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Local Intelligence.
^ttblic School Exaxtsatiok?These publlo
ixarcises of the pupil* in oar publio schools
eere aon*inued yesterday afternoon with the
naminai n of the Junior section of Primary
So 2 second district in charge of Mi?s Kate
McCarthy The visiting committee. Messrs
iacon, Davis, Dickinson, and Abbot, were ail
ireaent. beside Mersrs Donatio and Harbangh,
or many years trustees in th;s district. Mr.
dcCutcheon, of thi City Councils, and a large
mmber of teachers and parents of the pupil;,
howing a commendable degree of interest,
n the operations of the rchool Although
he teajher has labored under many discour
^emen's is couseqaence of an ill-adapted
chool room, l J , tbo school appeared to much
dven'age. and the exercises were highly
reditabte The examination asd intelligence
>f these very young children elicited the ap
>robation of all present, more especially as it
i generally known that Mis* M is one of the
acst faithful and accomplished of our publio
chool teachers Mr. Abbot, on behalf of the
rustees. addressed the sonool at the close of
he exerei-es, and his remarks were substan
tally in accordance with what we have just
The room is one of the worst sehool rooms in
he city. It is too small for a double school,
>elow the surface of the ground, very dump,
rith no sufficient yard or proper outbuildings
f e beg leave to suggest fir tbe consideration
>f those who have direction of the schools,
tat whenever the junior or senior division
aly of a double school is under examination
hat there is no necessity of assembling the
inpils belonging to the department which is
tot being eximined, and detaining them f>r
lours unemployed, especially if they are not
tept under strict discipline, and the constant
Ad watchful supervision of their own teachers.
We learn that the examinations yesterday
f Primary School, No. 2, third district, was
n the highest degree sat^-factory The teacher
f this school Mi-s F Klvans, is entitled to
iredit for the successful manner in which she
tax conducted it To be ruccessful in the
caching of children requires patience and
ndustry as well as talent, and ail theae have
>een devoted to her work.
The Trustees present, Me srs Mag-uder,
ianson and Knight, were delighted with the
ixaminatioo ; anl the visitors, among whom
vere several ladies teachers of other bchools,
in J "quite a no tuber of parents, greatly ap
?lauded toe efforts of the school. At the olese
f the examination :he scholars sung several
>atriotio songs in fine style.
Anoa**B?rs ron rat Capitol ?Some vme
igo we were privileged to enter a small tenc
nent in the Fifth Ward, whioh is retired from
he street, and has over the door the expres
live words " No Admittance " We there saw
in Italian, cbnseling in white marble?a
nodel in clay beside him?the figure of an
Indian girl, in a half kneeling posture, bold
ng in her hands a vesiel, fashioned according
:o the pattern of a deep and nearly round
ihell This work of art is. we presume, ere
.his. finished, and is truly beautiful
Crawftro. tbe great American sculptor, has
?ecenfly forwarded to the same studio two fig
ires, in plaster, to be there counterfeited m
nerble. a more enduring substance, (and
welve more, we learn, are to be prepared, by
srder oi the Guverr.meut, by that dis in
guisbed ar'ist ) The fi st is an emblem of Me
?hanics: A full lorsgtfe representation of an
Ktisau, with b:s sleeves uproiled, the collar
-f hUfhirtcpen, and, with hammer in hand,
reposing near a co^-wneel. The countenance
is indicative of un amiable and placid tem
perament. and h'.s eyes pro directed toward
leaven, a?if in contempla'ion of a brighter
futu-e; and the second typifies Education
two boys, the aria of one oncircling tbe waist
?f tbe otbe*. The younger carries a book,
while t' e eider points him to tbo future ; thus
ancouragiog his o opinion to " press onward
and upward The<?e are tbe prominent out
lines cf the two figures to which we have just
The statues are intended to adorn the add ?
tion to the Capitol, and will, together with
the fresco painting and other ariiotic embel
lisbmeutc, serve vo render the groat Council
Hoaae cf the nation an object of especial pub
lic Interest A free prosperous, and independ
?nt confiderary shou'd, while providing ele
jant acoou.modatlon for Its popular represen
tatives give tome evidence of its appreciation
tf the fine arts, such as those to which we have
uluded. and which will adorn the structure in
qaeati->n ???
Ax Excrnsa Scunu wa= exhibited yester
ley evening, about ssven o'clock, on Pennsyl
rania avenue While J D. Hoover, U S.
Marsha!, and bis wife, were riding in their
private carriage neir Tn rd rreet. the front
part of the tongue or pol-of tbe vehicle broke,
ehic'n rendered the horses incapable of con
trol; and away they dashed toward the Capi
at. at a fear ml s; ecd. When near the main,
ires'.ern, g*te, tbe carriage was brought in
riolent o?u*ac with a tree box; the result of
which concussion was. two of the wheels on
he same sid-j were snapped off at the axles;
vhile another of them w<s shattered to pieces,
three spokes only remaining in tbe bub Mrs
Boover was thrown out first, but as the side
jn which she had been sitting was nearly on a
level with the street, she sustained no serious
iaroage Mr. Hoover, however, was slightly
bruied in tbeai-k'e; having been tilted out
)n itrra Jirwut. The driver, a colored man,
earned Thomas Welch, acted well his part; in
a manner worthy ot the highest commenda
tion He entirely escaped bruises, but not so
with one of tbe horse?, which was seriously in
jured Hundreds of persons were witnesses of
the scene, and, d uotiess. were pleasurably
relieved of their fears when they ascertained
that tbe result waj not ot so fearful a chanc
ier as they at first apprehended.
Exam* ATiosa ?The examination of tbe fol
lowing named public schools will take place
ts morrow afternoon t
Miss J. Thompson ; junior department of
Primary No 3, first district; Lutheran Church,
corner of Eleventh and H streets; Messrs.
Bennitt, Bacon, llanson. asd AtLee.
Miss P Henshnw; Primary No 3, second
district; Fourth Presbvterian Chureh, M?ath
street; Messrs. Polk Bates, Dickiason, and
Mrs. M Freeman ; Primary No. 3, third dis
trict ; Protectant Methodist Church; Mesas
Davis, Magruier and Ptarson.
A ?h wn DiTB ?Yesterday an affair came
r J at one of our principal hotels that caused
considerable mirtn Mr. Kol>ertson, "editor
bf tbe Truth," bai been in the habit rf visit
tog the hotel for tbo pnrpo?e of visiting bis
frienos. His visits there appear to have given
offence.and be was ordered away Upon
entering tbe house yestcday, a clerk pioked
?P a | i:cher of water, told him to look out,
and threw the water upon the editor. He
turned to talk to the clerk, who took another
pitcher, and on attempting to throw tbe water
the handle came off. and the editor's back
eaaght pitcher and water. Robertson left in
great anger, calling for the assistance of the
Almighty to punish his tormentors.
