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Local Intelligence.
Crrt Couscils.? Last night, the Board of
Aldermen mot at tbo usual hoar, Mr. Presi
drat Hill In tbo chair I
The Chair leid before the Board a commu
nication from the Major relative to a difficul
ty arising in the ezeeation of the seoond sec
tion of a recent la# prescribing oertain duties
of the Corporation collection, and stating how
he proposed to remedy it.
Alao. the account ot the Corporation with
the Bank of Washington, which ia aa follows:
Corporation of Washington in account with
Dm. the Bank of Washington Ca
General fu.id...$9,951 92 Rtdem'n fund. $1,527 11
Sinking fund... 46 Surplus fund.... 6,145 9U
lunJ.... 3,790 bO Third Ward... 1.776 40
Fim Ward 932 15 Fourth Ward.. 3.155 25
SecondI Wud.. 4p69 92>Corpora,n int..13,6 3 65
Filth Ward .... 1,530 27
Buih Ward 1,723 73
S? venth Ward.. 2.041 15)
Canal Interest.. 2,4*9 Of
#27,tQ9 4:
Balance 1,611 16
#27,829 47
J?To &?l*nce due Bank of Wasb/ns
ion, 11,011 16.
Alao, a communication from the Trustees of
the public schools, urging the ereotion of a
new school-houss in the First Distriot?1st and
2d wards?embracing a recommendation fori
the purchase of Morrison's Rugby Academy
refwel' W "? hlMi for that ?urP??e;
Mr Reed presented the petition of the Ger
man Benevolent Association asking the remis
?ion of a fine; referred
The Chair presented the petition of Wm B
Kibby to have taxes erroneously paid by him
refunded; referred.
Mr. Pepper reported back from the im
Erovements committee, a bill from the lower
oard appropriating $60 to pay the increase
?* ?alary Toted some time since to the sealer
of weights and measures.
Mr. Magruder presented a petition from
Thoe Carberry and others for a change of
grade in Beventeenth street, with a resolution
referring it to a select committee consisting of
two members of this Board and three of the
lower Board ia consultation with the City Sur
Mr. Houston addressed the Board against
any change of the grade of Seventeenth street,
eT*n51Dgi.!^ gr4d* h*TID? Greedy cost him
*160 for filling up a lot of his in that quarter
n ????nngv^* P*^.00 however, Mr..
H. withdrew his opposition to the resolution
which was agreed to.
Mr Evans presented the petition of Bridget
Campbell for the remission of a fine of $20 for
selling liquor without license. Pleading the
Ignorance, large family, and indigence of the
petitioner, he urged the granting of her
jnni; referred
Mr Pepper reported baokfrom the improve
ment* committee the bill appropriating $400
Ward6""118 EU#7' Md gntton ** the *ir,t
After debate, Mr Magrudsr explained that
tne Major had determined to ohacge the sys
tem of such work, and urged that the bill do
not pass
hia willisSMsa that it
should be so di'tvjsed of.
Mr Dove explained at some length the ne
"" "n,m b> wWet
v " \V" "" ?B i ? tblrd tttihz.
Mr- Magruder reported from the finjoce
? Wl appropriating $i0 to pay Ja
Ocb KUcber for extra services as messenger to
the Mayor and in the Register s office; passed.
?Mr. Pepper roea to a personal explanation.
^ -i' said that he had been erroneously
reported in the published proceedings of their
last meeting, where it was said that he hai
m '..mated that there were no magistrate.-* in
tae second or third wards who Were competent
to the proper discharge of the duties ot police
magistrates. On the oontrary, he hai merely
supposed theexistence of such a state of things,
and made remarks upon what he thought
l?kely to be the public necessities in that ewe
He knew well that in the second ward there wac
a magistral (N. Cailan) competent to the
discharge of any duties whatever, that mi"ht
be confided to him. ?
Mr Houston reported from the fire depart
ment committee a bill fjr the benefit of the
Franklin Fire Company, making an appro
priation to pay 8. Murphy $30 60; O.Tjil
lard A Son $15 62; Andrew J Joyce $32 00 :
L H 1 0. C. Schneider $36 42-$139 64 in
ally parsed.
A lower board bill authorising the curb
stones to be set and the footways paved on
the east side of 7 th street east, in front of
squares 905 and ?06 ; referred
Also, a bill authorising the construction of a
reeervoir in the Fourth Ward ; referred.
Also, a petition (presented by Mr. Pepper,)
from Samuel Devaughn and others, referring
to this bill; referrea with the bill, to the im
provements committee.
?Also, a bill making an appropriation for
the removal of a wreck lying near the wharf
at the eaaiern terminus of the canal; referred
to the canals committee.
Mr. Magruder reported back from the finance
oommitteo a bill fcr the relief of Francis
Hutchens; passed
Mr. Reed reported from the fire department
committee a bill to provide for tbo purohase
of oertain apparatus for the American Hook
and Ladder Company.
Mr Magruder moved to amend this bill by
adding an appropriation of $600 to purchase
apparatus for the Western Hose Company.
Mr M explained that the members of the
Westaru Hose Company had raised and ex
pended $^00 of their own money for the pur
chase of machinery at the North, and that;
they bid fair to make one of the most usetul
companies In Washington, Ac.
Mr. Clark opposed the amendment as likely
to delay the enjc:ment of the original bill -
smeadment agreed to?yeas 7, says 4-s? fol
?Ve**?Messrs Borrows, Dove, Fitipatrick,
M *g ruder, Pearson, Reed and Hill (President )
ays.?Messrs Clarke, Houston, Marks and
Mr Houston oppoeed the bill as amended, on
tie ground that it was taking too much money
?$1,000?from the city treasury.
Mr Pepper explained that he had voted
against amenameat only because its adop
tion, he thought, would delay the enactment
of the bill lor the Hook and Ladder Company.
He would gladly vote for the appropriation
em traced iu the amendment in a separate
bill. 1
Mr. Clark addreesed the board expressing
views on this bill similar to those of the last
?peaker. Both these speakers complained of
the indisposition of the insurers to provide a
rKirtion of the fire apparatus necessary for
Washington, and urging the propriety of hav
ing the corporation lasure property.
