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evening star.
T?i Second Trial or Hirbkrt.?When
we conceded our report yesterday, at the time
of r >D8 to PreM' Patrick Keating was on the
jtand, *nd the counsel for prosecution and de
fence were in the midst of a warm content,
raiM-i *>7 the attempt of the defence to draw
from the witness whether other witnesses for
the prosecution had j >ined with him to raise
a food to fee counsel.
The Court decided that with reference to
what contributions had been made for a re
taining fond each witness must be examined
separately as he came up.
The witnev in answer to a question of Mr.
Jirwiley said he had not made an engagement
with any persons to go out and solicit subscrip
Captain Blandipg, a witness for defence.
wm here, by eon-em of the prosecution, per
mitted to testify, as it was necessary for bim
to leave the city?Witness was at willards'
on the morning of the affray; was standing in
front of the office about eleven o'clock in con
versation with a gentleman; heard a noise in
the dining room. which he first thought was
the breaking of crockery, but the noise in
creasing. it occurred to him that a fight was
going on among the waiters; walked leisurely
to the door of the dining room, and, while
standing at the door, saw several persons en
gaged in a conflict near the pantry door; here
person- were bent down considerably behind
the table; it was a violent struggle of men all
in a cluster; he was convinced it was some
fracas of waiters, and turned to go back; just
a* he tarned he heard the report of a pistol;
thisdrtw his attention to the scene; saw Mr!
Herbert emerge, a* it were, from this mass of
men. and then for the first time, recognised
Mr Herbert as being in the fray; oould not
say if there were more than three or four per
sons in the affray; thinks if there were not
more than two he should have noticed it; did
rot recognise any person in the group; did not
see any person in a white hat and apron; can
not say whether the cook was there or not
Cross examined.?Did not see Col McKay
in the dining-room; did notsee Arnold Harris,
itardicer, or Bishop; at the commencement of
the fracas he wts standing in comp&ny with
Col McKay and Gen Persifer F Smith, in
front of the < ffice; when the pistol was fired
there was a considerable moving backwards of
those standing in the passage as if they feared
an. thcr shot might be fired.
John Enbright examined for prosecution ?
He testified to being present at the time Her
bertcalled for his breakfast on the morning
o. tho affray, Rtordan brought a portion of it
and went for more; he came back and went
to second head-waiter to inquire Herbert's
name to go the office and get an order for the
breakfast; Herbert told Riordan to clear out
and called him a d-d Irish son of a bitch,
and then turned to deceased and said the same
words to him; witness was standing by the
pantry door at the time; Herbert got no and
went towards Tom Keating and struck him
with his fist on the back of the neck; Tom
Keating caught hold of a plate, and Herbert
picked up a chair and threw it; Tom Keatin"
threw the plate; they both jostled together;
Gardiner came in and threw a chair at Tom
Keating; Herbert, Tom Keating, and Gardi
ner jostled together some time; Pat Keating
came in; Herbert left Gardiner and Tom Keat
ing, and passed witness towards Pat Keating;
Herbert met Pat Keating near the pantry door;
Herbert pulled out his pistol, Pat Keating got
held ot the inutile, and Herbert had hold of the
stock; Tom Keating came around the tables
towards them; Gardiner came up and struck
Pat Keating with a chair; Tom Keatirg came
up and struck Pat Keating, by mistake, with a
chair, the French cook came in and rushed in
between them; Gardiner struck Pat Keating
with a chair; the cook jostled Pat Keating
away, witness was standing not mere than two
feet from the forties at the time of the shot
when Pat Keating lost hi? hold of the pistol
Herbert canght Tom Keating by his coat, shirt
and vest, and, putting his pistol to the breast
of Turn Keating, fired, the cook stood there
until Herbert left the room, and then followed
him out, htep by step; after the shot was fired
Tom Keating cried out that he was shot, put
his hands to his breast, and went over to the
ead side of the ro? m; after be took down his
hands the blood came out in a thick stream;
the Netherlands Minister came up to him and
a*ked if the man was dead. |The defence
here objected to witness repeatiug what the
Minister had said.] There was no gentleman
near Herbert at the time he fired; deceased
and Herbert both stocd upright; deceased was
a stouter man than witness, but was clumsy;
Tom Keating had nothirg in hit. hand at the
time the shot was fired, unless te had hold of
Heroert's coat.
Croi>s examined.?As Herbert passed wit
ness on his way towards Pat Keating, witness
UII back to allow him to pass; witness followed
taem until tLry came up to the p:.ntry door,
j the witness wm suojected to a very search
ng cross examination by Mr. Walker in re
gard to the position he occupied in the room I
w tness saw a pitcher raised in Pat Keating s
hand, but could not say how it was brokeu;
iJeroert drew the pistol at the time they met
did not sec any chair in Herbert's hand; Pat
Keating had i?.s arm around Herbert's neck
witness though: ^f interfering to separate
the ryt.es just as the pistol was fired ; does
think he testified at the j ?il that he di l
not cuange hu? potion during the affray
lte witness here lilustrated upon Mr Brad
ley the manner of the sheoting J Witn-sewas
near enough to have knocked the pistol up if
he had chosen. [The witness here appeared to
be considerably exhausted by the trying ex
"tarnation to which he was subjected, and
ssked f,r a glass of water ] Witness had not
agreed to pay any money for feeing counsel in
this case, Herbert was not in a bent posture
at -Le time oi the shooting; what Herbert got
would not have hurt a child four years old
air. Bradley here objected to a question bv
the prosecution as to tbe rule of the house in
" vt i?*? tbe hour as irrelevant.
Preston contended that it was the ret
,h? origin of the transaction
ine pnnt was argued with great power and
legal acumen by counsel on both sides, at the
end oi which the court decided that at a proper
?tage this evidence might be introduced.
