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The Intelligencer characterises the anti
Know Nothing speech of Mr. Barry aa one of
great fluency, and the Know Nothing speech
of Mr. Banks as very forcible. The same
paper advocates the Metropolitan Railroad.
The Union pays its compliments 'to Mr.
Sollers, of Maryland, saying;
Mr. Sollers, of Maryland, has become, in
some sort, the leader 0f the opposition in the
House of Keprese'^ atives. He started with
quite a hurrah; and after attacking the adopte 1
citizens, no? forgetting the "rich Irish brogue '
and ' * ne sweet German accent," which
Bo fascinated Gen. Scott in 1862. and oblitera
ted the early demonstrations of that eoldier
candidate p gainst all adopted oitizens, he at
tempted to make an assault upon the admin
istration of President Pierce, which would
hare come with a better graoefrom a northern
abolitionist. We do not pretend to state the
fact, but it occurs to as, that Mr Sollers is the
same gentleman who, not long ago, busied him
self in offering incense and praise to ali for
eigners, not to say adopted citiiens. in a recent
convention in Maryland, (of which he was a
member.) and who surpassed the most zealous
in professions of confidence in those whom he
has enly lately deemed worthy of his opposi
tion and bis condemnation Be this as it may,
however, Mr. Sollers is entitled to the rare
credit 01 being one of those, who, hailing from
the great Commonwealth founded by Calvert,
and founded, too. upon the broad and enduring
basis of religious toleration, has thought it right
to commit himself to the disorganizes and
revolting doctrines of a secret order pledged
to a rolentless persecution of all oitizens born
abroad, as well as of all who believe in the
Catholic faith.
Persons are preparing for the Hoi
wars wouid do well to examine the adver
n* co' amns of the Star.
Know Nothingism?The speeches of Messrs.
Barry and Banks, in the House, yesterday,
may be regarded as the opening of the bal) in
hat chamber, the movements of Messrs. Sol.
ters^ and Taylor, of Tennessee, being the skir
mishing before the real battle began. We
need hardly remark that the debate of yes
terday attracted profound attention in the
H?ll, the oratorical reputation of the Gladia
tors being very high, while their subject is
very new there. Both sides seemed to be
satisfied with the defence of their view the
champion of both made. So all had a happy
time of it; the anties over Mr. Barry'* exposi
tions of the improprieties of secret political
associations, ot making discriminations be.
tween different classes of citizens, and against
a particular body of Christians, a, to their co
under the Government of
e nited .States; and the Know Nothings
over the roply of Mr Bankg ^ Mr B%TTy
* he contended that the free* born Amer*
1CS'J has th* right to be secret in his political
combinations, movements, Ac , and is justified
in refusing office to who he will, as well as in
refu ing to trust those who, he asserts, owe al
legiance to a foreign potentate.
Keally, both these speeches were able ef
forts each in its way. We regret, however,
that Mr. Banks failed to essay to prove that
:he Catholics, or any portion ?f them in this
country, owe any more political allegiance, or
as much, to the Pope, as the Pree-Soilers do to
Exeter Hall and its ruling ?p:rits, whieh for
so many years ot late have set the tune to
which they dance in kicking up their political
shindies on this side of the Atlantic.
For our part, we have yet to ascertain that
the first item of proof exists going to show that
the Catholics of the United States are not
quite as good citiiens and Christians in all
their personal conduct as any other class of
American religionists. They are as trustwor
thy, as industrious, as truthful, as honest, as
charitable, and as much disposed to mind their
own business as any others, and, under these
circumstances, it will not be long before the
sober second thought of the country will make
it as unfashionable to Guy-Fawk about them
as it now is fashionable to cry them down.
Lut, in truth, wha' is the public business,
now requiring all the attention ?f Congress, to
gain irem a debate upon such subjects in
either House ? That's the question which the
public will desire to have solved.
The Mormons Again.?At our request, a
gentleman who has spent some time in Utah
and knows the condition of things there, at
least as well as any one niw in Washington,
has embodied his views of the legislation re
quired for the Mormons, in the following ar
ticle, in wb'.oh the reader will find the subject
ably bundled, and in a very interesting way :
I have read with some interest the discus
sion of the public press in regard to the cov
ernment of the Territory of Utah, and while
all of them denounce the assumptions of the
Mormona and their peculiar institutions, and
aver that they shall never come into the Union
as a State, no one has suggested a remedy or
intimated a line of policy to nip the evil in its
bud. Some have proposed the appeintment of
Gentile officers, backed up by a military force;
others have thought the appointment of mod
erate Mormons would destroy the infatuation
of the masses to the leaders, and bring them
over to the side of virtue and justice, while
others agdin have preferred violence and force i
In my opinion none of thee? plans will change
the aspect of affairs in that Territory-they
rea^h the branches, but not the root, of the
?PP?*ntna?ntof Col. Steptoe, as Governor
W T!rrit^ry' ^ Place of Brigham Young,
the head of the ehurch, may do mach good.
f m wi,l~pr?v?nt all swindling
of the public Treasury for the payment of
t'i-'iujed up claims, aBd for indemity for fab
rtCated Indian wars, and protect gentile emi
grants from Mormon impositions. But so long
as the legislators and jurors of the Territory,
the main elements in all governments, consist
of Mormons, as they must, Brigham Young
will control them as be pleases, and will be
really, to all intents and purposes, Governor
of the Territory. A unanimous Mormon Legis
lature can pass any law they please over the
vote of the legitimate Governor. A unanimous
Mormon jury can find any verdict they please,
in violation of the law as given to them by the
court, and the same influence whioh oontrols
the Hading, will control public opinion there ,
in cupporting the same. The military, of
course, could neither control the enactments
of the one nor the verdicts of the other. To
illustrate this: Suppose the Government
should order the arrest and trial of Brigham
Young, for embezzling the $20,000 sent oat to
the Ierritory for the erection of public build
ings Of what avail would it be ? Would a
Mormon grand jury find a bill against him ?
