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Local Intelligence.
ALADDis!-The National Theatr* was. la?t
light, den?ely crowded, and many of the
pectators eoold not procure Mart, the attrao
iju being the play cf 11 Aladdin, or the Won
i?rful Limp."' The drwees, scenes and prop
irties were magnificent. to as to aocord with
he history of that distinguished young gen
?'.eman and the magic effects of his illuminat
mg a?eLt. The machinery, however, -van'ed
_ ^easing. ss it d'd not, in all cases, slip with
the required oelerity. The "march of the
female warriirs" wr* a beautiful feature in
the programme, and their evolutions with the
:ymeter elicited spontaneous applause Well
drilled as many of oar volunteer militia are
hey, according to the remarks of aome of
?heir officers. carnot begin to equal those gas
light Aladdin warriers in that description of
exercise! The movements were perfect?both
of the cymeters an 1 tae eymmeries Every
body Feemed to be delighted with the rich and
ttovel entertainment. The manager. Mr Jar
rett, wudoubtless, compensated for his enter
Chksapkakb a*d Obio Cakal ?We have
already atated that, at the meeting of Stnck
? Idera of this company on Monday last. the
I ur Commiwioners of the Board of Public
'Works of Maryland were equally divided as
1-a the choice of officers? e?.ch party havictt
sominated a separate list. In cocsequence of
?his tie, the proceedings were referred to the
Hon Dennis Claude, Treasurer of the Sta e
cf Maryland, in pursuance of the third section
of the Kventh article of the constitution of |
?hat State; and that gen leman, we learn,
has decided in favor of the ticket nominated
by Messrs Stewart and Chamberlain, namely:
For President Samuel Hambleton.of Talbot
eeunty. Maryland; and for Directors, Samuel
P Smith, of Alleghany ccun'y; John G Stone
of Wa?hmgton county; Alexander B. Hanson
jf Frederick county; Richard I. Bowie, of
Montgomery county; dame* A Mag ruder of
Georgetown, D. C ; and George H Smcot of
Alexandria. Virginia.
A Grasd Entertainment ? Last night
Messrs. Migruder and Turton, member's
sleeted to tho Aldermen's and Council Board
of the First Ward, gave a tapper at Boulan
!?:? ? without the eustomary drinkables. Dr
M being a tee totaller?to some two hundred
tad fifty of the political friends of the Ward
Appropriate speeches were made by Messrs
Magrudcr, Charles Abert, Captain Walker,
Mr. Tu'ton and some others. The supper was
a beautiful affair, rotten up in Boolanger's
rery best style *hich ;s saying everv possible
thing of it 1 he company were in fine spirit;,
sod enjojed themselvej gloriously.
Atrociocs Cosdcct ?A respectable citiien
tells us that in the af ernoon of the day be
fore yesterday the driver of the Georgetown
omnibus. No 25, at a point on Fifteenth
ureet, opposite the Treasury Department,
drove up to the side of the lead-horse of a
three-horse stage, and eommen.-ed beating
that horse most unmercifully, causing in the
xelee and runningeff uf both teams, a wheel
horse ofeaoh to fall, b^th being dragged aome
iUtance The omnibus was crowded with la
oies. who left it. The conduct of the driver
*as most reprehensible, and endangered the
lives not only of the horses, but of the pa-'sen
jers?men. women, ud children?in both ve
hicles. V
Picxponrrs transacted a profitable busi
:esj at the Nationad theatre last night We
lave heard of the abstraction of several pcok
?t-books. A gentiemas of oar acquaintance
vis relieved of $(55, another of $15, and a
third sr.ffe-ed by a -'ehiel amang them takin'
his) cotes '?which, however, were not en
dorsed They were promissory. If the thief
till return the papers to the Star office, he
?tn retain the small change as a reward for
lis koatsty. Doubileas not a few others bave.
taday to mourn over losses similarly fas
lined. . -
Ecrglatt.?Last night, some person or per-!
km forced into the carpenter shop of R. W
I?ove. on Louisiana avenue, between Sixth
isd Seventh streets. What their object was.
?aether to steal material or fir? the premises
?m not discovered Officer A. R Allen luckily
issed that way in time to preveut any such
*ts. if intended. The burglar entered bv the j
&ct of the house, bat bearing the officer
*iik:ng toward the building, he escaped by
i js dcor which opens to the lots tontine on D
Cintke Market?The prices were 'his
sorniBg. about the sime as previous quota
-on? Potatoes 6 re selling at $2 50?Berma
:*i $3 par bushel; peas. 25c. per peck ;straw
^."rieL_15a18^ per <luar;i jcocg chickens,
wc a p?e:e We venture the opinion that the
;resent exorbitant prices of vegetables and
xeats w.ll be kept up longer in this city than >
i.iewhere They are si high that a very long '
tias will be required in which to brine them
Caoss Fip.iho.?Yesterday, Lloyd H?ck?.
?!ored. was taken before Jua ice Bates, of the j
lfth district police, for an assault and battery
ipon Elisabeth Calvert, colored Lloyd was
a? d to security for peace As soon as this
tase was ended. Lloyd had Elisabeth arrested
.or threatening him The Justice ordered her
? give security also, for her peaceful behavior
toward all g&od citisens of the United States.
F *l Arriving?Our wood and coal mer
:aants are busily engaged in receiving their
iipplies lor the approaching seasons. It is
>->*asant indeed to ju the workmen throwing
tae wood from the W&i to the wharves. They
:hus gir? us reason to hope that the high
prices of tue! will not drain the pcckets of our
lwcricg men as daring the pact winter. 1
Orn Public Schools.?Sandry citisens c-m
P ain to us of tne existing want of diseipliao
a some of eur public ach k>1s. Their observa
tion assures them that in one or two of these
?rabhshments at least the fixed number of
aoaii for teaching are not adhered to, as they
swaot be with the teseher in the street or
fc?e?here away from bis popilj. Will the
*ard look into this matter ?
CocsnEriiT ?Our cit4*ens should be on
guard while dealing with money, for,
?Wording to the Baltimore American, eounter
?w twenty five cent pieces are in eiroulation.
m * ,r* ^*te^ 18W, *cd executed with toler
*6ie neatness but quite light, and thus readi
by on* who is in the habit of
tv-ihixg coin.
