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(00?n 8UVDAT,)
At tb* Star HmldHn.es, corner Pgnnrglmmttm
' awm.ru and Eleventh ?trt?t,
Will be nerved to aabacriber* in the citie* of Wwh
Wftnn, Georgetown, Alexandria. BaltinvM* and Phi'*
>?Dlna, at SIX AND A QUART** CENTS, paya
ble we?*klv to the Agent*. To mail subscriber* the
?mtwcrtption twice in THREE DOLLARS AND
FIFTY CENTS a rear in advance, TWO DOL
tor THREE MONTHS. {J^Sisow oorw owe
NO. 599.
And t\k* mkdictnk* prkpared by a
wbgular phyitcian only, life PK->
umamu A COM for all pain, cohohs.
MEDICINES are the wait of thirty years practice
in Philadelphia. Hi* preparations are for each
rojiplaint, and have b*eu well tested and approved
by hundreds of Physicians, and thousands of Pa* j
For the radical "ur? of ooosuoiptinn. cold, hoars*-j
nees, a*thm?, bronchitis, spitting of the blood, in- I
Summation of the lungs or throat, and all pulitcn
ary dim tics This preparation not only cures on
sumption, if taken in time, bat it fortii's the sys
tem against fntur^ attacks. A9 a Oongh Medicine,
it is the beet in the World. It is now used and re-1
commead?*d by physicians at boms and abroad. Id
bottles, 25 cents, 50c and $1.
Da Rosa's Whoopihq Cough 8yrcp.
This preparation always give* immediate relief,)
prevents inflammation of the Lungs, and Droppy
in the ohset, anl effects a cure in o few days?Price I
?0 eents
CROUP 8TRU?.?This remedy is never known
to ftil, and has saved tbousaods of children?Prioe
flt cents.
Da. J. 8. Rosa's Dtsmptic ea Lrvsn Compound.
A sure care for Dyspepsia, Soar Stomach. Iadi- J
gastion, and Liver Complaint. This Compound used
with Dr Rose's Family Pills has cured thousands
of oonfirmed Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. It is
? tonic. Alterative Stosi cl anl Liver Medicine,
and was highly recomin^r.il-wl by the oelebrated iate I
Dr. Physick?50 *nU
Dr. J. 8. Rosa's AHn-aiuors ea Raoroap Pols.
8o called, bin? they go ah*ad of all other piils I
m their good eff<cts; as an active Purgativ-, or Oar
thargic Medicine they have no equal; free from j
gripinr, carrying off all secretions and bile from the j
stomach and bowels, tbey ?an be taken at ail sea
sons, by both sexes, of all age*, and wthout r*gard
to weather ?>r exposure. If taken with Dr. Hose's j
Fevesa d Ague Tonic Mixtnr*, they will prer-nt
and cure the most s'.ubboru cases of /ever and Ague |
?r fiilioas Ft vers?12% and 26 cts.
Da. j. a. HuaM b Goimh Paa.3.
For Failing of th* F*mal# Weakness,
Debilitv, and Relaxation. Thin disease heretofore |
treated by bandages, trusses and external support, j
which o n only prove pa'liativ-s, jields completely
to the u*e of these tonics, strengthening Golden
Kills -60c. ?
FEMALE SPE CIFIC- A remedy for Painful
Menstruation. Leucorrhaea or White^?$1.
Dr. J. 8. Rosa's Pais Uuksr win cure Stiff Neck,!
Bore Throat, Pains in th? face Side, Back or Limbs I
frsm a Col4, Cbolic, Cholera Morbus. Ac. It eur?e
Sprain*, Chilblains, Cramps or Pains in the Stom-1
ach or Bowels. Price 12-*, 25, and 50 cts
Persons of dolicat* constitution* by nUure,
?r too** who &*ve be*n made so, by he use of tr e
quac< ui"dicines, or any "ther cause, should real
Dr. J S Rose'* M->ii'al Aivi<er to per tons in 8ick
ne?s or in ileal h, which book can be bad without
?barge, of
B. CLt&K, 8. H. te^HERaON, W T EVANS,
KIdWsl>L * L\WR8<IO?i, J. B. MOJRB, Wash
ington; J. L. RID EuL, Georgetown, and by all
dsalars ia Alexandria, Virginia.
nov 8?tr
? Teh a" Qon?iip*iicn, '-^rd PttflS, Ftt!lnes? of * 0?d
an the Esai, Asixty "! tfcs Hkoash, U?aan,
Hsartbora, D:?su?tfor >^*1, "?',rilnes? ar woteat in
tl,? atomv.h-Bour fcrn'".?.*!?kj, Cmfcing ot F1 3tt*r
ixg at the Pi: of th? c'.owaci-, g^immlng of ths
Bead, Hirriwi sad Difcini4 Breathing, F.uttering
at the Ujart, or 8ttL'x>^ingS??isatfc?ns
when in a lying cMcar.% Diav-iKS ?f Visic.i, Dots
sr Wjba before tks sight, FflT*r r^j-l I>uH Paia in
lbs hsad, daaaien^y <*i firsjijatioa, Yeiiowx&TS of
ths W,n and liyas, Paia 'a ihs Back, Guest,
Liaba, *2., 3ai ien. yitti'i-w of Hea>, Darning in
liie FUsh, Oo-Jftaat IiSi^.u^s o! a#il? az^i Oi?,t
fcaprewiou oi 3;drit^,
0?lobmt3d O#rman Bitters,
pauPAary by
la, Ar?^ ?tn?t, Pkliadtlphla.
&ha*r po ?!??{ ^ver the eS-iye iifeasaaiB aotexcellsi
by any oine? ^recvit;oo ia tii* 'Jolt*1
Mate . BiUiacowatte-'i.hA Jiany c iii? *kil>
foi physicians iia-i failei.
niese Wtt?ro are woitby tv.e attention of invt"ds.
riiDiminr great virfats in tae rectl-iation of oia l
eases of tn? Liver aud le?jer glaads, exercising ths I
Btoet searcaiag powers in %oaknsea aad affeoti?ns oi
tha di^setlre ~>t;aas, they *va, withal, safe, osrtiin.
and plaaaant.
