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(WOnffT SUKDA7,)
*A? Sfar Htnldivpt, eom?r Pennsjlmmntm
av?nv* and RUverrtk 9tre*t,
Will he to ?nb?critvers in the eiti-* or W?ff>
inftoo,Oe<ino^>wn, Alexandria. B'Mtim irr and Phil*
neiptna, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, para
ge weekly to the Agent*. To mail subscriber* the
?tibscription twice is THREE DOLLARS AND
FIFTY CENTS a year in advance. TWO DOL
?<k THREE MONTHS. tfr-Sinn* copies oni
?., MONDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1854
NO. 600
MED CINE^ are th? result of thirty yearg practice!
n P .ilad?dphia. His preparations are for
"OjiLitnt, and have b?en well tested and approved
by hundred* oi" Physic Urns, and thoaaaade of Pa
For the radical cure of eonsnmption. cold, hoiTB ?
new, astbms, bronchitis, spitting of the blo(*j, i?
tS .mmation of the luot?.? or throat, tied all pulacn
*ry diseases. This pr^panit on not only cares c<n- |
uampti'-n, ift?ke? is time, but it forties the lys
tern against future attack*. As * Congli Medicine,
it is the b<*?t in tbe World. It is now used and re
commended bv physicians at homa and abroad In
bottles, 25 cents, 60o ana $1.
Dr R^a's Whuopisg Coboh 8trcp.
This preparation alwavs give# imiaeUia'e relief
prevent." inflammation of the Langs, atd Uroorv
in th? ehssc, an 1 effects a cure in o few days?Prit'e i
60 certs
CROUP 8?RUP.?This remedy Is never known
^ fdl, and hu saved thousands of children?Price
25 cents.
Da. J. 8. Rosi'9 OTSfiPTrc or Livn O^kpocttd.
A gore cure fir Dyspepsia, 8our Stomach. Iadi^
cestioa, and Liver Complaint. This Compound ased
with Dr Rome's Familr Pils has cu*ed tbou-and'
?f confirmed Dyspepsia an I suv^r Complain'. I' is
a tinic. Alterative. 8?'<ca c'i and Live* Medicinr, i
and was highly recomm .d 1 by the oelebrated late I
Dr Phy^ick?60 ?ent?
Dr. J. 9. Roei's Asn-Bmors R?tuioat> Pilla.
So called, because they go ah^ad of all ocher pills
in their goal ?-ff-?ets; ax an active Purgative, or Ca
thargic Medicine they bave no e^uai; free fr?.-oi
griping, carrying off al' s^cr-ti^ns and bile from the
stomach ana bowels, tney aan b J token ?t n.11 sra
sons, by both ?exee, of all ag'r and w thout r*gard
to weather or exposure. If taken wrh D-. Luse's
Feves a d Ague Tonio M xtjr', they will prevnt
and cure the most stubborn cases of iever and Ague
or Bilious Fevers?12% and '25 cts.
Da. j. a. uudVs Ucioan Ptlis.
For Falling -t tn rtntnh, Vr?vr.?"E, j
DebiHtv, and Relavatfon. Th'? disease heretofirej
treated by bandages, truces -nd exrernal support,
which e-n only prove pi'liativ-s, yields complete y
to th? me of thdse tonic#, strengchening Gulden
Pills 60c.
FEMALE 8PR"!IFIC. A Temely for Painful!
iicnstruatioa. Leucorrhu?* or White*?fl.
Dr. J. 8- Rosa's Pain tJc'K&a will cure Stiff Nock,
Sore Throat, Pain* in th^ lace, Side, Back or Limbs
trem a OolJ, Oholic, Oiiolera Morbus, A3. It cures
Sprains, Chilblains, Cramps or Pains in the Stom
ach or dowels. Price 1-^. 2o, and 60 cts
Persons of delicate cjn*titB tions by n^tur-,
or tbose who a*ve ?een made so, by ;he use o, t;.e
Iii%c< medicines, or any -tber cause, should r-ai
'r. J 8 Rose'.-' Medical Advi e * to perionj in >-ick
ne-s or in Uealth, which boo.i c^u be had wiuiout
ch4Tge, of
X. D. OILMAN, C. 8TOTT & C )., W. H. RII^.
B. CLiriS, H. ? ?icV!IKR80N, W T J6V>,N8,
? ngton; J. L. AID Georgetown, a si by ail
isalsrs ia Alexandria, Virginia.
aov 8?tr
X3 "ST <? -SI m X ^ ,
J \ U JJ" J Q JjjQ
a d;?jede?td i irre
os sroKiOi:.
m 39tsB5*Ucn, Fi'ie, FcUcfw:
7- t=? H-ai, Aci.'n/ ? : ih*. Li 3-*.
2a*nba?u,^^i?tfor Ju*inB?? trt-'-b'. ic
?i?* ^.slrirg c? " !
ing ^t t^i? Pit 0? ji-.it, SffUajnlTg of ~b?
8+z i. Harried -tn 1 Lrsafi-ln^, rie'ittriiig |
at th? ja vsti, Ciio i * j
whe In ' ' yiTLf >os:awL Dlai.?3 of 7klc, }iota
Wcbj bsfare tbsst^hi Fr.-<ir l DaL I' Jr. *jq !
lbs hand, 9ed-.ie?.v*?f YeiloT' v s >t
Jhs is? i aye.-. ?.uo \i *;.i g ic, E^k, 0"r?t
iisn'o*. A;, 3? i 1?.'. Viuii.ia o? tloat, ir
ths 71;<ih, OjqHu; of a*. _i, vist'st
Weprsasion of *slriia,
?U-a ?* arnr"*o*v * -;-t: ^ ^
Otlobrat^d Gariiian
stQ* 1 At) Arsi atiiii, rhilaialphift,
'? h?*.r po?ex sver the ia n>texnc'I>d
iie4oallei b7 tny r>th' * p. z liv.t.iM iu til?
Siat* . Mthac a-ia csre; aii?i shit I
tui p'ivd-:i-.a riai fiiisl.
