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V. i
' Ml All Right in 4h? Morning-"
8T p. r. TA*LnH.
W!i"ii t!i? bonml.ng h^at o the h*art of lovp,
me 'p iiiging -tf-p gmvs slow;
\Y hi thi! for c of a cl???irl in the Woe ?bcv<s
Li. - il-rk on the p?th below,
T.i" ?" z thit lie sing* i? 1 irt in a sigh,
A-?l h turns where a Miir is dawning,
Ami In r : :k . ;i* it Jaddons hi> heart and hi? eye :
'? 11 v i.l ii'l he right in the morning!"
VV1. ?. ' the sti.-??4 man armed' in the middle watch'
Tmm li-V V ?h'm deck is jnzirig,
And <t.;v. - through the wreck of the tcmprtt, to
A n ? ' the dnv beam'* blaring;
Aim ! ii v.-111 ?t< rm, there hard by the helm,
II li? ? ?N ii ?t tile d tr If oeean >awning ;
r?-r It - in ii not a rormw can whelai;
?? It v ill all lie n^ht in the tnorniag!"
"NVii"??i i:'i t.nitif is r?nne, the littrp unstrung,
i;5? nm.-ic trembling?dyit g;
i i it nvj art unwept and his deeds unauiig,
And !:? I i,:: in the grove to b?- lying,
Tiifn ? voce ^hutl charm, as it charmed before
l! h i pi or waited the dawning :
Tin ? ,! ii i e here for aye?I'd be thine ns of yore?
?? 1, will ;.!1 be right in the morning!1''
'I hi: ;?ii through the world, by ship tin J by shore;
?V i: r? ii<> mother tends over
Th?* er u' o-e t n oil ha? aouc on before ;
Wi:< ? i u s ol the lover,
L-.lii w;iy *t<> the si?u!; whatever tlie word,
A w? conn", a w ul, or a warning,
Th- >- ? y v here cheiishtd?thu every where
li. aril:
?? I. wia'l be right hi the morning!'-*
{-Ypiv.esiing a Beek Shop.?A Dutch
man. who kept a beer and porter house
in Houston ttrcct, New York, gave the
; :Ioh*ii.g account at the police office of
a ? as.ouit on his premises. Speaking of
the person commencing the row, he said:
4i iie cooined in and axed me to sell
t.iui me peer; I told him he had more
ps would do him goot?he called me|
Djtch iiar, and pegtn to broke two turn
#}j cr-, veu me and llans Speigler, and my i
v. r<; fiu'l my torter Petsey and all de
t-il r \ -,i>out my blace, pegin to poot
i. . out?and piesently he coom pack
' 11wv! 'y niore shest like him, and say,1
? f i iix uis peer concern and preak
h ai u:>. so dat siientlemens may git
ilru li;:o shentleiuens, on gin and
?r '.dy,; nd uM cu dis tam Tuch pizen.'
i -i"? cey kick IIins Speigler behind his
I a .d ki<s my torter Petsey before
Ltr in i. a .d preak all d?r gla^s pottles,
?. ict-pt tier pig stone bitcher, and spilt
mv Wiiu aud me aid todder parrels of
pt " all ever d.r cellar, ilans run'd out
6tr ?o i ;?.< \ called for der watch-house,
an i : . \ v. iie cried 'murter' like der ttfil.
bat peiuru der waieh-Louse come, der
Ui .. . -j\\ uies proke us ail up to pieces?
t: e d der pottles aud tumblers and
? :a ts and dishes, all smashed up to
Umiral Frice, of the British Navy,
who ?; as accidentally killed during the
t i ! v cf the allies on Petropolow
? ; . cue of the Russian ports on the Pa
? , during the war of 1812, com
m aid -t i i thv Volcano bomb in the tx
pi lu '.iii to C .liimore, aud bombardment
of i oi i Jtic_eury, and of Fort Piaque
Ltiiat- oa the \jiss ssippi, and engaged
th" Anii-r'.can privateer 6aucy Jack He
ni>o ooTimantUd a division of boats in
Moliie l?tv, at the capture oi transports,
icr* . : I bore the flag of trace announ
? ;n^ iho pe^.^i.
A Dutchman at Amherstburg, Can
r ? !.? of the acciden. on the Great
Wi , i? ilailway. and of large sums paid
- relatives of parties killed, in the
-;ar .tli of his heart, exclaimed, " Oh ! I
\ -is tny vr;fc hai fc^cn there?I would
5 >00!' The wife hearing ol
: r. ied ii?in to account, when he de
nied t' e fidelity of the report, and said,
MM . dear?1 said ?50.?HX):" when
t!ie {-? i v. ijinan &ceuted well pleased to
find how highly she was estimated.
"iZr population of Michigan, taken
tMs fall by ^tate authority, exhibits a
very r?pid growth. All the counties are
g!? a except eieht small ones, and the
r is 1 108,098, estimating the
oui-it- i counties. Pour years ago the
o-o-Ms rt;u:r.s made Michigan contain
fc'JT t-'jT : increase i:i four years 120,731,
or p.r c nt. The same rate of m
v , a\ 1 ( levate Michigan to about
..ii .. -
C; _
i -
?. i
0 in 1^00.
I: iasox fop. Nut Daxcix?.?At the
c'* e f; ? r, he'd by the Free Will Bap
ti t > - y, in Manchester, N. Ii., after
tven.j - . strvicc, the paster. Rev. Mr.
i , vv.-s a.-kcd whether dancing would
lie ailv'.vtd. iiis answer was no; for
u..: c ..g did uo good, it was a barbarous
cu ion:, and the first Baptist, of whom
we have iv.-y acc ?unt, lout his head by
<r ur _! 1 ne audiencc was satisfied
with the rea-on
i"; i i i , ? : u of mc tiscau altttmcfs.
-?.fT. Aor ui\x.
' i New York. Brimen....Dec. 2.
: ?: [? ' ? "? v." Yark..Havana Dec. 2.
i; Law v?w\ork..Aspniwall...Dee. 5.
.'??? I* ???ton I.ivt rpool.(.l)ec. C
c Ni w York..Liverpool...Dec. 9
G!-j*g??w....N"ew \ ork..Nov. 21.
' >ii H vre.New * oik..Nov. 22.
.Lh rjMMil...lio-ton Nov. 2j.
LiTi'innol New YwL.llov. 9B.
N'e# York..Dec. 6.
.mrsieuvo >ew ? oik in
lI !; ?ni.ll
* ? J'
> ? .
/.i hfJim i.o.
V. 'ct*' -T. P % M BROW|T.
B B . ? i no McoI. Va
H I) ' u uiiiius, d'.?
Ur ?orrson, do
. c' -i'.i, H 1 Morn on, t'o
Ohi?? It J Morris !i, do
\V Ka-e V.t <>.1 J5nrk?-. USA
H- . T ? i ? roc'., ilo '? L'r.ok, Mrt
>\ i: %'e id, .N'J 'I' n A It Sollorf, do
frs Su.ilh. Y '? K I iithl?, I'a
i.i; n, V'ri H'?n M ti Lillian; & lai'y
ij Ni ...? i SJ M?Pa
Mr T i : v, ti V Moore, NY
T L<iV t !l W I riiiK. do
I ?' . ' ix di J N Craig. Va
J i'.. W I! lie Forrest, NY
?? ?E D. WII.LARD.
A ^ .:'ll I cllil W H Vuux, P.t
It C a. uo O I>aii|{lier, Md
li L?-e %' J Owen, Ky
It S i i i k, do T Martin, M<1
J L ' ucki? \ do 'J" Tuylor, Va
\V s ? u tind lady, Win Rica, Pa
|';i D Law, NY
1! i i. -j la?i. :iiii d'r Mr una Mrs li SclieifTler,
V". do
II -i i . ?!<? IV1i">i *ulet, do
V G li.i .ti. pa U J !?ewett, O ,
Dr li i r, J 11 ? Pochet, NY
\* U Beetvr, 1:1
I ?? r*l ?' Mo ? ?u a & j r. willaU>?
