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? TiT
.?*ri wili lead ttiKdt ?n tlie paib?th?\ hare not known."
H<*w fpw who, from their vnnthtuJ day, '?
Uaok on n> what the-r iWe may be;''
raiming the visions of the way
In coTot-j Wt, and hrifht and free.
How lew who to Mich paths have broagiit
l ite iiopt* and dream?< nf early thought' ?
F..r G*. (brooch way? th^v havc notknowa,
VV ill lead His own.
i ;.. r heartj, the ?oulj of fire,
\\ in pi* to ton ** stlfi man.
\i,.i view wilii fyrtitt keen de9irK
I l?e upland way of toil an I pain
Vm*tW*h -com they think of rcrt,
; <->r holy eaiia, 01 traaquU br-iu*,
But U.rou^li ways tluy have not known,
Will Mid Hi!" own.
A lowlier task on them id laid.?
Witji love to mflce.tb*' labor light;
A Jul the## thftiriieaafy they must sht-d
c?u <iuiet h.>??><? ami l.??i to right.
Changed are ifieir vigors high and fair,
\et, ca'iH and 'till. Hiev labor tlierr;
For *;*!, through warn.they have not known,
V> ill lead fife own. ?
The grade heart that thinks with uaiu,
It scarce t an tow.iest ta?ks fidffl;
And, H it durvd its life ta scan,
.Wculd :v>k but pathway low and still.
?tch lowly heart r? brought
i'o act with power l*-yond it* houtfit;
' or Go J. thmnglt-wayi thev have not known.
U' 14b ad hu own.
And, they tire bnfbt. who long ta prov-,
Ih joyous path, in clondle ?? lot.
How fresh from > arth th??ir grateful love*
< an eyeing wi hout a rtain or sport,?
y'!?J >Uch voutlinl heart is given
Ttv* path ?.r grid to walk in Heaven;
'Jyt '?**!, tlrr?'ijgl? w ay* they have not known
Will icad His own.
?????* what tlie pulh shall be?
Tint end i? ehTu and bright to view
V.Vknown that we a MrL-i.gtli shall see,
Whavc er the day may i.rfng to do, ?
VV?- sec the end, ilio Yuwse of
Put not th- ;?tlilhal j,!( ^
> n God.ihrm-h ways they hare not known,
, ?* ill In* I Hi < own.
The B^qik.?The most sensible and
graceful style ever adopted by woman,
lor dressing her charms corporate, is that
of the ba&tjue and skirt. Deny it as
aucianl ladies way, there is a point, de
fined every day by affectionate husbands,
loyinj brothers, and accepted lovers,
with an encircling arm, which forms a
natural division of tfce dress of a woman.
The waist is one and the skirt is ano
ther. No angel should ever deform a
waist? no point behind, or point before
The rounded outline above and below
the natural point of cincture should be
preserved, and no contrivance hat
ever done it^o well as the ba-sque.
_ .Besides, it gives an opportunity for
any required contrast or harmony in the
skirt, stopping stripes at the point where
they ought to btop, and breakiug up,
eauiouvzing. dis'nbuung an<f inditidu
."tlizing clwu ras that were else contained
in the folds of a uniform?a broad, long
iconotourtus waste of silk, merino, mus
lin, and calico.?Springfield Republican.
WH:?.r?U' Il<* *1 a I j c. wiiiitti
H H Well aud 2 lad;
M HtaviPAO. IM
,\V Hrdhaii r, \ Y
Mf ,,5't T .^ovc?, to
t* K Otntd
<5 vV <?
Kl, Wa--haM. \a
A It Maerader, ?k>
X C UpitaJB, Nil
<; J VValla*.k'f M V
?? J \t\i, do
'J T itowell, XJ
U L'rowelt, do
\ A B? m lap, i;?*n
*tr Birch
>Ir? Hirca
VV B Alany, XV
X P Fill mere, do
II W Abbott, Ma3s
J J Robinson, do
J Marrow a boy, SC
I. Janiiui, La
M Thompson X l ulv, N \
II K&bcn, do
O l) Liacotn
Rational Aatnl
D. WILL Ala,
ti 3 Rutherford, Pa _
1> t "bdia-,do
J Moavtutlitn', Mil
W J Wright a ladr,d -
J P Town, yi
C VV Richar d NY
U Howard., s't
J L ilo-i-9, ? o
II I M-jtftaw, Ca?
IT Ilir-1-oo Si' Ir, MJ
Mia Harrison,
>Mr.-> Cul?d, do
R R EH on a luJ \ Pa
P II M? n=.? Si lady, NV
J M'irmy, \Id
H W Heath, do
<V\' Met Jon key, do
L. Rider, jr,d?^
Li M , do
Mr Simmon*, Mass
Slmtm n-, do
Mirs Simmon r, do
J KM irMnH. Va
Mir* >1 irsiial , d '
II II Kucklnujs, O
rt M CoImaii. Mo
J Reriiohits Mo
>1 P Brooke, Va
T?i J I Shnpkin?, do
A G iHitibarj do
i P l'ma a !adv, Pa
11 A Ty#on. do
Ty?ou ,-?k>
J Towu^cuiL \V
J W Eite, Va
P B Ambler, do
B C i 'ummln*? NY
J VVaterhou-'e a lamily,
F A BiMM-m and lady.
NY ?
3d , do
*tfw?e' ITetcl-,. a v. arewt.
J H McDaakL Va
M Kp>uiliurg, KY
f M'-I-angtrtii!. ^
A A Jones, Va
A Beckam-r. Md
J T Ptansbary, do
C C 3<:uon, do
R Moo-ly. \Y
R VtiMiw. M |
J KILtt & lady, Va
TU.tr, do
G H Tiiorp a la.ly NY
H Cainp!>?*J
P R (fCflrgc, XII
C Turritl, NY
F Vf ar:iu, do
II P G irtln*r, do
O 11 Imwn J i
J A IV-tier, O
I*r Canuicha>-t. Va
.Mr* Mario, Pa
Mr. ioit'in.Mua*
J R ih<::U'*i, Va
I) Price, NJ
J W Ki cman, NY
R Mahb, *1
J .Merrill, do ?
F F Wheelock and Jady,
H Wiue, Pa
R Mc V\*i ham,
.M-* Lyinao a ?'*ttr
3 A Hvydon, Vn
M Pi ?nd, Frnnce
G J Walker, NY
Hun l> Yolee. Fla
J II Sh?;nard, Va
J H McPhail. do
C V McPhail, do
Mi.-is McPhnil, do
Hr Lewii?, <io
ATJ.?ne?, WC
J C Waluh, Md
J Fowler, NY
M<~ T BW^?p, NY
\V i I.nee. FU
ti XV F?>!ier. do
i^ U iW
V Vance, ao
? L S M'fliaiiiivVY
Xlr? Brww.i a efiil.l, do
< Mivitr a Uav, Ki
i? H I' Terrell, Va
A Huoier, d*<
J 1. Uaj lv, >M
O A Hauw, C'y
IV II PeU-r? and la 'ir*,
Z HurlNtai, do
tf R Fnlbert-^>ii, o
t. I'anv, \ a
J VV H.irrixtn, d<'
B ? >%it''i'., do
C VVi.ok> r a l ld>, Del
J C Bond <LU4y, M
Mi<? P C do
Mr ?>pTirni. Pi m
Mr foto, d*>
XV L Walker, Va
II Myers, ?o
?? F Wall, do
t'npt II II Co-ke, USN
W ?> Talbot, Md
J li Morgan. NY
J Tuw-Ita?4>d, >ld
J French, do
Mm C Howard, SO
J B L'anipfifld, N I
VV J AM-n, 111
J l.HKdf. do
C \ Dyer, do
J 11 Sherrard. Va
Hr Tobiftj, NY
11 Lawrence, d??
J ?t Stuart. Va
J G Uodriifge, (J
K ( Biddlt', Pa
R Th-xtia*, Md
i G CoJha*, NY
J G l>uff, do
R S Pliiuimnr, Ky
Mr Reriy, do
B J Worihinjton, Md
J la Mansbury, do
Ktr*CToo,? Hons* ;. *. utiwoo*.
f (
(5 W La?<*>!, M l
Mr KiMum. Mm
T It mtntrntj Ala
Hon J "M lunce,!