Taese b^ersars a itisa*Jon ofiarirOs. I
Po*se?W? itott vurutb \j. tue recti1?nation of in 1
eaeeaoftti- uiver^Bi ls^??r glaads, ex?mi3lnfT the I
ctoftt s?azot:ag po-?..T3 ia Jrsakaa?? aad au'ecti-cs A
tae di^e^Sire rrsaa*, they are, wiv.*ia?, csiula
and pLr^a^t.
Pa:_tiMtpail, Ka.-oij, i, 13*8.
Dr. 0. ?2 Jv,!?oa: Oier Ji-r? ?^r ths pact .wo
ysars 1 a-*a sjsea ^ew'y with Liver 0.3>
Ialat, Jfdpep-ij^ Hiiioui DUrrb c?, *B'l Pios, ufr
ring ia >? great d*.^r-?^ c:>'iaCaaUy, il?s paii1? at i in
C JC/euisacse aitaalMi uj>o ? auca >. vithoat
eiergy, b?ng?; *r-e!/ ^',.9 to ?ttead to *ny bud
nwi I loit a gr3t.c de-?i ?f cay (i*yh, and uaeii uiaay
kmls er 2i-l:-dne, -?ita noippurent cbaags, tiulU I
e itarasacii wita your *? ~lK.ii.-vl t Gtr-nan CU, t t,"
lisy have ect'raly aarvl 'as. I have gained in
wsigbt f'rty pwt's sia ;e I ^catin^ncsd th?li 1
ate, aa? I a<n ao* entir-ly fr??t fr -ui p*.n and ?'b? I
of **7 Siad, aad f?e'i lika a maa. I aaheditat
Uagly vecoa.j^n i yoar J::i -3 to e'l icrtl-1.
V.-v.f*?t r?j.
JOHN ii. !'? . Ligna/e Pia:;.
'W* Si. a4?<as, ;iie Ar^u., We?ioa
Mo^Jalj 1J. l^l,iiid: "I k-j l*.:t iumnssr so
low and wv.j not t-- bt ?* ?.* I 1 0 *.
longer thaa o<i? hoar &t a ti>-)? i tried one I -: ]
01 yoar vi^riaaa Kii e-s, arnica aritir'jiv cnr^J mi. i
have use! two bott .a. I -tact two bott'.as 150 miisr
trom here to a friead h^d oesa tfioat for a l'.aj
time; ha aas *iso beeu .<*i t.7 tb-sra. I \k. n
them to be iuper.of t-> nty rueiioiae oarr 'a oc*.'
m. a. Parklas. y . -etta, Ohio. Feb 112, lv;.
jatd: "f oar Bia-rs^-s Ul;;t.ly by th^e wu
btfSQi'-' wh'in. ia ii ;?i 1 af LiTj; (Jo El pi hit Oi
LCaf! utaadia., >0 ;;: ?.n ra:;\:d 1 xili c/
frml 9hy$v.i+?? war, ?-u?re;y nr.. bf the cji ?>/ >
?sti r, .ir v >i ?. Wo9e*-5r. <>., ,%
id, I80I, .iai 1: "i ? : brae? ;i ;d o;.port iai:y ?>
totaiin/ you ofth,? gr-.?. i n- it < have darivcd ..
tbe usje* Tj.-. ;i.' ii.,!1'.- G-r-naa H ttere. I
aie i t^l*Ei for ?. i;i'u ^1: J iVviT, asU Dlsorterei
ii:oaiac i, *s i foai.i r? >at in eve. / c.4>t Thtv wi >
the be?: / lor btw;^?red Stociw.h I Uiui
?Xlst?r -p."'
? ? ?? %?***>, C -?;? 0/ tfi
Norf iii)) vviiiaij ?* 4,i. hi?(? t^cn u?;f? d j?? Go"
man Bi'trr : >r tiui", lor D/ pjrs-a, a-. \ I, yr,
leacl so ;ja:j r?i -1 ir-:^i thit i fci s cade
up my mind 1 give . ^Urut aiijjrJai ?>
iorum, %i "
Hol'-Uf iWji'i f.. t; 3.. <*???
M.1WU sv 1: "Towec ? . I; un0(. ..
17 popular V.x: ?, -rd *i*on,; . . . prepared sic ?;
;;nes on our ibei?*? Djr.o l. ? , ' aoid wfehh h v
Slv-n the natiafwtt jn of 4. ? m ?'? ders'iu Pii * \
oae ?1, J 352, th?y r-s-1: r e-oaa:.-nd tham *
%n invaluabls sprJ ig and : uturner "
W a. Orr, tVooerir, <?., vVt?:b?ir 2i, l?5". r? iu.
"Yoa ask ras my opiuioa oi* cite Oer naa' h ..s?rs. . |
have aae:I ib?a tor Dyspepsia and iadig.^ption, a-,
tase pieasare ia stating thai I tU'.ak tae? ate the
???ry beat rem-1? ?*raat for ih- ir^rn coiapl&lnts
?v<F ii rJte of o,( ^ pri'D'
Kory Mauicmu ?>/ ^ doy."
*?''?*r'yi 1 ?* ? i^tici'uitjhel *a>ev*r v?o*?<et
Tn>?? l**.tt?ra -. * iauu.r f AiriAan T7;?/
For sale ia ?v.aoiagtom b? 0. 01LM Ar?;
in^^r0 ^ J L KIDWJsb.:
in I1'1 ,T J R- pusrpont
T- ? wJ ^Oac?LL, LADU * 00.
In BaiUrpore ay CAN'BY A UAlVki.
^ ? ?*Vii * MILLEK.
Ia d.-. AUPHSA^i^HaS
la NorfJii oy Vl. A. -ANCOS A SON
^Aad bv r?^,.4V- ia>l^ ?
^^? % | >
YOU Wl!: 6ad at t/?- Oi.U STAND P-iP-v|
vy-le near 1 ^th -trwn ophite thf
Irving H^vMs V Mil NO <}< A88KS wftfc .,r wfThrn!
Fran:*'; Portrait, 51?'ire -aid Mtn*r >rr Prs*n-V??
the 'a*r*t sty^. P *.'k% ,, R o > V.f, r*., .
Oozti0f. Ac . %e.j or h -'-Inf y .?r .; j ,T 7. a , *
u>vp **" ivr don^ Ir ai !lc?
?< r . ' y-j.n,,, \ rryi.t 1* ?e #?
ttr o-. r?u ^tfiOc Dort let,-' t:ie ;?lu*.