C Y R H"r. NY E Allen. NY
J \\ lute la do It J Walker, do
B B Li-*..i? 4>. lail^, do <' B King, fJa
vV t J-.!!>?-, do T K Unueud^n, Mo
M (.' w do J A Thxinp^m, Va
i; (.in i h. i'.i L F Barnes, do
J ? L.drt'1, uo
. < -nod TTowa*?>?. u. fc a. riRwwoow
i* V l'it< ;:;.iiu cv.1 bon, it Selecoman St 4 ladies,
Mi-* - Va
!!on Adawj, do VV ti Jarboe, la
A LHii -r, l ex T t'An er?un. NY
J t' .N" In.d, Md J. A Li.uii iij, i'a*
H i lurk. 'N> C K CiiildM, do
J it Mallcy, La
I ? ?*?????? I? Oi *1?R B. QaCSITKY*
Hon v'.' Gannon. Oluo C roh*. ind
\\ L1! o AlY A VV Turner, Md
It I i ciiti. u. ,aJy, Md Hon W A Harris, Mo
\V J ? .ii, \ i f'it J T Ilacker, M
L J Bitliers, do Hon VV Allen, do
J Col?, >i j J D Bynards do
J VV JljUQf; do
Oma Bvmnmmsn or Pzzu: lacwofa, >
Washington, September 80, lf&i. >
TN pur?uanc* of the *Atw to provide *br executing
A?,?8 Publfc printing.** 4c., approved August 2<J,
1893, pealed proposals will be revived at this office,
in th? Cap'.tot, until tbe first Mordiy (4th day) of
Deoember next, at 12 o'clock m , for furrlflhln* ?he
paper that may be required for the public printing
for the year c umencing on the 1st day of Decem
ber, 1S54, and ending on the lat day of December,
The subjoined list specifier, a# nearly as can be
awrtained, the quantity, and the quality and de
scription, cf e?"h kind of paper tfcet will be re
quired Ga? 1.
11,090 reams fine printing pap?r, ?ecalondered, to
mwnn 24 by 38 inches, and to weigh forty
fiTe pounds to the ream of 480 sheets.
CLA88 2.
?,00*} reams fine printing paper, calender-d, to
measure *4 by 38 inches, and to weigh fifty
tlx pounds to the nun of 480 sheets.
Class 3.
800 reams superfine hard-sited and calendered
printing paper, to measure 24 by 83 inches,
and to weit^h forty-eight pounds to the ream
of 480 sheets.
The fibre of the paper of each of the above olasses
to be of linen and cotton, free from all adulteration
with mineral or other substances, of a fair white
new, arid put up in quires of twenty four sheets
each, and in buu '!ef of two reams easb, each ream
to contain 480 perfect sheets. Uniformity in color,
thickness and wight will be required; and no bun
dle varyv-g oyer or under fire percent, from the
standard weight will b? received, and the gross
Weight will in all caws be required. Mixing of va
rious thicknesses in the *ame bundle to make up the
weight will be considered a violation ot the con
Samples indicating the Quality, Ac, of the papsr
required in the foregoing three clauses can be ob
tained at tbe office of the Superintendent, or will bo
furci-h'jd by mail to persons intending to bid.
Contmcts will he entered into for supplying the
quantities required iu the fivst. second, and third
classes, at such t?m;s as the public service reay re
quire; but the privilege is TWcrTed of ordering a
grtaivr quantity on either class, should a gi eater
quantity be required, at such times and in suoh
quantities as may be deemed necessarv.
Class 4.
No. t. 699 reami quarto post, to we!gk 7 poamti per rearu.
2. 600 do do do 8 do do
No. 1. too reams foolaoap, do 10 do do
3. 400 ilo do <lo lj do do
S 40ft do do do 14 do i!o
Ko. 1. lot) do ?atcsp, do 14 do do
3. 190 do do do 16 do do
Ko. 1. 2?o do folio poet, do 16 do do
3. 8<M) do do do 20 do do
3. 10 do bank poet, do 12 do do
Ko. 1. 2W da dcublecap do It do do
Jio. 1. 100 do rsed., writing do 8? do do
3. 60 do do do (to SO do do
S. So do do do do 4A do do
?. 25 do col. med., Me d, do 34 do do
All ot the pspjrs at-si^n -. ed in class 4 to b<> maJe
Of tne '.-eat materials, and ficisbed in the b?Lt man
ner, free frcai adulteration, white or blue color, as
mty bo requirtd, acd t ? be cf ;he regular atan lard
tiiee of their respective kin s. The right is ref*rvod
oi" ordering a greater or lese quantity of e&ih and
every kind contracted Ce.r, tt such times and in
su:h quantities as the public service may require
fcacb class will be considet-_d sopara'ely, and be
S lhje'-t to a separate contract; but bidders ma' cf
wr for one or more of the classes in the Ram? propo
siti; and the privilege is reserved rf requiting a bid
der v ho may have more than one cia s assigned
htm to take ail such classes, or forfeit hi,s right to
an v cia?5.
famplee (not less than one quire) cf each kind ol
piper t-id f?r and but one sample for ccch kind must
accompany each bid ; and, in class 4, oe numbered
to correspond with the number of the p*per pro
posed lor in that (schedule, and in the first three
classes, to be properly designated on tl.e wimple, or
it will net h^ considered And all proposals and
aatnplfB mu?t be transmitted to this office iree of
postage or otter expend.
? a-'b i-ropjsai mutt be s'gned bv tn? individual
or firm nuking it, a d oust sp.-cify thu price per
ponnd and the consequent prio** per ream, (and but
one pri e ft- each,) o every kiuu of paper oontained
in the cla*s propose! fb:.
Ail the p per in the several class's mn?t be d liv
erei at such plac*; or placrs asmav be cles'gratei in
Wnshintv.on ity, in good order, fr:e of all and every
#x ra charge or expense, a'd s'Hject to the m peo
tion. count weight, and mea?uren)cnt ot the guper
int-nd-nt, and lei a all respects satisfactory.
blank forms lor proposals wi 1 b? torn shed at
thi? office to persons appiyiag for them; and con ?
will bv taken int"> considoraton uuleec substantial
iy agreeing therewith.
Bonds, with approved securities, will b" required;
and the supplying of an inf-rior article in eoy of
tnrt ?Iaf8--F, or a failure to supply the quantity re
quire! 3t any lime, will be considered a v oiation of
tha rontract
Kach Bidder Is required to furnish with Lis pre
poeals satisfactory evidence of h>s abillry to executa
it, and a? y proposal uaaccompinied with suoh evi
dence will be rejecttd.
Th" proposals will b* opened in the man ar re
quired by law "on the tret Tue6da7 after ihe first
Monday in Tk> ember" next (5th) at 10 o'clock a.m.,
at th* office of '*ie 8ap -riut*ndent.
I'ropcaul-! will be nddres^ed to tho " Sup^rin
ten ioav of the Pubiio Printiau, Capitol ci thaUnited
states. Washington," and endorse i "Proposals for
supplying Paper."
A. 6. ggAMAW,
Snr?:*inten<lsnt of the Public Printing.
?e? 2?eotiMoi
DS. li 0 s a S ; 8
H LSKOTfflK.'BD, bj
vV. Mt'Rg' 'J INTIGORAll^a
' LIXik Oil COi DI \L ?At fii'it oroper
eu tribnted to Pra. LIOitiK'8 IN VIGOltATING
OR COHDI aL we?- de?medfabalcas. The
."-fciico.ten deceived, ecutd ty i btHevc the eimple
* sub ime truths rnnouncrl by thn d!ec<jverer.