Asoraia oiSAPpoiSTttBHT ?On Saturday
r^f- jD coLaequence of the rain, the Mi
__ j W not perform at th? President's
?ro#nu., aud yesUrday there was a like dis
?pomtment at the Capitol grounds, for a
aaular reason.
ri^F**411031 Cases -Ann Kahoe, Catha
?h? u Matiingly, were sent to
i" *,J'k-he?8e 'or sixty days from Saturday
.4#rly being drunk and dis
au lL JRiD* ?The receipts of ooal by the
law j* C*nal for the month of May,
lEjUote;1 t0 twenty-thocsand four hundred
,^#n^ on? These aupplies were
^e Cumberland. (Md ,) mines.
b Rgfinjn ?There were no eaees for
few i^i house this morning, and bat
?oagers who departed at an early hour.
Lg^e Harmony Hall Meeting. ~
,A"'-fiation met at Harmony
S^chair 18W'
iD 0rd*r ,h* ^airman from
Veppointad at the last meeting
m.de the following
b,loh\on ^,n* on motion
a,nt?' usly adopted :
^w*Due5ec;tion *?r offi:era of corporation
J,Wa h Dg^a> he,d 0Q fir?t
^ * retafM mt<1? b7 commi -
!?./. ? ?!?ction represent Samuel E Dou/
,7* 10 n?ve received for the office of reenter
?"'* votes more than Wm J. McCormick, the
^?^t incumbent; John M MeCalla, for the
j L# ?: 281 votes more than Robert
o-ocbe the present incaaabent: and K F
aof?.k ofBc* of ?orT?7of, 454 votes
? than hu competitor, S T Abert
of the regi teraud collector,
-?er r., ?faj?rity ls repreiented to have
'it tlLby th? "jeatio*. on the part of
???ttiuistioaers of election, of legal votes
which, had they been received, would have
siren a majority to each of the present incum
The fodrth section of the charter of 1848
provides that the regijter, collector, and sur
veyor. shall be severally elected on the f.urth
Monday of June, biennially; that they ahull
respectively ?? hold their offices until their re
spective successors are duly elected and quail
fled bo lea? sooner removed from office " The
charter then authorises the corporation to de
fine the duties of those officers; to prescribe
the amount of bond and security to be given
'#a?u *? U,r, for th# ProP?r di?
oharge of their dat es The charter next de
foribes ttn cx?e? ia whioh tboM officers, or any
or ihem, may be removed, and declares that
in <*ny cf such cases it shall" be lawful for
'he Board of Aldermen and Board of Common
-ouncil, by joint resolution, to remove such
officers and to order an election to fill the va
An ordinance of the corporation of the 26"h
of May, 1848, (Sheahan's Compilation, pp.
*5?28.) enacts that the person* elect*d to the
offices of register, collector, and surveyor, re
spectively, on the first Monday of June, shall
enter upon the duties of their respective offices
on the first day of July next after their elec
The present register and oollector were
elected at the regular election held on the
first Monday of June, 1853. The charter re
quires them to held their offices until super
seded by successors duly elected and qualified,
unless sooner removed from offise. If the suc
cessors claiming to supersede them did not re
ceive the majority of the legal votes which were
offered, those successors are not duly elected,
and the incumbents have the right, nnder the
charter, to hold their offices ; and unless they
see fit to re.-igu their offices, this right can be
destroyed only by removal in the manner and
for some one cf the causes prescribed in the
We therefore answer jcur first inquiry by
saying that, assuming the facts Mated, wo are
of o inion that the present register and col
lector have the right and the duty, under the
term of the charte*, to hold their offices until
a new election, unless sooner removed in ac
cordance with the charter: but this right and
duty cannot require, under the oircumstances,
any resistance to force.
<>ur advice, therefore, in answer to your
second inquiry is. that the register and collec
tor cor.titue to hold their respective offices
until the alternative of force opposed to force
shall be presented, in whioh oase that they
retire under proper protest; and that there
after the whole marttcr of law and facts be
submitted to the appropriate legal tribunal.
We are. gentlemen, very respectfully,
P. R Fshdall.
J M Carlislu,
AH Lawrbxcu.
To Messrs Ratcliffe, Klopfer, Barry, S S.Par
ker. McCafferry. J no Davis, and J. H. God
dard. committee.
On motion, it was Resolved, That a cm
tnittee of two from each ward be appointed to
meet at this Hall, on to morrow (Thursday)
evening, June 7th. at 8 o'clock P. M., for the
purpose of ascertaining the number of legal
votes rejected by the judges at the late muni
cipal election held in the city of Washington.
The following named gentlemen compose sail
committee, vis:
First H ard ?S. 8 Parker, Wm. E. Brown
Second Ward ?L P. Clark, Geo E. Jillard
Th:rd Ward ?Jno. H. Goddard, Samuel
' Fourth Ward?Wm P. Mohun, Elijah Ed
Fifth Ward ?Dr. Wallace, Edmond Barry
Sixth Ward ?Dr. A W. Miller, ? Russell
Seventh Ward ?David Davis, J. R. Har
_ ? _ CP Wabball, President.
G E Kirk, Secretary.
City papers favorable to the cau?e will
please copy. Jane 7_u.
Guobmtowh. Jane 7,1856
A colored barber by the name of Jacksos,
on Bridge street, ?wag robbed, we learn, some
days ago of some $700. The thief, we are in
formed, was an apprentice boy under him
The large sums which he had been spending,
in rather a reckless manner, at a colored peo
ple's fair, which was going on, led to his de.
V\e learn that Mrs. Bodfcco, widow of the
late Russian minister, who has boen sojourn
icg in Russia for some time, is expected to re
turn to her htme in this city abou; the last of
A gentleman purchassd in our market, a
few days ago a chicken for 314c., and upon
opening the craw when it was being dressed,
there was found a gold dollar A chean
chicken, that!
The flour market is fi m, at $10 87i?$tt^
^mall siles of wheat since our last, at $2 40a
*2.45 for rid and white. Spectator.
Alxxamdbia, June 1,1855.
The County Court, which has been in session
since Monday ocoupied with important busi
ness. has granted but two tavern licenses, one
for a hotel at Ball's "A Roads, and another for
a hotel near the market square, making the
entire number of tavern licenses granted this
year sixteen. What rule the eourt has adopted
in the distribution of its favors is not known
Some burglar entered the house of Mr J.
M Stewart on Monday night last, but rather
too early for operations, for the family of Mr
S had sot retired, aad ere .the thief could
commence to plunder he was discovered, and
only escaped l.y leaping through a window
and carrying away the sa-th.
The Gardens, long known as Yeates's. on
the southern borders of our city, continue to
attract these who love the danee to its fine
pavilion. The past week has been an unusu
ally merry one
The Yotng Catholic Friend's Society have
fixed upon ihursday the 21st instant for their
annual excursion to the White House Parallon
The m at oomplete arrangements have bean
made to secure a pleasant trip.
