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THl'RIO \ Y Jaoiary U4, lWtt.
|]^ Advertisements ik?M be handed in by
1? o'clock, m , otherwise they may not appear
mitil the nest day.
Ag**ts ?o* tub Stab?The following
aamed persona are authorized to contract for the
publication of advertisement* in Tub Stab:
PKiladripkin ? Y B Palms*. northweet cor
ner of Fiftli and Chestaut street*.
A'.w ?. M. Pkitisgill A Co., Nassau
Bouon?V. B. PaI-Kbr, Scollay's Building.
iI7" Job Pbintino.?Our friend* and patrons
are notified that we are now prepared to execute
every kind of Job Fbintins with despatch and
In the beet manner, at prices aa low as In any
otner ctlice la Washington. J "to Printer* a re also
notified that we are prepared to do every descrip
tion of press-work that can be executed on double
cylinder and Adam*' power-presses So, also,
has the Star office a Book Bindery connected with
eqaal In 1U capacity to turn out book binding
of sll descriptions to any other in the District of
Tht Union argues that had the forty-five
Democrats (who being present when the House
Voted on Mr Carlisle's resolution) voted
against it, instead of for it. their votes eould
not have carried it, insomtieh aa ten Republi
can* who, being present, refrained frotn voting,
would surely have in that case voted against
The Intrlligtnctr says:
" The promised withdrawal of Air. Richard
con to-da^r from the candidature for the Speak
ership will, if nothing else, open nome change
of scene in the dull drama cnacted during the
last seven weeks in the House of Representa
tives. It is to be hoped, too. that it may lead
to some concessions of personal preference and
??f party obstinacy which may result in over
c. mirg the difficulty which has kept the
House so long unoiganited. The motion of
Mr. Rust, also, should it be adopted to-day,
will doubtless tend to facilitate a consumma
tion so devoutly to be wished.
'? Immediately after the adjournment of the
?House the Democratic members held a meet
ing for the purpose of selecting a candidate
lor the Spoakersnip in place of Mr. Riohard
??n ; and it is understood that the choice fell
on Mr. Orr, of South Carolina, a gentleman
personally unexceptionable, and one very fa- 1
miliar with the duties of the chair, which he i
has often temporarily filled with marked abil
? ? m 1
Am American Baronkss.?We find in the \
last letters from Paris the following invitation <
to a wedding, made up last summer at Baden- ]
Bitden. The bride is said to be good looking, i
and worth a hundred and fifty thousand I
dollars; the bridegroom has his title, is <
about forty five years of ag<j, and is a kind- i
hearted gentleman, strongly attached to Amer
icans : ,
44 The liaron Louis de Waechter, Chamber
lain of His Majesty the Kir.gof Wurtemberg,
has the honor to inform y?u of the marriage
of Monsieur the Baron Augmte de Waechter, '
his brother. Chamberlain < f llis Majesty the
King of Wurtembere. and Envoy Extraordin
ary and Minister Plenipotentiary near llis
Majesty the Emperor of France, with Made
moiselle Josephine Louisa Lee, daughter of
Madame the Widow Lee. of New York, and \
invites you to be present at the nuptial bene
diction, which will be given them at the
church of the Redemption, Rue Chauchat,
Thursday, 2Uth December, at 1 o'clock pre
A Good Jokk ?We copy the following ex
cellent joke from the Columbia iTexas) Dcm
oorat. It ia well known that the two gentle
men referred to have been at44 sword's points
for tome years past :
General Sam Houston and Com Moore, on '
their late visit to Austin, occupied seats in the i
same staire Not a word was spoken by either ,
on the rnute On entering a hotel one day to
dine, they wore joined by the driver Moore
having retired from the table after dinner,
says Houston to the driver:
" You prohably have more rascality on
board this trip than you ever carried before."
44 Why ?" asked the driver. 1
44 You have Commodore Moore along,'" was
the reply.
41 An. General,'" says the driver, " I just
heard Commodore Moore make the same re
mark, but it was on your account."
I. O. O. F.?At a recent meeting cf the
Uraid Lodge of Maryland, the following o?
cer? were elected for the enduing year: Geo
W Mowbray, M. W. Grand Master ; John W. 1
Colley, IL W. Deputy Grand Master; W. C.
Cunningham, R. W. Grand Wrden; Jos. B.
E-cavaille, R. W. Grand Secretary; John C.
bmith. R. W. Grand Treasurer; Benjamin
Dnffin. R. W. Grand Conductor; William II.
Neilson, R. W Grand Marshal.
Shavixg m ape East.?Wet yuur shaving
brush in either warm or cold water, pour on
two or three drops of 4-Balm of a Thousnn 1
Flowers," rub the beard well and it will make
a beautiful soft lather much facilitating the
operation of shaving Price only Fifty Cents.
For sale at Shilling*on's. agent for Washing
ton. and all druggists.