Thi Coscibt by the Marine Band, yester
day evening. at the Capitol grounds, attracted
hundreds, we may say a thousand listeners,
of both sexes, and of all classes and condi
tions The grounds looked lovely, after the
refreshing r*ins The fo-ntain was in full
play - Yankee Doodle ' was, as usust, ths
last piace in the musical programme, and
g.ve notice to tbe gratified assembly that it
was time to leave the premise!a hist which
was promptly heeded
M'lli oi Bovx's Co*r?M) there is resson
to be ieve, will be la.-g ,iy w.erded Nothing
could prove more gratifying u> the amiable
ar.iste than an evidence tuat her endeavors
?o furnish a noh entertainment of rrusic meets
?ith a cordial response from an appreciating
public. 6
Riot ?Qaite a fight came off yesterday a' ?
tavern in tbe Fiftb Ward in which a large
tamber cf persons were engajed Five ol the
ecmbetants have been arrested and beld t<
ball for a farther hearing before Justice Bates
Live Ixraascu Daxx ?Tbe holders ol
bauk uotes of the defunct Eichan^e Bank ? 1
belden. Withers A Co., can have them re
^n?ei on presentation t) the leto banking
kouae of that Aim
A D?ad L*rfi*.?In August, 1850. ? gen
tie man of thi* eity sentadraft for 190 to ft
oorresponden I in Georgia, feat yesterday the
same letter, with it? content!, ?u returned
tc him, bearing the stamp,of the dead letter
offl^e. Where the letter in quectlen was
lodged daring the intermediate years hat net
been ancertiined In the meantime, the bank
lag homo from which the draft was prooired
has gone the way of all insubstantial similar
institutions and, therefore the paper, good at
that time, is now worthless I' may bestated
in additioi^lo the above, that the gentleman,
in the interval, heard not a word from his
correspondent relative to the pecuniary trans
VioLiTios or A Citt Ordisawck.?Two fe
male*, who were said to be notorious women
of the town were put out of the Capitol Square
veaterday by the polioe. and afterwards fined
$10 and costs by Justice Ba rs. By a law of |
the corporation fallen angels are prohibited
from visiting the public squares.
Ccmbbrland Ml sua Compact?The Pres
ident and Directors of this oompany held their |
annual meeting yesterday, at the National
Hotel We are informed that their business
wa* important, and they remained in their
room a long time busily etgaged with it.
?xTnaicrrB Coal can now be purchased in
this oity, by retail, at $6 60 a ton. of 2 240
pounds. Apprehensive that the prioe of the |
fuel wit! not be lower daring the present year,
many housekeepers are already laying in theirj
Watch Rktcuks ?Margaret Wise, Allen
Mo^dj, and Ann Young, colored, profanity,
fine and oo?ts. Caroline Gray, Julia Queen,
Aibury Parry, Andrew Jackson, John Luoas.
'fh'>n:as Nichols, Henry Lammond. unlawful
gathering; fine and ooits. John Gray, do.
dismissed James Smith, white, unlawful as
semblage and distarbiog the peace, fine and
costs and security for peace. ?lary Relagan,
drunk and disorderly, workhouse 30 days.
Arrival of the Steamship Asia. |
The steamer Asia arrived at Halifax yester
day, with Liverpool dates to the 9th of June
The news by thij arrival is of a highly excit
ing character.
The bombardment of Sebastopol was recom
menced on the Oth inst.
On the day the Asia sailed a dispatch was
received from Lord Raglan, dated the day |
previous, (Jane 8.) at six o'olock, p m., an
nouncing that after a fierce bombardment the |
French attacked and carried the famous Mam
elan and White Tower batteries. The greatest I
gallantry was displayed on both sides, and the |
losses sustained by both the Russians and
French were very great, but no figures are I
given. This event caused a great buoyancy I
ia the public feeling in England, and caused
a slight ri:e in consols
Considerable diserepanoy^xists in the ac
| counts of the allies proceedings at Genitschi.
Sidney Herbert, in Parliament, on the 8th,
said that tho press had drawn inferences from |
the suooesses of the allies that are not justified
by the facts. For the editorials speak as if I
Arabat and Genitscbi were already taken, but [
although the allies had bombarded one and
destroyed stores at tho other place they are not |
yet in possession of them. It muse not. there
fore, he said, be thought that we ara masters
of tee Putrid Sea
Prince G r'sohakoff telegraphs under date
of June 3d, that tho allies hail left Genitschi,
and that part of the burnt stores would be
saved The allied steimers afterwards vWited
Arabat atj} burned a number of merchant
| ships. The allies had made no movement to
wards the interior of the Penin.-ula sroin
Cracow Poland report that the insurrection j
before reported in Ukrane was not yet sup
Tho British and French fleets on the 4th inst.
were close to Cronstad:. Admiral Dundas had I
made a reoonnoiseance and found that new
fortifications had been ereoted sinoe last year.
Several vessels laden with timber had been
| captured by the allies.
Marshall Pellissier telegraphs under Jnno
3d that the Russians have evacuated Tonj >k I
Kale, destroying before doiag so tixty guns]
and six mortars. Their eniiro force was Con
centrated at Anapa.
Cbacgsg have occurred in the Turkish Cabi
No aniwer has yet been reoeived to the re
monstrance sent home by Lord Stratford
against M Benedetti, the French charge,
whose intrgucs effected the fall of Redecuild j
Pasha. Napoleon approved Benedetti's pro
cee<iiiigs, and appointed him nominal minister I
tj Perria, a ttep in promotion, but does not |
remove him from ConstantiLopIe. Some per
sons see in this the commencement of larger
l differences between France and England.
Nuw political combinations are springing up
in regard to Turkey lhe London Times, at
present eehoi >g the views of the British Gov
ernment, is all tor war, but argues that any
prospect of a new invasion of the Principali
ties of Russia is extremely remote.
The Conferences at Vienna having been
formally closed at the instigation of the West
ern Powers, the negotiations for peace would
not likely be reaewed unless Russia shall ap
ply to Austria for her good offices.
Austria, it is said, considers herself released
from all engagements to the Western Powers,
the latter having refused to conclude a peaoe
cn reasonable terms. Austria, however, still
professes herself to be the ally of France and
England, subjeat to article I. of the treaty of
December 21.
In Parliament, the adicurned debate on the
conduct of the war, ended, after a protracted
diicuasion on Sir Franeis Barring's motion
being permuted to pass oust eon.?namely,
that the Hou-e having seen with regret that
the Conferences at Vienna have not led to a
termination of hostilities, feels it a duty to de
olare that they will continue to give every
auppoit to her majesty in the prosecution of
the war, until she ahall, in conjunction with
her allies, obtain for the country ft sftfe and
honorable paaoe
A deoree has been imposed extending a free
importation of breadstuffi from England du
ring the present year.