At half-past 4 .n the afternoon, the court
adjourned until to-day.
Another sweltering day in the eourt room.
u>! ?r,*?tner w*3 bought in at twenty nun
past ten am.
?alled.? If One of the
LbftSIf Willard s Hotel. |Mr W ex
fcioi.ed a digram of the dining room, pre
pare l by architect, on which the point at
fc 'l.ae d,fficultJ commonced was repre
? "J ? r?>and black table ] Deceased
k in? L 'lt1*?7 Wril*' Hi bi' hoUl' at
J,?*" tb? d*7 of the affray; s*w no p.,r
t a ' Wuas tbe 8econd story looking in
commenced thinks it was
IA cir f U * ^ ? c'0C't tbs morning
L *'d unUiuinf the ralea of the house at
f r tk 5 WaS Pre?*Dtod by the pro-ecution
f*'d to ijU,rp08e of tinwtiouing witness in re
Drferc? objected.
ti a ,''1re,,t#! tho oi the prosecu
knewlh0U1? 10 tb? P"*>f? the
Mr u^t b# re?ulat?ons at Willards'
tti<?PecU.,nTt'h.c"!f "* ' "P r0t
nic, b^t9J/?0lLmoi CODCeive what these
eouid not WItb ca*?; ^oae rules
^eroert 5 Pa-'sed between deceased and
invr;,nd'd"""u ,m
worJ of conre'?>
ii/ ja | ? .ln r?">cm, on that morn
nnect* j USht wa# sufficiently
?Mr Brad .. urreoee to b? a-imitted
^ to this ruling htt?? ?n ???Ption
?k- ^^0 10 being the rules of
Pro' ri.L ^reid trom the ruIei where
db " ^ any ne
a rulu fit i.?n ,th* P**1 '* servant.;
1|?) o cl?i ^ breakfa?t betweou 7j and
WKa" ^ hy defence to wit
other regulations, not
?iJ- t ur rC|*JkP"e<i ,n re2ar*lo break
Cu'-irt decided ia favor of
Ur i|
fc,r>y nx* ?*kod Prestaa bow
W,r<> ,u th? >?'?the tims of
**? Bradley objected to the question. |
Mr Preston stated that the purpose of the
prosecution was to show malice o^the part of
the prisoner in using a dangerous weapon at
Lttat particular place and time; they thoueht
I Ihfl aDent * 8,bow thAt h# WM wtL under
Sfei??Sr malice in U8iDg the
pwtol in the community of a hotel, where rules
and order were aa requisite aa in any other
d ff.Z ir W0,ld b? in a very
w2?I ^adl0n ln a ^derneaa where there
wa? no help
thon?hk thftt ^ wia wholly im
"'uT maty guests were in the house
. P,0?a#cd had been in hia employ at va
fo* wveral J?*??* the laat lime
a boat six weeks
> *r; Bf?dl?y objected fc> a question aa to the
l??? u ?? of d???M?d IA consultation was
held by the counsel for defence, at the end of
whish Mr. Bradley asked the Court to refer
to the caae of Cook ]
*h! Court examined the case and stated
? 6 . betn Iaid dowi1 there.
The Court decided the testimony aa to the
good character of the witness to be inadmis
I Dr. Miller took the atand for the purpose
of uiukug an explanation that the post mor
f J?heAT'nfaw0D to?k Place ,4t? on night
* J? 7' IMt#ad of on the 9th 1
.;!!LPr?8t?n that the prosecutioi de
sired to show that the deceased was a mild in
offensive man.
(An interruption was occasioned at thia
point through the illness of one of the jurors,
Mr Owens requiring the presence of Dr. Mil
ifr,Ln.lhejUry.b?X ..Tha Jaror8 ?? several
of them m their shirt sleeves, and fanning
themselves vigorously ]
The judge decided finally that the question
could not be put to Mr. Willard as to the good
character of the deceased
Mr. Willard. cross examined.?Pat Keating
w.*f *,BtnWa,!d 6* hia house; witness has fur
nished Pat Keating with five dollars for the
purpose of feeing counsel since this trial
commenced; Pat Keating made no direct ap
plication to him for money for the purpose:
two persona applied to him and received the
money; Pat Keating came up with them, but
witness does not know that Keating heard the
application; these persons did not belong to
his house. ?
. -^he Court announced hero that one of the
jur>rs (Mr. Owena) was ill, and recommended
that a recess be taken
After a recess of an hour and a quarter Dr.
Miller stated that Mr. Owens was utterly un
able to attend on the jury to day ; that he was
laboring under prostration and exhaustion
from the heat. He thought thero was a rea
sonable prospect that thia juror would be able
to attend to-morrow
Mr. Walker inquired what would be the
rule of the Court if the juror were unable to
attend to-morrow?
The Court, while reserving its decision until
the case should came up, stated that in case
of a juror a illness or death it would be neces
sary to discharge the others and begin anew
After some debate as to the hour of meet
ing next, the court was adjourned until hall
past nine, a. m., of to-morrow.
The Third District School (female de
partment) on Wednesday underwent its an
nual examination before quite a numerous
company of visiters. The sohool consists of
about sixty pupils, nearly all of whom we
should judge to have been present. The sub
jects in which they were exiinined were spel
ling, reading, dictation, montal arithmetic
geography, history, and algebra, and evidence
ik "r!,dec'dfd improvement was ahown.