Cubbapcakk asi> Ohio Canal Bonpr?Wc
Jearn that the committee of the Bondholders
of the Chesapeake and Ohio Cnnal Company
nre actively engaged in prosecuting their
duties. Those Bondholders who have not sent
in their names to thir> committee should do so
without delay, as their co-opcration is desired
and the Legislature of Maryland will not be
in session many days longer. The co-opera
tion of all is desired
Horrible.?We find in the English papers
received by the Africa the following extraor
dinary case of supposed poisoning :
Dr William Palmer, a surgeon, but who
mude betting his profession?in other words
4 a sporting man"?was in company with a
gentleman named Cooke, at Rugeley, Stafford
shire, settling up some gnuibling accounts,
when Cooke, who had just dmnk a glass of
liquor, suddenly became sick and exclaimed
that Palmer had poisoned him. Cooke died
the next day, and Palmer was arrested. A
discovery that Palmer owed a large sum to
Co?ke, confirmed the suspicion against him,
and it was then remembered that his (Pal
mer's) wife had died suddenly of symptoms
similar to those that had carried off Cooke.
This led to further inquiry, when the as
tounding fact oarne gradually out that sixttmn
persons, all immediately connected with Pal
mer, had died suddenly, within a short time,
and on the lives of some of these persons he
had effected insurances, while with others lie
had betting transactions. The most astound
ing of these developments is that Lord George
Bentick, (who. it will be remembered, died
S'id ieniy had transactions with Palmer, and
it is now believed he was poi'oned' The
corpses of *>mo of the supposed victims have
been exhumed, and submitted to chemical re
search for traces of poison Strychnine, or
*?ine other vegetable preparation is supposed
to have been tue means employed. It is some
what curious that the aerui>cd bud a fast horse
that figured Conspicuously n hii turf specula
tions and bore the name ot " Strychnine."
During a great storm on the Pacific
oeeau, a vessel was wrecked, an l a Quaker,
tossing to and fro on a plank, ex Maimed, over
the crest of a wave, to another who was drift
ing by on a barrel, *4 Friend, dost thon call
this Pacific !"
?'The D?1 to Pay, and no Pitch Hot !"?
Torriblc erneute in the House to day over an
announcement by the Doorkeeper of the pres
ence of the President's Private Secretary with
a message.
Mr. Campbell of Ohio objected, when Mr
Craig raised a point of order against the pro
priety of objecting at that itago of the pro
The Republicans essayed to bellow Mr.
^ Craig down, but be succeeded in stating his
point after sharp words with Mr. Payne.
Twenty numbers wore shouting at a time,
all huddled in kucts, standing, gesticulating,
Ac., like " bedlam let loose."
'Plug-mass' settled momentarily by Clerk's
putting question by yea* and nays on a mo
tion made by Mr. Stephens to receive the
The motion wu being voted down as we left
the hall, at 2 p. m.
The Bomb Shell.?The failure of Mr. Israel
Washburn's motion to lay on the table the
resolution of Mr. Rust, declaring, as the sense
of the lfouse, that under the existing circum
stances, Messrs. Ranks, Richardson and Ful
ler should withdraw their names from the
contest for the Speakership, created evident
consternation in the Republican ranks in the
IIou?e yesterday, as it was indicative that a
majority would very soon combine to cffect an
election, excluding Mr. Banks, among others,
from the possibility of success. One or two
gentlemen who have been steadily voting for
Mr. Ricl ardsnn, voted for the motion to lay
on the table, and it is judged, that had their
votes boen absolutely necessary to have
achieved success to what was evidently the
policy of their party, they would not havo
refused to vote with their political friends on
so important a question.
Messrs Grocley, Giddings A Co. have, of
late, been abusing sundry nameless members,
who, having voted for Mr. Ranks, do not hesi
tate to declare that they do not feel justified
in much longer defeating an organiiation for
the sake of having the committees " packed"
according to the programmo laid down in the
never-to-be-forgotten newspaper letter of Mr.
(iiddings. They are denounced by these self
elected overseers, as traitors in their hearts
to freedom?men, who, while professing devo
tion to Mr. Ranks, are trying to stab him in
the back in the dark, ?o , Ac. Language of
this sort has of late been so freely and indis
criminately applied to all members of the Op
position from the North who refuse to sneeze
invariably when Messrs. Greeley and Giddings
take snuff, as that it has not only lost all effi
:a?-y in the way of effeeti:.^ the ends for which
it is resorted to, but it has created a senti
ment of indignation, in tie breasts of those
gentlemen thus essayed to be bully-ragged
and brow-beaten into compliance with the be
hests of those who wield the lash after this
fashion, which is fast getting beyeni control,
and is momentarily weakening the moral
strength of tho Republican organization in
the House, though up to the vote of yesterday
Mr. Ranks held his own on the surface of
things. Three weeks ago every gentleman
who voted for him yesterday did so cheerfully.
Now. however, it is done by at least twenty*
who keenly feel the insults which Messrs.
Greeley, Giddings 4 Co. havo heaped on those
who vote for him with unfeigned reluctance
A Sensation!?Mr Richardson's announce
ment, made yesterday in the House, though
a topic of conversation for twelve hours before
it occurred among men of all parties, created
much sensation over the hall. The truth is,
it developel a new stage of the game, or a new
act of the drama, destined, evidently, mate
rially to change the results of the ballotings
for a Speaker. The Republicans were most
excited by it. They comprehended that any
change, exccpt the adoption of the naked plu
rality rule, could not fail to lesson their al
ready so very slim chance to elect Mr. Ranks
and organize the House upon tho principles
laid down in the resolutions with which Mr.
Giddings announced that he had saddled them
in his lanious Ashtabula letter.