The Alexandria Gacette of yesterday and
to-day, is in favor of a change In the organisa
tion, and objeots to the Amerioan party endors
ing the Baltimore American's views upon that
The season for disease approaches, and we
cordially unite with a writer in one of the
morning papers in calling upon our city au
thori ies and private cititens to be vigilant in
removing all matter which might tend to en
dinger lioalth daring the summer heats.
Prevention is better than cure. Ami.
Kbow Nothing National Cobvkbtiob.?
Nothing is as yet known relative to the pro
ceedings of the Know Nothing National Con
vention, which assembled in secret session, in
Philadelphia, on Tuesday. Among the per
sons reported to be in attendance are the fol
lowing named: Hun Kennth Rayner, of N.
C ; ex-Gov. Neill 8 Brown, cf Tenn ; ex Gov.
Johnston, of Pa ; James W Barker, of N. Y ;
Senator Wilson, of Maes ; Geo D Prentice, of I
the Louisville Journal; Hon. Mr. Orth, Presi
dent of the Indiana Senate; Schuyler Colfax,
M. C. elect of Indiana; Hon. John S. Pendle
ton and Wm. M. Burwell, of Va; Capt. Albert
Pike, the Arkansas poet, and Judge Houston,
of Delaware. The delegates and their friends
partook of a banquet yesterday afternoon at
h^mson street Hail. The tickets sold at $10
A despatch from Philadelphia to the New
York Tribune, dated yes'erday,says that Bar
ker will be slaughtered as Grand President of
the Know Nothings, by the Convention now
in session there, and that his opponents will
probably concentrate on Gov Gardiner, of]
Masoachusetts, to take his plaoe.
IT The Philadelphia Ledger describes a
large gang of notorious and adroit burglars,
pickpockets, Ac , most of whom are escaped
convicts from Botany Bay, and who have been
-een travelling on the railroads between New
York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Their ob
ject can only be oonjectured The gang sum
b?r? twenty two, including about fifteen new
c>embers, cot to well known to the police
Ssveral them are said to reside ''in the vici
nity of Brooklyn, where some have accumu
lated rcu.1 estate and a large amount of per
sonal property " The Ledger advises the
public to be oa their guard
TBBS -Weak. nerTon*, depreaaad In splrlta, and a
prey to Inanaierable mental. u wall u phytic*! ??11a, the
?Irtlra to dyapepela, la Indeed an object of comaslaaeratlon.
Tat It la abaard fir him te despair. We rare not bow weak
low, narvoat, and IrrlUbla h? mar be, tha cordial proper
tlaa of BOOFLAND'9 UhKMAS BITTKRS. prap?rad by Dr.
O II. Jaekeon, Philadelphia, are strcnicer than tha many
haadad innnster which is preying apon hie body and mind;
and If ha ehooaaa to try them, we will losnre a speedy cnra.
tee adTartlnaipsrit Ja ??*a
fT"^ niKBR'0 PRIMim BITTERS?Mr. Idltor?Ton
u would be aatoalaned, though true. In mr travel through
?t-flnla a ehort time since, to hear of tba faltli and re<vro
nieulatlon that l? jlv.n t<> BAKKK'r< PKKMIDI BITTERS
Several ladlee and gentlemen aald they ha* had tlie Dyspep
ela for many yaara. bnt never bad found anything 10 ii.a?e a
cnra of It bnt Maker'* Preralatn Hitter*, an<t eome would aay
It had cored them entirely of the nerro'ie headache, and
other* woald aay If It had not been for theee Bitter* they
would have died with the cholera. Bo wa *ay, *ucc*M to
?Vary family (honld keep a few b^ttlae on band.
' Baaaty.?Don't n*e Chalk, Lily White, or auy of the
?o-eallod cosraetica, to conceal a faded or tallow complexion.
If yon woald have the roeea brought bark to yonr cheek, a
dear, healthy and tranaparent calii, and llf* and Tutor In
fused through the system, set a bottle of Oorter's Spanish
Mixture, and take It according to direction*. It doe* not
taate quite aa well ae eweetmeat* ; bnt. If a?ter a few doeee
yon do not And yonr health and beauty reviving, ynnr *tep
elastic and vigorous, and the whole system refreshed and
Invigorated like a Spring morning, then yonr case I* hope
lee*. and all the valuable certificate* we possess, go for
nanght. It 1* tbe greatest purifier of the blood known, I*
perfectly barmleea, and at the same time powerfully efflca
?a*See advertisement
fT-T*BOAH WAt.KKB k CO., Marble Hall CloiMng Empo
rtnm, ander Brown*' Hotel, respectfully announce
that their display of Spring and Hummer Clothing I* now
ready for Inspection, comprising an aaaortment of Coat*.
Vesta and Pantaloon* of the newest and rlcheat deeigns In
material, trimming and workmanship. To gentlemen who
study excellence with economy In fashionable articles of
dre?e an opportunity for Selecting 1* offered from ons of Mia
largeet and moet attractive stock of good* tvfcr offered in
this city at a very reduced scale of price*. ap 17
nry primiimu at thf fair*.?whitehi'bsts
etlll In the aacendance.?The Jurlee of each of the late
Mrs at Baltimore, Richmond, and New York awarded their
blgbeet premium* to J. H. W. for their (uperlorlty of Pho
tograph*, Btereoerope* and Dagnerrantype* exhibited.
Mr. W. a'so received two Medal* at the World'* Fair, Lon
don. and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York.
Aleo, the flrit award* of the Maryland Institute for three
year* past.
Whltehurat'* Oallary In thla city on Pa. avenue, betw.
and *th street*. fob 17
rfy?Z. t). OILMAN, Druggist, ha* removed to (28 Seventh
' street, oppoalte to the Patriotic Hank, an-l 1* now pre
pared to All all order* for Medicines. Paint*, Oils, and Glasa
on accommodating terma. Strict attention will be paid to
physician'* prescription* at all bonr* of the day and night.
The night bell la on the right of the store door.
ap 14?lm
rr-7?GOOD MEDICINES.?It I* estimated that AYIR'H
done more to promote the public health than any other onel
cause. There can be no question that the Cherry Pectoral
has by Ita thousand on thousand cures of Colds, Coughs, Asth
ma. Croup, Influenza, Bronchitis, Mr., very much reduced
the proportion of death* from consumptive dUeaaes In this
country. The Pills are aa good a* the Pectoral, and wll
cure mora complalnta.
Everybody ne?*ls more or less purging. Purge the blood
from it* Impurities. Pnrge the Bowel*, Live-, and the
whole visceral aysteni from obstructions. Purge out the
diseases which fasten on the body, to work Its decay. But
for disease* we should die only of o'd age. Take antidotes
early aiufr thrust It from the system, before It 1* yet too
strong tu yield.