About March last, the trustees permitted the
introduction of music into the school as a sub
ject of study, and as there waa no provision
for paying a teacher specially for that branch,
the pupils themselves unittd and raised a
?um, which, though small, as we presume,
induced Mr. Franklin Glenroy to give them
his very faithful attention as a music instruc
tor, and with such success as has seldom if
ever ueen atUmod by any school, juvenile <-r
adult, among as The exercises through which
Mr Ulenroy put hia scholars ycsterlay were
really difficult, and testa wero applied that
practised choristers might not have contemned
'or trivial Suffice it to say that the elements
or a sound musical education are already laid
in tfcis school, which we should be glad to see
carried forward to something like completion
MissMyrick, the teacher proper, also assists
in this interesting branch. Glees wore well
sung, and two echo songs with an excellence,
wbui we were quite unprepared to expect ?
4< ?H* w*AT"B-??ur Georgetown lriend
B , again favors us with the range of the
thermometer from Friday noon, July 11, to Fri
day morning, July 18:
? ., Morning. Noon. Night.
F?? i ? eeeeeeeee M 72^ J9Q
Saturday 80 7g
Sonday 75 82 78
Monday 72 86 80
Tuesday 9l 80
Wednesday. 72 87 78
Thursday 72 87 84
Friday 75 ? ?
Average height of the thermometer in tho
mornings from 12th to 18th of July, inclusive,
7 o
Note -Thursday, July 17, about 4 a m.,
full moon.
Effects or Iwthmperajtce ?Last night a
young man waa arrested by Watchmen Horner
and Burch for stealing a watch from a gentle
man named Mcllenry He had been drink
lng, and was taken to the guard house where
he remained until thia morning. When the
guards went to the cells to see that the prison
ers were safe, this unfortunate person was
standing in the middle of his cell, trembling
in every limb, hands uplifted, and imploring
an imaginary demon to spare his life Ho
would run to the darkest corner of the cell and
hide hia face, but all to no purpose, his tor
mentor would again be before him, and again
the nrayers of the poor sufferer would be
heard Such scenes are more effective than
any temperanoe address.
Disobperlt Gatherisgh ?The auxiliary
guard and police officers, we are informed,
hive been instructed to disperse the gather
ings of old and young men upon the streets
during the day and night. It is a fact that
for months past crowds of persons have been
allowed to gather upon the streets, obstructing
the sidewalk*, and using language very offen
sive to ladies and others who are obliged to
hear it while pas.-ing No man desires to of
fend respectable ladies ; but in nearly every
instanoe indecent language ia used thought
The First District School, female de
partment, under the charge of Mba Middle
ton, underwent its examination on Friday
last before the majority of the members of the
B .ard. The distinguishing features in this
school are promptitude and thoroughness;
ard so well did the pupils approvo them
selves to the examiners and visitors that really
high enthusiasm was aroused. It must be
gratifying to teachers and pupils in no small
degree when thev thus wiu the meed of ap
probation.?- Jnt ell t/fencer.
The National Theatre will be re-opened
on Monday night next, by Manager Ford, with
an excellent company, for a grand dramatio
festival, when will be presented the comedy
of 41 Laugh When You Can," in which Mr.
II A Perry autains the principal character,
and " The Toodles," Mr. John 8. Clarke as
Mr. Toodles.
Resisting ah OrricsR ?This morning Mrs.
M. Hanlon was arrested by Officer Wise for
resisting Officer Wm. Martin while exeouting
a civil process which had been placed in his
hands. She was taken beforo Justice Goddard.
who, after hearing the evidence, committed
her to jiil in default of security for eourt.
Com, why will you suffer all the ills of bed
bugs, cockroaches, moths, ants, and every
other species of insects whgn Lyoa's Magnetic
Powder will surely rid your house of all su;h
pestilence For sale at Shillington's Book
sellirg and Stationery Establishment, Odeon
1 Building, corner Four-and-a-half street and
Penn'a avenue. ? T. r.
Fight in the First Ward.?Last evening
* fight occurred M the west end of the city
between Movers. W. Baker and Streaks.
It is said to have crown out of party matters.
No arrest was made, as the parties were sep
arated before the oflioers reached the spot.
Watch Returhe.?Charles Finnegan, dis
orderly conduct; fine and costs Miry Ellen
Hope, vagrant; workhouse. Henry Michelet,
, larceny ; jail for oonrt.
Justice Asbford ? Mr. Editor: Please
insert in the Star the following letter:
W ASHIH8TOW. July 15th, 18WL
Geo. W. Phillips, Ksq ?Deer Bit : I re
2|iyour friendly communication bearing
ate the ll'h of Joly inst., interrogating me
with regard to my supposed connection with
the io-called " Know Nothing party." to which
I mo?t cheerfully and unequivocally reply.
You will recollect that about eighteen months
ago I bad a conversation with you on this sub
ject, when I then told you, as I did others,
that 1 was Dot a member of the party in ques
tion, that I had some months previous to that
time visited one of their councils, but that I
had never made up my mind or even thought
of leaving the Democratic party, to which, you
know, 1 had always belonged, and therefore I
declined having anything more to do with
them. Since then I have been repeatedly
urged to take the degrees to entitle me to
membership, but have always declined, giving
my reasons therefor. And I now say to you,
what I then said and more, that I never was,
nor can I ever be a member of the " Know
Nothing party," and do assure you that I
have no more sympathy for that party than
yourself, and in conclusion I give you the fur
ther assurance that I am resolved, as hereto
fore, to support n?ost heartily and zealously
the nominees of the late Democratic Conven
tion for President and Vice President. You
are liberty to u?e this es you please.
Respectmlly, your obedient servant.
It C Ashpord.
On the 16th Instant, by the Rev. T. N. Haskell,
B. STEIGER, aU of this city.
On the 17th instant, EMMA JANE, aged 9
months and 7 days, daughter of James M. and
J V Larcombe.
The funeral will take place at o'clock this
afternoon from CH Seventh street, laltnd, where
the friends of th? fam ly are requested to attend.
(Wilmington, NC , Herald copy J ?