?II I*! undersigned would reapactftUly inform bis
t friends, acquaintances, and tba public generally
."'at he still ccntinaes to execute all orders in hif
Id* of '.usiuecs in the best manner and at the short
?sr uotiae.
r 5fi P A IK.I If O neatly and promptly execrated
? LMtEKALS efended to at tg~
Ae nfaorteet notice and in the beet
?"g-rner. Bodies preserved in On mett perfect mary
' *r, even in the wimest uxaOurr.
?i ^nkful for pswt favors, he would respectfull,
iif ? n.i will endeavor to merit a continuance oi
Pa. eve., b. aide, between 9th and 10th ate.
ft 5idenc?: Hr. Martin'.--. fcio. 296. D ?tre?t, t-.ird
-oa e wart oi 7 th str^t mar IT?ly
^ DER TAKER i?residence 418 8ev
?mtL street, between G and H streets. In.erment
pr >c tred ia nay groual or cemeterv. Coffins, Caps,
Shrcadfl, Onrriages, Hearre, and every article for
ute meu^s of to* best quality furnished at short
icr.i e, on the most r?a>-on&v>le t*rmn, and at a'l
on * of th* night. Having the exclusive right of
Ora ip s Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to
ieef the d?ad for any ienerth of tune. oo 11?tf
IV/OULD respectfully return my thanks to tbe
^itixens of Washin^'on and its vicinity for tbeir
i>aat patronage, aad say that owing to the freqnect
Allr in the Undertaking branch of my business, I
>>\r> o-en indued to discontinue the manufacture
J Y lrniture, ar"i turn my attention fully to tbe
?J VI ERTAX.LN3. I hare spared ao pains to haT?
itax 'thJn^ tb^t is req.i'sitato my business, and 1
*> a ier??ore fully prepare 1 to meet any order aft>r
v o ' moments notice, *ad I assure those who m*?
ti fi a?* a call that I will spare no pains w carry o;?
'hsi oriCiS to their entire satisfaction.
No 410, 7th St., betwe? j G sni .1.
?? ?'J3si'3 M-r-aim: to *t ill honre of the rj *b'
.a r 0?' v
n N jtxji* s
ns.LTiMOf .j. "'d . June 4,1854.
Hr. Rockbridge, of the Fountain livid Light ttrci,
B Itimore?
1;. *r arc: Being on the point of leaving th> cit.,
i av ?il myself or a tew iale moments to thank yoo
;du~ .y tor the medicine you sent tne, and ?hich h*.
resi? r*d me to the use of my limbs. I beg you t.
-out.1 me lour bottM uxote, to carry on my toy ape
-ire < I had the fortune to use Dr. Hampton's Vej-e
tab! ? Tincture my oonfldence is so strong that, ir
grat tude o the proprietors of said medicine, 1 b - ?
yon to present my respects to them, and indU'-r
"hen to make it more publicly known as a surr
iihe-imeiic cure. Ilaring called on me on the 19'i
of A jril last, and seen rat* prort rated on my
J3ei ?8 in all my li .>bs, yon can appreciate nearl ?
is w -11 as myse'f tn^ p-cmpt relief I received free
Dr. tampton's Tinware, and I am positive had i
not iieeo tor your strong and forcible reoomnen*'*
tiot:11 should "till bave br'en in bed.
It i-> really a pity this specific should not be fc j
Dro-ed by medical men, aud like all patent dru^s i'
should suffer the imputation the public geneia''.
give to sacn preparations. I myteif, who was ?i
vaji oppc9?d to a patented specific, took this me t!
vinf v'th reluctance, and without confldance in i:
anJ \*j was only through your disinterested, frieodU
reor mmendations. and my critisal idtaatioii that in
dloc* d me to try ttia refclly beneficial Vegeiabl
You may Inform Messrs. Mortimer A Mcwb?f
"haf. they are at liberty te make use of my name ir
tL* Hupport of the ^ood effects of Dr. UamptouV
7eg>?table tincture, a? it b-ut cured meis five -!7e< i
ol & chronio InflimmcUory Rheumatism, contracted
andsr tropical 'climate*, andot seoen years'penodicc. i
duration. J have only used three bullet, and fiuc
Uu?' even the deformed parti of my hands ar?: f'.r*
reu ining c tb>;r tormnr n&torai appearance
I dave been uuder t'>e treatment of several j.1 f
?rici, ns io Loudon and Pans, without any apptu - n:
Ixsn-St; ai^o, wnili in New York, having tried tl:
i fe'. npeooian and Jonwepathic remedies, t'ter h?'
in^ been tormented with galvanic ba ter<es, 0"ui
ami arcmatic baths, and hundreds of interna! a> c
external ruadicines, ali to no effect, I am, so :c.t
?ur ?! by this Hampton's Yege able Tincture onl -.
Yhe-^efore, my ear sir, accept of the assutai-"* oi
my gratitude, and beueve me your w?ll wisher.
Thomas Oik oh.
Poa*8MOUTU, \ A , Aug. 18, 1851.
M?. J. R. Boush?-ear sir: While I am, in gene
ral, opposed to patent medicines,candor compels tne
to state that I have i{reat confidence in the virtues
of I?mpion's Vegecabl* Tincture. For sev?-ial
months past i have use^ it in my family ; ana ia
lys^epaia, loss of appetite, disuness, and general .1
bility, with entire sucoe?v. So tar as my experi' x
estta s, therefore, I take pleasure in recomm^'il
lug t to the affiictcd as a safe and efficient remeu *
I aia, respectfully, ycurs,
Chaplain, United States Navy.
W'amusgtoB, May 17, lbi
Messrs 3Jortimer A jiow'oray: Gentlemen?I'.av
ing aeen affiicted with Liver Complaint of ten v . r.
star iing, i hereby, for the b ueflt of theaffli' -i.
Lafe' great plerjsure in announcing tOat after u
a te f boctlos of your Tincture, X found it hud n
com?li?*_a(A a nerfe;-cure 1 have used ditf<sron(
med cL-sci f.'>ia ttue to time, b'?t have never t. ? -n
a?>ln t? n-wcuat for a ay apparent good, and it 1. t
olfcsin.: *?*? iJtriskan hwaanity that thatmedinii. is
xouid rhi jh poeeeseee the wrondercus powec of p :o
longlngrtu^Aa life. Taemanycureficbaswro^^^t.