Or, if found, would a Mormon traverse jury
convict the head of their church ? Suppose a
judgment in a civil suit waa obtained against
him. how coald the Government reap its
lruitii7 An execution and levy on his property
would aaount to nothing, as none of tne faith
lal would dare to bid against his orders In
the hands of the Government or a gentile pur
chaser, the propertv would be valueless. It
is the knowledge of this absolate immunity
from re^onsibility aad punishment, whieh
they hold in their own hands, that enoourages
them in their defiance of the President and
the Government.
As I said before, the appointment of Colonel
Stepto? may do much good, but will not cor
ryt all the evils desired The President has
! now done all ho can do. He has cleared tho
skirts of his co.?t, and th^ responsibility for a
continuance of the present state of affair? in
that Territory rests with Congress alone. The
remedy is in the hands of Congress, and the
sooner it is enforced the batter. If this sub
ject is deferred until the Mormons embody a
sufficient population to entitle them to come
into the Union, then the difficulty will be
formidable and fearful indeed. The avowal
has gone up from thfe east and the wo.-t, the
north and the south, that they never fchall
corns int*? the Union. The American people
bever will recognize the institution of poly
gamy, nor fraternise with those whose ideas
of civil government are at war with every
principle of republicanism. They oaoDot be1
admitted into the Union, it is said, and if ex
eluded, they will claim to be an independent
government. Occupying tho key of tb^ over
land route to California and Oregon, with the
hostility they entertain Towards the people of
the United Stetos, they will annoy and har-i
rass our citizens and Government beyond en
durance. To avoid these apprehended dan
eors, and correct the evils so loudly don<>unced
y the pre^ of the country, the remedy should
be immediately applied by Congress. It is
as simple as it is effective. No other mears
will seoare the desired object. Let the torri
torial organization be abolished or repealed.
Diside the Territory geographically to suit
the adjacent governments, and assign each di
vision, respectively, to the jurisdiction of New
Mexico, California, Oregon, Nebraska, and
Kansas. While this plan will complotely
strip the Mormon Church of civil authority,
and destroy her power to harm, every citizen
and inhabitant will be secured in every right
and privilege conferred by the Constitution.
They will have the benefit of a representation
in the Territories to which they belong and,
through them, in Congress. This procoeding
will neither bo Vindictive nor cruel, injuring
aone, rni disfranchising no ene of his reiigion,
citizenship, or property.
The King of Prussia has taken time by the
forelock, it seems, and saved himself tho trou
ble of eradicating the evil, by expressly ex
cluding the missionaries of Mormonism from
his territory. But we are a generous people,
and have froely indulged the Mormons in
their religion, fed them, clothed them, organ
ized a government for their benefit, patron
ized them with the offices of the same, and the
appropriation of perhaps an hundred thousand
dollars a year, without an inquiry as *o
whether it went to the legitimate purposes of
tho territory or the church. They have abused
the trust and confidence reposed in them, and
have made themselves odious to the people of
the United States. It is for Congress to say
whether they will continue to appropriate
money to build up and expand this fungus on
the body politio, or whether they will at oree
upturn and destroy it, ere it reaches to a mag
nitude beyond redress.
Worthy of Ifote.?The movement of Mr.
Oliver, yesterday, in reading the speech of an
absent member who is off lecturing at the
North, is a new wrinkle, decidedly, in the art
of wasting the time of Congress. Nine-tenths
of all the hindrances to a proper system of
legislation in tho House hall grow out of the
custom of permitting gentlemen to occupy
their time in the delivery of speeches on gen
eral politics, while they are nominally engaged
in the consideration of other matters.
The idea of extending this practice so as to
devote an hour of their time now and then
to the reading by another party, of an essay
on general politics written by a member who
is off lecturing to literary societies, is tho most
elaborate improvement on their time wasting
practices ever dreamed of. The country
should note this practical change of the
House rules.
A Change of Station ?The new revenue
cutter Caleb Curbing, Captain ;Walder, now
on the Portland station, has been ordered to
the New York station to take the place of the
revenue brig Washington, now undergoing ro
pairs at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The cut
ter Fancy, Capt. Noyes: which in attached to
the Eastport (Me ) station, has also been or
dered so to extend her cruise as to attend tem
porarily to the Portland station also.
An Indian Agent Appoin ted ?The Secru
tary of the Interior has appointed Robert B
Metcalf to bo Indian sub agent in Oregon Ter
ritory, vice Wm. J. Martin, resigned.
The Washington Water-Works Question
came up to day before the House in Committee
of the Whole, and was laid aside until all the
business coming up under the special order,
not likely to give rise to extended debate,
might be disposed of.
The Proposed Few Arctic Expedition ?