On the 10th instant, Mr. JOSEPH DUDLEY
WARD, formerly of Onflow county. North Car
ol na, but for the last 25 years a resident of this
On the 17th instant, after a severe Illness of a
few days, Mrs. ANN WASHBURN, In the 84th
year of her age
Her funeral will take place from her late resi
dence on Uth street near H, on to-morrow (Sat
urday) afternoon, at 5 o'clock. The friends are
respectfully invited to attend. *
to accommodate the Ladies and to sll ?< ^
out onr entire stock of Summer Goods, Bon-'
net*, Flowers, R iboons, Ac , come to ofTyi^r
to sell patent Bonnets worth $12 at *5. Bonnets
worth S5 to f2 50. Alio, Travelling and Straw
Bonnets, Ac. Call before purchasing e sewhere,
to save your money
Pa avenue, bet. 10th aod 11th sts.,
jy 14 -2w?
* LEE JONES have removed their office to
No. f06. E street, between 3d and 4th streets
Charles Lee Jones will practice in the Supreme
Court of the United States and all other courts
held in the District of Columbia. Gen. Waiter
Jones, though mostly retired from general praa
tice. will unite with him and do his best to ad
vance the success of clients by written statements
md arguments, and by all olher needful and
proper exertions. jy 5-3m
Dr. h. perabkau, german homeo
pathic physic an, has the honor to offer his
services to the inhabitants of Washlcgton and
Office and Residence on I street, No. 188, be
tween 20th and 2!st streets.
N B?Homeophathlc medicines for sale, which
the Doctor prepares himself with the greatest
care, for Fever ana Ague, for Biious and Bowel
complaints, Ac.. Ac. m l?-:Jm
will commence and sell my stock of roods at
prime co-t, for cash, only in order to make other
arrmsjrments for Fall trade.
The stock consists of all goods u*u\lly found in
the retail Dry Goods trad* Call early at
jy 12-dlw 92 High street, Georgetown.
THE V t ti t* I N 1A SPRINGS.
PHUR SPRINGS, Virginia, vii:
Per week *8 00
Per month fsjo 00
jy 10-lm
100 bbls No 1 Potomac Herring, packed ex
pressly for family use
In store and for sale low by
61 Louisiana avenue, between 6th
je tS-co^at and 7th streets
date of this advertisement to r-.n off the en
tire balance of our stock of Summer Miks. Sitk
and Berege Robes, Orgar.dy acd Lawn Robes,
Twisted Silk Robes, Figur d and Plain Beregts.
French Lawns. Printed Organdies, rich Figured
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Figured Mouslaines, a d o'her kluda of Summer
Dress Goods at (Time cost for cash
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cilv; consequently the Inducements we effer to
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advantage of by all who buy for cash and wlo
wLh to dispose of their money to the best advan
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e sh.
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at the Union Hotel Stables, a thor
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Jy l?-3t 324 Pa av bet. 91h and 10th sts
against either of the offices of the first and
second Comptrollers of the Treasury, the Com
ml-sioner of'Cu?foms, the first, third, fourth and
fifth Auditor* of the Treasury, the Treasurer of
the United States, the Register and Solicitor of
the Trea*urv, and the Light House Beard, for
Stationery, blank Books, binding or other con
tingent erpenses, are hereby notified and r quest
ed promptly to f resent the same forpavm-ntln
duplicate properl; receipted, four days before the
end of everv month, in ord<?r that tney may be
Included In th? disbursing agent s account for
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erwise piyincnt* may be delayed to the end of
the next succeeding month.
Jy8 2w Disbursing Clerk.
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Jy 14-eo3t 370 Pa av. under Browns' Hotel.
open on the 3d day of July for the ac ^
commodatlon of visitors. '1 he subscriber
has engagtd a first rale CotlLlon Band for JCiM.
the season, and with his large and spendid Ball
Room offers vast lud cements to the loveis of the
dance His table will be constantly supplied
with all the luxuries of the Potomac,and his Bar
with the cholest liquors.
ThU Is known to be one of the healthiest places
on the river, being situated between Blacklstone's
and St Catharine's Islands.
There will be a celebra Ion on the 4th of July,
and Ball and public Cotillion Parties on Thurs
day, 2 ?tk July, Thursday, 7th August, and Thurs
d v 21st of August.
1 he steamer Alice Price will land passengers
during the wale-in t reason on Tuesdays and Fri
days going down, and will stop for passengers on
Wednesdays and Saturdays, on her return trips.
Bojrd-tl per day for a week or longer; Sl,a5
less than a week
EBy WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers.
ir.e|ll,t family horse and
morVHI?'-?n saturoav
Wil1 'e11 Without
cons?irf ??. .. Auction Roons.onac
f unt of whom It may concern?
1 YonngDa ft Roan Ho se
J Huggy Wmg,.a
tk Be*t triage A* ^0 Horses
e..lfi Horse 18 Perfectly gentle, and suitable far
fcssrws ar??"""?^~
Terms at the sale.
Ivis tt WaLL, BARNARD A CO ,
JZi?"1! Auctioned ra.
By JAB. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer.
S??** FIRTCREB, glass cases,
BriVf. V I1 Glaaaes, In Perfumery,
ifjp . ?c** *c??n MONDAY MORN.
ING, July 21st. at 10 o'clock, 1 shall sell at More
i*7sT/ r?un??l*anl? avenue, between llthand
12th streets, to satisfy claim for rent ?
o iv*? P**,e Locking G ass s,
if . *i"ut Show cases, 2 aprlght case*,
Lot of fine 1'erfumery.
Cn Sink^Ac^A8' Drcs},nK Tabl?? Wash
CMh ' JA8. C. McGUIRE,
Jy 18 2t Auctioneer.
