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Crrr Corscus?Board of Aldermen.?On
Monday the Board met, Mr. Pearson in the
A petition was presented for the tue of the
kali for the purposes of the Metropolitan Me
chanic? Institute; referred.
- Mr. Houston, from the committee on finaneo,
reported m bill for the purchase of certain new
instruments for the Surveyor's Office, and ap
propriating therefor the sum of $612; passed.
Also, a joint regulation for the appointment
of a committee of two from this Board and
three from th? Common Council, to examine
and adjust the acocuqts of Robert J. Roche,
late collector of city taxes; passed.
Messrs. Houston and Dove were appointed
ftaid committee on the part of this Boani.
Mr. Miller offered a resolution to appoint a
Committee of three to devise some more per
feet plan of cleaning the streets and removing
nuisances; which was, after ?ome explana
tion and informal discussion, adopted; and
Messrs. Miller, Tretler. and Smith, ware named
to constitute the committee.
Mr. Pepper presented the petition of ?
Jones and others, against changing the grade
/of C street north, between Third and Four-and
a-half streets;
Also, the petition of Eleanor Cummings, in
delation to taxes erroneously assessed; re
Mr Tretler presented a petition of Win.
Wilson and others, in relation to an alley in
?qnare 448; referred.
Mr. Pearson presented a petition in relation
to taking up and relaying a gutter in the mid
dle of square bordered by Four-and-a-half
Street and Maine avenue.
Mr. Pepper presented the resolutions of the
Meeting of citisens held on Saturday ; which,
on being referred to the committee on improve
ments, of which he was chairman, he forth
with reported a bill appropriating $5,000 for
the relief of the suffering people of Norfolk
and Portsmouth.
The bill was advocated by Messrs. Pepper,
Miller, and Dove, in speeches in which not
only the right but the duty of the corporation
in tke premises were discussed and enforced.
Messrs. Houston, Smith, and Busey opposed it
on various ground*?of want of authority, the
danger of the precedent, but more particularly
in consideration of the low condition of tho
funds of the corporation.
Mr Smith <ffere<^ a proposition to appro
priate the pay of the aldermen for one year;
motion not entertained by the Chair.
The question then being taken on tho bill,
it was passed:
Yeas?Messrs. Dove, Miller, Tretler, Peppar,
and Marks?5. r1^'
Nays?Messrs. Houston, Busey, Pearson, and
The Board then adjourned.
Common Council.?The Board met. and all
the members were present except Messrs. Fish
er and Jefferson
^ Mr Baldwin presented the petition of C.
Munroe and others, for the suspension of work
on the alley in square 573 : referred.
Mr AtLee reported a bill for the relief of
Jacob F. King;
The same gentleman reported adversely on
the petition of Charles Frankenberger, which
elicited some debate, in which the rights of
liquor sellers under tavern licenses were dis
eased Tho report was adopted by a voto of
six to five.
The same gentleman reported a bill for the
relief of Robert Devereux and an adverse re
port on the petition of E. D. Tippett; bill
passed. and adverse report adopted.
Mr. Bail presented she petition of Q. Keat
ing. Jos Qales. and others, for improvement
of North Capitol street; referred.
Mr. Ruff, from the committee on police, re
ported a bill for the erection of pens in tho
vicinity of each market house, for the con
finement of live stock exhibited for sale, and
providing regulations and charges for the use
of the same ; passed.
Also, the bill from the Board of Aldermen
for the prohibition of smoking in and about
the market houses. Laid over.
Mr. Clements proposed a bill repealing the
law authorising the hiring of bulls for the uso
of the several wards; which was passed.
Also, on leave, a bill repealing the third
?eotion of the act in relation to the salary of
teachers in the public schools, Ac.; passed
Mr AtLee called up the bill imposing a spe
cial tax for school purposes.
Mr Orme moved to lay the bill on the ta
ble; which was decided in the negative?yeas
6, nays 12. as follows:
Yeas?Messrs. Abert. Fuller, Orme. Turton,
\ enable, and Walker?6.
Nays?M?ssrs AtLee. Baldwin, Ball, Baync.
Sublayer, Clements, Lloyd, MrCutchen, Puuf
phrey, Ruff, Towles, and the President?12.
The motion to strike out 1855, and insert
1356, was decidcd in the negative?veas 4
navs 15
The question recurring on ordering the bill
to a third reading, it was decided in the af
firmative?yeas 15, nays 4, namely: Messrs.
Fuller, Orme. and Turton.
The bill from the Board of Aldermen for th?
purchase of surveying instruments being next
taken up, was passed.
A bill from the upper Board for the relief of
?Henry Sanders was rejected?aye 1, the Pres
ident, noes 1?.
Mr. AtLee offered a resolution providing
that all claims for drainages, arising from re
gradation, be laid on the table till the suit
pending in the Supreme Court involving the
"ability of corporate authorities shall have
been decided; agreed to.
The joint re*olution from the upper Board
? d Vion l^? adjQ?tln?nt of the accounts
of K. J. Roche, late Collector, was concurred
in and Messr>. At Lee, Bayne. and Abert
^ ?Hinted on the part of the Board.
Mr. Walker, from tne Committee on Im
provements, reported a bill for grading First
ttreet, between A and B south ; passed.
Also, the joint resolution for grading C street
*ou'h ; passed
?V?, * ^or Cont?n<ring the improvement
i , ^Qth and Third street east; passed
Also, the bill from the Board of Aldermen
Providing for relaying the foot-pavement in
iront of the school-house on the corner of
fourteenth and G streets ; passed
* report recommending a suspension of
ri7ork B",DS on in square 573; agreed to.