So ;ar as Mr. Richardson himself is con
cerned, the in:ir?ly speech in which he an
nounced the positive withdrawal of his name
from the current contest, embraces a full, con
clusive and eloquent vindication of the pro
priety of his course since the first Monday of
December. Ipon him his political friends
have made a gallant fight for principles, and
so long as the vindication of those principles
required him to yield his acquiescence in the
use of his name in the contest, he did so. His
election being hopeless, and his principles
having been amply vu.iicatcd, he has actcd
a manly and patriotic part in withdrawing.
Officers, to your Posts'?We have often ob
served, of late, the presence in our midst of
civil officers of the Fodcral Government,
whose absence from their respective posts of
duty, in the States and Territories, would
seem incompatible with a due regard to the
public interests committed to their charge ;
and we learn that this is frequently the case!
not only without permission, but positively
against the known views of the Departments
on the subject. This ubuse, (for such it really
is,) appears not to have escaped the vigilance
of the Secretary of the interior, whose untir
ing devotion to his own laborious duties is
proverbial, and who is himself a pattern
offi ial integrity ; for, we understand, he has
prepared, and is about issuing instructions, to
alW. the officers under his control, requiring
their constant attendance at their places
of business, and notifying them that their
absence therefrom, without the express per
mission of tho Department, previously ob- i
tained, will be deemed sufficient cause of re
moval from office This is us it should be
We are well aware, that a winter in Wash-1
ington. amidst all its gaities and political
excitement, is far more pleasant than in a far
off region, but gentlemen who seek and obtain
office for its honors and emoluments, should
remember that the public have a right to de
mand their unremitting attention to its servioe.
Mr Grow?There was a rumor afloat yes
terday afternoon, that anticipating tho passage
of Mr. Rut>t s resolution to-day, the Republi
can caucus to be held in the evening would
consent to the withdrawal of Mr. Banks, and
that the influences among them that nomi
nated that gentleman and have insisted on
keeping his name at their mast-head upto this
time, would subsistute Mr. Grow in his stead.
This struck us as very likely to occur; as,
politically, Mr. G. is simply a sort of premoni
tory of Mr. Giddings. Of late years he has
eome to cut his notions of politics, wholly after
the fashion of those of the father of Abolition
ism in the hall He is now known there merely
as an out-and-out Abolitionist, whose mind,
heart, and ?oul, are entirely absorbed in the
success of the anti-slavery cause We ques
tion much, whether he can, by any possible
chance, command the vote of a single gen
tleman who has not supported Mr. Banks,
while it is quite probable, that more, or less,
of those who have voted for Mr. B. on account
of his qualifications for a presiding officer, will
decline voting for Mr. Grow if nominated.
The Republican Cancua.?This body met
last night in the Representative Hall, and the
persistent majority of immediate sympathisers
with the politics of Mr. Giddings, of course,
rode rough-shod over the conservative mem*
bors among them, resolving to continue to ad
here to Mr. Banks.
They boasted this morning that three or
four of those who are tired of voting for Mr.
Banks, and thus defeating an organization,
were considerably "strengthened" hist night,
and may, therefore, be expected to continue
their routine work to-day with a greater show
of alacrity than of late. This ia probable.
Yet we do not believe that after the next three
ballota they can muster for Mr. Bauka more
than eighty votes at most.
The Prospect To-day.?When the House
adjourned yesterday, we were under the im
pression that Mr. Orr would bo elected Speaker
in the course of to-day. Our confidence in that
belief, however, was considerably shaken on
learning that the Democratic caucus had sub
sequently nominated that gentleman. While
he would have been in all respects acceptable
to every Democrat in the Hall without the ap
plication of a nomination, that formality will
certainly tend to deprive him of the support
of more or less anti-Democratic party mem
bers, who were perfectly willing to have
voted for him as an independent candidate, in
order to bring the present protracted contest
to a close.
The Democratic Caucus, which we antici
pated in the Star of yesterday, took place by
call from the Clerk's rostrum, yesterday after
noon, after the adjournment of the House.
Nearly every Democratic member of the body
was present. The only business done was *o re
affirm their original caucus resolution, and
unanimously to nominate the Hon. James L.
Orr of South Carolina, for Speaker, in the
place of the Hon. William A. Richardson,
who declines a further contest. This nomina
tion was made instantly and by acclamation,
as it were.
The American Party Cauone ? An informal
meeting of the American party of the House
took place yesterday afternoon, immediately
after the adjournment. They determined to
resolve on nothing for the time being, but to
await the action of the Democratic and Re
publican caucuses, to come off at later hours,
and this m<>ming to resolve what they will do
iu view of whatever the others may have done.
United Ptates Steamship Powhatan.?
This ship has been heard from very recently,
at the Navy Department. According to these
advice? she left H<>ng Kong on the 1st of No
vember last for the United States, via the
Capo of (iood Hope. She may be expected to
arrive at Norfolk in the course of next month?
partment ?On yesterday, 23d of January,
there were of Treasury Warrants entered on
the books of the Department?
For theTreasury Department. ?*? 52,825 43
For the Interior Department....? 920 76
Forthe Customs 6,541 83
War Warrants received and en
tared ...?.*-?>??*.????.??.?.?.?? 5,863 25
War repay warrants received and
entered 1,821 79
From miscellaneous sonroes 934 50
On account of the Navy- 14,000 00
Repayment on account the
Navy 6.177 20
In the House, yesterday, after we went to
pre?.?, nothing was done.