The House Naval Affairs Committee to-day
dete' minod to report in favor of sending the
proposed new Arctic expedition in search of
that of Dr. Kane.
A Navy Officer Dead ?Passed Midshipman
Benjamin F Brose, U. S. N., died on the 9th
instant, in Ohio, according to advices received
at the Department.
The Current Operations of the Treasury
Department.?On yesterday, tho 18th of Dec ,
there were of Treasury Warrants entered on
the boobs of tho Department?
For the redemption of stock 1461,840 42
For paying Treasury debts 97,350 70
For the Customs 4,111 50
For covering into the Treasury from
miscellaneous sources 1,032 00
Covered into the Treasury from
Lands 177,937 25
Covered into the Treasury frem
Customs 146.898 14
For the War Department 103,593 08
For 'he Interio* Department...., 24,662 36
In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to
press, the bill for the relief of the heirs of the
late Baron de Kalb was referred.
And then, after the transaction of business
of little general interest, the bill to establish
a law department was amended in several par
ticulars on motion of Mr. Adams, and made a
special order for Wednesday next.
On motion of Mr. Brodhead, the bill for the
establishment of a beard of oommusionors for
the examination of private olaims against the
Government was taken up, and was debated
by Moesra. Brodhead, Hunter, Pettit, Jones of
Tennessee, and Dawson. It was then referrod
to a special committee, consisting of Messrs
Brodhead, Jones of Tennessee, Hunter, Clay
ton. and Clay.
After which the Senate adjourned.
In the House, the bill for the relief of
Betsy Nash, was made a special order for
next Friday three weeks.
The House then went into a Committee of
the Whole on tho state of the Union, (Mr. Mid
dlesw&rth in the chair,) wherein the Indian
appropriatiuu bill was taken up and laid aside
to be roportod to the Hotiso; and the Mjjitary
Academy appropriation bill being taken up,
Mr Oliver read a Bpeech for Col. Benton, who
was absent, in reply to tbo late speech of Mr
Mace. Mr. O. addressed the committee against
Know Nothingism, and was replied to by Mr.
Banks. Mr. Keit next obtaining tho floor, the
committee rose and the House adjourned.
Procerding* of To-Day.
In the Senate, to-day, Mr. Cass gave notioe
that he should soon move to take up the joint
resolution reported some time sinoe by Mr
Underwood, from the Committee on Foreign
Affairs, the better to secure liberty of con
?eiouoe to American oitizens abroad; and he
addroMod the Senate at some length in expla
nation of the necessity of the action the said
joist resolution proposed.
Mr. Brodhead Introduced a resolution au
thorizing an Arotic expedition, at the expense
of the Government, to be eent in search of tho
missing Aretic expedition of Dr Kane.
Mr. B addressed the ^oate at length in
favor of this proposition ; referred to tho Na
val Affairs Committee.
In the Hove, Mr. Phelps reported from the
Committee of Ways and Means the naval ser
vice appropriation bill for tha year ending
Jane 30, 1856.
Mr. Hoaiton also reported fiotn the same
committee the general fortification bill, for
he same fiscal year.
Both ot these bills were referred to the
Committee of the Whole on the state of the
The House then went into tho Committee of
the Whole on the state of Union, (Mr Phelps
in the chair.) and took ap the sfMcial order
District of Columbia business.
The bill granting additional powers to the
corporation of Washington was faken up.
This bill gives the corporation power at its
discretion, to make elective all its officers not
now elective; prewi^fs the mode of carrying
on e'.ept???i5ip in Washington ; removes all exist
ing restrio'ions on the authority of the corpora
liou to construct carriage and footways, and
extends the authority of the corporation over
the bridges over the Eastern Branch and the
Potomae river; gives the power to open new
alleys into squares on the payment of damages
to property holders to be injured by suoh im
provements under the act of 15th May, 1820 ;
give.3 power to create and establish police and
municipal courts, houses of refuge or correc
tion for juvenile offenders, <fcc ; and authorizes
the confinement in the county jail of porsons
guilty of violating certain classes of the cor
poration ordinances ; gives power to sell prop
erly for failure to pay taxes, and proscribes
the regulations under which such sales shall
be made, and how the property bo held shall
be redeemable, and gives power further for
an entire reorganization of the fire depart
.... The last steamer brought a letter from
Major T. S. Erown, who for some years past,
has occupied the important post of Consulting
Engineer to the Emperor of Russia. Major B.
has left St. Peterburg for Italy, where he will
spend a few months with bis family, and then
return to the United States.
.... Mynheer Kudolph, the editor of a Ger
man paper Die Waage, has been condemned
to imprisonment in Waterloo county, C. W.,
for having disseminated impure and blasphe
mous doctrines through his journal. The ar
ticle alluded to, expressed a peremptory denial -
of the divinity, and the truth of the redemp
tion of man by the coming of Christ, and an
absolute disbelief of the dogmas of the Church
...'. The Cincinnati Commercial of Satur
day says that Mr George Foltry, a Hungarian,
who resided in that city committed suicide,
about noon yesterday, by shooting himself
with a pistol. Mr. Foltry is by birth "a noble
man," but has became mueh reduced in cir
cumstances, and his pecuniary embarrassments I
were the occasion of his rash act.
.... A temperance convention assembled at
Louisville last week and nominated Major Geo.