Pu;ujn.PiflA, Siarch, 1, i?54.
Dr. 0. H Jasxaon : Dear air?For the past two
years i uafe b?en sernreiy aSicted with Liver Oora
niaint, Dyspepua, Uilioas Diarrhoea, and Pliea, -ai
firing in ? great decree c^Qdtantly, tke pains ani at
ooavenieacee attendant ap?.n sum dis-raati, without
snsrgy, bstng scarcely a'?le to attend to any bua
nees. I lost a gre^t deal my flesh, and uaed m^ay
kin Is ef a '-iicice, with ao apparent change, until I
somasncei witn your u 'J/o.imd'z German BUitrtJ"
they have eatir*iy cared me. I have gained in
weight over forty p*vnd$ siase I commenoed th?ir
OAs, and I aui aow eacirely free from pain and arhe
ti auy kind, and feei like a new man. I unhesiiafr
legiy nooamsad your Bitt -r? to a'i invalHa
v -esoectrally,
10US R. OO^ij oio. -ji Lagrange Pia3*.
w. U. va-j. of Ii^e Argna, Weiton,
MLon Jaly 17,1351, s^id: UI was last summer so ver/
iow and weak as aot to be abl? to stand at the aise
longer than one hour at a time- I tried one bottle
j| your <iermau Bitters, *'uica entirely cared me. i
have uaed t wo bottisa. I tent two bottles 1(0 mil*
from here to a friend who aad 'jeen sick for a long
tlae; he aas aieo been cired by them. 1 believe
theta to be juprrior W a:i> i iedit>me new in aee.r'
B. Psrbias, Marietta, Ohio, Feb 22, lifci,
?aid: u if our B:tter., a:e highly priae-d by those who
have a+ei tneta ???';?c'e ?t Liver Complaint, el
long ?tanlir>4, which ?*i ruixitd tht tkiU o/ iev
rralpnyue~int waa entirely ".ared by t'ae fell oi i
|P. Ke?eel?a?ir, ie<- .9., Woviier, 0., Dra
10,1851, said: "I eoabiaoe ti.is opi-ortnnity of in
fonalng yon of th; ^*?t i>entSt I have derived rroa
the use ei Dr. Uoofllad's <icruian Bitters. I have
bm-J taem f>r Cnilla aua d'ever, and Disorders!
Stomach, ani foanl r-.l.ei in ??sry case. Tliey are
the best re^jd? ut Dtjordecjd Jtomach l thi&a uj
eatsUn e."
D. ?b !?y!a?s, f.' i., /Uit?r oj :he Ozurlir
Norwich, vona., said : "I nave oeen aeing yonr Qer
man Bitters tor some lae, tor Dyspepsia, and hare
?dosd so ua^.h relief from them, that I have made
np my uand to wive th- a ? KrCralt editorial m
tloldsa, 'ktupi A Co.* JaneirviUs, VP!%
?ept. 186i, sa'd: "VToux Oer.uiu Bitters are dessrv?l
?y popalai h?-re, acd among ail the prepared aedd
unes on oar (heivss, acme have ?? sold which hair?
given the eatiauctiou of tloc ^ ia'.'e Oermau Bittera."
June 2d, 15^2, they sa'.d ? " '<f - t-s -ommiad thsa ui
an invaluable spriag and Stiiumer medicine "'
W. 5ft. Orr, Wooster, O., 'Jctober 2d, 1S62, tax
"You aax me my opinion of the German Bittera. i
have ased them far Dyxpep^da and indigestion, an.
taxe pna-'xr? in ataling that I think they are the
very r>e?t rea?dy siuiat foi the above ooaplaints?
CVey are deadly in t\e cuieaoci of tii Iht prop?i
story wKn?t of Ou day."
*0*Ar. Orr ti i i-stingoished lawyer of Wooetet
Th jm Bittsxs a. s imnm rnnuu Thq/ <mssF
wrottrnit tXi niL.<*, but invigorate it.
For tale in W-waiagton ?j Z. D. tilLMA^:
In Jeorgetown 5y J. L. KID WELL.
Ja Alesuodria jj J. R. PIERPONI
In Riontaond by r'JKJgLL, LADD A CO.
la Ba-umor* by OAS 157 * HATCH.
la do 8RTH HANOI.
In Nortolk &y M. A. SANTOS A BON.
Aud bv resae^ table dealers in medicine m-y
<u? I-1?
ydu will find at toe aanie OLD STAND, Pennsyl
vania avenue u#ir 12th ctrset opposite the
Irrlng Ho(r', LOOKING QLASSBS with or wtthout
fmna; Psctral^. Picture and Hlniture Frames of
, utnst styWi Brsaksts, Tables. ^<?a ? ouiding,
A04 or &7 '?????? Tocv yon cam
hi?* any thiag dene la m.? 'tie
5 R^OMrraaiee, */-, r?*dt si " ? rtsst n>
raSfeouatie tvni. iXr-it flWit't fbr plaee. ?
THK undersigned would respectfully inform hit
*?<ln^nt*Dce"> *nd the public generally
he **"1 continues to execute all orders In hi*
m* of buainees in the beat manner and at the short
**t notice.
the shortest notice, and in the beat iMHl^
uanner. Bodies preserved in the most per fed -Tim
^er, even in the varmest weathrr.