A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
t? ? vV* ?,G'*?nd at Aactian.?On THURS
^?h I,n*ta"t'1 ?ha11 f?U ??> front ?.f the
? ? t^ock p. m., the property known
" Z u unal L,rne K,ln?> wi'h tbe three lots
on which tbey stand, being lots No. a. 3, and 4
in square No^lsM, containing about 30.0t? sqnare
feet of ground, on whirh are four fine Urn-Vims.
lenceCOniIn ?keds and every other conven
,v'1,bl" P?>perty is at the corner of north D and
-0th streets west and New York avenue.
Title indisputable.
T?ms ?. c*?h ?' balsnre la 6, 18, 18,
7*' f". *nd 38 months ? the purchaser to give rotes
for tbe deferred payments, bearing Interest from
tbe day of sale. A deed given ai.d a deed of trust
U*eii- J A UKKKN,
Jy 15 d Auctioneer.
By A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
^ an the Island?On WEDNESDAY EVE
NING, tbe 23d instant,at 6 o'clock, I w'll sell on
the Premises part of Lot -6, In Square 231, a two
story Brick House, containing six rooms and a
kltcben. and wood house, all In good condition
containing about 1200 feet of ground. '
Title lndisputab e.
The property is situated on 14th st , be ween
B and C streets. Island.
Terms : One-third cash ; the balance in 8 and
I* months.
Jyl?-?t A GREEN, Aact.
Bv JAS C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer.
A Bakery, and Lot aa the Island.?By vir
tue of a deed in Ornst, bearing date on the22d
August, 1854. recorded in liher J A 53 , No 65
folios 141, et sea , tbe subscriber will sell, at pub
lie *aie, on MONDAY, the 4th of Au?u*t, l%yi
at 6)^ o'clock p m., on the premises, parts of lots
Nos *24 and 25. in squsre No ?39, fronting 45feet
on rou:h F ttreet, by C6 feet 6 incbes on Jd street
west, with the Improvements, which comist of a
well-built ind comfortable two-story frau.e Dwel
ling House and Bakery.
The above property is situated in a rapidly im
proving part of tbe oily ar.d offers a very favor
able opportunity to persons desiring to olttain a
xesidence or place of business, or fo invest
Terms of sjle : One third ' ash; and the bal
ance in C, and 12 uion'hs. for notes bearing
Interest secured upon the property, and If not com
p<ied with in live days after the saJe the property
will be resold, upon one week's notice, at the risk
and expense of the purchaser
All conveyancing at the?xpense of the purchas
CllAS. S. WALLACH, Trustee.
? . _ J AS. C. McGUIRE.
jy ll-2awAds Auctioneer.
By A. GREEN. Auctioneer
ft- praved Property nt Auction.?On MON
DAY , the 14th day of July, lb5H, 1 shall sell, on
'h* pre mise-, at 5 oarlock p m., by virtue of a
deed of tra^t from Fred rick hagar' to thefirt
scrlber, bearii g date on the 30th day of Septem
and du^y recorded In Liber w B , No
133, folios 1G6 to 37?, one <f tbe land records for
V\ ashlngtni county, in the district of Columbia,
Lots Nos 6 and 7, in ?quare numbered 32, bavins
a front on north F street of 1?5 feet, and rn 25th
s'reet 51 feet, with the innprovemeats, which xre
a good frame dwelling house, containing twelve
rroms wtce pa<wage kltcben, and celfarundfr
the whole. Also, a fine stone ice-house, 30 by 25
feet, arid 23 reet deep, with two-stories above thf:
ground, used for other purjos^s. Also a brick
and train * slaughter and store house, two ?.tahl. s
andcsrrlige bou<e, smoke and lumber Lous-s
and a fine assortrcent of fruit trees la full bear
the'vard Wdl ?feXCel>Rt Water' wlth PumP
The above describ'd pro erty Is handsomely
lo"a'edatthe corner of F street north ^nd 25th st
Terms f?n?-flfth cash; balance la 8,12 19
and C4 months the purcha* er to give notes for the
de er.?d payments, sat)s(tc!ori!y endors-d b ar
ing in'ereH from the day of sale, ai d a deed giv
en when all the notes and interest thereon are
pa d
Should the nnrcha-er fall to comply with the
term* \u Ave divs from t*e day of Kile, tbe Trus
tee reserves the right to resell oy gtvin" six days'
notice of such rc ale in the National Intelllsen
crr HENRY NAYI.OK, Trustee
J5 19 2aw&ds A GREEN, Auct.
_ 117" Tlie above sule is postponed until
TUESDAY, the a8ih irstant, at 11 o'clock a rn
at the Auction Rooms of A. Green, corner of 7th
ar d P streets, No 526
jy 15-2awAds A GREEN. Auctioneer.
By J AS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer
tJ Aasortment af Fareign and Domestic
22d, commencing at 10 o'clock, (and continuing
from doy to day until the whole 1- disposed of) i
shall sell at tbe store of J as L White, corner of
Bths reet and Market Space, all his stock in trade
containing? '
Shirtings, Checks. Boy's wear, Flannels, Sheet
ing and Sheeting Linen, Tickings, Huck
aback 'lowels, Ac.
Embroidered Han'krchlefs, Collars,Chimezettes,
Swiss and Cambric Irsertlng, Linen Cambtic
Jaconett* and Tarltonx
Great variay of plain and fancy Dress Trim
Bonnet Dress and Trirom'ng Silks, Satins
Col'd and white crape Shawls, woolen do.
Assorted plain and plaid Merino* and Delaines
Black and white Bereges and 1 issues
B ack Alapaca, Liste Thread and Cotton Gloves
tfllk and Linen Handkerchiefs, Threads, Knit
ting Cottons
Mant lias and Ca^es, Hosiery, Ac.