But, facte, endeniabie facta ntteatcd by wit. e**9 ot
the higher ciass and cbarao .er, are now triumph
ing o?nr ail Couhts. IN0Rl3>i,LITY 18 OVER
THROWN by a maps of testimony which Is perfectly
To; v-izmremedirt', in ?>i c^ oe^, tl:? deplorable
erils aiisingfrom mn^seor abu;e cf tbe various
organs which to*tr up the vo*-.^*fol mxwhine call?l
It restoree to foil v.gor every d^iioat i tunc
tien connected w,th that reysterions compound
agency of matt-r -nu mind, n^oetsarv to the rtpro
ducti -noj human lift. To persona cf feeble muscu
lar frame, or deficient in vitel power, It is recom
mended hp the enly meune of amipuuicatiog thai
energy which is neces ^ry to the pr.per enjoyment
ol all tbe natural apf ?titea, w?li ss the higher
mental attributes. Its beneficial eiiects are not con
fined to either sex or to any ago. The feeble girl,
the ailing wife, the listiesf. emevated youth, the
overworn man ot Dusinese, the vi :tim of nervous de
SraPsion, the individual suffering from general de
ility. or from the weaiincs: ot a single organ, will
all find inmediata and permanent relief from the
uae oi" rhla incc-mrara'ole renovator. To thoee who
h?ve a pre-H^poaiticc to pairaiysis it wiii prove a
complete and uuiaiMng eui? 'uard age.Ia?t that terri
ble malrjdy. Th^re are taauy, psthaps, who have ao
triuen with tbeir crustituti -on, that they thlna
themselves beyonu the reach of medicine. Let not
even these ce?pair. Tne Lilxir deals with di-^aae as
It exists, without rtf-rence to causes, and will not
only remove the disorderiteelt, but
The derangements of the system, leading to nfr
rous iise? oes, and the forms of nervous disease it
eeli; are so numerous that it would require a column
to "numerate the msladiee for which thi i prepare
ration is a specific. A few, however, may beenume
rated, vis: neuralgia, tic dolcreaux, hca'ache,incip
ient paralyois, hycteri*; palpitation of the heart, spi
na affections muaculerdebility,tremers,flatulence,
a pr?c lug scuaation in tii- fi"sh, ntmbness, torpi i
ity of th Lirer, mental depretjira, we?knete of the
will, indiap j'-tlon ts move, taiata^s alter exercise,
broS- n sleep ti t i terrilj ir.g dreams, inability to it
main in on?* p'Ace r position, vcaknese oi the pro
creative orrane, seza U incompetency, melancholy,
monomeuia. tiuor albas, nking at the stomscb, Pi
male IrrcguiaiitiiKi, a ciironic icndency to mircar
riage, emroiation, vnd all crmplaints growing out oi i
a re? indul. ence of the pas&onB, and all barronnerte
thut doci net procc.^1 from organic Cuusas beyond
the r^ach of medicine.
Whenever the organs to be aotcd upon are iree
from malfcruidtioE or rrtrfctural diseases it ia averred
will replace wea^uesa with strength, incapacity with
efficiency, irregularity with uniform and natural ac
tivity, and this not only without hazard of reaction,
but with a happy effect on the general organisation.
4t#*Bear in minuth&ijUl maiadit*, wherever they
begin, fimtk with the nervous system, and that the
paraiisation of the nerves or motion and i-ensation is
physical death. Btur in mind also, that for every 1
Kind of nervous disease the Ellaei* Ouxdial la the
only reliable preparation known.
Da. Moaea'a IiwiaoRArma Cordial has been coun
terfeitoo by some unprincipled persons.
In future, all the genuine Cordial will have the
proprietor's fas simile pasted over tne coik of ejflb
bottle, and the 'ollo?ing words blown in the glass
Dr., Morsa'i lavlcoratlag Cordial.
C* H? Kino, Proprietor, Jf.Y#
99" Tbe Ocrdial fs put op hlgbly concentrated, in
pint botUee.
Price,?Jd per bottle; two fttr $6; sis tor $13,
0> H. RING, Proprietor,
192 Broadway, New 7ork.
Bold by Druggists throughout the United States,
Clan arias, and West Indies.
Washington?Z. D. OILMAN.
Baltimore?8. 8. HANOE.
r-t ?r Sft?wK
E^OtilSrl Blb:es and Enisoopal Prayer Bjatab %
large asaor ment in rich and elegant bladiflg,
just reo iTed and for s?le at very low p ieesby
pot X Bridge Street, Georgetown,
Or. Cancer Eoot.
Prepared by J. L. KIPWELL, Chemist, George*
town, D. 0.
The estimate that is now accorded thl.* prepara
tion by the iredioal profe^on and br oth-?t s com
petent to judge of its merit3, may be seen Id the
feet th*t It has b?>en presorfh-d by it nay of oar
mo-?t eminent Physicians in this country, and he8
attracted the attention of a celebrated profession ol
the Bdinburg College, Scotlmd, by whom i* has
been successfully u>ed in a career of an aggravated
The proprietor has been forced to i?flko more ex
tensiva arrangements to meet the rapidly increasing
demand for Bbech Drop.
VlWCWptES, I?I>IA*TA, Oct. 3,1864.
J. L. Kldwell?Dear Fir: Boire three moDthe ago,
through th? agency of Col ?n?ith M>llerrour sour
Bentanbn in Congrea*, I had purchased of yon. for
the use of my father in Scotland one dozen "ottles
ot Beech Drop or Cancer Preparation. 1 have a let
ter from my brother, stating that the physician de
sires you to forward another dozen bottles. He
thinks under its una the di ease id arrested. I may
add that mv father h?ia tried every physician of rtis
tiooHon in Scotland and England. iccluding t'rof rt
sora of Ediuburg and Collleges. withour relit.r. The
disea-e was of three years standing, began in t*e
right cheek, which is partially consumed. lie wpb
a sufferer with constant pain, which ba? entirely
left him. ,
This casa will give your preparation a popularity
in Britain which no o'her medicine his. Direct to
William Dick, Esq, Collydean, by Leslie Scotland,
in care ol Messrs. Pen'oed, Clay 4 Co., Druggists,
M. Yorfc, wh. will forward it. JAMES DICK.
Mr. Flint is a man of groat influence in his county,
and will with ple?sure communicate with any on*
in reference to his case.
Oauaway Count?, Missocei, )
July 13th, 1854 >
Dear Sir?With great pleasure I into-.m th*t your
preparation of Beech'Drop his accompli hed for me
what I thought beyond tin rea^h of human a?encj.