A YEEfr Pill* do thrust out disease, not only while It I*
wwrml when It ha* taken a strong hold. Read the as
tounding statements of those who have been curel by them
from dresdfttl Scrofula, Dropsy, Ulcers, Skin disease*. Rheu
matism, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, Internal Pains, Bilious Com
plaints, Headache, Heartburn, Gout, and many less dange
rous but still threatening ailment*, such as pimple* on the
face. Worms, Nervous Irritability, Loss of appetite, Irregu
larities, Dizziness In the head. Cold*, Fevers, Dysentery, and
Indeed every variety of complaints for which a Purgative
Remedy Is required.
These are no random statements, but are authenticated by
your own neighbors and yonr own physiclana.
Try them once and you will never be wlthont them.
Price 2S cent* per box?6 boxes for $1.
Prepared hy DB. J. 0. AY Kit, Lowell, Maaa., ?And aold
Z. D. OILMAN, Washington.
O. M. LlNTHICl'M, Georgetown.
JAR COOK k CO., Fredericksburg, and by all Druggist*
everywhere. may i?eo2m
^ Dyspeoela. Liver Conoplalnta, Scrofula. Ac,?For all
dlaaaee* of the Female Syitem It stand* preeminent. A
Olergyinan Just Informs us it haa cured htm of Bronchitis
of a deeperate character?particulars hereafter.
Hon on the stomach, liver and kldueys, will enre Dyspep
?la, Cough, Asthma. Bronchial and Lung Affection*. Pain*
In thaBack, Side aud Brea?t, Consumption, Scrofula, Rheu
matlsm, Gout, Neuralgia, Fistula, Bowel Complaints, Piles,
Worms, 'and Nervous Debilities?with a'.l dl?easej arising
from impure blood, and la the greatest female medlclue ev
er known. This Invaluable medicine Is working wonder*
upon thehuman frame. Uaeadve'tiseraent to-day. mar 7
[T"-^IXNH8?LUNGS.?We refer our reader* to an adver?
tlsement In another rolunjn, for full particulars con
cerning the HYGEANA of Dr. Curtis. It is said to be one
of the most remarkable cure* for all description of diseaaee
of the lung* ever discovered. Ita virtues Lave b?en testified
to by hnndreds, who have obtained their knowledge by the
best of all teacher*?experience.
CAUTION.?Dr. CUUTiS'S HUGE AN A Is the original and
only genuine article. may 23?lm
?FJos 8hillib?to? receive* all tbe new Books and New*
rtpers aa faat as published. He I* agent for Harper's snd all
..e other Magazine*, rnd our readers will alway* find a
lirgeand <ood assortment of Blank Books and Stationery at
h's liookittoro. Odeon Hntldli.g. cor Pa. avanue and 44* at
On the 6th insf., aftrr a lioperini? illness, MARY,
wife o Lieut. John A. Dahl-jr n, U. 8 Navy.
The friends aiid those of the family arc. respect
fully invited to att n I hrr funeral from her late reti
dence en 4X stren, Ihia afternoon, at 5 o'cl"ck.
uation a? chambermaid, or c*>ok, wash and
iron for a small family, or to eo in the country Tan
come well rec< mmended. F?t reference apply to
No 471 FirM ?lr*et and Pa aveituc.
je T?It*
ijww ? ra' housework of a small family. A toid
|*>ne will receive the beet of wa*es. Enquire at No.
40 8 New York avenue, bet. 4th and 5ih -t?.
Ja 7 -It*
and abl? bodied coiorert man, accti-tomed to
the care of horb?? and driving a cart. Enquir" at
this office. je7-eo3t
woman, a situation aa a aeamwtres.a She
has no objection to do chamberwork. Add'ess a
note to ''M S," at this office, and it will be attend
ed to. Je 6?2t*
Stone Quarry and contract for sale ot Stone
to Government and others, there being now great de
mand for stone. This Quarry it immediately oppo
site Georget wn. Large shanty, blacksmith shop,
and every implement on the spot. Tl is quarry fur
nishes the best and largest truck Siose, ?tc. A
chance u now offered. Cail or write to
F ftecnth street, opjw. the Treasury.
may 3?if
Yf they can get a iot 34 feet front by 130 feet
deep, for the low price of $75?payable $3 a month
witlioot interest. Apply at thr Union Land Office,
7th nt.. abov? Odd Fellows' Hall.
ap 2o?3ui JOHN FOX, Sec.
BOAUDINO.?A lady, without children, hav
ing taken the house, No 40ft Union Row, can
accommodate one geutetl family with board. Also
a few Mingle gentlemen. The situation is very rie
eirable, being on F ureet, the third d<?or from 7th.
in the immediate neighborhood of the Patent ana
P? ft Offices. Je 1? lw*
BOARDI N O.?Three gentlemen with their
wives, or five or six single gentlemen can be ac
commodat -d with good bonrd *nd lodging in a very
pleasan* and healthy neighborhood by applying at
No. 8 Louisiana avenue, nearly opposite the City.
Hall. je 6- 3t*
room than they occupy at present, would be
pleased to accommodaie two or three gentlemen
with board, where tbe comfort* of a borne may be
baA. Meals at mechanics' hours. Location on 12th
street, ne?ir Pennsyfvahia avenue For lurtber par
ticulars enquire at tbe ofQce of the Star.
Je 5?3t*
BOARDIWO.?P'eaiHBt rooms (or Summer,
with boarding for a gentleman and his wife,
and for aeveral ample gentlemen can be had by ear
ly application at KlNU'S, 393 North C, between
3d and 43^ streets. The house Is delightfully situ
ated, and has Just been thoroughly renovated and
reftiralahed. je 4? lw*
MK8. M. C. aRK Klt'S Boarding House,
on Pennsylvania avenue, first house west of
tlie Capitol gate. Fine rooms at various prices, and
every possible attention and comfort bestowed on
ludiea and gentlemen guests. may 26?3w*
Chambers, with board. Also, table and tran
sient board, with a bathing room and shower baths
and every attention to tender it most agreeable to
ber hoarder* Mrs. P. G MURRAY,
Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4U st.
ap 23?3ni
nished Parlor und Chamber in a private family
can be accommodated by applying atSlTf south
side of the avenoe, opposite Willards' Hotel,
may 29?eo2w
BOARD, Ac.-MRS BATES, on the south
west corner of Pa. avepue and 9th street is pre
pared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with
or without board. Every effort will be made to ren
der thoee comfort; Ide who may favor her with their
paironage. ap 6?tf
tional Law, new edition
Aiiema' Equity, new edition, with American n<^e
Cutlery, Rasors, Seisins, flic ?? A large assort
ment, lower thtu at auy other place In tlie ciiy. For
?ooJ articles and low prieet always call Lt the
tiousekeei)?r'ii Furniahlng Store, *80 Seventh st.