Froreerfiugi of Te-Day.
In the Senate, to-day, a message was re
ceived from the President, in reply to a resolu
tion to that end adopted a few days since,
covoring the correspondence between Groat
Britain and the United States with reference
to the Central American question in abeyance
between the two Governments.
A letter from Lord John Ruasell to tho
American Secretary of State, embraced in
this controvery, was read, and Mr. Clayton,
in an able speech, advocated immediate ac
tion on the message
Mr. Mason oppoaed that recommendation
until the House should be organized.
Mr Seward, in a few remarks, advocated
similar views
Mr Cass also addressed the Senate in favor
of a full and prompt discussion of this subject
by the Senate.
In the House, Mr. Fuller, of Pa., after a
few remarks, in which he stated that he had,
in obedience to the wishes of his friend? only,
consented to the use of his namo of late in the
conte-t for the Speakership, formally with
drew it.
The question being on ordering the yeas
and nays on ordering the main question to be
put on Mr. Rust's resolution?
Mr Pringle moved to lay it on the tablo;
laid on the table?yea* 100, nays 99.
Mr. McMullen who voted among the yeas
occupied some time in an effort to address to
the Houso an explanation of his vote, but they
would not in this case permit a departure from
their lately adopted rule
The House then went on to vote a 123d time
for a Speaker with the following result
Whole number of votea cast 203 ; necessary
to a choice 102:
For Mr. Banks 96. Orr 68, Fuller 12, Ricaud
18, scattering 9.
No choice naving been effected?
Mr. Faulkner offered a resolution censuring
the Republican party for persisting in keeping
the name of Mr Banks before the House after
that geutlemeu had so often beeu rejected by
the majority.
Mr. Washburn*, of III., moved to lay it on
the table; when it was withdrawn.
They next proceeded with the one hundred
and twenty-fourth vote for a Speaker, on
which they were engaged as wo went to press.
py At a recent meeting of unmarried print
ers, the following toast was given : " Woman,
Heaven reward her,?she is always in favor
of a well conduoted yres.
An independent man is one that can
live without whiskey and tobacco, and shave
himself with brown soap and cold water with
out a mirror.
man might as well attempt to make a
pig pen out of a goose-quill, or baUnce himself
on the point of a joke, as to live peaoeably with
afemininn whose facial attributes are a long
nose shaped like a shingle, gray eyes and fuz
zy hair. Wo haven't tried it, but we have a
friend whose experience in that line is fully
attested by his wo-begone oountenanco, un
mended unmentionables, and taste for brandy.
Alphaubtcal.?The following verse con
tains every letter of the alphabet except "K."
By inserting the word vex instead of tax in
the second line, the verae would contain all
the lettera of the alphabet:
A jovial 8wain may rack his brain
And tax his fancy's might
To quiz in vain, for 'tis most plain
That what 1 did was rlghl.
"y * ^P'homaa, tk* harpist, is at Albany,
.... The Hutchinson Brothers are giving
concerts id Minnesota.
si/ 11 ?*?"&" 8eaver ?t Boston i? seriously
ill it the residence of his son in law
.... Profewora Johnson and Fro*t, with
sasssfsfsszir'- ?""""
' Abner Pratt has been elected
chief justice of Michigan.
,,""M Labienski, of the Russian Foreign
Office, and writer of the Kesselrode despatch*
u dead. f
De Yancey Walton, second son
ofthe-late Rear Admiral Walton. R. N , died
on Monday last, at Jerscj City.
*??? Seymour has completely lost
the sight of one eje, but has otherwise recov
ered from the injuries he received from the
explosion of a Russian torpedo.
r General Williams, tho gallant
defender of kars, has no immediate relatives
in England. His family ia now resident in
.... Col. John P. Adams, late United States
Consul at Laguayra. died in New York, on
Tuesday, ag?d 43 years. His remains aro to
be brought to Baltimore to-day for interment.
....George Kerbe, a joiner of Hartford,
toi.n., disappeared on Monday night last,
with five or six thousand dollars of borrowed
....Mr- Simeon Doano, of New Bedford,
Mass caught 18a pickerel whighing 300
pounds, out of the " Sampson ponds" in Mid
dloborough, a day or two since. j
? J?hn S. Wells is actively "stump
ing New Hampshire Some days he spealcs
at one town in the afternoon, and another in
the evening.
.... Rov. Dr. Oncken, who was so severely
injured by the railrond accident at Norwalk
experienced great benefit by a sojourn at the
W ater Cure about forty miles from Gottengen
in Germany. ? '
... .Fanny Ferns' new husband is surnamed
asi " the author of the Life of Horace (freely ?
ihe papers are discussing whether his second
marriage is likely to result in his being the
author of the life of any other person as dis
tinguished as Horace.
.... Robert Buchanan, of Cincinnati, says
l-in iJ?.? ,a3t y?ar' from his vineyard,
130,000 cuttings, and thinks that the whole
5nannLi *.-in ouVea"?n would number
2,000 000 cuttings and 300,000 stocks. This
looks very like making the Ohio valley the
'and of the vine.