B. Williams, of Bourbon, for Governor; and
James G. Hardy, of Barron tor Lieutenant
Governor. Great enthusiasm pervaded the
convention when the nominations were an
... .Jeff Evans, late a member of the bar,
and once a member of the Kentucky legisla
ture, has been sentenced to one year in the
penitentiary for larceny.
.... Hon. R. P. Fleniken, late candidate for
Congressional delegato in Kansas, has returned
to his home in Uriontown, Pa.
....Letters have bean received from Father
Mathew, announcing his safe arrival at Ma
... .The whigs of Armstrong county, Pa.,
recommend ex-Governor Johnston as the whig
candidate for the U. S. Senate "as a matter of
right to the western portion of tho State."
Bennett and the Know Nothiigg.
The satanic conductor of the New York
Herald, who is an unnaturalized foreigner,
'endeavors to make the public believe that he
is the ohosen organ of the Know Nothing organ
ization of New Yerk. In yesterday's issue the
Herald's editor says, in a double leaded
"We beg leave to inform our readers and
the public that arrrangements have already
been effected in tho ranks of the Know Noth
ings. both in New York and Virginia, which
render morally certain the defeat of Seward
for the U. S. Senate by our new Legislature,
and also the defeat of Wise, the Democratic
Cabinet candidate for Governor of Viaginia."
" Statesmen, politicians, and journals be
longing to the old rotten parties, both Whig
and Democratic, are daily coming in and join
ing the ranks of the new organization which
is destined to purify the American atmosphere,
and to set at nought the efforts of the Aboli
tion disunionists of the North, the Sece?si"n
disunionists of the South, and the foreign in
fluences that may have been courted there or
elsewhere "
The Mirror truthfully says of this hyena of |
the press:
"The Herald, for years the pander among
pauderers to tho foreign elements of this
country, and the be littler and ridiculer of the
United States in every possible way. until it
came to supply the whole European press with
"flings and sneers" against Amcrica and
Americans, is now disgustingly subservient
and advisory to the Know Nothings "
ItOTIClC.?National Guard! A
pe'-i'il we.'.Mng of the Company will be hold
[on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Dec-aiber 20 b.
at 7 o'ebefc, at which every member 1? expect
ed to bs present aa important bufdne=?? demand thjir
By order of the Captain:
dec 18?2t T. E. LLOYD, Sec.
Ol ver Byrnt, Sciautifio Lee
;L? turer, will deliver a Lecture on the Military
operations in th-? Crime*, and the influence of
present Karopean War on the United S'atee, FRI
DAY EVENING, Dtc. 22d, Bt Copp's flaloou. to com
rn-nce at 8 o'clock Tickets 25 cents aach, to be had
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evening of the lecture. d*c 19?It
FAIR.?The lades attachod to Union
11 ? Cbspel M. E. Church, will hold a FillR in
Kmnham'8 ilall, corner of Eleventh fit'eec a"d P?.
avenue, commencing on MONDAY, the 18th inft.,
the pre ceeds of which will be spp ied to the im
provement cf the aN>ve named C hurra.
A vari-ty of u-eful articles wifJbe offered for sate.
Supper eerved every evening. Admission 12^' cts.
Season ticke'r $1, to br had at the door,
dec 18?lw*
MSrSRS. ED JTORS?Firs: In perusing your val
uable journal ct Satur?ay?3 i.*su??, 1 found my
n<?p reported undsr the h??ad ef Circui' Court's
prooeeoinga as tlie principal in au action of Usury,
beadel ltumph vs. Mohuc, lor the recovery ot the
awount of a note of hand. I de?ire, through the
medium of your paper, to inform the pnbiic that
'he report is incorrect, as I have never had the ac
quiintao-e of Mr. Humph, nor^ have I had any
t-ansaotion with him or rny cf the parties in <jues
tion, in the budness cf u&ury. ^h* only connection
I have had in the matter, is that of b?ing the en
dorser of the note. You will, therefcre, oblige a
cubscriber by giving the above an Insertion.
dec 19?It W. P. MOEUN.
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50 bbls Old Whiskey
20 do Rectified L'quors
do Dom'stic Uran-ly
d"> fourth proof; 20 bbls Vinegar
do Sweet Win", lew price ,
20 U ches's Imperial. Young Hyson, Ounnow
der, at;d Hla' k T?afl
A large -psortin^nt cf Pepper, Ac.
90 bbls Herrings Ea^t'rn
20 do Mackerel
50 kitts Odfish
20 boxes Cheese
All tc be tad at low ca?h prices hy
dec 19 4t No. 5T Loni?iana av?nue.
(No. 84, Bridge Strut, Gtorgttuwn, D. C)
I avail myself of this opportunity to return my
sincere thanks to my constant cu*tom*r.? wd the
generous pnidic, for their patronage during ths laft
yar. whio'a has stim-ilated to reat^r exertiors
to end.avar to p!ea-e them. To thrt end. therrfjre,
I have pr?par?>d an un-urfiawd (inpo'nt of hoautv
?nd q islity) colWtioa of POUND AND FKUIT
CAK h?, (not Quitft J5.000 worth,) as wall as our
u=unl supply ff Candi. ^ and fionfect*. Alsj, Mine-'
Meat, for family me. Fan-y Articlfs, Ac
1 de?m it unr?ce?-<(?ry to make new pledges, but I
will content myself with sustaining my present
repu'a ion
B-l s, Parties, Dinners, Ac, attended tc in our I
usua elegant style. A L. ARNY.
dec 19?ec2w flnt A Fnion]
V ) *c.?