Ui ?t sa-.:*.cieat guarantee of the beneficial recu'te
irlii h rr-iy be experienced fr?ra ita nee. Yo.i>rs,
rtu: scL'aily, J. Comaih I1:t.
? 0 Li and ::et pemphlets gratia, aud see cni-s ol
Jou ifi, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, D\a- p
v.a, V ri p?ea*4<<KKJ Qm sral Weakness. As a iei.-.iilc
caed . ..e lor delicate children we believe ii i-u
r>0,d 07MORTIMKR A MOWBRAY, 140 D,iti
jion atraet, SaUimore, anl 304 Mroadwav,
?orL; C1IA3. STOTf A CO., Wl'-TER, J. B. M0
0. B ol .IJI ?i,CLARKK 4 BOWLING, W. KJ.Li
ji"I ^ j'4. ii McPHhRSON, Washington; also, ii.
9. i. C1B8SL, Georgetown; and C. C. BERRY,
Vlej ?adili, aad by Drugtii-ie everywhere.
BV ? 81?ti*
H. BfUNSON re pectfuily cal s public attan i; n
_ to his new, patent, and GREATLY v
lilPROVKD oistr.od of setting Artificial ^
Tecta, with 'Continuous Gum?the very TT. 'ir
ot'Tf^th has the follow advantages over all otv> rs
FOBT, and BEAUTY, < ieing with Natur* in t:>e e
r'jspscls, and roinf o hers excelling. Public insp<?o
tion is reopecttuily solicited. Please call and see
CAUTION ?No other Dentist in the IMs'ric of
Colu . bia his a tight to make tnis -tyle of Tee;/i.
N. fl ? T?*eth constitutional y healthy, plugged
and warranted for life.
OiHce and house at No. 203 E street, n??r the cor
ner of Pean?Tiv*?U avenue and 14th str ot.
nov IV.
^irALLACd A Li >PE offer for sale, t.t the office
Tf of the ?vening Star, one MACHINE
PRe S3, capable of printing l,00o imp esaions per
hour, double nediuoi sheet, both oiDid at osct, re
gistering tn the n">st perfect manner. One MEi'I
L M 8M1TB I'liKfia, ia good ordt*r, and one FOOLS
CAP KA&A3E PRESS. Th^sep-esMfl will be eold
lo*. Also, ??* fon| of BOESGEOIS rY"E, weigh
ing ab.ut 340 poudds, but little us>*d, for sab on
r?^ nabl? t*nn?. <nv 9?Wf
li earteeai j, by the author of the Heir of Hedcliff
The Pride of Life, by Lady ooott, author cf tha Hen
Pec ted Hupband
B'ackwoud's M-?g i>ne for November
A lone ; che ip edition
Li'e in the Cleariugs, by Mrs Mo^die
Ltdi^s* Nati onal Magaaina for Deoemhar
ti raoam's do do
UoUet's Lady's Book do
Ladies' complete Guide to Crotchet and Fancy Knit
N*w Boohs received immediately after published.
All tha latart NeMrspap*r>, and everything ba?
longing to the Stationery li at
BWIL .lKGTi^N'S Bookstore,
Corner of Pa. avenue and 4j{ atr^et.
biv S6?*t 1
(>KY DA. 80WAB.TZK s PU' "dOiflC BALS a M
I f r rh* i-tr.< of Co fhs Cod . Asthma, Ac
A'*o 1)h. .OiiWA ?ratf'0WuB?l DESTuOYIMG
T KI! *?? nr,v#r known to fhll
If ?*:e bt sO^iWARrzs 4 fcON'S dr?.g htora,
Fa. ayeuua, to VJ. 4. amatol. hot 10?2a
TMAOTM DBPABT*nrT, August 28.1864.
Notice ta hereby given to the holders of the fol
lowing-described sto?ks of the United States, that
this department is prepared to purchase, at any
time between the date hereof and the 20th day of
November next, portions of those stocks, amounting
in the aggregate to $3,840,000, In the manner and
on the tarns hereinafter mentioned, to wit:
In case of any contingent competition, within the
amount stated, preference will be givec in the or
der of time in which said stocks may be offered. The
certificates, duly assigned to the United States, by
the parties who are to receive the amount ther of,
[.mast be transmitted to this department; upon the
reoeipt whereof, a price will be paia, oornpounded
of the following particulars:
1. The par value, or amount specified in each cer
2 A premium on the stock of the loan authorised
by <he act of July, 1846, redeemable November 12,
L856, of 3 per cen 4 on the stock of the loan an
thori?ed by the act of 1842, redeemable 31st Decem
ber. 1882, of 11 per cent.; on the stock of the loans
authorized by the acts of 1847 and '848, and redeem
able, the former on the 31st December, 1867, and
the latter on the 80th June, 1868, of 16 per cent;
and on the stock ol the loan authoriiel by the act
of 1850, and redeemable on the 81st December, 1864
(commonly called the Texan indemnity,) bIx per
3. Interest on the par of each certificate from the
1st ot July, 1854, to the date ef receipt and settle
ment at the Treasury, with the allowance (for the
money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in
Payment for sa'd stocks will be made in drafts of
the Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant
treasurer at Boiton, ^ew York, or Philadelphia, as
the parties may direct
But no certificate will be entitled to the benefit of
this notirfe which shall not be actually received at
the rreamry on or before the said 20th day of No
vember next.
Seoretary of Treasury.
The time during whioh the above named stock?
will te purchased by this department upcn the
term* above specified is hereby extended to 31it De
cember next, inclusive.
As the transfer books will be closed on the 1st
Dumber, when the current half year's interest be
come! vested in the stockholder at that date, ail
certificate ef inscribed stock mnst, in r.ddi-ion to
the usual alignment to the United States, have an
express assignment of the Interest made by the
stockholder thereon. Where the interest is not fft
.assigned, or where the coupons payable on the 1st
anuary next, in oases of ooupon stock, are not
tranfmi tted with the certificates, the premium and
one d/iy's interest only (le^s interept from the time
)f ledemption to 1st January) will be included with
the principal In the settlement.
fcecretary of the Treasury.