^-WO for the relief
of Norfolk and Portsmouth, received from the
?Board of Aldermen, was taken up. It was op
posed by Messrs McCutchen, Abert, AtLee,
Juloyd, and Orme, and advocated by Messrs
t lements. Ball, Walker and Davis, (President )
A mouon to substitute 51,000 having been with
drawn, the bill was rejected by the following
^Yeas?Messrs Ball Clements, Fuller, Turton
walker and Davis?6.
Nays Messrs Abert, Atlee, Baldwin, Bayne.
Bo^laver, Lloyd, McCutchen, Orme, Peters,
Pumphrey, Ruff, Towles, and Venable-13.
ihe Board then adjourned.
Baxxbr Presentation.?The ceremony of
presenting a large and handsome silk national
banner took place this morning, between nine
and ten o clock, in the presence of many
spectators. The Infantry were drawn up in
line before the residence of Jonah D. Hoover.
Esq., the U. 8. Marshal for the District of
Columbia; Esputa's band at the right. On
the appearance of Mr Hoover with the flajr in
his hands, the air of the "Star Spangled Ban
ner ' was performed by those musicians in
their beet style; and when it ceased, that gen
tleman addressed the Infantry as follows :
Soldiers : I have been selected on behalf
of the eitisens of this city to present you thii
beautiful flag.
Nineteen years ago the " Washington Light
Infantry," the name that your corps Slit
b;ars, was organised, and on this day, just
nineteen years ago, its first parade was made.
I h-j interval between the organisation of your
corps and the present, I can safely assert, has
served to increase the oonfidence and admira
tion dieted by its first appearance, and the
example then set by year corps immediately
suggested and stimulated similar enterpriser,
whk-h subsequently proved successful, and
tao result is tne magnificent regiment of Vol
unteers, now the pride and boast of the Dis
The insignificance in number of the regular
army of the United States, even at this day,
when our power and greatness places us among
th- first powers of the earth, when contrasted
with the armies of othe powers of any magni
tude, shows that it was intended by our fore
lather- -imply as a nucleus around which to
rail j Uie militia to whom was chiefly entrusted
^ defence of oureountry ; ami nobly, hero
!f Aftt militi* "*<*** ** ability to
the trust confide) to it at all
??a everywhere, at homo or abroad.. Tfae
' iha war ?r W12, our Indian war,
U w*r Mexico, all illustrate the
neroum, the devotion, the energy and the in
telligence of the American volunteers.
Experience, then, having shown that we
?*? "J7 our citiien soldiery,
I hold that it it the duty of all good citi2%ns
to encourage the format*** oi ?0lunteer ^
||^orgUM?tioii>. and thus foster the martial
spirit, *o that at all times we may be fully nre
?r t?r attack OT
Soldiers It was the " Old Guard" nf v.
noleon, at Waterloo, at the olose of that terri
wh?^Sr5ffoi: ion? ?- 'u-titdSe
an?5e? r?^ii^maU(i- ?at beroic band>
, , "f10* Wlth admiration at the unnaral
from annihi? ?.lhlbl*?d' and desirous of saving
thin Sit".Wfclt remained of that until
*Zar "J"*1*1? Lguard> ? proposal to sur
V Tk? g?ll?nt colonel
in command instantly sent back the reply
. TUrt' m'ils ne *e rfnd pas * I
, "> ??/">?' I b?lio?o, should
tho boy, pf ?? ? tte d,feoc, of its
iSfir SS.^SKF* y?u to imitate the exam
ple ofthat "Old Guard," that you will devote
i.M J, did' and that I*0 language
of that gallant colonel, " The guard dies, but
i<inethUXr!llde^" "iu bo the motte *bi?b 7?
ttP?a m$ banncr. which,
? i.*' * have now lhe Pleasure to pre
sent, through you. to the corps under your
command, as a testimonial of the confidence
ani,e8t?em of the citiiens of this metropolis,
v Jr ,was then transferred to Capt Jas
i . Davis, the captain of the Light Infantry,
and was greeted with hearty cheering. In re
ply, he thanked the donors for the handsome
but patriotic gift, and for the manner in which
the honor was bestowed upon the corps which
be had the honor to command. In placing the
flag into their hands was conveyed the compli
ment that its purity should not bcsullied while
in their possesion, and that their best efforts
should always bo exercised to defend it, even
at tho sacrifice of life. The expectations of
their friends shall not be disappointed
t p e. J^ntry then filed off, and proceeded
rSh?Ickey 8 farmJ t0 j?in the National
uuard there encamped, an invitation havira
been extended to them for that purpose, insei
ebration of the anniversary of the battle of
,^ILITnRI CiL?BRATi05.-It is well known,
1>J to some of our older inhabitants,
and through the source of printed and oral his
tory to others, that, after lhe British had in
T?U Washington, on the 24th of August,
? and burnt a large amount of public prop
erty thoy, emboldened by their incendiary
l??i! dat * National Capital, proceeded to
North Point, with a view to the capture of
Baltimore. There, however, they met with a
repulse, which will be cherished forever, espe
cially by the inhabitants of that city, as the
heroism of the citisen soldiery not only shed
additional lustre on the American arms but
impressed the foe with the, to him, mortify
ing truth that he was not invinciblc. It was
at North Point that the victory was won. and
where the British commander. General Ross,
was si am. The anniversary of that day the
volunteer militia now celebrate, both in Balti
more and Washington.
wTbe. National Guard, together with the
Washington Light Infantry, are at Colonel
Hickey s farm, several miles from the city,
and the President's Mounted Guard is in Bal
To-day, we have a visit from the Baltimore
sold cry f namely : the National Blues. Capt
McLean ; Montgomery Guards, Capt. Moore ;
Mount Vernon Guards, Capt. Saxe; Union
Guards, Capt Chaisty, and the State Guard,
tapt. Starr. They are under the general com
mand or Col. J. M. Anderson, Lieut. Col. Ed
gerton, and Adj. N Montgomery, and accom
panied by the Independent Blues band. Thev
arrived in Vi uihington at noon, and were re
ceived at the railroad depot by the Montgom
\ri-i^naA J^iin&toa Highlanders, the
Ma, ion Rifles, and the German Yagers, of this
city, under the command of Col. Uiokey, and
escorted through our streets to the President's
ilouso, where they were reviewed.