125 bo*es Goshen Cheese
50 kegs Qoshen Butter
150 iibla No. 1, 2, 3, and 4 Mackerel
5,000 lbs Cf'dfls^
1C0 boxe* Scalel Herrings
Jrst receive por n hr. Washington, from New
York, snd f r sale by MURRAY A SEMME3.
dec 19-eoCt (News)
j HI -Q8.?Just rec ive.) at the new Uaion Booi
Pt re?Tha Autohiogr- pliy of the incomparnhle Bar
nuro; Life of the indefatigable Graelej-; Ruth i.'all. a i
coQtinuous Efory bv Fanny Kern, th? woman writer
ot the 19tii century, and Fern Series, complete with
"Little Ferns." and a host of Books for the h lidaj '
;ust cpenin?' at the new Uuion B?ekst;re, 474 P^nn
sylvani* avenue. dec 19 tf
Raisins, almonds Ac.
i'OO whole, and Vi boxes Raisins
1500 lbs soft shell Almonds
1000 do hard do do
125 drums Smyrna Figs
30 dozen ja s Pickle*
890 iba Currants
10 boxea Citron
75 Labheis Ground Nuts
Just received per schooner Wsshington, and for
deo 13?ec3t (News)
No. 510 Seventh Street.
T1HE Ut dersigued beg leave to inform their frierds J
and the public generally that they hav^ss^^,
formed a c partnership under tLe firm of Si
HALL A H.-NNIIVO, and will open ODifii ^
Monday, the 16:h instant, a lars;e ?s.'ort-yL'ii.Lfn ,
ment of TEAS, COFFEES, and SPICES. ^
We particularly call attention to our sys'em of I
' Packrd TeaB," done cp in the q larter-prund pa^k
a?ea, which l-enders them impervhus to the air.
Thissvetwm eff-rs great inducem ntst" country,
m.?r?hanfs and dealers, an it enables them to ke*p |
a varied assortment cf tras for a small investment.
To housekeepers this method possesses great ai
vantage", as it preserves the tea in the bes: possible
manner. Each package e?ntaios full weight, and
we warrant our Teas to bo an represented or they
may b^ returned.
Frem tha following list it will be seen that our I
ass^itment is large, and our prices at least 20 per
cent, lower than the same articles have sold tor
hert tofore :
Young Hyson, 40 cents; good ditto, 50 cents; fine
ditto, 76 cents; extra fine ditto, ft; silver leaf diit",
$1 26. *ine Imperial. 75 cents; extra ditto, $1; gol
den chop ditfo, $l.C5 Superior Ounpow.iar. 76 I
cwnts; flne ditto, $1; ex'ra ditto, $1.26. Superior
old Hyaon, 75 centp, and Ne Plus Ultra Grten.
$t.60. "
Niag Yong, rectfjgood Oclong, 50 onts, fine
ditto, 75 cents; extra ditto, $1; fragrant ditto. $1.^5
Mtnerior Ning Yong, 40 ceuta; extra ditto 50 c?nts.
Fin? Chulan, 50 cents; London Breakfast, 75 cents-!
Mng'ish ditto, 5" centf: Orange Pecco, 50 cents; good
Souchong, 40 cents; Ne Plus Ultra Black, $1 50.
To persons buy'ng in quantities for cash we offer
superior irdu<*ements. 1
kio, Java, and Maracsibo Coffees, green and i
roaied, and tspices .fall kinds conrtantly on hand
wht lefale n.nd retail. ''
foe 19~g* G C. IIINN1NG.
150 doz n Brooms
70 do Painted Buckets
60 do Willow Baskets
!i() do Jute &nd Alicsnt Mats
60 do Cords and Lines
175 ^ross Matches
3d doc Washboards
Just received from New York *nd far falehy
16~?o8t (News)
MOSDAV EVKHINO, Jan. Sth, 1855,
JL form their friends, civil and Mi itary of
ington and Georgetown that that they will tire
their third Annua: Or na Rail at JACKSON iiA'T
on MONDAY KVitMXO, jRitn^jr 8,
1 855.
The Montgomery Guards p'edge thfmselve' th'it
no pains or expend shall be spared to make tb's
equal to Any of the eeasrn.
Superior Ooill'on Music is enga ed for the oc'a
Refreshments will be supp led by an able and ex*
perienced caterr.
No hats to b? worn *n the Ball Foam exempt by
the Military.
Gentleman wishing invitations for ladi?>? wi 1
fVa.'e leave 'b *ir camea and address at Lt. F?en V,
enn avenue.
Ticket." ONE DOLL AR?to be had at the Fastau
r*nt of -ames D nnelly, Pennsylvania kfti'M, Lt.
IVny'a, Win. Greason's, Michael BradyV, and al the
principal hotel".
Committee of Arrangements.
Ca?f K?; L' Rei.ly,
Pr Puhamo', Lt Fa*nyt
Furg Mo?ie, 8gt Mcfcniry,
Lt Kelieher, Sgt Eurk.
Qr Mr Maber.
Commi'Jre on part of the Military.