Rev;.?r- S.tiles. general agent of the
Southern Aid Society, who has just returned
from a visit to Detroit and Chicago, received
in tho?e cities donations and subscriptions to
the amount of $1,500 or Sl.fioO, with the pros
pect ?f a further increase.
.... Gen. Shields recently visited the land
office at Winona, Minnesota, where he " pre
empted' 160 acres with the land warrant
given htm for his military services in behalf
of the United States. Faribault, a famous old
pioneer and Indian trader, pre-empted on the
same day.
... .JamesHarrison, Jr., ofMilwaukie,Wis ,
has produced a padlock, the moving parts of
which are few, and so imbedded in solid metal
that the lock cannot be .-mashed. Indeed, it
has no shell, nor is there any interior empty
^nking upon it i* liVe pounding oS
a thick solid block of cast steel?of which the
lock is made.
.. .. Roger Sherman became a; signer of tho
Declaration of Independence for no other rea
son than that he could not make a living at
shoemakihg He cut his bristles and staked
his all on tho " rights of man." The con
sequeacc was that the same individual who
tound it bootless to make shoes, in a few
years became a living power in our revolu
,< ????William Wright, a notorious rowdy ind
? ?v u7, ' wa" arre9U-'d <^n Tuesday, in
Wew i ork, on a bench warrant issued bv the
court of sessions, in which he stauds charged,
on indictment, with having assaulted and hit
ten off the ear of a man, who, it is said, gave
him no just provocation, but whose only of
.ence was his inferiority of prowess.
.... Gen Cary, of Ohio, has been lecturing
on temperance with great success before the
students of the University of Virginia, of
South Carolina College, and the University of
North Carolina, at Chapel Hill ln a two
months tour he has made seventy-seven lengt hy
speeches, and everywhere he was greeted with
unbounded enthusiasm.
?ii *L(,?.?r?e (Madame Dudcvant.)
will shortly publish a grand work in two vol
umes. entitled, J*es Amants Cc/rbrei Xhc
loves of Adam and Eve commencc the book,
and then will follow those of Ninusand Semi
ram is Pyroinus and Thi.<bo, Joseph and M ire
1 ot.phar Ac., .tc., up to tho love of modern
times. .Such a history of sentiment, tracing
its development in all ages, will undoubtedly
be piquant in perusal.
u ' iId.* ,,feif^r' (V'ricAt)?" Here, Minna,
child. listen and attend to me. You must run
directly, and get me fifteen reams of paper
one quire of blotting ditto, six quart bottles of
black ink, and five hundred Magnum Bonum
steel pens. To-morrow is New Year's Day
8 .1 starting on a trip round the
world for the third time. You must call me
at five o'clock."?Punch.
, '"iI,ickeni. ba" at ,onglh outgrown his
prejudices against this country, if one may
judge from this passage in his latent Christ
Nevertheless, again 1 drank my
colder, julep, sling, or cocktail in all good will
o my friend the General and my friends the
Majors, Colonels, and civilians, all; full well
knowing that whatever little motes my beamy
eyes may have descried in theirs, they belong
to a kind, generous, large-hearted, and great
people." ?
r l"WLnr'1,I ^"ghton, better known as Sir
John Cam Hobhouse, has just appended to a
now edition of his "Journey through Albania."
an appendix of remarks on the refusal of the
? ?aDiir Chapter of Westminister, to admit
into Westminister Abbey tho statue of Lord
i?yron His lordship, (then only Mr. Hob
house,) was the Ieadn.g mover in forming the
committee for the Byron statue, and "very
merciessly does he deal with the late Dean
Ireland and with the present Bishop of Lon
don for the course they took in refusing to ad
mit tho statue.
t.A m?.tt,ek e?iti?* or Tiie Bible Wanted
Ihe bdinburg Review has an article on the in
conveniences of the common editions of the
Bible, not one, of which it says, can be read
with as much ease and comfort as any ordi
nary b<>ok. The writer recommends that the
Bible should to printed in several volumes ;
that the verse system of divisions be abolished
and the divisions be made as the subject
changes; that inverted commas should indi
cate passages spoken or quoted; and that
there be one edition of the Bible in which the
writings of each author should form a distinct
volume by itself
Ringing km Out?Up at Manchester, the
other day, a party f rom Boston was examining
the factory facilities and buildings, and,
among the rest, the force pumps that throw
water all over the premises This was just as
tho girls were leaving their work, and someof
them got pretty wet. "You are washing
your girls, Colonel," said one of the party to
the master of the c^rraonies. "Yes,'' said he,
quickly, as tho bell sounded for closing the
work for the daj; "Yes, and we are now
ringing them out."
A paper at Springfield, Mas?., referring
to the oyster trade, says : The cities of Albany
ar.d Troy, and other western places, in part,
are bcingsupplicd with oysters through Spring
field to an extent that, even though"it should
cover the whole supply, is a little remarkable.
Two car loads, comprising in the whole twelve
tons, rr 2,600 gallons, pass through this place
daily for Albany. In addition, Springfield
receives some 300 gallons daily from the same
inexbauiible beds at Fair Haven, Conn.
What Litxratusb Is.?Poetry is said to be
the dower of literature ; prose is the corn, po
tatoes, and meat; satire is the aquafortis; wit
is the spice and pepper; love letters are the
honey and sugar; letters containing remit
tances are the apple dumplings.
tf*OB**TOW!t, Jm 24, 1856.