The display was beautiful, and the theme of
admiration, but tho soldiery doubtless suffered
exceedingly from the efiects of the heat the
weather being not only ?arm but meitintj.
They wera in winter uniform, which served to
render their movements more oppressive
After leaving the President s House" the
military proceeded to Carusis Saloon, where a
fine collation, served by Mr John Miller, so
well known to our citixcns for his ability in
that line, awaited them. It was prepared at
short notice, he having received notice to that
effect yesterday evening.
In that same saloon, nineteen years azo
September 12, 1838?several companies of vis
iting military from Baltimore were entertained
by our citiiens; and on that day the Wash
ington Light Infantry made their first parade,
the only military company at that time in
W ashmgton.
The Baltimore visitors return home this
The Hucksters of the Cextrm Markkt
yesterday generously contributed seventy-six
dollars and fifty cents for the relief of the Nor
folk and Portsmouth sufferers, all of which
was collestcd by our publio-spirited young
friends H B. Mcfelfresh and L Neumeyer, of
the fraternity, who handed it over to us to be
sent down to its destination. We immediately
despatched it as intended by the generous and
right feeling donors, through the trusty hands
oi k. weeny and Rittenhouse, bankers of this
city. The following is a list of tho contribu
tors to this fund subscribed by the Washington
m irket dealers in fruits, vegetables, Ac. :
J Skidmore. S5- T. Lishear <t Bro , S5; C.
F. Richardson, ^2 60; J. W. Powers, $2 50;
V, J*2 L Neumeyer, 52; li. B.
MoElfiresh, ?2, J. Hammond, 52; S. Shrove,
ivL Do?*dr>DA S.2; J Sbreve, S2; A.
?l t ' Cruit, 52; R. Cunningham,
c?' "L Theckor, 52; J Weaver, SI; J. Sheid,
l\' 5 3?$1; T ?1; F. King,
31; C. Crawford, 51; W. R. Fowler, 51;
Luis 51; J. Scot, 51; H. Whaley, 51; J. Wil
son, 51; J. Dunnineton, 51; C. Brown, SI; E.
Adams A Bro., 51; W Mturrey, 51; H. Neale,
n *1: Jobn Ti*' A Jones, 51;
B. F. Evans, 51; C. Becket, 51; E. Crusor, 51;
{? 51; J. Gibson, 51; H. Sherwood,
50c; W. Caldwell, 50c; P. Hawkins, 50c; Z.
Thomson, 50c; M. Roohe, 50c; W. Luis, 50c;
vr-' VnK' C Payno, 50o; H Hoyle, &0c;
W. lolbert, 50c; J. Miller, 50c; W. Riddle,
. EKle?ton, 50c; N. Jones, 50o; J. Car
A. Columbus, 50c; 8. Sherwood, 50c;
L 8kidmore, 50c; Mrs. Hugos,
? n ?ber?' a lad7' 5?c; J- Kenoey,
amngton, 50c; J. Pclla, 50c; T.
Donaldaon, 50c; J. Lafontane, 52.
The Receipts or theSHackmeit, on Mon
day to be appropriated to tho relief of the
. ;rfolk and^Porumouth sufferers, have not
yet ull been handed in to the treasurer ; there
u KDOt publi"h the list of returns
until it shall be complete. We learn that up
wards of one hundred hackmen were on that
day associated in the benevolent work, and
that ?eventy;?ne of them have paid over
S4ft0.,5. It is fair to presume that the aggre
gate amount will reach 5650, perhaps more.
The Merry Bechelor.?This gallant club
of youDg gentlemen of Washington have sent
to the editor of the Star 525. as the amount of
their contribution for the relief of the suffer
ers at Norfolk and Portsmouth. We have
with great pleasure duly forwarded it, through
Messrs. Sweeney A Rittenhouse, bankers of
this city, a4 requested; 510 to Norfolk and
515 to Pottsmouth.
Fiee Thev.?A portion of the alley running
between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, and
immediately south of Pennsylvania Avenue,
is in a disgusting condition, while another por
tion of it is clean. Who is to blame? Who
are in the habit of emptying filth there. We
eall the attention of the police to this locality,
which bids fair to be breed pestilence here
Held to Bail.?JohnElison, James Elison,
and Andrew Elison, were arrested, on Tues
day, by officers Wise, Simonds, and Wester
field. f<Jt *n assault and battery on Mary
Dougherty and Daniel Spalding. Justice Bated
held them to bail tor their appearanee at
Tbh National Grits, of this Com
manded by Capt. Lemuel Towers, yesterday
tffiit to the Prosident of tho Howard Associa
tion at Norfolk their ten tents and one marque
for the use of tbe suffering people of that city
who may need them.
