched
letters to publishers in European cities for the
purpose of arranging for the copyright or fur
nishing early sheets of the work. He has just
received an answer from his correspondent in
Leipsic, stating that another publisher in that
city had already received and accepted a sim
ilar proposition direct from Barnum himself
some five months before'. On being shown the
Leipsic letter Barnum admitted that he had
negotiated with firms in all the foregoing
cities, and claimed a perfect right to do bo.
....The Board of Director* of the Balti
more and Susquehanna Railroad Company, at
their meeting on Friday, re-elected Col. Geo.
W. Hughes as President of that company.
Col. Hughes ha* made a popular officer.
.... The Weston (Mo.) Reporter says: "The
Hon. D R. Atohison, in bis speech at Atchi.
sontown, K. T., only a few days ago, about the
first remarks which he made in his speech
were in these words: '7hat any native born
American oitizen, no nratter how humble he
might be, was far superior to any foreigner
who ever oame to our snores.' "
.... Madame Pfeiffer sailed on Saturday
from New York for Liverpool, whence she ex
pects to take passi ge at her earliest conve
nience for the Island of Madeira, where she
expects .0 spend the winter with one of her
sons. It is said that Mr Collins has presented
this lady with a state-room and free passage
for the voyage.
... .It is rumored that owing to the small
number of voteB received by Judge Bronson
at the late election in New York, the name of
hi* organ, the National Democrat, will be
changed to uBunghole Issue " ex-Rev C. C.
Burr, j/uru-rapper, will guage the leaders.
....Henry Ward Beecher is "downon" the
Know Nothings, in a swinging letter in the
New York Independent. He call* them
" Protestant Jesuits
.... The Alta California of Oct. 2, say*: Sen
ator Qwin is now on a tour of the State, jeal
ously at work upon the theory and practica
bility of railroads. He was in Maryville on
... .The Petersburg, Va., Intelligencer says
that General Houston stands in the favor of the
Know Nothings of the United States, and that
an eff jrt will be made to concentrate the vote
of this new organisation upon him for the
next Presidency.
....The TrentonGasettecontains a rumor
that Hon. John R. Thompson intends to resign
his seat in the United States Senate on ac
count of ill health, and a multiplicity of pri
vate business.
.... M'lle Rachel's programme of conditions
for an engagement in this country, it ia said,
exacts a salary of twelve hundred dollars a
night, and the payment of all her expenses.
.... We are requested to state that Mr. Bel
mont has a letter, whioh we have seen and
read, to his house here, stating in strong and
explicit term* that he has not, directly or in
directly, for himself or others, negotiated any
loan for the Russian Government. The letter
will be shown to any person interested in the
subject on calling at the offioe. So say* the
New York Evening Post.
....It i* stated that Capt. James Schaum
burg, so well known in this city, haa applied
for the command of a company of dragoon* in
the aervioe oi the Russian Caar.
.... The Rev. Antoinette L. Brown has re
signed the pastoral oharge of the Orthodox
Congregational Sooiety in South Butler,
Wayne county, N. Y , with a view to the im
Erovement of her health. She will continue,
owever, to preach and leoture as hitherto.
Her residence is with her father, at Henrietta,
Monroe oounty, N. Y.
Graham's Sentenoe.
Judge Mitchell, of New York, in sentencing
Dr. Graham, who waa found guilty of man-'
slaughter at the close of his trial for the mur
der of Mr. Loring, in briefly summing ap the
evidence in the case, closed thus :
" You first insulted Mqor Loring and his
wife at his door. You next met him at the
stairway, you armed and he unarmed; he re
monstrated with you on your previous miscon
duct, perhaps as angrily he had done be
fore. You again insulted him and his wife,
and called him a liar?he returned these in
sults with a blow from his naked hand, and
you, the original aggressor, drew your sword,
stepped back and closed on him, killed him on
the spot. It is proper, therefore, that the ex
treme punhhment applicable to the offence of
which yen are convioted be inflioted; and your
sentence accordingly is, that you be impri
soned in the State prison for seven years."
Kavsas Emigration.?A Georgian paper
publishes a letter, dated Platte oounty, Mo.,
from a slaveholder to his brother in Georgia,
relative to the new territory of Kansas, in
which occurs the following passage:
Many emigrants are going to Kansas from
Kentucky, and other slave States. Missouri
will leave no stone unturned, even to the, at
least, temporary emigration ot half her popu
lation, to save it from Abolitionists; and, if
the people of the other slave States de justice,
to themselves, we will secure it fer the south.