Por the last twelve years I Lave been afflicted with
Scrofula of a Cancerous form. So extec ive was the
uloers and so horrible m? np^ea'ance that my cas*
b<>cam-* notorious with nil the Faculty in this and
the adjoining counties?In iact I hud obtained th^
best medical aid in our State, witnout aov abate
ment of the disease. Through a f iend I procured
a half dojscn bott'es of your Beech Imp, afi'-r using
it. so perfect was the cure, ( hut hnnd-e is visited me
My denre is to benefit my fellow nsan; with 'ha*
purpoc I beg all affii tad with Scrolula in auy form
tcueait. . ,
Enclosed you will fin J aa order from some friends
for the preparation. Very trmy,
For Bale by I'rugglst - and TValers in Meuicinet in
Washington, Alexandria, and Baltimore.
oct 14 -dSm
THE great experience and well known skill of
Prof McCuntock is a sufficient guaranty to the
Kubllc that thn following list of Medicines, such us
ave been constautly used in his pra> tice tor the
las: thirty years, will fully sustain by their effen?s
the valuable qualities attributed to them, and
prove to be the best Medicines ever offeree to the
I. Dr. McClintock's Pectoral Syrup.
An invaluable remedy for Bronchitis ?'oa;-urap
tion, and all chronic dls-ases of the throat and
tunqs. In all de*p seated c mplaints of the culn"'
naty organs it ha" proved the must safe, eertnin,
and rapid remedy ever employ-*! in ttte extensive
practice cf Dr, McClintock For any of theee forms
of disease, snowitg themselves as Cough, Tickling
of the Throat, Basse of Tiehtncas in the lhroit,
Spitting ot Clood, Difficulty of Breat 'ng Hoarse
ness or Loss ofVoic?, and liectic Fever, its use will
be attended rdth the happiest results, while it is
pleasant to the palate and strengthening to the
whole syetrji. It contains no !^?Utnn or opium
In aay shape. Price $ per pint fe&ttic
II. Dr. McClintocVs Cough
An infailib'.a cure for recent Gsugbe, Tiohling of ]
the Throat, Tightness of Creating, Croup in Chil
dren, Ac. It ocnta'ni no preparation of opium.
Price 25 oenta per bottle.
III. Dr. McClintoclc's Astkma and Hoop
ing Cough Remedy.
An almost instantaneous rc-lieifor these ufctresa
ing oomplainte. This is tbs fruit of an immea^e
experience, end is aoumishing in its effects. No per
son need Buffer a day from Asthma or Hooping
Cough who will use it. Price 60 cents pe?* bottle.
17. J)r, McClintock's Dicrrhza Ccrdio.l
and Cholera Preventive.
A prompt and certain cme for Diarrba:*, Dysen
tery, and Cholera Morbus in all stages. A sure pre
ventive ol Asiatic Ohoiftia, which no Uavtier or
family should be without. Price 'J6 and &0 ceutr
per bottle.
V. Dr. MtCiiniocWt Tornii AlUrctive
Tor purifying tLn blooi. The m?t r.orrerfal pu
rifler ever dUccvsred- For r!1 Rcrofulous diseases,
Akin difesae?, Eruptions, Foils, P'onpleg, Krysip^l&s,
Ulcern, ?oro Legs, and ail P.heumatic and Evphilitiu
complaints, &c. It is a most excellent spring medi
cine, perfectly palatable, and &afe for children or fe
males. Price (pint Bottle*) $1.
VI. Dr. AlcClintoclc's Dyspeptic Elixir.
Dyspepsia, or dioorder ^d di^ <srion, may be called
the National Disease of AmMrica. Its symptoms are
headache; giddiness; nervou-nens; low spirits; dim- I
neat of vision, with motes or specks before the eyes; i
iicbing of che nostrils; dullness of hearing an,( ring- |
ing in the ears; disagreeable taste in tee mouth;
ooni trictkm or weight about the oiiorft; di&iculty of
breathing; s^nse of suffocation in lying dotiru, or in
asceoding stairs; palpitations, or uneasy feelings
about the heart; irregulir or deticient appetite^
ee.-iee of sink ng at the stomach; acidity; heartburn;
pain or lullners of the abdomen, and cc3tivenesp.
. ome of these symptoms always appear in Dy pep
sin; and sometimss the same patient has m^ny of
them s.t the same time, or at differ-nt times. For
attacking the^e Protean symptoms in their , *at and
source, vis: deranged condition of the di^eetive funo
tions, the Dyspspt'c Elixir combines all the valuable
ingredients which the Vegetable Kingdom affords,
i'ak'u in connection with the Veg table Purgative
Pills, in cases where there is much co^tiveness, or
wi'Ji the Anti-Bilious Pills, whera the functions of
the liver are irregularly uisch -.r^ed, it will be found
a most effectunl remedy Price (in pint bottles.)$1.
VII. Dr. McCUnlock's Rheumatic Mix
Vr>x internal use; a purely vegetable combination
for the cure of Rheumatism, Gout, and all Neural
gic and llheumatic Diseasts. Ihis rem dy is off> red
with the utmost confidenca. It Lju D?en usea most
sxUnsively, and is as near a Specific for Uheumu :ic
Diseadea as the world has ever seen. Price per bot
cL 60 oentd.
VIII. Dr. MiClinlock't Rheumatic Lini
An infallible outward application for the relief of ]
all rheumatic or neuralgic p?in;>; sprains, swellings,
etlff neck, stiffneiis of the joints, pains in the ahoul
lars, b&ok, or llrab . It afforoa iimmediate r lief
from cholic and paiue In the stomaoh t*nd abdomen.
As a counter irntant, it is invsluab.e in all cases
where en oxtexnui btimuluat ia neevLI. Price (po?
bottle) 60 cents.
IX. D/. 3kCUnlock'2 Anodyne Mixture,
Or Paiu-Extra.. tor,usod internally and exter ally,
for the instaut relief of ali pains, Toothache, Head
ache, HioHc, Ague in the Face, Ohilblaiua, Neural*
<ia, ti tona or Qravel, kc., 4c. No pain ae?u ba en
dured a moment by a :y person who will u-e this
invaluable Anodyne. Price 50 cants per botttle.
X. Dr. McClintocVi Fevir and Ague
This ha* been found an infallible specific for this
scourge of new countries, and fur intermittent
fevers. No traveller or resident in any ague (lis
triot should fail to provide themselves with this sure
preventive- Price $1 per bottle.
XI. Dr. McClintock's Vegetable Purga
tive PUls,
For the relief of Constipation and its painful re
sults, snob as Headache, Dullness, Sic* Stomach,
Pains, and all the symptoms enumerated under the
"Dyspeptic Elixir." Price *io cants per box.
XII. Dr. McCiirdocUi Pill*,
For Liver Complaints, and all forms of diseases
arising from derangement of tha liver, with symp
toms such as Dizsinass, Hoadaohe, Ringing in the
(tare, yellow furred tongue, pain in the right shoulder,
sense of fullness or pain in the right side, disordered
stoujaoh or bowels, deficient action of tne kidneys,
clay-colored stools, Ac. Thaw Pills, if taken in the
insipient stages of Bilious u*d Ywlow or other
Fevers, will generally ward off the attack. Price
26 cents per box.
Toe above Medicines may be procured of all the
principal Druggists and Apothecaries in this Dis
criot, and of J. L. Hjwsiut, Agent, Washington,
sep 18?Ore
New York, Texas, California,
New Jersev, Louisiana, Missouri,
Pennsylvania, A lab,ma, Kentucky,
Maryland, G orgia. Michigan,
Mame, Wisconsin, Ohio, and
Minnesota, Florida, other States,
attorney por CLAIMS, AND
Washington Place, near Odd- Fellow*' Hall,
SEVENTH STREET. Waghjwtqn, V. C.
? BorW-iy
PACIFIC, Capt. N' ?f
13 4LTI0, r*pt. 0?f stock,
ADRIATIC, Cipt. Grafton.
These ships have been built by contract, expr^e -
ly for Government service; every <yr* has been
taken in their oon?truciion, as in tne Engine* to
in?>ar? strength and sp-el. and their aoccmmoda*
ticng for p&ssengers are unequalled for eiejrance
and comfort.
Pr-e of nasiage frcai New York to Liverpool, in
? first eab:n...... .$130
S-'cnd Cab n .- 70
Exclusive use of extra ;: ze state rooms 300
From Liverpool t* New York ?30 and ?20.
An experienced surgeon &ttaofc?d to each ship.
No berth can he secured until paid for.
For freight or pa*?apre ap^ly to
66 '?Vail Htreet. Ne? York.
15 Kine's ?rc! Vard, tondon.
'M Rue Notre Dame dug Yi< toh eg, Paris.