CiriLMtej's CostttiBCTtoHI.?Beside the
contributions made by the two boy*, already
announced in this paper, a twenty-five eent
piece was received at our connter yesterday
from a small girl; also, a similar amount,
each, from two little colored girls.
. ?? ' i "i 11 ..it
IT?" WdnHfrlnl!?Wonderful !?Wonder
ful .?Tke like kax never It fort bein kkoir* in
our City ?An old citizen, 63 years of age, wlio
has lost the use of his hands and lingers, roily re
stored by the almost miraculous use or Prof. C.
Mr. Geo. Weis, residing at 277 Eager st.. one
door from the corner of Somerset street, two doors
from !*t James' Church, had his fingers of both
hands fully restored to their former use. having
been paralyzed for three years. "the cure aa& bwn
nude by a single dollar bottle of Prof. DeGrath's
Oil. Mr We is will at all times be pleased to see
persons who wish to know more of his case and
the magical effects of the Oil Call and see htm.
Manv have been taken off their crutches in two
or three days, from severe Rheumatism and Gout,
and hundreds have been cored of Neuralgia, and
otcer complaints, too well known to need further
CAcno* ?No (genuine) "Electric Oil" sold
by pedlers anywhere. We hear of impositions
practised on the people.?Baltimore Sun.
Prof C. DxGRATH,
No 39 South Eighth st. Philadelphia,
sep 13?3w
ID- Dr. Hoofland's Celebrated German
B Ue*s.?The condition of the stomach is of vital
importance. No man, woman or child ran be
heUthy unless the work of digestion is regularly,
thorougly and vigorously performed. With three
fourths of civilized society this is not the case
And yet the remedy is within the reach of all
by Dr C M. Jackson. Philadelphia, will as sure
ly create a regular and healthy action of the stom
a h as oil will lessen the friction of machinery.
Let the victim of dyspepsia or Indigestion in any
of Its forms, try it. and we guarantee a good ap
petite, physical vigor, firm nerves, sound sleep by
ni^ht, and increased cheerfulness by day.
See advertisement. sep 12?3m
LD" Important Notice*?But one solution to
the mysterious office performed by my ELEC
TRIC OIL, that I or any Physiologist can thus
far di cover, and that is its probable Incorporation
with the electric or nervous fluid of the human
body. Thts is more obvious from (he sudden
change of the nerves of sensation (those little mon
itor* of suffering,) noticed by all who use my
(genuine) Electric Oil, from 39 South Eighth st ,
near Chestnut, Philadelph'a It is a most im
fwtint discovery, as the people will soon know
rom actual experience. It relieves suffering, as
does no other known combination, and that sud
Price 50 cents and 81. Prof. C. DzGRATil.
STOTT & CO. sepS?lw
At Fredericksburg, Va , on the 8th Inst . after
an Illness of four we>ks, FRANK TAYLOR
SMITH* -only child of Henry Smith, of Wash
ington, In the l-th year of his age.
By A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
* New Furniture, China, Glass, * Crock,
ej y Ware.?On Tuesday, the 4th instant, I shall
s It, at my Auction Store, at the corner of Seventh
a: d D streets, opposite the Patriotic Bank, at 10
o'clock a m., a large and excellent assortment of
n* w Mahogmy and Walnnt Furniture, viz:
Sofas. Chairs, Castor, Rocking and Revolving
Chairs 6
Dresiing and other Bureaus
Ottomans and Hat racks
Bcokcases and Secretaries
Wilting Desks a;id Whatnots
Mahogany and other Wardrobes
Extension Tables
Marble-top centre, side and other Tables
M botany French, cottage and walnut Bedsteads
Fine painted Cottage Sets, Washstands
Hiir and Shuck Mattresses
Office and other Chairs
With a large lot of other goods which I deem un
necessary to enumerate.
Terms: Under *50 cash; over S50a credit of 2,
3 aid! months, for notes satisfactorily endorsed,
bearing interest. A. GREEN,
1? Auctioneer.
Av ill be added to the above sale, two good sec
end hand Piano Fortes, and one flne larte gilt
frame Mirror. A. G.
ICr The above sale is postponed until
TUURSDAY, the 13th instant, same hour.
sep 12?d_ Auctioneer.
BvJAS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer.
Sale*?That highly eligible lot of Ground
adjoining the newly-ouilt residence cf Capt J B.
Montgomery, being Lot No. C, in Square 218,
fronting 50 feet on I steet, and running back 80
feet 7 inches to a twenty feet alley
The above described property will be sold on
SATURDAY evening next, the 15th instant, at
5* o'clock p. m
Te;ms: One-fourlh of purchase money cash;
balance in 6, 12 and 18 months, for notes secured
by a deed of trust.
Title under a decree of court.
If the terms are not complied with in three days
ftom the sale, the property will be resold at the
risk and expense of the purchaser
sep 11?d Auctioneer.
By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer.
1 Lot on F street at Auction.? On FRIDAY
afternoon, Sept. ^Ith, atC o'clock, I shall sell, on
the premises, Lot No. 4, in Square No. 80, situ
ated on F street north, between Twentv-flrst and
Twenty-second strett west, fronting 63 feet 7 inch
on F street, running back 12S feet 8% inches.
This lot is eligibly h>cated in the most thriving
part nf the First ward, and presents a most ex
cellent opportunity either for building or Invest
ment. Sale positi ve.
Terms: One-third cash; balance in 0 and 12
months, with notes bearing Interest, sccured by a
deed in trust on the property.
sep 11?d Auctioneer.