W *we?ney, Md
D M Linking Wis
J C<ta>
I. Packet a lady
Mmi ? W Packer
t'ni'td ?Ul?? U
Wim?; Howard, SO'
J I. Min i, do
J *?rr-n. Pa
1 H V*nst*>?ibrvii, NY
i J buupkirM, Va
H G Dimhar
W_GaJI?hw> q
W L l '?t, Pa
<i H Nxruuo, u
H VViitmm.*?i, Pa
G W l^lkted, dn
M R M'f?orc a UJv, Pa
>fi?? L. Hagy
TV F Berry, Md
H Ilellaud, Miu
W McCormick
>fise M W Packer
otnt r. a. uai xkit,
T F Goppersnuih, Md
O R Karl, NY
R Waterman, do
I? bodilriily;, u
T i' \VH*mi, Md
K Thomas, d<>
J H Ander?oii, NJ
A J Sliaier, Va
, HC
, Va
UnwaloM llona*
JY Airott, Md
. D k. liavM, llaliiaz
. D T Go?kt, Teuu
Mun Gock?:, do
Mi m K Aabby,
G A MOJ-r, Pa
W B??? rly, Va
Maj f Williams
VV B SJanclUex
J U Lee, +?
T S Buck, do
J Vvillia, do
J Maf?iiaiJ, do
J S BtrlxMir,/. do
Htiii B P-'/wn
Miw Brown, &
li i. lijiiigai.. t
t" A lltuu, Ky
l? ^ V> mIi
>bn w a _
Vm Brown, do
i v Htff.tber, V?
, do
Brftwn, do
'? A lexandr In, Va
pro rain miu
J G Ambler, Va
r 5 Tv^r- ny
CS VV?M)^, M4
Mr. VV ?od, do
R R Poweu, Mo
L B Powell \'a
A Mills, do
VV VV Utrbert, d?
K Taylor, du '
W C Hume, do
VV B Rom., do
J Homer, da
N L Bowie, do
F. (fuiiion, <k>
B F Parle He, Md
R T Tucker. Mac*
T B Nalle, Va
S Marge, do
M Marge, du
?> Httam, do
P M FaifTJi, du
i VV Phaiie>, M
?sero3iL5 rojtt mail bag?
? ? * * * <#
Post Omen Db4**tmk3t,
- _ January 12, 1953.
SEALED PROPOSALSi wilt be received at this
Department unul 9 o'clock a. m., of th<? 33J of
April next, for tarnishing for lour years fretu the let
day of July n it, in met) quantities And ft; such
titers as may be required and ordered for !he mail
service, mail bags of the fodgwiiu' description, to
Canvas Mail Bugs.
Size No. 1, (43 inches in length, and 62 inclw * in
circumference,) to be mad? of cotton nova**,
weighing 15 ounces to the yard of 27 inches width;
the ymm of the fabric to be doubled and twisted ami
Size No. 2, (41 inches in length, and 4S incites in
cireiunfefciice,) to be made of cotton canvass,
weighing 1 % ounces to Uie yard of 27 inches width,
and the ctotli to be woven in every respect like that
of the first aiae of bacs.
Sixe No. 3, (3S incite* in leasth and 36 iii( lies in
circumference,) to lie made of cottin canvass,
weighto? If) ounces to the. yard of inches width,
ami th ? cloth to be woven as above described.
The canvasa bags of sixes Nob. I and 2 are to be
Riad^? with a sufficient number of eyelet hole*, and
provid -d with stmna cord to wrcur* their Bi<mtli?.
All are to lie well and distinctly marked "f7. *.
Mai/,'* and to l#e numbered accorijiirr to tiie sizes
above specified
Leather tn>< fj^tivass Pourhet.
Size No, 1. 4? in. !.j tenrtli, and GO in. circnniiirencc
Size \'b.?. 41 do do 48 d"?
??** No. 3. 3ft do d? 4-i 'do
Size No. 4.3ii do do .*? do
StzrKo. 5.26 do do 28 d*>
The body of the leathcr'pouches In to be made of
good and substantial bug leader,Well tanned, weigh
in? for Nos. 1 and 2 not less than 8 ounces, and for (
the smaller sixes e?H iess than 7 ounces to ih*: s??.
foot; the Kottoui and flap to be of good Girting
leather, Well tanned, and the sap** lo be well and
-tronply secured with the Uit iron rive s, well
tmnei. The canv*?.i pouches are to be made of
densely wovi canva?s, so as to resist water, or at
least <?&ai to that of which the pouches now in lUe
setrlce arc made. I
Leatlvf awl Canvass Horse-mail Hag], (in
saddle bags form.)
mz ? No. 1. Body 40 inches long, an^ inches in
circumference at the widest parts ; ends or bottoms
of s me, 14 by 26 inches
Size No. 2. Body 44 inches long, and 36 inches in
circumference at the widest parts ; end- or bottoms
of same, 12 by 24 inches
Size No 3. U.jJy 42 inches long, and 32 inches m
! circumference at th? w idest parts ; ends or bottoms
of same 10 by 20 inches |
The leather horse mail bags are to be made ot.
good acd substantial bag leather, well tnnnvd, and
weighing not less than V ounces to the square font,
and tiie seam- to be well and'strongly sewed ; or, if
rivcttfd, to be ?o don? as not to chafe the horse oi
Tae canvato horse mail bags rtr tt> be made of
the same, quality ol fabrw a* th>; pouches above de
Canvass ?tni LtC.it/fr Drop-Utter Punches,
(wish side pockets.)
S!le No, 4. 30 m. in length, and 3<> in circumfereucc
Size No. 5. 26 do do 28 do
Cairo** Nctonpapcr Ma<> Bn&*.
Size No. 1, (48 inches in length and 62 inches in
circumference,) to be made of cotton eanvas?,
w ighing at ica*t 13 minces to the yard of 22 inches
wi'tth; the yarn of the fabric to be doubled and
twisted and five fold, and the bag to be so constructed
as to b? locked and to have a handle at cac?i end
Size No. 2, (11 inches long and 48 inches in cir
cumference,) to be of !??????? uie material and man
ncr of construction with size No, 1.
Propi<?als for improvements in tltecouxtruction of
? iy ot Ut?* above described m iil-bags, or in the ma
t? ?ia!s ihere if, are invited ; and the relative value
and ar1a;>ta? on to the service as well as price of
such improvement will be considered in determin
ing the lowest and best bidder.
No proposals will be considered if not accom
panied with samples of each article bid for, showine
tiie cou?trucuo;(T}ua]ny of materials, and workman
ship proposed, and at-o with evidence of t'je com
petency and ability of the bidder to eaoCK&e ;h? work
according to contract.
The specimens must be delivered at Die Depart
ment on or before Uie 23d day cf April nett. and
?**??#, in conreiion with the proi>osais fonu the ba?i?
of the contracts. Specimens drpoaj.ed by biddwr
which m iy with safety and convenience be used in
tiie mail service will be paid for at Lite rates pro
mised by them.
A decision on the bitte will be aaaJc on or before
t'ie first day of May neit, and tiie bidder or bidders
chosen will l>e r- quired to enter into eontract ou t*
before the 15th day of Jcr.e aezt, with bond and
sufficient sureties fi>r a faithful :?linu!i of the
obligations as i into.