GEO n PBAPtcB, Havre.
The ownerJ of lhe e rli'ps will not ba accountable j
for tfolJ, silver, bullion, cp ci?, je elty, precious
i=ton?? or icet^ls, utiles* bills ?>f lidinn are s'gned
therefor, an ine v&iu-: thereof thw.'eiu fxpresf-d.
nAv Ifi?dly
? -rr- ^ The following are the hours of de
of the only reliable ste m
f-ny tout plying between AViandria and Wafihiig
The steamer George Pnge will leave Washington
daily, at b%, 8. 9^ 11^, a m. 1. 3, 4*, P m.
Wil' l.'nve Alex ndria at 7l?, 8%, 10%, a. m., j
12a . 2 4. 5^ p. m.
liisomnibu es * !1 leave the corner ot Pennsyl
vania evenu- nnd Seventh street, to connect with
the Boat, at 6,1%, 9^. 11, a. m., 12%. m., 2%. and
VA, P m
H'h o -?nibuse<< will connect T*ith all cars arriving
at, and departing from, Washingf?n and Alexan
nov 6? fcf
On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854,
IlK Cars 'enve Ahxsndri* da, ty tor Gnons
I vil e aud iate m di te tations at 7jtf o'c!' cfc, j
a. m., o the *rrsva! ol the b:at trm W*fhingter. |
giving amnle timi f r break:"ist o i board C^t
ne ting at Mana -a* .Tunet ?n with a tr^o lor Strae^
"urg. at Wa-ren rn .'c otion wit a tram for War-1
ronton, an i at Gordonsv lie vith ih? tr*irs n thf
Ykainla ? er.t:al fcaiiroa.. fu Richmond,CharloUef
tille, ?nd SUun'on
The c??-s leav.^ G^rdrns^ii e d?ilv for Alex*vdr >
and intermeaiufi Mai ions. at before '2 a. ra., ori
tte arrival of the trains o the Vi giiilaCetital rai
read from Hichmopo. Ciarlot e?vilU. and Staunton
T ROUG I rl< Kt.TS
From Alexandria to Warrenton $2 00
41 <4 Gor'o^sviMe 3 ?0
" " Char otte8Tille 4 25
" " Srauatof 6 90
" " Ptra-hurg 3 60
" " L\i>chburg 6 76
" " Winch stT 3 6<>
u 11 Lurny 4 26
44 Ne.w H-?r" t 6 00
" " Mid Mnug 2 26
For Lynchburg, crnneotii g ? th the s'age?? a
Charlottesville, on Mondays, WednePiay*, and pr
F r Lurav ?n J New v?ark t connecting with th
8 ages at Culp per, on Tuesdays, Thw*days, and Sat
F r Winc*???ter daily, connecting with the stage
at Pied oont
For Viddlebnrg dai}y, connecting with the stage
at the Plaius.
Per order: W. B. BROOKErT, Agent,
nov 7??ltf
^Fare round trip f 1; from Alex
andrit 7tT ucuta ?'Ihe i HuMAa COi.LYER leavet
Washing on a 9 and \lcxanaria at 9^ o'clock.
Coach?* leave the Capitol for tte boat at 8# o'clk
Coach f ire 0 cents.
Per; on- willing the Cojicheg will leave their reti
dence with G*o. 4 Thos. Par her.
Refi-^phment^ on th? boa*
pot 28 _dtf __ _ 5?AM'L OEI)\wY. Capt.
'iRilNa I.UN AS Fi>LL'S:
IE AYF daily, except fcunday, at 6 and 8# a. in
j a di) end ft p m.
Cn Sun jay at 6 a m F.n1 6 pm.
The tr*in m, 5 p rn is etpresa, a'd stop^ only *t
At>iiac>olis Junction aud ne:ay; the cxhers at a>J
way tta ion -
Tritini at 8>^ji m and 2 p m, connect with An
Trains n!6 ira and 5 pm, connejt with West.
Do do 6 and 8am ano 6pm do. Eapt
Far" from Waihin^'on lo BtltiuiOr* $l 60
Do d > di, and return 2 Ot
Dj d> Annapo'is 1 CI
Do do do., and re urn 2 0
Leave Baltimore at 4^ and 9 am; and 6 and fc j
p m
On Sunday at 4*' and 5 p u.
Th? rourd trip tickets must in all casea be pro
cur-4 at the efflee. and are jood lor the day upOL
which thev are iesued
je 24?itf T H. PARDONS?, Agent.
IHE sub crib^r, iut nding fo ctangt hs bu.~i
ne-s, off.i-s for toil , at B iitimor-a prices, a< d
on accommodating terms, his entire atock of Lun
t<er, equal in quality and quantity to any m ilii
Districi 11 Ting pu cbascd bUno^t exclusively f.
ciu-h, and wishing t > cto e out by the 1st of Jat.u r\
I can and will seil as low as th** same quality car.
be bought in ihi market tor c^sh aud givetne pu
cka'-erH tim- for uot-s satistac orily se-jus-ed, wit)
in er?*8t I hav? now o h&ni?
260,0<>0 fact Albany vVbite fine*
700 000 do bu<u|uehanaa do
100,00J So dregh.dand undres-ed Carolina and
Piastern Shore Flaring
200,<K>0 fe-t Wlute cud Yellow Pine Elding
(JOJ.OO'J ' aths
100,00<) Shingles
t?0 000 Pick; ts. Chestnut and Ce^ar Posts
A Urge ao'ortmtnt of Eastern Shore North Caro
lina Spruce avd Ileuilock Joist Scantling anc
100,000 tubt Ht'nl rk Raiis for fencing
Together with a large stock of Afh, Poplar, Cher
ry, ai d *alnut
A ho, a full car^o of sea?oned P^neacola F.oorin;
jus' rfccei.eJ, equal in every respect to any ev i
brought to this market, which m&> be Sien at Ag.-r
A MuLane's Mill
The wharf a ad warehouse known as " B sgdenV
Wharf," will be .'or rt>at on th^ 1st of Janua y next
It hau been put in c mplete order,h?a a water tront
ot upwards of live hundred feet, and twenty feet
depih of water at low t.de. It is beyond question
the mo.-t desir-ble whart proper y in rh's District
All persons ndebtel io me are re<;i;e8 ed to settle
their accounts at onoe, eitho.* h<r c<.-ii or cotes at
shortdacea. TUt-ODOltS HOSHEU,
nov 10?lm* Blagdcn's Wharf.
r. a. DAVEDG2,
A.Uormojr and Co??,S6llor>^e>La?fj
Virginia New York !?aine
Kentucky, hewJeresy Iiliooia
Lomisian^, Misetsai M Oonncctioat
Ma^'-achuaetts Maryland Peuuayivaalt
Florida 1 Enneseee Alabama
Iowa ? eorgia Califi rnia
Arkanau 8 Carolina fto.,
Conveyancing in all itB branch96 promptly and
accurately executed..
Otfioe, Loulsiaaa avenue, opp. Fifth street,
oct t6- dly
ejtoiwiti'owfl suuha&tT
Rev. Wm. J. Clark, U
Mm. a. ii.
I^BLK duties of this Seminary will ba reeumed en
FRIDAY, 8?pt> mber 1st.
The onnrse of studies actually pursued in this In
atitution embraces a higher and more thorough
range than that pursued in any otner Female Sem
inary in the Union.
The location of the 8eminary is remarkable far its
salubrity. The buildings are large, the rooms cap*
doiiE, and the ground* for recreation a;s very i
Terms lor boarding pupils, $300 per session of 10
months, payable on the 1st o September and 1st ol
February. This charge includes boaroing, tuition
in English and Mathematics, room rent, fuel, light*
and wast ing. Music, French, Spanish, Ac. Drawing
and Painting extra.
