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The Board or Alderxe!* met yesterday
afternoon at fifteen minute* past the uaual
hour ; the president in the chair. Heading of
the journal was dispensed with.
Communications received from ihe Mayor ;
tha first announced the signing of an act for
the relief of Geo. G. Wilson : also, one in rela
tion to Gas Lights.
The following nominations were sent in by
the Mayor for members of the Board of Health
of the Fifth Ward, ifi lieu of those transmit
ted January Jlst Dr J. M Grimes and D A.
Wa tiers ton ; also the nomination of Jedediah
Gettiugs for Police Officer in place of J. F.
Wollard, resigned.
The Board proceeded to ballot upon the
nominations, and they were confirmed unani
A communication was also received from the
Mayor, enclosing a note from the city collector,
in which ttention was sailed to the situation
of the collector's office the single room now
occupied being too small to accommodate those
who bare business to do there, and suggesting
that some action be taken in reference to the
matter before the approaching tax sale. The
Mayor recommends that such action may be
taken in the matter as will remedy the evil
states that there is a large portion of the main
building unoeeupied, which might, with pro
priety, be converted into additional room for
the collector's office at a small expense ; and
suggests that a committee be designated to
examine the subject, in order that the two
Boards might act advisedly upon the matter ;
referred to improvements committee.
i'he report of the Intendantof the Washing
ton Asylum was received and referred to the
asylum committee
A bill from the Common Council in relation
to paving footways in front of squares 534.
53o, and 53<i, was referred to improvements
Mr. Dove presemed a petition of Phillip
Krafts and others; referred to finance com
Mr Marks moved to take up the bill to
supply deficiencies in the appropriation for the
W ashington Asylum ; laid on the table.
Mr Hou>ton offered a resolution authorizing
the finance committee to examine the ac
counts and papers of R J Roche, the late col
Mr. Bayly said it was ti e duty of the tax
clerk to examine the accounts but he did not
think he wa^ competent to do it, and as Mr
R->che was anxious to have his accounts set
tled up. he was in favor of employing a clerk.
Mr. Pepper said that in examining Mr.
Rothweli's accounts a clerk had been em
Mr. Busey said that the business of the tax
clerk was double what it was afeTryears ago.
Mr Magruder said that ho was on the com
mittee which examined the accounts of Mr.
Rotbweil. but that these accounts have been
running twenty years Under the old law it had
been the duty of the Register to examine the
accounts of the collector, but he had never done
it. Under the new law. passed shortly aftei
the accounts of Mr Rothwell had been ex
amined, it was made the duty of the tax clerk
to examine the collector's account every six
months. There was no more work now de
volving upon the tax clerk than formerly.
By the new law his duties have Leeii sim
plified and exactly defined; formerly he was a
sort of Caleb Quotum, doing everybody's bu
siness. But it was evident the fiinanoe com
mittee had not time to attend to this without
assistance, and he hoped the resolution would
The resolution was then adopted, with the
understanding that the pay of the clerk em
ployed should not exceed three dollars per day.
The Asylum bill wi? taken up again.
Mr. Busey wished to know how this debt had
been incurred.
Mr. Dove also wished to know how it was
that the revenue had fallen off from eight
thousand to five thousand dollars, especially
when the prices of the produce raised at the
Asylum had been rising lie was not satis
fied with the manner in which the Com
missioners had proceeded. If they wanted
money let them come to the Board and
say the appropriation is out. and then if
the money wad not supplied the responsibility
would re9t upon the Councils.
He was willing to vote now to bring up ar
rearages, this time, but there should be a stop
put to this manner of proceeding.
Mr. Pepper said that Mr. l>ove had ex
pressed his views very nearly, lie was will
ing to vote to pay this debt, but wanted to
put a clincher upon the Commissioners over
drawing in future. If the committee would
frame the bill that no overdraft would be
allowed in future, he would vote for it.
Mr. Marks explained that the deficiency
had been going on for several years, and that
the overdrafts had been occasioned by the
Commissioners having acted upon the prece
dents of their predecessors, lie expressed
himself, however, in favor of some amendment
limiting the powers of the Commissioners.
Mr Smith said he supposed this subject
war understood by the Board. What would
the Commissioners have done for fund* to
carry on the institution had they waited as
mposed For three months this very bill
al been laying before the Board unacted
upon For many years back, thirty-live hun
dred dollars had been appropriate! annually.
The appropriation had never been increased,
though the number of paupers and the neces
sary ex: enses had increased yearly.
Mr fiusey wished to know by what au
thority the Commissioners got the mone y from
the bank.
?some debate followed upon the question,
and Mr. Pearson stated that he had called at
the bank to make enouirv. and they informed
bim that the drafts had been made upon tho
authority of the Mayor.
Mr. Pearson thought this a loose way of
doing business The Commissioners should
rej?ort estimates of money needed each ensuing
Atter some further deb.-Ue tho bill was
passed, with the understanding that when the
nex: appropriation for the Asylum came up, a
bill tSould oe introduced to prevent future
Mr Pepper introduced a resolution instruct
ing the committee before Congress to urg3
upon that body the necessity of opening all
the publi; avenues from one terminus to the
other. He warmly repelled the attack made
upon the city of ^ ashing to 11 lately in Congress
in relation to supjortirg our own poor. We
were abundantly able to support our own poor,
but this season we were called upon to take
?'are of a great many other people's poor.
In his warl u large proportion of the destituto
F>jr were from other parts of the country.
be almshouse was full and tho committeo of
relief have spent one thousand dollars in two
days in the Fourth Ward.
In regard to the avenues, it had been stated
in Congressional debate th.it they had been
opened at the expense of Government; and
as the assertion had been made, he thought
we ought to have the benefit of the fact.
The resolution was adopted, and then the
foard adjourned.