Ool W HPk'jy, G?c Jones,
Lt Ool Kelly, M?j K?y worth,
Qr Mr MoOullom, M>j Facon,
Adj L J Middle*on, Capt J B late
Capt Cerrington, Capt Towers,
Capt Tait, C?pt Fchwarzmsn,
Capt Bjrce, fiapt Prifjht,
Cap* Reese. Cspt Sirith,
Oapt Jamison, I apt Lawellc,
Capt bhekells,
On the part of the Citizens.
John W Maury, Ii hd Waliach,
J nah D Hoovt r, Peverly Tuciior,
F McNerhany, JroT Tower*,
W W Seaton, JnoC. Rive).
Flot r Managtrs.
Lieut Reily, 8ft licEniry.
dec 19?d'J;<nS
GO TO O'REILLY'S Me'ropr-Iitan Clothing t? orj
near the PostOfBce Bri Jg- street, Gcor^e-mrn,
where can ba found as large and chvap a?< 's?i>r
cent of READY-MAD.*" CL fT IING as atan-. other |
??<tab,.;s,!m'*nt in the District. A rood supply ('
Boys' ClolhiLg now on hand, *h<th we wi 1 w.?
cheaper that, the ch aptsi. SsrvantV Clothrp it
the lowest prices.
Just received, a nice lot of Buckskin GLOY. S, frr |
sale very low.
dec 19-fct* B. O'REILLY ft C\
WINKS, MQlOfiS, &e.
15 casks Port. Madeira and Malaga Wi--3
2 half pires Old B>a> dy. d?rk end pale
10 casks do
130 bcl Whiskey
?00 ga'lons Old ?esrh Brandy
150 doz B'ttle Wine, Brandy, #c.
25 baskets Heidsick Oh?rnp*gne
20 df z Aromatic S hnapps
20 d-mij bn lure Rye Whiskey, very oil
2CO,COO Ciga. s. all grades
Juet reoeived and for sal- by
dec 18 ? eo3t (News)
At 441 Thi iee:th stri-et, between F and G -cr
address corn< r of F and Niuth streets.
French, spakish, and itahan taou-bt by
Prof. 1>. D PIA:*K by a rew system tbe only
nf t'-'ral and succ. ssful mode that commands t h<? vt-'
tcntion of all Tlnse who have failed ot found th?
above largnag-s too d fficult or too tedious with
other tfacl er
PENMA!M?HIP taught hy n simple and ei-'j n3? -
tboi!, b7 wh:ch the fi .est hand writing may be l'.
talre<l in fifteen les-or.p.
Parents within/t^e'rehi'dres 'nstracted i->these
braDcbes are rr qur^ed tc call ard c nvinr* tlen
selv*s of the infailibie and beat means ol teachi. g.
*4' For terms, fee the Uacher.
ihe highest reference given. dec 19?2tt*
JL 125 packa?pR fre b T? a
50 t>ags \Vhit?; Green Coffee
40 do Old Java do
10 loses ground do
'iO do Maccnronl and Vermicelli
ICO do Fepper, Ginger and Mustard
5 bsgs "rain P?pper
Just wc<ive-l froik New York and for sale bv
dfC 19?eoSt (News)
avenin^ Hour' w"tb r>y Children; or, Con e.-a
tions on the Go?pel Story, large type, I
sp endidly illustrated?price $1 25, or wi L
f^lorfd p'nte.^l* 7ft
New Volum*. by t^e author of the "TideWid^
World'' being tbe s c-nd volume of Mr. t j:1 ? I
erforti's Ch:ldren?75c
P:ct rial G?lbcrin<e far fhe Young?60c
Have You h'e?n It? An at'r?ctivevolume pubMebtd
by the Sunday S<rhot?i Union
Our stock of juvenne Woiks is the largest we Lar?
evfr had, and comprises all the choice ptibll
catioi.-s of Car'er* Bros, Carlton A Phillip',
AppMcns, Sunday 'chool Union, Ac.
New is the ti-ne to smbscribe for the Child's Paper
American Mes erg^r Sabbath School Vieit^r, ucd
B >ys snd Girls Jlagszia? for 1855
All of which a e delivered hsxe at the samp ra'es |
hs in New Yoik
dec 19?"t 498 SfveD".bt
W received ard for sale at SHILLINGTO
Gooey's Lady's Book for January is really a mag
nificent number
Lr-die ' National Man?zine for January, 1S53, is
beautifully embellished
Life of Barnua,.writt-n by himself, is very int? r
Pruno Harper's Story Book for the Young
Ruth Hall. Bv F&uny Fern.
The Wife':. Met*ry. Py Mrs Soathwo th
Heart's Esse the author cf tbe Heirs ol'R del;ff |
All the New Book? received as 'a?t as publi hed
d c 19 C jrnei Pa. avenue and 4}^ erree^.
mfn11" eeeortm* nt of Fancy Goods suitable f<>r
Holiday Gif's which he is selling cheap.
N^-. 360 Pa av., bet. 9th anl 10'h ft?.
dee 18 ? tt
C\V A RR1NBK, Wab-hmaktr, No. 330 pZ
. avenue, between Ninth and Tanth sts vVash
inerfou, bavin/ a competent assistant, end dewti-g ,
our time exclutively to Watch repaiting, h^pe to
satisfy thc*?> who may offer their patronage,
dec 18?7(r
ALL Persons indebted to C. W.Coleman's Grocery
fetor". Bridge sUeet, Grorgetowo, P. V., l'rr
whom I have been agent will please pay him, as I
am no 1< nger agent tor him.
dec 18?3t F^T-JdlLBOURN.