Arrival of the Atlantic.
Ths steamship Atlantio arrived at New York
yesterday, after a quick passage, bringing 100
passengers Her newi is interesting. Her
dates are to the 1st instant, four days later
than those by the America. Sevastopol has
?ot yet fallen, and the Russians oontinue to
giro evidence of the most desperate valor in
its defenoe. The allies had tHeneed some of
the oat-works, and a small breach had been
msde in one of the forts. The Russians in a
sortie spiked sixteen of the French gnns and
took Lord Dunkelin prisoner. No practicable
or each had yet been effected, and the allies
were anable to storm the fortifications. The
struggle is a close and bloody one. The Rus
sians fight much better than their allied foes
anticipated they would.
The Czar's two sons had arrived on the
From the Baltic there is nothing new.
The Russian descent on Dobrudsoha seems
to be a mere manoeuvre to draw the Turks
from the River Pruth.
Tbe reported defeat of the Russians at
Gumsi in Asia, is confirmed.
The Queen mother of Bavaria is dead
The London Times comments on Mr. Soule's
The French Government forbids the distilla
tion of liquors from grain.
Prussia on the 23d sent a note to the Csar
Qrging his acoeptanoe of the four points in
Austrian note.
From France we have an interesting item of
news. Tbe silly refusal of the Emperor to
allow Mr. Soule to pass through France is con
firmed, and our Minister at Paris, Mr. Mason,
Das demanded an apology for tbe affront.
The London Times justifies tbe Emperor's
treatment oi Mr. Soule and says that the apology
will not be granted. The affdir has given rise
to much newspaper discussion in England.
The commercial news announces a general
deoline in breadstuffs. Flour had fallen Is.
fid., wheat 6d.. and corn Is to 2s. per quarter.
Cotton was unchanged. Consols are quoted
at to 94}.
Naval.?The New York Evening Post, ot
Friday last, says:
The United States surveying steamer Cor
win and surveying sohooners Madison and
Gallatin arrived at the Brooklyn Navy Yard
a few days ago For several months past they
have been engaged in the survey of the east
ern part of our ccast.
Commander George N. Hollins, the hero of
Greytown, who wa! recently appointed to the
command of the Naval rendezvous on this sta
tion, has been detached from his office. He is
now ordered to report to Commodore Stewart,
for the command of the rendezvous at Phila
Commodore Timothy G. Benham has been
ordered to report to Commodore Boarman for
the command of the New York rendezvous,
just vacated by the late commander of the
aloop-ef-war Cyane.
Captain Addis an Garland has been ordered
to the command of the marine guard of the
Pacifio squadron, vice Gillespie, resigned.
John 0. Pajne, lieutenant of marints, has
been detached from the Marine Barracks, and
ordered as marine offioer on board of the sloop
of-war Falmouth, now Ltting for sea at Nor
Carpenter Lawrence Moses has been de
tached from the receiving ship North Caro
lina, and is awaitiog orders.
The ship-carpenters have commenced work
upon the live oak timbers for tbe new steam
fi igate Niagara. Preparations are making for
the laying of the keel.
E?" The Alexandria Gazette, of this morn
ing, says:
Up words of fifty oolored persons passed
through this plaoe, on Friday last, on their
way to Pennsylvania, where a tract of land
bad been purchased for them by their master,
Doctor Charles Everett, of Albemarle, by
whom they were recently set free.
Simultaneously with the announcement of
M'ile Camilla L rso, the violin performer, to
appear at the Holiday Street Theatre, is one
from the undersigned for the same person to
appear with " Kunkel's Opera Troupe" at the
National Theatre, Washington. As this will
need some explanation, I need but to say that
I made an engagement with tbe yeung artiste's
father, while in Riohmond, Va., for her ser
vices tor four months. In that city she per
formed with tbe troupe one week, and was to
commence the four months' engagement on
Monday, the 6th of November. Mon. Urso
was called to New fork. Prior to his leaving,
I had a large number of bills printed, an
nouncing the appearanoe of M'lle Camille
Urso in Charlottesville, Slaunton, Alexandria,
and Washington, with his knowledge and ap
proval She failed to appear at Chariot'es
ville, because a letter, pronouncing her father
dangerously ill in New York, was reoeived,
summoniDg her to his bedside. Expecting
good faith to be observed, and believing the
report of sickness to be truthful, we were dis
posed willingly to await his convalescence and
recovery. But muoh to my surprise, on ar
riving in Baltimore, I perceived tbe young
lady announced for Holliday Street Theatre
Such being the oase?bad fditb and broken
promises, the result of the reflations of a t'ck
man !?I deem it due to our patrons to make
this explanation, a:id to acquit the manager of
tiolliday Street Theatre ot any blame; for I
feel assured be was unacquainted with the
facts, or he never would have sought attrac
tion, formerly used and then obligated to us,
for that beautiful temple of the drama.