The King of Sardinia will probably meet
Queen Victoria at Paris in August. Perhaps
the Sultan will al-occme.
The French expedition is more flourishing
The government represents that the Oarlist
insurrection has been entirely suppressed bat
the provinoe of Catalonia has been placed in
a state of siepo and troops oontinue to leave
Madrid, leading to the iniferenoe that trouble
still exists.
There has been another break up in the
Spanish Ministry.
A oomputs>ry loan of two hundred millions
in anticipation of taxes has been imposed.
Maximilian, the brother of the Emperor ?f
Austria, had a private interview with the
Pope and the King of Naples. There is con
siderable speculation afloat as to the object
Numerous political arrests have recently
been made in the Roman States.
AlbxakoaiA, June 21, I860.
Coroner Neale held an inquest yesterday
afternoon over the dead body of a German
found in the Potomac. Verdiot: accidental
The matter part of the evening witnessed quite
an interesting melee in the vicinity of tbe
cotton factory. After a regular rough ftnd
tumble fight hftd taken place between two
male combatants, they were separated, an4
then some women, armed with that sceptre of
woman, the broomstick. daihed Into the party
and started the crowd right and left. A laogn
and a mn?the field was cleared
Tuesday next, la Ilea of Monday, is the day
fixed by the Young Catholic's Friend Society
for 'heir excursion.
! The renting of the new pewi in Mciho
diat ProtMtant Churoh took place yesterday
afternoon. A largo number wero disposed of.
ploolfg tho moDBM of the church npon ?
Arm foundation
To-night i'.o Sunday school of the Metbo
dUt EpUoopsl Church South, assisted by the
excellent choir of the church give an exhibi
tion and conceft. ht\ all who can, rpend a
pleasant evening with thorn /**?
?11 di(?*a?a itiilsi fi m an Impure and dapravert ?t?t*
of Hi# blood. Sh th# extraor?lioa? y our* of Wn. O. Har
wood, a highly resectable citizen ?r Richmond, V*., by
Cartar'a Npanlah Mixture. He bad nicer* and aore.i of the
worn description, and dually (jot so had, he was arable to
walk, except on crntche*. A few bottlwa of CAItTKR'S
SPANISH tilXTIKK, tlie great bluod prrifler, cured him,
a* It baa cared bnndre<la of others who hare stiflere.1 with
rheumatism, bad effects of mercncy, and paint and ulcers cf
the bonee and Jotnta.
??*9aa advertisement.
[T/**- ?- OILMAN. Dminrlet, ha* remored to tlS Serenth
Street, opposite to Um Patriotic Bank, and Is now pre
pared toflU all order* fcr Medicine*, Palnta, Olla, and Olaas
on accommodating terms. Strict attention will be paid to
physician's p'aacrlptioni at all boars of the day and ulrbt.
The ul|bi bell la on the right of the store door.
ap 14?la
T PHKNOMKNA Ilf MKDICINK. ? Bronchitis, Oonjh,
~ Dypeoela Llrer CompUlats. Scrofula. Sc.?For all
disss*'* of the Female System It stands pre eminent. A
Ulernymau Just Inform* ns It baa cared him of Bronchitis
of a deeperat? character?nartlcolars hereafter.
tlon on the stomach, llrer and kidneys, will csra Dyspen
sla, Oo**h, Aitfama, BronchWl and Lane Affections Fains
la the Back, Side and Breast, Consumption, Scrofula, Bheu
matlsm, Gout, Nenralrfu, Ftstnla, Bowel Complalnta, Pile*
Wonne, and Nerroas foebllltlea-wltb all dtseasee arising
from Impart blood, and Is the grea'tst female medicine ev
er known. This Invaluable medicine Is working wonder*
apon thehnraan frame He*advertisement to-day. mar 7
?*-' TBR9 ? Weak, nerrons, depressed In spirit*, and a
prey to Innumerable mental, as well as physical arils, tba
rlrtlm to dyspepsia. Is Indeed an object of commlsseratlen.
Tet It la absnrd for him t* deapalr. We care not bow weak
low, nerroo*. and Irritable lie mar he, the cordial proper
tleeof HOOFLAND'9 GERMAN BITTERS, preptred by Dr.
C. M. Jackeon, Philadelphia, are *tronger than the many
beaded monster which Is preying ap?>n hi* body and mlud;
and If he chooaaa to try them, we will Insure a speedy care.
He* advertisement. j? 7_gu
rr*y?GOOD MBDICTNSM.?It Is estimated that AVER'S
done more to promote the pnblic health than any other ontl
canaa. Tber* can be no question that the Cherry Pectoral
haa by It* thousand on thousand enrea of Cold*, Conghs, Asth
ma, Croup. Iufluesu, Bronchitis, Ac., rery much reduced
the proportion of deaths from consumptive dtueun in thl*
ceuntry. The Pllla are a* good aa the Pectoral, and will
oare more complaints.
Everybody need* more or lea* purging. Purge tbe blood
from It* Impnrltlea. Purge the Bowels, Liver, and the
whole visceral *y?t?-m from obstructions. Purge out the
diseases which fasten on the body, to work It* decay. Bat
for dl**?*e* we should dl* only of old age. Take aat'dote*
e*rly and thrust It from the system, before It is yet too
Btron; to yield.
Ayer'a Pill* do thrust ont disease, not only while It is
weak, but when It ha* taken a atrone hold. Read the u
founding statements of those who have been cured by them
from dreadful Scrofula, Dropsy, deer*. Skin diseases. Rheu
matism, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, Internal Palna. Billons Com
plaint*. H?a.iache, Heartburn, (iout, and many lees dange
rous Lut still threatening ailment*, nuch ** plmp'e* on the
face. Worms, Nervoua Irritability, I,r** of appetite. Irregu
larities, Dlxzlneaa in the head. Cold*, Fevers, Dysentery, and
Indeed every rsriety of complaints for which a Pnrgitlve
Remedy Is required.
Theee are no random statements, but are authenticated by
your own neighbors and yonr own physicians.
Try them one* and you will never be witbout them.
Price It cant* par bog?$ boxea for $1.
Prepared hy DB. J. O. AYEU. Lowell, Mac*., ?Aad Bold
Z. D. OILMAN, Washington.
O. M. LINTHICTM, Georgetown.
JAB. COOK 4 CO., Frederickabarg, and by all Dmgrlnta
averywhera. may ???clm
atill In the aacendance.?Tlie juries of each of the lat?
fairt at Bsltlraara, Richmond, and New Tork awarded their
kigbaat premiums to J. H. W. for their superiority of Pho
tographs, Stereoscopes and Daguerreotypes exhibited.