Natiowai. Thkatre ?We would refer our
readers to the advertisement of the National
Theatre, by which it will be seen that those
talented ti-ters the Misses Deuin, will a^ain
appear for the last time, on to-morrow evening,
in the play of the ?? Lady of Lyons," Claude
M'.dnotte. Miss Susan ; Pauline. Miss Kate
Denin. Also, "The Wandering Boys," the
parts of Paul and Justine by the sisters, during
the piece the s^rg of " Our cot was sheltered
in a wood,' by Miss Susan Last night the
house was crowded, and all who want good
seats will do <*rell to call early
Cax&p Books with Prese.nts.?Notwith
standing the va.-t number of books sold and
presents distributed by the " Washington
Book Company,"' (under bexter's hotel,)
there appears to be but a slight diminution of
their extensive and valuable stock. With a
fresh supplv of choice boots, which they will
receive to-day, the 9ale will continue for the
present wetl unlit, and those of our readers
who desire to buy cheap and obtain a valua
ble present, will improve the rare opportu
nity offered. ???
Cocrt or Claims ?Yesterday, the argu
ment in the case ot Thomas Rhodes and Jere
miah Austill ?*. the Lnited States was re
sumed by Hon Philip Philips, who concluded
his argument, when the case was submitted
for the decision of the court; and the oourt
Oh ! Mr. Wallach !?1 did hope that whem
we had a Speaker we should have some gas !
Bat whatever light Mr Backs' election may
be the means of throwing on the councils of
the country, it has not been the forerunner of
any illumination in our houses. Such trials
as I have endured and do endure in the way
of lighting up! Have the members of the
Gas Company any mercy ? Are they human ?
Let me glance over these trials, and if my ex
perience never benefits the cause of science,
it may possibly move the tender mercies of the
as gentlemen, and be a blessing to bouse
Mr. Editor ! on the faith of a woman I state
to you, that seven weeks ago our gas metre
frnse. It froze ! it burst: The hall was del
uged, the carpet was ruined, the house was
uninhabitable. We ran into the streets for a
good breath, and sent imploring messages to
the gas gentlemen. They sent us back po
lite mossages. But polite messages did not
clear the atmosphere of the house, did not re
store the gay colors of the carpet, did not
mend the metre At night we looked gloomily
at each other over mould candlcs. Again, in
the morning we sent messages, implored aid?
again, we were returned polite messages.
Again we looked bilious?at night?by the
light of mould candles. I repeat, this was
seven weeks rgo. Each day we were quieted
with sweet promises. A man was to come,
mend the metre, fill it with alcohol, and re
store all things. We hoped, we waited. But
we found that all men are deceivers?particu
larly gas men Still we trusted, for each
morning brought a promise. Each night
brought disappointment and mould candles.
And the end of the month brought a tremen
dous gas bill. An awful gas bill We had
burned candles all the time, our lungs had
been seriously injured, our carpet spoiled, and
such a gas bill. But I paid it. Yes I ain not
gassing you wken I say I paid it. I have
the receipt.
Another mc.ith has gone by and I am an
ticipating another gas bill And it must be
paid?gas or no gas. And let me state another
fact in connexion with this subject You know,
Mr. Editor, how cold the weather has been.
Well! it has taken as many blankets to wrap
up the gas metre, to keep it warm, as it has
to cover the threo largest persons in the house.
And still it froze ! Why ! you ask, did we
not pour hot water into it until it thawed ? I
did I drew from one corner pump fifteen
buckets of water a day, ar.d then the pump
froze. I have tried every thing. I am in
despair. Oh! sir! is there one man in that
Gas Company with a heart 'f
Yet I should do justice. The gas docs light
a little, and has, ever since night before last,
when I took the blankets from my own bed to
wrap round it. In the fourth story, when we
light up, it stays lit about five minutes, once
it did not go out for ten. It burns pretty dim
ly. You can't see to do anything by it, but
if y? u are careful, you need not bump your
head. In the third story it acts very strangely
when we go to light it. It performs the droll
est chemical experiments. It sneezes a:id
whet zes. and fizzes up! Sparks fly through
the flaiue?then it rocks a little, bursts up
once more, and goes out. In tho parlors, after
a good deal of coaxing a light is produced,
resembling that of a lucifer match when
rubbed across an old boot, it looms up a mo
ment, and then goes out. On the first floor it
won't light at all. And all this to the tune of
seven dollars a month !
Mr Wallach! have the gentlemen of the
Gas Company souls ! 1 know they have pock
ets, and full ones too,?but I repeat it?have
they souls! Belinda
I'. S. Remember that besides the gas bill,
we have to pay for mould candles.
Distribution ok Relief to the Poor.?The
ward committee are industriously engaged
in their work of eharity, and the citizens gen
erally should contribute as liberally as their
means will afford. The gentlemen distribu
ting the relief find the greatest destitution
and distress among the poor of the city, and
as far as they can they relieve them. The
fact that some charitable person has seen some
five or six loads of wood dropped at the same
house may oe accounted for by the fact that
many houses contain from six to ten poor fami
lies. If any one thinks the relif improperly
afforded, let that person accompany the com
mittee any day on their errand of mercy
Merchants' Association.?It will be seen
by an advertisement in another column that
there is to be a meeting of this Association this
evening. At a meeting of the Board of Direc
tors last evening, the report of the treasurer
was presented, and showed that tho finances
were in a satisfactory condition. The Asso
ciation is evidently moving in the right direc
tion to facilitate and increase the business in
terests and capital of the District Success
to it.
Resscrre. tiunists Abroad?It is whis
fiered that a bold attempt at raising a body
rom tho pothouse grave-yard was made night
before last by a party of resurrectionists : and
that they were discovered in the act and the
attempt defeated. The body snatchers, it is
said, on being detected "dropped thier sub
jectand "stood not on the order of the going
but went at once,' and with such precipitan
cy as to leave behind them their horse and
wagon and their implements of exhumation.
Stprpme Coi'RT.?Yesterday, Jackson W.
Green, Esq.,ofTenn , Thomas H. Lewi', Esq ,
of La , and Thomas Williams, Esq., of Pa ,
were admitted attorneys and counsellors of
this court.
No 61. Drea Scott, plaintiff in error, i.?.
John F. A. Sandford The argument in this
cause was commenced by Hon. M. Blair for
the plaintiff in error. Adjourned.
Change or Time.?The lecture on '? Foreign
Travel" for the benefit of the poor of the
Fouth Ward, is to bo delivered on Wednesday
?not Thursday?evening. It will not only
enhance recollections of places, but of Louis
Napoleon, the late Emperor Nicholas, and
other European noteables.