Mr. Borrows advocated itie idea mentioned
last above, on the ground that if the property*
holders gonorally know that they would be
taxed to make good the damage dene by ftre
here, they would be more active to put out and
prevent such conflagrations. The adoption of
the practice would (he explained how) prove
an insurance against the insuring of property
here above iu real value
Mr Hill explained his position on this in
formal proposi tion
Mr. Fitspatrick, after a few remarks, moved
to reconsider the vote by which the amend
ment had been agreed to.
Mr. Hill made a few remarks against the
tolicy of estaoliahing hose companies distinct
from the engine companies, and at the same
time complimented the Western Hose Corn
paey for its efficiency. He explained that
each separate hose company would cost the
corporation nearly as maon as what the cost
would be for the m tintenance of the double
company, if attached to and ocoupying part of
the house of an engine oompany
Mr. Fltapatrick again addressed the Board
in favor ot the position urged br Mr. Hill.
He was also for compelling the insurance com
panies to bear a portion of the expenae of the
fire apparatus and ?ystem of the city
Too debate on this amendment and bill was
further continued by Mr Pepper, who urged
that the insurance companies were perfect
Mr. Dove urged the necessity for making
the appropriation for the First Ward, proposed
by Mr. Magruder
Mr Magruder again advocated his amend
ment with great earnestnees, showing its expe
diency and necessity
The motion to reconsider having prevailed,
'ha quer ioa was again pat on Mr. Magruder's
amendment, It m again amd to: and aa
thus amended thia bill paased^^
Mr Fits patrick introduced a b01 making it
penal to aell bread nnder weight, and pro
viding that the punishment for so doing shall
be a flne of from tSOO to $600 for ea?h offenee,
to be paid by the seller, whether grooer,
baker, or any other teller whatever.
This waa advocated bj Mesars FiUpatriek,
Dove, and Reed, and oppoeed bj Mr. Pearson;
and it passed.
Common Council ?The Board met at the
usual hoar.
Petitiona were preaented by?
Mr. Barr, fro^ N. B. Van Zandt; referred.
Mr Kilmon, from Wm Dal ton and others,
asking a modification of hackney lioenses; re*
ft .-red.
Also, from Elisabeth Barrett, for the open*
ing of an allej; referred.
Mr. A MoD Deris, from Samuel Sylvester
for a remission of a fine; referred.
A communication from the Truateea of the
Public School# was reed, reoommending the
purchase of the property known aa the Rugby
Academy, whioh ean be bought for $16,000?
one fourth caah, the balanoe in five equal
annual instalment*; referred.
Reports were made by
Mr J. W. Deris, from the oommittee on im
provements. asked to be discharged from the
petition of E Lassenby; granted.
Mr. DuLoonson, from the committee on
claims, for the relief of Jame* Watson; passed.
Also, from the aeme committee, foflthe re
lief of B. Uuevalli; rejected.
Also, from the aame committee, for the relief
of Henry Olive, asked to be discharged
Mr Gill, from the aame oommittee, for the
relief of Mary Sullivan; passed.
Mr. Bamberger, from the committee on
canal a, a bill regulating the wharfage on
guano, slate, Ac ; laid over
Mr. Busey, from the committee on pnblio
schools, a bill authorising the purohase of
Rugby Academy; paaaed.
Mr Kelly, from the committee on fire de
partment, a bill to purchase 600 feet of hose
tor the Persrveranoe Fire Company, with
Falconer's coupling; pasted.
Mr. Busey asked leave to present the peti
tion of John MoGarvey ; referred.
The following bills from the Board of Al
dermen were taken up: ^
An act granting the Commissioner of Public
Buildings permission to remove the surplus
earth from 1st street east; passed.
An act for the relief of Jaoeb Kleiber;
An aet to regulate the sale and quality of
bread; referred.
An act appropriating $164 75 to pay for re
pairs upon the Franklin Fire Company appa
ratus; referred.
An act for the purohase of the necessary ap
paratus for the American Hook and Ladder
Company, which was amended in the upper
board by appropriating $500 for the Western
Hose Company ; referred.
A joint resolution aopeinting a select com
mittee in relation to the grade of 17th street
wes'; pa?sed. .
A joint resolution authorising the oiaims of
Geo. Mattingly to be submitted to arbitration;
An act authorising the establishment of an
additional primary tchool in the third distriot;
Mr. Birr (presiding) laid before the board a
communication from John M. McCella. de
dining the appointment as one of the codi
fiers The letter was received, but the board
had no power to take action upon it.
A communication was reoeived from the
Mayor, notifying the board of having signed
certain laws.
Also, a statement of the eondition of the
finances with the Bank of Washington; re
Mr Busey offered a resolution oalling upon
the Collector to inform the board at its next
meeting the foil amount of fees, Ac., received
to the 1st of January, 1855.
A letter was received from John L. Smith,
Esq., declining the appointment ef police
ma^is'rate for the Third Ward.
Mr Kilmon, on leave, introduced a bill to
supply a deficiency in an appropriation ; re
Mr. Donn introduced a joint resolution in
relation so lighting the city with gas; referred
to a select committee of five.
And then the board adjoamed.
Thb Ball Last Night?The ball of the
Marion Rifles last night, at Carusi's Saloon,
was a gloTioUs entertainment, beiDg one of
the best attended of the season. There were
aoy quantity of most interesting pretty girls
there, whose bright eyes, intelligent counten
ances and charming figures were admired by
all the gallant young men present. The ball
was duly opened at 9 p. m , with the hail
comfortably filled; in an hour it was crowded,
and the young folks were all engaged in the
merry dance. Among those present we per
ceived Capt Towers, Lieut Sutton, Lieut.
Tait, Lieut. Sheokell, Sergt. Egan. Sergt.
Buckingham, Corp'l Grimes, Corp'l Maguire,
and privatea C. W. Grimes, F. Johnson, and
F. Fister, of the National Greys; Messrs
Crogan and Oppenheimer, of the Continentals;
Mr. Tucker of the National Guard; Lieut
Flint. Quartermaster Evans, and Messrs. Bean,
Peddicord, and Leckey, of the President s
Mounted Guard; Messrs Howell, Brush, and
C'aricoa. of the Boon Rifles; Ensign Happ,
Sarg't Rupple. Sarg't Small, and Messrs
Schlagle, and Klots, of the Teagers; Messrs.
Flood, and Harrover, of the Washington High
landers; also, aeveral membera of the junior
companies All of these military gentlemen
appeared to fine advantage, indeed. Danoing
was kept up until a very late hour?until near
day light?when the guests retired, highly
delighted with their sight's entertainment.