Treasury D**abtiumt, Nov. 18.1854.
nov 20 dtey
I have just received and opened
great assortment of Clocks, Watches, f 1
and Jewelry, all of which will be soid jLfljJ
cheaper than similar (r?ods can b?c3
t in the District. I have on band a few
oo?tiy Watches, which will be sold a great bargaid
if called for s on, at J ROBINSON'S
Jeweliy Store, opposite Browns' Hotel.
o?t 5?2m
Tne G/eat PmrlAer ot the bioodl
Not a Particle of Mercury In It!
An iNStLUBLZ Rimidv for Scoiula, King's Evil,
Rneumatism, Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions,
P.meles or Pustules on tbe race, Blotches, Boil-,
Chronic Sore Eyee, King Worm or Tetter, S aid
Heal, Enlargement and Pain of the Bones and
Joints, Stubborn Ulcers, S/phUitic Disorders,
Lumbago. Spinal Compla nts, ani all the dine** s !
urising from an injutli ;ious use of Mer u-y, Im
piu 1 -we in ? ife, or Impurity of the B ood.
HI3 valuable M dicine, ?hich has becom-cde
bratc.d for the number of ?xtra rdinary cures,
eff-eted through its agency, has induced the propri
?Mrs, at the urg nt request of their friends, to cttir
it to the public, which they do with the utmost con*
flienceinits virtu-sand wonderlul curative prop
erti s The following certificates, selected lrom a
large number, are, however, stronger testimony
than the msre wo-a of the proprietors; and are ail
fio<a gentlemen well known in th-ir localities, and
of the highest respectability, many of them res ding
in the city of Kiohmoi d \ a.
F HOYDEN, Esq., if the Exchange Hotel, Bich
mo; d, known everywhere s<iy she has seen' he Med*
icine called Carter's Spanish Mixture, administered
i 1 over a hundred cases, in neariy ell the diseases
for wuichit is recommenced, with the izost aston
ishingly good results He says it is the most ex
tr??rdinary medicine he has overseen.
certify that for thiee years 1 had Ague and Fever
of the mo.'t violent description. T had several Phv
sicians, took l*rge quantities of Quioine, mercury,
and I bel eve all the Tonics advertised, but all with
out permanent relief. At laftt I tried Carter's
Spanish Mixture, two bottles of which effectually
cu-ed me, and 1 am happy to say I have hid neiti er
chills or tevers since. I consider it the best Tonic
in this world, and the only medieine that ?ver
reached mv case. JOHN LONGDEN.
Beaver Ditch, near Richmond, Va.
C. B LOCK, J?sq., now In the city of Richmond
and for many years in the Post Office, has such
conhdenca in the astonlsuing efficacy of Carter's
Sp uitsh Mixture, that hs has bought upwaids of 68
bottles, which he has given away to the affl oted.?
Mr. Luck says he his never known it to fall when
taken according to directions
Dr. MINGE, a practising Physician, and fo uierly
of the City Hotel, in the city of Richmond, says he
has witnessed in a number of instances th* effects of |
Car er's Spanish Mixture, which were most truly
surprising. He s?y8 in a case of Ovnjumption, de
pend- nt on the Liver, the good effects wers won
derful indeed.
SAMUEL M. DRINKER, of the firm of Drinker A
Morns, Richmond, was cured cured of Liver Com
plaint of tnree > ears standing, by the use ot tw?.
b ttltis of Cartet'o Spani-h Mi&ture.
GRKaT CURE Of SCROFULA.?The Editors of
the Richmond Republican h d a-se'vant employed
in ikeir press room, cured of violent Scrofula, com
b ned with Rheumatism, which entirely disabled
him from work. Two bottles of Carter s Spanish
Mixture made a perfect care of him, and the Edi
tor^ in a public notice, my they 4 cheerfully reoom
meni it to all who are afflicted with any disease of
the bloou "
a vry valuab.e boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's
Spanish Mixture. I consider it truly a valuable
medicine. JAMES M. TA?L'?R, Condu<-for on the
K F. and P. K. K. Co, Richmond, Va
Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, residing in the city of
Riohmond, wjs cured by thr-?e battles cf Carter's
t punish Mixture, of Salt Kheum, which he had for
nearly twenty years and which all the phys.ci?ns
of the city could not cure. Mr. Thompson is a well
knuwQ merchant in the city of Richmondf and his
is most ret arkable.
WM. A.MATTHEWS, of Rlchmord had a fervent
cured of "yphills, in the worse form, hy Ca ter's
-panlsh Mixture. He sayS he cheerfully recom
mends it, and considers it a very invaluable me ii
EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of the rsvenue,
Fays he has seen the goud tffecte of Carter's Spanish
Mixture in a numbsr of Syphilitic cases, and says it
is a perfect eure f. r that horrible disease.
WM. G. HARWOOD.ef Richmond, cured cf old
Sores and Uloere, wh.ch disabled him frem w. Iking.
Took a few bottleo of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and
was enabl d to walk without a crutch, in a short
time permanen ly cured.
Principal Depots at M WARD, CLOBE A Co,, No.
88 Maiden Lane, New York
T. vv DYOt'T A 80WS, No. 182 Nort*> Second st.,
I'hil delphia .a.
B h V ? Err A BEEH8, No. 12ft Main street, Rich
mo d Va.
ADU for sale by '"HAVLES BTOTT, Washington,
D. C; HEN . Y PAUL, Alexaouiia, a_d b Din^.ati
ri'# $1 per bottle, or ?lx b*ul?e fcr |ft
sep Si?ly
BALLfl, Ac.
or Hi
MONDAY, Otcember 4th, 1804.
NATIONAL GUARD respectfully anno? rue
. to their fri?nds and the public generally, that
their 8 eond Annual Ball will be given on MON
DAY, December 4th, 1864, at JACKSON HALL.
The Company piedce themselves to their kin! yn
trens and iriends to make th<s an agreeable Kai .
The Military will please appear in uniform
Nn hats or caps allowed in the room unless worn
by th? military.
Tickets ONK DOLLAR?admitting a gentleman
| and ladiee; to be had of the company.
Committee of Arrangement*.