The Peokits of the Ball given in the Sev
enth Ward for the benefit of tho poor amount
to S2,'i4. At a meeting of the managers, com
mittees were appointed to ascertain cases of
destitution in the Ward, and the chairman
was authorized to call a public meeting, should
circumstances require it
Qi erv ??Wo are asked by several corre
spondents. why nothing is done for the relief
of the poor by the inhabitants of the Fifth and
Sixth Wards ' The destitute in those Wards
apply in vain to the benevolent organizations
in other Wards, and something should be
done. - ?
The Stsaooui e.?On Saturday l.ist, at the
Hebrew Synagogue on Tenth street, a special
prayer was offerod up, according to the laws
of the congregation, for the preservation of
Gen. Cass from death, and for his restoration
to perfect health.
Physician* for Diseases or the Langs,
OJfire 52 North Charles street, Bait.
The practice of Drs. J. A R. Hunter is con
fined exclusively to afflictions of the Lungs,
Throat and Air Passages. The success which
has resulted from their labor is sufficiently
well known. It has demonstrated not only
th:<t Consumption, Bronchitis, and Chronic
Affections of the Throat are curable, and in
halation a rational treatment, but that the
direct application of medicine by inhalation ia
the only treatment which can hereafter be re
garded by the profession us a scientific effort
to arrest these diseases, and the only one to
which the invalid can look with hope in the
hour of afilictiou
Persons residing at a distance desrrous of
consulting them, and who cannot convenient
ly visit the city, are request? 1 to send names
und address, when they will be furnished with
a li^t of qnestions which, correctly answered,
will enable them to be successfu'ly treated at
their h^mes.
Note.?Dr. James Hunter feels pleasure in
announcing that he has effected such arrange
ments as w.U enable him to visit Washington
on the 12th and 2*Jth of each month, during
the winter.
Office 260 Pennsylvania avenue, over Mrs.
Voss's Jewelry Store.
In Baltimore, on the Vlh instant, Mrs. ANNE
l'\NK BANKHEAD, wife of Gen Jas Bank
bead, U 15. A . and daughter of the late John
Pyue, of South Carcllna.
On the htb Instant, CORNELIUS DEASY, In
the tttd year of his age, a native of 1 reland, but for
the last nine years a resident of this city.
\TT ?the recent deetaiati ot
the people In almost every SUM In reference to the sale < f
liquors, doe* not pr-teui to interfere with medicinal com
poind, containing .tUMulns, as U U a fact wail known to ill
aKmT^'""??* principles moat caaea of extra*
debility comld not ka MrWl, and the many other of oar
mutt valuable compounds ronld not be made wlthont It For
no ccltbrat^d and 1ndlt)*!iAAb]e Id ??err famllr as a luedi
Hoe Tho.send.or peraons suffering from dy.pe'pata and In
digestion, general!} speak volumes In favor of thla great cm
"fab* *-nt' r?T by J N" CA,'LAN. Wa.hlngton.
. ID" ^Mhi, Aithna, Bronchitis ?Jelia
in ^JfyWN * l,ON:?Wentlemen: A knowledeeof Uiemaurer
Hinii K- ?*?? tons article? ?f the Materia Medlra were com
blued by yon to form the "BiioScBlAi. Tbochk*," led me,
.years since, to adopt their use. The reeclta
*U, " 10 ,n(,nc? "?e to continue the practice, be
ill 011 ,*r*M benefit In many affections of the Bron
' ''i*1 ?r"'2' I"?* etr- J- F w- Lakk, M. D.
Boston, September 1, 186J.
'''.'if".0* re'lnir,DB ? really gocd aud long tried article, and
one that can be depended upon a* an effectual Cough I<ozeii?re,
?1/ frotu th? P?reat material*, will Bed Brown'*
BRONCHIAL TKOCHKS to be what they are repree?-nte?l.
rut up in boie# and poM at 25 cent* each, by Di o?*f c*n
V*i *'J!i?n*hout lhe 1 ,liled SUtMiDd Canada*. BA RNKS
tvu j F?' J." MIl>HAI . New York. Agent*. Kor eale In
Philadelphia by Y. BROWN ; New Orleans, J. SVMKS ; Chi
C"f w*,"1.- H KKKD * ??-! Waahinjton, J. N. CALI.AN.
ICD 11?
117" Great Care of Rbenmatiim ia CIN
than three rear* I have been suffering with rbeumatitni, a~d
enlargement and pain of the bonea an<l Joints. I have itrlctly
followed the advice of pliyalclana, and at other time* used
? uch family medicine* a* had been recommended forthecnre
of rhenmatisiu ; still I did not Improve 1n the least, and wa*
frequently compelled to keep my bed, and thereby wa* pre
vented from attending to my business. Some weeks ago 1
wax induced by a frieud to try CARTER'S SPANISH MIX
T! Kfi. The effect wa* miraculous. I felt considerably Im
proved after 1 had taken the fonrth dose; I have only used
one single bottle, and am entirely free from all pain. 1 feel
better than I have felt for year*, and I attribute my Mm
pletely-restored h-alth solely to the use of Carter's Spanish
Mixture. I consider it a moat excellent medicine for rheu
matism and all diseases of the blood, and chearfnlly recom
mend It to the a (Dieted.
D. Bp??itt, totitlieast comer Fourth aud Walnut *U.
Cincinnati, March 17, Mas. feb i-lui
[CT "I Have Saved #500."?This remark,
made by a gentleman the other day, whose lirflbs and strength
had been restored to him by uaing a bottle of Professor De
Orath's >Pennine "ELECTRIC OIL," would apply to thou
sands more, especially the laboring man or woman, who de
pends upon sell exertion for support. No person can save
money who Is half the time sl< k, lame, rheumatic, and suf
fering from pain ; bnt If little timely caution were used, and
before consumption become* seated from cold* and exposure,
the proper appllratlon of thli wonderful "Electric Oil"
should be made, hundreds of dollars would be saved, and life
made tolerable also. Only office, U9 south Eighth street, Phil
Ask Mark Orlgg, Keq., 4*. Marshall street, and hundreds
more who have been enred.