Mr. W. alao received two Medals at the World's Fair, Lon
don. and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York.
Alao, tha first award* of the Mary laud Institute for three
yaars paat.
Whltaharaf a Gallery in thta city i* oa Fa. avonua. batw.
and <th street*. fob 11
fTT?KOAH WALKER * CO., Marble Hall Clothing Empo
rlum, under Browns' Hotel, reepectfnlly announce
that their dlaplay of Spring and Summer Clothing I* now
ready for Inspection, compriatng an assortment of OoaU,
Vest* and Pantaloona of the newest and rlcheet designs In
material, trimming and workmanship. To gentleiren who
atudy excellence with acouomy In faMhlonable articles of
dre?a an opportunity for aelncting I* offered from one of Wie
largest aud most attractive stock of goo?la over offered la
thla city at a vary re<1uc?d scale of prices. ap 17
|[' y^Ll'MW?I-t'NOS.?We refer our readers to sn adver
' ttseiueiit In another oolntnn, for fnll parti oinrs con
cerning the HYGEANA of Dr. Curtl*. It I* said to be on*
of the inoat remarkable cure* for all description of d:??w*e?
of the lung* ever dlac/vered. Iu virtue* have b??n fttlfied
to by hundred*, who have obtained their kcowledge hy the
beat of all teachers?experience
CAPTION.?Dr. CVBTIS'S HYGEANA la the original and
only genuine article. may W?1m
In Georgetown, I). C , June 19.h, by the Epv. Dr.
Norwood, F W. HANE VV1NCKEL, of Rich
mond, Va , to ROBERTA C., daughter of Wtn S.
NicholU, E^q , of tin* foroirr place
Un th" 18th mat, by Rev. J. G Riit'^r, GEORGE
LOY, boib of ihia city.
On th* 20th inf ., PLOKEXCE, youngest daugh
ter ot George and A. Tatker, aged three months
an i tux days.
\ T infint. Apj>ly at 435 E etre?t.
je 20?2i*
women, ei'iiations. Are desirous to travel
with a family, or have iio objection to do cbamb-r
wnrk. PI) a?e addrcw U P. ??r E F, on S ?reet, No.
*38, bstween 18th and l?th us. Je SO?2t*
fitono Quarry and contract for sale ot Stone
to Government and other?, there being now great de
man*! for stone. Thia Quarry it immediately oppo
site Geori?et wn. Large shanty, blacksmith shop,
it-id every implement on the spot. T1 is quarry fir
cishea th- beet and large-1 truck Stc-ae, he. A
chance b> now offered. Call or write to
Fifteenth gtreet, r;ppo. the Treasury.
may 3?tf
they can get a lot 24 tuet tront by 130 leet
deep, for the low pries of ,<575?payable f3 a month
without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office,
7th st.. above Odd Fellows.' UaM.
ap 28?3ui JOHN FOX, Sec.
BOARDING.-M.IB. RING, No. 31* F at. north,
has several pleasant vacant room*, euitable for
families, or mule gentlemen or ludies.
Gentlemen furniahed with Meals.
The llourfe U delightfully situated, and has just
been thoroughly painted, papi red and lighted with
gas. J#. 21?'*)3f
BOAR DING?Boardii g may be had at4T3
Sixth St., between U and E One very lar?.
airy apartment, with gas; also, fceveral other room.-.
Je 90 3r
BOA!? DING.?P'taf.int rooms for summer,
with boarding for families or single persons can
l.e had by eaily application at KING'S, 103 i.orth
C street, between 3d and 4^. The house it de
Ugh.fully situated, and h&s tii*t been thoroucbly rpn
ovated and refurnished. Heals furnUbed to fami
lies and dajr boarder * accommodated on reasonable
???? Je 4 ?lm*
Chambers, with board. Also, table and tran
sient board, with a bathing room an 1 tihower baths
uud evjrv attention to render it most agreeabie to
her boarders. Mrs. P. G MURRAY,
Corner Pennsylvania avea-je and 4V< st.
BOAKD, Ac.? MRS. BATES, on the souUi
west corner of Pa. avenue and ?th atreet is pre
pared to acco'amod&te gentlemen with ruoms, with
or without board. Every effort will be made to ren
der those comfort? bIe who may favor her with their
pa.ronage. ap e_u
SP. liUOV'KK, Iron flail Boot, Shoe, and
a Trunk Establishment. I have received
tins day a large asdogtmr>nt of Gents French.
Patent Leather and Calf Bo is and Shoes,'
which I will sell cheap
Also, Bo> ?' Youths, and Children SHOES of all
descriptions. All in want please call at
Iron Htfi Bo >t, Shoe and Trunk
Establishment, between Skh and 20th su.
je IB
PERSONS removing fr?>m the city, and wishing
to dispose of their Furniture and Ilousekeep
ng Utensils, &c., without the trouble of sending
them ti public auction, c id do so by calling on us
at our Store, 317 Pa avenue, corner ot Ninth st
as w? arc prepared to buy all such goods as may be
Housekeepers and others will do well by calling
on in>, as we will pav the highest cash prices for all
suchgwods. WALL, BARNARD U CO.
JlZzH?! ^3IT Pa. avenue.
381 Pa. oresM, betuxeu 4# ami UK sis.
WE have at all times ihe b?*st PHILADELPHIA
LAGER BEER on hand and offer it now lor
rcle for $3 per keg, and in quart botUea for tl 50
per dozen
We send tha beer free of e nt to all pans of ths
4?* Maay pbysleians haro reeormaaded tbii
baer aa ooe of tha beat lemadles for weak stomachs
la It?la*
ERS. Ice Cream Mooldi, Jelly Mould*, M^loe
Moulds, Rice Moulds, Pudding MouMs, PudJini
Pans, Cake Pans. Patty Pans, Cake Cutters, at th?
Houaekeftper'* Furnishin| Store, 400 7th street.
For Balo and Fent.
For rent?the three btorv house
wtuated en I, aouth aide, between 6th and 7ih
???r in^uiro of CHAS. KEE
NEM, ColtoctoHbr Gas Company. Th? rent ?hall
be about $180 ifct annum. ie 21?-3i#
j? ai-3t?
?|Rn.8il|Ew^ SMALL FRAME HOUSE and
Lot, No. 50 Louisiana avenue, Washington. It
>ltt? n r?? fk nnnn.i...i.. - _ ?. . 1
pjeseHta araieopportunity i a person wishing to
a 1?^ inv-atment. If not sold soon It will
be (or reni
Also, fl tnn-o 'tor7 Prick House an! Lm Nn. 57
Hiijh strict, Georgetown, L,;* 26 feet front by 160 ft
dnji, will be sold low and on a IrtTtg credit
Warned, a few share* of Georgetown Biltiu',,C As
sociation Stock.