Orphan's Court.?A case ia now occupying
the time and attention of thia oourt, and ia
likely to do so for aeveral days. Some years
since, Hon. H. May Administered on the
estates of Thomas and Edward Law, formerly
of Illinois, for the purpose of oarrying on a
suit in the cirouit ccurt of thia Distriot. A
branch of that suit has since been determined
in the Supreme Court of the United States.
A Mr. Rogers has come into the Orphans''
Court and asks to have Mr. May'a letters re
voked, on the ground that being a relative be
is entitled to the letters of aaminiatration.
Upon the queation of heirabip much testimony
has been and ia being examined The wifc
nessea are generally old reaidenta. Among
them are Maasrs Galea A Seaton, General
Weightman, and a number ot ladies Many
thouaands of dollara are inrolved, and the
iriginal owner, Mr Thomaa Law. (the grand
father of Thomaa and Edward,) formerly of thia
city, was the brother of Lord Ellanborough.
The oouncil for Mr. Rogera are T. Parkin
Scott, of Baltimore, and R. S. Cox, eaq ; and
for Mr May, R. J. Brent, eaq , of Baltimore
Thomaa Law was in India with Wanes
Hastings, and it has always been said in
Waahinaton that he waa aent to this country
to save Heatings, aa if he had been examined
in that celebrated trial hia teatimony would
have convicted him. The examination of wit
neasee waa continued to-day, inoluding the
identifieetion of handwriting, ete.
Thb ArpaoacHDiG Gbkat Salbi.?Thoeein
want of furniture are reminded that J. C.
McGuire ia now aellieg at auction, daily, the
atock of the late J. D. Brown, eompriaing
every article ef "furniture" to ba obtained in
cabinet ware rooms The atock ia equal in ita
variety and atyle to that of any eataolishment
in New York, being worth an aggregate of fif
teen to twenty thouaand dollara It ia thoug&t
that it wiil take the reat of thia week to get
through with it The articlea aell at moat en
ticing prices, indeed. Be sure to attend, if
you want anything in the way of furniture.
Mr. J. C McGuire also oommenoes. to-day,
the great Hall A Brother sale, in which quite
fifty thousand dollars' worth of dry goods are
to be disposed of in lots to suit the trade. It
is to be, by long odds, the moet important sale
of the kind ever ooourringin Washington, and
occupying some daya aa it probably will, it(
will, douotleaa, attract many merohanta hither
from the surrounding towns and country.
Librr Weight ?On Saturday evening last,
the police of the Third distriot seiaed about
forty loaves of bread, under weight, offered
for saio at the Northern Market. As fleer is
?elling very hixh, bakers make but little by
the old rates piis ia their own look out. The
law cf the corporation only regalatea the
wei?ht of the loavaa, not the price, whioh ia
left to the bakera. All bread under the legal
weisht, offered for aale, is liable to be eeiaad. {
Tn KvmaiL's Farbwrll ?To-night at
Odd Fellows* Hall these birds of song ring
thai! lMt lays, for this season at least, and to
?aj they will receive a bumper at parting,
we bat echo the with as wall aa the opinion
of the people of Washington Possess injrevsry
claim that talent and gentilitj oan give thote
who eater fbr the amotement of the pablie,
their raooett it always tare. This evening,
at Odd Fellows' Hall, let all remember, ooonrs
their last soiree.
To-morrow, Wednesday evening, they ap
pear at the-Nary Tard Hall.
A Bxllicosi Spirit.?Two white men.
named, respectively, John Ryan and Daniel
Reardon, were brought before Jnttioe Sofltta,
this morning, to antwer to the charge of fight
ing. They stripped themselves for the battle,
and, in the olatsioal language of a gentleman
tresent, "fought like ball dogs." They were
oth braised and bloody, presenting a tad
speetaolecf beings of bellicose pattiont and
practices. They were committed to jail, where
they will have an opportunity for reflection on
their eonduct.
Yesterday, two negroes were arrested for
striking a white man on the Island. Their
names are John F Ferguson and George Wil
son. The first named is from the North, and
expressed much indignation at his arrest,
loudly vociferating that he wts good as anv
white man, aooompanied by language whion
plainly evidenced that his associations bad
been of the most depraved character. Justice
8mith committed them to jail, but, on their
way to prison, they attacked the officer in
charge, Mr. Davidson, as we hare been in
formed; and at the jail exhibited suoh fighting
propensities that the keepers had to check
them. ' 'T
Jail.?Last night, a man under the influ
ence of liquor, attacked a lady who was walk
ing with her husband on the publio street.
The offioers being near interfered, and arrested
the offender, ana in order to convey him to
the guard house called a hack. Offioer Bar
naclo supposed that he would go without
treuble, got into the coach with bim alone
As soon as the vehicle started, the fellow seised
the officer and a tussle ensued that lasted un
til they reached the guard house door. The
fellow used his teeth like a cannibal, and the
officers hands are likely to bear evidenoe of
the desperate biting for weeks to come. As
soon as ne was brought out for trial, a colored
boy, also a prisoner, laughed at bim, when he
seised the boy and commerced beating him ;
hut the officers stopped his fun by ohaining
trie hands behind him. He is a German, gave
gave his name as Christoper Covansal, and
was sent to jail by Jutice Morsell.
The Corporation Tax Sals, commenced
on Monday, *fts continued, to-day by Collector
Roche in the room of the Board of Aldermen.
The attendance of bidders was net more than
one-fourth as large as that of yesterday. Not
withstanding, the sale was conducted with
spirit, and muoh money invested in city lots.
The collector, to meet the demands of an
imal appetite, had spread a table with such
solids as loafbread, crackers, cheese, and
ham, of *hich any one was at liberty to
partake t . J
Latu ?The train of cars due here a* seven
o'olock last night was detained considerably
past time by running over a cow that had got
on the track. This is the train that brings
the heavy mails to the city.
It was only a {ew nights since the express
train on the 3aH?more and Ohio Railroad was
thrown from the track, near Tunnolto*n Pta
tion, by running over a cow The mail trai*
over the same road was thrown from the track
and detained some hours by running into a,
tree that had fell across the roacUp
Pricbs OP Fisft.?Yes'erday, at the wharf
in Alexandria, shad were selling at 410 per
hundred, and herriDg at $8 per thousand. In
the centre market this morning, shad were
37i cents per pair, rook and perch 25 cents
per bunoh, and herring 12} cents per dosen.