Our old and higtofy esteemed fellow citiien,
Major William Jewell, wh-se illnes* we no
ticed a few day? ?ince, expired last night at
11 o'olock lie will b? luried by Potomsc
Lodge (Masonic) to-morrow afternoon at 3
o'clock. The death of M*j>r Jewell leaves
two vteanciea in the offices of o?r corporation.
: Tax Collector aad A-sew^r
The weather continues extremely cold Not
the slightest abatement is yet perceptible
The ice upon the Potomac at this point is from
ten to twelve inches thick
Busiifess generally continue? rather inac
tive. in consequence mainly of the very unfa* |
vorable state of the weather.
l:p to the arrival of the foreign news yester
day afternoon flour was held at S8 25a$S SO.
and wheat at $1.70aSI.75 for red. aid Sl.7f>
a 91.85 for white. The news unsettled the
market, and caused decidedly more firmnea*
among heldars, and prioes will doubtless ad
vance during to day. Corn 71*77 OaU
scarce, 45a47. Pork, from wagons. $7.50.
from stores $8a*^ 25. Shctatck.
ty The value of sU?no quarried in Rock
port, Mih , for building purposes, last year,
was a quarter of a million dollars. There are
some throe hundred men constantly at work
on the ledges, and twenty sloops are all the
time employed to carry it away The Granite
of Cape Ann, is more valuable than the same
extent of gold mines in California.
QF* Felkins has had some desperate adven
tures in his time Last spring, he started for
London. The third day out, a gale came on
of the most fearful magnitude. It tested the
sea about so that the oulv way be got his
trowsers on was to stand on his head. Felkins
is one of those young men who see a great deal
of excitement in a very short spaee of time.
t^^The London Times Paris correspondent
writes: "When the Eiuperor Alexander re
turned to Nicolaiefi' he was mack more war
like than before. Whether it was the thought
of the ruins of Sebastopol that awoke the
spirit of vengeance within him, or that hope
arose ae he witnessed the vast preparations in
his more secret arsenals, 1 know not: but 1
know for a fact that be was readv to fling de
fiance not only at Prance and England, but
expressed himself about Germany in terms ot
the utmost indifference."
Lecture of Mr DEVEREUX on the
"Popular Influence of Architecture," which was
to have been delivered on .Monday evening, and
postponed on account of the weather, will be glv
en THIS (^Thursday) EVENING at 8 o'clock.
_ will, oa SATURDAY EVENING, lec
ture at Temperance Hall.
Subject. "Fashion a* antagonistic to Moral
and Physical Health."
Tickets 25 cents?for sale at the counting-room
of the Evening Star. and at the Bookstore of Col.
Joe Shillir.gton, corner Fa avenue and 4 w at.
The lecture will cjmmenceat 7% o'clock.
Jan 21?It
The regular monthly meetlrg of the
Board of Director* will be he:d FRIDAY (to
morrow) EVENING, at the residence of T. J
Magruder, 12*2 F street, at 7 o'clock
A full and punctual attendance of the members
Is very desirable, as business pertaining to the
"National .Musical Convention''(to take place cn
the lttth proximo) will be considered
The regular rehe?rsal for the month of January
will take place at Temperance Hall on MON DAY
EVENING next, the 2~th instant, at 7 o'clock.
Jan21?3t THOS J. LLOYD, Sec
? TICK ?Notice is hereby given that a
social election will be held at the City Hall, on
THURSDAY, the 3ist dav of January, 1850. for
one member of the Board of Common Council, to
Mil a vacancy caused by the resignation of A.
McD. Davis, Esq.
The polls willbe opened at 10 o'clock a. m and
clo-ed at 7 o'clock p m.
jan24?5t Commissioners.
\ A/MASONIC -the members of po
X*y t.miac Lodge No. 5, Am lent Fre*? Masons,
re hereby notified to meet at their Lodge
Room. Forrest Hall, Georgetown, on TO-MOR
ROW t Friday) at 2 o'clock p m for the pur
pose of mending the funeral of their late brother
All Master Masons In good standing aie frater
nally invited to attend
Bv order M. ADLER, Secretary,
jan 21 -It
TAXES ?All persons in arrearages for
taxes due to the Corporation of Geoigetown are
hereby notified that the same must be paid forth
with. in order to avoid the expense aud mortifica
tion of distrains. No longer Indulgence can pos
sibly be granted, and as all delinquent parties
have been heretofoie personally called upon, this
is the last notice that can be given
Those who intend to pay their b!Us will please
call before tbe 25th day of this month at my resi
dence, on the corner of High and Gay streets.
My two sous, George and Henry C. Jewell are
authorised to give receipts in mv behalf
jail lP-di25th WM JEWELL, Collector
Mrs Smith s<t her Tea Pot on the range
to draw the tea, little dreaming It" would'nt
stand the fire," till she saw It ?*??. She screamed
as It disappeared, and fell back In convulsions.