Together with many other goods not necessary
tc enumerate. 1
The sale will be resumed each afternoon at 4
Terms: 825 and under cash; over that sum a
credit of 30, 60, and 00 days, for satisfactorily en
dorsed notes bearing interest
i ,? j "fA?" Auctioneer.
Jy 16-d (UnionAOrgan)
lara, Sleeves, and Bands. Also, English
Thread and other fine Lacs
Our friends are requested to be^r in mind that
our ttock is larger than desirable at this se?*on,
and tbe above goods must and will be sold very
low. Call and try us.
No. 18 Pa avenue.
N. B ?We have Jnst received fifty pieces of
Bla^k Bruvels Laces, from half-inch to eight
lnrh*s In width, very cheap. R.C.S.
jy 15- lw
will have of procuring those cheap setts of
Swiss Cambric and double cloth at less than cost.
jy 15-1 w No. 18 Pa avenue
lar and Sleeves for 50 cents, worth SI 50.
Lawn Robes at S175, worth S3 50. 1 case P. L.
Faua at 8 cents each, at
No. 92 High street, Georgetown
All goods at cost for cash jy 12-1w
the citizens of Washington that we are
prepared to rectlvc all their second band Stoves
for stora-e, repair, new line ind clean them all in
gooa order for fill use, and put them up wben
called for, at a moderate cost Send them in soon
next door to C. Woodward's o'd s ard, No 318
Penn. avenue, betweon l??h and 11th street.
S' tltmen, with long and short sleeve, of all
sisss. ranging In price from 75 cents up A full
assortment will be found at LANE'S
Beat's Furnishing Store,
jy li 424 Pa. averue
en and Cotton Drawera, Collars, Gloves, Ho
siery, Ao selling oft" at very reduced prices, to
close out present stock
Jy 16-3'. 34S Pa av bet 9th and 10th sts.
i LA UAiOND'S, 7th atreet, can be fjund the
largest ana most basutlful collection of Toys la
the city, and st low prioas. jy 16-4i
Terrible and Disastrous Bailroad Collision.
Philadelphia. July 17?As an excursion
train of the children of 8t Michael's Church
was proceeding on th.' North Pennsylvania
railroad this morning, at about 7 o'clock, it
came iu collision with the down train. Six
cars were entirely demolished. thirty-nine
persons killed, and sixty-nine maimed or
wounded. Many of the womnded were con
veyed in carriages to Germantown. and sur
geons were dispatched to the scene of the dis
Tho excursion train contained eleTen hun
dred children, parents, and teachers. The
trains came in collision at a curve near Fort
Washington, with the down train ; the latter
was going very slowly. The excursion train
was going very rapidly, endeavoring to reach
the ttopping place. Both the locomotors
were crushed, and three cars of the excursion
train, together with those that were consumed
by fire. A number was crushed beneath the
ruins, so that extrication was impossible. The
scene was most heart-rending.
The names of the killed are as follows :
Rev. Daniel Sheridan, chorister of the church,
body not recovered ; Hugh Campbell. Barry
Kelly, Jameg Melntire, John Dogan. Edward
Mali, Jno. Rivers, James Hickey, Win Bar
nard( Henry Harris. Mary McLean, Catherine
McBurk, Ellen Clark, Sarah M?Gruean,
Catharine McGrugan, Kate McGirr, Jno Bra
dy, Margaret Meaney, John McQuire, James
Carney, and Henry Harrison, the engineer of
the up-train.
In addition to the above, seventeen bodies
were counted beneath the ruins of the cars,
mostly consumed; eleven men and women
and two children were consumed in one car.
The scene of the disaster is fourteen miles
from the city, in the neighborhood of two
curves, so that approaching trains cannot be
seen five hundred yards distant The track
is also single. When the locomotives came
together they rose on end, the fires cf each
nearly touching, and fell over across the road,
The tire being scattered about the wreck, the
first excursion car soon caught fire, and the
flames rapidly communicated to the two others
piled up upon it. The most extraordinary
efforts were mado to extricate the unfortunate
mutilated beings who were crushed amid the
wreck, rending the air with their dying groans
Many of these poor beings were still alive
when the flames reached them, and thus suf
fered as it were a double death Their groans
and shrieks for aid were awful and heartrerd
ing, altogether beyond the power of language
to describe.
Fortunately there were two hotels, a dwel
ling, and a blacksmith shop and small shed
within three hundred yards of the wreck, all
of which were used to shelter the dying and
wounded. A number of physicians from the
city and from Uerinantowu were early iu at
tendance, doing all in their power to aid the
Two fire engines from Chestnut Hill came
to the spot, and forced water through hose to
the wrcck fr->m a neighboring stream. After
working for several hours the fire was extin
guished, and the human remains were re
moved. Nineteen burned bodies were re
moved to tho blacksmith shop?three sup
posed to be females. Under another shed
were placed eight other bodies, so charred by
the flames as to defy recognition.
The body of Father Sheridan has been re
covered and brought to the city
An immense crowd was attracted to the
spot from the surrounding sections of country;
many friends of the excursionists walked from
the city, and others proceeded thither in every
description of vehicle, which were mado use
of in bringing the wounded and de*d to the
William Vansawen. the conductor of the
dowD train, driven to desperation by the ca
lamity, committed suicide by swallowing
William Lee, the engineer of the same train,
has been arrested and committed for examina
Philadelphia, July IS ?There is great
excitement here in rela ion to the catastrophe
of yesterday, whioh increases hourly The
depot and streets in front are thronged with
Coroner Delavan has commenced the duty
of viewing the bodies at the house? of the rel
atives of the deceased, but the ex <mination of
witnesses will not coinmencs until this even
A number of unfounded reports have been
circulated this morning of accidents on other
roads, which iniicats a feverish anxtety in
the communi'y. The bridge on the Norrist ?wn
road was said to be broken down, act. After
an investigation the report was lour.d to have
proceeded from the fact that a number of the
wounded had been brought iu over that route
fr?m Chesnut Hill
A large number of unhurt passengers also
came home that way. As the list of the
wounded published, were mainly those who
were brought down over the north Pennsyl
vania road, the number thus stated is less
than were actually wounded, which could not
be less than one hundred
The Board of Directors had a meeting this
morning, and passed resolutions of symptthy
with tho bereived, expressing its determina
tion to relieve tho distresses incident to the
calamity as far as is in its power. A sub
scription has been started tococtr.bu e to tais
object. ? .