By A. GR EEN, Auctioneer.
island at Auction.?On FRIDAY, the 14th
instant, I shall sell, in front of the premises, at 5
o'clock p. m., Lots No 1 and 22, in Square No.
490 Lot No. 1 is 47 feet front by 75 feet deep,
fronting on 4)f street, between i and K sts. south.
Lot 22 is 50 feet front, and 82 feet daep on one line
and <57 on the other, running back to a wide alley,
on 1 street south, between 4# and 8th streets we>t.
Terms: One-third cash; balance in 6, 12 and
18 months, for notes bearing interest from day of j
All conveyance at the expense of purchaser.
A deed giVen and a deel of trust taken.
Title indisputable. Sale positive.
A. GREEN, Auctioneer,
pep 8?d (Organ)
By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer.
Estate on the Island, Dwelling Houses
aud Building Lots.?By virtue of a deed of trust
bearing date on the fourth day of August, 1854,
and recorded in Liber J A. S., No. 84, folios 392,
Ac., the subscriber will sell at public sale, on
THURSDAY, the 6th day of September, 1855, at
0 o'clock p. m , on the premises, Lots Nos. 69, 70,
71, 72, 73, 71, 75, 76 , 77 , 78, 79 and 80, in Joel W.
Jones's subdivision of square No. 545, fronting
each 25 feet on Van street, between 3d and 4Jf sts
w.-st and N and M street* south, by 130 feet deep
to a fifteen feet alley, with the buildings and im
provementa, which consist of two well-built and
comfortable frame dwelling houses.
The above property is eligibly situated la a de
si table and rapidly improving part of the city,
and will be sold either as a whole or in separate
lots, as may be desired, and offers a very favorable
opportunity to persons desirous to obtain a resi
dence or building lots, or investing.
The terms of sale will be one-third cash; and
the balance in 6 and 12 months, for notes bearing
interest from day of sale, and secured by deed of
trust upon the property; and if not complied with
in six days after the side, the property (the terms
of which are not so complied with) will be resold
upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense
of the de&ulting purchaser.
All conveyancing at expense of purchasers.
au 15?eo&ds Auctioneer,
jr^ The above sale Is postponed to Thurs.
day, September 13th, at 5% o'clock, at which time
it will positively take place.
C. S WALLACH. Trustee.
sep 7?d Auctior
By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer.
nal, suitable for a Coal and Wood Depot.
On WEDN ESDA V afternoon, September 12th, at
5J{ o'clock, on the premises, I snail sell part of
Lot No. 2, in Square No. 147, fronting ISO feet on
19th street west, by 120 feet on north B street, con
tainlng 14,Ow square feet of ground.
Thts lot adjoins and Is withtn five feet of the
canal, and is very desirable for a coal or wood de
Term*: One-third cash; the residue in 2, 12,
and 18 months, with interest, secured by a deed of
trust on the premises.
sep 7?d Auctioneer.
Salesman wanted.?a young man
that come well recommended as strictly
moral, and having a knowledge of the dry goods
business, will And employment with a liberal sal
ary, by addressing a letter to "B E H," through
th* Georgetown Host Office. aep 13?eoQl
ral Housework?slave preferred Apply at
No. 309 North E, between 10th and llth sta.
Wanted?BY a YOung woman of
good character, a situation In a respectable
Kirate family, to do chamberworkand plain sew
g. Satisfactory reference given and required.
Apply >t this oflfce. > sep 1*? lw
THEW MAKaLAND kit his boarding house on
C atreet, between 3 and oa morning of the
?d instant, (Sunday last) at aoC?1 . ? clock*
since which tine he has not been seenot 2?*rd ??
He wore away a black cloth dress coat, black pan
taloons, black satin vest, white cravat with purple
flower, a new pair calf skin boots. He was sixty
years rf age, 6 feet 2 inches high, heavy frame,
and remarkably straight for one of his age. Anjr
person having information concerning nirrf will
greatly oblige his family by communicating the
sune to me. I will cheerfnlly give a reward of
$1U0 to any person who will furnish information
by Which I will be enabled to find him.
sen 10 480 L street north
[Country papers please call attention ]
Wanted immediately, a man who under
stands putting up wire fencing. Apply to W. D.
Wallacn, at the Star office sep 10?tf
a good Seamstress. None need apply unless
they can produce satisfactory teatimon lads of char
Also, a good Cook can find employment at the
same place. HEFLEBOWER & LO VETT.
sep 5?lw ___
they can get a lot 24 feet front by 130 feet
deep, for the low price of f 75?payable S3 a month
without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office
7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall.
ap28??m JOHN FOX, Sec.
For sale?on reasonable terms,
a new two-story Frame House and Lot, very
plea>antly situated, on New Jersey avenue, betw
M and N streets north Enquire on the premise^.
sep 12?3t*
FUR RENf?a two-story and base
ment Brick House, on Prospect st., George
town To a permanent tenant the rent will be
moderate. Apply to T. A. NEUMAN, Bridge st.
sep 11?3t
I^OR RENT AND SALE ?The House now
occupied by Mr. Thomas Lambert as a Tin
n nj Kstablisbment, * ituated on the west side of
8 b street. 3d door only from the avenue, in full
vie v of the Centre Market, and a few yards there
from; its location being in the centre of the two
bed business squares would make one of the best
grocery stands in Washington. Possession given
at once of the upper or dwelling part, but not of
the Store, which will be given ; t an early date ?