John T. Ford,
Agent Kunkel's Opera Troupe.
Baltimore, Nov. 4, 1851?It.
SW It should be universally known?lor It la strictly
tru?that Indigestion Is the parent of a large proportion o(
tbe fatal diseases. Dysentery, dtarrhcua, cholera morbus
liver complaint, and many other diseases enumerated In the
city inspector's weekly catalogue of deaths, are generated by
Indigestion alone. Think of that, dyspeptlss ; think of It all
who suffer from disordered stomachs, aud If you are willing
to be guided by advice, founded upon experience, resort at
once?don't delay a day?to Hootland's German Bitters, pre
pared by Dr. C. 11. Jackson, which, as an alterative, cura
tive, and lnvigorsnt, stands alone and uuapproached. We
have tried tbe Bitters ; and know that they are excellent far
the diseases specified above. For sale dealers In medicine
everywhere. ap 8
have been endorsed by DIVINES, EDITORS, LAWYERS,
CHEMISTS, aud other eminent Individuals. By the Masob
io and Odd Fellows' Lodges of Norfolk. By 6,000 cltltens
of the city of Norfolk and town of Portsmouth, and every
one of their ]6,000 Inhabitants, are living witness of Its ex
traordinary virtues upon themselves or some friend and ae
qualntance. Remember certificates of cures performed In
this city, where the medicine Is prepared, are alone pub
lished. Numerous persons take it every spring and fall, and
all who have adopted so wise a course require no other med
icines, aud the testimony of all after using a few bottles Is. I
have derived more benefit from Its use than from all the
medicines I ever dragged my system with. If there are
worms in the body It will kill and expel them. It wiu re
move and care the worst carbancle, and If drank freely dar
ing Inflammations, mortification can never ensas.
Extracts from an editorial notice In the Forts month, Va.,
Globe, July It, 1U4.
The Editor says: In this community this medicine scarce
ly requires a notice, It has been so often tested and Its vlr
tuee so well known from the numerous cases of Its snccses
ful use, that It Is sold now just as readily without prescrip
tion or recommendation for tbe diseesea for whloh it Is re
commended, aa quinine la for chllla.
In the local column of the Norfolk Dally Oonrler, the Edi
tor In speaking of this preparation ssyt: It is certainly a
great medicine, and within oar own knowledge has reetored
these who were considered beyond ail human aid. Time
would fall to enumerate those cured of the various Chronic
Dlseasee, Nervous Disorders, Ulcers. Fatrld Throat, Fevers,
Syphilis, Dyspepsia, Incapacitated Youths, Ague and Fever,
Ac., ad infinitum. Oct if?tw
0-Joe Shillinutom receives all the new Books and News
papers as fast aa published. He Is agent for Harper's and all
the other Magazines, and oar readers will always find a
large and good assortment of Blauk Books and Stationery at
his Bookstore, Odeon Building, cor Pa. avenue and at.
aag 19
On the 31st ult. at Woodlttwn, Montgomery coun
ty. Maryland, by Rev. Mr. Hutton, JOHN T. TOW
ERS, Mayor of Washington, D. C., and Miss ELIZA,
daughter of Dr. Win. P. Palmer, of the former
On tbe 9th instant, by Rev. G. W. Sampson, Mr.
JAMES A. HALL, to Mia* EMMA ROBi, both of
this city.
On the 7th inst., by the Rev. Jog. Wilnon, Mr.
RION HURDLE, all ot this city. *
On the 13th Inst., after a very brief illness, CATH
ERJNE VIRGINIA, daughter ot Wm. C. and Mary
Virginia Morrison, aged 14 months.
In Spotsylvania c<>un'y, Va., on the 4th instant,
of typheid fever, W. OSCAR, son of William and
Jau? E. Welsh, and grandson of Mrs. Mary Spauld
ing, of ?sorgstown. ?