*fl-nkfW for past favors, he would respectfully
olicit, and will endeavor to merit a continuance ot
P*. aye., b. side, between 8th and 10th iti
Residence: Mr. Martin's, No. 396, D street, tcird
aome east of Tth street mar 17 jj
DXRTAKERy? residence 418 Sev
enth street, between G and H streets. Interment*
procured in any ground or oemeterv. Coffins, Caps,
shrouds, Carriages, Hearre, and every article for
interments of tne beet quality furnished at short
notice, oa the most r?a*onable terms, and at ai
_oura of the night. Having the exclusive right of
Crump s Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to
teep the d?ad for any length of time. ocli tf
I WOULD reroectfa iy return my thanks to the
citisens of Washington and its vicinity for their
oae, patronage, and say that owing to the frequert
jails in the Undertaking branch of my basine&?, I
been induced to discontinue the manufacture
ti raroitnre, and turn my attention fullv to
L-NDKSTAKiNa. I have sparedMjJiMto hSl
4?sry thing that is requisite to my business, and 1
aoi therefore fully prepared to meet any order after
1 r?w moments notice, and I assure those who m*.y
?V* ?? ? call that I will spare no pains te carry ov- f
thesr orders to their entire satisfaction.
? _ ? No. 410, Tth st., between Q and H.
a. B.?Calls auended to at all hours of the night.
siar 3?1 y
Author 0* thk gkkat book just be
liwOTUrI081,18?*0, 8PBAKli of HAMPTON'8
is. wir ,r Md., June 4,1854.
Mr. Rockbridge, OJ Uu Fountain Hotel, Light ttrtr'
Dear Sir: Being on the point of leaving the city
I avail myself of a few idle moments to Ulan k yon
Kindly for the medicine you s?nt me, aod *hirh hs
resujred me to the use of my limbs. I beg you t
send me four bottles more, to carry on my voyage
iii ce I had the fortune to use Dr. Hampton's Vee?
Sable Tiuc ure my confidence is so strong that i,~
gratitude o the proprietors of said medicine, I l<
you to pree^nt ray respects to them, and indu<
thun to make it more publicly known as a?nr
Hheuma ic cure. Having called on me on the 19'
ot April last, and ?een me prostrated on my bee
aliens in ail my 11 .be, you can appreciate near)
?s well as myself the prompt relief I received frr.
Dr. Hampton's Tinoture, and lam positive had i
not been tor your strong and forcible recommend*
tions I should ?till have been in bed
It i-? really a pity rhis speciBc should net be r -
proved by medical men, and like all patent drug-*
should suffer the imputation the public gene-?'<
girt to sucn preparations I myfelf, who was
ways opposed to a patented specific, took this me in
cine with reluctance, and without confidence in it.
and it was only through your disinterested, friendl<
reoomm?r iation% and my critisAl siiaation that ii>
dnced ma to try this really beneficial Vegetatij
You may inform Messrs. Mortimer * Mowbrr?
that they are at liberty te maxe use of my name 11:
th? support of the -ood effects of Dr. liamntonV
Vegetable tincture, as it has cured me is five we
ot a chronic Inflammatory Rttevnatism, contractu
under tropical dimaiet, and of teotn years'pertodi-'
duration. I have on:y uae<? thre? boitlee, and 3tju
taat even the deformed parts oj my hands are it, it
returning o their former natural appearance
1 have been under toe treatment ot several pt/
sicians in London aod Paris, without any appsr> 3<
benefit; tUso, while in New York, having tried thf
rhompsonian and damaepathic remedies, after h?v
ing been tormented witn galvanic ba terms, c id
and aromatic baths, and hundreds of internal sc<?
external medicines, all to no effect, I am, so i&r
.?ured by this Hampton's Vege able Tincture only.
Therefore, my :ear sir, aocept of the assurance of
my gratitude, and believe me your well wisher.
...... ?? Thomas Oakgt.
PoatsnotiTH, Va., Aug. 18,18&1.
Mr. J. M Boush?year sir: While I am, in gt na
ral, opposed to patent medicines, candor compel.- me
to state that I have great confidence in the virtue
of Hampton's Yegetabl* Tincture. For eevt ial
months past I have used it in my f?mily ; and in
iy-r?ep?ia, loss of appetite, diuinese, and general d*
bility, with entire success. 80 far as my experi^u ?
sxten is, therefore, I t?ke pleasure in recomniei- i
ing it to the afflicted as a aafe and efficient rem?!v
I am, respectfully, yours,
Via it on Bsuimi,
Chaplain, United States Navy.
VVA3HI5OT0H, May 17, lfci ! I
Messrs Mortimer A Mowbray: Gentlemen?1/ r
ing been afflicted with Liver Complaint of ten
standing, I hereby, for the b netit of the aiflie - t,
taxe great pleasure in announcing that after ur - j
a few botti* of your Tinoture, I found it had , ?
ooraplished a perfect curs 1 have used diilert at
medicinea froa time to time, bit havo never a
able to aoccuat for any apparent good, and it w ?
bJesaicg to stricken humanity thai thatmedici- .? a.
found which poesesaesthe wonderous power of p -o
longing human life. The many cures it hsawrou it
ts a bofflcient guarantee of the beneficial
ahich cuy be experienced fr?ra its use. Yoi/ij,
respectfully, j. Cuarua iia.
? . aDBiwiC
jBedicin? or for delicate children we believe it ua
Jiore street, Baltimore, and S04 Hroadw.y, K
Fork; Gil A J. STOfT A CO., Wl \IEIL J. li, MOOi i
DTf.andii McPHJiBSON, Washingten; also, h *.
S. F. CISS4L, Georgetown; aod C. 0. BUUi.,7,
Alexandria, and by Druggists everywhere,
aag 81?tT
DR. MUN80N reepectfully cal s public attenticn
to his new, patent, and GUEATLY
IMPROVED metfiod of setting Artificial ~ -<$w"
Teeth, with Continuous Gum?the very"
P ?. KFECTION OK T ? E ART. This style
of Teeth has the follow advantages over all otl < rs
i'ORr, and BEAUTY, -ieing with Nature in the e
reap*cts, and pome others excelling. Public inside
tion is respectfully soliciteu. Please oall and .~se
CAUTION.?No other Dentist in the District of
Coluuibia his a right to make tnis style of Teem.