This decline of the prices is evidenoe of an
increase in the supply, whifh will be hailed
with pleasure by all.
Abandoned.?The case of the young man
who was arrested under the minor law for
running with the fire apparatus, was aban
doned by the officer who made the arrest It
was proven to his satisfaction the young man
was over twenty-one years of age.
Slander Suit.?The case ofWm T. Dove,
against J. H McBlair, for alleged slander,
will, it is expected, be tried in the Circuit
Court during the present week.
Circuit Court?For several day! past
there baa been pending in this court a suit in
volving the freedom of three oolored persons,
but it is not yet decided.
Proprrty Sal*.?The house and ground
on ? street north, between Ninth and Tenth
streets, belong to the estate of the late Charles
Davis, was sold yesterday afternoon at public
aection, for the sum of $4,250, one of the
neighbors being the purchaser.
Union Guards.?A delegation of this fine
military corps, in full uniform, went to Balti
more in the five o'olock train yesterday after
noon, for the purpose of being present during
the night at a military ball in that city.
Twclpth Street Bridge.?We notice that
workmen are engaged in strengthening this
iron structure, it having become ricketty, and
needed such repairs as will remove all fears
of danger from heavy teams passing over it.
y 0 __
Watce Returns ?Elisa Carter, colored,
profanity ; fine and costs. Qeo. 811m, colored,
out after hours; dismissed. Christopher Co
vansal, disturbing the peace; jail. Weslry
Johnson,drunk and disturbing the peace ; fine
and costs; Hesakiah, vagrant; workhouse 30
rr-^BAEKR'9 BITTERS,?This bom* manufactured reme
' dy for Dyspepsia, Nervousness, and other diseases ari
sing from disordered stomsch, etc., is rapidly winning tu
way to favor wherever It la Introduced. We were ehowu ?
letter on Saturday last, from a gentlemen In Hanover, who
declares that after six years' Intense suffering with Dyspep
sia and nervoaa headache, daring which time he nied with
little or no effect, a great variety of medl<*1nea reco-ninended
by others, be haa been perfectly cured of both annoyanrea by
the use of fonr bottles of RAKER'S PRE MI I'M HITTERS.?
With each unquestionable endoraemenU, we think that those
who are afflcUsd, aud yet fall to try thla remedy, deserve to
auffer. Oept Baker Is one of oar most reliable rttiieua, and
we feel satisfied that under no circumstances would lie re
commend the use of bis Blttars where he did not think that
grod would result from ao doing. For cholera morbus auch
like complaints we know these Bitters are excellent, having
had frequent occasions to try them.?Richmond Mor. Mall.
Pries ? cents per bottls.
To be had of CHARLES 8TOTT k 00.. Washington, D. O.,
OANBY S HATqp. and SETH 8. HANCE, Baltimore, and by
Druggists everywhere. apr 10?lw
[fT^-NOAH WALKER S CO., Marble Hall Clothing Empo
l*?' Hum, under Browns' Hotel, re?pectfully announce
that their display of Spring and Hammer Clothing Is now
ready for InspecUon, oomprisliig ao aaaortmeut of Coats,
Veets and Pantaloons of the newest and richest desigus in
mstarlal, trimming and workmanship. To gentlemen who
study excellence with economy In fashtonabls articles of
dress an opportunity for selecting 1* offered from one of the
largest and most attractive stock of goods ever offered Id
this city at e very reduced scale of prices. ap IT
the beet and most infallible remedy ever dlacovered for re
lieving aud oiling all palnffcl, distressing, and dlfflcnlt men
slruatlou, end removing all periodical obstructions, acd Ir
regularities arising frcas whatever cense. These Pills ere a
They are prepared by a process which concentrates the
lugredlentslnto s small bnlk, thus rendering It uuneceeaary
fbr delicate females to take large doees of nauseous drugs.
Dr. Dsnonco's Pills are the rssnlt of over THIRTY YEARS'
EXPERIENGE in the treetmsnt of the diseases of females.?
They bsvs been advertised for a little over one yeer, yet
have already been sold, aud the demand for them rapidly In
creases whsrsvsr they become known. They have been
thoroughly tried In Washington, and fonnd to act like a
Held by all Druggists Id Washington, Georgetown and Al
xaudrla, Va. mar 1?eolin*
?r Jos SstLuaaroi receives all thsnsw Books and New*
taper* aa fast as pabllshsd. Hs Is sgsat for Harper's and all
the other Magaainee, and oar readers will always Snd a
Largs and good assortment of Blank Books and Stationary at
his Books tors, Odeon Bsildlng, cor Pa. avenne sad st.
At Annaprli*, Mil., on the 17th instant, by the
Rev, Mr. Nelson, Dr. CHARLES McCORMfCK.
U. ?. Army, to Mrs. ANN WELLS, daughter of the
flat? Richard Ffieh&rt, of Howard county, Md. *
At the (cattlenee of hereon, iu this city, on the
16th instant, in the 67th year of her age, ABIGAIL
HOWELL, wife of Wm. P. Jloweil, deceased, for
merly of Baltimore, Md
(Baltimore Sun and Cincinnati papers ccp .) *
O* the 15 h met, nt 7 o'clock p. m., HARRIETT
E J. THOMPSON, the widow of the late J. E. W.
The iritnds aud acquaintances are respectfully re
quested to attend her ftanerat from her late resi
,denc? on E street, between 12>b and 13th streets,on
Wednesday, the 18U> instant, at 3 o'clock p. m. *
* For Bala and Beat ? j
Great bargains for cash.-i have fi?r
?ale a Garden Spot of 10 acre*, within a few
annates' drive of the market, with fool modem im
Alio, a Para of 100 acre*, a few miles from the
City, ?ald to be worth #19,000, but I will bHI it for
$9,000 cath.
Also, some Tain able slaves, and a fine harnen
Hone, suitable for a doctor, as he Is perfectly broke
to stand without hitching.
To sectire great bargains caH at 4SI8 13th street,
between P and 0. GEO. P. MASSEY,
ap 17?3t* ? Agent.