Kent low. This property, with the one adjoining
on either side for sale. A good bargain may be
expccted and very liberal terms, requiring but a
small money payment. Apply to Thos. Pursell,
opp. Browns' Hotel, or fo the subscriber, No. 5
Maine avenue. RICH'D G. BRISCOE
sep ku?3t#
and Dwelling, No. 88 Bridge street, George
town, so long occupied as Emmert's Confection
ery. Apply to ARN Y, next door.
rry 25?7awtf
ry Dwelling on First street, Georgetown, at
Ere^nt occupied by Mrs. R-phael Semmes, will
e far rent about the 1st of October. It is In a de
lightful neighborhood, and is one of the most
comfortable houses in the town.
Apply to B.I. SEMMES, 399 Pa. avenue,
au 30?eotf
Rtory brick Honsc In complete order, on 8th
Mrcat, near N, Northern Liberties. Enquire of
W. J. McCOLLUM, 8th and k streets, Northern
Liberties. au 13?eotf
ly furnished, in a fl^st rate location. Apply at
the <Jhce of A. SHUCKING, E*q , Pa. uvenue,
between 8th and 9th streets, No. 13.
sep 7?FAM#
For rent.?two large and con
venlent new Brick House< and Storeroom, at
corner of Pa. avenue and 22d street, and a good
Store, or an Office or Offices, on the corner of H
and ISth streets, will be rented low to good ten
ants. Apply lo
At George F. Kidwell A Co.'s Wood and Coal
Yard, 14th st., opp Franklin Engine House,
sep 7?eotJt
three-"tory Brick Houses on 9th street, west,
between D and E sts , south, and opposite Grace
Church, containing each saloon parlor, six cham
bers, dining room, and kitchen, with ample yards
Ac. To punctual and careful tenants the rent will
be lower than such houses can be obtained for In
any part of the city.
Opposite Washington City Hall,
sep 10?eo4w
tures, suitable for a grocery, with a good dry
Cellar, on the corner of tuth and L streets north.
For information enquire on the premises,
sep 10?3t*
FOR SALE OR RENT-A desirable tbree
storv Brick House, with passage, back build
ings and good yard, suitable for store and Dwel
ling. For further information enquire of Mr. Mor*
f in, on the premises, between 17th and 18th sts ,
ennsylvania avenue, Jacob Brodbeck, William
Fanning, Agent. sep 7?lw
with stable in rear, and cistern of water in
the yard, containing nine rooms, on L St., near
9tb street nor'h. /
For sale, several Lots of ground, in the First
and Fourth Wards. For terms enquire cf the
undersigned, north wing Capitol extension,
sep7? Z. JONES.
For sale?two hundred lots.
Price #75 each. Two years' credit, or 10 per
cent, discount for cash. Apply at the Union Land
Office, 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall.
Brick House, on H st., between 12th and 13th,
containing eight rooms and a cellar, is for rent.
Apply to J. vV. BARKER, on H street, next to
Lutheran Church. au 29?tf
several very pleasant furnished Chambers for
rent, in a new brick house. Apply to
au 8 No. 46 Louisiana avenue.
J good Building Lota In a rapidly Improving
neighborhood for sale on tt% ytars* credit.
Aj^lyto J. H. DRURY.
F*6R rent?several handsome par
lors and Chambers, with Board.
Also, Table and Transient Board. Inquire at
Mrs SMITH'S, 233 F street. ap 0?tf
ant and newly repaired dwelling on Tenth
street. No. 468, between D and E, will be pleased
to receive one family, or several gentlemen, on
terms the most reasonable. The rooms are large
and handsomely furnished, and a large yard at
tached to the house for the exercise of children.
Being near the avenue, it is moat convenient for
table and transient boarders.
au 27?3w*
' sylvania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel, baa
several large and desirable rooms, suitable for
families or single gentlemen, which she will rent
wilt board at moderate prices. She can also ac
commodate six or eight table boarders.
Jy30 tf
Board,Ac ?mrs. bates,on the s. w.
cornerof Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street
Is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms,
with or without board. Every effort will be made
to render those comfortable who may favor her
with their patronage. ap 6?tf
rpHE subscriber will keep constantly on hand
X a heavy assortment of all the different quali
ties of Window Glass, which he is determined to
sell at such prices as will prevent our large con
sumers from sending to Baltimore and Pnlladel
|)hla fbr It by making it to their interest to bny
He also has always on hand
Oils, Paints. Colors
Every kind of dry or ground Paint
Varnish Brushes, Sash Tools
Fltcbe, Grainer, Blenders, kc.
No pains will be spared to glvesatiafaetion.
sep 11?eo3w 534 Seventh ?t.
Halifax, Sept. 11.?The Africa arrived this
morning, bringing ditti from Liverpool to the
lft of September.
The newt from the Crimea is merely a de
tail of previous operations, and of the battle
of Tchernaya.
The battle began at break of day. The
Russians crossed the river on floats, and drore
in the allied oatposta.
General Simpson saysthe Russians advanced
tiii'P* times with the most determined bravery.
Thrioe they Carried the bridge and crowned
the heights, but were driven back by
the French batteries.
The Zouaves charged them with the ba?o*?ti
and the English battery made great havoc as
they retreated to the river.
The English lancers and the Freneh mount
ed chasseurs were stationed in the plain, bat
coald not pursue the retreating army, as the
Russian batteries kept up a fire from thoir
own side of the river, and thus covcred the
Tho Russian report admits great losses and
three generals killed. It attributes the loss
to the too great impetuosity of the right col
umns of attack. The Russian troops engaged
had just arrived in the Crimea.