JJj No. ?4, I. 0. of H.?Th? regular quarterly
Marion of Oolumfata District Test wil be held at
R-ehabitg Hall, corner ofBtm'h and Ditwi, on
TUESDAY EVENING at SEVEN o'e'ork. Business
of impor'anoe will e:ma up tor consideration. Rep
rvntattTM will pl?ase bo >aDetitl la their attend
ance. GEO 0. HENNINQ, D. R. 8.
nor 18?8t JOHN R. ELVANS, P- C. R.
' L5 Honod m having been armtei lor gam
bling in Henry Johnson's shop, oppoMte Nation*'
Hotel, la HOT LEWIS BUTLER, BARBOR, oppose
the United Stttn Hotel. nor 13?11*
TU1CAROBA It?. 5, Improved
Order of Re * Men, announoe to the Brother*
of the Order end the public in general that ih*j
will sire a Be" on THURSDAY BTKNI?G. 7th of
December, at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Tazd.
Partionlara in a foture advertisement.
no* 8??o2w* Treasurer.
For sals?a canal boat, nearly new.
will answer for either Canal or River pur
poses It can be seen at RITTER* a
nor 14?8t* Wool Yard. Georg'town.
REWARD.-Stolen ors'rayed on Sunday
the 6th inctant, A DARK SQRREL HORSE,
tail and mane n?arly a fltxcolor, wi h a rmall star
on his fWoe and a small ?cald on his b-?ast. He is
of middle sise, and appeared rather etiff or lame in
his foremost par's.
The above reward will be given to any one who
bring him to me, or give h>tell'geic* so I can get
nov 13?8f Wo. 626 Q street
will commence a series of their chaste and Draw
mi-Room Entertainment* at the a' ove named besu
tiftil exhibition Hall, en MO^D^Y EVENING,
November 13th, and ontiaue for one we*k.
The ompany, as ev r, comprise* 9 talented per
formers, each one a bright stsr la hi* prt f**si"n.
For farther particulars see d's-rlptire sheets.
Offlo-rs are engaged to keep perfect order.
Admission 25 cents.
Doora open at 6}^ o'clock?performance com
mence? at 7^, and concludes at \i to 10.
nov 13-tf JOHN P. SMITH, Agent.
ARLINGTON CLUB re-ptctfuily announce to
>hair friendi and the public gene*allv that
I thev wiil give their ANNUAL BALL on THANKS
GIVING EVE, Nov 22,1864
Particulars in future advertisement,
to r 13?li* W
raxHK members tf the TERP8ICHORB CLUfe
L no't res( ectfully a *nounce to their friends and
the public in gene-al, that they intend giving
their FIRST BALL at
on MONDAY, the l?tot JaNUARY.
Particulars in future advertisement.
no* 13?3'.*
O* JANUAKY 1866.
Full particulars given in future notice
nov 18?if
IIEV 1YCK has published in the Star, that
? G. PaJmar has not beea a partner in the busi
ne. a rf numb-ring the uity since September 5, and
a'St d'dareB the said Pa'mer is not authorized to
collect money for number", Ac.
He a'so advertised a " new city directory," by I.
Ten Ejck, contractor, Ac. I h-reby declare (v I
oan show) that the first ameition is not the fact, and
osuticn al persons n t to contract for the puechace j
of the "new city direc'ory without my oonsent
And I furthermore d clare that there is a provi
sion in tbe Terms of Agreement be-ween the par
ties, f >t tie " adjustment of ail differences" by " an
arbitration of three disinterested persons," under a I
enowledue of ail 'he material lacts, which I insist |
upon a< being juat G. PALMER,
nov 13?It* One of th* Contractors, Ac.
THE Undersigned off r> to the public a fine
collection of l e^ch, Appl*,Pear, Cherry,
Plum, Aprioot, and other Fruit Tress, as we.'l
as Silver Poplar and ether fine bhade Trees. The
ti^es are large and thrifty, and all are warranted
correct to name.