House* to rent?a very pleasant
House on L, between 9th and 10th str*., hav
ing a front yard, with shrubbery. Aim, back yard
with fruit trees, pump, lie. The house wil. bp retri
ed with or without the furniture. Apply at No. 508
or 510 L street, between 9tb and 10th
For rent?rooms furnished if re
qnired, in an elevated and healthy part of the
city, south side of the Smithsonian Institution. For
terms, which are moderate, apply ?n the premises
at the corner of Tenth and B streets, No. 19ft.
ap 17?eo3t*
good rooms over our store for rent. Being in
the centre of business, they are admirably adapted
for Lawyers, Physicians, Agents, lie.
M. W. GALT * BRO.,
S94 Pa. av., betw. 9th and 10th su.
ap 17?St
cupied by Barnes li Mitchell, on Pa. avenue,
between 8th and 9th streets. Possession Riven on
15th May next, on which time the present lease ex
pires. Apply to JAMES DIX^N, Esq , of this city,
or tbe subsciiber, "Cottage," i^ntgomerv county,
ap 16?Iw*
Furnished house to rent?suites
of Rooms or the entire House may be obtained
well furnished, with ga*, he ,? situated on Twelfth
street, third door from the Kirkwood House.
Apply at the Kirkwood Heuse ap 14 - 3t* |
Handsome furnished parlors .?two
suits of Parlors and Chambers on the first and
second floors, handsomely furnished, is for rent with
or without board. There is gas in tbe house and a
bathroom. Apply at MRS. NICHOLSON'S, No.
970 H street, corner of Eighieenth.
ap 13?lm*
lors and Chambers, With board.
Also, Table nnd transient board. Inqui.e at Mrs.
SMITH'S, 933 F street ap 9
$150 a year will be received for the rent ol
those new and convenient cottages at Kendall
Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood sh^d
and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pu>e
water are near the door, and communicat on is had
with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streets
and Pern. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the
usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the
To sccure the advantage of this great reduction
of rent im*mdiate application must be made to the
undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at
Kendall Green, after office hoars, where the key*
may be had and the houses inspected at any time.
Several of these residences will b<? sold on liberal
No 4, Kendall Green.
N. B.?Rent* paid quarterly in advance.
apr 9,1865?tf
containing six rooms, each situated on Pierce
street, between L and M streets, being but four
squares from ihs Railroad Depot; would make good
ieaidences. Rent moderate. Apclv to CHARLES
THOMA. on the opposite side of the strict.
ap 4?lm*
tune ?A lady having acquired a competency
in the Millinerv business, is now desirous of dispo
ing of Let establishment, and retiring into private
life. Her location is one of tbe best In the city, an^
is a rare opportunity for one acqu?ifit?d with the
business. For terms and particulars apply at this
office. mar 29?lm
HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily
located Building Lots, 24 feet front by 130 feet
deep, of> graded {streets, can, until spring, be bought
at the excecdi?? l?w prj*e of $75, payable $3 per
month. Title indisputable.
Union Land Office, 7th st.,
above Odd Fellows' Hail,
jan 9?6m JOHN FOX. Secretary.
fers at private sale the villa in which she at
present resides, with eight acres of land, situated at
Eilaville, on the Washington and Baltimore Turn
pike Road. The ht use is new, with all the modern
improvements, and the situation has many advant
ages for persons engaged in busines? in Washington
us it is within five minutes' walk of the Bladensburg
Depot on the Railroad, and there is al?o an omnibu>
running twice a day between Washington and Eila
ville. Application to be made to the subscriber,
living on the premises. MARY 8. VASS.
mar 27?2a wt f
FOR SALE OR RENT.-A three-story Frame,
with basement, on New York avenue, between
4th and 5th sts. west.
A three-?tory Frame, with back building, on 1 at.
north, between 4th and 5th sts. west.
Apply for the t<V0 last mentioned to JAME* W.
BARKER, on H street north, between 12th and 13th
8is. west.
Also a two-story Frame, with back building, on
Montgomery street, Georgetown.
feb7?eotf Georgetown.
with back building, eligibly located in the Firsi
ard. Apply to
Over Washington City Savings Bank,
ap 12?eo3t
JP Terms.?A three story Frame, with basement,
on New York avenue, between Fourth and Fifth
streets west
Also, a three story Frame, With back building, on
I street north, between Fourth and Fifth sts. west
Apply to Jaipes W. Birker, residence on H street
north, between 12th and 13th streets west.
ap 5?Thtf Georgetown.
Mare. Apply to A- SCHUCKING, Office
op?. Centre Market, betw 8th and 9th St., up stairs,
ao 17?It*
WANTED ?A WIDOW LADY with a small
boy, between eight and nine years of age,
wishes to secure a home for herself and boy In
consideration for it she is willing to assist in the
sewing of tbe family, and to help in tbe general
housework, though not able to do all, is willing to
do what she can. Any one wishing a housekeeper
she will undertake that at wages enough to clothe
herself and boy. A note addressed to "J W,"?t
this office, will be attended to. ap 17?3t
ation as Chambermaid, or do plain sewing?
Has no objection to do nursing. Enquire at MRS.
ROSS'S, on the corner of 13)4 and D sts.
ap 17?2t?
strong pair of Horses or Mules, with a good
Ploughman, to fallow some corn land. One month
employment certainly, and perhaps two or three
Enquire at Examiner's Room, No. 8, at Patent Of
fice. ap lft?tf
than eight rooms, including kitchen, and to
be located between the Capitol and Navy Yard. If
suitable, a li eral rent wil' be paid. Address "H
Hunt," Navy Yard. ap 16 - 3t*
ironer. One accustomed to a restaurant pre
ferred. To a competent person good wages will be
given. Apply at the u Eldorado House," 406 Pa.
avenue, between 3d and 4^ streets.
up :6-2l*
Wanted, board, with two fur
nished rooms, by a gentleman an l Jiis wife,
two children and nurse in a family where'there are
few or no boarders. Address "J B H," Star office.
ap 16?3t* ?
AN EXPERIENCED housekeeper wants a
Situation.?A middle aged lady, accustomed
for many years to manage th* details of a large
boarding house, as housekeeper, wants a situation.