Apply to E K. LUNDY,
N?. 128 Brldre street, Georgetown ; or, No. 400 E
street, Washington. J?8l?
on M, between '3th and 13th streets. The lot
on which the same it built fronts ?4 feet inches,
by 1*25 feet deep, running back to an allev of trfht
een feet.
Also, a lot on L street, ex,ending from L street to
Mass chusettn avenue, 150 feet, fronting 96 feet four
inches on L and Massachusetts avenue.
Application to be made at the Grocery Store, cor
ner of 18'h ?tiaet and Mi3sachusettj avenue.
House, situated in the most healty pari of the
City, on the corner of Massachusetts avenue and
lOih street, containing ten rooms, with cellar aed a
good pump of Water in the yard. The rent will be
mo 1< rate Apply on L stre t. between 9th a id Hkb
a s , No. 804. GEO. T. LANGLEY.
je 16- 6t*
- ry and attic brick house, with a tWo-story back
building. containing a !nrj;e ha I and ten good rooms.
To a careful tenant ttie r**nt will be Very moderate
For further particn'ars enquire of Mr. PHILIP
MACKEY, corner Fourth and I Ftreet*.
je 15?lm
Lot, containing 14,000 square fevt and fronung
the Capitol Park, for safp on accommodating ternio
if immediate application b? made to
? . Corner Pa. avenue and 11th st.
Being so near the Capitol and but a few minute*'
walk from the Car Depot, makes it mn*-t advantage
ously situated for a large public House.
Je 5?it"
large three story Brick House, well known as
ihe best Maud in the city lor a hotel nnd restaurant,
on Cameron street, opp-Kite the Market Hou*e and
now Accupied by Mr. McGonrgal. I'o?<ejsion giv
en on the first of July. Address LLOYD .V CO.,
Claim Agent, 15th st, opp. the Treasury, Wa l,in<
ton, D. C. m.^v 30?tf
Rents reduced to suit the timph
?150 a year will be received for the reni ot
those new and convenient cottages at Kendall
Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood sh^d
and other conveniences attached. Pumps ot pure
water are near ihe door, and communicnt on is had
with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh ?treets
and Penis. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the
usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the
To sccure the advantage of this great reduction
of rent immediate application must be made to the
undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at
Kendall Green, after office hours, where the kfyt
may be had and the houses inspected at any time."
Several of these residences will be #old on liberal
t<-nns. W.M. STICK NEY,
No 4, Kendall Green.
N. B.?R"nts paid quarterly in advance.
apr 9,1855?ti
For rent - the three stThtPstcire
and Dwelling, No. 80 Bridge streit, George
town, so lona occupied a> Emmert's Confectionery.
Apply to ARNV, neit door mav25?eotf
For res't?the store now occcpiep
bv Joseph Huggms, Jeweler, No. 91* Pet ?m.
avanne. E. OWEN & SON.
je 1^?eo2w
BlUCK HOUSES, located on Vermont avenue
near north N street, . n the yard of each liou=e is .in
exce'lent pump of wat>-r Tor particulars as to re t
&.c., enqm e at No. 430 north M street, or to B.
Flit, A L, at C L C ilt nan o Brick Yard,
je 14?eolw*
1 attic Prick Hou?e, No. 35 0 C street, between
? 4y, and 6th, with every conven'cnce rf'sirable for a
| private resilience. A pu.np of excellent water in
i the yard. App'y at
J'- 16?er8w C, I rt?-?n 4}$end gih g!?.
lois and Chambers, with board.
Also, Table and iiansieut boaid. Inquire at Mrs.
SMI1 IPS. 333 F street. up3
| VO.VihS FOR ALL.-Beautifully ami niaiumy
IX located Building Lots, 24 feet front by 130 feet
deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought
at a:e exceeding low price of 075, payable $3 per
t&nmb. Title indisputable.
Uuion Land Office, 7th st.,
above Odd Fellow?' Hall.
Ian ft?tira JOHN FOX. Sa^retar/.
m ^With each train of Car* arriv
?AasiMiSSttlBifg in Washington or Alexao.
dna.?J tie br^amers THOMAS COLLY EH *r
GEORGE WASHINGTON wili make the above
connections, leaving Washington at 6 a. m for th
Orange and Alexandria cara, and conncct with' j
EBRit: train on their airival.
Meals turnished on the beats.
The Boats connect with all the trains from Bal
timore. SAW'L GEDNEY, Capt.
may 17-d
FOR SAI.E.?A Pair of BAY MARES, 7 yeare
old next spring, we!l-bred,souiid,3tyli*h, /TV^
gentle, gpinted and capital goers. Tht y are>Wv
well-broken a::<l perfectly free froni tricks, ana t%i!I
P'irticulftrlv suit any gentleman who i3 foci ??!
ctrivin*. Tlse owner parts with them only becauce
his purpose is to retrench his expenses. They cau
b.; seen at Southron's (late Birch's) Stable, on 14th
street, south of Pa. avenue. For terms, or an op
portunity to try tiiem, enquire at the counter of the
Star office. Thay wUl he sold a ba.?ain
ap 3?tf
^ are making splendid pictured tor lower pritce
than any other Ga ler) in the city. They are j.ef
fectly life-like, and satisfaction is always given.
Gallery directly over M. W. Gall's Jewelrv Store.
Pa. avenue je 1-ltn
And iirtving taken up his abode at
WUl be happy to see hia old friends at thair es
tablishment, \o. 409 Seventh street, oppotdte Odd
Fellows' Hall. lft_tf
twenty thousand more of those choicc Opera
and Concha brands. Alse, other brands of fine Ci
gars. ROBT. D. TWEEDY,
Pa. avenue and 13ih sts., south side.
je 16?lw
MRS. CAMERON informs her friends and formei
patrons that her health being antiraly restored
bhe has return, d her former business, and ha* on
hand a general assortment of Dr. Running's AB
DOMINAL SUPPORTEHS. Her long experieuce
and success in applying the Brace is well known.
Ladies requiring particular attention can be accom
in -en ed with board?rooms are large, location
health| and a plea-ant walk to the Departments
It is n-edleaa to speak of the benefit ot the Brace tc
tfce afflicted, it has been too buccesafully tested tc
require comment Re erence given if required,
Address No. 630 Fourteenth street, near the M.onu
?'fn ? je 16,21,23?3i?