All the articles contrae'ed for are to be delivered
at the contractor's eipense, at lioston. Ma-sn'.hu
letts; New York and Buffalo, N. Y.; Philadelphia
and Pittsburgh, Pa.; Baltimore, Md.: WashittgUin,
r? C.; Charl- -*to;s 9.C.; Auguid^fia.; Montgmnery,
Ala.; New t?riean?, La; Na-UNnc, Tenn ; l.ou;
viil?, Ky; Cincinnati, Ohio; and ft. Louis, Mo., in
such quantities and at such times as the Depart
ment may icquire ; and they are to be nzidly in
spcct'd before delivery, and none are to be received
which shall be inferior to tiie specimens or mans
ard b'gs.
To enable biuders to estimate the number of the
different kind^ of mail bag* which will probably be
{? quired, they are ir.-armed that there wer?; fur
nished for the e-se of Uir Department, during the
year whieh ended 30 h Jque last. 2,135 leath-r
p?iuche?; j,y?rt canva*; pouehes; 450 leather hor?"
mail ta?s; 605 canvass horsu mail bags: a-'d 17,110
c!kt.v:i*< mail bugs.
Tiie pro|>o?a!-; should te endorsed *? Ptoyo alt for
Muil ai< I lie P.dt'ressrd to the '? i*o?'m<niler
jau 15?lav. 12w I'ostiua'-ter f<eneral.
LXN'-JT^SNSr, by
DK. M-:T\iT5 LNTfCOlurnra
ELISlit oil C'J?r ^ A h, -At C.ct me xrcpn
ties attrlbntfll to Pre-. MO'K'TS ZN^'aOPAlu. <1
public cf*on d^:-ir?d, tr.'s \ nc' b^rjt Vb* t'.nrin
^ad sub'tes tr^iBs annouacaJ by tha dlaowTar^r*- ?
Bui f?;t?, o"> "??r.labl* fw:U ?.U stel by "iritresBna c1
the highest cla? sod character, *-e v.mr trioroph
?ng orir nil dor.bts. 1NC3EDUL1TT IS 'JTKH
TttUO^N by a iaa;e of tertiiaony whifih la tf-rfrct!?
Th? tusis remadlfs. in at! ct3fr, tha daplr-rable
erils trisjEgfrrtn amJai.'taor aba#e or -/?rir u?
crsana wulch urakf bd ibo*7o?vir.'fi?> iu?ohine oaile 1
~aa. It rtmti:res to mi ? viger ercrj a*tic?t' tunc
tisii onanecto 1 w'.lh tiiat njsUricufa cojup-oopJ
agency cf p\at*ar ?n<l mind, necesaary t*> th? repr
il'jction "f kuMa-.i life. Tc. pern aa of leebla bur u
larkame, or d^fliieat In Titai poaer, It la r?oota
tnended as tin o*ily merru of uoixununlcatlcg thr:t
?n?irgy which is ue-*98fary to the propsr eojoyment
ofalItbeiii.ta:a!app?t icis n, ??U as C:> tighei
ofu'd ?ttrfbcte->. bentt 'i;l tiTwU are not oon
te?^ to e'ihsr box tr io aay agf. The feotle girl,
th- ailing ^rLs, tts .tiUaw, ??> aerated youth, the
ovEjaora n?ac of bvjdnMa, the vlot.itn f-f cer* O'n? d>
use of this foec v.\ ren^valor. To those who
* prtci'oj ositi^n to paiaiyaia it xiil j.roTe t
cotr.f'eteartd 'itifailinj 'i tS.t t*r*i
b?? v.aladT. TIi-re are cany. p?r;i>sps, who lir.ve 'o
tr.tfed with tb-i- ccn-r^otnufl, that they thiai
thernwif*a bfljnyd the reaA of TBodicins. *^et act
??ecth^eil~';.?!r. The Kiirlrdeali with dl-HM*?en?
It ? (Ms, without reffrence to cause", and wul nc t
only r*n>r.t? the dieord'r itaalf. bn*.
The i?rangem'>nta of the ajctem, leading to nar
??out ;t- .???, M.i the forms of nervous uhease it
relf, are so uuuMrotu thst it would requires coition
tc enumerate t*t raalad:rs for which thjj prepare*
rauoa ie aspe.'iSc. A f>.w, however, may baenume*
tat? 1, vix: r?ar;.!gi?, tic dolere/.ux, l>??larbe.lBcip
i nt JiA, Lj fcterla, palpitation of tha h?.vrt, f?r
n?-' i*ae?^K/na, r uncaiar debiiitr, ttem^rp, Catulecc.
a prK%tog sensMtion in th^ flesh, numbnetsc, torpi-b
Ityotth' llv?r, e^sntal depreani^n, wcakaaas of the
will, indispriiition t? meva, talnti?C58 alt"t a*#rct*e,
brt ken elaep an ! 'ertlfyfag draam?, Icablllty lo re
main In of.a plrce r p?isltiou, weak-neas of tha pro
*r?attve organs, vxnl tnftap-teqcy, raelwvcfc dy,
moncm^nta. dnor aibus, nklng at ttie atomaeh, f~
mala irregn'ar^tfaa, a reroute tendency to miliar,
rlago, eraartation, and all cemplainta growing out ni
? free h)dc'c?ti< ^ of tha pasakms, and all bar run ne
thatdoea n*t pr^<e?d Irou organic Csur.?a beyctd
tha r?ach of medietas.
Wh?n<*rer tbe ^ans to be acted up.-u in ftna
ftr?m laalforaatfcn or atr'rtaral (Bwaeee 1:1c svert^
MORBrs INtrCOP.ATLNO 11.1281.
win rep'.ags withfaLXength. incapacity with
afBcietacy, irregularity withipuforai and ua.uiai ao
tivity, and tbi; r^t in'j ?|?boUt hnsivrd of r?artion,
hot wi%? happ7 'ffeet on the general rrga- isatkm.
in ut'a ! that all raalalKS, wherever they
begin, finish with the n^rroas rystom, tnd that the
parallsation of the uerreA or uotlon and aecaotfon is
physical death. P-%r in mHd al?r>, fhet frr rrery
kind of nerrou* di.-ea?e the Elixir Oorllai is tha
ow'y ratable preparation krown.
Da. Moui*a IrrraotATiiK Ooboul bar bem eoua
terf?4tol by aom" unprindf lad persons.
Ta future, all 'ie genuine Coixiial will bava the
Kprietoc's Cm * tnUa pasted jver the cji k cf each
tla, and tha fcllo ?ln{ worda blown in the |laas
Dr., lona*! lavlgoratlag Cordial,
C. Hi Rlhtt, Proprietor, I.I.
4V Tha Ootdfal Is pa: up highly noneoHtrateJ Jn
ptnt bottles.
Prtea,~$a i?t:le: two fhr $6; six ft>r fit.
U. L*. Ui NO, Proprietor,
1^1 ll7oadwi.f, New i'ark.
_ 1? DraggiiU thronrhout the Cnltrf
0??artaa, U4 W?t IwUm.
? aaUont/jn?Z. f> UII^.'W.
BaltiOMira--i?. 8. UAMU
Blchmoad- t
?^Af 80
Ualted States Patent Olllce, i
Wasbiwotow, Jan. 31, ISM. J
H the petition of Chaeiis Pit***, rt and Al.
vy b**t Wktjxj*s, of Bridgeport, Massachusetts
praying for th? estehrion of a patent granted to
?hem en the 4th of May, 1841, for Improvement
in tae manner of <*.">j>klriipt'ng railroad wiiAMi so
ai to ?*a*?tie l:*t?r ;l n .'ion of the bodies thereof,
for seven years fioit? tfc? expiration cf iaid patent,
which takes p'tr- j 4h? Ith day of May, eighteen
hundred and 2 fly L c (l^LS:) "
Tt h order*, that tut-said petition be heard at
the Patent en Monday, tli* 23.1 day of April,
naxt, at 12 o'clo:k,n!.; and ail person* are notified
to appear and show cause, if any they hare, why
said petit'.on ought not to be granted.
lersona opposing the extension are required to file
in the Patent Office their objection*, specially eet
forth in writ'n;:, r.t least twenty days before the day
of hearing; ail testimony filed by either party to j
?fed at tbe raid hearing must be tak*n aad trans
mitted in accordance with the rules of this Offtoa J
which will be furnished on application.