She cau give satisfactory reference as to her energy,
industry and experience, and tbe fidelitv with which
she due barges duties confided to her. Address "L
8," at this office. ap 13?tf
tell! en! man is wanted to canvass for popular
Catholic Works in tbe District of Columbia. In a
suitable person, who can produce satisfactory refer
ence. Liberal terms will be made. Address (post
paid) "J M," Washington, D. C. ap 13-dtf
ginia wishes employment by the month as a
ieamstreM in tome ro*p*ct?!4# family- la Elan
i willing to attend to any housework with tbe excep
tion of cooking and washing. Call within th? next
ten days at Mr. Doughaday's, on 2d street, between
B and C. ap 11-lw
WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR since
its publication up to the present date, for which a
liberal price will be paid ifs^nt to this office.
so 3?tf
Paris mantillas at new york
PRICES.?MAXWELL li bro. will open
another lot of i hose Paris Mantillas, on Thursday,
Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th sts.
ap 11?eo3t
AnctSon Sale*
By J. C. MtGl'lEt, A actios ??r.
Carryall.?On WEDNESDAY afternoon, the
18ih instant, at 4 o'clock, :a front of the auction
room*, I khall sell an excellent Work Horse, Car
rysll, and Harness
Terms cub.
B v order of the Administrator.
ap 1??<1 * Anctin
By naKKS * ICOTT. AnctloaMr*.
R On THURSDAY, tlie ?ih Inst., we shsll sell,
In front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p. m., part of
Lot No. 4, in Sqnare 73, baring a front on noith K.
between 21st and SSd streets, of 25 feet, ranging
bjck 14C feet 11 inches, to a wide alley, with the
improvements, which are a good two-story frame
house .
Terms; One third ea?h { balance in 6 12, and 18
months, for notes bearing intf rest from the day or
the sale *
A deed gtven and a deed of trnst taken
*** ls~d Auctioneers.
By OREBN * 8COTT, A nctloncsra
VALUABLE BUILDING I.OT8 on 21st street
at Auction.?On FRIDAYnhe 20Ui tnsiat. at
5 o'clock p. m., in front of the premises, two hand
some hui.dmg Lota, having a front of 22 K feet each
on 21st suect. between G an 1 H streets north, be
,.'/?P^?f LoU Wo* 8 ?"<? ?, in Square
. ,?e,two ,ou haT* * fron? of 45 feet, running
hack 100 feet, with a 10 foot side alley.
Title indisputable.
Term* : One-third cash; balance in 1 and 2 year*
for notes bearing interest from day of sale.
A deed given arid a deed of trust taken.
apr 16?d Auctioneers.
J- C. Aactlonssr
Beautiful cottage residence on
town ?t Public Auction,
un WEDNESDAY morning, April 25th, at 10 o'cl'a
precisely, on the premises, I shall sell that del gbt
?? Q0Dla*^ residence and grounds belonging to Col.
I.. 8 Roberts, U. 8. Army, situa'ed on the Ileighu
of Georgetown, at the corner of Eighth and High
streets. The buildings consist of a handsome and
well-built cottage,'containing ten rooms, with large
kitchen, parties, and bath rooms, a fine barn and
rarnage-howe, summer house, wood shed, and
o ner out-building, all in excellent condition.
This property has attached nearly three a i?s of
ground, highly ornamented, well-fenced, and in per
fect order; clioice fruit tree*, flowers, and ornain n
tal shrubbery hdorn the place in great profusion ; an
inexhaustible supply of pure spring water, a large
cistern that never fails, are also fo -nd on the place.
Many handsome residences surround this prop
erty. Iui healthful location and proximity to the
cues of Washington and Georgetown cannot fan to
recommend it to persons desiring a beautiful rural
residence. Title indisputable.
Terms: One fourth cash, the residue in three equal
payments at six, twelve, and eighteen months, with
interest, iecurct] by a deed of trust on 'he premises.
.. ^ JAS. C. McGUIRE,
ap rf Auctioneer.
^ J1?!**? nn '"'"d *? Auctfoa ?On WED
ivtsSDAY afternoon, April 20tli, at5 o'clock, I shall
sell, on the premises, part of Lot No. 7, in Square
Wo. 536, together with the improvements thereon
consisting of two two-?to?y Frame House*. one lo-'
cated on Third street south, between South D *l
and \ irginia avenue, the otb-r on South D atieet
between Third and 4#. '
The Houses have recently been erected, and a? I
have received positive instructions to sell ihem with
out reaerve, an excellent opportunity is piescnted to
obtain a barrain.
Term*: One-third cash ; balance on a credit of 6, |
12 and 18 months, for notes bearing interest secured
by a deed in trust on the property.
*P , Auctioneer.
t*y J. C. McGflRE, Auctioneer.
ni the First Ward.?On TUESDAY afternoo-,
April 17th, at 5 o'clock, < n the premises, I shall
a. II, without reserve, Lot No. 19 in Square No 51,
fronting *4 feet 10 inches on 22d street west, b-tw
nonh I. and M street-?, running back 122 feet 2U
inches, to a 110 foot alfev<
Title perfect.
Terms: One half ctuh; the balance in 3 and (5
months, for notes satisfactorily secured, bearing In
terest. JAS. C. McGUIRE.
ap 14?d Auctioneer.
By CRIMES a SCOTT. Auctlonesn.
en and Glassware. Store Fixtures, he., at
Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the i8th instant, we
shall sell, at 9 o'clock a. in , at the Grocery Htor- nf
I). Mines, J- sq , corner of Pa avenue and 20th st.,
First A ard the remaining stcck of Goods in Store.
We name in part?
Tea, Coflf-e, Liquors, Wines
Brushes Tea C'nisters
Store Fixtures. Stand Casks, Binns
Stove, Lamp, *c.
Terms: All sums of and under $3# cash ; over *30
a credit of sixty days, for notes satisfactorily en
dorsed bearing interest.
ap 14?d Auctioneers.
For Rent, on reasonable terms, the Store, which
is one of the best locations in the Ward for business
BY J C Mc&UIltR, Auctioneer.
tee of extensive s?'Ck of Dry Goods.?By vir
tue of a deed in tru.t th : subscriber will sell at
public sale on WEDNLSDAY. April lPth, at 10
o'clock, (and continue from day to day until the
whole is disposed of,) at the old stand of the late
fi m of Hall & Broth* r, on Sevctilh street, the most
extensive and valuable stock of Dry Goods ever
offered at public sale in the District of Columbia,
amounting to over forty thousand dollars in value,
and comprising, in pfirt?