He ha* fIso the smaller fruits, such as Goosebsr
ries. Currants, Rasp berries, Ac
Rhubarb Roots of the finest kind*, as Prince Al
bert, Victoria Gray Kagl>, Ac
Dutch Bulbs, import d direct from Holland, of I
the fliest quality, comprising Hyacinths, Tu'ijs
Nart issus. Crocus, Ac These bulbs are th? largest
and 1130tt ever offered in this market. Prices ra
eonable. JOHN SAUL,
Seed Store, corner of 7th and H streets
nov 13?1 w?e*
DR. MUNS jN recpectfuly c*l s public attention
toh's new patent, *nd GREATLYIMPROVEL
method of ee'ting Artificial Teeth, with Continuous
Gum?-the VKRV P--hFK01I0N OP T'-'E ART.
Tula sty Is of Teeth hu the follow advantages over
all others, via: "
C MFORT, and
vieing with Nature in there respeota, and some
o hers excelling.
Publ c inspection is reapeotfully aolicited. Please
call and sse specimens.
OAUIION ? No other Denfat in tfce District cf
Coluxbia has a i igbt to make this style of Treto.
N. B ?Teeth c.nxtitutional y heaiihy, pluzjred
and warranted for life. BK
Office and houee at No. 299 E street, near the cor
per cf Hynn-ylvania avenue and 14th sir^et.
A CARD.-Tr e undersigned is now receiving
and open ng his Fail and in'ur stock of POH
which will in a few days be ready for public instec
om i> T a P- Jl>uNSO.V,
nov 8 4t' Penna* **cnue and 813 D street.
And Gentlemen!' Outfitting Eatabluhment,
JVe. 61 northwuc co ner o/ Kina and J-attfax ttt
HENRY BLONDliAEM respectfully invites thf
attention <T hia L lends and the public it.
Kentfral,to hi? extea?ive and elegant asscrtment of
Ushionable Fall ?j.d Winter CLOL'HInq namely
ihe la'est style of Paris F;ock-0oats, Dre& Coats!
and G. Oier-Coa.s of all de-onptions- AIsj, French
bl?ca, do.skin, and fmcy *8 mere, and tweed
PantaloouB. Also & well assorted and el*gant sioci
of French and English velvet anc silk sadn Vests
The furnishing dtpartm nt of goods lonaists oi
the ?ery be^t qnaiti*, whioh H. Blon^haem off^rf
lor sale at full iO per ornt 1 wer for cash, thar can
be purcha ed at any establishment within this oi
any a ulhern cit-. Henry Blondha m therefore
hopea to meet with an early c^ll from bis friends
patrena and the oitUens within the environs of ttis
N. B.?r?nH forget the number of the house,
which is 61, northjast corner of King and Ftitfix
streets, Alexandria nov 9?TbAMn
Counsellor at Law,
Office and residence in Franklin Row, corner o/R
and Thirteenth street oct28?diy
wholesale prioes for cash ?We have on hand a
tew very superior instruments, which we will sell
as above u> olose out our present stock previous U
remrving. Erery instrument warranted. Call and
ludgA tor yourselves at Hilbus A Hilt' Murio bepot
oct 18?tf
MR8. M A. E. BROWN, N,. (05 1 street, be
tao-n fcixth and teven h, would respectfully
?u ounce to the lacies of Wasfcirg^on, that (not
withstanding a report is in circulation to the con
tra^r) she still continues the Fashionable Drew
Making Budatsa, and is prepared to execute al
oraers that may be e >ufl Jed to her, in a style that
she flatters herself will give entire satisfaction. 1 a
M- a- *? beo"n
This day rewiued a large supply of SHIRTS,
n>am Bask and Byron Ool ars, Linen and Moslia
Bosoms, Ac^ at BIRGK'S,
pot8 WillardH' Hotel.
? PAPER HANGER, No. 481, err ar of Louiai
ana avenue and Sixth street, Washington, D. C,
- *1^rnltaM repaired and varnished. Cai pets cut
fitted, and made.
On i tains, Lounges, and Mattresses made.
M9" Good reforenoes given. .
F. D. soiloits a share of patronage of the public,
and pledges to do his work as neat and cheap as an*
other e 'tablishment in the city. nov 7?1 ma
SCHOOL BOOKS of every description at the
lowest publishers' prises, at
sep i TAYLOR A MAURY*.3, near 0th at
o?? PHlm inu NiiTU AND Kipa
? j AT ? t
Tei rational gbbys respectfully
thfir friends and the cttaens generally, that
their stand SabeortpttOB Ball wUl b* b*ld at CA
13th, j851.
Ih? Gray* ntpwtfBll; bag l?vi to state that
they will ipvt ao bmu or tqn? to aikt this
boll worthy of the patronage of our aittaans, ud
worthy of the corps.