The testimony in the case will be closed on the
13lh April; deposition* and other papersTelied up-1
on aa testimony must be filed in the cP.ce f<n or be*
fore the morning of tbaf ray; the argument*, ii
any withjn t?;i H.-jh tiiereatter.
Ordered, also, that this notice be published in tbe
Union, Intelligencer aud Kr.?ning Star, Washington,
i>. U., Pcansylvaalan, Philadelphia, Pa., Scientific
American, New York: and the Poet, Po^tcn, Jlaw.
one* ? week for three -inoeessive weeXa previou* tc
tbe "23d of April next, tbe 4ay cf hearing.
Commissioner of Patent*.
P. iJdltorsof the above paper* will please c off
and send their bill* to the Patient Off*-, rrtth a pir
per containing this notice. fc-b 1?T3w
[No. 580.1
By the Preside n toft h? United State*.
IN pnrsuanceof law. I, FRANK UN PIEBCF., Pres
ident of the Cnit-d 8tat**i of America, do hereby
-teclare and ma*e known tfcat a pubit ? sale will bo
b?:?i at the land office at Arr* ra, in tbe Ft&f- o*
Mm*t*>orpi, con?tneneicf on MofedAy,<he 'wnty-firtt
day of Mry rt'srt, fov the disposal o? all that pftrtion
of ihe secticu* and pait> ot section* of land buarinj
odd cui .^ers within six m'les on each side of th?*
l'ue of h# Mob le and 0;.io river railroad, in tbe
Stat s cf Alabama and Mississtm. eubje t to th>*
dc nil i minimum pric* of two dollars and fifty cent*
]>cr acre, as pn vlded 1 y tb* act ot 20th September,
J50, and e xcepted from gialnation a* to price by
the act of 4th August, lfiji, which were nlv-rtisei !
to be offered f r sale in pro2l4nntion.N0. 49*, b-?ar
ioj dat# 23d May, 18C3, but fubsequenQy witb
dra *?\ until fsi;her not'e > tor tb? prjpo^d rulrcal
from Scat don to Montgomery by puff-ic no,ice No,
4?>t, b -aiing ?lat?* I9tli August, I960; and the suae
net bwnc cuhi ct to private entry at the date ot said
witidrawal, wer* ccn?^ii:*ntly not r^fctorrd to mar
k-1 ly g? nerai notice Wo* 622,dated 6th tSoptwpiVer,
1 -<54, situated in the undermentioned U.wuthipe,
to wi::
S'urlh rf thr b ise line and tatt of the Choctaxd meri
Town-hip J'>ur, of rango thirteen
Townships three, four Jivt, and six, of range four*
T > ?n hips -hree, foui'. fira, six and sruen, of
ri-go fift'en
TcrnfJiip* L\rti,/cur,^iivf, six, and seven,ofrange
To^ tfhjpB five, tix, and *;trn? of rah^e leren
Tnwrship trver, ol raoge eighteen.
Notice 11 also heteby^Kn tbat all ih* land' sit
uate! outsi le of ttM^S^WViinitt on each side ??
the nbove road withdttwn and not si?o? reitcrec
!0 rrirn> entry a* ?bore ?tat*l, which will be sub
j?-t to entr? at one dollar an I tweoty-flvf ceate
j*r re, or (if for actual s"ttlt?aent aid pre emp
Men) it the prhv* ores rlbed by the gridt*at':()u a ;t
of4tb August, 14*6-4. in th?f<Vl lwing-nasac-ddiltrict*
and township* in the Fcates of Miss ssirpi *nd Ala
b">tca, will be snbje<t to entry and l~cition on and
p.ft^r Monday the nine'eenth day of March n*xt, to
In t'-.e ?ii-strict of land", subject to rale at At:f ista,
ATjrt\ of llxc base line ami 'ait 0/ the Choctaw meri
T^wn-hips t}rce,four,_fivc, six and sercn, of range
;lV,wn?hlp? three, four, fire, r?, ard trxn, 0!
ran re th:rte?n
Tcwnships t\rfe, fmrrjlt-,fiv and?3Ten,oftange
T.jwnfhlp tevr.n, of range fifteen
Township Otr-e, fcur. and five, of rarge sixteen
TowDPhips three, four, five, fta, anl sttfen,
raoce sev?ntaeu
T'> ^rsl.ips three, four, five, six, and 4?v<
rang5 e:.pht?*?n.
Ir ta? d>trict cf lani? subject to rale at EtMoro?
Vj4 Alabama:
.Vj/*:! oj the bete Un' 111 "f the prtvini! mr
To rn hfp'* thirteen, fourteen, SftK'n, sixt^. and
sev n!e?n, of range two
T Knih p? thirteen, fbnr een, f U?n, gLrtftn and
ffamten, of range thre?
Towo*hip? thirteen, t'ourt-en,^^4^?, sixteen and
tet- n, of range four
1 woships ik.rt??en and #oiif-^n, of ran^e fve.
T.-.e towmhios dcsi^i-at?d in r man le'tqrs a*f
w'.r Uy within the limi's of si* and fifteen m'Jt^ re
St?cts.v?ly cn each ?W'Of cal^l r< ^d, KnA those in
ila'ics are partly wiih' x s?M i.mit^, es designated
on the diagrams i-h*:L will be fnrnbh?d to the ro
cp ctire district office*' by the Commissione r pf the
<Je: er.il Lard '^fliee.
The lands will be roP. th> rifhtof way
grifstn ! l?y the a<*t of 20 'a -eptein .-it, IRfiO, to tbe
wtat.?s nf re*?il j for saii railroad, not * :^-)i?g on<r
hundral fut on ea-h 1 iJ>- th?re- f, and tr erefar-' the
pa:'?u!ar tra<t* of lanl v^ich Juclnde '.beiruad will
0e 1 Id an cwta-nioas th<* qunnt'tie] r Fp*>Tlivuly
6b0*rn by the c flflc at plat*. ,
TV sectiooc will h?- c (T?red at the public sale in
thet1?"- in th y are advertised; the ta'e
will br kept cp<m fbr a sofficiert tim?? to ndfoit of
rUsring aU the lands, tut not exceeJing two w?ek?;
u d app Uatioca to m?A- private entries cf the lands
(flered a! public 'jkl.s und^r this proclamation will
net be revived a a til after ibe clcsa of the t?o
(?ifen un<ter my band, at the city of Washington,
th;sE?venth ilay cf Frbrutfy, Anno D-mioi one
thousandeigh: huadrsd and fiftv-f-ve.
I'y the Prejilent:
Jon* Wilsoh,
Coramiseioner General Land < Xti*.
Under the act of Ccagiesi approved 3j of March.
1853, entitled ' An ect U> extend pre empticD x ?hts
to certain seMler* therein m-ntion+1," the pre emp
tio j U<^s were extended < ver ihe above mentioned
ait?-mate odd numb-rtd secli ss within * x milas rn
each aide of th? rsuta cf the road, where the settle
rr ent and icuprovemeat were mad' prior 11 the date
ot mIIu toient, if proven up ?cd psM fc- *t tlie rat?
ofteo dollarj aod fttty c*nt-< per acre, bifofe the
day fi*ed for tLe publi? sal^; and by the tut *p
pn>v?wl '*7th March, 1664, ?QtiU?^i "An a^t for the
rMiiitf of aettiera on Iho'Ih referred for railr ad pur
po o*," p*rrons who settled ard improve-1 the abevj
naraed ?ecth n^ p ior to the date of ioitndra*o*l will
b? entitled to p.eomptions at the ordinary minimum
pr>e r f the public land-, or at the r?te of c-ne d >iltr
aul twrnty-five cents p?r acre, if proven ap an*
pni I for btf re tb* day fixator the pubic sale:?