Between thirteen and fourteen thousand dollars
worth of desirable Dress Silks.
Three thousand five hunired ddliars worth of Vel
vet, Brufc-tls. T tree-plv.and Ingrain Carpet*,
Rues, dl-CIoths, and Canton Mattings.
Twenty three thn-isauu ^.Rars Worth of assort*.?
goods, such as Bt rege*, B?rege Delaines,
Mouaseline Delaines of all kinds; ;*C??d. stripe,
and plain Cambrics- embroidered Crape
Shawls, some very rich; Bay State Shawls,
Cashmere SMwIs, long and square; French
Mcrinoes, Bombasin-, *nd Alpacas, a large
quantity; French, English, and American
Lawns; t-'rench and English Gingfiams. < al
icoes, Cloths, Caasiineres, Veetings, Linen
Drillings, Boy*' wear; Tweede, Cassinets,
Table Cloths, Damask Napkins, Brocatcls,
Curtan Muslins, Silk and Cot'on Hosiery,
Silk and Linencambric handkerchiefs, Twil
led Jeans, Blick and Green Summer Cloths,
ParasoU, and Bonnets; Crash; Marseilles
and Allendale Quilts; Penitentiary Plaid Cot
ton, Fulled Cloth, double and single width;
Sheep's Gray Css?inets, Kiraeys, Kid Gloves,
Lisle-thread Gloves, Kentucky Jeans, Under
shirts and Drawers, bilk Mantles, Cloaks,
Grass Cloths, and a great many Other goods,
too numerous to mention.
The goods wdl be sold in lots to suit merchant*.
Terms of sale : $10 i and urder cash ; over that
sum and under $400 a credit of two and four months;
over 9400 a credit of six months, for satisfactorily
endorsed notes, bearing interim.
' No goods will be delivered until settled "or.
ap 18?d J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer
By <!? C. McGCIRK, Auctioneer.
Household Effects ?On THURSDAY mormqg
the 19th instant, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of
the late Thomas Ritchie, on President's square, I
shall sell, a large portion of the Furniture and
Household Effects, compriug?
Rosewood Pianoforte, Stool and Music Stand
Rosewood Tete-a Tete, arm, reception and fancy
Chairs in satin damask
Hindsome damask Curtains and Cornice
Large French plate gilt Tame Mirror, with aiabe and
Damask and chints covered I?onnges
Mahogany hair, spring and cane seat Chairs
Handsome Centre Lamps, Candelabra*, Bronse
Brackets. Mantel Ornaments
Mahogany Sideboard Etagere. Side Table
Solid mahogany Extension Dining Table
China, glass and Crockeryware
Brussels and three piy Carpets, Oilcloth
Hat rack, Hall Lamp, Rosewood and Hall Chairs
Enamelled and Cottage Suite
Walnut and mahogany French Bedsteads
Walnut Wardrobes, Dressing Bureaus
Washstands, Toilet Sets, Tables
Superior curled hair and busk Mattresses
Bolsters and Pillows, Marseilles Quilt*
Red and Table Linen, Chamber Chain
Furniture in servants' rooms, he.
Together with a general assortment of Kitchen
Terms: $20 and under cash; over that sum a
credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily en
dorsed, bearing interest.
By order of W. B. B. CROSS, Trustee.
ap 11?d Auctioneer.
By ORKBM dfc SCOT T, Auctioneers,
On WEDNESDAY. 18th instant, we shall sell,
at 6 o'clock p. m., 34.237*4 feet of Ground, having
a front on C street south 14b leet 5 inches, and Oth
street east 283 feet 10 inches.
The above described property is handsomely lo
Cote.t, d slant from the Navy Yard but a few min
utes' walk.
Terms: One half rash; balance n one and twe
years, the purchaser to give notes fir the deferred
payments, bearing inisrest from the day of sale
A deed given and a de?d of trust taken
A uctioneers
Memoirs of the countess of bleiC
wngton, by R. R Madden. M R. I. A . t*u
nrow ro? m
. aal html Li*
Pbilabblfwia, April IT.?Tbo boiler Ht
?ootad with tba Crotoa Mill* at Oirautewa
?"4 ow?* k7 C. Spoaoer, explodod oarly this
awraing Tba principal bail ding was maah
?hktUrri. Tbn baiUiia adjoining Ik* boikr
bonan, ooeupiad for dytng and dry lag, ?m
totally daatroyad. The engineer, C. Soltaar,
w?j the only person killed. Fortaoataly for
Many othnra, the exploeion took plaoa Men
the boor for oommanoing.
Few Crlaana Market.
Nbw Oblbabb, April IS ?Cotton iaL
boi n >t qaotably higher ; a aloe of 3 000
Sugara nave advanced to ?fair, 4| a 4fa.
Pork?Meaa, $16 M a $16. Baooc?Sidas, 9o.,
a decline of l^c
Baltimore Xarkata
Baltihobi. April 17 ?Floar 1? > toady, bat
BO aalta we*e noted Wheat ia Ira aad un
changed-white $2 6Sa$2 70; rod tliiaUM.
Corn?White $1 OOafl 04, yellow $1.0Sa$l 06.
There waa bat little activity in grain thia
morning, and the cSeringa vera email
Yew Tork Karkefa
Niw Tobk, April 17 Cotton ia vnobaacad,
with a moderate demand Flonr baa advaaod
^JL co??on qnalitiee; good Ohio
Ji0 2!?$ie5#; Soathorn at $11 3la$l0 06.
Wheal ia uncharged. Corn?Phoeg are Buffer,
but not quotablj higher; Weetorn mixed $1 08
Pork ia a trifle higher ; old meae. $16 SI Beof
ia nnchangad aod ia a limited damaad Laid
ia bigbar; in barreled87*a$l0.26 Whiaky?
Ohio ia upward ; aaloa at 33*a34e
Few Tork Stoek Karkot
Naw Yobb, April 17.?Stoeka are dull aad
lower. Modoj contionea eaay Selae at tbo
firat board of Erie Railroad, 60; Cumberland
<?oal Companj, 28*. Reading Railroad, 84*:
Canton Company, 28*; New York Central Raill
? Hd.' ,^V#rie7 l?i Macon
in\ : XV* Rontucky 6'a,
103; California 7 a, 92 ?
Auction bales.