Capt J as. A. T&it,
flgt C R Bishop, Sgt J I Johnson,
< orp F McGann, Oorp R H Grab am.
nor 28 -tb
WEDNKSDAV. Deetmber 6ih,lR54.
'pHK highlanders, in announcing their ?in?t
JL Grand Ball, would respectfully state to the mil
itury and citizens ot the District that they have
ncade *11 the necessary arrangements to secure every
n? all the pleasure they wuld possibly desire. It
will be in a style unsurpassed *by any ball eter
given in Washington.
A splendid band of musin Is engaged, with the ad
dicion of a Scotch Piper, who will, luring the even
inc, disoourse some beautiful pleoea ot music on the
Tickets ONE DOLLAR?to be obtained of the
Capt Jno Reese, L' Jno Bun,
Lt C F Gone. Kn? gn Thos MoT rath,
Lt Jlo Walker, Qr Mr G W Flood.
Manageri on part of the Military.
Mnj Gen Wa'ter Jones, Col Wm ttickey,
Rrig G^n WeigVman, Lt Col Thos Ri'ey,
v flj Chas S Wallaoh, M ?J Tbo* D"noh?,
M?j R Key worth, M%j P F B oon,
Qr Mr McCullom, Capt Ja? Tai ,
Capt E C Csrriugton, Capt Jno L 8mith,
Capt E M Bright, Capt G W Cutter,
Capt P Barton K*y, Burg Tas E Morgan,
Capt G A Schwarsman, Lt wm H Clarke.
O^pt Jos Peck.
Manager* on part of the Citiaeru.
Hon Jno T Towers, Joo P Pepper, Esq
Jno W Maury, Esq. Jno * Coyle, Keq
W W S-aton, Esq B B French, Esq
W?lt*r Lenox, Esq M W Gait Esq
Jos H Frad ev, Keq Joe Shlliington, Esq
Jus M Cariisie, E?q Wm H Winter, Eeq
E C Morgan Esq **erj Barns, E?q
Dtniel Radciiffe, Ksq F McNerhany. E?q
Ricb'd Wallacu. Eeq H F Louden, Esq
Geo S Gideon Esq Geo W 0 chran, Esq.
R Finley Hunt, E*q .
Ticbets ONE DOLLAR, to be had of the member! |
and at 'he door on t .e evening of the ball.
nov 27?ii
'"S .UftCARO - A TKIHK No. 6, Improved Ordrr of
j[_ R">d Men. re^p^ctiu'ly announce to the Br th
ers of ^h- Order and the citixersgeaerallv that their
Am u?l Ball -ovill take place on TIIURH>DAT
KVBN1NO) the 7th instant, at ODD FEuLOWfc'1
HALL N??\y Yard.
The Tribe pledge themselves that no pains or ex
perse will ve spared to make t.Js one of the most |
agn^-able Ba Is cf the ?eaM>n.
Prof-ssor Weber's justty celebrated Cotfll^n Band |
is ^pag?d for the occasion.
No bais or caps allowed in t^e room.
1 ickets?admitting a gentleman and ladles, to be
had of any cf the members, and at ihe do .'r.
An experience J caterer Is engaged.
Managers on part cf Tvtcarora Tribe.
P f, J H O'Brien, f 8, Jno%- h'ayer,
P G ft, L R Gaddis, 8r Sag, M L Merrill,
P ft, T J Harrison. Bro, R J Middle ton.
P S Wm R Hutchinson,
Anacottia Tribe.
Sacbeia ? Griffin, Bro A Tate,
Bro F Magnire.
Otagt Tribe.
P 8, R V Gadman, Bro, R V Henry.
Mohawk Tribe.
P 8, ? Whilmor., Bro ? Wright.
Logan Tribe.
JwB T Walker, Thos Dowling.
Previous to which there will be a prooesslon of
Tuecavora Trib", in full Begalia, headed by Prospe
ri's Model Oornet Band, for tr.? purpose of present
ing a block of Marble to tb? Washington National
We co'dially invite all Brother of the Order ii
go-Hi standing to participate with us on that int?;?
eating ( oci'I ju.
Tbe procession will torm at the Masonic TTall, \s* |
vy \ard, at l)tf o'clock, p. m., Thursday, 7th inst.
d"Q 8?3t?
Honor to Whom Honor Is Due.
1^1'E EMPIRE CLUB will srive their SECOND
ary 10ih. tb^? pr- o^wtn of which will go tower is
erecting a .Monuinert V> the memory of Etewakt
Holland, the br?ve and noble young Washing'o
ni-tn who - as 1< st with th" disastrous Arctic.
Further particulars in future advertisement,
dec 2 ?eo3t* WM. CAHO, Secretary.
10 doxen White French Kid Gloves, 62 cents, j
worth 87
10 doien light colored do do 02 cents,
worth 87
10 do ladiee and gent's Beaver do 60 oents,
very cheap
60 do ladies' fletcy lined raw silk, Cashmere, and
Cotton Gloves
26 do misses' Cashmere and fleecy lined raw silk
100 do ladies' Alpaoa, Cashmere, fleecy lined raw
silk and Cotton Hose
10 do Woollen Hose, for servants
10 do misses' white Merino Hoee
Woollen Yarn of all oolora
Children's Woollen Gaiters, Woollen Comforts
With many other Goods ch ap tor cash
Corner Eighth st, opp. Centre Market,
nov 21?1m
Plumbing Establishment,!
On the corner of sixth strbkt and
Pennsylvania Avenue, are now receivicg the
flj.eet assortment of OHANDKLIERS and gas FIX- !
TURES ever offered to the citisens of Washington,
and at the same time "cheaper than the cheapest" j
All that is necessary is to give a call to be convinced
of this fact. The superior facilities of this house
enaoles them to ee'l their goods and do work at a
less rate thau any of the retailers f this oity.
Thankful for the very liberal patronage of tbe
ritisens of Washington and vicinity, the proprietor
aeauzea them tnat with the addition ot a number ot
tbe best gas fitters and plumbers of Philadelphia
and New York to his present large force, he will be
able to do a 1 woxk in both branches in the mo st su
perior style, and, as before stated, cheaper than the
cheapest. JNO. REESE,
We are now receiving % Urge assortment of
Boys' and Youths' WINTER CLOTHING, of new
and fashionable styles, consisting of
Overcoats and Talmas
Fro.-k and Sack Coats
Roundabouts Jackets,
Plain and taney Cassimere Pants,
Cloth, Silk, 8*tin and Merino Vests,
White and colored Shirts, Suspender;, Gloves,
Handkerchiefs, Hosiery, Ac , Ac.