M. W. GALi h. BRO. are constantly recelvint
large invoices ol the above, and offer every article
In their line, at the lowest ratet
GOLD AND SILVER WORK of every descrip
tion. made to order, such aa TESTIMONIALS
richly embellished, with appropriate desUae, SIL
Precious Slonoe aet in every etyli however elab
ARMS, CRESTS, MOTTOES, 8tc. cut on stone
M. W. GALT & Bt'O.,
83* Pa. av., between 9th and 10?h sis.
je 14? tr
HAVING now completed all my rrrangementf
for a firat rate BaAoS and COTILLON
HAND, I am again at the service of the public tc
attend Excursion Partie.-<, Exhibitions, Parade*, Pic
Nics, Balls, and sierenad -s. All those in favor of a
citizen's band are respectfully invited to encouragt
our en erprise, here in Washington City.
? a ? P FISCHER, Leader.
P-H.?Tula Bund, under mj direction, is regular])
ur.ifcimed, and lroai a practice over twenty years ]
can give satisfaction to every one.
Residence, Pa. avenue, north aide, bet. 9th arc
10ih streets, flrat door weal of Iron Hall.
Orders left with Meaara Hi!boa k Uiu punotualh
attended to. ^
Fresco, D co votive, and every de nipt ion of
Orders Iwith Baldwin ao4 Nenning, Atchi
tecu, w.n be promptly attended to,
Auction 8al**
For oM?r Auction Baim ass fint pn^t ?
; Bf 6R1EN * SCOTT, A?<ltM?n
Frame house and lot at auction ?
On SATURDAY, tbe 23d Instsnt, wf shall kII
in front of the prem se>. at 0^ o'clock p. at . part
ofLdt No- 80, in Cabot's subdivision of Square No.
785, fronting on north G, between New Jersey ave
nne and North Capitol street, with the Improve
nient*, w ii<*h are ? food two story frame house,
containing four gno4 rooms, &c
Title indisi ntable.
Terms t One third cash; th* ba'w.e* In 6 and 19
months, the purchaser to give note* 'or tbe?>|. rred
payments, bearing interest rrom the day ;*f*a'c
A deed given and a deed of iros? taken.
jo 21? d Auctioneers.
By ORi^K dt ?COTT, Aaetlaattri
j redo med pledge*?' *n THURSDAY, the 26th
instant, we shall sell. at r ?r Auction Room*, at the
corner of 6th street nnd Pa nr rue, No. ST 7. at 10
o'clock a. m , the foj^w tng assortment of ilch and
?Suable Goods, lor account of whom It may con
eern. via:
Gol l and silver Watcher in great variety
Eteg?. t Gold Jewehy
Gold Chains an i Pencils
Fine Music :! Irstrnmrnt.?. Guns ard PinoJs
Reroh'ers, Taney Gcfels, kc.
I.alias' and Gentlemen*! Dre?s Goods
Ready made ITlothinc and elegant Shawls
Mecbani-a. Tools, Clocks, lied?, fcc
Together with tn estensire assortment of Goods
too numerous to enumerate. Terms m?h.
Je 21? aoll <?s Aoctinnf??.
Bf ORKEM A SCOTT, Anctloncsri
1 Lots at Auction ?On WEDVESDAV, tiie i.7?li
instant, we bh&ll Sell. in front of fhe premises, at 6^
oVIoca ?!. ni let No. 37 and part of lot No 38, hi
Square No.'00. with th-j improvements, which a.e
two two story frame S.ou*es, containing four good
si2?d roo-ne each. Til- y will be sp'J separate.
The above described prr.perty fronts on south K,
between 4;^ and 6t!i streets west, and near Lh? cor
n? r of4>? st. The lots run ba~k 107 feet to a wide
Title indisputable.
Terms: Oneflfth cash; balance in 6,12, and IP.
months, for notes bating interest fiuni the day of
the s ile.
A de.d gtven and z de?-d of tram taken.
Je 31?d Auctioneers
By GREK.1 ft SCOTT, AH?MOne*r?.
East of iiie Capitol, in East Catritol stre? t, at
Auction ?0:i WEDNESDAY, the 27th inr. ant, ve
sli.'.ll sell, in front of the premi vs. at 5 o'clock p.in.
three frame Houses, a Mated at the corner of Eaet
Capitol a-id Third streets east, and the lot on ?*'nrci:
they stan f, being Lot No. 1, ir Square 749
One of the houses is a good business stand, and
n-'W occupied as a grocery .-tore.
Title indisputable, nnJ the owner ob'igat<>i him
s< |f io pay all cost of investigating the title it it
should prove not t > be go'd
Terms: One fourth cash ; balance in 6. 12 and 18
months, lor notes bearing interest from the day cf
the sale.
A deed given and a deed of tnii?t taken.
je 31?d Auctioneers.
Uy J. C. McGClJl K, Auctioneer.
Public Au tion.?On TUESD VY afternoon,
June 19th, at 6 o'clock, on thr: preniises, I shall sell,
.subdivisions 56. 57, 5^< and 50, of Square No.
441?; each fronting 24 feet on 6th Hireet w-st, betw.
north M and N streets rnnnirg hack 105 feet ?
The??* !at? are situa ed in "a rapidly imp-evini>
part of the city and are very desirable, being grade I
aiid p ve-d in Iront.
T'-rtns: One-'htrd cash ; the resl l.ie in 6 and 12
months, wiih Interest, secured b; a dted ot trust on
tliu premises.
J A3. C. MeOtJIRE.
je 13?d Aucuoneot.
Tl" c tbiv? an'e Is postponed In
cor.sequene*. of the r;:in, until THURSDAY a ter
noon, Ju ie 21st, same hour
J A 9. C. McGUIRE,
je ?0?d Auctioneer.
By J. C. mcGCIRK, Auctioneer
/ uable Oil Paintinzs at Public Auction.?On
TUSf'DAY afternoon, June 12ih, tt 4V? o'clock, at
the Saloon over Farnhitn's Bookstore, corner o!"
11 tli street and Pa. avenue, I shall sell a collection
cf rare au.l valuable Oil Paintings, < lected with
gr> at carc by If. s. Barlow, E-q , from variou- gal
leries on iIm Continent. Amongst the;ii ?ill b-;
found fpecixen.; ol D ?menichino, Vrta-quee, Sir
Godirey Knelfer, A. Van iVilhes, Jol:n WiUon,
Gain boro', Muriila, Vernet, Poubsin, Sparer, Ir ,
and others.
The Saloon ?ill be open and the Pictures on free
exhibition until tii~ sale.
Catalogues may be obtained at the saloon or at t'ie
auction raeuns
Terms : 5100 and on ier cash; over tha* sum a
credit of sixty an 1 ninety days, fur noted satisfactori
ly endorwd, bearing iute.n'st.
je 6 ?<1 Auctioneer.
{&? Tlic Above s?U Is pnitpoit'd until
TUESDAY afternoon, June 19 same h>>ur.
june 15?d Auctioneer.
1'he shivs sale Is firtli?r pot -
rioii?d in consequence of the rain, until FhlDAY
afternoon, Juno 22J. rame hour, ti take pla^e at
that time Without regard to weather.