B> JK. B. WMIOHT, Aattleaaor,
I Folate, St?sim Engine. Machinery, Be ?By vir
tue of a deed of tropt dated ihe ilth car of Septem
ber, 1851, and duly recorded, the >jl?cr t>^rr as
t. uste-s, will pell, at auction, on the prerni?es oa
*** d?y "f? 4 USSTpm,
Be following Lou in Georgetown, with the imnrovn
u.en'*, vi*:
LflAa 27 and 37 in Peter Beatty A Hawkma' addi
tion l ) ? .'?orpetown, paid lota fronting on Bridge ?t
?nd extending beck to Prospect street. ibeim'
provetnents consist of a large and subs antral frame
buiding, with a Steam Engine of fifteen horse poW
? r, ID complete running order, together with a vari
ety of Valuab'e Machinery.
This prof>erty is admirably adapted for carrying en
an - bu-inens requiring room and an abundant aap
plyofwaur; being c. ntiguoue to the Cbesapeake
and Ohio Canal, it affi?rd8 tacilrtie* for receiving aup
plie* of lui I, Be., at cheap rates.
It u rfeeim d unnecessary to grve a ftnher deecnp
Don, as every one wishing to purchase will beaoown
??J*??'.rly <?n application to the Auctioneer. ,mm
J2&- The property i? at or i vat sale an;-- ?e ?*"
?if i?ale Anply to the Auctioneer or aT"^ec*~
Terms at ihe pale.
ajirii?lawfcd* Auctioneer.
ay J. C JicOUFR*, Aectlon^ar.
|")tREMPTORY HALE of 917.080 Allandria
I Coupon Bonds?On TUESDAY afteraocn.
April 17<hf at 5 o'cleck, at Uie Aeetion Koonae, 1
shall m-ll, in lots to suit purcbaeers, f 17,000 Alexau
dria Coupon Bonds.
Terms cash, in current funda.
ap 11 d A u
Boardino.-alady having recently
takfn ihe hand ome dwelling. No. 3 L'ni< n
how, on F street, bet wee i Sixtn and f*e' en'.h, hae
si VciaJ fine rooms for families, newly f-.ir n hed.
Mao. single roouis for geutkmcn, aair-h la ger tit an
^re icenerallv appropriated to them. The ? tuaimn
i* centfTil, being near th- Patent, Poet Office.*, aai
Ind an Bureau, and high and hea.thy for the epriag
*.id fUBincr. TranMen* and tabic boarder* accom
modated also on reasonable trraia.
ap 17 dlw*
HOARDING.?A familr wanting board daring
the rrcees of Congress, can obtain it at a p eas
ant and a comfortable bouse on New Jersey avenue,
near, bnd south of the Capitol, No. 55S. Or, tbe
application af a mesa of tingle gentlemen woald re
ceive due attention. ap 15?3i*
Board, *c ? mrs7bates,oa tkTmi^
west corner of Pa. avenue and 9th etreet ia pre
pared to accommodate gentleman with room*, with
or without board. Every effort will be made to rea
der those conil'orttble who may favor her with then
patronage. ap 6?tf
modated with rooms and board, at No. 689
Twelfth street, between G and H a tree la.
ap 3?2w*
?| O THE LADIES.?Having dt-tenuined to make
a change in my present businees, I will com
mence this day to aell off my stock of well selected
goodn at coat.
Ladies will find many arudee worth their atten
tion. I will offer great inducements to all vho will
fivur me with a call. A. TATE,
? 314 Pa. ?? , betw. lQtli and 11th ais.
I name in part?
S'raw and Gimp Bonneta
Bonneu and Flat? for Children
Bonnet and Cap Ribbone
Sash and Fancy Trimming Ribbone
Facc and Bonnet Flowers
Real Thread and Valencennee L^e and Edgmga
Point de Lance, Frencb plait and ?!*?r Laces
Black Silk Lace. Mitta, Bobbin Edging* Be.
Cambric and Swiss Bands and Flouncing*
Do do Edgings and InaerTinga
Emh'd and plain Linen Handkerchief<
And many other articles too numeroua to men
N. B.?A lot ol Drees Cape which will be eold
very cheep. ap 11?eo>
AS much pleasure in informing hie friends aad
the public in general that he haa det raiinad
on locating himself in this city, and is prepared to
receive pupilK lor instruction on the PIANO rOfTL
HARM <?NY and COM POSITION. He is permuted
to refer to Mr George Riggs, Jr., and Mr. A. T.
Kieckhoefer, and any communication addreeeed to
him at IMbus B Hitl'r Biutae atore. Peanaylvaaw
avenue, will have immediHe Attention
ap 13?tf
BROWN hive removed their House Furo-str
ing Store to the large and handsome baiJding on 7th
street, next to Odd Fellowa' Hall, where we have
for sale a large hnd vaned a -eortment of elegant par
lor, chamber aad Cottage Furniture
Aleo, Carpetings. Oilcloth, Door Mata
Glass and China Ware, Cloeke in variety
Wooden Ware, Basket Ware, Veiocipedee
Children's Carnage*, Roe king Horse*
Mattresses of hair, cotton and aheek
Office Table*, Desk*, Chair*, Be.
Japanned Tin Ware amiiBaihmg Appaiaaa*
They will keep constantly for aale a fall aaet
ment of hnuae furnishing Gooda, aad wiM eett
the most favorable I? ap P
HAVING added to oar e* abliabment a depart
ment for the manufacture of SHIRTS, we are
prepared to make to order Shirts of superior quality
and fini?h.
Particular attention pa<d to measuring, fitting aad
delivery at the aborteet notice.
Saaaple Bo*oois, worked aad plain
Aleo, worked and plain French Ctrfb
Boys' Sbirta of all qualities
We shall gve this branch our espeeiaJ atienooa,
and uae every effort to give satisfaction ta prica,
make and finish.
Sbirta not humg can be retained.
Gentlemen's Furnishing Gooda ta *v?ry aayte aad
Sune.ior stock ef Gloves.
pa. avenoe bet Wee a 9th and 10th rts
Al-o. 8?* Ph- avenne, 3 doora east ?.f Naioa?l
Hotel. Mil
IWill open her apnng strl - of ?ON
'NETS at bar Rooms, 4B Leaismaa
?avenue, on Taeaday next, the 17th
Straw wofh bleached and altered at tan i
notice, U

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