N. B.?No charge for ad\ Ice.
C. 8T0TT, Agent. feb 7?eo3t
IT7" Dr. Sanford's Invigorntor is a mild
laxative, tonic and stimulant, and Is recommended to the
public, relying upon Its intrinsic worth in the cure of the fol
lowing complaint*: All Bilious Derangements, Sick Head
ache, Dyspepsia, Habitual Costlveness, Chronic Diarrhea,
Coll % Palo In the Stoma-h and Bowels, Ooueral Debility.
Kemale Weakness, Ac.
Kor sale by drngglste generally, and by Z. D. UII.MAN, <UH
P.v Kvenne; also, by JOHN SCHWARTZ, 350 IV veme,
and by O. M. LINTHICL'M, corner Bridge and Highs' te-.s'
Georgetown, D. C. j^n jj
1T7- Nenli Walker ?c Co., Marble Hall
Clothing Kmporinro, Browns' Hotel Building, reepectful.y
announce that irieir display of FALL and WINTER flA*
TW1N9 Is now ready fur Inspection, comprising an as?<.rt
VKSTS and PAN I I l-OONH, of the newest aud rliheet d?
?Igns 111 material, IrlriBting and workmanship To gentle
men who study excellence with economy In fashionable ar
ticles ol dreas an opportunity la now offered for selecting
from oi;?of tneattra' tfvestock!of tioodi In this city.al very
reduced prices- nov 1 -ti
fCT H??fland's flsrmaa Bitters, prepared
arid sold by I?r Jackson, at the German Medical Store, DO
Arch street, Philadelphia, dally Increase In their well de
s?r?e-l celebrity for the cure of all Diseases ailslng from de
rangement of tlie liver. Tiiese Bitters have. Indeed, proved
a bleaelus to the afflicted, who *how their gl atitU'le by the
am-t flattering testimonials. This medicine ha* established
for Itself a name that competitors, however wily their
s-ii?tue*, or raductlve their promises, cannot rea- h. It
gnlned the pnbllc confidence by the immense benefits thut
have been derived from It, and will ever maintain Ita posi
tion. See adverti*emetit. dec 1J 3m
J?T T? the Ladies.?Dowden's Deatal
FLI'ID |1 now acknowledged by all Dentists to be the best
preparation for the Teeth in n*e. Relieve* Toothache, ar
re*ft! decay, resUire* the Gnm* t? a healthy condition, 'and
liiparta a delightful tJ.ivor to the mouth and breath. For
sue by Charles Stott k Co , aud Z. D. Gillman, Waahlngton,
D C Jan 24?iw*
ITTAmbrotyp?.?Amoiigtt the meat at
tractive and beautiful specimens of the Photographic art,
now on exhibition at WHITKHl RST'S GALLERY, ere the
AJlbRuTYPKS. They are truly a beautiful Picture, and
in some r?-p*ct? an improvement on the old evmll'ar Da
guerreotvpes. The Gallery contains quite a large collection
of PhoV,graphs on psper. Daguerreotypes of the I nlted
State* Supreme Court since 1860; members of the L'nltel
Stat-s court* , President Pierce and Cabinet, and mauv other
public ntc of tbfj Nation. A visit to WHI't EHt'BST'S OAL>
LKRY, No. tSl Po. uajivaula areune, 1* well worth the trou
ble *L.d the time. uov 28?tf
in" The (*reat Russian Kemedy ?Pro
Bono pi BLICO.?" Kvery mother should have a box In the
hous? handy in c vse of accidents to the children "
It I* a Boston remedy cf thirty years' standlDg, and Is re
commended by pbyxlciaus. It Is a sure and speedy cure for
Burns, P!i?<, L.-.iIs, Corus, Felons, Chllbaius, aud Old Sores
of every kind; for Fever Sores, l lcers, Itch, Scald Head,
Nettle Ka?h, Bnn'ons, Sore N!|>plee, irecommended by
nurses, Whitlows. Stle*, Festers, K:?-a Bites, Spider S'iugs,
Frozen i.iiobs, Salt Rheum, Scurvy, Sore ai.t. Cracked Lip,]
Sore Nose, Warts aud r'lesb Wonna*, it is a most valuable
remedy and cure, which can be testified to by thouxaeds wto
have usad it In th? city of Boston and vicinity for the last
thirty years. In no Instance will Shis Salve do an Injury, cr
Intei rere with a physician s pres-rlitlons. It Is made from
the pnrest materials, from a re lje brought from Russia?of
articles growing In ll?K country-aud the proprietors have
letters from all claaeea, clergymen, physicians, sea captains
nurses, and others who have u.e i It themsel ves, and recom
mend it to other*. Bedding's Rt ssia Salve Is put In Urge
tin boxes, stamped oti the cover with a picture of a horse aud
a disabled soldier, which picture is a'so engraved on the
wrapper. Price, 25 Cents a Box. Sold at .11 the stores In
toa-n or country, and may be ordered of auy wholeeale
druggist. Kor sale at SHILLINGTOVS. Agsnt for Wash
ington. jan 2|
^ Wo mail as chambermaid, or to uo general
housework Apply at 2'J6 Third street, between
Uandtl. ftb 12-2t*
llsh Woman, a situation as nurse and lady's
maid. In a very respectable family The l?est
reference given Address >lA B," at this office,
feb 12 3t*
men, one or two comfortably furnished bed
chambers If p;ood board ran be obtained with
the roftms it will be desirable. Address "En
quirer," at th!? office feb 12-2t#
and s*-am*tres?, bv an experienced Wuman.
In some respectable family Can take charge of
a baby from its Infancy. Best refertnees ulven as
to competency and respectability. Address 4lG
B," Star t dice feb It 2t*
sists of himself, wifeandsmall child, desires
to rent a house containing six or elpht rooms; the
rent not to exceed two hundred dollars Persons
having houses of this description will ilnd a yood
tenant, by addressing a note to " J G J ," through
the City Post Office. feb 12?3t
Cook. Apply at No 40U Twelfth street be
tween 1 and K. feb 11-31*
tf to wash and iron, and one to assist with
cham^erwork and sewing. Apply at 149 F st.
feb 11?It*
AGENTS.?A person conversant with land,
Intending to go to Nebraska and Kansas for the
purpose of locating one or two thousand acres for
himself, would locate Land Warrants, or buy
tracts of land In healthy situations, for those who
may favor him with a commission on reasonable
terms Address i4X Z," Star office
feb ll-:it?