Day eanoiars rrom td to $10 per quarter, aoeerdlng
to the tlaaees which th?y enter..
Reference is made to Dr. Grafton Tyler, Captain
Geo. F. de la Roch , W G. Ridoely, Esq., W Hunter
1- *? Francis Dodge, Esq,
rtobert P. Dodg-, Esq., and Dr. 0. M. UnthJcuiL
Georgetown, D- 0-i and to Joe. E. Rradley,*Eeq^
Aaron C- Dayton, Esq., and Mr. Fitahngh Coyle,
Washington, D. C.
Jy 14?-tt (Inte] A Union)
PUTMAM'S W A O AZ1MK fr Dumber.
B0T 88?tl
llfo. M4.J
By tha Pr?ild?nt of til* Ualtad iUtW
IN parttu?c(*fl of law.!, Franklin PWc.s PreeiJeut
of the United states of Amerksv do hereby do
clam and make known that public *?!?*? of the
tious en*! pa^ts ?*f section#, being all those bearing
odd numb r?, wh ch remain to tba U^Hed
wit' in six xil*-* on each side ol t* ? Smthwest f act/'
ic railroad, in the State ot Musocu, suhje t to bale
at two dollars anrf fiftv cents per a re a* p^oriaed
by fhe act of 10th June. 18->2, entit'ed "An act
granting the ;ig?'t of way to the State of Missour1,
and a portion of the public land*, to aid in the con
st met Sen of c?r a?n railroads in 8a'd State." and ee
pe inlh excepted from graduation ??t j pries? by the
set of 4th Aug >st. 1-64, win bo h-ld at the under
mentioned 1 <nl offioes in Mid State at the periods
hereinafter dp;lfn*ti4) to wit:
At the land offioe at Pt. l-ons, commencing on
Monrfftv, the fifteenth day of Jaruny next, for
the di.-po*al of the vacant public lands within euch
sections *'i I part* of woti W fcexrincj odd
t'o?* referred to ae are Mrualed within Ifci ?i4ar
mentioned town?hips. vi*:
North of the bate l**r art east of the fifth principal
Townships forty, foryone, forty-two, aril forty
three, ofrat)g?on?
Townships forty-one, forty-two, forty-three, and
forty four, range two
Trwn?b'ps forty two. forty three, Jnrty-four, and
forty five, rars? rh-ee
To* nnbipe forty-tnr-'e, forty-four, asd foriy-fire, of
Town- hips forty three, forty-four, forty five, and
ft-rty-rx, rang fi ??*
To mh p- forty three, forty-four, forty fivo, and
forty-fix, -artr^ mx
T<iwi.8bip-/Wy-/ott)-. forty fire, and forty-sUy of
ringe seven.
North of the base line and west of tkefifth principal
Town?hip= thrrty-nin* forty, fottj-one, forty-tirik,
an>1 forty-three r<ngeone
Towns! ipf- thirty-nine 'Orty, firty oil*, hn I forty
two, rang' two
Town hips thirty eight, thirty-nine,.for/;/, and for
ty-one, range three
Townshipsthirty-eight, thirty-nine, and forty, of
range five
Trwnr-hips thirty ei?ht, thirty-nine, and forty, cf
range five
Towns: ipsthirty-eightan 1 thirty nine. olrarg"ix
Township* thirty eight aud thirty-nine, cf rang-1
Townships thirty-eight and thirty-nine, of range
Township thirtycght, cf r- npre nine
Township thirty-eight, of range ten.
At the land ofii<v at Jacxion, commencing on
Vton'lay, the eighth daj of January next, for the
disposal of the vacant public le^da in such of the
odd number, d sections >tbo*e ref jrr--d to, as are eit
a it. d in the following townships, rix:
North qf the bate line an* west oj tbe fijth principa
Township thirty $ev n, rail* four ,
Township titirty-seven, range fiv:
'l'ownship thirty-sere*-, range >-ix
T<wn(-hio> thiity,six and thirty seren, ian?e seven
Towubhip* thirty-six and thirty term, of ra ge
iownships thirty six an I ihiit7*ev?n, range tune
Tow ship? thirty five, thirty six, and tbiny-eeven
?f rauge tea
At the land officse at f iiiTON, commencing cn
0 id*y, the ei htiwoth day ol De-ember uext, for
ht dispo??l of the t caat putii c lands within nuch
f the'k!1 numbered s-cuods a'ore refwred to as
in* Ritua'.tKlin the following nauied townships. Til:
North of the base line and loest of the fifth pnnci-1
pal mrrvdian.
Townships thirty five, Jiirtjr-eix, thirly-iercn, an3
hir y eight r- owe eleven
Towns ip thi ty fiv, thirty >ix, and th .-ty-seitn,
HD/e t?eive
Towuship" thirty-five thirty six, and thirty-?..'re?,
?ngf th>r een
Townships thir'y-five and thirty-seven, rang'- four
Townfhips thirty-five and thirty-six, rangejfiueen.
Township ihi'tyfiv*, range rix een
At the land oflftcp at "rRi qfulp, commercing on
tonday, ;be eighteen h day "f d-pteiuber ii?>xt, for
he dldpf>ea! of the va -ant public lands w.th n ?uch
f tli^ odd number^ < wvoi1 ivere erred to, aear?
?ituated in the following unmed townsbivR-t"
North of the base line. and we:! of thtf.fCh pr-sip*
Township thirty-four, ranee twelve
T wn-h'p thirty-four, raag-rhirteen
T. wnship thirty four raniie fo- rteen
Town-hi? s thirty >hre' a d thirty /w,rang* m
Townships thirty, thi-tyone, thirty two, tbirtj*
three, and thirty-ic>ur. ra i?e sixte?n
Townt-hips twenty nir>e thirty, thirty one. U?5; ty
two, thirty-t r?-e. ?n?1 thirty-four, o range i-eiet1#en
Town-hi.s twenty n^ne. thirty, thirty-one, thirty
'wo, thirty three a j thi tyfour, rsng - ?-i=h een
Townships twenty nine, tnir-.y, and thirty-ore, of
range nnetrea
Township" tutnly-eignt, twenty-nine, thirty, and
' irty-one. rurge t * nty
Towos. ip8 twenty right. t*>nty-idne, 2nd thirty,
rang- twenty-one
Township* twenty sev'-n,twenty-eight, twenty-nine
Mid thirty, ran^e t #en j-tv o
Yown-tdpa twenty sr.x twrdy-seven, twenty-efglif,
'wentymne, and thirty, range twenty-tlma
Townsh ps twiityfive, twenty six iwe ty-?even,
'weuty-eight, und twenty-nine.. ra=.ge t?ei ty-four
Townsoips twenty-five, twenty-six, tweniy-seven,
?nd twenty eight, rainte tweaty.fiTc
Tawnsbipe tweu y-jlve, tweaty-hix, and twenty-sev
?n, range twe> t>-?ix
Township s twenty five, twenty-eix, and autiiti-xi*
en, raage twecty-^evea
Townxhii s twenty-iIv, twenty-eix, and twenty sec
en, ran^e tw D'y-eignt
Towi ships ho'tUy five, twenty six, and twrt^ set*
en, range twenty ntoe
Townshii s vxniyfive, twenty-six, and twenty-sev
en, ranj<e thirty
Townships twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty iix and
twenty-seven, rang- ihirty-one
lo*TJshU>s twenty,our, twenty-five, and twf&y
nx, r?ntie thirty-two
Oownships twenty-four, tweoivtjve, and twenty
tlx, rung* thirty th ee
Towaihipe twenty-thre^ tioenty-four, twenty fixe,
and twenty-six ran. e tnirty-four
Notice is a'?o hereby gi^en that the lands situated
sutside cf the six nUlelimits of the *">ove road, which
viil be suiject to tnt.y at one dollar a"d rveniy
ive cents per acr^, th- ordisarv c;lai^?uin pri<?e of
he publie lands, or (U foi aciuai settlement and
?-empti"n) at h- prueg prescribed by the gradu
ation -ctof the 4th August, 18M, in Uje t<>l c wing
iiuned o* nehips, in the district or lando suhject to
<ale at 8t Lorn^, >?i?>o"ri, which, on account ol
huir be-ng reserved To * tha p-opoaed iron Moan*
ain and Missiisippi r-rer railroad, were intention.