Every remedy was. administered, but nothing
would restore her. At last her husband said he
would call on FRANCIS, Seventh street, aud buy
her one of his FIRE PROOF TEA POTS when i
she was observed to smile. In the morning after
starting away, Mr. Smith looked back and saw
her standing In the door. For a moment he lis
tened. It was that same musical voice, "My
Dear, remember the Tea Pot " Jan 12
Three-ply shirt < ollakx, a beau
tiful article, for sale hy
Jan 24?3t LAM MONO, Sr , 7th at.
ternoon, January *Z3d. a sorrel Horse,
with a slit in his right ear. n?v?n<? on a/*?>\
saddle, bridle and halter. Enquire of KRSSLER
A BRU . comer Green A Beall sts., Georgetown,
jan 24?3t*
Respectfully beg leave to in
form their friends and the public generally,
now complete, and will be open for visitors on
Monday, Januaiy 2-th. So, gentlemen, if you
are ready, call and fire. jan 24?3t
Refined sugars.
50 bbls. Crushed, Powdered, Granulated and
Clailfied SUGARS
12 hhds. brown SUGARS
lit bbls new crop N. O. MOLASSES
lit bbls Philadelphia SIRUP
Just received, and for sale by
No. 65 Louisiana avenue,
jan 24-ect>t opposite Bank of Washington.
Madame devos' millinery has ar
rlved, and is now opened for Inspection at
No 5ttl Ptnmylranta nvrnue,
to which the attention of the ladies of Washing
ton, Georgetown, Ac. Is respectfully invited
jan 24?tf
rant No. 40,825. In favor of John Saunders, for
120 acres, assigned to blank before A A bat, No
tary Public, New Orleans The above warrant
has been lost or mislaid Persons are cautioned
against purchasing the same A liberal reward
will be given for its return
Bankers, opposite the Treasury.
jan 24?3t
lng Bonds and other Securities, which will
yield tbe holder ten to twelve per cent, on the In
vestment, viz:
Orange and Alexandria Rail Bonds
Virginia and Tennessee do
Illinois Internal Iinp't Bonds of 1847.
The above securities are unquestionably safe
Jan 24?\m Bankers, 352 Pa avenue
method of informing the citizens and stran
K'rs of Washington, that she still continues the
RESS AND CLOAK MAKING in all the latent
and most fashionable varieties Her long experi
ence in the business warrants her In assuring sat
isfaction to these favoring her with their patron
age. Ladies wishing Cloaks and Dresses cut and
bastrd can be iccommodated on reasonable terms.
Residence, flth street, between D and E, No. 457,
wrest side. Jan 1ft?IK*
{ APERA OL ASSEK?The largest and < heac
" ' out assortment In tbe city at
-MM Pa. aveaue, between tfth and loth sts.
_ quality P*ff? WOOD. **tl
ribr41& s
ud of 17th street.
ington MonnmC* -
. ? ?? MTU'. THUVMAN |?E HOTT, A
A Lunatic. wtth wndv ba,r Tn^ibe
t^^Siry^N V * *?*
town W*ji ? * # hI? wav to W amL
tv.rtinrht will end^a^f t+ roti*' ??* wmjio "
Ington ' Hi. relative* in
Information wb?f h' d p.
bear of him wlU be
pir^ aline to the editor oT the Siar.
TLothino 1 a Pi J!y.y11 jlSRf, rii
and .transom wishing to supply ^i'VllTT!
wtthsuperior nrm? ito. madetoo**r aw rtjljj
u, examine our ..prri^ a^rtmrnt of' IWrtlj,
Cloths. Casslmeres. SHY. Satin and Ydvat vest
in.?. all of which baa been "JJR
. 1AI new to the wanu ofour 1>f to
we will make te measure in a ?aa^taJJ"
.In n bwnuf, pr*ww?i ^ ?ttonal
Ai?n, 3*4 Pa avenue, 3d door east of
?otel _ " ?
On all Parti of Usitad Statoo and Ecropn,
On all partt of Unitod Statoa and Eu ope
Investment paring 10 V and tffr, for sale
We arc at aU ilnw Pun baaing, ?a4 ?>?" J*
Sale. LAND \\ AH K A NTS of a'i denominations
I mi ad Warrants lorsted In Iowa. W?JgjJ?n,?*
M.nnesota CHI BB ?Sr>THM?.
jau 23-tf Bankers. opposite the Treasury
1 OST-A l??l,D PENCIL CA?K?PK" ?
Lj patent e\ten-lon. and bearing theIn*{a_
K. to T C. 1). The Ru*" it
awarded bv returning It to the undor?l^ ?ed , a
Browns' Hotel, or at tbo House of B?|?*oeeta
tlves T,t
Jan 23?'if _ __
Woman, both accustomed to household du
tU-s ti.d farming operation- Slaves for life. A?
dres^ >'W," through the Poat O?oe.
Jan *i?Tt
9 1 10-4. 11.4 ANO l?-? BED BLANK*
- ^ KTS. very cheap, red. Woo and gray
French Merino and Her no Plaids
tjullled Skirts. Hosiery and Gl?v
White, red and yellow Flannela
With many otbe* Winter O?da t^J
out cheap. WM. R. RILE* ,
Cor. 8th at , opposite Centre Market,
jan 22?lm
THE NEW blue BOOK, or Govemmeer
Keglater 1^6?, j iat iaaued. giving the nin*?,
aalarlt-o, locatl&na, Ac., of all fx^tmaktera a?d oft
er rnbllc ottoar* and ag^nta, civil, military, and
naval, in the service of the United Htatea with
the name*, foroea, and condition of aU ablpa and
veanel* belonging to the I'nlted Statea. and when
and where bntlt: and the name* and rompoaaa
tlon of all printer* in wav employed byCon
preaf. or any department or olBro' of ihe t?<'Vern
ment. 1 octavo volume, prire ? ( 5*
Can be sent by mail to any part of th* I'altel
For taie In Wa^hincton bv
)aB vj B'>okaellera. near Oth at
A BooL worth Rl.25 for Oi?e Dollar !