_ ^ Auctioneer.
ny GRE1LH * 8COTT, Auctlouears.
Building lot at auction-on Tues
day, the 26th instant, we shall sell, at ha'f
|?ast six o'clock p m , on the premises, Lot No. 33
in subdivision 01 Squire Mo 569. having a front on
an al'ey of*) feet, running back 54 feet, containing
1,620 square feet. Term- ca^li.
je 20 - d Auctioneers.
By ORKESI * SCOTT, Auctioneer*.
Handsome two story and attic
Btiek Hc>i;-e an-l Lot on the noob side of l\
stre-et north, next to the corner cf i6th st eet we?t,
at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the vfiili instant, we
s tail sell, at 6 o'clock p ???., in front of the prtmi
tes, the ab tve described property, bein< Lot tyo. 2
in Squa'e No. 4, having a tmnt 011 north K street of
50 feet, rurnirg back an equal width 110 feet 11 in.;
the house contains nin? good and coavenier.tly ar
laneed roon-s and kitchen.
The above described property is handsomely lo
cated a little west, a.:d in the i ntnediate vicinity cf,
the Circle.
Title indisputable.
Terms : One stx'h cash ; bahnce in 1, 2, 3, 4 and
5 }t'*rs, purchaser to give not^s f<*r the deferred
payments bearing intert st from the day of sale.
A deed given und a deed of trust taken.
j? 20?d Auctioneers.
By J. C. IlltGllRE, Auctioneer.
Plate Hiiror*. Sundry pieces of Handsome Fur
niture. Excellent Milch Cowr, *c., at Auction.?On
WEDNESDAY, June 27th, at 12 o'clock M I shall
sell, at the riAcial residence of Commodore Pauld
ing, Washington Navy Yard, the following arucles,
Three largp and hand->OQic French plate Mirrors, in
s rich gilt frames
One Egyptian marble top rosewood Table, hand
somely carved
Ten Genoese Reception Chairs
Rosewood, crimson, plush covered Arm Chairs
Crini n:i and purple d1ma^k covered Rockers
Gill Chandeli- rs, with caictl Lamps
Mahogany UilUStanJs, Arm dining Chairs
A fine family Carriage, bui t to order by Wood,
Totnlinson 4l Co., New York, cost $1,000
Enamelled leather t'arriagc Cover, ic
One very superior Milch Cow
Terms: $50 and under cash; over that amouat a
credit of sixty and ninety days, for notes catisfacto
rily endorsed, bearing intere.-t.
Je 20?d Aucuoneer.
By OREEN * SCOTT, Auctioneers.
L street, between 4Ui and 5th stif^u west, at
Auction ?On MONDAY, the 25th instant, we st?all
sell, in front of the premises, at 6 p. ni., Lot No. 23,
in Square No. 515, having a front on north L, bet v.
4th and 5th -treet* west, of 60 feet, running baek to
a 30 feet rdley.
The nbove described property Is handsomely lo
cn'? d in a rapidly improving part of the city.
Title indisputable.
Tcrjps: One-third cash ; residue in ?ix, twelve,
and eighteen mon*hs, for notes bearing interest.
A deed given and a deed of tiust tafc' n.
)e 19 -d Auctioneers.
By ORKXS A SCOTT, Auctioneer*.
jL U ?n.?On THUR30AY, the 21st instant, we
shall sell, on the premises, at 6 o'clock p. m., Lot
No. 19, tu Squire No. 724, having a frent on north
D of 50 feet, between 1st and 9d streets east, run
ning back to a 30 feet alley.
Al* >, immediately alter he sale of tbe above, at 7
o'clock, we shall sell on tbe prsmisss part of Lot
No. 4, in Square No. 759, fronting CO ft?i on M St.,
east by 100 feet on G st. north.
Both tbe a have described lots are bandssmely sit
aat-d and elevated.
Terms t One-tourth ea?h ; baltnce h? 6, >8 and !fi
months, fur notent btailcg interest from ibe day ol
Ti le indisput bis.
A defd given and a desd of rtwt taken.
BiroRTBD rot m?
Latest from **w Or 1mm.
Haw Oblbaks, June 19 ?The Bleek Wor
rier, with Havana dates of the lfith UK , haa
arrive!, bat her nsws is unimportant
Among the nominations mad* bj the Dem
ocrat c State Convention is that of E W
Moiss for A'tirney General Ho reeeatlj re
signed the offioe of United States Distriot At
Ifiter datsi at tho city of Msx'ao, ?? tho
5th inetsof, i%<1 ttat SaBta Ansa eneonn
tered General C<J?onf?rt at Aria on tho 29 h
ultimo, and was defeated and driven back to
L ni week there were seTeBtj-eia deatht
here from <he cholera, but it U bofcefod ilia
nearly at aa end.
The Indian War?Many White Prisoner*.
Nbw Yobk. June 21 ?Ike Tribase of tb ?
mornmg pabliabea a letter dated at Cmm&
Bluffs, on the 9:h, stating that thelndiaaehad
commenced war in earneet, end cb a large
aoale. A frie?dly Sion* Chief had eneoBBter
el a bond of hostile Indiana on the plaiae.
They had with ttem twsaty women and
chlJdr?* It was the impression that the Mor
mon traid, which bad passed the Bluffs, had
been attacked, and tive men all slaia.
The Alia a! Boston
Postow, Juno Jl.?Tho Asia reached here
about 11 this fortnoon. Her J?*ila *ill he
-.llapa ohed by the afternoon trains.
Baltimore Karketa.
Ualtivorb June 21 ? Flour is dall. Sale*
of Howard rtreet at $10a$l6 25. V beat?ealee
of red at $2 20a$2 30; mixed at $2 32i$2 S5.
Corn is dull; yellow, 103; white, $l03a$104.
By OlB SOM <ft CO t Baltimore.
b * iff. red at PbMr Sule, at the CitiaenV LI.?o
Si thl? *,c jrner of U.b-on (now Eu aw ?.tr-et) and
Hoffman street*, I'.atUDiiKi*, r>n SATURDAY. Hif
30.t? June. in?tant, commencing at 10 o'clock, If
fair, or ?f not fair, on the Monday following, at the
-ante liour?
^*5 good HPcon l h:;nd Omt-ibu* Coachts
Several lUrnm, !??( of Toole, Sic.
Term* of ?al?: On' half cash; ihe baiance fbr
noi. n, w iJU approved endorser?, payable in 6 months
with intercl. WM gTEIGER TrafWe.
jr j 9 j GIBSON A CO., A acta.
Pv GREEN fc SCoTT, Arc-nomeae.