Th< refore, every r-er- on eutitlM to tha ligl t of pre
? mrtif r in any of the alterastriodd numbered sec
t"o.n shove irent one', v. i tin s-v miles of the route
of the road, nod- r tbe set of 8d Mar. h, 1P63, above
rel<*ind tf>, on svttifm^nts mide prior to th- 4th of
Febraary, lS63,(the datf of aflc'ment) cr under 'he
art of '-T ih March, 1854, on settlements made prior
to th* d?t 1 cf tho original withdrawal of the lands
?r?'n market, likewi-e evi ry per-on entitled to pre
cmp!'on under the act cf 27ih March, 1864, in any
ot tbe lands oti'.sideof the six mile limit* diwted t?
b*? taetors'l ten n ry on tbe 17 tb day of March next,
ia required to o>*?blist. th<- sntue to tbe aativf. ciion
uf he re ;iiter and receiver of the proper la id office,
and iaake payment th?refor at the pric? fl.v?d by
ban as aorn as practicable titer scein? thia notiae,
and b-f 're the dsy appointed for the publ c sale or'
rvtoi.ation to market of the lands embracing tbe
i tract claimcl; otherwise such clai a will b? forfeited.
Commissioaer of 'Jeneral Land Offloe.
l'b 1" - law13w
?ifen, of
I^APEK M< MSTENKR.?A New Inventiou for
uioisteuing the leavee of a Copying Book, i'oet
iu>t- Stamps, Envelopes, and mwten the llnscra
when eounting bank hillt*. Also, ueeful tor various
other put pose*.
It will ke tound an mdispcnsible articlo for t-verv
desk. II i* perfectly tsiiftple and cheap, ami must
come iiu<> general use.
jan 18 A*entn *w Washington.
W-HO'S WHO IbTTh.i5, I pocket nrfumo
n<id'a i'cirliattieniary Companion lor IMu, 1
poi-k?*t vohiiiir
llntiah Army Li?t for H155
1 ritish Navy Li-t do
The Planetary Worlds, their Toj?ofr.a|?hy and
Telescopic Appearances, by J. Breer, Cambridge
Observatory, l vol
Blackwood's Almanac for 1835
linportvd by laat steamer by
4>7 Kighth st, adjoining Rainey** Livery Stables
OW1NO to the ic-reaaed trade which a generous
pubtl has bestowed upon me,l have been com
pelled to erect a new and larger building lor the
carrying on of ay burin-**. Here I shall be en
abled to execute all orders entrusted t* me wiSi
gravt^r taeilftie* aad dispnusfti, and 1 would respect
ful y solicit a continuance orthe publi '* pateonage.
Carr'*fe* and VYagrr.a, of the moet modern atyic,
built ot he beat Daterlal*, and warranted to give
repair3 ol every description punctually attended
For a'*, cheap, a second-hand Clarence Carriage,
nearly njw cec it
UO?A HE VRIKS WALTZ, Compr?a?*d by Hans
1 Har P<itkii, drdirutttd to Mie? 8mma J. Rrown,
b> the- saiue- composer, published aiwl tbr sale at the
Nu-ic IMs?! ?i" ^ HIT/.
f?-h 3
1 i will le*ve Alexandria at 4,7%
and 9# am, Ijtfend p iu. VV i
leave Washington atG, 11. and 12 a 1
m., 3% and 7 pn.
Seats can be secured at the Office. Fairfax at.,
and Newton'* Mansion Mouse ; in \\ asluvgton, at
Hall's 8egar Store an i Kirk wood Honor.
This Line r?? rrjrularly winter and summer for
the accommodation of the Public.
Passenjrers called tor and taken to their realdeftCM
if not too tar.
FARE? For the flrjt trip up and last trip <iowa,
50 cents; all other regular trips 25 cents.
Trunks extra. LATHAM A COOK.
Jan 8?tf t . s
"1ITILL dispatch a rimaiaer daily from Baltimore
f? and NcwYork, and twice a week from Boston
to Baltimore aud Baltimore to Boston.
This line affords unequalled facilities to the bitsi |
ness men of Um Ue'trrct of Columbia. The Agents
at either point will rec? lve freight and give a t.trough
bill of lading to Washington at the lowest rates ?n
freight uul uo commie-ions chanted. Application*
for freight promptly attended to by the following
agents: A. C. HALL,
58 Exchange Place, Baltimore.
Corner Washington and Albany sta.. N. Y.
jan 14?d.*hn Footcf India Wharf, Boston.
^CmHPHP lat> completion of the
"rntral Ohio Railroad between
e*ling aud Columbus, uniting. as it does, by ro
short and direst s line, the Baltimore and Ohio
Railrad with all portions of the Wort (and North
i this route greatly increased
travelers in that direetio*
November 27, 1864, the
train* will b* run as foUorsj
Two feet trains daily will ran In each direction
first?The MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station
at 7 a. m., lnrt?*d ot 8 o'clock aa heretofore, (except
on Sunday,) and arriving* t Wheeling at 2 40 a. m.
Second?The EXPRESS TRAIN, leaving at 5 ? m_,
instead oi at 7 p. m., aa heretofore, and running
through to Whce'lng in about 17 hours, reaching
there at to 28 a. m. ThiR train will step at Waafc>
ington Junction, Sykesville, Monocacy, Hamper's
KVrrv, Martinsburg, <*ir John's Run, Cumberland,
Piedmont, Rowlesburg, Newburg, Fetterman, Fnrm
inct^n, Csmerou and Moundsville only, for wood
and water aod meals. Both tbeee train* make
prompt ?n J regular connoetion with the cars of the
Central Ohio Road for Cambridge Zao?svIIle,5'>*ew
Mi\!l Tr%'o; Will reacb Cincinnati fer dinner next
day, while by the Exrreea Train they arrive there
at 12 the next night, being kept but one night on
the route by eith*r train.
Passengers for the Northwest via Cleveland and
all intermediate points can mike a direct connec
tion with the trains upon ths Cleveland and Pitta
burn Ra-lrord at $11 times whea the Ohio is niriga
ble for steamers between Wheeling acd Well/nrille,
by lee.Ting Bfitimnrv in the Ma'l Train at 7 a. m.
Rv turning, the Train* l?ave Wheeling as follows:
The EXPRESS TRAIN at 4 30 p. m., reaching Bal
timore at 9.50 a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 1L45 p.
m . reaching Baltimore at 7 p. m
MfirThrough tickets by boat front Wheeling for
Cincinnati, Madison, Lcu sville, St. Lcuis and othrr
River Cities, ?ill be sold at a 1 times when the stag*
of water will admit.
Through ticket* between Baltimore and
Washington, and ail the important cities ?nd towns
In the West, are sold at the Ticket Offlses of the
TIIR MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Statlot will
take pusseur^r* for all tb? uhuhI stopping place.* on
theKoal Returning,!his trein leaves Wheeling
at 11.45 midnight, Cumberland at 10.16 a. m? anvl
arrives at Baltimore at 7 p. m.
for Frederick and iutermediate places, will start ?t
4 p. m , daily, (except Sun.Jayf) arriving in Freder
ick at 7.40. Re'urning will leave Frederick at 9 a.
m., arriving at Baltimore at 12.50. noon
will be run dtd'.y, (eic*pt Sundays,) a* follows: |
Leu re Cai&dtn Station *1' a. m. acl 3 p. m.
L^ife Elliott's MilU at 7.30 a. m. and 0.30 p. m.
IEAVfi daily, cxcept Sundsy, at fl and 8* a. m.
j ind 3 and 5 pm.
On Sunday at 6 a m and 5 pm.
Lsavo BalUmore et 4M and 3am; and 6 and 8
p su
On Pundiy ;?? 4* ? ?n and 5 pm.
The ccnoectiors with Baltimore A Ohio Railroad
for the West ar? by trains leaving at 6 a m and 3
p ra.
For Philadelphia anfl New York at C, an4 S^am
and 11 p e.
Fer Am?apnl'? at 8^ e m and 5 p n.