? 8ER. res, ectiully informs his patro b atd
the t ub.ic that he i prepared t? do every thing ir
his line of bu.>in-?s in tbe best style and with tie i
least possible delay. He has employed a number of
worhmau, weH hi -own to be competent and atten
t ve Ui business. Call ft tbe old staud, Pennsylva
nia avenue, south side, betwean 12th and lotn ets
and be accommodated dec 18?31
DA\ IS'S POEMS just received and for sale by
ALEX. ADAMSON, on Seventh street,
TT , , opposite the Post Offici'.
He is agent for all the Cheap Publications, Maga
slnee, and Newspapers, Harper's, Putnam's, Gra
ham's Magazines and Lady's Book at $2.50 a year.
London Illustrated News, Bell's Life. Times, Pun-h
received by every steamer. New York Herald, Times
and Tr bune received every night and deliv, red to'
subscribers. He keeps constantly on hand a large
assortment of Blank Books, Pens, Ink, Paper, Eh
velope?. Playing Cards, Visiting Cards, Children'!
Toy Books, Primers, Ac. dec 18?lw
TEW1I KKWSl-NO 341 Penn avenue..
Call and see the largest and best aos rtm?nt ct |
Pc und and Fruit Cake ever manufactured by any
one estab,ishcnent in this city. $5,0-0 worth o"
Pound and Fruit Cakes on Nxbibition and sale, wi h
a large stock of Confectionery, Bon Bons, and ><mall
Notions, and also upwards of 60 varieties of Sma 1
Cakee. Pies and Paddings?Ap>le, Craulierry.
Mince and C.ea-n Pies; Lemon, Almond, and Ctcoe
uut fuddiegs.
I ttat:e:- myself successful in obtaining a fine sto:e
in a good lituation, and with every facility to man
ufacture all aud every liin r in my liae, to the en
tire satisfaction of those who may favor me with
their patronage. My penonal attention will be glv-1
en to the turnit-hing of Balls, Parties, Weddings, Ac. |
Dinner Parties luiniehed in the best style, on mo.
erate terms.
Having been se'e.te-1, from among a large nam- i
ber of coropetUors, to furnish with OonfecMonarx,!
Ac, th? Mechanics' Institute Fair, to be h-:d in
February next, my friends and the public geiiM al y
wili th re find as well m at my store the be t th
ou atry can prcducc, and on the most moderate
terms. Pl?ase call early and leeve your orG? r*.
Ice Creams and Jellies always on hind and fresh.
No 347 Pa avenue, opp. Browns' Ilo'?\
den lb?dtJanl
MHkCE MEAT, specially prepare-! 5rr oar
Bales. Fr.r sale by
No, *0 oppo ite the C?tre Market.
A*c lfi?4St
Do-. 18th And 19th
The Aftorroon Inhibition commence* at 3U: the
Evening at 7U o'clock
Admission cents; children half prioe.
Families an 1 parties, 5 perron*, $1; 8 persona.
H 50 dee 1&??t
Alto showing the Northern Pacific Bailroad
Route, as recently surveyed by Governor
AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, 7 th Street,
Dorrs open at 6% o'clock?Exhibition commence!
kt 1\? o'clock.
dec 12?tf Ar'ist and Proprietor;
(Intel, Union k Organ)
Only one AfVrnoon Exhibition of
Doors ^pen at 2\t o'clock; commence at 3Jtf. \
Children TEN CENTS. Teachers free.
dec 18?dtd
Ja exhibition at MORRISON S BUILD
ING, 4i street, war Pa, avenue, from
9 o'clk a. m. until 10 p n. daily.
"A STATUE cf rurpassing meri". Its power and
jHtbo' are independent of time, place and oondition.
the rharm and power o th" statue consh-t in the
tmaziu^ truth with which the *wo Treat element*
>t hnmnnity ?nd mortality are d 'ineated. The ar
tist glv*8 os a'l the pathos and the tragedy of daath
without its ghastliness and Horror. We fee' our
selves in the presence of that awful Power b-'ore
whose Icy eoeptre all mortal distinction* are level ed.
No s'atae w;s eTer more marked by simplicity.
No'bing has been done for eff. ct. >o ?u gar ap-s
pl&u?e i oourted, end the de<v?i cy end dignity ofy
truth are wrupulcasJy observed."? RiUanTt Sub
Month i in It ay.
??A wonderf-1 production of art. Its simplicity in
inch that it does not strike at first: the admirati n
some* afterward, and in * tide fufficiently deep aad.
?trong. At the moment of exhaustion, of laintne
of death."?Mrs. *UH.
This statue is indiseolubly associate! with Byron'l
immortal stanza:
I see before me the Oladlator lie :
lie leans upon his hand?hi* manly brow
Consent* to dentil, but conquers agony,
And his droop'd head sinks gradually low?
And through his side tlie la?t drojo?ebbing slow
From the red push, flail heavy, one by one,
Like the first of a thunder-shower ; and now
The arena swims around htm?he is gone, i
Ere ceased the inhuman thout which hail'd Ui0 '
wretch who won.
He heard it, but he heeded it not?his eye*
Were with his heart, and that was far away ;
He reckM not of the life he lost, nor prize ;
But where his rude hut by the Danube lay,
There were his young barbarians a'l at |?lay.