Manager on a farin, by a young; man who
understands the business Can be well recoin
mended. Has a wife and child. Can be seen at
No. 200 Seventh street, Northern Liberties,
feb 9-3t
whose family consists of three persons, de
sires to rent a small House, conveniently situated
and which Is in a healthy aud respectable local
ity. Would also purchase furniture, etc. Ad
dress Immediately. "N O P," Star office, stating
locality, terms, fcc. feb 9-3t#
tent and active farmer and gardener to rent,
on shares, a farm, in the environs of Washington,
well suited for supplying the city market. Any
one who can bring satlsnictory references will And
it to his advantage to apply to,Messrs JACKSON,
BROS. &. CO., renna. avenue, opposite Browns'
Hotel. feb8-eo0t
washer and ironer, In a small family. A
slave is preferred. No one need apply without
good recommendations. Apply at this office,
jan ID?
Educational ?board wanted?a
gentleman qualified to teach the English. La
tin, r rench and Spanish Languages, and all the
higher branches of Mathematics?having some
unoccupied time?wishes to obtain board In some
private family, where his services In instructing
a limited numbers of pupils would be received as
an equivalent therefor. Undoubted testimonials
and references given. Address "Editor" box 513
Postoffi.'e. Jan If
Hud persons In want of tne following ar
ticles :
French or German Looking Glauses
Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or square
Oil Paintings, lan?e and small
Marble-top Brackett Tables, In bronze or gold.
All kinds of Pictures framed, and any slxe
Looking Glasses, or other work In the gilding
line done to order with dispatch.
Also, a lot of cast-Iron Bracketts, suitable for
?helving, Ac , on hand. Terms moderate to suit
the tlmtw, for cash
N B ?Old Work Regllt, and Looking Glass
Piatt's inserted.
266 Penna avenue, opposite Klrkwood House,
_ , hJ*f_7~A Parlor and Bedroom to rent,
I 5 P.lM A A LAW'S, No. 50 Ml*!
,F,v? <>r ?1* table boarders ran be
arc ommodated. feb9
Hmihie^0 v.n Ninth street*. has a very fine
?eb J-^tfm' ?be offers, with board.
?fr Jr. UT- W. he ??uthwest corner of F and 20th
?a TSUSS^clt* Key may *found at
P?r ? 2 r neir Winder's Hnlldlng.
few ronml'on/i<H)Igetown-thP R^Uurant and a
ZZ,??!!} on ihe flrst floor of Forrest Hall: and a
J*th W*rtboa*e attached.
Mr H vv corner o|
High and Gay streets, opposite 'be Hall.
nLrfrJl^ app,y t0 BLADEN FORREST,
Georgetown. jan ^-lm '
-ii t h I TOOmni v?7 eligibly situated, with
on the Ant^r'nvC?nv'n,ences. Possession given
?" February. Apply at No 3531 st ,
between 13th and 14th. jan 24 tf
I *nH on Ikl Mi x. 0f S5lIe- 17 ?r 18 a1''*" Of
tlie n'ronenv for ? of Geor^etown> adjoining
reeledffeZJhSTVy oc?y>1^ by Colon 1 Cox,
1h?imiVT poss-ssing rare advantages as
of and market garden. It ha* a fine
? S\ tIt0?/ Criar9,?nd the great
fu ^ . it?the elevation is such as to command
the most extensive view of Georgetown Wash
ington and Alexandria. The fact of this 'propStv
being just outside of the Corporation 11 rnlteW
rat'on taxSk " ' be,n* fre* fr?m the Corpo
&c ' apply t0 j? l kidwell,
Georgetown. Jan 22-dtf
Desirable propf.rty for saTf i
will now sell my property, situated on the
2?rMd RockvlUe Turnplk*-, abomtwc
tSIT^JiS. ?jeor^e!own? adjoining the village ol
Tennallytown, where there is a post offlceTThe
EmvLTh "J*63* acres' and iB handsomely im
proved bv a two-story brick house, 32 X 40, with
a X 31, and all necessary out houses
Lity property will be taken as part pay
Jan 1,?tf At United States Hotel
lors and Chambers, with board
?MiTfaWtef'S t?nslent In<1"lrea! Mrs
SMI rH 'S, 233 F street. noy
Too let.?a commodious dwelling
. house and lot, between SUth and Seventh
streets, near Island Hall.
Also Rooms on 4 K street, near the City Hall
furnished or unfurnished, suitable for lodging oi
for offices, with the privilege, if de*ire3, of *
large law and miscellaneous library. Apply al
No. 7, \% street, near the City Hall Jan 5?tf
fhr rJ'nf ??//kF *ON veral furnished roomf
for rent, suitable for a family or single gentleman
Ihe rent will be moderate No 27* & avenue,
id door from Rlrkwood House
Jan 2?tf
iZ. ?5r de,!'rl.n? to remove South, offers for sal*
this beautiful and highly Improved farm, lylne
In Alexandria county, Va , 1 mile from the l!oni
Bridge, or mlle-s from Centre Market, wltf
easy acres* by Washington and Alexandria turr
pike or Alexandria Canal, which touch the place
1 he farm contains 200 acres; 30 acres Is in good
"j jhe balanee well laid off In arable fields
and meadows Also, about 800 fruit trees of va
rlous kindR, well selected and planted In suitable
?l illations.
The improvements consist of a good Dwelling
House of H rooms, beside garret and basement: e
hojse for overseer and hands, stabling for horses
and cattle, with necessary sheds Ac., i?ual to i
dairy arid market farm.
Persons desiring to purchaee can get further In
formation by applying to BURKE A HERBERT.
Alexandria, or to the subscriber on the premises
n'lT^a EDlV " POWELJ..