k'l> ouiiit.-d ia public notic-s? No-. 61? and -ii2, for
che restoration of lands of thia character, wi?l be
-ubj-ci t? -ptry and locaU -u on ai.d a'ter Mondcy,
h? six'eenth uav of October next, on th- tern.^ and
ouditionx and in t'ie manner prescribed in said ro?
cice, No. 617, to ?it:
North of the base line and toext of the f.ft\ frinipal
To\? usnipa thirty-eight and thirty-nine, of range
North of Hie base line and east of the. fifth principal
met id tan
Township* thirty-..ine, forty,forty-one, rf,3i? one
Townsh ps thir y-nine, fjrty, fo7^-VH<r, aud forty
two, range two
Town 'uipsjbrty, forty one, and forty-two, range
Townships forty one, forty-two, forty-three, and
forty five, range four
ToWDehip* forty one two. forty-three, and
forty five r?ngt> fi^a
Town h?pb forty-two, forty three, and forty four,
range six
Townships foity three and forty-four, r-r ?.nge
Th* townships ueaijnated by touianletters
are v.'holiy within the liin'td ot ''six se-tiocs
width n each fide of said rotJ," and thoae in Uahcs
are partly, witbin ?aid limitt, ae obsignated on the
dia. ram- which were furnished to the rerpeetive
district land offices by the Commissioner of the Gen
| era Land t ifioe.
rhe landa will be sold, subject to the 0j Wuj.
granted by sa d act ot 10th June, l-Si^ror the eon
verneit coL^truction an't us? cf eaid eosd as a pub
j liohi_hway for trans^ rta?i.>n," and theref re the
particular tracts through which th- r^ad pawee will
b aodasointainlngihefu.l (juantitie^ w shown
hy the offlc.a p atu.
Ths tecti >ns wi.l be off->ifrl a the order in which
they ire advertised; eaih sal- will b? k*pt open for
a sufflcient time to admit ot olJering all the lands,
bwt not e> seed ng t?o weeks ana sppliraUons to
m k? i ri a w et.iries of the brndi- offer."d uncer thin
rr clamaticn wiil net ou reoeired until aftjr the
olosuof the public sale.
Qivea ub ier my band, at the city of Washington,
this fif-eunth day of ^eptecit r, Anno Domini one
thousand eight hund^u and fiftv-four.
By the President:
J08 r. WrLSON,
Acting Commissioner of Oenwal Land Office
Under the act of Congress approved 3d March.
1853, entitled *'\n aot to extend pre emption right#
to oertaln lands therein mentioned," the pre-emp
tion laws were estende ovpr the abovemeutioae
alternate odd num >ere t sections wh?re ih- s?ttla
ment an<l improTcment were m^de prio- t > th date
of allotment, if nr Ten pp and p it for at th* rate
of (wo do Urs ana fifty oeats per acre, before th<
aay fixed t >r the pubtio sale, and th aet approved
27th March, 18>4. eutitl? l 'An act for the relief t
settlers on lauds reseivel for r^iir^Ml purio<e6,"
persons who ?eitlei asd ,ap ovei tt>? above mined
sections t.rior to th- d4?e of with r iwal wi'l be a
Utiei to pr- emptions at toe ordiuury miuimuta
price of the publie ltnde, or at tha rat- of one dol
lar aud tasnty-tive cents per 6re, if proves up anc
Si d for hefore ^e day llxei ;or public sa e. o
r? every parson entitled to the right of pw-eaption
to any of iie al'ernate o d noatored tecti'.ns aboye
mentioned, under the aet if 3d Mar.h, 1854, a bore
raferred to. on settlemtnts made prior to tie 18th ol
Maroti| IQH (the data of aliotmeat) or under tha
?etoftT+hkUfeh, 18*4. on settlements Bade prior
to the date of wtfhdranoal of the lands from BiikH,
likewfcw ?rm*y ptnn *n*#Md to nr*-e?- pt^on nndet
th?a-tof rth **?mh, IS 4, oa any of the *****
land* ovtsidr offfutix UmUr, directed to be r?
* tore a to entry on t*e rixtatr t:. day of Ortobrr
n-xt, at 8t. L>uK is required to eaub'tsh th#
same to the sattefi^tion of the r**i*Vr and
reeHrer of the pr per l-n1 MBce, and make payment
therefor at toon at practical*' after treing thit nohv.
Hid before the day appointed for the commertoement
of the public sale of the l*nds embracing ?be tract
olaimed . otherwise iucb claim *i'i be fbrfWted.
Acting Oomrabwioner of General Land Oflee.
eep 19?l?w1?w
PrtlLAUUfHlA AUVfcRTlSltekNlS.
JO HP v. IMlDFKi Dealer In Miner, at the
former old established Wme Sort of JACOB
SNIDER, Jr^ No. Tti Walnut street, fbnrdoor*
low fourth street, where emtunert will be supplied
wltv. WltrrSmi LIQUORS oa tie est acormmo
latinc term*
JACOB SHIDEU, Jr., A?nt for he Im
portation ol FOR EMS WISES, Offer No. 70 WeV
aut street, Philadelphia, wbeie he w- jT?parod to
re^eKe orde;? for tb? special Imp-i-tntUx of Wines,
Atft-m Tijriou* boures in fturope, io qaantitw* cf
? single do ten and urwar&i: urf ais? solicits for hie
Ron, JOHN VAUGhAN FN FDKR, the patrrnace of
bis friends end former cr.?tnm?re
All Wircr orderr.'t fr-r V. ashing f u will be de
lirerfd b? Kxpreep/rer <J freight. jr 8?13
DOCTOR rGltt&fel.F.
The Ir^ieth Id!''on. w th
One ncrdred Kagrevinp*
i liOw'.ug Pir^rtje huJ L?1
formations cf cbe Uujun
System iu rrfry "tape and
if ?*w?ra iw, fbm. To which le edded a
4t . 'V* Tr**tf*e on the Wersees of
? l??> ii."* Females, being eftfce hlgh
- T^tgf )F$ est import*? ? to tas :*tr ^
> f?' people, or ?b-tae o ntfm
ci-'iig*. By
WM. 1, I SO, M. K
Lf no fatbn. br **L*i&ed
to ;rft?nt 6 r~?y of tb>
MSCJLAPJV3 to his ohi'd
It iray eare him Ircm as
earlv ?KT?. Let no rscag man or ?woiasn enter jr.
to the Bfwft olniratiom ri mr-mi'd ILie wiiu.ut
rcadi'rr the PCCn LT A^OULAPJL.?. Let no cl?
srffwrit'j a ! wkni"d Cough, r?fn ?a the rid*,
reetiead n^his, n;'rvou? foel^n^n, erd the whole train
of Bynpeptic eerrutloi.?, and pi\?-n cy> by tbrr F':T
aician, be eri'.Ue: m^m'Tit, witlu.ut eoculttrs th?
S?<:CLAU 11??e !>?; raerr'-d. or t'ooee abet t
to be rrariit i tn? is^edimett, ;ts> '.hla tru!y uef?
fu! toe* ftdit t aflheta tb? zn'uOf of e*Ting tb<-U:?
ai.ds cf tw.'ot'i ff crea':ifs frtm tbe \er? ;t r!