I ??y ? 0. F*ANU8,
For Bale and Pent.
jj House, No 69 Louisiana avenue, Washington,
to a tesponsibla tenant the rent will be low. Poa
session given on the SOih June.
Alio tor Bale. House and Lot No. ?T Hifli street
Georgetown. Tarma liberal. Apply to
? E. K. LUNDY,
No. 198 Prldga ft., Georgetown.
Or No. 400 E atreet, Waablngton.
4 Jit ?
House for rent and f^hmture for
Sa'e?A new three story Frame HoUte, coi -
taininj right rooms, tvjth cellar under tbe kiehcn,
-ituited on N. York avenue (No. 16 8) near New
Jersey avenue, will hp r?nte-1 low io a fool tenant.
The own#r, desirous or breaking up hou-wkeep
ing, would dispose of hi* Furniture, winch is nearly
new, on moderate lertis. Enquire at the Grocery
Store of MOORE & CISSELL, 7th street near I,
or on tl?e premises. (Oigin) je 5 3t
Lot, coutaln'in 14 .CGU rquare feet and fronting
the Capitol Park for sile on pecommodatrng terms
if immediate application b ? made to
Comer Pa avenue and 11th st.
Being so rear the Capitol uf.d b??t a few minutes'
walk from the Car Despot, make* it mojt advantage
ously situated for a lar^e public House.
je 5?tf
story Hou$? Rn Mls^wri avenue, thre? doors
east of street. This house is 'arge and has just
been thoroughly repaired, end gas introduced, and
is one of the best locations m the city for a private
residence or boarding house, or school. Possession
given about thf 7th June. For terms, which will be
liberal, apply to T. purs ELL,
341 Pa avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel.
Je 1?6t*
For rent?in Alexandria, va , that
large three story Brick House, well known as
the best Hand in the city for a hotel and restaurant,
on Cameron street, opposite the Market House, and
now occupied by Mr. MeGonegal. Possession ??iv
en on the first of July. Address LLOYD \ CO ,
Claim Agent, 15th st, opp. the Treasury, Wa bin*
tern, D. C. nrty 30?if
For rent or sale on reasonable
Terms.?A three story Frame, with basement
on New York avenue, betwt en Fourth and Fifth
streets west
Also. a three story Frame, with back building, on
I street north, betw een Fourth and Fifth sts. west
Apply to James W. Barker, residence on H street
north, between 12th and 13th streets west.
ap 5?Thtf Georgetown.
_ and Dwelling, No. ?<} Bridge street, George
town, so Ion* occupied as Emmert's Confectionery.
Apply to ARMY, next doer mav 25?eotf
r attic Brick House, No 356 C street, betw< en
4\4 and 6th, with every convenience de frable for a
private residence. A pump of first ra e water in the
Appiyat HAVENNER'S Bakery,
je 2- eo3t* C, between and 6th sts.
For rent?a comfortably fukmsiieh
House, situated o i the most desirable part of
Capitol Hill. There la an abundance of eicellcnt
fruit on the premises To a responsible person tht
rent will be very low. Enquire at this ti<*cc.
je 2?eo3t
Rents reduced to suit the times.
$150 a year will be received for the rent of
those new nnd convenient cottages at Kendall
Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed
and other conveniences attached. Pumps ot puie
water are near the door, and communicat on ia had
with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streets
and Pe?-n. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the
usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the
To secure the advantage of this great reduction
of rent immediate application must be made to the
undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at
Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys
may be had and the bouses inspected at any time.
Several of these residences will be sold on liberal
No 4, Kendall Green.
N. B.?Rent- raid quarterly in advance.
apr 9. 1H55?tt
lors and Chambers, with board.
AI?o, Table and transient board. Inqui.c at Mrs
SMITH'S. 933 F street ap'J
HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and hefithilj
Io- r.ted Building Lota, 24 fe? t front by 131) tee)
deep, on rraded streets, can, until spnne, be bough!
at the exceeding low price of $75. payable $3 pei
month. Title indisputable.
Union l.and Office, 7th st.,
above Odd Fellows' [Tall.
Jan 9?6rn JOHN FOX, Secretary.
? ?
Will commence her regulai
l ie 2dth instant, touching at the different Landing!
on tbe river.
Leace Washington at 6 and Alexandria at 7 o'cl*
on Tue^da, and Fridiv mornings Returning, wi
leave Cone River at 4 o'clock, on Wednesday ant
Saturday mornings, until further notice.
WE open this morning?
20 nrore cf those beautiful Black 3l!k and
Lace Mantillas
25 Black Lare Shawls
Scarfs and Points at reduced price#
Also, a larse stock of rich figured and plain Bareges
French Lawns, Organdy Muslins
Rich Barege T.obe^ very cheap
DottPi and piain Swiss Muslins
All of which will be sold at n!uch less than form
er prices.
Purchasers are cordially invited to call and exam
ine our assortment for themselves
may 2 ??eo6t COL LEY & SEARS.
Bacon, priit *c.
1,000 small H uns
6 000 lbs. Joles
1,000 lbs. Breast Piecca
SCO lbs Dried Beef
250 boies < (ranges
200 boxes Lemons
125 drums Figs
Just rec ived and for sale by
je 2?e>-3t MURRAY h. SEMMES.
/"CHARTERED by Congress, offers to the propert)
Vy owners of the District safer and cheaper in earn
of insurance than any other Company.
ULYSSES WARD, President.
CHAS. WILSON, Secretary.
MATHEW G. EWERY, Treasurer.
Ulysses Ward John Van Riswick
Thomas Blagden P. W. Browning
F. Howard, Mathew G. Emery.
J. C. McKelden.
Office, Columbia Place, corner Louiaiaaa avenut
and 7th street.
Office hours from 3 to 6 o'clock p. m.
feb 2fi?eotf
dealers ih
No 390 Pannsylvsula avinnc,
between Ninth and Tenth itreeU, Washington, D. C
Britannia, German Silver, Albata and Silver I'latec
Tea, Table and ?eaert Spoons
Carvers and &>rks, Steeli. Krnvu irith and with
out Forks .
Brass, Britannia, Block Tin and Plate I Candlestick#
ShOvtd and Tongs, Waffle Irons, S?d Iroua
Martin aid Bell Meul Kettles, Furnaces, Gridirons
Ovens, 6lc.