Virginia Old Line Whig Convention.
Richmond, July 17.?The Convention met
at ten this morning, and the Committee on
Resolutions not being ready to report, the
Coi;Vention was addressed by Messrs. Terrett
of Orange, ?Johnson of Richmond, Speed of
Lynchburg, Kilby of Nansemond. and Carter
of Loudoun, ail of whom expressed themselves
strongly in favor of Fillmore and Done!son,
and ?i1sj of a reorganisation of the Whig
The Convention resembled at J p m Mi.
Macfarland submitted a report from the Com
mittee on Resolutions. In doing so he said,
that the committee was unanimously of opin
ion that the preservation of the peace of the
Union, tho perpetuity our institutions, and of
the Union itself, depended on the influence
exerted by the Whig party hereafter.
The report consists of a preamble and nine
resolutions, the former setting forth the condi
tion of the country, and the nature of the
crisis that it is thought calls upou the Waig
party to exert its power for the safety of the
Tho resolutions declare in substance
First. That the Whigs of Virginia have had
no agenry in nominating any one for the Pres
idency, apd decline doin* so, and therefore
are free to select one among the candidates
already befote the public ; but in making their
selection, they do not merge themselves in that
party whose candidate they may adopt, but
will preserve distinctive principles.
Second. Denounces the Republican party,
and declares that the pretensions of their can
didate as unfit to be considered in a national
Third. That the Democratic party having
in nominating President Pierce declared that
all agitation on the subject of slavery in Con
gress and elsewhere should cease?and the
President having reiterated that pledge it was
not to be cxpected that his Administration
would have encouraged this agitation by giv
ing its countenance and patronage to agitators,
and by distuibing, for mere party purposes,
the oompromises that had long preserved the
peace of the country
Fourth. That the Democratic party hag by
its administration of the Government forfeited
the confidence of all conservative nun, be
cause of its violated pledges and flagrant
abuses in its domestic policy, and by the
blunders of its foreign relations
Fifth That no Whig can consistently sup
port the Democntlc candidate for the Pros
idency ; urging, in addition to other objections
to him, that he sustains squatter sovereignty,
the absolate power of Congress over slavery
in the Territories, and that he is responsible
for the doctrines of the Osteud manifesto.
Sixth Approves the compromise of I860,
and resists the repeal or modification of the
Kansas Nebraska act.
Seventh Considering Millard Fillmore the
most suitable man for the Presidency at the
present alarming crisis, the Convention re
commends him to the nation ; and while they
disclaim all intention of adopting the priaci
plea of another party, they invoke their
brethrefe to surrender their ex*epti'>n to the
quarter from wbencs the nomina'ion pro
ceed. ?iH saoport him
The eighth propoees a natinal convention
of Whig" in Baltimore. on th? third Wednes
day in September, and invites the Whigs of
all secti?S#4o u cite in it.
The ninth authorise* the pre?ident of the
onnvention to appoint a central ootniaittee of
thirteen to promote the ? r gen i ration of the
Whir p*Hy in the State
Oty nation to the third resolution ww made
by Mr Bonldin, ob the groaod that it een
aurei the repeal of the Missouri Compromise;
but. after a debate, the -esoluMon was adopted,
and the preamble and tesolatioas wete agreed
On motion the president ?u instructed to
forward the preamble and reawluti-na to Mr
Fillmore, an i reanest h?m to aocept the en
dorsement of the Convention.
Amidst the greatest enthusiasm the Con
vert.on adj >urned with three cheers for Fill
more, and the crowd repaired to Capital
Squire, where many speachea were made,
ratifying the labors of the CoaventioB At a
?ery late hour the crowd diapersed.
8tfamboat Disaster on Lake Erie.
Brrrixo. July 17 ?The steamer Northern
Indiana took fire at 11 o'clock this morning
<?n her passage to Toledo, and bnrned to the
water's edge A large number of her passen
gera were takon off by the steamer Mississippi,
Nut between thirty and forty are reported
to have been lost. Fifteen or twenty persons
knewn to have been on board are missing.
The names of the lost have not been aseer
timed A propeller and aohooner rescued
some of the passengers
Patent Car Wheel Case
Albant, July 17.?The case of Ross Win
ana va , the Erie Railroad Company, concern -
irg the patent car wheel, was decidei to day
A verdict was rendered in favor of the defend
ant* The plaintiff's have decided to appeal
to the Supreme Court.
Ship Ashore.
Chiblestox, July 18 ?The ship Amelia, **
Charleston, from Cardiff with a cargo railroad
iron for Savannah, went a shore ob Monday
night near Tybee, and will probably be lost
Tkere waa a cutter along aide at the latest ac
counts. ??
Teeth* from Sun Stroke
CiKCinvari, July 17 ?George F Brown, of
Boston,connected with Madigan's circus, died
of enn stroke here to-day. There were seve
ral deaths yesterday from the aame cause
Baltimore Markets.
Baltimore July 18.?Flour is quiet; Mow
ard street and Ohio $6 75; City new Milla 57
Wheat is in good demand for all descriptions
aid prices are firm ; good to prime red J 4?a
*15S; good to prime wbite ?1.55af 1.68 ; an*
I erior choice wbite SI 75 Corn is fitm at
yesterday a pricea; yellow 62a63c., white 65a
63c. ?