N. B ? Tseth constitutionally healthy, plumed
and warranted for life.
Offioe and house at No. 2f 8 M street, near the cor
ner ef Pennsylvania avenue and 14th street,
nor 13?tr
JUST openwd our third supply of rich Dreee Goods,
whioh have been bought at <rreatly reduced
prices, and will bo sold correspondingly low. We
Rich dress Silks of every variety
Very handsome Plaid ilerin' s
Plain French and Sugli<h Merinos, all shades
Mkh plaid an 1 stripnl Casbmer^s and Moustwiins
6 piec?-e wide Silk Velvet* for mantillas and cloa k.8
lia more rioh satin and cl .tQ cloaks
60 fin- nr>'ha Cashmere ibawls and Scarfs with
rich gold bord-rs, some entirely new
UQu long and square plaid and figured Shawls
Cloths, Casaimers and Vestings
Gloves, Hosiery, ladies' and ehildrena' merino
Gentlemen*' merino and cotton Hoisery, Gloveo
Merico and oot'on Shirts, Drawers, Ao., Ac.,
All of which will be offered at the fkirest low
prioes. Pteaae call and examine for yourselves be
fore buying elsewhere.
4V*All articles sold at our establishment are war
ranted to prove as represented.
No 523, Seveath street. 3 doors above Pa a*,
oct U
THBaE Pittasr 8 AND a FOAT OF B0UB
WALL AC d 4 U 'PI offer for sale, at the office
of the Mvenina Sta/r, one MAGBlMi
t sapatile i>l~ printing 1,000 imp eeaions per
'??"r. d>uale medium sheet, Butn sat* At oncx, re
l^eriogln the o' -st paefeetmattuar. One MEDI*
goo40si?,an4vl?a FOoLh
tegal>.ut3&0 poaflds, but little uaed, for sale ob
reasonable terms. * J nor 8?01/
Tmusury Department, Augpat 28,1864.
Notice I* hew by given to the holders of the fol
iowing-described stocks of the United States, that
this department it prepared to pnrchaee, at any
time between the date hereof and the 20th day of
November next, portions of those stocks, amounting
in the aggregate to $3,840,000, in the manner and
on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit:
In case of any contingent competition, within the
amount stated, preference will be given in the or
der of time in which said stocks may be offered. The
certificates, duly assigned to the United States, by
the parties who are to receive the amount thereof,
must be transmitted to this department; upon the
receipt, whereof, a price will be paid, compounded
of the following particulars:
1. The par value, or amount specified in each cer
2. A premium on the stock of the loan authorised
by the act of July, 1846, redeemable November 12,
1858, oT 3 per cen 4 on the stock of the loan au
thorised by th? act of 1842, redeemable 31st Decem
ber. 1862, of 11 per cent; on the stock of the loans
tathorised by the acts of 1847 and 1848, and redeem
nble, the former on the 31st December, 1867, and
the latter on the 80th June, 1868, of 16 per cent;
and on the stock ol the loan aathorixei by the act
of 1860, and redeemable on the 31st December, 1864
(commonly called the Texan indemnity,) six pit
3. Interest on the par of each certificate from the
1st ot July, 1854, to the date ef receipt and settle
ment at the Treasury, with the allowanoe (for the
money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in
Payment for sa<d stocks will be made in drafts of
tbe Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant
treasurer at Boston, N?w York, or Philadelphia, as
the parties may direct.
But no certificate will be entitled to the benefit of
this notice which shall not be actually reoeived at
the rreaeury on or before the said 20th day of No
rember next.
Secretary of Treasury.
Tbe time during which the above named stocks
will be purchased by this department upon the
>rm? abo?especified is hereby extended to 31?t Do
oember next, inclusive.
As the t-answer books will be cloaed on the 1st
Dumber, when the current half Teat's interest be
comes ve ted in the stockholder at that date, ail
^rtifloatee of inscribed stook most, in addi'ion to
^he usual a Mgnment to the United States, have an
cxpree- assignment of the interest made b3 the
?took*older thereon. Where the interest is not fO
"-ssigned, or where the ooupons payable on th? 1st
anuary next, in oases of coupon stock, are not
transmitted with tbe certificates, the premium ?nd
cie day's interest only (lefs interest from the time
>f 1 ademption to 1st January) will be included with
the principal in the eetib-ment.
secretary of the Treasury.
Tkiasiirt DarAaTioMT, Nov. 18,1864.
nov 30 dtey
I have j use received and opened a
great assortment of Clock a, Watches,
1 ,na Jewelry, all ef whioh will b? sold
Cheaper than similar goods can be
nought in the District. I have on band a few
Jo*tly Watches, which will be sold a great ba'-trMd,
if called for s. on, at J. ROBINSON'S
Jewelry Store, opposite Browns' Hotel.
o?t 6-?2m
The G cat Pair liter of the Blood!
Hot a Particle of Mercury In It!
An iNstLUBLB Rxnxcr for Scrolula, King's Evil,
Rheumatism, Oostinate Cutaneous Eruptions,
Ptinvles or Pustulee on the fsos, Blotches, Boil-,
Chronic Sore ii-yes, King Worm or letter, S alii
Heai, ^Enlargement and Pain of the Boueu aud
Joints, Stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders,
Lunbago, Spinal Compla nts, an 1 all the diseas's
arising from an injudicious use of Meroury, In
prml ;n<*e in i ife, or Impurity of the B'ood
, 'HIS valuaole M dicine, which ha? become c-sle
I trated for the number cf oxtra. rdinary cures,
elf oted through its ageaoy, has induced the propri
etors, at tbe urg nt request of their friends, to effer
it to the public, which they do with tbe utmost con
fi ienoe in its virtues and wonderful curative pi op
erti s Tbe following certificates, (elected lrom a
large number, are, however, stronger testimony
than tbe mare word of the proprietors; and are ail
fiom gentlemen well knowu in th*ir localities, and
of the highest respectability, many of th-m residing
in the city of Eichmord Va.