General Gortschakoff commanded in person
from M&enxie heights. The Grand Duke
Constantino was not present, although it was
stated that she was. *
The condition of the Russian dead shewed
that they have been subjected to a long march,
and had suffered considerable hardship, which
fully confirms Napoleon's recent statement,
that to his knowledge Russian resource? arc
General Pelissier issued a grandiloquent or
der, announcing the victory, but his account
does not find favor in Paris. They say that
he did not make most of his victory, nor pre
paie a sufficient force to crush the attack.
General Smith's mail despatch of the 18th
says: 44 General Pelissier having announced
to me that the batteries against the Malakoff
and adjacent works were prepared to open fire,
it should be commenccd yesterday morning
against those works and the Redan. This
continued throughout the day, and the effect
produced was ss much as was anticipated.
The Russian fire, which at first answered
briskly, became by evening feeble. In the
afternoon shells from our inurtars ignited, and
a number of them exploded in one of the ene
my's batteries, doing apparently much dam
age. Captains Oldfield and liammct have
been killed. The British lost 138."
The Russian? are daily expecting the arriv
al of General Parinitinc with 9,000 cavalry,
3.000 infantry, and 160 guns.
Omar Pacha definitely takes command in
Asia, and would leave on the 21st for Frebi
ronde. Osman Pacha has command of the
second division, and the troops will be con
veyed in English steamers to Frebironde.
Wc have no rcliablo intelligence from Kars
or Esreroum.
The Russians have re-established communi
cations between Genitchi and Arabat.
Several new Russians ships arc to be built
this winter at Nisolace.
The Allied fleet? have retirod from before
Cronstadt. and have taken up another posi
tion. A despatch stating that gun-boats were
returning home, led to the belief that the cam
paign had closcd ; but it now appears that the
ships or gun-boats returning, were those which
have been disabled.
The London Times contains an editorial ar
ticle, couched in very severe language on the
non-effectiveness of the fleet, and says that
" Nelson and Collingwood must blush in their
Private letters state that the loss of the Rus
sians in Swcaborg was not less than 2,000 men.
The Russian paper (Nord) says that the loss
was only 50 killed, and that 1,300 guns still
remain in position, and that the batteries are
wholly uninjured.
The Berlin correipondent of the Augsburg
Gazette states that the Prussian Cabinet has
recently replied to Count Buol's circular, to
the effect that Prussia is disinclined to make
any change in her policy in regard to the East
ern question, because she is unable to seo
what practical guarantee the often mentioned
four points can afford or fits settlement; fur
ther, that Prussia cannot consent to bind her
self to these four points whilo the parties prin
cipally concerned reserve to themselves the
right of going.beyond them. Finally, Prussia
repeats the decision of tho Germanic Bund,
made last December, acknowledging the suit
ableness of the proposed conditions of peaoe,
without, however, pledging herself to maintain
From the above it is evident that Prussia
and the Germanic Federation stand precisely
as they did twelve months ago.
The Austrian papers make complaint that
the assistance lent by the western powers to
the Sultan is fast changing into occupation of
The correspondent of the London Times in
Paris writes, after a comparatively long period
of silence respecting Austria : " The Austrian
policy is such that it is again stated in high
quarters that the French Government has rea
son to be satisfied with that power."
In reply to Austrian remonstrances, Great
Britain is said to have stated that the question
of nationality will not be introduced into the
present crisis, and that the depot of the Italian
recruits now at Nevarra will be removed fur
ther from the Austrian frontier.
A Berlin letter says that Count Nesselrode
had addressed another letter to the Russian
Ambassador, in which he says the Csar is wil
ling to make honorable terms of peace.
A letter from Constantinople, under date of
the 20th ult., Bays a Council was held on the
18th, at which ministerial changes were de
Lord Stratford has gone to the Crimea.
The Duke of Newcastle had been sick in
camp, but was recovering
The Nord Russian Journal saya : 44 Omer
Pacha freely expressed himself at Constanti
nople that the allied commanders, especially
General Pelisrier, were humbugs, and that he
should twice have lost his army if he had fol
lowed their advice."
Betts, the engineer, writes that the Balak
lava railway is in a condition to stand the win
Abdel Kader had arrived at Constantinople.
A national ?hilling sabeeriptftoa la i
to b? u??d for a tastimoaial to Adninl
A fiat of bankruptcy kw been i
K<ii%d Oliver.
Fire band red Highlander* had smbaikod
on board \be leaser UtMa at Liverpool for
Malta. Ob board of the Great Britain, oaval
ry were about to embark.
The export of Inm north of Dunkirk ii pro
hibited. and a bond U repaired whenever as*
ported. ^
The potato harvest la Ireland la fhvotsbla
on the whole.
Dullae?<* prevail? in political affaire
The Austrian Arehdake Maximilliaa haa
arrived at Toulon.
The Kings of tiardinia. Wurtemburg, and
Bavaria are expected by the Emperor.
The crops throughout Franee are aatiafac
The harvest in Algeria is assailant
A eommissioa has hecn ap pain tad to raviaa
the tariff.
Committees appointed are oonaidering the
tariff qoestioa.
Foreigners are exempted from the foroad
loan, bat are invited to eontribate to it.
According to a Paris rumor, we may expect,
from day to day, to hear of the involuntary
abdication of Queen Isabella, and of ia^ort
ant events in Spain.
The Duke de Montpensier is openly agitating.
Liverpool, Saturday, Sept. 1?11 o'eloek,
a m?Messrs. fiiglsnd A Co , report: Tha
weather has been favorable fur the crops, and
thti fact has caused a oemmotion in the broad -
-tuff market. Wheat has decliaed 3d. in the
last four days. Flour has declined Si fid, and
Corn Is; the market eloeing steady.