Making the largest ani best variety of Boys' Win
ter Clothing to be found in this city, which we are
determined to sell at the lowest prices.
WALL k stephen8,
Pa. avenue, bet Ninth and Tenth streets,
^ next door te Iron Hall.
pot 17?tf FNews] Y
JC&X BEOE1VED, a fr?sh supply of A. B
PHATB OF LIME. The most palatable and effla
ci-iw P ep.ratwn of Cod Liver OU known, tor ths
o w of Cousumption, Scrofula, Conghs, O lds.
Asthma, Br nchitis, and ail scrrfalous humor*
For **<? by , . 8CBW ARIZE A fcON,
(AgeLtefor Wasbington,) Pa. avenue, next door
te P. S. Hotel nov 1 2m
???? t- ?? ? ai'i A u o f.ni
?> DiTio?;st.Y at Tfils ? a % /.?(
JBAif" }4
evening STaID
(From tiie lim>ari
But one work, translated in English,
has as yet appeared before the public
giviag the Turkish A1 coram, or Bible.'
This is full of inaccuracies, and does not
detail the mixed religion of the Musse>
man, which is divided into as many sect s
as are the Christian denominations. We
are all familiar with the fact of the two
great factions in the Turkish religion?
those who have Mahomet, and those who
call Ali their head. The latter are look
ed upon in the same light as the Chris
tians regard the Jews. But there an*
sects very much resembling the Chris
tians?the Howling Dervishes, for in
stance. These may properly be called
the Methodists of theMahomedan church; I
they are oniy rather more enthusiastic,
and their ceremonies characterised by
superstitions. To describe them fullv.
would be utterly impossible, and but V
hunt description can be given of them at
best; still after naming a few of the other
sects, we will endeavor to describe their
ceremonies. There is the plain Ma
homedan or orthodox church; the Dirtv
Dervishes; the Howling Dervishes; the
1 urnmg Dervishes, or Turkish Shaking 1
Quakers; the true followers of Mahomet,
and the followers of Ah; the Begging
Dervishes, and the Silent Dervishes. " |
On entering the small and not very
peat mosque of the Howling Dervishes,
we found several of them already present
and beginning a lew growling chant. In
a few moments, as if animated by the I
presence of the Christian dogs, several
others joined the singers and raised the
growl a note or two higher. Their dress
consisted of nothing but a pair of loose
lurkish trowsers, and a small skull cap
on their heads. In this costume, they I
began to move around, one after another,
a circle, now and then one or two
dropping in and joining the dance, which
was slow and measured at first, but as
their voices rose, the dance became more
animated, while their motions resembled
the Indian buffalo dance?stooping, jump-1
ing and contorting their bodies in even I
conceivable manner,' but the chaunt soon
rose to a dismal howl; several juveniles
stepped into the dance, and theirsqueak
mg voices and quick convulsions of their
bodies, gave the whole thing a still more
ludicrous appearance. Still louder rose
the howl?resembling a combination of
the Indian war-whoop, the hoarse moan
mgs of the winds, the growl of some wild
beast, the chatter of the monkev and the
shrill squeal of the pig.
But all these horrible noises were per
fectly eclipsed by the contortions of the
faces, muscles and body. Their eyes
rolled until nothing but the whites coul.l
be seen. Their tonguea were iapj**. out
of their mouths and frothing, dancing
jumping, crawling, sertaming, rolling,
twisting themselves in every conceivable
manner, until completely exhausted they
fell, some on their faces, others on then
sides and backs; and after nature ha.
become apparently restored, they again
rose to their feet, began maiming them
selves in the most shocking manner w
knives, sharp instruments, and aiain ^ .
ing through the same oeremony of hous
ing, squealing, dancing, and 'falling in
sensible ; where, laying sometime, thfv
quietly arose and asked the Cbri.t.ai
dogs for money, which we, as a mattci
of course, gave them.
The turning Dervishes next attracted
our attention ; their mosque is plain and
spacious. We found some twenty or
thirty already on the plain going through
their revolving. The dress of this order
consists of a conical cap and loose fro-k
of white stuff, and while turning around
in their dance they resembled a candle
extinguisher. These, too, have a sone,
but one low and melodious. Their whole
ceremony consists in turning round, and
by long practice aiid stretching out their
arms, the revolutions of the persons be
come so rapid that they resemble a cone
surrounded by a flat disc. These, too
begged a few favors from the Christian
visitors, and we willingly gave it fer the
privilege of seeing their small fry lions.
1 he dirty Dervishes' religion consists in |
merelv never changing any article of
clothing, until it aetual drops off in rags
and in remaining, from the date of their
entering the order until death, abomina
bly filthy, never sweeping their apart
ments, and never sleeping on anything
in a clean place.
But it is a very easy matter for a Turk
to become a dirty Dervish ; though they
frequently bathe, they seldom chanjre
their clothing. The thoughts, feelings,
habits, and manners of the Turks are de
cidedly of a low order ; they have a few
books of light literature, but none on any
of the important sciences. He smokt*
his pipe, drinks his coffee, and lolls in
the lap of his wife or slave, dates every
thing from Frankinstan, (Christian land )
and dreams of nothing else but a sensual
paradise from his earliest years to old
age ; he is a sensualist, and expects af
ter death to enjoy a sensual paradise.
Such is the lurk of the present day, and
such he will be while be has as his guide
the Koran; he looks upon the whole
world with contempt, and whatever mis
fortune overtakes him?he quietly sub
mits to his kisnet, (fate.) Being not at
progressive, his constant expression on
all occasions is, ? Cheuashe, cheuashe,"
take it easy, take it easy."
A countryman one day, returning from
the city, took home with him five of the
finest peaches one could possibly desire
hia children hfcd ne?r ?
held the fruit before, they rejoiced over
them exceedingly, calling them the line
apples with the rosy cheeks, and soft
plum-like skins. The frther divided
them amongst hit four children, and re
tained one for thsir mother. In.the even
ba Mai la uy *? pebb*?< m kMf.