F. BOYD UN, Esq.* cf tbe Exchange Hotel, Rich
moid, known everywhere says he has seen the Med.
ieine called C&aua's Spanish YIixtgbs, administered
in over a hundred oases, in nearly all the diseases
for wl iehit is recommended, with the icost aston
ishingly good results. He says it is the most ex
tr?erdmary medicine he has rvereeen.
certify that for three years 1 had Ague and Fever
of the mofct violent description. I had several Phv
simians, took lerge quan ities of Quinine, iiercury,
aud I believe all the Tonios advertised, but all with
out permanent relief. At last I tried Carter's
Spanish Mixture, two bottles of which effectually
ou-ed me, and I am happy to say I have had ueitter
cbills or fevers since, i consider it the best Tonic
in thU world, and the only medieine tbat aver
reached my cue. JOHN LONGDEK.
Beaver Ditch, near Richmond, Ta.
0. B. L1OC&, Esq., now in the cicy of Richmon d
and for many years in the Post Office, has such
confidence in the astonishing efficacy of Cartf r'h
Spanish Mixture, that h?> has bought upwards of 68
bottles, which be has given away to the affl cted.?
Mr. Luok says he ha* never known it to fall when
taken according to directions.
Dr. MINGE, a practising Physician, and fo merly
of the City Hotel, in the city of Richmond, says he
has witnessed in a number of instances to* effects of
Car er's Spanish Mixture, which were most truly
surprising. He s?ys in a case of Oonjumption, de
nend-nt on the Liver, the good effeczs were won
derful indeed.
HaMUEL M. DRINKER, of the firm of Drinker A
Morr>8, Richmond, was cured cured of Liver Com
aiaint of tbree * ears standing, by the use cf twi
b ttles of Carter's Spani-h Mixture.
the Richmond Republican h d a se vant employeu
in their press room, cured of violent Scrofuia. com
b ned with Rheumatism, which entirely disabled
him from work. Two bottles of Carter s Spanish
Mixture made a perfect cure of him, and the Edi
tor. in a public notice, fay they * cheerfully recom
mend it to all who are attieied with any disease of
the blooa "
a vry valu&b.e boy cured of scrofula by Carter's
Spanish Mixture I consider it truly a valuable
meaicine. JaMES M. TAVL'?k, Conductor on the
tc F. and P. K. B. Co. Richmond, Va
Mr JOHN THOMPSON, residing in t>>e city of
Richmond, w*s cured by thpje bvHtles of Carter'r
p n bh Mix ure, of 8*lt nheum, whioh be n?-.d lor
ne* ly twenty years, and wb.cn all the ? hjs ci?nB
of the city could not cure. Mr. Thomp-.on ?s a w?l?
anewn merchant in the c?ty of Richmond! and his
is most reL arkabie. .. ,
WM. 4.MATTHEWS, of Richmon d had a cervant
cared of syphilis, in the worst, loim, ty Ca ter's
pan ?h Mixture. He sajB he chaerfaliv recom
m*-nds it, and considers it a very invaluable me j1
v in*
EDWIN BURTON, oomui?sJoner of the revenue,
?a>s he has ?een tbe got^d tffeots ot Carter's ?"?ptnish
dixiure in a number of oypnii tic eases, and says it
is a perfect eure f. r that nornb e disease.
WM. O. HaRWOJD, ef Bicumond, cured cf old
Mores and Uieers, wh ch disabled him fc?m w Ikiog.
Took a few bottle*, of Oar'er's Spanish Mixture, and
was enabled to walk without a crutch,in a short
time p?rmanen ly cured.
Principal Depots at M WARD, CLOSE A Co,, No.
88 Maiaen Lane, New York.
T. W DYO.T A S JAD, No. 18? North Second St.,
I hii.delptia
BKN-JSTi' A BEEK8, No. 126 Main street, Rich
n.? d Va.
Ana for sal* by CHARLES BTO?T, Washington,
,D.0 i HEN uY P*lt, Alexanuria, and b f Druggist*
t ri<*e $1 per bottle, ar six bottle* for $5;
sep 2i?iy
BALLS, &c.
or thk
MONDAY, Dieimber 4th, 1894. 7
THE NATIONAL GUARD respectfully annonnee
to their friends and the public generally, ?hat
?heir 8 cond Annual Ball will be {riven on MON
DAY, December 4th, 1854, at JACKSON HAL! .
The Company pledge themselves to their kiu < pa
inns and triends to make this an agreeable B: !'.
The Military will please appear in nniform
No hate or caps allowed hi the room unless worn
by the military.
Ticket* ONK DOLLAR?admitting a geutlrmua
(Old ladies; to be had of the company.
Ocrmmitt't of Arrangements
Capt. Jae. A. Tait,
8gt 0 R Bishop, Sgt J K Johnson,
( orp F McGann, Corp & H Graham,
nor 28? tb
ram Hums.
WEDNESDAY. December 6th, 1*54.
rpHE HIGHLANDERS, in announcing their tint
1. Grand Ball, would respectfully etate to t^e mil
Icary and citizens oi the District that tb*y have j
made ?1> the necessary arrangements to secure every
ne all the pleasure they cu!d possibly desire, li
wi^ be in a style unsurpassed bj any ball ever
given in Washington.
A splendid band of music is engaged, with the ad
dition of a Scotch Piper, who wil>, during the evei -1
!'>r, discourse some beautiful pieces ot mus-ic on the I
Tickets ON8 DOLLAR?to be obtained of the
Capt Jno Reese, Lt Jno B?in,
Lt O F Cone, Kn? gn Thos Mc^rath,
Lt Jno Walker, QrMrG W Flood.
Managert on part of the Military.