?r.*n- vemn ee^ilnj, rWENTY-tlTl TLK19
encTcsel fc a !?il?r, wiT rewlte c..e ocpy of tbie
~c rk tj ip Uj or fife coj te v!U l?f ;; ntfor One i)o'
A4dr?M. (post p?ld) DIV- W?I. YCUi>0;
No. Oirc" rtretl, PU'adeiplilA.
ap IE?ly
J? , PAPKR HAROB, vo. 481, c-r er ci louin
an? areime eni Sixth etr^et, Washington, D. C,
Fnrrltur^ ri paired and rarniehed. C? pef cut,
fitted, tnd irade.
Ccitaius, Lonnpetsam* Mattreeees nade.
OooO rtfcrencee given.
F. D. ?o ci'a s share of r atroneg? of tbe public,
and pl-^gpf to do hi* work a~ ntat and cht-ap acv
otb^1* e Ubliebment in t- e city. noT 7?lm*
TOE oftud of"Ti e Invntors' Protection Nativnai
l'nlcnw i? en Tth err?tt, opp^eite tbf E?ft Per
dco of tbe Pet?ct Office, and ie now ready t attend
to tfca buxicor-fi of its c^mbera, nfecelv: Ja rr ik'n?
examination1 anu eoSkitins patmce, kc
Ii?Tcntr?r? are invited If. 'all and gtt & copy of the
Constitution r.kd By V*w"i, and wiere *ej info;ma
tiori v ill be girtr. f-r? j-ot dug tbe I'cicn
All letters > d bufiit.^"1 cust be dir strd tc tbU of
9ce, vhere rtten?lcr. will given >cin.ed5etely.
A mod'>'"? fbop is la eonnocticc vritb the "office,
?rhtre n-cd ilR car be caie to order at tie shortest
aofce T. G. CLAYTON,
ar 10?1y Present I. ?. N. U.
HClTEEPEPIfU? a&d otherc are remlndod thai
tbs foilowLsg list of articlee ?re of tbe very
beti.d<&*ripticu, and cau be ^orcbaaed from the *t,ie
?cTfb?r or. i*. lew tenae ae any other bouee in tte
city A large aa?.'rtxeen* and eapply always ca
Ofla cf ail ktvit QueaccWeri
labile hmiiU
tiam^hice Ciotii
Tu'.p<c??se CbrAjhM
window aiirt
Cbms Tfciie?
Keribsaware JJrittannia Wa:s
GlafcJ t
Goods sent to ary of the city fTjeo'f chaiv#.
Oountry dt^lers ail! do well to oalI.
?th Btr^at. epp Se'den * Wither?1 Ban",.
laar 17- tf
l a ?' L are now receiving the largest stock of GjlB
fv FIXTURES ever offered in thia city, ccc.
pri<di g every yaricty of Jty e ai d tn'.sc. Tbe* h*v -
been Holected from tbe ccloLrated factory of C.in~
(ins A Co., Philadelphia, an 1 in?lud? all ot their
fatter La.
Owing to a reduction in pr.'oe in Oae SixUree we
tr? now prepare to turnlsn then at a lees rate than
they have ever yet bete eold here or eist^bere.
To keep p?c with the shove improvuuut lb?;
orloe of gae <ubiug ba<) been materially reiuoai,
tnd our iacreaf?-d fuciiitiee warrants us in eajle^
that we are piv^ared ?nJ can execute eny wark w ?
may uadert*fee cheeper and better tLav any f' tfr
Mtabliehmeut io tbts' city.
j. W. THOMrBON A Br n
Plumbing A Qa* ittiag KataU* ,1,'^,^.
i and 11th fte.
oct 1?.?dtJ*cl
O W. BaO^M.>0f Mn,.fc?nt Tailor, la
JL ? &v6nu^, tii?? Tlr*5???^, c? - * ? *- -
7<jiTe<i ne,<r kail ar.d Winter good- iu ^r> it JO
variety, eu;b aa Olotha, Caseimeres. a&d I ct.*.ing?<
the latest importation, aud Is pr? pared to b'.ve tbe
made up at the ehortoa- uo^m, in ihe uobt laehicn
able i ianr>ev and at low tatM of prices.
Bavu?g made a'ran?<'ment to go iuto tbe Ready
nadeClothing bcnineo? exteur" vely tbla Bvaarn, ht
eels rone.l??' ????? v.^ "
?*uu ? rm uim< up ut il.e North, ks is usu
ally the caee with work bold here; but cut in hi*
o\?a establishment, and made i?y o?t own needy cit
iiens in this dull seaecn at iovr rate? of prices, he m
enabled theretor, to compete with northern ?wrk ir
point of pri"?ai ?n'1 as to quality and etjle, he W
ieave for ti.oee who favor bim aith a caU Vu f .
U? can sell whole suits, Coat, Panto,
the following low rates: *esl'
Good suit for biuinteti purple, eat o' . ^
eiuere, for the amaU <?ua cf...? " or LJ. I
Dress and frock Ooata,
Orerc^ata ol Jufferett sty lea... *,o Yl
Bl^>k a*id liancy Pantatocjp- ^ rJJ ll(
Silk and Velvet Ywta... fo To IQ
andhL?W^ 13 Cf a 6uPtricr quality.
^teu?X^" Q-' SinCC hf rt>ceiTed tte uU -nd
e -astantly on hand a large assortment
m w ^tidee?such ss Gloves, Cravats, Collars,
Uahlellas1 Ac.
Sole Agent for the tale cf Scott's Report of Fasb
I ?ons in thiP city aep 16?tf
IN this city will be re-owned for il?e reception o!
guests cn tbe 27lb o* rhip month Ibe removal
oi th?* Kitchen from the be^-meni to the rear 01 the
bui ditg, aud tb- alteiKi ons in and ebcu: ih^
Dining iioomt-, will a^d greatly to tie ct.cvenitac*
ana c< mtort ot its guests The tabV will be iurniat
ed with the best the markfto cau aflori, and 6^rv*-d .
in the best style, and no exi ense or lalx-r ?i 1 b*
spare 1 to render the house, in t^ery re?-p?;-t, e<?ua i
to any in tbe country. Tbe RaVcr her, thereit'te^,
trusts that a generous public will tontiuue tb* lib
eral patronage whi;h ba* al-ays been extendel to
the houte. Per one du ring to procure tcmcb for
the winter, can do to at any tin.e af er the 2?Jth, by
calling ?t the Hoie! ' O. WILLARD*
Washington clt>, November 14 1 54
not t6?tf {Xittel V)??iion.Srnt,Olobc,tfJ
THE subscribers take pleasure in ta*r >. a??ag te
the I'jbUc that theii stock of <2A? fiXTUKKfc,
compraisj some of th? bvst an<J ?alet>t pattern*, ba
been received, end thai t?>vj are new prepared to sell
at the lowest ratee Personb ia want %f Qu rixturee
will please cali and examine ? ?ey n ill nc doubt
find it to their interest.
Dwellings and public ba&i&ga fitted with gag-ta..
Wng at the usual rato*
aae H?tr Pa- av.. bet. lOth aad 11th, B. sidta.
AMIKICAN and French P*par tnd
Upholster G^ods P.an ylva.^ a^TJtV
rie.enteenth and hlghteenth ^eta, Wellington,
IWm EaunechUd bag* veav? to icforn his friends
^ hafijrn ba^d a large etoek of
fienoh Gilt and A9.?rioan Transpa:ci>ts.
^#tton bhuck Mattmsee.,
; ? Sf1 *tipoee of at the loweet price*
ocVAQ i tai

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