Nod* bat salutary oaps win bo adadttei la the
boll l
itoom OOKXHTU.
C?pt Lra Towers, Lt Joa Sattoa,
> nsign Go? Boyd, Sgn 1 Riley,
Qr Mr Flaherty, Sgt P Began,
Sgt A Toll, OirpJoo Dudley,
R Grimes, J no Brad ay,
Jco Thompson, B 0 Shekell.
bot 6 ?dtb
flUUR fiu my.
THE Vigilant Fire Company of O?oi|?to*a, re
spectfully announce to their friends aad tba
public generally that h?lr P1PTH ANNUAL BALL
will tak? plaoa oa TUESDAY. 28th iaat, at POR
Tba Company pledg* themselves that bo peine or
expeas? will I c spared to make thia ana ot the moot
agrre.ble Bal a of the aaoaon.
Prraperi'a celebrated Baad la eagaged for the oc
No bat* or car* will bo allowed in the room, exoapt
those worn by F.rem*n.
Tickets ONB rOLLAR, admitting a gtnllemai
and ladies; to bo had of any of tba Mansgers.
Bdward8. Wrght, J<a<phL.
0. H. Kodier, Wm Crowley,
John W. Oroaa, Joaaph W Marti,
0. M. Linthicum, Antb<ay Rfdiar,
Albert Palm*r, Jobn fba^kelford,
John Mehagen, H? nry 0. heaver,
<ohn T. Pin y, Samue' J. PoarooB.
n v 10?dtb*
empire' club.
THB EMPIRE CLUB respectfully announce to
thair trim a and the public, that their FIRST
GRIND OOTILLON PARTY -ill take place on tha
16th of NOVEMBER next, at Temperanoe Hall.
The Club pledge themselves to apare no pains or
expense in endeavoring to please, and this
the BEST of the aeaeon.
Excellent cotillon music has been engaged.
Refreshments, Supper, Ac., are in the handa of
experienced caterer*.
43f No hats or caps will be allowod on tha floor,
exoept those of tbe different Ciuta.
tV Tickets ONE BOLLAR, admitting a gentle
man an4 laiiea, to b* had of any of the members,
and at the door oa the same evening.
W. A. Caho, A. 8*1 den,
J. S Brea-t, K. Cox,
W. Full stove, M.C Dor.Ball,
J. Fulls love, J. Handily,
T. J Littleton, W. H. Teacbum.
J. Ingraham, P. Lewi*,
E. Martin, J. St. John,
J. Taylor, B. Hopkins,
oomnTTxi or ibcxptiox.
D. Ca*ty, l?. B. Spencer,
Geo. B. Ball, L. S. La Bille*
Wm. B. Clautioe.
oct 31?Stawtd
The Mount Vernon Guards,
TAKE pl?ara>' in announcing to their friends,
and the public generally, that *hey will trlve
me of their GRAN1 BALLS, on WKDIKI*
DAT* November 29, at &AMXfTA HALL.
Tbey pledge th*mselvea that they will give ooe of
tbe beat balls of the a* as jn , a* nothing a ball be
left undone that will add to the pleaoara of tha com
Good Cotillon Music has been engaged.
Supper and RtfieahmirBts will be furnished to la
dies and gentlemen.
Hacks will be in attendance to ooavoy 'ad its to
and from the l*all.
Tickets?admitting a gentleman and ladiee?TWO
DOLLARS; to be had ol the Committee, or at the
Florr Manager.
Oatami let of Arrangement!.
Lt Wm H smith, Lt Chas Javlna,
S?t W W Allen, Sgt C W Neale,
John Bieene Srt John Grimes,
Walter Johnston.
bov 8?ootd
or thx
MONDAY, December 4th. 1654, '
THE NATIJNAL GUAKD respectfully annoiinee
to thair friends and the public generally, that
their B eond Annual Ball will be given ob MON
DAY, December 4th, 1864.
Particulars in future advertisement.
nov 2 ?tr.
T O TEACHERS ?For sale low, a pair of Globes
and Bituminoua substanc?s used in arts
roanuf cturee; tteir Geographical, Geolori<*l, and
Commercial distribution ; their production an1 con
umption in the United SUtea, wi'h FUtiatics of
he Iron manufacture; new edition, brought dowa
to 1854. by Professor Ualdeman.