Maj Pen Walter Jones, Col Wm Hickey,
Brig G?n Welgh'man, Lt Col Thos Hi>ey,
Che? 8 Wallach, M?j Tboe D -noh j,
M?j R Keyworth, Msj P F B oon,
Qr Mr McOullom, Capt Jan Tai ,
Capt E C C-trriogton, Capt Jno L ^mith,
Capt E M Bright, Capt G W Cutter,
Capt P Barton K?y, Surg Jae E Morgan,
Capt G A Schwarxman, Lt Wm H Clarke.
C ?j.t Jos Peck.
Managers on part of the Oitiwens.
Hon Jno T Towers Jno P Pepper, Esq
Jno W Maury, Esq. Jno P Coyle, *sq
W W S-aton Esq B B French, Esq
WMt-r Lenox, E q M WGi't K?q
Joe H Brad ey, taq J< e ?hil ine'on. Esq
Jis M Car:is e. Esq Wm H Winter, Kkj
E C Morgan Esq ^e j K irns. K q
Daniel Hadc iffe, Esq F McNer auv, E?q
Rich'd WftUac . Kf q H P Loud n. Et-q
?1"0 8 Gi<i?on. Esq Geo W 0 chran. Esq.
R fitlev Hurt, E'q
Tickets one DOLLAR, to be hal of the member* ]
and at 'he door on t e evening of the ball.
nov 27 ?d
On Wedntadiy ICven nje? Dec. 37th*
rpHE AMS3ICUS CLUBhavp the pleasureof a -j
X nouncieir to tb Ir trnod* and tle^i^'jens g-i ?
eralle ihatthe'r ECON" CO" I' LON PA?-TYwll
t? k p'ace ou WfcDNE DAY EVEMNU, DecernO r I
Full particulars in future advertisement.
no? *21.25.2?3
For the Promotion a<:d E couragentstu of
Manufacture.Commerce, and ike Me
chanic and Useful Arts,
WiLL be opened at the City of Wa?hlnfrton, on
Thursday, the 8th d-y ot February, 1855, in
the new and pplendid hall of the Smi h?on aa Insti
tution, which is one of the moBt magnificent rooms
in he Uni<ed ftat-s.
To this Exhibition the Manufecturen, Mechanics,
Artiste, Inventors, and all othe^ devii ing to display
the results of their labor, skill, ingenuity, and taste,
from all portions of the Union, are cordially invited
to oontt Ibute.
Th- Machinery Department will be under the
charge of a Special Superintendent hteam power,
fixtures, labor, Ac., will be given free of expanse.
All intending to exhibit are requested to give no
tice at as parly a day as possible. Goods ehould be
accompanied with * proper invoice.
The Committee, therefore, feel that, in inviting
contribution* fTom all portions cf the Union to the
Second Exhibition of the Metropolitan Mechanic!-'
Institute, they are < (faring to the producer of ??xee'
lent articles a valuable opportunity of maki'g
known to the whole country their novelty and util
ity, the su erior style of their workmanship, and
their adaptation to the purposes for which they may
be intended.
They would respectfully solicit from the Ladies
those specimens or eiegant handiwork, wh ch, here
tofore, have formed so attaaoftive and important a
feature of these displays. I* is proposed to suhw t
all such contributions to a 6 mmittee of Ladles, and
to award to arti-toof mer tprem ums of jewelry,
Aa, suited to the tastes of Hi e fhir exhibitors.
The Hall wLl be opened tor the receptiod of Grade
on Monday, ties 20th ot Janu-urr, and on the even
ing of 'hursday, the 8th of February, at 7 o'clock,
the Exhibition will be formally opened Mr the
reception of visiters, and continue open tri?out fbur
No article deposited after Pat unlay night, the
of February, c?n b? entered upon the Judges' Lists
for competition or prendum, exoept such as the Com
mittee shall be satisfied were dispatched from a dis
tance in time to have reached 'he Halt by that day, |
but fai ed to arrive from unavoidable detention.
Articles designed for exhibition oslv wili be re
ceived, free of charge, until Tuesiay night, the fcth
of February, at 10 o'clock; aft-r ? hich time, depos
itors will be subject to a charge of from 60 cent* to
$1, for each v^cle deposited.
Apprentices and minors, who contribute articles
of their own make or Invention, shall specify their
All articles deposited for competition and pre
mium must be of Amerioan manufacture, conspicu
ously labeled with appropriate names; the name ot
the maker end inventor, (ir known,) ai d the name
of the depositor; a copy of which label must be fur
nished the cierk at the time of bringing the goods
for entry on the record. Prises may be fixed, or
nor, at the option of the exhibitor.
Depositor , at the time of entrj-, will receive a
ticne: of title to their roods, which ticket will alto
udmit them to the Exhibition at all times when open
to the public
N B?uoods ihould be addre?sod as follows:
" Exhibition of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Insti
tute, Washington, D. 0," and shot Id have the n*
ture of the articles, and the name cf the party send
ing them, distinctly marked on th; j ackages They
should also bo accompanied by a ditiLed invoice.
Circulars, containing detailed iiu tractions, will
be forwarded, and any Information given, on appli
cation to the Corresponding Secretiny, to whom all
communications on the business of the Institute
should oe addressed. oot 31 ? 1
Plumbing Eat&bliihment,!
Pennsylvania Avenue, are now rereivii g the
finest assortment ef CHANDELIER^ and GAS FIX
TURES evtr effcred to the citisens of Washington
and at the same time "cheaper than the cheapest "
* tl that i? necessary is to gi ?e h cell to be oonvi need
of thin fact. Th? superior fccilities of this Bouse
enaoles them to se'l their goods and do work at a
less rate than any of the retailers f this city.
Thankful (or the very liberal patronage of the
itiaens of Washington and vidnity, the pr< prietor
assures them t' at with the addition ot e number ot
the best gas fitters and plumbers of Philadelphia
-tnd New York to hie present large f^rce, he will be
abl > to do a 1 woik in both bran cues in the mo tt su.
perior style, aud, as before stated, ch upet than the
jhs^pest. JNO. BEASE.
cat 36 ?dtlstJan.
BOYS' AND kOUTbB' wlftihU CLOi U1NG ?