For Nor,oik ot ?? i> ?e
T. n. PARSONS, Ag*nt
pRifictt'ar attention is called to the Rule requir
ing a re?voa>i!v1e vou-her for any person of color
who i?h to pa5? ov.t the road.
fcr 13?dtf
On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854,
THE Care leave Alexandria daily for Gordonfr
\iJle and intermediate itstions at7J^ o'clt-ck,
a. m., on the urrlral of the b^at from Wa6hln ;tor,
giTing am pi) time fer breskfast on board. Con?
nesting at Mttu^.-jaa Junction with a train (or lUrttc
bur<, at Warr?nton Ju- etion with a train for W?r
renton, and at GordonfiVillo with the trains on tLe
Virginia Central Railroad for Richmond, Cha^lotvea
ville, and Staunton.
The cars ?eave (lordonsville daily for Alexardrla
and intermedial* etalions, at ^ before 12, a. r*., on
the arrival of the trains ot the ViT?inia Central rail
road from Riehmo??1, Ch?rlott<??ville, end Staunton.
From Alexandria to Warrenton $2 00
" M Gordonsvllle 3 50
u M Chariottesi ill* 4 25
M " Staunton 5 90
? ?? Straeburg 3 50
" u Lynchburg.9 75
<? " Wine-heater............... 3 60
" " Luray 4 25
" " New Market 6 00
M u Mlddleburg ?... 2 JiS
For Lynehbrrg, connecting with the stage* ?t
CharlcttesvUl*, on Mondays, Wednesdays, atd Fri
days. .
For Luray and New Market, connecting with tho
s ages e.t Culpoper, on Tuealays,Thursdays, s.;?d Sat
For Wlnebester daily, connecting with the stages
at Piedmont ?
For Middl?burg daily, connecting with the stages
at the Plains.
Per order: W. B. BROCKETT, Agent,
nov T?dtf
[Fare round trip $1; from Alex
andria 76 cents?The THOMAS 0">LLTER leaves
Washington at 9 and Aluxaadria at 9% o'clock.
Ccacbt* leave the Capitol for Ike boat at 8# o'clk.
Coach fire 10 cents.
Person* wishing the Coaches will leave their re*l
dS'KM with Oeo. A Tl.os. Parker.
Kefreehmenti* on the boat.
OJt 28?dtf SAM'L GKDN1Y, Capt
ATLANTIC, Capt. Wert.
PACIFIC, Capt Nye,
BALTIC, Capt. Oemstock,
ADRIATIC, Capt. Graf ton.
-These ships bav* been built by contract, expres1 ?
ly frtr Government service; every care has been
tafc? in their couatruo J.?n, aii in the Engines to
insar* ftrength and spepd, aud their accommoda
tion* for passengers are unequalled for elegance
and comfort.
Price of p*s3age from New York to Liverpool, in
first cabin...
Second Cabin 70
Exclusive use of extxa stse state rooms 800
From Liverpool to New York ?-'10 aud ?20.
An experienced surg-on attached to each 'hip.
No berth can bt secured until paid for.
For freight or passage #pply to
50 Wall street, New York.
13 King's Arms Yard, London.
20 Rue Notre Dame de? Vl?-toires, Paris.
GEO. n. DRAPER, jUawe.
The owners of th*"e ships will aot ha accountable
fox gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious
?tones or metnls, unless hills ef lading are rfjaai
therefor, and the value thereof therein expressed,
nov 10?dly
OR RENT.?We have hi store four Pianre, two
of Chickennp and two of Andre Steins, which we
ofl? r low for cash, or |roo?| not? s, or will t*atl on
moderate terms.
Music expected to morrow mominf.
J(?HN. F. KLLId.
TM Great Pwlitr of U? Blood I
JTot a Fartisle of Mmnrj Im It!
An Imuuittl Bttm for Seroftila, tlntfa Iril,
Rheumatiaa, ?' Obsticste Outaneoui KrapUoxu.
Pita plea or Paatule* on the fsoe, Blotdhes, Boils,
Ohronio Sore Byas, Ring Worn or Tetter, Scald
Head, BoliryMi?I ?d Pat* of the and
Joint*, fi tub born ulcers Syphilitic tAsorJera,
Luaabago, Spinal Oompla nta, and all the IImmm
trifling fton an InjdJicioae ca? of Mar-ary, In
prod -nee hi Lift, or Impurity of tha Blo?d.
THIS valuable M-dlcine, which has become oele?
brated for th? number of extraordinary cure*,
effected through it* ageney, has induced the propri
etor*, ?t the urgent r?"ine?t of (Mr friend*, to oiler
it to the public* which they d? with the rtmorf ?on- 1
fldence in ltd virtU-a *cu wonderful curative prop
erti a The following oartiftcatea, felected Iron a
l*npj number, are, however, stronger testimony
than the mare word of the proprietor*; and ara all
boa gentlemen well known in their localities, and
of the highest respectability, many of them raiding
in the city cf Richmond, Va.
f. BOYOKN, leu,, of tha E*ah*nre Bote!, Rich
moid, known everywhere ways ha haaaeeu 'he Med
icine ealltd Ciana b Srainaa Mixruxa, a>tmini* tared
in over a hundred cases, in nearly all the diaaaaae
for wbichit is reaommended, with the moat a#ton
iahingly goed resulta He says it is the moat ex
traordinary medicine he has ever seen.
certify that for three years 1 had *gue and Fever
of the wort TieV?nt dmriptkn. I h%d several Pbv
tidan*, took l*rge quantitiea of Quinine, Mercury,
and I believe all the Toni<* advertised, but all witn
ont permanent rellcl. Ai last I tried Carter's
fpacikh iiixtco, two bottles of which effectually
cured me, and I am happy to aay I ha?e had neithei
chills or fevers tfnoe. I coDsidstnt the fcatt Tonic
in this world, and the only medl'ine that ?rer
reached By ease. JOHN 10NGD1N.
Bum ditch, near Richmond, fa.
C. B. LUCK, Eeq., now In the city of Richmond
and for many yeara in the Post Ofiloe, hu, such
oon&dence in the astonishing efficacy of Carter's
Spanish Mixture, that ha has bought upwards of W
bcttles, which he has given away V> the afflicted.?
Mr. Luck says he bus n?ver known it to foil when
taken aAoruiug to directions.
Dr. MINOR, a practising Physician, and formerly
rf the Oity Hotel, In tba city of Richmond, says he
l as witnessed la a number of Inatanoea the effscta ?1
Carter's Spanish Mixture, which were moat truly
earpcteiog. He e*ya in a case of Consumption, de
pendent on the Llrer, tbs good affect* wera won
dan'ol indeed.
SAMUEL M. DRINKRR, of the Orm of Drinker A
Morris, Richmond, wns cured cured of lirer Com
plaint of three years standing, by the use ol twe
Uitlea of Carteria Span! h Mixture.
the Richmond Repoblican h*d a servant employed
in tVir press room, cured of violent Scrofula^ com
bined with Rboumausm, which entirely disabled
him from work. Two botties of Carter's Fpan'sh
Mixture mads a perfect cure of him, and th* >'<di
tors in a public notice, say they ''cheerfully recom
mend it to all who are afflicted with any disease ol
the blood "
a vtiv valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's
Spanish Mixture. I oonrider it truly a valuable
int-icin**. JAMES M. TAYLOR, Conductor on the
R. F. and P. R. R. Co., Richmond, Va.
Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, residing in the city ol
Ri hmocd, was cared by three bottle* of Carter's
Spanish Mixture, of Salt hheum, which he had for
aeailj maty years, and which all the physicians
of the eculd not cure. Mr. Thompson la a well
k-^ovs E?rahant in the city of Rtehmcndf and hi*
la meat 9?aarkftble.