Worth from *J5 centa to One Hundred Dollar* :
At the stork of thk Washington
. Book Company, uuder Oeitor * Hotel
J uat received?
Mlml< Life, Alone, Widow B?*dott Papem
Juno Cllflard, Female Life Among the Moriuon*
Miaa Buukley a Book, Young l?a?l?*V Bt?ok
Pb<ifnlilana. Kate \N ia'< n
Abbott'a Napoleon, 2 vole
Macaulay'a History England. 4 vola
Len Year* Among the Mall Bag*
And 10,000 other good Buok*, too numerous to
d?aign?te in a catalogue
TKt l**t xettk of tli Smlr unl*M a Speaker 1?
elected in tv>ngr?Mi'
Call aad ? *amlne our IMMLNMK STOCK and
Judtr for yourarlvea. Kt-ineu.i^r the la?t chance.
Poaltively the last. S?e Red h lag
j?n? lw
CLKS were found by a gentleman In the Cap
itol Grounds. They are at W lllarda' Hotel
jan *1-41
to her new room* a beautiful Skylight, and
engag* d an Assistant Orwrator, (one of the best In
the Dutclct,) "be Intends not to have her P|rtur??.
excelled. If equalled, In the United States. PIC
Tl'RES pu ip In F-uibo?f 1 Cases for Fifty
Ctmt*, mm b a* are usually sold tls?-wber?- f<?r one
dollar. ?
Particular attention paid to Cop>lng De^uerre
otype^. ?All l'alntlng*, Ac ,Ac.
Mrs It solicits the patronage of the ladles (?r
[If Rooits?till Seventh street, west side be
tween H and I jan 21 tf
11 our thanks to all those of our customer* wL>'
have In accordance with the notleeof the laaue of
our bills, railed and paid at our de*k tbeir re
spective amounts Those who still owe ns ar.
respen tfullv ur^ed to settle up their bills, without
waiting to be called, on. whit h may be disagree
able. All are aware, from the Leading of their
bills, of the terms on which tbev made their pur
chases. CLAGETT,Dt?DSON A C(>
j*u 21 ?lit
1. fully snnouncea to his friouds uid the publU
genersltv that bis last quarter will conimenoe on
TrKsbAY, January 2S?, 1?56. All who oeslre to
nrepaie tor the Grand May Foatlval are politely
solicited to Jolu Immediately. Jan 22?eo2w
J Canal Beat '-Isaac "
about 12? u?n* b irtLen. will Ixl
sold ou favorable terms Apply to
WATERS, corner of High and Wafrr street*.
Georgetown. jantl-lw
Robert schwar/.k has the plea
? sure of luformlng the public. Th?t he is wi ll
prepared for accommodating the public in gmenu
wlui FRfLSH OYSTERS, put up air tight, for
seudlng th'iu to tbeir distAid friends in the coun
try. He a1m> ke? p? coostautly on baud a Rnr sup
Please rail on R SCH WA RZK. corner of 11th
and K streets, or leave orders at his establlsLment
corner of luth slxoct and I'vlomUL river.
large addition to our usually erten?lve
aasortnteiit of R-?t quality Boys and Chlldreua'
clothing, whk b wi will otter to our rustoiu
e^aud the public attmuanallv low prices
our ?;ock consists in pe.rt of?
Fine ,-tr.d common pantaloons
Silk. -atln. and Merino VKST8
NN l it' <ind colored SHI H TS
CAPS, suspenders. HOSIERY, Ac Ac.
Miking our stock of Boys' and Children's
Clothing very large and complete
322 Pa. avenue, bet 0th and U?h street,
Job 1* next to iron Hail
RS. ellen STEWART has taken the
. house, No. 3U0 G street, near the corner of
13th, where she hss comfortable sod handsomely
furnished bed rooms to let to gentlemen French
and English is spoken In the house, and a capital
Saloon is kept by a supenlor ?rttiu dt rsitsi, In
the basement below, from which Meals can be
served as desired
Balls, Dinners. Ac., will also be provided to or
der from the Saloon. Jan 1H?lwo
i. this week, which, iu addition to our usual
large sunply. makes our stock the most complete
in the city. Give us a call if you wish a pood
and cheap instrumeut.
3o6 Pa. avenue, U-tween 0th and lOtL st>.
dec W
ROGER'S PENKNIVES, warranted gen
uine, bouvht personally from the manufaclu
rers In Sbellleld , ladles Lnd geuilemea's patt-rns,
of one to fonr blades, in buck, lvorv, and pearl
bandies. [jan ?J FRANCE TAYLOR
and the public that they w*U re opeu tbeir
Watch Repairing and Jewelry Store in the
Buildings, as soon as the slight damages done to
the store by the recent Sre, can be repaired; the
stato of the weather up to this time having ren
dered It in.possible for carpenters to work inert.

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