We are now receiving a l*rge assortment ol
Bo?s' and Youths WINTER CLOTHING, of new
and U burnable dtyles, oonsisilng of
Overooats and Tslmas
Fro k an J Hack Coats
Roundabout* Jackets,
PUin and tansy O&ssimwt Pants,
-Cloth, 8'Ik, S-tn and Merino Tests,
W hite and colored Shirts, Suspenders, Gloves,
Haudberch<e&, Hosiery, Ac, Ac.
Making the largest ana best vatiety of Beys' Win
tor Dloihiog to he found In this city, whicL we us
debt rmined to aril at tike km?sc prices.
Pa. avenue, bet Ninth and Tenth streets,
past door U Iron Hall,
nov 17?tf fffews]
The circumstance itself occurred in
the town of Warren ton, and was ielatec
there at a Bible meeting, by a gentleman
of respectability and veracity conntcteo
with the society. The circumstance war
introduced in the following words :
About three years ago, two little boys,
decently clothed, the eldest appearing to
be about thirteen, and the younger elev
en, called at the lodging-house for va
grants. in this town, for a night's lodg
ing. The keeper of the house (very
properly) took them to the vagrants' of
fice to be examined, and, if proper ob
jects, to be relieved. The account 'they
gave of themselves was extremely affect-1
ing, and no doubt was entertained of its ]
truth. It appears that but a few weeks
had elapsed since these poor little wand
erers had resided with their parents in
London. The typhus fever, however, in
one day carried off both father and
mother, leaving the orphans in a wide
world, without a home and without
friends. Immediately after the last trib-1
ute had been paid to their parents' mem-1
ory, having an uncle in Liverpool, poor I
and destitute as they were, they resolved I
to go and throw themselves upon his pro-1
tection. Tired, therefore, and faint,!
they arrived in this town on their way-1
Two bundles contained their little all I
In the youngest boy's pocket was found. I
neatly covered and carefully preserved, a I
Bible. The keeper of the lodging-house,!
addressing the little boy, said:
44 You have neither money nor meat, I
will you sell me this Bible ? I will give |
you five shillings for it."
" No;" exclaimed he, (the tears roll |
ing down his youthful cheek;) "I'll!
starve first."
Then said the keeper: 44 There are!
plenty of books to be bought beside
th;s; why do you love this Bible so
much ?"
44 No book has stood my friend so much I
as my Bible,'' replied the boy.
44 Why, what has your Bible done for J
you ?" asked the keeper.
The boy answered : 44 When T was * I
little boy, about ssven years of age, 11
became a Sunday scholar in London. I
1 hrough the kind attention of mv mas-1
ter, I soon learned to read mv Bible? j
this Bible; young as I was.it showed I
me that I was a sinner, and a great one. |
too: it also pointed me to a Saviour;!
and 1 th'nk God that I have found mer- J
cy at the hands of Christ, and I am
not ashamed to confess him befo/e the!
world." !
To try him still further, six shillings I
were then offered him the Bible. 44No,"|
said he, 44 for it has been my support al1 {
the way from lx)ndon ; hungry and wea-1
ry, often have I sat down by the way-1
sides to read my Bible, and have found
refreshment from it."
Thus did he experience the oonsola-1
tion of the Psalmist, when he said, "Thy |
comforts have refreshed my soul." Hel
was then aske-J, 44 What will you dor
when you get to Liverpool, should your!1
uncle refuse to take you in?" The re-|
ply may excite a blush in many Chris-11
tians: 44 My Bible tells," said he, "when !
my father and mother forsake me, then 11
the Lord will take me up." The man!
could go no further, for the tears choked 11
his utterance, and they both wept to 11
gether. They had in their pockets tick-1
ets as rewards for their good conduct, I
from the school to which they belonged, I
and thankfulness and humility were visi-1
ble in all their deportment.'
At night these two orphans, bending |
their knees at the side of their bed, com-1
mitted themselves to the care of their I
Almighty Father?to him whose ears are I
open to the prayers of the poor and des-1
titute; and to him who has said,44 Call |
upon me in the day of trouble; I will I
deliver thee and thou shalt glorify me."|
The next morning these refreshed little I
wanderers arose early, dressed themselves I
for their journey and set out for the!
town of Liverpool; and may He who |
hears the ravens' cry, bear and answer!
their petitions, guide them through time, I
and bless them in eternity.
[Christian Index.
A case of more than ordinary interest
is now in progress in Virginia. Dr.
William B. Thompson is under trial at
the Special Term of the Circuit Court of
Alleghany charged with the muider of
Miss Agnes Pharr. The indictment sets
forth that Miss Pharr was poisoned by
strychnine, administered in a pill pur
porting to be iron, and partly so. The
accused and the deceased were under an
engagement of marriage at the time.
Mrs. Pitzer, one of the principal wit
nesses, testified to the sudden illness ol
Miss Pharr, and io the fact that Dr. T.i
and Dr. McDonald were called to her
aid. The closing part of the evidence of
Mrs. P. was as follows:
When the third spasm passed off, Dr.!
T. touched Dr. McD. on the shoulder. I
and they both left; immediately she
missed him and inquired if Dr. T. had
gone; noticed that she was becoming
very much excited and hastened to hei
bedside; beggtd her to be composed, and
said to her, the Dr. will be back di
rectly; commenced rubbing her hands
and slapping her cheeks, to prevent s
return oi thote awful hysterical convul
sions, for I thought it was excitement
that was bringing them on ; could not
prevent a return ; the symptoms herald
ing a return were present; but the pow
ers of life were so far exhausted as u> be
unable to support a convulsion; she sick
ened at the stomach. With difficulty
her mother and myself threw htr shoul
ders far enough lorward to keep her frotu
strangling. We laid her down ;" called
T., for he was still within hearing;
he returned, so did Dr. McD.,in a short
time; they used their utmost skill, but
Ttata umHw Family and ,
d| ? iruMt varte*?
m ftmnd la wmy oibar?ta peta
*tafie copy, pw I... 41 M
Ptv? eopm ??!... S ?