P?mo ?ENT~^.LARGK. AND ONE Of t*f
vv=. ,cornm,odlou<' houses in the wity ol
\Nash.ngton, with three-story buc* buildings
withi good dlnlne, b^th and store rooms ; a?so a
fine kitchen, with range; a laundry with a ran-!
torh^H^ tub"'wi,h hot and cold water pipes a"t
ta< Lr-d to each Also, hot and cold water ineverv
chamber, gas throughout the house, with al' * r.
cessary fixtures provided Any one wishing to set
^??d r^a&rF.Sa'sNo 4,7 /w"">
will be rented for a moderate rent. '
Al-o a handsome, convenient and newlv-lm
prove4 Louse In G street, second house above21*
na^MtL<> 8bOVe h?n,e9 are LeaUd by Lot tt,f
F or ail of which information ca i* uad at tht
nientloned plar?. faa
ini il and CLamber (Including fire and gar)
will be rented together or sepa-ately durin/?be
ssion of( ongress. The rooms .->re cn 'heirs!
^thlnoneMuareof th? Kirk wood House
Jan yf 'cotV f Klfkwood House
? K ?r tlJe wto,p> on Capitol Hill, scuth B
street hut a short distance from the soutL gate of
the Lapito For particulars euqulre at this o
feb4?eo6t# ? >_e.
story frame dwelling. In Georgetc\yn,conuln
ir.g four rcoms and good cellar? Burp of exrel
lent water it the dco. Apply to" W. ALBERT
KINu. \r. 3-j High street, Georgetown,
feb 7-eo3t
large dwelling house, eligibly situated, near
ly opposite the City Hall, and handsomely rur
nlshed, containing eleven rooms: will be rented
for the remainder of the u>?nion of Congress. Gas
In the houss. Fur terms. Ac., apply at the office
of the National Hotel. dec 27?tf
ware?Coral, Cameo, Florentine Mosaic,
and all other styles of rich JEWELRY, In sets
and single pieces
Fine WATCHES fur Ladies and Gentlemen,
GOBLETS, CUPS, and every variety of Fancy
We offer a larye assortment of the above which
we invite the attention of purchasers to
321 Pa avenOT, betw ilth aul 10th sts
feb 9-3t
washi><iton city music store.
friends they will find our stock of Music to
be the largest and most varied in this city, to
which we are constantly making additions. New
Music receivtd every week Also, Instruction
Books for Piano, Guitar, Violin, Accordeon. Ban
jo and Flute, Music Paper, Bows, Pegs, Rosin,
and a general assortment of Musical Instruments
3u6 Pa avenue, bet 9th and 10th sts.
ft b g tf
British Navy List d?>
British Almanac and Companion d"
British Alinauac of Science and Ait d?
British Army and MUltla Almanac do
British Royal Kalcndar (Red Book) do
Who's Who <*<*
Almanac de Gotha do
510 (r street, between 1 th and 5tk.
The second session of this in
stitutlon will commence MONDAY, Febru
ary 11th.
For further particulars see circulars, to be had
from Miss Hewitt, or at Faruham's and Shilling
ton's Bookstores. feb (Maw
the largest slz*, at O^'c. each;
SMOKED HERRINGS, at62)<c. per box;
N EW CHEESE, first quality. 15c per lb ;
SARDINES? whole box?s $1, half boxes 50c.,
third boxes 37^c ;
SWEET OIL?quarts 50c., pints 31c.;
BROWN SUGAR, ?c. and lite, per lb;
WHITE SUGAR, lnclndlng Loaf, 12^c. per lb.;
FRESH TEAS, from 40c. to 81 25 per lb ;
COFFEE?Java, Maricaibo, and Rio;
Wine, Liquor, Cigars, and Grocery Store,
febT?eolw 474 Pennsylvania avenue. ?
The royal kalendar for i9i?,
beiag the "Blue Book'* for England, Ireland
Scotland, and the Coloniea; giving full ll6ts of all
public functionaries. This day received from
feb 7
2??0 copies more just publlsh??d at the Music
aad Piano Store of JNO F. ELLIS,
303 Pa. avenue, bet 8th and 10th sts.
jan 26?tf
second hand Pianos from the be*trft<SS3lB3
manufactories, at moderate and conve-J j | f
nlent terms for sale; second hand Pianos taken
In axchange, and tuning pianos attended to at No
498 Eleventh street, above Pa. avenue
Mp flmeoSTuATh*
By A green, Auctioneer
Handsome building lot at acc
tion.?On F R 1 D A Y , the 1Mb Instant, I
shall sell.at 4 o'clock p m., In front of the prem
ises, Lot No 47 In Cabot'* subdivision cf Square
No. 679, having a front on north H street of 25 ft ,
running back 87 feet 6 Inches, between North
Capitol and 1st streets east.
Terms One-half cash; the balanceln 6 and 14
months, for notes bearing interest.
A deed given and a deed of trust taken.
Title good. A green, Auct
feb 14-TThAF3t
By A. green, Auctioneer.
and Merchandise at Anction.? By virtue
of a deed of tmst duly recordedjn the Clek's of
lice of this city and District of Coin mbla and
county of Washington. 1 shall proceed to sell, on
FRIDAY, February- 15th, at I o'clock p m , at
and in the Storehouse No. 614 Eighth street east,
near Na?y Yard Gate, now uied and occupied
by J . W. Stevens, In carrying on the Hardware
and Cigar business, a* a retail store, hardware,
Ac., to satisfy two notes drawn bv Keilholtx A
Stevens, for thirty seven dollars and seventy-one
cents each, and one note drawn by J. W. Stevens,
for one hundred and sixty dollar*, all of which Is
now made due bv virtue of said deed of trust. ?
Terms made known at the sale
SAM'L A. H MARKS, Trustee
feb 12-d A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
by J. C. McGUIR?, Auctioneer.
Htfllebower A Lovett, for house rent due and
in arrears to John Sinen, and to ire directed, I
have, tti!s 9th day of February, lr-56, levied and
distrained upon the goods and chattels In the
"Anterican Hotel,'1 formerly known as the "Em
pire House," on Pennsylvania avenue, between
3d and 4^ streets, and shall expose the same at
public sale on MONDAY, February lbth, at 10
o'clock, on the premises.
The sale will comprise?
Cottage Chamber Sets. Marble-top Tables
Freach. Cottage and Plain Btdst^ads
Dressing and Plain Bureaus. Washstandn
Excellent Hair Mattresses. Husk do.
Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows
Blankets, Counterpanes. Comforts
Wardrobes, Tables, Rocking Chairs
Cane and wood-seat Chairs. Settees
Mahogany Parlor Chairs, Rockers
Gilt ?nd .Mahogany frame Mirrors
Brussels, Three-ply and Ingrain Carpets
Oilcloth, Matting, Rugs
Window Curtains, Shades. Fire-irons
Radiators, Open Grates, Airtight Stoves
Bar Counters, Oyster Boxes
Tin Safes, Bar Fixtures
Glass and Crockeryware
C? oklng Stove, Kitchen Utensils, Ac
Terms: *20 and under cash ; over that sum a
credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily
endorsed, bearing interest.
A E. L. KEESE. Bailiff
feb 14- J . C McGUIRE, Auct
By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer.
and Madevn Paintings.?On THURSDAY
AFTERNOON, February 7th, at 4 o'clock, at
the Saloon over Farnham's Bookstore, corner of
Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street, we shall
sell a splendid collection of Oil Paintings, by an
cient and Modern masters: of the former we name
Salvator Rosa, Both, Puissin, Bolkman, Carpel,
Bold, Hutenburg, and many others ; of the latter
latter we name Col*, Willies, Searby, Cooper,
Ansdale. Lewis, Boyle, Richardson, Ac
The above ate from & collection of H N. Bar
low. Esq , of Philadelphia, and are really line
specimens of art
The sa'oon will be open and the picture* oa
free exhibition daily until the sale.
Catalogues may De had at the Auction Rooms
or at the Saloon.
Terms S5u ana under cash ; over that sum a
credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily en
dorsed notes, bearing Interest.
feb 4?d J C McGUIRE, Auel'r.
IE7* The above Sale is Postponed, in con
sequence of the rain, until TUESDAY AFTER
NOON, February 12th, same hour and pla<-e
feb ^-d ? JAS.C McGUIRE, Auct r
By C. W BOTELER, Auctioneer
-Erf Cigars, Ac., by arder at the Orphans'
C'oort ?On FRIDAY, February 15th,commenc
ing at 11 o'clock d m , 1 shall sell, at Store 562
Seventh street, opposite Cen're Market, by order
uf the Orphai s' Court, a large stock of Wines,
Liquors, CI, ars, Ac , belonging to the estate of
J T. Neal, deceased, consisting In part of
Supertor O d London Dock and other brandies
Champagve Wines, variety of brands
Irish and Scotch Whiskey
Very superior Old Sherry Wine
Claret Wiife, Sparkling H'Xk
Holland Gin, Port Wws, Heckbeimer
Madeira W!r?c?. *anta Crux Rum
C'lTiCn, London Porter
iioughton's Bitters. Ac.
Also, a large lot of very superior ana . amnion
The attention of the trade and conlsseurs gene
rally Is called to the sale as the stock embraces
some of the most choice Brandies and Wines. not
fexefl ed by any in the market
Terms Under ?50 cash ; over S50 a credit of 30
GO, and Wdays, for approved endorsed notes bear
ing interest. C. A BROWN. Admin'r
feb 5-d C. W. BOTELER . Auct
Boarding by mrs ellen stewart,
No 309 G street, near Thirteenth Comfort
able board at ?1 per day, together with lodging
and well furnished rcoms, In a quiet part or the
city. feb 9
if I. prepared to accommodate a number of Mem
bers of Congress, w'th good rooms, with or with
out board. ftb6eo3t*
Boarding?mrs. pierce has seve
ral good Rooms with board, suitable for fam
ilies or single gentlemen, at No 563 Pa avenue,
few doors from the Capitol Jan 44?eo*
Boarding ?two families can be
accommodated with board and lodging, at
444 D street, between 6th and 7th streets.
? an 3o-tf
Board,Ac ? mrs bates,on the s. w.
corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street
is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms,
with or without board. Every effort will be made
to render those comfortable who may favor her
?with their patronage. ap 6?tf
assortment of the above articles, and also
opened a large Invoice of magnificent PEARL
RINGS, of ihe richest kind: CORALS. MO
latest styles; together with a variety of 81LV ER
WARE, suitable fcr presents.
We respectfully solicit a call.
Jeweler and Dealer in Watches and Silverware.
No, 33? Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and
loth streets. feb 7 -lw
All w ho wish to keep warm and
take care of their health will do well te call
at LANE'S, who has a full stock of warm Under
shirts and Drawers, So. ks, Cloves, Mufflers, and
Robes and Shawl*, a.id will sell them cheap for
cash at LANE'S
ticnts Furnishing Store, 4*21 Pa avenue
Jan 9
10.4, 11-4 AND 14-4 BED BLANK
ETS, very cheap, red. blue and gray
" Me
French Merino and Merino Plaids
luilled Skirts. Hosiery and Gloves
White, red and yellow Flannels
With many other Winter Goods tobecloMd
out cheap WM R RILEY,
Cor.bthst , opposite Centre Market
Jan 44?lm
Lost yesterday, in or about the
Hall of the House of Representatives, a Poli
cy of Life Insurance which had been sent on to
be executed. The large white envelope In which
it was enclosed is addressed to the owner. It Is
of no value whatever except to that person. The
finder will receive many thanks by leaving it at
the Star office, or with the Postmaster of the
House of Representatives. feb 7-tf
PARIS, BREMEN, and other points in Europe,
in sums to suit
Bankers. No 354 Pa. avenue,
Jo.n i i in: west of Browns' hotel
For a good honest clock alw avs
go to FRANCIS, on 7th street Bis Clocks
cannot be excelled, and his prices will not fright
en you. He tries every one thoroughly, himself,
ana those who buy of him are sure to get a good
one or have their money refunded. Jan 46
Russia hed leather ?for sale,
1,000 skins, by
47 CornhlU, Bostoa, Massachusetts
feb 6d3w?
490 E street, between 5(4 and Qtk.
A few more Scholars can be re
For particulars enquire of the Principal,
feb2 4w S H M1RICK.
laMrUat freas
New OiLitiia, Feb. 11.-?The itMBibip
Pr>imetheu!? hs* arrived at this port San Juts
5th in?t. bringing advices from San Fraaoisoo
to the 21st January, sixteen days later than
had been previously received.