Rural Cottage, Closet, Cupboard, Chest, Till, Pat!
and Trunk Locks
Shuttle, Door, and Blind Hing*s, Screws, Cut an<i
Wrought Nails, Bolls
Brad's Sbutter Screws and Stubbs, Door Springs
Handrail Screws, Door Knobs
Bell Pulls, Door Sheaves and Rail, fcc.
Hair Cloth, Curled Hair, Moss, Gimp*, Sofa ami
Chair Springs
Venitian Bluid Hooks, Rack Pulleys, Roller Ends,
Brackets, Furniture Nails
Glue, Coffin Handles and Screws, Diamond Screw
Plates, &c
carpenters' GOODS.
Planes, Saws, Drawing Knives, Spokeshaves, Chis
els and Gouges, Plane Irons
Augers, Braces and Bitts, Boring Machines, Ham
mers, Hatchets, Devela
Bevils, Squares, Guagea, Axes, Ac.
Black and Bright Springs, Axl^s, Felloes, Spokes,
Hubs, Bows. Shalts, Poles
Sleigh Runners, Silvered and Bra*s Bands, Stumr
Joints, Stump Collars. Top Props
Curtain Frames, Lamps, Inside Linings, Lining
Silks, Damask, Seaming Cords
Tuft*, Ta*sels, Buttons, Tack*, Fringes, Laces, and
Plain and Enamelled Canvass
Russia Duck, Eaamelled Leather, Dash Leather.
j? 1?ia t 390 Pa. avenue.
, HE MISSING BK1DE, by E. D. L. N. South
I worth, 2 vols, pi ice $i Ot
H.irperN Magazine for Jut.e Si
Harper^ Story B<?ok No 7, Virginia if
P-jtoem'a M?cazlne for Jun* 3S
Godey'a Lady's Book do 2f
Grah^n>'a Magazine do % 22
All the Now Books, Ma^&Zinea, Clieap Pnhllea
lionsand Weekly Papers received soon as pub
lished and lor sale by E. K. LUNDY,
No. 198 Bridge stmt, Georgetown.
may 31?tr
Auction Sales.
Jtwtkm Balm *w flrit ya#t "O
Br J* C. HeOOIRKt Aaettoattr.
f ifibly situated Real Estate on the Inland - By
virtUH of a d?*ed of trust, hearing dite on th?6th day
of June, 1855, and recorded in Liter J A. 8., No,
58, folios 130, fcc . the au acnber will aril, at p?b
lic sale, on THUHSDAV, the 14th day of June,
1855. at i}4 o'clock p. tn., on ibe premises. ail those
nieces or parcels of ground lying and befcu situate
in th<-city of Washington. and known and distin
guished an th<* north half of Lot No. 18 and the
whole of Lot 13, in Square 543, the whole fronting
70 feetS In:has on 4tf street west, between K and
L rtreets south, ond running back 100 fe? t to an a!*
ley with th? biddings a< d leapt >veinentss, which
coo*! t of a subs anual and -comfortable cottage
built France dwelling IIou?e and necessary out
'1 tie above property Is situated in a rapbHv lm
provinj vart of the city, ati.1 offers a favorable op
portunity U> persous desirous of obtaining a residence
or investing.
The te!?n? of sale will be o:ic third cash ; refine
tn 6. 12, and 18 months, for notes bearing interest
fr. tn c'ay of sale, securi d by a deed of t:u?t upon the
prop rf.
If the terms of s .le are notcr.mplted with in six
days after the sale, the proptrl? will be resold at
the ri?!i and expense of th* purchnsi r.
All conveyai.eiiig at cost of purchaser.
CI1A8. 8 W ALL 3 CH, Trustee
J AS. 0. M GUI RE,
j. 6?j Auctioneer.
Br J C. flleUCIRR, Auctioneer.
> uable Oil Paintings at l'ib ic Auction ?On
TUESDAY afternoon, June 12th, at <*V% o'clock, at
the fnl an over Fariihain's Bookstore, cO'ner Pa.
avenue and 11t li street, 1 chall sell a collection of
rare and valuable Oil Painiings. selected wtili great
c?.re by H. N. Ba-low, E q., from various calle ies
0 i the Continent.- Aivongst theio will l?e found
np eirnrns of Uom^nchino. Vt litiijii*'Z, Sir Godfrey
Kn ller, A Van Willies, John WHson Gainsboro',
Murilla, Vemrt, Poussin, Shrtyef, Jr., and others.
The saloon will be open and the Pictures on free
exliibitif n d ily until the sale.
Catalogues nttv be obtained at th ? saloon or at
t e auction ror m?.
Ttrms: $100 ar.d rnjereash; over tha* sum a
credit of siitv ami ninety days, for notes gaiisf.cioii
ly endorsed, bearing i. teres'.
je6-d Auctioneer.
1>F J. C. 9IcGUlUE, Auctioneer.
BOOKS, ke. at Public Sale?On FHID.AY 4r
ternoon, June 8th, at 7o'clock, at the Auc
tion Rooms, I ?h JI sell an invoice of standard books
aim t.^ which are hi.tories, biographies and Scien
tific works, many standard poeti;al works, novels,
&c., he.
Also, a few fine family Bib'.es, the whole to be
sold without reserve.
A'So, aiout 360 dwt. of gold guard, fob and vest
Also, three fine gold Lever Watcher, the balance
of fctock of a retail store. Terms cash
je^fi?d Auctioneer.
By JAS. C. McOlflHRi A nctton??ri<
sireet atj uhlic sale?O i FU1DAY afternoon,
June Hth, at 6 o'clock, on the premised, I *hall sell,
the south p*rt of Lot No. 11, in Square 426, front
!>.* 28 feet 7 inches on Seventh street wes-, bt tween
ncftli K and I. streets, ru rtite back 100 feet.
1 he Lett Is handsomely situated in one ?: the best
business streets in the city, but a short distance fmn
the Northern Market, a*vd afford* an excellent op
port unify for a Fafe inv .stmeirt.
Title perf- ct.
Terms . One si*th cash ; Ihe re.-idae In 6,12, 18,
24, ar.d 30 months, with interest, aecured by a deed
of trust on the premises
le 4?d Auctioneer.
By GRICEJT 4t SCOT T. Auctioneers.
JL Estate.? By vir ue of a decree of the Orphans'
Court o? the District of Columbia, for the county of
Wa*hi.,gloa, approved by the Circuit Court of said
District. sitting in chancery, pj??aed in the mattero?
the petition of William Whitmore, et ai , children
and lieira-.it law of VViJIiam W IVhitmore, late of
>nld cohrtv decerned, I will, on THURSDAY, th*;
3lst day of May, 1855, at 6V4 o'clock p. in., in front
cf the premises, proeeed tosell Lots of ground num
bered seventeen (17) and eighteen (18) in Square
numbered five hundred and three (503) situate ia
the city of Washington, and District aforebaid.