WM. A.MATTHEWS, of Richmond had a serrant
cured af ^vphilis, in the worst form, by Ca* jnfe
Spanish Mixture. He says be cheerfully reoom
mend* it, and consider* it a very invaluable medi
EDWIN BURTON, commissioner ol the revenue,
savs he has sewn the good effects of Carter's Spanish
Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cases, and say a It
!* e perfect aura frr that horrible diaeaee.
WM. 6. IIARWOOD, at Riciimond. cured of old
Sor>aaMd Uleers, wh'ch disabled him frem walking.
Took a ft* bottlee of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and
was ene*4rd to walk witLout a crutch, in a thort
time permanently cured.
Principal Depots st M WARD, CL08E k Co,, No*
98 Maidon Lane, New York.
T. W. DYOTT A SONS, No. 189 North iecond at
nENVETr A BEERS, No. 125 Main street, Rich
BOjd, Ya.
Andforealeby CHARLES STOTT, W*?hington,
D. C ; HEN'KY PEEL, Alexandria, and by Druggist;
ere ryu here.
Prio# $1 per bottle, or six bottles for $5;
aep 21?ly
X a benutiful aa"-->rtmeat of these ch-ap and du
rable articles, at the corner of Pennsylvania avenue
and Tenth atreat, over the Waahingtoa Saving;
qav IS?e?tf
WE beg lonve to call the att?-ntion of tlia public
to our ?to':k of Pianos now
ii.mfi, consisting of superb fini?h''d 7,hQH
fi}4 .uul 6 <?ctave rosewood cas?
straments from the world-renuwnedw W'w ?
manufhetories of H'.llet, l>avis fc t'o., Boston, nnd
Knabe, Oaehle A Co., Haltiioorf, comprising m all
tlie l3rR< st, tuost reliable and select assortment ever
offered in tins city. Also, Stools. Cover*, A.c.
old I'iaiio* taken in exchange.
We will mnke reasonaMe discounts f<?r rat-h, or
sell on time. JOHN F. ELLIS,
No. 300 Pa. avenue, near Tenth s'jert.
jan 31
I^UK list is now open, and every subscriber ol
$6^1 will be entitled to?
I. An tuipre^hioii of a Plate, by J. T. VVillmorr,
A. R. A.,from the original picture by J. J. Cha
Ion, R. A., " A Water Party."
II. A Yeluiue. containing thirty VVikhI Engravinrs
illustrating subjects from I,or J Myron's Poem
of " C'hilde Harolde." And
III. The chance ot obtaining one of the prizes to
be allotted at the general meeting in April,
which will include?
The right to select for himself a valuable work ol
art from one of the public exhibitions. Hiatuif-v in
bronze of her Majesty oil Horseback, by T. Tl???r
neycroft. Copies in bronre, from an origins! Model
in relief by R. Jefferson, of ?< The Entry of the Duke
of Wellington into Madrid- Staiuttes in porcelain
or parian. Proof Impressions of a large Lithograph,
byT. II. Maguire. after the original picture by W.
P. Frith, R. A., 44 The Three Bows," l'rom Mo
here's 44 B mrgeois Gentilhomme."
Honorary Secretaries for Washington, M?ssrs.
TAYLOR & MAURY, Booksellers. jan 24
I No. 508.1
Of the L'vtlrd Slates land ofUse at JcJJtrsonrUlc, Vin
cennes and Winamae, Indiana.
XTNDER the provisions of the second section of
) the act of Congress, approved June 12, 1SI0,
which declares 44iliai whenever the <iuautity ol pub
lic lands remaining unsold in any land district shall
be reduced to a uunit>er of acres less than one hun
dred thousand, it shall he the duty of the Sec
retary of the Treasury to discouuuue the land
office for such district v and if any land hi any
such district shall remain unsold at the time of the
discontinuance of a land office, the same shall be
subject to sale at *oine one of the existing land of
liccs most convenient to fhe district in nliichthe
land office shall have been discontinued, of ?Inch
the Secretary of the Treasury shall give node*;"
and loaMniich as the 7th section ot tlta art approved
Uh September, je*U, authorizes the Secret <ry of
the Treasury to coutiuue any laud district in u liich
m situated the seal of government of any one ot the
States, notwithstanding the quantity ol land unsold
in such district may uot amount to more th in one
hundred thousand acres, when in his opinion ?uch
continuance may be required by public convenience
or in order to dose the land system in euch State at
a convenient point under the provision* of the act
on mat subject approved June 12, 1840, aitd inn*.
tittuA a* the duty ahove required hat beeu det<dred
upon the tieirctarv of the Interior by ilthe art to es
ttMnh the Home iJejmrlment," approved 3d March.
Notice is accordingly hereby given that, in view
of reports from the lanl officers at JcrKKUsoNviLLK,
ViwcsNNKR, and WinaMac, that the vacant laud in
each of said districts is reduced below one hundred
thousand acres, th?: Secretary of the Interior, uitk
ike applanation oj the President, has directed that
the land oflicusat JEtntasoNvu.La, Vincbnnes and
Winamac; in the State of Indiana, be discontinued,
and the lands remaining unsold at the time of the
discoutmHancc be ruu? subject to sale at the land
office cat Indiavifo-18, the seat of government of
said State. ,
Lauds remaining [unsold, and uappropriated by
law, and subjcct to private entry withiu the limits
of the diatnaf now discontinued, will eea*e to be
?subject to entry aa heretofore at those offices, from
the date of the receipt of tliis notice by the reg etera
and receivera thereof, and the land officers at 1*di
AXAPOua will give public nouce of the day on
which they will be praparsd to receive applications
for eutries of any such kuids at then office.
Commissioner of General Land Oftut.
JANrAXY 85. 1856.
jaa 2tf?Sawtiw
Timinana mntmm, appotiU tfu Bomk'qf WcuhmgUm
1TB. THOMAS DILI ANY recpectfhlly Invito
J_Y1 the attention ol the public to axaunlae hit
atock of GOODS, which he has opsnad on Lousiana
av?nu?betw-Mn Sixth and Seventh street/,
the Bank at Waahington. cod stating of all
tionaof Taaa, Ac., Imperial. Ganpoirdar, at
Tt*; Wta^a an* Liquors, ot ail aorta, which he cat
sail at the lowest nicsa for cash or approved paper.
Besides all the D'oeaaaritw for Qroeery Baaicess
vli: Brooms, Buckets, Ced*r Tuba, Matches. *c[
? ? . ? ' ! 11
OHI W. IIIDKR,M?r la Wtom,** tba
ftnwr old established Wim Bart ot JACOB
SNIDER. Jr, No. Tl Walnut
low Fourth street, what* asasa
with WIN KBand UQUOMJBcm the
portatien of FOREIGN WllTEJL, 0?se Ha. Tl Wat
ant street, Philadelphia, where he la pv
mtfl Df l?n fbr the ap salal Importation 1
ooa. juh* vauu;u:i mr j ?
tiamsaAt md form.'r enstaa-iru.
V All Wines ori?m4 for W?#L c?;. a vttl b? de
livered by Izpraas >*s <J frri???. j? ft?Fy
Tb? rj*eth Riitfcm, rtth
On* hundred REgtavinf ?
cbovicg Dtorurs u4 lul
frmatirme cf the Br
Pjretetn hi every
farm. TovhM
Treatta- D
Sfijrt-f the UA
ert ImporfaflSTto married
people, or thona enutem
p'atlng marriage. By
WM. TO*W?, R ft.
!*?*t no father be MkaaiO
to ifi?wi> a eepy of tb?
JMCULAPIW tch*s ohlld
It nay we Mb iron aa
early grave. Let ro young or ?rX3aa eater la
to tLs secret oUlghtic&f of married life without
reeding the POCKET ^8CULAriU8. M ao oaa
snfT-rtng frra a hacbuled Omph, Pain la the rida,
rwtiM] niabts, n?mu Minn, and tba atali train
of Ryrpeptie sesaetlons, aad fir en up by tkatr pby
?iclar, be another aonrnt, Without -ceenltmg tba
MfCllAPIVB. Havs the married, or theea about
to N- marrifsl anv Ltr^Vrsaat read thia trtlly a*?