There was their Dacian mother?U?:. their sire
Butcher d to make a Roman holiday?
All this rush'd with his blood?shall he expire,
And unreveng'd ? Arise ! ye Goths, and glut youf
ire ?
dec 16?dtf
exhibit* at LIB*!KT7 HALL. Al*xaudria. oiy
cern er <0, 21. 22, 23, 2ft and lift. Also SATURDAY,
23, 25 and 2o.
The Af^er^o n Kxhifcitiore ortomence at 3j-?; the
Evening at 7^ o'cleck.
AdmisPion 25 cents: children ha'f price
Families and parties t> persors, $1; 8 persons*
?160. d?c 16--6t*
A FINK VARIETY OF CARE, (Pound and Piuml
J\_ ornsm-'ntrd in h<?i dsorre s'yle. Also, Small
C,kej of 11 k nds, to^ethnr vi'.h a Urge assortment
of OANDI*'S, For -'ga snd D mes ic.
HaT:ng ra^nui- ctnr<?l 'h? atr ve expr. s*'y for th?
Hclilay*, ?n* cuslomere, and all o h-^rs UToringm? ?
with a ca 1, cen rely on getting a g.o>! fre-h article*
Cornrr of F ami Nin*h street,
(ne^r t^o Patent Offioe.)
N. B.?Balls, Parties, acd WcdiiLgs, furnished ag
usual, at short notic?.
For the New Year, I will hare a splendid aarort?
ment of Reception Cak?, of all sites. d?c IS?6t
cipal Basso of Mai^mi Sjntai? aid Biihop'a
Opera Company, hai ill* honor to annouiioe to thsV
litixens of Washiugton that he wil; ta'iea few scho-^
lars in >oc?l Mus^c Terms $40 per quarter ; two 9
lessons a week, cne hcur each For two pupils in a
cltss at the same time $20 each. Address Brown^
Hotel. (InM) dec It?lw
W. GALT & Bt'OTHfcR wi'l be oi^ninf
daily, until after the holidays, the ric%?
styles of new Jtwtlry, Fan'-y SiiTerware.and bijou*
terieoferrry description suitable tor presents.
Their assortment is larper and more varied thar
ever tefore offered, and at prices umuuallv low.
I urcha era would do well to make tl eir sel?ct.o?' 1
early, and aToid the bostle of the holidays.
I'a. avenue, between 0th and 10th st s.
dee 18?8t
THE Id's of De-emb^r ha passed, and I l*el
Inclined to my juvenile friends to rs^enl
A secret wl.i^h all w uld do well to remember,
As / reign euprenie but on* day in Dec-mber. ?
'Tie this- as again I r.m forced to for go
My annual visit. 1 wiah them to kaow
That LAMMOND so well my defections supplier
As, really, to fi 1 me with utter surprise;
He ?eems to have ransacked creation all o'er
For Christmas supplies, at his Seventh st Store.
Then tell your p&patf snd m&mmaa where ?o go?
For LAMM ND can ne'er be excelled, I KNOW.
dtc 18?3t _
INYITE tbe att? n<ion of the ia^iee to their larg#
stock of RICH FURS, in sets of?
With a variety of other choice and Rich turs, com ?
prising the largest assortment ever offered in ibla i
city. The present is a rare opportunity of obtaining '
these seafoatble iuxur'ea at reasonable prices
Children's Fursin endless variety, prices verv low#
dec 18?lw Urder Browns' Hotel
PROFES?K)R LEO SOUND conUnues to loretell
all particular events incident to human life#
such ss advice given for th? successful accomplish
ment of a wra thy marr age, (-bunting of busin**,
office, or s'tua i?n, ot fri?nds, riches, property, sub
lent or demanded, traveling, abaemt persons, law.
suits, sickn**", death, anl a!l conctrns of llfs. Tha
Professrr alro may be consulted on Tali man's fse
miliar Astrology. *?
Terms: Q< nilem?ii $1: ladies Mcents; eolored I
people 25 cents ea*h.
Madam IUsmiIki rcay be c nsulte 1 by th* cards a?*
tbe same pla^, uiste;rs. White peop e 60 cents;
colored pecple 25 cents each. Apply at No. MJ .
(Astrology over the door) corner of C and TwelfU? I
street, on"the Tsland. dec 19?fw* "
MW. OALT A R.'O's SHSor'iueut of p eeents (
? for children is e ^mplete. 'i'hey etumerate .
in part? |
Silver Kniye?, Fo?-k*, and Spcons
Caps snd Nat kin lUrgs, iu casea crmplete
Silver Whi ties and s
Gold Armlet*, Sleeve Pins, Biacelets
Rsr and Finger Ringe, Hilvea "ap Spoons, Ac.
With a th- usind and oi.e ether Kt.iok knscW
suitable for present".
Pa. avenu?, i el ween Wih *nl 10th st; %
dec 16?31 m
"^J"0*V is the time if jou *ant a lik<*n'^ rplendiJ" .
ll ly finished for a v.ry low sum. We *ie
ing pictures on tu^ best mateiiel, end putting ttilV;
up in the latent rtyls.
Gallery on Penes? 1-cria av-nu". Iv.at'a
and Tenih Jtreetf. directi, ever Me?:rs G'lt's JsWt
elry Store. C. D. 3TIWART. Prop'r.
i dec ^

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