T^ii' ?">ove described property is situated on the
northwest corner rf 6th street west and N street
soutti, and contains in the ai^regate about fourte n
thott^nd square feet of gnnad.
Terms > f .-ale: One third caah,and the residue in
two equal payments at six and twelve mor*?hs, with
interet-t from day of sale. The deferred paymenu
to b-: secured by the notes of the purchaser or pur
chasers. satisfactorily endorsed.
the fuil payment of the purchase money
end inti-rea' end the ratification of the sale bv the
Conn, the trustee Will convey said lots ol grcui:d
to the purchaser or purchasers thereof, at in* i r
th? ir cr.nt and eip? nse.
If the t-rms of gal:? arc not complied with Within
five dava Irom the day of sale, the trustee reserves
the? right to resell said lots, or either of them, upr.n
reasonable notice, at the risk and cost of the lint
purchaser. RICHARD II. LASKEY,
may 15?eoSw&ds Auctioneers.
Lot 17 htvlng btea eold. the sale of
Lot No. 18 is postponed until THURSDAY, the 7th
cf June, same hour, w>ien it uill be subdivided and
sold separate, oue part ot which having on a good
two-story frame House, the other pnrt is the corner
lot, having a front ol 25 feet, and 102 :cet deep.
Terms as ab ve.
Je 1? roSuls Auctioneer*.
By GUtKN 4 SCOTT. Auctioneers.
X tiou ?On THURSDAY, the 7th June next, at
6 o'clock p. m , wc shall sell on the premisi* L?t
No 2, in Squan- No. 515, fronting ;'9 feet on K at.,
b< tween 4th and 5th, running back 96 feet to a 30 ft.
Also, noith half of Lot No. 26. in Square No 516.
fronting 27^ feet on Fourth street, running back 100
leet, between I and K atreeto.
The above described property ia about two and
half squares from the Northern Liberties' Market
Terms : One-quarter cash ; balance in 6,12, and
18 month", (or notes bearing interest
Deed given and a deed of trust taken to secure de
ferred payments. Title perfect.
may 30? eo&da Auctioneers.
By GRKEN 4 SCOTT, Aurtlonatri.
X ing Lot, situated on 11th street weat, near Ma
r.. ;. -i avenue, a. Auction?On WELNE8DAV,
13th June, I shall sell, in front of the premisea. at 6
o'clock p. m , by virtue of a deed of trust bearing
date the 25th day of Aucuat, 1853, and duly record
ed in en? if the Inpd reeorda for Washington county
in tbe Diati ict of Columbia, part of Lot No five, '5,)
in Square No. three h >ndred and fifty-three. (.153.)
having a frent of ? feet on 11 th atreet west, betw.
south fund E streets, and running back 90 feet
10* rnchea. wilh the improvement, which isa frame
tenement, and considered one of the most i ligible
building lota on the Island.
T< rms: Oue-tliird cash ; the balance in 6 and 12
mouths, the purchaser to give notes for the deterred
payments, bearing interest from dav of sale.
A deed given and a deed of trust 'uken.
All conveyauciog atcost of purchaser.
m iy 31?ei>kda Auctioneers.
By JAS. C. MeGUlRIC, Auctlonif
I Estate ?By virtue of a deed of trust from Fian
cia Selden, bearing date on the first day of Decem
ber 1846, and recorded in Liber W. B , No. 130, fo
lios 231, 232, and 233, the subscriber will aell at
public sal?\ on MONDAY, the 18th day of June,
1855, at 6o'cl. ck p. m., on the premises, the west
half of Lot No 2, in Square 247, fronting 29 feet on
north L street, between 13th and I4ih streets west,
running back 120 feet, with the buildings and im
provcm nts thereon, which conaist of two well built
frame dwelling houses.
The above property ia well located in a rapidly
improviug part of the city.
The terms of the sale will be one-half cash, and
the balaoce in 6,12, and 18 montha, for notea bear
ing interest from day of sale, secured by a deed of
trust on the property.
If the terms of sale are not complied with in aix
daya after the sale, the property will be resold at
Uie risk and expense of the purchaser.
All conveyancing at cost of purchaser.
je 2?eo&ds Auctioneer.
Br JAS. C. McOCIRE, Auctlomi?r*
1 and Lot on tbe corner of F street south and 3d
street west. ? By virtue of a deed in trust from Jno.
F. Tolaon and wife, the subscriber will sell, at pub
lie sale, on THURSDAY, the 28th day of June,
1855, at 5\C o'clock p. m., on the premises, parts of
Lo's Nos. and 55, in Square No t39. fronting 4b
feet ou F street routh, by 66 feet 6 inches on 3d st.
west, with the buil !;ngs and improvements, which
consist of a well built two story fnme house, with
brick bakery attached.
The a ove property is eligibly yltuated on the
Island, and offers a favorable opportunity to persona
dt -iriug a residence ot to make an investment.
Th" terms of sale will be one-third cash, and,the
balance in 6,18 and 1$ months, for notes bearing in
terest from the day of sale, seeured by a died of
trust on the prop ry
If ton terms of sate are riot complied with tn six
days after the sal*, the progeny will be resold at the
risk and exprnt-e of the purchaser.
A!1 conveyancing at eipenne of parch i-er.
CUA8. S. WALLACH. Triulec.
]? 0?coSwJt Auctioneer.
daily evbwing stab.
large Seward *
EmaorisLD, June 7.?The WnUn Rail
road Company ktrt offered a reward of $1,000
for the eoavtetfoa of the pmou who pliMd
the obitrootioua upon the track aaar W<
ter cm Toe ad ay sight
Tlio Afnea at
Bosto*. June 7 ?Th? Canard rlmatr Af
rica arrived her* thia marafreg at 4 o'otock,
and ter mtila were forwar6e4 ia the aexlj
Hew York Markets
New Yoac.June 7 ?Cotton la firs. F'.ear
has declined 6 to 12 eenta. Goal Ohio $9 82a
$10 00; libera it cteady and aeohaagad
Wheat ia udSbanged with a limited buaineee
at previous raUa Corxi haadeclined 3 to Is ;
Western mixed $l.?*a$l 00 Proviaioae are
firm Laid is dal), with i ??dining teadeocy.
Wbieky ia firm; Ohio 35attid
Baltimore Market*
Baltimore. Jane 7 ? Flour ia steady ; aaiee
of 5otf bhla. Howard atreet at $10.87. The re
oeipta of grain are fair. Wheat ia etaady at
yesterday's rale* Corn ia held higher, bit
transaction* thia merC'sg worth nothing.