' b- 1. aa it has b??n tb? mraaa ol -*tLeg thous
and* cf wrfbrtnuate createrex frcm the very Java ?f
Any i"T*cm eendirg TWENTY-PIVI CENTS
v ?' - V. In a letter, will receive one oopy of tbU
work try mall, or fire oaptea will be seat for One Dot*
lax. .
Ad Ire?, (poet paid) DR. WY. YflffHa,
No. 1M Bpraoe gtra it, FhTa-ir'.r fcia.
ep " ? ly
imiim Mjiiinnms.
av. SMITH * CO., Meauiarturura aad
# Dealers in ALOOHOL, CAMPllkNE, ETHE
OI.U. OIL, Ac. No. 84 8. CALYERt 8TUERT, op
posite Water atxeet, BALTIMORE, Md.
0*rrr hL) ?tofeeidoaal wiltw to tfee cittuw of Pa'
Jmor". [I r?n core all kln<*e offl?*".t* taketbMi
*\it ?ItLcut pa^a, or tne o^e of any bnlfia. I oaa
?trf all Idndf cf Pit* and Bpanta, RbemaatV- Pataa,
Ocoa^BiptiOB. Propay, Dy^wpaia, Pllea, PaWy, or
any other ailment the hozaan ia&llj are aatfect to.
He can atop Bleeding from the Lcnga or Kaaa, any
tiataaea from the raUent, by hcowtnc tha patient'a
r.ame. I. aaa bcr n blind, and i: aa at idled peroral
under an Indian Doctor vbo waa among tha
?*14 Indiana thirteen Tear*.
I>W. 8I*ENCi!R ha* remorod from Mr. Backley*a
Boarding Eocpe, to
aw ll^K M4.
Captain Re*ja*ik.? Wberevoc known bie teeti
mony will be conclusive. But leet th<?e who do
uot know the Cnptain i>ii<>uld beecepucal, Dr. Daw
son & Bro., Hitii others of the beet known and mott
highly re?pcctahlc cilizena of Earton, endore* hta
wonderful cure by
Hampton's v eg stable ti.vctuei.
Kastom, Oct. 4, ]^S4.
Mtini. Mortimer f Kowxr~-j :
Gentlenien?I feel it my duty to you and the pub
lic to certify to th<; effects of Hampton'* Vegetable
Tincture. I was for more than five yearn laboring
under a di-ca*e of Chronic Rheuir.iti"tn. and the
great part cf tbat time i waa m helfrie-a that I had
to be helped troin my bed and dreo-x d in my clothe*
I became reduced to a iu*r> skeleton. All the med
icines I took done nie no good, and 1 continued to
*nrv worse. I heard of HamptonTincture and
thought I wonhl give h a trial. At thi? time I did
not espect to live one day afW another. I did not
take it (the Tincture! for the Rheumatiam. hut in
a ghort time I was well <>f that diaeaMe. From the
?fleets of your'J uicture and tlie help of G<*d 1 am
now getting in good health.
I w?*h all the afflicted to try Hampton'e Vegetable
Tincture, as I have d ioe, with tha aanie effect that
it haa on Your ooodient servant,
Ibaac Buumn.
We are acqitainted with laaac Benjaann; sold
him some of HamptoN's Veritable Tmenre, an<5 be
lieve the above statement correct.
Daw>on fc. Bro.
From our knowledge of Captain Benjamin we are
confident tiiai the above Miateuient u true and un
exagerated. J. A. JoBNso.t,
Chakle9 Robtroor.
Call and get pamphlet* gratJi*, and aee cures of
Cough, Bmm fiih?, Rheumatism, Nenmltia, Dya
pepna, Nervoasnejjs and General Weakness. As a
female m^icine or for delicate children we believe
it unequalled.
Sold by MORTIMER k MOWBRAY, 140 Ralti
more street, Baltimore; and 304 Broadway, V York
Chas. Stott k Co., J. B. .Moore, D. B*. Clarke,
Clarke & Bowling, W. Elliot, and H. McPhi r
Bon, Waatiinrton ; alto, by R. S. P. Ciasri., George
town, and C. C. Berry, Alcxandrm, and by Drug
gists everywhere. jan t??tr
Kallef In Plva Hlnntti.
THE insreaaing demand for this most pleasant,
safe, and eSoacioua remedy tor all pulmonary
diseases, has enabled the proprietor to rednre tha
price so af to plaoa it within Uic reach of all classes.
Its "Wf-ariority over most similar preparaMons ia at
tested by many eminent phyaidans who have been
eya witnemea of it* efficacy when the usual reme
dies hsve failed; also by tboosaad of oar most re
spectable citixena who have uaed It In their femilisa
both aa preventive aad onra with never flailing sue*
cess fax tbs last twenty years, during which period
with very little aid from advertising. Ac., It ha
gradually spread reputation over the wbote Union.
In ca?e? of recent OJdt Cough.t, Hoartroctt, it
gives ;atm*diate relief, and g?n? rally cures in a day
or two, without interfering with diet or bastaess, or
rendering the ay stem more ausoeptible ot Oolda, m
chronic cases, AtUuna, Whnap'ng Cou?\~, (Yot?f,
Bronchitu, Afftctiont of the Lungt, mrui Ounrvnp
tion, it is always very t*n?ficlal. and seldom talis,
when commenced In time to perfect a cure.
Price 24 and SO eentaa bottle.
8old who!peals by Patterson A Nairn. 3tott A On-,
Ri.lgely k Go. Alexandria by Peel A Steveaa. Ia
Qoor^etoan by Mr. Glasel.
a similaapomposHion to ths above, but ua a mildet
and mere portable form; they act like a ebarm on
a troublefcme Oougb, and clear the throat and
voiee; they rontatn no injurious drag, are particu
larly reoommendnd for children, ftwqaentera of pub
lic aeaemUiee, public qx^kera, aingera, Ac.
Price 13% and centa per box.
Tor sale at most Drug and Oandy Btorea.
oct IT?tf
Opposite the markrt on pknwsyita
N1A AVENUE 4 doora below Ninth street,
la a NEW CLOTHING STORE for Men and Bcva,
opened this day. DECKER, <ne of tha cheapest
Clothing Merchants in the North, haa detarmined
to cflar to the ritixens of Washington and vicinity, *
bis excellent Olothingat the loweat Northern pricea,
fc.- cash only. There the
will had just such a Clothing Store aa haa long bee*
wanted in Washington. Uia motto Is cheap for
cash, and oirx raica oklt.
A good substantial woollen eoat h? will sell for
(2 75; and heavy winter ^<uite, well lined, lor f 1 26.
and fine co^ta, ovcrooats, and vesta, In proportion.
Good wool and cotton undershirts. hr?stery, gloves,
Ac-, chea;-er than thf cheapest. nev 11?tf
255 Looking Glasses, 255
OP all sites and quality, Piench or German plate.
Fancy or plain Portrait and Picture frames,
Gilt or Fancy Colored.
Also, Gilt Room Moulding, Marble top Brackets
?nd Tables.
Cornices made to order.
Alee, all kinda of old work re gilded with dispatch
and on reasonable t-rma by
lift 6 Pa. avenue, rpp. Kirkwood Heuee.
d oc ?? tf
SMALL B91LDING LOl'ri of 10 tett at aer*, la
varioua parts ol the City, aad Gaor?etowa. at
lav prioea, and terms to ault LLOYD A 00.
For sale, deliverable at tha Oanal, or Wharves la
WaAingtea, Oacrgetowa, or Alaxaadria.
LLOYD * 00.
16th street, op p. Treaear^ DepaitmaaL
(Pa. aitnvf, between Tenth and tlnmttk ttreeft,)
WAkUINUloM, u.c.
WILL continue tu furnish Plane, detail vorkit.g
Drawings, and specifications of btiitdiug> ??<
uvcry *lao "UfCfiMiaud then rtr?i

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