Hew York Markets.
New Tore, July 18.?Flour is irregular,
sale? of 8 000 bhla; good State S5 95; auper
fine Ohio $6 10; standard Southern $7 30.
There waa nothing done in wheat thia morn
ing. Corn is firm; sales of 15,000 hu'helt.
Southern mixed 61c.
Pork is firm; sales of 350 bbls ; mess $20 62.
Beef is unchanged; sales of 200 bbls ; Chica
go re-packed $11 Lard has advanced, ss'ea
of 300 bbls at 121c
Whisky is dull; Ohio 40c.
New Yobk, July 18?Stocks are lower.
Cumberland C >al 221; Illinois Central shares
107J ; Michigan Southern 97| ; New York Cen
tr*l 92i; Heading 00} ; Missouri 6's 85| ; Illi
nois Central binds 92?
Steiling exchange is active.
Bv J AS. C. MeSUlRE, Auctioneer.
street bfiwfraO and H streets north.
On FKIDAY AF TKHNOON. Jul* ?eth. at?*
o'clo-k. on the prem'vs, I shall s?ll pa t of L t
No 14. In square "*45, bavins a front on the west
side of 10'h street west of -'0 feet, between O and
H -tree s. running back 100 feet, containing *,ooo
square f-'et
rh? above described property is handsomely
lo-ated, aud In a rapidly Improving neighbor
Ti'le Indisputable.
Terms: One tt i d cash; bal nee in 6, IS and I*
months, for notes bearing Interest, and secure**
by a deed of trust on the premises
All conveyancing at thecnet of purchasers.
jy 10 d Auctioneer.
By A. GREEN. Auctioneer.
Hease and Let at the ceraer ef 10th st.
and Mew Yark avenne, at A a c 11 e a ?On
rUESDAY. the 41th instant. I shall sell in tt on'
of tiie prem ses, at half pa*t six o'clo k p m ,
f>art of orlg'nal hot No 4 In square No 374, hav
n'x a wiie front on New York avenue, at ihe cor
ner of 10th street west, with the Improvements,
wti-h are an excellent three-storv brick house
containing ten or twelve conveniently arranged
rooms, with a ba k building and other necessary
Title indisputable.
Terms: One-fourth cash; balance In 6, 18 and
16 months, the purchaser to give notes f.?r the
deferred payments, bearing Interest from day of
A deed given and a deed of tru?t taken.
Je 14-d A. GREEN, A net.
JC^The abeve sale is pestpeaed aatll
FRIDAY, the lLh of July, same boor
je^4-(okdi A OK KEN , Auetlcr.ee'.
?JJ" The abeve aale Is aaaveldahly pest*
poaed until FRIDAY. Julv ife'h, at ssme hour
jy 4-eo4ds A. GREh'N, Auctioneer.
SATURDAY, the 19th infant, at 10 o'clock,
in f ont of the Bank of Washlrgtoo, 1 second
hand Clarence built Coach, suitable for s Lack,
in g.-od condition.
'I e mi: One, two, and three months, with ap
proved paper. DOWLING,
jy 14-St* Auctioneer.
By A ?REEN, Auctioneer.
o Island at Auctisa.?On MONDAY, the
41st instant, I shall sell. In front of the premises.
at 6 o'clock p. m, Lou 0.9. and part of Lot 7,
in Square No 5-<5, with the improvements, which
are six new two story Frame Hou?e?, containing
4 good rooms earh, and will be sold separate wl fa
the if round on which the* stand. This property
fronts on the esst s!de of 3d street wrest, t??-twe n
muih F and G streets
Terms: One-third ca*h ; balance in 6,'14. sud
16 months, for notes bearing tnter st f om day of
sale A deed given and a deed of tru*t taken
Title Indisputable. A. GREEN,
jy 14-d Auctioneer.
By A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
Baildinc Lata at the earner ef 3d street
west ane H street eenth at Aaettea.?On
SATURDAY, the 19th Instant, 1 shall sell, on the
premises, at 6 o'clock p m , four beautiful build
ing Lots, situated at the corner of 3d street west,
and ti street south, having a front ou H street of
160 feet, and o? 3d street of 91 feet 7 laches, con
taining between 15 and 16 thousand square feet;
all the lots run back to a 30 feet alley
This property is very handsomely located and
will be sold in lota to suit purchasers
Terius : One-fourth cash; the residue In six,
twelve, and eighteen monhs, the purchsser to
gi*e notes for the deferred payments, bearing ln
Wf 1om day of sale
A deed given and a deed of trust taken.
By order of the Trustee.
Jy 14-eoAds (Organ) A6REEN,Auct
By A GREEN, Auctioneer
I nitare, Mar Flxtarea. Unexpired Lease,
ice , at Auction?On WEDNESDAY, the J3d
July Instant, 1 shall sell, at public auction, at 10
o'clock a m , at the Green Tree Uou*e, en Penn
ave&ue, between 4d and 3d streets west, by vir
tue of a d*ed of trust to the subscriber, dated the
tito day ef Jane, 1856. ana filed for record In the
Clerk's odice of the county of Washington in (he
District of Colu-nbia. on the 9tUday of nly, IMS,
all the Household Furnlture, consisting of a gen
eral dsnortmeat of Chamber and Hotel Furniture
with the Bar Fixtures.
Also, the unexpired terra ef Lease of ihe preirl
se?. which has te run abont If months.
Terms cash
ly 10-eolda A GREEN, A act.
Poroaac Pavilios, JcltS
boat between the 6th of July and ?fttuof :a??
tember being offen ive to ?ny pat on-, 1 d ly give
notice that they will no longer bep::mitud l*
land. W. W DiX,
jy e-4w Ptaprtatov.

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