New York ftteck Market
Niw Yoke. June 7 ? fetacka opened baoy
ant, bat closed heavy. Money ia anchaageid.
Sales at the first board of Erie'a at 40; Cleve
lnnd and Tiledo 8li; Cumberland Coal Com
pany y>i, Heading Railroad OOj; Caaiea Com
pany, 26]\ Pennrylvania Coal Company 1,10;
New York Central Railroad, 94^; Virginia0'a,
99 i; North Carolina fit, 994.
The Kinney Cue.
New York. June 0,?The Kinney eaae wae
up in the Diatrict Court thia morning, when hie
counsel moved toquaah the indiotmeot, owing
to a teehsierl fliw in the wording. The ax>
tion wis denied. A meeting of the frienda of
Col. Kincey waa beld to sight, when the Ad
ministration and the Nic?ragu? Tranait Com
pany were denounced. The ettendanoe wae
large. The meeting *dpnrned to Wedaeeday
Elections in Hew York
Casakpaioua, June 5.?The charter eleo*
tion to da - resulted in the aaeeeei of the
American ticket, by a majority of 144. The
vote was unusually large
liCFFALO,' June 5.?Mr Masten, the regular
Democratic candidate, ta elected judge, ever
Houghton, the Enow Nothing candidate, by
two thousand maj>rity.
Hew Hampshire Legislature.
Concobd, June 0 ?Both branckea of tha
Legislature organised here thia forenoon Tha
Senate elected Hon. W. Haile, of Hiaadale,
American Whig, President, there being only
one vote In oppoaition.
The House elected John J. Prentiss, Am erf*
can Whig. Speaker, by a rote of 218 against
By WILL, ItHilAttD 4k CO , A acta*
11th metant, at d o clock p m.. at tbe ateaai
lioat wharf, 11th street, w ehail sell to the highest
bidder the schosner Only Soil, with all iter rigging
und fitting complete.
A good opportunity ia offered to thoe* in want of
such a vessel. Terms at sale.
je 7?dt< Auctioneers.
Bp OHKEJi * SCOTT. Auctlonaera.
. Auction ?On FRIDAY, tbe ?9th June. 1856, I
shall eelt in front of the premises, at 6]^ o'clock p.
m , hy virtue of a deed of trust from Heurv IV. Ham*
ilu n to the subscriber, bearing date tbe azth day af
IVbruary. 1855, and nh d lor record 19th February,
1^55, all that piece or rarcei of ground, in the city
f>t lYa'innzton, in the District of Columbia, kaown
a* Lot No. 11, in Square No. 499, together with tha
ii.proveineuts, tvLuh are a good two atory Brick
House, Ac.
Tiie above deaenbed property fronts on 6th street
wc?t 47 reel, between I and K atreeta sooth, run
ning back to a J0 feet alley, containing 4,900 square
Tertr.a: One fcarth cash; the balance le 0,18and
18 mouths, the purchaser to give ndes for the de
terred payment*. bearing interest from day of aale.
A deed given and ade?-d of trust taken
And at 6 o'clock, same evening, we
shall sell a |jood Paist Shop, uttiaied oC 0 h street,
immediately opposite Island Hall.
Terms ca*h. GREEN k SCOTT,
je 7?eokda Auctioneeis.
Cy J. C. HcQUlRE, Auctioneer.
Peremptory sale of twenty onb
Lightli Caiks of Cognac Brandy ?On SATUR
DAY, June 9:h, at 10 o'clock, in front of tbe auc
tion rooiui, I shall aell, without reserve, to cons
20 one-eighth casks pale Cognac Brnndy.
Terms : $50 and under cai?h ; over a credit of
two and four uiontha, for notee aaUslactorily ea
doraed. bearing interest.
J AS. C. McOriRB,
je??d ? Auctioneer.
By OREKN * SCOTT, Awctlosaeers.
On WEDNESDAY, the 13th day of June, we
{-hall sell, on tbe premises, at 0 o'clock p. as., Lota
No*, S, 4, and 3, ia Square No. 569, fronting 30 <eet
each on north E all eel. between l?t and 91 streets
west, limning hack 100 feet to a 90 feet alley.
The above mentioned proierty is bandaomaly lo
cated a little northwest o." the railroaj depot.
Tennn: One-third cash ; balance a credit of dx
and twelve niontca, for notes bearing int. rest Ann
tbe day of sale.
A deed given and a deed of trust taken to secure
defc:red payments.
may 31?eokds Auctioneers.
THIS Band is suitable for any and all porpoees,
and is warranted to gire satisfaction to all those
who may be pleased to engage them, either as a
Urns?, Reed, or Cotillon Band.
Any number of musicians to be had at the short
est notice by applying to
Leader, at Taluvulfs Store, opposae the
Marine Barracks.
N, B?Orders left at Hilboa k Uiu's Music De
pot, will be promptly attended to.
may '25?4m
hlRllNo. 47 7 Pennsylvania avenue, be-jBLkl
TPPtween 10th and ll.b streets, return ||?
their regards for tbe kind patronvge heretofore be
stowed upon their efforts, and tak* 'be liberty of in
forming their many friends that they intend open
ing their Spring, Summer and Fancy BONNETS,
which consist of 2S0 piece*, besides a rich assort
ment of STRAW BOS NETS, kc. TtM^aie able
to serve ail sisca who are in want of a fashionable
and cheap Bonnet.
Cail and examine before purchasing elaewhere.
may 12?lm*
Bride' street, toutk tide, near Higk. sa
HAS jast received a lurther supply of esasoaahie
Goods, amongst wbicb will be round
50 pieces good styles fast colored Lawns at lS)f
10 do plain black and white and bi?ca do.
.? do rich plaid Ginghams and Gingham Lawns
:*) do dotted and rich emb*d Muslins
50 do plain Swiss snd Nainsook do
40 do Jaconet and Cambric do
30 do {Maid and striped do
25 Grass Cloth Skirts
30 corded and damask do
White snd colored Watered Moreens
50 pieces light pretty styles Caliooe
10 do Barege de Laines at lSJ^c
2 do BufT shade Linen
With an assortment of seasonable stales erW^afc
Hosiery, and uiany other very dsslr^le Goods, ID
which the attention of cash or pro?P? customer* li
invited, as we are constantly isenlvtag new goom,
aud are selling them at prices ?o suit tbs ti
may 00?tf J H "
bu purp?*e Is to rrtr^ach his expeoses
u.. JWnat Southron *a (Ute Birch's) Btabis, 14^
?rreet s<>utli of Pa. avenas. Far terms, or an op
portunity to tjy the*, enquire at the ^
Star offlee. TTjey will b* aold a be jain.
ap 3?tf

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