Bacon has advanced Is. Lard ?The atoak
is reduced, and 58*. is now asked by holders.
Tallow is in active speculative demand Pricea
have advanced Is.
From Norfolk and Fertaaaouth.
Baltiwork. Sept. 12?The Georgia haa ar
rived with Norfolk news up to noon yeatarday.
The number of deaths in Norfolk daring tha
previous 24 hour*, ending at 6 p. mon
day, were 36; from that time to nooa Ti
day but few oases or deaths were reported,
tut it is thought there was no deoreaaa of
In Portsmouth the panic is increasing
were 22 deaths in 14 hours previous to 3 p.
of Tuesday, and 26 on Monday.
Of a party of eleven physicians and
who went down in the Georgia on the 29th of
August six are dead.
The wife of the Rev Mr Smith is dead.
Dr. Berrsche, of Washington, is very ill.
Dr. Morris, of Baltimore, will probably re
The Howard Association have declined send
ing the orphan children to Baltimore, although
every preparation has been made for tham.
Several families have removed to Camp
A private letter says " Disease. Misery, and
Death have desolsted ocr fair town, and if
the fever much longer holds its triumphant
sway, and we are not removed from this infeo
tcd region, we must all die. Our frienda of
to-day are in their graves to morrow."
Further from the Maine Election.
Portlajtr, Sep. 11.?156 towns give Mocziil
2V 000, Wells 26.000 and Reed 6,000. Tha
majority of Senators and Rep reaentatlves are
anti-Abolition. Know Nothing, and Maine
Law. The election is a close one.
Baltimore Xarkata.
Baltimore, Septtember 11.?Flour ? Ohio
and Howard street sold this morning at $7.62.
V heat is active. Sales of 7.000 bushels. White
$1.75a$l-85, and red $1.73a$1.75. .Corn
White, 87c. The supply of corn is very light.
How Tork Xarkata.
New Yore. Sept. 12?Stocks are lower.
Money is firm. Sales of Virginia 5's at 88f.
Flour is unsettled; sale* of 7.000 bbls. Straight
State $3; good Ohio $8.50; Southern $8.75.
Wheat is firm, with an upward tendency?
sale* of 26 000 bushels; Southern white $2;
red $1.85. Corn is a trifle lower.
MARSHAL'S SALE?In virtue of a writ of
Furl Facias ' under Lien Law," laeued from
the Clerk's office of tbe Circuit Court of tbe Dle
tr.ct of Columbia, for tbe county of Washington,
and to me d m ted, I shall up se to public ato,
for cash, on F R1 DAY. the **h day of September
next, at the front of the Court house door of the
said ceunty. at 1* o'clock m , the following prop
erty, viz: all William Durr's Interest Into tbe
Brick Houses situated on the west half of Lot No.
<51, in Square No. 253. in the city of Washington.
D C , slezed and levied upon as the property of
William Durr. and will De sold to satisfy Judi
cial No. 21 to October. Ia55, In favor of Colt
man A Smith. J. D HOOVER,
Marshal for DUtlict of Columbia.
sep 4?tds
WE have just received a fresh lot of F reach and
English PERFUMERY, consisting la part
of all the varieties of Lnbln's Extracts, Soaps,
Cosmetics, Ac., Rowland's Macassar Oil, KavlA
dor, Ac.; Farina Cologne of the very best quality;
Bay Rum, warranted pure. Also, Hair and Tojuj
Brushes, real English; and every article requisite
for the Toilet.
Good articles and reasonable prices may always
be relied on.
T GALL1GAN A CO., Importers,
and dealers in Fancy Goods and Perfumenr.
370 Penn. av ., under Browns' hotel
sep 8?eo3t
ton's Periodical Depot?
Memoirs of the Rev. Sydney Smith, edited by
Mrs. Austin
Panama in 18SS, an account of the Panama Rail
road. of the cltlee of Panama and Asplnwall, with
sketches of Life and Character on the Isthmus, by
Robert Tomes _ ,
Letters to the People on Health and Oapptneee,
by Catherine ?. Beecher.
Memoirs of Jame* Gordon Bennett, aad hie
Times, by a Journalist
The Ef .p?-d Nun
Banker's Daughter, 'id vol, by Repnolde
Rose Milton, a romance
Odeon Building, corner Pa. av and 4 jf at.
an *1?
OLD THEOLOGY.?Tbe undersigned baa
laid aside from his stock, to be seat to auc
tion at the proper eeason, a large collection of
Books, old editions In some eases, la ethers du
ecate copies of the best editions extant, which,
the meantime may be bought at Auction pricea
at his store.
Many valuable works on Divinity are to be fouad
among them Also, History, Medicine aad Sur
gery, General Science; novels and miscellaneous
literature; also a few French Books
I HAVE just received a fine and cholceloTof'the
above Goods, which are the Or* o?er?<d this
season. Among them are aome entirely new
styles. The ladies are solicited to tx?.n._nr -heir.
314 Pa. avenue, bet. 10th and llth'sto.
sep 7 eoJt _
a tuon V. ob Seventh street second dear
f VP ANTHONY, on Seventh street
V/ north of Pa. avenue, la the plaee where
HATS and CAPS are retailed at wholesale
prices for cash only Consequently SO per
cent extra profit will not be charged in order te off
Mi ted deoCs. . .
The very best Drees Hats got up la
fctvis, S3 SO, usually sold for $4 and $f ? H|aie?
sties and small promts," is the motto
au 11- ?
CHALK CRAYONS for use on the Blackboard,
sold for tbe makers at Waltham, by tha an

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