To? do *.. ^ ? IN
r??iiy do? ? IS o?
>?? Cam, iwajuablt ra ADvaaea.
BiiifJe copiw (la wrapper*) cau be procu^!
a the counter, tin-act :aie<y after the tame (X th?
r^ptir. Wcw?tuii cnrri.
'oitiiutui Who act u ifRiti WWI be a Jlawe
???"nrnwinn nf ?ror;n p*.) <?#???,.
to no avail. Her face turned black : she
died; Dr. T. paid her death or those
spells was caused by the long continued
use of iron: that it affected the brain and
caused her death. This conversation wi<
addressed to Dr. MclJ. ?
Miss P bad three spasms: as rii? fourth
fame 0:1 she died: %**?* in cue wum i ar
nvt-d: in fifteen minutes afterwards an
other came on: say in two hours from
first, the 3d came on, and in 24 hours
from 1st, the 4th, when she died During
spasms, head and shoulders were thrown
back: don't know positionof arms during
spasms. When off, she threw up hand,
and wiped forehead, and smoothed her
hair?exhausted when convulsions passed
off; perspiration very great: entirely con
scious between spasms: first indication*
of return of spasms was nervousness;
eyes opened wide: very much dilated and
staring round the room: noticed frothing
at the mouth twice?if noise had any ef
fect on her, did not notice it. All that
seemed to affect her was Dr. T.'s ab
sence: when she spoke, seemed intelligi
ble and conscious?during spasms, her
face would turn very dark, but return ta
natural color whenever spasms passed off,
looked like as if she was in perfect
health?body swollen after death?don't
know whether rigidity or flexibility su
pervened, she was very tieshy ?as last
spasm came, she noticed that Dr. T. was
absent and inquired for him; seemed to
be the same nervousness and twitching of
the whole body, as present in other
<pasms. (Here witness described body,
and the manner in which it was dressed
for interment, for the purpose of ideniifi.
cation.) During spasms, convulsed from
head to foot?limbs straight and rigid.
The mother of Miss Pharr was also ex
amined. She testified to the marriage
??neagement, and closed her evidence
4* She told him she did not believe he
intended to marry her, and that she was
ruined, and that he was the cause of it.
One sentence was, ?? I trust you will
never treat another lady as you hav?
treated me Had several conversations
with Dr. T.. once abont six weeks after
her death. Told him 1 was sorrv he had
not given iron at Chrutuias wher'l wish
ed it done. He said her stomach w*s 'n
such a condition, it would not do to give
her iron now; replied that she had tt
ker none until th^ first week in Sep e? -
ber. He said there wa* some irou in the
assafce ida. Told h'm h<T stomach wag
in no better con liiion when she did take
iron than when she refused it. The pills
sent on the 25th were sent unsolicited.
1 asked Dr. T. after Agnes' death if ne
had sent for srychnine. He said he nad
sent to Dr. Coleman for three grains.
Asked him when ? He said two months
previous to her death. Asked him what
he got it for: he said for Mrs. Campbell's
head, that she had goiten a fall. Dr. T.
commenced the treatment of Agnes' case
about the middle of January, 1853. She
heard the rumors of strychnia about two
w eeks af'er Agnes' death. Never seen
any attack similar to the one she died.
Her general health before her death, was
as good as usual. Noticed her vomiting
fW while in Appomattox, in Nr rem ber,
1853. The good spirits of Agues were
caused by Dr. T. telling her that he was
g'ing to Botetourt to make the arrange
ment for their marriage.
On the morniug of her death she asked
me to cut her out some sewing. Agnes
slept in my room, except when visitine
ttbroad. She was at Mrs. Allen'* end
Mrs. Payne s early i.* LV cmW. Had
no suspicion of anything wron^r *i.:
the post uiorteiu examination- Dr. V.
and Agnts had private interviews, some
times, in a room to themselves. He vis
ited us often; there was no other person
addressing my daughter?had no male
associates. Agnes was a person of warm
attachment. She was in her twentieth
year. She had studied all the English
branches, Latin, French, and Greek; was
a person of good education. She saw
the large pill the night before her death ;
supposed she took it in the morning.
Dr. T. was with Agnes while at Payne's.
Dr. T. brought her home. Asked Mrs.
and Mr. Pharr s assent to the marriage,
in January, 1852. Agnes had ordered
her marriage apparel from Lynchburgh ;
they came to hand a day or two after
The father of Miss Pharr has died sinca
the death of his daughter, of anxiety and
grief. The trial was still in progress at
our last accounts.
Wanted.?A small American or Pro
testant girl, about 12 or 14, to do the
work of a small family, and 10 tatte care
of children. Apply at 372Bleeker street,
in the fancy store.
The above is taken from a late num
ber of the New York Sun. "A girl of 12
or 14, to do the work of a small family,
and take care of children !" This is con
sidered work for two or three negroes in
the South, and yet these Northerners,
who have so much sympathy for our
slaves, think nothing of it. Can there be
a worse s'a very than that which compels
a girl of 12 or 14 to do the work of a
small family, and take care of children ?
Hundreds of similar cases occur in the
large cities of the East. What shall we
say to those people who are ever strain
ing at a gnat and swallowing a camel ?
Louisville Democrat.
Loitery Pest.-?Most of our basin
men, and even our clergymen, 00mplain
of being constantly anooyad by circulars
from lottery schemers of all kiixts, and
hailing from all parts of the country, but
particularly from Baltimore. Same gen
tlemen, who are justly and prudently
very much opposed to any connection
w hatever with such swindling operations,
have endeavored to get relieved from t^e
^anoyance by requesting the ostensible
lottery firms no longer to take the liberty
of sending them circulars. Instead how
ever, of this being attended to. they have
been assailed with insult worthy of the
audacity of unprincipled gamblers.
[Harruhurg Herald.

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