1701k valuable builJiinu
P Northern Libtrtie? at Auctif*.? On MOnUAY
th- 25th instant, we shnl' n- I, in front eftbe premi
se*, commencing at 6 o'clock p ni , Lota Nn. 13
and 'hi, in r-'qu~<re No. 512. L >1 13 lmnta on Mh St.,
anif c niaiuc 6,141 rq'iare feet
Lot 23 from* cn uorih O street, and con alus 7,
330 feet. ,
taAI.?o, Lot No. 20, in e?pnre ?13, fronting on nort*
? street, and c? ntaine 6,576
And east half of l?ot N<> 4 In Square Flo 515, oa
wtnrh the sale will be commenced. This lot freate
cn n<?rth K afreet 29 <ct 6 inches, between 4ih and
5th streets weat, running aack to a Wide alley.
Title ind'.-i uiHb e.
Tt-r-na : One bird caah ; balance in 6,12, and l?
I months the purchasers to fire notes for the deferred
i payments, branng interest from d?v of rale.
[ j? 19 d Auctioneer
Dt GREEN * FCOTr. Atctioibsbs.
ilnu? ? am; I.OI un Mciiu?e'u a\>.n*e, at
Auction ? On FIUDAY, llM 221 instant, we ?ha I
! fell, ai 6 o'.;l'?ck p. m , in lr<?nt u the preniiae*. part
! &] Lou No*. 9 and 10, in square sou h of Square No
562, 'maime OB Masaachu^e'-ts avenue, between 2d
, ano 3J streets weM, nsiiiniR b^ca to north H ftre?-t,
with the improvement", which are a new three
? etoty Frame H.>use, containuig seven conveaient'y
ar<a>>|!*'d ioom
J Till' indisputable. ...? ...
1 Term*: One fourth cach ; balance In 6.12 and IB
' smooths, for noies bearing interest iron* me day of
' the sal*.
A tked aieen and a deed of t?ust taken.
je 18?d Auctioneer*
By kTsT WHIOHT, Auclloneer,
J* On Fltlliw Mt.-ri.oon .nex'. th.- s?d mutant,
at ft o'clock, I ?? all sell, in front the premlsee,
F.ast Ulot 114 in Tlireidk* I >'s anJU.??n, I _-?.iiBf
JO feet ?m - ?.?? ^r? et, by 150 deep, with the i ii|
pro??-mur t*, a comlortable iw>story uaire
? luu?e. wllh bat k binding.
Terms: One half\-a?h; the balance in all and
twelve months, wuh interest.
Jc20?dt? Aactiwayr.
fTv OH ^ * *COTT. Ascitos?*rs.
rl uon.?On FRIDAY, the 2.M in^anl, we shall
M?ll,of? the premises, at half pa?t 6 o'clock p. m^a
benuiit'ul hq'iare of jr??und, containme over 10 000
j^iiare feet, bounded by New Jersey avenue, 3d aiid
41m and n<-rlh O streets, il btwg square
The above d sc abed property is beauuiully loca
ted ?<n an elevated position, aad in a rapidly Improv
ing part of Uic city
Terms: One third csah; balance tn P? 1*, at'fl ?o
months, for nuies bearing interest from u>c dsy Of
lh? sale.
A d.jed aiven and a deed of mist taken.
je 16?d Auctioneer.
BV virtue o-adecee of ihe Circuit Conrt for
Prince George's county, as a Court of Equity,
I pantd iu a cause when sri John B ^ e^fter tfifl
others are complainants and f'tisiles 0. Calvert and
| others are defendant*, the lr.idersijneil, as Trastee,
will exp?*?e at public sale, cn the premiss, on
> RIDAY. 23nd of Jann, 1865
I st the hour of 12 o'cl*?ck, in , ii fair, it not, on the
first fair tiay t*erea:ier, the Ri al E-ute oi which
the 1st-! las G Wi-b ler died seiaed and possessed,
known as pari of '-His Lordship's Kindness," coa
311 ACRK9,
more or less?which suid Land will be offered for
I sal subject to ?b? widow's right of dower, which
has been laid off.
This land ina in Prince Gecr?e < county, about
two mdes from Centreville, and about sii miles from
I Upper MarlHoro', and adjoins the Uiws ol David
| Karry, Jotin Kingsbury and oihern The e^i: is sus
Ci pubic of imp'overocnt. There u an ?buni1iK6
Mof wool and wfter on the place?o Dwelling
Hou-e and other out-bouses, and a T"baceo
II >use. With a small outlay the place might
be made very productive
I The terms ol sale as prescribed by th? deeree are
ac follows: Two hundred and fiftv eol'arsto be paid
on the dav of sale, or on the ratification tbercol by
the i ouit; aud the re?idu?- ol ?he purct.?^e aiouef
to be piid ui equal mstalme.its of one and two years,
wiib interest frjui the day ci i-ale, to l?e secured by
the bonds of the purchaser with securi y to be a|?
proved by the trustee. And upon the payment ?4
the who'e parcbase money, the undcr?i#ned u au
thorixtd to convey to the purchaser sanl real estate,
free, clear nnd discharged of all claim ol the parties
to said < auae, or of auy persons claiming by.from or
under thetn- 8AMUEL H. BERRY,
j? Ifr? o?)ts Trustee.
"*HIS Rand is suitable for any and all purposes,
M and is warranted 10 give satisfaction to all those
who ieay be pleased to engage them, either as a
Brass, Reed, or Cotillon Band.
Any number of musicians to be bad at th? short
est notice by applying 10
Leader, at Taltatrull's Store, opposite the
Marine Barracks.
N. B.- Orders left at Hllbus fc Hilt's Muste D?
pot, will be promptly attended to.
mar 25?4m
THE Subscriber's Coaches w II call for f
wi hit'g to connect with the above
Railroads. My Coaches connect w itbj
the Steamers Taos Coi.lt i a or Gaoaos VVasbiwo
Tp!v, which leave Washington at 0 a m.
Meals ftimisbed on the boats.
Persons wishing the Coaches to call for them can
leave their name and residence with Mr. John T
Tilliuar, near th? Cupitoi gate; Mr. Btotfs dreg
store, corner Pennsylvania avenue and 19th street;
or at Geo. k Tbos. Parker k Co * store.
Coaches can be bad for Pleasure Trips.
nay 28 2m WILLIAM W HA LET
Jeweller, Wo S30 Pa. avsaas,
HAS reedvsd this day, direct, the le?gas> eseesi
meet of magnificent Roman and vmssaoaa
IAIC JRWBLRY, which bes ever bees cAred
m this city.
rbe patterns are of the viry latest st)tea.
The lot, betn? rather large for the advanced s
son, will be sold st extremely low prices.
Magnificent sets of Ptns and Ear Rings, from #0
I up to SftO. AdauMs ot tbu style of Jewelry ass la
vttM to <MK1M Uua unwn 1>U

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