0?^?ATTi!wT^-MARKar 0N pknnbylva
NIA AVkNUE 4 doors below Ninth street.
1* a NBW CLOTHING 8TO*E for Mm and Boys
th*l* dy- 1,1KCKl?R'rne of th* cbespeat
Clothing Merchants in tha NVrih. has determined
to < ffer to the citijen^ of Washington and TicioitT,
hit excellent Clothing at the lowest Northern prices,
for cash only. Ih rethe r
will find just such a llo hioe 8to*e as has Irnr been
"anted m Waahingf n. His motto is cheap for
ca-b, and cse puck okit.
,o^ teood wooll*n ooat he will tell for
$2 .5; and heavy winter pants, well lined fbrfl 25:
??*V,Te ?oi,e? ia proportion.
^o?d wool and cjtton under^h ris, h*ierr, glnes,
ac.. eh-aper th n the cheapest. nov 11 tf
? ????Tr,,ihin8 to "apply themselves with eup
nor quailtios ot Orer^oats, Ta.mas, Dres^, Frock,
m C2"J P^n 'nd Cassimere Pan
V ^ ? k' F"vth' Vel^t, ar.d Cashmere
-1 ? T ani dwlr*b;e sty lea, w ill find our ex
tensive assortment *o cff r inducements to purcha
,er, not to be met with elsewhere in this citv.
th?h.,IDg T?r.vde8ri,>Mcn 1r*di to
the b-st manner at v*ry aoderat- price .
Also, a large assortment? f Servant-' Cl^'hing.
nov ll-3t D" *Tenue' D*xt doort> Iron Hatl.
N^? WoS.7H?kTIM v T ' BDY YoUR ??AL AND
The subsc iber ha? on hand, and is
? * t?pply of ( 0AL tbe moet ap
m^kJtTrffTfn kh# TP1 **U at th? W ^weat
orr Wmn^f tK0?! ; Ala->. Oak, Pine, and Hick
ory n OOD, c-f the beat quality.
d "d P^t WhlU Ash GOAL
- i ^ arriT?- rer>ons ?ho intend lay
senUl, h i' ^ for ,h" wi?*ter, wc uld do well to
teL ?ooa- g?' it direct from tbe
Jlo reorder J 4MK8 DALY,
nov U-lIekT"' b0tween 13tl? 14th streets.
( l11!?!*0/?1 ,RKv Dl3r? POK TOOTH.
am^KateD' YoUBg Hcusekee; er, by Cou
P* Flow*r c f the Family. A Book for Girls
rrh.^L oBg"r^a; or' 8un8hfne ant Shadow
Charles Rousell; or, Industry and Hone ty
our Ko'ks at Home; or, Life at the Old Manor
Hr use
!?.H*rJd; or, he Temptati jb
l he ? oodcutter of Lebanon, and tbe Bxiles of La
Mabel Grant: A Highland Story
TheC areuyntTa es; or, Illustrations of tha Ba
The Pr ther and Sister: or, tbe wav of Pmm
frank Netherton; or, TheTelifmS
Tales of the Scottish Pe.santrv
' Pathetic itories soften the heart- bnt
terror breed midnight mi ery ? ' **,nda of
fair fl tions crsm the mind with 'ollv and knn?i
tempteth t* like evil ? ' ^?Wl'
A Catalogue of Juvenile Books famished
on appiicaUon at tbe Bo kitore t f gratis
.OT 11?St QRAT *
? ? Seventh s not.
Asthml Cowumptkm, Scrofula, Oougha, Oolds,
Fo s?U t^rCnahi ^ ^ -^ftiloS^umori
*?(r?:*>r w .. 8CH W ARTZE A SOB,
toU 8door
"? B- Hotel. nov 10?2m
M*Yo?k ^ ju-t rw*lTwl ft*? Now
beautiful assortment of rich Goods,
z?Mh and bonnot Blbboaa, aar^
row trimming Ribbons, Velvet, Plush aad Blbboa
SSTSuSa S^d embroidered aad
^ Chemisetta; oambric and twi-s
fhoniton and thread
Collars aad Sleevss,
Bonnet Silks and Satin Plorenoe Crapes, Illusions,
Nets and Plowsrs. Call and oxamineVt 1UU'10C,,
BOAlO-aeSS TJ**8' ***** MIAN'S,
B3Aio-##8t Pa. oppoalta Oo&tre MarkK

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