Single copy, pav mm M
*? own.
fhi otpN ....... *
Ten do ? ^ ??? ?? ? ?*? -?'?? -.?<11???? ?
r?nty do..... Ui<
>?? Cam, utaiuiit m aitum.
p/- Singi? onixn* (io ?r?ipf>en!> cu he pm?<
t t.ieeouoier, namMitit'iy after U>?* me of U>?
Pnoe?tb**? iirrm.
r^wTWASTTK- *b-? ~ci *ill hr ? Bow*
a c ?mniiiwutr <?t twnty per cent.
ing, ere the chil^r?? retirH t chei?
chamber, the father ^'icmioited tl eu? by
asking. ? How lid you t| e s, .if
' "?< *'**7,"^ lnd?d. deir
- r, said the eldest boy; ??it is a
oc lutiful fruit?so acid, and ye* so nice
and soft to the taste; 1 have carefully
preserved the stone, that I may cultivate
a tree. 44 Right, and bravely done,"
s*'d the father: "that speaks well for
re;T*rding the future with care, and is
becoming in a young husbandman.'*
44 i have eaten mine, and thrown the
st< ne away," said the youngest. ?' be
sides which, mother gave me half of hers.
Uh . it tasted so sweet and so meltine in
my mouth." "Indeed," said the father,
t iou hast not been prudent. However
it was very natural and childlike, and
di.splays wisdom enough for your >ear? "
"I have picked up the stone, "said the sec
ond son, 44 which my little brother threw
away,cracked it and eaten the kernel?it
was as sweet as a nut to the taste?but
my peach . have sold for so much money,
that when I go to the city I can buy
twelve of them." The parent shook his
head reprovingly, saying - Btwar., my
ft Z avance- Prudence is all ve-r
well, but such conduct as yours is un
childlike and unnatural. Heaven guard
thee, my child, from 'he fate of a miser.
And you. Edmund?** asked the father,
turning to his third son, who frankly and
openly replied ? 1 have given my f*ach
to the son of our neighbor-the sick
Cxeorge, who has had the fever. He would
noc take it, so I left it on his b-d, and I
5? J.ust COI?c htw?y " Now," said
i*ther, "whe has done the l>est with
peach. "Brother Edmund the three
exclaimed aloud ; " Brother Edmund ?"
Edmund was still and silent, and the
mother kissed him with tears of joy in
ner eyes.
Cast Marblk.-Ii has long been a de
sideratum in the adaption of fine art to
;he refined wants of daily l?fe, *s W011 as
or purposes of science, that works of
sculpture should be capable of pro
iuced at a cheap rate. Mti.v -iro ^
bave been tried to render pUsier noIH ?
but none has hitherto proved in ev,, v
respect successful, the requ:sife d"er , t
transparency not hav.ng be.-n oUtaiu 1
Ur Emil feraun has at length proceeded,
(voare told, in thft production of a ma
u-nal adapted to plastic purposes, whi^h
inords the same sharpness of outlines rs
plaster o. Paris, is scarcely inferior in
whiteness to the finest statuary marb'e
ind even surpasses it in impermeability
3f surface, being perfectly impervious 'o
wet, and capable of resisting all incUui
sncies of weather. The mventoi has al
ready exhibited several busts and statues
3f this composition, wmch have Uen
newed by the sculptors and artists of
Koine, who are unanimous in their onin
ion as to che l>eauty and value of the ma
terial. the fracture of which even pre
sents a crystalited structure. This m- -
a^aP ^ ^or the most
lelicate objects as for rrorks of colossal
,ise: the lormer exhibiting the utmost
L&m ment of execu tion * hilst the latter
proves that it is capable of resisting any
legrce of weight arming from the bulk
)f the objects themsclfM. In this ma
enal fac-similes of the most beautiful
nonuments of ancient or modern tim^
irctrtectural ornamentfi. <fcc.. m:
;pr>. Juced a' a pri< e t,o? greaiiv \e<*t-rj
'ig that of plaster caK*. Thu.-" v-.-i. nlv
' v 1 ?? mm, u grnUm
" ^ open conrt-yards er
p.i - s destined for decorative purposes
nay be adorned with the finest works of
sculpture which the world affords.?
A TnaiLLiyo Sketch.?At a temncr
ince meeting in Philadelphia, some y!*rs
igo, a learned clergyman spoke in favor of
ivine as a drink, demonstrating it to his
)wn satisfaction to be scriptural, eentle
naiily, and healthful. When the iren
leman sat down, a plain, elderly man
irose, and asked the liberty of sayinc a
ew words. Permission being granted
le spoke as follows :
'' ^ y0"1^ f"end of mine, said he. who
l&d long been intemperate, was prevailed
>n, to the joy of his friends, to take the
pledge of entire abstinence from all that
ivould intoxicate. He hept his plsdge
faithfully for some time, though the struir
?le with his appetite was f-arful, till one
m aJsocial Party, wine was
banded around. They cane to a clenrv
man present, who took a glass, saying a
W.n?^,n v'nd'?"lon of practice.
Well, thought the young man. * if &
clergyman can take wine, and justify it
so well, why not I V So he took a glass.
It instantly rekindlea his fiery and slum
bering appetite; and after a rapid down
ward course, he died of delirium tremens,
a raving madman!'
The old man paused for utterance, and
was only able to add :
Rn!i man was mv only son,
and the clergyman was the iW Dr. who
has just addressed this assembly "
ok Advertisemrnt Do
ings.-?A French paper thus traces the
of a rea(^fcr of advertisements :
e nret advertisement?He don't see
The third insertion.?He scrj it
ptS* f0Urth iMertion?H* look, at th?
totowlf? mWtIOn _H* "Pttk?'0' i!
^The sixth insertion?She is willing O
fhe seventh insertion.?lie purchases.
I?7^ The consumption of wine of all
descriptions in Great Britain and Ireland
is rapidly diminishing In the year 1800,
it averaged one gallon to every two in
habitants, and in 1863 one gallon to eve
ry four. There are many speculations as
to the oause of this change. The tempe
rance a! vocates say it has hmm produced
by tbe substitution of tea and coffee, and
by a higher degree of moral restraint.

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