The steamship Northern Light sailed from
Sao J nan on the i>tb inst , for Key Weet and
New York, with SSiO.OOO in spocie for the
latter port.
The news from California is aaimportant
The account* from the agricultural districts
are much more favorable, while thoee from the
mines are very encouraging.
The jury in the " Cora" case had disagreed
and a new trial would probably soon take
The Legislature was in trouble concerning
the election of United States Senator. Several
prominent candidates for tbo position had
withdrawn, for the purpose of harmonising
the American party.
The American barque Isabelita Hyne was
wrecked on the Sth January The vessel and
cargo were a total l<?ns. The captain and
mate perished
There had been more lighting on the Walla
Walla Hirer, between the United States troops
and Indian* The troops lost twenty throe
in killed and wounded.
Affairs in Nicaragua were quiet.
Relations with Col. Wheeler, the Minister
from the United States, had been suspended.
The San Francisco markets were unchanged.
The following vessels had arrived at Saa
Francisco from Atlantic ports since last ad
vices : Ships Black Warrior and John Stuart
from New York; Samuel Appleton and Do
fender from Boston.
Explosion of a Locomotive.
Providesi s, Feb 12 ?A looomotive be
longing to the Hartford and Providenoe Rail
road exploded this morniag in the engine
house, killing John Vaughan, engineer, and
partially demolishing the building.
Rew Orleans Markets
New Orleans. Feb 11 ?Cotton has ad
vanced ; sales of 22 000 bales ; middling ?fe.
The flour market is ooiopletely stagnant.
Other articles are without'ohange of moment.
? Baltimore Markets.
BaltTVore, Feb. 12 ?Flour is lows! and
dull; sales of 100 bbls Howard street at $8 ;
?>nio and City Mills is quoted nominally at SS
There was nothing done in wheat, and oor
rect prices canno* be given Corn?white and
yellow sold for fi2a65c ; prime yellow would
bring 67a6$c by weight
Provisions are dull Nothing doing in beef,
pork, or lard Small sales of shoulders at
Si, sidei 9J, and hams 12al3c.
Hew York Markets.
New York. Feb. 12 ?Flour is quiet; sales
of 600 bbls.; straight State $7 62, good Ohio
$(< S74, Southern $V.12*.
Wheat is firm, aales of 2u,000 bushels; South
ern red 1.94. Corn is firm; sales of 20 000
bushels Western mixed 82c
Pork is drooping, sales of 600 bbls mess
S16. Beef is dull and unchanged, sales of ISO
bbls $14 50. Lard is dull; sales of 300 bbls.
at 10)o
Whisky ha* declined; sales of 200 bbls.
Ohio 30c
Stock Markets.
New Yore. Feb. 12.?Stocks srs dull; Chi
eago 93; Michigan Southern 101; New York
Central 96; Pennsylvania Coal Company W,
Cumberland Coal Company 254; Illinois Ceo
tral 9si; heading Railroad 874.
Oeoroetow.v. Feb 12, IBM.
'1 he excessively cold weather of the present
Winter has borne with peculiar hardship upon
the poor of our city, and the fact of our Cot
ton Factory and other establishments being
compelled to stop operations for the want of
materials, and from other causes, has added
n? little to the many prossing wants of the
many industrious persons heretofore engaged
in these establishments. It is highly gratify
ing to know that our more fortunate eitisens
have been, and still are doing all that can
well be done for the general relief of their
needy neighbors Collections have been taken
up in some of our churches to assist in lbs
laudable work.
On Sunday last, after a very touohing. and
impressive sermon by the Kev B A Maguire
in Trinity (Catholic) church, the handsome
sum of S1&5 was contributed by the congrega
tion. and placed in the hands of the ladies
(Catholic) benevolent society, to be distributed
among the poor, after deducting some small
over drafts upon the society.
We have been requested to say to all per
sous having clothing of any kind to spare, if
they will send it to the couuting-room of W
11 Edes. Esq , on W ater street, it will be im
mediately distributed amongthe needy. There
is to our knowledge much help of this kind
needed, and we hope our people will afford it
The moderate weather of the last day or
two ha* caused the ice and snow to disappear
from our streets pretty rapidly. The wind,
however, has hauled round to northwest this
morning, which has caused the thawing opera
tion very nearly to stop.
The Know Nothing mas* meeting comet off
to-night at Forrest Hall. The object, we sup
pose. is, if possible, to brace up the nervea of
the party for the approaching municipal elec
Ihe flour market presents no change of mo
ment. .Small sales are making to the boms
trade at $6 25a$S.37a$8 50, as in quality.
Wheat?red Sl.7SsSl.75. white $1 75aSl 80
Corn 65c. Spectator.
Great Southern Mail Line!
t|>TWICE DAI L V -fi
Between Washington City uad the BoothI
Leave Washtagtea at 6 a a and 1p m.
Fare from Washington to Rlchmend S3 SO
will be at the Washington Railroad Depot to con
Charge, to STEAMER GEORGE-*[rV
r A U E.'for A L E X A N D R1A. a dts - JgBSPBb
tance of six miles, allowing ample time tor Meals.
Tickets procured on the coat
Kxix-dlt'.on and Comfort are secured by this
Rente asitlsacoNViarons iiiiiot viasv class
carr'cd without cost to the Depot of the Petersburg
Information of Route and Lost Baggage ob
talned of JAMES A EVANS,
feb 11 Agent, Alexandria, Vs.
ADA>1E R. respectfully tafcrass (fee
public In general, that she will give Informs
tlon In all the Affairs relating to Llib, Health,
Wealth, MarMSi-e*. Love. Jonrners. Law Suits,
Difficulties In Business. Ab??nt Friends, Sickness
and Death, and In respect to all other subjects
She ts, also, able to tell the ages of persona by
leading numbers. She can be eon suited at all
hours of the day and evening.
Her nsme Is on the door?st No s65 ISth
corner of D. on the left hand side Gantlet*
cents and ladles 26. febi?
CAST-OFF clothing
Bought and sold at ts Louisiana
Avenue, opposite Holmead's grocery, ?
S'lnmes's. Address through post ofllce
i feb 4-1 me

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